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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 21, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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it's been a rough market, ruffle couple weeks for the stock market. i'm here to help you. you don't have to lose money. even though jeff bezos lost a lot. thank you very much. have a happy thanksgiving. "the five" starts now. ♪ >> juan: i am juan williams with jedediah bila, steve doocy, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president trump sparking another media firestorm. critics up in arms over a "new york times" report about the president warning the justice department to prosecute hillary clinton as well as former fbi director james comey. some in the media sounding the alarm about trump's intention. >> it's a defining moment in the history of the drum presidency. this is a demonstration of his
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unfitness to be president of the united states, of his abuse of presidential power, his embrace of authoritarianism. >> this news is on scale way beyond anything else we've seen in legal controversies with donald trump. >> this is what happens in authoritarian countries. the president orders, the leader orders the investigation and prosecution of his political enemies. >> juan: supporters argue that trump has been saying this for a long time, like during the presidential debate two years ago. >> president trump: >> if i wino instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. >> juan: dana, you have a situation where people, like alan dershowitz today on steve's show said you can do this. you do not use -- you don't use
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the criminal justice system to punish her political opponents. what do you think? >> dana: you can say a lot of things inside the white house. you can say i want this to happen and then you might have a general counsel that is wise and smart and clever like donald mcgahn who says it's not a good idea, mr. president. his lawyer is bill burke. full disclosure, he is a good friend of mine. he says donald mcgahn is not going to comment on the legal advice to get to the president but he noted that the president never to his knowledge ordered anyone to prosecute hillary clinton or james comey. again it's like he might have brought it up and may be you're frustrated, they are going to investigate me, investigate her. sir, we can't do that. okay, fine. then they move on. when they say this is what happens in a dictatorship, no, what happens in a dictatorship of the prosecution actually happens. and it's not a fair trial. there's no due process and that person is immediately thrown in
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jail or extradited. that's what i would say. >> juan: what would you say to people who say why is he discussing this and then other set on the tape that he's been saying this during the campaign. he was saying if i'm president, going to get a special prosecutor but mcgahn and others told him this could result in your impeachment, mr. president . >> steve: the conversation that you are talking about where we had alan dershowitz in the studio, he said it's not impeachable but it's just dumb. he should not have done that. but he really amped it up, then candidate donald trump because it's one thing for you to say it when you're on the campaign trail. but then when you are standing right next to the person saying if i win, big trouble! that is something. but that is donald trump. >> juan: it sounds like rhetoric on the campaign trail but when you're actually proposing it, it's what gets people up. jedediah coming for these claims of authoritarianism meant saying that this is worse than since watergate. what do you think?
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steve eipper yes ridiculous. i'm still trying to figure out what the story is. he didn't prosecute anybody actually. you haveis legal representation coming out and saying yeah, we didn't hear him say he was actually going to prosecute anybody. it's just so interesting that now "the new york times" has gone from stories with actually thought they were going to find collusion. now they have decided we didn't find the clues and we are looking for so now they are writing outrageous stories about things he might've said that might've happened and now cable news is exploding over it. i don't see the story. he didn't prosecute anybody. he didn't do anything about it. it's not a story if somebody says yeah, i'm going to do this and then nothing actually happens. what are we supposed to be upset about? >> juan: even if you have to restrain the president. >> jedidiah: how do you know they had to restrain him? >> juan: donald mcgahn wrote a memo so the memo exists. >> jedidiah: okay, but someone saying it's not just because -- he wasn't just saying these
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things because these people, for example, comey, these are his adversaries. he was saying it because he was concerned about hillary clinton and bleaching a server. saying listen i think this should be looked into. that was the point that resonated with every american sitting at home saying what comey did seems unreasonable. it was a selling point for him to say this doesn't look right how it went down and i think it should be looked into. that's different from him mandating prosecuting his enemies and actually following through like a dictator. he's not a dictator. nothing about this is dictatorial. >> juan: greg, what do you make of this? >> greg: if you took every outraged the media embraced that was born from trump venting, you would have nothing. his venting is to defined by thinking out loud and wondering of what possibilities out there that could solve something that bugs him and then somebody says something he says okay.
