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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 26, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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venging machine before heading out the door. rob: woman caught driving on train tracks tells police the g.p.s. told her to do it. the woman was 100 percent sober. cited for careless driving. how in the world you could think that g.p.s. wants you on a train track is beyond me. jillian: maybe don't do that if your g.p.s. tells you to. have a good day. [shouting] >> hundreds of migrants storm the u.s.-mexico border. >> border patrol agents forced to fire tear gas. this caravan and phenomenon is absolutely unique to anything we have seen in the past. >> of course we don't want to see the border closed. but, you know what? safety of our nation comes first. >> one of the busiest travel days of the year and blizzard warnings are stretching through the heart of the country. at least 1,000 flights have been cancelled so far and the roads are not much better. >> democrats now threatening a potential government shut down. they want protection for
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special counsel robert mueller in exchange for supporting the spending bill. >> french president emannuel macron expected to respond to a weekend of violent protest. >> the riots we saw yesterday are increasing vote of no confidence in emanuel macron. >> expected to be the biggest shopping day ever. americans are expected to spend a record $7.7 billion on cyber monday. ♪ the trumpets they go ♪ steve: let's hurry up and get this show over with i have got to do some shopping. ainsley: cyber monday is today. thanksgiving has come and gone already. hope you had a great one. steve: we did. how about you? pete: i did. great to be here. great song by jason derulo. steve: on this monday morning after the big thanksgiving, everybody is talking about what's going on at our southern border just to the south of san diego. and we start with a fox news
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alert. because hundreds of people, many from that migrant caravan have stormed the u.s. border yesterday. ainsley: border patrol agents forced now fire tear gas into the crowd that was uncontrollable. pete: our own griff jenkins live in washington with the. >> there is more than 5,000 camped across that border. hundreds rushed the border. giving the administration the first real test of its policy toward the caravan. began peacefully devolved into chaos when migrants became violent throwing rocks at border patrol. forcing them to fire tear gas into tijuana and force the port of entry into san hid degree. officials arrested dozens charging that border. the deputy commissioner and customs told "fox & friends" that this caravan is unlike any he has ever seen. >> this caravan and this phenomenon and how it has manifested itself is absolutely unique to anything we have seen in the past.
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and the violence that has been perpetuated across two international borders and throughout the country of mexico is something that we have taken particular note of and that we are absolutely prepared to deal with if it were to occur. >> guys, caught in the middle of all of this the tijuana's mayor says this is a crisis. he doesn't have the resources to deal with it meanwhile mexican officials are vowing to deport all of those they arrested yesterday. we were one of the first to report that this was coming. and we will be one of the first today, guys, to tell you it's far from over as the officials there try to figure out what to do. steve: that's right. pete: griff, yesterday on the program you were the first to report that indeed portions of this caravan would be heading to that port of entry. what are you hearing about today or the days that follow? >> i'm hearing that the situation is one that they really haven't had to deal with since the caravan arrived. i'm hearing there are a lot more coming. and i am headed out very shortly here to try to get out there myself to give you an inside look of what's happening. the situation to put it
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bluntly is quite fluid, guys. airs airs theguys. ainsley: they had to stop traffic at san hid degree border. they closed traffic by foot and on car. they had to do that four hours. they closed the foot traffic and five and a half hours they closed vehicles. griff: that's right. nothing north and nothing south. at the end of the day, once people get across, we still have a policy that tells them because of a judge's ruling that they can claim asylum and it is this catch and release policy that you are going to talk a lot about today is at the center of it all. we are not aware of any of these migrants that actually got across the border. but we will get details perhaps later from officials. steve: griff jenkins joining us live from the bureau. travel safely. we will see new california it all started yesterday morning at 11:20 when apparently the migrants started clashing with mexican police. you can see right there on the mexican side. they rushed concrete canal near the pedestrian bridge
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and then 50 people ran past the police, broke through a hole in the border fence, and then some of the people in the group threw rocks at agents on the other side apparently a number of border patrol agents were hit by rocks and that's when they started shooting tear gas to disperse the crowd. that's what everybody is talking about this morning that they fired tear gas. pete: yeah, not the first time we will talk a little bit about the fact that tear gas has been employed before. we saw in those images when griff was talking, there were young men hurling rocks at border patrol agents. not acceptable. if you are going to attempt to do that while coming in our country, then you are going to get tear gas in your face. that's the way the world works. ainsley: cirs citizen nielsen released a statement dhs will not tolerate this type of law alsoness and shut down ports of entry for security and public safety reasons.
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we will also seek to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who destroys federal property, endangers our front line operators or violates our nation's sovereignty. steve: this is nothing new, because, on the san diego newspaper, back in november of 2013, the san diego union tribune, they ran a story that sounds eerily familiar. apparently a group of 100 people tried to illegally cross the border. they threw rocks and bottles at border patrol agents and the agents responded and this an image from the border patrol in 2013. the agents responded by spraying pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into mexico. that happened during the obama administration. pete: i remember seeing those images. there is a video of it as well. if you are on this side of the border and dividending your country and the wall or whatever barrier is there you will use whatever is necessary nonlethal force to prevent that trump is serious about that.
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mexico is feeling the heat. i hope what griff reported is correct they will attempt to deport as reported a lot of the migrants that attempted to illegally cross into our country. that's what we are being told that would be a result of pressure from our country just like they are possibly holding asylum seekers on that side of the border. listen, migrants, at this point, they are flagrant law breakers. they say they are here to break the law. they say they want to claim asylum. not clear what their intentions really are if no one got in then mission success yesterday. ainsley: president ran on this issue. is he tough on this. he said earlier this month we are not going to put up with this. they want to throw rocks at our military. our military will fight back. steve: i was listening to the radio on the way in this morning. they were talking to the people who did the rushing. so migrants. we are frustrated. we have been sitting in tijuana for a couple of weeks and we're ready to go. i don't know why yesterday was the day. you know, you've got to figure that they are looking
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and they are frustrated. they would like to enter the country, the united states, they would like to apply for aasylum and be accepted. those are daunting odds when you think i'm just going to run through that little hole in the wall over there and get past all those guys with guns. that's the level of frustration. pete: that's true. do you know who else is frustrated who feels like their border has been wide open for two decades. one flash point and president finally taking it serious. another 2,000 miles of our border without walls. where thousands of people are literally running across the border and we have no idea who they are. that's the conversation that needs to be had. that's why this flash point is so important. if you are going to use a political movement to prove a point, we're going to stop you. ainsley: you have thousands of people down there on the border. some of the images are women and children. most of them are men according to kristin nielsen. when you look at images, yes you have a heart for them but you cannot deny they are there. the media said this caravan
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is not coming or not as big as everyone said it is and it's not a threat. listen. >> they have been running on an imaginary caravan. the. >> the caravan was a complete reuse. it was a joke and fear and loathing. >> caravan was propaganda. >> it's a lie this caravan is a problem of that magnitude. >> i as a national security official would want to focus on actual threats and not invented threats of caravans a thousand miles away. >> solution to the caravan invasion all along wasn't the troops or a wall apparently just getting past the midterm elections. pete: i believe it was ben rhodes the man that gave us the iran deal. i would like to hear more from him about invented threats. steve: you know, the people to the south of our border port are frustrated but so are the american people. how many times have we heard oh, congress has got to work together and get something done? congress has to fix it. this is a big fat mess. the president was -- has been very clear about what
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he wanted, the four pillars of his plan. but he hasn't really been able to get off the mark with thget offthe mark. >> tenable solution long-term. you might say it's get a little bit to get the solution. ainsley: thousands of people are down there at the border. people agrees we need immigration reform. how we get there, everyone disagrees on that. pete: especially the wall. steve: let us know at or also on facebook as is jillian mele who joins us with the headlines. jillian: good monday morning. hope you had a good weekend. get you caught up with news starting with this. american soldier killed in combat just identified as sergeant alan drow jsstro. lost his fight on saturday. the washington state native
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was on his third deployment since enlisting in 2012. he is described as a humble professional who will be deeply missed. he's the second american troop killed in afghanistan this month. winter weather causing a mess for travelers trying to get home from thanksgiving holiday. white out condition. hundreds grounded today. that system now moving east into indiana and michigan. president trump heading back on the campaign trail today. is he holding two great america great again rallies in mississippi one day before the state senate run off elections. he is stumping for republican incumbent senator cindy hide smith. neither secured 50% of the vote during the midterms. in just hours, nasa will be attempting to land space craft on mars. the agency bracing for 7 minutes of terror starting from the moment it touches
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the red planet's atmosphere, from that point everything must be precise and go perfectly in order to stick the difficult landing. if successful, the insight probably will be able to give us more insight on the interior of mars. fascinating. steve: it is fascinating. apparently when they pop the chute the thing going like 15,000 miles per hour when it touches down it should be going 5 miles per hour. jillian: does it make that noise? steve: coming up on this monday, senator kamala harris could run for president in 2020. but she could lose some of her power on the senate first. we will tell you about that. ainsley: how did this car end up stuck on train tracks? the bizarre explanation that has police scratching their heads today. that story is coming up ♪ ♪ oh!
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gas to protect themselves. ron coal burn is joining us right now from phoenix. ron, when you look at those images, what do you think? >> well, certainly, this particular group, the caravan, which has been well-organized and supported from outside sources has a core of violence to it that basically communicates a sense of entitlement. these are persons that one would like to think are true refugees but they are not showing that in their actions. steve: when you look at -- and you look at the story, where apparently hundreds of them just decided, you know, we are frustrated. let's make a run at the border. there was a small hole they were able to puncture through the border wall and they hurled all sorts of rocks, et cetera. at the border patrol agents and then they fired the tear gas. is that warranted? >> absolutely. to clarify, the type of
3:18 am
deterrent they used is oc pepper spray. literally water, pepper with a small amount of alcohol for edevelop poor ration purposes. it's natural. you could actually put it on your nachos and eat it. it's a good way of deterring people without harm. steve: there was a story over the weekend that mexico would agree to keep people seeking asylum in mexico. they say that is not a done deal. no deal there. but, nonetheless, it looks like they are trying to review videotape and figure out who some of these people were who stormed the border and deport them back to their country of origin. >> yes. mexican citizens have just as much an expectation of their government of protection as those in the united states. this particular caravan, especially the one arrived in tijuana along our 2,000-mile border has been unusually violent.
