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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that, uh, tie. or the suit. or the shirt. voya. helping you to and through retirement. help. that is our story tonight. have a good thanksgiving, everyone. ♪ >> mark: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm mark steyn in for tucker this evening, but he will be here for a special appearance later in the show. first, a continuing crisis on america's southern border and a new legal ruling that could have quite an impact. jonathan hunt has more. >> good evening, mark. thousands of central american migrants are at the u.s.-mexico border awaiting their chance to apply for asylum. some are trying to circumvent what can be a lengthy process bc crossing the border illegally, where there isn't a checkpoint, then claiming asylum while already on u.s. soil.
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it is those would-be illegal immigrants that president trump targeted in a november 9th proclamation saying anyone who crosses the border between official points of entry would not be eligible for asylum. but the courts have again ruled against the president with a u.s. district judge who was appointed by president obama writing, "whatever the scope of the president's authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to oppose a condition that congress has expressly forbidden." the trump administration can appeal, and the case will likely circuit court of appeals, which has already ruled against the president on a number of immigration issues, a fact clearly not lost on president trump, who berated the ninth circuit as he left the white house for his thanksgiving break today. >> you go to the ninth circuit and it's a disgrace. i am going to put in a major complaint because you cannot win if you are us, a case in the ninth circuit.
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>> around 3,000 migrants from the caravan that originated in central america have gathered in tijuana on the mexico side of the u.s. border. the department of homeland security says there are around 500 "criminals" among them, although it has not said specifically what each of their alleged crimes is. on the u.s. side, 5,800 troops are now stationed to support customs and border agents at an estimated cost of $72 million,n, according to the pentagon today, and amid a certain degree of confusion as to how long those troops will stay and exactly what their mission is. mark? >> mark: thanks, jonathan. juan hernandez is a former advisor to the mexican president and he joins us now. in what sense are these people in the caravan asylum-seekers?
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>> i've met with many of them. i met with the 7,200 caravan in for under the governor, specifically working with immigrants. mostly mexican immigrants living in the united states.ll but also, it was my duty to make sure that we treat it in a humanitarian way, these 7,200. i tell you, you sit down with them for a minute and you are in tears. these are children, these are let me finish -- these are people looking for a better way of life like your family and my family did many years ago coming to the united states. >> mark: i didn't come as an asylum-seeker, but if i was an asylum-seeker, this caravan has marched across two national i frontiers. it marched into guatemala illegally and then it marched into mexico illegally. if you are an asylum-seeker, i
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am supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country i come to? >> my friend, we all know the united states is today the most powerful nation in the world. it is the dream of many, many people who are just trying to get out of dire poverty,os violence, to be able to reach the united states and to be a blessing, as they are the immigrants to this nation. t that's the dream. they are coming to the united states, and they are seeking asylum. they are not invading. and it's such a small number. we are talking about 10,000, 12,000 total. >> mark: wait a minute --is you are now saying that a dream is a basis for asylum. i might have a dream -- >> definitely. >> mark: i might have a dreamam to live in barbra streisand's house, it doesn't mean i have a right to move into her guest bedroom.m. >> if you are a block away from her home and you are being attacked and being raped andre your children, the only chance they have is to join a gang and
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you can't even feed them, you would be knocking on that movie star's home saying, is there some way that i can be here in your home and work for you? >> mark: she still wouldn't let me in. you know that. >> she would. she would. >> mark: here's the thing, you talk about all the children, there are women being raped, these are overwhelmingly young men. what kind of asylum-seekers leave the old and the sick, and the kids, and the women folk back in guatemala, or wherever, and it's just the young men who come across the frontier? it's overwhelmingly young men.r >> yes, probably about 75% to 80% are young men, you are right. they are the ones who want to do better for their families and they are leaving desperately. they see no way that they can be able to survive in some of the places where they come from. >> mark: no, no, no.
