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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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fire, trapped for 3 minutes before being rescued, he was abe to walk away unharmed. the woman was 100% sobber, no medical condition impacting decision-making, cited for careless driving but not injured. sometimes you don't follow the gps, this wraps up this hour of fox father or mother first, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye, bye. [shouting] jillian: monday november 26th, fox news alert, barricades and barb wires up in busiest border crossings in america. rob: demanding to be let in, brand-new threat from president trump to stop chaos at the border, also in the hot seat
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ousted fbi director james comey grill grilled on the hill next week but will this turn into a political carnival? jillian: prediction from a top republican, what trey gowdy says needs to happen to plug the leaks before they even happen and democrats just days away from deciding the next speaker of the house. rob: why all signs point to nancy pelosi despite rumor of rebellion, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rob: kind of funny playing the song while looking at a shot.
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jillian: calming before easing to the workweek. i kind of like it. rob: soothing song. you're watching "fox & friends first" on monday morning i'm rob schmitt. jillian: and i'm jillian mele, we begin with fox news alert, our nation's busiest port of entry reopens after hundreds of migrants storm the u.s.-méxico border. rob: border patrol agents forced to fire tear gas in uncontrollable crowds. griff jenkins live in washington with the trump administration's response to what happened on sunday, hey, griff? >> good morning, rob and jillian, hundreds of more than 500,000 migrants rushed given the trump administration with real test toward caravan, began and evolved into chaos when they became violent, mexican officials arrested dozens for aggressive charging that border, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen issuing statement, dhs would not
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tolerate this lawlessness and would not hesitate to shut down ports of entry and seek to prosecute to fullest extent of the law anyone who destroys federal property, endangers our frontline operators or violates our nation's sovereignty, officials had to temporarily close that port of entry and mexican officials are now vowing to deport those arrested as deputy commissioner of customs and border protection robert pérez told fox news that this caravan is unlike he's ever seen. >> this caravan and this phenomena and how it's manifested itself is absolutely unique to anything that we had seen in the past and the violence that has been perpetuated across two international borders and throughout the country of méxico is something that we have taken particular note of and that we are absolutely prepared to deal with if it were to occur. griff: prompting lawmakers heading back to washington today to put a priority on this. >> we have to get on top of this, it is a national security
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interest and top priority of the president and the congress. griff griff yesterday, guys, cooperation between the administration and the incoming new president over holding migrants in méxico as asylum applications play out rather than releasing them in u.s. but there's nothing firm on that look for that perhaps later today or later this week. jillian: all right, certainly looking for that. griff, live in washington, thank you. rob: many criticized president trump for handling of the border. jillian: editor of american greatness, globalists are more concerned securing foreign borders than they are our own. >> donald trump was right when he said two years ago that he was building a movement and he was right building a movement, there's two parts to that, not enough people there who already bought into the trump agenda on day one back in january of '16 or before that to staff all of the positions and so what did he do, he had to grab people from bush, these are people who do not support the president's
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agenda, they think that it is their job to stop the president. why? that's left -- that's left to the their own thoughts, but donald trump is the one person who was elected by the american people on a very clear platform of putting americans first whether it be on trade, immigration or two issues related or are on the foreign wars and he's the person that put that out there and people flock to him as a result of that. it's amazing to me when you talk about immigration, you see exact same people, you see the globalists who are willing to in fact, eager to use american troops to defend the borders of somalia but not the american border, our own american border and american interest. jillian: 5800 troops defending u.s.-méxico border are expected to be home by christmas. rob: british prime minister theresa may begins brexit sales pitch to parliament today, updating them on the terms of the brexit deal just reached
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with the european union, now the deal goes to a vote in the british house of commons in 2 weeks if it passes the uk will leave the eu on march 29th of next year, but if voted down the government can try to extend the deadline. we shall see. french president emmanuel macron expected to respond today to a weekend of violent protests, demonstrators angry over rising fuel taxes in france and cost of living. the french really know how to protest, thousands of protestors flooding the streets in paris, lighting fires and clashing with police, officials force today use water cannon and tear gas to try to regain control, at least 130 people were arrested. jillian: democrats now threatening potential government shotdown, they want protection for special counsel robert mueller in exchange for
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supporting the spending bill. mike joins us now, good morning, matt. >> we are inching closing for deadline, this morning democrats and republicans are warning of a government shutdown. here we go again. the president warned of a shutdown if he doesn't get funding for a border wall, senator key democrat on judiciary committee says democrats are at standstill when it comes to negotiating with president trump. >> we have tried to negotiate with him but he won't take yes for an answer so, of course, we are willing to talk about this but if he wants to just keep playing politics with it instead of getting it done we aren't going to be able to get it done. >> another major issue brewing right now democrats including senator ron say they may not work to pass federal budget if it does not include language to protect special counsel mueller's investigation, currently proposed measure to
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propose mueller for being excused aside grave problem. democrats want mat whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the russian probe. >> we are going to bring whitaker before the congress, if he's still in position at the time when democrats take over. >> the american people need to know, they deserve to know whether their president is interfering with the impartial administration of justice. >> democrats in the gop debating whether congress' new line of questioning with former director james comey about potential antitrump bias into the hillary clinton e-mail and russia investigation should be public, democrats say the interview should be open session, congressman trey gowdy says the interview should be video taped and released. the timeline and deadline is coming, guys, inching closer to another government shutdown. rob: okay, matt, thank you.
