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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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that's it tonight, you guys, for our inside the issues the issues special of "tucker carlson tonight." the regular show resumed on monday and tucker will be tune in each night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of l lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. also don't forget to dvr the show if you haven't already set that up. have a great weekend. "hannity" is next.t. ♪ this special edition of >> judge jeanine: welcome to thisfi special edition of "hannity" law and order in america. first of all, i hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving. i'm judge jeanine pirro in tonight for sean.. tonight, republicans in congress subpoenaed james comey and loretta lynch but comey vows to resist. more on this explosive story later in the hour. andhe black friday mayhem. we'll show you the wild footage we have got of what people will do for a sale.
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but first, today the crisis on our southern border and calling for funding of the border wall tweeting, "republicans and democrats must come together finally with a major border security package which will include funding for the wall. after 40 years of talk, it's finally time for action. fix the border for once and for all now." now the president's call for action comes as over 6,000 members of the migrant caravan have reached the mexican border town of tijuana and at one point as a smaller group of protesters broke away from the caravan and got within 500 feet of the u.s. border. and in an interview released yesterday, get this, hillary clinton told "the guardian" that europe needs to get a handle on immigration to stop the growth of right wing populists.
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hillary says, "i think it's fair to say europe has done its part and must send a very clear message, we are not going to be able to continue to provide refuge and support because if we don't deal with the migration issue, it will continue to roil the body politic." joining us now with reaction is america first action senior advisor and former sean spicer. fox news contributor deroy murdock and national borderfo patrol council vice president are art del cueto. gentlemen, thank you for being here. i have to start with hillary because ii always like to start with hillary. this woman, did she have a lobotomy?? why is she saying we have toto tell europe to stop the migration it's a roil to the body politic? sean spicer, hit it. >> i'm not sure if anyone is listening to her. that's the bigger issue.'s it's funny, first she stands in the way of immigration reform. she does everything she can
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to stop it -- stop dealing with it in this country. and yet, she wants to preach to europe what they should be doing. somehow comes up to this kooky response, had into theirad borders and open border policies given rise to the populist movement that created brexit and trump.ov i don't really even fully appreciate what she is trying to get through. it sounds like a bunch of gobblably gook to be honest with you. >> judge jeanine: you know, deroy, i personally was shocked momentarily. i thought it through. i said to myself, the truth is that she will change her opinion, she and bill are notorious for this, based on the way the wind blows. it tells me one ofe two things, that she is a chameleon, absolutely. >> yes, she is. >> judge jeanine: secondly she is willing to throw the refugees to the wolves because she think it's helping the politics of her opponent. what does that tell you about her? >> well, i mean very simple, take whatever argument
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she's making about europe and apply it here. if we have this situation of chaos of people breaking in from the guatemalan-mexican border and breaking into our border as well, it's only going to fuel people, what president trump says, we have to have border security. if that argument applies to europe it definitely applies over here as well. she is consistent about it. >> judge jeanine: that she is. art, you are the man at the border. tell us what is going on there and tell us what is wrong with the president of the united states saying that if you want to seek asylum, i come in the right way,e come through a legal, you know, entrance? >> there's nothing wrong with what he is saying. judge, the reality is we now have a president that -- he is doing what no other president has done. that's pretty much making sure that our nations are secure. short of pointing a gun and rifle, he has done
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everything he can. it's now up to democrats and republicans to come together and do the right thing and help out with the bills he is trying to present. p i will be honest, it falls on the leadership within the dhs and homeland security. this is a man that's on point and he is showing he cares. it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on, you want security in your borders. you want security in your home. everyone locks their doors at night. >> judge jeanine: okay. let me ask you this. something. it comes down to the leaders of homeland security and that would be kirstjenel nielsen. what is she not doing right or what is she doing wrong? >> what o i'm saying is, they nd to get on the right path. when you have a president saying i need to you stop catch and release and catch and release is not stopped, i think that's a problem. >> judge jeanine: sean spicer, you were there when all of this -- when you were in the white house with the catch and release. it was started with the obama administration.