3:19 am
so mexican nationals also have a right to protection. the right to deport central america, south america, eastern hemisphere is righteous. steve: starting last week when the president and the department of homeland security along our nation's armed forces reinforced the southern border down there stories, circulating, rumors that some of the migrants were going to try to race across through the vehicle lanes. in fact, those rumors are still alive this morning. clearly after what happened this weekend, the border patrol is ready for anything. >> yes. lessons learned going all the way back into the early 1990s. we saw masses of persons crossing into the united states right through the vehicle lanes at ports of entry san hid degree was particularly victimized by this. it makes the traveling public from mexico into the united states as well as the
3:20 am
inspectors at the ports of entry vulnerable to violence. so they have reinforced the border well. steve: let's see what happens. ronald coal burn thank you for joining us from phoenix. >> my pleasure. steve: what do you think about that one sells they must pick a progressive to take on trump in 2020. will that hurt democrats? fiery debate between two democrats is coming up next. plus, how did this car end up stuck on the train tracks? wait until you hear what the driver told the cops. ♪ ♪ 55 ♪
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ainsley: we are back with headlines starting with a fox news alert. the united nations calls an emergency meeting today as russia seizes ukrainian ships. russia opening fire on three vessels claiming they crossed into the water illegally. also today theresa prime minister theresa may begins battle with parliament on brexit deal. terms just reached with the european union. the british house of commons votes on brexit in two weeks. if it passes the u.k. will lead the eu on march 29th. pete? pete: a democratic senator now claiming in 2020 that moderate also lose and democrats will put forward a progressive to take on president trump. the senator is brian schatz of hawaii. he tweeted this: he said a few thoughts on 2020 since all of my friends appear to be running, which is good, first no one should be trying to figure all this out before the voting starts. second, we must reject the
3:25 am
premise that this is a fight between moderates and progressives. we are going to nominate a progressive, he says. but is this the best strategy? here to debate former democratic member of the ohio state senate can a tri cafaro and progressive commentator and co-founder of run for america david burnstein. thank you both for being here this morning. >> absolutely. pete: i will put my cards on the table. feels like a bit of a catch-22. seems to be with progressive, socialism. open borders. universal income. medicare for all. those feel like messages tough to sell in states you need to win like wisconsin, ohio, and michigan. david, do you feel like this advice nominating a progressive is a recipe for winning in 2020. >> i really think it is. i think as we look at it 2020 is going to be very much a base election. it's going to be really important to turn out the base voters who helped deliver the majority for democrats just a couple weeks ago.
3:26 am
and democrats would be well-served to actually put up someone who could go toe to toe with trump and turn out their base to do it. the chance that moderate democrats are going to vote for president trump is about zero. the chance that independents who have already made up their mind are going to change their mind at this point puts democrats in a strong position to actually nominate someone who can speak boldly to their message and not someone wishy washy in the middle. pete: it does feel like the energy of the base is with the far left of the democratic party. where is the space for a moderate to gain traction? >> look, the fact that like wishy washy, i don't know about that. but, look, i mean, there is no way that a progressive is going to win in 2020 because, pete, for exactly what you said, the 2020 census basically is going to drive the 2022 district maps. why is that important? because still in 2020 we are dealing with the exact same electoral college map. and like even though frozen pros
3:27 am
did pick up seats in places like arizona, nevada, et cetera, the map right now is still necessary to win places like ohio, wisconsin, michigan, pea. so, and like believe it or not, when you say like i think my colleague there said that moderates are not going to vote for trump? moderates elected donald trump. because they felt they didn't have a choice, okay? so, in order to beat donald trump, we need to get the moderates back. pete: that's a good point. you have union members and others. >> exactly. pete: former rust belt states. >> my state. pete: fly overstates to vote for president trump even though they had a lifelong relationship with the democratic party. is that a problem for you? >> two things to consider. any democrat i think we know who is going to run painted as a far left progressive no
3:28 am
matter if they actually are or not. i think that democrats should be less worried about that. and number two, i think we have siena lot of data and polls people have southward soun president trump. those kind of voters. support among voters very high some of those have soured on president trump. they feel he hasn't delivered on the promises which actually align much more on a progressive side. pete: hold on, capri, i will let you respond to that because you are from some of those states who elected on president trump. he has delivered on wanting border enforcement. even though congress hasn't delivered he is serious about it. jobs in the economy have returned to places where we were told they would never come back and minority communities and others where he said take a bet on me have seen their unemployment rate drop to historic lows. does he not have a great case to make in a lot of places that elected him to give him four more years? >> you can spin those numbers any way you want. we still have issues in regards to wage gaps, for example, in places like my
3:29 am
home community in trumbull county, ohio where 1500 jobs have been lost in lords town in trumbull county. it hasn't been felt everywhere because some of the trade issues have become back fired. look at harley in wisconsin talking about moving their operations over to europe because they are concerned about eu retaliatory tariffs. so, it's not necessarily all rosy for president trump and that is why a moderate from the midwest could actually make some ground. pete: email us. what do you think our viewers i will put my vote in there. david, i think the energy is on your side. even if there is a lot of logic to capri's argument. thank you both for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. pete: moments ago, president trump reacts to hundreds of migrants storming the border. dan bongino says the invasion is real. he is up next. look who is hangs out with
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. president trump weighing in on that migrant caravan storming the border this morning. ainsley: mexico should move the flag waving migrants many of whom are stone cold criminals back to their countries do. it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want. but they are not coming into the u.s.a. we will close the border permanently if need be. congress, fund the wall. pete: here to react is author of spy gate the attempt to sabotage donald j. trump. dan bongino. do it by plane, do it by
3:34 am
bus, dan, your reaction? >> pete, chaos isn't a brand you want to run on. democrats have shown no substantive policy proposals to stop this chaos on the border at all. donald trump right now seems to be the only prominent republican out there really speaking out forcefully on this issue. listen, guys, we were told a couple of things, right? that there was no caravan by the liberal media and democrats. that's clearly not true. we were told secondly this was not an invasion which as of yesterday, griff, and i don't mean to be hyperbowl lick about it clearly what happened yesterday were people trying to invade our border. what do yo do you believe? your lying eye us? eye or the liberal media? it happened yesterday. ainsley: some of the democrats were on the sunday show over the weekend. maxine waters called the border crisis a political ploy on behalf of the president he wants to stoke fear painting migrants out to be dangerous and unfortunate. amy klobuchar was on one of the shows and she is blaming republicans for all of this and the president.
3:35 am
>> my mom taught second grade until she was 70 years old. she always told me if you do something wrong, you don't tell the truth, you take responsibility for it you don't blame it on the other kid. he controls the white house. his party controls the house and the senate and it is on them. he has gut punched us on that a number of times. we have the will to put the money at the border for better security and combine it with some sensible reforms. he has chosen, instead, to weaponize this, to politicize it. and i just think it's wrong for our economy and it is also wrong for our work with the rest of the world. ainsley: dan, your reaction? >> no. you know, i don't accept that and you shouldn't either. pete: that'thank you. >> i wake um every morning i'm a conservative i don't have to lie like you just did. i don't want the focus group test either. she is just lying. she made that up. donald trump offered them a deal on daca. he offered them a deal.
3:36 am
you give us the wall. we will give you your daca. i didn't even agree with by the way. amy global char going on a national television program and claiming that deal never happened and republicans have no solutions on immigration laws, do you understand, guys, that's a lie? amy klobuchar just made that up. if you believe it, you are a fool. that did not happen. just go to this thing on your phone called the interweb and look it up yourself. donald trump offered them a deal. the democrats don't want. this is garbage. how can you be a liberal and lie to people like that on tv and get away with it? it's a shame. pete: she traffics in that pretends to be mrs. nice of minnesota. she has the highest turnover in her staff. they do you do police stis city. plays moderate but absolute voting leftist in the u.s. senate. it's the way they all operate, dan. >> duplicity is the best word. amy klobuchar ♪ ignorant. she is a bright woman. i wish she was.
3:37 am
if she was dumb you could say oh, don't worry. she doesn't know better. she does know better. she is very smart. she know what is she said on immigration is an absolute lie. trump offered them a deal. not only that pete, he offered them a deal on the daca side better than the one they would have gotten under a democrat administration. and the democrats still said no. because they don't want donald trump to have a win policywise on immigration on anything. because they are obsessed with taking this president down. it is disgusting. this is what you voted for in the house and the senate if you voted democrat by the way. steve: dan, as we look at these images yesterday on the noon hour on our west coast, you can see the migrants are throwing things. a number of border patrol agents were hit by rocks. they were able to -- about 50 of them were able to squeeze through a hole in the border wall and then to gers the crowd, border patrol as you can see right there. used pepper spray. tell us what pepper spray is like. >> well, you have two different types of these
3:38 am
nonlethal chemical devices. you have devices make you cry and tear and pepper which basically burns. but it's temporary. thankfully, listen, it's not preferable, i'm not saying it's a pleasant experience. but it doesn't do any damage and the minute you put water in your eyes it's over within a few minutes. again, it's an unpleasant experience, steve, i asked people who have a problem with this, well, what do you want our brave men and women defending our women to do if they are having rocks thrown at them and you have a bunch of people storming the border? what's your option? what do you want them to do? use foul language? i mean, there is nothing -- they have to defend themselves. these are brave men and women defending our border. this is not a pleasant situation. i'm not suggesting that there were good options. i'm suggesting to you there are only less bad options. and this was the less bad option here. steve: dan, we see these images on the front of every paper it shows a woman and her two children who got some of the pepper spray.
3:39 am
we don't want women and children or anybody to wind up getting pepper sprayed. >> of course not. no, of course not. but, steve, the only wave to stop that is to not storm the border. ainsley: exactly. if you don't want a speeding ticket, don't speed. >> nobody wants. this no sane person wants it. nobody. but you have to look at the choice spectrum. who made the choice here to caused this? it wasn't us. we didn't cross into the mexican border and start using pepper spray. we did not do. this you decided to storm a border. it's not pleasant. it's not nice. it's not cute. and it's nothing to joke about. but what is your option? how do you defend our border? cheap talk? what are you going to do? i'm serious to anyone out there. what are you going to do. what do you think the border is a suggestion? pete: they do. they do dan. the left thinks the border is a suggestion. their answer is let them in.