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everyone with a dream -- there are 7 billion people on the planet and as you say, america is the most powerful, wealthiest, all the rest of it. does that gives 6.5 billion people the right to move to the united states?mo >> it's not that it is a right -- although many would claim that it is a human rightld that if you are in a dire situation you are going to try, even if you have to break some administrative rules. they have not committed crimes. they are just seeking asylum. >> mark: you are now part of the state government in mexico. >> yes, sir. proudly. >> mark: what is wrong with your state if they just want a better life? why can't they move to your state? your state is better than honduras, wherever they come from. >> yes, it is. but the dream for them is the united states. there is a wonderful article by a priest from honduras and heit called it "the boilover."
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i suggest that many of your viewers read it. i think it came out in "the new york times," the translation. he said these are people, they are not organized, they weren't paid by anyone. dozens were going to desperately leave the country and it just boiled over. literally thousands said, we can take it no longer, we must seek a better life. it is happening all over the world. today there are 250 million people going from one country to another trying to find a better life. we have to deal with it.e. we must be a country of laws -- mexico and the united states -- but countries are being tested. other nations have not passed the test. we need to pass this test of n being humanitarian and give dignity to these people. >> mark: why is it in the interest of these other countries for all of their most talented people to move to theeo united states or western europe? why is it in the interest of
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guatemala or anywhere else to be denuded of its most talented people? t >> well, sure, it's mostly economic. the united states -- and i'm sure you do -- read the statistics, the united states is growing at less than 1%. the united states needs about 350,000 new people every year. these 10,000 are good people. i met them -- >> mark: they may be good people -- >> -- they are doing great, financially, but their dream is to come to the united states. >> mark: there are plenty of good people. if you go to these airports, you get your meal order on a machine. nobody needs people anymore, it's all y >> that's not true. >> mark: no, it is true. 30% of the world will be unemployed in a few years. what is the real situation -- thank you. what's the real situation at the border, and what are agents actually having to deal with
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there as the caravan approaches? tom homan is the former acting director of i.c.e., and he joins us. we have seen dramatic themes going on at the southern border, tom, as this caravan prepares, essentially, to cross with impunity its third national frontier. what is going to happen? >> real quick, let me respond to juan's comments. first of all, we are the most welcoming country in the world.g we welcome more refugees than any other country combined. so, enough. you can't want to be part of the greatest country on earth and not followry our laws. it does not qualify for asylum, so they are committing fraud. that is just a stone cold fact. what's going on at the border, this president has gotten our nation ready, he's got additional officers out there, building extra infrastructure, they are building facilities to detain people, which is a secret. what this president needs to dos which had to happen in the past,
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if they get to the and enter, they need to be detained until they can see a judge. the central american population, right around 81% to 91% will lose their case because they don't qualify for asylum. they have to be in custody when they lose their case or they will be removed, which sends a strong message to the rest of the world that we are a nation of laws. we will give you due process but you have to live by the judge's decision, also. t >> mark: you say we are a nation of laws, we are getting governed by judges. judges have ruled that immigrants being convicted and deported have a right to say goodbye. that's apparently in the constitution. a judge has ruled to stop then deportation of 1,400 iraqi nationals who have committed a crime. another judge struck down trump's travel ban because foreign nationals apparently have an affirmative right to visit their relatives in the united states.
