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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 22, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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our family, thank you always for being with us, and let not your heart be troubled, the news never stops. laura ingraham or somebody is next, have a great thanksgiving. ♪ >> laura: hey, everybody, i'm laura ingraham, welcome to the special thanks giving addition of "the ingraham angle." we will take you through the topics that dominate thanks giving tables across the land and interviews we have done that speak to those very issues appeared on tonight's show, raymond arroyo and i analyze the executive turkey pardoning techniques, very important. and we will talk about some of our favorite family traditions, then we will dive into thanksgiving at dos and don'ts of our omens, and i have many. football, of course, an integral part of thanks giving traditions, and we recently spoke to legendary coach lou holtz about the dangerous
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conflation of sports and politics. the entertainment industry is always a hot topic at the dinner table, and even more so this year. we are going to bring your highlights from our interview with hollywood heavyweight rob reiner and ask him why trump derangement syndrome is such a powerful force in tinseltown. first, we begin with a frightening realization that millions of families across the country face tonight. they talk politics over turkey. the total horror of that unfolding all across the land, and just last year, a poll from "pbs newshour" found that 58 percent of americans dried talking politics, while 31 percent said they were eager to hash it out over the table, and even more alarming, "science" magazine this past may revealed that thanks giving celebration this year -- bad year -- were about 30 minutes to 50 minutes shorter for americans for the holidays and for those who traveled into areas that voted as they did. joining me now is our own little
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thanksgiving gathering, so excited, shannon bream, chief legal correspondent and host of the show airing right after this one, "fox news @ night," and of course, scott bolden, democratic strategist. sara carter, investigative journalist and fox news contributor. and ed henry, chief national correspondent, all the way up in new york. great to have y'all on tonight. shannon, i want to start with you. you heard of those cargo studies. are we really this far apart politically, and how do you control your interactions, especially with family members who can push your buttons like nobody else? >> i think you get everyone into the turkey coma. you have football, you've got pumpkin pies, there are so many other things to focus on other than the sad, horrible jabs at each other. if you show up first of all in your pajamas to the table, that is a conversation starter. as long as you can in your adult onesie, i would rather debate
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food than politics. >> laura: it is kind of crazy, though. are a member the old saying, never talk politics at the table. my mother used to say that a lot. i think there is something to that. you go to europe and they are always surprised -- what do you do? they don't even ask, "what do you do?" is this wine great, or do you like this? but we do get all wound up. >> we are bound way to type your eye talked to my clients about religion or politics, alcohol involved or not. i think everybody ought to start the thanksgiving dinner table, pretable setting, with alcohol. whatever you do that day, you drink. keep drinking. can i say that on national tv? >> laura: it's fine. >> moderately drinking, but also a little buzz, everybody will be happy at the table. they can go eat on the porch.
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>> laura: i think people feel when they are with family, especially, they can let their hair down, and they can have these conversations. it is a safe space, but is it really? >> it is a safe space until everybody starts arguing, right? that is when everything ends. if you want the 30 to 50 minute short version of thanksgiving, go ahead and bring up politics. then you can scoot everyone out of the house. if you don't come i think the important thing, laura, sitting down -- what we try to do is talk about the things we are grateful for, right? we are grateful for each other, the things we have done over the year, try to focus on those things that make us happy as a family, especially when you have children, right, when you have kids around the table and there are a lot of adults, it is a time to behave yourself, right? they're listening, and when somebody starts to get out of line, that is when you bring in the pumpkin pie or a sweet pie or the alcohol.