3:40 am
>> what's the point then? why have a sovereign nation? just scriewt whole thing. scrapped northern border, the southern border, ports of entry and everybody just come in when you want. steve: something has got to be done. >> take what you want when you want. what's the point? steve: border security has to be addressed. let's hope the new congress does it because the last congress didn't do anything about it dan, thanks for joining us from palm beach down in florida. >> thanks, guys. jillian: following a developing story right now. get you caught up on this. a community is mourning the death of a utah police officer and marine veteran killed in the line of duty. police say officer david romwell was hit by a car by burglary suspects. a friend remembers as someone who do anything for anyone. >> he came home, followed his dream and died for his community. >> honorable guard will watch over his body until his funeral. the officer was sworn in to the force in january. he is survived by his wife
3:41 am
and four-month-old baby. potential reshuffling in the senate judiciary committee could force star democrat kamala harris to forfeit her seat. accord ing to "the washington post republican leaders may down size the panel and harris as the most june your member could be the first to go. her name has been floated as a potential 2020 candidate for president. have you ever had your g.p.s. route you the wrong way? >> maybe it's a shortcut, dwight like go to the right. >> it can't mean that there is a light there. >> i think it knows where it's going. the machine knows. >> stop yelling at me. >> no, it's not right. there is no road. >> there. >> maybe that's a little extreme. >> i guess not. this woman is blaming her g.p.s. after driving on train tracks. pennsylvania police say the woman was 100 percent sober and had no medical conditions affecting her decision-making. she was cited for careless driving but was not hurt. you know, sometimes you got to just trust your in60s and
3:42 am
not listen to your g.p.s.? >> common sense anyone? steve: it said turn now. jillian: okay, but don't. ainsley: i remember that scene from the office. pete: you can't cite for somebody being an idiot. ainsley: you can't call her an idiot. pete: how else can you explain that? train tracks? steve: tomorrow marks giving tuesday to promote charitable giving. janice: janice dean is in bryant park for the weather and she has a special guest on our show today. janice: hello, hello. we are in 42nd street bryant park and this is sadie robertson everyone how are you? >> hey. i'm so good and glad to be here. awesome. janice: when did you become an ambassador for world vision. >> just started this year. i love working with world vision because they do so many different things in different countries. here with animals right now. going to feed a little cow
3:43 am
right now. super awesome thing about the cow is that these cows are like miracles. because literally a cow is healthy, then over 80,000 glasses of milk can be produce you had from these cows. so if you give a cow, you are literally giving a family so much food and if you are. they do so much. they give animals and water and kids. that's what you don't find with every organization. i love that. janice: if you want to sponsor or give to world vision. world vision sadie and the animals are going to be with us all morning long. bryant park live for world vision day and give back tuesday tomorrow. so, sadie, are you excited? >> i am so excited keep in mind anything that you give for give back tuesday world vision is going to give double the amount. don't forget world janice: awesome. see you later. ainsley: thank you, janice.
3:44 am
steve: from ben and jerriy's resist ice cream to i love barack t-shirt. ainsley: that t-shirt 380 bucks. steve: less hypocrites about the economy. ainsley: michael knowles wrote the book about reasons to vote with democrats with zero words. knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at ♪
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3:47 am
ainsley: companies are now taking aim at president trump through their product. ben and jerry's recently launched that new ice cream flavor pecan resist. joining me now to react is the host of the michael knowles show who wrote the book reason to vote for democrats with absolutely zero words on the pages and went to number one. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. ainsley: you can buy a shower curtain. shower curtain support the 25th amendment $70. cashier says i miss barack $380. the trump economy must be
3:48 am
doing pretty well he is making his opponents rich they can buy these sweaters. both sides of the aisle produce merchandise. difference right wing merchandise comes from a place of humor to use one example vote for trump trumpy bear or whatever. left wing merchandise comes from place of anger and emotion f trump. kathy griffin has a whole line of products. two words one starts with f and the other starts with trump. it comes from anger and raw he auto motion. they can't beat him at the ballot box. so they buy this stuff to express their anger and show their virtue. this is fundamentally hypocritical. the left tells us all the time they rail against wealth and spend $308 on i miss barack sweater. tell us about the global environment. cheap plastic by the metric
3:49 am
ton all of it going to end up in the pacific ocean. then they tell us trump has to be civil. what do they do? put four letter words that begin with f on all of their merchandise. it's a hilarious irony and they just keep buying it. >> ainsley: you said republican does this as well. difference is republicans have humor with it. >> we have more humor. by the left. the left is being defrauded. they have the pecan resist ice cream from ben and jerry's say they are going to don't night left wing causes. ben and jerry's sells half a billion dollars of ice cream every year. defrauding these guys. all that the left is doing is making rich millionaires capitalists even richer. ainsley: i usually say peca pecan. pecan resist. >> they are even messing up pecan. ainsley: remember when the left said the caravan was not a threat. >> issue inflated for political purposes. >> just flat out lying about the national security threat associated with the caravan.
3:50 am
ainsley: guess who they are trying to blame now. plus it, could be the biggest online shopping day ever. we have the top five cyber monday deals for you right now like 50% off of an entire store. we will tell you which one coming up. ♪ ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a huge drag.
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ainsley: you missed out on black friday savings cyber monday is here with more deals and even bigger savings. steve: here to break down the cyber monday deals lifestyle expert and founder of -- that's bahar tact.
3:54 am
>> >> good morning. steve: you say the first place to stop is >> tons of places having great deals good news if you didn't have time to. nordstrum seeing up to 60% select items everybody in the family. some of the highlights if you are looking for new uggs save 35% off of ugg boots and shoes. ainsley: that's great deal. >> handbag marc jacobs handbags and select bedding from nordstrum. something for everyone. ainsley: i need some of that i will shop as soon as this segment is over. what about walmart? >> walmart didn't release their deals until today. so you want to log on right now. what we are see something great savings on home goods, video games. toys. tvs stock up wh for the holidays gift giving today is the day to log on and
3:55 am
shop. pete: how about old navy? >> old navy huge savings, 50% off site wide. steve: everything. >> everything you can imagine from old navy plus you get a pair of really cozy socks for free as well. they are really allowing you to get blazers, pajamas, let's say you need jeans. whatever you might need. today is the day for kids, patience and others. ainsley: that's a great deal. steve: cyber monday perfect day to use kohl's cash. >> kohl's today to wednesday extending the cyber monday deals. you will see huge savings on electronics, outer ware, for example if you need a pair of beats headphones $70 off of those. pricey. say you like to shop or cook $80 off select kitchen aid mixers. up to $120 off select luggage. if you are traveling for the holidays and need to upgrade your luggage go to kohl's
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and kohl's cash is one way to save additionally as well. ainsley: what about target? >> target didn't release their deals until this morning. we are seeing site wide 15% of everything. they also have a situation where you can get buy one get 50% off select items. let's say you are in the market for baby gear. will 20% off select baby gear evaeven flo gear. $100 off laptops. pete: i'm in the market for helmets. >> dick's sporting goods nearly every retailer has deals going on. search and find the best deal that you need.
3:57 am
steve: thanks. price of gas. stuart varney says it's the pricwhat's to come. pete: we have newt gingrich, lara trump and joey jones here on this cyber monday. got directions to the nightclub here.
3:58 am
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but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. [shouting] >> hundreds of people, many from that migrant caravan, have stormed the u.s. border yesterday. ainsley: border patrol agents forced now to fire tear gas. >> this particular caravan, especially the one that arrived in tijuana has been unusually violent. >> clearly what happened yesterday were people trying to invade our border and the democrats have shown no substantive policy proposals to stop this chaos. >> democrats now threatening a potential government shut down. they want protection for special counsel robert mueller in exchange for supporting the spending
4:01 am
bill. >> french president emmanuel macron expected to respond today to a weekend of violent protest. >> the riots that we saw yesterday are an increasing vote of no confidence in emmanuel macron. >> winter weather causing chaos for millions of travelers trying to get home from their thanksgiving holiday. >> set to be the single biggest shopping day ever expected to spend record $7.7 billion on cyber monday. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ steve: we are on top of the world, at least we are on the mezzanine level here at studio f in the heart of midtown manhattan broadcasting live from fox news world headquarters. it's the number one cable morning news show for planet earth. ainsley: because of you. thank you so much. you feeling in for brian this morning. pete: yes. did you work this weekend? pete: did work this weekend. it was thanksgiving glow this weekend. now that it's monday.
4:02 am
ainsley: it's cyber monday. just learned about all these great savings we can have. pete: wonderfully festive time of year. my vikings won sunday night football last night against the packers. steve: that's why you wanted a helmet. pete: purple helmet. i'm in the market for one. steve: next up is christmas. lead story is what went down south of our border in san diego yesterday at 11:20 in the morning migrants clashed with mexican police in riot gear. they rushed a concrete canal near the san ysidro pedestrian bridge. people ran through the police and broke through a hole in the border fence and then some of the group started throwing rocks at our border patrol agents on the other side. migrants threw projectiles at border patrol and multiple agents were hit with rocks. it was at that point to disperse the crowd that the authorities deployed pepper balls and tear gas to try to get the people to turn around. ainsley: look at that video
4:03 am
and it's working. the tear gas you can see it there with the smoke. pete: it works. some people were running up to the fence yes, we can that caused the agents to have to fire off the tear gas. images of the migrants on the mexican side climbing fences and appealing back the concertino wire. pete: no you can't. the president started tweeting about this situation watching these images in realtime. mexico should move the flag waving migrants many of whom are stone cold criminals. back to their countries do. it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want. but they are not come into the u.s.a. we will close the border permanently if need be. congress fund the wall. clear if not any only a handful made it across the border to claim asylum and mexico feeling the heat. what is alluding to there. mexican officials said those who are a part of this bum rush, they trial identify them and immediately deport them for being law breakers.
