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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 23, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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rob: don't mess with them. that could do some damage. would could and i would never like to be on the other end of that. rob: absolutely not. jillian: good black friday if you are heading out to the stores. rob: enjoy the long weekend. weave will see you later. >> president trump warning that america's borders could be shut down. >> if we find that it's uncontrollable, we will close that for a period of time until we with get it under control. the whole border. >> former fbi director james comey vowing to fight a subpoena to testify behind closed doors. he claims he is happy to sit for a public hearing. >> it is simply not appropriate for mr. comey to attempt to turn this into some kind of a public performance on his part. >> charter bus overturns on on icy road. the bus carrying the university of washington marching band. nearly 40 of the 56 people on board are injured. [cheers] >> people around the country
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ready to score great deals of course black friday. biggest shopping day of the year. ♪ you just fade away ♪ don't you know i'm still standing ♪ better than i ever did. steve: i'm not justing, i'm running to the mall. because it's black friday and there are deals to be had. >> i was there yesterday. things are 40% off. 30% off any of your purchases. griff: you still got to spend money. a chance i will not be standing by end of the day two teenage daughters and wife in new york city on black friday. steve: forget about black friday. talk about red, white and blue friday. you and i have the same necktie on griff griff they said be steve doocy. i didn't know you were going to show up. steve: hold on a second. the gap is not open.
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griff: write friends at if you think we should get a new time or wear the same tie. steve: what do you on your thanksgiving? did you talk politics around the family table and the turkey had to cover his ears listening to the arguing or what. or was it just very copasetic? a lovely fest like at the doocy house out in new jersey. this is how we celebrated. a photo of my wife cathy and me. and sally and peter and mary and as you can see we had all sorts of delicious. rachel: what's the pie in the very front there martha maccallum's mom betty's bourbon cheesecake from the happy cookbook. in fact all that stuff was from our cookbook. it was delicious. we did talk a little politics because both my kids work in washington. rachel: there is my kids and i we were all in new york
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city because i'm working and we went to a diner. we didn't talk politics because there is not enough room for us at one table. my son said i know there is a turkey dinner on the menu but can i have a burger? i'm like sure you are in a new york city diner. we were in two booths and i was taking care of my little ones who dropped a pie on the floor and stepped on it. steve: dropped a pie. >> not a lot of politics just handling kids. griff: go back to another shot. this is the jenkins clan trying to brave the coldest possible day in the history of of the country on macy day parade. we braved it. we went in and had a great thanksgiving dinner nearby. there is my girls right there. steve: that's frisco's i see the fox news. how much are they paying you? it was cold out there. this a great shot though. this is the forced smile like hurry up, take the
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photo and feed me. steve: that's great. let us know how you spent your thanksgiving. send us pictures "fox & picture steve: we know how the president celebrated yesterday. he was on the phone. he was out and about supporting the troops and coast guard as well. there you can see him just to the north of his mar-a-lago estate in rivera beach in florida. yesterday he had a wide ranging interview question and answer questions with some reporters. the biggest topic of interest to everybody is he has threatened to close the u.s.-mexican border unless they do something about it on their side. watch this. >> should we find that it's -- it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting hurt,
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we will close entry into the country for period of time physical we can get it under control. i have already shut down parts of the border because it was out-of-control with the rioting on the other side? could there be a shut down? there certainly could. it will be about border security. we have people been waiting for years to become citizens and these people come in and think they will just walk in? it's very unfair thing to all the people been waiting in line in some cases for many years. rachel: if he shuts the border down it becomes a mexico problem. griff: sound bite you just played yes i will shut down the entire border.
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the reason why he is saying that because of this ruling come out of the ninth circuit in california which is a federal judge ruling a decision that affects the entire 2,000 miles of the border fairly out of his lane but nonetheless the president tweeting also on that point, i believe we have it here. he says our highly trained security professionals are not allowed to do their job on the border because of the judicial activism and interference by the 9th circuit. nevertheless, they are working hard to make america a safer place, though hard to do when anybody filing a lawsuit wins. steve: what is the judge out there said was forget about what the president says, if you want to seek asylum, you have to enter through the port. the judge says that's unconstitutional. it's against the law. the president obviously doesn't agree. but, clearly, you can see the battle lines are being drawn. with an incoming democratic congress, he threatened yesterday, you know, we could have a government shut down unless i get the money
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for the wall. the guy who got elected in part because of strong border security with a new majority in the house of representatives with democrats, making it very clear, you've got a choice, you want me to protect your border or do you want them not so much? griff griff fight to, your husband sean could tell us there is only about a dozen or so days left in this legislative year december 1 is going to be the date to watch for on that border funding fight. rachel: absolutely. there is millions of dollars of trade across the border. not just people. we are talking about goods and a lot of money. there is going to be a lot of pressure on us, on u.s. politics but also on the mexican side. and as you know we might have been the only network covering the pressure in tijuana as well. the citizens of tijuana have a lot of concerns with the caravan just as the american people do. we will see how that goes. steve: also sounds if the folks want to be processed for asylum, they might have to wait in mexico. rachel: that's right.
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steve: a lot of developments down there. over the last couple of days that we have discovered that apparently outgoing house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte from the commonwealth of virginia he has issued two subpoenas. you know, it may be a lame duck session but they are trying to get some stuff done. is he calling in james comey and attorney general loretta lynch. essentially what they are trying to do they are investigating the decisions made and not made by the department of justice and the fbi during 2016. so, finally they are going to get comey and lynch, both behind closed doors to testify. but mr. comey doesn't like that. griff: he sent a tweet yesterday, a fairly blunt tweet. comey had that secret name for his tweet. now he has owned it and put his name out there. here is what he tweeted yesterday. happy thanksgiving. got a subpoena from the house republicans i'm happy to sit in the light and
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answers all questions. but i will resist a closed door thing because i've seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing and invite. rachel: there is a reason he wants a public hearing. the rules of committee hearing are each member gets five minutes and alternates between democrat and republican. and so you can -- there is a lot of games that can be played to eat up those five minutes. you know, you can ask them to reask the question. can you ask nuances about the question. so then they eat up the time and you really don't answer anything at all. which is why trey gowdy says no i need this guy behind closed doors. here's what he had to say. >> ainsley, the last time i saw jim comey in a public congressional hearing, almost 100 times he said i can't answer in this setting. so why in the world we want to go back to a setting where he knows he can't answer all the questions? i'm sure he only wants me to
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have five minutes. i'm sure of that. i need more than five minutes. i have 37 pages of questions for rod rosenstein. imagine how questions i have for james comey and i can't do it in five minutes. steve: they was explaining why behind closed doors mr. comey and his team say look you, you do it behind closed doors and then the republican also selectively leak stuff out to make their case. nonetheless, the republicans before they lose the power of subpoena are trying to get some people on the record about what happened in the run-ups to the election. griff: creates an interesting situation, too. because the incoming chairman for instance like jerry nadler of new york a democrat these things rarely play out on the time frame congress sets for them. if we go into the next congress? what are you going to do deny the hearings that have begun. rachel: go into the next congress the democrats will start a whole waive of hearings probably insta gating president trump and his attacks, of course, i think this lame duck is
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important to get comey in and see if he actually does it. griff: i will tell you who is not a lame duck and that's jillian mele. jillian: happy thanksgiving and friday as well. we have a fox news alert. this one is serious. holiday shopping turns department of educationally overnight. a teenager opening fire at an alabama mall shooting two people during a fight. panicked shoppers hiding in store closets fathering for their lives. >> it's crazy in every direction and i just start praying. praying that god would give the police wisdom and accuracy of shot, protect the victims. jillian: gunman shot by police his two victims in the hospital. dozens hurt after a charter bus overturns on icy road. the bus carrying the university of washington marching band flipping on its side. look at that on its way to tonight's apple cup game against washington state. nearly 40 of the 56 people are injured but none are serious. despite growing tensions
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between the u.s. and china. president trump insists we can work out of a trade deal. >> china wants to make a deal. if we can make a deal we will. if something happens, that would be a great thing. i'm very happy about that. i'm prepared. i have been preparing for it all my life. jillian: president trump will meet with chinese counterpart at the g 8 summit in argentina next week. week 12 kicking off on thanksgiving and turkey not the only thing getting roasted. the saints torching the falcons for their tenth straight win. >> down. touchdown, new orleans. jillian: they are unstoppable. drew breeze tossing four touchdowns. new orleans win 21-17. bears feasting on the lyons. 23-16 win. i feel like you have got to watch it all the way.
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cowboys ezekiel elliott scoring touchdown dropping money into the kettle in dallas. that's not the first time he used that as a prop though. last season he jumped in it and popped out of the big red kettle with the football in hand. steve: he had 21 bucks on him? who knew they had pockets. thank you, jillian. president trump has a lot on his plate once he gets back from thanksgiving break in florida. we will break down the top items on his agenda he needs to tackle when he returns to the white house monday. griff: plus, hillary clinton just weighed in on the migrant crisis. guess what? she wants tougher borders. but not for the reason you would expect. we have got that coming up. ♪ over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being.
