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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 21, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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breaking into the fire department. jillian: welcome to south london this is your chance to turn around. that area of the city is considered a lower class neighborhood. the president submitted written answers to the special counsel's questions. his attorneys are calling for robert mueller to wrap it up. >> my hunch is that the investigation is probably near conclusion. >> firing back after obama-appointed judge opens the door to asylum seekers. >> seeking a better life doesn't qualify for asylum. that's a stone cold fact. >> the crisis is real, and it is just on the other side of this wall. >> centers for disease control and prevention it has just announced that no american should eat romaine lettuce. there is new e.coli outbreak. >> this is a serious and urgent alert for the cdc. former president barack
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obama suggesting our country isn't making any progress because we all have mommy issues. >> the reason we don't do it is because mommy issues. >> even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, i have warned them that house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. [laughter] >> take me higher than i have ever been before. steve: live from new york city it's the day before thanksgiving. ainsley: are you ready? steve: we have the turkey and all the vittles. ainsley: how about you? todd: i'm not cooking. ainsley: maybe it's brian kilmeade maybe that's why is he off today. ainsley: mom got the turkey she insisted on getting the turkey she suffered a stroke in february. bless her heart, she still wanted to do the turkey we are all going to my aunt's house and all the kids and grand kids will be there. it will be fun. steve: is she using my recipe from the cookbook.
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ainsley: absolutely. there is no other recipe. steve: that's right. thank you very much for joining us. we have a lot of news on this holiday wednesday. first, let's start with some news from the president's team and that is the fact that the president's lawyers have crafted answers to a number of questions by robert mueller. ainsley: rudy giuliani said the president nonetheless has cooperated. even though he says it beyond the scope of the legitimate inquiry. constitutional issues that have been raised here. he said this. he said the special counsel has been provided with more than 30 witnesses. 104 million pages of
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material and now the president's written responses to questions, 1.4 million. and now the president's written responses to questions. it is time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion. todd: along those lines the general feeling from mostly everybody is that with in this will bring to a conclusion. brit hume had something to say about that last night. take a listen. >> one would think that this would represent a final stage. and i think that the mueller team has been waiting to see what kind of answers it could get president trump to answer for quite some time. and this appears to be it. now, i suppose it's theoretically possible that they could look at these answers and say wait a minute, this opens up a whole new line of inquiry and they will insist on doing that my hurricane is that the investigation is probably near conclusion. todd: my concern is what brit hume just said putting my lawyer hat on for a moment. if counsel is a confident counsel they would have drafted these answers so no new line of inquiry arises. my concern is if the president did what he said
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he did. i told my lawyers what to put in there and they put it in there. that's where you get the worries of perjury trap and other trap because the president is not a lawyer. we have alan dershowitz on in the 7:00 hour. i want to ask him about that. ainsley: that's why he hired lawyers. he gave the answers and they crafted. todd: that's what you hope. steve: president has been adamant there was no russian collusion. they are not worried about that. they are worried okay he answered all these questions via writing them out but then they will subpoena him in the long run. although, you know, there is some question whether or not. now, if he would do that they would have to have top doj officials sign off on that and acting attorney general mr. whitaker and there is no indication that would actually happen. when you look at what the president and his team has done, this is the first time they have actually cooperated with the special counsel. keep in mind, you know, they have been having a war of words for a very long time. this benefits both sides though. it benefits the president.
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he doesn't have to do in person face-to-face kind of meeting. and mr. mueller gets on the record testimony about what the president knows about russia. ainsley: some of the questions, possible questions are what motivated him to fire james comey, what he knew about paul manafort who was his former campaign manager reaching out to moscow. todd: to your point what it benefits it would benefit the nation. rounding third base and coming home. this is descrands. move on. a lot bigger issues we have to worry about. steve: like the caravan? todd: like the caravan. steve: the secretary of homeland security kirsten nielsen was in the san diego u.s. side side of the border that has been reinforced in the last week or two. it's interesting, while the press was waiting for her, according to the san diego newspaper, a man swam from mexico to the united states he was detained and processed.
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unclear if he was a member of the caravan. she wanted people to understand who is in this caravan. it's not, despite the narrative that some have pushed, women and children seeking refuge from violence in their country. it's mostly young men. and over 500 of them are considered by the federal government criminals. ainsley: she talked about that. how the media is overracketting about this. watch. >> the reality is there is over 6200 individuals camped out south of the u.s. border in tijuana as i stand here. in mexicali 300 caravan members. these groups combined with other make their way will result in approximately 8 to 10,000 migrants amassing along our southern border. the crisis is real and it is just on the other side of this wall. ainsley: it's interesting, too. if you look at the video as she was walking along the
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beach there we saw that same area. that same beach. it's the border field state park which is that beachfront park and nature preserve there. and when we saw it last week maybe, the end of last week you saw people climbing the wall. you saw people jumping off the wall and running into the u.s. and running back when they sought border patrol agents on bicycles and horses. now it's different video. now you see the constantino wire all over the wall and people aren't able to do that anymore they are staying on the mexico side because of the barriers and barbed wire they put up. >> one thing that needs to be reiterated. if you remember yesterday i spoke with pastors at that diner. doesn't that mean thi we are cruel as a nation for enforcing asylum laws. >> no it doesn't mean we are cruel. we are a nation of laws. asylum is a specific thing. tom homan spoke to that very thing. if you have to qualify for
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asylum. you can't just come in because you want something better. >> seeking a better life doesn't qualify for asylum. this president has got this nation ready additional cpd officers down there. what this president needs to do that hasn't happened in the past if they get to the united states and enter, they need to be detained until they see a judge. the central american population is running around 89 to 100 percent would lose their case because they don't qualify for asylum. they have to be in custody so they can be removed sends a strong message to the rest of the world we are a nation of laws. we will give you due process. but you have got to live by the judge's decision. steve: speaking of judges. kirstjen nielsen the department of homeland security secretary yesterday said she was deeply disappointed and troubled by that ninth circuit of appeals judge out in san francisco who said that he issued a temporary restraining order and said the administration cannot live by this new dictum
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where circumstantiall essentialf you want to apply for asylum you have to come through an official port of entry. you can't just swim across the river and ask for it the federal government will be appealing that to a higher court. ainsley: that's the judge in san francisco that was appointed by president obama who says if you do step foot on american soil it's catch and release. that's the law. todd: of course it is the ninth circuit. forum shopping. people love when they have a liberal cause they want to push forward. ninth circuit. ainsley: the aclu sued and how do they determine which judge is going to handle the case? todd: with the ninth circuit quite frankly it doesn't matter. the most liberal circuit it doesn't matter. i'm a member. you have to do it. it's a requirement of the job. ninth circuit is notoriously liberal really by and large. ainsley: why wouldn't a judge in the middle of the country. todd: you would file that case in the area to so it
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works up the ninth circuit u. ainsley: they knew what they were doing? todd: of course. steve: advocacy groups that filed have standing in the indicates. todd: great point. steve: stay tuned, we will figure it out. president obama has his foundation summit in chicago. part. when he was speaking about reducing carbon emissions with 30%. he started to take a shot at how the united states has mommy issues. maybe some >> the reason we don't do it is because we are confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism
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mommy i. [laughter] we are fraught with stuff. but the thing that really we have to invest in is people. steve: some news outlets suggested wrongly that the comments were about the president. he was clearly speaking about, talking about reducing carbon emissions according to the report out of chicago. ainsley: there were 640 people there. 17 states. one of them were chicago. he built that fittings on the south side of chicago where he really found out who he was as a person. todd: we want to know what you think about mommy issues, email us at we look forward to sharing that with you on this day before thanksgiving. ainsley: not there yet. his opinion. steve: 6:11 now in new york city. jillian joins us on this holiday wednesday. jillian: still following this news and potential rain out of california. search crews are hoping forecasted rain will help end the camp fire in
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northern california. the rain means a risk of shift comes as we learn 84 people are dead statewide and 700 still missing. brave pilots risking their lives in malibu rescuing three people and their dog trapped in smoke. president trump will not punish saudi arabia for the murder of "the washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. >> i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. jillian: president trump says even though the u.s. will remain partners with the saudis he does not condone the murder at their con sloconsulate in istanbul lat month. ben defeating. she has not conceded.
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first black republican woman. democrat will hold a majority of 234 seats in the house. that's a look at your headlines. second it back to you. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, president trump not staying quiet about that obama appointed judge who blocked his asylum order. >> this was an obama judge. i will tell you. what it's not going to happen like this anymore. steve: well, dr. sebastian gorka says this is a true national security issue and he joins us next. ainsley: plus, the thanksgiving prank freaking out parents everywhere. can you microwave a 25-pound turkey this morning butter ball decided to weigh in ♪
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and a complimentary first month's payment. ♪ we live like no one's watching,
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♪ laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪ ...and welcome you... do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands. >> this was an obama judge. i will tell you what. it's not going to happen like this anymore. steve: president trump firing back at the federal judge blocking his administration from refusing asylum to those who enter the country illegally. our next guest warns this is a true national security problem as a wave of new migrants arrives at our southern border. here sr. explanation national security strategist and deputy assistant to president trump
3:18 am
dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: this sounds like what happened with the travel ban all over again. >> yes. steve: the president came out with the travel ban and then some judges across the country said want do that wound up going to the supreme court. >> yeah. i was right there defending the president's travel ban. i was given the travel ban to review before it came out. then we have to fight it all the way. for those liberals who say we have an individual in the white house with dictatorial propensities, it's absolutely the opposite. we went through the whole court system. through the appeal system. right up to the supreme court. what was the final decision? exactly what we said from the beginning. in the united states, one person gets to decide on who comes in to the nation and whether they are a threat to national security and it's not the legislator. it's not the court and it's definitely not somebody in san francisco who belongs to the ninth circus court.