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what can the president do o about that, especially in light of this federal judge, you know, every time he does something -- and we're going to talk about this in the next segment. a federal judge willing to stop it. what about catch and release?ch how do we change that? >> well, i think this president has actually changed the entire dynamic because he has made it very clear, he has talked about that they are going to stay i in mexico, apply for asylum there unless they can prove they are in imminent danger. he has a upended all of the precedent that has gone on before this and taken away just the talk and the rhetoric that we have gotten from so manyrh politicians and replaced it with action. this president, i think, has done as much as he possibly can through executive order and action. and through his administration, through dhs. he truly does need a partner in congress in these remaining days of this lame duck congress to give him the funding he needs for border wall and border security. >> judge jeanine: you and i both know they don't want to give him the money for the wall. i blame paul ryan and mitch mcconnell for this.
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they limited the actual building to $1.6 billion -- i think it's billion. and in the end, i will go to you deroy, the truth is that, you know, the party is not working with him and now he says, i want republicans and democrats to come together. what leverage does the president have? he is talking about shutting down the government. i mean, what does he do? things, one he could shut down the government. second thing, i think once these guys come back from thanksgiving, he should keep the 115th congress up on capitol hill until january 3rd, when democrats come in and vote, vote, vote, and litter his desk with laws on immigration and other things. the other message that has to go out to all these people who want to rush across the border if you want to come to america, do it the way my mother and father did when they left costa rica they went to thefi u.s. embassy and fill out applications. fill out the paperwork. come to america, ring the front doorbell, don't run in and break in through the bathroom window, which is the approach these people are taking now. >> judge jeanine: when he talks about ring the
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doorbell, come in, our country is our home. >> that's right. >> judge jeanine: you referred to this -- some people take objection when you call it an invasion, i don't know what the heck else to call it.nv >> it's an invasion. >> judge jeanine: you called them a hoard. that was a a word i hadn't hear. why? >> because it's a i huge group of people from another country that are flying a flag to enter our country. that doesn't look like people seeking t asylum. doesn't look like people that are escaping persecution. they are coming here as an invasion, plain and simple. a lot of it has to do with the economy. if you want to give credit to president trump give him credit because of the economy. that's the reason they're coming up here. the reality is we have a president doing everything he can and everyone else needs to get on board. that's the bottom line. we all want to feel secure in our homes. >> judge jeanine: go ahead, sean. >> i will say, you mentioned at the beginning, america first action, america firstme pac have been in this fight a
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with the president, airing ads, putting out w videos, making sure the research is done. we will make sure we do our part to spread the word about what the president's policies are doing and put pressure on congress as we head into the final days of this congress. o >> judge jeanine: absolutely. one of the things that i think is so important right now is that tijuana has actually declared a humanitarian crisis. and, you know, apparently, as this caravan has been moving, gentlemen, they have stayed one or two nights in a particular town. the town is happy to give them food and give them, you know, a place to stay. but i think we're looking at the crisis, you know, guatemala and tijuana. but tijuana in particular, in addition to some of the violence that we are seeing, you know, they are saying, look, we need the united nations to come in. this caravan is out of control. go ahead, deroy. >> also,y my question here is, where is it written that anybody has the right to come into this country?
