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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 23, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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refusing visas and even jobs in mexico. jillian: the next move could be a game changer. happy thanksgiving to the swamp. james comey and beretta lynch serverless subpoenas. rob: republicans are seizing their last chance to question two obama heavy hitters. jillian: the turkey day homecoming we promise will make your morning. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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jillian: we are talking everyone thinks she played ball. she is a giant. rob: 5 foot 9, 5 foot 10, she's model height. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. fox news alert, donald trump warning america's borders could be shut down as some migrants from that caravan a refusing to accept jobs and even visas for mexico. jillian: thousands a way to asylum. >> reporter: 3000 migrants are in tijuana and another 3000 are on their way. the migrant support agency is urging the caravan to apply for humanitarian visas in mexico, thousands of jobs available in tijuana.
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according to the associated press most of the migrants say they are determined to enter the us. for the last month donald trump has been doing anything he can to stop that from happening. now he is threatening to completely close the border of mexico doesn't do more to secure its side. it gets to a level we are going to lose control or people start getting hurt we will close the border until we get it under control. the whole border. we will close the border. >> reporter: the border for any time would have a major economic impact on both countries. the state department estimates $1.7 billion worth of goods and services cross the border illegally every day. on thursday mike pompeo suggested the administration is trying to protect the migrants saying the caravans will not be permitted to enter the united states. there are real dangers to the safety and human rights of
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migrants from those who prey on them. mike pompeo is working with mexican officials to address the migrant caravan including opportunities to create jobs in southern mexico where they are passing north but we should point out most of the migrants don't once jobs in mexico, no matter what steps the administration takes. rob: holiday shopping change in alabama shooting two people during a fight. panicked shoppers hiding in store closets fearing for their lives. >> crazy in every direction and i started praying, praying for the wisdom and accuracy of the victims. rob: the gunman was shot dead by police, two victims in the hospital. jillian: breaking overnight a charter bus overturned on an icy
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road. the bus carrying university of washington marching band flipping on its side on its way to a game against washington state. 30 of the 56 people on board are injured but none are serious. that is the good news. rob: james comey is vowing to fight a subpoena to testify before congress behind closed doors but he claims he is happy to sit for the public. jillian: answers about the russia probe. >> reporter: the turn of eventss on thanksgiving the house judiciary committee wants to question james comay and loretto lynch about anti-trump bias at the fbi and doj during the 2016 election some i have affected their agencies when it came to the clinton email and trump russia collusion case. comey tweeted happy thanks giving, got a subpoena from house republicans. i am happy to sit in the light and answer all questions. i will resist a closed-door
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thing because i've seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see. there is disagreement whether the hearing should be public, democrats want open session but republicans including the chairman of the committee say the session must be private to protect the integrity of the questioning. and attorney for comey say it is a stunt, abuse of power to support a false narrative. as republican control of the house judiciary committee is winding down democrats called a subpoenas unfortunate. comey has been asked to appear on december 3rd. lynch has been asked to appear next month. stay tuned. we will see if this round of questioning reveals new information. rob: despite growing tension between the us and china donald trump insists the two countries can work out a trade deal. >> china wants to make a deal we can make a deal, we will. if something happens that would
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be a great thing. i have been preparing all my life. rob: the president will meet with his chinese counterpart at the g 20 summit in argentina next week. jillian: the president enjoying his thanksgiving with his family at mara largo in florida and took time to thank our troops serving overseas. >> milania and i want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices you make to defend our nation while you are away from families and loved ones. your courage inspires us all. jillian: the president visited a coast guard facility briefing them for their work during the hurricanes. the president's thanksgiving in florida much warmer than we had in new york city. millions brave in the coldest macy's thanksgiving day parade
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ever. rob: the temperature reached 21 ° during that parade. adam class joins us, it was 21 and windy which makes it feel worse and it will continue. >> reporter: 21, wednesday. as far as thursday thanksgiving forecast it did get to 28 ° at 7:00 pm last night which knocked it out of the top 3 so it turned out not to be like the recordbreaker. it was really cold and is still really cold this morning as we talk about once again temperatures when the colors match my suit that is when you know it is getting cold. 80 ° in new york city, 4 , feels like temperatures in boston, a little farther in land and get into the negatives. it is rigid out there. the middle of the country not as bad. it will continue to be for black friday, temperatures running up to 50 ° in kansas city, closer to freezing in chicago. the story besides the cold temperatures continues to be on the western side of the country.
