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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 23, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> i'm so glad we had this time together but my time is up. i will see you on america's news headquarters. there's no boring stuff happening on the weekend so be sure to join us. appreciate you. tossing it over to miss dana perino. >> dana: president trump keeping the conversation on the caravan authorizing use of force for troops at the southern border and threatening to shut down all border crossings between the u.s. and mexico. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president celebrating thanksgiving with his family. he's all urging congress to fund the border wall. the president tweeting this morning republicans and democrats must come together finally with a major border security package which will include funding for the wall. after 40 years of talk, it is
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finally time for action. fix the border for once and for all now. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: the deployment of 5900 u.s. troops to the border has led to a lot of lawyers going back and forth to determine what those u.s. troops are allowed to do. senior military troops visited for thanksgiving. most of the unarmed troops have been laying down wire at the border and that job is almost complete. about 400 pm's have been shifted from texas to california to protect the border patrol facing the arrival of more migrants. but jim mattis, who visited the border recently with the dhs secretary, has made clear the troops are not expected to have contact with any migrants. they are there for backup and do not even have weapons. that is according to mattis and the law, dana. >> dana: jennifer, what does the
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new guidance authorize? there's some confusion on that? >> in an unusual memo from the white house, the chief of staff john kelly, not the president, signed an order this week giving additional authorities to the pentagon to provide protection to the border patrol and local law enforcement, if needed. even those are heavily caveated. the memo authorizes, quote, a show or use of force, including lethal force, where necessary, crowd control, and search. but added the deployed military personnel shall not, without further direction from you, the defense secretary, induct civilian law enforcement activities, such as arrest, search and seizure in connection with the enforcement of the laws. that is what mattis took great length on wednesday. u.s. troops would be unarmed. if they had to intervene, they would han over any detainee to local law enforcement.
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quote, the one point i want to make again is we are not doing law enforcement. we do not have arrest authority. mattis scoffed at reporters who asked how the u.s. military would prevent a repeat of a may 1997 incident when u.s. marines on the border mistaken by shot and killed a teenager. mattis said they're not even carrying guns. >> dana: thank you for that. let's bring in our panel. lauren jones, conservative commentator and adrian elrod is a former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton. great to have you both here. this is an issue that won go away. to the president's frustration, he says it's 40 year, it's time to do something. i want to get your take on the congressional angle of all this. >> the reason the border, the numbers are high, congress has failed to act. they've failed to build a wall. they've failed to close a
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loophole. they've failed to raise a bar for asylum. >> dana: i wanted to talk about this. the president, even president obama, president bush, they all tried to do things from the executive branch within their authorities to try to deal with this issue. but there is a congressional need here. now that we're heading into a congress that will have split government, do you think it is possible that congress will finally do what it needs to do to try to give some clarity on this issue? >> look, i think it's always been possible to do something, dana, but i don't think congress is going to get it done. there's no political incentive. both sides somehow benefit from keeping this vision when it comes to immigration. i don't think this is an anti-compassion move by the president. he has a duty to secure the border. quite frankly, the use of force standard is always going to be the same if someone feels in fear for their life. then they have to respond in
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kind. i think this president was just reinforcing the legal standard here. >> dana: adrian, let me ask you. it's true that maybe both sides benefit politically, could it also be true both would benefit from getting something done? >> yeah, they could. i'm going to disagree with lawrence on this. i think, look, with the democrats controlling the house how, i think democrats will try to come to the table with the president and try to have some sort of border control funding measure. democrats made it clear we are not going to fund a wall. >> then it's not going to happen. >> there's a big difference between building a wall and strengthening border patrol. >> the president ran on a wall though. >> dana: let me cut in here. you are a communications person. i used to play that role. now i am somebody who plays a role on tv. no matter, you say the democrats
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might come forward and say here's border security. no matter what, say a bill passes and the democrats said this is border security but it's not a wall, don't you think that president trump will just call it a wall? at that point then you're just talking about messaging. if the root issue get takesen care of, is that something you think the democrats would be able to message around as long as the solution is at hand? >> yeah. that's a good point, dana. if the president wants to call stretenning border security without building a wall, a wall, then fine. he can call it what he wants to do. >> what do you want to call it? >> something has got to get done on this. that is something democrats and republicans can all agree on. but again, trying to, you know, talk about building this wall instead of frankly what the president should be doing is calling the president of mexico and saying r let's work together on this to find a solution to this caravan that's coming, these migrants seeking asylum from horrific conditions.