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then he finds something else. trump is a salesman and a businessman and what you do when you enter a new job? you ask a bunch of questions. some are credibly stupid and that's why donald trump is different than anybody in the media. the media is too insecure to ask stupid questions. it's almost a superhero power trump has. his willingness not to feel shame when he's wrong and when he asks a dumb question. can i prosecutor? you can't prosecute her. okay. there is this amnesia i read about where you forget whatever it is that same day so every day is new. the media has trump amnesia. they wake up every day as if it's the first day of the presidency and they freak out. i don't know why his critics are so fat. they are always up in arms. they should be so fit. screaming. they should be on the cover of men's health.
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instead they are just bloated. how are they so bloated when they are screaming all the time? >> dana: can i add one thing on this. barack obama campaigned on closing gitmo. you remember the other story that on his first day in the oval office after he was sworn in, sitting around and he's like okay, where's the paperwork? i'm going to close gitmo. and the staff says sir, you actually can't do that. it has to go through congress. he is like what do you mean? you can't do it because the law says. that's why you have smart people around you who can advise you on things you might not necessarily know about that are detailed in the law. >> juan: greg, responds to what you said. i think the liberal side would say army normalizing was very unusual behavior? the president trying to use the justice department of punishment. >> greg: the word normalizing should not be more normalized. i hate that word. they trump amnesia, the psychology is that people are exhausted by him.
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so here's an experiment. if you erase trump from today, you would have the largest peacetime expansion probably in history. dramatic declines in poverty and violence worldwide. things are looking pretty good. there's a lot of prosperity and fresh ideas and new technology. it's a simpler but somehow complicated life with technology. my point is despite this there is a sense of doom around the corner. everyone thinks something awful is happening even though the physical evidence is telling you there's optimism everywhere and the reason is is because all of this is a psychological problem. this is a psychological problem. it certainly isn't a physical one. >> juan: all right, all right. i guess that's why he has thirtysomething approval. >> greg: is higher than that. you misrepresented that. >> juan: and then president trump saying it's a no-brainer who he thinks should be named "time" magazine's person of the year. >> president trump: it's called person of the year, right? no longer man of the year, right? i don't know. that's up to "time" magazine.
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i've been there before. i can't imagine anybody else other than trump. [laughter] >> greg: even you find that funny. >> juan: is he serious? >> jedidiah: i think he is partially serious. i think this is how he is. people who don't get that still just don't get trump. that's just how he feels. he feels like listen, i'm the president. i am doing a whole bunch of cool stuff, i can be man of the year. i don't think they are going to pick him. >> steve: person of the year or man of the year or thing of the year. i looked up and apparently it's the greatest influence on the events of the year. who has influenced more things? >> dana: maybe on the merits it will be him. but it's going to be pelosi. i think she's going to get person of the year. they are at 39 seats flipped. she's going to be speaker again. it's not a man. it's a woman. i am telling you on the merits, trump might deserve it but i am putting my markdown. >> greg: and you are rarely
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wrong on this. i thought we were going to talk about the correspondents' dinner. dinner. there is another example of where trump made something better. the dinner has now returned to its roots which is about the importance of journalism. after decades of celebrity worship, it was the curse of the press. the insecure and homely in the media always wanting to be near the cool kids. trump cured them of that. >> steve: and now they don't have a comic. >> dana: he will be the funniest speech they've had. >> juan: it will be uproarious uproarious. >> greg: you will be laughing, juan. laugh with the president. >> juan: standing firm in supporting saudi arabia despite the outrage after a "washington post" columnist murdered. details on this next on "the five" ." presenting the internet!
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♪ >> greg: i know i have a hole in my sweater. i should not have raised my hand. i raised my hand. you know it's from? it's from working out. >> juan: do you know what
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happened? i was in the green room and i said this is greg's sweater. [laughter] >> greg: all right, so did the prince kill jamal khashoggi? maybe he did. maybe he didn't. that is from trump, causing delays hair burning media freak out which happens whenever trump tells the truth about a policy we were okay with well before him. so now you are pissed off at the saudis? this is what gets your goat? according to ben rhodes when obama went to riyadh, the saudi king gave each staffer a pile of jewels in the first couple got a hundred thousand pounds worth of bubbles which were accepted and sent the national archives. that beats a washer and dryer on price is right. even back then we knew that saudi arabia, they were different but they were allies and allies can suck. may be the bosses had jamal khashoggi oft.
