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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 25, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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i love you america. jon: tension escalating at the southern border. and then the attempt to rush the border. i am jon scott this is the fox report. all of this as the incoming government denies the deal with a trumpet ministration to keep asylum-seekers of the country and tijuana's mayor declares a humanitarian disc - - crisis as the immigrants overwhelm the shelters. authorities are asking for additional help over protest for the us and mexico. >> we continue to use every tool available to working with
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the mexican counterparts to know what the migrants are currently planning in and down around tijuana we are prepared for any contingency. >> but first let's go to jeff paul tracking these developments from los angeles. >> the situation at the border has calm down very tense as a few hundred migrants launched - - walk to the border and they get right up to the fence that all happened at the port of entry closest to san diego. the associated press is reporting tear gas was fired after some tried to breach the fence. also reportedly flying overhead to monitor the situation. us customs and border protection will use every tool it has including working with
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counterparts in mexico there is a legal means to present yourself that is that we are expecting you to do. anything else will be dealt with. >> on both sides of the border and to be peaceful demonstration they are trying to remain hopeful. >> we cannot stay like this. we are living like dogs in the truth is i don't know what we will do. i am getting tired. . >> at the point of entry it is closed in both directions with all sorts of traffic problems no word when it could reopen.
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jon: president trump tweeting his dismay with a situation where he and his family spent the thanksgiving holiday. and to shut down the entire border if us and mexico cannot agree how to handle asylum claims lawmakers hoped that does not come to that. >> we hope and that we are addressing the asylum-seekers. that is the intent to divert any issues before they happen. of course, we don't want to see the border closed but the safety of our nation comes forced one - - first. >> good evening. it's unclear what the
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president means when he wants to shut down the entire border between mexico and the united states. all border crossing or trade? we simply don't know but nonetheless the president continues to threaten the full border closure unless there is a solution for the caravan crisis. last night the president tweeted what he thinks could be the immigration policy migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the united states until the claims are individually approved in court. only those coming to the country legally other than that the very strong policy is catch and detain no releasing into the united states they will all stay in mexico. if for any reason it is necessary we will close the southern border. there is no way the united states will after decades of abuse put up with a costly and dangerous situation anymore. >> this comes after "the washington post" first reported yesterday that mexico's newly elected president have come to an agreement seeking asylum while
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they are processed in us court that could take between two and five years that is with the minister of interior but today there is no agreement but if that disagreement were to be made it would point to the catch and release policy that present has rallied against while the asylum claims are processed the president blames this policy and this law to incentivize migrants to come to the united states the current crisis is on the president. >> he controls the white house his party controls the house and the senate first of all, he should've been working with the central american countries a long time ago. >> president trump is
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threatening a government shutdown unless he gets $5 million from congress by december 7th. jon: the president is speaking at a couple of rallies in mississippi. >> that's right he left mir-a-lago today he will speak at two rallies in mississippi to rally supporters to vote for cindy smith in the special election she is thinking that regret to be the first african-american candidate since reconstruction. >> democrats think it could boost turnout and have it upset for the election that is on tuesday. jon: thank you.
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democrats might push back on the president's appointment of matthew whitaker the incoming chairman says the appointment is unconstitutional he things that could interfere and here is his professional colleague. >> amy club which are. >> he publicly said he should starve the investigation he could try to do that he did not see any connections between the trump campaign and russia but all of these indictments and charges and convictions so i am really concerned about those charges. >> there are a number of concerns with the acting attorney general overseeing the russian investigation that's why democrats and some republicans pushing for legislation to protect the special counsel.
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and that they could get answers to their questions. and to be brief now and subpoena the president if he is giving him the time. we simply don't know but we will find out. >> when robert mueller finishes the investigation he reports to the justice department to lay out the findings of russian interference or collusion one - - collusion and obstruction of justice they are concerned how much of that report is released to congress and the public in the attempt to protect the president from any negative information. today on abc this week harvard law professor says he expects the report will be devastating to president trump.