4:04 am
we will see if they follow through on that. steve, that's different, mexico has not taken this problem seriously in the past it seems now because of this pressure they are forced. to say. steve: yeah, exactly. over the weekend we heard it sound like a deal with the incoming mexican president. if somebody was going to seek asylum in the united states, they would wait in mexico. that would be very helpful to the president's plan. but, then late yesterday there was a story out there is no deal. but, nonetheless it looks as if the presidenas ifthey are lookit who those people who dashed toward the united states. ainsley: reports intention on sending 500 migrants back to hometown and country. reuters is saying that mexico is not intending to send their military in to help out the situation. there are thousands that are camped out in those border towns and people in tijuana, the residents there, they are furious. pete: i heard you describe
4:05 am
the 50 or so that may have made it through the fence. steve: got through the hole. pete: why is there still a fence? major port of entry at a place where people are trying to pass that's vulnerable, that's clearly pifnts interest. can you add concertino wire. there is only so much the troops can do. if it's a fence you can cut through it needs to be the kind of border wall you cannot cut through. ainsley: dhs says we are not letting you through. biggest port san diego and. they had to suspend north and southbound vehicles for pedestrians and vehicles. steve: don't forget a number of migrants throwing rocks at the border patrol agents. nawivelt agents were actually hurt. we don't note extent to their injuries. the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen tweeted this out. dhs will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down
4:06 am
ports of entry. they did it yesterday for five hours for security and public safety reasons. we will also seek to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who destroys federal property, endangers our front line operators or violates our nation's sovereignty. pete: so someone is trying to get into your house and rather than knocking on your door and ask permission. they are throwing rocks at you and demanding. once they are let in you don't know what room they will be in because you lost track of them. ask to raid your cupboards and be part of your welfare state and maybe show up in the future. it's insane process to draw the line right now is to say that law and order has to matter. that's why this show down is so important. it sends a message across the care van and across other groups. the left doesn't want to take it seriously. they don't take any of this seriously. the president does it says to his supporters it means he says what he means. ainsley: if you don't want the tear gas in your face
4:07 am
don't try to storm the border. pete: exactly. steve: some stories that have been on cable in the last 12, 18 hours how can't believe they used tear gas and pepper spray on these women and children and the other migrants. actually, this happened -- this pretty much exactly the same thing happened back in 2013 according to the san diego union tribune and this sounds very familiar back in 2013, a group of 100 people tried to illegally cross the border. they threw rocks and bottles at border patrol agents. and the agents responded using pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into mexico. so, during the obama administration, they did the same thing. ainsley: those imahmadinejads are heart breaking, the front cough of the "new york post" has cover of mom carrying her girls wearing elsa and ana t-shirt. girls don't have shoes on. breaks your heart. pete: in diapers. but i also question the --
4:08 am
whether or not it's a good idea to drag your kids across that kind of environment. i understand you may feel like you are in a bad situation but, the responsibility is also on the mother and those parents who put those kids in that situation. when we made it clear that there is a lawful process to follow and we know the migrant -- the caravan process is a dangerous one as well. ainsley: it doesn't mean we don't have a heart for that family. of course you do. if you let everybody, in you are letting in some are going to be criminals. some are going to be -- i just need to have a check of who is coming through the border so we can keep our own country safe and kids safe. steve: things are different this time in the past people have come up through central america and mexico and somehow one way or another gotten across the border. whether it's in the dessert or the rio grand or they will come through the ports and in fact the migrants in san ysidro actually keep their own book to figure out who is next this line. pete: they do you are right. steve: out in the tijuana area they have 5,000 people in that stadium.
4:09 am
they are sick and tired of it they don't know how long they are going to wait. they told reporters yesterday they were frustrated and that's what they -- that's why they did it unfortunately for some of them, they will wind up getting deported back and won't be able to have their asylum. pete: look at these images how do you address this problem. first of all is acknowledging you have a problem in the first place. problem is democrats and we will play some sound here in the past couple of months. democrats saying this migrant caravan thing it's not even really a thing, listen. >> they're telling you the, the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. >> the caravan being an issue inflated for political purposes to influence the midterm election. >> this president has a tendency to rely on fear, to try and scare people. >> we don't have a national security crisis around asylum seekers. they are just flat out lying about the national security
4:10 am
threat associated with the caravan. pete: um-huh. steve: as the president tweeted just a little while ago, we will close the border permanently if need be. congress, fund the wall. pete: tell that to the community whose communities have been infected by ms-13. by drugs, by opioids, by drug trafficking, by sex trafficking. they are not just border relate you had. the source has never been addressed. ainsley: or talk to the angel moms. we have a dad coming up who lost his daughter on thanksgiving day. pete: wow. steve: what do you think of the response by the border patrol agents and what happened in southern california and northern mexico in that area? email us or we are on facebook as well u. ainsley: all right. jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good morning. following a number of stories including. this american soldier killed in combat just identified as sergeant alejandro jasso. the army ranger lost his life with al qaeda
4:11 am
terrorists on saturday. washington state native third deployment since enlisting in 2012. is he described as humble professional who will be deeply missed. he is the second american troop killed in american this month. the united states offering $5 million to find those responsible for the 2008 mumbai terrorist attacks. today marks 10 years suns gunmen unlashed including taj mahal palace hotel. officials in india honored the anniversary by laying wreaths at a memorial site. george papadopoulos must report to prison today after a judge denies a bid to delay his sentence. the judge ruling the former aide to president trump forfeited his rights to fight against his conviction. papadopoulos was the first person to plead guilty in special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. he will spend two weeks behind bars for lying to the fbi. and listen to this. a student shot seven times at school makes an
4:12 am
incredible come back. 13-year-old ella whis ler performing at the colts game in indianapolis ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light. >> there she is singing the national anthem and dances the colts cheerleaders just six months ago she was critically injured when another student opened fire at her indiana middle school. that incredible for her to make that recovery. ainsley: she is doing so well. steve: you watch that video right there you would have no idea. jillian: no idea. steve: dramatic crash on the racetrack. a car flips over and catches fire. what happened to the driver? probably going to surprise you. pete: chaos erupting in paris o'er macron's gas tax hike climate change. stuart varney says it's a sign of things to come if socialism comes to america.
4:13 am
>> happy thanksgiving to you, lad. ainsley: you too. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together.
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ainsley: thousands of protesters flooding the streets of paris macron's gas tax hike. steve: it cost the equivalent of 7 u.s. dollars per gallon. taxes make up 60% of that cost before the tax increase even goes into effect. ainsley: $7 a gallon. pete: here to more to weigh in host of the stuart varney and company stuart varney. >> where do you want to start? >> a tall tale of contrast berne style in europe and trump in the united states. in europe the state, the government is everything. that's neo socialism. in america, private enterprise is everything. and look what we have got. in america, the average price of regular gas right now is $2.55 a gallon. and as you just pointed out. in france it's $7.06 per gallon. macron, the president, he wants to raise out gas tax
4:18 am
make gasoline even more expensive. the people are rioting because it's at $7 already. is he doing this for two reasons. number one, the french hate fossil fuels they want to play their part in combating climate change. number two they have a welfare state which is costing them an arm and leg and they need a lot more extra revenue to pay for it and they can't pay for it. steve: over 100,000 people protesting. i think there were 1600 different protests across france over this past weekend. it started out as an anger at the gas tax hike. but then it spilled over now it includes people are angry at the cost of living has risen so high in rural areas. and just macron in general. >> this happens in france on a rather regular basis. pete: it does. >> stop laughing but it does. the unsustainability of the welfare state cradle to
4:19 am
grave, climate change europe. it's not sustainable. and there is a warning here. there is a warning here for america. because i believe the left, the democrats, they want to take america down the socialist road. that's where they want to take us, government care, government run education, climate change, the paris accord. that's where they want to go. i don't think it's sustainable. i don't want to go down that road. i'm a missionary for capitalism in america. ainsley: macron is in office for like seven years. pete: his approval rating in the 20's. >> approval rating in the mid 20's. last time i checked 26%. meanwhile president trump in the united states, under some pressure, 45%, 46%, 47%. gas 2.50 here. 7 bucks there. ainsley: if we visit paris or a place in france. pete: or not. ainsley: i love paris. many of the women out there, it's a magical city for many reasons. if we go there, will they tax us on the cost of our
4:20 am
trip? >> sure. you want to drive anywhere in the france, an arm and leg please. pete: you describe that magical city as a museum. >> it's going nowhere. retreating, contracting. it doesn't do anything new. it has no response to america's dynasty. pete: just sinking. >> the whole of europe, america is expanding 3%, 4%. europe is actually contracting. they are in recession. what a difference. socialism? do you really want that? ainsley: bernie does. steve: price per gallon is so high in europe they sell it by the liter. it looks much cheaper. stuart, thank you very much. watching you at 9:00 eastern on fox business. >> thank you. ainsley: this illegal immigrant now accused of killing a young teacher on thanksgiving. the hit and run crash that killed her could have been prevented. pete: her heart broken mother and father say the illegal immigrant destroyed their family and they join
4:21 am
us live with a call for justice coming up next. to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. so shark invented duo clean. while deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free.
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andi am a techie dad.n. iles. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
4:24 am
that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. own the crosswalk, her family learned that joel vasquez, there is his picture, was out of jail on bond from previous assault charges and now they are demanding justice. dan and cynthia ferguson join us now, amanda's parents who are with us. i'm so sorry for your loss. dan, i will start with you. daniel, what happened on thanksgiving morning? >> >> thanksgiving morning my daughter was in a crosswalk crossing the street with
4:25 am
several other people when a vehicle ran a red light hit her, threw her body 50 feet. without ever braking he continued on. he ditched the car. the police found the car with the hood crashed. in the windshield crashed in and due to witnesses and, you know, media pursuit man turned himself in two days later, of course. that's when we found out that he was here in el paso illegally he was previously arrested for assault charge. was taken to jail. he was allowed to bond out and that's when he had time, i guess, to regroup and commit another crime. the system is broken. it somehow needs to be fixed. if an illegal alien is here in the united states and caught on a crime. they need to be held in jail or detained until their trial. at the trial if they are found innocent, they need to
4:26 am
be deported at that time. the trial if they are found guilty, they need to serve their time in prison and then at the end of their sentence they need to be deported. not allowed to be released back into our society and to kill our children. ainsley: cynthia, tell us about your daughter. what was she like? >> she was just an angel. she was everyone describes her as like the sun flower where she stands tall and she shines bright. and, you know, her kids, her students at school were her everything. she was such a bubbly happy loving person. and through this i have just seen how many people just truly loved her and adored her. and for her part, i mean, she really had no clue about the effect she had on people. you know, she lived at the spectrum of everything was just bubbly and happy. and even though when she was angry, her angry was angry. she lived, you know, there was no doubt about what she was thinking or feeling. and she was my best friend.
