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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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with christmas upon us, adventures for young readers, the third in the series coming in february from random house, perfect time to get the relative perilous falls, young indiana jones meet stranger things, one of the few middle grades series for the entire family goes on the adventure. that is all-time we have tonight. i want to thank laura for letting me sit in, she will be back tomorrow, back to shannon bream. >> another figure connected to the trump campaign team says he is in please talks with a special counsel in saudi arabia as crown prince begins his first tour abroad since the murder of a saudi journalist and will democrats cut the defense budgets once they take the house? this is special report. i am mike emanuel in for bret baer. new words from the president over special counsel investigation. a conservative writer and associate of trump roger stone
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says he's talking with robert mueller's team about a plea deal. exactly what jerome corsi knows and what it means for the president is not clear tonight. what is clear, it is not good news for mister trump. kevin cork is outside the president's florida resort. >> reporter: jerome corsi is not directly tied to donald trump but is an associate of roger stone who was a trump advisor in 2016. what we do know is as he continues to create a situation which could lead to a plea deal with the mueller team that is newsworthy and everyone can agree it may not be very good news for the president. >> the written answers to the witchhunt that has been going on forever, no collusion, no nothing. >> reporter: the president remained steadfast in denial of any russian collusion connected to his campaign the special
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counsel's office continues to tighten the net on a number of individuals close to the trump orbit. the latest, jerome corsi who like roger stone has been linked to the controversial website info wars and is in talks with the mueller team about a possible plea deal stemming from the ongoing russia probe. the mueller team questioned him as part of an investigation into stone's connections with the website wikileaks and its founder, julian assigns. mueller is trying to determine whether stone and other trump associates had advanced knowledge of plans to release damaging clinton emails during the campaign. of the plea deal was agreed to corsi would join half a dozen others convicted by the mueller team the none of the accused is convicted of crimes related to russian collusion involving the trump campaign. the corsi news reverberated across washington, the president joined the holiday break in florida, kept his focus on the ongoing crisis at the border
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were thousands of migrants hoping to push their way into the us by way of asylum but from the installation of miles of razor wire the hours long shutdown of one port of entry to the authorization of the use of lethal force by the military the trump administration has rebuffed that effort. instead of applying pressure on mexico where there is increasing pressure to move the migrants in one direction or the other. >> you don't have borders you don't have a country. we find it gets to a level we are going to lose control, people are starting to get hurt we will close entry into the country for a period until we can get it under control. >> reporter: critics reject the administration's policies, the president on twitter saying content to pass the problem to congress, republicans and democrats to come together adding after 40 years of talk it is time for action. it is unclear what corsi might plead guilty to or offer a plea for but he has suggested he may be indicted for lying to federal
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prosecutors. >> the justice department made a black friday request to the supreme court. what do we know? >> reporter: the trump administration is asking the supreme court to take up the issue of the president's proposed ban on transgender individuals serving in the us military. the solicitor general is asking the justices to take together at once all the challenges and on this issue during this term. >> kevin cork, many thanks. there may be another legal problem for the president's acting attorney general, this one involves whether matt whitaker received funds for his 2014 senate campaign when still working for the federal government. allison barber has details. >> wonderful to be here. >> reporter: a federal investigative agency opened the