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>> when i say devastating i mean a picture that will be politically very devastating i still don't think it will make a criminal case because it is not criminal. >> if he does try to hold back the final report democrats have vowed to subpoena it to be released for the public with the past 18 months and millions of taxpayer dollars turned up. jon: there is news about george stephanopoulos quick. >> yes the former trump campaign advisor is scheduled to begin a two-week sentence for making false statements to the fbi but last week he tried to delay his sentence citing an ongoing case that he is challenging today a federal judge said there is no delay he needs to report tomorrow morning for his sentence.
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jon: one of the busiest travel days of the year and blizzard warnings at least 1000 flights have been canceled and the roads are not much better giving post- thanksgiving travel and nightmare. . >> we do expect to see delays because of one big storm across the central plains with a lot of wind and slow from the denver airport through chicago airport and coming in or out will be impacted storms yesterday across the mid-atlantic and the east coast from the remainder of the storm to exit across parts of the northeast that the first blizzard of the year kansas city hasn't seen over 3 inches of rain in a storm in over five years this might just do that to break records and with that blizzard conditions over 35 miles an
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hour if you are traveling on i 70 be very careful you might just want to wait until tomorrow by tonight it moves into parts of chicago looking at the future radar overnight tonight very heavy snow falling starting off his reign branching into snow and that over the overnight hours by tomorrow we see very heavy rain could cause problems for you as well but by the time to see those snowfall totals with a foot of snow right here across parts of the central plains. jon: the deadliest most destructive fire in california history is now fully contained. the campfire ripping through northern california killing 85 people and scorching 154,000 acres. more than 200 people are still unaccounted for. this is a climate report
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explains extreme weather disasters are worsening across the country. nebraska senator ways in he had an exclusive interview with chris wallace. >> it is clear humans are a contributing factor. the real question is what do you do about it? you cannot legislate your way into the past we have to innovate into the future right now you don't hear a lot of the people who put climate as their number one issue or offering constructive or innovative solutions for the future it is a lot of alarm is about the report is important showing the climate is changing. jon: you can catch the full interview right after the fox report. tensions rising at the border as the point of entry is closed with reports of migrants storming the border the difference between the trump administration and mexico's incoming government on handling asylum claims the washington examiner white house reporter joins me to
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analyze where this all might be headed. nasa's insight is set to touch down on the red planet tomorrow a landing nasa is not taking for granted. >> landing on mars less than half the times we have tried we have not been successful navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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click, call or visit a store today. jon: us customs border protection closing the border processing - - crossing over reports migrants are trying to cross with the mexican government and he was getting off to an uncertain start as they clash over how to handle
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asylum claims. right now we have the white house reporter for the washington examiner. what is an interesting question mexico's interior incoming minister sanchez told "the washington post" that the two nations had a deal for migrants to stay on the mexican side while the claims were heard in the us now today no deal? that is a question for the incoming interior minister she was quoted by name saying that this was in place were central american migrants would wait inside of mexico this would have been a big win for president trump currently 80 percent of these applicants are screaming to be allowed into the us according to "the
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washington post" article now they say there is no deal we have to wait and see what actually happens this would be welcome for president trump only last week there was a federal judge who papa is on the plans to require that asylum-seekers go through official ports of entry as there are claims to be ineligible if they cross illegally that is on pause of that is a big win for president trump if it actually comes to fruition we would have to see. jon: it was called catch and release up until now if they can make it across the border they are told to show up in court for a hearing down the road many or most don't show up now the president says those days are over now it is catching and detain as long as
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there is no agreement in mexico how to handle the asylum-seekers can the president maintain that position there is likely to be litigation. it is unclear really where that goes. what is interesting with the deal with mexico is that apparently it stepped forward to say they can work in mexico and stay in mexico while the claims are adjudicated that would have limited the apparent border issue. but what president trump does in response he has said us border may be closed certainly that would be leverage for mexico. jon: the louisiana republican johnson says he sees an opportunity for the trumpet ministration to work with the new administration coming in