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jillian: another democrat who originally opposed nancy pelosi as house speaker now showing signs of support, steven lynch telling tv station saying he will vote for pelosi if it means not supporting a republican. last week new york democrat higgins reversed vote on pelosi and house democrats to nominate pelosi and at least 14 democrats have pledged against her. rob: all right, let's do sports, sunday night football, minnesota vikings outlasting green bay packers in critical showdown. >> first down and more and can he get in? yes. rob: that was very nice. [laughter] rob: touchdown pass securing 24-17 win. jillian: let's talk about denver, steelers kicker throwing touchdown pass to alejandro villanueva but the fake not
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enough. broncos beat pittsburgh 24-17. rob: bills and jaguars trading blows, look at this, i have seen on instagram. both ejected after the bills actually won, 24-21. jillian: eagles ending two-game losing streak. rob: chris carson flipping over. [laughter] rob: are you kidding me? incredible. [laughter] rob: seattle to 30 to 27 victory, i have to see it one more time over carolina panthers. that's fantastic. jillian: yeah. rob: i'm very impressed. jillian: ten minutes after the hour, tributes pouring in after officer and marine veteran is killed in line of duty. >> he came home, followed his dream and then died for his
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community. jillian: how that hero became a target all because of his uniform. rob: a tense morning along the border after u.s. agents fired off tear gas at hundreds of migrants who were trying to push their way across illegally. george rodríguez says the future of the border depends on one thing and he will tell us what that is coming up. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes,
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this situation could have been addressed a long time ago by méxico itself by not -- by closing its own borders, they're created this nightmare and now they don't know what to do with it. i'm very happy that they did the tijuana police did stand or try to at least to prevent the -- the rushing of the migrants but this has become tactic, this, you know, we have seen it in eastern europe where migrants stormed fences, we have seen it in gaza, and now we are seeing it on our own borders and has to be addressed in some form of fashion, we have to have politicians in our country that have the resolve, that have the backbone to defend american citizens to defend our sovereignty first and foremost. rob: it is interesting to see how it changes when all of a sudden méxico is on the hook for something here and they've got a stake in this game, this is kind of become their problem because of the way the administration is
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handling it, who what's do you think about their response? >> well, i think that the response is very tepid to be honest with you, their constitution calls for open borders, they have lived by the idea of immigration being the problem of -- illegal immigration being the problem of the united states and now all of a sudden, you know, what goes around comes around, it has come back and bitten them and they are having a very, very difficult time, you know, mexican politics is full of duplicity, they are two-faced, here all of a sudden they have illegal immigration problem of their own and they are trying to save face, they are trying to avoid looking racist, but you can't help it. i mean, you cannot allow foreigners to enter your country, you cannot allow that to happen, you can't have
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unvetted immigration into a -- into another country. jillian: you say tepid, i want i want to know what they can do immediately because it takes more than a night to make changes. >> i will be honest with you, what's going to take is complete shutdown of the border, i remember when i worked in reagan administration san ysidro used to be well known as soon as the sun would go down a lot of illegals would run across the border and there would be this cat and mouse game that was played played with the border patrol, the cat and house game has turned into lion game in our doorstep, what we need is to secure the border as much as we can even with the military because i believe very, very strongly this is an invasion, the other thing that we've got to have is we have to have politicians in washington that have the resolve that they are going to stand first of all to
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protect the american citizen and, you know, it's just amazing to me that the democrats are willing to shut down the country -- or the government rather to defend robert mueller but they're not willing to defend the american citizen by putting up a wall, that's amazing to me. rob: that is something, the media narrative on this is mostly women and children and that they are escaping violence in their own country, the department homeland security last week said that it's mostly young men and when you see video like you saw, what does that say to democrats' side of this and what the media has been pushing as narrative. >> it's fake news, it's absolute fake news, we see that the media sides with the globalists if i can use that term, it sides with the democrats, it is -- it is undermining american society, the american rule of law and they should be ashamed of themselves, all -- you cannot tell us that the emperor has new