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play a little joke about that and go on. i really think, though, you just brought up so many great points. we are living in a time where people are so divisive, and we have seen what is happening in california with the wildfires, the devastation, the loss of life. i think it is a time to sit back and be grateful for what we have and who we are, and just talk about those things. those are the things -- >> laura: these dinners are going to continue because we will go into the hanukkah season, the advent starting, that it is christmas, new year's, there is a whole series of opportunities to offend each other. >> spread it out. >> laura: ed, everyone at this table -- we wish you were here -- because we love you, we wish you were here. here's what i find, people come up to me at the table, "i know you don't want to talk shop, bu
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but." you are sick of politics, do yot do you mind if i say this? of course, happy to talk gdp, just what i want to do on thanksgiving. do you ever get that? >> i get it all the time, you are absolutely right. you don't want to seem rude, i talk politics all day, let's talk about something else. frankly, that is what i want to add to the conversation. why are we even forcing it? it people are so divided, let's talk about things that unite us. we heard it from sara, shannon, scott, as well, talk about family. religion is almost less divisive now, talk about your faith be rated talk about football, how about football? no one has mentioned football yet. >> depends on your team! >> laura: two words, "go tide."
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here are five ways to keep the family political arguments off the table, reminisce about thanksgiving dinner past, except the mundane conversational questions are fine, number three, skip the tradition of going around the table at all and saying what you are grateful for. >> come on! >> laura: this calls counterintuitive, but express invitations of political -- >> that is always at the and, right? >> laura: this is for you, scott, limit alcohol. and during the meal, scott. >> the mean drunks will go to sleep. >> laura: isn't that right, some people, when they drink, they say, they lose their innovations. >> another thing about donald trump, by the way, cricket hillary, yeah.
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>> laura: when you really think about it, we all take our last breath and we all -- we are not going to be remembering about any of the political stuff -- really, we are not. we will remember when we saw our child for the first time. that hug from your mother when you were hurting. when you helped someone or someone helped you, a mistake that you learn from, that is the kind of stuff you remember, right? >> when you look in our child's face, and your member the first time they took their first walk, or the first time they came home and said "mommy i love you" for after-school, or the things that you did together as a family to get through the hard times. we forgot about service to others, right, taking a moment to do something for somebody else and not for ourselves. maybe that is a good thing that will get families together tonight. do something for somebody else, for a stranger, make yourselves feel good about it. it is a good feeling to get away
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from yourself. >> if it doesn't delve into politics, i like to drive the conversation, just how great this country is. democrats or republicans, we have a lot to be thankful for, just being here in this country, and i'm going to challenge my family members -- if we are being divisive, and both sides can take blame, what are we going to do to bring the country together in our own space and community? >> laura: this is why i love scott. are you guys auditioning for the hallmark channel? >> by the way, also, shut down everything. you can also work on your back friday list. it you know what i mean? you sit down and start map out the shopping strategy for the next morning. people will want to know the deals and bargains. >> they are always online. >> if you don't start a fight tonight, i will get you that.
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>> laura: what would someone have to do to get you to miss part of thanksgiving day to wait in line to buy something at a store? this is a phenomenon i can't believe happens. >> i would never wait for hours. you seen the video every year of people beating each other up just to be the first in line at target or walmart, what are you thinking, people? >> they are getting their frustrations out. >> laura: they are there with her hibachi grill's. this is my thanksgiving dinner. >> i think you should wear pajamas if you are doing that. my role for all things that are uncomfortable. in the pajamas. it has to have the feety. >> are you going into tv? >> laura: i will never, ever wear an adult onesie. or than what is the hoodie thing -- i don't know.
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>> you should ask people to send you pictures if they are wearing. to eat us of the picture of what you are wearing. >> laura: let's go around -- worst but funny, not sad, most uncomfortable or worst thanksgiving or holiday moment, involving a table or being around the table. i'm going to start. i was 12 years old -- maybe, 12? maybe 11. my brother came home from college, he went to wpi, came home from college -- i idolized my brother, jamie. i missed him, i cried when he went to college. he comes home -- and this is the '70s, his hair was long. he came home with one of the bells with the lawn tassels. my mother, god rest her soul, we lived in a tiny house, she looks at him and says, "what? you are going to get your hair cut!"