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it is so dry throughout california, too much rain and precipitation. some of this running up to the upper levels and we see winter snow warnings in some places for higher elevation. this is what we are looking at, everything stretching back, winter storm watches and warnings. everything in the green, those are flood watches as we continue heavy rain in northern california. something to pay attention to because we know they battle those fires. otherwise it does warm-up across the middle of the country in the next couple days. a brief cooldown for us on the east coast. 50 ° by this weekend. hopefully you bundled up for a couple days. jillian: not many people can pull off that color suit. rob: you just go for it. is that red wine? it matches your time. you are pretty close. nice suit. jillian: nfl kicking off
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thanksgiving, turkey not the only thing getting roasted. torching the fountain for the 10th straight win. >> from the 28th, breeze shot, touchdown new orleans. rob: the saints are really good, drew breeze touching four touchdowns, new orleans 41-17, the bears feasting on the lions, returning interception for a touchdown to seal the win 21-16. jillian: ezekiel elliott dropping $21 into a salvation army red kettle taking the nfc east lead with a 31-23 victory over the washington redskins. jumping into that massive red kettle. rob: people around the country ready to score some bigger deals for black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.
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jillian: best buy employees in dallas pumping themselves up to prepare for the crowds, 164 million people are expected to shop this weekend. i won't be one of them. rob: don't get trampled. it is a madhouse. jillian: 10 minutes after the hour. stakes couldn't be higher as donald trump gears up for his trip to china next week. >> china wants to make a deal very badly because of the tariffs. china wants to make a deal and if we can make a deal we will. jillian: that is not the only major meeting on his agenda. we are breaking down the biggest meetings watchword the g 20 summit. rob: hillary clinton is calling for closed borders in europe. her new warning about a migrant crackdown across the pond and wait until you hear why. ♪
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febreze unstopables. breathe happy. rob: welcome back. donald trump set to meet with world leaders at the g 20 summit and the stakes couldn't be much higher. >> i can say this, china wants to make a deal, china wants to make a deal and if we can make a deal we will. rob: it is not just china we are talking about. leaders from turkey, russia, saudi arabia, a number of players in attendance to breakdown what we can expect, international relations expert doctor rebecca grant, thanks for coming on this morning. let's start with china. we have a huge ongoing trade dispute is a lot of money in the balance. xi jinping will be there and a lot of people thinkable come to a head.
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>> this meeting will be as dramatic as a reality show. they have been telling us there may be a deal in november. the us trade representative has 5000 products under a 10% tariff going to 25% in january so can trump and xi jinping agreed to hold that off, because of china intellectual property theft of american businesses. rob: they haven't shown a sign they once to make a deal but they haven't mentioned that. the word is their economy is slowing. if you look at the numbers they are doing well but slowing down. does that give the us and upper hand? >> an important point. china has a great deal of debt and their economy is slowing. china is in shock because the west has treated them with open arms for the last 20 years and trump is pushing back. china maybe hoping to get
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support from other g 20 members. you find most of the world knows that we have to reset our trade balance with china. let's see if they are ready to deal or not. rob: one of the more uncomfortable meeting, we will have erdogan, the leader of turkey and the crown prince of saudi arabia along with the president in the same room, just had this journalist killed in turkey and the cia says it was mohammed bin selman that ordered it. do you think these guys get anywhere near each other at any point? >> a huge question, saudi arabia is the only arab nation in the g 20, that is the question. will they greet each other? will they sit next to each other at a meeting? president erdogan stopped half a step short of saying mohammed bin selman is responsible for this. they said highest levels but not named the crown prince directly. rob: these countries don't like each other to begin with before the killing of erdogan. the president talking how
2:17 am
important the relationship is with saudi arabia. >> i don't know if they can conclude the crown prince, a lot of you said yesterday they said he did it, they didn't say that. they said he might have done it. that is a big difference. frankly if we went by the standard we wouldn't be able to have anybody as an ally. rob: he makes a point. the relationship is much bigger than this moment. the relationship with saudi arabia. >> our alliance with saudi arabia is important, turkey is an important nato ally. we are relying on these two countries to help us push back against iran and stabilize that region. we have to get along with them and they have to get along together to a degree. the g 20 will be a big moment for these world leaders. rob: vladimir putin will be there. last time he met with vladimir putin he got a lot of criticism
2:18 am
in helsinki. >> it is a sign how important the saudi, turkey and xi jinping relationship are, almost not worried about vladimir putin. he will get a seat on the table, relatively small economy, russia's economy is smaller than canada's. he will be glowering at the capitalists but i don't think the main drama will be vladimir putin. they will shake hands. this is not about vladimir putin this time. rob: it will be interesting to see. the french president emmanuel macron and a number of other leaders will be there as well. nato funding the biggest topic they are disputing at this point. do you think anything happens? >> they will talk a little bit but they have important bilateral issues going on. angela merkel will be talking with xi jinping and teresa may in britain is just happy to be there given the turmoil over brexit. i'm curious to see how canada, trudeau and trump get along, hug or handshake.