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>> judge jeanine: they don't have it! >> if you leave honduras and get into mexico, you are leaving a country four times wealthyd than honduras is. i would say, hey, that's pretty comfortable . they said, we will give you homes and education and well fair. they should take it. their attitude, guadalajara won't do. they don't ask permission to come in here. >> judge jeanine:t there is no question. i'm going to go right to. why are they not taking advantage of what mexico is offering them? because they don't want to. because it's not that they are looking for asylum. they are lookingta to come into the united states because they probably have jobs already lined up here.y they probably have people already here that are waiting for them. that's the reality. they want to invade our country. they want to come in here because there is no consequences for them. that's what it is. and it's not a race issue. people need to get away froms this. you are seeing the mayor of tijuana and everything he is saying. no one is calling him a
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racist. yet president trump is that all the right things and you turn around and you call him a racist. it has nothing to do with race. illegal is not a race. illegal is illegal. there is a right way to do things in a wrong way to do things. >> judge jeanine: so well said. sean, i will go to you. one of the things that i saw today was a video where one of these caravan members is yelling "open the gates, trump." we are looking to come in. we are looking for work. i mean, can you imagine while they fly the flag of their own country, they say, "trump, open the gates." i mean, and god forbid you try to deport them to that country they are waving the flag on. they want to get on our soil so they can immediately have constitutional rights. sean? >> invasion. >> judge jeanine: exactly. john? >> they recognize the fact that this president has created an amazing economy hereno s in the united states. there is a ton of jobs available. and they see that, they want to come up here for the jobs. but, at the same time, the president has continued to be tough on immigration. he understandsds we have to have border security so that
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there is this catch-22. he's creating an amazing economy where there is tons of jobs to go around and people are using that as a magnet to want to come into this country.. the president has been very clear. we are still a country of immigrants, we're a welcoming country but you have to do it legally. i think that's where people have to understand that the president wants to have law and order. he wants to have a vibrant country that continues to welcome people but do so inib an orderly way. >> judge jeanine: the way they are supposed to. anyway, great discussion. sorry, next time, we will come back to you. maybe on my show tomorrow night. anyway, the migrant caravan is causing the american public to pay more attention to immigration. according to a new gallup poll, immigration is now seen as the biggest problem facing the united states. yet, liberal hollywood continues to demonize immigration enforcement agents. on thanksgiving episode of "murphy brown"'s reboot, i.c.e. agents are shown trying to deport a family of illegal
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immigrants. take a look at this! >> we received a call from a neighbor here about a taco truck parked in a residential area, noticed the taillight is cracked around the plates. seems the truck belongs to a carlos and maria gonzalez, undocumented immigrants, outstanding removal order. >> you guys cannot barge in here like this. i know you are used to dealing with people who are scared and vulnerable, but if you don't get out of this truck, i will spatchcock you. >> what did they do, except give up everything so i could grow up in a country that was the most compassionate place in the world? >> sorry, kid. we are just following government orders.he >> judge jeanine: here now from the center of studies jessica vaughan and dhs supervisor jason piccolo. thanks for being with us. i will tell you i watched that and for all the time i spent within cops, i mean, their lives are on the line tevery day.
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first of all, does anyone know what the word "spatchcock" means? >> not at all. >> a way to prepare a chicken by cutting it in half i and smashing it down. >> judge jeanine: so murphy brown says she wants to spatchcock border agents, which is what a butcher does to a turkey. what does that tell you, jessica? >> well, it's insulting to i.c.e. agents who go out and put their lives on the line every day to remove criminal aliens who, you know, from our country who don't deserve to be here and who keep the k neighborhoods that murphy browns and candace bergens live in safe. that's ridiculous statement for her to have made and insulting and, you know, i think it's shocking that, you know, that came so sort of casually out of her script. >> judge jeanine: she did go off script because, of course, she is hollywood and she thinks very strongly
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about this and let her -- if she needs a cop sometime deal with that. jason, let me ask you, you get this. you are on the ground. while the government hesitates to pass immigration, so-called reform -- and i still don't know whyon it's a broken immigration system, the only thing that's broken is the law, but narcos and smugglers continue to conduct human trafficking, something like 80% of the drugs coming into this country are coming through the southern border. we're in an opioid crisis. china is playing a role with fentanyl as well. what is wrong with protecting our people from the poison that is coming through? >> there is nothing wrong with it. and, like you said, there are smugglers and traffickers are using it to their advantage. we are talking a multi-billion-dollar a year industry for them. they are doing everything they can to keep immigration reform off the table. >> judge jeanine: you know, the -- one of the things, the criminal aliens and removing
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bad actors from our street of course is the goal of i.c.e. o yet, they object to i.c.e, they object to them doing their job. and even when their statistics are incredibly high in terms of drugs they get off the streets, children that they protect in terms of human trafficking, they are still being criticized. and so i guess the question is, why is it that -- or maybe that's the answer, that americans now see immigration as one of the biggest issues and most, the biggest issue our country is facing? jessica? >> well, that's right. the immigration issue is one of the issues where there is the biggest difference between elite groups in s american society and regular americans. and so this shows how out of touch people like actors in hollywood and, you know, their script writers and otothers are that -- they're not affected by illegal immigration.
