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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the cold. salt and straw ice cream company offering thanksgiving inspired flavors like turkey, sweet potato casserole, cornbread stuffing. carley: the one that? todd: i want to watch the 5 am with jillian and rob. jillian: thursday, november 22nd. stopped at the door. rob: the plan that force illegal immigrants to stay in mexico as they try to seek asylum. also, stepped up security, the macy's thanks giving they parade kicking off in hours, millions lining the streets of new york. jillian: high wind and freezing cold temperatures, will the show going? we are live in manhattan. it could be one of the most heated debates around your table today.
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rob: are you team can do or team fresh? come on, you need to have an answer on thanksgiving morning as "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ that i am thankful ♪ a lesson i learned with you ♪ i am thankful ♪ in my life ♪ ohr avenue, the floats are blown up at this point and hopefully will march into midtown manhattan. the winds a really bad.
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jillian: right on that line of will they go or not? rob: people are trying to control them, you're watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thanks for starting your thanksgiving with us, if you're one of many having turkey troubles this morning we are here to help, not the we know what we are doing. we have an expert. todd: we will answer questions like can you take -- cook a turkey with your cigarette lighter? you can post on social media pages and this is just in time to set the dinner table. jillian: i don't know how they come to your mind. we begin with the fox news alert and the new plan, migrant caravan members to stay in mexico until their asylum cases are processed. rob: the president fires back at some who are trying to halt his agenda.
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>> reporter: this plan is called remain in mexico and according to the washington post asylum-seekers will no longer be allowed to enter the country and stay while claims through the immigration pours, they will have to wait in mexico unless they can prove they have reasonable fear of persecution there. this comes as the white house is giving us troops more authority to protect border patrol agents and detain migrants, though defense secretary james mattis says i would put it in terms of minutes. of someone is beating on border patrol and as we are in position to have to do something we could stop them from beating on them and take them over and deliver them to a border patrolmen. donald trump went after a federal judge for ruling against his new asylum rules which banned anyone crossing the border illegally referring to him as an obama judge, that prompted a rare response from john roberts who said we do not have obama judges or trump judges, bush judges or clinton judges.
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what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to give equal rights to those appearing before them, the independent judiciary is something we should be thankful for. donald trump fired back sorry, chief justice john roberts but you do indeed have obama judges and they have a different point of view than people charged with the safety of our country, donald trump attacking the third branch of government is nothing new but for the head of the judiciary to respond so publicly hasn't happened until now. >> the back and forth between donald trump and chief justice roberts earned the president a lot of criticism. jillian: michelle malcolm calls a political posturing and says the president should be praised for keeping his promise to keep americans safe. >> i don't appreciate that kind of compulsion to do this kind of virtue signaling and posturing and justice roberts has done
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this before. i think donald trump treated it as it should be, brushing it off his shoulder but the policy issue is a serious one and thank goodness we have a president who is trying to tackle it. our asylum system is a joke the people, those radicals who are funded by left-wing groups in the immigration lawyer's lobby know it is not over until the alien wins. with asylum fraud you have gaming and enabling going on and it is not fair to people who are legitimate asylum claimants and it isn't fair to anybody else who is waiting in line to get into this country the right way. >> customs and border protection agents estimate central america migrants moving to mexico likely to join hundreds already in tijuana. jillian: a massive anti-terror operation in underway in london after two suspected bombs are
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found hidden in an apartment. people and surrounding homes forced to evacuate as investigators searched the building that is under renovation. police say the bonds appear to be a provides explosive devices. no one was home at the time and no arrests have been made. the us and south korea scaling back military exercises amid ongoing negotiations with north korea, james mattis says the springtime exercises will be reorganized but did not explain any further. military exercises have been suspended since the nuclear summit with north korean dictator kim jong un in singapore. rob: the woolsey fire is contained after burning for two weeks but that area near malibu in southern california is not out of the woods yet. a rainstorm today could trigger dangerous mudslides. or for concern in the north, the rain forcing campfire evacuees out of their tents and into shelters.