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♪ steve: all right. president trump back from thanksgiving break with a slew of high stakes decisions to make as of monday as the balance of power is set to shift where whee for the democrats in january. here to break it down it is republican strategist holly turner who joins us from d.c. before she goes shopping on this black friday good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. i'm done with shy shopping. i ordered your book for all of my family members. shopping done. i highly recommend that. steve: ladies and gentlemen, my favorite guest of the day
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so far. holly, talk about. so thingsome ofthe things the ps to do. >> an important decision he has to make. i don't think he feels like he has to rush into that decision. i know he is vetting candidates very carefully right now he needs someone who is going to be aligned with him philosophically. and that's what's most important to him. you know, i think in the past, maybe the president wanted to make sure democrats were happy with the choice after the spectacle we saw with the cough hearings i don't think he cares what kamala harris and cory booker thinks. he will do what he thinks is best for the country. steve: you say the number two thing he should do is figure out how this thing ends. >> i think we are on a path towards success in these trade negotiations. right now china is bearing the brunt of the pain in
3:19 am
this situation. so, there is an article in bloomberg this week that said that americans are feeling about 4.5% of that 25% tariff that we have imposed. but china and its consumers and its companies are bearing about 20% of that. i think if the president wants to do is give a little bit more time and make sure we have as much leverage as possible before we go into negotiations. premature to go to the table. if it's one thing the president knows how to do it's get a good job. steve: leverage over congress he will shut down the government over wall funding unless he gets the money to build that wall. this is what he ran on and so far congress, including the republicans have not helped him out much. >> they haven't. and i don't really know why to be honest with you. we should have gotten this done and republicans are to blame. we should have handled this the past two years and we didn't do it. democrats have an opportunity now to get this
3:20 am
path to citizenship for the daca recipients. and if they really care about that then they are going to come to the table and talk to the president about getting this wall built. it's an opportunity for them to get something they want, too. steve: one final thing, he is going to have to lean on mitch mcconnell to pass criminal justice reform which suddenly is an important issue to him. >> i think it's been important all along. jared kushner has been working very hard on this. steve: he has. >> man, this is something that could impact a lot of families in the future. we are talking about fathers who get to raise their children and jobs to support their family. this is something that should have bipartisan support and should easily pass. i hope mcconnell will take it to the floor for a vote. steve: does sound as if jeff sessions was against it and that's why now that he is gone -- holly turner, thanks for joining us today. >> thanks, steve. have a good day. steve: 6:20 in new york city. black friday is today. we are looking live. that is a shot down at a
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mall area in orlando where shopping, as you can see, already underway. a live report coming up. ♪ care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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3:25 am
this mall was open on thanksgiving day until 2:00 a.m. they closed for a couple hours. and opened for the black friday shoppers. we have seen the black friday shopping day has turned into a season. it's happening all week. on wednesday, sales compared to last year beat them by 32%. we saw 32% shoppers spend more money on wednesday. on thanksgiving day, total for sales across the country, $1.75 billion. >> now here we are on black friday where shoppers are loading up trying to cash in on those good deals. shoppers spend their money earlier and earlier, the mall here tells me they are expecting to actually beat the turnout that they had last year and the sales that they had last year. also, you are seeing more shoppers go online. we talked to some somers who say they decide to still come into the mall because really they are afraid websites are going to crash and they will miss out on some of those good deals. walmart, lou lou lemon have
3:26 am
customers complain of site access issues. you had people come here to make sure they are not missing out on the deals they want. one thing we're seeing this year that we never saw before when it comes to online shopping. half of the people shopping on their phone not on their laptops. that's new. we will see a lot more of that, of course. people really excited to be here today. back to you. steve: no kidding. hillary vaughn live in long island. thank you very much. rachel: that's a great economy out there. i mean, there is no question that people are out there shopping. i do not like going into the stores when they're like that. i would much rather be in my house on my couch with my laptop and phone shopping. steve: luckily you are here on the curvey couch. griff: not out spending all of the griff fortune. seconding troops to the border ahead of caravan surge. steve: some democrats quick to dismiss show of force
3:27 am
saying it's politically a stunt for the tv cameras. >> folks being deployed there they have left their families. they will not be home for thanksgiving. and all because there needed to be some demonstration for the tv cameras based on a political agenda. it is inappropriate to require the limited resources of the united states military to be used in such a way. rachel: here with their reaction social media stars and trump supporters diamond and silk. first of all, happ happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. rachel: is this a political stunt having the troops at the border? >> this is not a political stunt. what this is the president is trying to protect our borders from an invasion. ly what squall a political stunt is kamala harris and rest of the democrat pushing a russian collusion story trying to protect robert mueller instead of
3:28 am
protecting our border. builfund a wall so we can build it. steve: what do you make yesterday diamond and silk of that interview he did, wide ranging interview? he suggested that -- you know, he ran on building the wall. and congress has not helped him out. and now here we are two years later he is saying, look, unless i get some money to build this wall, i don't mind shutting down the government partially. >> well, hey, he has to do what he has to do. >> that's right. >> the first priority is keeping the american people safe. and when you see people headed to our country and telling us that they are going to cross our borders illegally. >> yeah. >> like they can roam in our country. they are not going to it be roaming in kamala harris and nancy pelosi. they are going to throw in the hood with the other people and bickering back and forth. we can't let that happen. you have to get in line, wait your turn, go to the port of entry and do it
3:29 am
correctly. if not, you cannot come up in here. >> how is it that it is okay to deploy troops to other countries to protect their borders but people have a border with troops being deployed to protect our border? griff: that's a good point. you know, senator harris went to camp pendleton. one the largest marine bases in our country. and, yet, she made a political statement questioning the deployment itself. do you have a problem with that? >> i have a problem with kamala harris, period. i don't even know why she is senator. if you look at california, it's a mess before the fires happened, you had tons of people homeless and defecating on the street. why is she even a senator in the first place? >> that's right. rachel: i see you guys have a christmas tree behind you. you have already started the decorating? >> yes, we have. rachel: how was thanksgiving yesterday and which sister is the better cook? >> thanksgiving was fabulous. >> i'm the better sister.
3:30 am
yes, yes, yes. diamond did put her in collard greens. >> and candy yams. steve: are you going to go shopping? >> i'm not going to go shopping. i am a cyber girl. i will do everything online today. >> i can say we are offering 20% off our diamond and silk store. go to diamond and silk and get 20% everything in the store over $3. steve: black friday deal, all right. griff: thank you very much. rachel: thank you, ladies. >> thank you for having us. griff: american being rescued at sea after being caught for 12 hours. incredible moments caught on camera. steve: one of the reasons my wife and i wrote the new happy cookbook. i will take you behind the scenes at the doocy house coming up next. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪
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♪ steve: well, yesterday, avenue of the americas, that is where all the balloons and all the parade marchers were marching down sixth avenue towards macy's. we asked you to send us some of your photographs from your big thanksgiving. maggie down in pensacola, florida celebrated, look at that her first thanksgiving. she may be too young to talk politics but she is not too young. griff: manged celebrated thanksgiving with her family. mum is the word if they talked politics but they did indulge on trump wine. rachel: i think i know how they voted. steve: i see a couple bottles there. rachel: to to even think about politics. steve: keep those pictures
3:35 am
coming. rachel: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. and we're going to very shortly resolve the neck ty problem. griff: my wife is out shopping already. hit the black friday for the tyes. it wasn't on her list of things to buy today. it was a long list. apparently i think a ty could be forthcoming. steve: we will, soon enough. meanwhile, time for headlines and jillian joins us. jillian: they do say great minds think alike. griff: you got me a tie? jillian: i'm saying you have great minds. it was a compliment. terrorists suspected of killing americans in benghazi now behind bars. the libyan army says they have captured the people responsible for killing u.s. ambassador christopher stevens in 2012. and teacher ronni smith in 2013. libya is working to bring justice to hundreds of cases involving unlawful killings. stop what you are doing and watch this. a rescue crew saved an american tourist after his
3:36 am
boat capsizes in australia. a helicopter pulling him to safety after spending 12 hours stranded at sea. he says the catamaran lost a hatch cover and started taking on water before sun set. the hawaiian man was not hurt but he lost everything in the ocean including his passport. yikes. hillary clinton blaming the european immigration crisis for a rise in right wing nationalism. the failed presidential candidate telling the guardian, quote: i think europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame. she also criticized president trump claiming he exploited immigration to help him win the white house. troops around the world celebrating thanksgiving in their own special ways. the air force tweeting a video showing how their meals are packed and eaten. and the marines acting out their back up plan if turkey escapes. ♪ jillian: chief of naval
3:37 am
operations celebrated on the us truman with 5,000 sailors. jillian: i would imagine a hard time to be away from their families. making the best of it and thank them for what they are doing. rachel: absolutely. that's a lot of cooking. griff: marines vs. the turkey that's a tough fight. steve: meanwhile 23 minutes before the top of the hour. yesterday was the coldest thanksgiving anybody can remember. right now outside is adam klotz on the streets of new york. the real feel temperature is as we zoom in real tight on your necktie is 8 degrees. >> trying to convince everybody in the control room the producer i don't have to go outside. i have got the maps. i can show them from inside. they want me to come out here because you can see the actual temperature. we have a bank back behind us and showing 17 degrees here at 6:37 on the east coast. it is cold but if you add in that wind you are talking about, real feel even colder on the east coast. there are your maps.
