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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> enough said. ♪ . >> confusion at the border as president trump announces a new policy on immigration and closing a deal with mexico with those entering the us but with his own administration did they get the memo? we investigate welcome to the next revolution this is positive populism live in los angeles what a packed show that we have the establishment to undermine the president and the future of the american worker school choice and my take on britain and a big
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announcement on my role here at fox but first with the confusion of immigration last night president trump announced a new policy on asylum-seekers to say they will not be into the united states until they claim manasseh claims are individually approved. if for any reason it becomes necessary we will close the southern border. a couple hours later with the interior minister and now we have agreed to the policy to remain in mexico but hours later to backpedal to say if there is no agreement between the future mexican federal government is there a deal or
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not? what about all the other questions left unanswered? do we need congress to change the law? it seems to me the president is 100 percent right back to by the white house team. >> we can find anyone from anywhere in the administration i am joined now by arizona congressman from border security. thank you so much for joining us. i know this is in the minds of many of our viewers republicans control both chambers of congress. what about the border wall? . >> there is a failure to deliver our promise i have a bill to build the border wall and fund that off of general
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funds my leadership team assigned it to seven committees. >> can i stop you there? that is interesting because so often in this debate the details matter in what i keep hearing is congress has to approve them they could just take it out of the budget but he could take it out of the budget that is already there. >> in my bill it wouldn't even come out of general fund dollars. and then this group so if they are mexican nationals we do start coordinating to build a
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wall we can do this with the other nations pay for it but it is funded by border patrol agents who have their salaries reduced working with the obama administration that's why the stations that have fewer than 50 percent at the border patrol stations because they are demoralized t7 but i still don't understand the blockage you have republicans with immigration didn't happen over the last two years but now democrats have taken over it seems less likely so now can the president act for those who want border control? . >> three questions i will
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answer as quickly as i can because we have members of the republican congress who don't want border wall or border security. i think we could do it in the lame-duck emerging miley loan - - leadership to bring it to the hill i don't care who as long as it is a bill we can do that and we can get it to the senate the other problem the senate doesn't have the forces but you are right but that cabinet level secretary has not been helping too much to get this done. there was a caravan in april and i feel that we are not prepared for this one we have to face the fact that some leaders have let us down and
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congress has led us down t7 it is very frustrating. you have told me it basically will not go anywhere so the chief executive? to defend the border why can't he just do that without congress is it really that unconstitutional? . >> i think he can with some respects we gave that authority to redirect money. i think he can stop the asylum. but you have some rogue judges telling him he cannot do what i think he can constitutionally and others think as well. >> i appreciate that. good luck with the bill now i went to bring in teresa brown.
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from the custom border protection and now the director of the bipartisan policy center so i want to focus on one of those of the asylum is a big part of the story because people are presenting themselves at the border and that's one of the things that has been so hard. i have heard people say actually this international law if somebody shows up at the border to claim asylum there is nothing you can do about that. is that correct? . >> the united states is subject to international protocol but in this case us law says an immigrant who enters the united states whether or not at a port of entry can ask for asylum.
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that is us law. >> which one passed in 1980. >> very helpful so does that mean the president says to make the asylum claim you have to stay in mexico is that consistent with that law? . >> we have to allow individuals the chance to apply but i understand that it is discussed right now that after they have applied rather than being too released they would be returned to mexico to await the outcome there. there is a provision that permits that it has not been used previously because it requires mexico to agree for them to go back to wait there
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and we never had that prior ability to do that. >> so if this disagreement works with the incoming administratio administration, if they agree then that would be lawful? . >> there is a provision of the law at the port of entry is appealing that in the immigration court they can be returned in mexico to await and it has never been done before because it would require mexico to accept them back. i cannot say that is lawful it depends on the agreement and how it is implemented and where and what happens to the individual in mexico. there is a lot we still don't know.