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if you say the print is guilty, you are committing poker suicide by folding while holding out the best cards. short of applying your moral ace might please everyone in the media but winning their approval wins american nothing. it's a waste of great opportunity. hold off and say maybe, maybe not. maybe not, you come out ahead in the pot you want to end impact your country's happiness. if you spent your life playing this game, keeping your cards close and waiting, you know america has the saudis over a barrel. millions of barrels, really. in negotiations it means you can get something back from them that you couldn't have before. like what? middle east progress, chance for peace in palestine and israel. the ability to influence what oil prices. who knows? for sure it will be more than a pile of dumb jewels. dana, this is another example of what i say we will see what happens. we will see what happens. if the saudis don't offer america something really big, then you can go back in six
2:17 pm
months and say they killed that guy. >> dana: maybe you are right. maybe you are not. exclamation point. friends can sometimes make it really hard to defend them. i know what they are talking about. but it's obviously a complex situation. the end result was maybe always going to be this. communications is important. maybe he is speaking to a certain audience. speaking to a lot of different audience at once. the tweet today where he says "oil prices getting lower." he saying saudi arabia for that. over a barrel? they be the shoe's on the other foot. making the tough decision to get out of the iran deal would've been the wrong one if oil prices are the real attention. i don't think it is.
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because it's complex. it doesn't say it in the tweets, that's a tough thing. human rights is in our national security's interest. this is obviously very difficult. i also feel like the president could have gotten more out of it. you are saying we should get something out of it but why would we get anything now when he's already said everything is cool. maybe behind the scenes. wouldn't it have been great if we had found out today that saudi had released all the women they put in detention because they had the temerity to get out there and drive before their regulations were allowed or maybe all these other things we could've asked for them to do from human rights standpoint. >> greg: i think our national security interests are our national security interests. that's the hard reality. think what we are going for it is something in the middle east that is bigger than oil. >> juan: didn't he say the same thing about russia and vladimir putin? going to be a helpful ally. >> greg: i would use north korea as an example. >> juan: the fact is it's not
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about our national interests to have our morals, our principles. >> greg: you are looking at the tiniest part of this. >> juan: we are saying to people more dictators and who are murderers you can do business with us. it's all transactional. as long as you promise us more jobs and more oil. wait a second. it's not true. he says it's $350 billion, tens of thousands of jobs. every fact-checker in america says that's not true. so the transaction is one-sided. we are saying to them you know what, go right ahead. to me, that's -- it's unacceptable, greg. >> greg: here's how i look at it. he took the hard way out. he could of virtue signaled and made all of you guys happy but he didn't appear he doesn't need to satisfy a morning blow. instead he embraces the role of the cold hard parent who is right. if you just focus on this one incident and blow the future, doesn't make sense. >> steve: when you look at what's happening in washington, a lot of lawmakers are saying we
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want sanctions. president trump said. >> dana: sanctions on 12 people who are slated to be killed. what do this sanctions matter? >> steve: the president says you want sanctions, congress, then passed sanctions. i heard rush limbaugh on the radio yesterday say something about people in europe are saying well, what is the president going to do? we are waiting on him to do something. why doesn't europe do something? >> dana: they did. germany today ended their arms sales. that's not necessarily in their best interest either. a country that you need in the middle east and not buy your weapons. you want them to buy your weapons. >> steve: what does the president going to do? i think he's doing it. he's a businessman. how many times have you heard businessmen saves nothing personal. it's just business. in this case it's america's business. >> jedidiah: i agree with you that he looked at it from the perspective of a businessman. i think he could have done that made the statement better. had he done the very same thing that he did so within that
2:21 pm
statement a bit harder when it came to the murder of a journalist, be less tolerant of that. there were angles of the statement mark hamill seemed like he was taking the saudi crown prince's version of the story over the intelligence community. you can't do that. if he wants to maintain that this is the strategic ally and he wants to come at it from the angle of a businessman, i think that's okay to extend but you have knowledge of the whole bunch of people looking at this that want the message sent that if a regime violates human rights extensively they expect an american president american president to have a reaction to that that is substantial and makes you feel like he cares about our economic interests but he also cares about the value of the whole country. >> greg: you know who agrees with you? tricky. i am happy to see turkey come out against human rights abuses and come at us for that. >> juan: it's not just turkey.