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their neighborhoods are not affected by it. they don't understand that americans are suffering by our failure to enforce immigration laws. that, you know, people have lost family members because of our failure to enforce ecimmigration laws. people have seen their schools having problems dealing with the number of people that they are forcedde to accommodate, taxpayers bills going up and quality of life declining in certain communities. and this is not affecting the murphy browns and the candace bergens but it is affecting regular americans. they don't get it because they are not affected by it. i wish they had some sympathy for the people who are, who have lost jobs or, you know, lost family members because of illegal immigration. >> judge jeanine: and you know, art, in terms of getting some legislation passed -- sorry, jason, in
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terms of legislation, i mean, do you think there is any chance, you guys at the border have g any hope that this thing is going to work? how does it all end? >> we are going to have to piecemeal it. othere is no way comprehensive immigration reform is going to be passed. and until it's passed, the aliens will think they will be able to come over heree and get a foothold and the optics down t south and central america are that, hey, get over here before we pass something. so we need to piecemeal this out. >> judge jeanine: well, you know, maybe it will happen that way. maybe it won't. but the president is threatening, you know, to stop all entrance from the southern border or shutting down the government. we will see f what happens. anyway, jessica, jason, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> judge jeanine: all right. when we come back, house republicans hit james comey and loretta lynch with subpoenas. finally. the full story directly ahead. ♪ got directions to the nightclub here.
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click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity:" law and order in america. the mueller witch hunt is ongoing. but republicans are still in the process of getting to the bottom of why exactly the justice department let hillary clinton off easy. on monday the house judiciary committee issued subpoenas to james comey and obama attorney general loretta lynch asti part of its investigation into several controversial 's controversial decisions by the doj in 2016, the year the russia probe began. comey pushed back on twitter writing, "happy thanksgiving, got a subpoena from house republicans. i'm still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions but i will resist a closed door thing because i've seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing and
10:24 pm
invite everyone to see." meanwhile roger stone associate jerome corsi is reportedly in talks with the special counsel about a plea deal. on youtube, corsi discussed the status of his case. take a look. >> i fully anticipate in the next few days i will be indicted by mueller for some form or another of givingg false information to the special counsel or one of the other grand jury or however they want to do the indictment. but i'm going to be criminally charged. >> judge jeanine: wow, all senate intelligence chairman richard burr said the senate russia probe is expected to go on well into 2019. joiningth me now with reaction author of "jesus is risen," a lawyer, my lawyer, who has also done some legal work for me in the past, david limbaugh. and also joining me
10:25 pm
is house judiciary committee member congressman matt gaetz and fox news contributor, my pal, doug schoen. all right. i've got to start with congressman gaetz on this. richard burr, their investigation into thehe t russia collusion is going to go into 2019 and this guy is a republican? what's going on? >> judge, the republican investigations here have been too slow and too secret. here we are now in the lame duck congress and only now are we having subpoenas go out to comey and loretta lynch. those should have happened immediately when the inspector general issued hisy report that showed there were these irregularities in the hillary clinton investigation that resultedit in no one really being held accountable when the law was not followed by comey and by others. so when you look at the total sum of what the republicans havel done, we drained the swamp of comeyic by exposing him. mccabe, page, and in fact the inspector general said never before has the top layers of the fbi been
10:26 pm
cleared out by this. but the fair criticism of us that you and others have logged is that we just didn'tt do it fast enough to actually hold hillary clinton and the people associated with her accountable and we never haw a partner in jeff sessions. >> judge jeanine: forget jeff sessions, how about your s own leader in the house? >> well, look, we have got leadership in the congress and in the judiciary committee that's got one foot out the door and maybe that's one reason why we didn't stick with a tough enough schedule. the most important thing wegh cn do as we prepare for i democrat control is make sure that jim jordan is the republican leader of the judiciary committee that way we won't have low energy oversight, we will actually have a real fighter.ut >> judge jeanine: let's hope so. jim comey says i want to be out in the sunlight and i want to resist that subpoena. so he is movingg to challenge the subpoena. alley right. they want him to testify before a house committee on december 3rd. january 3rd is when the