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>> dana: i think they have. lawrence, let me give you the quick last word. >> i think we're debating the semantic, sit a wall, is it not a wall? the border agents said they need agents there. both sides aren't gonna do it because they both somehow get some benefit from having this divide. >> dana: if both sides benefit from having the divide, can it also be true that both sides benefit from having a solution? this debate's going to be around for a long time. we'll have you back. happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> thank you. >> dana: coming up, some breaking news on the mueller investigation. jerome corsey is negotiating a plea deal with the special counsel. corsey is associated with roger
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stone. the mueller team has questioned corsey as part of its investigation into stone and wik peu leaks. corsey previously said he expected to be indicted. now a look at other stories you should know about. our daily three. first an explosion killed 27 afghan soldiers inside a kabul mosque during friday's prayers. no claim of responsibility yet. second police shoot and kill a 21-year-old suspected gun man who allegedly wounded an 18-year-old man and 12-year-old girl at an alabama mall last night. third, federal investigators looking into whether acting attorney general matt whitaker violated the act which provides employees by federal employees. northern california's deadly campfire almost fully contained with help from some steady rain,
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but the wet weather is all bringing new challenges. plus saudi crown prince on his first trip abroad since the killing of jamal khashoggi. where he's headed and how he's being received up next. being detected was not an option. if i was recognized the whole operation was blown. the element of surprise was imperative. wow. he won't even recognize you. seriously. i don't even recognize myself. and thanks to my cashrewards credit card from navy federal with never-expiring rewards it's gonna be a killer honeymoon. woo! maui!! boom navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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>> i don't know if they will be able to conclude if the crown prince did it. whether he did, whether he didn't, he denies it vehemently. the cia doesn't say they did it. they do point out certain things. pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he didn't. >> dana: president trump disputing cia's reported conclusion that it's highly confident of the saudi crown prince ordering jamal khashoggi to be murdered. prince salman heading out on his first tour abroad since the fallout. benjamin, is there any sense this story is going away? >> reporter: dana, at this point, no, there isn't, although president trump and the royal sam family of saudi arabia would
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like it to. we are hearing calls for that cia report to be released on whrorpb they can see if prince salman was involved. president trump said the economy and jobs all came first. saudi arabia also very keen to move on with theuz business as usual. we saw prince salman making his first trip abroad since the merger. this is a real sign that he has full support both of king salman, his father, and he remains an effective leader. he was met with great praise. he's gonna round off his trip at the g-20 summit in argentina where he will meet both president trump and turkey's president. the issue, by no means, over. there were angry words from turkey as their foreign minister criticized president trump saying he appears to want to turn a blind eye to khashoggi's killing. he described many other nations
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responses to this. you have an international voice growing saying we want more information but very much the white house pushing forward saying if they wanted to look at bigger picture policies in the middle east. dana? >> dana: benjamin, has there been any new information in the investigation? as seven weeks ago we had a drip drip out of the turkish media. we're seeing that still. just today turkish media reporting the cia has a second recording of a phone call in which the crown prince gives instruction to his brother, who is the saudi ambassador to the u.s. to silence khashoggi as soon as possible. president trump said, i don't want to talk about it. you'll have to ask them. there have been some new reper kug. france imposed sanctions on 18 saudis in this case. same targeted by the u.s., u. the k. and germany allegedly linked to the khashoggi murder. it's important to point out that
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everything in the turkish media must be taken with a grain of salt. they have controlled the narrative all along. it will be very interesting when salman goes to argentina if there's a bilateral meeting with him and president trump. if president trump pushes for some kind of regional move to yemen on a peace deal. >> dana: all right, benjamin, thank you for that report. we appreciate it. most destructive wild fire in california history nearly 100% contained now thanks in part to steady rainfall. but the wet weather all bringing the risk of mud slides to areas the camp fire has devastated and complicating the search for remains of vick timms. jeff paul is live in paradise, california. jeff? >> reporter: yeah, dana. after some mild weather, mother nature has taken a turn for the worst. the rains are starting to come down here. there are strong wind gusts. that complicates search and rescue crews.