2:22 pm
what strikes me is the number of republicans. normally with president trump being as popular as he is among republicans, you don't see the senate and congress step up to him. what we are seeing is marco rubio, rand paul, lindsey graham, bob corker, jeff flake, these guys were saying this is wrong. we are americans. we stand for human rights. >> greg: yes. i wish they had a broader perspective but oh, well. serious hypocrisy from michael oliver nani, his legal team attacking the credibility of his accuser and a big update on his potential legal troubles. that's next. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at >> jedidiah: michael avenatti will not face felony charges over a domestic abuse allegation. the l.a. county district attorney passing at a city prosecutors who could still charge him with a misdemeanor.
2:27 pm
this comes after avenatti's legal team accused his accusers credibility. they claimed she was drunk at the time and say that an alleged mark on her leg was most likely caused by acne medication. this move been called hypocritical because last month avenatti railed against the treatment of his client, julie swetnick. you don't call them a liar. you don't say they are not credible at the same time you present any reasonable investigation into their allegations." hypocritical? his treatment of kavanaugh and now the expectation. >> greg: an awful person. he is a lawyer. lawyers and all the tricks. it's like they have the instructions to a gameboard of life that you don't have. he writes a letter to the police. he mentions apparently that accutane had a role in this. only a lawyer would do that. he mentioned other syndromes you
2:28 pm
might have had any issues with plastic surgery. he might possibly get off and maybe he should because we believe in justice and due process, unlike when he turned it kavanaugh. he's getting better treatment than he gave kavanaugh and i only hope that that helps him grow in some way. i think he's done as a personality and politician but i felt that way about al sharpton. >> jedidiah: with kavanaugh, there was no evidence that was brought forth. here you have sworn declaration from her in addition to a police report, supposedly evidence of marks on her body. there was a restraining order that she was able to get. he is saying that i want a full and fair investigation. with all of this out there and yet he didn't apply to somebody who had accusations come out from x amount of years ago where no one was able to bring forth any amount of evidence. other than testimony. >> juan: to the contrary, i think he brought forth a woman that he said had some evidence. what he said turned out not to be true.
2:29 pm
and of course we know that professor ford sat down and gave testimony. she put herself directly forward. in the case of avenatti, understanding that he still may face charges. he could be facing misdemeanor charges. i don't know exactly how the details. as you say, it's just breaking but to me, the issue is should she be heard? of course she should be heard. if that's the charge against avenatti, i don't think anyone's saying we are not going to listen to this woman. i said yesterday i don't think it's fair to kavanaugh because this is immediate. right here, right now. let's hear the woman and consider the charges. in the kavanaugh case, these things were when he was a teenage guy. he must be in his 50s. that's the difference. >> jedidiah: but he seeing the problem with a "believer" hashtag. that you should go through a process and you can't just believe someone, man or woman,
2:30 pm
without evidence in process. i wonder he's having to make the very arguments he was fighting against when it came to kavanaugh and he's having to make those arguments to defend himself. >> steve: i was talking to someone in washington about these developments and they were talking about the political component because he's been mentioned among the three dozen democrats who might run for president of the united states. this is a d.c. republican observer who said he should run. it would be the best thing that could happen at the republican party. the republicans need him on the campaign trail with as much exposure as during the stormy daniels days. keep them on cable. every time he appears, helps republicans. >> dana: that's exactly why he won't be. to greg's point, he's done. they want to try to help democrat win in 2020. michael avenatti is not going to be it. if they avenatti is a detriment
2:31 pm
to the democrats or could help republicans, he's not going to be -- >> greg: maybe they set him up. >> juan: the dems? you know, greg is good. the other side is somebody who had relations with foreign stars who make charges against them and is an embarrassing incident and he got elected president. >> greg: he never made charges against army. he paid her off. he traded stormy with the respect she deserved. it was a business transaction unlike this doofus who actually used stormy for his career and use this other woman. used his victims to get himself a spotlight, all trump did was hire her for what she does. and paid her. what she did was wrong. a >> jedidiah: before the story came out -- we don't know what happened here. do you think he would have had any chance? the way he handled julie swetnick.
