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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 21, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> you know what we're thankful for? all of you. >> thank you for keeping us employed, for watching fox news. have a great thanksgiving, everyone. >> goodbye, everybody. >> sandra: two big stories breaking out of the white house at this hour. first president trump submitting his answers to robert mueller's investigation as the president decides he will not punish saudi arabia. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. warm up the coffee. >> jon: good morning to you and good morning. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. the new developments come as several top republicans slam president trump's refusal to further punish saudi arabia for the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi insisting it is unclear whether the kingdom's ruling crown prince is responsible and the president says he is putting america first by maintaining a strong relationship. >> president trump: all i do is focus on this country and making great deals for this
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country. i don't focus on making great deals for myself. i don't care anymore. saudi arabia has nothing to do with me. what does have to do with me is putting america first. i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> sandra: kevin corke is live from west palm beach, florida this morning where the first family will spend their thanksgiving holiday. good morning, kevin. >> good morning. great to be with you. interesting. i want to say this. a lot of people were asking the question why not? what's the thinking behind this idea of not further punishing the saudi kingdom for its alleged role perhaps in the murder of jamal khashoggi? the white house, secretary of state mike pompeo say yesterday it is a mean, nasty world out there. the thinking from the white house is in that environment you have to make tough choices. in this case it would appear
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they're making the choice manifestly so to stick with the saudis. let me take you to twitter. interesting tweet as the president begins to very subtly or perhaps not show his support for the saudi kingdom. he said oil prices getting lower. great. like a big tax cut for america and the world. enjoy. $54, was just $82. thank you for saudi arabia but let's go lower. now the gas prices and oil movement comes amid the growing consensus that saudi crown prince may have orchestrated khashoggi's murder. he denies that. the president isn't ready to cast blame. >> president trump: they didn't make a determination. it is just like i said, i think it was maybe he did, maybe he didn't. they did not make that assessment. the c.i.a. has looked at it and studied it a lot. they have nothing definitive. the fact is, maybe he did,
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maybe he didn't. >> but on capitol hill there has been very strong disagreement over the administration's unwillingness to harshly criticize the saudis. corker said i never thought i would see the day the white house would moonlight as a public relations firm for the crown prince of saudi arabia. as you can well imagine rustling a bit of feathers on the hill. >> sandra: the president has submitted these written answers now to special counsel robert mueller. so where does the investigation go from here? >> well, quite obviously they want to see this thing wrap up. they feel like there has been no proof of russian collusion and be no proof is the attitude by the white house. the real question is where do we go from here? i have a few options i can share for the folks at home. i have think they'll find it instructive. essentially what you are looking at now is what will
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happen. will the mueller team decide to ask for more information? they could do that after reviewing the president's answers. they could also review the answers, sandra, and simply prepare to disclose the report, which is what i think a lot of people think they will do. they could compare the president's answers with other respondents and that's when things can get thorny and the nuclear option, to subpoena the president himself. now, the latter, as you can imagine, could create a constitutional crisis. the white house remaining steadfast in its insistence there was never any collusions with the russians. rudy giuliani said this. our position from the outset, much of what has been asked raised serious constitutional issues and was beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry. this remains our position today. very strong words there from rudy giuliani, sandra. >> sandra: meanwhile and finally there is a report this morning that the president
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wanted the justice department to prosecute hillary clinton and james comey? >> yeah. we've heard him say this off the cuff. it is very interesting, though, to read that times piece and get a stronger sense he feels like one or both have broken the law and therefore maybe the d.o.j. ought to look into that possibility. but let me share this. the times piece is careful to sort of go past the observation asking why something isn't happening or hasn't been pursued or wanting it to happen, look, it's not the same as ordering someone to do it. still, white house counsel don mcgahn penned a warning detailing what might happen if it was thought the president was using the weight of the d.o.j. to pursue his political enemies. that is never a good idea and in particular in this case. that said, by the way, i should say it looks like a tranquil
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day here in south florida. we do know the president is out on the links this morning. back to you for now. >> sandra: quite clearly not from the white house this morning but from west palm beach florida. >> jon: for more on this let's bring in byron york for "the washington examiner" and fox news contributor. byron, good morning to you. the c.i.a. concluded pretty extensively or pretty strongly i guess you would say that mohammed bin salman was behind the murder of jamal khashoggi but the president doesn't seem inclined to agree. >> c.i.a. said it had a high degree of confidence in that conclusion. but president trump has been remarkably frank and unfiltered about the reasons he has decided not to take any further action against saudi arabia. he has explained that the saudis are a key ally, they are
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extremely important in the war on terror. they produce a lot of oil and maybe even most importantly they're a huge customer of the united states, not only in military hardware but in other business areas, about $400 billion in all. so the president made it clear that he is not interested in further sanctions or punishment over the khashoggi murder. now we should remember that just last week the administration announced that it is sanctioning 17 saudis including one who is close to the crown prince for the khashoggi murder. but a lot of pressure on the president to do more. i think he made it pretty clear that he is not interested. >> jon: there are a lot of people on capitol hill especially in the senate who disagree with the president's assessment. they would like to see saudi arabia punished. do they have the wherewithal to make that happen? >> you know, it's really interesting.
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we saw the chairman and the ranking member, you just heard from bob corker, the outgoing chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, bob menendez the newly reelected ranking member of it. they've written a letter to the president saying that he has to make a formal determination of who killed khashoggi and they say that congress has that authority under the magnitsky act. president obama issued a statement and said that part of it was unconstitutional and congress couldn't make the president do that sort of thing. i would think president trump would have a similar response about this saudi issue. >> jon: let's turn our attention to the mueller investigation and the president's answers to the questions that have now been submitted. there were limitations on what the white house was willing to give to mueller. is that going to be enough for him? >> well, we don't know.
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the big question is whether this satisfies mueller and he can go ahead and issue a final report. or whether it just opens up new avenues of investigation. on those limitations, you're right, basically the president and his legal team said they were not going to answer questions about alleged obstruction, which if it happened would have happened in the white house and thus be covered by executive privilege. the questions they apparently did answer concern those issues of allegations of collusion which happened during the campaign. of course, the president was not the president at that time. but we don't know exactly what the president has answered. we don't know exactly what he has refused to answer. and we don't know if any of that is satisfactory to robert mueller right now. >> jon: many more things to learn about all of this.
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byron york, thank you. much more ahead on all of this. andy mccarthy joining us with all the big stories out of the white house later this hour about 20 minutes from now. >> sandra: president trump pushing back after a federal judge blocked his new asylum policy saying he is ready to take the fight to crack down on illegal immigration all the way to the highest court. >> president trump: you go to the ninth circuit and it is a disgrace. i'll put in a major complaint. you cannot win if you are us a case in the ninth circuit. my opinion it's a disgrace what happens with the ninth circuit. we'll win that case in the supreme court. >> sandra: casey stiegel is live in dallas with more on this. >> even president trump's homeland security secretary weighing in on this. she called it dangerous and made those comments while at the u.s./mexico border yesterday in california.
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and she referred to the situation as a crisis saying her agency will continue to enforce the immigration laws of america. listen. >> if you try to enter our country without authorization, you have broken the law of the united states. you will be detained, prosecuted, and repatriated. >> secretary nielsen expressed concerns about the growing number of migrants from that caravan who are now creating makeshift camps and setting up shop on the mexican side of the border in places like tijuana and mex callie prepared to wait for months because of the backlog of asylum claims. this as the u.s. military continues beefing up its presence along the entire southern border. they were called in to assist u.s. customs and border protection as you know. according to the u.s.
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department of defense, about 5900 active troops are currently on the ground adding that the estimated cost to, quote, deploy, operate, sustain, and redeploy forces is anticipated to cost approximately $72 million. and that only includes the department of defense's forces and support that has been requested and approved as of just this week. so quite costly operation down there, sandra. >> sandra: we'll keep watching all of it. casey stiegel, thank you. >> jon: a fox news alert. we're moments away after another tough day on wall street yesterday from the dow ringing the opening bell. it lost more than 550 points yesterday. facebook took another hit as its chief mark zuckerberg says he is not going anywhere any time soon.
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>> sandra: a fox news alert with the cdc warning just one day before thanksgiving you might want to skip the salad. consumers urged to throw away their romaine lettuce and not buy anymore. it could be contaminated with a new strain of e-coli. 32 people have been infected in 11 states including 13 who have been hospitalized. we'll have a live report about what is going on next hour. >> sandra: we're just minutes away now from the opening bell
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on wall street after yesterday's big sell-off. the dow plunged more than 550 points yesterday alone. the losses accelerating all the way into the final hour of trading wiping out the gains for the year on both the s&p 500 and the dow jones industrial average. maria bartiromo is on sunday morning futures on fox news channel. coming fresh off three hours on air this morning. what are people saying about the crazy movement in the stock market. >> the volatility we're seeing in the market is directly affected to worries over growth. it is all about growth in the market. we're worried about the economic story slowing down around the world as well as the u.s. basically the tax cut plan enabled a lot of growth, enabled companies to put more money to work because they were saving more money and some people think that runway is limited. that eventually the fiscal stimulus goes away. what do we have left?
