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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 25, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> the mexican government disputing reports it reached a deal with the trump administration requiring asylum-seekers to wait on the mexican side of the border as they go through the court system as donald trump take a hard line stance on the issue saying no migrants will be released into the us until their claims are processed. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> thank you for joining us. the president doubling down on his threat to shut down all
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border crossings with mexico and potentially support a government shutdown over the funding for the border wall. we have fox news team coverage on this. jeff paul is monitoring what is happening at the border. let's start with west palm beach where the president's resort, where he is spending the holiday weekend. >> deal or no deal, after yesterday's initial washington post report, and asylum deal in place that would force all immigrants, for months or years where asylum cases in courts. the interior minister is now denying the plan was in place, the ingoing interior minister says there is no agreement of any sort between the mexican government and us government.
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and donald trump called remain and mexico was in fact in place, details needed to be finalized, called a short-term solution. the white house had not confirmed the deal is in place, but late last night donald trump tweeted migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the united states until their claims are individually approved in court. we will only allow those who come into the country legally. other than that our strong policies catch and detailed, no releasing into the us. all will stay in mexico. if for any reason it becomes necessary we will close our southern border. there is no way the united states will after decades of abuse put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore. us officials, a new asylum agreement, for future migrant caravans.
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and as verifiable cases, and they cheat the system. and a sense of urgency with a legislative challenge left this year and given the fact that he is going to face a democrat controlled house, the president not only shutting the government similar to december 7th until he receives money for the border wall but he's talking about shutting down the entire border between mexico and the united states of the migrant caravan issue is not dealt with soon. >> the clock is ticking. >> fox team coverage, on the southern border, let's go to jeff paul, west in the newsroom. >> a group within the caravan is
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expected to march toward the.of entry at any moment, organizers say this is a peaceful march but would be the first time border patrol and mexican officials are tested on how they handle the situation and there are no hard numbers on how many numbers will be involved in the demonstration, they expect, and they cannot cross at the point of entry to mexico and san diego. at the same time the group organized a march of solidarity on the american side to show support. and border patrol and protection report border patrol agents, it is part of migrant caravan. >> this phenomenon and how it manifested itself is unique to anything we have seen in the past. the size of the group of the
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caravan, and from that country of mexico that we took note of and we are prepared to deal with. >> nongovernmental organizations help with nearly 5000 migrants crammed into that area. it is likely the situation could only get worse with more migrants on the way. >> thank you. for more on this, a senior writer for the weekly standard. they have agreed to a concept to remain in the mexico program but not the details yet. >> what they need to do is keep quiet when making a negotiation if a lot of leaks come out of the negotiation before the field is done. they put a lot of pressure not
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only on the us side of the border but political pressure as well. think back to 2015, there was a massive migration process in europe at the time. the migration in europe is cut by 90% from its height three years ago. to intercept migrants before they got to europe, and the european capital with turkey, and people in libya who were translating migrants, and --
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>> it has been very successful. >> the us has foreign outposts in another country where canada to the bahamas and abu dhabi. would this require border facilities, personnel on the other side of the mexican border depressing these people so they do not set foot on american soil. >> a deal that would be successful to do that would be something the mexican government in charge of dealing with people on mexican soil. i don't think you will get a deal for political reasons in mexico that would have us officials on mexican soil. >> why wouldn't that help them? why wouldn't they go for that? >> you do have a lot of bad
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blood between mexico and the trump administration. i do think you see consequences of the language the president has used about mexico complicating negotiations. >> at the same time apparently because the president has sent troops to the border they are trying to quell this in some way and mexican authorities would like people to actually stay in mexico because they need to fill construction jobs they could perform. >> it will be interesting to see what happens with migration to mexico if it is blocked from the us. are you going to see more scenes like you have seen in tijuana where it has been chaotic and problematic for a town that is a middle-class town in mexico or
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is it going to be from central america to find ways of being productive citizens or migrants to mexico. >> residents don't want the migrants there. the president talks about not allowing them in. as it stands now under asylum you present yourself at a port of entry and ask for asylum and there is a legal court process. can the president just say no? >> what the law is is tricky because every time the president tries to do something unilaterally there is a court somewhere, we have seen the president go through this any number of times, any unilateral action by this administration you can generally find a court somewhere in the us that will