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this wet weather could be a lot of rain and could complicate search efforts around the state, 86 people confirmed dead in the california wildfires, 700 an account at 4. today donald trump will speak with american heroes sacrificing their thanksgivings with their families who serve this country but even though they are not at home our troops will get special dinners. the pentagon, 300,000 pounds of turkey around the world along with 81,000 pies, 12 times as many as last year, 7800 gallons of eggnog. ♪ jillian: we are hours from macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. police stepping up security and unleashing a brand-new safety strategy. rob: more on tight security. >> reporter: the parade kicks
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off at 9:00 in manhattan, 3.5 million people are expected and security is going to be tight. police barricades are up, thousands of uniformed and undercover officers preparing to mix with crowds and performers. the nypd screened an inflation ceremony and police will be implanting checkpoints, barricades and bomb sniffing dogs to prevent terror attacks. police say there are no credible threats. >> counterterrorism resources, critical response command, strategic response groups and a lot of plainclothes officers all out here to keep everybody safe to enjoy this wonderful event. rob: specially trained bombs can pick up the scent of explosives from hundreds of feet away. nypd began working with these dog last winter to make sure they could perform effectively in new york and authorities are warning forecast frigid cold is a major concern so bundle up if
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you're going to brave the weather outside. they are blocking vehicles from getting into the parade route and we saw a lot of cars being told all night to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles. jillian: it was tougher to get in during the overnight hours because of all the barricades and police officers on every corner. this thanksgiving is extra special for two kids in florida. landon and taylor were preparing for a school play but missing their navy mom who is serving overseas. >> protecting people. rob: what they did not know was mommy was waiting backstage, returning from a 6-month deployment, hugging her two kids. >> reason price? >> yes. >> all the way over the earth.
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rob: she's excited to be home for the holiday as you might expect. great to have time with the family. jillian: 9 minutes after the hour donald trump spending thanksgiving in florida but facing high-stakes political and policy decisions when he returns to washington from the russia probe to immigration. kaylee mcinerney breaking down the key issues that take center stage. rob: do you use amazon? your information could be in the hands of hackers, they had a data breach just hours before black friday. jillian: we ask what you are thankful for this thanksgiving, your responses letting it. jillian: kathy thankful for her family. patricia thankful for her husband was able to get special leave to attend their synapse wedding, congratulations.
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jillian: welcome back, donald trump spending the holiday at mara largo but he will return to along presidential to do list. rob: breakdown the biggest issues on his plate after the holiday. kaylee, thanks for coming on on your thanksgiving day. >> happy thanksgiving to you both. rob: let's start with russia. the special counsel has the answers, some republicans think it is about over. what do you think? >> i think it is about over.
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robert mueller should question his probe when the plurality of americans have soured on him according to recent texas falls, 54% say the russia probe is politically motivated. most people want to see it end, needs to be fair and speedy but i think it is time to wrap up. most americans agree with that. jillian: most people get tired of the same thing over and over again. rudy giuliani, the special counsel has been provided with 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of material and written responses to questions. time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion. we will see if that happens. let's move to china, the president will meet with president xi jinping. what do you see happening? >> the first president who had the courage to take on china. the united states sent 142 demand to china, the idea to level the playing field, china has a plan called made in china 2025, they seek to capture industry entirely, deprive the united states of the ability to produce key industry so the
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president is taking china on and the fact that china is brought to the negotiating table a significant. we will see what happens at the g 20. rob: let's talk immigration is issue number 3. now that the democrats have some say in policymaking, do you think there is a better chance of a deal happening? >> i hope so but this is up to the democrats, this president extended a compromise plan to the democrats. if you give me the border wall i will give you a path to legalization for the aca citizens and that is a fair deal, one that is a big compromise in the democrats to come to the table. the majority of americans want compromised immigration plan. the president provided one. will nancy pelosi accept? >> one thing they see as something that realistically can get done with bipartisan support is criminal justice reform.