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>> but i appreciate you clearing that up. thank you very much. . >> they did say to whip up the fear of immigrants it is a real problem. and with national security issue we don't have policies we cannot secure our border we have real enemies overseas. if you take a plane to mexico what this caravan is entering into. >> with a security aspect one of the things i'm interested in reading with the president's immigration policy.
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and they have arrived at tijuana and they have talked about the fact hundreds over the 61 - - 6000 were there for economic migrants. the whole argument to be compassionate actually it is the economic point. so half of those people and those that would threaten that prospect to support donald trum trump. >> absolutely and other numbers. and to say i will double down but my issue so far is those with the lift on - - the left you have a crime bill asking people to get on board talk about mass incarceration there are those that are locked up right now but yet the concern are those trying to break in.
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but those that are trying to break out. so i believe in doing the crummy man doing the time. but to that plea deal because they don't have adequate representation. and to make sure they have due process. and the black men that are in jail. so this is an issue with a very sore spot because i take offense to those who want to seek refugees but for those that are in my community i come from a migrant community. with a crime bill. . >> thank you for saying that the number one group that is negatively impact by illegal immigration are those that will impact negatively the black community. that is a conversation that needs to be started and had t7
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that democrats should be chairing the president and not standing in the way because this issue of immigration is defining for the populist movement so how would you say that trump administration could handle it? . >> from that executive side of the ledger gets the letter b. not because he wasn't trying to do what he promised but as the congressman from arizona pointed out secretary nielsen was not supportive of the president's policies but congress on the other's hide is flat out f.
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very good bill that was introduced into congress wanted leadership do? they did not put it on the fast track. to say. >> and the prospect and that prospect of moving the bill forward, we have a lame-duck session. . >> he is still there? . >> but that is so frustrating. and now we will move on. the east coast political to be a narcissistic dummy to watch tv and democracy of course. i have new information why today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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coast salivated of trump watching tv a lot talking about an ignorant and dangerous barbarian. . >> it is a stunning look inside the trunk presidency exposing a chaotic white house by a man who believes the key to power is fear. >> wet woodward has presented is a devastating portrait book we heard about chaos and dysfunction but the details i like nothing we have ever heard before. >> all of those anecdotes ring true. >> and to hold that up and to delivery distort what is in
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it. what woodward has done that woodward account in fact, tells a story if somebody focuses on the agenda and obsessed with delivering promises he was elected on blocked at every turn at almost everyone around him former secretary of state rex to listen defense secretary general matus the white house staff secretary that resigned in disgrace they were in the circle to overturn the results his signature issue for decades has been trade with nafta and other trade deals he could not have been clearer.
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. >> we will stop the tpp and totally renegotiate nafta one of the worst trade deals ever made by mankind. and reject every last - - protect every last american job. >> the president wanted to deliver by renegotiating trade deals that gary :-colon in general matus now has at central theme of the campaign with the endless foreign wars. . >> i will never send out the finest into battle unless absolutely necessary and will only do so if we have a plan for victory with a v-uppercase-letter and a try
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every trick in the book to break the promises to carry on with the failed policies that the trump 2016 agenda two and that elitist to have cheap labor to big business republicans to establishment democrats could anyone have misunderstood? . >> as far as the law is concerned we will build the wall in creative order and they will come in legally. . >> but on this issue we learned that far from undermining democracy president trump is upholding democracy with those policy changes that were voted for the word word book portrays a resolute president fighting
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exactly that elitist enemy. not just within his own administration but his own white house but far too many are still there next week we will be there and be a special edition of the swamp in the white house we will name names you don't want to miss it next sunday from dc. tell me what you think of that so chris you have bed a champion that the president was elected to deliver think we have seen this from inside the administration and with those bureaucracies. >> inside the white house.