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case file reviewing allegations matthew whitaker violated the hat check. a spokesman for the office of the special counsel, an independent federal and prosecutorial agency which is not related to robert mueller's team said they received two complaints. at issue are campaign contributions. according to federal election commission filings whitaker received four contributions in january and february of this year. at the time whitaker worked as chief of staff to jeff sessions. the department of justice declined to comment but a source close to whitaker pointed fox news to a 2001 advisory opinion that says an agent with the campaign organization a candidate who later became a federal employee could continues organize and promote fundraising events to retire campaign that. >> a $50,000 loan after the campaign. if it is being used for that would be coming to him. he should be disclosing it. if he gets out of the hat check
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violation he may walk into a financial disclosure problem which can carry perjury charges. >> reporter: from the moment donald trump names matthew whitaker acting attorney general his pastor's come under fire. >> he called for pulling the rains back on the russia investigation was hardly a neutral arbiter. >> reporter: 3 democratic members of the senate judiciary committee are challenging his appointment in court. >> once i choose somebody they always go through hell. >> reporter: democrats in the potential hatch act violation is enough to prove whitaker should not serve as acting ag. >> it as one more thing to along line of serious questions. bottom line is he should leave, he should leave now. >> reporter: american oversight describes itself as a nonpartisan organization, the executive director worked as a state department attorney under the obama administration. >> former head of usa gymnastics is the olympic committee was informed about sexual abuse in sports two decades ago long before the scandal involving national team doctor larry
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nasser. court filings site kathy scanlon thing she told the olympic committee about the situation shortly after she came aboard in 1994. she's a little was done to address the issue. no comment from the olympic committee. there is a to be no evidence that may further implicate saudi arabia's crown prince in the murder of a saudi journalist as the prince embarks on a road trip to reinforce his status. benjamin hall tells us the prince is staying in friendly territory. >> for the first time since jamal khashoggi was killed, mohammed bin selman on a regional tour of allies showing the world he remains the fact the ruler of saudi arabia and has support but turkey refuses to let the murder pass and now reports in turkish media suggest the cia has a second recording. a phone call in which the brown prince gives instructions to his
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brother, the saudi ambassador to the us, to silence jamal khashoggi as soon as possible. asked about it yesterday donald trump said only i don't want to talk about it, you have to ask them. there have been some repercussions. france imposed sanctions on 18 saudi nationals in connection with the case. the same individuals targeted by the us, the uk and germany but yesterday donald trump continued to make it clear he was not considering sanctions on saudi arabia. >> not at all. saudi arabia has been a longtime strategic partner, they are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in our country. >> it works both ways and saudi arabia is heavily reliant on the us. >> i sure you without the united states their planes don't fly, their tanks don't drive, the ships don't sail effectively, they need us far more than we need them. >> reporter: prince mohammed bin selman flies to argentina for the g 20 summit and he will meet
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face-to-face with donald trump and president erdogan and it will be interesting to see a bilateral meeting on the sidelines. >> stocks posted their worst black friday numbers and years, the dow lost 179 during a short trading session. the s&p was down 17, nasdaq lost 33. for the week, it was ugly, the worst thanksgiving week since 2011, the dow lost almost 41/2 percentage points, the s&p dropped almost number, nasdaq fell 41/4. next, whatever happened to donald trump's promised to fill his cabinet with all the best people? first here's what our fox countries around the country are covering tonight. fox 6 in birmingham alabama, one person is killed, two injured in a shooting at a suburban mall last night. police and it was a the suspect shot in 18-year-old mail, 12-year-old female was also wounded, the 21-year-old suspect fled and was later killed by police. fox 9 in the twin cities were
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authorities investigate a house explosion in st. paul that injured at least one person. that person was inside the home and was pulled from the rubble. no word on the victim's condition. eight residents and surrounding homes were displaced. the cause of the blast was not immediately determined and this is a live look at rainy and foggy san francisco from fox 2. the big story there tonight the commissioner of the fda says the multistage e. coli outbreak revealed earlier this week is thought to be connected to romaine lettuce grown in california. scott gottlieb says the agency is working to determine the exact source but has drawn a link to the west coast. that is a live look outside the beltway from special report. we will be right back.