2:17 am
>> this is something that for decades and decades and decades we wanted to see, van jones, jared kushner, republican congressman doug collins got in a room and said let's make this a reality. it is up to democrats, republicans in congress to make this the key goal that can pass through congress, you rarely see bipartisan reform, certainly not on a significant the basis as criminal justice reform. this could happen. it is a big deal. rob: let's talk about the final senate runoff race. after what we saw in alabama you have to be nervous about having all of this in red mississippi. >> it is close but when you combine what two republicans won prior to the runoff, 58% of the votes. cindy hyde smith will win this. we don't take any seat for granted but on november 27th i believe cindy hyde smith will be the senator from mississippi. a big race, it is important and
2:18 am
keys this you curing the majority in the senate. jillian: enjoy your holiday. it is 17 after the hour. dramatic video as an apartment building burst into flames, a baby tossed out the window to waiting arms below. >> he finally trusted me and dropped the baby and i caught the baby. jillian: a heroic bystander stepped in to help. >> not sure how to carve the bird about to be on your table? we have a masterchef here to show us the way to do it and we are trusting todd pyro with a knife which goes against corporate policy, you won't want to miss any of this coming up. ♪ d enamel. crest gum & enamel repair cleans below the gum line and helps repair weakened enamel. gum & enamel repair, from crest.
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jillian: law enforcement agencies get a major boost from the doj. matt whitaker announcing $56 million in grant funding. >> terrorist will continue to target us so we have to keep targeting them. during the holiday season and all year round. i want to assure all of you this work remains the top priority of the department of justice. we will not let up. >> reporter: the money will go towards training and equipment like bulletproof vests and body cameras. rob: milania trump and denny lovato as mother speaking out against the opioid epidemic together participating in the townhall event at liberty university in virginia next week, the homeland security and health and human services secretary will be there. she was hospitalized last summer, the singer had a drug overdose and is currently
2:23 am
undergoing treatment. jillian: if you're hosting thanksgiving dinner we have the tips you need to help you carve the perfect turkey. rob: here to show us how it is done is master butcher and author of the every day meet, ray vanecia. jillian: you have to let it rest. >> absolutely. we want the meat to rest. then it starts to cool it will adore but natural juices and flavor so it doesn't run all over, then after that you want to go from the turkey to your platter so your cutting board stays nice and clear so it is safe and you can do it correctly against the grain. jillian: was correctly? >> if you don't take pieces off
2:24 am
the bone you can't read the tenderness so you start with the first wing section, leave that so you have more stability with the turkey and then go to the back leg, the breast continues to cool. drum in the fire, take your thigh, take the bone out. after you have done that slice your thigh and it will go on the back. after you have done that, just under the top of the breastbone, just the tip of it and run it along so you open up the breast. you know it is cool enough to still touch it with your hands. you don't want to pierce it with a fork because the natural juice and flavor comes out of the turkey. >> what is the most common mistake people make? >> not letting it rest in trying to cut the breast off of the
2:25 am
turkey. you can't go against the grain. if you don't cut it against the grain it will not be tender. >> our competition will be carly, rob and todd, jillian will be the judge. how will we be judged? what will -- who will be the winner? >> great question, well thought out. >> in my world the winner is when you take it off, you get more out of the turkey. when you do that you will not only slice it correctly but get more from the bird. >> you get those nice pieces off. >> it is not how much we destroyed. >> we interview world leaders, the question of how people will be judged. >> you take the wing and you pull the breast off and cut the slices against the grain which
2:26 am
is against the way you see lines against that. you can't do that when it is on their. this bone is curved, on the cutting board, it is safe and correct and tender. >> we are ready to go. that is it. 26 minutes after the hour, ready for turkey, community asking for answers after a family of 4 is killed and their mansion is torched. this is a bizarre story. the family member that is facing charges. jillian: millions bracing for the coldest thanksgiving in a century, bone chilling temperatures with strong winds background the macy's thanksgiving parade float. you have the frigid forecast, adam. rob: more thanksgiving pictures from our viewers.
2:27 am
she is thankful her husband is spending thanksgiving at home. jillian: lisa shaver is grateful for her children, ryan, ragan and michael. rob: amanda thankful for her mom, dad and sister christina. ♪ ♪ it's time to get out of line with upmc. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's gone noseblind.
