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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 25, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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and then we just hope you come back for your court date three years later. a lot of people didn't know that was it. pete: well its been a huge education gone on in this nation no doubt. griff: doesn't it feel to you that president trump could do no more. ♪ i mean he really is from the asylum to the manpower issue to how he's handling in the messaging trying to send to the list, there's really hard to imagine that he could do more to try. pete: he needs partners in ♪ >> the fight to protect our southern border. congress. griff: what will soon to be donald trump says he will not expected speaker pelosi and the democrats do to solve this. allow asylum-seekers into the pete: probably not solve it but united states while their cases are heard. this will get lit it rated in >> the agreement is called the 2020 election, no doubt remain in mexico. about it immigration will be front and center the economy, immigration, all of that. we noticed a twitter conversation or a rant by the senator from hawaii, talking about democrats in 2020. caravans are not in their we've been talking about these interests and not in the united states's interests. >> it is our country, it does 37 democrats that have put their not belong to people on foreign soil. you don't get to come here and toe in the water will they run make demand. >> french president emmanuel will they not run, will they be macron plans to raise the tax on moderate or progressive? well this senator from hawaii
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fuel. kind of lays it out clearly and says what a lot of people have been thinking. >> a major storm packing a few thoughts on 2020 since all blizzard like conditions hitting northern parts of the country is millions of people head home. of my friends appear to be running which is good. first no one should be trying to >> the biggest travel day of the figure this all out before the holiday weekend. voting starts and second most importantly we must reject the premise this is a fight between >> overtime looking that way. moderates and progressives. we are going to nominate a >> the game of the year. progressive there's five more tweets you can read it for yourself but he says they're not ♪ going to these aren't your dadd ies' democrats. they are going to nominate a progressive. rachel: the moderates on the house side have already lost. i mean, they wanted to get rid >> welcome this sunday morning of nancy pelosi, put somebody in to "fox and friends". who might be more liked in some we are glad you are here. of the states that they were losing states where trump was popular and they've already lost >> this take me back to high school. >> a little bit but the and i think alexandria cortez decorations we showed out front, putting up trees, reindeer, you deserves a lot of credit for pushing the party into that are wearing red, christmas is direction. it was when she came out, when upon us today. she won her election as a out and proud young socialistic that we saw so many of these 2020
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potential candidates on the still have leftovers in the democrat side come out and move fridge. >> we will be embracing the to the left to kind of take off christmas spirit. their mask and say this is who we really are, and the good news >> i watched a christmas movie is i think in 2020 we're going to have a real clear fight with my kids. between american capitalism and can't remember the name of it. socialism and i think that's a good thing for our country to have an honest debate. griff: well our viewers are already e-mailing in, here is it came out in 2018. mary katherine saying the movie with kirk douglas, not kirk douglas, somebody. progressive is code word for he said the kids are like you socialistic and nowhere on the face of the earth has progressivism worked for the people. say hello 00 and that is fake pete: well said and an e-mail news, it was made in 2018. from d said reminder that many of the democrat party winners in santana just said fake news. this is a different kind of christmas movie. 2018 did not aspouse socialistic >> you have to tell me the title. >> we have very serious news of idea so how far they've come. a situation on the border in san rachel: wow, willie on facebook says progressive won't stand a chance in 2020. dnc needs moderate candidates diego, tijuana, we have the that can work with both sides and perez still doesn't get it. president has been talking about pete: yeah he said the all this thanksgiving weekend and a tweet here that is new. socialistic from the bronx are the future of the party. they bowed to that, open borders , abolish i.c.e. medicare
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for all, free college tuition, giveaway, they aren't going to pullback from that now, if anything they are forced to polarize on it to run to the left to win the nomination and then there is trump on the other migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the united states until their claims side. griff: it's interesting because are individually approved in we just saw in florida when i court, will only allow those into our country illegally. was covering the recount for you the policies catch and detain, no releasing into the united guys senator bill nelson he was states. a democrat for many years, gone. we will purge the southern border. there is no way the united rachel: right. states after decades of abuse will put up with costly and absolutely. it's the future, the socialism dangerous situation anymore. on this side of the democrat there are reports a deal was party so that's where the momentum is. well we're going to turn now to your headlines. struck between this administration, incoming a suspected illegal immigrant government, he will be charged in a deadly hit-and-run thanksgiving morning was out on inaugurated later this saturday, they have a new policy. jail on bond at the time of the >> is confusing because the crash. police arrested him last year and he's now back behind bars in texas. authorities say he hit and killed a sixth grade teacher in trump administration struck a deal and someone from the el paso. mexican government said we don't turning to extreme weather, have a deal but we have a policy for right now that they remain in mexico. storm systems could disrupt travel plans for millions of either way this policy is a big people on one of the busiest travel days of the year. a winter storm off the rockies win for donald trump because it ends catch and release. that means if you come to the is threatening to dump up to a foot of snow in parts of the
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midwest. colorado is already covered in snow causing several accidents border, you are claiming asylum, and on the east coast, heavy you have a court date, we have a rain prompted flood warnings in backup. go into our country, do your baltimore. more rain today could impact travel through several northeastern cities. pete: and some sports, college thing, get work legally and football, texas a& m and lsu whatever, come back later. taking their game to seven >> for now it is called remain overtimes. >> upon looking that way, got in mexico. you can't stay in the country it! it's rogers! the aggies win the game of the year. pete: that's about right the while waiting for asylum claim, weight in mexico. the mexican authorities don't 22nd ranked aggies win the want to do this. a businessman came to make a highest scoring game in division deal, he says, donald trump is threatening to close the border completely, he sent the military to the border. history, 74-72 holy cow and number 10 ohio state dominating michigan final score is 62-39, not only defense played yesterday, number one alabama and i will scrap nafta. all this led mexican leaders and stays undefeated the crimson the incoming president to do what they never wanted to do. tide quarterback throwing for they always seem this america's five touchdowns and running for problem, now it is their problem six as alabama rolls over auburn too and they are saying we will in the iron bowl 61-21, and my
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gophers in minnesota beat the hold folks in mexico and they can come in. if there asylum claim is found to be ballad which is lower wisconsin badgers. griff: well, donations to the percentage than those who try to do so legally. clinton foundation have taken a you have done some reporting. huge dive. the reason coming up next. this new policy was a solution pete: kid rock for u.s. senate, to catch and release policy but it's the slogan that's got a lot of us talking it did but now the fcc is deciding whether or not i have been in contact with a it will get the singer in trouble? >> ♪ ♪ group organizing this caravan, to the guatemala mexican border going all the way to tijuana and that skills like teamwork, they confirmed the report today attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. they -- the port of entry, the kind of skills, that work for you. crossing at 9:00 am this morning, we don't know how many whoooo. here's a trip tip! when you search hotels on tripadvisor... enter your destination and the dates of your stay. or this is a fluid situation and certainly going to be the tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... leaders saying they will do the to find the best deal on the right hotel for you. port of entry, tried to cross illegally, they are saying they will have signs made that say open the gates and they are
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going to test the will of our border patrol and -- >> the group is call the people without borders. you talked about the mexican government responding to troops at the border, the threat of shutting down the border but they are looking at this and saying decisions in our interests to have endless caravans. here is michelle malcolm talking about that. >> the agreement calls to remain in mexico. mexican government officials don't want to publicize it too much but they are getting so much pushback from their own citizens. every sovereign nation has the right and prerogative to exercise their ability to make sure they are able to tell who can come into their country and not. mexican government officials said endless caravans are not in their interest and not in the united states's interests
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either. >> we heard independent reports that the claim, 20,000 will try to march through vehicle lanes at the border, applying for asylum is a waste of time but more significant i was there this morning when you got the text from a part of the caravan saying we will get to the stadium at 9:00 pacific time, 12:00 eastern and we will be marching or walking peacefully to that port of entry. they say they want to do it on a sunday because a peaceful day and they want to come through peacefully. >> here is the point. this group is testing the agreement between the administration and mexican officials, they said we are going to come across peacefully and see what you do and to your point that will dictate future amanda's mom's appointment hello mom. caravans. just got rescheduled - for today.
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amanda needs right at home. there are several thousand people still on their way. we have been waiting for that our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires. whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course! moment. we don't know if that will happen, today will be the moment. the caravan says we will test tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. that showdown. you have new authority the military has to backup border patrol at that location. a lot of eyes on the southern look, call right at home. get the right care. right at home. border this morning but also politics always creep in on everything. pete: well, donations to the a lot of folks on the other side clinton foundation taking a huge of the are have differences with the president's approach on the border, many of them will be plunge during hillary's run for the white house that raked in some $62 million, but after her attempting to run for president. loss, contributions have been how many democrats will run? we don't know. if you tweets caught our eye drying up falling over 40% to last night, the senator from hawaii took to twitter and gave 26 million. griff: our next guest argues a few thoughts to his friends on this just proves the clintons monetize their political influence through that foundation. here to explain former assistant to the u.s. attorney and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. the left and we thought a few of these were interesting. if you thought, all my friends good morning, andy. appear to be running which is what do you say about all of good. this? >> good morning. well, you know, i think, griff,
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there was a gig miss during the e-mail scandal, because there was a lot of chatter, mainly no one should be trying to figure this out. he said we must reject the premise that this fight is driven by president clinton, but between moderates and progressives. also the justice department and we are going to nominate a progressive. the fbi about whether mrs. there are five more in that clinton intended to harm tweet storm. he's not running himself but he made a definitive comment which the united states by setting up a lot of alluded to in this private e-mail communication system and destroy ing all of these e-mails, suspected, they won't be a moderate that comes out of the and the thing is not only was democrat party, he will be a progressive. that not part of the case >> even the fight for nancy against or not only was that not pelosi's speakership the part of the classified moderates are losing dismally. information statute under which the progressives are winning. he was being investigated, it a lot of people mark alexandria obscured what the real reason i think was for the fact that she setup this private system and ocasio-cortez. the moment she came out as a destroyed all of these e-mails which is that during her tenure, socialist and caused other the state department was put into service of the clinton members of the caucus to say foundation, which was a scheme to monetize her political influence, and that's what the lost evidence is about. rachel: that would explain why they will -- not an official she took a hammer and a bleach caucus but all the people running for president in 2020, all of them took their masks off and she was so intent on making and said we have always known they were socialists but what is sure this information never got out because it would not just
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take her down, it could take pelosi and possibly her husband important and this tweet points to is 2020 will be an honest election which means socialism as well. >> yeah, if you think about and american capitalism and that is a good thing for the american this, there's a lot of people to have a real honest government people we're learning choice where people aren't masking what they are really more and more who end up conduct ing some of their official duties on their private about, i hope they vote for a, e-mail. some types it's just because of quote, progressive which means the necessity of a moment in time when, you know, you only socialist meaning we can have a have your private e-mail with real debate. you and you have to respond to >> we have been talking for months in terms of this show, something and ms. of that stuff is okay as long as a copy of the there are no blue dog democrats, e-mail makes it into the file but this is a situation where the democrat party has moved to the left, not just alexandria she even constantly conducted her business on private e-mail. she setup a system in which to ocasio-cortez but scores of do it. races went to that area, even she actually set up a system areas of the country that moved in that direction. that was a totally private >> totally right. framework that was run out of the clinton family home in new york which, you know, is the this will not be -- capitalism and socialism, if you're tired headquarters of the clinton of the caravan talk at the family foundation, what a surprise. pete: what a surprise. border you better stop being tired. andy, you know, a lot of people it will be about borders and open borders. you'll hear more about this we've heard a lot about it. will the clintons ever be held
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that is where the left is. globalism will be the definition to account for influence pedal ing? >> hard to say. of the debate and that is what the president is doing on the in some ways, pete, if you look border, new policies, showdown at it as a kind of a political society rather than a rule of and it will have implications in 2020. law society which i tend to look at it as she has been held to >> tell us what you think, your preferred candidate, did you account because i think miss the blue dog democrats. cumulatively, all of this cost >> i will you know about from her what everybody thought was a shoe-in election to the white house, so in some ways, the public has had its say but you headlines. a fox news alert, the united do hope at some point the legal kingdom is a step closer to leaving the eu, just approved a system will have its say. now, i would point out the supreme court has made it much harder to do political brexit deal, setting the terms corruption cases by some of the march 2019 march and decisions that its made in the last few years so it's a tough raised groundwork for future relations, the deal has to be proof, but you know the republicans are talking about approved by the uk parliament. having a hearing on this before emmanuel macron admits his they seek control of the house to the democrats and that would be a really good thing. pete: good point about the country is facing a moral crisis election andy mccarthy thank you amid violent protests, calling for his resignation over fuel very much. rachel: thanks, andy. taxes. yesterday demonstrated started >> have a good one. fires in the streets of paris pete: u.s. troops standing guard and hurled rocks at police, 20 at the border as thousands of
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people hurt. macron condemned the violence, migrants are waiting to cross. general anthony tata says the the protests started a week ago. president is right to send him there. rachel: plus we already know corey booker's basic income turning to extreme weather, plans could cost taxpayers storm systems could disrupt travel plans for millions of billions of dollars, this morning another cost, that's people including myself. priceless. it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. [ phone rings ] what?! a winter storm of the rockies is threatening to dump a foot of snow in the midwest. colorado is covered in snow causing several accidents. on the east coast heavy rain prompts flood warnings in baltimore, more rain will impact traveled to several northeastern cities. >> college football, and thus you going to 7 overtime. >> looking that way. >> rogers! the game of the year! >> the 27 ranked at ease when
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the highest scoring game in division history. 74-72. dominating michigan, the final score, 62-39. number one alabama stays undefeated. the quarterbacks going for 5 touchdowns and rolling over auburn, 52-21 and florida state will not play for the first time in 36 years. florida beat them 41-14. the minnesota gophers didn't go there but my home state but -- beat them for the first time in 13 or 14 years. >> an illegal immigrant now accused of killing a young teacher in a hit and run on thanksgiving in a crime. a shutdown showdown. we break down the big issues that play out this week on capitol hill.