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in other words, aren't the courts actually making a mockery of any prospective immigration or asylum enforcement. >> they absolutely are. in the case you just mentioned, one case, he had an ordered deportation. he had due process, and he was ordered to be removed. he didn't leave. when they finally went to arrest him, he wanted more time to say goodbye to his family when he knew for years he had to leave. >> mark: the constitutional right to a long goodbye. the judge managed to detect that. >> we are in a state right now, the aclu just sued the trump administration for the right for people to enter this country illegally and be able to seek asylum. the ninth circuit has lost their mind. this is going to continue. this is not about the rule ofmi law but an attack on the trump administration. when he gives an asylum proclamation, it's the same general principle as the travel ban. we won that in the supreme court, we will win this. the problem is, until it gets to the supreme court, thousands and thousands and thousands of
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more caravans will come because of this rule. >> mark: thanks a lot, tom. you are right on that.ha as we mentioned, judges are not just out of control on immigration or inventing rights for central american migrants. today, federal judge mark goldsmith ordered the release of more than 100 criminal immigrants from iraq. some of these guys committed crimes as severe as assault and even murder. iraq doesn't want them back. that's too bad because as judge goldsmith has ruled, the government can't even hold them. they have to let them go back into the community. increasingly, the judges seem to be blocking any deportations at all, even for convicted murderers. and speaking of the battle between the trump administration and the legal system, president trump has submitted his written answers to questions posed by the mueller investigation. the president's attorneys said the questions trump answered related to russia, and rudy giuliani has said thator
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president's cooperation with the investigation is unprecedented. he has called for a quick end to the investigation. we will have more on that in just a moment. also, democrat stacy adams lost the gubernatorial fair and square but she won't concede. is this the new normal from theg democrats? we will talk about that also. and have no fear, tucker is here. he will be making a special appearance tonight right here on "tucker carlson tonight." all that coming up. n "tucker carlson tonight." all that coming up. ♪ it is such a good time to kiss ♪
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♪ >> mark: one final battle still to be fought in the midterms, and the u.s. senate. this time in mississippi, a republican, cindy hyde-smith is running against democrat, mike espy. normally this should be a slam-dunk for republicans, but the rate is suddenly in doubt. to investigate why, our elections expert, independent women's voice senior fellow, lisa boothe has been keeping -- >> i like that, election expert. >> mark: you have been to all the elections. it is three weeks after election day. why is mississippi in e trouble? >> that is my background working in politics. look, it is competitive because there was a jungle primary. cindy hyde-smith, who is the republican incumbent running foe reelection, nobody reached over the 55% threshold so now we are in this runoff, november 27th,
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there you see on the screen, mike espy is the democrat, and cindy hyde-smith, who is the incumbent will face off then. democrats are really drawing attention to some of the recent comments that cindy hyde-smithen has made and that is what they are kind of honing in and focusing on, however i don't know if this race will end up being as competitive as people are trying to make it out to be. there were two republicans who ate up a lot of the vote. you had hyde-smith, who was the leader, not reaching the 55% threshold, but also mcdaniel not reaching 60% of the vote. without him in the picture, you can see how her chances are a lot better off on november 27tha >> mark: you don't think there is anything to this theory thate a lot of formerly red states are starting to purple a little? that's the democrats' theory on how texas, georgia, and maybe even mississippi, in the medium-term election cycle down the road, things favor them. >> we will find out in 2020.
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it is really hard to tell. this is just a bad election cycle for republicans. i remember in 2009, "time" magazine did a cover and said "endangered species for republicans," and republicans won the house, 63 seats in 2010. then in 2012, republicans did an autopsy report, so much for the white house. they went back to win the senate in 2014 and the white house in 2016. we just don't know. maybe 2020 is a terrible year for republicans. we don't know that. i don't think we can really draw the conclusion that somehow republicans are in trouble in the south. we will find out on november 27th what happens in this race. maybe that proves we can be wrong, but i do think chris mcdaniel no longer being on the battle there and just a republican versus democrat race, republicans will come home for hyde-smith. >> mark: all right, you will be back to tell us about that later. november 27th. thank you, lisa.
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it only took ten days, but stacy abrams has finally admitted she has lost georgia's gubernatorial race. despite that, she is not actually conceding, and instead is claiming the election wasot illegitimate because it happened to produce the wrong winner. >> it was not a free and fair election. it was not fair to the thousands who were forced to wait in long lines. it was not fair to the thousands that were put on hold with their registration. >> is he the legitimate governor of georgia? >> he is the person who won the adequate number of votes. >> you not using the word "legitimate." is he the legitimate governor of georgia? >> he is the legal governor of georgia.eq >> mark: fox political analyst brit hume joins us. brit, the democrats seem to be taking the views of this guy as barbaric or colonel qaddafi. he didn't really win the thing. >> this is how this works, mark.