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>> raymond: well, it's time for the literal last bite. last night, the saints whooped the falcons and then they indulged in a thanksgiving tradition or is that a falcon leg? >> go ahead. i want to hear how they are. is that all right? >> raymond: save one for me. only in new orleans do you get a second line parade at a who dat walmart. watch this. >> raymond: does this sort of thing happen? after you bury the body, you celebrate they have gone home to god. with christmas upon us, may i recommend the "will wilders series"? it's a perfect time to get the book. they're sort of young indiana jones meet stranger things. one of the few series where the entire family goes on the adventure with a hefen
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with other cabinet members hooks careers in washington came to a sudden end and see if the writing is on the wall. >> donald trump is hinting of changes to come. >> i'm very happy with almost all my cabinet. >> before he was president he vowed he would fill his cabinet with top-notch nominees. >> we are going to have all the best people, find out who they are. >> some did not have the best judgment.president's cabinet members are opting not to fly with the public. >> health and human services secretary tom price became a cabinet's first casualty, the former georgia congressman and doctor came into the administration with hopes of helping congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> fixing the situation requires an act of congress. >> in mid-september a report surfaced the secretary used private jets first official
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business 26 times at a cost of 400,000 taxpayer dollars. and the uproar including that of donald trump. >> i'm not happy about it and let him know. >> reporter: he told me he would repay his debt to taxpayers. >> you say in a statement taxpayers won't pay a dime for my seat on those planes but you wrote a check from your officials for $51,807. the total cost is estimated at more than $400,000 for the 26 flights since may. is that okay? >> there is an ongoing review being done by the inspector general and it is important we wait for that. >> reporter: the next day after ten months on the job price resigned saying he did not want to be a distraction to the work of hhs. environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt had a promising start but his spending
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habits gotten away of the agenda. >> there have been troubling media reports. >> months of scrutiny over reports of lavish spending and suspected ethics violations. everything from pricey round-the-clock security to spending $43,000 on a soundproof phone booth and reports he asked donors for help in landing a job for his wife. on the fourth of july pruitt was spotted attending celebrations at the white house. one day later he resigned from the administration. >> never have to use those words around david. >> the only holdover from the obama administration, his appointment as secretary of veterans affairs in february 2017 held promise for the troubled agency. a practicing doctor, he would sometimes meet with patients at va medical centers and vowed to turn the agency around. >> we are beginning to deal with
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issues that plagued the system for decades. >> reporter: his position in the administration came under scrutiny after an inspection general report that found he improperly accepted wimbledon tickets and airfare for his wife during the european trip the cost taxpayers $122,000. >> i regret the decision -- >> this was used in a political way to try to remove me and this is washington. i am a big boy. i understand that. >> this is not limited to ethics probes. others felt the president's wrath when they opposed him. >> respected all over the world before he begins. >> reporter: rex to listen was a very unlikely candidate for secretary of state. ceo of a massive company with little experience in politics but one who had complete support of donald trump at the beginning but they publicly clashed over
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several foreign affairs items notably the iran nuclear deal. >> we have talked about this for a long time. you look at the iran deal. i think it is terrible. you think it was okay. >> reporter: north korea. the president tweeting in october 2017 the to listen was wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man but most notably there was what became known as the moron moment. >> the main headline that you called the president a moron. >> we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense and it is intended to do nothing but divide people and i'm not going to be part of this effort to divide this administration. >> rumors of to listen's demise began last november but donald trump did not dump his top diplomat until march. >> my commission is secretary of state will terminate at midnight, march 31st. >> he will leave his job 405
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days after becoming secretary of state, one of the shortest 10 years in modern history. >> we need to make america great again. >> then senator jeff sessions was one of donald trump's most ardent and earliest supporters on the campaign trail, soon after he was elected donald trump made the former alabama senator his attorney general. >> it is with great pride, very great pride that i say these words to you right now. attorney general jeff sessions. >> i have recused myself. >> reporter: sessions fell from favor after choosing to recuse himself from the russia investigation. >> i'm disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself. >> donald from publicly a lambasted sessions on social media again and again. despite the discord sessions
12:21 am
remained mom about it as he remained on the job. >> how the relationship with donald trump? >> very clear about when he is happy with somebody and not happy with somebody. >> reporter: donald from the heat on his attorney general saying he would like a do over on his ag pick. >> never took control of the justice department. >> questions about his future went on for months. donald trump said he would not fire his attorney general, jeff sessions before the november midterm elections. but after that the president would not commit. finally, one day after the midterms the president officially asked sessions for his resignation. now the question is who is next? in washington, bret baer, fox news. >> will democrats cut military spending when they take the house? an explosion ripped through a mosque in an afghan army base on
12:22 am
the east coast province as friday prayers were drawing to a close. 27 soldiers were killed and 57 wounded. the blast may have been set off by a suicide bomber or remotely detonated bomb but nothing was officially confirmed in details were sketchy. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the explosion. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is refusing to testify in hearing with lawmakers from 7 different countries, that according to the washington post. zuckerberg will send a subordinate instead. the lawmakers said in a statement they still believe zuckerberg is the appropriate person to talk about data privacy, safety, security and sharing. some of amazon's workers are protesting against what they call unfair work conditions meant to disrupt operations on black friday. amazon says 90% of workers at a logistics depot near madrid joined the walkout today. amazon has cargo deliveries to 22 depots in the country. some of the other stories.