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remember this iconic christmas scene? ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> a real-life clark griswold coming up to tell us how he won the war on christmas. today, 97% of employers agree ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas.
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you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. that skills like teamwork, and with xfinity mobile, attention to detail, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone. and customer service are critical to business success.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! like the ones we teach here, every day. see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. griff: quick headlines to start your week president trump back on the campaign trail tomorrow, tweeting moments ago i will be in gulfport mississippi on monday night doing two rallies for the senator who has a very important election on tuesday, she is an outstanding person whose strong on the border, crime, military our great vets, health care and the second amendment needed in d.c. the republican incumbent is facing democrat opponent in a run off election and on wednesday, house
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democrats will cast their initial votes for speaker, nancy pelosi is looking to regain the title but on friday, nine democrats said they would not vote for pelosi, unless she changed some house rules, see what happens. pete, rachel? pete: thanks, griff. well as the migrant caravan closes in on the u.s. border they're right there our next guest says president trump was right to send troops to the border and points out how presidents of both parties have done it before. rachel: joining us now is former deputy commanding general of the u.s. forces afghanistan and author of dark winter, anthony t ata. welcome. >> great to be with you rachel, pete. pete: good morning. rachel: so there is a lot on the >> congress bracing for another left they are almost freaking shutdown showdown with two working days left to strike a out that we're sending the deal to keep the lights on in washington. you debate on the key issues, troops to the border. why are they so upset about it? it's not unprecedented and are john mclaughlin, good morning, they just worried that maybe happy thanksgiving. it'll work? >> well the left has an issue number one, border wall. immediate visceral reaction in the opposite direction to anything president trump does, >> democrats are starting the for a lot of different reasons. presidential race, the campaign one is that president trump is a
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man of his word and he said he was going to be tough on the we should have run to keep the border and he is tough on the house against nancy pelosi and border. secondly he's undoing president the democrats, 31 favorable, her obama's legacy and third he's policies are not positive. fighting the globalist tooth and the same paul on a website do nail with patriotism and nationalism as we should all do within this great country. you want a system of open borders or do you think illegal immigration should remain jtf 6, jtf north is the name of illegal? 28-63 said it should remain illegal. the task force on the border since george h. w. bush put it and they prefer 43-45. this is the issue. there, president obama, president clinton operated with jtf 6 and jtf north on the democrats want to vote on this. border so what liberals today don't understand the history, >> the top issue but not the only one. we have a mueller investigation. what president trump has done is rightfully reinforce the border how does that factor? in the face of an unprecedented threat, with thousands of migrants coming and we all know >> the trump campaign after two years no evidence, no proof of that there's drugs and possible any collusion, total waste of taxpayer dollars and they should wrap this up but democrats want terrorists in that caravan coming to the border and this is very, pete, this is very classic to go after this. the biggest cover-up going on. trump. what the big show is that the they should be investigating evidence republicans found in military is there doing their
3:18 am
congress that the obama duty, counter mobility operation s intelligence, meanwhile, he's got secretary of administration surveilled the trump campaign. state working a diplomatic deal and it's those levers of power, >> what it came close to? national power that president trump is so good at. >> he has to come out with the report. he's got military on the border meanwhile he's negotiating a >> the wildfires in california deal and all of a sudden, you know, they've got to wait in mexico now and to apply for asylum. pete: well it takes a hard power and a couple hurricanes recently. to get that breakthrough in >> this is not be a point of partisan political contention, people need help, the president diplomacy oftentimes. was out there, the american president for the people, he said they would get aid. general others have done it but this should not be a partisan none have sent this many and battle. loosened up some of the restrictions on what they can do to support the mission and the >> sexual-harassment, we live in me too. other administrations haven't how much of a factor is this? >> the scope of a 4 trillion gotten the job done. whatever was done wasn't enough federal dollar budget, should to stop the flow, so are the troops being sent there enough not be a part of political to actually address the issue? >> yeah, that's a great point, pete. this is an unprecedented move. partisan contention. it should be about we are going to prevented and put procedures my point previously was just in place so this doesn't happen. liberals will react, but they >> one last one, foreign aid, don't know that the previous the president made statements he democrat president had troops on the border also.
3:19 am
this is an unprecedented move will cut off funding to central american countries who fail to it's the right move that president trump has done, and he stop caravans. >> foreign aid, democrats giving can keep these troops on the border as long as necessary until that threat subsides and billions of dollars to countries that don't help us like with this diplomatic deal i pakistan, get over $1 billion think the threat will subside a little bit with the incoming administration in mexico and this is really groundbreaking, a and terrorists, central american brand new type of deal, if countries sending illegal immigrants, the american people don't like this. >> when you add those up and we mexico holds the immigrants, the have the september 7th deadline migrants at the border or further inland, from the border, then i think that will be a huge what does it mean? >> the 2020 presidential race is deterrence to people thinking starting, democrats are keeping that's going to be able to step up. one foot in the country and caught and released. pete: it's a great point you we should have strong contrast, talked about globalism one of the chief components of global let the house vote on it. >> democrats have 37 candidates ism in europe is german chancellor angela merkel. she gave a speech earlier where she said states have to be willing to give up their sovereignty. she said in this day nation states should today, i say, be ready to give up sovereignty but in the ring. coming up next, fox news alert,
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a brexit deal with britain. of course, in an orderly we are live with what is coming up on that. procedure, either you're one of the homeowner who fought the war on christmas and won, live to those who believe they can solve everything on their own and only explain. stay tuned. think about themselves that is nationalism in the purest form. this is not patriotism, a clear ♪ it's time for ultimate sleep number week on the swipe at president trump and his emphasis on patriotism and nationalism. giving up your sovereignty in an orderly fashion why does that sound like a good idea to someone like her? >> it sounds a lot like germany about 80 years ago but merkel has clearly lost her way, because what she, a, she's now running for re-election and b, with president trump forcing nato in the european union to pay its fair share, all of these european nations are realizing that their free ride is over and so they are scraping macron, merkel and all of them are trying to find a way to get other people to pay for their new sleep number 360 smart bed. existence, because they can't it senses your movement and automatically adjusts afford to have their socialistic
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dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgement; joins us to talk about the impact of falling oil prices the heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. president tweeted about it this morning as well and the impact you're more than just your bipolar i. on your wallet. rachel: plus a dog's incredible ask about vraylar. journey how he ended up 1,200 miles away from home. >> ♪ ♪ this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected.
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and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> we are back, the united kingdom is a step closer to leaving the eu. >> the european union approved a brexit deal setting the terms of the march 2019 departure. >> allison barber is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the european council president says the european union approved a brexit deal with britain, 27 eu leaders meeting in brussels, endorsed the withdrawal agreement and
3:24 am
political declaration on the future eu uk relation. this deal ways out the terms of written's departure set for march 29th and also lays out a framework for future eu uk relations. teresa may said in the future our laws were made, interpreted and enforced by our own courts and legislatures. may has to convince the parliament to buy into this deal, a bit of a difficult task if the parliament doesn't approve of the deal, the president of the european commission says this is pretty much it, it would be britain's problem now, this is the best possible deal and the eu will not change its fundamental position. we also have this just in from the associated press, there seems to be trouble with this deal back home. the democratic union party in what does help for heart failure look like? northern ireland said there are no circumstances under which her party would support the current ♪ the beat goes on. brexit deal. it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪ the beat goes on.