2:19 am
clothes when we can see that he doesn't. rob: thank you for your time this morning, we appreciate it. we will continue to follow this story as it develops. jillian: it is 18 minutes after the hour, apparently the migrant caravan that we have been talking about is xrarr to jewish people fleeing nazi germany during holocaust, the controversial comparison from alexandria ocasio-cortez. rob: cybermonday, records to be smashed today, how to get the most bang for your buck with the most deals as you sit at work and shop all day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [upbeat music]
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jillian: a community mourning death of police officer and marine killed in line of duty, purposely hit by a car by gar -- burglary suspects try to get away. >> as much as we prepare for this job we are not prepared for this. it took us all by surprise. it's been very, very painful. jillian: hundreds of officers lining up as his body was moved from the hospital, honor guard will watch over him around the clock until his funeral. officer is survived by his wife and 4-month-old baby. gofundme page has raised more than $20,000, we have the link if you would want to donate. rob: american soldier identified killed in combat, alejandro jasso, the washington state
2:24 am
native was on his third deployment since enlisting in 2012. officials describe jasso as humble professional who would be deeply missed. second american troop killed in afghanistan just this month. jillian: every shopper's favorite day and that's because you don't have to leave your couch. rob: antisocial shopping, tracee carrasco on what's expected to be a historic cybermonday. >> single biggest online shopping day ever. americans are expected to spend a record $7.7 billion today cybermonday, that number is up over a billion dollars from a record set just last year, retailers have already scored major profits this weekend with overall black friday sales projected to total $23 billion alone, that's up 9% from 2017, now large chunk of that was generated on the jointer with online shoppers spending
2:25 am
$6 billion friday over a third of those sales made on cell phones, retailers saw less foot traffic in stores over the weekend which experts say could result in better deals today. >> stores that have an online store as well, if they don't have a great black friday, they are more nimble online and they may do something special on cybermonday than you got on friday. tracee: take a note, biggest deals, amazon flash -- slashing $300 off google chromebook and target offering 15% off thousands of items and lowes and hope -- home depot taking 40% on appliances. that's because of recent supreme court ruling requiring more companies to collect sales tax on online purchases. rob, jillian. rob: what a bummer that is.
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tracee, thanks so much. thanksgiving holiday travel has been halted for a lot of people, thousands of flights canceled, roads have turned into parking lots, janice dean live tracking a big storm that hit and has affected millions of people this morning. >> china wants to make a deal very badly. >> do you think it's going to happen? >> they will be paying tremendous amount of money. jillian: and president trump set to come face to face with china's president as he steps up pressure on trade and there's new signs that pressure is working, why our next guest says don't expect the left to give him any credit. i wasn't tough enough to quit on my own. not until i tried chantix. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. it reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could stop.
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rob: fox news alert, chaos erupting at our nation's busiest port of entry. border patrol agents firing tear gas into the crowds after some of the migrants became violent
2:30 am
allegedly throwing rocks at some of the officers there. this all happening yesterday, officials temporarily closed the port of entry at san ysidro near san diego, it has since reopened at some point last night it opened. mexican officials now vowing to deport any migrants who try to cross into our country illegally and they are also help to go tighten security there, the mexicans and the americans working together, jillian. jillian: the united states offering $5 million to find those responsible for the 208 -- 2008 terror attacks, officials in india honor anniversary by laying wreaths at memorial site. wikileaks says lawyers were turned away from ecuadoran
2:31 am
embassy, they need to discuss u.s. court hearing on tuesday, the hearing is to remove secrecy order. a major east coast bridge is back open after toxic gas leak stopped traffic for hours, closing in both directions as firefighters tried to control flammable gas. officials say there was a high-risk of catastrophic explosion on the bridge that connects delaware and new jersey, the cause of the leak is under investigation. and in the midwest weather causing chaos for millions of travelers trying to get home from thanksgiving holiday, snow blanketing major roads from kansas city to chicago, more than a thousand flights canceled on sunday and hundreds more today. janice dean live a couple feet away in the studio. >> it is my weather center everywhere i go.
