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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the 92nd annual macy's parade with 16 balloons and 26 floats, and more than 3 million spectators expected to brave the cold. there's lots to be thankful for. i'm thank flful for the great judge dineen right now. >> all right, mark, thank you. and welcome to this special edition of hannity, the trump agenda, and a happy thanksgiving eve to all of you out there. prepping and cooking. i'm jeannine piero in for sean. tonight, barack obama's latest attack on his successor, president trump. something former presidents like george w. bush refused to do. we'll also have the latest on the michael avenatti saga. wait until you hear what the left is saying about thanksgiving. but first, yesterday the "new york times" reported that back in the spring president trump told white house counsel he wanted the justice department to
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prosecute james comey and hillary clinton. even though the d.a.g. did not file charges, democrats and the media wasted no time making this out to be a major story. take a look. >> this is what happens in a authoritarian countries, the president orders, the president, the leader, orders the investigation and prosecution of his political enemies. >> it's prime a fash evidence of abuse of power. >> this is a scandal, 15 on a 1 to 10 level. >> this is absolutely off the dharts. -- off the charts. donald trump is running his office like the head of a banana republic. >> if i had to channel richard nixon, i think he'd tell this president he's going too far. this is the sort of stuff, banana republic, this is what an autocrat does. >> i read the articles of impeachment against richard nixon. you should read article 2, how similar to what trump has done here.
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>> so what did president trump do here? last time i checked, comey and clinton aren't being prosecuted. this news comes as president trump submitted his written answers to robert mueller as the special counsel's investigation appears to be winding down. joining us now with reaction from the hill, joe concha, sarah carter and civil rights and criminal defense attorney david shown. i'm going to start with you, david, you're the attorney here. as i understand it, you think that the written answers by the president was not a good idea. i happen to join you in that. but the president or his attorneys made the decision that he should do that. now, the special counsel mueller is not limited to washa, under the recs as it relates to the special counsel investigation. isn't everything at play here in terms of perjury and anything
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else he wants to look at? >> absolutely. that's why i fundamentally disagreed with the idea of submitting written answers to the questions. under section 600.4 of the special counsel regulations, brand new crimes are created by the appointment of robert mueller as special counsel. he has the authority unilaterally to determine on his own that the president has lied about something or interfereted in the investigation or obstructed the investigation. and he can charge a crime by virtue of having been appointed special counsel. and unilaterally on his own decision without any with it contradicting the president. >> and one of the problems that we are seeing is that, you know, everyone thinks that this is winding down. but is the president still in jeopardy here? >> of course he is. he's in greater jeopardy in my view since he submitted these answers to the questions. remember, this isn't really an investigation going on. they're not looking for information from the president. they know all that they want to
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know. this is a group with an agenda. robert mueller made a choice what when he chose his team. whole universe of lawyers to choose, from he chose lawyers with an agenda, anti-trump agenda. people who are against trump, hate trump, and really resent the results of the election. that shouldn't be if the american people are to have confidence in the investigation. >> all right, and, joe, we just heard some of the sound of what's going on the other chance. jechry tubin, jeffrey, saying that the attempt to prosecute clinton and comey is worse than watergate. but let's get to the facts here. is it such a bombshell report this "new york times"? it never says that the president directed that they be prosecuted. it's not even clear what he said. in fact, mcgann's lawyer, white house counsel's lawyer, says that the president never ordered anyone to prosecute anyone. >> if you go back, judge, and
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just watch. clinton's, then candidate clinton -- candidate trump's rallies in 2016, he said, and i'm quoting from one of them, i will ask to appoint a special prosecutor. we have to investigate hillary clinton. and we have to investigate the investigation. all right, those are his words. he's talking about clinton, talking about comey. this has come to the fact where po lit i fact has actually did a story, saying campaign promises stalled. it included this in it. the "new york times" has a bombshell that he ordered this when he's been talking about it going back to his candidacy. and is it a crime to propose something and proposal goes nowhere and then there is no tangible action carried out. there are checks and balances. if it never comes to fruition how is that a crime or bombshell? from the media perspective, it's not remotely shocking. when the american people are numb by it. you scream constitutional
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crisis, authoritarian dictator, worse than watergate, impeachable offense, people start tuning out. the hyperbole is lost. you can't repeat it. >> and sarah carter, you know, the claim that you ator tearian trump's attempt to prosecute clinton and comey, i took a quote out of one of their statements, this is what happens when you attempt to prosecute your enemies. and to your experience, and to what you have been reporting on for the last year, when you attempt to prosecute your enemies wouldn't you say that peter strzok starting this counter intelligence investigation against trump, wouldn't you say bring bringing a paid-for document from one candidate against another is a basis for a fisa warrant is what msnbc, cnn, all of them are talking about? >> absolutely, i was going to say that, judge jeannine. bat nana republic that they've
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been talking about is what happened when they started this investigation, against then-candidate trump in 2016. and then exonerated hillary clinton, although there was a slew of information they should have followed up on. and at least taken to the department of justice so that it could be investigated to see whether or not it should be brought before a grand jury. and i mean, there is no doubt, that what is happening here is desire information in the media. they make -- disinformation in the media. the president doesn't have the right inside the white house to talk to his attorneys and say, look, i'm being investigated, and there's never even been any evidence of a crime? we have a mountain of evidence, you know, pointing in the direction of hillary clinton. and he can't even question that? because now all of a sudden, this is becoming some kind of, he's taking some kind of prosecutorial authority to go after his enemies? this is a joke. it is a joke. >> let's talk about that, david.