3:25 am
it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. she says her party would support ♪ la-di-la-di. prime minister may but she wants more talks to come up with a entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps your heart... better plan, already some people so you can keep on doing what you love. who support this deal, maybe not in the largest heart failure study ever, liking the deal, the eu saying entresto was proven superior they are not going to budge on at helping people stay alive this but they say there is a and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability deal. to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; >> interesting stuff. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. we will have nigel farage, one of the guys responsible for don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. brexit at 7:15. if the eu people like it. the most serious side effects are angioedema, >> we have news on the caravan, low blood pressure, kidney problems, news on brexit. or high blood potassium. for another cup of coffee because you don't want to miss ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. any of this show. >> in this next story is about yeah! entrust your heart to entresto. christmas. ♪ the beat goes on. a real-life clark griswold took on his homeowners organization and their war on christmas and won. >> originally coming under fire for this incredible display of
3:26 am
200,000 lights. a federal jury ruling the homeowners association was >> ♪ ♪ hostile to his celebration of griff: meet me half way let me christian beliefs including before the family even closed on tell you who we'll meet all the the homes they wanted to buy. way and that is trish regan joining us this morning. trish: had a good thanksgiving right? pete: how was yours? >> here is jeremy morris. welcome. trish: fantastic. i had my whole family here and tell us. my sister and fiancee and the >> idaho. >> our fault. kids and my husband. rachel: fun! trish: we had a lot of turkey. pete: you were hosting. was it stressful? >> tell us about the homeowners association. trish: yes! why did they come against having well let me just say there's your display? such a thing as the grocery that they were anti-christian or did not want people from coming to other neighborhoods to see delivery service so i got my order in in time this year. pete: smart. now we've got president trump this display? tweeted about 48 minutes ago, 48 >> the ho a made their intentions very clear. minutes ago this tweet. he said so great the oil prices are falling, thank you, first what they did is send my family a certified letter and in president trump, and add that which is like a big tax cut to our other good economic news, inflation down, are you listen
3:27 am
ing, feds? so he feels like the oil prices coming down are like an that letter they said finally, i am hesitant to bring up the fact additional tax cut to you. trish: i like the part, are you that some of our residents are listening, fed? he's needling jay powell again non-christian and a word about atheists and, quote, we can't because the federal reserve has even imagine the problems that would bring up. been talking about raising interest rates something that the president does not think >> let me put that on the that we need. screen, sorry to interrupt, so now, lower oil prices are like a we can show the letter. tax cut because you spend less money at the gas pump it's like ss i'm hesitant in bringing up the fact that some of our you got more found money in your pocket so those go a long way residents are non-christians or of another faith and i don't want to think of the problems towards giving an immediate boost, if you would, to the economy and certainly the consumer spending. that could bring up. >> i don't even think of the griff: you mentioned the fed there. were you surprised this past problems that could bring up? what is that? week when the housing enter its >> exactly. one of the things we thought was really got behind the president if you can imagine the fair pushing on powell about not raising his rates? trish: i think they don't want to see rising rates either right housing act which protects 7 protected categories and each of because rates go up, well then those categories receive the same level of protection so if mortgages go up and that means you can imagine the exact same the housing market has a harder time and so look, i think in a phrase said we are hesitant to normal environment, if you have enough inflation, right? bring up the fact there are and by the way that's all the
3:28 am
white people in our neighborhood fed is supposed to be watching for is inflation, if you have that inflation you need to react or fill in the blank, whatever but when you look at what's group. going on we still do not have it would be for certain illegal. enough of it. we got a little inflation, we but they went one step further. got wages now growing close to 3 what they did is contacted the % but that's not a lot really in the scheme of things and so seller. this was before we purchased the is it enough for the fed to move right now that's the question. i don't think you have enough home and told the seller, the inflation. i hope we get more and more of it down the road, but for the seller testified before federal court they, quote, didn't want fed to be so cautionary this is what he's concerned about our beliefs pressed on others in basically saying look, you don't the neighborhood. anyone who doubts the war on need to do this. rachel: trish you say we need to look to wall street for even better deals this holiday season christmas or war on christians is real in this country they can what do you mean by that? look at my case for proof of trish: oh, in terms of retail shopping? you got your shopping list going pete: well how are things so far that. >> you said this process has , we had black friday, we been a nightmare for your family. fighting and winning takes money, time, pressure, your have cyber monday coming up what is consumer sentiment? trish: i think consumers feel really good. neighbors having adamant opinions. i know that the market can be kind of rocky but if you divorce how did you stick to your principles when so many people what's going on fundamentally in were saying just back down? our economy and you just look at >> exactly right. the strength of gdp numbers, the
3:29 am
a lot of people said that. overall economic growth, if you look at the increase we're see ing slight increase in wages, my wife and i even prayed about this. if you look at consumer sentiment and consumer confidence, people feel good, i happen to be an attorney and even being an attorney that was the question. and that means a whole lot. one of the thins that this president does really well is he do we really want to spend the gets out in front of this and time and huge amount of sort of very much like a coach, resources to do this? right? on the sidelines, he is very what we concluded was that is the reason we have to do this. optimistic and that matters. in the position i am in, legal i can remember all of the times means to do something about it that president obama would give a good jobs report but you'd don't do something about it what never know it if you listened to does that say for any other american who find themselves in him because he would tell you well we've still got a long ways to go. we always have a long ways to go but it's wonderful to see a the situation? if my family doesn't fight this president talking up what's going on in our economy that's actually -- pete: well if he doesn't no one why would any other -- else is going to so he has to. >> good for you for fighting for that. the christmas tree in the trish: listen to the mainstream media right? they don't want to tell you when background, a red christmas there's good news. sweater and the record to the ho griff: so you're encouraged my a but have not received a response. thank you, have a great wife and teenage daughters christmas. >> merry christmas. continue their shopping spree,
3:30 am
thank you, trish what else are >> if you're in that position you talking about today on sunday morning futures? trish: we'll talk about the and don't throw down, the person will get run over and pretty border situation of course which is ongoing and mexico allegedly had promised to house a lot of soon you lose your ability to have religious freedom. >> the war on christmas is a war on christians. these people as they're waiting for asylum on the border of >> thousands of migrants lining up in mexico in hopes of tijuana and it looks as though some of that's in doubt so where are we heading as we still continue to watch thousands. crossing into the us illegally in the cvp acting deputy rachel: you have representative commissioner at border patrol mike johnson on the show, says this caravan is unlike any other he has seen, he joins us chairman of the gop committee, on that next. (speaking in italian) prenderro dieci biscotti... which is the largest caucus of conservatives in congress. who else? trish: representative jim himes, so we'll get the democrats take on it as well, alan dershowitz is going to be there as well, you know him well we'll talk about the mueller situation. pete: that's still going on? trish: can you imagine? rachel: [laughter] pete: no. trish: still going on. pete: trish thank you we look forward to watching it. rachel: don't turn off the channel wait for trish. [laughter] we'll turn now to some of our headlines two big time democrats
3:31 am
are rolling out their basic income plans, but one think tank says both plans would add another cost. senator camilla harris and corey booker are proposing separate plans to give money to low income families to give them some financial relief, but a heritage foundation writer says plans like these tend to fail, because they remove the works. and, election violation complaints against kid rock, has been dismissed. a watchdog group filed a complaint after the musician appeared to take some steps towards running for u.s. senate. the federal elections commission ruled his self-promotion as an artistic undertaking tied to his upcoming music tour and not a campaign violation. animal rights group peta asked the account name wool to change its name. the goal is to promote veganism and fight cruelty. city council members are calling request ridiculous but they will discuss it next month anyway and
3:32 am
peta is offering every household a vegan-friendly blanket if they agree to change the name. i don't know if they want that, but a beloved family dog missing for more than a year found more than 1,200 miles away from home. the pep from new york named sinatra of course turned up in a neighborhood near tampa, florida it's unclear how the huskie ended up so far from home. sinatra is expected to be re united with his owner today. i'm sure we'll bring you that video footage at some point on fox news and now we will toss to rick. rick where are you? rick: i'm outside. come here. what's going on with your family here? we are enjoying new york. >> [laughter] >> and we're a little nervous. rick: you're nervous? wait oh, no, now i feel really bad. >> a little shy. a little shy. rick: it's going to be all right we'll get you something to make up for what i just did to you i'm so sorry take a look at
3:33 am
the weather map and show you what's going on this morning it is cold across the plains and that's because we have the big storm brewing down across the southeast be very careful for some very thick fog this morning we'll see that also across parts of the ohio valley big storm moved across the mid atlantic and northeast overnight and now beginning to exit mostly just impacting maine for the remainder of the day, this is our big storm across the central plains, it's becoming quite powerful and very windy along with it, because of that we have blizzard warnings infect eeee twelvé bomboloni... wherever you see the red, that i just got my ancestrydna results: pink is winter storm warnings we'll see spots up to about a 74% italian. foot of snow kind of aligned and i found out from the kansas city to the that i'm from the big toe north of chicago so get ready of that sexy italian boot! for your first big snow event of the year. and i hope they will forgive me calabria. it even shows the migration path will he? >> yes, he will. from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! we love you. rick: thanks for coming guys back to you inside. so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! pete: thanks, rick appreciate it griff: a fox news alert european order your kit now at union agreeing on a deal with britain we're live with what happens next. pete: and from mini trees to
3:34 am
christmas pineapples we're deck ing the halls with the hottest christmas tree trends, so we're told, pineapple. rachel: pineapple? pete: maybe. rachel: [laughter] >> a lot going on on the southern border. >> ♪ santa claus is coming to we will bring in robert perez, acting deputy commissioner of customs and border protection, thank you for joining us. the president as we talked about town ♪ the united explorer card hooks me up. earlier tweeting out a new getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. tentative deal with the mexican government, asylum seekers will getting settled. rewarded. remain in mexico while waiting learn more at the explorer card dot com. for asylum claims as he threatened to completely shut down the southern border as a negotiating tactic or tool to use if necessary. what is the latest on how those potential policy changes affect the situation on the border? >> thanks for having me. goes without saying our counterparts in mexico and the nation of mexico have been a terrific and critically
3:35 am
important partner of ours, as we had customs and border protection, department of homeland security on the us side, every legal option we have, every tool in our toolbox to deal with the ongoing migration crises we have been dealing with for the better part of several years. our collaboration and work with mexico is a critical part of that so we will explore different ways we can explore the current construct available to us and work with our counterparts in mexico to not only do what is in the best interest of the safety and security of the united states but the citizens of mexico and migrants whose safety and security is ever present on our mind as well. >> i have been in contact with organizers of the caravan and they confirmed reports that they intend to march peacefully. we don't know how many but a
3:36 am
significant number are marching today in hopes to cross. how will you handle this? >> we have been preparing for several weeks ever since these large caravans formed through the northern triangle and marched through mexico. as you are probably aware we deployed several hundred additional officers, border patrol agents and now we have our partners at the department of defense with us along the border and at the port of entry so we expect it will be a peaceful demonstration but nevertheless we will remain prepared for any contingency. it is important to point out for your viewers and yourselves this caravan and this phenomenon and how it manifested itself is unique to anything we have seen
3:37 am
in the past. the size of the group of this caravan totaling 6000 that arrived making their way slowly toward tijuana and a couple several thousand in mexico making their way to the northern border of mexico along the us border, the violence that has been perpetuated across two griff: some quick headlines for you a criminal arrested for the 54th time, michael man is back behind bars, this time, on international borders is kidnapping charges, the ohio man something we have taken particular note of and we are prepared to deal with. is accused of holding a woman >> the american government has informants in the caravan to against her will for a $100 gain intelligence information about who they are or what is ransom last month. and this, a georgia woman whose going to happen. does that get you an idea what suing after spending three months in jail for having cotton to expect? how many do you expect to see candy. the lawsuit says the officers tested the bag found inside the when you say open these gates? womans car during a 2016 traffic what do you expect to happen? stop, turns out it was mistakenly flagged for meth and the woman was thrown in jail.
3:38 am
>> we continue to use every tool available to us to get is pete? pete: wow. okay, now to a fox news alert accurate information, working the united kingdom is one step closer, some say, to leaving the with mexican counterparts to know what it is migrants are eu. reign the european union currently planning in and around approving a brexit deal tijuana. overnight setting the terms of britain's march 2019 departure. we are prepared for any griff: ellison barber is in contingency. there is a legal means to washington with the latest. present yourself at the border, at ports of entry and that is good morning. reporter: good morning to you guys the british prime minister says this is the only option what we expect people to do. when it comes to a brexit deal anything else that might manifest itself we will be prepared to deal with. but already it's getting >> do you see this as a first pushback. this deal lays out the terms of the uk's european union departure and also takes into account the framework for the uk test to what will be more caravans? >> there are several others making their way up. /eu relationship moving forward and what's described as the common objective of a close it is important that we find future relationship. european council president donald tusk tweeted that the 27 solutions to the ongoing immigration crisis and immigration challenges we are facing at the border in the eu leaders meeting in brussels united states for the benefit of endorsed the agreement and our citizens and for those in european commission president told reporters the deal is a good one but the situation is mexico as well as the northern triangle countries where most of these folks are emanating from. tragic. >> it is possible and the
3:39 am
european union will not change >> thank you, it is going to be its fundamental position when it a busy day on the front lines. comes to this issue of the united kingdom. the european union is a moment >> a suspected illegal immigrant of deep silence. charged in a deadly hit and run reporter: british prime minister thanksgiving morning, without details at the time of the theresa may says parliament will crash. vote on the deal before christmas after a "crucial national debate." police arrested joel velasquez. >> somehow there is negotiations to be done, that's is back behind bars in texas. not the case. this is the deal. authorities say he hit and it's the result of what is being killed a sixth-grade teacher in el paso. tough a difficult negotiation this is the best possible deal a florida student started a it's the only possible deal. petition to give a classmate killed in the parkland school reporter: before the deal was agreed upon, may released a shooting the presidential medal of freedom. junior rotc cadet pete swain letter to the nation encouraged her people and the british parliament to support it but in held the door to let others the british parliament the escape the mass shooting, one of future of this deal is very far from certain, some brexit 17 people killed in the attack. supporters a number of brexit supporters say they don't think the petition has 5000 signatures this deal is nearly strong encouraging the president to give him the award. enough. >> we've signed up to i would like to add my name to the list. the first family getting ready withdrawal agreement that not only will cost us up to
3:40 am
for christmas. milania trump giving us a sneak peek of holiday decorations 60 billion pounds, not only will keep us tied to european union inside the white house, thanking volunteers for all their hard work. you'll rules but worst of all the president and first lady will see it tonight when they this deal keeps us tracked return home from thanksgiving in florida. inside the law making system. those are your headlines. reporter: they are set to leave >> tell me what i am facing. the eu by march 29. pete: thank you, ellison happy >> will i get home to dc? thanksgiving to you. rachel: from mini trees to christmas pineapples we're deck ing the halls with the >> that long-distance hottest christmas trends. potentially of problems and you will have some. griff: and we're going to find out which one of us can make the it is not about your problems best christmas ornament, that but my throat. coming up. pete: if you don't get a head this is where our problems are. start. >> ♪ ♪ a lot of problems across the southeast but look at this, blizzard warnings in effect across kansas, nebraska, iowa and missouri. if you are traveling on i 70 you have to watch for severe problems later, snow moves in chicago. you will season spots in the 12
3:41 am
to 15 inches of snow, causing big problems here. if you are trying to get home there will be problems. be careful in the southeast including florida. lots of fog if you're heading out on the roads. look at that. big storm across the northeast exiting. good luck. >> her own caravan going on. >> this is a reason from bill and hillary to celebrate, donations to the clinton foundation taking a huge dive. the reason? our next guest has an interesting take. kurt the cyber guy breaking down the best deals on upcoming cybermonday. >> i prefer cybermonday to black friday. >> get ready. we are going to save some money. it was here.