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and mexico. >> we are right around the corner with a new relationship. that central american migrants and refugees come through mexico in droves, caravan after caravan. if we don't stop this problem right now mexico and the us will have similar problems. they can be a partner with us. jon: then the democratic view expressed by the congressman from connecticut says if you want to stop the caravan you have to stop the crime in central america. . >> we could be doing a lot more to reduce gang violence and violence generally in these countries we could spend the next 50 years how to deal with caravans and migrants at the border or get at the underlying problem was people understand it makes sense to help solve that underlying problem if you wanted to go away. jon: but you have migrants
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right there right now and somebody will have to process them either taken in by mexico to fill those jobs are the united states will have to find a way to deal with them. >> this is a area of potential commonality mexico doesn't want the massive caravans to disruptively coming in across the country. certainly it would be best to address that crime and poverty in central american countries but that is difficult president trump of course, tries to use the us leverage of foreign aid with those of guatemala and el salvador to say they would be cut off if they didn't stop them from coming that did not work at all. that with mexico certainly they don't want these caravans coming through. and it's not admitting the applicants that admittedly would dry up the numbers that
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are growing significantly this year. jon: for the washington examiner, think you. >> nasa spacecraft inside is set to land tomorrow after traveling 300 million miles the mission is to learn more about what is under the surface of the red planet our mars correspondent is here with more. >> a little trickier than parallel parking. after seven months of space travel it will culminate in a nailbiting six minute landing with a period of freefall that has nasa very nervous less than half his ever made it to their destination at 12000 miles an hour surviving temperatures hot enough to melt steel has to approach at a very shallow angle so it does not burn up on the surface 10 miles from touchdown to 5 miles an hour with a supersonic parachute it is released during that
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freefall stage that could be thrown off by a dust storm using rockets and brakes to study the landing it is no small job at 789 pound 789 pounds. >> every event is critical until it is behind you now suddenly the next one is critical however simple or complex that is so to think about the hundreds or thousands of critical events that have to happen during that seven minutes. >> if all goes to plan it will do a two-year study of mars interior we know a lot about the surface little is known about its core insight will measure? and temperature to answer questions about the differences between earth and the red plane planet. >> mars is the intriguing destination for that purpose to understand what the conditions were 4 million years ago. did life begin on mars in that
3:25 pm
timeframe? and if it did is there any preservation left on the surface spacecraft trailing they hope they will relates that information in realtime if they fail it could take three hours to know what is happening 31 million miles away they are broadcasting live it will be a nailbiter taking off at 240 tomorrow hopefully if the satellite solution we will see realtime by 3:00. jon: holding their breath tomorrow. >> that is an expensive experiment. thank you. jon: what are we expecting to learn and what can we gain from the data we will ask these questions coming up the chief astronomer and director of the planetarium at the franklin institute science museum in philadelphia. jon: the president draws more
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criticism for his support of saudi arabia crown prince. >> the president is not being honest with the country about the murder of khashoggi and what is driving this? i don't know. jon: republican lawmakers are saying about the president's reaction to the murder to the "washington post" columnist. saudi arabia get surprising support after an iraq leader sent a message to muslims worldwide and the european union gets the green light to block the leaders but what happens now? . >> there isn't a band-aid we have the truth bad deal that is available both for the united kingdom and european union
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jon: i am jon scott this is the fox report some democrats say trump is not telling the truth about the death of khashoggi as lawmakers lineup to criticize the defense of the crown prince after the cia reportedly said it is confident he ordered his murder but the president said the cia only had feelings about the killing. >> the cia doesn't do feelings they do assessments based on intelligence for all sources with a comprehensive briefing right before the fan - - thanksgiving break. >> they are being so weak that we failed to tell the truth
3:32 pm
contributing to murdering a broad and it is not strength to mumble pass that. >> meanwhile saudi arabia getting support from the iranian president assuring the saudi's they have nothing to fear from tehran as the leader calls from their muslim nation to unite against america is bullying policies. . >> those comments to unite against the united states launched by the iranian president for increased pressur pressure. >> romani accusing the united states of cultivating close relationships with the muslim nation to protect and support israel. calling to oppose the united states saying it is treason to agree with america and the
3:33 pm
west and then calling the country to say iran is prepared to support the interest of its people. currently iran and saudi arabia are supporting opposite sides of yemen and saudi arabia coming weeks after the trump administration we impose sanctions on the iranian regime with that nuclear deal and in addition israel was as a target during his remarks calling the country cancer is take a listen to the iranian president had to say. >> of how the great nation of palestine has been subject to slaughter in the region for so many years. >> benjamin netanyahu called those comments i ran a murderous regime and to say i