4:27 am
ainsley: i can't imagine. dan, your thanksgiving changed forever, right? >> i'm sorry? ainsley: your thanksgiving will forever be changed. >> it's a tragedy. you know, i don't even know what to do with the closet full of presents we got her for christmas. it was just a shock. our lives have been destroyed. i know that, you know, mr. trump watches this. and i need to express to him father to father that the system is broken. i know that he is vigilantly trying to correct it. you know, i want him to stay focused. you know, and keep pushing for us, the people out here. i'm just a retired teacher in texas. but, you know, when they won't even allow me to see my own daughter because her body is so broken and so destroyed because of this guy who illegally is here and who illegally was
4:28 am
arrested and released. you know, something has to change. mr. trump father to father, stay vigilant and please help correct the loopholes that allow these guys to come back into our society and destroy our families. it's too late for my daughter. but, you know, hopefully, we can save other people's children if something can be done. you know, it is just a tragic tragic thing. ainsley: i know her funeral will be on wednesday. they had to send grief counselors into the schools. sixth grade teacher. i'm sure the children god bless you. so sorry for your loss. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. we'll be right back.
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
♪ running the down the dream ♪ that never would come to me ♪ working on a mystery
4:32 am
♪ going wherever it leads ♪ running down a dream ♪ steve: live from new york city and there you can see times square to about a block over here we are 48th and sixth avenue. thank you for joining us. joining us now former speaker of the house, fox news contributor and author of "trump's america" newt gingrich. >> good morning. steve: mr. speaker good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: good to have you. it sounds as if the republicans in the house judiciary committee have gone ahead and subpoenaed james comey, also former attorney general lynch: mr. comey says he doesn't want it lined closed doors. he wants it in public so people can hear. yesterday trey gowdy suggested you know what in maybe we tape it behind closed doors and then if there is any secret stuff we release -- that i can that out and release the tape. what do you think about all of this? >> i think the question is what's it going to get into?
4:33 am
it doesn't help him much if comey says i would like to appear in public and then as soon as he is in public he says well, i can't discuss this because it's classified. i can't discuss that. so, i think it parlays the question of what the topics are going to be. as a general rule, i think it's always better to have the american people involved. the more they can learn, the more capable they are of rendering judgment. so it's a question of what issues are coming up. again, if you always have this question if they tape it and release it unless they release all of it people are going to say did you rig it? did you slant it? i think that comey has a point if he is willing to answer all the questions. ainsley: what happens next? what do you see going forward? >> well, i don't know what happens next. i think the senate republicans continue to approve judges and approve ambassadors and other appointments. i hope that they are going to pass the bill for
4:34 am
criminal justice reform which came out of the house with an overwhelming majority. there is no reason for it to be blocked in the senate. it has a bipartisan majority. i certainly hope they are going to schedule that in the very near future. and make sure it gets through. and then i think there is going to be a big fight over the border. and a big fight over what's going on. but the tragic story that you just had is a good example of why people feel weave to be able to control the border and why we have to be able to control who is in the united states. i think the president is right to say is he going to get control of our border. it's part of being a nation. and it's part of our national security. pete: mr. speaker, another aspect of being in the majority, as you know better than any of us here is you get to set the rules. a "the washington post" headline caught our eye. it said democrats senate losses is jeopardizes national spotlight for possible 2020 hopeful. kamala harris is on the judiciary committee. current lay 21 member
4:35 am
committee. i didn't even know this, you can reduce or grow the size of committees. they are talking about shrinking the size of the judiciary committee. she would be then as the junior member no longer on the committees. talk to us about why they are doing that and what that might mean. >> well, i don't know why they are doing it. when i became speaker, we reduced the size of a number of committees. and i think that, you know, either side the majority the democrats now in the house, the republican notice senate, they can set the terms of the size of the committees they want. i don't think it relates to her behavior on the committee although frankly, i suspect senator grassley wouldn't mind her finding a new job. but, again, the democrats, of course, could always change things. senator schumer could convince one of the older more senior democrats to give up his slot to keep her on there. i think what you will discover while she is very important to herself and very important to california, she may not be that important to the senate
4:36 am
democrats. steve: mr. speaker, let's keep it up on capitol hill for a second. as we look at the lead story regarding the clash yesterday at our southern border at the san ysidro port. so many people looking in. they are frustrated. why can't congress do something in the laws have been screwed up for so long why don't they just do something because those images are heart-breaking but at the same time, you have to stand up for the rule of law. >> well, you have to ask yourself, look, i think they should do something. i voted in 1986 for the simpson -- which included getting control of the border. included creating a green card or a work permit system. and i was with president reagan in trying to get those things done. the congress then failed to act. and there has been a very -- some conservative businesses who want cheap labor. and a number of i'd lodge call left wingers who don't
4:37 am
believe in borders. and who want an open border. but i just want to real mind you and i'm doing a column today at on this. this war on the border is real. what people are trying to do is a psychological war, very often guided by the way by american leftists who are activists and american left wing organizations who are helping finance it. and their goal is to find some way tomorrow bare was the u.s. government so we can't even control our own border. and we have to be prepared to stand up to that and to do whatever is necessary. i mean, you are either going to have a country and have a border or you are not going to have a country. but there are at least 100 million people who would come to the u.s. if they thought they could just -- by embarrassing us, they could break the law and come into the u.s. so i think this is a very serious moment. i think president trump is doing the right thing and i think it's sad. i bet you the elite media spends a lot more time today on what's happening on the border than they are going to spend on the death of a
4:38 am
young american who was killed by an illegal immigrant. pete: that's a fact. you're spot on there, mr. speaker. we appreciate your time. thank you. ainsley: thank you. let's hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: get you caught up what is happening out in california. nation's deadliest wildfire in a century now fully contained. several days of rain helping knock out the camp fire in northern california after more that two weeks of devastation. crews are l. continue to dig through the ashes and debris to search for nearly 250 people unaccounted for. 85 people now confirmed dead in that wildfire. al gore slamming the trump administration for, quote, burying friday's climate change report. the former vice president releasing a statement writing in part, quote: the trump administration chooses the friday after thanksgiving to try to bury this critical u.s. assessment of the crime crisis. the president may try to hide the truth but his own scientists and experts have made it as stark and clear as possible. the report warns of
4:39 am
devastating healthcare and economic costs coming to the u.s. a terrifying crash on the opening lap of a formula one race in abu daby. flipping through the air before landing upside down on the barrier. his car can a catching fire. jillian: driver caught in his car 30 minutes before being rescued. he was able to walk away unharmed. a nosey bear moseys into california patrol officer. opens the door on all fours and snooping around the vending machines. moments later he turns around and heads out followed by two officers. looking for a snack. ainsley: that is a cute video. if you were face to face with a bear. what do you do? we were in the mountains this weekend and my dad was out on the walk. my dad was talking to one of
4:40 am
the neighbors. a woman was mauled here in recently. and momma bear was trying to protect her baby cubs. what do you do if you see a bear he says stare them down. pete: try not to get in between. stare them down, let them go the other way. come at you run at them and scream at them. you. jillian: i will look this up. in yosemite we were told make loud noises. they don't like that. steve: in boycott camp you would bang on a pot and it would scare them away. ainsley: from the movie with the two twins remember they went camping with the stepmom. what was the name of that movie? she is banging pots and pans. anyway, let's ask. anna: expert is there a bear expert in bryant park with you? janice: expert on what? ainsley: bears? what do you do if you come face to face with a bear?
4:41 am
janice: i'm not sure. i would maybe ask the bear for a weather forecast which is what we are going to do. live in bryant card. world vision give back gift shop is where we're. giving tuesday is coming up. he will pack can as here at the giving gift shop. did you know that farmers have told me that if a cow is lying down it's a good indication that it is going to rain. and hence, this cow is lying down. so, i don't even have to do a forecast. there is rain here in the northeast that's coming. in and we could potentially see some rain, also some snow across the great lakes and the northeast. this is the same system by the way that brought blizzard conditions across the midwest. chicago is still dealing with a lot of snow. it's going to start to taper off thankfully throughout the day today. west coast will see a new system moving in. if you are traveling today. i know today is a busy day for travel as well. just call ahead and make sure that you are intuned
4:42 am
with your weather forecast. hello mr. alpaca. would you like to do weather forecast. i'm getting kissed with alpaca. ainsley: can you do that with alpaca. steve: you don't so that every day. are you jealous, sean? ainsley: sean is her husband. pete: i love it. steve: this weekend will be the final weekend of the doocy's touring on the happy cookbook book tour. it will be a walmart weekend. we will be at the walmart franklin, tennessee friday at 6:00 p.m. berming walmart 3:00 p.m. number one gift book of christmas 2018. ainsley: buy the christmas collection with their autograph right here. cathy's autograph too. steve: our friend at premier. that's at doocy's
4:43 am steve: so many people wish they had written down their mom's recipes. everyone has a happy food as we talked about in there. when you smell mom's pot roast, just reminds you of home. ainsley: we all just experienced that on thursday. it's the best meal. love it. steve: the smell of that turkey and the dressing. meanwhile, we have been talking about it all morning. hundreds you have migrants down on our southern border. we are live where it all happens coming up next. pete: plus, bernie sanders and the socialists from the bronx want to give everyone free stuff like healthcare and college tuition. wouldn't that kill the work ethic of our country? joey jones lost his legs serving our country in afghanistan. is he here with a lesson on hard work live. ♪ ♪
4:44 am
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♪...from far away. but they ♪honly see his wrinkles.♪..♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪ ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. our nation's busiest port of entry reopens after hundreds of migrants rush the u.s.-mexico border. steve: border patrol agents
4:47 am
forced to fire tear gas and pepper spray into the crowds. pete: reporter live in san ysidro, california with a live look at the security. eric, good morning. >> good morning to you guys in new york. you know, i can tell you certainly last week all northbound lanes from mexico straight into the united states were shut down. yesterday a whole different picture. something we rarely see here in san diego. that was the fact that both directions, we are talking southbound and northbound lanes were shut down. this as hundreds, specifically about 500 migrants as we know mostly from central america really rushed the port of entry, trying to get into the u.s. video right here. trying to make it into the u.s. but that clearly did not happen. we are also told by cdp that things got violent. things really took a turn for the worse. in fact a lot of these migrants were throwing rocks at border agents. we know some of those agents, in fact, got hit by
4:48 am
those rocks. those agencies then had to use pepper ball guns also tear gas to calm the crowd down. and gte things somewhat in control. during all of, this that's when the port of entry here in san ysidro the busiest land crossing in the western hemisphere was actually shut down for nearly six hours now as we know just more here on these migrants. mostly as mentioned from central america have been really converging here in tijuana for a couple weeks, just hoping to seek asylum in the united states. but, as we come back out live, boy, things really heating up along the border and as mentioned too. nociousd lanes and southbound and northbound lanes. migrants push their way trying to get into the united states. hoping, crossing their fingers they will get asylum. we will send it back to you in new york. steve: aric a quick question four.