2:32 am
what a miserable day in folks across the central u.s., blizzard all the way up to chicago and great lakes and we have cooler temperatures behind this system. that's not going to move into the northeast. let's take a look at it, past 24 hours, still snowing in chicago, moving out of kansas city, we will see potential for snow and the backside of the storm along the coast that's where it's warm enough for just a rain event but also gusty winds, so travel today would be difficult if not impossible in some of the areas as the storm continues to move east ward, you can see new york city 5:00 p.m., rush hour, a lot of heavy rain, anticipate a rough rush hour home, thankfully it won't be snow but rain and gusty winds, there's your forecast prescription, we could see a couple of inches across portions of northeast, new jersey, up towards new england and the snow on the backside for great lakes, there's the
2:33 am
forecast today, the central u.s., the midwest areas that were hit hard by blizzard, calming period as we head into the next couple of days, that system will move across the east coast today and new system moving into the northwest for more rain and mountain snow, we will certainly keep you up to date, but if you are traveling, call ahead, always a good idea, rob, thank you. rob: the storm has carley shimkus stuck in chicago. couldn't make it to work today. janice: more thanksgiving turkey. rob: there you go. president trump prepares to come face to face with chinese president xi jinping when he travels to buenos aires to g20 summit and confident that aggressive strategy has china ready to make a deal. >> china wants to make a deal very badly because of the tariffs, they'll be paying tremendous amount of money which frankly is great for our country, we are taking in billions of dollars from china. rob: all right, so so-called
2:34 am
trade war is in fact, working would the president's critics give him credit for that, here to discuss senior portfolio manager rick -- i'm sorry, alan. >> that's fine. rob: i want to bring up information on the screen here about this trade war, it's about $250 billion is what the penalty we put on china is and u.s. consumers of that 250 billion are only going to feel the burden of 4.5% of that and 25% goes on chinese who are going to feel the impact of that and you say that that's because the perfect goods have been chosen by the americans to put tariffs on, explain that to us. >> the government has chosen goods where the producers in china have to bear most of the tariffs, right now survey that said that 4 and a half percent would be born by americans and so that is an argument that this
2:35 am
is positive development in trade war. rob: even 250 billion-dollar tariffs, tariffs hurt both sides, this one is much more impacting the chinese because they picked product that is we can buy from other places. these aren't product that is the chinese say, you want tariff, we will charge you more. >> has to do with price elasticity also, the $250 billion worth of goods the net effectiveness is it has gone down. the americans have only been hurt 15% going out to china. look, they are in the situation where they sell more stuff to us than we sell to them. rob: that's the imbalance. >> that's the argument that president trump has said this has been unfair and now we will go ahead and fight a trade war and until the time where they sit down and be fair with us. rob: it's a fairly impressive manipulation that the president has pulled off here, you would think that it would come from democratic president the guys
2:36 am
that are big fans of correcting imbalances like bernie sanders and chuck schumer would be really touting this and be proud of this development. >> i would be cautious to call manipulation. i think what president trump is trying to do is he's trying to level the playing field but the president with the problem, not the problem with the president but problem with america today is it doesn't make difference how successful the numbers show that the president is, people are willing to discount attributing that to president trump and attribute it to something else. look at unemployment numbers, look at gdp and trade now. rob: look at china's economy now taking hits and maybe in good position come buenos aires in argentina. >> he's speaking from a position of strength, he's trying to speak of position that america is great and a position in buenos aires, you know, what if he comes up with a deal hopefully people can see past political inclinations and give him credit if he's successful. rob: big meet to go watch, we
2:37 am
will follow that, of course, let's talk about federal reserve and interest rates, they keep spiking up. the president doesn't like that, there's no concerns regarding inflation, why are rates going up? >> my daughter, she's animal fan and plug to get her dog to my wife, when you see a bear sometimes you have to play dead and the federal reserve is on aggressive course, they are moving forward, raising interest rates, interest rates affect the economy, if raising interest rates can hurt the economy and we are in a period of transition now, now we have a democratic house, we didn't have that before and since right before the election until now the stock market is down almost 10%, and because of that, now is the time to take -- to rein in the horn and to think about what you are doing and the federal reserve cannot be on predetermined course to raise interest rates which ultimately can hurt the economy. rob: do you think the president is right, that the fed needs to cool it for a while? >> not only the president but
2:38 am
the market is saying take some time, don't do anything right now. don't hurt the economy because this could actually have political implications for 2020, if the fed goes ahead and raises interest rate and derails the economy, what does that do to a president who has had so much successful with unemployment and gdp? >> alan, pleasure, from ubs. is it high time for recreational marijuana to pass in deep blue new jersey, we are live with the latest on the garden state debate, that's coming up next. how did this car end up like this? stuck on the train tracks, very bizarre explanation that has even police scratching their heads, stay tune. (chime)