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it was just the way she was. my brother got up from the table and walked from connecticut all the way to the hartford, connecticut, bus at depot and took the bus back home to college and ate a hot dog out of a can for thanksgiving. we laughed about it years later, my brother and i still laugh about it, but i was a rock about my brother. this is the stupid stuff that happened, kid's parents the buttons. >> and everybody fights, right? we try to act like -- people think your family must be perfect, you never have an argument. it now, we had great arguments. my mom was from cuba, and thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. she loves this country, always wanted to make it the most perfect dinner, invited everybody owner, aunts, sing sisters, my godfather, i remember one where they got into a big, political argument.
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yes, we are a divided family, there are conservatives and liberals. a big argument, the argument just kept escalating, the turkey was in the oven, and the turkey was burned. >> laura: burned bad? >> it burned completely. the fighting went on for so long. cubans can really go on. >> laura: that is my kind of thing. >> it burned, but in the end, i thought it was going to end badly, in the end, everybody was laughing, everybody thought -- the turkey made them laugh. they cook to something else. >> laura: your member with the argument was about? >> i kind of remember. my uncle had come from cuba -- i don't want to get -- there were a lot of arguments back and forth about the political syste system. >> laura: scott? >> me and my dad and brothers and cousins, we love the turkey neck and tales, don't pass judgment. we cooked extra ones, right? but if you get to the dinner
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table late, they are all gone. and i got there late one day after college when i was coming home, and they were all gone. there was no peace at the table. my dad is a retired judge, i'm a lawyer, i have cousins that are lawyers. i was ready to write a legal brief about how offensive they were to not leave me h turkey tail. speak i'm going to take it to christmas. i had come home from college, and i remember we were invited that we were good friends with the man was the lieutenant governor of florida. they are giving me a tour of the house come on at the top of the staircase, the party is down there, getting ready for the dinner, and i somehow missed a n the staircase, i'm grabbing onto the banister -- which is woven with live garland. jamming my hands of pine needles they hold way down, the party stops everybody watches me slide down. i get up, it is silent, i say "i'm fine" but my hands are
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bleeding paired i'm not embarrassed at all. i was 19 or 20. >> laura: when you are that age, anything is embarrassing. >> wonderful stories, what comes to mind as my grandparents were always determined to have one table -- even though the dining room table couldn't come close to fitting everybody. by the time i got down to me, when i was a kid, you are four tables down, it was like a construction table. hence the name kiddy table. i'm a member i wanted to get to the big table someday. >> laura: you will be there any day now. speak i'm still not there, you are right. he >> laura: right, guys. for more on why trump won and how the g.o.p. can do it again, get a copy of my book, in bookstores everywhere and coming up, outspoken trump critic, rob reiner is here. he will address hollywood's black list for conservatives
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♪ >> laura: the entertainment industry makes no bones about their preference for liberal politics. but this past midterm season, they seemed to kick it up a notch. it makes this interview with hollywood actor and director rob reiner i conducted last january all the more relevant today. he makes no secret about it, that he is not a big fan of our commander in chief. you think? i sat down with him to find out why. let's talk about what politics does to art, okay? politics and art, they have always a connection. conservatives in hollywood, the ones that will actually rear their heads, say there is a blacklist in hollywood. if you express support for trump, it is basically what
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harvey weinstein did. they don't work. >> i don't know that there is a blacklist, but i can tell you that the vast majority of artists, directors, writers, actors, are liberal. there is no question about that. and there is a reason for that. liberals have a very big view of things. this is what i've said, i said this to bill clinton, in the oval office, i said, you know the difference between republicans and democrats? republicans know they are right. democrats entertain the possibility that they might be wrong. and that is the big difference, and that is why you see liberals drawn to the arts, because it is more of an open minded kind of thing. and i'm open minded -- look, i came on your show. >> laura: i love it, this is what it should be about, i think it is fantastic. are you bothered -- looking back in the 70s -- i grew up watching you, the liberal
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do-gooder -- did it bug you with that archie bunker was more of a loved than your character? because you are kind of your character. he was a liberal who ended up playing this blue-collar, irascible guy, but he had a lovable side to him. >> he got a lot of criticism because people -- >> laura: love tim! >> how dare you make a lovable bigot? where we said, he is a human being. he loves his wife, he loves his daughter, and that makes them human. >> laura: but you say trump -- you say he is a racist. >> he is. >> laura: he absolutely is not. do i look like a person who would hang around -- i'm not enforced 15 years. you have to believe me. >> i just go by what he says. >> laura: you might disagree with his politics, i'm no problem with that. he's not a racist. >> why does he spread this myth about obama not being a citizen?