4:49 am
in san diego 50 people broke through a small hole in the border fence. were they able to apprehend all of those? >> yes. so we are hearing right now from customs and border protection that 39 people were arrested. some through that fence but also trying to get through the lanes here at the port of entry. the latest number we have from cdp this morning is 39 arrests following all of those attempted breakthroughs. steve: aric richards live. ainsley: excuse me. can y'all read this because i can't. sorry. steve: president trump heading to mississippi tonight for two rallies ahead of tomorrow's crucial runoff election. what can we expect? lara trump is here with a preview in the next hour. pete: and pop quiz. tom putting our knowledge to the test. there is a. [buzzer] for each one of us. get a shot right after this. ♪ over 100 years ago,
4:50 am
we were talking about the model t. now here we are talking about winning the most jd power iqs and appeal awards. talking about driver-assist technology talking about cars that talk and listen. talking about the highest customer loyalty in the country. but that's enough talking. seriously. that was a lot of talking. back to building
4:51 am
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4:53 am
ainsley: it's quiz time here on "fox & friends." ♪ steve: that's right. host and comedian tom shillue is putting our knowledge to the test while previewing his new program on fox nation called quiz show. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. look, the quiz show does not have. [buzzer] s. i will tell you that right now. i heard you guys love buzzers, so i brought them along. i'm already annoyed by them. but here's how it's going to go. i'm going to have one guest, maybe sometimes a couple of guests but we don't need buzzers. multiple choice quiz every night. let's start this thing. got to wait until i'm done with the question to buzz in. or else you are out. question number one, which of the following artists did
4:54 am
not perform at woodstock? did not perform at woodstock? bob dylan, shah na na, the grateful dead. doocy, i saw you first. steve: grateful dead. [buzzer] >> wrong. ainsley: it's shah na na, b. [buzzer] ainsley: really? >> correct answer is bob dylan. none of them performed at woodstock. pete: i have no idea who shah na na is. who is the name of the van from scoob scooby-doo? velma's van, the mystery machine or the kit the crime car. ainsley: terrible at trivia. know this one. b the mills industry machine. >> the mystery machine is
4:55 am
correct. here is a follow-up for you guys. who named scooby-doo? ainsley: i don't know. that's a good one. >> frank sinatra, you guys. scooby dooby do. question number three. get ready with your buzzers. which film about 81-year-old morgan freeman win his own academy award. lean on me, driving miss daisy or-million-dollar baby? doocy was first. steve: driving ms. doocy. [buzzer] >> wrong, hegseth? pete: a. >> ainsley coming in for the save. >>-million-dollar baby. not for shawshank? pete: those movies everyone loved. >> last question. paul david hewison is known as a sting, b bono and c
4:56 am
nell nelly. >> bono is the right answer. steve: this is a preview what everyone will be able to view every night at 7:00 p.m. on fox nation. >> every night tom shill low. >> bringing the heat. >> please be a guest on the show. pete: i would love to be. any questions i can actually answer. still be a founding member if you sign up today for fox nation. ainsley: congratulations on your new show, tom. >> that was fun. ainsley: great personality this one. steve: he is good at it. hundreds of migrants storming the border. what's being done to protect our agents? border patrol chief carla provost is going to join us with an update coming up. ainsley: plus, lara trump is live coming up in the next hour ♪ ♪ make me that much stronger ♪ make me work a little bit
4:57 am
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♪ [shouting] steve: hundreds of people. many from the migrant caravan have stormed the u.s. border yesterday. ainsley: border patrol agents forced to fire tear gas. >> this particular caravan, especially the one arrived in tijuana has been usually violent. >> clearly what happened people were trying to invade our border. democrats have no shown substantive policy proposals to stop this chaos. >> democrats threatening government shut down. protection for robert mueller in exchange for the spending bill. ainsley: thousand those of people in paris protesting president macron's gas tax hike.
5:01 am
>> this is tale of contrasts. bernie socialism in europe and trump style capitalism in the united states. >> travelers stranded trying toe get home. single biggest shopping day expected ever. americans are expected to spend a record $7 billion on cyber monday. ♪ steve: "leave it to beaver." it is cyber monday, november 26th. thanks for stopping by to watch the show before you buy something on your phone. ainsley: christmas is here. hard to believe. we wrapped up thanksgiving. that wrapped up quickly. i know. lots of tourists in the city. pete: we have a couple of guests
5:02 am
behind the camera. danny gonzalez who i served with in guantanamo bay and cops from perth amount boy boy the studio got very safe. ainsley: i feel very safe to have you here. god bless you for what you do. steve: have a studio audience. 11:20 pacific time, this went down in the san ysidro port in southern california. they clashed with police in riot gear. they rushed the canal. 50 people broke through a hole in the border fence. people on the group through rocks at agents on other side. number of agent apparently hit by rocks. that is when the authority deployed pepper balls and tear gas in attempt to get people to disperse and turn around.
5:03 am
ainsley: my gosh, it was so chaotic there, they had to close down, suspend the north and southbound crossings at the san ysidro port of entry. they told pedestrians you can't go through here. drivers, in the cars, you can't come through. pete: griff reported earlier in the morning they would try to bum rush the border through the port of entry. when they closed the port of entry they tried another means. when you throw rocks and bottles against border patrol agents you will get tear gas. they want to go home to their families. the signal president trump takes this seriously. only a few squeezed through we're told. we'll get information from a border patrol agent we'll have on in a moment. mexico is feeling the heat. they're pledging to identify who some of these folks are, find them, deport them for this type of activity. they didn't jeb through toward our border. there were mexican lives there too who they pushed through to
5:04 am
get to the border. ainsley: mexico intend to deport 500 mike gratz. the president was tweeting about this. do it by plane, do it by bus, do it any way you want butter this not coming into the united states. we will close the border permanent if need by. congress fund the wall. steve: keep in mind a number of weeks ago they were number of migrants were able to overwhelm the guards at mexico's southern border. for the most part they have marched up toward tijuana for the last couple of weeks. looked as if there was deal in the offing with the new president of mexico he would say, you want to apply for asylum in the united states stay here in mexico. we learned late yesterday there is no deal. that would be very handy. so often people coming into this country to seek asylum, they are released in the general population. then sometimes they do not return for --
5:05 am
ainsley: residents don't want it. if you talk to the residents in tijuana, many of our reporters gone there to talk to them, they don't want thousands of migrants hanging out in their town waiting for asylum. pete: they want their sovereignty. they have problems already on their side. they said it would be peaceful. steve, when they didn't get their way, it became violent. we're peaceful as long as you let us walk across the border if the border doesn't exist. the minute you stop, the young men throw rocks and bottles. steve: what this is, according to dan bongino this is an invasion. >> the democrats have shown no substantive policy proposals to stop this chaos on the border at all. donald trump right now seems to be the only prominent republican out there really speaking out forcefully on this issue. listen, guys, we were told a couple things, right? there was no caravan by the liberal media and democrats. that is clearly not true. we were told secondly this was not an invasion. which as of yesterday, granted i
5:06 am
don't mean to be hyperbolic about it, clearly what happened yesterday people were trying to invade our border. pete: i think what makes this issue so divisive or polarizing. you have president trump saying, you have the left saying what about the plight of the migrant, illegal immigrant wants to come for a job, reunite with their family. they are not part of ms-13 or can drugs, they want to get here. you understand where they're coming from. you have the other side, president trump, what about the lawful american citizen, forgotten men and women who live in communities infected by gangs and drugs? whose streets are more difficult to police? why aren't we thinking about them when we look at the border steve steve this for the most part is the most publicized image this morning, shows border chaos, woman and two children trying to get across the border. there are number of others in the background. pete: bunch of dudes behind them. steve: nonetheless,
5:07 am
heartbreaking to see that the kids don't have any shoes on, tear gas is all over the place. ainsley: the kids are in diapers. the mom has sale and anna t-shirt, which everyone relates to if you love "frozen." that is heartbreaking, talking to the angel moms, we talked to figurer sons, they lost their daughter on thanksgiving day. pete: past thanksgiving. ainsley: the guy who hit her, she was walking on a crosswalk and, the dad says the guy just plowed right through the red light or through the light, hit her, didn't even brake, she is a sixth grade school teacher. they have had to send in counselors to talk to their kids. she is 28 years old. she had her whole life ahead of her. steve: the man who killed her was out on bond from an assault charge. apparently, reportedly in the country illegally. they, her parents joined ainsley about a half hour ago. here is his message to congress.
5:08 am
>> this system is broken. it needs somehow to be fixed. if illegal alien is here in the united states and they're caught on a crime they need to be held in jail or detained until their trial. at the trial, if they're found innocent they snead to be deported at that time. at the trial they're found guilty they need to serve their time in prison. at the end of their sentence they need to be deported, not allowed to be released back into our society and to kill our children. pete: this is them in front of their house. a lot of common sense there. his wife cynthia went on. he also had more comments, to talk about their daughter lost on thanksgiving as well as their message to the president. listen. >> she lived at the spectrum of everything was, you know, just bubbly and happy. through this, i have just seen how many people just truly loved her and adored her. >> they won't even allow me to see my own daughter because her
5:09 am
body is so broken and so destroyed because of this guy who illegally is here and who illegally was arrested and released, you know, something has to change. mr. trump father to father, stay vigilant. please help correct the loopholes that allow these guys to come back into our society and destroy our family. steve: we had newt gingrich on about half an hour ago shortly after ainsley did the interview with him. he said he wondered how many members of the, i think he referred to it as the mainstream media elite will be talking about that story in addition to the story about what happened yesterday at the port in san ysidro. probably not many. pete: that is great point. loopholes have real life consequences. one person's esoteric loophole we talk in the media reality someone here committing crimes, not being sent back home, coming through a porous border, we don't know who they are, where
5:10 am
they're coming from, you hear the father, it resonates hitting your ears if you believe your country having borders. the 2020 election will be about voices like that versus unfettered immigration on the other side of. it will be a stark choice. ainsley: the other side talks about president using stories as fear-mongering. you hear the stories how could it affect your family? what if it were you and thanks giving day? think about the first time you hold your child with all hopes and dreams for them. she was baby in her mom's arms. the mom said that was her very best friend. she had hopes and dreams of her daughter. it could have been prevented. that is their message. pete: her name is amanda. vigilance is what is required to keep women and men like her safe in this country. we'll see where this goes. ainsley: our heart breaks for their family.