3:42 am
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3:45 am
>> good sunday morning. more of the neon over this way. quick headlines. pete: that looks like you griff. rachel: good. >> and i kicked it up a notch a animal rights group peta asking a town named wolf to change its little bit by spray painting name to vegan wolf. this one rose gold. city councilmembers are calling rachel: super cute. >> and putting the same rose the request ridiculous but we gold ornaments on that. will discuss what peta is rachel: let's look at the mini trees, that's my husband's little theme, plaid. offering every household if they agree to the change, a vegan >> so plaid is a holiday blanket. classic but a big trend so go a family dog missing for more big and bold with plaid so i've got these ornaments and this than a year found more than 1000 mini tree that i got at marshals miles from home. the pup from new york named and they have so many great options there and then, you want to go, you want to take a look sinatra showed up in a florida neighborhood. at the plaid tree there, we just it is unclear how the blue-eyed husky and it up so far from kind of went plaid. home. sinatra will be reunited with rachel: this might as well be a his owners today. campaign for my husband. if he can make it here you can he's got a theme with that he make it anywhere. will love that tree. >> donations to the clinton pete: these are pretty cool. you can throw these too. >> aren't they fun? foundation taking a huge dive. rachel: let's get into decorat >> hillary clinton still in ing because this is fun for the kids and pete is very running for the white house, competitive. contribution grants were pouring he's already starting. in, $62 million. pete: i've got a head start.
3:46 am
>> so what we're going to do is put 30 seconds on the clock and after she lost the election we're going to decorate some donations dropped by 40% to just over $26 million. ornaments so i've got shatter >> former presidential writer and founder and ceo, thanks for proof ornaments everybody has spray adhesive, glitter, being here. glue, you have all right, ready? set, go, start decorating. it was 62, swap the numbers and so we have all of the things it is 26. does that surprise you? here. griff: i messed it up already. >> we have a lot of glitter and >> not at all. when she was secretary of state this is fun to do with the kids the clinton foundation every and you can get stickers obviously you don't give them 30 seconds but really fun to do. really easy and then these are $254 million and the biggest question is not whether it was a vehicle for paid to play and great because they are the influence peddling. it is patently obvious to shatterproof kind this is really fun for kids. rachel: i love these little mats anybody with common sense and objectivity that it was. if you look at those numbers, 90% drop from secretary of state that you have. >> so i just got them i didn't want to ruin the table but i will say if you are using to now, it is clear those glitter and you get glitter on the table a trick is to actually previous donors decided if there get a lint roller and get the is no game to play why pay? lint roller to get the glitter the biggest question about the up. rick: all right, judges? clinton foundation is what do we judge us. >> i'm going to go with rick. do about it? do we believe in something?
3:47 am
do we believe everybody stands equal before rule of law and no one is too big to fail or are we rick: wow! >> i'm not really sure that you going to accept there might be a actually have these on. rick: see that? bifurcated legal system in which for some the law is a series of griff: hold on. suggestions. also where can you buy this, does it matter if it's stuck to your fingers? >> all of the craft supplies i actually got at michaels. myself included believe the pete: really? >> yes, they have a lot of clinton foundation is a huge charity fraud and people go to jail for charity fraud. recent example former republican stuff there. pete: i was going for the grinch congressman steve stockman got 10 years for charity fraud in the year ago former democratic griff: more fox & friends in a couple of minutes. congresswoman corrine brown got 5 years for charity fraud. >> let's talk about the emails that were deleted. hillary was determined, she hammers to them, do you believe there is something about the foundation she was trying to cover up? >> absolutely. i think the clinton foundation and the illegal private email server are intertwined. there's a reason she wanted to do that, 30,000 this emails, she
3:48 am
was using her position for personal gain. we have to be blunt about this, not only using it for personal gain but putting her family's interests, her personal interest before the country's interests, the interest of the taxpayers, whoooo. her interest before national did you know the exact same hotel room... security. >> it is finally catching up ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites with them, is doj doing to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! anything? >> there will be hearings in the house in december about this trying to get to the bottom of it. there has to be transparency, accountability. if we don't deal with this and say you cannot do this we are setting the tone for the future and if we let public servants get away with this the rule of law becomes a complete and total farce. >> all about access, so many foreign donations and all about that when all the access and power goes away, so do the dollars, thank you for your time this morning.
3:49 am
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griff: merry christmas. pete: thanks for joining us. rachel: it's a little better right? pete: thanks for joining us this weekend. rachel: leave the decorating to us. >> ♪ ♪ rachel: bye bye, everybody. trish: good morning, everyone, deal or no deal the incoming mexican government pushing back on reports that it has reached an agreement on asylum seekers with the u.s. as president trump reiterates his stance on enforcing legal immigration. the white house preparing for a high stakes summit with china's leaders and house republicans break out their subpoena power during their final weeks in the majority. high, everybody, good morning, i am trish regan in for my friend maria bartiromo this morning and this is sunday morning futures.
3:52 am
mexico's new l
3:53 am
>> this black friday more shoppers choosing to shop online rather than the mall, online sales rising 23%, sales so 4 to 7% in brick and mortar stores. >> kurt the cyberguy joins us to react. i would rather do it online in my house. >> we saw that. we don't the amount of money being spent at brooke and mortar because it has become more and more advantageous to use the online world. >> those door buster things, we have more on those. a lot of merchandise made for that isn't available normally. it is crappy stuff made just for the door busters and you don't want it for the quality. let's talk about cybermonday. this thing called black friday, started for the first time, stretching this out longer and longer.
3:54 am
cybermonday will be the last day of the big holiday sale coming up tomorrow and here is something that fallout in walmart and target, sony's play station bundle, bundles are what you are seeing deals on, $100 off from their $349 price down to $249.99. this is a really amazing game. you see creed playing inside the monitor. we found it at best buy, game stop, amazon and many retailers say limit one per customer so it is a deal that people once. we have a few gaming monitors right here, the 2402, i call it incredible for any gamer. it is different from the tv or computer monitor in that it can handle the action, the graphics
3:55 am
and articulates all around and push them up and down and you can spend it but it is perfect for any gamer to immerse themselves inside. but let me tell you, this is normally $269.99 and we found that office depot and best buy for $19.99. press the center button and say something on the relay walkie-talkie. they work. these go anywhere. >> also has a translator thing so i can say something in spanish and it will translated into english which for kids who are always having to do that. >> yours is set to translate. >> if you set it to translate. >> let's try this.
3:56 am
>> police navidad. >> these right now -- just did it. these are normally my the $9 and great for kids, trying to track down kids in the neighborhood. it is fantastic, normally $99, down 49 and tomorrow, 50% off of 49. >> the watch? >> a lot of apple products are 50, 100, $200 off from watches to ipads, this is the first time apple has stretched their sale from one day. >> still ahead nigel farage.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> a lot of eyes on the southern border. >> donald trump says he will not allow asylum-seekers into the united states while their cases are heard. >> this caravan is unique. we will remain prepared for any contingency. >> it is our country. it does not belong to be blunt foreign soil and you don't get to come here and make demand. >> congress bracing for another shutdown show than with 10 working days left to strike a deal to keep the lights on in washington.
4:01 am
>> they want to create issues at the american people agree with donald trump, let the house vote on it, >> thousands of protesters hit the streets in paris, emmanuel macron plans to raise the tax on fuel, two killed, hundreds injured. >> looking that way. got it! the aggies when the game of the year! ♪ ♪ >> if you are not awake you are awake now. your tv is on and that song comes on. >> we are going to wake you up
4:02 am
with some news, time forest of cup of coffee. we've been in contact with organizers of the caravan. a large group of them, 6000 according to officials on the tijuana san diego portion of the border. caravan organizers tell us they intend, we don't know how many, intend to march to the port of entry and peacefully cross. it will be a first test of the administration's stand, not peacefully but illegally attempt to cross. i was there when this information came this morning, griff was on that and inside that caravan longer than a week, in touch with leaders of the caravan saying this is the morning, we will demand they open the gate. confirmed reports that the showdown could happen today. >> the president tweeting migrants at the southern border will not be allowed to enter the united states until their claims are individually approved in court. we will only allow those who
4:03 am
come into the country legally. other than that our policy is to catch and detain, no releasing into the us. all will stay in mexico. if for any reason it becomes necessary we will close the southern border. there is no way the united states will, after decades of abuse put up with this costly and dangerous situation. the president striking a deal with the mexican government saying we will deal with the asylum-seekers by keeping them in mexico waiting for their court date and if they are granted asylum they can come into the country. that is the end to the catch and release program which before said you could come into the country, seek asylum, our courts are jampacked full, we will you go away and tell you when to come back sometimes years later. almost none of them come back. >> 300,000 asylum claims are backlogged. if they remain under the new
4:04 am
deal these migrants have to wait two or five years to have their process claimed and the first test today, we are not going to wait, we will come illegally and i will tell you the officials we talked with, robert perez earlier said this caravan is unlike any he has ever seen. >> this caravan and this phenomenon and how it manifested itself is unique to anything we had seen in the past. the mere size of this caravan of the violence perpetuated across two international borders and throughout the country of mexico is something we have taken note of and we are prepared to deal with if it were to occur. >> the new deal struck yesterday the president announced called remain in mexico. they stay as their claim is processed. mexico disputing that,
4:05 am
reluctantly coming to agreement as a result of presidential pressure. i will shut the border down completely not just illegals or migrants but trade if you don't take this seriously. i am sending troops to the border if you don't take this seriously. you have to give us something at mexico said we will keep folks in mexico for now as their claims are processed. the question is where those incentives go, to incentivize people to come across illegally, enough to deal with that and what to do with this migrant caravan that will come through this port of entry? shield and riot gear? how are they met, how are they handled? >> a great question but not just pressure from donald trump with her to shut down the border or troops on the border in case they come across but mexico is facing pressure on both sides, saying don't come into donald trump, with the american government says, there's a lot of mexicans, we saw yesterday
4:06 am
and throughout the week a lot of mexican saying this isn't good for us to have an endless wave of caravans as you saw, put a strain on the towns they move through so there's a lot of complicated issues on the mexican side. interesting they have come to this agreement. >> talk about incentives. it also incentivized alyssa milano and the hollywood crowd. she says some friends and i are trying to raise $100,000 to help some people in the fight of their lives seeking asylum on the southern border. would you be willing to give? to help out. activist to used to be an actress wants you to help the caravan. if you want to you can give your money anyway you want but is alyssa milano going to welcome migrants into her home? will she help them through the process? can they bring their whole
4:07 am
family? what if one breaks the law? will she provide a sanctuary for them? how far will she go with her personal beliefs beyond giving 5 bucks? she can do what she wants but they don't go the next level to apply to themselves or way that would affect them. >> a lot of people in need in our own country as well. let's make sure our charity extent to them as well. dan bond gino says this about the migrant caravan. >> is the deal. it is our country. it belongs to the citizens of the united states. we work here, we pay the taxes here. our kids come a parents, brothers, sisters shed blood including two members of my own family. it is our country. it does not belong to people on foreign soil and you don't get to come here and make demands. we have a legal immigration process. if you want to come here and enter our fabric that is fine, we welcome you with open arms but you got to follow the law. >> a lot of reporting on the caravan you heard yourself,
4:08 am
migrants saying it is a waste of time to apply for asylum. i will enter illegally and take my chances. that is why we have seen arrests at the highest level we have seen. the lie hasn't been settled, they are trying to do that. >> so many people are leaving their countries because there is no rule of law in those countries. we need to keep that in mind. >> yesterday in yuma, arizona, cvp a agents solved it by some migrants on the border, the story is important, this story matters. i am going to go back to tijuana and get reporting in there because it will play out but that's not the only story that will play out. >> i want to give you a hat tip. some of the leaders didn't once to talk to you because you were
4:09 am
from fox news. they saw his reporting which was fair and evenhanded and eventually walked up to you and said we will talk to you because other people aren't covering this fairly. when griff says he knows what he's talking about. >> doesn't matter. >> the border wall isn't the only issue. we can have a government shutdown. i could be in tijuana. the government could shut down because the president is holding a firm line but it is not the only issue, former trump campaign pollster, he lays out all those issues and it includes the mueller investigation. you have foreign aid among other things. john maclachlan saying this issue is being created for 2020. listen. >> federal cut starting the 2020
4:10 am
president race because the run should be against nancy pelosi and the democrats, democrats teeing up the president creating issues. we should have strong contests, american people agree with donald trump, let the senate vote on it. >> it will be interesting to see what nancy pelosi and the democrats put forth as a solution. >> can she resist the resistors? so much energy for two years has been trump hating investigations, impeachment, there is a loud voice and she tried to walk the crowd and become speaker and deal with it, that is something to watch. stand up for what you believe in. that is why the border showdown is important for donald trump. will you shut it down to get the wall everyone believes needs to be built? >> it is up to the senate. we are going to turn to your headlines. extreme weather, storm system could disrupt travel plans for
4:11 am
millions of people on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the winter storm off the rockies threatening to dump a foot of snow in parts of the midwest. colorado covered in snow. on the east coast heavy rain prompting flood warnings in baltimore. more rain can impact travel in several northeastern cities, it is helping firefighters in california after raging wildfires devastated the state. the camp fire in the northern part of the state is 98% contained. the fire killed 85 people with 475 still missing. firefighters expect to have the camp fire contained by tuesday. donald trump is back on the campaign trail. tomorrow he is holding two make america great again rallies in mississippi ahead of the state senate runoff elections dumping for republican incumbent senator cindy hyde smith.