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steve: you say this is a true national security issue and given the fact that the secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen said in the san diego area yesterday this caravan with the migrants we have identified and she didn't specify how they identified, 500 criminals including gang members in the caravan coming to the united states. >> right. think about the fact that those are the ones that we know about, at least 500 felons. if we go through the last decade of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in america, whether it's kate steinle or all the victims that we know of, this is a national security threat. when you come into any country it, doesn't matter where you are going, whether you are visiting france, what happens? the country you are visiting gets to vet you. gets to check your details and if you are a threat to that country, you don't get to come in. so this wave of immigrants,
3:20 am
which is an assault on our national security has to be treated as the any other entry point. steve: exit question. a lot of people don't realize they see the pictures and they think oh, we should help those people. but just because you need a job or just because you want to be reunited with your family those are not grounds for asylum under the current laws? >> no. asylum is if you are being purse cuted for political reasons or for other reasons. not if you want a job. that is very, very clear, steve. steve: all right. dr. sebastian gorka joining us from the washington area. sir, thank you very much. and happy thanksgiving tomorrow. >> happy thanksgiving to you, steve. steve: why did one city just vote to remove dr. ben carson's name from a school? we're going to tell that you. and the thanksgiving travel rush is on. here's an inside look at boston's logan airport. we're live across the
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. steve: today is the big get away. things are running smoothly at our nation's airports so far. live at logan international airport with what to expect if you are heading out of town today. joy? >> early is definitely the key. everyone wants to hit those skies. we can tell you there is a steady line in security making their way at logan airport. a.a.a. says 1.7 million
3:25 am
people are expected to fly this weekend. they actually say that today is the second busiest holiday travel period with sunday being number one when everyone is returning. the good news according to flight aware as of yesterday. fewer than 150 flights in the wrus cancelled. the bad news there were more than 3,000 flights delayed. tsa says the rush started last friday with a lot of college students starting break. travelers should expect long lines. no liquids. baggage is. small carry on like a suitcase. diaper bag. keep it simple to move faster. driving to the airport leave extra time for traffic. keep in mind if you are traveling within the united states come two hours prior to your flight taking off. if it's international travel three hours is the best time. we can tell you when we got here a couple hours ago, this is terminal a here at boston logan the entire terminal was filled. this is a lull. not a bad time if you have to get away right now. back to you. steve: live at logan, thank you very much, joy.
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ainsley: thank you very much, steve. is he acclaimed pediatric surgeon around with the 2008 medal of freedom ran for president in 2016 and now currently our secretary of housing and development. that's the resume of dr. ben carson accomplishing all that after growing up in poverty in detroit. todd: with a story like that why would the detroit board of education vote to reconsider naming a high school named to honor him. here for spokesperson of congress for racial key quality roger innis. thanks for being here, mr. innis. explain what's going on here. to most people he seems like amazing role model that all children would want their children to grow up to be like. >> he is an amazing role model. he and candy are wonderful couple and role model for the country not just for the african-american community and dr. carson is doing some amazing things at housing and you are barn development
3:27 am
promoting liberation from welfare for folk that have been mired in poverty and generations. dr. carson has a different point of view. because he dares to leaved liberal orthodoxy and progressive plantation that is set for blacks. and there is a vicious, vicious pentledz and you leave that plantation and think differently like dr. carson does. ainsley: you are absolutely right the high school was named after him in 2013 before he came president trump's hud secretary. the board of education voted 6 to 1 last week in favor of looking into finding a new name for the school, so it looks like it's going to happen, the majority 6 to 1 ben carson's website it aims to honor not only the medical community but role model for detroit students
3:28 am
with aspirations in interests in science and medical fields. what's wrong with that? because is he a republican and part of president trump's administration and they don't agree with his politics? >> that exactly the reason. there is another reason as well. before guy there and i talk about the sixth. i want to talk about that beret dissenter that brave one person that dissented from that i want to find that person and, in fact, fox news should find that person and interview them because they are a hero because they dare, that one person dared to dissent against the liberal progressive orthodoxy that actually really wants to hide the miserable failure that progressive one party banana republic style leadership that detroit has had for half a century. detroit is mired in poverty it's mired in crime. there is some degree of an economic come back taking place since they have declared bankruptcy and were
3:29 am
under state control that economic development is not taking place in inner city detroit. instead of holding these politicians accountable or these politicians themselves holding themselves accountable, they want to change the topic of discussion by renaming a school. these folk are silly and outrageous. todd: niger we reached out to the detroit board of education. if we make contact we will follow up and try to figure out who that one person is. thank you niger for sharing your story with us. >> thank you. ainsley: one guy tried to steal gasoline from a truck. it ended up back firing, literally. the fuel heist fail was caught on camera. todd: plus, it will happen to millions of us on thanksgiving. so, ainsley, steve, what's the best way to avoid fights over politics at the dinner table? ainsley: just don't go. todd: don't go is one option. our friends giving panel though is here to give other options. that's next. ainsley: will they get along? ♪ ♪
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♪ >> the winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the white house website. unfortunately, carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount and we're still fighting with carrots. [laughter] even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, i have warned them that house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. [laughter] i can't guarantee that your pardons won't be enjoined by the ninth circuit. always happens. they are guaranteed. steve: the president yesterday tying politics and thanksgiving together with a little humor during the annual white house turkey pardon event. but what about your thanksgiving table? how do you navigate any
3:34 am
possible conflicts over politics? let's talk to our friends giving panel family therapist screen left and author of disconnected thomas kirsten. carley shimkus the one waiving right there. juan williams is hating the fact we woke him up so early he is the host of "the five" fox news contributor as well and rachel campos-duffy. fox news contributor as well. >> good morning. steve: one thing when the whole family comes together and that's one of the beauty of thanksgiving we are all at the same table but not everybody has the same political agenda. and after a cup perform drinks, tom, people start talking politics and sometimes people get really hacked off. >> here's the deal. i feel like our society has become a place of i'm a democrat or i'm a republican. how about i'm a kersting or i'm a doocy or we are all doocy. >> or we are all americans. >> we are all family. i like to tell people we have to use instead of
3:35 am
winning to get your point across use wisdom. family comes first. put aside the politics and go for it. >> i think it's interesting because we saw something in this political cycle that we have never seen before which are ads by family members against their family member who was running for congress. i have never seen that before. there were two different campaigns that did that that shows how things have gotten. thanksgiving is a time to prepare ourselves and make an earth to be than effort to b. steve: juan, you are a very famous democrat. your son is a very famous republican. what's it like at your thanksgiving table? >> juan: we take the advice that we have heard so far family first. this is about family. secondly, we do discuss politics. steve: yeah. >> juan: again, it's about listening. sometimes there is a sense that oh i'm going to win this debate. no, in our family i just want to hear what this
3:36 am
person has to say and then give them a sense of what i think and, you know, it goes like that. although the key for me is and this is so important, steve, family. that thanksgiving is about the fact that we love each other. steve: just by virtue of the fact that you said we are listening, that means you are asking questions rather than saying i can't believe president trump did. this or i can't believe nancy pelosi did that. >> juan: that's true but i don't see that. >> i couldn't agree with you more. my family actually doesn't talk about politics on thanksgiving. but i have had to navigate the situation a lot at weddings where people all of the sudden want to debate me after a few drinks. >> a few. >> yeah. i have talked to my husband about this before where the best way to get out of that situation is yes them to death, yes, egg see your point. yes, i see where you are coming from. even if you don't. you are not going to change their mind on thanksgiving or at a family gathering. it's not worth it. >> i agree.
3:37 am
i wouldn't say i personal -- i respect what you are saying. i would say pick your battles. so i don't want to be a door mat and say yes, yes, yes, to all of it. i also don't want to argue every single point. >> find common ground. okay you feel that way, fine. steve: thanksgiving turkey day all together one day is that the day to fight your alamo. >> i don't think we should go to battle. when you are communicating disagreeing with somebody is understanding what's going on inside of you at that moment and regulating that. >> if tension rise too high i go to the kitchen and start doing dishes. i'm going to clean. do you need more pumpkin pie? that's fine. steve: i saw last year in one of the major papers what to do if you are at the thanksgiving table if you are at the table with uncle charlie supporter of donald trump gave all talking points. here is your ammunition. here is how you tell uncle charlie you are wrong. you are saying that's the wrong take.
3:38 am
ask questions and not try to blow up the table? >> juan: that's a huge mistake if you think you are going to engage in battle or change minds. i don't think that's it. i think it's a real opportunity, in fact, to hold hands and to do things that maybe are in the tradition of love and sort of christian restraint. >> if you don't learn how to have civil, political discussions at the family table, how can we expect that to move into the greater society? i don't think we should avoid the subject but i think we should have parameters and rules around it. >> sometimes your family members are the meanest to other family members because you know you can get away with it? >> that's true. that's a fair point. >> thanksgiving is about gratitude. i'm so grateful for my family and friends. i think it's an opportunity to focus on that. i mean, politics, guess what? i work at fox news, i can can do this every day. steve: in this room. [laughter] that's what i lo.
3:39 am
attitude of gratitude. >> let's all hug. i feel like hugging. [laughter] steve: jillian, we're going to hug it out down here. jillian, back to you. jillian: guys, thank you. a man suspected of brutally attacking and murdering a jogger is granted a mistrial. split jury struggling to reach a verdict in 2016 death. her father found her body near their home. her suspected killer will be re-tried. he is due back in court in january and will remain in custody. a warning before you start preparing your thanksgiving feast. romaine lettuce is not safe to eat amid a major e.coli outbreak. according to the cdc, at least 32 people in 11 states have gotten sick. 13 of them hospitalized. >> officials say if you have romaine lettuce in your refrigerator, throw te'o wait a minute a bold attempt to steal goes up in flames. a thief caught on camera
3:40 am
setting himself on fire while trying to steal gas in portland, oregon. can you see him running away fully engulfed as his van and u-haul truck burn. officials say he likely needed medical help. butter ball is getting in on the microwave turkey prank that's going viral. we told you about the theme where kids text their mom and dad how long does it take to microwave a 25-pound turkey and a lot of parents freak out you can't do that butter ball says not to fast. says put the bird in the microwave four minutes per pound on full power. they will even give you step-by-step if you give them a call. that's not a 25-pound. that's 12. all eyes on thanksgiving day forecast, janice. janice: yes, indeed. i got people going to the parade and you are all one family what are your names. >> dennis from ohio. >> bob kinect from ohio. janice: first time doing the parade.