2:32 pm
there were contradictory statements, refer to the fbi for potential criminal investigation just for that. just his demeanor in the way he is, i didn't think -- >> dana: politically? no. when they're going to have 35 candidates that want to throw their hat in the ring, he's not going to emerge out of that necessarily. >> greg: you never know. >> juan: the democrats want a fighter. mcgahn is advertising is someone who could go tote or tow and throw bombs with trump. i don't think democrats should go down that path. >> jedidiah: don't go anywhere. wild card wednesday is coming u up. ♪ ♪
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look at that, steve doocy. we each picked a topic and put them in the hat. none of us know the other's stories. i'm going to pick it out and then we're going to read it real quickly and discuss. ramen restaurant, avoiding human contact. a japanese ramen noodle restaurant that features 46 booths to allow guests to have time alone. customers write their orders on a piece of paper so they don't have to interact with a waiter. i chose this story. i am for this because have you ever seen people eat ramen noodles? i don't want to see it. i don't want to hear it. >> greg: walked down sixth avenue and people are sitting during lunch eating facing the windows. almost the entire part of their face is dead except for their mouth. they're just chewing. you look up and it's just people chewing. >> dana: [laughs] honestly. i think it's not a bad idea.
2:38 pm
i don't understand they have to write down your order. >> steve: i like to have a meal and be social. this is the polar opposite. >> dana: but what about ramen noodles? >> steve: there is some slurping but i'm okay. i'm on tv. people see me do crazy stuff all the time. >> jedidiah: i tried to avoid people as much as possible. not having to order is the best part. >> dana: juan, what do you think? >> juan: how do you go on a date? >> dana: wouldn't take your date to this restaurant. >> juan: i really want to go out with you so so you sit over there and i'm going to be over here. >> dana: in japan, you know what the birthrate is, it's not good. wild card wednesday. u.k. school bands canada goose coats. other expensive style so kids won't feel pressure. british high school banning students from wearing canada
2:39 pm
goose and other designer winter coats in an attempt to poverty proof its campus. the school's head teacher said that they had approached leaders about the pressure on families and the pressure on themselves to wear particularly branded coats. >> jedidiah: this is mine but it makes me mad because this is not prepping cans for real life. you are going to grow up and you're going to be surrounded by a bunch of people that wear better clothes to the new, make more money, walked down the street and sometimes look better than you. >> greg: not me. you have >> jedidiah: you haveo build up a tough skin in these kids. >> juan: i disagree. i am for uniforms and am also thinking that if you are a poor kid, there's enough on you. i have seen districts where they say to the kids enough with the fancy sneakers that cost 100 bucks or 200 bucks because you want to show off. that's not what you show-off about. show off about your intellect or your discipline. i am all for it.
2:40 pm
kids use this as a status symbo symbol. wrong values. i'm glad that the school is doing it. >> dana: greg, you lived in the u.k. for a while. this doesn't surprise you, i presume? >> greg: i hate rules dictated by the mob or the group. you should have the choice to dress however you feel. although i am a big fan of uniforms, especially at certain clubs i go to. i wore a uniform for eight years. >> jedidiah: i had a uniform and i hated it. i hated it because i felt like i didn't have a chance to figure -- clothes. >> greg: we had casual fridays fridays. >> jedidiah: i would take one now. >> steve: the only uniform i ever wore growing up was the boy scouts. and then was high when future farmers of america, i had the jacket. >> dana: university staff told not to use "don't," or
2:41 pm
frightening capital letters. this is also in the u.k. of course. honestly. saying the professor should not use certain words or syntax in case they trigger anxiety and their students and lead to academic failure. use of capital letters has been banned as well as the ovaries of the words do and don't. >> greg: this was mine. it's so sad. we are breeding a certain kind of individual that will not survive in the outside world. >> dana: right, right. >> steve: look at the banner. it is all in caps. [laughter] >> greg: capital offense! >> dana: juan, your thoughts. >> juan: it's almost like that was made for greg. because of greg's complaint about the academy in this country. i don't get it. it seems silly, overly protective. this goes back to what you were saying about uniforms i guess. people should live in the real world. if you think a professor telling you do it tough, try a boss who
2:42 pm
could actually fire you. >> greg: how about an idea of a place that sells hats with trump sayings and it's called "all caps." >> dana: it could be worthy washington hockey team, the capitals. this last one, woman, the grinch caught on camera on camera swiping packages. police posted a video of this woman filmed stealing people's deliveries from their home. the woman was deemed grinchy by the police department. now identified the woman but not released her information to the public. >> steve: by process of elimination, you can tell that this is mine. the reason i watched this is because a month ago we installed one of these doorbells and so now every time somebody comes to my house, i get -- >> dana: doesn't it drive you nuts?