6:18 am
monetary movements from the central bank raising interest rates. pressure raising interest rates on the markets. if you can get 3% in a two-year note or you can get 2 1/2% in a 10-year note. it looks attractive and so you might say well look, i've made money in the stock market let me shift money to fixed income but i'm not worried. the back drop for the stock market is about earnings and about growth. we still are talking about good growth. we may very well not sustain 4.2% growth we saw in the second quarter or 3 1/2% the third quarter. but we're still talking about better than 3% growth and still talking about a back drop that people are feeling better, economy is strong. unemployment at a 50-year low. i think right now we may see more volatility but there will be some people who see this opportunity as a buying opportunity with this market down the way it is. >> sandra: cautious optimism. "the new york times" this morning talking about the tech
6:19 am
giants. five tech giants, facebook, amazon, netflix, they've lost $800 billion in market value since august. facebook is under a lot of pressure, mark zuckerberg is under a lot of pressure. he gave a rare interview yesterday and asked about his future at the company. listen. >> people say well, how did you not know this? and i think in some of these cases it's a really big deal to come out and say that a nation state is behind something. before our company puts a stamp on something saying that i want to be really sure that's the case. >> you are not stepping down as chairman? >> that's not the plan. >> sandra: what's the future of that company? >> at this point i think the biggest failure of facebook has been their failure to acknowledge that they're a media company and have real impact on billions of people across the world. when you have a billion users on facebook messenger and a billion users on instagram and you have all of these users,
6:20 am
what is out in that content matters and you can't have murders taking place live. you can't have commentary about the election and news that is actually fake news. they needed to be much more diligent. i don't know what happens with mark zuckerberg in terms of him running the company. he is the founder and voting control and won't give up easily. we need to see fundamental change. they are very much a media company and people recognize that. as far as the losses you mentioned, $800 billion since august? we need to keep in context. look at the prior three years. these stocks are up huge. so they ran up to levels that people thought were unsustainable and one of the reasons you saw so much profit taking. >> sandra: the president tweeting this on oil this morning. we've been watching that sell off there. oil prices getting lower writes the president. great like a big tax cut for america and the world. enjoy, $54. was just $82. thank you to saudi arabia but let's go lower. this is translating to lower
6:21 am
gasoline prices. 40 days of dropping prices when it comes to gas for the american consumer. >> that's a big deal. we have 54 million people traveling for thanksgiving holiday. they'll be thankful they have gas prices where they are. president trump engineered prices to go lower recently. remember how he was prodding the saudis, pump more, prodding opec, prices should be lower. guess what happened? prices are lower and they have been dropping. whether or not it stays there has more to do with economic growth than anything else, i think. >> sandra: pat on the back to the american oil production as well all-time high bringing prices down. maria bartiromo, thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> jon: a race that has been too close to call finally comes to an end in utah. the fate of republican incumbent mia love after the break. >> sandra: will ohio democrat marcia fudge challenge nancy pelosi for the speaker's gavel?
6:22 am
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6:26 am
gavel. the decision is a setback for more than a dozen democrats pushing for a different speaker. the party meets next week to vote on leadership positions. >> jon: with the mid-term elections in the rearview mirror the democratic field for 2020 is starting to take shape. peter doocy has the latest from washington so outsider candidates, peter, they're trying to position themselves for a possible run for the presidency? >> they are by spending a lot of money, jon. tom steyer will host town hall meetings. he is the progressive billionaire behind next again america and campaigned to impeach president trump. he is promoting a new platform on environment and education, michael bloomberg has been spending millions of his own to help others win. more than $100 million in the mid-terms alone and just
6:27 am
pledged to donate $1.8 billion to johns hopkins, the former mayor is a former republican and independent and now he is a registered democrat. that's important because the dnc has new rules. you have to be a democrat to run as a democrat. that's a rule that independent bernie sanders bent in 2016. >> jon: what about people who are actually in office? is there anybody who might be interested in being president? >> well, as we saw senators cory booker and kamala harris spent days before the mid-terms campaigning in places like iowa. elizabeth warren is hiring experienced campaign staff and a red state democrat who won easily is thinking about a bigger office, ohio's senator sherrod brown. this is a personal decision with my wife and my children. my grandchildren don't know enough about what it means. it will change their lives. i need to think about that.
6:28 am
john delaney was the first to announce but congressman beto o'rourke has a better name i.d. than just about anybody right now. >> i haven't made any decisions about anything is the best way for me to put it. i think everything is too fresh still for me. >> don't forget former advisors to hillary clinton are sending mixed signals whether or not she wants to jump in. >> jon: wouldn't that be a race. keep us updated. secretary of state mike pompeo backing up the president on saudi arabia. >> this is a long, historic commitment and one that is absolutely vital to america's national security. we are determined to insure we continue to take care of the american people in all of the strategic decisions we make. >> sandra: why president trump says he will not further punish the kingdom for khashoggi's killing. in our live report next. plus there's this. >> president trump: the written
6:29 am
answers to the witch hunt that has been going on forever. no collusion, no nothing. they've been finished. i finished them yesterday. >> jon: new developments in the robert mueller investigation after the president submits his written answers. so could that probe be ending soon? former assistant u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy joins us live.
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>> sandra: the stock market is officially open for business ahead of the holiday tomorrow and it is a triple digit gain a couple minutes into trading. the dow up 150 points out of the open here after that big sell-off yesterday where we saw the dow fall more than 550 points. it also brought the dow and s&p into negative territory for the year. doesn't mean that's where things will finish up. dow and s&p are in the red for the year. >> jon: a bit of a thanksgiving
6:33 am
rally underway. >> sandra: we'll see. now below 25,000. it has been the technology names we talked about with maria bartiromo that have most recently led to the market sell-off. also concerns about some of those energy names as oil prices come down. some of those energy producers have taken a hit. right now things in the green and looking up. >> jon: thanks. >> sandra: meanwhile more reaction from around the world to president trump's decision not to punish the saudi crown prince after more gruesome details of the killing of jamal khashoggi. here at home secretary of state mike pompeo is backing the president's position. >> president trump: maybe he did, maybe he didn't. they did not make that assessment. it's about make america great again. it's about america first. we'll stay with saudi arabia. >> the united states will continue to have a relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia. they're an important partner of ours. this is a long, historic commitment and one that is absolutely vital to america's
6:34 am
national security. >> jon: benjamin hall is live from the london bureau with more on that. >> president trump's statement was intended to be the final word on this. he laid out very clearly why, national security should come before anything else. there has been a backlash both in the u.s. as well as abroad. when the statement was released the turkish foreign minister was in washington and met soon after that release with secretary pompeo saying the killing of khashoggi should not be covered up for the sake of maintaining trade ties with saudi arabia. >> this is a humanitarian issue. it is a murder. we cannot say our trade will increase. let's cover it up. let's ignore it. >> other politicians in turkey accuse the u.s. of turning a blind eye to khashoggi's murder and dismiss comments from president trump as comic. turkey also said they would now push for an international investigation. there was even a response from iran, the foreign minister
6:35 am
there tweeting mr. trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of everything he can think of. perhaps we're also responsible for the california fires. the white house has always viewed saudi arabia as a key partner on all middle east issues. many wonder if following this statement saudi arabia will need to work ever closer with the u.s. toward this use such as palestinian peace deals. yemeni peace deals and lowering oil prices and what many people will be looking for from now on. whether the key issues. we expect to see president trump's israeli/palestinian peace deal shortly. whether we see more movement on those in light of this statement. whether or not we may see saudi arabia working ever closer with the u.s. in the months and years to come, jon. >> jon: benjamin hall live in london. >> sandra: back to our top story this morning. president trump's legal team renewing calls to end the
6:36 am
russia investigation after the president submitted his written answers to mueller's questions. giuliani said the special counsel has been provided with more than 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of materials and the president's written responses to que. it is time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion. andrew mccarthy the former assistant u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. thank you for coming on this morning. happy thanksgiving to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: let me first start by asking you what does this mean now, the president reluctantly -- i don't know even know if it's fair to use that word. we would be waiting to see what will come up for quite some time. the president turned in the questions saying he has answered the questions to this witch hunt. what happens now? >> well, i think it is fair to say it's reluctant. if it wasn't, then it would have happened a long time ago. this was the product of a lot of negotiation.
6:37 am
and what i think, sandra, is that it's actually only round one, even though everyone in the president's camp seeming to act like it's a done deal and over. what they did here was bifurcate the two aspects of the mueller's investigation, collusion and oob struck shun. evidently what the president did was answer the questions about collusion. and that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, collusion is the subject on which he was told multiple times he was never a suspect even when director comey was still at the f.b.i. so i don't think they've ever been too terribly worried factually about the collusion with russia end of the investigation. obstruction is really the thing that brought mueller into the case. remember comey was fired on may 9th, 2017. it was a week later in the whole uproar that mueller was appointed and there is profound legal issues about whether the president can be cited for
6:38 am
obstructing doing things as his constitutional prerogative as president. whether a federal prosecutor ought to inquire into his motive as long as what he did was legal. there is a lot of real profound legal issues about that. >> sandra: what sense are you getting that this mueller probe, this russia investigation, is going to wrap any time soon? >> i think it is winding down, sandra, because the president's answering of these questions doesn't happen in a vacuum. the other things we see are, for example, special counsel mueller is evidently going to allow general flynn to be sentenced. it looks like manafort is heading towards sentencing. i can tell you as an experienced former prosecutor that if you are intending to bring another big case and you think you have these witnesses who would be cooperating witnesses in that case, you don't let them get sentenced.
6:39 am
you have them testify first and they sentenced down the road. just the fact that we have indictments that are brought, he is letting the witnesses or the potential witnesses get sentenced. that sure signals like things are winding down. >> sandra: i want to transition to what is next when it comes to ivanka trump's email and her use of private email to conduct official business. house democrats, the house oversight committee is going to look into her use of her private email to conduct official government business and this is according to now the panel's senior democrat. the president on his way to mar-a-lago as he was departing the white house yesterday and had this to say about all this. >> president trump: they weren't classified like hillary clinton. they weren't deleted like hillary clinton. they are all in presidential records. no hiding. no deleting like hillary
6:40 am
clinton did. there was no servers in the basement like hillary clinton. >> sandra: is there any indication that ivanka trump violated guidelines for government use of private email? >> well, we'll have to see how extensive it is. i think the president is right to draw all those distinctions. that said, in this environment, particularly given how big an issue he made of mrs. clinton's use of private email to conduct official business, you have to wonder why anybody would do that. it is kind of an explosive thing at this point. but, you know, that sad if it's occasional use and they make sure that they -- number one it is not classified or sensitive and they make sure they keep a copy of the correspondence in the government's file, it is not really a big thing legally. i imagine that politically it will make for a few uncomfortable moments. >> sandra: as far as ivanka
6:41 am
trump and her spokesperson for her attorney they have pushed back saying that the emails have been retained in conformity with laws and rules and the private email account was almost always used for logistics and scheduling concerning her family. andy mccarthy, thank you for coming on this morning. happy thanksgiving and a good holiday to you. >> thank you. >> jon: california expecting to get hit now with heavy rain and while it's welcomed, it is causing new danger for the survivors of those devastating wildfires in that state. we'll talk with firefighter on the front line. plus did you catch this? >> we are still confused, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.