3:41 am
>> yes. january january are you excited about it. >> very excited. janice: dress very warmly. it's going to be cold. get together and hug as we do this weather report. take a look at it it's cold right now in new york city but going to get even colder. we could flirt with the coldest thanksgiving on record tomorrow. not only in new york but up towards boston and great lakes. in terms of travel delays not too bad. we do have snow across the great lakes and northeast. we are dealing with the potential for very heavy rain across california. this is a good news situation they need the rainfall for the fire fight out there. however, it could cause some flooding and some mud slides. there are your travel delays. not too bad. both coasts we have to watch for the potential of some delays. central u.s. looks great. wave to everybody inside. happy thanksgiving. yea. todd: jillian mele getting left out of the hug action. todd: we will get jillian in a break. steve: straight ahead on
3:42 am
this challenge only challenger for house speaker backing off that does that clear the way for nancy pelosi to get the top spot? we will talk about that. ainsley: a sign of hope amid devastation out in california. a man finds the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend in the rubble of his childhood home. that couple is going to join us live ♪ superman got nothing on me noteol i'm only one ♪ and even $400 cream. feels amazing. i really really love this. i will 100% swap up my moisturizer. can i have it? olay whips. - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant,
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines now. mcdonald's sued by a dad for marketing happy meals to kids. the lawsuit in canada claims the commercials violate consumer protection law columbus ban ads aimed towards kids under the age of 13. the spokesperson for the fast food chain doesn't believe the suit will get anywhere. first it was trees. now amazon is bringing thanksgiving dinners to your doorstep. the online retailer offering free, one hour grocery
3:46 am
delivery from whole food stores. amazon offering the service in chicago and some other major cities until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. so, if you forgot something, there is some hope for you, todd. todd: exactly how pilgrims envisioned it was it ultimately a blue wave? that's the question following the midterm elections? and our next guest argues says it fell short. while democrats won the house their gains everywhere else were fairly muted proving money does matter in some places. analyst sean trende joins us now to explain. sean, you say no blue wave, why? >> well, the house results were pretty wavy. it was a great year for democrats. there is no denying that if you look at other places like the governor's races, senate races. state legislative races, it really just looks like average, good democratic year would be expected to look. it's just not that impressive of a showing otherwise. todd: all right. now, that's the past let's look forward marcia fudge
3:47 am
the democrat from ohio who is believed to be mounting a challenge to nancy pelosi for the speaker seat in a surprise move endorses nancy pelosi. what does this mean for pelosi's bid for speaker of the house? is she basically over the finish line or is are there still problems for her? >> i think she is probably over the finish line. there is a large number of democrats who ran for congress in republican leaning seats who pledged to vote against nancy pelosi but i think tengetiond they will find the votes they need to get her over the hump. some of these new members are going to have their first attack ad of 2020 cut against them by their first vote in congress. todd: let's delve into this. do you think this was just a move so that fudge could get an elections committeeship she is seeking or do you think that she really did want the speakership and was going to go full out for it? >> i'm sure she would like the speakership. tremendous amount of power and leverage in congress to
3:48 am
get your agenda through. at the same time, i think she was probably realistic about what her chances were in terms of challenging someone like nancy pelosi who has led the party over a decade. >> as for this committee city, subcommittee it was defunct. it hangegdzs elections, is this a sign of things to come? in other words, will the democrats will coming for bore on what they believe as election mishaps in complete disagreement with what the republicans view as election problems? >> >> yeah, i don't doubt that there is a make fight flewing over voter right suppression, et cetera, this committee is going to be a major platform for democrats to push their point of view on what's gone on with elections in places like florida and georgia and so forth. todd: going to be amazing to think you have two sides. both view through different prisms and both find different problems. democrats have the house. sean trendingy, thank you very much for that incite, we appreciate it. >> thank you.
3:49 am
rob: president trump sending answers to robert mueller. where does it go from here? alan dershowitz on that top of the hour. incredible discovery hard to believe. man finds engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend in the rubble of the home destroyed by wildfire in california. that couple joins us live next. (waves crashing) excedrin sees your relentless, pounding headache even if no one else can. it's why we focus only on headaches. nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. excedrin extra strength. you got to get up early. (female speaker) outdoor memories start at bass pro shops' and cabela's black friday sale. with huge savings like a kids' battery powered ride on truck or suv for under $100.
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3:52 am
>> a glimmer of hope after the devastating california camp fire our next guest childhood's house was burned down but he didn't want to give up on finding something that was extremely precious. todd: nic went back to the house to search fo through the rubble to search for the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend and he found it.
3:53 am
steve: it was in that condition. they join us now with this incredible story. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> nic, let's start with you, why did you feel like you had to go back to a house you knew had burned down to try to find it? >> the was that important to me. it was dream ring. and when i had the opportunity to go up with the station to find it i jumped on it make a choice to either keep the surprise and start over with another ring or get up there and make sure it was still there we had reports of people looting and i wanted to get to it as soon as possible. ainsley: how do you feel knowing that he was about to propose are you okay with though knowing that information now. >> it was a little bit of a shock i was at work when i find out. my co-workers and i were looking for camp fire updates and we came across the story it took a moment to realize it was nic. but, yeah, it's become a pleasant story and i think
3:54 am
it's something our community actually is enjoying. it's a moment of light in this dark hour. todd: nic, where is the ring right now? >> the ring is back where i bought it at kirk's jewelers in chico. they were more than happy to get to work restoring it and i -- it's going to take about 3 to 4 weeks. but it's going to be back good as new. steve: yeah. nic, how was it going to the house that you grew up in and see that it was all gone? >> it was pretty shocking. it was really dark when we went there but it was still enough to see the devastation. there were only a few structures in the house still standing. bring wall, file cabinets, some appliances. and through that rubble i was able to find the safe that's what the ring was stored in. it was very hard to see. the whole neighborhood was just ash. it's was very scary. ainsley: how important is it
3:55 am
to restore that very stone and that ring and use that ring that survived all of that, how important is it for you to propose with that ring? >> it is the most important thing to me. especially considering what it has been through and what it means now. todd: without giving up all your secrets any tiny hint of your plan going forward? if not, we understand. >> the cat is already out of the bag. i want to keep as much of the details. todd: understood. ainsley: will it be soon? >> it will be very soon. ainsley: will you say yes? >> we'll see. [laughter] ainsley: god answer. steve: nic, if you want to you could propose to her now on national television. this would be quite a surprise. >> nice try. >> i want to wait until i have the ring. ainsley: all right. maybe in the future we could help you out with that. >> we will give you a call. steve: how soon do they think they are going to be able to restore it as best they can?
3:56 am
>> about three to four weeks is what i was told. ainsley: you are right. glimmer of hope. this is symbolic of what a relationship goes through, right? you will have your ups and downs but you will survive. >> absolutely. >> we were looking for this moment to be a moment of positive for our community and a way that people can also help out our community and help donate. >> we have a couple of funds we wanted to draw attention to. steve: go ahead. >> so, the golden valley bank community foundation is a fund set up by ken grossman here in chico. focus on long-term support 100 percent of the funds are put toward camp fire evacuees and support there. $100,000 to get it start and already growing and north valley community foundation doing great work. steve: you know what? and because there is so much information, if folks go to, we will link to that website.
3:57 am
thank you for joining us and tell us your story. good luck to both of you. >> thank you. thank you. ainsley: what does it say. >> butte strong. ainsley: wish you all the best. >> thank you. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. our big idaho potato truck and we're going to find it. awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up.
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4:00 am
>> president firing back after opens the door to asylum seekers. >> in my opinion it's a disgrace what happened with the ninth circuit. >> the united states one person gets to decide on who comes into the nation and it is definitely not somebody in san francisco. >> the president's lawyers have crafted answers to a number of questions by robert mueller. >> my hunch is that the investigation is probably very near conclusion. >> hitting the skies for thanksgiving in what's predicted to be the highest travel volume in more than a dozen years. >> a.a.a. says more than 4.7 million people are expected to fly this weekend. steve: why did one city just
4:01 am
vote to remove dr. ben carson's name from a school? >> there's a vicious, vicious penalty if you dare to think independently like dr. carson does. >> even though peas and care carrots have received a presidential pardon i have warned that democrats are likely to issue them subpoenas. ♪ steve: it's 11/21/18 the day before thanksgiving. ainsley: where anything goes. like the songs says. what will you be talking about at your table? will it be politics? todd: i'm not brian kilmeade so i did not discover florida georgia line i wanted to make that known. ainsley: we have todd filling in for brian. we have alan dershowitz the author against the case against impeaching trump joining us on the curvey couch. good morning to you and
4:02 am
>> good morning to you and happy thanksgiving. ainsley: thank you. rudy giuliani has answered questions. turned those over. interview with axios. he says i don't think they have any evidence of collusion of any kind. i think their obstruction case as a legal matter doesn't exist. >> i think he is 100 percent right. i think the obstruction case fails on constitutional grounds. at president can't obstruct justice by exercising his constitutional authority to fire, to pardon, anything of that kind. the collusion case, first of all, collusion is not a crime. second of all, i have seen no evidence that involves the president in collusion. i think it was a very smart decision to answer the questions in writing, clearly mueller had tried to spring a perjury trap. you know, it's interesting, comey in his book said when you call a defendant in to testify you already know what he is going to say. you want to give him a chance to either tell the truth or a loy. that's a perjury trap. when you answer the
4:03 am
questions in writing and although the president said it was his answers, obviously the lawyers vetted them. that's designed to avoid a perjury trap. so i think this has been a win-win for president trump. when it comes to any kind of legal or impeachment vulnerability. todd: with that in mind, have you drafted thousands of answers to interrogatories. this is something along those lines. how ironclad can those answers be to 100 percent, in your opinion, avoid a mueller trap? be it perjury or some other trap? >> i don't want them to be 100 percent ironclad when, for example, if they ask the president did you know about the meeting in the trump tower? he may not have any recollection. he was so busy running for president, you want an honest answer. and the honest answer sometimes is i have no specific recollection of being told about this. it's always possible. you want to do everything in your power to avoid -- remember, a perjury trap is a trap for the innocent as well as the guilty.