2:43 pm
>> steve: my daughter was at work. she called me up and said dad, it's 4:16 in the afternoon. george washington is at the front door and he's got a bottle of wine. >> dana: that's so weird. >> steve: it turns out it was halloween and the neighbor always comes over. >> greg: come on. it was a strip-o-gram. >> dana: we didn't get to juan's. the mom is a blogger and she complained she didn't get likes for her son. those are kind of depressing. wild card wednesday. up next, steve has a big thanksgiving surprise for us. you don't want to miss it. i don't want to miss it. "the five" continues in a momen moment. -here comes the rain.
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♪ >> steve: while millions of americans get to go -- get together, there are some topics that could divide them. not talking about politics. which side dishes are the best? one writer is claiming that 4:00 p.m. is the correct time to start eating.
2:48 pm
here we are at 5:47. seems about right. is it still thinks giving view don't serve turkey? while we ponder these questions, i have a special surprise. we are celebrating early with tasty recipes from my brand-new cookbook. came out last month. a celebration of the food that makes america smile which i cowrote with my lovely wife. pictured right there, kathy. the whole idea is that there are certain foods that make you happy. right now you can smell the gravy, the pie, the dressing. it just takes you back, juan williams, to a time when life was simpler and your mom was making this and everything in life. >> greg: that is so sexist. >> steve: well, -- >> juan: well, it's true. it was my mom. talk about comfort food. i find it comfortable and reminds me of good times and traditions and family. i love it. >> greg: it makes me
2:49 pm
discomfort. you are done eating and if you like you're going to explode. you need to unbutton your pants. >> jedidiah: i like that feeling. >> greg: i don't. >> steve: what is your favorite side dish? >> greg: the wine. >> greg: we have, these are recipes in the cookbook. sarah huckabee sanders' famous bourbon pecan. >> dana: it smells very good. >> steve: this is dr. oz's sweet potatoes. >> dana: i love cranberries. >> steve: people take the can of cranberries and pour it out and you can still see the indentation. >> greg: they should be shot. >> steve: this has coffee and cointreau. she approaches the pairs in it. she approaches allen thick, this
2:50 pm
favorite recipe. it's made with vermouth and this is my wife's. >> greg: everything has booze in it. >> jedidiah: the gravy is delicious. >> steve: what is the best time, jedediah? >> jedidiah: my house is very italian. so we start at 3:00. i think you need to eat by 4:00. you smell it and you can't smell it for too long without going crazy. i think 4:00 p.m. >> dana: you can eat too much of the appetizers. >> jedidiah: and then you don't have room. >> dana: i like 2:00. >> steve: but then you have to start at 8:00 in the morning. >> dana: that's fine. i'm a morning person. what's wrong with that. >> greg: what time does boston market open? whatever happened to boston market? >> juan: you have to figure in the time of the football games. the problem with 2:00 is that
2:51 pm
you are hungry again by like 6:00. >> jedidiah: that's when you get the leftovers. >> dana: you make a turkey sandwich with miracle web. >> juan: i was thinking that is friday after thanksgiving. >> dana: no, this is delicious delicious. >> greg: you're going to feel really uncomfortable. you're going to have to go to the bathroom. >> dana: not everyone is like you. >> greg: you're going to have to get up and people are going to wonder where she's going? >> dana: the book is wonderful. makes a great christmas gift. people love fox, love fox news, family oriented viewers. i recommended. >> steve: there is a recipe and there from dana perino. >> dana: queso. magic. >> greg: why is it magic? >> dana: it has a special ingredient. not that special.