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>> donald trump was right when he said he was building a movement. he is building a movement. for those that bought back in january of 16 or before that what does he do these are people that do not support the agenda why? that is left to their own thoughts but donald trump is the one person elected by the american people on a very clear platform putting america's first how they are related he is the person who put that out there and as a result talk about immigration reform you can see the
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globalist who are eager to use american troops to defend the border of somalia or iraq. . >> bad is beyond the pale. >> sure. any day of the week. . >> i work inside government to take this position and the truth is to get things done you have to bang the table and scream and yell so all of that is described in the book very accurately. actually elected - - actually doing what he is elected to do. clearly he is brilliant he just wanted against the establishment. people always want to bring up his tweets.
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that is exactly why he wanted he understood to harness the power of social media to get around the media to speak directly to the american people. fdr harness the power of the radio. donald trump is harnessing social media for those that speak nothing but lies speaking directly to the constituents. >> but in opposition to bernie sanders. and talk about trade and then to dissipate. i am not a socialist but i believe in trade and making sure people pay their fair share as they are using our resources.
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steve: election of president trump bringing jobs back to america in those they agree over the last two years changing the way they think they are doomed to repeat the senior manhattan institute a vision for the renewal of work in america. you have written a really important book so tell us the argument if you could. >> the argument is that work matters he has spent all of our time with economic policy
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to consume more stuff and have more cheap stuff and not worry what happens to the workers as they contribute to their communities and we need to turn that around to make sure workers are at the center of how we do things. >> specifically focusing on the nature and quality and the dignity that people get? . >> understand work is important to individuals with their satisfaction we know from a lot of social science it's to their mental health and families and it is important to their outcomes so while they just talk about pursuing passion that is not what work is about but having a purpose and have a way to
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support their family enemy don't pay attention to that and let that go away we see the results which are serious problems. >> what are those forces that undermine the work you are describing? . >> there is a whole range of policies that we really need to talk more about is education and the obsession with college for all of you get a college degree you go work at an office somewhere or if not you are a failure and that's not true. most americans don't even earn a community college degree but there are plenty of great jobs out there for less education and we could do even better for them if we focused on them and did not let them fall by the wayside but said you need a path from high school into the job market to focus on you
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not just those in college that would make a tremendous difference in people's lives and in our culture to respect whoever is working and where. steve: how does this fit in with the big trends with globalization? . >> that's a great question if all we care about is more cheap stuff then trade and automation is all the same but if we care about workers than it is different with automation and robots could be workers best friend normally that means the factory can make more and the community drives if you just shut down the factory obviously that is a disaster so we have to
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separate these things having the work in the production is important but we should celebrate bringing more technology into the workplace to be more productive and that will bring wages up over time. steve: fascinating i would like to talk to you more about it. congrats on the book it is a great book. again central to the whole trump argument. >> this is at the heart from 2015 talking about what was going on with the working class but also those anxieties will i have a job when i am 50? will i be outsourced will the factory close?
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so what do you do about it? he did write a great book and i salute him for it because he focuses on those core issues a bit of a different place tapping into big broad issues or things that we can do about that and he gets this right to elevate production overconsumption we did a great job with the consumer material society we want people to have that attachment and a big part of that is how do i do something that makes me productive? . >> i'm really sorry to say this on such an important topic that we will come back to it.
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steve: in the race for governor t ted run 18 percent from black female more than the average of 10 percent and rick scott in the same state on the same day because ron desantis promised to protect the school choice program while his democratic opponent ignored the issue. so when we look at popular snowman trade education is lifting working people. >> i could not agree more i see this all the time especially black mothers making them understanding to communicate they have been so bad that it couldn't get much
9:43 pm
better i totally foresee a black president from the democratic party once we can make people understand and they were negatively impacting the black family. >> my daughter went to elementary school so when you talk about choice driving 35 minutes every day because the place that i choose to live the schools are trash they were trash in florida so until we start investing one choice a lot of people don't have that opportunity to drive 35 minutes i make $85 a day as a substitute teacher who can afford to live off of that? because you don't have teachers in the school system we don't invest for the charter school yes black women
9:44 pm
did vote and we do love our children some people will vote on the issues i will not allow my child to be a sacrificial lamb while the government figures it out. . >> that this connects that point about work and opportunity and educational opportunity that will be such a winning message. >> exactly the black community we want opportunities but it comes down nobody communicate the message i thought i had to be a democrat because republicans would take that away from us today we learned history every turn of the democrat it is so important we hit the ground running not just during the election cycle but as we knock on doors now.