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>> laura: there were a lot of people -- >> that is a very racist thing. >> laura: he is not a racist. if oprah winfrey had been president all these years -- >> why does he say there is good on both sides when there are not nazis marching? >> laura: like obama said lindsey graham, is he a racist, we talk about the hell hole of mexico and central america? >> i'm putting everything together, the central park five, not renting to black people. >> laura: so you think -- getting back -- >> i care he is a racist. i've met him one time. >> laura: you thought he was a narcissist. nobody in this town is narcissistic. i read your comments about trump, "he is one of the biggest narcissist." you hang out at people who read other people's minds for a living.
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they look at themselves in the mirror all day, look, i'm intelligent, too. come on, narcissism? >> i work with the biggest narcissist in the world. actors are the biggest narcissists in the world. they want attention, they wanted to be loved, they don't even come close to this guy. in the one time i spent with hi him. i was with him with billy crystal. >> laura: another person i adore. >> it was at his hotel, one of his fights. he basically only talked about himself. >> laura: bill clinton was a smooth operator. he must be better at hiding his narcissism. clinton, obama, ragan was not narcissistic at all. jfk. >> usually you get to that position, you need to be loved. >> laura: so archie, people compare trump to archie bunker, whatever. they are both -- you don't see anything redeeming, at all, in
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donald trump? >> i don't see him -- i don't see him being lovable. i'm not judging donald trump -- >> laura: you just don't like his policies. >> no, no, no, that's not true. i don't like his policies, that is true. i don't like the way he conducts his life, the way he treats people. >> laura: you did a movie about lbj with -- >> i don't like a man who goes like this with towels, with paper towels. i don't like that. i don't like the way he treats other people. >> laura: okay, so the paper towel throw. is this houston, the hurricane deal? >> you're making some very bad arguments. you are a smarter towel. you know when eyes make that comment, i'm talking about -- his behavior, the way in which he behaves toward other people. that's all, that's all i'm talking about. i'm not talking about anything else. >> laura: before we let you go, your dad is such an amazing
7:25 pm
man and talent. >> i'm going to say you're great, because you try to find the differences and the tension, even when there shouldn't be. i think that's pretty admirable. >> laura: it's a conversation. again, rob reiner is someone who actually should be lauded, because he is someone who doesn't agree with probably a lot of what i'm saying, that's fine, but he actually comes in for a conversation. i will tell you, republicans and democrats on capitol hill, rob, a lot of them won't come on this show, because i actually read legislation. >> who doesn't come on the show? >> laura: lindsey graham, jeff flake, john mccain -- she's not feeling well -- cory gardner come a lot of republicans. they are afraid to answer quess that i find that disturbing. the fact that you are willing and you come on with tucker, i know, o'reilly, it's really admirable. more people should do that. and we do have a lot in common, believe it or not.
7:26 pm
i love your craft, and what you have done in hollywood. politics is about that much of life, what your dad is someone i also really, really admire. 95 years old. >> 96 in two months. >> laura: as old as my mother would have been. >> he gets up every morning, and he says if i'm not in the obituary, i am eating breakfast. >> laura: what life lessons it did you learn from him that you carry with you when you get up in the morning? speak of the biggest thing i got from him is the way in which he conducted his career. the way in which he treated other people, and the way in which he did his work. it wasn't like he sat me down and taught me, i just watched the way he behaved and how he handled his career. it was like a regular guy. that is what i got from him, more than anything. >> laura: thanks for being here. when you come back on? >> absolutely. >> laura: coming up, do you want to to a worthwhile sense f
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history for the thanks giving table? two people talk about his similarities with ragan it, next. give isotoner gloves for christmas because they keep getting better. there's smartouch for selfies, then there's four way stretch for flexibility. they even have smartdri. see? stays dry. so get isotoner gloves for the whole family.