4:04 am
you can testify completely honestly all the prosecution needs is one witness to contradict you. if that witness is believed by the prosecutor, you have fallen into the trap. steve: we have heard from the president's legal team over the last year arguing he wouldn't answer any questions regarding the obstruction of justice. >> he shouldn't. steve: with the firing of james comey. is this essentially a win for the president's team because it's all about russia, not about obstruction of justice? >> look, i don't want it take any credit for this, but from day one, i have been saying on this show. steve: you have been. >> the president should not answer questions about how or why he exercised his constitutional authority. that is covered by executive privilege. you don't want to start allowing prosecutors to psycho analyze presidential motives if the president acted according to article 2 of the constitution so he was absolutely right. ainsley: how many questions? do you know that as a legal
4:05 am
team? did he hire a bunch of lawyers? >> i know his legal team is a terrific legal team. jay sekulow is a terrific lawyer. rudy giuliani is one of the legendary laurels of the 20th and 21st centuries. i have gone up against rudy giuliani since 1973. you know, we have been on the same side and opposite side. i have enormous respect for him. steve: let me ask you about the "new york times" story that apparently the president of the united states wanted the department of justice to go after james comey and hillary clinton. >> it's a terrible mistake. you don't want to weaponize the political differences. you don't want either side. steve: isn't that an impeachable offense? >> no, it's not an impeachable offense. but it's the wrong thing to do. neither side should be weaponizing even the thing on ivanka trump's emails, it's just each side trying to weaponize anything they can find and criminalize. you don't like what somebody about in america today politically oh let's prosecute and go after them. lock her up, impeach. that's not the way to go. if you don't like what
4:06 am
people have done, run against them. use political weapons. do not use the criminal justice system. steve: don income began talked the president out of. >> good, that's why you need a law enforcement. >> steve: according to the reporting mr. mcgahn said if you do that that's an impeachable offense. >> i don't believe that i don't think it's an impeachable offense. i think it would be wrong to do. look, the president has so many legal issues he is confronting on this issue now of the ninth circuit where he is appealing, that's one of the hardest cases there is today. why? it's not like the travel ban. the travel ban, the president was explicitly authorized by statute to decide which countries to prohibit immigration from. on asylum, the president doesn't have that authority, statutorily but he has the broad constitutional authority to control our borders. so this is going to be a classic case, not as easy as the travel ban which he won and i predicted he would win. this one is a close one. i don't think any lawyers can predict how this one is
4:07 am
going to come out. ainsley: travel ban went to the supreme court. >> will go to the supreme court probably. ainsley: ninth circuit has said no, they are blocking the president's asylum restrictions. is he upset. yesterday he was talking about it? >> he is right to appeal it because it's a close case. he will lose on the statute but he may win on the constitutional issues. so it's a very complicated and difficult case. ainsley: this is what the president said about it and we will get your reaction. >> you go to the ninth circuit and it's a disgrace. i'm going to put in a major complaint because you cannot win if you are us, a case in the ninth circuit. i think it's a disgrace when people file every case gets filed in the ninth circuit because they know that's not law. that's not what this country stands for. every case that gets filed in the ninth circuit we get beaten and then we end up having to go to the supreme court like the travel ban that we won. ninth circuit wha we are going
4:08 am
to have to look at that. >> the president is not correct when he talks about the ninth circuit. the ninth circuit has 26 or more judges a lot of them are liberal democrats. a lot are trump appoint years. some appointees of reagan or bush. it's a very diverse circuit. but, he has done better in the supreme court than he has done in the ninth circuit. but i think the judge, you know, wrote a balanced, thoughtful decision a decision that may well be overruled in the supreme court. you have a clash between the statute and the constitutional authority of the president. and how a court will decide that is unpredictable. the president is right to appeal it. that's the obligation. steve: you mentioned the ivanka emails. some democrats and some republicans are saying, we should probably look into this. the president, when he was going to the chopper to head to florida he said there is a big difference between
4:09 am
ivanka's email and hillary clinton she didn't have private server. she didn't gleet anything. there weren't any security issues. >> i think that's right. they are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill or piece of sand. there is nothing here. the instinct to immediately when you see something you don't like by somebody who is on the other side investigate. it's terrible. it's awful. both sides have to disharm. stop using the crimina -- disar. argue with them but don't threaten with prosecution. good message for thanksgiving. steve: i was just saying at the conclusion of our thanksgiving panel we had a half hour ago we had a hug. ainsley: give him a hug. >> this was a political legal hug. hug. ed to. >> none of my liberal friends will talk to me for a year now.
4:10 am
allen thank you. jillian is behind you. jill gizelle third hug i have missed out on so far. ainsley: we will get you at the end of the show. jillian: hoping today's rain will help end the camp fire in northern california. but the rain also means a big risk of flooding and mud slides. the weather shift comes as we learn 84 people are now confirmed dead statewide and 700 are still missing. or unaccounted for. the scope of the devastation from the woolsey fire. the nsa image showing the huge burn scars stretching for miles in malibu. acting attorney general matt whitaker spending the day in new york city today. this morning he will speak to the joint terrorism task force and discuss national security efforts. after that he will tour the mail distribution center at jfk international airport and give remarks on ways to combat the nation's deadly opioid crisis. facebook won't see a leadership change any time soon. ceo mark zurich fighting off calls for a staff shakeup
4:11 am
amid a string of new scandals. >> so you are not stepping down as chairman? >> that's not -- i mean, eventually over time. i'm not going to be doing this forever. but, i certainly am not currently thinking that that makes sense. jillian: zuckerberg praising sheryl sandberg. he hopes they will continue to work together for decades. final preps underway for the macy's thanksgiving parade here in new york city. the giant balloons will be blown up tonight but strong winds could force them to stay grounded tomorrow thousands of federal and local officers will be on patrol during the parade. explosive sniffing dog also be on the hand. no credible threats but always good to be safe than sorry. steve: absolutely. keep your eyes open if you see something say something. steve: the thanksgiving travel rush is on. today is the busiest travel day of the year. airports acontrols the country are absolutely starting to get packed and
4:12 am
we're live with the holiday get away coming up next.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
♪ steve: it's early but lines are starting to bills at airports this morning. todd: turkey day travel is
4:16 am
underway. ainsley: live at the detroit metro airport with what to expect if you are heading out of town this morning. good morning. is it starting to get busy? >> good morning. it is really busy. we have been here since like 4:30. it was real quiet at first. and then it just exploded. that's a terrible world to use. that's not what i meant to say. but as far as people goes, so many people, crazy, crazy, crazy, we are seeing long lines everywhere. good thing about it everyone is smiling and happy. they are in a food mood. they are willing to talk to us. a lot of people don't want to talk. they are in a rush. they are like get the camera out of our face. we talked to one lady who is going to disneyland for thanksgiving. we talked to someone else who is going to atlanta. 65 degrees and sunny. i think we could all get behind that then we met this guy who has not been on an airplane since he was 5 years old. he is probably about 22 now.
4:17 am
is he flying by himself and going to boston to see his girlfriend. he was nervous to say the least but he was in good spirits. we have really good weather here. it's cold but we have clear skies. we have no delays at all. no cancellations so, of course, we are just telling everybody the best advice we can give people is just to leave early because they will be dealing with long lines for sure. but, everyone is in a good mood. everyone is ready to celebrate thanksgiving. it's a holiday that everyone is excited about. and that's pretty much the story from detroit metro. this is the mcnamara terminal delta hub and another one. i can just imagine it's just as busy there. that is the story now from detroit. i will send it back to you in the studio. ainsley: thanks camille. i love the guy willing to fly and put aside his fears. todd: i feel bad for him he hasn't been on a plane since he was 5. it's a horrible experience. you will be disappointed, sir. ainsley: really? todd: when he gets to his lady he will be excited but
4:18 am
flying is no fun. ainsley: i enjoy it unless long lines and delays. other than that i have a good experience. steve: today is the busiest travel day of the year. just expect lines there are going to be lines eventually at the end of the day god willing you will be there. steve: thanks for joining us on this gets away wednesday. look at this. hundreds of caravan members are waiting at the southern u.s. border. some in the media are barely covering the threat. the next guest is the daughter of a legal immigrant and weighs in on it coming up. ainsley: plus being called on assault on democracy voter fraud plot involving the homeless that just got busted. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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4:22 am
by the numbers, first $1.2 million that's how much taxpayers in new jersey are going to pay to help defend illegal immigrants. budget that money to help cover legal cost for those face doing poor station. more than 1100, that's how many denounced their citizenship in the third quarter of this year according to the irs. 20% decrease from the same period 2015 under the obama administration. finally $200,000, that is how much tiger woods and phil mickelson are betting on the first hole. the pair facing off in a one-on-one match for 9 million bucks on friday. proceeds of their side bet will go to charity. steve? steve: got to watch that ainsley, thank you. some in the media continue to down play the potential interact of the migrant caravan we are seeing on our southern border right now. like these headlines calling it nonexistent. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen setting the record straight yesterday during a visit to san diego. watch. >> some critics in media have stated that dhs is
4:23 am
overreacting to the presence of a few hundred migrants that are thousands of miles or weeks away from the united states. i'm here to tell you today that the reality is there are currently over 6200 individuals camped out south of the u.s. border in tehran todataiwanas i stand here. the crisis is real. steve: as the thousands of migrants arrive at our southern border, some seeking asylum, are the media fairly covering the reality of what is going on? here to weigh in is former u.s. congresswoman and daughter of illegal immigrants danahey worth. >> thank you. good to be with you. steve: why do you think news busters had a headline yesterday. abc and nbc ignored tijuana showed the people of mexico actually yelling at the migrants saying go home. >> independent validation from citizens of our southern neighbor the
4:24 am
caravan in fact is abusing the right to the so-called the purported right to be in tijuana awaiting illegal entry into the united states. and that goes against the media's narrative about the whole caravan. steve: a lot of narrative and she was talking about this yesterday is that they would like to believe that it's women and children. >> right. steve: fleeing violence. the reality is it's mostly young men, single men as well and they either want a job. they want to, you know got a bad life down there. very poor. they either would like to have a job or they would like to be reunited with their families. but those are not reasons to apply for asylum. >> right. those are not existential threat based on a government trying to kill you as with the case with bibi in pakistan. not these folks with whom we sympathize. we have legal pathways for americans to become legal citizens. citizens of tijuana protesting their presence are pointing out that there
4:25 am
are legal pathways that they should be respecting. steve: do you think part of it is the mainstream media doesn't want to actually address what's going on down there because that's kind of what donald trump has been saying all along and they don't want to make him -- validate what he said. >> yes, steve. i think that's a big support of it. they have a lot invested in delegitimizing president trump and delegitimizing the americans who support him in a very reasonable, rational and common sense contention that if you want -- we welcome immigrants like my mother but we have a process. and you know fox had a great story yesterday with people who are going through the legal process to immigrate here and it was absolutely poignant. these are folks from cameroon who said i don't want to go to the southern border and jump the fence. you know, and he was pointing out that he is trying to do it legally. why should these folks because they are insisting
4:26 am
on entering at the border why should they be given that privilege. steve: tightening our southern border as well. you have the department of home land security secretary yesterday saying that the federal government has identified that there are at least 500 criminals. >> right. steve: in this caravan right now. >> absolutely. horowitz has done some great reporting from the caravan. he has interviewed people in the caravan, tucker carlson had him on a couple of nights ago and talking about these folks who are in the caravan are saying that there are criminals among them. no doubt. this kind of situation with desperate people crossing mexico illegally are bound to be vulnerable to criminals and, of course we know that criminals are seeking to get into this country. steve: next question is going to be what's going to happen now that this ninth circuit of appeals judge has put on hold the president's dictum where he said, you know, if you try to enter the country illegally. >> right.