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you see the one behind me that has been devastated. every home burned to the ground. crews are sifting through the ashes trying to find any sort of evidence of human remains. when it rains this heavily, it only further complicates that they're trying to do. they're worried about flash flooding and mud slides and trees falling down on them. we were out driving around today. we saw lines of fire trucks waiting to get into town. this weather not slowing them down. electric trucks working on the power line trying to clear some of the downed trees. they're trying to make these neighborhoods as safe as possible. they want to give people some sort of a sense of, you'll get to come back and check out your property, but it's got to be safe. it's not slowing crews down. it is busy today as it has been in the past several days that we've been out here. these firefighters, electric crews, they are working around
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the clock to try to get closure for all the people who have been impacted by this fire. dana. >> dana: thank you, jeff paul, in california. house judiciary committee subpoenaed former fbi director james comey and former attorney loretta clinch. will they testify before the democrats take control of the house in january? plus, black friday is here but not everyone is all worked up about those sales. mike tobin is in a parking lot, very descriptive. mike, what's going on there? >> reporter: demonstrators are asking you to spend not another cent, at least not at target. i'll tell you why after the break. this food truck is our baby. and like any baby, it's loud, stressful and draining. and we love it. i refuse to let migraine keep me from saying... "i am here." aimovig, a preventive treatment for migraine in adults, reduces the number of
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11:23 am
south side all while opening up two stores in the affluent white logan square and rogers park neighborhoods. congressman bobby rush said shutting the store would leave a gapele hole in this community. he's asking people to put pressure on target by shopping elsewhere. >> consumers have a moral responsibility and moral authority to deliver an economic consequence to any corporation including target in this nation that completely violates the trust that consumers have with that corporation. >> reporter: now, the target company said of these demonstrator, we respect their right to protest. we are working forward to ensure these properties are redeveloped in a way that will make a positive impact. target also promised to transfer
11:24 am
positions to other nearby target scores. however, gary chico, one of the many candidates for major in chicago, said it's not just about the target jobs. the in the strip mall that depend on the draw from the big anchor store. >> dana: thank you for that. let's stick with this black friday blitz. the two month holiday shopping period could see $717 billion in retail sales. that's up more than 4.3% from last year which was all a good year. let's talk about what everyone is buying. i like talking to you because you have millennial children. zennials. >> they're younger but following in the millennial footstep. >> dana: do they like to buy things? >> they love the buy thing. think if gen z grew up in an entirely digital world. every other generation had a
11:25 am
digital life growing up. they grew up -- their first phone was a smart phone. >> dana: they can do it quickly. they want to do it last. >> dana: so apparently millennials with income over $70,000 r 92% will spend more this year and 62% follow specific brands on social media. how important is it for companies to be thinking about? >> it's huge. instagram, facebook, twitter. what they pie, what they talk about really influences especially gen z. they're probably more influenced by influencers than any other generation. >> dana: let's talk about street wear. i think i know but you tell me. >> you can wear sweatpants 24/7. >> dana: people are spending a lot on it. 73% wear street wear some or all the time. >> supreme, undefeated,
11:26 am
billionaires boys club, three examples of the top brands in street wear. all just remember gen z, they're not really fully into the work force yet. the oldest gen z are sophomores in college. >> dana: so mom and dad are buying the street swear. >> interesting thing about street wear. it's sometimes very expensive but there's a whole secondary market. you can go on ebay and other secondary markets and buy either used or -- >> dana: and that's the hot ticket? >> gen. z they love their street wear. >> dana: we both have dogs. i don't have children but we have dog. you have charlie. i have jasper. lot of spending on pet force the holidays? >> big thing. you mentioned can cohort of the phort affluent mill len yells will spend close to $200 on their pet. >> dana: are you serious? that's a lot. >> the less affluent will spend less than $100.