5:11 am
steve: tough story. jillian joins us now and she has some other news. jillian: american soldier killed in combat has been identified. the army ranger lost his life in a shootout with al qaeda terrorists in afghanistan on saturday. the washington state native was on his third deployment since enlisting in 2012. officials described jasso as a humble profession ole who will be deeply missed. he is the second american troop killed in afghanistan this month theresa may starts her "brexit" pitch to parliament today. updates them on the terms reached with the european union. the deal goes to a vote in the british house of commons in two weeks. if it passes the uk will leave the eu on march 29th. if it is voted down the government could try to extend their deadline. winter weather causing chaos for millions of travelers trying to get home from the thanksgiving holiday. look at that. snow blanketing major roads in the midwest, causing whiteout
5:12 am
conditions from kansas city to chicago. more than 1000 flights were canceled on sunday and hundreds more are already grounded today. that system now moving east into indiana and michigan. a mother thanking this good is a march taken for -- samaritan for saving her choking baby at a golden corral in north carolina. the mother rushed the table to perform the heimlich manuever on kelly jarvis. >> she started getting breathing again. i didn't get her phone number but i knew her name. i wanted people to know she is a hero. jillian: the baby's mom hanna sharing appreciation on facebook, saying christ was with us today. isn't that incredible. a good deed. good person. ainsley: scary situation. steve: meanwhile you saw the video. the migrant caravan breaking through the border at the barrier. border patrol chief carl provost says this is the proof we need a
5:13 am
wall. she is live next. pete: if anyone knows she does. remember the 16 democrats who signed a letter opposing nancy pelosi as speaker? well another one they're putting the screws to that list, just flipped. ♪ managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur.
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. hundreds of migrants storming the border this weekend hurling rocks and bottles at border patrol agents using tear gas to prothey canselves. steve: border patrol says we could have thousands more at our doorstep by weeks end. ainsley: joining us now is border patrol chief carla provost. >> thanks for the invitation. ainsley: thanks for what you're doing on the border. we're seeing all the images, what is the truth? you are down there, you talk to border agents, you know what is happening? >> quite a few members have arrived in california. approximately 6,000 in the tijuana area. another 2000 in the mexicali area. there are more on their way. steve: we know that about 11:30
5:18 am
they clashed with the police. they rushed that canal. a group of 50 ran past the police and broke through a small hole in the border fence. you would think that since that is the busiest place in the world regarding, you know, people in and out of the united states portwise, would think there wouldn't be a hole in the border wall? >> that is a great point. that is some of the area that we put our first fencing up back approximately 25 years ago. and quite a bit of that is, what we call landing mat fencing from the vietnam era. it is certainly out of date, it does not meet our requirement for what we need with a wall. pete: so is there a plan to reinforce that considering you have got thousands of migrants coming to that location? >> well, we have been reinforcing it with agents and officers within cbp as well as you know our partners from the department of defense. we are doing some temporary reinforcement in the area but
5:19 am
that is an area we also need replace the fence to be replaced with a wall. ainsley: carla, tell us why you made the decision to fire off that tear gas? >> our agents were being assaulted, a large group rushed the area and they were throwing rocks and bottles at my men and women, putting them in harm's way as well as other members of the caravan. we need toddies percent the group and with that assault nature it was imperative we disperse them from the area. steve: it wasn't because they seemed to be running towards the united states? it was because they were hitting your border patrol with rocks and bottles? >> yes, sir, they were. pete: chief do you anticipate this is the beginning, is this middle, is this largest portion of the caravan? how do you see this playing out in the days going forward? >> as i said earlier we have approximately 6,000 in the area and caravan members in the area. there are more on their way. pete: so beginning?
5:20 am
>> around a thousand were involved in yesterday's event. pete: so 1000 yesterday. 5000, do you anticipate groups of this size or larger for days to come? >> we don't want to see this happen again. we want these individuals to remain peaceful, to present themselves at the port of entry for inspection but i will tell you that we are prepared. steve: is mexico helping us? >> yes. we work with our partners in mexico continuously. we have a shared border. and of course a shared concern for the safety and security of both communities in tijuana and in the san diego area. so we work very closely with our partners. we have been. we will continue to do so. pete: briefly do you believe they will deport 500, a number responsible for attempting to do this yesterday? >> i can't answer that for the government of mexico but i can tell you that they have been working hand in hand very closely with us. pete: okay. ainsley: chief, thank you so much for what you're doing.
5:21 am
pete: thank you nor your service, chief. >> thank you very much. pete: well, more and more democrats, they just want to give everyone free stuff because wouldn't that kill, but wouldn't that kill the work ethic of our country if they did so? pretty basic question. joey jones lost his leg serving our country in afghanistan. he has a lesson on hard work you don't want to miss. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during ultimate sleep number week. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you
5:22 am
fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to spin into the holiday season. don't miss ultimate sleep number week. it's the last chance to save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ♪ pete: welcome back, a couple quick headlines for you. actor alec baldwin is due in court after allegedly hitting a man in the face. he is charged with assault salve getting into an argument over parking near his home in new york city. baldwin says claims that he punched someone over the spot are false although he does have a history. lawyers for wikileaks founder julian assange are blocked from seeing him.
5:25 am
his attorneys were turned away from the ecuador embassy where he has been living for six years. wikileaks claim that the hearing is to remove a secrecy order. down to you guys. steve: thank you, pete. seems some democrats are all about free stuff. ainsley: bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez hyped things like tuition and free health care. now senators cory booker and kamala harris are taking it one step further, pushing for free money, plans for universal basic income. wouldn't a guarantied pay day essentially kill the work ethic. steve: retired marine corps bomb technician joey jones knows a thing or two about work ethic. he turned a dramatic disability to helping others. he joins us from san antonio. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. steve: i wonder how people listen to that, going, let me get this straight. i don't have to get off the
5:26 am
couch. the government will send me money every month. sign me up. >> listen, i did lose my legs in afghanistan in 2010. i get a va pension. i'm 100% disabled coring to the u.s. government i'm eligible for social disability insurance. i told you as soon how it works i fought for a year to get social security to quit sending me a check. i'm working, i'm doing okay. i lost my legs. i work more hours a week now than i did in the marine corps. i love it. we're born afraid of our environment and hungry. we have those instincts to go out and find security, shelter, nourishment. in this country that is thankfully not something in this country we have to worry about. the majority of us, almost everyone, even poverty comes with opportunity these days. so we're born with those desires met so we have to fulfill the instinctual needs building earning in a career, job, what we need spiritually to be a happy person. also the spirit of competition
5:27 am
that keeps us driving moving forward. i know this as well as anyone. i promise you. you talk about universal income, you can have that which limits you or you can have universal access to basic education. you can have universal opportunity, unimpinged by your status at birth, you can have insurance for disability, mental or physical disability in this country. we provide those three things and that takes the place and infinitely more than any type much universal income that would only limit us, as soon as you get on a plan like that, just like people all around the country, you have to weigh the odds taking a chance getting a job. what do you lose going out earning minimum wage? we have a system through government handouts that puts people at a disadvantage because they're afraid to take a step off of them. we're talking about expanding that for what, votes? ainsley: doesn't it rob citizens of a chance to have a great life? it sounds good on paper. you don't have to work, sit on the couch you still get paid but
5:28 am
holds them back, doesn't it? it doesn't teach autonomy, to stand on your own two feet, to depend on others not themselves and you're actually robbing them, right? >> i'm not one to preach at someone else for their meaningful work. for something earning a living, some others doings something passionate about. i'm thankfully in a place where i can help others and means a lot and. my dad was brick and block mason. my mom was considered disabled at 25 because of thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel. she cleaned houses because she felt she needed to do something for society. they both need things like social security disability now. then you know the true eye roney and heartache in it my jab can't get a job at home depot he would lose more by working than
5:29 am
staying on disability from the fact that his body is broken down from laying brick and block. we already have a system they're trying to provide some sort of a safety net. puts people at disadvantage. why would we expand that, take the opportunity from people to go out to earn a living, challenge themselves, meet those challenges. steve: there are certainly some people who simply need government assistance, for one reason or another they need to be held. >> absolutely. steve: the big question is this the way to do it, sounds like your answer, joey, is no? >> oughtly. ainsley: thank you, joey. steve: joining us live, we see the alamo picture. ainsley: san antonio. steve: still ahead on this monday, another state could be going to pot. the big marijuana vote happening in just a few hours. ainsley: here in studio, laura trump joins us live on the curvy couch upstairs. steve: how are you? ♪
5:30 am
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5:33 am
steve: fox news alert. that is our lead story. it was yesterday morning out in california that migrants clashed with mexican police in riot gear. some broke through a small hole. they threw rocks at agents and pepper gas was sprayed. ainsley: let's bring in laura trump, president trump's daughter-in-law, campaign advisor. off the campaign trail. are you like thank goodness, midterms are over? >> they are not officially over because we have a vote in mississippi tomorrow. we're happy all of it is done. we came out with a great success in the senate. so it was great. steve: laura, when you look at images what is going on at the border between california and tijuana, what do you think? >> terrifying. the reality, you have people saying we don't care about your
5:34 am
border, we don't care about the rules. we're coming to your country, you're going to let us in, we'll do whatever we want. the president is taking this very seriously. i think all americans can rest easy at night knowing that this is a president who is addressing the situation, who understands how critical it is to make sure that something happens down there and listen, the democrats could have done something on immigration a long time ago if they wanted to. we probably would not be in the situation we are now. we have a great president who is leading this country in the right direction. now with the, real majority we have in the senate hopefully we'll see movement. pete: no doubt the president is taking this seriously. congress has not. is this something, feasibly, between now and 2020, can actually be executed on in washington, or will it just be litigated on the campaign trail? >> it will be interesting to see. you have the democrats now with control of the house. you have the republicans with the control of the senate and i know that the president has been ready to make a deal for a long
5:35 am
time, even when we had control of the house. you still didn't have it happen then. so it will be interesting to see. i think the country needs it. people want to see this happen. call your congress person. call your senator. let them know this is something we want to see happen. ainsley: what can we expect in mississippi? your father-in-law the president, is going there, the race is too close to call, between cindy hide smith and mr. espy. >> there are two rallies. the president would be there all day. he loves being on the campaign trail being with the peep. he will talk about the importance of making sure that cindy hyde smith retains the senate smith. it is so, so critical. if you're happy with what you've seen on president trump, you want to see it continue, we want to make sure we have good people like cindy. she voted alongside the president since she started and which want to keep her in there. pete: how confident are but the
5:36 am
outcome? >> mississippi is red state. polls reflected that she will win. you thought you were done on november 6th. you're not done if you live in mississippi, get out and vote for cindy. steve: first family has been busy campaigning for republicans all across the country. a new series starts term on "fox nation." it is called, "first family." here is a preview. >> of at election in 2016 going into 2017 my father-in-law wanted to continue the campaign. it's a little bit of a unique thing to do. but he felt very strongly that the movement that had started behind him he wanted to see continue, make sure people stayed involved. so he asked me to make sure the campaign was headed in the right direction. here we are, post-midterms and having all of that done. looking towards 2020. so it is very exciting. >> obviously the job she has done are to the family is incredible which is why i married you.