4:27 am
steve: swim across the river or go across the dessert, you will not be able to apply for asylum. now that's on hold awaiting, you know, obviously they're going to appeal it? >> right. if you want to come to this country as an asylum seeker, come through a legal points of entry so we can process your claim appropriately. yes, steve, because of the ninth circuit, now there will be more disorder. more necessity to let people go into the interior of the country. possibly not to return because their claims have yet to be adjudicated. steve: right. >> i'm glad that president trump is going to press it to the supreme court level he will have to have their help again to respect the sonkt of our borders. steve: all right nan hayworth former u.s. congresswoman. independent women's forum, thank you for joining us, have a nice thanksgiving. >> thank you. you too. steve: meanwhile straight ahead one university in the united kingdom issuing a
4:28 am
ominous warning to professors don't use capital letters because it scares the kids. stuart varney is from epg glanced. he will join us live to react coming up. plus, how can parents raise grateful children in an entitled world? our thanksgiving panel is here to discuss that as they hug it out. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? - [narrator] for powerful suction, you need a shark. with two swappable batteries, at maximum suction the shark ion f80 has more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. or, choose the upright model for whole home cleaning only from shark. or, choose the whoa!ht model presenting the iwhat's he doing? come on, let's check it out! nice.
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4:31 am
♪ say please, say thank you ♪ don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie. ainsley: all the girls are like oh, tim mcgraw i love that song. it's the season of giving perfect song for this story. this year we are asking how to raise grateful kids in an entitled world. something every parent asks themselves. bring in our friends giving
4:32 am
panel theorpanel. rachel campos duffy. thomas kearseing and janice dean. ainsley: how do you raise children to say you can accept gifts without being entitled. >> thank you card. they think a text is sufficient. let's go back to the basics. ainsley: old school. >> receive a gift whether from aunt or birthday party. janice: they don't teach cursive anymore. my son matthew wants to teach sur vivian schiller we are learning that. ainsley: why don't we teach cursive anymore. janice: not like they used. to say matthew took a separate course to learn cursive. we are losing that the
4:33 am
writing. if we go back to when we were brought up and the thank you cards and messages and i encourage my kids to journal every day, to write in their journal because we're all in this text message world, they actually know how to type at early age but they don't know how to sit down and formulate written letter. ainsley: tom, with your experience what's important. >> what i do from a father from a therapeutic standpoint every night i tuck my kids into bed i give them a kiss good night and tell them to say their prayers attitude. thanking for what you are grateful for and everything you have. in a world where we have so much, you know, another important thing i try tell parents when i'm counseling families the word no has to be a strong part of vocabulary. if we constantly indulge our children they become entitled. ainsley: my little one is 3 she is at the age i have to start telling her no when
4:34 am
she wants something. when do we start doing if you get some stars then you get a present is that okay? >> what we call positive reinforcement. ainsley: it's our job if you work hard you get a pay raise. >> as long as you set it up before hand if do you a, b, c, d this is not what your reward is. not if you do something off the cuff indulge. >> we limit the ipad. we encourage that they read 20 minutes a day. if you read 20 minutes a day then we will give you your ipad for 10 minutes. but we also are very limited when it comes to electronics as well. find that's a disconnect. kids are not talking to each other anymore. that is so important. we are losing that as well. just even talking on the phone no kids talk on the phone anymore. >> need a copy of my book. ainsley: it's holiday season, do you give gifts? do you work at the soup kitchen. >> when i was growing up i used to you go the to soup kitchen every single week.
4:35 am
important to kids opportunities for service. my daughter had an opportunity to work as it a tutor at public school. i said you know what? our local catholic school can't afford that i wonder if you could volunteer. she started a tutoring program at the local elementary catholic school. now her siblings are a part of that program. i think we also as parents have to guide them. i don't think she could have come up with that idea herself. she was willing to serve. she needed a parent to guide her into that. ainsley: also depends on community. our church and school encourages to bring canned goods in to sponsor a thanksgiving family that is less fortunate. so it really depends on the community. the church that you go to. the school that you attend. in our community it's all about giving and i'm very -- i feel very fortunate. ainsley: tom, what about santa claus is coming to town soon. how many gifts should kids get at christmas time? >> i don't know if it's so much about the quantity or really the gesture. we have to realize it's not
4:36 am
about what the kids are receiving. it's about the gesture behind it that's coming from santa/parents. but, you know, we do see where you see some kids they take photos and post it on social media some families and it's like there is more presents than there is christmas tree. you see like this much christmas tree and that much presents. >> if there is some presents. if your kids aren't grateful for what they got then maybe they got too much. ainsley: what do you say to kids when they say tommy has this or sarah has that and i want that, too? >> be grateful for what you have and don't compare yourself to what everyone else has. be grateful for what you have. janice: tell them there are less fortunate children that don't have what have you. we try to instill that in our kids. other example is lead by example. my family, my husband and i treat each other with respect and gratitude and we're greatful. and they see us in the community and doing things. if you have parents who are doing that then you in turn will learn by example.
4:37 am
ainsley: are kids supposed to still have chores and allowances. >> i'm such a believer in chores. all studies have shown kids with chores are less whiny and more responsible. i have a big family. there is no way a parent can do it all. so it has to be divvied out. it is a team. so it's ease glory a big family. ainsley: how do you do it in your house what do you do as far as chores? do you have a chart? >> i'm an excellent del gator. when they walk in the room and they see me they will turn around they know i'm going to go that dishwasher. i believe in chores. i believe that that sense of responsibility and service to -- it has to start at home. >> reward after chores. >> not necessarily. if it's like clean out the garage i might pay someone to do that. >> i have an idea for rachel as a mother of 8 children you should form your own cleaning service. you have 8 volunteers. somebody doing the bathroom. someone cleaning out the garage.
4:38 am
someone vacuuming. ainsley: growing up would had to do it. dad would work all day. he was the only one who didn't have to put his dished in the dishwasher. why does dad not have to do this, mom? he worked hard all day long. we this to help unload the dishwasher and set the table. someone in was in charge of doing the water glasses. >> am i supposed to do that when i come home from work? i do a lot. i'm a modern day man i help out a lot. >> encourage conversation. that's when you get the conversation going and learn about their day. ainsley: one piece of advice if you are a new parent. go, rachel? >> we have a thanksgiving tradition. we have a tree -- we get a branch out of the backyard, they cut little leaves out and hang them and on each leaf they write what they're thankful for. i collect the leaves and they are in ziploc and look at them later. ainsley: that's sweet. >> tell people teach your children the attitude of gratitude. what we talked about earlier. that is very simple. every night before did you go to bed, you go over the
4:39 am
things you are grateful for. could be the fact that you have covers to cover you. and then the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning think about what you are grateful for. setting up yourself for mental and emotional situation that's going to be empowering for the day. janice? janice: connect with your children. my favorite part of the day is when we are in bed together and reading and they tell me about their day. it tends to be at night when they are going to bed they tell me what's going on at school and confess everything. important to have that connection so they feel safe to tell you what's going on in their life. >> and last thing give your child the gift of faith life. i think it's the greatest gift you can give your child. ainsley: i agree. something bigger than yourself and that's a higher being. >> my son has first holy communion coming up. he told me i have been waiting my whole life for my first holy commune i don't know. my whole life. >> that is wonderful. >> that just came out of -- >> congratulations. >> we have to help them.
