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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 20, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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glitter turkey? rob: no. what is a pearl sheen? doesn't sound like food. jillian: all right. well, that's all for today. "fox & friends first," we're going to be back here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. rob: sorry for the last couple stories. bye. >> an obama-appointed judge just barred the u.s. from enforcing president trump asylum ban. >> we have president who takes border security seriously. we have a president who believes in the associate of this country. is he doing his job. rob: three people are dead including a police officer and a doctor after a gunman opened fire at a hospital. >> they did what the heroic officers always do. they ran toward that gunfire. >> georgia candidate stacey abrams claims voter suppression in that race. >> it was not a free and fair election. >> not accepting a result because you don't like it without any evidence to back up your claims that causes a real problem. >> 16 house democrats saying they will vote for new leadership in january. that poses a new threat to
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nancy pelosi's effort to become speaker. >> everett, wow. touch down rams. ♪ ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york grove groove. brian: i guess so we are back in the new york groove. ainsley: thanksgiving is an the corner. when you think of thanksgiving you think of the parade you grew up watching and floats and wind can be scary for those balloons. brian: underdog. ainsley: snoopy. who is underdog? is that one the balloons? steve: it is. they may have retired underdog. not sure. the cool thing now the parade you grew up watching goes in front of building that you work at. ainsley: i know. it's so cool.
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a lot of people from work that go out on the balkans anball conwall cannies ball can anies with their kid. brian: remember when the president rolled out an executive order that said hey, if you come here illegal and we catch you, you will never ever get citizenship. you will be banned from ever getting it a judge looked at that and they have a problem. ainsley: he said no more catch and release. now catch and return. a judge, a san francisco judge appointed by president obama has blocked the president's proclamation saying he can't refuse asylum to immigrants that cross i wil illegally. steve: the judge was nominated by barack obama back in 2012. he essentially says the president is breaking the law. when the president said a couple weeks ago if you want to apply for asylum have you got to go through the ports. well, essentially he says that is against the law. and he says that federal --
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the judge says federal law says all people on u.s. soil can apply for asylum no matter how they arrive. the court order, this one is going to stand until december the 19th. and then a court will listen to it and figure out whether or not it should become permanent. ainsley: the reason it was brought to the court the aclu and center for constitutional rights. steve: right. ainsley: they sued after the president issued that ban earlier this month. steve: keep in mind, there are thousands now who have massed just south of our southern border, south of san diego in tijuana. and last night, overnight, the department of homeland security shut down most of the port because they had received intel from the mexican government and others that apparently a number of the migrants, they decided they were going to just run through the north bound traffic lanes to get into the united states. remember that scene from a couple of weeks ago now where the migrants overwhelmed the guards at the southern border of
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mexico from guatemala and honduras and just pretty much walked right into the country. the government here does not want that to happen and so they have fortified our southern border. ainsley: largest border crossing area. brian: show those signs a woman and child going across the street if you are in san diego as if to say this is going to be a problem. keep your eyes open. i think it's important to point out that homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen was told on sunday or interview that aired on sunday she is very smart and able but not tough enough at the border. is this her way of saying how is this, mr. president, is this tough enough this a.m. all of san ysidro port of entry northbound lanes temporarily closed to initiate additional hardening efforts after cbp officials were notified that a large number of caravan migrants were planning to rush the border in order to
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attempt to gain illegal access to the united states. if they're caught if they're say. i love this. this is what our men and women are doing. this is actually an older shot. the other shot shows razor wire going right up these borders. truly hardened the wall. ainsley: they are putting up those barriers. if have you ever been to a border crossing, this is the largest one in our country. steve: in the western hemisphere. 26 pedestrian lanes. 20,000 passengers in 70,000 vehicles. steve: listen, meanwhile as you look at that constantino wire, buchanan in charge of the deployment there said the mission is complete. edges near and logistic units putting the barriers in place will be returning home as early as this week. the rest will be done by december the 15th. clearly, this administration is handling migrants in a
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different way. at least that's the observation of tom homan who used to be the acting ice director. >> we got a president who takes border security seriously. we have a president that believes in the sovereignty in this country. we have a president who believes in the rule of law. he expects border patrol and ice. what's going on in mexico they are waking up. their sovereignty has been attacked. these people went through their southern border and assaulted their officers and military. mexico is finally saying enough is enough. steve: also there is a report that the president is planning to grant the remaining troops authority to protect the customs and border patrol officers should they face violence. in other words, changing essentially the rules of engagement rather than simply be there to support. they can defend. brian: instead of everyone thinking these are a bunch of people coming up that just want asylum. those are some of the cases. wasn't the case yesterday in the reio grand valley seq. three known violent gang.
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including convictions of homicide child rape and other sexual crimes. those who think it's really unamerican to put barriers at our border, take a look at what we are pulling n many cases. ainsley: mostly men, a lot of them teenagers. mostly the women and children are left behind. they have looked at the big group and they said most of them are men. now, there are 6,000 now that are in tijuana. that number continues to grow. the folks that live there are really upset about it because they say it is invasion. we showed you that video yesterday. they said it's unwelcomed arrival because it's putting tri pressure on their resources. so residents who live there in tijuana, mexico are saying about all these migrants that are moving into their area. listen. >> they are coming. they are gangs. they are bad people. ♪ [chanting] >> our government has not taken control of these what
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we call invasions. if you live in a house, you have walls. you have doors. you have gates. [speaking foreign language] brian: where is that sentiment when it comes -- how is that being portrayed on the network news programs? after all the sentiment in tijuana is very similar to what the president and people like tom homan the homeland security secretary have talked about at the border trying to get control on what it is like. is it truly an invasion between central and south america. obviously in portions of mexico like tijuana, they feel that way. i wonder how network news would cover. steve: keep in mind, it's not just fox news channel. you have read about the caravan for weeks in major newspapers. yet, who covered the caravan last night, according to news busters, abc 0 seconds. nbc 0 seconds and cbs did do
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an update on status of that one more thing, department of homeland security told fox news they have ided more than 500 criminals who are traveling with the caravan. as ainsley said, for the most part it is young men, teenagers, men who are in the caravan but for the most part they tend to put the women and children in the front to get the sympathetic news coverage. brian: another major story as it relates to the election seasonal. we finally have a winner in georgia. ainsley: brian keeps saying season. brian: it never ends. stacey abrams lost and she did admiral effort. had a lot of celebrities. will ferrell, oprah winfrey come down. she helped get a lot of attention to the georgia elections. she lost by at least 55,000 votes. but her lack of humility, her lack of, i guess, concession in her concession speech stood out. she is essentially saying voter suppression delivered this by brian kemp and his secretary of state for the state. he delivered this election
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for himself. there's a problem though. the numbers don't add up to what stacey abrams is claiming and the damage she is doing questioning the integrity of the race, i think, is extremely damaging to the country. for example, she claims that 53,000 votes was expunged off the voter roles. in fact the turnout swelled by 20% under this secretary of state. steve: it was her plan of saying, essentially, my opponent, who is in charge of the elections threw it for himself. and, according to the rolling stone magazine this morning, she is going to file a federal lawsuit to challenge the gross mismanagement of the georgia election. ainsley: yesterday, she was on another network. remember she said that brian kemp was a legitimate governor. now she is saying that georgia's race was not a free and fair election. listen to this. >> it was not a free and fair election. we had thousands of
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georgians who were purged from the roles wrongly. thousands forced to weight in long lines because they were in polling places that were underresourced or worse they had no pulling places to go. to say it was not fair to the thousands put on hold with their registration. brian kemp oversaw for 8 years the systematic and systemic dismantling of our democracy that means there could not be free and fair elections. brian: they were complying with the law in georgia that says if you have not voted in three years, we sent out a in the to you. are you still alive? do you still live here? if i don't respond, you are removed. how outlandish is that? that's been on the books since 1993. if you show up and your signature, excuse me, your i.d. doesn't match your social security or your signature, you are not allowed to vote. but if you show one proper i.d. with a georgia license, you are allowed to vote. the turnout was off the
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charts. it swelled by as i mentioned 16% and there is nothing that's here that's not on the books that wasn't done and wasn't transparent. all they are saying if you are still alive vote. they wanted to stop from you filling out things and being slalomy about it. she had voter registration groups that went out there and they were just signing people up. but these weren't compliant with the georgia law. even though everything increased, there is nothing that brian kemp or anybody else did that had anything to do with this election. ainsley: i said she said he was legitimate governor. she said he is the legal one, not the legitimate one. steve: he is actually going to be a legally legitimate guest on "fox & friends" governor elect of georgia will be with us at 7:15 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> so a i have busy tuesday. ainsley: deadline looming for republicans in congress to get anything done before democrats take over the house. next guest says the g.o.p. needs to act fast.
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brian: big question at the white house today. what will it be peas or carrots. i'm talking about only one will survive, right? the other will be packaged up. ainsley: unless he pardons both. what cute names peas and carrots.
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steve: house democrats are already looking forward to working as the majority for the first time in eight years. our next guest says republicans better move fast and pass a meaningful legislation before the democrats take over. brad blakeman is here to explain. he served as deputy assistant to president george w. bush and was an advisor in the bush-cheney campaign. brad, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: there were some things that the republicans were talking about during the campaign that they never achieved and now during the lame duck session, it's legacy time. isn't it? >> it is. and power is fleeting. we know that we lose the majority next year so why not act swiftly and boldly and basically tell the democrats leading, get out of the way. we need to close up this year with our heads head high, honoring promising and delivering for the american people. we have the power. we don't have it for a long time, let's get to work.