6:42 am
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>> it's much harder to dig through mud than it is through ash. >> mudslides and what will happen. we haven't been up there to see it or assess any damage. we're afraid of what's going to happen when the rain comes. >> i was preparing for fire. i didn't even think about rain. i didn't cover anything or protect anything. i'm kind of worried about the things i left behind. >> jon: wildfire survivors bracing for heavy rains expected to hit california today. the rain helps contain and tamp down the flames, emergency crews are worried about the potential for flash floods and mudslides. that makes the search for the victims of the wildfires even more challenging.
6:46 am
joining us now california fire chief ken pimlott. chief, you have still more than, what, 700 people officially listed as missing. if you get rain on top of all that ash it only complicates the search for those who you still haven't located, doesn't it? >> absolutely. as you just indicated, heard from the folks on the scene, the mud, all of that will just make it more challenging but there are hundreds of law enforcement and search and rescue personnel that will continue this effort despite the weather because this is critical. it is critically important component to try to recover these individuals. >> jon: still you must be welcoming the prospect of rain after fires like these. >> we absolutely are. this will certainly help in the firefighting effort and bring containment numbers up. we're closely watching the impact of the rain. we expect several inches through these storms over the course of the next several days. our watershed emergency response team has completed its
6:47 am
initial evaluation and providing information to the county and local officials on where the impacts could occur in debris flow, etc. and putting mitigation measures in place to deal with that. >> jon: is there any way to predict? i know you say you are evaluating the possibility of mud flows and that sort of thing. is there any way for survivors to know hey, i have to get out of town right now? >> fortunately we've been able to maintain evacuations in the critical areas. some repopulation has occurred in areas where it was safe to do so. we've maintained evacuations to insure for the public safety. we'll have folks out there monitoring throughout the storm, throughout the weekend identifying any area that may be an impact to public safety to insure no one is impacted by this. >> jon: of those more than 700 missing, is there any way to get a handle on how many might actually be fire victims? are you still convinced that many of the people on that list simply cannot be located but
6:48 am
are still alive? >> this is always a very difficult and challenging process. the sheriff and all the local officials continue to evaluate the list of missing persons and yes, in many cases these may be folks that just are safe and just didn't -- haven't been in contact with folks. this will be an ongoing process for quite some time. >> jon: i know that people are having health problems because of all of the smoke. there are just innumerable problems coming from this fire. what is job one right now? >> job one is obviously to render this fire safe, to get it contained and put that piece to bed. also it is taking care of the population. this weather will help clean the air quality not just at the fire but throughout the region. but right now the focus is really to take care of this population to insure they're sheltered and the long-term process of debris removal and recovery. >> jon: sheltering some of
6:49 am
these people is a problem when a lot of the shelters will not accept pets, isn't that the case? >> that's always a challenge but there are many, many organizations and groups that are working through that. there are opportunities to take care of pets. everybody recognizes that pets are part of families and they are part of what are helping people recover any sense of normalcy and family are critical. so folks with the red cross and many others are working to insure that pets are part of the equation here. >> jon: we're coming up on thanksgiving. many americans will sit down at their tables and give thanks for the blessings they've received. what would you ask them to do for the people in your area? >> as everyone sits down for thanksgiving is keep this entire communities in their thoughts and prayers and continued opportunities to support relief efforts. go through the credible
6:50 am
organizations, the red cross and many others and reach out and help in any way you can. >> jon: we expect americans will do that very thing. ken pimlott, the chief of cal fire, we thank you. >> sandra: president trump blasting the judge that blocked his asylum rules. >> president trump: in my opinion it's a disgrace, what happens with the ninth circuit. we will win that case in the supreme court. >> sandra: president trump vowing to crack down on illegal immigration along the border and in the courtrooms. america's a-team is on deck to take that on and more next hour. >> jon: plus millions of americans making a getaway before the holiday on what could be a record-setting travel day in this country. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more for rent every month, newday usa could help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. with the newday usa zero down va loan,
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6:54 am
>> sandra: oh, yes, airport travel, traffic, america heading home for the holidays as aaa predicts the biggest thanksgiving travel week in over a decade. mike tobin is live standing at o'hare airport in chicago chicago. how are things looking there? >> smooth. you'll have 2.6 million people go through tsa check point today. a half million more than normal. travel is expected to push into record territory. up 5.4% in previous years. the tsa line at the airport it looks like wednesday because the fine folks at tsa knew thanksgiving was coming this
6:55 am
time last year. the solution to the traffic is manpower. they blew out the overtime and have all the lines open, all the checkpoints open and moving things through. they ask that you arrive at the airport two hours early for domestic flights. three hours early for international flights. here is the tsa regional spokesman. >> arrive at least two hours before your flight. we'll have additional hours. we'll have all lanes operational. we're going to have an overtime budget that has been allocated for additional hours and we'll make sure that we process our passengers not only safely, but also efficiently. >> and let's go to flight's misery map. things are profoundly average. if there are delays most are coming out of new york because it's new york. that's how it goes. you will be able to make it to your uncle's house. argue over politics and then
6:56 am
have pie. >> sandra: no politics over the thanksgiving terrible. that's rule number one. it looks like you're at the american airlines terminal there. how are the roads looking, mike? >> you'll be happy if you are driving. traffic will be down. gas prices are up. they dropped quite a bit in october, gas prices, but they were up so high you'll see prices about as expensive as they were since 2014. a little bit of rebound in terms of people filling up their tanks because prices got so cheap in the last month. >> sandra: mike tobin. thank you. >> jon: now the acting attorney general matthew whitaker is in new york city expected to make remarks on efforts to combat terrorism. more ahead. feeling good about that? let's see- most of you say lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart.
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medicare advantage plan is the right plan for you. pick up the phone, and call the number on your screen. the call is free. and licensed humana sales agents are standing by. so call now. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. the president facing backlash from both sides of the aisle this morning after saying he stands with saudi arabia. despite the murder of saudi columnist jamal khashoggi. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer this morning. president trump refuses to condemn the saudi crown prince saying u.s. relations with the kingdom are too important. >> president trump: i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. we are with saudi arabia. we're staying with saudi arabia. by the way, just so everybody -- i have no business whatsoever with saudi arabia. couldn't care less. >> sandra: lawmakers up in arms about this on capitol hill
7:01 am
including senator lindsey graham telling sean hannity that the saudi regime needs to be put on notice. >> saudi arabia needs us more than we need them. it's not too much to ask an ally not to butcher a guy in a consulate. i won't look away. we have a historic opportunity to tell the people in the mideast there is a new sheriff in town. if you disrespect us and trample over civilized norms you pay a price. if you want to keep mbs that's your decision, saudi arabia. >> sandra: good morning, garrett. >> the president is getting a lot of blowback from congress for choosing not to punish saudi arabia over the killing of jamal khashoggi and it's coming from members of his own party including his friends like senators lindsey graham and rand paul, who criticized the president's statement in a series of tweets saying in part we should at the very least not reward saudi arabia with our sophisticated armaments that they in turn use to bomb
7:02 am
civilians. i'm pretty sure this statement is saudi arabia first, not america first. democrat congressman adam schiff said it's inconceivable the saudi crown prince did not know about khashoggi's murder and for the president to suggest maybe he did and maybe he didn't, or that we are incapable of finding out the truth or that knowing the truth our silence can be bought with arms sales undermines respect for the office of the presidency and the credibility of our intelligence community and america's standing as a champion of human rights. despite the president's suggestion that we may never know if the crown prince was involved, congress is now demanding an answer to that very question. the heads of the senate foreign relations committee have sent a letter to the white house to force an investigation into mohammed bin salman's involvement. the chairman of that committee, bob corker. >> we have a crown prince that i believe directed the killing of a journalist and i just -- the language that was used. it was as if they were writing
7:03 am
a press release for the saudi arabia and not for the united states. >> under the global magnitsky act the administration has 120 days to provide answers to congress and the white house could decide to sanction the crown prince. the president hasn't suggested he is willing to do. more likely congress could decide to enact sanctions on its own since there has been a lot of bipartisan support to make that happen. >> sandra: thank you. meanwhile president trump firing back at a federal judge's ruling blocking the president's order for immigrants who cross the border illegally from seeking asylum. >> president trump: i'll put in a major complaint. you cannot win if you're us a case in the ninth circuit and i think it's a disgrace when every person file in the ninth circuit. they know that's not law and what this country stands for. every case that gets filed in the ninth circuit we get beaten and then we end up having to go to the supreme court like the
7:04 am
travel ban and we won. >> sandra: let's bring in our "america's newsroom" a-team. former aid viceor to president obama robert wolff. also brad blakeman and bill mcgurn. the president is blasting the judge. >> he has a case. the ninth sir -- circuit. >> it sounds like the president is pretty upset with this particular ruling. >> i think the president may be vindicated at the supreme court. for one thing he is not trying to deny asylum. what we're trying to do is at the border to get an orderly process to channel people through. i think that's a reasonable goal. you might have different ways to get there but i haven't seen
7:05 am
anyone propose an alternative. what do we do if we don't do this? >> jon: it does seem that the judicial branch has done the -- has taken on the job of administration in this particular ruling. >> worse than that. they're legislating from the bench. they're taking away the power and the checks and balances. they're not upholding the constitution, they're violating it. we're now encouraging people to come to the united states to violate our laws and seek our protection. this is not the way the system works. the president will be vindicated in the supreme court. >> there were two different things going on. the first thing with respect to saudi arabia i thought what was outrageous are the president's comments there are 450 billion to 500 billion of deals we're doing with them and it will increase jobs by hundreds of thousands. a.p. came out and fact checked that. that was inaccurate. 14 1/2 billion and 10,000 jobs. still grate but that's not why you proceed with this type of
7:06 am
non-sanction environment. i agree with what the senate is looking to do. with respect to the asylum process i agree with bill. there is a process. the process has to take place. the president has executive actions that he can change if he thinks it's a threat to the united states. but equally the judge has the right to stop those executive actions and it will likely go to the supreme court and my gut tells me it will be in favor of trump at the supreme court. >> sandra: very interesting. you're in agreement there. want to move on to robert mueller. and the fact that the president has now turned in answers to these questions. is robert mueller done with the president? >> hard to say. one thing about the mueller investigation is it's been leak proof. in a town known for leaking, washington, i would have to say we would know if there was anything more serious than has been known so far. so i think the president is probably done with mueller is what my experience tells me. and the president answered the