4:40 am
>> happy thanksgiving. ainsley: may god bless them all and give them rich, long lives. thanks y'all. that was fun. i love thanksgiving. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: thank you. starting with a health alert. college student dead from same virus that killed 11 kids at new jersey medical center. she reportedly caught the adeno virus. thinks it was worsened by mold problems in the dorm. the university is denying that claim. five additional students have been diagnosed with the virus which has symptoms similar to ceevmentd assault on democracy. that's how los angeles police are describing a voter fraud scheme involving homeless people. nine people charged with bribing the homeless on the infamous skid row to forge signatures on ballots and registration forms in the 2016 and 2018 elections. their reward, cash and cigarettes. officials say they are confident the fake names did not affect any votes.
4:41 am
and so much for bon voyage. hundreds left stranded in the caribbean after cruise ship breaks down. set sail for 10 night cruise. mechanical issue with the steering system cut short after first stop in puerto rico. the problem could take days to fix. flights and refunds are being arranged for passengers this is the ultimate domino effect. oh, no. incredible surveillance video showing a forklift operator burching into a shelf causing as can you seat entire warehouse to clasp maybe the entire thing is a stretch. you get the point. shelves foul of warehouse workers at the undisclosed location. it keeps going. oh my word. it's unclear if anyone was hurt though. the video was taken last year but now it is going viral and understanding why. ainsley: the guy in the forklift hopefully he was protected by the forklift all falls on top of them. i hope he kept his job. poor thing. >> that's a bad day at work.
4:42 am
steve: how do you keep your job after that though? i mean, really? ainsley: sorry or you probably just quit. maybe not a good match. steve: don't come back to work tomorrow because there is nothing to do tomorrow. holy cow. what a mess. ainsley: unless if you break it you buy it. steve: there you go. jillian, thank you. todd: looking for some black friday deals maybe those things are cheap because they are all broken. how about your home? wine cellular for under 100 bucks. skip fidel has more bargains coming up. steve: volatility in the stock market will it keep -- stuart varney has what it means for your wallet coming up next. ♪ forget about the price tag ♪ sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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4:46 am
jillian: good morning to you, quick headlines now, air force launching first ever elephant walk. it demonstrates ability to launch 35 fighter jets in 11 minutes. comes as our military struggles to increase readiness across its fleet around the world. and we are getting our first look at the next generation marine one prototype. the presidential helicopter landing on the white house lawn as it undergoes extensive testing it is expected to be ready for deployment by the end of 2020. the order of 23 aircraft will reportedly cost over $5 billion todd? todd: jillian that's cool. the stock market set to reopen following a tough day yesterday plunging close you see it right there on the screen. the dow dropping more than 550 points erasing all of its gains for the year. steve: what does it mean for you and your wallet and your 401(k) as you head into the holiday? stuart varney joins us. is one of the reasons that the stock market went so far down is the suggestion that
4:47 am
the federal reserve probably going to tighten rates again and again and again and we just can't take it. >> look, there is all kinds of reasons for this particular stock market decline. the big techs have come way down. there is the threat of higher rates from the federal reserve. and talk about a recession maybe at the end of next year. all of that is on the sidelines. your question really is, will this market sell off affect the holiday selling period? and my answer is no, it will not. we're heading towards a record breaking holiday for sales in the stores and what have you, a record-breaking holiday. best in a decade. steve: because of consumer confidence? >> yes. consumer confidence is close to an all-time high. wages are rising. gas prices are absolutely plummeting. that puts more money in your pocket. and the economy is growing at a roughly 3% rate. that's not the point where you get a decline in holiday sales or even a mediocre holiday. it's going to be a great holiday not with standing the stock market's decline.
4:48 am
ain't that right? todd: it is right. aside from the place where my mom posts photos of grand daughter facebook. you are okay with the fundamentals of most of the companies in the. >> big companies apple, facebook, google, microsoft, that crowd, there is five of them, they have just gone straight up. they have dominated the market for two years. well, they have peaked. they got ahead of themselves so to speak. you will not see that kind of growth in the future that we have seen in the past. so they have come dom down. sometimes quite rapidly. that's no reason to believe they are going to go down to zero like the.coms. they are not. they are very, very strong companies. i'm not suggesting they will bounce back to the old highs don't get so nervous, todd. at your age, for heaven's sake you have a long time. todd: stuart is scared. >> relax, todd, relax. you are a child. you have a long way to go. ainsley: proud to be in america now. there is this school in the
4:49 am
u.k. tell us about the school. saying to procedures don't use capital letters because the kids are sensitive? >> yes. journalism. professors of journalism at leads university in briton have been told no caps and don't don't overuse the word do or don't because that's frightening and threatening to sensitive students. can you imagine the turn out journalists who are sensitive to all caps? i suspect they should not be in college at all. they should be in buddy kindergarten, forgive my language. ainsley: not bad word here. >> no caps are you kidding me? steve: people might not be familiar if you send a text message in all caps that means you are yelling at somebody. do you hear me? that's yelling. >> i think we need a new free speech movement. sensitive to everybody's slightest concern is restricting my free speech. get off my back. if i want to send all caps
4:50 am
to a journalistic student i will do it. ainsley: welcome to america. >> am i shouting and yelling all caps? ainsley: freedom here, baby. >> with an english accent you can yell quite easily. steve: thank you for being here. >> thanks, everyone. ainsley: president trump talking turkey and politics at the white house. >> even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. ainsley: that wasn't the only joke he had for democrats. steve: plus, looking for a black friday bargain? skip fidel has big deals for your home and kitchen gadgets and gifts. that's next. ainsley: let's go shopping. ♪ anyway you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception. ♪
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♪ todd: the countdown to black friday is on and this morning we are breaking down the best deals. steve: here with the topics is host of to catch a contractor skip fidel. >> i'm back out there doing the research for black friday deals. i love true value hardware stores. a local neighborhood store. all independently owned and they have some great black friday deals. starting off with this wine cooler, 8 bottle wine cooler only 99.95. great deal. ainsley: how many bottles does it hold? >> 8 bottles, digital display. jump starter coming into cold weather. great gift. only $45. worth 60 bucks. great tools like dremel only $59. everything bill sales at true val and local neighborhood stores. >> steve: i love grem dremel. all these things found. pet beds normally 40 bucks.
4:55 am
i found them at 19.99. that's an awesome deal. ainsley: where did you find them? >> all true value. unbelievable deals. i love that store. you can find a huge selection of things. todd: pet beds, love tools. >> these two top brands i love these guys, six tool combo kit right here. dewalt normally $629. right now $349. so anybody who loves tools. that's a great deal from dewalt. >> dewalt all great tools. worth $160, now $99 you can get this set. even like a self-leveling laser 399. this was $469. these brands are running great deals. if you look at milwaukee. this is unbelievable. this m-18, $814. now 400 bucks with this kit that comes with a pack out tool kit. final station? >> final station, bj's. i love bj's wholesale stores.
4:56 am
check this out. over 15 tvs under 500 bucks. under 500 for 65 inches. they got great selections of toys. this is the first holidays without toys r us. great selection of toys like these minute i didn't cooper ride on how fun is that thing under $100. steve: are you kidding? >> best deal for the kids right there i love it. ainsley: good deal for pancakes. >> all the appliances under $15 right now at bj's wholesale club. all the toy selection. they have a huge toy selection this year. mini cooper and little under 20 bucks. you know you want to use that right? bj's wholesale everything under one roof. great deals and find them all at my website. steve: if you would like more information go to skip >> all there at skip steve: todd, can you read what's up? todd: coming up tammy bruce, sean duffy and his wife rachel campos-duffy all here live. ♪ ♪
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5:00 am
>> the president's lawyers crafted answers to a number of questions by robert mueller. >> this has been a win/win for donald trump. ainsley: the president firing back after an appointed judge opened the door to asylum-seekers. >> this wave of immigrants is an assault on national security. ainsley: we welcome immigrants like my mother but we have a process. mike mack brian: romaine lettuce is not safe because of a major e. coli outbreak. and hours from now the stock market sister reopen after a tough day yesterday. >> will this market selloff affect the selling period? my answer is no it will not.
5:01 am
>> peas and carrots received a presidential pardon, have a very very happy thanksgiving, god bless you all and god bless america. brian: it is the day before thanksgiving and a special "fox and friends" because our company logo is in thanksgiving colors. ainsley: so fun to be in new york on thanksgiving, lots of tourists on the street here for the parade, cold in new york tomorrow. brian: it kicks off the christmas season. pete: brian is starting his holiday. in the oven right now. ainsley: got the recipe out of your cookbook which is a great cookbook. >> i forgot about that, a good thing.
5:02 am
meanwhile we have a busy final hour today and we start with the battle at the border. a new wave of migrants arriving in tijuana, mexico before pushing their way into the united states to apply for asylum or do something. pete: the president vowing a response to what he considers a, quote, disgraceful ruling. ainsley: live in dallas, details for us. >> reporter: there are so many different moving points to this story, from what is happening on the border and in the field and what you have going through the judicial process of cases are pt
5:03 am
the border as migrants from the caravan continue setting up shop on the mexican side of the border, temporary makeshift camps. the wait for asylum claims could take months according to officials. homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen visited the southern border yesterday and after touring and meeting local officials on the ground, called what she saw a crisis. >> these two roots with other caravans making their way will result in approximately 8000, to 10,000 migrants massing along the southern border. the crisis is real and just on the other side of the wall. >> reporter: donald from calling a recent decision by the ninth circuit court of appeals disgraceful, referring to this weekend's decision to temporarily bar the administration from the lying asylum to people who enter the country illegally, reversing the proclamation the president signed.
5:04 am
the decision reads in part, quote, whatever the scope of the president's a 40, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition congress has expressly forbidden. donald trump says he will win this case and is confident it will go all the way up to the us supreme court. back to you guys and happy thanksgiving. todd: something else kirstjen neilsen citizen the media there's a narrative the caravan is largely women and children, seeking asylum because it is very violent, and just because you are poor or looking for a job or have to be reunited with your family, the way the laws are currently written.