3:38 am
9 currently in new york. negative one in boston. head inland spots pretty much everywhere where you are down into the single digits. it does warm up a little bit the next couple of days. and spots across the country something to be thankful for. currently 50 degrees in kansas city. also a winter feel on the west coast and that's going to be the big weather story as far as precipitation goes. there is snow across the mountains. a lot of actually winter storm warnings across the western side of the country also. everything you are looking at there winter warnings. winter watches and heavy rain for northern california where there is flooding. yeah, steve it's cold out here and i'm going to be rushing right back in as soon as i can. steve: tis the season. thanks, adam. rachel: holiday season is officially here along with all of our beloved family traditions. steve: that's right. for my family, the doocy family, the kitchen plays a huge role in bringing us together. these traditions is are why
3:39 am
my wife and i cathy decided to write the happy cookbook. let's head out to new jersey for a behind the scenes look. hey, come on in. welcome to the doocy house. lived here a very long time. this staircase, many of you remember because around christmas time i put together that man taj of the kids growing up running down the stairs. let's go, kids, santa came. they grow up so fast. kids, kids, kids, we're going to have lunch. food bribes always work. videotaping the kids running down the stairs christmas morning is a doocy family tradition. another is when our kids get together making cathy's christmas cookies which started with her mother. sound familiar? >> mom would always bake cookies and then we would have a neighborhood cookie
3:40 am
swap. >> my mom would make plumb pudding. >> christmas mom made strupolo. janice: mom made bars canadian like me. steve: tradition christmas cookies that cathy worried about three years ago when out of the blue she was diagnosed with a very rare and super aggressively form of eye cancer. >> one night when i was undergoing the radiation treatment, i looked around at my family and i thought the only thing i could really think of that i needed to do is to get my recipes together so that the kids would always have their happy memories and they would be able to make the foods that they grew up with. steve: that's where we got the idea for the cookbook. steve: cathy was treated at wills eye hospital in philadelphia by dr. carol shields who saved her life. when cathy told her story on "fox & friends" how she wanted our kids to know how to make the foods that they grew up on, that tugged at
3:41 am
the heart of so many people we have met on our book tour. >> i was just very overwhelmed, actually with emotion. just hearing a story and my mom meant to me and all of heiress pays. and i think heritage is so important to carry on to your children. i just love the way did you it and you are gracious to have other people put their favorite recipes from their childhood in the book, too. steve: cathy's simple message of writing down family recipes while you still can struck a chord across the country. sings the book came out, people everywhere show us copy of their family rest business often in their mom's handwriting. >> 40 years ago mom put together a little book because she said i didn't like to cook. she even gave me a recipe for dianddidandelion wine.
3:42 am
steve: we put over 100 recipes from all of our childhoods for one reason or another make people smile ♪ i was born free. steve: kid rock's happy meal is his mom's chicken pot pie which is on page 114 of our cookbook. sarah huckabee sanders shared with us her world famous bourbon chocolate pecan pie recipe. >> i love this pie because i make it every year thanksgiving and christmas. for me it's all about my family coming together and spending time together and it's my contribution to those events. steve: on page 184 martha maccallum mom's betty's bourbon pumpkin cheesecake because it tastes like her holidays back at home. >> it's a special time of year. i love being with my family and cook being at our house. it makes me happy. steve: most of us go through life three meals a day. he these days we try to have one of them a happy meal. >> what's happier than
3:43 am
having your whole family around the table? ♪ steve: so there you go. a great holiday gift for the cook on your christmas list. griff: an opportunity for all males. sit on that couch watch football all day eat all the leftovers and your wife and kids come home and say what did you do all day? i finished all of my christmas shopping because i bought everyone in the family this cookbook and then you dropped mick and mic. rachel: that's what i see a happy cookbook. steve: thanks for sharing your recipes. if you made some of the recipes, email them. i would love to see it. griff: republicans won big in the ohio midterms. sherrod brown is thinking about running in 2020. will he turn the buckeye state blue? rachel: kurt the cyberguy is
3:44 am
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schedule a check-up with your doctor, know your four health numbers, and start taking control of your health today. cigna. together, all the way. griff: welcome back. believe it or not, the battle for the buckeye state is still on. while republicans did sweep the state in the midterm elections it's newly elected democrat senator says he is now considering a bid, wait for it, for the white house. will the swing state go all in on trump yet again? here to debate it senate minority leader capri cafaro and member of the advisory board. first happy belated thanksgiving holiday. >> thank you. griff: in ohio 2016 the presidential results, you see here president trump 52.1% to clinton 43.5.
3:48 am
a sweep. i want to start with you capri. how does sherrod brown get in the 2020 race and win and what is his message? >> a few -- a couple things. number one, let me put some of this in context in regards to ohio. look, president trump won in ohio with votes from democrats. okay? and why is that? because donald trump talked about the issues of trade, of the challenges of nafta and that is something that resonates with ohio voters. that's exactly what sherrod brown's message is if there is anybody that could win the state of ohio in 2020 as well as places like pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan, because in 2020 there is only one way to 270 electoral votes and that is through those states in the midwest sherrod brown has been able and i think hold that coalition of democrats minnesota vatted by things like trade but at the same time he still has that quote, unquote, progressive street cred with the coast.
3:49 am
is he a very unique candidate and he has been mentioned before but i think actually is he serious this time. griff: fair point. madison let me throw to you. doesn't look like the trend is going that way what do you say? >> president trump is wildly popular here in ohio. i think the thing we need to remember not only did he win why 8 points in 2016 but he continued to produce results for the past two years. i expect that he will continue to do so through 2020. people here have seen a direct impact positive impact in their lives because of president trump's policies. and sherrod brown has voted against the president over 70% of the time. so, yes, of course, he is able to win his re-election, wiwhen a lot of democrats in ohio couldn't do so. he had incumbent advantage and i don't think he will produce the same results in 2020 when it comes to a field of 16, 17 democrats on the table. >> i will have to counter this. i love the fact that we are
3:50 am
both from ohio and italian women out here paths that the about our site and the state of ohio. when you talk about the impact on the economy in particular. i can tell you in my home county, my county of trumbull county where our employer is the general motors lords town plant we have lost 1500 jobs there. i think that is something that could be held against president trump. i would implore him to come. griff: hold on, madison. capri it, sounds like sherrod brown has got to come up with something different than what the president has done in terms of bringing jobs to the state of ohio? unfortunately we have to leave it there this is a lot of discussion. i don't know if this came up at your thanksgiving tables or not but it just started on everybody else's here on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. griff: all right, guys. president trump threatening to shut down the border because of the caravan. tom homan says now it's time for mexico to take action. he joins us live in the next
3:51 am
hour. and trying to avoid those black friday lines? kurt the cyberguy is here with his favorite apps to help you save and avoid the lines. that's coming up. stay tuned. don't go anywhere ♪ ♪
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." black friday in full swing today especially in orlando, florida. can you avoid the frenzy all together by downloading a few simple apps. griff: here with black friday apps the cyber guy kurt. >> five of the best you should download for next friday and leading into next week. black friday blur is what they are talking about now. less about just today the blur of black friday goes into next week and started last week. these apps are tremendously
3:55 am
popular and really good. shop it'shopular promo codes out there. steve: scan your phone for the coupon? >> exactly. flip app. is another one that delivers newspaper local sales. when you go to flip app. you can see all the different sales happening near your house. and flick deals app. this is crowd source deals. so people who have already done the hard work that have already been out at the mall. they are saying here's the deal and get together and share. this. rachel: like the comment section of the app.? >> bubbles up so you don't have to read three through all of them. just find out what the good one. next tag mobile something you want to go to. the best price comparison tool when you are out there. scan the upc code no matter what store you are at and then it will show you the best pryces whether you are getting them right there. you know what to do at the store if you are not getting the best price.
3:56 am
hold up your phone to the competitor's best price and see if they will honor that deal news one of the de factos, a great app. that you can set alerts to. even though you think you have found the best deal, put it in there and it will warn you whether the price goes down after you bought it. steve: if you had to pick just one app., what would it be? >> probably the one i like the most is shop it'ular. >> it is popular to you. >> right. griff: take me to a dark place. bottom line though, there is no reason not to save money with all these apps. >> if you don't scan the price tag when you are buying something at this point. steve: that's so cool. >> slap you. you ought. to say. steve: go to and they will help you out: coming up on in friday
3:57 am
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steve: president trump threatened to close the u.s. mexican border unless they do something about it on their side. >> if we find that it's uncontrollable, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. >> the entire -- >> -- the whole border. >> keep american people safe. when you see people headed to our country and telling us that they are going to cross our borders illegally, we can't let that happen. >> former fbi director james comey vowing to fight a subpoena to testify behind closed doors. he claims he is happy to sit for a public hearing. >> it is simply not appropriate for mr. comey to attempt to turn this into some kind of a public performance on his part.
4:01 am
[chanting] [cheers] >> biggest single shopping day of the entire year. >> and people across the country are running out to the mall to score the best deals. ♪ let's have a house party ♪ we don't knowed nobody ♪ turn your tv off ♪ break that boom box out. steve: friday, november 23rd as you can see there it is the biggest shopping day of the year. and if you joined us in the first hour, you know that there was a problem we discovered. griff and i are wearing exactly the same outfit. blue suit, a white shirt and blue and white neck ty. griff: that's why the wonderful exceptional kathleen jenkins also known as my wife has rushed out. rachel: you mean a saint. a saint. a saint. steve: here's the thing. he is not telling you he woke her up.