11:27 am
that's a big deal. that's a big chunk of their holiday spend, spending money on their pets. >> dana: must make them happy indeed. what do we know from your perspective, the strength of the economy based on retail sales? can we glean anything from this? >> consumer confidence is important. just remember that the consumer is either two-third ors up to 70% of the economy. so we're very much a consumption oriented economy. with the stock market and sr volatility zone it will be on -- whether or not the consumer can carry that strength. >> dana: how quickly will we know that? >> in this day and age -- >> dana: monday? >> we may even know in the late weekend. >> dana: that's interesting. will you be doing some holiday shopping on your way home today? >> i did some yesterday. >> dana: i did some this morning before i got out of bed. >> 50% of folks did some form of online holiday shopping
11:28 am
yesterday. so black friday is sort of the thing of the past. black november. >> dana: we hope this holiday season is a good one for everybody, including the retail sector. thank you. next, the killing of columnist jamal khashoggi continuing to feel controversial. some in washington intent on keeping the investigation at is foremonth. plus an american missionary killed on a remote indian island. what we know about the isolated tribe that killed him next. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. starts with a december to remember at the lexus december to remember sales event. lease the 2018 rx 350 for $429 a month
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>> dana: gop member seeking answers on the hillary clinton e-mail. i want to read james comey's
11:33 am
tweet. said happy thanksgiving. got a subpoena. i'm so happy to sit in the light and answer all question, but i will resist a closed door thing because i have seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see. everyone's always talking about transparency, tony. is that such a bad idea to have an open hearing in this case? >> transparency is fine and wonderful and terrific. james comey doesn't get to talk about transparency. a guy who didn't follow his own rules. inspector general horowitz that referred to the investigations and going against the standards of the doj and the fbi. there's nothing wrong with a closed door in this case because he is a former fbi director and maybe there are things you don't want in the general populous. but for him to make the complaint, it's because he wants a stage. he's channelling his inner miranda. he wants to perform for america. talk about how joyous and good and decent he is. that's why he wants it to be in
11:34 am
an open session. if you take that away from him, he might have to answer questions that he doesn't want to do. >> dana: listen to what the incoming judiciary committee chairman on the house side said. he said it is unfortunate that the out going majority is resorting to these tactic. months ago director comey and lynch indicated their willingness to answer the questions. my understanding is the republicans have had no contact with director or attorney general since. lot of it feels like political posturing. we had the mueller investigation on going. we just reported jerome corsey, roger stone's associate, saying he's in a plea negotiation. that's what's being reported. this might all be taken over by events. >> maybe. and it's very possible the republicans will see how things turned out in the house to decide maybe when this could happen, when they could do an investigation or when they could
11:35 am
ask the question. i don't think a subpoena is the worst thing in the world. it's not like mr. comey hasn't given out a million himself. it's a subpoena. answer the question, move on with your day, just like any other american. >> dana: we'll see what happens there. these investigations, the name of the game going into the new congress. adam schiff, who will be the intel chairman on the house side, democrat, he said about the killing of the washington post columnist khashoggi, he said certainly we will be delving further into the murder. i want to make sure the committee is fully briefed on it. we'll want to examine what the intelligence community knows ab the murder, then it will be quite clear whether the president is relying on the intelligence community and our best source of information, or whether the president is representing something very different. but in a way, doesn't really matter but a the president of the united states getted gets to decide. >> adam schiff is trying to confuse two issues. how jamal khashoggi was
11:36 am
murdered? he he was murdered by the saudis. i'm not saying no. one of the great writeups at the federalist, the relationship with saudi arabia is necessary to thwart iran. iran is public enemy number one, along with a couple other enemies. you don't give iran control in the middle east. i'm not saying you got to be lovey dovey with saudi arabia. i'm not saying maybe there's something that thaos be done regarding bin salman. but the relationship with saudi arabia, no matter how much i may personally dislike it, is necessary when dealing with iran which is a far greater threat to the region. grown-ups seem to understand that. th the other people seem to be on the side of the iran nuclear deal which never did anything except give iran more power. >> dana: democrats have been wanting to do more oversight of the administration. also, republicans holding the obama administration, in particular hillary clinton, to
11:37 am
account. might feel like karma. i'll give you the last word. >> maybe it is karma. the people have voted. now we're going to have two years of investigation after investigation and gridlock after gridlock. i only hope the people bought their popcorn. the boy scouts have a sale coming up. >> dana: sounds like a good thing. did you have a good thanksgiving, tony? >> it was glorious. it was low key. it was relaxed. i very much appreciated it. my first brined turkey ever. it was surreal. it was a good time. it wasn't a dana perino thanksgiving. there were no song and dance numbers but still not bad. >> dana: tony katz, we love having you. thank you. >> pleasure. >> dana: now details in the death of an american missionary. john alan chow was killed by an isolated tribe. he was trying to convert on an island off the coast of india. now excerpts from his diary show the idea of what happened during
11:38 am
his final days. amy kellogg is in italy. she has more. amy? >> reporter: hi, dana. we're also learning a lot more via these diaries and some of his other writings about what was on his mind in the final days of that ill fated journey. he was quite aware of the danger involved. he even wrote at one point that this mission seems like a quote certain death. again, we're getting this from the things he had the foresight to write while he was on that trip. he reportedly after initially fleeing the island, having been shot at with bows and arrows took the time to write a note to his family. chow gave that to the fisherman who guided him to the island and reportedly they passed him on. today a friend shared some photos of chow. we're hearing people referring to him as a martyr. in the letter to his parents, chow asked them not to be mad at good should he be killed.