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what can the president do, and i want to ask a question before it even gets to that legal question, we never hear about eric holder, loretta lynch, nobody talks about their conversations with president obama, or any of that. it's only what this president, the leaks are out there. to me, it speaks to the issue of the establishment versus the outsider candidate. david, i'm going back to you with a question, what can the president do. doesn't he have the right to say, keep talking about corruption, can we look at it? >> not only are you right, he has a responsibility to. remember, he is the chief executive of that branch, it is his justice department. he has a responsibility and all times to refer comey and hillary clinton to the justice department for dpul investigation. listen, the i.g. agrees with him that they need to be investigated. there is a poll earlier this year, 46% of the american public
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believe that comey should be prosecuted. there is something there. there are real facts. karl beernstein demeans his legacy comparing this to a richard nixon in watergate, so does john dean. they were attacks on enemies. here, there's real evidence of wrongdoing, in fact criminal wrongdoing. it's preposterous anyone suggests who camy did as fbi director, the likes this went on and his agenda, was appropriate, or certainly breached his contract, certainly violated d.o.j. rules. >> we're short on time, guys, i'm going to joe. when do you think this mueller probe is going to be over? >> well, i think we saw the mid terms come and go. and mueller wasn't going to obviously release anything, he didn't want to seem political like comey did before the 2015 election. this has gone on for 18 months, un23e79erred. i would think at this point, we have to start to see it wind down since the president has submitted his answers. my question is, will the
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american people accept anything outside of a direct line of collusion between the president and russian officials. because, remember, republicans overplayed their hand with bill clinton in the late '90s. and bill clinton left office with a 65% approval rating. you better have something very tangible here and not just the peripheral stuff and else the american people and the court of public opinion won't accept it. >> sara, ten seconds, is it going to end soon? >> i think it'll wrap up soon. we need to wait until december 5 and see what d.o.j. attorney john huber has discovered, as far as the hearing. >> okay, thank you joe, sarah, and david. failed presidential candidate hillary clinton is back in the news, as the left tries to compare ivanka trump's use of personal e-mails to hillary's secret server. yesterday, rush limbaugh explained the difference between two. >> i'm not going to talk about ivanka trump's e-mail until it
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is proven that she created a secret e-mail server and put it in her home preferably in the bathroom, to hide a pay for play scheme. and then trying to destroy it when subpoenaed. i'm not going to talk about ivanka trump and her e-mails until somebody shows me that what she did got anywhere even close to what hillary clinton did. and hillary clinton has been gone rated. -- gone rateed. >> congressman mark meadows said the house gop plans on hearing testimony about the doj's investigation into alleged wrongdoing by the clinton foundation. joining me now with more is go fact chairman david ivella, former clinton pollster doug schoen and former press secretary for vice president pence mark lotter. good evening everyone. i find, you have to give rush
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limbaugh his due, that was pretty funny. not even going on talk about it until we prove there was a private server in the bathroom. but i'm going to you first, doug. you're the democrat and you're on set right now. >> i am. >> does ivanka have a problem like hillary did? >> she has a problem but candidly it's not the same problem as hillary. and i don't think private servers should be used. but i think rush missed the point. it's that the private server was used and the private address, and classified information as far as we can tell may well have gone to our enemies in ways that -- >> during hillary. >> yeah, yeah. >> well there's no question. >> and that to me is far more serious than anything that's been alleged anywhere else. >> only alleged by the way, david, simply that ivanka was appointments with family, the family e-mail. but what doug is saying is accurate. first of all, ivanka didn't delete any e-mails, did she?