10:27 pm
democrats take over. jim comey's lawyer there david kelly, who i suspectre will write a brief that's 29 pages long, and then get a judge to take three weeks to not even render a decision and then we're nowhere with james comey. am i right or wrong? >> you are right about that. and, you know, how preposterous is it for comey to complain about leaks when he is the master of leaks? he leaked something to deliberately start this special counsel investigation. he's trying to inflame the democrats because he thinks is going to be thought of the court of public opinion. he has no real basis. what really frosts me, judge, is that he bent over backwards not to indict hillary after he laid out air tight case against her and then he claimed a standard that there is no -- that had you to have a specific intent to violate the criminal law. nobody believed that, so he bent over backwards and the
10:28 pm
i.g. said he was insubordinate. why was he so adamant about not indicting her? we do need this hearing. the public has a right to know. >> judge jeanine: i'm not impressed with this guy, horowitz, either, to be honest with you.. insubordinate. who was he to get out of his lane and say, fbi, i'm to speak for the attorney general and not november anybody. i'm suret emails will come up. don't you agree, doug? you are a democrat. >> i'm a democrat i wish i could sit here and say we have all of the answers. we have none of the answers, judge. i think what comey did july of '96. >> judge jeanine: 2016. >> 2016. i apologize. in october i thought what he did again was wrong. i would like to get to the bottom of why he did what he did and get him under oath and hear the answers to those questions. >> judge jeanine: okay, but isn't it outrageous, guys, when you think about it andvi david limbaugh made a major
10:29 pm
point of it, this is the guy who leaked the information to public law professor friend who he appointed as government employee. he said he needed to get stefan to the public s square. i want to know what he wants to show us. here's's the thing. he was the head of the fbi. he ran the biggest law enforcement agency in the world and when he gets fired he needs to get something in the public square which he could have done when he was the head of the fbi. >> which could have been classified. i think we should try to find that out, too. >> judge jeanine: congressman gaetz, go ahead. >> i have been critical of republicans who think that theer way to go after corruption is to have more meetings behind closed doors.ul i think we should have had every one of these interviews before the american people. ask tough questions, hear thee answers. it's very frustrating when you come back from behind closed doors, democrats say one thing, republicans say the other. you don't have the american people in position to make appropriate judges.
10:30 pm
i hope going forward, more transparency will lead to accountability we have been calling for. >> judge jeanine: david, given the fact that here we are, schedulings their return on the subpoena forna december 3rd. i mean, are we ever going to know what's happened? the house is now in charge of investigations. i mean, you have adam schiff. i mean, even if mueller finishes his investigation, you're the lawyer on the panel, those guys will continue going. >> yeah. i hope they just make asses of themselves and it backfires in 2020. i agree with the congressman that i have no problem with this being in public. in fact, james comey already made it public when he went on the interviews with the book to her. his explanations did not pass the laugh test. let him do it under oath and see how far he can go and who he can convince that he had a legitimate basis not to indict hillary clinton. that wasn't connected to his political and partisan purposes. >> judge jeanine: david, what about this guy, corsi? what is the significance of
10:31 pm
his plea? >> well, before, he was saying he knew nothing. he had no first-hand knowledge of anything concerning wikileaks and julian assange. but there is some, i think, mueller is trying to connect trump to julian assange, to regulate, indirectly to roger stone and jerome corsi. i cannot vouch for roger stone and jerome corsi. i do know they a little nervous aboutd it. i don't think there is any connection in reality.y. i think maybe stone was engaged in a little puffery when he said he predicted this and corsi predicted these leakss were going to come out. i think he just hit on it accidentally. any crime that is going to be committed is a process claim. nothing to too with the substance of this investigation. this entire thing has been a process thing. >> judge jeanine: congressman gaetz, we heard so much about loretta lynch and bill clinton on that tarmac, only because some local reporter knew it was