11:39 am
the island is in the bay of sangal. part of india, though 700 miles from the coast. chow had been to the area and talked ab his dream of returning as much as four years ago. he was only 26 years old. so he's had this spirit of adventure for a long time. the tribe has been around some say since the stone ages and has not really evolved much. some reports say they don't even know how to make fire. there was talk about pressing murder charges. but it is emerging the tribe, protected by indian law, illegal to approach, is probably immune to prosecution. we're hearing the indian prosecutors are going to charge. they're holding seven people in connection with this murder. the people who facilitated the trip. chow's family said, please let them go. he went about this with charity of mind. he knew what he was getting himself into.
11:40 am
i think important to conclude here police have not even been able to find the body because it's so hard to approach this island. dangerous and impossible to communicate with these people. until the body is retrieved we don't know what happened to john alan chow. it is understood that he was killed by arrows but until the body is found there is no firm conclusion to this very sad story. dana. >> dana: thank you for bringing the story to us, amy kellogg. fox news alert. the white house releasing a major climate report concluding that climate change will do significant damage to the u.s. economy. the document said climate change is poised to reduce the u.s. economy by as much as 10% over the next 80 years. the report also warned the change in climate will produce more extreme weather e vents
11:41 am
including wild fires and flash flooding. it says rising temperatures will hurt crops and promote the spread of disease. that report just being released today. we know uso does so much for our troops but they also work hard to help military spouses at home. that's up next. 3 when my hot water heater failed it rocked our world. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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>> the uso helps service members. >> embrace the spirit of the season on the front line. >> i hope you enjoy these small tokens of home and wishing you a very happy holiday. thank you for your service. >> dana: the uso doing its part to show appreciation for our troops this thanksgiving providing them with entertainment and care packages all over the world. the organization all working to show support for military spouses and families back home. joining me now, nonprofit ceo. tell us how many troops do you try to reach every year? >> well, dana, obviously, we
11:46 am
have a population of about 4 million people that we help to provide support for. about 2 million of those are service members active duty and reserve and then all of their families. >> dana: tell me a little bit about, i have some care packages here. there's toiletry kit, uso logo, very cool bag. then also the snack pack which i have been keeping away from the green room because i wanted it as my prop. tell me a little about these and what you try to do with these and getting them around the world. >> these are based on research we've done with the troops. these are things we missed the most. biggest challenge of military life is separation from the things that you love, family,
11:47 am
home, country. these packages provide them with things that they don't necessarily have ready access to, or snacks and things that they can't get in places like kandahar. so it's a little taste of home or something that they need at the right moment. really shows the troops and their families the support of the american people. >> dana: tell me about the entertainment. we had jared nieman on on veterans day. talking about his new song "old glory." many entertainers still travel around the world to entertain the troops. >> absolutely. you might say in this digital age, people can get things digitally. it's the human connection that makes the difference. i get to go, i'm very lucky to go with the chairman of the joint chiefs. last year i was with jared. we went to afghanistan, iraq, poland. just for these young americans, to be able to reach out, touch,
11:48 am
shake hands with their stars, really shows them that the american people are behind them. and so it's a long legacy starting with bob hope. we've got some great people like jared, kelly pickler and others who go time and time again to show their support. >> dana: the other thing is, the uso, lot of people know the uso helps troops overseas. you also have an important piece of your work which is helping spouses who are back home. tell me a little bit more about that. >> right. well, you know, the military spouses are the unsung heroes of the american military. these are mostly women. increasingly men. they get dragged around the world every three years. they have to endure long times when their service member is deployed somewhere. so we're on a lot of the military bases across the united states as well as deployed overseas where they're left behind. we have special programming for them.
11:49 am
for example, this november and december we're going to be running a number of things called operation special delivery, where we will be doing baby showers for young women who don't have their mom, they don't have their sisters and friends with them. but we're going to provide that baby shower for them so they don't go without. >> dana: tell me how people could help. what kind of support is the uso looking for? where are you deficient? where do you need help this holiday season? >> i would point everybody to go to and take a look. obviously, we have over 30,000 volunteers in the uso. we're always looking for more. there are opportunities to volunteer at center, programming. you can do things through your corporations and the like. of course, we're a charity. we're not part of the government. so there are ways you can donate time and resources to help support the troops overseas. >> dana: whenever i'm in an airport, i go to south carolina,
11:50 am
fly into savannah, georgia. there's a big uso office. can people help even at the airport? >> absolutely. most of the people there manning that are, in fact, volunteers. and they need all kinds of support. in kind donations, support for volunteer activities and other resources. yes, there are local opportunities. many of the uso resources are actually here in the united states about 150 of those, 220 centers. and so it's a way for people to actually get their hands involved. >> dana: we all should. j.d., thank for coming in today and telling us more about the uso. >> my pleasure. happy thanksgiving. >> dana: and to you. bye-bye. hospital trip can be scary for anyone, but it's less so with a four legged friend. why this boy is extra thankful this holiday. plus, president trump setting his sights on criminal justice reform pushing the senate to pass it during a lame duck
11:51 am
session. would it be a big win for both parties?