9:21 pm
if you are a democrat and you complain, no matter how unfounded your complaint may be about the results of an election why you are a patriot. i've seen her styled in some places as a class act. when you complain about the result of an election and that it was rigged, or whatever. if you are a republican in florida, however, and youu complain about the documented court-confirmed irregularities in two counties down there, you are undermining democracy. if that sounds to you like a d double standard, i would suggese that is exactly what it is and the hypocrisy is remarkable. don't forget this: donald trump wins the election in 2016, and we have heard no end of complaints that that was rigged and set up for him in a collaborating -- a plot of collaboration with the russians. there are still people who claim that conspiracy theory to this day. it's okay if you are a democrat to complain but if you are a republican, no.
9:22 pm
>> mark: democrats don't actually seem to accept the legitimacy of any republican in history. in the end, what they are doing is actually undermining the entire face of the legitimacy of u.s. elections, aren't they? >> that is certainly the complaint that they always lodge when republicans complain, but heaven forbid we suggest that is what they're doing. i think in the case of the georgia election in particular, their complaints were especially unfounded.oi if you look at the complaint point by point, the things that were done that took certain people off the voter roll were mandated by law. if you do the identification, the signature check, that is likewise a matter of law. there is nothing irregular about the way that election was handled that has been documented in any serious way. yet here she is complaining to huzzahs from her side of the
9:23 pm
i'll about the legitimacy of the election. my view is her complaint is so b lame it won't do any damage to people's faith in democracy, but it is out there anyway. >> mark: speaking of faith inn democracy, we mentioned, here we are two years later, we are still investigating officially the 2016 election. today, the president finished his answers for robert mueller. does that mean mr. mueller's investigation is drawing to a close? >> one would think this represents a final stage. i think the mueller team has been waiting to see what kind of answers it would get president trump to answer for quite some time, and this appears to be it. i suppose it is theoretically possible that they could look at these answers and say, wait a minute, this opens up a whole new lineup inquiry. they will insist on doing that. these independent councils or special prosecutors, when that was still the case, do tend to go on for as long as they want with whatever budget they need.
9:24 pm
and of course, the clambering washington now is the fear that the new acting attorney general will rein that investigation in. my hunch is the investigation is probably very near a conclusion. you know, mark, this investigation has been widely mischaracterized on all sides. you often hear it said that the purpose of the investigation was to determine if there wass collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. actually, that is a subset of what the investigation is supposed to be it originated under james comeys as a counterintelligence investigation to determine what exactly the russians did to try to influence the election. that was its principal purpose with the collusion allegations being a piece of that, but not e the main event. i think what we are likely to hear from mueller is a report that will go into quite some detail about exactly what the russians did, which could be very useful to know. >> mark: yeah, as long as they manage to finish it before the russians steal the 2020 election. >> before the 2020 election is over. >> mark: or 2024, yeah.
9:25 pm
thank you. the women's march was supposed to destroy president trump. instead, it is destroying itself. that's next. plus, tucker himself making a special appearance. all that just ahead on "tucker carlson tonight." all thn "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ he'd be proud of us. protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you. see how lincoln can help.
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a loud, vulgar, proud woman. to our detractors who insist that this march will never add up to anything, [bleep] you. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> mark: but it may be the women's march movement itself that is blowing up. it was supposed to spearhead the anti-trump resistance, instead it has devolved into a case of march madness. the women's march founders are calling on linda sarsour, tamika mallory and other leaders to resign their posts with the group due to their support for the nation of islam leader, louis farrakhan, and other anti-semitic positions. sarsour and her colleagues have dismissed that as irrelevant. tammy bruce is the president of the "independent women's voice," and if there is a genuine women's march, she should be
9:30 pm
leading it, in my view. tammy, what is going on here? >> it's more than just anti-semitism or jew hatred. there is also apparently a lot of anti-gay speech that has not unusual for the far left. they are bigots. we've got the left who traditionally does this, they co-opt important issues to a society they are invading. w they co-opt it and then they ride it to death.he right now, the women's march clearly is not about women's issues at all. they are complaining about white nationalism, white men. it's about race, and it is really just a carcass now of what was a women's movement. this is what the left does. it's a warning. this is not an isolated incident. it's beginning to try to move into the democratic party, and that should be a warning to everyone that identity politics --- this is inevitably where it goea because in order to be proud of
9:31 pm
your identity, your personal identity, you've got to be better or different p from someone else. it invites the need for bigotry and for isolating the other individual who is unlike you. >> mark: you said they are not just anti-semitic, they are also anti-gay. louis farrakhan, one of his many fascinating statements was the jew is responsible for the feminizing of the black man. not that there is anything wrong with that, i don't think. but if there is, you don't want the jews to have a monopoly. i won't pretend to understand what he is getting at. linda sarsour is a strong supporter, she refuses to back down. she is a great believer in sharia, so there is no reason she should have any particular issue in women's rights or gay rights, or anyone else's rights. likewise takima mallory. >> this is a classic hijacking.