10:32 pm
going on. we know there was no documentation. everybody said there were no emailsdo between the fbi and doj and, of course, there were. loretta lynch used a different name, and on and on.nd how do these people -- how are they not even brought up on disciplinary charges attorneys' grievance committee? >> well, you are absolutely right. loretta lynch was engaged in concealment of her own behavior. of the fbi's behavior and of the chain of command that we are supposed to be able to rely on even when it is stressed to give just results. i believe there would be appropriate grievances regarding the obstruction and frustration of justice that was supposed to be occurring. frankly, this is where jeff sessions' department of justice should have been doing. over the last two years, we had an opportunity to get the truth and show the american people. they were so resistant for the calls to accountability. we just didn't get the right answers. i fear that we may have a
10:33 pm
circumstance where hillary clinton, loretta lynch, and james comey might never see the inside of the jail cell thae they deserve. shame on i us for not being covered during these last years. >> judge jeanine: you know what? shame on the republican leadership. gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us. next, you are not going to believe what democrats are attacks president trump for now. the president takes a another shot at the far-left ninth circuit. ♪ stay with us. my name is jeff sheldon,
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♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity": law and order in america. on thanksgiving, president trump held a teleconference call with troops from all five military branches. takera a look. >> we have a very powerful border now. we have we have concertino fencing. we took all broken wall and wrapped it with barbed wire plus. i guess you could really
10:38 pm
call it barbed wire plus. this is the ultimate. nobody is getting through these walls. and we will make sure they are the right people because that's what you and your family want, all of your families, that's what they want. that's where we are all fighting. we are fighting for borders. we are fighting for our country. if we don't have borders, we don't have a country. >> judge jeanine: troops protecting america's borders, you wouldn't think this would be controversial, but that doesn't stop prominent democrats from blasting the president over it. watch.m >> do you think the president is politicizing our military?? >> oh, absolutely. in the case of the border,it this is not an effort to defend the nation. this is an effort to divide i the nation for the politics of the last election. the troops are just sort of extras in his political campaign. >> i believe that it is inappropriate to require the limited resources of the
10:39 pm
united states military to be used in such a way all because there needed to be some demonstration for the tv cameras based on a political agenda instead of what is a national security threat. >> judge jeanine: remember, kamala harris is the same woman who made the disgusting comparison of i.c.e. to the kkk. here to talk about this and more, rnc national spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany and arizona congressman and house judiciary committee member andy biggs. congressman, i'm going to start withme you. let's talk about this back and forth between the president and chief justice john roberts. the president, of course, continued today talking about the fact that, youco know, judges are not necessarily all straight shooters. are judges partisan? >> well, judge, you know, i have tried a few cases in my time, and i can tell you
10:40 pm
that yes, on political issues, i think some of them might have a little bias. you can't tell me that some of the judges in the federal district court don't have an animus against donald j. trump and wished that hillary clinton was still there. you just can't -- nobodybe believes that, that stretches credulity and maybe justice roberts is projecting his own naivete,ts bias quite frankly. you know what is really problematic without recent ruling? it was lower court issuing once again a nationalct injunction against this administration. and that's really problematic. we have got to stop those national injunctions. judge jeanine: you know, congressman, i will get to the bill that you are sponsoring.geng the bills that you are sponsoring. i want to go to kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh, the k truth is that what we have got, we have got forum shopping on some of the biggest issues that involve our country and in the last segment we talked about the fact that
10:41 pm