3:18 am
steve: all right. so the agenda for the republicans during the so-called lame buck duck, they have got to do the budget, that's just one of the things. the wall now, it looks, the house passed 5 billion for it the senate, that's still in negotiation, also, this got to do something about immigration, don't they? >> right. i think it's ripe when we see the caravan coming through. now the mexicans are up in arms. they are protesting because they are being invaded as well. i think the american people understand that it is time for incremental immigration because we are not going to get an omnibus bill in the lame duck. we can chip away at it. steve: right. on that graphic over here on the big wall, far right is healthcare. the democrats were very effective during the campaign to essentially paint the republicans as the boogie man who is going to take away your healthcare if you have got a pre-existing condition you are going to be dead under their plan. but they never offered a plan. it was just a great talking point. but now it's an opportunity
3:19 am
for the republicans to actually do something. >> it is. and trying to get, again, a big bill on healthcare through a complete repeal and replace is unlikely. but we can, again, make inroads. i would offer up the killing of the medical device tax. something we have tried to do for almost a decade. democrats believe also that should go. that would be a tremendous help for innovation wanted in healthcare. these are the kinds of things we can do. we shouldn't let the year go by and not do it. republicans leaving congress because they have been ousted by a democrat, this is a food time to leave a legacy for yourself by getting things done. steve: sure. here's the thing. this might be a good time for the republicans to do some wheeling and dealing with nancy pelosi. she is coming in. and we know of at least 16 democrats who would like to see her gone. they have signed a letter and apparently she can lose 16 but there are others in the offing. so maybe this is let's make a deal time between some
3:20 am
democrats and some republicans. >> it's time for horse trading. this is truly the art of the deal. republicans can save nancy pelosi and for republicans, it's better to deal with a devil we know than the devil we don't. and we know there is some real crazies coming in to the house and probably nancy pelosi is in the best condition to put them in order. steve: we will not ask you who those crazy people are brad blakeman thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you very much. steve: 6:20 in new york city. what could socialism and venezuela soon have in common with iran and north korea. the big announcement expected from the white house. we will tell you what we know. boycott in georgia over the election results? that's what some hollywood actors want to do us because brian kemp was elected governor. tomi lahren has a message for celebrities. and she is coming up next. ♪ fire away ♪ come on, you don't fight
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3:25 am
dr. tamara o'neil in the hospital parking lot. he gunned down officer jimenez and female employee. lopez was also shot and killed. another attack on police breaking overnight. this time in brussels. a man is under arrest accused of stabbing an officer outside a police station. local reports say the man yelled allahu akbar or god is great in arabic. the police officer is expected to survive. no word if the attack is terror-related. the city has been on alert since 2016 when people were killed by a series of bombings. ainsley: week of telling you about tensions growing in tijuana, mexico thousands of migrants arriving in the caravan and people who actually live in tijuana. >> tijuana people are scared. the people are against the caravan. even at a larger rate than in california. >> our government has not taken control of these what we call invasions.
3:26 am
[speaking foreign language] steve: well, our next guest doesn't live too far from the border. she says now they know how americans feel all the time. fox nation host tomi lahren joining us now from california. tomi, apparently a couple days ago hundreds of mexican residents tried to storm one of the shelters there in tijuana to protest the fact that they feel threatened by the migrants. >> well, listen, they are fed up and they have every right to be fed up. any citizen of any nation should be upset and outraged when there is invasion by foreigners into their country, people who have no respect for the rule of law, for sovereignty, for borders. so i absolutely understand their frustration and i hope that my fellow americans in california will look what's happening in tijuana and understand this is not something that we want to come into the united states either. ainsley: let's talk about what's happening in georgia. brian was highlighting what was happening in that race down there.
3:27 am
brian kemp, he is the governor elect but stacey abrams refused to concede. she says it wasn't fair. now you have all these celebrities that are threatening to woicket. you have a boycott that state. alisa milano and wood ford. we can show you some of the tweets. look at this tomi, is the entertainment industry willing to support the winner isn't the best choice for the people with the best schemer or crook. and ron pearlman to all my friends who are studio and network executives, if you choose to shoot movies in tv to don't to georgia and don't bother calling me. ainsley: first and foremost what we knowed to understand this is becoming a pattern with the democratic party. furthermore, people like alyssa milano and others that you mentioned what will we ever do if we don't have movies and tv shows by those creative geniuses? i don't know. i think i'm going to be
3:28 am
okay. beyond that it's really interesting that they want to lead some kind of boycott against an entire state. i think they are forgetting some of the people that did in fact vote the way they wanted to live in the state of georgia and probably would benefit from economic gains and jobs made in the state of georgia. i guess they don't care about any of that because it's all about their outrage and all about these continual losses and it's pretty easy for them to feet about things that they clearly don't understand. brian: it's not a lot of actresses and lot of every day grips, lighting people, blue collar workers and to stacey abrams credit she says don't boycott because you are going to hurt workers in georgia and that is self-destructing. ainsley: tyler has industry there in georgia. brian: everything is boycott this, boycott that nancy pelosi is really fighting for her speaker life because she has had 17 democrats come forward and sign a paper that says they will not support her as speaker. she is in trouble. she can afford to lose very few others as they try to
3:29 am
find out exactly what the majority is in the house. do you think this is just a head fake or is she really in jeopardy of losing the gavel? >> >> i think she is nervous but i don't think she has a reason to be because she has the money and she has the power. eventually those are just understand that and fall in line. i talked about this the other day on "fox & friends." you can have as many calendars as you want coming up in. they can do it for the headlines and gain attention and cheers to think why they do and these are people on the far left. at the end of the day, they're going to realize they need that fund raising money and they need that power. nancy pelosi has that power. i think she is going to win yet again. but, it really doesn't matter if it's nancy or one of these newcomers, this party is moving so far left it's unreality being to the american people. they have a platform hollow bun and rests on raising taxes, more regulation, and climate change committees. so, at the end of the day, whether it's nancy or someone else, it's still an
3:30 am
empty bag as far as i'm concerned. steve: now that they are the majority, they can't complain anymore, they have got to produce. tomi, thank you very much for joining us from the west coast. don't forget, folks, she is one of the hosts at fox nation. go to to sign up. brian: she will be starting on the 27th. tomi lahren, thanks. remember comedian mitchell wolf at last year's correspondent's dinner. >> i actually really like sarah. she burns fat and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. brian: i know you are laughing at home and try move on and get through. this now there is a change for next year and she is not happy about it. ainsley: plus, president trump's approval rating on the economy just, we have those numbers for you. steve: todd piro is having a best breakfast with friends check him out in quake cers town, pa, coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> is that me or do we not color balance our screen? ainsley: it's not a white house this morning. there is a blue hue to it. brian: there really is that would scare the president. ainsley: is that the blue wave. steve: in frocht white house in the north lawn they brought in the brand new christmas tree yesterday. brian: how would ainsley know that. steve: i'm putting it out there for everybody. and today the president got a bit of a christmas gift as well. gallup gallop did a poll and personal best for handling of the economy at 53% which is up 3% from august and
3:35 am
what is interesting the gallup its torians say it is 7 points higher than the average rating of presidents going all the way back to ronald reagan. brian: under 50% though when it comes to foreign affairs, healthcare and immigration because they don't fully understanding that the president has saved the american people because they never talk about it at the white house, $26 billion on prescription drugs and has approved 1617 generic drugs saving us $265 billion as a population. the president has got to talk even more broadly about what's happening with his administration, i feel and goldman sachs gave us a body blow grow 3.5% this year next year will slow to a crawl because of the rest of the countries, not because of our production. because it's going to be a global sump.
3:36 am
have you ever stood behind someone at drugstore and listen to the cost of what people are a paying in front of you it is astronomical. brian: do you have their names? could you tell me who they are? ainsley: i slide your credit card in and say brian is going to take the bill. steve: i was at a major pharmacy chain. brian: cvs. ainsley: walgreen's. steve: it was cvs. i got the receipt. ainsley: you have to look through it sometimes you get $2 off. they expire and now they used to let you use them after they expired and no more. steve: i' m going today after the show. brian: i do know. this guy do one place owned by family of the charlie's. the good part is they are great. the bad part is they know everything about you. wait a second i want to go back to a generic person with a name tag. ainsley: know all your illnesses and diseases. but you can charge it they
3:37 am
know you. ainsley: let's go to quaker town family restaurant in pennsylvania. hey, todd? todd: good morning to you. obviously you are talking about the economy we are talking about the economy here too. we will begin with aldo. he says i have to leave because i need to deliver 400 turkeys so the moment we are done here aldo is going to deliver tuckerys. >> please, i don't want our co-workers back at work to feel their turkeys aren't going to be there on time. we want to make sure they are there on time. todd: let's talk about the economy. why do you give the president the credit for the economy. >> i feel we are all in a better position. everything is doing better. our 401(k)s are doing better. you see more jobs out there, you see the rates of pay going up so i feel in all honesty i feel our president deserves a lot of credit for that it's just so much better than it was in the past. so that's important to me, i mean, we see it goes up, it goes down but, in all due respect, i think that we're
3:38 am
in a much better position now. todd: roger didn't want to talk on camera but you agree with that. >> yes, i do. todd: thank you like diamond and silk pennsylvania version. you say immigration needs to be done the right way. why? >> with immigration we have got to get it right. in my opinion. both parties need to get off of their high horses, they need to work together and try to do the right thing and not worry about which parity is going to get credit for doing the right thing move forward and get it right a lot of immigrants are good people, they work hard. we need them in this country we need them and they want to do the right thing. so i think. todd: you want pay taxes and be done the right way. >> i think they need to do it the right way. both political parties are keeping this from happening.