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♪ >> there is growing concern about what democrats might do to the defense budget once they take control of the house next year. jennifer griffin reports on possibilities and ramifications. >> defense was cut over the
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obama years 20% in real terms. >> reporter: the outgoing republican chairman of the house armed services committee is warning america beware of drastic cuts to the defense budget now that the democrats have taken the house. >> we saw an increase in accident rate across the board. we worry about slipping backwards and losing the progress we have begun to make. >> reporter: matt for very says democrats wants to cut missile defense and building two new low yield nuclear weapons. the leading democrat on outside services committee set to take over as chairman adam smith prior to the election in november. he wants to cut the $716 billion defense budget. >> the number is too high and will not be there in the future. >> mister republicans always try to scare people. >> we are hopelessly outgunned, everything is falling apart, we
12:28 am
are all going to die, all part of an effort to get us to spend a massive amount of money on 1000 different things. >> reporter: any report warns two decades after 9/11 the number of sunni islam us operating around the world are estimated at 230,000 quadrupled despite 17 years of war. >> near peak levels in the number of jihadist fighters. >> reporter: a new report by the defense strategy commission concluded for the first time since the end of the cold war the united states is at risk of losing a future war against russia or china, the reason, budget and stability. >> reporter: donald trump told the pentagon and every agency to cut 5% of their budget amid skyrocketing deficits, when the pentagon was finally fixing years of neglect straining before standard equipment. >> thanks very much. donald trump is urging top republican and democrat in the
12:29 am
senate to work together on criminal justice legislation. the president tweeting really good criminal justice reform has a true shot at major bipartisan support. mitch mcconnell and senator schumer has a real chance to do something so badly needed in our country, already passed with big vote in house. would be a major victory for all. congressional republicans have their post-thanksgiving plates full with budget issues as days winds dealt with the prospect of another partial government shutdown. kristin fisher tells us where things stand tonight. the republicans are in charge and if the government shuts down it is on their back. >> the congressional clock is ticking and members of the house and senate want to keep the lights on they have to ask fast. december 7th is the deadline for congress to pass a bipartisan spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. the big sticking points, funding for the border wall and
12:30 am
protecting the special counsel investigation. >> with respect to democrats in the senate and house, we hope they will decide they want to play a constructive role in putting the record let's legislative accomplishment rather than spending all their time launching investigations. >> the american people are watching closely and they will make sure justice is served and is a political effort to stop that they will notice. >> democrats into leveraging their votes by attacking protections with special counsel to the year end special spending bill and the threat from jeff flake about to hold up anymore judicial appointments until the senate votes on the mueller protection bill. with only 3 weeks left the post midterm agenda is looking like a lame-duck and despite democrats wiping out republican majority in the house donald trump is making his own threats when it comes to the border wall. >> a big some of money, $5 million. if i was ever going to do a shutdown over border security, look at the people coming in, this would be a very good time to do a shutdown. >> that will be crucial, do
12:31 am
everything we can to get the funding in. >> reporter: lawmakers agreed to provide $1.6 billion for the border wall but as democrats prepared to take back the house they are refusing to give into the president's demands. >> we believe if donald trump stays out of the appropriations process we can have a good bipartisan agreement and the government can move smoothly forward. every time he interferes it gets messed up. >> reporter: the house and senate passed 5 of the 12 spending bills, some of the remaining measures expected to make it to the floor include tax cuts, the farm bill and criminal justice reform. >> thanks a lot. let's get more on the possibility of another partial shutdown. rhode island democratic congressman david sicily joins us, great to have you. government funding, donald trump tweeted about it this morning, republicans and democrats must come together with a major border security package which will include funding for the