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>> no, in fact reports are she actually turned over all of her e-mails. and what we're seeing here, judge, is the democrats are in the batter's box. they're getting ready for investigation after investigation after investigation no the trump administration -- into the trumped a bhrgs the icing on the cake being the effort that would be made to impeach president trump. what they compared on. don't say, people will say this is hyperbole. we know what nancy pelosi is going to do as speaker. she did it. she put henry waxman in charge of investigations during the bush administration, and made every midlevel staffer that the bush administration apoints get a lawyer to defend themselves against frivolous lawsuits when she was the speaker of the house during the bush administration. >> and mark lotter, jim comey made a lot about intent. saying hillary had no intent to violate the law even though intent isn't required. how do you compare the intent of
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ivanka as it relates to hillary's situation? >> well, first off, there can be no intent. let's remember, classified information does not go over your normal white e-mail account. there are special serverers required for those. she had to have the intent in her staff to take it off of those servers and put on it a private server. ivanka is sending a few e-mails back and forth about family, logistics, planning, those kinds of things to government officials while she was transitioning into office. is not intent. there's no classified information. and every e-mail she sent to a government staffer while she was transitioning in was automatically captured by the system. for the presidential records. >> mark, that is exactly the point, that people are not recognizing. everything she did is captured there, and if it were classified it couldn't have gone through. i mean, who are we kidding.
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>> there was no sledge hammer to destroy devices? >> none of that. >> and no 30,000 e-mails disappearing? >> none of that. david, the thing that i think is interesting, is that jeff sessions announced last year when this whole hoopla about the clinton foundation, you took a month to decide whether there was enough to look at it. and he comes out and he says i'm going to have the u.s. attorney huber, i don't recall what state he's from, look into the clinton foundation. utah, okay. he's from utah. u.s. attorney. and we haven't heard anything. so mark meadows, the house of the freedom caucus says what's going on. they got a few more months, they're going to look into it. what do you think? >> for those who watch the amc documentary on monica lewinsky, they'll think both clintons ought to be serving time in jail. to this investigation, let me say, there may be a more production out of meadows, if he were to look at all of the money
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tom stier has put into democratic organizations to elect people who want to be -- all they want to do is investigate this president, and ultimately try to impeach him. don't forget what the core of stier's grassroots effort is, to impeach the president. in the final weeks that meadows is chairman of the committee and can call on investigations, we ought to be looking into things like that. >> you know, what's interesting, also, mark is that meadows, the house freedom kau kiss, lead e -- caucus is saying his committee is trying to secure testimony from whistle blowers who could have had more information about the clinton foundation. but do you think anything will happen in this department of justice? i mean, there is talk by the way, that the clinton global initiative got their 501c3 status from none other than lois learner. >> i do have a lot of hope in this investigation.
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because the u.s. attorney huber, is some one of impeccable credentials. if we have whistle blowers, this is not just about e-mail servers and classified information as important as that is. this is bill clinton getting a $500,000 speech from russia at the same time uranium one was going through. or the clinton foundation getting $14.5 million in mysterious donations from companies and groups tied to uranium one while hillary clinton was allowing most of our uranium to be hold to the russians. this has -- sold to the russians. this has serious national security potential. >> you have to agree that the appearance of pay for play, i called the clinton foundation an organized criminal enterprise parading as a 501c3 charity. >> i think on the simplest level, we ought to find out what happened. what did the investigation show, what have we learned, where do
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things stand. we have a right to know as people. >> what happens if huber comes out and says, you know what, i'm a u.s. attorney, i ain't telling you. i'm not telling you, until my investigation is over. the policies, the u.s. attorneys office, are -- >> fine, i'd like to know that. sdplud ee like to know at least they're looking at it. >> that the investigation is going and where he stands. we've been greeted by just radio silence. i think we have a right to know, as american citizens, where things stand. whatever he wants to share, is just fine by me. >> and david, you know, they say that jim comey when he was the united states attorney for the southern district of new york, coincidence, unbelievable, was involved in looking at the clinton foundation and then it was abruptly ended. >> well, wrongdoing and self serving of the clintons and all of their allies may well be trump judged by the current crop
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of democrats and what they are going to do to president trump and what they'll try to do to the courts and every other branch of government they can to bring in investigations, bring in impeachment proceedings, which will be very harmful to our country. >> all right, david avella and mark lotter, doug schoen, happy thanksgiving. up next, as this special edition of hannity continues, you won't believe what obama is saying about president trump. we'll play the tape. to do this?