4:12 am
neither she nor her democrat opponent mike espy secured 50% of the vote. chicago bears, legendary coach mike ditka is doing better after suffering a second heart attack. 's agent said he got a pacemaker and is improving. the 79-year-old hall of famer has a history of health problems. he severed his first heard it heart attack while coaching in 1988. >> the best to mister ditka and the bears. fox news alert, the european union just approved a] deal with britain. nigel farage calls this new deal the worst in history. >> democrats set to take over the house in the new york, david webb says now is the time for republicans to play defense. he is here, literally right here to explain coming up next.
4:13 am
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>> welcome back as democrats prepared to take the house, time for republicans today defense to keep their hard work over the past two years going to waste. here to break down what republicans are facing, fox news contributor david webb joins us. i want to talk about fox nation. democrats are about to take the reins. >> republicans downplay the loss in the house and i get that, that is the politics of it but they shouldn't downplay what the democrats have done. this is a power grab. how do democrats win in 2020?
4:17 am
you deconstruct, defund, stall, destroy the republican successes so you can sell that they failed to your base and to do this they promise to do a number of things, deconstruct ice and defund dhs and ice together for their operational budgets. they can make it tough to get funding, reduce their ability and resources to do the job they need to do. that is one example, go after healthcare. they have to because the republicans didn't do enough, but failed to do as much as they could to solidify fixing the big problems of the aca. more people getting real healthcare and all the democrats gave you was a health insurance card. they will sell that back. they will find a way to deconstruct the program and what is bad is they claim they are
4:18 am
for the underserved. sba has been doing a great job. vision centers under doctor carson, linda mcmahon turning sba into active hard work with fema not just disaster recovery but communal recovery and in small business the number of small businesses that have been started, funding streams. this means people they want to appeal to are seeing a better way of life. how do you turn that around? you literally do your best to make sure it doesn't keep going. the epa, regulation, regulatory reform, they are regulation nation. >> what we saw in the midterms a shift to the far left, alexandria ocasio-cortez talking about defunding ice, you think they will govern to the far left. what the republicans do? get out of the way? >> prevent defense. they have got to do as much as they can to solidify the funding
4:19 am
for these programs that have been laid out and been successful, make sure they put more things in, get some things past, get a couple bills that are good, they've done good things like hr 6 but there are elements that have been torn apart if they get through these committees when committee chairs take over and start the investigations to distract you while they deconstruct. this is a strategy. >> jerry nadler takes over the house judiciary committee and starts all sorts of hearings you are going to talk about them on a show called reality check on the unbelievably exciting new fox nation. >> i did reality check many years ago and brought it back. this is all about the key issues. we do the breaking news, we cover it but issues don't always
4:20 am
get resolved in congress, that does govern our lives. that is my lead. i will do some exciting things, music and entertainment, private performances, greats like dave mason, sam moore, new artists and legends, great stories, we talked about great stories, history by those who wrote it. i will bring those profiles back and we will of correcting the news. weekly, twice weekly i will take news stories and narratives and issues and i don't care what side you are on, how you could have done it better and done it right because the american people deserve that. >> there is still time. if you want to become a fox nation founder you can go to thanks for joining us. fox news alert. the european union approving the brexit deal with britain, nigel farage calls this new deal the worst in history, he joins us live.
4:21 am
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>> holiday shopping edition, record-breaking black friday with an estimated $23 billion in sales up 9% compared to last year. $6 billion came from online sales according to adobe analytics, up 23%. finally 5% is how much mastercard sales will increase from november 1st to christmas eve.
4:25 am
great news for american retailers. >> fox news alert, the uk one step closer to leaving the eu. european union leaders signing off on britain's brexit deal in brussels sitting there terms for an accident march. nigel farage calls at the worst deal in history. he joins us from brussels. thank you very much. the worst deal? >> shocking. we signed up as we agreed with other european leaders and it is always a sign when the unelected bureaucrats in brussels are happy, something must be wrong. we find out we signed up to withdraw agreement, not only will cost 60 billion pounds, not only will keep us tied to european rules yet have no say how future ones are made but
4:26 am
worst of all this deal keeps us trapped inside the eu's lawmaking system and the only way we can leave in the future as if they agreed to it. the british prime minister has put us into a prison and said to the warders what we want to leave, you will let us go won't you? it is from every angle the worst deal in history, stops us reaching out of the world, prevents us from having a deeper trade deal with the united states which i was keen on and i have my fingers crossed the british parliament rejects it and i can promise you when it comes to the european parliament i will vote against it. >> took 30 minutes to agree to it and they had everything they wanted and not a lot of brexit in it. what is teresa may's next move as parliament has to approve it? she inherited this, never been a
4:27 am
big fan of brexit? is there an alternative to the deal you call so terrible? >> it is remarkable that we finished with conservative prime minister to who voted to remain. she's trying to keep everybody happy and you can't do that. a fork in the road in life, you have to take it and make the best of it. she hasn't done it. it is what i call remain as brexit. on the path we will leave the treaty in march of next year so technically left the european union but in reality we will because -- stuck with it laws, paying for many of its bills and in return for this she has a political declaration for the future saying the eu may agreed to discuss open borders with us in years to come. she has written an open letter to the nation where she claims
4:28 am
to be taking back control of our lives when in reality she isn't. it is a horrible thing but increasing numbers of british people are saying she is not telling the truth. >> tell us what is going on in france, there are violent protests, what are people angry about? is it more than fuel prices? how might it affect the eu in general? >> remember a manual macron was voted in, the golden boy of the european union of the globalists movement, he was proof that brexit and trump were short-term aberrations, everything was going to return to normal. he was the prince charming of the european globalist project, specifically what sparked this off is a massive ride in france. if you live in paris or big city, you probably don't need a car because it is a pain having one. you can get around by public transport by taxes but if you
4:29 am
live in a rural france, have to get the kids to school or going shopping you can't survive without a car so the protest yesterday was about green taxes, if you live in the countryside, it has changed and morphed into something bigger than that. effectively the riots we saw yesterday are increasing voting no confidence in the manual macron. he's pushing for france to be the united states of europe with a european army and the rest of it and the french people ultimately don't like that. his popularity ratings are sinking. the last figure i saw they were below 20% so he is in real trouble. >> fuel prices, diesel is up 23%, macron saying there's a crisis, he was saying they see my face when they fill up at the gas station. does he deserve the blame for
4:30 am
what we are watching over there? >> yes. he willfully deliberately put fuel taxes up. he has done it because he wants to completely abolish all petrol and diesel engines within france in in the next few years. it is all well and good at a smart dinner party to be very green, but in practical terms it impacts people. >> every globally with climate change, in us dollars $.30 per gallon tax which hits the people, forgotten men and women of france who are fed up with it. >> exactly the same with america. whatever the climate change is in america it is noticeable on the east and west coast, people are very concerned about it, huge action needs to be taken but in flyover states people take a different view and i would suggest in many ways france and america are more
4:31 am
alike in that sense than anyone thought. >> spoken like a brit. appreciate your time. >> iran urging muslims to unite against the us while calling israel a cancerous growth. is that a new call for war? the response of drawing this morning. >> michelle mauk and, who was going to say that? andrew mccarthy here live coming up. >> i just wanted to say that. me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done, it looks so good you post a picture on social media. and it gets 127 likes. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ remember me ♪ remember me ♪ >> i like this. a great song. someone else who makes beautiful music, mike huckabee, author of the new book rare, medium or done well, making the most of your life. first i heard of that. we went to get your thoughts. we knew we might have some -- >> the question today, what we are going to talk about is the caravan.
4:36 am
he understands the immigration situation affects other states than just border states. when we see the news, they released a small if not large group of this caravan, will try to peacefully cross illegally, forcibly test the administration which the president tweeting he will do everything he can, calling for a bipartisan solution coming to a head. and we want to get insight from mike huckabee on this. >> before donald trump i don't think the american people understood how the asylum process worked. we what people come in and say they were seeking asylum and just release them into the general population and ask them to please come back for a court
4:37 am
hearing and 90% don't come back and i don't think people knew that. >> we report on potential change in this policy, there is increased cooperation between the incoming mexican government which has been more favorable toward migrants. interesting to hear behind-the-scenes talk going on. it would be a win for this president should be a remain in mexico policy where they stay there. >> the incoming president is a left-leaning politician, very pro-immigrant politician. written to be indicating cooperation with the trump administration shows this is an unavoidable situation if not crisis. >> it is not a cut and dried black-and-white issue, his pro-immigration stand is a
4:38 am
leftist populist politician. is concerned about the threat of huge economic implications, the president moved troops over and you have mexican citizens saying this is a big drain on our resources as the caravans move through any idea this could be an endless wave of caravans if we don't take action. >> we will try to get mike huckabee back on the line. so many angles to consider, national level, state level, troops at the border. what will the border patrol agents actually do? folks today try to head from san diego. a lot of moving parts on this story we will continues to try to bring to you. >> and we will give you other headlines. the leader of iran calling on muslims to unite against the united states. president rouhani made the comments during a conference in
4:39 am
tehran. benjamin netanyahu blaming him for calling israel cancerous, asking world leaders to step up sanctions against iran. a grown man seeking asylum. british school into thinking he is a 15-year-old kid. the man believed to be iranian pretended to be a high school student. parents say administrators dismissed their concerns and called them racist. the man could face deportation. he doesn't look like he should be in high school. people can start carrying guns without a permit. republicans expect legislation to pass under the new conservative governor elect, the campaign endorsing constitutional carry law that could get rid of permits. right now it is a misdemeanor in south dakota for people to carry them or have them in a vehicle without a permit. the team behind the iconic
4:40 am
scream mask is suing pete rose of the boston celtics, nicknamed scary terry, facing a lawsuit for copyright infringement. 's company says he sold hundreds of sweatshirts and t-shirts that feature the mask from the 1996 or a movie. the maskmaker want him to hand over his profits and those are your headlines. now a lot of whether headlines that affect both me and griff. >> and a lot of other people. if rachel and griff -- let's talk about this. see if that impact you. temperatures warming across the eastern seaboard after brutally cold thanksgiving. across the northern plains we
4:41 am
have a big storm and across the southeast it doesn't look like much on satellite radar. there's a lot of low-level fog, reduced to below a quarter-mile in many spots across carolinas, georgia, alabama, florida. be very careful. big storm bringing a lot of rain, that is beginning to exit, the last little bit around portland, maine, cape cod, snow across northern maine. this big storm will impact many people, and picking up around a foot of snow, the wind, blizzard warnings, dark red and winter storm warnings toward chicago. 6 to 12 inches and that means trouble all over.
4:42 am
>> you are america's weatherman. rob: thousands of catholics standing by the migrants in the caravan. father jonathan morris will weigh in on that. michelle nelkin and andrew mccarthy are here live coming up. ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
texting stresses them out daily, the messaging etiquette report says it is a problem for 58% of millennials, baby boomers say it is not an issue. >> 3000 catholics and other people of faith sign a pledge to express solidarity with those in the caravan seeking asylum in the united states. >> the executive director said we feel it is our moral duty to will command respect asylum-seekers in the migrant caravan or seek a safe place to live and raise their kids. to turn away at the border would be inhumane. this is one side of a catholic view of the migrant caravan. where do you fall? >> it is more nuanced and this is a statement like that that we just read doesn't do justice to the perpetual moral and ethical principle out there.