3:34 pm
did speak with a senior official last week that the key issue coming to foreign policy is pushing back against iranian aggression. jon: reporting from jerusalem. thank you. right now president trump and the first lady have just landed at the joint base andrew spending thanksgiving holiday at mir-a-lago you can see them stepping down from the 747 he will be headed to the white house for a quick night sleep then a couple of political rallies we will follow him tomorrow as he makes the trip. european leaders and the british prime minister agree on the planned but teresa may needs to win support from her own parliament. >> prime minister theresa may
3:35 pm
is urging the british parliament to sign off on the agreement reached by the united kingdom they say this is the only possible deal. >> they think there is another negotiation to be done. this is not the case this deal is the result of difficult and tough negotiations over a period of time. >> 27 countries agreed to endorse the withdrawal agreement and reparations laying out the terms of the european union departure it also takes into account the framework for the relationships moving forward what is described as the common objective of the relationship of the future but the deal is not final next the british parliament in the european parliament will vote on the deal and mace says they will vote before christmas
3:36 pm
after a crucial national debate for the future of this deal in the uk is so far from certain facing opposition for those who do not support it and those who do. >> that prime minister has not been able to guarantee that eliminates the risk of the backstop arrangement. >> this deal risks further economic problems. >> they are set to leave by march 29th 2019 if this agreement includes the transition. the uk will remain in the single market at least until the end of december 2020. jon: thank you. a bipartisan group of voters filing a legal challenge against the electoral college
3:37 pm
system saying it encourages candidates to vote put all of their efforts to the swing states while ignoring the vast majority of the country we have more on the lawsuit. >> in recent years due critics defining the electoral college have been democrats particularly after hillary clinton won the popular vote but lost the election in 2016 the second democrat after the al gore blow this century. now this aims to tweak the system to change the winner take all allocation used by the vast majority. >> the existing system does not benefit small states but battlegrounds national popular vote benefits the largest. >> it targets both red and blue states specifically texas and south carolina, massachusetts and california including both democrat and republican voters
3:38 pm
part of the groups suing explai explain. >> the solution we are looking for every voter in every state that has an opportunity to swing the election. >> the group argues proportional allocation would encourage candidates to campaign across the country and the votes cast could not be discarded just because they are not in the majority for instance in texas nearly 4 million votes were cast but all 38 electoral cast went to trump in massachusetts he did not collect any of the electoral votes even though 1 million people voted for him. the secretary of state is fighting the suit. >> many people from my partier frustrated the popular vote is not sitting in the white house but that is casting more uncertainty into the process to have this irrational system
3:39 pm
of percentages and that does not make sense. >> if it does reach the supreme court prior to the 2020 presidential election. jon: we on the precipice of history the insight probe is set to land on mars after 300 million miles from the franklin institute science museum and we will share his own on's insight and the chances of success. >> we will be in this configuration for about seven minutes before we enter the atmosphere at that point we say goodbye to the crew stage and thank you for giving us a nice ride to mars you are on your own now. ♪
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jon: gazing up at the sky is only able to dream of what secrets of mars might hold now thanks to nasa those dreams might get some answers. the insight land are set to touch down on mars to afternoon to begin probing what is going on deep beneath the planet surface how important is this mission and how might it help us here on earth? joining us as chief astronomer director of the planetarium at the franklin institute science museum in philadelphia. good to have you on so how confident are you they can put this on mars tomorrow? . >> well, this is a very difficult thing to do landing a spacecraft on mars is no joke. it is a very complicated task
3:45 pm
and fraught with all sorts of challenges. it will be a challenge but we have had pretty good success at doing this before and the method that is used is the same method used for the curiosity lander six years ago and they actually added some tweaks to ensure that it will land safely. jon: the physics is amazing to me it will be flying along at 1000 feet per second i'm sorry 3000 feet per second and six and a half minutes later it is supposed to be added dead stop on the surface of mars. they say one of the most fraught moments is when they release the parachute that seems like it should be simple why is that so tricky? . >> it does seem like it should be but so many parts and
3:46 pm
pieces that make it work out right once they release the very last parachute so the lander has to get out of the way of the parachute itself so they don't run into each other so even before it lands it has to get out of the way then it can touch down softly in the meantime as it enters the atmosphere before the parachute first deploys there are a number of other steps that have to happen like surviving the intense temperature of reentry or to blow off the protective heat shield and deploy the first parachute there are thousands of lines of code to make sure all of these things happen automatically and they all have to happen precisely according to plan for this to go right. jon: everybody is wondering will they find life on mars? we have former nasa astronaut tom jones.