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there will be some bilateral issues and it shows trump is willing to be a smooth diplomat, uping the importance of the g 20 by bringing such important issues to the table in a major international forum. rob: if you think about the different relationships he has and the big meetings that could happen he has a lot on his plate in argentina. we appreciate your time. jillian: 19 after the hour. justice for the four americans killed in benghazi. what we learned about the terrorists behind the deadly attack. rob: black friday deals are not just for tv anymore. where to score some free food. you will be hungry from all that shopping. ♪
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jillian: hillary clinton blaming the immigration crisis for a rise in right-wing nationalism. the failed presidential candidate telling the guardian, quote, europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what let the flames, she criticize donald from claiming he exploited immigration to help when the white house. rob: you know what it is like to walk a mile in a democratic socialist's shoes, alexandria ocasio-cortez handing over her beat up campaign trail shoes to the cornell costume collection exhibit. she said she knocked on doors until rainwater came through the soles. she won that incredible primary. jillian: holiday shoppers didn't need to skip the pie to get online deal, online thanksgiving dales will be the record this year. rob: tracy carrasco has more on
2:24 am
that. >> reporter: think giving they set to be one of the fastest-growing retail days and online shopping history. $3.7 billion in sales online up 29% from last year. today black friday set to bring in $5.9 billion, that is up also, 17%. a lot of people shopping online. haven't gotten through cyber monday yet. jillian: you can get free food today. >> you need to get the freebies. there are a lot out there. burger king, you got to sign up for the whopper, you can get a free whopper. today is national espresso day. dunkin' donuts offering to dollar lattes and cappuccinos today through sunday.
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cheesecake factory if you buy a $25 gift card you can get two free slices of cheesecake, expensive slices of cheesecake, that is a deal. and they partnered with a number of restaurants, wendy's, applebee's, chick-fil-a, free french flies given up to the first 15,000 people. the code is black friday. get it? fry day. rob: i haven't had that in 10 or 12 years. 25 minutes after the hour. going to buy a gun? you may not like this. the new proposal in one state for background checks on your social media pages. jillian: standing in line for black friday isn't your thing you are not alone. the best cyber monday bargains before you spend your money. don't go anywhere.
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rob: volunteers bringing thanksgiving to wildfire survivors who lost their homes ahead of the holiday in california. jillian: the kind gesture raising fears of many during difficult times. >> reporter: no one envisioned this thanksgiving. >> roller coaster ride. >> reporter: like thousands of others in paradise, california, patty lost everything, her house, one of the 13,000 that burns to the ground during the camp fire but she somehow is thankful. >> it warms my heart. this will stay with me for the rest of my life. the goodness. rob: that goodness coming from hundreds of strangers spending their thanksgiving cooking and
2:30 am
serving people like patty. some driving 16 hours to help make this thanksgiving possible. others holding out the fire lines to help. >> to be able to serve them. it is humbling and an honor. >> reporter: josé the celebration of offering skills. >> something very good. a moment like this is why thanksgiving is one the best of america shows up. >> reporter: guy saying in the community with so many hurting, food can be the best medicine. despite the thanksgiving holiday, 800 police officers and firefighters spent the day sifting through the wreckage. more than 80 people killed in the camp fire and hundreds considered unaccounted for.
2:31 am
rob: forensic testing at a mansion where a family was murdered and left to burn in a fire. police say keith can narrow and his wife and kids were killed in a targeted attack and gas cans were found near their home. keith's brother paul is under arrest for allegedly setting his own home on fire on the same day his brother and family were found dead. paul's lawyer claims he is innocent of all charges, he's not a suspect in his family's deaths. the family of an american missionary killed on a remote indian island say they forgive his attackers, they are trying to figure out how to get to john ellen show's body. the tribe lives on this island live as their ancestors did thousands of years ago, they attack outsiders, anybody who tries to get onto the island, they killed chow with arrows and buried him in sand when he tried to make contact.
2:32 am
jillian: terrorists behind bars, the libyan army says they captured the people responsible for killing us ambassador christopher stevens in 2012 in teacher ronnie smith in 2013 as military prosecutions reveal new details about those killings. there working to bring justice to hundreds of cases involving unlawful killings with iran as foreign minister slamming donald trump for being untrustworthy. telling a panel in rome if iran makes an agreement with the us on the iran nuclear deal there is no guarantee it will last. the foreign minister adding he is sticking to current conditions of the deal including sanctions imposed by the us. rob: may not be home for the holidays the troops around the world celebrated thanksgiving in their own special way, the air force tweeting this video showing how their meals are packed and eaten, looks pretty good. the marines acting out their backup plan if the turkeys escape.