4:47 am
there is a natural human rights immigrate, to leave one's country. if i want to leave the united states i have the human right to be able to do that but i don't have a human rights, not human rights immigrate wherever i want to. that is the responsibility of the sovereign state, to make sure immigration levels are safe and sustainable. that is on the human natural level. and to make sure we're taking care of those most in need, fleeing from danger. the government's responsibility to determine how to balance those principles, make sure there is safety and sustainable levels of immigration and to welcome those truly in need. no administration either party in recent history has been able to do it. my hope is because donald trump
4:48 am
is so out-of-the-box in so many things perhaps if reelected in his second term, that he does something radical. neither party has done sufficiently in this serious crisis we are in. >> i believe there's a role for the church to play in mexico and wherever they are, people in need, some people are very poor and need help and i'm glad the catholic church is doing it and we should look with compassion but this journey from central america is often done by children and a incentivized that and many have been assaulted and hurt. isn't that another thing to think about? >> that is why there is a grave responsibility to figure it out, we need to take care of our neighbor fleeing from danger and a responsibility to protect our
4:49 am
current neighbors from people coming to inflict danger. how do you figure that out? it is not easy. the system we are living in is very bad. i live in a very in the bronx, most people are recent immigrants, many of them illegal but illegal immigrants are living a terrible situation in the united states. there fleeing from something worse and that is why we are here but the system we are using right now is very hypocritical, you're not allowed to come in but we have a porous border and let you come in but you will come in illegally, so you have to live in the shadow. that is not good for the united states of america and not good for illegal immigrants. major change needs to happen and we need serious moral leadership to do it. >> things are coming to a head. >> 2020 will be a flash point. >> sometimes on the show i just sit and listen.
4:50 am
there's a lot of wisdom in your words, you can believe in the rule of law and strong immigration policy but asylum is something we want people to attempt to do but not exploit the system with false asylum claims. >> we need serious philosophical, ethical, moral thought given to this, not just a question of steel the border and then figure it out, not that easy. we have 11 million people living here right now illegally. >> if you worry about that, you never fix the problem so it has to be give and take. >> it is never -- >> there have to be serious consequences. who is going to do it? that is the question. >> sorry i couldn't get you mad. >> you tried really hard. coming up, michelle nelkin, general anthony tata. >> the toys you will want to add to your shopping list, stay with
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>> christmas is right on the corner and never too early to start shopping for the perfect gift. >> the hottest toys for the holidays, nice to have you here. >> your son and daughter here as well and we have toys. >> we will cover a little bit of everything. we have role-play, the coolest ride on toy. i love that they are here. this is a great add-on. it goes 6 mph.
4:55 am
parents will like this because of the price tag, $150, rechargeable and look at the size of this. >> doesn't take up all that room in the garage. >> leaning back and forth. >> kid tested. >> this is a sweet gift. oliver the ornament. a story about oliver who really embodies christmas but has hard times but he gets past them and saves the day. with the gifts, you get all over the ornament and space for you and your family to write down your ornaments. there's a lot more to this series with this adorable ornament. >> that is very sweet and i love it. >> they know who they are. these are rough and tumble but you squeeze them and they make
4:56 am
interactive sounds and noises. this is from an avenue nominated -- they don't talk, just make a sound when you get them together. they interact. >> things that do make sound. >> when in rome. amazon alexa is the start of this game. it is the travel game. ready to play when in rome, take you to 20 cities across the world, actually tell you about music, food, culture. >> welcome to nairobi. here's andy with a question about food and drink. >> it is affordable, $29.99. they will also remember the questions. >> does alexa break up the fight? >> because she's keeping score, maybe.
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ applebee's bigger bolder
5:00 am
grill combos are back. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. ♪ >> a lot of eyes on the southern border this morning. >> the president tweeting about this saying migrants at it southern border will not be allowed to enter into the united states until their claims are individually approved in court. >> this caravan and this phenomenon and how it's manifested itself is absolutely unique. >> we will remain prepared for any contingency that might present itself. >> it's our country. this does not belong to people on foreign soil, and you don't get to come here and make demands french president emmanuel macron admits his family is facing a moral crisis amid violent protests over rising fuel taxes.
5:01 am
>> the riot that we saw yesterday are an increasing vote of no confidence in emmanuel macron. he's in real trouble. >> seventh overtime. i'm looking that way. got it! the aggies win the game of the year! ♪ griff: how can you not feel good good? christmas is upon us, putting decorations up there, rachel is wearing christmas red. you're still stuck, pete, with thanksgiving with your thai. you'll come around. rachel: still in the after thanksgiving glow, still eating his leftovers. pete: still leftovers, great football yesterday. there was a football score 74-72 texas a&m and lsu. the wisconsin badgers were beat. a lot of great football today,
5:02 am
my vikings take on the packers on sunday night football. it's all the thanksgiving glow. monday will be christmastime. griff: monday will bring a lot of news. as we have been pointing out all morning long and we have confirmed the caravan and the tijuana thing at the border will amass in just a few hours an attempt to peacefully, illegally cross at the port of entry there there. the administration, the president clearly making a point that he's going to bring everything in terms of resource and rhetoric to stop this sort of behavior. it will be a first test. the president tweeting this yesterday: "migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the united states until their claims are individually approved in court. we only will allow those who come into our country legally. other than that our very strong policy is catch and detain. no releasing into the u.s. all will stay in mexico. if for any reason it becomes necessary, we will close our southern border. there is no way that the united states will, after decades of
5:03 am
abuse, put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore, and after i spend time with you today i will go back there and continue to bring you this stor. rachel: that's right. there's a group called pueblas sin fronteras. they are carrying signs they say they won't be violent but they are asking to open the gates. they very much believe they should be allowed in. the president saying she has not an arrangement, wants the asylum seekers to wait on the mexican side of the border and wait for their court date. what people may not know that is now coming to light now that donald trump is coming into office is that we have a catch-and-release policy in this country where we allow asylum seekers to come on our side of the border but our courts are overflowing and backlogged. we say, listen. i know you're here, we got your asylum claim, we're going to look at it, will you come back
5:04 am
in a few hours for your court date which of course people never do. pete: this new potential arrangement is not a deal that's been formally struck. it might be a win-win if the u.s. can increase the number of asylum requests, which it does per day up to 200 to 300. in exchange the mexican government could agree to keep the migrants in mexico during the process. the process goes faster for those who did it legally and at the same time we don't have the catch-and-release problem here. griff, you've reported all morning. it could be as early as this morning that a group goes from that soccer stadium in tijuana, some of the organizers have said they may do that. they say it's going to be peaceful. it's still illegal. the question is, could it turn violent, how many would there be and what's sort of the feel and how would the border patrol and military there deal with it? i'm sure they have standard operating procedures at this point. rachel: they said they'd be preparing. we've had people on the border patrol today. griff: deputy commissioner pere. rachel: they've been propping this. griff: this is the first test. they will say, listen, we're not
5:05 am
going to wait in line for asylum asylum. we're not going to play by your rules. we're coming, and we're coming now. we'll find out what happens. to your point, pete, it is interesting, too, as a cooperation between the administration and the incoming mexican government is really significant because the incoming president lopez obrador is a left leaning politician and he's very pro-immigrant but yet he's certainly at least acknowledging in his possible cooperation that this is a big deal in both sides of the border have skin in the game. pete: it's something they've looked away from for a long time and seen as america's problem and this president has put it on the agenda for them to address it one way or another. and one way or another, something's likely going to happen today in that showdown. we had robert perez. he's the border patrol acting commissioner on the program earlier. he's right in the middle of this this. he talked about the nature of this caravan. listen. >> this caravan and this phenomenon and how it's manifested itself is absolutely unique to anything that we had
5:06 am
seen in the past. the mere size of the group of this caravan and the violence that has been perpetrated across two international borders and throughout the country of mexico is something that we have taken particular note of and that we are absolutely prepared to deal with if it were to occur. rachel: and i think that's really the answer to the question, why now? he's saying these caravans are -- this caravan is unlike no other, that they're seeing more violence, they're seeing more problems with it and they're also seeing that there's an endless weight of this. it's not just america's problem anymore. this is now mexico's problems. and the incoming mexican president, yes, he ran on a pro- pro-immigrant stance -- pete: pro-migrant. rachel: pro migrant, yes. he's still a populist, and you're seeing for the first time mexican citizens protesting in their to.ns pete: they want sovereignty, to. rachel: we want sovereignty too. this is a strain on our resources, we don't know how to
5:07 am
care for them, this is now becoming -- and i think this might be really what donald trump has brought to this -- that nobody else has done before before. he's making this mexico's problem, too. pete: that's right. rachel: and that's forcing a solution. pete: and the beeves violence on two international borders so far from this migrant caravan, why would we believe we'll see anything different? to your point, griff, it was a great one, the first time, the first moment will set the tone for future caravans today -- stay glued to fox news channel because i'm sure we'll be covering if that caravan makes it to the border we'll be there. griff: one last thing to watch for, the tijuana mayor said he doesn't want them there. we'll see how he reacts. i've got to get into some other problems happening in pete: that's right. griff: we are seeing protests all across paris, just unbelieving scenes because of a rise of 23% increase in diesel fuel. began a sort of a green initiative, turned into, really, a situation between the voters
5:08 am
and the population there and the elite. rachel: and macron responding to the protests saying quote, "it's a little bit unfair, they see my face when they fill up the gas pump. there is a moral crisis in society. the rift is in the ambient demagogy. i don't want to hear it in demagogic fashion." he's thinking this is just about the prices of the oil, but nigel farage is saying, no, this is a greater crisis. this is the rural parts of france, the nonelites saying they're tired of being told what to do and having the will of the elites in the country imposed on them. pete: yeah. nigel farage who knows a lot about this part of the world was on our program earlier. >> nigel farage was voted in, he was the golden boy of the european union and the globalist movement. he was proof that brexit and trump, short term aberrations, everything was going to return to normal. the riots that we saw yesterday are an increasing vote of no
5:09 am
confidence in nigel farage. -- of emmanuel macron. he is pushing headlong for france to be in the united states of europe with a european army and the french people ultimately don't like that. pete: macron like all the elites is obsessed with climate change and reducing france's climate footprint. so a gas tax, in u.s. terms, a 30 cent tax per gallon. they do see his face at the gas pump, and that's why 70% of french citizens at this point, according to some polls, don't have any confidence in emmanuel macron. globalism doesn't work that well on your discreet corner if everything's more expensive and you've got unchecked, unfettered migration in your country as well he's got a real problem on his hands. rachel: it's interesting. there's a lot of parallels between our country and what's happening in france because there's a rural-urban divide. nigel also talked about if you're in europe it's kind of a
5:10 am
pain to have a car so they don't really care as much about his about it oil prices as the rural people do because they actually need their cars to get around. they're feeling the price increase at a level that the urban and elites are not. griff: it's interesting, too, that he talks about, you know, this situation in paris shows no signs of abating any time soon and he says, you know, there was a time when guys like macron said, oh, it will pass, this will be over soon, just going to weather it. not so. pete: and reality is hitting home in the u.k. as well. he talked about brexit. the eu approved a halfway non nonbrexit measure that theresa may is trying to pass. her own party is rejecting it, the people are rejecting it, the people -- turns out when they vote for something they actually want it to happen and sometimes they vote in somebody like emmanuel macron and they realize what they're getting and say, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's not what we signed up for. rachel: protests in tijuana and the u.k. and in france. all right. well, we're going to
5:11 am
get to some other news right now now. we're going to turn to some headlines. the migrant caravan is already sparking violence in the u.s. border patrol. reagents that a honduran man through rocks and evaded arrest by climbing a try and start a fire. the man was eventually arrested and the fire put out. a fox news alert. the united kingdom is one step closer to leaving the eu. the european union has just approved a brexit deal. the agreement sets the terms of britain's march 2019 departure. prime minister theresa may and e.u. leaders say this is the only deal possible. the u.k. parliament is expected to vote on it before christmas. live reporter later this hour. and turning to extreme weather, storms systems could disrupt travel plans for millions of people on one of the busiest travel days of the year. a winter storm off the rockies
5:12 am
is threatening to dump up to a foot of snow in parts of the midwest. colorado's already covered in snow and it's causing several accidents. on the east coast, heavy rain prompted flood warnings in baltimore. more rain today could impact travel through several northeastern cities. next, the first family is getting in the holiday spirit. the president and our first lady will light the national christmas tree on wednesday. this is the 96th year for the annual tradition. it first started with president calvin coolidge in 1923. those are always pretty visuals of a tree getting lit in our capital. griff: still ahead, president trump threatening to completely close the border as thousands of migrants try to cross into the u.s. a former i.c.e. supervisor and border patrol agent says it may be the only solution. he joins us next. pete: plus remember this iconic christmas scene. pete: ooh, doo, doo.