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarter, i matt finn had hundreds of volunteers spending their thanksgiving day searching for the remaining victims of the so-called campfire, the death toll from the deadliest wildfire in california history rising again. 84th victim has been found, another 563 people are still unaccounted for this evening in and around the city of paradise. this is city was largely incinerated by the fire that started two weeks ago. heavy rain is hampering search efforts. china's vice minister of commerce taking them to task in beijing, saying trade talks between the u.s. and china should be mutually beneficial. china's commerce minister brett massing out against a report showing beijing has failed to change its practices in
7:30 pm
intellectual property and technology transfer. the presidents of both countries are expected to talk at the upcoming g20 summit. i'm matt finn, now back to the lower income special >> laura: here is a little lesson for your turkey and stuffing conversations. donald trump is nearly 675 days into his presidency, and a new polling average from 5:30 eight reveals he is just as popular as ronald reagan was at the exact same time in his presidency. there is still a lot more he can learn from the great communicator. earlier i spoke with the two experts, bill bennett, serving as secretary of education under president reagan, and cried surely, the author of four bestsellers on the 40th president, including "reagan rising." all right, bill, i find this to be fascinating that we now have all of these liberals coming out and saying, well, the trump
7:31 pm
folks -- any given number of issues -- gosh, if only they were more like reagan. how do you process that? >> it is kind of funny, isn't i it? memory changing the way things wire. i don't remember it being pleasant back then, serving with ronald reagan for the liberal media. there is a shakespeare, he good being gone, whatever criticism came down during the reagan era -- and there were a lot of them -- i got some, you derivatively got some, you are working for me, as you said. ronald reagan got plenty. it is nothing compared to what donald trump is getting. if they can use ronald reagan to beat up donald trump, they will do it. they can do it with a straight face, i don't know how they pulled off the straight face. >> laura: craig, you always remind us of this fact, the left will do anything to regain powe
7:32 pm
power. even invoking the political figure who was basically the enemy. i want to play flashback sounds from some of our favorites in the media. i believe this was during the administration, right after the president -- right after he passed away. let's watch. >> his vision included extraordinary deficit? did his include cutting the budgets for education? back of the hands in terms of -- >> are you saying history will not be kind to him? >> i don't think history will be. i don't think history is any reason to be kind. >> you are down on your luck, and you got through -- secret service in the over office, he would literally give you the shirt off his back. then he would sit in his undershirt signing legislation. >> laura: he wanted grandma to
7:33 pm
eat alpo, remember that, craig? >> it is a vegetable, too. this is a pattern that plays itself out many times. when eisenhower was president, liberals divided him -- he becomes a paragon of virtue. attacked by psychiatrist in the newspapers are denounced as crazy, now held up by liberals as a paragon of virtue. he hated richard nixon. i saw a liberal story on msnbc the other day, actually favor richard nixon comparatively to donald trump. gerald ford, both bushes all hated by the left, until they were no longer in office. then they become convenient tools to bash the current document of the white house. it is nothing new, especially if you look at reagan. they know nothing about dragon. as i said earlier this morning, laura, they are in over their heads. they don't know what they're talking about. >> laura: we all work for
7:34 pm
president reagan, and we all know that on the insta you, for instance, of immigration, if only again that they were more like reagan on immigration. let's play some of the choice of sound bites from president reagan on immigration. >> the simple truth is that we have lost control of our own borders. and no nation can do that. and survive. i've spoken with a shining city all of my life, but in my mind, it was a tall proud city, windswept, god blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds, living in harmony and peace. if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors, and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. >> laura: bill? you can take a hit at that one. first of all, i get shivers every time i hear him speak. talk about the city on the hill, the city had walls, it would have a door. the left takes that part of the
7:35 pm
city on the hill come on ronald reagan want everyone to come, but of course, they forgot the part about the wall and the part about the country without borders isn't a country. >> once again, he has good being gone. it occurred to me while you were talking to craig, may be in the future, who see videotape of donald trump -- liberals saying those were the days when people had heart and soul. >> laura: i don't think so. >> just a thought experiment, laura. could it be worse? until it gets worse? know, but there is so much. craig was saying the other day, maybe i read in his book, the commitment to defense, a defensive build up, is so essential to both of them. the focus on the wall, reagan wanted to tear one down, the right one, and trump wants to build one up, that is the right one, too.