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to the special edition of hannity. speaking at the obama foundation
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former president obama took thinly veiled swipe at president trump, saying america's progress is hindered by, quote, hate, anger, racism, and mommy issues. huh. you can't make this up. take a look. >> the reason we don't do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues. >> judge jeanine: in 2014 interview with former president bush, hannity asked him why he con sis tintedly refused to criticize his successors. look at his response. >> sean: why did you make the decision koishgs sit here all day and try to get you to comment on president obama, and i'm not going to get anywhere. >> correct. >> sean: i know you very well. >> you do.
6:25 pm
>> sean: why did you make that decision? i'm sure you have a lot to say. you're not -- we've talked politics before we came in here, you are very engaged no matter is going on. >> i'm very aware. i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president. it's bad for the presidency for that matter. >> judge jeanine: joining me with reaction say, lem radio talk show host larry and former advisor to president obama austin goolsbee. it is shocking that a president would come out and criticize a president the way we've seen president obama do. so i am going to start with you, austin. there is a book "the president's club" i'm sure are you familiar with. it documents the unique relationship between presidents, where the sitting president will have communications with foreign presidents. because their experience is so unique, having shared the oval
6:26 pm
office, and those incredible decisions and burdens that they carry. so there is a relationship that they have. but president obama from the last week or two that he, you know, of the race, he took every day to go out and campaign against donald trump. he did it in the mid terms. it's unheard of. is it good for the country, as george bush just said? >> well, i think he kind of makes two things. i think for sure, in, look, it's thanksgiving is tomorrow. in the spirit of thanksgiving, let's hope that everyone tones down the kind of personal rhetoric and refer to mommy issues, i think stuff like that is beyond bounds. >> judge jeanine: well, and austin, what would people say if i referred to president obama as having mommy issues. or daddy issues. >> yeah, but, now wait, judge,
6:27 pm
the thing is you know that this is in the context of the president of the united states now saying some outrageous things. >> judge jeanine: what, what is he responding to? >> well, for example, president trump calling president obama the most ignorant president in the history of america. >> judge jeanine: when did he do that? >> saying president obama wasn't born in this country. >> judge jeanine: but -- >> his own family saying outrageous things about the president. >> judge jeanine: come, on justified in continuing the narrative? >> no, he's not justified, i'm not, i'm not saying he's justified. he shouldn't do that. i respected george bush's approach. >> judge jeanine: we all do. >> that's the approach president obama should take. vice president cheney was much more aggressive and negative about the obama administration for the entire time. i respected george bush's approach. >> judge jeanine: i'll go to you, let me go to you, larry, what say you? >> we're talking about
6:28 pm
president's, not vice presidents. and obama undid the signature achievement of george w. bush, that was the war in iraq when george bush left office he assumed there was going to be a stay behind horse of between 5,000 and 10,000 troops troops. predicted what would happen if there was a vacuum. obama pulled out every single troop. george w. bush didn't say one word as things got worse in iraq. as he predicted. it is true that vice president dick cheney said something but george w. bush didn't say a word. ronald reagan retires, goes simi valley, dus saint a word. george herbert walker bush, dus saint a word. george bush goes to texas, doesn't say a word. clinton, brovm, never stop talking -- barack obama, never stop talking. >> judge jeanine: and he may have a point, it seems to be the democrats coming out. and i have to say -- go ahead. >> well, i don't think that that
6:29 pm
is quite accurate. the only thing i'll say -- >> judge jeanine: what wasn't accurate? >> donald trump -- well, in the sense that barack obama did not mention. trump by name. nour, if president trump, nobody in the country -- >> you knew who he was talking about. >> if you want to take a lesson in appropriateness, not to insult people, from president trump? he compared his entire campaign was built on personal insults of his opponent and saying about, speaking about the extreme stupidity of everyone. >> judge jeanine: but that's not the issue we're talk about. >> what is the issue? >> judge jeanine: we're talking about a president who comes out during mid terms and during the end of his office to continually attack the president of the united states. >> campaigning is something different. >> judge jeanine: but now he's not campaigning, it's after the mid terms, austin. i'll give you the last word, larry elder. >> okay, austin, if it makes you