3:39 am
they need to team up, work together, and make it happen and it can happen and hopefully, and i want to believe that our president wants that to happen, and we need to make it happen. todd: aldo, thank you for your time. >> also. todd: aldo is a fellow -- is he not letting the microphone go away from him. >> i like the avenue our president is taking on pro-life. todd: understood. they are giving me the wrap. >> doing the right thing got to move forwarded toed to they are doing the right thing. we italians all we do is talk. we can't be quiet. quaker town family restaurant having a great time this morning. steve: and aldo is talking turkey as well. ainsley: i love he has to deliver the turkeys. brian: jillian mele is not a big talker she is a good reader. jillian: i'm a quiet person. brian: what you say is important. jillian: thank you very much. we have been following the wildfires out of california for a while now since it
3:40 am
started. at this point 82 people are confirmed dead and 700 missing in those raging wildfires. search crews now warn some people may never be found due to the intensity of the flames. they are racing against time before tomorrow's expected rain which could make rescue efforts even more difficult. officials worry heavy downpours could trigger mud slides. ivanka trump's lawyer is slamming a report she used her private email for government business. "the washington post" claims the white house advisor may have violated federal rules by using her personal account to communicate with officials. a spokesperson for trump's lawyer tells fox news, quote: there was never classified information transmitted. the account was never transferred or housed at trump organization. no emails were ever deleted. the white house correspondents association is changing after anti-trump comedian michelle wolfe.
3:41 am
>> i actually like sarah. she is very resourceful. like she burns fat and uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. jillian: next year's event will feature pulitzer prize winning historian. tweeting after the announcement the white house correspondents association are cowards. the media is complicit and i couldn't be prouder. today is the annual white house turkey pardon. americans can vote on twitter whether the president should honor peas or carrots at today's ceremony. according to their official bios peas love popcorn and carrots is really in to elvis and m and ms. of the turkey spent the night as the d.c.'s luxury wool ladder hotel. they will retire at virginia tech after today's pardon. steve: how would you like to be the person who gets the room at the willard hotel after the tuckerys. ainsley: so cute.
3:42 am
ainsley: they need to paint one green and one orange to we can tell them apart they look identical. brian: this is the time of the morning that we toss to janice and she is with a couple of people. janice: what your names. >> justin. and. >> tony. where are from you. >> oklahoma. janice: are you excited. >> of course. >> janice: thanksgiving in new york. thank you for being with me at 6:30 in the morning. >> thank you. janice: let's take a look at the maps. we are expecting a little bit of snow flurry activity across the great lakes and northeast. you can see where that cold air is coming in from the northern plains and a little bit of snow. this is not a big storm system but going to cause travel delays. watching the west coast have heavy rain fall moving into the region. good news, bad news. they need the rainfall. it could bring the potential for flash flooding and mud slides to the area. thanksgiving is here. the rest of the country looks pretty quiet. all right. listen, come over here, my friends. one of the things i'm most thankful for, thanksgiving, the people i meet on the plaza fox square like you.
3:43 am
listen, i write about all the things i am thankful for on ten reasons to be thankful for. did you know if you write down what you are grateful for, you are app. to be grateful person. 10 things of gratitude? >> yes, i will. january january are you grateful for "fox & friends"? >> of course. >> great answer. we are thank you will for steve, ainsley and brian as well. brian. ainsley: janice, so happy for you. brian: go log on and you will find out more. steve: meanwhile, did the midterm elections prove democrats are the party of elites and not the democrats. we will talk to a democrat who worked on bernie sanders campaign who says the party's problem is not the message. it's the messenger. ainsley: it always is. brian: thank you for that, ainsley. plus, governor elect brian kemp, florida attorney general pam bondi and brian kemp all here live this morning. you can play the home gay
3:44 am
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3:47 am
♪ ♪ brian: a new op-ed for the hill says that the midterm elections reveal that democrats are the party of the elite, not the middle class. ainsley: author jeremy karl writing this the reality of the democratic party has become the party of the rich, including rich suburbs and the poor and the g.o.p. the party of the forgotten and increasingly disempowered middle class. brian: do democrats need to work on their messaging to middle class voters or just maximize that level of income? joining us now is former national justice director for bernie sanders the presidential campaign tezlyn figaro. tezlyn, what's different about the results we got from democrats for 2016 voters as opposed to 2018? >> well, i mean, i guess what's different about it is the people are finally waking up and seeing who is controlling the party.
3:48 am
one reason bernie sanders did so well and why people did support him, people like he who i am not a socialist by the way. people supported him because he talked about the working class. he talked about the working poor. he talked about how big money an politics control wall street. how did a billionaire, president trump, identify with the working class and the working poor? it was simply one reason and one reason only his authenticity and his ability to make people believe he could not be controlled by money. this is a money game it always has been. particularly on the democrat side. they have done a very poor job over the last decade plus pretending to be one of the working class and one of the working poor. yet, when bernie sanders talks about big money controlling, is he talking about a lot of his friends. that was the great divide between hillary clinton and all of the money and all the celebrities and all of the fundraising that she was able to do compared to bernie sanders message. my message is it's not the message necessarily. they are talking about the issues that matter. the points is it's the
3:49 am
messenger. we need a new moses. that's just the bottom line. somebody has to come with some authenticity that someone actually believes and actually puts their money where their mouth is and we can actually see who controls them and who doesn't. the people have not been in charge of the democratic party for a very long time. ainsley: i like that we need a new moses. do you think the democratic party they need to find someone like a donald trump? i feel like the republican party used to be the party of the elites and donald trump comes along and he rosen nates with the people who live in middle america. who don't have at love money because is he tough. that's how they are, they are tough. they fight for what they want. and they are hard workers and they get throughout and get their hands dirty and farmers and trying to put food on the table for their families. who do you think do you think ht type of a reputation in the democratic party that can lead the democrats? >> really, to be quite honest with you i don't know. let's look at what happens with nancy pelosi. everybody said oh yeah, we are going to be challenging her, even some congressional black caucus members said we are demanding to get a seat at the table and they folded
3:50 am
like cheap napkins. brian: not really. they signed a form that's putting her back against the wall. ainsley: 17 of them. brian: get a few more to step out. she is in a lot of trouble. some of the democrats that have been successful are in middle to you were middle class areas. some democrats are hagel that. you are saying that look out for that because you might have lost the rural community. >> yeah. and i'm saying that the 17 people that signed up. we will see if they signed up and be successful. it's not that she has never been challenged. the point is she came flat out and said she will be the next speaker of the house. to come with that level of arrogance, that's what the problem is brian interesting. ainsley: tezlyn, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. it is 50 minutes after the top of the hour. more big government. new york mayor bill de blasio says government should control every plot of land. brian: my words, exactly. hair care tools for nearly 80% off. ainsley: my words exactly. brian: need this type of
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3:57 am
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only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. come into the united states. >> three people are dead including a police officer and a doctor after a gunman opens fire at a hospital. >> they did what the heroic always do. they ran toward that gun fire. >> stacey abrams refusing to say that brian kemp is the legitimate governor. >> it was not a free and fair election. >> not accepting a result because you don't like it without any evidence to back up your claims, that causes real problems. >> 16 democrats who would like to see nancy pelosi. for republicans it's better to deal with the devil we know than the devil we don't. we know there is real
4:01 am
crazies coming. >> in a 92-year-old veteran was honored at a chick fay lay. >> every time you come into our restaurant are family now. you no longer have to pay for any of your meals. ♪ ♪ i want something just like this ♪ steve: live from new york city, it is the tuesday before thanksgiving. thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: it's a short week. brian: and you know how i know steve likes this song he played his thighs he really likes this song. ainsley: do you play your thighs. steve: i believe this is the chain smoker. ainsley: are y'all excited thanksgiving is around the corner that means turkey and cookbook and all the good food and being around family and all the kids. brian: his tradition of cookbook goes back three months. steve: we have been writing that cookbook for 32 years.