12:32 am
wall. after 40 years of talk it is time for action. fix the border once and for all now. limited time lawmakers return. are we heading for partial government shutdown? >> i hope not. the republicans control the house, senate and white house. i hope they don't shut the government down. last time we had an appropriation process it works well. it was bipartisan. the president was not involved. we were able to reach consensus and find common ground with our republican colleagues. that moved forward. i hope we can do it again but the republicans control the house, senate and white house so they will ultimately decide if we have a government shutdown. >> you are one of the top democrats setting the agenda for the house next year. the reality of donald trump in the white house, mitch mcconnell leading the senate. are the areas of common interest? >> yes. we ran on an agenda we described
12:33 am
the democrats are for the people of this country, not the special interests, not the powerful and well-connected and we identified 3 urgent priorities. one, dropping healthcare costs, particularly the cost of reception drugs, two raising family incomes and rebuilding the infrastructure of our country with $1 trillion infrastructure package, creating 60 million good paying jobs and finally taking on the corruption in washington and getting money out of politics. those are issues the president identified as priorities for them. he hasn't delivered on them but if he's serious we should be able to work together with our republican colleagues to get those done for the american people. >> nancy pelosi spoke about newly elected democrats, and new leadership, take a listen to this. >> a democratic agenda to make progress and they all spoke out beautifully for the people. healthcare, healthcare, healthcare like a jackhammer. that is what is important. >> reporter: is medicare for all
12:34 am
with an estimated price tag of $32 trillion over ten years according to george mason university? >> democrats are committed to do everything we can to drive down healthcare costs. one driver of healthcare costs is prescription drug prices. we have a specific proposal on how to do that but there are a number of ideas to expand access to healthcare, for people to buy into medicare, raise or lower the age of medicare, having medicare for everyone. there are a lot of great ideas. we will have a caucus that is more diverse and larger than ever. we can have a discussion how to build on the success of the affordable care act and make the system better and drive down costs and people will present a range of ideas and out of that will come consensus how to move forward and drive down costs and make sure everyone has affordable healthcare. >> what about keeping democrats
12:35 am
unified? alexandria abca ocasio-cortez protested. the democrats risk being divided? >> i don't think so. we have a lot of new members will come to congress with passion they demonstrated and a lot of new ideas, bold new ideas and we work together as a caucus to find common ground but it is healthy for our party and healthy for the country but lots of people with lots of new ideas who have just won elections will contribute their best thinking. there is enormous consensus on the overriding issue and the core priorities of democrats, we will have lots of conversations on the edges but it will be great for our party, great for the country because out of that will come the best thinking, the best policies, an exciting time and we have a lot of new talent and new members who will contribute significantly to the
12:36 am
work. >> is nancy pelosi a shoe in to be the next speaker of the house? >> i don't know if she is a shoe in but i think she will be the next speaker of the house, she has her in that position, brought us back to the majority, she's an effective legislator, she brought us the affordable care act, brought us wall street reform, she repeal don't ask don't tell, very effective legislator and as i said before i don't think you fire the quarterback after you won the super bowl. >> looking forward to seeing you back on the hill. another figure connected to the trump campaign team says he is simply talks with a special counsel epstein. we get reaction from the all-star panel when we come back.