6:30 pm
happier, when president trump retires in january of 2025 with his 50 million twitter followers, he will probably have a thing or two to say about his successor. happy thanksgiving. >> judge jeanine: gentlemen, to both of you. >> you, too. >> judge jeanine: and coming up on this hannity special, an update on anti-trump lawyer michael avenatti's legal trouble. plus a shocking crime, xwhilted by a man -- committed by a man who entered the country illegally. committed by a man who entered the country illegally. if you have moderate to severe
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6:35 pm
avenatti on felony domestic abuse charges. however the allegations have been referred to the city attorney for a possiblemism case. avenatti, also happens to be stormy daniels' attorney was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence after his girlfriend told police he dragged her by her arm across the apartment floor. avenatti says they are false and fabrication and he said i'm thangful no the district attorney's office has decided not to file charges against me. i have maintained my innocence since the moment-arrest, this thanksgiving i am especially grateful for justice. now, a spokeswoman for the district attorney wouldn't say why prosecutors declined to take the case and documents supporting their decision were not released because the case isn't over yet. the city attorney is now reviewing it. and deciding whether or not to pursue misdemeanor charges. >> judge jeanine: kristin, thank you.
6:36 pm
turning attention to the issue of immigration, learning more about the suspect who was caught on dash cam footage in a shootout with arkansas police earlier this month. warning, this video was disturbing. take a look. [gunshots] >> shots fired. [gunshots] i need units now. >> judge jeanine: it turns out the suspect, 29-year-old luis sonobio is a recipient of daca. he's in custody on serious felony charges. get this, the obama administration didn't deport him despite a misdemeanor crime back in 2015 that brought him to i.c.e.'s attention. thankfully, we now have a
6:37 pm
president who's prioritizing border security. president trump is even sparring with supreme court chief justice john roberts on the issue of immigration and the courts. calling out, quote, obama judges in places like the liberal ninth circuit and the lower courts in california where the president's new asylum rules in response to the caravan were just blocked by a district court judge. and adding that, quote, they have a much different point of view than the people charged with the safety of our country. and the president, wasn't done. writing, quote, we need protection and security. these rulings are making our country unsafe. very dangerous, and unwise. while the chief justice issued a statement, staunchly defending the federal judiciary in response to trump's attack, ask yourself, why is it that so many of these cases like the travel bab ban and the new asylum rules
6:38 pm
are filed in district courts reviewed by the ninth circuit court of appeals. joining with us reaction is crtv host michelle malkin and center for immigration studies director mark krekorian. mark, i'll go to you. the president clearly is frustrated, the play to put a hold or temporary restraining orders on the president's immigration rules, are being brought in courts that are reviewed by the ninth circuit. tell us why that is. >> well, the ninth circuit is very liberal and frankly with regard to president trump they have gone overboard, and basically they're acting lawlessly. and they have been slapped down by the supreme court. i think the president needs to pursue a longer term policy, where they challenge not just the ruling itself, in this case, but they need to challenge before the supreme court, the very idea this these lower
6:39 pm
courts can issue nation-wise injunctions rather than injunctions just targeted to the people in the case. because essentially, we have a district judge, in san francisco, who has a veto over national policy. that's an absurdity that can't be allowed to continue. justice thomas said it has to be stopped. >> judge jeanine: but it's nothing new, michelle. i mean, they go to these, district court judge, that you have got a federal district court, circuit, supreme court. but a district court judge making a decision that impacts the entire nation. we saw interest with the travel ban and we continuously see it y do you think, what is the thinking there? >> well, it's judge shopping for sure and jurisdiction shopping. you're right, judge jeannine, it's gone on a long time. and no one is more adept at doing that kind of shopping than open borders immigration lawyers. and it's not just at the circuit court of appeals level.