4:02 am
ainsley: this is the first year we all get to enjoy it. steve: that's right. thank you for joining us. a busy tuesday. start with breaking news down on the west coast. a judge out in san francisco last night ruled that the trump administration. ainsley: that's the judge, steve. steve: that's him. u.s. district judge john nominated by barack obama in 2012 to take the court. he essentially said when the president came out and said if you want asylum, you have got to go through a port of entry. you can't just walk across the rio grand river or slink through the dessert. have you got to come through a port of entry. he said that is against the law. and, in fact, federal law, he says, says all people on u.s. soil can apply for asylum, no matter how they arrive. ainsley: the president was saying no more catch and release. it's going to be catch and return. this guy says no, that's not legal. as soon as they take -- as soon as they step foot on american soil they can apply for asylum. brian: that to me seems
4:03 am
fundamentally so wrong and work their way up the court system. reminds me of travel ban. change the language and get it right. ultimately you would think the president would prevail out of pure logic. when has logic entered the fray. let's see what dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen said yesterday to show she is getting tougher. this am all of san ysidro port of entries northbound lanes were temporarily close to the initiate additional port hardening efforts are a cbp officials were notified that a large number of caravan migrants were planning to rush the border in an attempt to gain illegal access to the united states of america. ainsley: multiple sources said this was going to happen. that's why they decided to close those lanes. brian: look at what the army has done at the border. ainsley: they put all that constantine that wire. >> 22 podesta lanes. the nation's largest border
4:04 am
crossing. kirstjen nielsen stop traffic coming in from mexico so that we can fix this problem and we can put up some barriers. brian: tomi lahren was on with us. hey, mexico, you are upset about this presence of illegal immigrants in your town? we understand the feeling, listen. >> they are fed up and they have every right to be fed up. any citizen of any nation should be upset and outraged when there is invasion of foreigners into their country, people who have no respect for the rule of law, for sovereignty and borders. i absolutely understand their frustration and i hope that my fellow americans in california will look what's happening in tijuana and understand this is not something we want to come into the united states either. steve: just one other component, the department of homeland security has told fox news that they have identified more than 500 criminals that are traveling in the caravan. the caravan is largely single adults or teen males. they do according to this report, place women and children upfront for the
4:05 am
purpose of getting more sympathetic news coverage. ainsley: that report says there are 6,000 migrants now in tijuana on the border. steve: and more come. >> brian: changing that city. four minutes after the hour. other cities on the drank side with their leadership don't blame president trump for this. turns out nancy pelosi is having a lot of trouble consolidating her power and getting over the flesh hold that would make her speaker again first time since 2010. finally the rumors of 16 people signing a letter going out against saying they will not vote for nancy pelosi has become public. they released the letter. and these 16 dems are there the word is there is a whole bunch of others in the hopper. they want to see where this is going. because, if pelosi gets confirmed, if she ends up getting the votes, they don't want to be on her bad list. ainsley: i thought that was pretty courageous to put their names forward and sign the letter. if she does become speaker she is not going to be happy with them. steve: part of the letter said this. ainsley: we also recognize in this recent elections democrats ran and won on the message of change. our majority came on the
4:06 am
backs of candidates who said that they would support new leadership because voters in hard-won diswrickets and across the country want to see real change in washington. we promised to change the status quo and we intend to deliver on that promise. brian: they are all over the place. they have some that got elected by pretending to be republicans slash moderates and others went all the way to the left alexandria ocasio-cortez who is protesting against nancy pelosi one minute and next minute introducing a brand new green agenda. nancy pelosi says ease i don't know 00 impeachment thing. if there is something that comes out in the mueller probe that maybe warrants it, okay. but right now that's not a good move for us and that's ticking off a lot of those people who got elected by being to the left of nancy pelosi. steve: there is a congresswoman from ohio, democrat, marcia fudge, she has publicly opposed pelosi, is mulling a run against her. she is going to think about it through the holiday weekend. also, there's a democrat from colorado by the name of diana deget, she withdrew
4:07 am
her challenge to be the number three top democrat currently held by james clyburn. it's unclear exactly why she did that. nonetheless, there is such a fight going on at the top of the democratic party in the house and, brian, you mentioned alexandria ocasio-cortez, when you watch the news coverage from washington, d.c. she seems to be in about every story. brian: everything. steve: she is very popular. ainsley: a darling. steve: this is her observation about the democrats who are opposing nancy pelosi publicly. >> i think that what it does is it creates a window where we could potentially get more conservative leadership. and when you look at the signatories, it is not necessarily reflective of the diversity of the party. we, you know, we have about 16 signatories, 14 of them are male. there are very few people of color in the caucus. there is very few ideological diversity. it's not like they are
4:08 am
progressives that are signing on. not like you have a broad base coalition. i'm not totally bought into the concept. steve: well, she is brand new to how washington works. nancy pelosi has been about a very long time. "the washington post" did a poll who should be the next speaker of the house. and nancy pelosi finished on top but only with a plurality, 49%. another democrat finished with 40% and then 10 percent said i don't know. ainsley: they also asked republicans and 76 percent said they would like to see other than nancy pelosi and 58% of independents agree you had. steve: donald trump made it very clear he would like to see nancy pelosi back in the job. said she has done a really good job. you have to wonder whether or not simply having heir as a target for republicans is his motivation but nonetheless, don't be surprised if it gets really close, some republicans vote for her to be speaker just to put her in that job. brian: we asked steve scalise that and he basically laughed would republicans vote for him.
4:09 am
the president believes he can deliver republican ifs need be. keep in mind. this this is a problem the democrats have endemic this their system. they tonight rotate out their leadership. therefore, there is no incentive for their leadership to move on. they know the longer i stay the more power i get. that's why elijah cummings is doing oversight no. mystery who is going to be chairman of these question committees. no mess industry why nancy pelosi wouldn't want to at 80 years old to be speaker of the house. republicans and leaves them vulnerable in these elections they rotate them. so, therefore, you can say there is no leadership. boehner is gone, ryan is. in ryan is gone. mccarter is. in it gives people a fresh shot. steve: they are trying to figure out who the new chairman rather the ranking minority leaders who will be on the various committees right now. but i betcha come the first week of january, nancy pelosi will be the next speaker of the house. ainsley: i agree with you. steve: jillian has
4:10 am
headlines. jillian: good morning to you. start with this fox news alert. three people are dead, including a police officer and a doctor after a gunman opened fire at a hospital. hundreds of police cars lining the streets of chicago to honor fallen officer samuel jisms. >> they did what the heroic officers always do. they ran toward that gunfire because that's what we do. >> officer jimenez was with the department 18 months and leaves behind a wife and three kids. violence started when suspect juan lopez killed dr. tamara o'neil in the hospital parking lot. he then gunned down officer jimenez and a female employee. lopez was also shot and killed. the founder of the women's march calling for the group's current leadership to step aside. theresa shook criticizing linda sarsour and tamika malory as anti-semitic and gay rights. she wrote on facebook my original vision and intent was to show the capacity of human beings to stand in solidarity and love.
4:11 am
adding the women's march leaders have steered the movement away from its true course. florida officials certifying election results today it comes two weeks -- after two weeks of recount chaos in key races. final results confirm rick scott as florida's new senator and ron desantis as governor. brenda snipes the embattled broward county election supervisor has resigned. this game lives up to the hype. the la rams come out on top in the highest monday football game ever. >> first down. everett is friday. wow, touchdown rams. >> the rams scoring late touchdown for 54-51 win. before the game honorin honor ft responders. brian: the field was so bad they moved it back to los
4:12 am
angeles. gave away a lot of tickets. that is a super bowl preview. people think it's a badly played game. it was just awesome football. jillian: rams are unstoppable. steve: wasn't the final score the highest number of points scored in any monday night football? jillian: yep. steve: unbelievable. by the way that was a cbs poll we were citing not "the washington post." meanwhile stacey abe bramsz just can't stand that she lost to brian kemp for governor in georgia. >> do you believe that you lost your election fair and scare? >> no i do not. >> you think you should have won? >> no, i'm saying we won't know. steve: governor elect is here to respond since his winning. is he next. ainsley: first there was alexandria ocasio-cortez and now another socialist democrat. mayor de blasio's new plan for control coming up ♪ money for nothing ♪ kicks for free ♪
4:13 am
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4:17 am
brian kemp won by 55,000 votes. stacey abrams not conceding the race but not accepting the results. >> it was not a free and fair election. we had thousands of georgians purged from the rolls. brian kemp oversaw for 8 years the systematic and systemic dismantling of our democracy. that means there could not be free and fair elections in georgia this year. brian: the accusation. here to react in its first national tv interview since winning the governor's race is governor elect former soon to be former secretary of state for georgia brian kemp. governor, you won by 55,000 votes. but clearly stacey abrams is not accepting it basically it seems like she is saying you cheated by canceling 1.4 million people off voter rolls since 2011. what's your reaction? >> well, you know, look, brian, i'm moving on. i'm the governor elect. the election has been certified. this sin deed over and i'm looking forward to serving
4:18 am
hard-working georgians and that includes all of them by the way. it's unfair for her to blame, especially local election officials that are following the law when it comes to these things for religion strarks how things are conducted on election day. in georgia we have secured accessible fair elections. we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. we saw the easy to vote part. we had 1.4 million more voters in this election than we did in the last governor's race. a historic turnout. we have a million more people on the rolls because i pushed for and implemented online voter registration where people could register to vote 24 hours a day, seven days a week. if my opponent and her activist groups had used the online system they wouldn't have had as many problems as they did with folks that they were registering. by the way, the pending list, my daughter was one of those folks on the pending list because she was 17 and a half when she registered and you have to be 18 to be on the list. the day she turned 18, came
4:19 am
off pending and went on the voter rolls and voted for me november the 6th. the process worked down here. we are proud of that nobody is questioning the democrats' wins knocking off one of our congresswomen in the state of georgia. they are not questioning the local races that they won. this is really just political rhetoric. that's in the past. i'm moving forward and looking forward to governing our great state. brian: she says you set up less polling locations especially in urban areas. >> that's just a mistruth. the county election officials, the local election boards have the sole responsibility for how many polling locations they have and where they are. that has been the rule of law and the way it works in georgia under republican and democrat secretaries of state. that's just not true. by the way, the one county that this was an issue with before the election, they are controlled by democrats. you know, so she is blaming me for a problem that they created. it's just ridiculous. and people didn't buy it in
4:20 am
this election which is why i got the most votes ever in a georgia governor's race. steve: she also says this exact match law didn't work to her behalf. what is the exact match law? >> well, look, we have laws on the books in georgia. and i know she may not like some of the laws, but we take an oath of office and the county election officials have a duty to follow the law and election rules that we have in our state. we check citizenship. we require people to show photo id when they go vote. we verify this information before people go on the voter rolls. you know, if people had simply used the online system where you just put your driver's license information in, they could get registered to vote. 75% of the people on this list, brian, could not fill out the last four of their social. she is blaming me and local election officials for that it's ridiculous. prinel brian she is, to her credit, pushing back on holiday who wants to boycott your state because they think this whole election wasn't on the up and up.