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2:31 am
a warmer day. my parents live in indiana. they are probably up to see where i will meet them for thanksgiving. about a day. jillian: i am sure they are very proud of you. rob: millions of people braving the cold, it is very cold, for the 92nd annual macy's thanksgiving day parade and gusty windss threatening to ground today's start attraction. jillian: live in new york city's upper west side, the parade kicks off in a few hours. will the balloons go? will they fly? that is what everyone wants to know. >> reporter: it will come down to a gametime decision when you start talking about will the balloons flyer won't they? it is frigid out here if we talk about 26 °, the second coldest
2:32 am
thanksgiving we have ever seen. talking the giant balloons, 16 of them. the nypd set up devices along the parade route and if winds it at a particular level, sustained wind of 25 miles an hour, gusts of 34 miles an hour, it will be required those balloons come down in 2005, the large eminem building caught a gust of wind that hurt two spectators, something you don't want to see happening this year so it will be monitored closely. we have been around wind gusts through the overnight hours and it will be something that has to be watched. current wind gusts across the northeast, 30 in boston, laguardia currently wind gusts of 26 miles an hour. not strong enough to take down these balloons but close enough to pay attention. when you talk about the wind the other thing you notice, the wind, cold temperatures, you get
2:33 am
a feel like temperature, feels like 10 ° in new york city, 0 in boston. i will show you something to be thankful for. not everyone standing where i am standing. looking at temperatures across the country, 61 in kansas city. people in kansas city have something to be thankful for but here it is very cold but we are hopeful those winds stay calm enough that the balloons behind you will take off in the next couple hours. rob: a cold seen on the upper west side. always a fun morning, hopefully everything goes off without a hitch. a very scary story. a mystery surrounding a deadly mansion fire deepens in new jersey, police finding keith can narrow shot dead outside his burning home, the bodies of his wife and two kids found inside. miles away police arresting keith's brother paul who is accused of setting his own home on fire with his family inside, his wife and kids got out safe.
2:34 am
the death being investigators as homicides, the brother has not been named as the suspect at this point but we will see what happens. >> the jury in the case of a murdered new york jogger wants more time to deliberate telling the new york post they were not all in agreement when a woman send a note to a judge ending the case in a mistrial. accused of murdering karina when she was jogging in 2016. a new trial is expected next year. michael avenatti will not face so any charges after being arrested for domestic violence. he could face a misdemeanor. the victim has not been identified but actors, what is her name? marley maneuver the? recently filed a restraining order claiming he physically hurt her. avenatti denies all accusations. rob: a good samaritan races into action to catch a baby thrown from a burning building, stop what you're doing and check this
2:35 am
out. you see that? imagine dropping your child from the third floor. the baby is desperate parents punching out a window, tossing the baby as their dallas home filled with fire and smoke. >> kiss the baby, she trusted me and dropped the baby. >> the cause under investigation, nobody was killed. jillian: the oldest american pearl harbor survivor has died, ray chavez passed away in san diego at his home, he was a navy quartermaster in hawaii when japan launched its attack in 1941, donald trump met with him on memorial day. the white house tweeting, quote, we were honored to host him at the white house earlier this year, thank you for your service to our great nation. he was 106 years old.
2:36 am
rob: just in time for thanksgiving the world's largest can of cranberry sauce arrives in new york city, people cracking it open at ripley's believe it or not tourist attraction in times where. jillian: it is made with 57,000 cranberries and could serve 3000 people. we asked you what kind of cranberry sauce you prefer. always a debate every year. are you team can't or team fresh? jimmy on facebook says hashtag team can't all day every day. rob: why would you want anything out of a can instead of fresh? i don't get it. team fresh, my rosebud garden. jillian: i will eat both but family loves the canned. the debate will never end ever. rob: probably more sugar in the can which is probably why people like it. 36 minutes after the hour. don't let your thanksgiving turkey burn down your house. what not to do if you're going to deep-fried.