5:13 am
♪ hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! pete: we are going to introduce you on this program to a real life clark griswold. that's a house who won his own war on christmas. you'll hear the story coming up.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
griff: welcome back. in just a few hours from now that caravan planning to pass through the san ysidro border crossing as president trump says no one will be allowed entry until asylum claims are approved approved. former i.c.e. supervisor and border patrol agent, he joins us now to react. jason, thank you for your
5:17 am
service. you've heard this news. it's going to be a first test of this migrant cavern trying to come across illegally at that port. what do you make of this? >> i think it's going to be a mess. i mean, that's one of the busiest land ports we have in the world. and it's also going to disrupt commercial and legitimate pedestrian traffic as well. griff: jason, it's hard to imagine what else the trump administration could do from manpower to the asylum claims to literally sending the clearest message you can. but do you believe that there is more to be done to solve what is clearly, according to cbp officials, an unprecedented caravan? >> yes. there has to be something done. now, i mentioned we should have a court port where we have asylum judges and officers at that. but democrat not san ysidro. that's the busiest port. we could move it to san diego,
5:18 am
which is a very rural area. griff: this morning we mentioned there is possible cooperation between president trump and the incoming mexican president, lopez obrador who is a pro- pro-migrant candidate, but there is increased cooperation in exchange for mexican officials keeping those migrants in mexico mexico. do you believe that is significant, and do you think that will help? >> that is absolutely significant. we have to have cooperation with mexico. we also have ten consulate offices we could work with mexico in to process those claims down away from the border as well. griff: jason, when we look at this caravan, there are others behind it. i spent some time in this original one. many more have come. the officials say there's some 6,000 possible plus people just in tijuana now. do you believe that how this is handled now, this weekend and the coming days, will be a sign
5:19 am
as to how the rest of the caravans in these central american companies will behave? >> yes definitely. if you look back in the 1990s there was an influx of hundreds and hundreds of aliens running up the freeways in san diego, and the government instigated operation gatekeeper to stop this traffic. now we need to stop this traffic before it gets to the united states, i.e., work with mexico. griff: and you having been a border patrol agent and an i.c.e. agent one of the parts of this story that gets left out, we had this story last night in yuma, arizona, agents coming under assault. are you concerned that this is going to heighten the assaults on our own anesthetics. >> absolutely. right now the caravan is filled with migrants, from what we believe. now, if you introduce other bad actors there, there's definitely going to be violence at the border. griff: a troubling forecast. jason bigelow. thank you for your service.
5:20 am
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♪ rachel: some quick headlines. the coast guard is investigating after a ferry crashed into a san francisco ferry terminal. watch this. [crowd saying "oh!"
5:24 am
"oh!"] rachel: the captain says there was a technical failure. two people had minor injuries. and russia wants to rocket to the moon to investigate the u.s. landing in 1969. the head of the russian space agency appeared to be joking when suggesting it but conspiracy theorists, nasa's moon mission are common in that country. the soviet union abandon its lunar program in the seventies after four experimental moon rockets exploded. steve? pete: when post concussion syndrome forced our next guest to retire from football in 1994 research on football related head injuries was not a priority priority. now in a new book merrill hodge argues the actual science to justify here to explain former football player and author of the new book "brainwashed: the bad science between c.t.e. and the plot to destroy football." welcome. >> it's my pete: you know a lot about being
5:25 am
on the field and c.t.e. as well. this book cuts across the brain that everyone assumes footballs got a concussion program. >> yes this is the reason. i've played for a long time, coached for a long time, but i'm coming from really a dad's perspective. and there's a difference between you know, protocols and treatments versus the c.t.e. pattern that you're hearing about, and that's one thing we've got to clear up right away away. c.t.e. is a real thing and i have been across this country into canada and asked that question, what is it? and every trainer, pathologist, they look at me and they're like "it's a pattern. we don't know what causes it and we don't know what it causes." so when i hear that, i'm like how can the great minds in this world say we're in an observation state, it's a pattern, but we don't know what causes it, but in the media, i will guarantee you you walk around and people have heard that word, what are they saying? pete: myself included. >> they think -- pete: concussions, football. >> yes. that's why you've got people who
5:26 am
have the pattern of c.t.e. who have played sports and in spaces never played sports, never been part of the sports, never had concussion, never had the traum. pete: someone's ignoring the science, you're saying? >> they're ignoring all of the science and how they're representing the science is the real problem. i've seen the headlines. i go to experts and say "listen. when i see the headline, i see, a, how come -- when i read it it says a, what does the science paper say." that's why i really wrote the book is i took all of the science papers, i had them explain what the science really says versus what we see in the headlines. and it was amazing the contradiction. when you read the science papers once you understood them, and then what we see in the media. and i thought it was -- i come to this from a parent's perspective is if i'm a parent and i watch a headline i can run around your hair on fire, scared to death for your kids. but then when i read what the science really said, i thought really it's important that parents had that information, you know, even former players or current players, it'd be nice to
5:27 am
know the truth of the science on then i could be more empowered with the information. pete: that's exactly right. you've got a lot of parents out there that want their kids to play football. with those headlines, you want to know what the science really says, as opposed to being scared about it. >> exactly. and one thing we do in the book i think does a really good job that we don't do a good enough job is let's parents know the protocols, the treatments, the therapies are out there, how we practice, how exciting sports are, all the options in football -- flag, tackle, flex, all those things are exciting things for sports. pete: the book is "brainwashed: the bad science behind c.t.e. and the plot to destroy football football." merrill hodge. pete: president trump pushing for support to pass criminal justice reform. michelle malkin says it's about time. she joins us coming up next. you can now be on top of the world literally. the brand-new attraction leaving
5:28 am
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pete: welcome back to fox & friends on this saturday morning morning. 8:30 on the east coast which means it's also 8:30 in mar-a-lago. wait, did i say saturday? it's sunday. sometimes i get it mixed. it's all the weekend. anyway the president is up and
5:32 am
tweeting this morning, just two minutes ago he tweeted this about the caravan. said "would be very smart if mexico would stop the caravans long before they get to our southern border or if originating countries would not let them form." in parentheses "it's a certain way to get certain people out of our their countries. no longer." here to react this morning, michelle malkin, host of michelle malkin investigates on crtv. michelle, your reaction to that tweet and the overall announcement that this administration's trying to work with mexico to get asylum seekers to stay in mexico until their claim is adjudicated. >> i appreciate the president's clarity on this issue and diagnosing exactly where the problem begins and who's facilitating it. this is a mob. it's not just a, quote, unquote, caravan of economic migrants who can intense on sabotaging our laws to get jobs. and what we're talking about here is a systematic and planned
5:33 am
manipulation and abuse of our asylum system. here's what people don't understand -- what they need to understand. asylum laws are meant for religious and political persecution. we have standards in place that are supposed to be enforced where people who are applying for asylum have a, quote, " "credible fear of persecution." the people who are part of these thousands and thousands of migrant movements that are originating in south and central america, who are shifting, you know, their entire movement to come here to get jobs have announced that -- essentially enjoyed that they are not legitimate asylees. the president is right that it begins at the point of origin and along the way all the governments that are facilitating by not drawing the line in their own country are
5:34 am
culpable as well. griff: michelle we're told by organizers in the caravan that a group of them -- we don't know how large, but a group of them are planning to try and cross illegally into the port of entry today. how significant do you think is how this first test is handled? >> of course it's hugely significant because it is going to signal whether or not we are serious and mexico is serious about shutting off the magnet that is drawing these caravans in the first place. and there are a number of parties and entities that are responsible for it. but if we're not curious about our sovereignty, mexico isn't going to be, either. and that's why whatever the diplomatic dance is around mexico's ability to help cooperate, i think we're seeing that mexico has its own political viability problems to worry about. as you have been talking about all morning and all the past week, people in mexico were mad
5:35 am
about this because they realize that endless caravans aren't just against america's interests interests; it's against the citizens of mexico's interests as w.ll rachel: well, and it's so interesting because we just had a director from the border patrol, and he said, listen, this caravan is different than others. it's not just bigger, it's also more violent. and we've seen protests, as you just said, on the border by mexican citizens saying they're worried about it for lots of reasons -- crime, strain on their resources. and yet if you look at any of the other channels out there, any of the other media outlets, they've all been saying this is just posturing on the part of trump administration, this is just political theater. there's nothing to see here. >> well, there's plenty to see. and i think one of the big- big-picture items that people are missing is that these kinds of caravans have actually been coordinated now for years. i mean just earlier this year they
5:36 am
made headlines because pueblo is sin fronteras coordinated one during holy week taking advantage of easter and you had father morris on earlier talking about how many open borders catholics have been responsible for facilitating and catalyzing these kinds of things. it is an opportunity to call out those groups that are essentially enablers. and if we were serious about our immigration laws that make it illegal to encourage, harbor, and shelter illegal aliens, those groups would be called to the carpet here in the united states as well. pete: absolutely, michelle. another topic top of the line for folks is criminal justice, to see whether something will actually pass through congress. you wrote on, you've long been a conservative and a bold voice, your take on criminal justice reform, should it pass, what should it look like? >> well, i think this is a significant opportunity for people all across the aisle who care about criminal justice reform and justice in general,
5:37 am
not just criminal justice, something that has been long-awaited. you know, in the seventies and eighties federal maunder minimum laws were put in place to deal with at the time what was a huge crack and cocaine epidemic. and i think over time a lot of wise people, particularly limited-government conservatives not just social justice liberals understood that we were wasting a lot of money on the trillion-dollar war on drugs and a lot of wasting of human capital. this particular criminal justice reform bill, i believe, can be supported by people who are pro- pro-cop, which i long have been, who are pro-borders. i think a lot of hysteria and hyperbole centers around whether or not this is going to affect illegal aliens and the people who have joined on both sides of the aisle to write this bill are very clear that it is not going
5:38 am
to amount to some sort of huge jailbreak of illegal aliens. anyone who is defined as a deportable alien is not going to benefit from this. and i think that in the end what we need is not only second chances for people who have filled out their time and want to have productive lives after they served their sentences, but first chances for people who have come up against a system that wrongfully convicts too many peo.le pete: we'll see if it passes the senate. the president obviously encouraging them to do so. very quickly we want to get one more topic in with you and that is beijing is planning to judge every resident based on a social credit score by the end of 2010? >> yeah. this is creepy, and it is one of the reasons why this thanksgiving i'm very thankful not to live in a surveillance collectivist state. the idea of measuring people and collecting data and punishing them based on behavior that
5:39 am
china, communist china determines is incorrect, well, i think it's a warning sign, too, because a lot of the data mining that's happening in our own schools, in the public schools -- i've reported on this for my michelle malkin investigates program on crtv could pave the path pour something like this. and people don't realize even here in america and many parents have been clued into it there's a lot of data mining that's going about social emotional learning to do exactly the kinds of things that we're seeing now in china. no rachel: that's very scary. is big tech helping china to take -- or to mine this data or to process it or analyze it for that use? >> absolutely, rachel. and, of course, data is everything. and when you're monitoring people's search patterns and things that they're watching and like i said, this is exactly happening in our public schools where you've got a lot of students who are forced to sign up for example for google accounts in order to be able to
5:40 am
access homework or testing, and all that information is being collected. and i would advise your viewers to keep tuned to a lot of my columns and reports on this, because people don't know what's going on right under our noses here in pete: you're so right. a lifelong points program but 2029 assigns everyone a rating and they can be awarded or punished based on how the government rates them on big data. rachel: i always liked that about her. pete: you're so right about the education stuff in our schools. we have no idea how much our kids are being watched and monitored and judged and evaluated through big data and big tech in our schools. thank you, miche.le rachel: thank you michelle, snappy pete: let's do some headlines. rachel: let's do that. president trump is weighing in on violent protests across francis spurred by rising fuel taxes. our president tweeting "the large and violent french protests don't take into account hawaii badly the united states has been treated on trade by the european union or on fair and
5:41 am
reasonable payments for our great military protection." both of these topics must be remedied." at least 20 people were hurt in protests yesterday as demonstrators started fires in the streets and threw rocks at police. democrats vowing more investigations. their latest target: education secretary betsy devos appear a new political report said she could face up to five investigations once democrats take control of the house. they plan to look at her decisions on regulating for- for-profit colleges, student loan forgiveness, and campus sexual assault. a real life clark griswold took on his homeowners association and their war on christmas, and he won! the idaho family came under fire for this incredible light display and sharing their christian beliefs. the homeowner, jeremy morris jointed earlier and explained why he pushed for the lawsuit. >> what does that say for any other american who finds
5:42 am
themselves in this situation? if i don't -- if my family doesn't fight this, then why would any other family do that? rachel: the jury found the h.o. h.o.a. discriminated against his family. they were rewarded $75,000. pete: one more. rachel: oh, i didn't see that we have one more. well, check this out. thailand opening its brand-new skywalk, perfect for thrill-seekers. the glass floor sits atop the country's tallest building. more than 1,000 feet in the air. the skywalk is complete with a rooftop bar offering a 360- 360-degree view of bangkok. no, thank you. i'm afraid of heights. that looks terrifying to me. griff: looks kind of cool. wonder if rick could do that. >> totally! that looks amazing. pete: i agree. rachel: thrill seeker, rick. >> tickets to bangkok. would you do that? no? no? no, no, no? was this your first trip to new york? >> no. >> all right. it's a girls'
5:43 am
week in new york. take a look at the weather map, show you what's going on. we've got this snowstorm right across parts of the central plain. in fact it's a blizzard, very windy conditions. it's going to make really rough travel today. it's going to strike around kansas city up toward chicago. believe it or not kansas city has not seen more than three inches of snow in the last five years, but this one is blizzard conditions, and it's going to cause some big problems. all right, guys, send it back to you inside. rachel: thank you, pete: well, we've got a fox news alert. the european union agreeing to a brexit deal, so-called brexit deal with britain. we're live with what happens on that next. griff: and is a school board incentivizing protests? how it could soon be a lot easier for some students to cut class in order to take part -- wait for it -- in political protests. pete: what issues? who decides?