4:21 am
give stacey abrams credit for that congratulations to you, governor. >> thank you, guys. brian: one of the biggest turn outs ever. thank you so much. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. governor brian kemp. but now, drug companies are lobbying congress, trying to force seniors to pay more so they can boost profits. but a deal is a deal. and the president has pledged to end price gouging by drug companies. we will no longer accept the inflated prices being charged to our seniors. protect seniors, not drug company profits.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
hold. according to tmz her therapist and lawyer sent the help after a mental break down. she has dealt with a series of arrests and hospitalizations this year alone. all right. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. in august 2005, army reservist staff sergeant jimmy income naughty there i mcnaughten firstnypd officer q killed by a sniper. today his family and fellow officers are outraged after a manhattan community board down in tribeca rejected their request to co-name a street after him. not jusonly co-name not rename . here with us now are jimmy's wonderful parents bill and measure shelmichelle mcnaughton. so sorry for your loss. >> appreciate that thank you. ainsley: the board voted
4:26 am
21-12 against just co-naming the street after your son. >> there were a couple of different reasons silly one to me confusing taxicab drivers. ainsley: they do it for celebrities. lot of the streets co-named. >> always one in the crowd is the antiwar activist guy that said his peace. you know, you can't go back at them. i just couldn't, you know, i was in the army myself, but soldier doesn't have a choice. he goes where the president tells him to go. this guy says he was against the war. you really want to say something. he just doing what he is told to do. i just don't get it plain and simple. i just don't get it. two guys fellow officers followed the rules what they had to do. thought it was a done deal and the community doesn't know.
4:27 am
ainsley: michelle, as a mother, i'm so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. ainsley: he graduates from high school. doss five years active duty for our country. he new york city police officers then is he in the army reserves and killed in iraq at such a young age. tell me more about him, how you want him to be remembered. >> jimmy lived life to the fullest. you know, we always joke that jimmy saw more than we did. he traveled in his five years in the army switzerland. snowboarded. he broke his wrist there we thought it would be a problem getting on the police department because he had to have a pin put in. he was a fun-loving respectful kid. his friends he has had since elementary school. and they will all tell you like if you left your hat on during the national anthem, he would smack you in the back of the head hey, buddy, you know, this is our national anthem. he loved our country. bill and i always say he died doing what he loved and that gives us peace, you know, that helps, it's hard to explain.
4:28 am
but he could have been run over by a car, you know, and he died doing what he loved, hopefully when it's my turn to go it's doing what i love. he was just really a good boy and a good man and his friends just, everybody, everybody still to this day they come and tell us stories. you just never know when someone is going to pop up and hey. >> you just had a picture on your screen i was watching it how rest in peace jimmy, follow me. his unit took over abu ghraib prison after the big scandal there they were mp's and on that wall it says follow me. i called one of his platoon mates up and said richie right there it says right there follow me. where did you get that? we thought he got it from you and now i can't talk on the phone i always told jimmy, when you lead men you lead from the front. his men followed him everywhere. i wish i could have all those guys here today and toll what type of man he is here. there is three kids named
4:29 am
after jimmy today. i have a friend of mine who has these coins i want to give to you and brian and steve. ainsley: that's so sweet. >> it's an nypd one made up by a friend of ours detective sammy. iit shows like carroll said before people come up years later what a guy jimmy was and how he led me. there is a couple -- one guy physician assistant now because of jimmy, because he instilled that. he took care of his men and that's the big thing here for me as a father. as a young kid come up, man, your son took care of me. how much more can you be proud of your son? ainsley: that's wonderful. every time we see nypd officers we always here at fox say thank you to their faces. >> we appreciate that. ainsley: have our kids go up and say thank you because we do appreciate the sacrifices. >> thank you. ainsley: i can't imagine what it is like for you especially during the holiday season. god bless you. thank you for being here. we did reach out to the
4:30 am
community board. they didn't get back to us there is a petition people can sign. >> it's up to 6,000 now. ainsley: what's the goal? >> as many as we can get. ainsley: if you get so many signatures can you change the board's decision. >> we did that already. they need admin mum requirement. we met that we went to the board and you saw 21-12. >> they have rules and n. how to do this and the district 2 cops followed those rules. my question is if we followed the rules and did what we are required and only going to vote it down. why do you even have something in place. ainsley: why do you even have the rules. if you want to sign the petition at home and i know many of our viewers will want to do it. go to this is in honor of staff sergeant jimmy mcnaughton thank you. >> thank you guys. ainsley: pam bondi and mark steyn are going to join us live. stay with us. building a better bank starts with looking at something old,
4:31 am
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4:32 am
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♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle all the way ♪ o what fun. ainsley: well, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house, that is. that's your shot of the morning. brian: wow, were you there for that? president trump and the first lady melania were receiving the official christmas tree delivered by horse drawn carriage. every vehicle was out of gas. steve: the nearly 20-foot tall frazier fir hand picked from a farm in north carolina. over the next week or two it's going to be decorated and displayed ultimately in the blue room of the white house. ainsley: the guy who owned that farm in north carolina tried five times. you have to compete at the local level and then if you are selected by your state then you can go on. this is huge. the association that picks the christmas tree they really take it seriously. that tree was gorgeous. brian: how do they benefit from having their tree selected? steve: because we are talking about them right now. ainsley: they have a frazier fir tree farm down in north
4:35 am
carolina. and they can say we provided the tree for the president and that draws a lot of people. north carolina has provided the most trues in the blue room than any other state. steve: that's fantastic. and the first president to put a tree in the white house. it's either ben benjamin harrison or pierce. it's a happy tradition. ainsley: i know oh, gosh, i'm losing his name. who did you write the book about. brian: andrew jackson. ainsley: known as a fierce guy had a huge fun party inside the white house. he had a snow ball fight inside the white house using cotton balls. brian: that is very interesting. he didn't have any kids of his own. todd piro is having breakfast with friends in quaker town family restaurant in quaker town, pennsylvania. >> good morning to all of you. no snow ball fights here. a panel of -- different than
4:36 am
breakfasts in the past. many in the mainstream media say the way the president is treating the caravan is cruel. as pastors, as men who teach the word of jesus christ, how do you reconcile your support of the president's immigration policies with your faith? >> great to be with you, todd. well, it's kind of like we would say this that god loves everyone. god is compassionate. he wants us all to go to heaven. heaven is a perfect place and you get into heaven there is criteria. you have to come god's way. you enter into the straight gate. wide is the gate that leads to destruction. straight is the gate that leads to life. you have to choose that path to enter into god's heaven. same thing true of our country. certain laws have to be followed. you have to come according to the law to get. in once you follow the law, you can come. we welcome you, we would love to have you. we have compassion. god is a god of great compassion. he wants us all to be saved. have you got to come through jesus. that's the answer way to
4:37 am
salvation. that's how i view it enter in through jesus christ. todd: thank you for your thoughts. john, same question to you. >> i agree with pastor smith regarding salvation. only way through jesus christ. as far as getting into our country, the question ohio do you reconcile is really a flawed question. there is really no answer. you can't answer a flawed question and i don't think that there is any reconciling that needs to be done. our country is the most compassionate nation on the planet. we accept more immigrants per year and per capita as any other nation as i understand it why should that be laid at our feet? we give more money in financial aid -- we give more financial aid to these countries all over the world who need assistance. it shouldn't be laid at our charge. we are the most compassionate. why are we considered the least compassionate? these folks are also, regarding the caravan that's down there, when it comes to them, if they are seeking asylum, our nation does accept people who are truly seeking political asylum or being persecuted in some way, these people are coming, waving their country's flag. and they are coming just
4:38 am
looking for work which i feel bad that they need work. but, the best way for them to change is not to make that treacherous journey up with family, women and children but to change the country where they are in. if they would do that they could probably wave their flag and stay in their home country. i just don't think that there is anything to reconcile. todd: pastor john, thank you. finally pastor david, same question to you. >> yes, sir. i just believe that people need to follow the law and if they are going to come here, they need to come in the right way. you can't just come and break the rules. there is a certain way, a right way of doing things. todd: right. >> i had a friend ask me that how do you reconcile you calling yourself a christian and not wanting to receive people. and we do want to receive people but we want to receive them in the right way. so, i believe they have to follow the laws. todd: pastor david, thank you very much. send it on back to new york city. pretty interesting, right, guys? steve: indeed it is. todd piro with the pastor panel in pennsylvania.