immigration is now for many people the number one issue. how is it that they keep going to the 9th circuit or courts where, you know, it will move up to the 9th circuit and then some local -- i'm calling him a local district judge, gets to do a temporaryo restraining order that enjoins the whole country?or how does that work? >> that's exactly right. yeah. you have partisan hacks out there finding the most liberal judge they can find to then level a decision that rebukes the power of the executive branch. thesi president has vast power over immigration. that was decided in trump vs. hawaii when the supreme court literally said he has the power to do this. it was after a judge in hawaii unilaterally struck down the temporary travel ban. the supreme court, of course, upheld that. now you have another liberal activist judge doing the same thing with this asylum executive order. it's forum shopping. it's activist judges and the judiciary wielding power they do not have to rebuke
10:42 pm
the legitimate power of the executive branch as laid out in the constitution of the united states. >> judge jeanine: with the supreme court judge getting involved, it's almost a tacet approval of the district judges say i will enjoin the country. anyway, president trump yesterday continued his attack on the far-left ninth circuit of appeals. look at this. >> we are getting some terrible decisions from the ninth circuit as usual. and it's a shame. it's a shame. it's a disgrace, frankly. essentially they are legislating. they are saying what to do. some judge sitting in some location very i far away is telling our incredible military and law enforcement what to do and it's not right. hopefully we have shown some light on the ninth circuit. i know that chief justice roberts, john roberts, has been speaking a little bit about it. >> judge jeanine: i got to tell you, congressman, when i was a judge, we never, ever got involved in any way, shape,
10:43 pm
or form. and i said this the other night when i hosted "hannity," that it is so, to me, stunning that a supreme court justice would come outre and push back at the president of the united states. you know, the president is political.l. the supreme court justice is not, especially the chief justice. let's talk about the ninth circuit and what we have got and how this circuit is, you know, considered almost a circus given their decisions. >> right. well, we call it the 9th circus here. it stretches from alaska to almost the equator. it is by far thee biggest. we can't even get en banc hearing. we are stacked up and can't get an en banc hearing and quite frankly arizona and the inner mountain west, we are not really copasetic with the california mentality and the coastal mentality. i have a bill to split up the ninth circuit. we can't seem to get any
10:44 pm
action on it, partly because california representatives want their portion of california out of the 9th circuit and into the 12th circuit. that's really what's going on. >> judge jeanine: kayleigh, what the congressman is proposing is splitting up 9th circuit, which now has 29 justices. the largest in the country. what he was referring to is the fact in his bill, that the 9th circuit doesn't reflect the values of the state that he is from. so he wants to get out of it. and, i mean, is that something that we have seen done in theth past? >> the congressman is spot on. i think this is a great proposal. it makes a lot of sense. the 9th circuit doesn't just not represent the area over which they rule, they don't representt the united states of america. they're the most overturned circuit for a u reason. [laughter] i mean, it's a fact. and look at, by the way, i have got to say with justice roberts there, where was he being vocal when ruth bader ginsburg came out against
10:45 pm
the president and made partisan comments that no justice has made like that in the past -- >> judge jeanine: barack obama, when after the whole supreme court when hesm was giving his state of the union -- but congressman, one more thing to you one of the arguments it would seem topl me on behalf to split that circuit is that there has got to be delays. that circuit has to have a lot of cases, givenas the huge number of states. you know, it's like -- it's california, it's montana. it's the state of washington. give me all of them. it'swa arizona. >> you can't even -- who can name them all because we are talking territories that stretch down to the equator. part of our problem is, they have twice as many cases at least. that is one issue. the other issue is, if you are living in montana, if you are in the east side of montana and you have to go to san francisco to have your case heard, that's problematic. and so they say, well, we can skype it or something like that. that's not real. that's not real anymore.
10:46 pm
>> judge jeanine: all right. thanks so much to both of you. and next, we're going to tell you about one of president trump's most bipartisan proposals, but will democrats swallow their pride and work with the president? analysis ahead. ♪ wingardium levioka. ♪ wingardium levitoga ♪ wingardium leviosa ♪ thanks. the perfect gift isn't just about getting something. it's about getting someone. nobody knows the wizarding world like we do. barnes & noble.