5:05 am
ainsley: get in line like other people have done for years before you. of these migrants are criminals including gang members, promises to work on the border, and the soldiers are 5800 active-duty national guard forces including 1100 from camp pendleton, the marine base and custom border protection and military troops reinforcing the border using the concertinoh why are into the barricades. you had people sitting on top of the wall, jumping over the wall, running onto the beach on the us side of san diego and enticing border patrol agents but now look at the wall. can't sit on it anymore. pete: a really good point in terms of previous immigrants, we are all descendents of immigrants, the individuals who
5:06 am
came over here, something that wasn't very good for a better life. there are people from these very countries on the caravan, why should these caravan individuals jump from in line of these individuals waving their flags at their home country, something doesn't seem right about this and that is what the president is speaking about. pete: sebastian gorka was there where the travel ban came out and the asylum claim, there was a judge and series of judges, and sebastian gorka says he will win again regarding asylum. this is a national security threat. >> this is a national security threat. it doesn't matter where you are going, whether you're visiting -- the country you are visiting
5:07 am
gets to that you, check your details and you don't get to come in so this wave of immigrants which is an assault on national security has to be treated like any other entry point. todd: the pentagon estimated how much it is costing to have active-duty troops on the southern border. $72 million. ainsley: the president handed over his answers to the mueller questions, sat down with his attorneys, they wrote it all down and he said it was a witch hunt going on for so long and there was no collusion, no nothing. pete: one of rudy giuliani's chief counsel's, special counsel talked about the process by
5:08 am
which it all went down and came to a conclusion, quote, i don't think they have any evidence of collusion of any kind. i think their obstruction case is a legal matter, doesn't exist. that is pretty bold, pretty unequivocal statement by the president's counsel. >> they both have something in the when call him. the president avoided an in person interview and the mueller people finally got the president on the record regarding certain elements of the russia collusion, when he fired james comey, alan dershowitz an hour ago revealed in his opinion he thought mister mueller was trying to trap the president. >> it was a very smart decision to answer the questions in
5:09 am
writing, clearly mueller tried to spring up or jury trap. a perjury trap is a trap for the innocent as well as the guilty. you can testify completely honestly. all the prosecution needs is one witness to contradict you. of that witness is believed by the president could -- by the prosecutor you have fallen into the trip. this is many when/when for donald trump when it comes to any kind of vulnerability. todd: the question is how close are we to the end? ainsley: they have given 1.4 pages of material, the president's responses and 30 witnesses -- pete: yesterday they ended the which turkey should the president pardon question. it was down between peas and carrots. the turkey peas weighed 39 pounds. carrots weighed 41 pounds and in the end, peas the quickly online balloting although i understand the state of florida is asking
5:10 am
for a machine recount. the president pardon both. ainsley: watch this. >> the winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the white house website. unfortunately carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount and we are still fighting with carrots. even though peas and carrots have received a presidential pardon, i have warned them that house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. i can't guarantee your partners won't be enjoyed by the ninth circuit. ainsley: peas and carrots but i remember, and the colors together.
5:11 am
>> funny to hear the president of the united states, turkey bites first name. >> he will retire to virginia tech where they will be studied by poultry science. before we toss to jillian, jillian doesn't eat food. i was going to say jillian likes peas and carrots but i don't know that. >> reporter: i was the only child but wanted more peas. ainsley: we finally found a food you like him. >> the only child in america who likes peas. let's move on. really important information. california, this is ongoing, searchers are hoping today's rain will end -- it means a big risk of flooding and mudslides.
5:12 am
84 people are confirmed dead, 700 were still unaccounted for. a stunning picture from space shows the scope of the devastation from the holy fire, the nasa image showing the huge burn stretching for miles. donald trump will not punish saudi arabia for the murder washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. >> i'm not going to destroy the world economy and by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> he said oil prices getting lower, great, like a big tax cut for america and the world, enjoy, $54 with -- thank you to saudi arabia but let's go lower. preparing your thanksgiving meal, romaine lettuce is not safe to eat, this is a major e. coli outbreak. 32 people in 11 states of gotten sick. 13 hospitalized. official save you have romain lettuce in your refrigerator, throw it away. this turkey is turned away by cops for foul play.
5:13 am
in ohio bird inside a massachusetts department before trotting away. writing on facebook sorry, trying to break into the tv won't save you. try the fire department. the poor guy trying to make it through thanksgiving. pete: looking for a pardon. todd: this illegal immigrant was released from jail in a sanctuary city and now is accused of triple murder. just learned the same jail ignore dozens of other ice detainers. how does this keep happening. >> changing her mind, does that clear the way for nancy? sean duffy straight ahead. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
rob: an illegal immigrant released by a sanctuary city county in new jersey was charged with a triple homicide halfway across the country, ice tried to
5:18 am
deport this man, lewis roderigo perez after he was arrested on domestic violence charges the county officials released him. the same county jail refused an additional 91 detail requests from ice. here to weigh in, director of the immigration law reform institutes dale wilcox. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> this new jersey jail refused 92 detainer requests for illegal aliens and as it turns out, half of them were for level one level ii crimes which include murder and all sorts of bad stuff. >> absolutely right. these individuals are released into the public and going on to commit heinous crimes including this crime in springfield, missouri, he allegedly killed 3 people this month. pete: that happens with
5:19 am
sanctuary cities, counties or states. they do not want to cooperate with the federal government from. of reasons and you wind up with this. >> you are absolutely right. the politicians, anti-border politicians are more concerned about staying in power and potential future voters than the interest of illegal aliens, then they are their own citizens and legal residents. pete: in new jersey another story caught our attention. the new governor, phil murphy, is announcing he is going to allocate $2.1 million in aid for illegal immigrants facing deportation. in other words what he is doing is spending millions of dollars in new jersey to keep illegal aliens in new jersey, right? >> yes. it makes no sense. he is providing lawyers for
5:20 am
illegal aliens. new jersey-ites pay federal taxes and those taxes go to support ice. ice lawyers represent the government in these removal proceedings. new jersey will provide lawyers to resist those lawyers in removal proceedings. new jersey is on both sides in these proceedings, they are fighting themselves, new jersey taxpayers getting soaked. pete: i pay taxes in new jersey because that is where i live and i don't think a lot of people realize what is going on with their tax dollars in this instance. the executive director of immigration reform, thank you for joining us. now you know. 8:20 in new york city. the only democrat rumored to challenge nancy pelosi for house speaker is changing her mind. does that clear the way for nancy pelosi to regain the top spot? we will talk to somebody who works with both of them, congressman sean duffy. there he is. it is nothing compared to the
5:21 am
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5:22 am
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5:25 am
food governor phil bryant who signed it into law in march. the judge says it violates women's rights. republican congressman sean duffy joins us now. >> sans as a republican from the great state of wisconsin. let's talk about what is going on, the vote for speaker, the first week in january and yesterday she got a green light from marshall fudge, a democrat who said he will take through thanksgiving to consider it and decided she's not going to be speaker, nancy pelosi put her on a subcommittee. >> democrats need to elect
5:26 am
leadership and there will be a vote, the majority of democrats to actually win. we will know next week if nancy pelosi has the votes or not. this great american concept that you give up power, it goes back to george washington who gave up hour after two terms, nancy pelosi doesn't get that. she's trying to hold onto power as long as possible. she has 16 democrats who said they won't vote for her. don't know how she gets the votes, she thrown out not just carrots but cookies or clipping people to death. todd: she signed a letter saying never nancy but now she is saying i'm not going to run for the position and nancy pelosi just gave her a different position. was that just to say i will give
5:27 am
you this if you don't run against me? >> it was a cookie that tasted very good. her constituents know her but you had a lot of young first-time democrats run for office. then there's the vote for nancy pelosi and those democrat said no, i'm not going to vote for nancy. the first vote on the house for would be to rollback that comment to their constituents, would be very difficult. it is a hard hurdle for nancy pelosi to get over to become speaker. the democratic party can't figure out how to go forward whether with nancy or someone else. either going to track to the center, go to a hard-core left? it could be a mess. pete: if not nancy pelosi or fudge, who will generate enough consensus? >> what would happen next week if nancy pelosi find out he can't get that closed-door
5:28 am
conference, what you then see is a bunch of jockeys, the position is open and a number of different democrats. todd: she will get it. >> if you make that promise it takes so much of your life to run and win. to break that promise you care more about your reelection or nancy pelosi? because i think nancy can club them hard if she becomes speaker. they want to wait and see if she has the votes or not. when they vote in their conference, it is a secret ballot so nancy won't who voted which way. pete: when it comes to speaker, the whole house of representatives, we heard the president say she has done a good job, she should be speaker and if she needs republican votes if he calls you up and said could you please vote for her? >> my constituents -- >> for us, she is good for you.
5:29 am
>> this is a guarantee we will when the house back. think of the dissension between the parties, republicans in mid-to-late 40s, democrats with steny hoyer and nancy pelosi, 70s and 80s, octogenarians, the old-time movement, we are a fresh young party that represents millennial's. gen x. pete: you can catch this gen xer on "outnumbered". are you excited? >> i can't contain myself. todd: you drove a 7. >> we road tripped out here. too close to reality for me. throwing buckets in. todd: you had 3, 3, your son is driving, and to be on earlier. >> back in the day my mom used to drive the kids and my kids
5:30 am
used to fly and so who is driving now? m todd: i had to pull over a few times. >> i had to pool the law over a few times. pete: the congressman will stick around for thanksgiving with his wife. we have a panel coming up. brian: we have one of the nation's busiest airports with the mad dash to get out of town next. ♪ ♪ our big idaho potato truck is out there somewhere
5:31 am
5:32 am
and we're going to find it. awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
5:33 am
>> the thanksgiving travel roses in full swing, long lines building in airports across the country.