6:40 pm
you have mentioned, at the outset, luis sonobio case n that case a judge had, had that violence, alleged shooter, in his courtroom and reduced the felony charges down to a misdemeanor. he had been on, you know, a second criminal charge in front of the courts. and it's because those two misdemeanors did not meet the three misdemeanor arbitrary threshold that the obama administration put for illegal aliens, that i.c.e. didn't get any notice. wasn't able to put a detainer on him in the first place. that's just one level of the problem with the judiciary, because of course the immigration courts are life with all of these -- rif well. the open border radicals who would rather let all of these people loose in addition to people coming in to the country, on these migrant caravans and get amnesty to become future democrat voters. >> judge jeanine: final on this,
6:41 pm
mark, i want to talk about justice roberts. but the idea that the obama administration could create these thresholds, and we have it here in new york city, where we're not going to cooperate with i.c.e., we're a sanctuary city. this is a threshold. he's daca, he gets a few crimes with no problem, how are we going to change that? >> that's a good question. congress is going to have to act. what the administration has tried to do is to punish these sanctuary cities by saying, we're going to cut your money off. they have sued, successfully so far, saying that the statute, the legislation, doesn't give the executive that authority. congress needs to be very clear and it is in congress' court. unfortunately, starting in january, nothing to going to get done. i'm afraid looking at the record of past two years, even in this lame duck session, which is going to be in december, congress when the republicans still have the majorities in
6:42 pm
both houses, aren't going to move against sanctuary cities or any of these other issues like loopholes at the border. >> judge jeanine: and michelle, back to you on the issue that is the subject of the most recent injunction, the president saying we're not even going to consider asylum unless you come in at an appropriate port of call. we have the chief justice of the united states supreme court actually coming out, and basically pushing back on the president, saying there's no such thing as an obama judge or clinton judge or bush judge. look, the judiciary never gets involved in politics. this ilg unheard of -- this is unheard of. and by the way, john roberts wasn't the person at issue here. he just decided he was going to stand up for his judges. is the supreme court becoming politicized, too? >> you know, i really, i really don't appreciate that kind of compulsion to do this kind of
6:43 pm
virtue signalling and posturing. and justice roberts has done this before. i think that president trump has treated it exactly as it should be. kind of brushing it off his shoulder. the policy issue here is a serious one. thank goodness we have a president who is trying to tackle it. our asylum system is a joke. both mark and i have covered this for a long time. the people, those radicals funded by left wing groups, in the immigration lawyer's lobby, know that it ain't over until the alien wins. and with asylum fraud you have all of this gaming and enabling going, on it is not fair to people who are legitimate asylum claim anlts. it is not fair to anybody else who is waiting in line to get into the country the right way. >> judge jeanine: quickly, mark, 30 seconds left. immigration is up sharply as the most important issue in the united states now. first of all, how is it that we have caravans, when everybody
6:44 pm
knows we are sending the military to the border. and now, you know, who is pushing them? do you have any idea? >> these caravans happen because it pays. it's worth it. the odds are really good that if you stick with this caravan and make it to the border, and attend the seminars, telling you the magic words to say, you will be let into the country. you may not get asylum, you probably won't be it doesn't matter. you get parent the border and you're home free. that is the goal. >> judge jeanine: thank you michelle and mark. next on this hannity special, get this, campus liberals calling thanksgiving racist. unbelievable. we'll be right back with this unbelievable story. ♪
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>> judge jeanine: welcome back to the special edition of hannity, the trump agenda. i'm jeannine pirro in for sean. what does it matter with the universities, can't they stop teaching our kids to america for one holiday? not even thanksgiving is safe at the university of oregon. some student groups planned an group called thanks but no thanksgiving dekolnizing an american holiday. the website, campus reform, wants oregon to ask students if they believe thanksgiving is racist. take a look. >>y, definitely a racial history, yeah, very racist history to thanksgiving. and that should probably definitely be addressed more. >> i mean, yeah, sure there are racist aspects of the history. >> what do you find raceist? >> celebrating taking away land from the natives, pretty racist. >> judge jeanine: joining to us talk about the p.c. craziest,
6:50 pm
civil rights attorney darryl parks and former secret service agent dan bongino. i am so sick of people getting triggered by rick dig louse things. they find prejudice wherever they live, all around us. i'm going to let you have at it. what is going on with young people today? dan? >> without question -- >> judge jeanine: darryl, go first. >> judge, without question the oregon ducks are definitely all based on this one, probably should say the duck is off the plantation right now. they are way, way off. without question. that kid doesn't speak for most people. most people see tomorrow as a time for family, football, and fun. so people are getting together. those students are not, in any type of way, on point for what thanksgiving means to most americans now. most americans are traveling to be with each other and to enjoy each other's company.