4:02 am
she was asleep in the hotel room. he woke her up and she walked out in 8-degree weather. griff: she is planning on doing a lot of other shopping today. this one was not planned. but she has, i believe, done quite well. rachel: it's a beautiful ty, are you going to change it. steve: i'm going to change it do it right now. go ahead we will watch you start. how long does this take? griff: you know, i think can i ty, it they are not clip on. rachel: that's right. we will go to carley. live at 38th and broadway home the macy's on black friday and are you seeing a lot of people yet? rachel: she is not hearing you. steve: carley? griff: i think car live may care stunned. >> i know holidays are around the corner but this is my personal christmas. it is the biggest and best shopping day of the year with the biggest and best
4:03 am
deals. i'm here at macy's in harold's square. this store usually opens up at 10:00 a.m. it's 7:00. as can you see there are a lot of people here already shopping. these fine folks right here came all the way from liverpool, england, specifically with black friday in mind. so why did you decide to come over to the u.s. and shop today? >> we came before and i brought teenage girls. know exactly what the problem is trying to get anything for christmas or birthdays. the deals are really good for black friday over here. carley: it is exciting. being in new york city on black friday do you have anything you are looking fo for. >> like -- i should go. >> maybe make jump. like nice clothes. yeah, a bunch of clothes. carley: very good ideas. people are online shopping a lot lately. and you decided to come to
4:04 am
the stores, brave the lines, why? >> just for the experience. carley: the experience. it's a good experience indeed. i will head on over and see if i can find more people to talk. to say there has been a couple camera shy people here. but, i do see this handbag right here that has caught my eye. and a producer extraordinaire a.j. said before we went on that he was going to buy it for me. i'm going to busy him with that and send it back to you in the studio. steve: i wonder how is he going to put in for that? all right, carley, thank you very much. rachel: we open the show to the song house party in your house with the. shopping sounds much better than braving those clouds. griff: i benefited from black friday. steve: have you indeed. rachel: it looks good. now you guys don't look like twins. griff: we don't. steve: i kind of liked it
4:05 am
the president of the united states on thanksgiving he was making some phone calls. he dropped by coast guard station. he also had q and a with reporters. and he has made it very clear, he is thankful for our troops and their service. but, as you know mike pompeo ourselves yesterday said the caravans will not be allow you had to enter the united states. the president of the united states was very clear. if mexico doesn't control the caravan, he could actually close the border down. >> should we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting -- we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. i have already shut down parts of the border. it was out of control with the rioting on the other side. could there be a shut down? there certainly okay and it will be about border security. which the wall is a part. you know, we have a lot of people. millions of people that have been waiting in line for years to become citizens of our country.
4:06 am
great people who went through a whole process. then these people come in and think they are going to walk. in it's a very unfair thing to all of the people that have been waiting in line in some cases for many years. griff: you know, it's interesting that he is concerned about the controllability of the caravan as a reporter and observationist, someone in it for 13 years. much stronger than it's ever been. drawing multiple caravans behind it multiple towns i was going in overtaking towns and situation in taiwan they had ttijuana: steve: do you have the sense when the new in the of mexico takes over there will be different cooperation between u.s. and mexico? griff: is that true sense among the local leaders that i spoke to because this is
4:07 am
now an undeniable problem. remember, for all of these central american countries from honduras and el salvador and guatemala coming through mexican towns it's not benefiting necessarily those communities as well. in some sense, mexico in the next president will have to acknowledge the impact that it's having on their communities, not just getting to the u.s. border. rachel: we know this isn't the first time a president has threatened or clorsed down the border. president reagan did that we will talk to tom homan acting ice director what the president means when he says shut down the border and perhaps some of the precedence of this and what it means for mexico, too. so, we will get to that a little later on. steve: that's right. meanwhile the president also not backing down. you know, it was on wednesday afternoon i had heard that the president was getting into an argument with john roberts and i was thinking wait, the fox good guy?
4:08 am
no the chief justice of the united states. justifiable roberts made it very clear he had made clear took a shot at the judge ninth circuit. sorry, it doesn't matter if they come through the ports they should get asylum. the president said this guy was appointed by president obama and then justice roberts had a problem with it and he said there are no obama judges. there are no clinton judges. there are no trump judges. they are all part of the judiciary. and the president didn't like that. rachel: he actually addressed. this here is the president talking about this with chief justice john roberts. >> that chief justice roberts, john roberts has been speaking a little bit about it. and i think we have a lot of respect for him. i like him and respect him. but i think we have to use some common sense. ninth circuit. everybody knows it's totally out of control. griff: the president is getting some praise from the
4:09 am
border patrol that i have spent so much time with in the last few months because this decision in california is about border security and actually he is going out of his lane and big constitutional, i suppose question about whether or not this judge can rule. but president trump a tweet we showed in the last hour. let me show it again. the president tweeted our highly trained security officials are not allowed to do their job on the border because of the judicial activism and interference by the ninth circuit. nevertheless, they're working hard to make america a safer place. though hard to do when anybody filing a lawsuit wins and so it really does give us some context for the fact that this is a president that has chosen to fight on all fronts for the purpose of securing the border. steve: um-huh. also, the president made it very clear he has given the okay to use lethal force against migrants if they have to is what he said yesterday. and there is a story out, i
4:10 am
think, in politico that says on monday, in the west wing, there is a big argument between the president and members of his cabinet against kirstjen nielsen, our department of homeland security secretary and john f. kelly the chief of staff. the president was arguing for more force down there they were saying not so much. ultimately the president and steven miller and others won. sounds like they have essentially now agreed to use more force on our southern border if appropriate. and that was the outcome of that particular shouting match. griff: if assaulted. rachel: the president is trying to raise this issue again in the lack duck congress feels pressure to do something. if they don't take karen and give him the money. stheot going to give the. griff: i have one issue,
4:11 am
jillian mele i have a new tie. jillian: i love it. griff: carry on. jillian: forensic testing underway at the mansion where a family was murdered and left to burn in a fire. police say keith and his wife and kids were killed in a targeted attack and gas cans were found near the home in new jersey. keith's brother paul is under arrest for allegedly setting his own home on fire on the same day the family was found dead. paul's lawyer says he is innocent of all charges. he is not a suspect in the killings. northern california's massive camp fire is now 95% contained after burning for nearly two weeks. volunteers bringing thanksgiving dinner to survivors in the devastated communities. the rain helping to excontinuing gerbil the fire but also raising concerns about mud slides which could condemn indicate search and rescue efforts. 84 people dead with nearly 800 unaccounted for. teenagers under arrest accused of stealing a plane
4:12 am
and take it on joy ride. they first left a group home stole a tractor and rode to the airport. they were spotted low over a highway before landing safely. they face multiple charges. $9 million and bragging rights on the line today. golf champ tiger woods and phil mickelson playing 18 holes at the shadow creek course in las vegas. beside the massive first making side bets for charity. the pay per view show down starts at 3:00 p.m. eastern. it will cost you 20 bucks to watch but that might be money well spent. griff: i'm definitely going to watch 20 bucks to watch. jillian: dyinger? griff: phil. jillian: i think i'm going with tiger. griff: i will be the odd man out. 20 bucks? highlights tomorrow. steve: still ahead on this friday, a family got into a
4:13 am
car crash on thanksgiving day. guess who was there to help? that tall guy right there. deputy shaq. the story behind that video is coming up. griff: the stock markets are hoping for black friday rebound. will they get a boost from all those shoppers? charles payne is up next. ♪ working for a living ♪ i'm working for a living ♪ even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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griff: welcome back. stock market taking a tumble before thanksgiving as a week of rough trading put a dent in the dow. rachel: now wall street hoping for a rebound as black friday begins. will the single biggest shopping day of the year be enough to boost this market? steve: let's talk to charles payne host of making money on the fox business network. all right, charles, this is the biggest shopping dave the year. obviously we have seen a lot of excitement out there. consumers feel like they can spend some dough is that going to help. >> certainly it will help. it's ironic because the market has been a victim of its own success. one of the big things scaring the professionals is it can't get better than. this the irony is if this is another record breaking quarter another record breaking thanksgiving it doesn't matter because it's the peak. we have hit the peak. that's the whole irony of it all. we are seeing if you go by
4:18 am
online sales way ahead. significantly ahead what they thought. adobe who follows it closer realtime analytics they upped their estimates three separate times since november 1st because of all the traffic. it's just significantly more than anybody thought it would be so far. griff: quickly, all the market futures are down, right? put it in context. how worried should would he be how worried should would he be? >> it depends. any given day if we are down and pulling our hair out. it's unfortunate. let's stick with the retailers, all right? macy's had a rough week. burlington coat factory down 5%. up 21% for the year. ulta salons. down. up 36%. amazon rough week. for the year up 30%. what's your horizon? are you going to be investor
4:19 am
and own great american companies? if that's the case occasionally there will be adjustments from time to time. there are a lot of unknowns hurting this market and a lot of knowns being corrected that can hurt this market. underlying economy particularly america's economy is gang busters. rachel: people have money and they're spending it. >> people have money and spending it. by the way, a couple days ago they came out with the latest sentiment read. the headline didn't matter to me. what was most important was the top 1/3 of america's households and income. their sentiment walls down. the bottom one third exploded more than 10%. this tells me that the economy not only do we have a great economy seeping into people. rachel: it's a blue collar economy. >> exactly. and to prove that people are spending money today, people were spending money yesterday. you actually went out for four thanksgiving, cash into the infusing cash into the economy. >> look at us right there. great time. family, friends. you know, listen, this is our third year doing.