7:07 am
questions. these are interrogatories, written questions and won't be deposed. >> jon: we know mueller indicted the 13 russian agents. they didn't contain information about assistance from u.s. persons. doesn't that say that there is no collusion? >> we haven't seen anything on the original collusion. if he does something he may try to do it on obstruction which i don't think is a strong case but stronger than what we've seen so far in the others. i think the reason to speculate that he may be wrapping up is if you are investigating an administration, i think the person at the top is the person you want to ask questions last, right? you presumably had some answers from everyone else. so that sort of suggests that he might be nearing the end. also i mean we heard before the election he may be putting it off. he didn't want to be jim comey and come blundering out right before an election with big news that might effect the election. >> sandra: meanwhile the
7:08 am
president's attorney rudy giuliani. he writes he doesn't have any way to compel testimony on obstruction. executive privilege is strong. it relates to a period of time after he was president. important point to make, brad. alan dershowitz warned about it being a perjury trap all along responded on fox news earlier this morning. >> remember a perjury trap is a trap for the innocent as well as the guilty. you can testify completely honestly all the prosecution needs is one witness to contradict you. if that witness is believed by the prosecutor you have fallen into the trap. >> professor dershowitz is right. i'm a lawyer. you can innocently respond to an interog tore or written demand or testify in person and it can be construed completely differently. and in jeopardy. so i think the president is acting completely right. i think he would be wrong to erode the power of the
7:09 am
presidency and the protections that he is given. so i think he has done everything according to being cooperative. >> there have been indictments against russians and part of the trump campaign. we don't know what mueller knows. we need to let it play out. >> none of the indictments involve collusion or the reason why mueller was appointed in the first place. >> we can't predict where this ising. >> we know what's happened so far. >> people who did an illegal thing against this country or within this country. >> sandra: the questions are when will it come to an end and if there is any evidence of collusion put it out there now. it's been a year and a half going on two years. >> i would like to see it too. >> you were at the obama event yesterday. you know the former president intimately. one of his biggest fundraisers. you were there and the former
7:10 am
president is saying that racism and mommy issues are contributing to lack of progress in the united states in his own words, obama. >> we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues. [laughter] >> sandra: you were there. >> listen, you have to first understand the audience. an audience of about 500 community organizers, civic leaders, and those people that really are about promoting good. there is a fork in the road in this country, it is clear. you can go down this path of isolationism and populism or go down the path of doing good and giving back and civic engagement in community organization. i'll take the path of doing good. who he is speaking to, the
7:11 am
women -- the girls global alliance, the my brothers keeper, a whole group of people that are forming together, young people that want to give back to society. so i think, you know, this little statement was more or less said in what i would say tongue in cheek. >> jon: he didn't name the current president. >> i think it's silly. if we talk about racism, i have a mixed race family, and the identity politics i think is one of the biggest drivers of racism. i would throw that in there if i were president obama and it is telling that he didn't. >> sandra: interesting. >> outraged by it. the first biracial president who missed a great opportunity to bring this country together because of who and what he was. half white and half black. if anybody has mommy issues it's the president. i never heard him talk about his mom, president obama. to allege racism and mommy issues talking about the president is beyond the pale. >> jon: you think that the
7:12 am
president -- the former president, i should say, did not -- well, did not mention his mother deliberately? >> i'm just saying if anybody has -- i've never heard him talk about his mother ever in a public forum. if somebody has mommy issues perhaps he should look at himself. >> i will say into the holiday season you are much better than that and we should be clear. read his two books, all about his upbringing. >> sandra: let's bring the politics back in it. he talks about 2020 and the possibility of o'rourke and what he thinks of him. >> it felt as if he based his statements and positions on what he believed. the reason i was able to make a connection with a sizeable portion of the country is people had a sense that i said what i meant. >> sandra: interesting. he is seen as a rising star in
7:13 am
your party. >> no question. i was quoted on this in the recent "politico" article on him. the excitement around o'rourke is nothing like we've seen since rfk and barack obama. a huge electricity in the air. the grassroots can't wait to support this guy. whether he will run, whether he will be able to get through the primary, whether he could be our next president, we have no idea. but there is no question someone who is literally a democrat that has done that well in texas, there is certainly a national map for him. >> jon: but he lost. >> what will be interesting to see is how does he stay relevant? what does he do? run for office? start a foundation? he will have to keep himself in front of the public eye. what's his next move? >> i agree. also one of the reasons he is attractive and a lot of democrats, including president obama was attractive when he first ran he doesn't have a record really. he is a state senator. people can project on them things that they want and see
7:14 am
what they want to see. many bad years in football and you always hear the coach saying we have a great offensive line, a great quarterback or a great receiver and they would still lose. at the end of the day you have to put points on the board. >> there is something to say just to segue off what bill just said the democratic party has not elected a president since jfk over the age of 52. so they like young aspirational. the republican party has not had someone under the age of 55. so i would agree we like hope, we like change, we like aspiration, we like excitement and, you know, in the republican party the first to experience. we'll see what happens. >> we'll see if the democratic party defers to race for speaker and the leadership. a whole new issue. >> we'll need an hour on that one. >> jon: mcadams is not a
7:15 am
pelosi fan. he was just elected in utah. the acting attorney general matthew whitaker in new york city today focusing on terrorism, national security and the opioid crisis. but also facing new questions about his past employment. david lee miller live at the joint terrorism task force headquarters in lower manhattan with more on that. david. >> jon, the acting attorney general matthew whitaker comes to new york today as new controversies surface regarding his past. according to financial disclosure statements that were released late yesterday whitaker while serving as the executive director of a nonprofit organization was paid over $1.2 million in salary over three years. the group, the foundation for accountability and civic trust stated mission on its tax exempt tax filing says the organization's purpose is to work for accountability, ethics and trance painer see in
7:16 am
government through investigation, research, legal access and the -- according to public documents fact had only one other paid employee, public records tell little about the group's donors while executive director of fact, whitaker was an outspoken critic of the robert mueller, russia investigation. whitaker's critics question how his previous views could impact his role as the acting attorney general who could curtail or limit the scope of mueller's authority. he faces numerous legal challenges. democrats argue his temporary appointment is unconstitutional. because he was never confirmed by the senate. the trump administration says senate approval is not needed under the federal vacancy reform act that lets him keep the job up to 210 days. yesterday president trump was asked if he would consider making whitaker the permanent attorney general. >> president trump: he is doing a very good job. everybody tells me matt whitaker is doing a fantastic job. so we'll have to see where
7:17 am
everything goes. everybody -- everybody tells me he is doing a fantastic job. >> in little more than one hour's time whitaker is going to speak here at the joint terrorism task force headquarters on the subject of national security. jon. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert. a major recall of romaine lettuce in effect across the country. >> we don't know exactly where this product was grown is one or we're seeing the tip of the iceberg of ill people. the number of ill people may well grow substantially. >> sandra: what you need to know to keep your family safe. we'll have a report, a live report coming up on this next. >> jon: also heavy rains could spark another disaster in hard-hit california bringing the threat of flooding and mudslides to the fire zones. more on that next. >> we didn't know for four or
7:18 am
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what? (announcer) save $1,000 from carvana black friday through cyber monday. then go see "ralph breaks the internet," in theatres november 21st.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> jon: fox news alert from new jersey where police are
7:22 am
investigating a quadruple homicide. three bodies found inside a mansion owned by 50-year-old tech company owner hours after fire swept through that house. according to one report, his body was found outside the home with a gunshot wound that does not appear to be self-inflicted. the bodies of his 45-year-old wife, jennifer and their two children discovered inside. >> we're investigating this as an arson. intentional fire. they were burned severely as a result of the fire they were exposed to and making things somewhat challenging with the medical examination that needs to ensue. stay tuned. we'll get there. >> jon: the nearby home of his brother, paul, also the scene of a fire on tuesday. investigators haven't determined if those are related. >> sandra: meanwhile on the california wildfires. crews if butte county are in a race against time searching for
7:23 am
more victims before heavy rains move in sparking fears of flash flooding and mudslides. >> the weather that's expected is definitely going to impact operations. especially during the recovery. i'm working with the sheriff's department and first responders. again we have additional resources out there trying to work ahead of these storms. >> sandra: jeff paul live in paradise, california. jeff, how will the rain impact the search and recovery that's currently in progress? >> sandra, search and recovery teams are working as fast as they can to get through all of these burned-out properties to help identify as many victims involved in this camp fire. they expect the weather to turn. those heavy rains could further complicate efforts out here to identify all victims. now the number of dead currently sits at 81 with the number of unaccounted for also going up where it sits at 870. firefighters are preparing for up to six inches of rain over the next few days.
7:24 am
the rain can help put out the remaining spot fires it can lead to flooding and washing away any evidence of human remains and with the soil being so loose, winds are also a concern for crews adding even more danger to this operation. >> we have a term called look up, look down, look around. each group looks up and watches the trees while the guys are operating. if we start to see them move in a way we're concerned we'll call off the search and bring them to a safe area. >> crews are trying to get the number of unaccounted for down. they say it's a tedious process. in some cases they're finding names are on the list twice or misspelled and some cases when they contact people they don't realize they were on the list and say they left the area well before the fire started. >> sandra: with thanksgiving tomorrow, how are all these people that have been displaced going to deal with the holiday season? >> it's really incredible.
7:25 am
in our drive in today and this morning you can see signs that say paradise strong or paradise will rise again. the people who have lost everything, their spirit is high. we were at the hotel yesterday and you wouldn't even know these people lost everything. their entire houses. it seems like neighbors are helping each other out. those who didn't lose everything are helping those who did. the responders and search and recovery teams and police and we talked about them about thanksgiving. this is what they signed up for and do for a living and they say being here of all places gives them even more appreciation for everything that they have to be thankful for. sandra. >> sandra: jeff paul in paradise, california. we wish all those displaced good luck. >> jon: president trump's decision to stand behind saudi arabia following the murder of jamal khashoggi is drawing fire from republicans and democrats. >> sandra: the president moving the russia investigation forward submitting those written answers to robert mueller's questions.