7:36 pm
very different personalities. and yet very much going in the same direction, it seems to be. i would be interested in craig's opinion on this, having served in the cabinet, and proudly, for ronald reagan, i think this is a more conservative cabinet than ronald reagan had, don't you? >> laura: craig? >> i think so. also, don't forget, bill, the bench -- you were a great conservative in the cabinet, french smith, ed nice, but the bench was a lot thinner. this is a byproduct of the reagan presidency that there are a lot more talent now to be available for the trump administration that wasn't available in 1980. >> laura: think about that. think about all of the people that were waiting in the wings to get appointed to the appellate court. all of those 50 something-year-olds, they were children of the reagan era, where they not, bill? i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing -- the law left would pry love that, if i didn't work for
7:37 pm
reagan. if i didn't work for you. >> aaa and aa leagues, very highly populated with the right people. i remember, laura, at our place -- we got known as fort reagan at one point. we had 134 political appointees. i remember a senator supposed to be a republican, what are you doing all of these appointees? i think we are doing it right, we won back the election was a great training camp, and it is interesting to see where a lot of those people have gone. famous television personalities personalities -- >> laura: they can blame you! coming up, the disappearing goal line between sports and politics. legendary football coach lou holt joins me next to explain. a, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable.
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♪ >> laura: when you think of thanksgiving, come on, you think of football. sadly, football has been hijacked in some quarters for political gain. a few months back, we spoke with lou holtz, notre dame legend and a member of the college football hall of fame. we spoke about patriotism and the clash between sports and politics. and why it has become so overwhelming today. >> laura: this has been so wild, for me, to watch what has happened and in football. i've always been a football fan, my whole life, my mother was an alabama fan -- sorry, coach -- she was a wild alabama fan, which i inherited. no particular reason.
7:41 pm
it was always imbued with a sense of patriotism and love of country, where we are now at ae where an invitation to the white house turned a super bowl champion coach into a puddle of goo, debating for weeks how to handle it. what has happened in our country? >> first of all, i was fortunate enough to take a football team to the white house, and it was a great experience for all of our players. they weren't going to earn millions of dollars player a yy playing football. we get fouled up in what our priorities are. do not use our football team to promote anything except the university of the philadelphia eagles and the new york jets, whatever the case bb. you want to promote a cause and use your time and money, that is fine. the locker room belongs to the players of the nfl. they can say anything they want and they are paired however, the football team on the field belongs to me.
7:42 pm
we have to be focused on one thing, here to win back the super bowl, nothing else matters. i don't want any other distraction, except one focus, i congratulate coach peterson on doing a tremendous job. he lost a great quarterback, still managed to win back the super bowl. i'm very proud that he was looking forward to getting to the white house at some point. it is unfortunate the players don't get that experience. >> laura: 's quarterback was one of the few people who wanted to come to the white house, along with coach peterson, who wanted to come, as well, but they didn't make the trip. another coach from the nba, coach care from the golden state warriors, made this point about patriotism and trump, let's watch. >> the president is turning all of the stuff into a political game, a ratings game, a blatant display of nationalism. we just have these military sing-alongs at the white house to show how patriotic we are, even though we don't know the words. just incredible.