3:47 pm
>> this doesn't work for any traces of life but it does assess if mars has evolved to support life in the past. my feelings about life out there that there is enough planets that we know about in the galaxy there are 40 billion the chances are pretty good we will find life. jon: but this particular probe is designed to just sit there although it is described the kansas of mars the very flat plains to sit there and listen and monitor deep underground? . >> yes. this represents a different kind of science we have had lynn landers that roamed around the surface going to different locations or orbiting spacecraft to analyze the atmosphere even those that have scratch the surface to take up samples of the soil to test them but this is the first time a spacecraft will burrow down into the upper crust of the planet to
3:48 pm
understand the interior construction of mars how thick is the crust? the mantle? is the core liquid or solid? any tectonic activity? can we use seismic activity by the drill itself to know more of the internal structure? this will help us understand how the planet itself evolved and give us information of the very early environment on mars but this will also help better understand how the planets of this solar system formed originally we really don't need to have that down pat we have good ideas but hopefully what we learn from this will help to answer those questions. jon: a lot of people holding their breath at 3:00 p.m. eastern and noon pacific thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me.
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jon: equifax data breach outraged americans the summer of 2017 hackers getting personal data of 143 million people and me public in mind - - and the public did not learn about it until weeks later they have faced little repercussion how this could impact the future. the data breach exposing the financial information of 145 million americans last year is one of the biggest tax to date accessing social security numbers, birthdays and credit card numbers. the breach was not made public until more than a month after it was discovered cybersecurity experts say that calls for anger and reform. >> this is the most sensitive details in your personal information you cannot get back. . >> what has been done sense? congress holds hearings with the ftc looking into it but so far no enforcement actions announce announced. >> and those with personal
3:54 pm
data we don't really need to be that secure because it will not extract anything back that is a crazy policy in 2018. >> mark warner has proposed legislation to introduce during the next session to better protect consumers information in the modern world. and the smart criminals in 2019 will violate and penetrate the equifax and break into the company's computer and to manipulate that data and use that to sell your personal information to exact their crim crime. >> since the breach it has spent $275 million on data security and in a statement to
3:55 pm
foxes of the pasture we have undertaken a host of security operational and technological improvements including hardening the .-dot - - start data security perimeter to strengthen our protocols and controls. spirit there are steps you can take you should also consider freezing your credit that stop someone from opening an account in your >> a far cry from the sandcastle. to the abstract. the epic creations at this year's international sand art competition. ♪ when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue...
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and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now. >> if you are enduring the blizzard in the midwest this material. this is the fourth annual international sand art competition. each sculptor given nine tons of sand. the large-scale creations all the more impressive considering the rules. >> the tools that the user hand tools, no mechanical tools allowed. most of it travels, some use knives or some tools as well to kind of get the shapes and
4:00 pm
figures that they are trying to accomplish. quick contestants and cold sculptors from the czech republic, singapore, ireland and canada. that is our "fox report" this sunday, november 25. i'm jon scott, thank you for joining us. "fox news sunday" starts now. chris: i am chris wallace. on this thanksgiving weekend we look at the growing political divide in our country. as a 2020 campaign heats up. will only get worse?♪ ♪ [music] ♪ president trump at odds with the supreme court chief justice. >> john roberts has been speaking about it. i think we have to use common sense. everyone knows it is totally out of control. chris: with the cia, the involvement of the saudi crown h prince and the murder of jama khashoggi. >> they did not come to a conclusion. they have feelings in certain ways.


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