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witchhunt that has been going on forever, no collusion, no nothing. >> i anticipate the next few days i will be indicted by mueller for some form or other giving false information to the special counsel or one of the other grand jury or however they want to do the indictment. >> this from the washington post, quote, conservative writer and conspiracy thirst jerome corsi is in plea negotiations with robert mueller. with that let's bring in our panel. the editor in chief of the washington free beacon, chuck lane, opinion writer for the washington post and tom rogan, commentary writer for the washington examiner. big deal? >> we don't know. we have to wait and see but it is interesting the connection point is roger stone.
12:42 am
potentially it takes you in a forensic sense to a connection point. we have to wait and see. there have been a lot of stories about a special counsel that turned out not to be true. this week will get a lot more clarity. >> i never know what to make of doctor jerome corsi, phd who is kind of a flaky, cannon on the deck of the american political scene, obama, from way back, the comments he is making almost boasting as if he will be indicted almost to inflate his own importance in the situation. it is an extended chain of culpability if any that leads all the way to russia. in the meantime corsi and stone are denying there was any kind of foreknowledge of what julian
12:43 am
assange had in store for them. i find it amusing to read jerome cousy's recounting, just wouldn't believe me when i denied. i don't envy robert mueller's team having to deal with this particular witness. he is a bit of a loose cannon. >> your assessment of the significance? >> always a bad sign when the words conspiracy theorists are your bio when you are mentioned in the press. this has always been an investigation in search of the original crime. the original crime is supposed to be conspiracy to collude with russia to affect the result of the 2016 election. if that happens, if a plea deal is reached or if doctor corsi is indicted i will be looking at the actual criminal information and indictment because one question we have to answer, this pertains to the crime mueller is
12:44 am
investigating or is it another of these process crimes that emerge through the conduct of the investigation, many of the indictments mueller have issued is related to. >> we will see where the mueller programs. congress is set to return pretty soon with a lot to do. let's listen to donald trump and senator dick durbin. >> if i was ever going to do a shutdown over border security, when you look at the caravan, when you look at the people coming in this should be a very good time to do a shutdown. >> the american people are watching closely and make sure justice is served and there is a political effort to stop that. >> are we looking at partial government shutdown drama? >> we go through this larry when we reach one of these artificial deadlines. i'm skeptical of the threat to shut down the government over
12:45 am
the border wall. trump had multiple opportunities to do exactly that and he threatened to do that in the first two years of his presidency. is another opportunity and maybe he recognizes this is his last chance for the foreseeable future to get funding for the wall that he needs. if that means a shutdown, donald trump likes to scatter the deck of cards and see what emerges. >> they are talking about giving some of the money, just not all of the money. >> even all of the money isn't all the money. the most you could get his $5 billion and the boss is 20 or 25. matthew makes an important point. now that there is a democratic house the next two years this mega project of a wall across the length of the border is more dubious than it ever was. i tend to think cooler heads are
12:46 am
going to prevail on this as the president for the benefit of his basal posture, insist he wants something out of this but at the end rather than allow a partial government shutdown at christmas time he will go a long. >> i think the challenge, democrats have an interest in placating leadership coming into congress and the base which will definitely want to oppose anything on the border wall. it the same time does donald trump want to use that political b on the twitter galvanizing for something that might not go anywhere it won't go anywhere? >> friday lightning around, more trouble for the acting attorney general, the president's cabinet and winners and losers.