9:45 pm
>> so to talk about pro-choice that was one of the key things they pushed. >> this is why she became secretary of education i know people were complaining for other reforms that were necessary because she was very focused on school choice but she has done as much as she can but why double trump got this issue because he thinks of it as an intellectual abstraction but parents do what is best for their kids. >> liberals are weapon amazing the deadly california fire blaming president trump and climate change but actually he could be helping with the full story after the break
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steve: climate changes as central to the open border that is what they say is to blame those who blame president trump make things worse for my next guest has the latest commentary former congress member from california joins me i appreciate what you said from what president trump is criticized for blaming forest management with climate change so tell the story as you see it. >> twice the president has tweeted about fires that are very tragic and unfortunate twice over the summer and once about a week ago and immediately the pushback was severe governor brown and
9:51 pm
incoming governor newsom to say this guy is terrible he is horrible it's about climate change. but let me explain something. the president is right there are two bills the california legislature passed that now do exactly what the president was critical for california not doing to clear the brush , doing prescribed burns to lessen the fuel load and to streamline some of the bureaucracy the ministration has been so cumbersome that would fire marshals see the need to burn to reduce they have to contend with air quality management districts and 100 or 200 environmental plans sometimes the burn does not take place with the provision comes through after a terrible wildfire. steve: by the way but the
9:52 pm
timing i did think he could have shown some sympathy up front but it is an interesting story. someone told me all the farmland asked the fire service to clear away brush and that was reported by a neighbor than the california state official wildlife service told them they could not clear the brush because of habitat loss. that is typical. >> it is. the sad thing is the two bills that passed one dedicates $200 million per year beginning next year for five years to clear brush and thin trays - - trees the other streamlines the permit process i think it is too little too
9:53 pm
late as you see the left call for expensive fire tax they want to drive people off the urban interface and push people into the big cities they want to make a very expensive. people are losing fire insurance if you cannot get it you cannot buy a house with a mortgage this land is just about ready to become worthless because of government in action. now you have the president and the administration are trying to solve as well as forest management those are both or problems. >> i appreciate you being so specific thank you very much for joining us. steve: what the hell is going on with brexit? an important
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steve: teresa may may have agreed to a brexit deal some of that was actually part of the campaign let me tell you it is fake news because it is a fake deal the majority voted to leave the e.u. but the issue at the heart of the vote is national sovereignty that what they live under are represented by those unaccountable bureaucrats that they don't elect to our losing control. that means the uk is subject to e.u. law during the two-year transition. and there is no agreement at all what comes after that just the agenda for more talk it is a joke this to me so may stop negotiating with the e.u..
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and then that self nation just that important announcement one of the shows on the streaming platform vaccination will be hosted by me on monday as the name suggest to take a close look at the in-depth conversation with real experts and how brushed our conversations go on the show like tonight. so now to get you in the mood they pick the topic for the deep dive. >> i want to talk about immigration because that realization one - - issue of citizenship for the government that is the key issue. >> i want you to cut deep and talk about the crime deal.
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and to help restore. >> black conservative movement. steve: thank you so much. thank you for joining us. . mark: hello america, i'm mark levin. this is "life, liberty & levin." we have a great guest, george gilder, how are you? >> great to see you, mark. mark: i've read you for years, mark, we've never met. you attended harvard and you still are successful. that's a good thing. >> i wasn't successful at harvard. mark: yeah, you


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