4:20 am
this and that's my daughter and my granddaughter oh my god. i just love -- let me tell you my granddaughter was a star. she always is wearing a carolina. rachel: she is helping the economy. >> she is definitely helping the economy. >> you said amazon jumped 30%. how much of that is due to people in your family buying steve's cookbook? >> i will tell you right now my wife bought it because she buys everything on amazon. we have a distribution center in our house. griff: charles fantastic. >> thanks. steve: coming up on this friday, president trump says is he not worried about closing the border if it becomes too dangerous for the men and women keeping that area safe. tom homan says the ball is in mexico's court to take control of the caravan. he is next. griff: didn't say anything about bringing swords to a
4:21 am
gunite. swords on the loose. we have that coming up. ♪ don't tread on me ♪ ste and texture to get your meal started right. there are so many toothpastes out there which one should i use? choose one that takes care of your gums and enamel. crest gum & enamel repair cleans below the gum line and helps repair weakened enamel. gum & enamel repair, from crest. (music throughout)
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4:25 am
and all morning long the parking lots have been packed. people are in. people are out. but a lot of people don't necessarily stick around for that long. they come here knowing exactly what stores they want to go to. i was also talking to one of the pr reps here from simon premium youthlets here about 45 minutes outside of philadelphia. they said these deals are good. nike 40% off. something they have never done before at the outlet. a lot of people are here. they are happy. they are working off the turkey. and they are finding what they need. back to you guys. steve: jennifer joyce live in p. a. thank you very much. griff: outlets are going to be busy today. wonder how much the online is going to cut down on traffic. steve: good question. rachel: people are spending. whether they do it online or whether they do it in the store. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the news. griff: president trump
4:26 am
threatening to shut down the entire border as the remaining caravan looms closer. steve: gets t >> gets to a level where people start getting hurt we will close the border for a period of time until we can get control. >> the whole. >> the whole border. rachel: what does it mean for border security? here to weigh in is tom homan. welcome. >> hi, how are you doing? rachel: we had a great thanksgiving. let's get started on this topic here. what do you think the president means when he says we are going to shut down the border. does it mean all of it? what does it mean actually in effect? >> >> i think it depends on what the reaction to mexico to that statement. this is the first time the border has been shut down. i remember 1985 i was border patrol agent when president shut down the border when dea agent disappeared in mexico. mexico wasn't doing a lot to help. of course, when they shut that border down, right away they are able to find a body
4:27 am
of the dea agent. found the people responsible for torturing and killing them. i think president trump is sending message. i will shutt the border down and make mexico even though mexico assist us by offering asylum to a few thousand of these people. control the border and stop these caravans from coming. in. steve: two threats. threatening mexico, you better help us on this but, also, is he threatening congress unless i get the money to build the wall. a lot of people behind you you will in that round building don't want to give him money. he says if i don't get the money for it i might shut the government down. >> i have said it for months now, the reason there is a caravan on the border. the reason the border -- the numbers are high right now is because congress has failed to act. they failed to build the wall. they failed to close the loopholes causing these caravans. they have failed to raise the bar for asylum and failed to give ice enough
4:28 am
beds to they don't have to catch and release. failed to settlement agreement to hold families long enough to see a judge. i was up on the hill numerous myself meeting with congress about closing these loopholes. i said many times before. if anybody wants to putt blame on what's going on on the border, it's congress. they need to look in the mirror. they have failed the american people. griff: tom, let me ask you quickly, you raised all of the issues i heard from the border patrol from the loopholes to the number of bodies and clearly the president is trying to do everything he can. but, now we have got this caravan. which i was in for a time. it's larger than it's ever been. how important do you believe it is trying to set politics aside as hard as that is. how hard is it that the president and hardening of this border. how important is that to succeed? >> it's vital. look, everybody is watching what's going on right now. if we do not secure this border? if we let these people come in and they get released, not show up in court or even
4:29 am
if they show up in court don't leave. if we don't have a hard response and protect the sovereignty in this country right now, there is going to be more caravans. this is just the financing. so we got to act decisively. we have the right president to do that. he is taking a hard line in this. he has threw the gauntlet down. i praise him for that all hands on deck. game is on and everybody is watching. our response is important to what's going to happen in the future. rachel: do you think the new mexican government is going to react differently than the current government? >> i hope so. i think the reason why mexico hasn't done everything they could do because have you one outgoing president and income president and punt together. it's not a popular issue for mexico, mexico needs the united states it needs free frayed and congress. i hope they take a look at this and defend the border. they are a sovereign country too. the mexican citizens have had enough of it also.
4:30 am
griff: comes in just a few days in december. what shoul is the first thing te mexican president should do. >> defend his southern border. stop any future caravans from coming. in listen to his citizens. i think he needs, you know, if you look at international law, these people are really escaping fear and persecution, which based on the data i have seen not true. he can offer them asylum in mexico. and he needs to work with the united states on bringing these people response port of entry not illegally. mexico can do a an awful lot to assist us. they have done some. they can do more. steve: according to kamala harris great senator from california sending those troops down to the southern border just a stunt for the tv camera. >> if anybody is pulling a stunt it's kamala harris. it's ridiculous. ridiculous to the point that she equated the men and women of ice to the kkk. it's thanksgiving. and what i hope your listens
4:31 am
are paying attention to is political hate from the left. when i was having thanksgiving dinner with my family watching football games. there is thousands of border patrol agents standing on front line. griff, usc down there and we see aliens jump the fence. let me tell you what happens on most of the southern border. middle of the night sensor goes off trail leading from the united states. border patrol agent. drug snug glory has a lot of guns. border patrol agents killed on that border. while we slept and had dinner with our families and watched football men and women are on the border. shame on kamala harris comparing our enforcement officers to a hate group. shame on her. griff: thank you for your service. >> thanks for having me, i appreciate. griff: hillary clinton, remember her? she just weighed in on the migrant crisis. she wants tougher borders. not for the reason you would expect. rachel: are you already too busy for black friday deals?
4:32 am
we're live from one of those malls coming up next. ♪ ♪ imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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4:35 am
♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. steve: day after thanksgiving, today is the biggest shopping day of the year. rachel: people across the country are running out to malls to score the best deal. griff: insta pot: hillary vaughn is live at one of those malls in new york. is it getting crazy there yet, hillary. >> it actually is getting pretty packed. good morning, griff. we're seeing a lot of young people shopping today. going into the bring and mortar stores to really cash in on good deals. a lot of high school girls walking around with their group of friends to come take advantage of some of the sales here. one of those 18-year-old is with me now. you came here really early this morning. what were you hoping to find. >> gifts for my friends and family. family and my friends this
4:36 am
are everything to me. >> what's the fun part about this? why get up so early? >> just the excitement of the sales and just like the great prices that you get from the mall. >> are you surprised to see a lot of young people, high schoolers, millennials walking around. >> actually, yeah, i am. it's actually pretty crazy because i know a lot of people especially my age with all this new technology and everything they are always on fir phones and everything. i feel like it's important to just socialize with people and you just never know who you are going to meet. >> awesome. well, so a lot of young shoppers here but there are a lot of people shopping on their phones. for the first time ever on wednesday, online sales. half of shoppers online were shopping from smart phones not even hopping on the laptop. steve: very handy. hillary vaughn live in long island. rachel: they will spend $23 billion they are expecting on this black friday alone. steve: we will show i how
4:37 am
you can spend some of that money on fox news gear in front of our building. griff: not just my ty which looks like steve's ty. steve: all right that's coming up right now. go over to jillian who joins us with some news. jillian: that's right. good morning to you. we are following a number of stories. including. this the family of an american missionary killed on remote island says they forgive his attackers. rescuers in india are trying to figure out how to get to john allen chal's body. the tribe lives as their ancestors did thousands of years ago and attack outsiders who even try to approach their island. they killed him with arrows and buried him in the sand when he tried making contact with him. fascinating story. would be robbery is foiled when fight back with force. surveillance video shows a man smashing a jewelry store window with a ma'amer only to be met by three staffers with swords. terrified robbers ran away, no one was hurt. don't mess with them. a former nba star living up to new title of deputy shaq.
4:38 am
shaquille o'neal bringing smoo action to comfort a family after getting into a car accident in broward county, florida. shaq stopping to make sure they were all okay before handing out thanksgiving meals with the sheriff. he was recently named auxiliary deputy with the department. good for him. this thanksgiving homecoming will make your day. school someone walked into the lunchroom. >> i miss you so much. [applause] jillian: that is army special isles austin lee back home in south carolina after a nearly one year deployment in afghanistan. what a special day for them to remember. let's head outside to adam klotz who got the lucky job of standing outside in the freezing cold. hey, adam. adam: i have a little bit of company and people are doing okay. [cheers] adam: we're keeping warm just with a little bit of energy out here. it is frigid though.
4:39 am
temperatures down into the teens. take a look at the map with the wind chill and i know you folks have been feeling it. temperatures down in into single digits in a lot of places. that's the case in the northeast. most of folks are not from the northeast i know they are loving it 50 degrees in kansas city. still cold out on the west coast and we have winter storm watches and warnings there. precipitation moves on through. they could be talking about snow. here it's going to be cold and dry throughout the day. someone said they were going to do black friday shopping. who was that? he hands? black friday shopping? all right. when you take -- what's your name? >> susan coin. >> put in an order, bring me a space heater. that's what i'm looking for. >> space heater. i will. >> be back here at 8:30 when we do the next deal: black friday deals. here about six months. don't worry about.
4:40 am
we are in front of the building right now. you can actually this christmas season. this holiday season buy all sorts of fox news stuff. you know executive michael tammero and michael, this is new because you really amped up the supply and the quality of the stuff is unbelievable. >> how many times have we been out here and people come up to us all the time and where can i buy a t-shirt or hat? this is finally the answer to that. this kiosk will be out here all holiday seasonal monday through friday 7 to 10:00 in the morning. these guy also get first dibs at brand new fox news merchandise. what we're selling are the top five items can you find on the e store. we have the mug which is probably the number one top selling item right now. steve: this is really cool not just a logo it's stamped in. >> there tone on tone that we like to say selling for $19. one of the top sellers on the e store. followed by the t-shirt afternoon the hat. >> that's a really cool hat.
4:41 am
that's 25 bucks. and your coffee mug. >> much needed this morning out here. some hot coffee. >> a tote. an american flag. fox news logo right there. >> man responsible for some of this is brian albert. director at e commerce and merchandising for fox news. he is ready to take those orders. you have brought the credit cards and ready to go. steve: are we kicking it off today? >> kicking it off officially here. go to or fox news home page. click on the button takes you right to the e store perfect for black friday. steve: if folks would like to shop on their phone or laptop. >> go to shop dot or the fox news home page click on the button. steve: who is going to shop for fox news stuff this christmas? [cheers] >> i have her number right over there. she is ready.