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its unlawful. >> some group will challenge this. from the american immigration counsel that talks about the rights of people who seek asylum, authorized to the united states applying for social security card, request permission to travel overseas petitioning to bring family members to the united states and eligible for certain benefits such as medicaid or refugee medical assistance after one year, wait for years to apply for citizenship, the backlog is 3 years or so, on the waiting list, the average number who are granted asylum, will they try to challenge those requirements? >> they can try to challenge them but absent congressional
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legislation i doubt the president administration will act very strongly against the rules already in place. and the resources, the money to be put toward finding ways of deals with guatemala and those governments, and are in the best position to keep these sort of migration from having to happen. >> thank you for joining us. >> we turn to capitol hill, democrats raising serious concerns about matthew whitaker's oversight of robert
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mueller's russia investigation. democratic congressman adam schiff who is the incoming chair of the house intelligence committee saying whitaker is not being transparent. >> we are going to bring whitaker before congress, and we may bring him and whether he's in a position or not to find out the answer to questions. >> one of the big concerns democrats have is when robert mueller finishes the investigation he could limit how much of that report is released to congress and the public. even before that happens, a number of steps the democrats are concerned about as well. >> the city has taken whether they are getting briefed and deliberating on what will allow mueller to subpoena the
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president, and needs to wrap up the investigation. we simply don't know. we will find out. >> a number of lawmakers share these concerns when pushing for various pieces of legislation to protect, alan dershowitz says mueller is very smart and experienced so he likely has been planning and preparing for the possibility something like a new attorney general happened. >> mueller got his work done, to make sure he is finished with all his work. that is why he accepted the written statements. he didn't want the new attorney general or acting attorney general to do that, it would be a disaster. if the attorney general did that. >> a federal judge told trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos there was no delay in his prison sentence.
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papadopoulos tried to delay his sentence where witness was challenging mueller's appointment so tomorrow papadopoulos will report to federal prison to begin his two sentences statements to the fbi. >> a major snowstorm making its way across the country packing blizzard like conditions. heavy snow, strong winds and rain make it difficult for travelers on the road and skies this thanksgiving holiday weekend. who is in the path. you are here with the latest, rouhani have a stark warning to was calling on all muslim nations to unite against washington and israel. live from jerusalem with reaction to the latest threat from the theocratic regime. i just got my ancestrydna results:
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9:18 am're about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> severe weather could complicate travels for millions of people heading home this holiday weekend. >> we expect to see delays because of one big storm across the central plains and a lot of snow.
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that causes problems from the denver airport to the chicago airport and anything going in or out can be impacted as well. we have big storms across the mid-atlantic, the remainder of the storm will exit across the northeast, and this storm in this part of the country bringing blizzard conditions, the first blizzard of the year in places like kansas city, 3 inches of rain in over 5 years. this storm right here might just do that, and break the record. with that we have blizzard conditions, wents over 30 miles an hour. if you're traveling on i 70, be very careful. you might wait until tomorrow. this is the future radar. overnight, very heavy snow in chicago, rain transferring to snow and throughout the overnight hours in michigan, by
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tomorrow we see heavy rain in the eastern seaboard causing problems as well but by the time we get to tomorrow it is mostly snowfall totals around the foot of snow right here across the central plains. >> winter is here. in the middle east iran's president, rouhani, is at it again, attacking israel and the united states. he called israel, quote, a cancerous tumor in the regime he claims was created by western powers. and curbed iran's belligerence. >> and to unite against the
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united states, and pressure on to ron. ronnie accused the united states, and regional muslim nations to order and support israel. the iranian president calling on muslims to oppose the united states saying it would be treason to agree with america and the west. iranian leader even going as far as to call the country of saudi arabia a brother and iran is prepared to protect the interests of saudi's people. iran and saudi arabia are on opposite sides of the conflict in yemen and syria. and the trump administration reimposed sanctions for the regime, and for the remarks in tehran on saturday calling it
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cancerous, >> israel formed in the region and how the great and historic nation of palestine was displaced from his home and subject to slaughter and oppression of the finest regime in the region for many years. >> benjamin netanyahu response to those are marks, i spoke to a senior trump administration official who indicated the key issue when it comes to foreign policy between israel and the united states had to do with pushing back against iranian aggression. and as mexico disputes the reported asylum deal, donald trump calling on the country to step up its role in protecting the southern border.