7:43 pm
but i'm really proud of the people in this country who are recognizing what is happening, and instead of turning this into a political game. >> laura: he went on to say, "they are following their conscious," basically. that is steve kerr, coach for the warriors. >> where is he living? golden state is on the west coast, i remember when my father went to the pacific for almost five years. i never saw my father for five years, but fortunately he came back. many children's fathers didn't come back. i've been to afghanistan. last june, i was in korea, the dmz zone. went to a hospital in afghanistan and see if people -- they still have a love of this country. you talk about politics, that is what is coming into this game. if you don't believe in something -- and i think it comes back down saying president trump is a racist, i get tired of hearing that, racist, homophobia, et cetera.
7:44 pm
for 70 something years, he did business, there was never a claim one time about him being a racist. i was in detroit yesterday with ben carson, we are trying to do some things for the disadvantaged youth under president trump's leadership there that a sign that said talent is equally distributed around the world come opportunities aren't. let's work to get people an opportunity, particularly the on young people. there have been more cops shot this year than previous years. it is absolutely insane, because we focus, we have a problem, because we have different objectives. we might have a difference of opinion, how to make america great, how to get people our duty, coach does a great job, also won several championships and he was a player. congratulations on that. but when you talk about a political statement, read his comment, that says it all. >> laura: i think what they are saying, the players are following their conscious know
7:45 pm
my conscience about police brutality. it is not about the country are the flag, they are very patriotic people, they are just, in their own way, protesting against police brutality, and they think trump doesn't understand that, so they don't want to spend time with before. >> i think what president trump said this morning is great, he said all the players, you talk about police brutality, you talk about police being unfair, bring it to me, bring me the case, bring me the people. i will look into it. he can't do any more than that. let's not use sports in order to promote a cause. we are there to win a championship, that is our only purpose. to be when i can tell you, coach, i was at the white house on the crimson tide came, national champions of this year, they all came, coach made it clear everybody is coming. i'm sure players and didn't like trump there, but they came, had a great time, it was a beautiful event. it was packed out, and to me, that is what it is all about.
7:46 pm
we put aside politics, it is about the country, the people's house, celebrating national championships. lou, it is great to see you come a huge fan. come back soon. >> i will come we have to do to have a notre dame game like you requested. >> laura: we are doing out this fall, okay? you and i are going to a game this fall. i'm embarrassed, i've never been to notre dame. i'm coming this fall with you, that is a date, coach. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> laura: coming up, raymond arroyo and i analyze of the techniques of presidential turkey pardoning, and we share some of our personal traditions for this thanksgiving time of year.
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7:49 pm
>> laura: i've heard of getting a turkey and bowling, but never heard of using an actual turkey as a bowling ball in a black bag.
7:50 pm
apparently, another bizarre thanksgiving tradition, in a moment. first, each president seems to have his own technique of pardoning me thanks giving turkey at the white house every year. some do it more successfully than others. with expert analysis from a body language expert, i'm joined by fox news contributor raymond arroyo. >> happy thanksgiving. >> laura: happy thanksgiving. >> this goes back 75 years. truman was the first president, supposedly, presented with a turkey. he did not pardon the turkey presented by the national turkey federation. i guess he ate it. >> laura: what are you going to do, put it on a leash and collar and take it around? >> he did not pardon it, but every president since then has. they'll have their own technique of pardoning. here is ronald reagan. i call this the jovial, offhanded approach. watch. [laughter]
7:51 pm
>> look, i had a chance to shoot a bunch of you the other day and didn't. >> that was the pardon, by the way. shook hands, said goodbye, told a joke, and left. reagan kept it very informal. i call this, the stocking presidential pardon. there they are, stalking. >> laura: why are they chasing the turkey? >> it went off the table. george w. bush came up with another approach. i call this the pack and patch approach to turkey pardoning. watch. here comes the pack. and then he does this pat.
7:52 pm
very gentle pat. that is his approach. later, of course, you have what i call the full ritual pardon, which barack obama implemented. it is practically a religion ceremony. >> you will be free from cranberry sauce and stuffing. we wish you well. we are going to give you a break, as well. [laughter] >> a full benediction, laura. >> laura: i like that. >> i kind of like that, too. president trump last year, he created a very official, officious pardon. >> laura: i don't see him working well with animals. >> wait until you see it, it is very interesting. >> president trump: in the spirit of thanksgiving, i will grant a presidential pardon to a turkey.