7:26 am
we've got new reaction to that and more from today's headliner. ari fleischer will join us next.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
in baltimore, a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one,
7:30 am
we have the power to create better futures for us all. >> sandra: president trump speaking to reporters yesterday before leaving for florida for the holiday weekend saying he submitted answers to the questions from the special counsel robert mueller. ending one chapter in the russia investigation. catherine herridge is in washington with what is happening now on this, catherine. >> good morning. the president's legal team issued a brief statement confirming the president's written responses are with special counsel robert mueller. the questions dealt with russia-related topics and not the firing of james comey as part of any obstruction investigation, quote, it has been our position from the outset that much of what has been asked raises serious constitutional issues and beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry rudy giuliani said. it remains our position today. the president has nonetheless
7:31 am
provided unprecedented cooperation. president's legal team emphasized that so far they've provided more than 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of records and now the president's written responses. shortly before the confirmation from his legal team the president fielded reporter questions on the white house lawn. >> president trump: the written answers to the witch hunt that has been going on forever. no collusion, no nothing. they've been finished. i finished them yesterday. the lawyers have them. i assume they'll turn them in today or soon. >> the president also gave a very public defense for his choice to lead the justice department, matt whitaker. he oversees the russia investigation. >> sandra: is this the end of the mueller probe? >> well, a leading constitutional law expert jonathan turley told fox news it may not be the end if there
7:32 am
are inconsistencies between the president's answers and previous testimony in the hands of the special counsel. in an op-ed turley wrote if trump answers with any specificity his responses will be overlaid with the testimony of a host of cooperating witnesses. from former national security advisor michael flynn to former trump fixer michael cohen. the statements by trump, if they don't match up congress will be left with a choice of who is lying on the issue. a republican says he believes robert mueller wanted the written answers but will not be finished until he gets to sit down face-to-face and ask the president questions. >> that is to say they're not looking for a criminal act in seeing who caused it. they are looking to see if president trump did anything wrong. i think we're at the point they'll wrap it up but press for an interview. >> folks close to the trump legal team have indicated to fox news that they felt if
7:33 am
mueller had a strong case against the president or circumstantial case he would have issued a subpoena to force the issue of an in-person interview but it hasn't been the case as of yet. >> jon: for more on this let's bring in our headliner ari fleischer, if you were in this white house, would you consider the danger has passed now? the answers are in, mueller has his paperwork? >> i would guess that the process is likely coming to an end but the conclusion of that process would have me scared to death because you still don't know. you just don't know what bob mueller is going to decide. if he decides he has a legal case, a criminal case, impeachable case he can make it. if he says there is no collusion and has no case you're home free. but nobody knows other than bob mueller. >> sandra: but still you've had alan dershowitz and others lay out the fact a perjury trap is
7:34 am
for the innocent as well as the guilty. so just because the written questions -- the answers have been turned in doesn't mean that robert mueller may not still want and need to sit down with the president and have him answer questions face-to-face. that could still happen, right? >> that's my point, sandra. every expert on the outside has their expertise. i value it. the truth is, nobody knows what bob mueller will decide to do and nobody knows what bob mueller knows and what he has gathered and what contradictions he has or hasn't found or anybody else is in his radar. that's the fact with one of these prosecutions. unless you're on the team it is expert guesswork. if i was on the inside i would still be nervous until you hear from bob mueller. nobody knows what the path is other than that man. >> jon: the president's team seems confident. rudy giuliani is one of his
7:35 am
lawyers, rudy giuliani in an interview with axios said. i don't think they have any evidence of collusion of any kind. i think their obstruction case as a legal matter doesn't exist. so again the white house exuding confidence here. >> and i think that's to be expected. if you are innocent that's what you do convey. to me it's entirely credible particularly on the collusion side. if there was evidence of collusion it would have leaked a long time ago. the obstruction issue is an opinion. if the president's lawyers say there is no case for collusion, that's their opinion. they are entitled to it and a well-grounded opinion. the only opinion that matters is bob mueller. if his opinion is he has seen evidence of obstruction he can move on that front. that's why again i'm not indicating it is one way or the other. i'm just saying if you're in
7:36 am
the seats of power next to the president and want protect the president you don't know and you must wait for bob mueller. if he comes out and does what the administration is telling us no collusion, no obstruction, donald trump is home free and a huge number of people will owe him a huge number of apologies for putting him and the nation through this mess. >> sandra: we'll see if and when it happens. a lot of talk about this "washington post" report about ivanka trump and the use of her private email to conduct official government business. her lawyer is hitting back against what they're calling misinformation that is being pedaled in the press alleging that hundreds of emails were sent on that private email. the newspaper story, when you go through it, cites people familiar with records, reviewed them amid the public records lawsuit still contain no indication that any of the emails contained classified or sensitive government material. reaction pouring in including the president. he weighed in ahead of leaving
7:37 am
for mar-a-lago yesterday. >> president trump: ivanka did some emails. they weren't classified like hillary clinton. they weren't deleted like hillary clinton. what ivanka did is all in the presidential records. everything is there. there was no deletion, there was no nothing. what it is s is false story. hillary clinton had a server in the basement and deleted 33,000 emails. that's the real story. >> sandra: there are important distinctions to be made here, ari. >> look, this is nothing compared to what hillary did, that's an invalid comparison. the issue here is ivanka's behavior, forget hillary. was it appropriate, inappropriate, right or wrong. go to the facts and use common sense. the we're talking about hundreds of emails sent, i receive 200 to 300 emails a day and send 50 to 100. let's say now it's hundreds, 500 were sent.
7:38 am
that means for 10 days she sent emails. 10 days? i think that's entirely reasonable in a transition for somebody who didn't know the rules to try to learn what the rules are. if it was me i never would have sent one on a personal email. i worked in the white house and i know better. somebody from the outside if they did it for 10 days that's not trying to get around a system. that's getting ready and learning the system and obeying the rules. so use some common sense here. if this was thousands of tens of thousands you have a pattern that lasted a long time to get around the rules. it doesn't sound like that to me. >> jon: let me turn your attention to the situation regarding saudi arabia. the president is clearly not in the mood to implicate mohammed bin salman in the murder of this journalist. even though the c.i.a. has pretty conclusively decided he was behind that murder. what do you say about the president's stance here, ari?
7:39 am
>> you know, i think frankly this is what an outsider president is capable of doing and he is doing essentially what all predecessors would have done but using different words to do it. 50, 60 years the united states and saudi arabia have had an uneasy friendship. marked by a lot of tolerance of things that are not western and modern and things we don't like but we accept it. in this case the president just put out a raw statement that contained no values, nothing about enduring american values, right or wrong, things of that nature. i wish he had spoken different life but he is right. president trump is right particularly given iran. there are other strategic interests here. what do the critics want? beyond the sanctions the president, they want us to break relations with saudi arabia and want us to topple saudi arabia and dictate what the succession should be in saudi arabia. i have yet to hear the critics say what donald trump should do. i think he is trying to
7:40 am
maintain the strategic bigger picture in the middle east knowing the saudis and many nations around the world do abhorrent things. are we severing ties to russia and china? are we severing ties to one-third of the african nations that engage in abhorrent behavior? it's a tough issue. i think the president is doing the right thing and using the wrong words to do it. >> sandra: thank you very much for coming on the program on this wednesday before the holiday. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> sandra: enjoy. meanwhile on that note a food safety alert just in time for the holiday. check your refrigerator for romaine lettuce. the cdc is saying don't eat it. we eat a lot of this stuff. what's wrong with it? >> it's a big issue, sandra, the alert from the cdc is unusually stark in its warnings
7:41 am
saying quote cdc is advising that u.s. consumers not eat any romaine lettuce and retailers and restaurants not serve or sell any. they are also advising that all remain that any consumer has being thrown out including salad mixes and shelves or drawers where it might have been stored should be washed and sanitized. the cdc says the bad romaine can lead to e-coli infections. 35 people have become sick in the latest outbreak from october 8 to october 31. of those 32, 13 have been hospitalized with one patient suffering a form of kidney failure. it is important to point out this is a separate outbreak to the outbreak that lasted from march to june of this year. 210 cases were identified in that outbreak across 36 states
7:42 am
and five people died. then the outbreak was traced to yuma, arizona, this warning is unusually broad because the cdc has not at this point been able to identify where the infected romaine is coming from. >> fda is trying to determine the source of the romaine lettuce but right now there has been no common grower, supplier, or brand of romaine lettuce. so we want people to not eat or buy any romaine lettuce. that includes whole head romaine, hearts of romaine, romaine that could be in a salad mix while our investigation continues. also if you don't know if your lettuce is romaine lettuce, don't eat it. >> bottom line, do not eat any romaine anywhere, sandra. >> sandra: got it. jonathan hunt, happy thanksgiving. >> jon: what a mystery. green arrows on wall street today. that's good news after
7:43 am
yesterday's losses. stocks climbing after a couple of days worth of losses, really. making money host charles payne joins us next on what the markets can tell us about the future of this country's economy. oriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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>> sandra: markets in the green after a big loss yesterday. the past two days, i should say. the dow opening higher after closing down 552 points yesterday over concerns about trade and the big technology companies. and now here is charles payne the host of making money. i hope i said the dow finished down over 550 points yesterday. here we are in the green this morning. up 90 points. it's a holiday-shortened week. what is the big picture now negative for the year? >> the big picture are the unknowns more than anything else. what's coming up. this month we may get some of them addressed. for me the biggest issue is the federal reserve. president trump is right with
7:48 am
respect to jay powell. he made a speech on october 3. everyone go to october 3 and see where the market was that day and see where it's gone since then. we're afraid people in the market who really understand the market that the fed could crush this because the fed has the power. the fed -- what the fed can do to the economy is a million times more impactful than tariffs. >> sandra: why would the markets be worried about the feds' next move? >> what the fed did to save the economy under president obama was create money and pushed it into the economy. but to bring us back. now they want to take it back. they're taking $50 billion a year out of the economy on top of that they're making rates higher so it will cost more money to get a car, cost more money to buy a house, more money to start a business. so all of those things at the same time can really have an amazing negative impact on our economy and certainly in the
7:49 am
stock market. >> jon: larry kudlow, chief economic advisor is his title, says he doesn't see problems down the road. listen to what he had to say. >> the basic economy has reawakened and it is going to stay there. i'm reading some of the weirdest stuff how recession is around the corner, nonsense. my personal view our administration's view, recession is so far in the distance i can't see it. >> sandra: wow. no worries there. >> i don't see it next year or the year after. the problem is what people are saying oil prices. oil dropped 28% in less than a month. we had supply and demand but some could be implications but more than the u.s. economy. what larry is saying we look at 7 million job openings and wages going up and u.s. productivity and all of the underpinning of the economy they don't turn on a dime.