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> the president maintains hard-line stance on immigration while the incoming mexican
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government denies reports that it has reached a tentative deal with the u.s. requiring migrants to raid on the mexico side of the border while they are asylum claims are processed. the president treating today, quote, would be very smart if mexico would stop the caravans long before they get to our southern border or if originating countries would not let them form is the way to get certain people out of their country in the u.s. no longer. dems created this problem. no crossing. let's bring in our panel. the former candidate for dnc chair, a 20,008 campaign for another clinton in a fox news contributor. alana rate lee who is the secretary of the kansas gop, welcome to you both. >> good morning. arthel: you know, did this are maine and mexico plant happened that could be considered a win for president trump it already has the mexican government denying any deal is done or in
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the work. what gives? what's the next move for president trump? >> i don't think -- >> you know -- arthel: is for alana, go ahead. >> yeah, the fact that this is in discussions between mexico and the u.s.a. think is a great starting point and if this does happen and we can reach some sort of agreement. this could be a good use of the relationship we are building with mexico and a good start to the policy. >> navigating to you, just yesterday mexico's incoming minister was calling to remain in mexico a short-term solution, so now there's a little bit of a
9:30 am
push back towards denial if you will. will this plan even get off the ground and without fierce opposition and also didn't the dems create this problem? >> there's a lot there. i don't think it's a good start for the president to say the mexican government is doing one thing. i doubt that anyone is surprised by that because we keep having the situations where, whether it's the president of finland or other world leaders where we have a president who lies about the conversations that are going on. that being said, let's put that to decide. is that this democrats fault? absolutely not. in trying to frame this discussion in that way is what is so just despicable about how president trump sows the seeds of division. united states of america as a whole from our foreign-policy
9:31 am
dating back decades has a lot of responsibility and what is happening in nicaragua, honduras, guatemala come in these countries can all solve the door. the foreign policy that we really broke down these economies and created a lot of the problems that are making these asylum seekers not feel comfortable in their countries in fleeing persecution spirit it is not illegal. federal law allows for an international lee sang don allows for it. the american values around seeking asylum in people who are fleeing persecution.
9:32 am
>> do think there should be some sort of order in terms of how people come to the country? >> of course. i'm basically running this 24/7 365 day year campaign against democrats. and hopefully we can move away from that framing the president trump has come especially as we look at this thanksgiving holiday weekend and the holidays coming out. i feel for military servicemen and women were sent down there in a political mission and missed out on things giving with their family and friends. eric: a long, and let me give you a chance to reply.
9:33 am
>> yeah coming you know, i think what we're doing here is we are not criminalizing asylum. we understand that is legal. we want the to come into force of entry when we let these people and are they come into the country, less than 5% have heard of these people go back to their asylum hearings and this is what is resulting in that problem we are trying to fix. so they do come in orderly. they do come in according to our laws. republicans will agree on that. we just want them to go through the process the way it was designed. arthel: i let you keep talking, but as you know, as it stands, you can cross the border at any time. it ought to go third designated point of entry.