2:37 am
jillian: if you're hitting the road you are not alone, the busiest travel day of the year. >> it is a nightmare. all the people that don't know how to travel are here today. jillian: can't wait to get on a train and a couple hours, what to expect when you're hitting the roads or the rails. rob: be ready to put the bird in the oven. our butterball expert is here to answer last-minute questions. if you have no clue how to cook that thing. ♪
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hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. whoa. hey look, it's huge. oops, gotta go. hey, wait. come back. >> this is not good news, amazon revealing a glitch as holiday shopping kicks off, a technical error after customers had their personal information revealed. the issue is fixed and none of its systems were breached. it is unknown how many shoppers were affected.
2:41 am
>> a warning before you fry up your thanksgiving turkey, this is why you have to defrost it first. you don't want that to happen in your house. that frozen turkey turning into a fireball. fire rescue in alabama making a helpful video to remind people to follow the directions if they insist on frying there bird which i have heard is delicious. they suggest using oilless fryers. i don't cook turkey, i don't know. jillian: a record number of americans expected to travel this thanksgiving. rob: massive numbers of people taking to the skies this holiday. >> reporter: if you're traveling this thanks giving you will have lots of company, 54 million americans will travel 50 miles or more between wednesday and
2:42 am
sunday, the highest number since 2005. 48 million will be driving to their destinations. >> more money in their pockets, household net worth is up, disposable income is up and when we have time built into our schedules we take advantage of it. >> reporter: are travelers bracing for long lines and delays. >> it is a nightmare. it is a nightmare. all the people that don't know how to travel i had today. >> it is hectic. don't know if you will get delayed or not but we will try our best. >> reporter: it is worth all the headaches to make it home for thanksgiving dinner with family. >> turkey and mashed potatoes, i wanted all. >> tsa officials in chicago say they are ready for the thanksgiving russians urging passengers to get to the airport early. >> we recommend you arrive two hours before your flight. we will have additional hours, all lanes operational. >> reporter: officials anticipate 2 million people will travel through chicago's o'hare and midway airport alone and
2:43 am
sunday will be the biggest day. at o'hare airport, mike to open, fox news. >> the balloons are ready, so are the police. and just hours millions will line the streets of new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. what to expect as the nypd steps of security, we are live in manhattan. jillian: let's check with ed henry for what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: i promise you it will look a little more interesting by then. more like a parade. this is one sad little turkey all by its lonesome but we will get him some friends and "fox and friends" will be amazing today. mccarthy will talk about the single issues, the mueller investigation, the president going back and forth, john roberts, corey lewandowski, the former campaign manager coming out shortly and charlie kirk will be here talking about the big political issues of the day.
2:44 am
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jillian: we are hours from the thanksgiving day parade, police stepping up security and a brand-new safety strategy. rob: more on some type security. >> reporter: type security like there would be in any new york city big new york city event but you don't have to be a kid to be excited about today. it is one of the most iconic new
2:48 am
york city traditions and we expect a lot of celebrities to walk around the parade route. what people are coming to see around the world are these guys, 16 character bulletins, 43 novelty bulletins on the parade route but with the gusty windss and low temperatures the question this morning is are they going to fly? the cutoff is 34 mph. we are hearing 30 mph is what we are expecting throughout the day. it is the police commissioner says there is no credible or specific threat to the parade or new york city as a whole. as for the weather some subfreezing temperatures expected today, it does feel like it is around 5 °, bill diblasio, new york city's mayor
2:49 am
asking people to bundle up, where every layer you physically have in your room. back to you guys. jillian: time to talk turkey. if you're prepping your holiday meal and not sure what to do with your bird we have you covered. rob: the butterball talk line expert beth summers is here answering your top turkey troubles this morning. >> reporter: thanks for having me. happy thanksgiving. rob: how do you keep your turkey from being dry? >> the answer is to use a meat thermometer because when you cook your turkey to the appropriate temperature which is 180 and the fire and 170 in the breast it will be perfectly cooked and still moist and juicy.