7:50 am
typically success builds success. i agree we have a strong economic momentum. it is not so strong there is no fragility. housing has been a weak point. so these are the things that again gets back there is only one person out there, one entity that can crush this right now and that's the federal reserve. >> sandra: you often hear larry kudlow say give it a chance and let the economy breathe. we'll watch the markets. >> we need to let it all work out. it's our job to watch it minute to minute and sometimes too much. thanks a lot, guys. >> jon: up next your thanksgiving dinner may be hot but the weather outside chilly in the northeast. turkey day forecast coming up. now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation.
7:51 am
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>> jon: just about everybody loves a white christmas, a bitterly cold thanksgiving not so much. that's the forecast for millions of americans, especially those in the northeast. we have the holiday forecast from the fox weather center. >> bad news if you talk about the frigid air. currently hiding up in portions of northern canada. it is all about to fall down
7:55 am
into portions of the united states over the next couple of days. these are the current windchills getting into the negative 30s in some spots. not quite that cold but some cold air is on the way. forecasted highs for today not bad. 46 degrees to 44 degrees in new york. 42 degrees in boston. look how these numbers drop as we go into thanksgiving. falling down to 29 degrees, 22, 26 degrees. if you run upstate new york some spots temperatures in the teens. these are just the actual temperatures. there will be a lot of wind with this also and you start to get the windchill feels-like temperatures. that's where it is absolutely frigid. this is your windchill forecast. this is a forecast model. i can put it in motion. pay attention to the numbers as they drop getting down to 0, negative 1 in boston. single digits in new york city. 19° in d.c. if you run farther inland in new england a lot of negative temperatures will linger
7:56 am
through those areas. absolutely frigid in some of those spots. if we get there in new york city and you get in central park that could be the second coldest for actual temperature. the second coldest thanksgiving forecast we've ever seen. with that there is wind. it will be a frigid day across the northeast. >> jon: bundle up if you come to the city for the big parade. adam, thank you. >> sandra: warm up the hot chocolate. ahead much more on the fallout after president trump refuses to condemn the saudi crown prince for the murder of the columnist jamal khashoggi as his secretary of state stands behind the president's decision. psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis,
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and you get coverage options to choose from. you're ruining my workout. cycling is my passion. >> sandra: new fallout from the president's decision to maintain ties with the kingdom of saudi arabia in the wake of the killing of columnist jamal khashoggi. the move sparking strong reaction from both sides of the aisle. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. lawmakers on the right and left raising concerns over president trump's decision to stand by saudi arabia and its crown prince mohammed bin salman. despite the white house decision lindsey graham will not work with the crown prince. >> saudi arabia needs us more than we need them. it's not too much to ask an ally not to butcher a guy in a consulate. this is not world war ii. i'm not going to look away at mbs did.
8:01 am
i look at it an historic opportunity to tell the people in the mideast there is a new sheriff in town. if you disrespect us and trample over civilized norms you'll pay a price. >> jon: kevin corke joins us live with more. so why has the white house decided to side with the saudis? >> well, i think frankly, jon, a couple things. on the one hand you heard the president say himself there is no absolute certainty as to who was behind the murder of the saudi national, the journalist jamal khashoggi who had his work appear in the "washington post". i think the other thing is there is a sense you don't want to wreck u.s. interests in the region strategic and financial when you consider iran and their position in that part of the world and how important saudi arabia has been and as i pointed out financial. let me go to twitter and share a bit of what the president had to say about the saudi kingdom today which seems to go into
8:02 am
the direction of our financial interests. he wrote this. oil prices getting lower, great. like a big tax cut for america and the world. enjoy, $54 was just $82. thank you to saudi arabia but let's go lower. now this comes, jon, amid growing consensus that the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman may have orchestrated khashoggi's murder. something that he has strongly and repeatedly denied. and the president, despite analysis from the intel community, isn't ready to blame riyadh. >> president trump: they didn't make a determination. it is like i said. maybe he did, maybe he didn't. they did not make that assessment. the c.i.a. has looked at it and studied it a lot. they have nothing definitive and the fact is maybe he did, maybe he didn't. >> you and i have talked about this. over on capitol hill there is very strong disagreement over
8:03 am
the u.s.'s position in this particular case. you mentioned lindsey graham. let me show you this from rand paul. he is also disappointed with the administration's unwillingness to harshly criticize the saudis. he says i'm pretty sure this statement, talking about the white house statement, is saudi arabia first, not america first. also pretty sure john bolton wrote it. so some sharp elbows in the nation's capital over this one. >> jon: "the new york times" is reporting the president wanted his department of justice to prosecute hillary clinton and james comey. why? >> well listen, he is not the only one in washington who believes that either or both comey and clinton may have actually broken the law and maybe he is asking the question it has been suggested to me by white house officials why wouldn't the d.o.j. investigate something like that? why wouldn't they at a minimum try to get to the bottom of it? this is problematic, jon, if
8:04 am
you think about how washington works. because there is a learning curve, granted, when you are a president. maybe you don't know that there are dangers in this town talking about washington politics and so you can't just sort of have bluster about things that should happen or maybe things you feel like might happen. but i also think fairly speaking that doesn't necessarily rise to the level of a specific command. still this is important, jon, make no mistake about it, if the president said it, it is deadly serious and it would appear that then white house counsel don mcgahn thought enough of the threat or possibility there of to pen a warning if it was thought the president was using the full weight of the department of justice to pursue his political enemies. and you and i have talked about that on a number of occasions, not just with this president. there have been suggestions of president obama had done that. so you want to be very, very careful and certainly don mcgahn was. as for the day here in south
8:05 am
florida, the president out on the golf course as well i would be if i weren't working. back to you. >> jon: sounds like a good day to do that. it is getting chilly in the northeast. kevin corke, thank you. >> sandra: onto the fox news alert. questions answered. president trump submitting written responses to special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation causing his attorneys to call for the end to the probe. catherine herridge is live with more on this. >> this morning there is a mixed legal assessment with a former prosecutor telling fox news the data points indicate the special counsel investigation is now winding down. >> the other things we see are, for example, special counsel mueller is evidently going to allow general flynn to be sentenced, looks like manafort is heading toward sentencing. i can tell you as an experienced former prosecutor if you are intending to bring another big case and you think you have these witnesses who
8:06 am
would be cooperating witnesses in that case, you don't let them get sentenced. >> a leading constitutional law expert is focused on inconsistencies in the president's written answers arguing it may lead to persistent legal exposure. if trump answers with specificity his responses will be overlaid with the testimony of a host of cooperating witnesses. former national security advisor michael flynn to michael cohen. if statements by trump don't match up congress will be left with a stark choice over who is lying on the issue. yesterday the president's legal team issued this brief statement confirming the president's written responses are now with special counsel robert mueller. significantly the questions dealt with russia-related topic and not the firing of former f.b.i. director james comey that might be part of any obstruction investigation. it has been our position from the outset that much of what
8:07 am
has been asked raises serious constitutional issues and beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry rudy giuliani wrote. this remains our position today. the president has nonetheless provided unprecedented cooperation. the legal team also emphasized that to date they have provided more than 30 witnesses on a voluntary basis, more than 1.4 million records, and now the president's written responses. shortly before the confirmation from his legal team the president fielded reporter questions on the white house lawn. >> president trump: the written answers to the witch hunt that has been going on forever. no collusion, no nothing, they've been finished. i finished them yesterday. the lawyers have them. i assume they'll turn them in today or soon. >> the other thing we're watching today is really the first public policy speech from the acting attorney general matt whitaker. he is in new york city speaking to the joint terrorism task force on national security matters. whitaker, of course, is central to this because he now oversees
8:08 am
the robert mueller investigation. that position was previously held by the deputy attorney general who was passed over to temporarily lead the department, sandra. >> sandra: thank you. >> jon: for more on all of this let's bring in senior writer at the weekly standard john mccormack. let's start with the president's decision on saudi arabia, john. he is taking a lot of heat for standing by mohammed bin salman even though the c.i.a. has concluded there is pretty good likelihood that bin salman was behind the murder of jamal khashoggi. >> i think there are a few problems with the president's statement. the first is that the c.i.a. has reportedly determined with a high degree of confidence that mohammed bin salman was behind this murder. president trump cast doubt on american intelligence. thals not in the american or national interest. the decision to not cut off all arms sales to saudi arabia is defensible. a wise decision but i think the president has cast this false
8:09 am
choice between all or nothing. the idea we would have to completely cut off ties or cut off arm sales to saudi arabia or doing nothing. that is the way he framed it. there are measures that could have been taken, some diplomatic price could have been paid, some economic price could have been paid. the president has chosen to impose no sanction, no price on mohammed bin salman. it was a statement of weakness, not strength. the premise was if we did anything, made him pay any price it would jeopardize american interests as if we're the junior partner here and we have more to lose than they do. so i do think those were a few different problems with his statement. president trump for whatever reason seems to believe that you need to almost actively praise brutal dictators like kim jong-un to have a working relationship with them. obviously there are times you need to make hard headed decisions but you can still speak the truth about human dignity, human rights.