9:32 pm
i saw this emerging when i was on the left 20, 25 years ago. i have a lot of respect for her, ms. schouk, she is a retired lawyer, lives in hawaii. the power of the internet, started with a facebook page, which is fabulous. i disagree with her own all of her issues that she spouts on facebook, but i have a lot of respect for her to say this. she wants them to step down for saving this in the movement, but this will always happen if youou are ready to push back. this is a virus that occurs in not just in the american left, but around the world. they want to divide, they want to disrupt, and that is how they are doing this. there is a lot of work that needs to be done. at least for normal liberals, this is the kind of thing that you must stand up against because otherwise, it is going to consume everything that matters to you. >> mark: you say normal liberals. isn't it the case, tammy, at some point there is a reckoning
9:33 pm
that the identity politicst coalition is basically incoherent? you know that in parts of amsterdam and london, and those places have islamized, the gay bars close and move out. but in the end, you have to pick and choose your identity politics. maybe ms. sarsour represents where the energy is in the democratic party. >> identity politics is not a liberal position. liberalism is about allowing people to live the lives that best suits them. you can't do that just based on an identity. it's got to be on ideas, inspiration, and values for ae larger society and culture. that's the classic liberal framework. >> mark: that's like 50 years out of date for the democrats. >> it is, but it exists as the base of liberals. i'm convinced of that, and you can still take your party back. i want a loyal opposition to
9:34 pm
republicans, because it makes the country better and stronger, and as a result, conservatism would still prevail because liberals won't be afraid of it, because they also want people to be free, and it takes money, and success, and the free market to be free. >> mark: fabulous. that is tammy's thanksgiving greetings to the u.s. democratic party. >> and my cranberry sauce. >> mark: tucker will be here after the break. he will talk to an arizona sheriff about mexico's role in the devastating heroin epidemic across america. that is next on "tucker carlson tonight." next on "tucker carlson tonight." this is not a bed.
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9:39 pm
provided for everything. two michigan doctors were charged with transporting girls as young as seven across state lines for the procedure. a district court judge ruled that while the federal government may be able to force you to buy health insurance, it cannot bar adults from scarring children in ways they will live with for the rest of their lives. america's war against drugs coming from mexico is going to get far more difficult. the party's newly elected government is moving rapidly towards legalizing marijuana. meanwhile, its highest court has struck down the country's law authorizing the military deployment against the drug cartels. mexico, then, could soon be far more tolerant of drugs in the cartels. meanwhile, heroin brought in overwhelmingly from mexico is killing tens of thousands of americans every year. tucker just spoke with an arizona sheriff about the threat
9:40 pm
of mexican heroin. here's tucker. >> tucker: opioids are killing tens of thousands of americans every year. it's an epidemic. it's being driven in part by prescription drugs, but not only by prescription drugs. also heroin. more of it is being struggled t -- smuggled into this country than ever before and almost all of that heroin is coming from mexico across our pourous southern border. matt thomas is the deputy chief of police in arizona, and he joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. this is something rarely discussed in washington, but the scale of opioid smuggling across the united states. >> we have seen a significant increase since 2014. it used to be that arizona, our southern borders, marijuana was the cash crop for the cartel, specifically, that is kind ofju the main cartel for our state. there was a significant shift starting in 2014 where the
9:41 pm
marijuana smuggling started tofi decline and we started to see a significant increase in the smuggling of heroin, fentanyl, t and methamphetamine. >> tucker: fentanyl, too? >> >> tucker: okay. give us a sense, large amounts? enough to drive the epidemic that is killing so many americans? >> oh, absolutely. especially fentanyl, the drug is a danger for anyone who is using it but our officers, as well. we have had several exposures in our state where officers have been exposed to fentanyl and they had to have the narcan to reverse the effects so they don't die of exposure. citizens, the same thing. they overdose on it, so it is much stronger than heroin. we have the heroin problem butut now we have the fentanyl problem
9:42 pm