5:44 am
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pete: we're back with a fox news
5:47 am
literary. the united kingdom is one step closer to leaving the e.u. rachel: the european union approving the brexit deal event setting the terms of britain's march 2019 departure. pete: some people feel it's not all that brexity. reporter: this deal lays out the terms of the u.k.'s european union departure, and also takes into account the framework for the u.k.-e.u. relationship moving forward in what the common objective of a future european relationship. they endorsed the withdrawal agreement and political declaration on the future e.u.- e.u.-u.k. relations. jean-claude yunker said the deal is a good one but the situation, in his view, is traffic. >> -- possible and european union and we look toward the fundamental position when this
5:48 am
comes. leaving the european union is not a moment of -- rachel: parliament will vote on the brexit deal before christmas after a, quote, crucial national debate. >> if people think somehow there's another negotiation to be done, that's not the case. this is the deal. it's the result of what is being tough and difficult negotiations negotiations. this is the best possible deal. it's the only possible deal. rachel: before the deal was agreed upon, may released a letter to the nation encouraging her people and the british parliament to support it, but in the british parliament, the future of this deal is far from better than. a number of brexit supporters do not believe that it's strong enough. >> we've signed to a withdrawal agreement that not only will cost us up to 60 billion pounds, not only will keep us tied to european union rules, but, worst of all, this deal keeps us
5:49 am
trapped inside the e.u.'s law making system. rachel: united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland are set to leave march 2019. the european parliament gets to vote on this as well. griff: thank you very much. u.s. troops standing guard at the border as thousands of migrants are waiting to cross. general anthony tatus says the president was right for sending them. here's here to tell us how it's protecting our sovereignty. that's n.xt rachel: and is a school board incentivizing protests? how it could soon be a lot easier for some students to cut class in order to take part in political protests. we'll talk about that next. ♪ it's a feeling that's hard to describe... ♪ ...and even harder to forget. ♪
5:50 am
the united states virgin islands.
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5:52 am
pete: well, it could soon be a lot easier for high school
5:53 am
students in montgomery county, maryland, to cut class in order to participate in political protests. just like some students from that same county did following the 2016 election. griff: the school board is expected to approve a proposal allowing public high school students to take as many as three excused absences to protest and take part in other forms of civic engagement during the school day. rachel: joining us now, university of maryland professor jason nichols. welcome. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: so tell me why you think this is a good idea, that kids should be able to get out of school to do protests. >> so first, i think we need to make a distinction between a protest and other forms of civic engagement. i think civic engagement is going to make them better students of our values and better citizens. and i think that that's part of experiential learning, which we know is very beneficial for a lot of kids. one of the things that we're missing is making them better citizens. now, as far as protests, i actually in some ways agree with
5:54 am
you that i don't think that you always seek -- seek the permission of an institution in order to protest. that takes power away from the protest. so i actually think that if they're going to protest, part of it is that you have to accept the consequences of going to protests. and i think that's a good thing. pete: so under your -- in your mind, something like a trump rally, a tea party rally, a pro-life or pro-choice rally, any one of those would qualify for civic engagement? >> no, i wouldn't say that those are civic engagement. i would say that those are closer to rallies and protests -- pete: yeah, but who decides that that? rachel: pete: that's where the problem comes in. you're saying the school board sides what's a civic engagement. why not let the parent decide if something's worthy of their child's time they pull them out? >> pete, i think civic engagement can be going and volunteering in your community, handing out food as a soup kitchen, that's civic engagement
5:55 am
engagement. a political protest is a protest protest. and i think you have to accept the fact that there are going to be consequences to skipping school or going out of school for political protests. i think that that's very different than civic engagement. griff: jason, real quick let's put up there we have a little bit of the policy from the montgomery county board of education. it says students, families, and board members expressed interest in supporting student participation in civic activities without impact on their attendance status continues in order to expedite implementation of these revisions, the public comment period for this policy will be limited to 30 days until sunday december 16th, 2018. so let me just translate this into a little bit of reality. montgomery county is a fairly liberal part of the washington, d.c, metro area. how does this not just simply translate into protesting president donald trump out in front of the white house? >> griff, again, i don't think that that's what they're encouraging at all. i think what they're saying is we are going to allow students
5:56 am
to step out of the classroom and learn in different environmentalists. as far as protests, like i said, i agree with you, if you're going to a protest, part of -- one of the things that dr. king once said was that, you know, you have to accept the consequences -- rachel: sure. >> -- of a protest. so i think if you're going to step out, you have to be okay with the fact that you are going to have to deal with an absence on your record. rachel: so, jason, i generally fall on the side of letting parents decide. i'm a political spouse. i take my kids out all the time for political and civic experience. i would feel a lot better about it if i knew that american history and civics were being properly taught in the school classroom so that then they could actually decide what is worthy of protest or not with an intelligent, well informed mind. >> right. and i think that of course we need better education. i think that i have to give a shout-out to our educators out there. i think they actually do a really good job teaching civics,
5:57 am
but i think we can always be better. griff: jason, -- rachel: with that i disagree. griff: we got to shut this up because we're running out of time. >> thanks, guys. griff: well, president trump threatening -- pete: president trump threatening to shut down the border and says migrants will stay in mexico until their claims are approved in court. more on that on the other side. ...
5:58 am
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griff: the caravan and the tijuana border will a map in attempt to peacefully illegally cross. as president trump warns no one will be allowed entry until claims are approved. >> i think it's going to be a mess. right now the caravan is filled migrants. >> if you introduce other bad actors there's definitely going to be violence at the border. this is a mob. not just a "caravan." pete: senator from hawaii, has a few thoughts from his friends on the left. we must reject the premise this fight is between moderates and progressives. we're going to nominate a progressive.
6:01 am
rachel: french president emmanuel macron admits his country is facing a moral crisis amid violent protest over rising fuel taxes. >> the riots that we saw yesterday are an increasing vote of no confidence in emmanuel macron. he's in real trouble. >> he's got it! they win the game of the year! >> ♪ ♪ rachel: the music has been amazing on the show. this whole what is it, four hours? pete: yes. hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have but its only been three hours. one more to go. rachel: [laughter] pete: if you're on the east coast you should be getting up by now and getting dressed and if you're on the west coast stay in bed. griff: if you're on the west coast we have a fox news alert now to tell you about that is the situation of the tijuana san diego border, we are aware now
6:02 am
according to the organizers of this caravan, that a group is going to emask and march peacefully to illegally cross at the port of entry there in tijuana. pete: we are aware because griff is aware and he's donna mazing reporting from the very beginning and he's in touch with one of the top organizers just this morning who said they are in the stadium. we don't know how many yet planning to march he says peacefully to this port of entry in san diego at 9:00 pacific time which is noon eastern time just three hours from now. they say peacefully but other passages have not been so peaceful. we don't know how many it will be and they're planning to carry banners that say "open the gates " and what happens if they're not open and this first showdown will have a ripple effect for the remainder of the caravan for future caravans for the perception of this president 's policy, how strong he stood with troops with new capabilities backing up the border patrol who said they can't enter there's a new arrangement we hear last night that asylum seekers will not be
6:03 am
allowed in they have to wait in mexico. rachel: the president making this not just an american issue at the border he's created the situation so that this is now a mexican problem as well. here is a tweet from him that says it would be very smart, just a few minutes ago, it would be very smart if mexico would stop the caravaning van long before they get to our southern border or if originating countries would not let them form. it is a way for them to get certain people out of their country and dems created this problem, no crossings. very interesting situation, as you said, just three hours from now, we're going to see what happens we've had border patrol agents or director here at our studio or in our interviews saying this caravan is unlike others. griff: that's right and just a little bit earlier we had jason on whose both an i.c.e. agent and border patrol agent and here is what he said about the caravan today, listen. >> it's going to be a mess.
6:04 am
i mean that's one of the busiest land ports we have in the world. right now the caravan is filled with migrants from what we believe. now if you introduce other bad actors in there, there's definitely going to be violence at the border. we need to stop this traffic before it gets to the united states. griff: and you know to his point as you were saying earlier, pete it sends a signal. this is the test of this caravan coming but it's going to send a message to all of the ones in the waiting as to how it's handled to say hey, come on, send the rest because there's a political and we see on facebook , this organizing group, that they're intending to carry signs too, that say "open the gates" and they're making a political statement along with making an illegal act if they cross. rachel: remember this is all being organized by an organization which is people without borders you're right. this is a political message and for those that don't know there are more caravans forming and waiting to come, yes. this is a test and we'll see what message it sends to those
6:05 am
that are forming and on their way right now. pete: we had michelle malkin on the program earlier and she sum med the situation up very nicely. listen. >> this is a mob. it's not just a "caravan" of economic migrants who are intent on sabotaging our laws, to get jobs, and what we're talking about here is a systematic and planned manipulation and abuse of our asylum system. griff: now let me give context here because i did spend 13 days down on the guatemala mexican border and they came to mexico city and now they're in tijuana and this is one of the organizers telling me they will take a first step and a lot of people characterize it as an invasion and there's a lot of talk about whether it is or isn't but it is at least a test in a group of americans largely that are looking to push the political boundaries of the administration's position, we're going to see that played out and
6:06 am
with regards to the agent that we just played the sound bite hopefully there is no violence but you have to factor in that the mayor of tijuana has also said that he's not going to have it, he is refusing to allow tijuana citizens to bear the brunt of this, so there's a lot of factors here that it is a very minimum you can say it's a very intense situation. pete: we had the acting deputy director who confirmed right now there are around 6,000 migrants in tijuana, more on the way. we don't know how many of them will be attempting go to that port of entry today, but you used the word invasion its been used by some. if there's a huge mass of people carrying banners or flags from their countries coming toward shielded border patrol agents and it's not handled peacefully that's not going to look like much other than that. griff: but not fair because of there are a number of central americans who let their country because of poverty and because of crime and they have been making this march for decades. the problem now is is that it
6:07 am
was so much smaller then and somewhat manageable. four months we had about 1,200 of the caravan that came only 2 or 300 got to this port of entry to be processed. rachel: michelle made a very clear point. the criteria for seeking asylum cannot be economic. it has to be that you are being politically or religiously prosecuted or credible fear, and so that's a question and the mexican government right now is having to deal with so much pressure because they know that there's a threat from president trump to shut down the border. they know they have the citizens of mexico not just in tijuana but in so many of the towns where the caravans come saying that we don't have the resources , there is an increase in crime, and yet, he's a populous pro-immigrant populous politician who ran on that. this thing is so dynamic. pete: that's right griff what makes a difference in my mind
6:08 am
and michelle said it it's a planned manipulation ovary's system. they know what they get on our soil and say the a word, "asylum " that they will be brought in, maybe come back for their court date as you talked about so when you know they are manipulating their laws and coming in illegally call it what you want it's a different situation than decades ago and as you covered so well thousands and thousands make it a problem. griff: if you talk to border patrol agents remember even last year guys i'd be reporting from the border in texas, right down there in the heaviest trafficked area and those agents were saying from the very beginning that it is the loopholes with congress, it is the catch and release that is going come to a head one day it feels like we're getting closer and closer to that day. rachel: that's what president trump wants to do, end catch and release and say listen if you're seeking asylum you're going to wait ongo out in the general pon
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