8:10 am
president reagan knew how to do that. president trump either doesn't know how to do that or doesn't want to. >> jon: the newspaper that covers the nation's business doesn't seem to think much of the president's approach. >> from mr. trump's point of view it can be reduced to arms deals, oils and iran. that is crass, no other word suffices. you are saying the president should have reached out, done something to punish the saudis for what happened here. >> yeah. i think there should have been some price. i agree with the journal in particular the president's remarks about the number of jobs and the amount of money the united states is going to get from these arms deals was crass and grotesque, the united states has a strategic alliance based on the national interest with saudi arabia and it would be foolish to completely end that over this but again some price could have been paid by mohammed bin salman.
8:11 am
the president has chosen to make him pay no price. >> jon: let's turn our attention to the mueller investigation and the president having answered some of robert mueller's questions on paper. rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer, was speaking to the axios news site and said this. any question he has on obstruction the president has given the answers if interviews, tweets. other witnesses have given to him, meaning mueller and the law requires if you're going to subpoena a president you have to show that you can't get the information anywhere else. rudy giuliani seems to think that the president has -- is avoiding any future trouble. any indictment, impeachment, any of those things from the mueller investigation. >> well, if what rudy e giuliani it will make it difficult for democrats who hope to impeach him. democrats won the house but they did so while running away
8:12 am
from impeachment. joe biden said they shouldn't go after impeachment. nancy pelosi just in the past week sort of mocked those who are interested in impeachment. robert mueller will have to reveal something new and substantial. we should wait to see what the facts are. but if what rudy giuliani said is true, that nothing that he revealed in the questions and answers is anything that he hasn't already tweeted or said or hasn't been reported in the news, this isn't going to be enough for democrats to go down the road of impeachment. >> jon: does robert mueller have to come up with some kind of collusion case to justify the whole investigation with which he was charged? >> no. he was charged with investigating russia interference and anything that came out of that. they've indicted a lot of russians who did meddle in this election and found other crimes that have been committed and he is pursuing also obstruction charges. these investigations can go off in a different direction, just
8:13 am
ask bill clinton when the first investigation started about whitewater and ended up with monica lewinsky. we shouldn't make any determination until the report is actually out. >> jon: john mccormack, "the weekly standard". thank you. >> sandra: nancy pelosi picking up a key endorsement in her bid to become house speaker. who is backing her now and how that support could impact the effort to oppose her speakership? >> jon: plus as house democrats look to investigate ivanka's trumps use of a personal email account in the white house. the president is defending her. there is a difference between her case and the one he made a rallying cry. >> president trump: no deleting like hillary clinton did. no server in the basement like hillary clinton had. you are talking about all fake news. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces
8:14 am
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8:18 am
oversight committee. thank you for your time this morning. where do you stand on what should happen? we heard from your colleague trey gowdy. where do you stand on what should happen next based on what we're learning about ivanka trump and her use of private email for government business? >> i support chairman gowdy's position on this. our job is to gather data and records. you are subject to oversight any time you are using your personal email to conduct any form of government business. now, i know my friends on the left are running around with their hair on fire right now but so far as we know there is no secret server in the bathroom. no acid watch or bleaching going on. not to rehash it. this was about hillary clinton's human struggle in life to tell the truth. >> sandra: you are clearly marking the distinction between what has been reported about her use of an email and hillary clinton's use of a private email server which was thousands of emails that we're
8:19 am
referencing versus the hundreds here. you think it's reasonable to request more information. >> it's our job and part of the house oversight and government reform. it's what we do. right now it's record keeping and data collecting. we'll get the information and follow through on it. whether it's republican or democrat that's our position to follow through on such matters. >> sandra: we talked to ari fleischer earlier on this and his sentiment was similar and made the point to use common sense here based on what we're hearing and what is reported. listen. >> use some common sense here. if it was tens of thousands you have a real pattern that lasted a long time if we're trying to get around the rules. this sure doesn't sound like that to me. >> sandra: we'll see where this goes. where does this go next the latest in the democrat leadership fight. nancy pelosi wants that gavel again. what do you see happening next when it comes to democrat leadership in the house?
8:20 am
>> well, i saw that where she picked up an endorsement from former president obama just yesterday. we're not surprised that a lot of moderate democrats do not want nancy pelosi as their speaker due to her hard left progressive policies. but i look forward to working with our conference chair, liz cheney and continuing to get our message of strong defense, specifically in the areas of poverty. one data point, 10 to 12 million people under the obama administration were driven into poverty. in the last year and a half we've been able to rescue 4 million of those due to great economic policies. liz cheney will do a great job and support her and making sure that people understand the good news that we're trying to accomplish as republicans in d.c. >> sandra: i want to ask you about what is next when it comes to matthew whitaker, the acting a.g. a lot of criticism there over the past and what he has said about the robert mueller probe. house republicans meanwhile urging house majority leader
8:21 am
kevin mccarthy -- and other house republicans calling on the president to name john ratcliffe attorney general. where do you stand on that and what more can you tell us? >> listen, i have no closer friend in the house than john ratcliffe. it goes well beyond a friendship. if you look at his vast experience, we would not know about some of the d.o.j. and f.b.i. abuses had it not been some of his questioning with comey and strzok. this guy is not timid yet measured in his comments. this is the kind of individual i believe that's the integrity and character to fill such a position. i certainly join kevin mccarthy and many others who would recommend john ratcliffe for attorney general to the president. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning, sir. have a good holiday. >> you too, thanks. >> jon: fox news alert. thousands of immigrants at the door of the united states. according to dhs thousands more are headed this way.
8:22 am
what homeland security secretary kristjen nielsen is saying about the caravans. a live report ahead. in baltimore, a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power
8:23 am
to create better futures for us all.
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>> sandra: heavy rain forecast for devastated california where crews are searching for victims of the wildfires. rain is welcome but also brings a threat of more problems to come. cal fire officials warn of potential flash flooding and deadly mudslides adding to the destruction and blocking efforts to find hundreds of people who are still unaccounted for. updates on "america's newsroom" as the rain moves in. >> jon: this fox news alert. a stern message sent to migrant caravans. homeland security secretary saying they will not get into our country illegally.
8:26 am
thousands are making the trip to the u.s./mexico border planning to claim asylum when they get there. secretary kristjen nielsen calling it a crisis. >> the reality is there are currently over 6,200 individuals camped out south of the u.s. border in tijuana today as i stand here. in other places there are more than 3,000 caravan members. the crisis is real and just on the other side of this wall. >> jon: casey stiegel live in dallas with the latest. >> the secretary's comments there as you know come on the heels of that federal court ruling essentially halting the president's proclamation, the one the president signed in response to that caravan. basically stating that they and others could not claim asylum unless they entered the united states through an authorized port of entry.
8:27 am
well, that federal judge out in california disagreed saying in part from the ruling and i'm quoting here, whatever the scope of the president's authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that congress has expressly forbidden. then the president weighed in. >> president trump: the ninth circuit is really something we have to take a look at. because it's not fair. you people know better than anybody what is happening. it's a disgrace. in my opinion it's a disgrace. >> the ruling came from the u.s. district court in san francisco, the ninth circuit is the appellate court in california that hears cases from nine western state. as the judicial side plays out roughly 5900 active duty troops will spend their holiday deployed and working along the entire southern border. working with customs and border
8:28 am
protection and u.s. border patrol. the bulk of those soldiers are based in texas because the rio grande valley is known as the epicenter that has the highest number of apprehensions when it comes to the smuggling of people, weapons and drugs into the homeland. >> jon: casey stiegel in dallas. stick around. at the bottom of the hour we'll get reaction from the former acting director tom hoe man. >> sandra: president trump getting heat on all sides. >> president trump: it's a complex situation, it's a shame. it is what it is. the c.i.a. has looked at it and studied it allot. they have nothing definitive. ig.
8:29 am
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ito address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361. >> sandra: wall street hoping stocks bounce back a little bit here today ahead of the holiday
8:32 am
break. yesterday's massive sell-off still weighing on the mind of investors. it was more than a 550 point drop for the dow and now a little bit of a recovery here today. triple digit gain on the dow up 170 points. all of this as white house economic advisor larry kudlow dismiss is concerns about the economy saying, quote, the recession is so far in the distance i can't see it. and that has been his message all along. he maintains that the growth that we have seen in the u.s. economy is sustainable. so we'll see. there is a little worry right now and charles payne was on with us earlier talking about the worries about the fed. maria bartiromo seems optimistic. we had her in the 9:00 based on what she is hearing that the economic growth continues. the stock market might be taking a break but it can continue as well. >> jon: it was the big tech companies that took the market on the big upswing and now they've taken it on the down swing, too.
8:33 am
>> sandra: facebook, amazon. a lot of retailers are in focus heading into the shopping season. target missed expectations but their outlook was pretty positive. we'll see how it plays out. the dow enjoying a nice gain at the moment. more outrage after president trump decides not to punish the saudi crown prince as we learn more details of the killing of jamal khashoggi. turkey accusing the u.s. of turning a blind eye to human rights violations, the president defending his decision. >> president trump: america first for me. it's all about america first. we aren't going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia, china and everybody else have them. it's simple for me, america first. >> sandra: benjamin hall live with more reaction to this. benjamin. >> hi, sandra, president trump's statement yesterday was intended to be the final word on this. he said as you heard there why
8:34 am
for him national security is more important than anything else but also we're seeing major backlash in the u.s. and now abroad. while that statement was being given the turkish foreign minister was in washington meeting with secretary pompeo soon after it was announced. he said that the killing of khashoggi should not be covered up for the sake of maintaining trade ties with saudi arabia. >> this is a humanitarian issue. it is a murder. we cannot say our trade will increase. let's cover it up. let's ignore it. >> other politicians in turkey accuse the u.s. of turning a blind eye to the murder saying they would push for an international investigation. there was also a response from iran. the foreign minister tweeting mr. trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of everything he can think of. perhaps we're also responsible for the california fires. the white house has always viewed saudi arabia as a key
8:35 am
partner on all middle east issues and many now wonder if following this statement saudi arabia will be working even closer with the u.s. towards issues such as palestinian peace deals, the yemeni cease-fire. pushing back against iran and lowering oil prices. that cooperation is what people will be looking for now when it comes to the israeli/palestinian peace deal which we expect to get more information on in the coming months. saudi arabia a key player in that as so many other issues. people watching to see if the cooperation between the two countries will grove as a result. sandra -- grow as a result. >> jon: let's bring in peter brookes from the national security affairs area and also former deputy assistant secretary of defense. i want to play more of the president talking about this decision he has made regarding saudi arabia and then i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> president trump: i'm not going to tell a country that is
8:36 am
spending hundreds of billions of dollars and has helped me do one thing very importantly, keep oil prices down so that they're not going to $100 and $150 a barrel. right now we have oil prices in great shape. i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia. >> jon: it comes down to economics for the president. what do you think of that decision, peter? >> look, this is a very tough situation the president laid that out. it is a terrible human tragedy and a terrible political crisis as well for the united states and even beyond the united states, internationally. it will be very difficult for the administration to walk a line on this. we need to stand up for human rights. we need to be concerned about authoritarianism in the middle east. but there is also a number of other issues as you are wealth aware.