7:53 pm
drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. [applause] >> only the bird trump was pardoning would be called "drumstick." you know they only live two years, they don't have long lives? it may be more of a pardon to eat them. anyway. >> laura: we don't want to offend vegetarians. >> what were your family traditions this time of year? >> laura: my mother was a baker extraordinaire. she loved baking pies, and she made her own cross and have this whole ritual with the cloth on the counter, and the flower, and rolling it out. and she would always say, "this is the rolling pin we had in the depression, it is the only thing that survived the flood," but that was like five other things in a house that survived the flood.
7:54 pm
she not only made the most incredible pies and incredible crosseds, she would demand that you say she makes of the most incredible party. she would make it, cut a piece -- >> have to stop you. tradition, by its nature, something that is continued by the children in the next generation. do you sit there with a rolling pin, mother ingraham at the home front? >> laura: my mother freak only asked me to take part in the cooking, and i was out playing kickball. you can get a decent pie, that comes with frozen crust. i have tried to make the pies. it is so frustrating, because it never comes out like like my mom's. she would say, is this the best pie ever? and i would say, yeah, mom, best
7:55 pm
pie ever. >> i have to tell you our tradition. after we eat -- and this is an important time of your two chairs your family. you never know -- >> laura: when is the last time, my mother would say that. >> would meet together and play a game. interacting a new ways. the focus should be, certainly in our house, peace and harmony, laura. peace and harmony. >> did i say something wrong? >> a lot of things wrong. >> you want to meet grandma? >> that is not a scene from my house, cruel of you to add that. i am so thankful this time of year, the fox family for having us in their lives. do you come of the crew everyone in washington, it has been fantastic. thank you. we have to do something uplifting at the end. >> laura: it is more fun to focus on the horror stories of
7:56 pm
thanksgiving. i don't mean accidents -- no, it is more fun to focus on things like the blowups. the best are people in a rush because they forgot something, literally come on my radio show, this woman, she forgot something and had to roll out to the store really fast. she turns the car on, backs up, smacks, forgot to put the automatic garage door up. people all have a story about thanksgiving. you like to go to bob evans at thanksgiving, don't you? >> once or twice, i don't like the day long fast. a man has to be fed earlier in the day. yes, i break off bob evans, have a little turkey, that is my prethanksgiving feast. i'm going to thank me for you, i'm glad i could be of service. happy thanksgiving. oh, and i'm hosting tomorrow night. >> laura: i cannot wait, and i'm thankful for tommy and everyone on the staff and everyone in washington and new york, they have done a great
7:57 pm
job over the last year. all of our advertisers and sponsors and washers and viewers. now they are called watchers. it has been a long year. we will be right back with my thanks giving message. to do this? yep-- c'mon boy, let's get 'em. (female speaker) outdoor memories start with great gifts from bass pro shops' and cabela's black friday sale. with huge savings like men's 5-pocket jeans for under $10. plush pillow dog beds for only $10. and save 50% on redhead canvas work jackets.
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doors open black friday at 5 am. ♪ [instrumental "jingle bells"] you are so spoiled.
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>> laura: i want to give a heartfelt thanks to our veterans and to those men and women currently serving in our armed forces, deployed overseas, away from your families, we are so thankful for everything you do for our country every day.
8:00 pm
your sacrifices, many of them on the song and we notice and we salute you every day. you put your lives on the line from all of us and you spend time away from your homeland and all of your friends and family and we thank you so much. thanks for everything you do. happy thanksgiving. >> president trump keeps up his war of words with the top justice on the supreme court, it's i the most unusual thanksgivingt. for thousandser displaced by the northern california wildfire and an early look at the democratic field for the 2020 presidential campaign, this is "special report." ♪ >> mike: good evening, happy thanksgiving. president trump is taking no holiday from his twitter habit tonight, he's continuing his criticism of the federal judiciary in general and john roberts in particular, itth


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