2:33 am
that is funny. chief of naval operations john richardson celebrated aboard the uss truman with 5000 sailors. i am sure they had a good time. jillian: black friday shopping underway but cybermonday is expected to have the biggest online deals of the year. rob: where can we find them? kurt the cyber guy, happy thanksgiving. i'm already getting ready for cybermonday. $7.25 billion in spending. the deals are out there. the winning strategy make your list, put everything on the list into a price tracker so whether it is now, cybermonday or after the fact you know whether that
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went down, and the power. stuff like chemotherapy and that you can enter and track it and use the technology to find the deals and check social media of each brand's website a retailer's website, you will find deals as well and at the last minute go back and use technology, get price compare and get the best deal. jillian: you just have to ask. >> show your phone if you are in person at the store or online, you can send the note or go find a better deal. jillian: what do you have? >> a deal right here, this is game stop. i love to use their apps and then pick up retail locations throughout the us and this is the time to get deals on
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technology and gaming related stuff. playstation iv bundle, very family-friendly bundle of a spiderman game that goes with the regular console. the deal is $199.99. this pro redemption, a mature game, superhot. this bundle right here is one of the best values, $110 value off of the normal price and look for things like gift cards, $50 gift card and now you know. a brilliant way to save money, and in the storefront. look for games during this time,
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off. i think it will go lower, so -- at the last minute, prices are fluid. we will put th we will put them. >> they so don't bring a knife to a gunfight but no one said anything about swords. the robbery caught on camera. rob: the eighth mission impossible. jillian: hundreds of black friday shoppers cashing in all night long. we will take you live to the middle of the madness. ♪ ile deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free. and fearlessly devours piles.
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jillian: arming teachers to stop school shooters comes in the
2:42 am
wake of the parkland massacre that left 17 people dead. the sheriff, chairman of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school public safety commission plans to recommend florida law be changed so teachers who undergo background checks and training can bring guns on campus. the teachers union and pta oppose the proposal. rob: you could be forced to hand over your social media password if you want to buy a gun under democrat sponsored bill in new york, 3 years of online history could be reviewed before granting firearm licenses. supporters say it is a good idea since some math shooters show warning signs on social media. critics say it violates the constitution. jillian: it is here, the biggest shopping day of the year. people across the country hitting the malls to score the best deals. rob: hillary von is live it is a busy mall in new york city and it is relatively calm at this early hour.
2:43 am
>> reporter: here is the deal. this mall is open on thanksgiving until 2:00 am and close for a few hours and now they are opening their doors again for the daytime shoppers on black friday. we are seeing a trend. more retailers are opening their stores earlier and earlier which means people are spending their cash a lot sooner. thanksgiving deals are rolling out and you have black friday, americans spent $1.5 billion on thanksgiving day, and black friday, the number of shoppers expecting that, up 29% from last year. online sales booming. selling biggest technology, in the top selling products nintendo console, amazon fire tv and amazon echo speakers. for the first time this year by 5:00 pm on thanksgiving day
2:44 am
online sales, $1.75 billion up 28% but the online traffic surge did throw off some retailers. walmart, lulu lemon's efforts and sites crashing, some people having trouble getting online. >> i like to see what i am buying versus having to wait and see when it comes in the mail. >> and crasher have the website, so many people on at the same time. to get the deal and not have to worry about if something crashes or whatever. >> people just getting through the doors. we see a lot of people walking with bags of stuff but one thing to note for online shopping, half of the people logging on were on their phones shopping from mobile devices. that is something we have not seen before the we are seeing now. jillian: thank you. rob: appreciate it. let's check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: i am doing some shopping
2:45 am
because we are going to be here in 14 or 15 minutes on the griff jenkins and i have a problem that will need some rectifying. we have to do some shopping. on "fox and friends," sean spicer, you know him, secretary to the president of the united states and tom homan, diamond and silk, former education secretary under president ronald reagan, will be here. we have a busy lineup on this day after thanksgiving. rob: you made good turkey. jillian: a theme from the cookbook. the happy cookbook. >> it is available everywhere on black friday. see you in a little bit. coming up, is this what it is like in your office during holidays.