6:51 pm
there's no way that those people speak for anyone else other than the people on the oregon campus. >> judge jeanine: darryl you make a good point, about family, football, eating, and talking. nobody is celebrating, look we took the land from somebody, we're great people. what do you think, dan? >> well, i'm glad darryl feels that way. but unfortunately, they don't speak only for the oregon ducks. you know when you go college campuses, views like this, are everywhere. judge, you know, liberalism is a forest fire, it brings down everything it touches. they'll ruin any holiday they get their hands on going to the racism well every time. there was a controversy over halloween, over get a load of this, the black panther costume. he's a marvel super hero, he's not even real. there was a controversy over if it's appropriate to wear that costume ball games the character who played him quite well in the movies happened to be black. these are absurdities. thanksgiving a racist holiday? this is outrageous.
6:52 pm
>> this is not a conservative or liberal issue. this is not a liberal or conservative issue. >> yes, it is! it is! >> throughout the country north and south, people are getting together, having fun. people are traveling to be with one another. great football. >> judge jeanine: i agree. darryl -- >> i'm happy, who cares what the students of oregon care about. >> i'm happy to be with darryl. but, judge, darryl is wrong. i love you, man, but you're wrong. this is a liberal thing. i promise there is no conservative out there, trying to make the case at thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, that thanksgiving is a racist holiday. i prom is you. >> judge jeanine: listen, i got to tell you, i walked down the street for dinner and i had chick-fil-a. sixth avenue and 46th. i love it. and our next story is about just that restaurant. now, this is from campus reform, so-called educators, at ryder university in nng, refusing --
6:53 pm
new jersey are refusing to bring chick-fil-a to campus despite student wishes of the college said the ban ban was about promoting inclusion for all people. now, darryl, does chick-fil-a, does that -- [ laughing ]. does that not include everyone? what do you think, darryl? >> well, i think certainly chick-fil-a as a corporation has policies of its own. i don't think we're at a point where we hold most corporations to some kind of societal values test. most importantly, ryder university should have asked their students. it's obvious some one in the administration made a decision, not the students. the university needs to evolve, most students and society are, that we love everyone. i think chick-fil-a has their beliefs but they're good at what they do. >> judge jeanine: dan? >> judge, you probably are laughing for the same reason i was. the reason they're giving for not including chick-fil-a on
6:54 pm
campus, is inclusion? does that make sense? how brain dead do you have to be to put out a statement like that. listen we're all about excludeing chick-fil-a because we're all about inclusion. how do you say that with a straight face. >> judge jeanine: what i want to know, dan, why is it excludeing a chicken a problem? or including the chicken? >> listen, judge, i stopped trying to figure out liberals 20 years ago. i get none of this. let's tolerate everybody. accept peep we will disagree. include everyone, accept everyone we disagree with. stop trying to figure it out. it doesn't make sense. >> judge jeanine: i got to tell you, guys, you know what it tells me, that particular story, tells me that it's the university and not the students. i know a lot of young people here love chishg filet. they have great waffle, deep fried waffle, potatoes. >> great lemonade. >> judge jeanine: here's the thing it comes from the teachers and the university, why the kids
6:55 pm
are being brainwashed, coming right from the university, when they say we don't want chick-fil-a on campus. >> it should be up to the students, students need speak up and tell the university what they believe. limit's say something that needs to be said, chick-fil-a is one of the few corporations that has value. they close on sundays to let their people go to church. i mean we may not agree with them on everything but they've been a leader as it relates to values. >> judge jeanine: no question about it, great having the two of you on. thank you for staying with us for the hannity special, trump's agenda. stay tuned for final thoughts. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to the especially additional "hannity": trump's agenda. unfortunately, that is all the time we have for this evening but before we go, christmas is right around the corner, so think about that special someone who may like a copy of... my number one "new york times"
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best seller, "liars, leakers, and liberals: the case against the new drum conspiracy." i will be back your hosting on friday night. have a great day tomorrow. happy thanksgiving. lisa boothe is in next for laur laura. ♪ >> lisa: think you, laura. i'm lisa boothe in for laura ingraham. this is a special thanksgiving eve edition of "ingraham angle." coming up, politics is not taking a break for the holidays. republicans going up to the clinton foundation before they lose control of the house. u.s. troops are spending things giving protecting our border from reports of a human stampede by caravan migrants. details coming up. shocking new videos reveal what college students really think about thanksgiving. spoiler alert: they say it's racist. plus raymond arroyo and laura breakdown thanksgiving dos and don'ts. they also talk to a


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