4:42 am
steve: good enough. back inside where it's warm with rachel and griff. griff: i have already bought something. rachel: i'm loving this hat. get your stuff. do it online or shop right in front. griff: good stuff. hillary clinton just weighed in on the migrant crisis. guess what? she wants tougher borders but not for the reason you think. rachel: special black friday edition of cooking with friends. kurt the cyberguy is here with his mom and putting new twist on thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge right now. stay with us. griff: yum. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
♪ rachel: all right. hillary clinton calling for closed borders in europe. the former presidential candidate blaming the european immigration crisis for the rise of white wing populist. steve: she told the guardian
4:46 am
newspaper i think europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame. griff: brandon at a stomach turning point u.s.a. and former police officer. he joins us now to weigh in. what is going on, brandon? >> yeah, find it quite suspicious and troubling thatlike is still talking on television, you know, she should reserve her thoughts and retire. but, she is telling another country how to focus on immigration or how to, you know, cut back on it because it's becoming problematic, in our country, she is advocating for us to have open borders and just let people run wild in our country. i find that quite suspicious. steve: brandon, what about the fact? what was it 2006, 2007, 2008, something like that. you had chuck schumer and hillary clinton and barack obama. everybody back then was for securing our southern borders. now not so much.
4:47 am
not the same capacity as president trump is suggesting. >> right. i think it just speaks to the hypocrisy in effect that people are running on issues that they can gain power and votes from and not really concerned about the american people. if they can gain leverage from saying one thing this year, this election cycle they will say it if they say something differential next year they will say it president trump is on the right path by addressing the issue and obviously the american people spoke and that's why they elected him. rachel: letting change topics for a second. alexandria ocasio-cortez she has now donated her shoes to a museum. tell us about this museum and why do they want her shoes? >> well, you know, when you look at the museum and you look at what it stands for and some of the artifacts that they have gathered, it seems to be appropriate when somebody accomplish was something great. something new. obviously she is one of the youngest people to be in congress. you know, i will say this, i think i will change tones
4:48 am
with this. i have to say although i don't think that she understands hardly anything related to politics, she is a disgrace to a certain degree. but i do respect her hustle. she went out and outworked people. she is out there grinding every day and she took a chance even though she probably wasn't qualified but she stuck with it and she won. that's just the bottom line. rachel: you can see the shoes there, they are worn down. she definitely was knocking on doors and doing the hustle as you said to get the vote out for herself. and she accomplished this. so this is a museum where they are putting items that are important in politics. some judges have donated things and she donated her shoes. griff: it will be interesting to see if she has her way perhaps capitalism will be next. steve: thank you for joining us live from phoenix, arizona today. >> thank you guys for having me. steve: meanwhile, 11 days left in the current
4:49 am
congress, what does president trump need to get done before democrats take over the house? talk to former press secretary sean spicer in the next hour. griff: it's a special black friday edition of cooking with friends. kurt the cyberguy is here with his mom. here she is. they are putting a new twist on thanksgiving leftovers and i'm about to eat everything on that table. ♪ i have all my sisters with me ♪ we are family ♪ ears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! ♪
4:50 am
the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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4:52 am
rachel: now that thanksgiving is over. what do you do with all those leftovers? well, you have got to make something with it, right? steve: that's right. here with his mom imaginey, we have kurt the sible are guy showing us how to reinvent or repurpose the turkey and vegetables that you have left over. it's great to have you. >> nice to be here.
4:53 am
thank you for having me. >> growing up she is the kind of mom just like you, rachel, you could open up the refrigerator and pantry and just make an amazing meal out of nothing in there, right? rachel: that's when you know you are a really good cook. open it up and you know what to do. >> yes. >> what do you concoct with it a lot more than a turkey sandwich, right, mom? >> yes. we are going to do a skillet turkey pot pie. kurt, only we are going to use whatever have you left. it doesn't matter. steve: looks like you are starting with cream of chicken. >> cream of chicken soup. rachel: are those potatoes? steve: left overs. everything from yesterday. everything. steve: here you have beans and corn. you are going to do whatever have you left over. >> kurt is magical with this
4:54 am
stuff. steve: meg began, where dual? >> i live on indian shores in the tampa bay area. steve: i'm sure you are loving this area in new york? >> actually, i do. >> while you are cooking that, what was kurt? was he trouble? >> a little. [laughter] just a little. rachel: tell us the most embarrassing kurt story? >> maybe not. maybe not. when this comes to a boil, we're going to take the crust. this is a finished one right here. you rolled this out and baked it already? >> and it's just refrigerated crust. and then we are going to pop it over this put it into a 450-degree often for seven minutes. and you have created after thanksgiving magic. rachel: easy peasy.
4:55 am
griff: when you were making these leftovers did kurt help out in the kitchen? >> sometimes. he is actually pretty good at that very good at that. rachel: imagine j just doesn't cook at home. she does some really important charity work. >> i do. i cook at ronald mcdonald house. and make all kinds of leftovers. you know, whatever is left in the fridge. and then we do it. steve: delicious and so easy. i love the idea with the pie crust. it looks like you have a little desert over there. >> the desert is leftover pie. cut in two inch or half inch pieces. put it in the bottom of the parfait glass. softened ice cream which can you soften with 15 seconds in the microwave. put the ice cream over it and then top it with your favorite crushed cookie or chocolate syrup.
4:56 am
this was a cherry by. could do it with anything. griff: this is if there was any left over. rachel: it would be delicious with pumpkin pie. >> any kind of pie. steve: a, b, c, delicious. >> this is a turkey slider. but the magic about this particular one is it's a tucker tucker slider on leftover dinner rolls. then we put cranberry sauce into barbecue sauce. and then put the turkey on it and then coleslaw. of course you can have that. steve: everybody has a refrigerator full of leftovers this is the best segment ever. >> put version two of the cookbook, right?
4:57 am
steve: absolutely. steve: kurt, the kitchen guy, thank you. >> thank you. steve: securing our border and president trump has a warning to lawmakers on both sides. we will read it out loud coming up next. if there's one thing all americans agree on, .. and the president has pledged to end price gouging by drug companies. we will no longer accept the inflated prices being charged to our seniors. protect seniors, not drug company profits. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college.
4:58 am
in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> donald trump threatening to shut down the border because of the caravan. >> we find it to be uncontrollable we will close it for period of time until we can get it under control. the whole border. >> if we don't protect the sovereignty of this country right now there will be more caravans, this is the beginning. >> james comey vowing to fight a subpoena behind closed doors but he's happy to sit for a public hearing. pete: is not appropriate for comey to turn this into some kind of public performance on his part.
5:01 am
>> the biggest single shopping day of the entire year. >> people across the country are running out to the mall. ♪ pete: don't stop till you buy everything in the store. today is black friday. that is where the activity took place. today it is all about leftovers and spending money. my wife and daughter knocked on the window. >> are they there? the shopping started yesterday. i was walking with my family and took out two thirds of the store were open.
5:02 am
i imagine they are better today. pete: how are you spending your thanksgiving holiday? >> laura from south carolina sent this photo. my 10-year-old sat down at the kids table and said who do you think will win in 2020? pete: i wonder what the answer was? sherrod brown? >> had a wonderful time being together. >> tom is celebrating their first thanksgiving in their new home. there were no politics, just football was discussed at the thanksgiving table. absolutely perfect. 32 days away, the holiday shopping rush. >> people at this hour all
5:03 am
across the country have raced to the stores even before the sun came up to score door buster specials on black friday. >> the flagship store in new york city. wherever you are there is a party and a lot of shopping. >> reporter: a lot of shopping going down. happy black friday. the only christmas color people are seeing today's green because americans spend $7.7 billion, that is expected. >> we need a coat, need toys, vacation packages. >> where are you going? somewhere warm?
5:04 am
>> head down and come back here. >> look at these beautiful, famous macy's christmas windows. and swing back over here to those who have been waiting. what are you spending money on today? >> we are getting sweaters for this one and this one. >> why did you decide to brave the lines and shop inside the store today and not online? >> we need the new york experience. you don't mind cold weather? >> from heart atlanta. have you ever been -- have you ever been involved in a black friday brawl? >> not quite yet, we are hoping for one.
5:05 am
>> >> macy's. >> happy holidays, merry christmas, hope you have a great time. the crowds are filing into the store. everyone is having a good time. people are coming to shop. that is what i am going to do. >> if you see my wife and daughters can you keep them from macy's? >> show him the handbag. pete: i love the fact that macy's pipes that music outside. time to shop. ainsley: that was a note from carly. pete: the president of the united states is in marra lago for the thanksgiving holiday and he, like many americans, are concerned about what is happening on the southern border and just tweeted this out.
5:06 am
republicans and democrats must finally come together with a major border security package which will include funding for the wall. after 40 years of talk, it is finally time for action. fix the border for once and for all. this comes on the heels of comments he made yesterday where it sounds like the president could actually close the us mexican border to people coming in or going out unless mexico does something and he said unless congress does something regarding the wall, which he ran on. agreed to a partial government shutdown. >> and tom homan was on and here is what he had to say about the president threatening to do that if we don't take action now. >> the reason the border of the numbers are high is congress failed to act. they failed to build a wall, failed to close the loopholes. everybody is watching what is going on. if we do not secure the border. if we let these people come in
5:07 am
and they get released, even if they sharpen the court and don't leave, if we don't have a hard response and protect the sovereignty of this country right now, there will be more caravans, this is just the beginning. >> shutting down the border is a serious thing. we have $20 billion of trade between the countries. every state has an interest in the trading, and doing it. suddenly this, both countries have a problem and -- the caravan is on that side. >> if you talk to tom homan or any of these guys, the loopholes, one of the things congress did is try and speak with james comey who got subpoenaed over thanksgiving. >> republicans in the house that
5:08 am
we want to get on the record talking about certain things so mister comey, loretta lynch, former attorney general, to appear before the house judiciary committee on december 3rd or thereabout and it will be a closed-door session. it will not be one of those televised things where everybody has 5 minutes because by the time you ask a question, your 5 minutes are up and what they are investigating, the decisions not made by the department of justice and fbi in 2016 which means hillary clinton's private email server and james comey running for the hurricane with all the spying on the trump administration. >> here is what he said, happy thanksgiving, and resist
5:09 am
closed-door thing because i have seen enough of their selective and invite everyone, he wants this in the open, doesn't want a situation behind closed doors. >> très gaudi says i want to be behind closed doors. if i have them in a hearing, this is a trick the audience could use, 5 minutes with each member of congress, one of the democrat side, one on the republican side and they switch off and it is easy to say can you repeat that question, say a different way, and a lot of this information is confidential and top-secret, i can't answer it in public. this is why très gaudi is saying i want you behind doors and you can telling the truth. >> here is what très gaudi had to say.