2:50 am
jillian: how often should i base to the turkey you >> the answer surprises people. you don't need to based your turkey. basting doesn't actually do anything. think of the skin of your turkey as a ring coat. when you pick up juices from the bottom of the pan and stew them over they simply rollback off the turkey and into the bottom of the pan. you opened up your oven, lost a lot of heat and probably extended your cooking time. don't based your turkey. rob: very good point. jordan from texas. what are the best seasonings to use? >> seasonings are extremely personal. and rosemary, the simplest thing to do is simply salt, pepper and vegetable oil, nice flavor. >> how big is too big a turkey? >> we recommend generous
2:51 am
servings and leftovers for a pound and a half, and a smaller turkey, and turkey breast stroke in that situation because the question is how big is too big a turkey? the answer is how big is your pan? jillian: we want your opinion, this turkey challenge that has gone viral and what is happening is kids sending text messages to their parents saying how long the microwave or can you microwave a 25 pound turkey and parents are freaking out. butterball had an interesting answer to this, right? >> the responses are amazing but we help people every year who for one reason or other don't have access to their oven or grill or any other method so we
2:52 am
can help people with a 12 pound turkey are under in their microwave and it comes out very moist and juicy. a lot of people displaced from their home for some reason, it is a great thing to offer people the ability to do it in the microwave if they needed. if they do need that it is involved but we will talk you through if you call us at 1-800-butterball. rob: fascinated by how that would work. i thought it was a joke, we appreciate it, good to know. earlier we learned from the master and now the skills we learned, who will win the "fox and friends first" turkey car bomb? where putting 30 seconds on the clock which i don't think is enough time. carly is scaring me. >> more thanksgiving pictures from you the viewers. todd is grateful for his family,
2:53 am
a beautiful large family. i thought i was trying to find that. our production assistance corey thankful for his family. jillian: our director thankful for his beautiful kids this thanksgiving. we are coming right back. ♪ ♪ lean on me, when you're not strong ♪ ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪ ♪ lean on me ♪ mmm... ♪ lean on me... ♪ mmm... ♪ lean on me.
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♪ ♪ rob: good to know. hey, look. floats, balloons, being blown up. it's a little dicey right now whether or not we are going to have a good parade with all this wind. jillian: to be determined. rob: okay. so we got some tips on how to do this thing. we got these birds here. we got carley and todd and we have got to chop them up. todd: we're ready. rob: jackets are off. give us a quick update on what we need to do to do this right. >> quick refresher the wing first, first wing separation. then the leg, separate the thigh from the drumstick of the leg. take the off slice on
2:58 am
cutting board. >> you have all these great tuckerys. i would like to thank my nephew caroto in new jersey to getting these turkey for us this early in the morning. jillian: are you ready? carley: yes, we are ready. jillian: 30 seconds on the clock. let's start now. rob: this isn't a very good knife. carley: already complaining. >> not using a saw. ♪ ♪ [buzzer]
2:59 am
inch. jillian: we need to discuss. ♪ todd: how is she going to win? >> have to deduct points because he started early and he ended late. >> absolutely. i would say carley is the winner. jillian: carley is the winner. >> thank you. this is so satisfactorying. in your face. [laughter] rob: if you are going to carve a turkey for thanksgiving i suggest you get a better knife. jillian: did anyone go against the grain. >> until you start slissing the breast. it would slice this way. the way you know that is when you slice it, you see like a crisscross pattern in the meat it, just comes apart.
3:00 am
jillian: todd just wants to eat. carley: don't invite any of us over. rob: thank you so much. we will call this a newscast. i think it was one. jillian: happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> enjoy your bird. >> human stampede at the border. fox has learned exclusively things could escalate. >> giving general mattis authority for to the troops there to use lethal force if necessary. >> our asylum system is a joke. thank goodness we have a president who is trying to tackle it. >> chief justice john roberts is directly contradicting the president tonight on the subject of judicial bias. >> president trump follows a long line of presidents who have attacked judges. john roberts ought to grow up. >> millions of people lining the streets of new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> e. as the nypd steps up security. >> nypd says some of its dogs can now pick up the scent of


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