4:39 am
steve: 22 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with this story about the guy behind one of the biggest countdown shows. jillian: yeah. so tell you what's going on here. family of legendary dj kasey kasem accusing each other of killing him. >> i loved that man so much. i would have died for him. jean killed my father, what she did. led to his death. ainsley: the battle between kasem's second wife and grown children in previous marriage laid out in this week's 48 hours. he died from parkinson's like disease in 2014. police are opening a new investigation into his death. new york city mayor bill de blasio is filling a knew social isz stick impulse. he thinks the government should control every plot of land and buildings in his city. speaking with new york magazine, de blasio says in
4:40 am
part, quote: i think people all over this city of every background would like to have the city government determine which building goes where, how high it will be, who gets to live in it, what the rent will be. so right now people are lining up to buy pot in massachusetts. recreational marijuana will go on sale there in just a few minutes. it comes more than two years after the state voted to legalize recreational use. a local mayor and a disabled iraq war veteran will make the first two purchases. massachusetts is the seventh state to permit retail marijuana shops. look at this. three little girls think they are just going to a hockey game but they wind up getting the holiday surprise of a lifetime. >> let's see who is behind us to help you figure out the tonight. [cheers] stand and please welcome home american hero sergeant daniel layman. he spent the last year --
4:41 am
jillian: sergeant latham of the national guard surprising his daughters at pittsburgh penguin's game. he spent the last 11 months in kuwait. he diehard. penguins lost but in that situation it's like who cares? ainsley: they won right there. steve: i love the way as the crowd realized who he was they all stood up. ainsley: all the girls had their big bows on and kisses his wife. steve: that's great. ainsley: welcome home. brian: where is janice dean? janice: hey, everybody. look at this amazing crowd that we have got out here today. oh my gosh. where are you guys from and what are your names. >> we are from tennessee my name is lisa. janice: what group are you from. >> the american festival choir we sang at carnegie hall saturday night. janice: look at the amazing folks "fox & friends." give us your best singing voice ♪ mary had a baby ♪ and she laid him in a manger ♪ good news the savior is born this day
4:42 am
♪ like the angel said ♪ she named the baby jesus ♪ he came to free us and to make a way. janice: oh my gosh. fantastic. take a look at the maps real quick. i have two storm systems i want to talk about. the northeast and the west coast. if you are traveling today, you want to call ahead. there is colder air come down. we have the potential for snow showers across the northeast as well as the west coast. central u.s. looks great. thank you all for coming today. [cheers] oh my gosh hi mom from starkville, mississippi. this is fantastic. the crowds are getting bigger. "fox & friends" fans are here. brian: they love you, janice. ainsley: they do and we love them. steve: we will hear more from the group in just a minute. in the meantime democrats are making a big push for beto o'rourke in 2020. would that be a big mistake? our next guest says not necessarily. brian: more mega morning deals for you. pearls for 90% off. scarves 80% off.
4:43 am
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♪ steve: the most dramatic races of the 2018 midterms finally wrapping one brian kemp winning the state of georgia as governor and rick scott and ron desantis claiming victory in florida. with all the opponents challenging the races right until the bitter end what can both parties learn from the midterms in 2020. here we have founder of real clear tom bevins as you can see from
4:47 am
chicago. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning steve. steve: some people might debate whether or not it was a blue wave or a big wave or little wave or barely a wave. there are certain things we are learning about where america's mind is when it comes to going to the polls, right? >> yeah, sure. i mean, a couple lessons for democrats with these two races in particular, stacey abrams and andrew gillum were charismatic candidates. they were good candidates. in the end they were too far to the left for the population of the states that they were trying to represent. they were far left on a bunch of issues. stacey abrams wanted to ban ar 15s in the state of georgia. not a good position to take. andrew gillum wanted medicare for all abolish ice. he was far left. that more than anything doomed those candidates. so as democrats look toward 2020 they need to take that into consideration, particularly as we look at the you were midwest, which is where the 2020 battle is going to be won or lost.
4:48 am
>> when you look at donald trump's favorability going into 2020 as well. have you got to figure when you look at the midterms he needs to do better with independents and got to do better with wirge women, right? >> exactly. the gender gap was huge women went for democrats by 26 points. that's something republicans have to figure out how to stop the slide particularly suburban women and independents donald trump won them in 2016. they went for democrats this year by 12 points. that's another and 30 pierce of the electorate. a big chunk of the electorate that republicans have to win back if they are going to have and if donald trump is going to have a chance at winning re-election. steve: one of the things that the democrats were very effective at was running on heck. they didn't have a plan. they just said the republicans are going to take it from you. that's going to be very potent going forward. >> very potent. and i think both parties, you know, democrats are going to go in and try and make some moves on
4:49 am
healthcare. we will see whether they can actually legislate anything or not. republicans, look, have to handle. this it was the number one issue by far. we sort of ne knew that going on. republicans are in defense. they have to turn around and have an answer for that the economy turned out to be tied for number two, number three issue. and each among the people who thought the economy was going well, 40% of those people voted for the democrats. it was not the economy, stupid, this year. steve: meanwhile, down in texas, ted cruz beat beto o'rourke by over 2 points. and, yet, when you look toward 2020 some people are talking about maybe he should -- the guy who lost should either be running as president or might be considered a vice presidential pick? >> yeah. typically losing a senate election is not a launching pad to the presidency. but beto generated a lot of enthusiasm and raised a lot of money. that puts him in a conversation in a wide open race. steve: times have changed. politics are not like they used to be. so anything is possible. >> that's right. steve: all right. tom, thank you very much for joining us from chicago.
4:50 am
all right. meanwhile, while you were sleeping, an obama-appointed judge just blocked the trump administration's asylum ban. details on that coming up in about 10 minutes. plu
4:51 am
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al al never too early to start your christmas shopping and we have some more deals exclusively for "fox & friends" for you, the viewer. megan meany with mega morning deals is back with us. hey, meghan, good to see you. >> hi. ainsley: what are your top sellers always the jewelry. >> absolutely. ainsley: you bring these
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use these. different levels for the handle. lots of extra pockets. travel pro-makes them and there is 8 wheels so they spin in all direction. ainsley: do you buy them in a set. >> buy them individually. typically they would go for up to $400. you are going to get them 79 to $99. that's 75% off. and when you go on the site today, guys. there is going to be even more stuff for you to buy at a great deal. more than you see here on the table. so get their fast. get your shopping done early. ainsley: beautiful. >> what else can we tell them? ainsley: tell them where to go. and see the mega morning deals icon click on that and get all the stuff there looks just like this. happy shopping, everybody. ainsley: happy shopping. almost christmas time get on it florida attorney general pam bondi and mark stein are both here live in the next hour. so stick around ♪ why don't you baby ♪ but you don't really love me ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪
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>> breaking overnight, and appointed obama judge refusing asylum to illegal immigrants. >> a president who take security seriously, believes in the sovereignty of this country, doing his job. fighting to hold two of the country's largest drug scores accountable for the opioid epidemic. ainsley: words like racketeering, conspiracy, gross negligence, saying they illegitimately inflated the supply of opioids. >> the one county this was an issue, they were controlled by democrats, blaming me for problems they created, just ridiculous. nancy pelosi is having trouble, and --
5:01 am
>> this is moving so far left it is an relatable to the -- >> reynolds wrap unveiling sparkling recipe just in time for thanksgiving and it was edible. >> can you feel it ♪ pete: the tuesday before thanksgiving, thank you very much. i don't see it changing. it was a bear and i can make it chinese. ainsley: my brother such a neat freak, he hates winter. if you have christmas sometimes the ribbon europe your presence in has glitter and every time you see my brother he walked into his house and has the vacuum, we are.
5:02 am
>> i'm still waiting for it to show itself. a lot of you having turkey thursday but everyone will be celebrating. keith urban is the musician we bumped into, artist of the year. ainsley: if you're looking for christmas present you can buy one of their books, paperback, cookbook. pete: sit back, relax and enjoy the news, san francisco-based judge, john t your was nominated by barack obama in 2012, the president of the united states is breaking the law when he said if you want asylum you got to go through a court, you can't go across the rio grande across into the united states, and turn it off with temporary restraining order.