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2:42 am
marijuana. rob: key vote as begin debating plan. live from union city, new jersey with the details, hey, carrey. >> rob and jillian good morning to both of you, hearings are scheduled to take place today at the state house and if lawmakers reach agreement new jersey would become the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, here is what would happen today, lawmakers will be meeting to hammer out details, this is after months of negotiations, legislation would legalize possession and personal use of one ounce or less of marijuana for people at least 21 years' old and also provide a way to have previous arrests and convictions for minor marijuana offenses to be expunged from criminal records. if this marijuana legislation is approved by joint session of the senate and assembly budget committees today the next step would be four votes in both chambers, that could happen as early as next month and then
2:43 am
democratic governor phil murphy is expected to sign into law. one particular sticking point and that's tax rate, sales of the drug will be taxed 12% according to legislation, murphy has sought 25% tax rate and there's opposition to legalization, 40 municipalities including union city right now that have spoken out publicly and said that they do not want marijuana to be bought or sold within their city limits, meanwhile members to have public will get chance to voice opposition or speak out about this in state house in trenton, today, recent polls show that 62% of new jersey voters are in favor of legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes so that is the latest live from here in union city, new jersey this morning, rob and jillian, i will send things back to you. jillian: 12%. rob: decriminalize in new york, there's kids smoking joints on the side of the road because they will not get arrested, it's
2:44 am
wild. appreciate it. center of major legal battle. the supreme court to set arguments today whether apple is breaking antitrust laws, tech giant accused of monoploizing. the company doesn't sell them directly. jillian: president trump is heading back on campaign trail today, he's holding two make america great again rallies in mississippi just one day before the state senate runoff election, stumping for republican incumbent senator cindy hyde smith, gop political analyst mark smith joinened us last hour to explain why the president's appearances does matter. >> the president is taking nothing for granted and that's why he's showing, donald trump is very popular in mississippi, just about making sure that the people who voted for donald trump the last go-around come back and vote again tomorrow. jillian: neither hyde smith nor democratic opponent mike epsy
2:45 am
secured 50% of the votes during midterms. president trump has been calling for border wall since the beginning. >> we are building a wall on the southern border, we will build the wall. build that wall, build that wall. jillian: now the president is threatening a shutdown if congress doesn't make it congress. will lawmakers come together and get it done? we debate it next. rob: first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". steve: how are you? jillian: good and you? steve: which day has better deals, do you think black friday or cybermonday? jillian: cybermonday. steve: i think so so too. today is the day, i will go shopping instead of christmas eve. we have busy three hours kicks off 15 minutes from right now. laura trump will be with us, the daughter-in-law of the president of the united states, speaker of the house newt gringrich, stuart
2:46 am
varney and jones and particularly what is happening down in san diego in san ysidro port where pepper gas was sprayed all of this people talking about that on cybermonday, "fox & friends" starts in about 14 minutes from now. rob: you're the last-minute guys normally? are you the guy that is don't know anniversary after 25 years of marriage? >> no, because my wife leaves me card happy anniversary and then i come home and i have something, nonetheless i go home with something. rob: smart woman, thanks so much. jillian: see you then. knowing . don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program,
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rob: incoming congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez comparing to caravan as holocaust survivors, wasn't a crime and wasn't for jewish families fleeing germany, it wasn't for communities fleeing war-torn syria and it isn't for those fleeing violence in central america. of course, hundreds of migrants stormed southern border over the weekend and dozens have been placed under arrest. i will consider running for president, statement from cory booker, tells new jersey advanced media that people around the country are talk with him about a possible run after visiting 24 states in the run-up to midterms, a new state law will allow him to run for president and senate at the same time. jillian. jillian: the fight to fund the border wall could turn into a government shutdown with president trump letting money run out if deal isn't made before december 4th deadline,
2:51 am
can congress get it done? here now to debate is democratic strategists roger and former chairman of missouri republican ed martin, ed, good morning, i want to start with you on this one, what do you think it'll take to get something done and will it get done? >> well, i have to say the president has teed up the conversation and maybe facts and events will help them do that but obviously what we are seeing from the border is putting a lot of pressure on republicans to -- to stand up and fight back, so i think the president will come from a strong position as you point out recently or earlier in the show, the president ran on this issue, if you show the images of him, you ran -- he ran on build the wall. so i think he will go all the way. i think he will -- he loves the television coverage in terms of making his argument and it's happening right now on every channel even ones that don't want to give him a break. i think the president is in a strong position.