5:34 am
pete: hillary von is at lax with the lowdown on turkey day traffic. >> reporter: airport travelers are expected to show up in record numbers and airports are bracing for impact. more people than ever flying to their turkey this year, 30.6 million people are expected to hop on a flight and head home for the holidays, up 5% from last year. if you thought lines were long list you they could be longer this year, 54.3 million people will be traveling in total this thanksgiving including driving to the destination, highest level we have seen since 2005. consumers are more confident, wages are higher, gas prices are lower which means people have more options, more places to going cheaper to get there but for travelers that are driving that means a lot more traffic, 48000000 americans will drive,
5:35 am
drivers could face commutes four times longer than normal. if you are looking at the best time to head home after thanksgiving aaa says 4:00 am friday when everyone else is in turkey,. pete: 54 million americans will be traveling this holiday weekend, the busiest travel day of the year. holiday travel and worst travel habits based on their own personal experiences. we have our friends, screen left, wisconsin congressman sean duffy and his wife, rachel campos duffy have problems when it comes to traveling, and the host of to catch contractor waving right there and family therapist, we need then. rachel and shawn, what is the difference when it comes to the 2 of you traveling?
5:36 am
you don't travel together all the time. she's with the kids but when you are together what is the problem? >> i throw and go, throw the stuff in the car and let's go. and race home. >> i will clean the car. i want things done nicely and organize and don't like feeling like it is messy. when we stop for gas i am cleaning up everything and throwing out the trash. pete: he drove the kids to new york, sounds like you have to clean the car because of travel trouble. >> there was travel trouble. i got text messages about kids vomiting and i was kind of glad. pete: you say that when you travel you overpack which is
5:37 am
shocking because you are always wearing that same shirt. >> this a different shade of color. i have a lot of shades of color of this shirt. i'm a chronic overpack or. my wife and i are polar opposites, you would think she would be the overpack are. i like to be prepared and have options. take it all and put it in a suitcase. i'm like the guy who when he gets to the desk, 1 pound over. and doesn't go through the weights on the scale. pete: you are sitting next to the expert who will get to hawaii and say to his wife i forgot to pack a swimsuit. you are bad packer. >> a number of years ago i went to italy and i forgot my bathing suit and you got to remember in america we were alternating suits. pictures the irish guy with shorts, 1984 conference all-star shorts. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone.
5:38 am
>> today is the day before thanksgiving, starts the month of christmas and holiday festivities. a new survey finds one in 3 americans get burned out even before christmas arrives and a lot has to do with the fact that there's so much pressure to make the holidays perfect, to shop and stuff like that. some of the burnout contributors 55% say shopping burns them out, 53% say crowds, long lines, presence and at the bottom, looking which is much easier because there is a thing called the happy cookbook. let's start with you. why do people get burned out? >> it is overwhelming. the idea of rachel and sean traveling with 7 kids, that is stressful. all the planning behind it, the
5:39 am
supermarkets with 1000 people, do this on steroids, what the holidays are like. there's a lot of stress in going. >> you want everything to be perfect and we tend to overdo stuff, you want the dinner to be perfect and the house to look perfect and we are on sensory overload so when it comes time for dinner you get stressed out and it is not just family. it doesn't matter where you have or what you do, you want to be together for the holiday, that is what counts. >> i don't know why you under so much pressure, it is a cordless screwdriver. >> the battery clicks on, it is good. >> you get the final word. >> the 12 days of christmas are supposed to be 12 days after christmas. if you take up that tradition, have the gatherings after christmas. then there is less pressure and it is more casual. >> republican leadership crushing it, people have more money to go shopping.
5:40 am
but i think going online from wisconsin, shop online and get so much done, so much pressure on us, we have more time to cook, tree and family. it had gotten less stressful because of options on the internet. pete: we learned from the panel to breathe deeply and take your time. great discussion, thank you. sit back, relax and enjoy the headlines as jillian joins us. >> a pretty disturbing story. dennis killed after a chunk of concrete is thrown off a bridge. a desperate manhunt underway in nashville for whoever tossed it. joe shelton junior on his way to work when the boulder crashed through his windshield, sending them swerving across the highway into a guard rail. it did not fall on his own.
5:41 am
looking at surveillance video in the area. take a look at this. a young boy, one day after he allegedly broke into the child's family's home. >> saw the guy and i am like dad, there's a guy. >> i look at the guy, that is the guy. >> reporter: and you met caleb out when they thought eric sanchez in florida, pretty sure it is the same man caught on their home surveillance camera who got away with the drone, laptop and a gun. butterball now getting it on a microwave turkey prank that is going viral. we told you about text messages asking how long it takes to microwave a 25 pound turkey. many parents responding, you can't do that but butterball says you can put a smaller bird in first and then microwave for several minutes before putting it back in the microwave again. i know janice dean won't do
5:42 am
that. she's outside looking at the forecast. look at that! it is awesome. are you excited to be here today? what are you thankful for? oh my gosh. so excited! we will do the weather, our cameraman will head down and look at the beautiful things here today in new york city. it will be cold. you could feel like a record-setting thanksgiving, adding to the parade tomorrow. here it is, your parade forecast and that is the only forecast i have but i will tell you the east coast will become, we could see snow showers on the west coast, that is what we are dealing with potential for rain. you guys look amazing.
5:43 am
happy thanksgiving, do i get a big group hug? pete: she's all about hugs today. jillian: big crowd. the women's was supposed to be all inclusive but now it is being accused of pushing racist, anti-semitic and hateful rhetoric by one of the founders, tammy bruce says that revelations are an example of what the left does to everything it touches and she's up next. pete: thought you were having a bad day at work? not cool, this guy dropping a forklift. more on this forklift fail, "fox and friends". jillian: and it doesn't stop. >> happy thanksgiving. (chime)
5:44 am
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- [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. >>, on camera, a thief trying to
5:47 am
steal gas in portland, oregon. you seem runaway fully engulfed as his van and the u-haul truck burn. he is on the run. the ultimate domino effect, surveillance video shows a forklift operator bumping into a shelf causing a warehouse to collapse in seconds. keep watching, keep going. not clear where this happened or if anyone was hurt. a bad day. ainsley: a bad day. women's march founder teresa shook calling on her own co-chairs, these four women to resign, accused of pushing racism, anti-semitic views and hateful rhetoric. it is another example of what the left does. tammy bruce, what do you make of that. >> this is an amazing organizational effort started by
5:48 am
a woman using a facebook page, a great example of the modern age and women came together but we saw there was a fracture, if you were pro-life you were not invited. there were divisions about identity and this is a problem with identity politics, when you are saying it is not discussed but who you are in your complexion or gender it automatically requires you to look at other people as the other and that is your pride, your sense of self, you are not dealing with ideas. it is about how you are better or worse than other people and that is happened, not a recipe for unity but a recipe for bigotry and that is what the left does. the left historically around the world co-opts issues and organizations important to society like women's rights and take it and use it to divide issues about race, the women's march as people here the
5:49 am
rhetoric is about the feeding white nationalism and the white man. now it is all about -- not about women's rights at all because we do have a host of things we agree on as women regardless of our background. todd: what did they do that the founder doesn't approve of? >> in association with louis farrakhan. a man who at one event, attended where he referred to the jewish people as scum, as satan, etc. not rebuking louis farrakhan. landed anti-gay sentiment comes from that framework. she said this in her facebook post, that they would right the ship and realize this mistake but they haven't and refuse to. they go back to saying as women of color this is our leadership. if you disagree with them you
5:50 am
are racist and we heard that as well. this is an opportunity. it is not isolated but something the democratic party has to deal with. either they have to address these issues regarding identity politics which will always sink into this framework or talk about ideas, the importance of ideas regardless of your complexion, where you come from and what makes us americans and what we have in common as women across the board. jillian: happy thanksgiving. these young boys had a lemonade stand shut down because they didn't have a permit but they kept fighting and you won't believe what they were able to get done. the family will join us next. let's find out what is coming up in the top of the hour. >> good morning, live from america's newsroom, the day before thanksgiving a couple big stories developing at the white house donald trump announcing he will not punish saudi arabia over the jamal khashoggi murder. reaction pours in from lawmakers
5:51 am
this morning. what the president is saying about written answers he just turned over to robert mueller plus we have travel updates across the country as america embarks on the holiday travel season. a big lineup on the top of the hour. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die.
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like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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5:54 am
>> we take a look back at the great causes "fox and friends" here is have supported. in july we spoke with the denver mom who created an advocacy group to change the laws after he could lemonade stand with shutdown because they didn't have permits.
5:55 am
jennifer knowles, her husband, patrick and their children, ben, william and jonathan join us live from denver. good morning to you. good to have you. been, let's start with you. why did you want to raise money with a lemonade stand. what are you going to do with the money? >> give it to 4 kids. >> give it to poor kids who need food and water in indonesia. you didn't have permits and got shut down and came on tv. >> life turned upside down in so many amazing incredible ways. with a neighborhood lemonade
5:56 am
stand, we ended up coming on "fox and friends" and setting up a virtual lemonade stand with go fund me and with the community and viewers we raised $8000 to help kids around the world in extreme poverty. pete: you wanted to say thanks to everybody watching. >> absolutely. thank you for all the contributions and everything, we have been able to do and compassion international, for kids everywhere that are less fortunate than what we have in the us. pete: the message, the moral of the story is you can fight city hall and win. >> absolutely. we learned what the current laws were about lemonade stands and permits, we learned a great lesson. pete: thank you for joining us the day before thanksgiving and god bless you.
5:57 am
>> thank you. pete: you bet. we are stepping aside, back in two minutes. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during ultimate sleep number week. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to spin into the holiday season. it's time for ultimate sleep number week. this week only, save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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>> you know what we're thankful for? all of you. >> thank you for keeping us employed, for watching fox news. have a great thanksgiving, everyone. >> goodbye, everybody. >> sandra: two big stories breaking out of the white house at this hour. first president trump submitting his answers to robert mueller's investigation as the president decides he will not punish saudi arabia. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. warm up the coffee. >> jon: good morning to you and good morning. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. the new developments come as several top republicans slam president trump's refusal to further punish saudi arabia for the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi insisting it is unclear whether the kingdom's ruling crown prince is responsible and the president says he is putting america first by maintaining a strong relationship. >> president trump: all i do is focus on this country d


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