5:03 am
>> you will forever be banned from becoming a citizen. you risk at your own parol. to me the law and there is logic. what country would say you can come in at any point and get asylum. why wouldn't you have a dual executive order, wiser against the law? pete: if it is the law passed by congress it would take congress to change the law. it depends on the executive branch saying there is the law and this is how we will go ahead and make sure it is carried out. ainsley: they released statements that they heard these migrants were going to try to storm through the port of entry where san diego meets tijuana. look what they did. they put that wire up, all that
5:04 am
barbed wire so they couldn't get through, stopped the traffic, 26 passenger lanes in 22 pedestrian lanes and beef up security here. it is not going to happen. pete: that is an image we don't want to see. tom homan works for us, used to work for ice it is rumored to be in contention to be the next homeland security secretary, said this. >> we have a president who takes border security seriously, we have a president that believes in the sovereignty of the country, believes in the rule of law and supports border patrol and ice. they are waking up. there country, had their sovereignty been attacked, they went through their southern border, in the military, enough is enough. brian: in tijuana, in the san diego newspaper, hundreds of mexicans storm one of the
5:05 am
shoulders, and they don't want them there, they fear the crime, loss of jobs and depressed wages. and 40%, look at the last couple days, some soundbites for you. a lot of people who are mexican don't like the fact that migrants, to process them. >> they are gangs. ♪ >> the government has not taken control, we call it invasion. you live in a house you have walls, doors, you have heated. [speaking spanish] >> the government estimates
5:06 am
there are 10,000 migrates in tijuana and the nice sections of the working class section they are sleeping everywhere from the parks to the beaches and the people are fed up. the networks were rallying to tell the true story what is going on. can we see some of that? ainsley: nbc 0 seconds in their coverage, cbs gave the story 21 seconds. brian: american troops on the southern border and as we saw last night they put up the wire and other barriers to keep people from running across the border. jeffrey buchanan in charge of the deployment told politico the mission is complete and they are heading home as early as this weekend the rest will be done by december 15th so the us military force on the southern border looked like they will be heading
5:07 am
home. pete: let's talk about the election. stacy abrams did lose by 55,000 votes in georgia to the governor's race to brian kemp and he joined us a short time ago which is astounding, she is claiming i am not conceding, i'm saying i didn't get as many votes but she said democracy had failed, she claims the former secretary of state and now governor elect suppressed the vote, subtracted polling stations. he won by a margin of 50.22%, she wanted to call into question the 0.22% so it would be under 50% in the margin was 12 or 13,000 so there could have been another election, essentially a revote. she told rolling stone magazine she will file a federal lawsuit
5:08 am
to challenge what she calls the gross mismanagement of the georgia election. >> in another network she said it is not a free and fair election. >> it was not a free and fair election. we had thousands of georgians purged from the roles wrongly, thousands who were forced to wait in long lines because polling places that were underresourced or worse had no polling places to go to. it was not fair to the thousand that were put on hold. brian kemp oversaw for eight years the systematic and systemic dismantling of our democracy and that means there could not be free and fair elections in georgia this year. pete: brian kemp was on with us for the first time since being named governor elect and he responded to abrams's accusations. >> in georgia we have secure accessible fair elections. we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. she may not like some of the laws but we take an oath of office in the county elections officials have a duty to follow
5:09 am
the law and election rules we had in our state and we check citizenship. we require people to show photo id when they vote and we verify this information before people go on the voter rolls. this is political rhetoric but that is in the past and moving forward and looking forward to governing our great state. pete: there have been a lot of allegations made and in coming months they will look at them and if there's anything to them we will know about them. brian: he got more votes than anybody else who ever ran for governor in that state. it is important to bring up the whole investigation worked to his benefit, stacy abrams is doing something a lot of other democrats are doing, scrutiny as howard dean had said. and unfair election and they want to bring up a race element as if the white governor or white secretary of state was keeping blacks from voting and that seems to be a fight they want to have. pete: some saying they are
5:10 am
boycotting georgia and stacy abrams said please don't boycott our state. brian: there's a lot done in atlanta. ainsley: people have business. pete: it is 8:10 in new york city, jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: news we have been following, 3 people dead including a police officer and the doctor after a gunman opened fire at a hospital. hundreds of police cars lining the streets of chicago to honor fallen officer samuel minute is. >> what the heroic officers always do, they ran toward the fire. that is what we do. >> reporter: he lives behind a wife and 3 kids. police say the violence started when juan lopez killed his ex-fiancé, doctor o'neill, in the hospital parking lot. he gunned down officer jimenez and a female employee. lopez was also shot and killed. the white house is preparing to
5:11 am
name venezuela a state-sponsored terrorism. according to us officials and internal government email cited in the washington post it could limit us assistance the country will buy socialist leader nicholas madero, they sever hyperinflation, mass migration and food shortages. already on a state-sponsored terror list, north korea, iran, sudan and syria. republican representative love losing the lead for the congressional seat and those must be certified by today. the two term utah congresswoman falling shy of 730 votes trailing behind democratic challenger ben mcadams who claimed victory monday night, love has not succeeded. what are you doing? surprised with that message written on her daughter's bathroom vanity. she says her shock turned into gratefulness for the sweet message when she realized it was
5:12 am
written in erasable ink. the doodle going viral with 1 million likes. hi, god, what are you doing, cute. jillian: what are you doing -- ainsley: magic marker. brian: 8:12 on this tuesday. walgreens and cvs accused of playing a role in the opioid crisis. florida attorney general pam bondi is suing the drugstore chain over that and she will explain why. >> what is the secret to a happy marriage, dolly parton reveals the words the got her through 52 years. ♪ this is stonington, maine, a town where almost half the population is self-employed. lobster fisherman is the lifeblood of this town.
5:13 am
by 2030, half of america may take after stonington, self-employed and without employer benefits. we haven't had any sort of benefit plans and we're trying to figure that out now. if i had had a little advice back then, i'd be in a different boat today, for sure. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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5:16 am
>> together we are going to end drug addiction in america. we are going to end it or at least make it extremely big dent in this terrible terrible problem.
5:17 am
ainsley: the president making the fight against the opioid crisis a big part of the country and the attorney general is leading the charge, the state suing walgreens and cvs, two the largest outdoor chains claiming they played a large role in creating the opioid crisis. joining us to discuss this is florida attorney general pam bondi, thanks for being with us. when i first heard this story, why is the state of florida blaming the drugstores instead of doctors or individuals? >> doctors have been held accountable. since i was elected, you know that. many doctors have gone to prison and we shut down the pill mills. florida has an opioid crisis along with every state in the country and every year, record number of people are dying and we have got to do something about it. these manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies have
5:18 am
been part of the problem and they have got to be part of the solution and we will continue to hold them accountable. that is what this is all about. >> how they are false? the doctor called the pharmacy, send a prescription and we pick it up? >> millions of pills were going to pharmacies and they knew the red flags, they were warned of the red flags that is what our lawsuit alleges. this is part of the big picture and whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, pharmacy, you see millions of pills coming into a distribution center in lakeland, florida and 2 million going to tampa alone, they knew there were things to look for, didn't look for them. i applaud the efforts they are doing now and we want this to be a collaborative effort to solve the problem together and that includes having prevention,
5:19 am
having treatment, education, that is how they were all part of the problem and they have to be part of the solution. ainsley: almost 3000 people overdosed on opioids in florida, nationally 45 people died on overdoses every single day. let me read you the statement from cvs, we believe the state of florida's addition of cvs pharmacy, cvs taken numerous actions to strengthen the listing safeguards to address the nation's opioid epidemic. in the past 5 years there have been a 38% decrease in opioid dispensing at retail pharmacy. we asked walgreens for a statement saying they don't comment on pending lawsuits would your critics say you are suing them because their big companies and they have the money to help you combat this in the state of florida. what is your reaction to their statement? >> this is what is happening
5:20 am
today and i applaud them for what they are doing today. this goes back to 2008 when this crisis started and millions and millions of pills were flowing out of these organizations. manufacturers and distributors and our lawsuit tells a comprehensive narrative has to how this happened and again we applaud the efforts they are doing now but they have to be part of the solution because clearly they were part of the problem and they know it by the numbers and the information we have. heather: you've been busy with the election, thank you for being with us. todd pyro having breakfast with our friends in pennsylvania. this actress was so upset over donald trump's election she considered giving her baby to canadians. mark stein is from canada and
5:21 am
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see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. rob: we are back with fox news alert, the united states shook down its busiest southern border crossing for hours to install barriers. jillian: the homeland security head says it is necessary for those planning to rush the border and enter the country illegally. pete: that was the plan. live on the border, the latest. how rare is this story? we don't hear a lot about it. is a common with you guys? >> reporter: good morning. i would say somewhat common. this time yesterday morning, we
5:25 am
were getting word from the customs and border protection's that all northbound lanes go straight into the united states, that rarely happens and we got reports that there were reports from a large group of this migrant caravan, rushing the port of entry hoping to get in. that was not the case. they shut down those lanes and added those measures and here in san diego, what we will see is the secretary of homeland security, kirstjen neilsen will be in the imperial beach area, touring the area, giving media and update what we can expect regarding border security and the latest in regards to the migrant caravan. talking about this migrant caravan we have seen 2400 migrants mostly from central america. they arrived for the past week or so, planning to seek asylum in the united states. and jim has opened up for them,
5:26 am
a house, up to 3000. the mayor warned the city cannot a would not be able to handle anymore migrants but some reports suggested the caravan could reach 10,000. that is what we have been seeing. a lot going on. important to note, now open at the port of entry, live on the san diego side, back to you in new york. pete: let's bring in author and columnist mark stein, hosting tonight's tucker. you are a canadian. you know about our immigration laws. what do you make of the fact that apparently this federal judge ruled last night the trump administration breaking the law, you cannot demand people go through asylum only at the ports. >> i don't like the idea of
5:27 am
judges overturning the executive orders of the president. it is absolutely ridiculous. one judge can actually wipe out national immigration policy, don't understand that. if you want to be ruled by guys in robes you should have stuck with storage iii. he had better robes but this whole judge thing is getting out of hand. >> aclu at the center for constitutional rights sued. they were not happy with what the president was trying to implement so that is why the judge got involved, the judge was from san francisco appointed by president obama. >> the point is people pick these judges and they know which judges are going to do this and this makes the point it is not a racist thing or an american thing but anybody in any country has the right to have their
5:28 am
borders respected it doesn't matter if you are honduran, or mexicans marching into america, no respect to americans, merging into canada. a sovereign nation has its borders and they should be respected. pete: it has nothing to do with hispanics. if you had russians going to canada. and it would be a problem at the border and groups at the northern border. >> there are octogenarian snowbirds in toronto wintering in florida who get far worse treatment than these guys in the caravan. and -- pete: and actress named amber tamblyn who was in the sisterhood of the traveling
5:29 am
pants and she confessed she imagined giving her baby to canadians after donald trump was elected. >> so stunned by the election results, to give away her child to be raised. my kids are being raised by canadians, not sure how that is working out. if she is still -- this is the perfect solution to what is going on. if all the hollywood celebrities gave up their children to be raised by canadians, put them in a big caravan and send it across the 49th parallel, it would free up their kids bedrooms to house all the people coming in on the caravan so it is when/win for everybody. i would like to see a reality show in which hollywood celebrities kids are taken to be raised by canadians may be in
5:30 am
churchill manitoba and see how long they would last. >> one thing to say they are moving to canada after donald trump won and they never did. one thing for a mother to say she imagined her baby being raised. >> things are so bad they elected a republican, things are so desperate i may consider moving to canada. they always say it is the worst thing in the world, don't know if it is bad enough for me to move to canada but my kids -- >> i will say this. it reminds me of the courage superman's parents when they knew the planet was exciting, put the kid in the rocket and send it to another planet, almost as gutsy as this. >> you know how that would have worked out if the creators of superman on the planet krypton said i'm putting him in a little, everything is going to
5:31 am
hell here, we're going to get out of here, put him in a little thing and he lands in canada. >> nati small ville was canada. >> i don't know this is something you can go into. >> my the only one bothered by this? >> it is a whole bunch of canadian guest hosts coming down in a caravan. we will be watching. >> so far to go for that plug. thanks, mark stein. democrats campaign on this promise. >> all should receive the health care they need. >> guaranteed healthcare to all of our people. >> now that they are taking control of the house of representatives they have to put that up for a vote. how will that go over?