11:52 am
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>> dana: president trump urging the senate to take up a criminal justice bill that would reduce mandatory sentences for some nonviolent drug offenders. the president tweeting really good justice reform has a chance at real bipartisan support. mitch mcconnell and schumer have a chance to do something so badly needed in our country. already passed with big vote in house. would be a major victory for all. let's bring back tony katz, willing to join us today. we appreciate it. criminal justice reform is something that has been bipartisan all year long. they're hitting the situation now where the house passed something that the senate hasn't been able to work on it yet. it will have to go back to the house. the president wants to get this done in a lame duck. majority leader saying i don't think we have enough time.
11:56 am
what do you think? >> well, the majority leader can make the time. so i think mitch mcconnell is fully aware of that. i think people like the general concept. we go back to alice johnson and kim kardashian visiting the white house. that had a really profound effect on people. we're talking about lives here that don't have to be thrown away, don't have to be destroyed, don't have to be ruined through a prison system. there is room for a fair amount of change, maybe a lot of change, going on. but there is no doubt that this is probably as close as they've come. it can get done. some of the disagreement is real. that mike lee tom cotton, senators who you saw. >> dana: let me read something for the audience. this is mike lee saying -- he's a supporter. saying, nothing in the first step act gives inmates early release. it only incentivizes
11:57 am
participation. then tom cotton, who is the senator from arkansas, he di disagreece. no early release? look at the text. so, yes, i think there are some questions on the merits but i agree with you that there's some broad agreement that something needs to be done. in fact, tony, in this bill thrrbg are some provisions there that would remove the restriction or the restraints on women prisoners who are giving birth. that just seems like something that shouldn't be hard to figure out. >> well, it might be because when you take a look at this conversation between tom cotton and mike lee, we're talking about what does the language actually mean in this application? if that does take longer, we should be fine with it. but we should also be fine with
11:58 am
the idea that we should taking a look at what it is that we do with preuzers in and ask ourselves does it provide the value that we want? people who have done something wrong, there is a criminal penalty, but what do we want to happen to those people in prison and out of prison? we're not a better society if we just think it's a throw away the key, leave them there forever system. that doesn't do us any good. if this bill is the start of that, we're better off. >> dana: the other thing supporters are worried about, if it doesn't get done in the lame duck, the new congress takes over. you have many new members who will have to vote on it again and many progressive members. i have got 20 seconds for you to tell me democrats are still gonna want to do this even if it doesn't go as far as they want. >> if democrats don't want to engage prison reform, let them go into every inner city in america and tell them that. you want to start with detroit? i personally will put up the hotel rooms for them if they want to tell detroit this they're not interested in prison
11:59 am
reform, or oakland, or dallas, or new york, or tampa, or atlanta or my beloved indianapolis. come on down. i'll put you up. you tell them. >> dana: i don't think anyone will take you up on that. >> i'm not shocked. >> dana: have a good weekend. many of us are grateful for the pets in our lives. here are some folks who are extra thankful. evan just had brain surgery and his canine companion service dog was by his side. evan write, i'm thankful for great doctor, mom, dad and especially my cci dog allegra. and allegra is thankful for being able to comfort evan. the good news is evan is out of the hospital today. morgan mccarthy said she is thankful for her loving dog and family. and jane said her son luke is helped by his service dog named ruff. ruff is thankful that luke loves him so perfectly.
12:00 pm
luke writes i love the way he loves and learn more about these dogs and check out the whole story at fox daily spike. dose of good news for you. good luck to megan fitzgerald. she's leaving us today. i'm dana perino. here's leland in for shep. >> there's word another associate of president trump is trying to strike a plea deal in the russia investigation. a deal that could bring the special counsel closer to knowing if the trump campaign was linked to the hack attack on democrats in 2016. also, our nato ally, turkey, slamming president trump for defending saudi arabia. that country's top diplomat accused of president trump ignoring the murder of jamal khaishoggi and putting money over morals. and the chilling final words of an american missionary killed by a mysterious tribe with


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