2:52 am
now the question is who in the house is going to lead because paul ryan i'm told from sources he's really not involved anymore. so how can kevin mccarthy or whomever get this done. it's going to be interesting couple of weeks. illinois jilg -- jillian: roger, i want to go to you, doesn't mean that democrats will support it, what do you think democrats will do here? >> i think we meet this morning at essentially the first day of a new reality for the trump administration, what the president has to do is decide how much he's going to double down on appealing to his base because his task right now is to pivot from the campaigning that he conducted leading into the midterms and now try to actually legislate. the most interesting to me is not the traditional democratic-republican dynamic, we know that'll be contentious, i think it's very possible that the destiny of the president -- of the president's beloved wall could very welcome down to that
2:53 am
short list of house gop members who lost because of him, so if you are mia love or mike kaffman were called out bit republican lawmakers, there's not incentive to throw lifeline to the president. in another sense he has to hold together his own caucus that he has made a point of insulting so it was a steep climb to begin with, especially after saying that méxico will pay for the wall and now he's willing to shut down the american government but he actually now needs to court some of those republican who is lost in the midterms but are still in office for the next few weeks even after he insulted them the morning after the midterms. jillian: ed, what do you say to that? >> i like roger's spin on this but here is what's happened in the last week hillary clinton and john kerry came out effectively and said donald trump was right on immigration,
2:54 am
that's what the speeches were, they were commenting on europe. democrats are say if we do the same-ole playbook we will lose the majority. i think it's exactly the opposite. the president knows -- the images from the border, there's invasion happening. the president knows he's winning on the optics and i agree with this, he has the please the base but i think you're saying -- mia love would have won if he shooed stood with the president on immigration, they didn't. stand with the president on immigration and you will see a huge turnout of trump voters who are not just republicans, they are democrats and you win, so this is a test but the test is whether the democrats want to be in the minority in 2 years or in the house or if they want to try to do something different. jillian: roger, a couple of seconds, final word? >> well, the president just vilified the democrats yesterday, it's interesting that he can be the champion and the victim in every single situation. he said the democrats are responsible for this caravan which i guess contains isis and
2:55 am
smallpox and number of other things, that's not the way to reach consensus, that's not the way to reach across the aisle, it's a difficult reality for the president and the next few weeks will be very telling. jillian: yes, they will, appreciate your time, we are coming right back. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, . . no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. hundreds of migrants camped across the border rushing our nation's largest port of
2:59 am
entry. border agents firing tear gas into kay out particular crowds. lawmakers heading back to washington this week putting a priority on border security. >> we know that there are harmful human traffickers, drug cartels who take advantage of our porous border and have for years. we have to get on top of this. brianna cia posting this picture asking people to track this girl down. her tweet finding its way to heidi trand who tweeted heard you are looking for me and now catching up on social media all these years later. jillian: nosey bear moseys into the highway patrol
3:00 am
office. venging machine before heading out the door. rob: woman caught driving on train tracks tells police the g.p.s. told her to do it. the woman was 100 percent sober. cited for careless driving. how in the world you could think that g.p.s. wants you on a train track is beyond me. jillian: maybe don't do that if your g.p.s. tells you to. have a good day. [shouting] >> hundreds of migrants storm the u.s.-mexico border. >> border patrol agents forced to fire tear gas. this caravan and phenomenon is absolutely unique to anything we have seen in the past. >> of course we don't want to see the border closed. but, you know what? safety of our nation comes first. >> one of the busiest travel days of the year and blizzard warnings are stretching through the heart of the country. at least 1,000 flights have been cancelled so far and the roads are not much better. >> democrats now threatening a potential government shut down.


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