8:37 am
iranian expansion. middle east peace process. saudi arabia's role countering violent extremism. there are a lot of issues. it is not easy at all. retoreically it will be difficult to deal with this. congress is not going to allow this to be the end of the story. i don't think it is. congress sent letters to the president, especially the senate foreign relations committee asking the administration to act on the global magnitsky act that could require action against the crown prince. so this story is not over by any stretch and it will be very difficult for the united states and international community to manage this considering the challenges we face. >> jon: the magnitsky act is named after a russian lawyer who died while in custody for viewers who may not know. a lot of vladimir putin's political enemies end up dead and yet you don't have members of congress right now rallying to break off relations with russia. is there sometimes a double standard in washington on these
8:38 am
issues? >> we have to be very cautious not to politicize this issue, right? and that's a lot of the commentators i've seen from the political sphere have offered a lot of criticism and very little advice or ways to deal with it. they understand in their heart of hearts that this is a very difficult situation. and some action has already been taken. the united states has sanctioned some under the magnitsky act. some have been accused. not the crown prince so far. arm sales could be on the table but the challenge here is because of the challenges we face internationally in this world that seems to be in such tumult that we have to also look at our national security interests as we go forward on this, at the same time looking at us as a beacon of human rights and democracy in the
8:39 am
world. >> jon: they said saudi arabia is a bull wark and iran and its interests. >> it's a mean, nasty world out there. the middle east in particular. there are important american interests to keep the american people safe. the united states will continue to have a relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia. they are important partner of ours. we have will do that with the kingdom of saudi arabia, its people. that is the commitment that the president has made today. it's that straight forward. >> jon: it sounds as though you essentially agree with the secretary of state's point. >> yes, i think so. i didn't see everything. i saw your clip there. i didn't see everything he said about it but yes, this is very difficult. when you look around the world, we have to deal with russia and china. look at the human rights situation in china. a quarter of the world's people that live under a repressive regime over there. but yes it's a terrible human
8:40 am
tragedy. there are things that can be done and i think the administration will act on that. they are still gathering information, i think. we heard about the c.i.a. assessment. we didn't see it. we're getting it through second hand sources on what it said. this is very complex but it is a terrible human tragedy and a terrible political crisis for the united states. i don't think we've seen the end of the story and the actions that the united states and others may take as well. what are others doing on this issue that are criticizing us at the same time that they are -- they may be not doing as much themselves. >> jon: peter brookes at the heritage foundation. >> sandra: president trump not backing down after a federal judge blocks his decision to deny illegal immigrants asylum. what this means as we move closer to a showdown at the border. >> president trump: these are tough people that are coming in. now i understand they have 500
8:41 am
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>> president trump: every case that gets filed in the ninth circuit we get beaten and we end up having to go to the supreme court like the travel ban and we won. in my opinion, it's a disgrace what happens with the ninth circuit.
8:45 am
we'll win that case in the supreme court. >> sandra: president trump vowing to take his fight to the supreme court after a federal judge issues a nationwide injunction as the president wants to deny asylum to those who illegally cross the border. let's bring in former ice acting director thomas homan. we chat often and something tells me you aren't surprised at all by this judge's decision. >> no, two weeks ago i told you this would happen. when the president first came out i was asked by fox news how long it would take to get a lawsuit. i said within 24 to 48 hours. the ninth circuit has shown over and over again that they don't believe in the rule of law. look, the reason the caravan is here to begin with, we have one ninth circuit court judge says we can't detain families more than 20 days. we have another ninth circuit judge you can't separate families. we have another one now saying you can violate laws of this
8:46 am
country. enter this country illegally, which is a crime. for those who want to look it up it's a crime to enter this country illegally. your own cameras were inside the caravan many folks saying they've been deported once before and coming back. when you reenter the united states after being deported once that's a felony. we have more than 500 criminals in the group. we open the gates. now you can enter illegally, get the same due process as those who come through the port of entry doing it the right way. >> sandra: i know you believe this judge's ruling and the effect it will have, you believe that it will have negative consequences in that it will encourage others to follow. >> absolutely. when we fought the case on the florida settlement agreement keeping families in detention more than 20 days my affidavit read if we can only keep families less than 20 days we'll surge illegal entry of family units. i was called a fear mongerer. unfortunately i was right.
8:47 am
numbers of families surged. there will be more caravans instead of waiting if line like they were going to do in the safety and security of a port of entry protected by law enforcement. now more caravans come, enter illegally. put themselves in the hands of criminal organizations. bank roll smuggling organizations and drug cartels who control the corridors coming to the border and women will be raped, people will die crossing the border. children will drown. people will be misused by the criminal organizations as we've seen over and over again. how many people have died at the hands of these criminals. we put them out of the safety of a port of entry and tell them it's okay to enter illegally and hire a criminal organization. >> sandra: those are very dire warnings there about the consequences of this decision. i know that you've got the ear of the president and we heard the president just a few moments ago vowing immediate action on this. he says that he will put in a major complaint about the court. this could go to the supreme court. does ultimately the
8:48 am
administration win this case, thomas? >> i think they do. if you look at the justification he used for this proclamation 212f the legal justification as he used for the travel ban which he won in the supreme court. people in the ninth circuit won't get relief from them. you appeal to the supreme court. the problem is, it will take months. in that months more people will come to this country illegally and violate our laws. congress has failed to close the loopholes. they failed to give ice enough funding to detain these people. it will be a surge until we get it fixed with the supreme court. >> sandra: the caravan moves closer to our southern border. what ultimately will that showdown look like when and if it happens, thomas? >> well thousands of professional law enforcement officers. the border patrol is american patriots. stands on the front line and
8:49 am
they'll handle it well. but the thing we have to do and the president has said they'll do. we have to detain these people. if they want due process we'll give them due process. we'll put them in front of a judge but we have to detain them until we see a judge because 85 to 90% will lose their cases based on recent data. when they get a final order removal get on a plane and go home that sends a strong message to central america. >> sandra: i think earlier it's important to point out we've heard a lot of legal experts weighing in on this but alan dershowitz was on fox news earlier this morning talking about how this asylum case is different than the travel ban case, an important distinction to be made here, final thoughts after this. >> it is not like the travel ban. the travel ban the president was explicitly authorized by statute. on asylum the president doesn't have that authority. statutorily but he has the broad constitutional authority to control our borders. >> sandra: in this joint
8:50 am
statement by homeland security and the justice department they say the supreme court has already shown the president had the legal right to restrict asylum. final thought from you. >> look, it goes back to 212f of the statute. congress has given the president authority to do this. i'm not a lawyer. i'm certainly not as smart as mr. dershowitz but being in this came for 34 years i certainly know the statute. i think we'll ultimately prevail on this and i hope we prevail and quickly. the government needs to appeal as quick as possible and get it fixed. in the meantime, we -- congress needs to fix the loopholes. congress is watching this game. they could fix this tomorrow if they want to. a lot of this is congress failure to act. >> sandra: thomas homan, thank you for coming on this morning. >> jon: airports and passengers are bracing for delays. a number of people flying up more than 5% from last thanksgiving. your holiday travel report straight ahead. - [narrator] if you want serious cleaning
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8:55 am
positions and keep the lines moving. tsa is asking people to get to the airports early. >> we recommend that you arrive at least two hours before your flight. we'll have additional hours. we'll have all lanes operational. we're going to have an overtime budget that has been allocated for additional hours and make sure that we process our passengers not only safely, but also efficiently. >> and as we go to the misery map from flight, the misery is in red and you see that things just aren't that miserable. not a whole lot in the way of delays. things are -- they look like any other travel days because they were able to plan ahead and not much bad weather now. if you're traveling by road you should be happy with how things go there as well. gas was predicting travel would be down about 15% this holiday weekend. however, gas prices took a big dive in october. so a lot of people are going to
8:56 am
look at the gas prices, decide they can fill up the tank anyway. before october gas prices were pretty high. a little higher than usual. and so you are still going to expect to see traffic a little lighter than normal, jon. >> jon: let's hope things continue to move smoothly there right behind you. thank you very much, mike tobin. >> sandra: special counsel's probe winding down after the president gives robert mueller the written answers to his questions. where do both sides go from here? "outnumbered" will be live at noon and they take that on next. and have been for over 40 years pampers swaddlers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents . .
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8:59 am
just might be the answer. >> this news is urgent. no doubt that turkey is the main event at your thanksgiving dinner table but the side dishes are almost as important, don't you think? america has a lot of opinions about their favorite. 538 surveyed the most popular side dishes here they are on the west it is salad. in the midwest it is greens beans or casserole or green bean casserole.
9:00 am
rolls and business cuts in the great lakes. cornbread south. squash in the northeast and south mac and cheese. >> jon: green bean casserole all the way. >> sandra: we always had it: thank. outnumbered starts now. ♪ >> hey, herb and welcome. a turning point in the russia investigation president trump submitting written answers to special counsel robert mueller's questions as the president, again, takes aim at the probe amid questions over whether mueller is close to submitting his final report. or if new subpoenas or indictments could be coming. i'm julie bane darr was and join us we have lisa booth. former ohio senate democratic minority leader capri ca can cafaro rocking the glasses today and rachel


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