5:32 am
we have a panel to discuss that. one is a doctor. ves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! - [narrator] for powerful suction, you need a shark. with two swappable batteries, at maximum suction the shark ion f80 has more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. or, choose the upright model for whole home cleaning only from shark.
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5:35 am
meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. >> everyone, all should receive for healthcare they need. >> i campaigned on hard component of medicare for all. >> end the international disgrace of the united states, our great nation being the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all of our people. pete: democrats campaigned on the promise of healthcare for all and now they have the house, they will have to put a plan to the floor for a vote. how will that go over? how can republicans point out the flaws in their plans? here with a discussion, robert wolf, former advisor to
5:36 am
president obama and contributor, and medical contributor and scott rasmussen. let's start with you. that was the only number one issue of the midterms, healthcare. democrats were very effective saying those republicans are going to take your healthcare away. if you have a preexisting condition, be aware. half the country has preexisting conditions. >> there was a great campaign slogan and it taps into a fear, people want more control over their healthcare, more security, more choices as well. when you try to translate that idea into what bernie sanders has in mind the general idea of covering everybody sounds great but only 19% of people want to take a way to ban private insurance companies enforce everybody to get their coverage from the federal government. that is what the sanders plan does. dispute among democrats about what medicare for all looks like.
5:37 am
pete: this is your business. >> we had this conversation at length and it was a great campaign slogan almost as good as repeal and replace. just because you have a great campaign slogan doesn't mean you will do anything. they won on healthcare. they want choice. they say universal access. that doesn't equate to a single payer system. if you lower the cost of healthcare you are increasing access and to the single payer system or even the affordable care act, your limiting choice. it is not necessarily what people are showing but there is a spin in it when it comes to campaigns. >> democrats effective in making this an issue but democrats say the republicans will take your healthcare, never came up with a plan. now the ball is in your court. >> the midterm smoke.
5:38 am
3 republican states expanded medicare. 40 states expanded the medicaid expansion. the states are speaking as well. with respect to the healthcare argument i have a mix of both. i believe people should have a choice, and the transition to single-payer sounds great but the idea they transitions this. >> you are a money guy, the country can't afford it. >> transition to medicare for all and single-payer is where we are fiscally is near impossible. that being said the debate for the democrats is healthcare right. let the republicans say it is not a right. i know that is a losing battle. >> we are getting into campaign rhetoric because of you being the financial guy at this table.
5:39 am
from 2020, needs to focus on economic policies, with other things. more cash in their pockets as opposed to paying increased taxes. >> republicans and donald from hoping they campaign on single-payer system. and access to healthcare is to reduce cost. and to create a federal monopoly for healthcare, just not going to work not only because of the cost but people want to choose. and to let new technologies. >> we can all agree. we have the best in the world but something has to be done. thank you very much. 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this busy tuesday.
5:40 am
>> still following news out of california where 80 people confirmed that and 700 missing in the raging wildfires, search crews worn some people may never be found due to the intensity of the flames, they are racing against time for tomorrow's expected rain which could make rescue efforts even more difficult. officials worry heavy downpours could trigger mudslides. ivanka trump's lawyer slamming reports user private email for government business. the washington post claimed the white house advisor may have violated federal rules by using her personal account to communicate with officials. there was never classified information transmitted. the accounts never transferred to the trump organization, no emails were ever deleted. country superstar dolly part reveals the secret behind a lasting marriage. stay busy. ♪ working 9-to-5 ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ getting by ♪ >> the country legend has been
5:41 am
married for 52 years, she tells people magazine, quote, i always joke and laugh when people ask what is the key to my long marriage and lasting love? i always say stay gone and there's a lot the truth to that. >> day gone. thank you. todd pyro is having breakfast with friends, we will check with him in pennsylvania coming up and we shared this story, they put their faith in god's hands when doctors told him their son had a terminal brain condition but it was a misdiagnosis. the couple's back with an update on miracle matthew thanks to "fox and friends" heroes on this thanksgiving morning. ♪
5:42 am
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oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement. ainsley: some quick headlines, litter turkey, the new recipe,
5:45 am
you never knew you needed, or don't, you decide. reynolds wrap unveiling just in time for the holidays the ingredients include spray on food coloring. millennials printing their parents ahead of thanksgiving texting the question how long does it take to cook a turkey in the microwave? one mom writing have you been drinking? this doesn't even make sense. this dad didn't take the bait writing 12 days. hilarious. >> 12 days at high. todd pyro is out in pennsylvania but quakertown family restaurants talking to the folks having breakfast. >> reporter: don't know how you follow glitter turkey but we will try, no glitter turkeys here. lori is an interesting thought, she loves the way donald trump is keeping democratic lefts many with regard to his supportive
5:46 am
nancy pelosi. >> they don't know why he's doing it, if he really means it or if he doesn't mean it and keep them guessing, driving them nuts. >> you say build that wall, why? >> keep the illegals out, tax cuts great for the country, great for my company, cryogenics, gave my employees a bonus and build the wall. >> you live real everything about the president. >> thank you, donald trump. >> reporter: darla, you say your family is remodeling because it is doing better in the donald trump economy than before. why? >> less regulation, less taxation. people have more faith in the future, willing to spend more money on bath remodels, kitchen remodels, window installs. >> reporter: when it comes to immigration your a fan of building the wall. why? >> it will keep illegal drugs out of the country, protects our sovereignty. the country needs to have
5:47 am
borders. we need to have people stay. >> one more economic point. you wanted to make this point. your husband is working in the trump economy. >> it was wonderful, and my husband is working now and thriving. >> when it comes to illegal immigration, what are your thoughts. >> we need to keep people safe by building the wall. keeping illegals out of the country, >> reporter: thank you very much, appreciate our time here. thanks to the folks here at the
5:48 am
quakertown family restaurant, unbelievable. got a high patty. >> haven't had a shout out. i avoided it. anytime somebody says one more thing. you are a pro. todd pyro live. >> we shared this couple's amazing story, they put their faith in god's hands when doctors told him their son had a terminal brain condition but he was misdiagnosed, the prayers were answered, the couple's back with an update on miracle matthew. pete: sandra smith told me she has a great show plans, prove it. >> we have great show in store for you.
5:49 am
good tuesday morning, live from america's newsroom, the latest on a police officer and two hospital employees killed in that shootout in a chicago hospital. what we are now learning. a new gallup poll shows the president's approval rating on the economy taking up to a new high. ronald reagan's former economic advisor is here plus the mayor of new york city wants more government control. how some are responding. more coming up, join bill and me as we kick off 3 hours of news at the top of the hour. i respe. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. you fishing,
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5:52 am
>> found out he had a terminal condition.
5:53 am
>> everything would be okay in 27 hours after he was born the mra comes back and his neurosurgeon explained our baby matthew could live a normal life. >> he has been misdiagnosed. we look back at the great causes "fox and friends" you are supported. >> drew and adrian chose to put their faith in god's hands, their unborn son had a terminal brain condition. >> there some miracle matthew misdiagnosed since he appears on the show. $32,000 help the family with medical bills. >> and their baby, miracle matthew, joining us with an update. good morning. so it is great to have you. when you were pregnant you were told -- instead your baby would
5:54 am
not have a normal life if born and the brain was not developing. they gave you choices but why did you decide to go through with it? you did not know until he was born that he was going to be okay. >> just thought that was not really our decision to make. there is only one person, one being that knows that answer and that is god. we left it all up to him. pete: i was going to say. >> matthew i will say he just makes everything seem like it is so little. any problem you ever have after having him, the biggest blessing in the world for us. pete: how is matthew doing now? >> he is doing great. last time we were doing an
5:55 am
interview he was in the hospital with an infection. got infected, something that is a common thing for shunt and that is something the pediatric association is doing more research on and he has a programable shunt so it is a magnetic programable shunt that will turn down the amount of fluid or the pressure in the brain so it is better than the first one he had. pete: we were talking about your go fund me page because of your astronomical bills, the goal is $60,000, you raised 42,000, people like to go to "fox and friends."com. and the folks watching right now are helping you. >> it has been amazing, people commenting on our facebook page
5:56 am
or go fund me page saying they are praying for matthew and the family. it is amazing the kindness people in reaching out, we feel so thankful and blessed to have people reach out to us from all over the world, it was pretty crazy. ainsley: what is your message to people diagnosed similar to those were doctors think it is terminal, thankfully is not in your case but what is your message to them? >> obviously it is not always going to turn out the way it did for us. we are so thankful it did and we are planning either way, whatever it was going to be, put our baby to rest the day he was born or we get this amazing miracle. my message would be have faith in god and keep praying because that is the only thing that kept us going.
5:57 am
pete: go to go fund matthew, appreciate it please. eaning surs eaning surs above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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good morning. >> sandra: a shoot-out unfolding yesterday afternoon. it all began with an argument between the gunman and his ex-girlfriend who worked at the hospital. the suspect shooting the woman-out side the building before charge thaning inside and killing two more terrifying everyone nearby. >> it was pow, pow, pow and very loud. swat came


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