12:47 am
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12:50 am
♪ >> i think t >> the acting attorney general is in a catch-22. the office of special counsel that allow former officials, former campaign candidates to pay down the campaign debt but matthew whitaker didn't list any campaign that on his financial disclosure and the campaign chairman said twice on the record he doesn't know why the campaign contributions came in. he didn't solicit them. to say they must've gone towards campaign debt pay downs doesn't
12:51 am
pass the smell test. >> then there's this from the office of special counsel, quote, in the limited circumstances employees still considered a candidate for purposes of the hatch act as relates to retiring campaign debt and we bring back our panel, matthew, charles and tom. a big deal? >> i heard of postal delays but to take four years from a senate race is quite a delay and it does raise questions the attorney general has to answer. here is the thing. this is a temporary appointment appointed under the form active the 1990s. he had a few weeks. for the president, he needs to start emphasizing the temporary on the separate appointments. >> my winners and losers? >> on this matter.
12:52 am
>> i never thought matt whitaker was a terrific choice for attorney general. he has a lot of other problems in addition to this new one. if the president is thinking of his long-term interests, already searching for somebody permanent. >> that is true. the optimism he was going to be able to at least for a credibility, it hasn't happened. >> the president just tweeted about a member of his cabinet, steve mnuchin saying i am happy of the job being done by steve mnuchin but fake news likes to write stories to the contrary, quoting forney -- phony sources are jealous people. they never ask me for a quote because it would kill their story. we had these from brett talking about comings and goings from the cabinet so what about this? >> the president doesn't hold to one view on many issues but we come up to this g 20 summit, it is an alliance that the possibility to deal with at last
12:53 am
in the market. >> this raises the problem that if he tries to get rid of people and looks to replace them, who would really want to be in a position that is so unstable you never know what is coming in next. >> and fighting on the china side. steve mnuchin is leading toward a deal as opposed to the bob lighthouses are more hawkish when it comes to china trade. >> winners and losers. >> two of close friends of mine and my goddaughter, their daughter vivian. i don't have kids but i do my best with her and as luther of the week it is a hard-line brexiters, we will overthrow teresa may, she isn't. >> my winner of this week is nancy pelosi who seems to be
12:54 am
getting the upper hand on her opponent in the democratic caucus and on the way to becoming the next speaker of the house was my loser vladimir putin. he tried to pull a fast one on the rest of the world and put his man in charge of interpol, that was shot down. >> rick scott, senator elect of florida, problem solver, knows how to win tight races, loser stacy abrams, not the governor elect of georgia who refused to concede by losing by 55,000 votes. >> when we come back, notable quotes. ♪ we live like no one's watching, ♪ laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪
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...and welcome you... do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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>> mike: finally tonight, this week's edition of "notable quotables." >> bret: authorities in chicago reported an active shooter at south side hospital. >> we have four deceased individuals. police officer, two female staff employees at the hospital. and the. >> it's a mean, nasty world out there. >> i don't know if anyone is going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it. >> it's not too much to ask
12:59 am
an ally not to butcher a guy in a consulate. >> ivanka did some emails. they were not classified bike hillary clinton. >> we session is so far in the distance, i can't see it. >> and if you break par, i will give you $100. >> no president has shown greater respect for the military and the veterans. >> veterans day, why don't did you go across the river to arlington for that ceremony? >> i should have done that. >> we rarely have seen the heads of the judicial and executive branches engage out in the open like this. >> we could not serve one party or one interest. we serve one nation. >> well, you go to the 9th circuit and it's a disgrace. >> if you wanted to be ruled by guys in robes you should have stuck with georgia 3rd. >> it warmed my heart. this will stay with me for the rest of my life. the goodness that came from the fire. >> today's lucky bird and guest of honor is named
1:00 am
peas. happy thanksgiving. >> mike: another wild week in the news. this week chris wallace will interview nebraska senator ben sasse and it has been a blessing this week to celebrate thanksgiving with family and from new york my brothers paul and christian. that's it for "special report." i'm mike ema dvr the show if you haven't already set that up. hannity is next. ♪ ♪ >> judge: welcome in this special edition of hannity law and order in america. first of all, i hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving. i'm judge jeanine pirro in tonight for sean. tonight, republicans in congress subpoenaed james comey and loretta lynch but comey vows to resist. more on this explosive story later in the hour. and black friday mayhem. we'll show you the wild ot


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