5:10 am
>> why would he want to make a setting where he knows he can't answer, he wants me to have 5 minutes. i need more than 37 pages of pages for rod rosenstein. imagine how many i have her gym comey. >> mister comey's attorney, if they go ahead and proceed into a behind closed doors and in the meantime, attorney general lynch, spokesperson did not respond for requests for comments. >> and under, >> jillian takes over now.
5:11 am
>> i will get you caught up on news started with a fox news alert, holiday shopping turns deadly overnight. a teenager opening fire and in alabama mall, panicked shoppers hiding in store closets fearing for their lives. >> i start praying that god would give the police wisdom and accuracy of shots to detect the victims. >> the gunmen shot dead by police, his victims are in the hospital. breaking overnight, and the bus carrying the university of washington marching band flipping on its side against washington state. thankfully not seriously. iran's foreign minister blaming donald trump for being untrustworthy, telling a panel
5:12 am
in rome if iran makes an agreement with the un on the iran nuclear deal there's no guarantee it will last, the foreign minister adding he is continuing to fix the current conditions of the deal including sanctions imposed by the us. fans of the office will recognize this dance immediately. >> ♪ don't to the left ♪ shake that hands ♪ tie some yards ♪ the stars ♪ go to the right and shake that hands ♪ go to the left ♪ >> huge fan of the sitcom, he used that dance to submit his touch down. the office star saying that is how you do it, happy thanksgiving. take a look here. the redskins lost to the cowboys. >> i am a redskins fan. they did good but the last impact of the team you showed, thanks. meanwhile there are 11 days left in the current congress.
5:13 am
they don't work every day. what does donald trump need to get done before democrats take control of the house? we will talk to the president's former press secretary, sean spicer next. pete: the crazy basketball shot you have to see. ainsley: carly is heading back to macy's to shop. ♪ let's get it started here in ♪ let's get it started hot ♪ get it started here ♪ today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. gimme two minutes.
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5:17 am
>> congress faces a slew of high-stakes position. >> he sweeting really good criminal justice reform has a true shot at bipartisan support. they have a chance to do something but have a big vote, a major victory for all. >> here to weigh in his former white house press secretary ed tonelli, senior advisor and spokesman for america first action, sean spicer is your, author of the coming.
5:18 am
welcome. >> good to see you, happy thanksgiving, happy black friday. you have an opportunity on criminal reform. what do you think looking into a crystal ball, what should happen? >> this is a really interesting and unique opportunity. you have a bipartisan group of legislators but the leadership at the top you have to take care of. you have mitch mcconnell and senator tom cotton from arkansas who have issues with the current piece of legislation. i also think if it doesn't get done this session even with democrats taking control of the house, that could happen next time. the president by not maintaining the growing leader for republicans and senate will continue to get nominations through. all those judges, the other folks who work in government, the big differences in the next
5:19 am
11 days his key priority has a shot of getting them because once democrats get over the house the legislative piece of his agenda will get narrow. not just the criminal justice but any hope for serious funding for border wall has to happen in the next few days because after you lose the house of representatives i don't see nancy pelosi helping on that front. >> when you were at the white house there were a lot of republicans who would say i am with the president, build a wall and when it was time to take a vote where did those guys go? >> they were conspicuously absent a lot of the time. that is more than anything else hard enough to get to the senate but he grew his lead in the senate which might make it easier. by losing the house we have no shot at getting anything significant done on the border wall so i would hope he could pressure the house and key senators to get something done in the remaining few days. ainsley: do you think that could happen?
5:20 am
>> people will realize the point if you don't get it done nancy pelosi, steny hoyer and the rest of the team won't give them any help. mike mack brian: it is casual friday at the spicer place. what did you do for thanks giving? >> we had available time, my family and my daughter, the ones that introduced my wife and i, a really special time to give thanks for all our blessings and everything. i hope you guys had an equally great and blessed thanksgiving. thank you very much. all right. it was the deadliest fire in new york city in 30 years, the fire happened just blocks away from father jonathan morris's church. he joins us to talk about how "fox and friends" he was came together to help the victims of the fire, he's here with us now. absorbs faster than the $100, $200,
5:21 am
and even $400 cream. feels amazing. i really really love this. i will 100% swap up my moisturizer. can i have it? olay whips. you could have gone down to the nearby tree lot and picked out a nice little spruce for the holidays... but you've got a ford escape with 4wd, and an example to set. ford escape. built for the holidays. with our best offers of the season.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. >> people across the country are running out to the mall for the best deals. >> hillary von is live in one of those big malls in new york out of long island and you have been with us for 3 hours and i am seeing more people streamed behind you. >> a lot more people. this is the seventh biggest mall in america but there are lines out the door in some of those stores and we have been talking to shoppers all morning. i want to introduce you to shelley and sophia. you do black friday every year.
5:25 am
>> every year, we love it. what are you looking forward to today? >> we looking for a charm for my mom, they are having a great sale today so they got up early for that. >> is there competition, who gets the better gift? how do you keep from each other what you're getting if they are shopping together? >> sometimes i will buy that for you. >> we are out here having a lot of fun. everyone getting in the holiday spirit. a lot of young shoppers, the black friday tradition as well. >> get this economy going. >> you would think they would be shopping on their phone. brick and mortar for other people. 8:25 in new york city. >> we take a look at the causes "fox and friends" he was have supported this past year. in december of last year new
5:26 am
york city experienced the most deadly fire in 25 years. father jonathan morris's bronx church is only a few hours from the scene of that apartment fire and he rushed to the scene joining us on "fox and friends" following the devastating fire last year. >> just dealing with everyone from the moment of identifying bodies in the hospital to now in the cameras, pretty much gone away and these are without a home. there without family members and the funerals are beginning, they need basic necessities. >> you the viewer set up a way to help the victims, the go fund me page. father jonathan morris created the go fund me page, he joins us with an update on so many families, some of this pain will never go away. viewer stepped up and tried to help in some way.
5:27 am
>> 13 died including a baby less than 1-year-old. all were displaced, 24 families were displaced and the building has still not opened. what i learned, a very positive thing, we complain about the digital world, but because of this digital world people in kansas, california and all over this great country were able to support people in the bronx. we raised $300,000 and the second thing i learned which was an eye-opener for me, it is not easy to give away money in a responsible way. i would encourage our viewers always make sure there is an organization behind what you're giving to. inhis case from the beginning i brought in catholic charities and we made sure there was a
5:28 am
caseworker working with every single person who said they were effective and it gets complicated because most people living in this building in the bronx were not even the leaseholders. how do you find the right way? you have to work with them individually and what we have done is found out a family in need would be rent for the next year. we didn't give them all money right away, we gave them a little bit to get by and started paying rent and for each family we figured out what is it they most needed, some got more than others. that is not easy. plenty of people yell at me but that is part of serving -- >> and responsible. >> of all the displaced families, how are they doing? >> all of them have found permanent housing now. it doesn't mean their lives are back together. many of them had to lose their jobs because they were going one place to another for a month, two months, not easy situation and when a life is been lost
5:29 am
there is no putting that back together again. >> black friday know a lot of people spending money on things. it is a great salute to the "fox and friends" viewers who put money to help other people they never met. >> it was incredible. the first was $2000 and in two minutes we surpassed it so i changed it to 100,000 and then 200,000 and went from 200,000 without changing the goal to 300,000 and that is because people care. the world we live in things seem to be so negative and dark sometimes this is one more example that light is stronger than darkness, people are at their core very good and we have some amazing viewers. >> we focus so much on how the
5:30 am
digital components disconnect us and how it brought people and allowed them to see the situation not so far away. >> if people are still interested in donating, go to and we will link you. >> i would say don't give any more money. we have to make sure people are giving where it is most needed and we will come to you when there is a huge need. >> wonderful message, thank you. brian: donald trump threatening to shut down the border. congress doesn't act to stop the caravan. bill bennett says the president can deliver on that promise and he is joining us next. don't bring a knife to a gunfight but they didn't say
5:31 am
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♪ there's no place like home ♪ for the holidays ♪ no matter ♪ pete: that is our view from 48th and sixth avenue on the day after thanksgiving. brian: a lot of shops out there. i wonder what bill bennett is doing. is he shopping? pete: i hope he's looking at tv camera. a fox news contributor, former secretary under ronald reagan, author of a brand-new book called the true saint nicholas. how did you spend your thanksgiving? >> you got a picture of our
5:35 am
table at thanksgiving at home and miss bennett prepares, there are my two son on left and right with lovely girlfriend, my wife, beautiful wife on the far end and parents of one of the girlfriends, not sure what that means. we will see. steve, mrs. bennett, if i were donald trump, i would use cookbook steve, but mrs. bennett, a practice together presentation turkey. practice turkeys for extra gravies. >> you mentioned the president, threatening to shut down the whole border with mexico if it is not controllable. >> under national security, this has happened before. 1985 the border was shut down.