it's a bigger crisis for us. because it is so dangerous, and we are seeing it -- it is coming in the format of essentially fake pills. what the cartels are sending up are what are being sold as oxy, but it's fake. it's fentanyl, and it's more potent and more dangerous. >> tucker: we had on the screens video of drug tunnels coming into the united states. how common are those in your county? >> in our county, not common. we are off the border about 70 miles and the county is unique, being that we are off the border 70 miles but it is open desert to the border. that is what kind of makes us more like a border county, but for the border counties in the state, pima county, yuma county,
9:43 pm
very common because the cartel is essentially the masterminds behind the tunnels and arizona being primarily run by the cartel, you see these tunnels throughout our state. >> tucker: do you think washington, which is trying tour respondte to the opioid crisis that is killing so many people, do you think in washington lawmakers have a sense of where these drugs are coming from? >> i think they have a sense of where they are coming from. they would have to have their heads buried pretty deep in the sand to not have a sense of the after all these years. we kind of know where the source is, but i don't think they havea a sense of the magnitude of what's coming across the border, how easy it is to get across the border, and how adversely it's affecting all of our communities, from the smallest rural community all the way to your metropolitan areas. it's having a very negative effect, and it's kind of our
9:44 pm
fault on the american side. we are the consumers. we have kind of created this problem. it's a demand-driven thing. >> tucker: yeah, it would be nice to stop it. thank you very much for telling us that. appreciate it. > absolutely. >> mark: mexican heroin, the caravan that never stops. a university is ordering students to avoid dangerous things like capital letters. the liberal sherpa will explain next. (whooshing) - [narrator] for powerful suction, you need a shark. with two swappable batteries, at maximum suction the shark ion f80 has more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. or, choose the upright model for whole home cleaning only from shark.
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♪ >> mark: university officials have already invented new bathrooms, torn down all the old statues, put the old statutes in the old bathrooms,
9:49 pm
so what is left? these scholars at leeds leeds trinity university in the united kingdom tell professors, don't use the word "don't," and don't use capital letters for emphasis because they could traumatize sensitive students. it sounds crazy, but this is the same country where manchester university band clapping. cathy areu is the founding publisher of catalina magazine and this show's liberal sherpa, i would give her a round of applause but manchester university says we have to use jazz hands. so welcome, cathy. >> thank you. >> mark: what is the effect of banning capital letters? >> netiquette, etiquette for the internet. it is being appropriate if you don't want to offend or hurt someone who is receiving a message, if you want to write what you mean and mean what you write, you would not to yell att that person. it goes back to the '40s and m
9:50 pm
the '70s where all caps meants yelling. if you say "don't" in alls caps, you are yelling at someone. >> mark: when they said that, it was about manual typewriters. >> believe it or not, an author said if i am using all caps, i am yelling. then in the '70s, they said, if i am using all caps, it is out of anger. this is rage. in the age of twitter and social media, all caps is -- yelling. >> mark: no one said with a manual typewriter that you are traumatizing people if you are typing with the capitals on. >> no social media, so. >> mark: they say now capital letters are traumatizing to the students.. cathy, tucker carlson is in capitals, are you traumatized? >> oh, yes! he's yelling at me. >> mark: can we get some help in here? tucker is traumatizing but in a different way. >> this is different. when this comes through to you at your screen, they are saying
9:51 pm
it causes anxiety. >> mark: yeah, but it doesn't. >> they don't want students to haveve anxiety. >> mark: and why does clapping cause anxiety? >> clapping has nothing to do with netiquette, they say students might be upset with the loud sounds -- maybe migraines. >> mark: if i gave a speech and people were clapping, i would say, i am in a 19th century minstrel show, i'm traumatized by the racism! >> it seems so odd but in ten years when everyone is doing this, it will be normal. >> mark: yeah. help me out. >> don't yell at me. [laughter] >> mark: okay. i think that makes sense. victor davis hanson is ceo at the hoover institution. he joins us. i won't insult you with my jazz hands. i won't traumatize you with my jazz hands, victor. we all know, don't we, that people aren't really traumatized by jazz hands, are they?