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♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity:" law and order in america. presidentn trump is continuing to call on the senate to pass apa major prison reform bill, tweeting earlier todayy that leaders mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer have a real chance to do something sol badly needed in our country, already passed with big vote in the house. would be a major victory for all. the first step act, which would do things like shorten mandatory minimum sentence
10:51 pm
for some drug convictions has the endorsement of theru president and many in the g.o.p, but is also facing republican opposition from senators like tom cotton from arkansas. joining us from reaction is national spokesman nigel ennis and noel nikpour. why is this first step important to getpo passed? >> it's important to get some type of legislation, criminal justice reform passed before queen nancy and chairpeople like mad maxine waters and castro's granddaughter, alexandria ocasio-cortez, come to the town with the democratic majority. you have a extraordinary coalition multiideological folk from as far as to the right as the christian coalition and small government libertarianns conservative and republicans. you also have, of course, the usual suspects within the aclu liberal crowd that have come together in this
10:52 pm
coalition. and so i think that time is now, it's already past the house of representatives. it's in the senate. now is the time to get it done, because should they have to revisit this when nancy pelosi is wielding the gavel, then it's going to be a much worse bill than what it is right now. >> judget jeanine: on the one hand, it's great if they can work together. it's a positive thing. on the other hand, he is saying it could get even more and more liberal and that would cause them to not agree on anything. >> well, yeah. and that's not what trump was trying to do by putting this together, by letting it go far, far left. this is about second chances. and i think for trump, trump is the winner no matter what happens. because this w is our president trying to show unity from the right and from the left, to ask schumer and mcconnell to i work together. this is what the country really needs. and it's really great when you see a president try to
10:53 pm
make both sides work together onto it. now if they do not, if they end up not working together like what niger said, if they end up getting washed in the wash and going way left, then that's a real shame. do you know whose fault it it's the bipartisanship brand fault. it is not president trump's >> judge jeanine: you know what, niger, it's also sad for those people who would benefit from it. look, nobody believes in prosecution and criminals and sentencing, you know, more than i do, but i also understand that this effort to reform this bill, you know, jared kushner has worked so hard on, has brought so many from the left and right together, is something that can help people who have a stigma h when they get out of jail, who don't have the ability to get out there and even get a job. who at some point feel, i can't get a job. this will help them.
10:54 pm
>> that is the key, what you just said, jeanine. this is about reintegration. what happens to individuals when they serve their time and they get reintegrated into communities. do they go back to pursuing that old life of crime or do they become productive citizens of our society? i think the goal here is laudable.s and what they are trying toha do with job training programs, with incentives for w good behavior while behind bars,or that these are attempts to start the integration or reintegration process while they are still in prison.. the goalsth are laudable. having said that, senator tom cotton and some other conservative republicans have raised some legitimate questions and concerns that should be debated. there's no reason that mitch mcconnell should not bring this to the floor and let tom cotton and others that may have reservations offer amendments, debate the issue, but get this thing done before t january. >> judge jeanine: what do you think the chances are of
10:55 pm
that? >> i think pretty good. they will want to honor his >> judge jeanine: all right, we'll be right back. thanks to both of you. ♪ these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! -morning. -morning.
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>> welcome back to this >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity", law and order in america. it wouldn't be a post thanksgiving show without covering the black friday chaos in shopping malls. every year people fight each other to score the best deals before christmas, this year, no different. people flooding malls and department stores nationwide hoping to grab the items on their family's wish list at a discount. this holiday season be sure to grab a copy of my latest book, "liars, leakers and liberals." a perfect gift for the political junky in your life and you don't have to fight your way to get
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it. it. don't miss my show "justice" at 9:00 p.m. here on the fox news channel. sean hannity will be back with another can't-miss show. thanks for being with us. "the ingraham angle" starts now. >> i'm raymond arroyo sitting in for laura ingraham on this special edition of laura ingraham. president trump is doubling down on conflict and continuity in the final weeks of 2018 laying down the gauntlet over border enforcement. we'll explore his feud with chief justice john roberts. and why mr. trump may have good reason to be upset with


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