5:36 am
and ronald reagan shut down the border. and we did after 9/11. this is under national security, the president makes that decision and it is not in easily challenged decision. he has the discretion. he says that and with this president when he said that he usually means it. ainsley: the president is not backing down from his argument over twitter, justice roberts, we know there are liberal judges and conservative judges but there are judges that follow the constitution judges that follow their hearts and ideology. tell us whether you think the president is right to pick this fight with the supreme court? >> he is certainly right but roberts really picked this fight, talked about the ninth circuit and liberal judges. you can see that if you read their opinions.
5:37 am
this is not unprecedented either. donald trump puts himself in the legacy of abraham lincoln who had a fierce debate with the chief justice of the supreme court, roger b tani in the dred scott decision and in the case of habeas corpus in the civil war. this is a fight john roberts want to pick. when he talks about the independence of the judiciary i wonder if he tapped ruth gator ginsburg on the risks when she was criticizing candidate trump saying he was a fake and phony because that is not above the fray, is it? pete: let's talk about your brand-new book, true saint nicholas. was saint nicholas a real person? the legend sprang up around him and your book reminds people about virtue and you have written about that. >> a great story. i, like a lot of people, felt it was just a nickname for santa claus but there's a real guy, saint nicholas, born in 280 a
5:38 am
the. a lot of stories how he comes to be known as santa claus. the great story, the fountainhead story, a young man, his parents died, leave him some money and he notices a family of poor people, a man and his daughters can't get married, they don't have a dowry. in the middle of the night nicholas, the young nicholas goes with a bag of gold, throws it through the window of the home into a stocking. you see where this is going. that is 300 a.d.. the irony is this guy comes in the middle of the night seeming to be anonymous and becomes the most famous gift giver in the world. the story travels all over the world, he becomes known, much revered saint and makes his way to europe, all over the world, become santa claus and is discovered by washington irving,
5:39 am
the great american writer and by coca-cola and that increased his visibility by a lot. ainsley: my kids celebrate, put their shoes out on september 6th and get a preview of what is to come on the 24th and 25th. it is a beautiful story. i hope people get your book. for parents looking, my kids watch an animated cartoon version which told the story which might be easier for little ones to get in the mood for but it is a beautiful story. >> if you want to take a break from politics it is a wonderful story and uplifting, it is not comfort food but steve's book, fixated on steve, a comfort story and great christmas story. on december 6th, good for you.
5:40 am
pete: thank you so much. if the president remains cookbook steve we will give you full credit. the book is the true saint nicholas. let's go to jillian with the news. >> reporter: good morning. terrorists suspected of killing americans in benghazi are behind bars. the libyan army captured people responsible for killing christopher stevens in 2012 and ronnie smith in 2013. libya is working to give justice to hundreds of cases involving unlawful killings. are you tired of answering annoying robo calls? a proposed bill would let the fcc hit telemarketers with a $10,000 fine. the law would make it easier to block the unwanted calls and
5:41 am
give regulators more time to find the people making them. you mail, a service that stops unwanted calls is 30 billion robo calls were made last year. a would be robbery is foiled when an employee fights back with swords. the video in canada shows a man smashing a jewelry store window with a hammer only to be met by three staffers, you see them right there, with stores, the terrified robbers ran away and no one was hurt. here's how to keep your head in the game quite literally. a basketball player think the shot after a very unusual thing. >> somehow it goes in. >> reporter: the point guard looked like he was taking a shot but he was lobbing it, it worked out in the end backing off of the big 10 and putting two points on the board. as long as you get done. >> never do that twice in a row. thank you. the turkey is gone. my brian: we have plenty of leftovers. pete: shopping malls have been busy all night, black friday shoppers come alive from one of those next.
5:42 am
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so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. ainsley: quick headlines. the turkey is pardoned by donald trump are retiring today, peas and carrots heading to virginia tech. a professor at the university poultry program said they will get free education. dog lovers can't get enough with best in show at the 17th annual national dog show on thanksgiving. the 3-year-old hound from georgia winning the prestigious public contest, last year's winner newton the brussels griffin. i love watching the dog show every year. pete: yesterday was turkey day,
5:46 am
today is biden day. around the country, to kickstart the holiday season. ainsley: jennifer joyce is live at the premium outlet, what is going on up there? >> reporter: we are live here, 45 minutes northwest of philadelphia. look at the line of shoppers waiting to get in. we are watching a steady stream of people throughout the night but this is the longest line we have seen. you have actually moved up since we last talked but how long have you been waiting in line? >> 20 minutes now. >> reporter: 20 minutes in 14 ° temperatures. where is your jacket? >> i left it in the car because it is much easier to shop like this. >> reporter: is black friday a tradition with you? >> yes it has been.
5:47 am
for the last couple years for me it has been. >> therapy after entertaining everybody on thanksgiving, believe me. >> reporter: i'm with you guys. a lot of people say i am shopping for my family. of the people are honest and say i am here for myself and you do need that. the holidays are stressful. people are coming to because of the discounts, 70% off and additional 25% so a lot of people we are talking to are very happy and we are seeing a rush because these people wanted to enjoy thanksgiving, they got a full night sleep and are out for black friday. pete: thank you very much. 20% off, 30% off, pretty much giving stuff away. ainsley: all women in that case. i wonder how many of them are buying further people and how many are buying for themselves. pete: we all have holiday traditions including my family and one of the reasons my wife and i wrote the happy cookbook. i will take you behind-the-scenes coming up.
5:48 am
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pete: now that we are officially in the holiday season we all have quality traditions, and one of them is one of the reasons my wife kathy and i wrote the happy cookbook seen right here. let's talk family traditions as we head across the river to the doocy house in jersey. come on in. welcome to the doocy house. we have lived here for a very long time. this staircase, many of you remember, because around christmas time i put together a
5:52 am
montage of the kids growing up, heading downstairs. let's go, kids, santa came. they grew up so fast. kids? kids! it is before noon. we are going to have lunch. food bribes always work. videotaping the kids running down the stairs christmas morning is a doocy family tradition. another is when our family gets together making christmas cookies which started with her mother. sound familiar? >> we would have a neighborhood cookie spot. >> my mom would make plum pudding christmas, mom made strudel. >> mom made bars, canadian. like me. >> reporter: we all have treasured family holiday foods that are very important parts of our family histories. it was a tradition of baking these christmas cookies. kathy worried about a few years ago, when out of the blue she was diagnosed with a rare and super aggressive form of i cancer.
5:53 am
>> one night i was undergoing radiation treatment, i looked around at my family and i thought the only thing i could think of that i needed to do was to get my recipes together so the kids would always have their happy memories and be able to make some food they grew up with. >> that is where we got the idea for the cookbook. >> reporter: mistreated in philadelphia by doctor carol shields who saved her life. when kathy told her story on "fox and friends," how she wanted our kids to know how to make the foods they grew up on that tug at the heart of so many people we met on our book tour. >> i was overwhelmed with emotion. hearing the story, my mom meant so much to me and our recipes and heritages so important to carry on to your children and i love the way you did it and you were gracious to have other people there with recipes from their childhood.
5:54 am
>> reporter: the simple message of the.of writing down family recipes while you still can struck a cord across the country. since the book came out people everywhere showed copies of their family recipes often in their mom's handwriting. >> 40 years ago mom put together a little book, said she didn't like to cook. she gave me a recipe for dandelion wine. >> it is important to save the recipe. >> reporter: so many people had recipes from the foods they grew up eating and that is what we have in the cookbooks, 100 recipes from all our childhoods that for one reason or other made people smile. ♪ born free ♪ >> reporter: happy meal, his mom's chickenpox pie on page 114. there are huckabee sanders shared with us her world-famous
5:55 am
bourbon chocolate. on pie recipe. >> i love this because i make it every thanksgiving and christmas. my family coming together and spending time together, my contribution. pete: on 184 martha maccallum's mom's bourbon pumpkin cheesecake she makes because it looks like her holiday. >> a special time of year. i love being with my family and being in our house and it makes us happy. >> most of us go through life having 3 meals a day. these days we try to have one of them be happy. >> what is happier than having your whole family around? pete: i asked everybody what is your happy food? these are foods that make people happy. i was talking to our neighbor, laura. my mom's lemon cake which is in the cookbook. elina made this cake for every family event the entire known -- time we have known them.
5:56 am
the day she died her family was at the funeral talking about making the arrangements and someone in the family said this is the first time we've been together as a family when we haven't had her cake and someone said you are right. i got to go to staples. 3 days later at the funeral home the recipe card for alayna's lemon cake so everybody would remember the lemon cake. at the end of the cookbook, what is your lemon cake? what will you be remembered for? you look at these recipes people have given across the country, people remember so many happy times. >> it is an excellent cookbook. more "fox and friends" coming up. pete: it is delicious. ainsley: they are amazing.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> it's black friday. people are doing shopping. thank you to everybody who will
6:00 am
consider the happy cookbook for the chef in your life. >> finish your christmas shopping and buy that cookbook. >> happy thanksgiving a day late. >> see you monday. >> fox news alert, tensions heightened at the southern border as president trump authorizes the use of lethal force threatening to shut down the whole border with mexico if illegal immigration becomes in his words uncontrollable. good morning, i'm rick leventhal and 10 pounds heavier after thanksgiving. >> i'm julie banderas. happy day to you. bill and sandra are off today. immigration one item of the list of grievances after the president's thanksgiving call to the troops and doubling down on his feud with justice john roberts revealing his suspicion on the courts before contradicting


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