9:52 pm
>> no.iz i think what we do in the west now in the administrative state and the bureaucracy of the university is we go after the misdemeanor that gives us a psychological sense we can do something, because we can't address the felony. in this case, we have students who are not prepared, they don'n do well, so they say, perhaps we can solve the problem with capital or not capital letters. it's a depressing moment, it's kind of iconic. this generation in britain, their great-grandfathers were going over the trenches to save western civilization from t the second reich, their grandfathers were falling out of spitfires from the blitz to save us again from the third reich. their fathers were helping tos keep 300 soviet divisions out of europe and 7,000 nuclear weapons that were pointed at european cities, and this generation at the same age and time in their lives are worried about capital letters, and i guess worriedge
9:53 pm
about whether they are unfriended on facebook. i spent my entire life in academia and we used to think the british intellectual life was the hallmark of the western world and whatever mistakes we make, we could look towards britain. this was t.s. eliot, and c.s. lewis, and the professors at oxford, and to think that they have fallen into the same sad political correctness that we have is really depressing, and maybe too many people are going to college. you think that we are losing this generation in the west that is worried about capital letters. they are not having children, they are not buying they are not buying homes. they are prolonging their adolescence. l maybe they shouldn't be in university and they can be much better in noble professions like plumbing and electricity that we really need, trade school. something has gone wrong in the university, and is not just pernicious to the student but it is starting to affect the entire society at large. society at large. >> mark: to take it seriously
9:54 pm
for a moment, if you are seriously discombobulated by capital letters or applause, are you likely to do any of the things you just mentioned there, like a scramble over a trench or get out of a troop carrier and wade ashore on the beaches of normandy. in other words, is this where the last generation of functioning civilization ends up? >> that's what i'm worried about. demographically, as you read about, we are not reproducing ourselves. we are not becoming adults in our 20s. those of the best years of our lives. we are not buying homes, starting businesses. we have the lives of julia pajama boy 20-somethings who try to take offense at everything and play professional victims. history hasn't stopped.. and there's a lot of people who there's a lot of people who don't like western civilization and we are existential enemies, and we need people to protect us. we have a few. in america, we have these great soldiers who do it, but we are
9:55 pm
not getting guidance, we are not getting courage, we are not a getting independence and economy -- autonomy from the universities. it's really sad. we used to have that in both england and the united states. >> mark: you're right. that has certainly changed.ig victor davis hanson, thank you. two turkeys. president trump has issued his turkey pardon. you want to see how that went, that is coming up next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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♪ >> mark: president trump delivered the traditional turkey pardon today at the white house. more than 40 million turkeys will be even this thanksgiving, but two south dakota south dakota birds named peas and carrots will be spared that fate, at least until a ninth circuit judge overturns the president's pardon. i'm an immigrant, but i thought when they said the president was pardoning a turkey, i thought
10:00 pm
they were talking about the president restoring gemma costas press pass. after delivering the pardon, the president left for mar-a-lago where he will be spendingholida. that's about it tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. here is a sean hannity live from new york. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," this is a massive newsbreak. the witch hunt, mueller may soon be over. today, the president submitted answers to the written questions. a huge development, big win for the president and a crushing blow to the president's political opponents. we will bring you the very latest details all coming up tonight. also, a total media freak out over something the president never did. and also is right about regarding clinton and james comey. we also saw an important message


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