9:34 am
>> i wouldn't disagree with that . and again, and this will be a good start. having some sort of prior to coming to the united states, this would help people who are truly seeking asylum. this would motivate them to follow three clear process to get through and it might just charm people that they simply want a better economical way of life in the 90s dates. eric: were going to move on, but we'll see how this runs through the new congress starting january 3rd. let's talk about this this week, november 28. wednesday, democrats will probably vote on their leadership. here's incoming chairman of the health until a committee adam schiff explaining why nancy pelosi -- he was on cnn
9:35 am
explaining why nancy pelosi is the right leader at this time, saying don't walk into what is going to be an agenda chock-full for the democrats can start kind of polling and someone who doesn't have the experience of the diplomacy. alana, staying with you and jehmu. i give you the last word. you agree or disagree with congressman shays? >> i agree if we are trying to promote community in this country which their people on both sides trying to promote that. i believe is closely selected its going to be head-to-head her again strong then there's going to be complete gridlock. there are other people on her site, problem solvers from a bipartisan group that has brought this to attention. they wanted to get things across in pointing out that policy, you know, some of those people are saying that's just going to be gridlock peered one of the things that pelosi was that pelosi is elected you're really going to turn out some of the new legislatures that are coming
9:36 am
in that have run on social extreme platforms. they want change and i don't think they're going to be quieted very easily. the same old, same old nancy pelosi will continue to be a problem. >> jehmu, who will be the next speaker of the house? >> the next speaker of the house is nancy pelosi is my prediction. as much as we want to get into the subterfuge of this, i am lucky and just straight up the fax. she is the most effect of leader we have democrats have ever had. democrats by two to one margin want her to be the next speaker and we can all agree, hopefully better politics is in a bit of crisis right now. in this crisis, i is a democrat don't want a novice. i want someone who is an expert, was going to be able to live up to the mandate that voters made it very clear during the mid-term elections that they want to check on this president
9:37 am
and this administration and the policies that are continuing to divide this country and not move it forward. they want to check on the infringement on health care protections that nancy pelosi led when she was the last speaker. nancy pelosi, next speaker of the house. eric: there is that. i was looking for. appreciate it, jehmu greene, thank you to you both very much. >> thank you so much. >> overseas we have a deal tentatively prime minister theresa may leaders of the european union have reached an agreement setting the final separation from the e.u. the british parliament has two weeks to approve or reject the author. ellison barber standing by in washington to explain. >> hi, eric. already criticism of the deal from brexit supporters saying it is weak and bad for brett.
9:38 am
>> we've signed up that not only will cost us up to 60 billion pounds. not only will keep us tied to european union rules, yet have no say over how the future ones are made. >> e.u. leaders including the european commission president jean-claude yunker are not thrilled with the deal either but for very different reasons. >> i will say that the withdraw of britain -- [inaudible] is mine. guess we will agree to be indoors. the brexit agreement, but it is a withdraw from the european union. >> to 27 e.u. leaders meeting in brussels endorse the deal made up the terms of u.k. european union departure. it also takes into account the
9:39 am
framework for the u.k. e.u. relationship moving forward in what is described as the common objective of a close future relationship. the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland are said northern ireland are set to be the e.u. by march 29th of 2019. but the british parliament and the european parliament to develop on this deal. prime minister theresa may says the british christmas, but the future of the deal is far from certain and getting members of her own conservative party to support it could be a difficult task. both they and the european commission president are urging the british parliament to sign off in the say negotiations are done and this is the only possible deal. eric: thank you you arthel: the much anticipated meeting between president trump and china president xi jinping could have future impact on the global economy. what president trump to say next. >> china is right now paying us,
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paying us billions of dollars a month. that's never happened before. soon they will be paying us many, many billions of dollars a month. attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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>> i think i prepared for this meeting. i have been leading literally right in that corner. we have a great relationship. i liked him a lot. i think he likes me. probably likes me less n he did refer we did but were doing. china wants to make a deal very badly because of the tariffs. eric: president trump saying he's ready for chinese event xi. when they meet ahead of the g20 summit this week the two countries have rumbled over tariffs spring volatile markets over fears of a trade war. will they reach an agreement? what do we expect? gordon chang, author of the coming collapse of china. always good to see you.
9:45 am
well, at the meeting anything? >> i don't know but i just talked to a wal-mart supplier and they were saying people in the community think president trump will cave at the g20 and that means they'll keep their in china appear to president trump does the unexpected and i hope that he does, then he is going to keep the tariffs and there will be no deal and manufacturers will move supply-chain side of china. some of them coming back to the united states. that means no deal is the best deal for the united states. >> what he hoped the president keeps it? >> we've had a whole range of trade issues, but they've never honored their agreement. she jinping, the same guy who's going to see trump at the end of this month. he actually stood in the rose garden with president obama september 2015, promised china would not have american companies or commercial purposes. china never stop attacking. in fact, we saw from the u.s. trade representative's report
9:46 am
last week have actually continued especially since the middle 2017 they've ramped up there hacking for commercial purposes. eric: meanwhile that didn't result in any agreement. first time that ever happening. a delegation canceled its trip to washington to talk about this. you would think the president is standing fast and there will be an agreement. >> a number of people say that but a lot of people say there will be an agreement and i just don't know. i don't think anybody on the outside really knows it may be president trump doesn't know what he's going to do. the important thing is for us to keep the pressure on because we don't need to get the chinese to promise to be better. we need the chinese to be better. until they actually stop their intellectual property theft in the trade violations, you know, talking to them is no use. eric: since there is so and the action would result in the modifying behavior. >> i think it's going to be difficult because xi jinping right now has created an
9:47 am
environment inside of beijing where only the worst political instincts are the ones that are acceptable. i think he will hang tough. the xi jinping gives into the united states coming is probably going to lose power because he is sort of bought this trade dispute. right now i think he does not have a plan b. this is difficult for us. eric: meanwhile reports about the concentration camps in china for workers on this sort of thing. >> china edition john, what it calls it northwestern province, their concentration camps that are housing more than a million leaders in an attempt to eradicate his on. this is a crime against humanity. clearly the united states has got to do something about it. this looks like what occurred in the 1930s and we know how that turned out. people are dying in those camps.