2:46 am
>> i would like everybody's attention. christmas is canceled. >> you can't cancel a holiday. >> taking away for family. >> holiday blues are a real thing. rob: tips to keep you jolly this holiday season. ♪ money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ hello, i'm an idaho as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes
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>> the 2018 holiday season in full swing. putting up christmas decorations can make you happier it is easy to fall into the holiday blues. here is fox medical contributor doctor nicole safire. happy thanksgiving. this time of year can get
2:50 am
stressful for a lot of people so what do we need to do starting with social media? >> people tend to feel the blues whether it is stress, anxiety or seasonal affective disorder. you got to put down your phone. it will be hard but that is the best thing you can do, mental wellness, it is not reality. if you need to be on your phone send pictures to your family, don't look at everyone else because it fuels anxiety and depression and on top of that. >> i like looking at my friends and family and my family and that is wonderful if you're confident in yourself and tapping your current situation but any insecurity or feel you are lacking anything. the truth is those people on social media -- get to the gym.
2:51 am
>> you got to get to the gym not just because you want to lose weight but because it is good for your mental and physical health. that releasing of endorphins can make you feel better about yourself and taking time for you. you are not running around doing things for everyone else, getting to the gym is great for mental wellness, physical wellness, not just after the first of the year but all the time. the next one seems very difficult this time of year. jillian: your challenging. >> limit your alcohol intake, not because they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke but they make you feel sluggish, more tired afterwords and that can fuel depression. a lot of factors making us feel not great even though in the moment, over time not so good. >> that is when everyone wants
2:52 am
to go to the gym. are you saying we shouldn't reheat thanksgiving food? >> i plan on doing that. i want a turkey sandwich. >> give yourself a break. >> absolutely. the older i get the more i say no to people, limit your self. we do a lot and it is okay to say no to people and get sleep. sleep is crucial. jillian: it is black friday, got people out shopping. >> this time of year a lot of people tried to work overtime because they are spending money on christmas gifts. see you have to take care of yourself. if you're working more you need to sleep more, eat healthier, get to the gym, you can't just run yourself ragged. take care of yourself and your family and friends. >> are you getting sleep?
2:53 am
you are looking tired today. rob? rob: the time, 52 after the hour, nothing like coming home for the holidays. rob: thanksgiving soldier's surprise guaranteed to make your morning, stay tuned. ♪ lift me up, give me strength ♪ ♪ america ♪ america ♪
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♪ small town ♪ used to be a dream in that small town ♪ jillian: this is a great song. rob: i love john mellencamp, sixth avenue the parade is over and now it's officially christmas time, isn't it? jillian: yes, it is. rob: all right. we'll take it it's cold enough. china is rejecting u.s. accusations that beijing is stepping up its efforts to steal america technology. this comes after the u.s. government reports which concluded that beijing is continuing to hack american companies to steal intellectual property. president trump insists that a trade deal can still be worked out. is he going to meet with his chinese counterpart at the
2:58 am
g 8 summit in argentina. jillian: researchers at the university of texas are moving closer to treatment on humans it would be a simple shot to teach immune system how to fight off the disease. unclear when it could begin. rob: help fork up money to pay for medical marijuana. two democrats pushing a bill in north carolina that would require medicaid to cover the cost. the lawmakers claim that it would help to battle the opioid epidemic. new york's governor is working to legalize weed all together in new york. jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. thanksgiving homecoming will make your morning. military dad surprises his daughter kelly at school. >> i missed you so much.
2:59 am
jillian: never get tired of seeing these. army special isles back home after a nearly one year deployment in afghanistan. one of the best days to come home. rob: welcome back, sir. much disenkd. next the bad. this is actually pretty funny. unexpected family shows up for thanksgiving dinner in florida. that's a momma bear and her cub arriving at a home in apopka food and drink. we don't know yet if they got any turkey. jillian: they do look hungry. rob: they always look hungry because they are bears. >> would be robbery is foiled when employees fight back. look at surveillance video in canada showing a man smashing a window only to be met by three staffers with swords. these things are legit. the terrified robbers ran away. no one was hurt but my goodness i have so many questions like why do they have the swords? where do they hide them?
3:00 am
rob: don't mess with them. that could do some damage. would could and i would never like to be on the other end of that. rob: absolutely not. jillian: good black friday if you are heading out to the stores. rob: enjoy the long weekend. weave will see you later. >> president trump warning that america's borders could be shut down. >> if we find that it's uncontrollable, we will close that for a period of time until we with get it under control. the whole border. >> former fbi director james comey vowing to fight a subpoena to testify behind closed doors. he claims he is happy to sit for a public hearing. >> it is simply not appropriate for mr. comey to attempt to turn this into some kind of a public performance on his part. >> charter bus overturns on on icy road. the bus carrying the university of washington marching band. nearly 40 of the 56 people on board are injured.


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