2:52 pm
>> juan: steve, you've got to have ice cream. >> jedidiah: you can put ice cream on top of the pie. >> steve: happy thanksgiving. >> dana: thank you. >> steve: one more thing. dessert is up next. diet and exercise deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials. vascepa looks different because it is different. over a decade of extensive research and development achieved proven results. that's the prescription power of vascepa. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems or other medical conditions and about any medications you take, especially those that may affect blood clotting.
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2:56 pm
dana? >> it's time for this, do we have a little graphic? ♪ >> like that? >> dana's cream corn joke. they are thanksgiving related. what did the turkeys headed to the turkey hunter on thanksgiving day? what did the turkey say to the turkey hunter? quack quack. what you call a running turkey? >> a trotter. >> fast food. what did sick people do on the mayflower? >> die. let's be honest. >> they went to the dock. what did the turkey say to the computer? >> google, google, google. >> last one, if pilgrims traveled on the mayflower, what do college students travel on? >> what college students? >> if pilgrims traveled on the
2:57 pm
mayflower, what do colleges students travel on? scholarships! >> oh, that's terrible. >> a great segment, right? >> that not too bad. i'm getting kind of a buzz from the bourbon pie. it seems hilarious. >> one more thing for you, a lot of people are off to grandma's house for thanksgiving, as you know. the airlines predicted 30 million people will be in the air but 50 million will be on the road and traveling 50 miles or more, and i think they were all on the road last night in l.a. take a look at this. yeah, that is the 405 freeway. aerial video shows total, complete gridlock. local traffic reporters say they advised to wait an hour and let it ease up, last night there was no easing up. it was just a parking lot. some people left early for the holidays but they didn't get home any earlier, they were just sitting in their cars. >> traffic jam in l.a.
2:58 pm
we should have let with that. my podcast is up, go to with the legendary writer, george gilder. we talk about his new book, "life after google." time for this, three cat videos, you guys vote. first one, it's a thriller in vanilla. two cats fighting it out, who wins? they are both winning in adorable. next up. celebrity cat! he doesn't want to be recognized, does he? that's why he's got his shades on. it looks a little bit like, i don't know -- anyway, it's raining. what does this cat put on? a raincoat. isn't that nice? we have three cat videos. put them up there, what is your favorite? >> i like a good cat fight, going from number >> i think that is a cool cat in the middle. >> all right, cool cat. >> i like the cool cat.
2:59 pm
>> that breaks the tie, or i go with a raincoat cat. [laughter] >> and leave it with that. >> one more thing, a lot of fire departments across the country are putting out videos of the dangers of deep frying or turkey. a look there. these are the dos and don'ts. don't fill up the oil to the top, don't drop it in like you are spiking a football, don't fry it frozen, and don't fry indoors and not on a wooden deck. if you're looking for a turkey recipe that won't blow up your kitchen, page 176 of "the happy cookbook," which is available everywhere. get it today and he will have it tomorrow. >> i have a dog, as you know, and be careful on thanksgiving when you are cooking that amazing food that stuff doesn't fall on the floor, because once a grape fell and it landed my dog in the animal hospital, spending $1200 to have somebody throw up. glad to say that while you are all eating.
3:00 pm
food to avoid, onions, chocolate. >> that's it for us. be sure to join us tomorrow for our thanksgiving fan special. we are answering all of your questions for this hour, so please don't miss it. and "special report" up next. hey, bret. happy thanksgiving. >> bret: happy thanksgiving. at the chief justice of the supreme court with a rare rebuke of the president of united states, and the president fires back. house republicans want to know what the justice department knows about allegations of wrongdoing concerning the clinton foundation. we will have a report and we will go live to one of the country's busiest airports to get an update on holiday travel. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. this was not the kind of holiday greeting president trump was expecting from the highest ranking judge in the country.


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