9:48 am
there's not massive termination, but people are dying in the camps near eric: whitest and the international community speak out more about the issue? >> we're starting to get the satellite images three, four months ago. china is obviously trying to do all they can to suppress this. first they said this can soon exist in and said they are there but only for vocational training. we know it is there for really insidious purposes. >> meanwhile you have this type of camps, workplace environment, the horrible air-quality environment in "the new york times" front page says china is the new superpower. it is the newest superpower but challenging both commercial and political entr'acte to replace the united states as the world's largest economy. china now leads the world and in homeowners, college graduates and billionaires becoming the global lender. flexing muscles in asia and beyond is the built powerplants
9:49 am
import in the trade were with washington may have derailed that. if the 20th century was the american century, do you think it would be the chinese century earth is overblown. >> this is while overblown. i'm about "the new york times" knows how to extrapolate. in fact, our economy is growing faster than china's. china probably grew high too, may be low three. our economy is much bigger than china's. but our economy is growing faster so the gap is getting bigger, not smaller. >> are you domestic finally that we will win? >> i mop domestically will win if we have the political will to win. we have all the cars. it's just a lot of people this country want the president to
9:50 am
give into the chinese. for instance the financial community. i understand their interest means it's good for them if president trump case. for manufacturers, americans, america, it is best that he stays the course. eric: the message from gordon chang to the president to stay the course. always good to see you. thank you. arthel: gordon, eric, thank you at a major milestone for space exploration as the latest unmanned spacecraft is set to reach its destination in just over 24 hours from now we will tell you where. stick around.
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arthel: there's a big to-do in space is massive and that is set to land on mars tomorrow afternoon. the unmanned spacecraft is the agency's first probe to reach the red planet in six years after completing a journey of more than 300 million miles. jackie heinrich has more of the details now. >> i come our cell preset amount of space travel culminated with a six minute landing that has to be exited perfectly. nasa's ninth attempt to put a spacecraft on mars is only one before. give the additional pick up a two-year study of martin's deep interior bringing an understanding of how rocky formed including earth inside being followed by too many
9:55 am
spacecraft that will really data for really data from inside as it prepares to interest the planet's atmosphere. the landing happening 91 million miles from earth at the most crucial moments will happen in less time than it takes to hard boil an egg. the thin atmosphere using rocket and deploy parachutes to slow down. use retro rockets to study the landing. nasa says one obstacle could be dust forming on the planet surface. >> really intriguing destination for that purpose as well trying to really understand what those conditions were like 4 billion years ago. did life actually began on mars or in that timeframe a minute that it is there the preservation left on the surface? >> united states is the only country to successfully operate a spacecraft on the surface but elon musk says he plans to do it himself, saying there is a 70% chance that i personally go to mars. nasa's plans are little more
9:56 am
simple with long-term plans to create an orbiting outpost of them and that could serve as the home base for mars exploration. when it lands around 3:00 eastern on monday, yours or expect you to watch and parties across the country. broadcasting the whole thing online. our cell. arthel: thank you. that is going to do it for us. eric: in three hours we will also give you special preview of my show. a special jimmy hopper investigation going to be on fox nation when they debut on tuesday with a special hour and a program about her in-depth investigation. the hitman told me -- will tell you about that on fox nation and a preview when we come back at 4:00 eastern. i landed.
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the united states postal service makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception.
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♪ >> as of the central migrant migrants in the u.s. to the mexican border. leland: acting attorney general matt whittaker, what they are threatening. >> president trump are printed to the g20 in argentina this week. will he be able to work out new deals to help on american workers?


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