5:37 am
ainsley: that's sweet. your reaction? >> it is going to be a very cool series. they did a lot with eric. you see his day-to-day. he is not involved in politics. day-to-day working for the trump organization. it is really fun. ainsley: what is the typical day for you guys? pete: is there one? >> no typical. i got up this morning i'm sure well after you guys but around 4:00. eric works really hard for the trump organization. i work for the campaign every day. you heard our son luke in the background. we try to fit it all in with the dogs and everybody. i'm excited to see it myself. that was a nice preview. steve: what is it like going across the country meeting total strangers who know so much about your family? >> it is so incredible. i can't tell you how much it means to us, when people come up on airplane and restaurant, talk about how much they appreciate this president. how grateful they are, you know
5:38 am
our family has put, ourselves out there in the way that we have. listen, we would do it a million times over. because this country is finally hided in the right direction. we're so proud of the job that my father-in-law is doing. i'm just so thankful every single day that i get the opportunity to be so close to this and to see it with a front row seat. so the people out there mean everything to us. it is so wonderful. pete: if folks want to get to noah little bit more, watch, "first family" on "fox nation." subscribe today to become a founding member. ainsley: how are your parents in wilmington? >> they're great. the flotilla went by their house with decorations and that was saturday. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with headlines. jillian: we start with a fox news alert. the united nations calls a merge meeting as russia seizes ukrainian ships. russia opening fire on three vessels in crimea claiming they crossed into the waters
5:39 am
illegally. ukraine's president demanding russia release the sailors and ships. the incident is prompting protests outside of the russian embassy in ukraine. another democrat who originally opposed nancy pelosi for house speaker showing signs of support. massachusetts congressman steven lynch tell as police station he will vote for pelosi if it means not supporting a republican. at least 14 democrats have pledged against her. new jersey could soon become the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana. state lawmakers in the budget committee expected to vote today on a legalization plan. the vote would allow anyone over 21 to have an ounce of marijuana. it would tax it at 12%. 10 states and washington, d.c., already legalized recreational marijuana. here is a question. have you ever had the gps route you the wrong way. >> said go to the right. >> it can't mean that. there is a lake there.
5:40 am
>> it knows where it is going. the machine snows. stop yelling at me. here! jillian: okay, that kind of similar situation really happened. a woman is blaming her gps driving on train tracks. pennsylvania police say the woman was 100% sober and had no medical conditions affecting her decision making. she was cited for careless driving but was not hurt. so those are your headlines. steve: it was dark. jillian: that is not an excuse. ainsley: she wasn't hurt. that is all that matters. steve: gave us something to talk about. today is cyber monday. tomorrow is giving tuesday. the first tuesday after thanksgiving. that is to promote charitable giving. ainsley: let's check back in with our janice dean live in bryant park. hey, janice. janice: we're with your friend said did i robertson.
5:41 am
i'm so sorry. we know her from the "duck dynasty" family. said did i, thank you for being world vision. why are we looking at big cans of water? >> they're 40-pounds. literally the same weight as microwave in your house. these are the kinds of things kids are carrying in villages. world vision is giving the gift shop helping out the situation. we're trying to get wells in place. so they don't walk so long and miss school and time with families to carry super huge things. janice: water is hard to get. >> that is a problem. that is going to make a massive impact with you guys giving, looking through the world vision catalog. janice: they have alpacas. >> no way. the alpacas are awesome. what is really cool about this, you can do this as a family. buy an animal, kids here love
5:42 am
animals. kids over there, this is miracle. this is life-saving. they can use the fur to make sweaters. sells the sweaters to give them a little business. they have milk to provide food. this is really, really special. more than just a cute animal. literally a miracle. janice: we'll wrap up with the hope tree. sell us about the hope tree. >> the idea is all of these little letters are hopes that you guys sent in, lights up a tree. if we do all the things we hope for, it would light up the world. super special little things. one says true joy. if we had true joy, think about the light we see in the world. so special. america coming together, uniting on something that really matters janice: sadie robertson. thanks for being here helping us with a great charity. thank you for coming. happy thanksgiving and certainly give on give tuesday tomorrow and world vision is a great place to do it. thank you, sadie.
5:43 am
>> thanks, guys. janice: say hello to your family. back to you, steve, ainsley, pete. steve: bryant peaker five blocks from where we're sitting on avenue of the americas. today is cyber monday. online shoppers going crazy already. we're live at one of amazon's fulfillment centers. can you imagine that? we'll take you there next. pete: rick reichmuth is taking the folds of honor under his umbrella. this is huge announcement for our heroes. ainsley: you will love that organization. before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
5:44 am
for all-day, all-night protection. hey, what are you guys doing here? we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that, uh, tie. or the suit. or the shirt. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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♪ [shouting] jillian: welcome back. news by the numbers. 84.5 million bucks, that is how much money "ralph breaks the
5:47 am
internet" over the thanksgiving weekend. it is second biggest opening weekend ever. seven minutes of terror. the nasa is attempting the mars landing today. everything must be perfect from the moment the insight spacecraft touches the red plan it's atmosphere until it lands. finally $8 billion. that is how much money americans are expected to spend today for cyber monday according to adobe. that would make it the biggest online shopping day in the u.s. i have already contributed to that number. steve: steve, thank you very much, jillian. offering some of today's big deals. jeff flock from our sister network live from one of the fulfillment centers illinois. ainsley: you look cold. >> i had great plans to be inside of the fulfillment center. then a blizzard hit. got power out. darkness inside.
5:48 am
2,000 workers sitting on their hands. trucks are trying to back up and load and unload on the facility. nobody inside able to load and unload them. yeah, don't mess with another nature on cyber monday. maybe you're at home doing the clicks. but these guys at this moment, the snowplows are trying to clear the snow. they're not filling it right away. there are a lot of other fulfillment senters around the country. i wish i was in a nice place to show them to you and show the fun stuff. that is not my lot this morning. pete: at least you brought, you know the -- ainsley: hold on, they will still be able to get your packages to you in two days if you're a prime member. how does ha? busiest shopping day, they're out of power? reporter: out of power. we had huge blizzard conditions here. this is letting up. this is actually nice. but the trucks can't get in.
5:49 am
typically the trucks are running all the time. it's a mess out here. steve: with the weather and the business, jeff flock out in illinois. jeff, thank you very much. pete: stay warm. >> speaking of weather, rick reichmuth's weatherman umbrella protects you from ault elements. but it is helping our heroes. rick and major dan rooney are here with a huge announcement coming up next. ♪ there's little rest for a single dad,
5:50 am
and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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5:52 am
>> morning everybody. i'm bill hemmer. breaking news overnight. russia fires an american ally. how do they resolve the border issue? will republicans get a chance to put james comey and loretta lynch under oath one last time? a big election in the senate. will republicans push their lead to 53? join sandra and me in eight
5:53 am
minutes. see you at the top of the hour in "america's newsroom." ♪ steve: weatherman umbrella created by our very own rick reichmuth has been giving back all year long, donating five dollars for every folds of honor umbrella sold this year. ainsley: but today as preview of giving tuesday the weatherman umbrella is doing even more to help the families of our fallen and disabled heroes. pete: here to explain is fox news meteorologist and our friend rick reichmuth. couple other friends of ours, folds of honor founder, major dan rooney and folds of honor scholarship recipient ashley. you are recipient of scholarship from folds of honor. tell us what you're able to do and little bit about your father. >> folds of honor give as check to the school to help pay for tuition, room and board, books, anything that we need to help us
5:54 am
come out debt-free. and if it wasn't for them i definitely probably wouldn't be going to college because they help so much. my dad, he was a sergeant first class in the army. he was deployed in 2011. he was killed in afghanistan. before he went he actually gave me his locket. so i have it with me today. he was a big supporter of getting an education. and i was, i think in the fourth grade when i told him i wanted to be an actress. he said you will get an i hadcation. to hold true to the promise i sought out getting an education after he was killed. found out about folds of honor. they helped immensely. pete: that is great. ainsley: how does it feel to hear her story? you started this organization how many years ago? >> 11 years ago over my garage. the thing about ashlynne, she
5:55 am
has brother, two sisters and mom. we send them all to school. people don't realize we help the spouses. they are the ones to carry on the family legacy. to give in to giving tuesday, what rick has done for us, when you reach out to help someone, purr the one being helped. in this world that seems isolated every day, to look at ashlynne, and think about all the support people give folds of honor. it's a blessing. we all rise together. steve: rick, it is not just an umbrella, is it? >> thank you. i sought out to make a good umbrella. i thought umbrellas are inherently brand. it gives alerts on days you need it. you don't lose it. pete: it doesn't break like every other umbrella i have had. >> it doesn't. wanted to make a great up -- umbrella. it was a fun little project. steve: it is such a good umbrella. so many people embraced you are
5:56 am
ready to present a check. >> yeah. steve: some people bought the umbrella. look at that. >> amazing. >> i realized when you do these things you can actually raise money and do something good with this. so it was an incredible honor to make this umbrella. we made $5 for every umbrella giving to folds of honor for their scholarships. just an amazing organization. has a good rating around non-profits t does such incredible work. we wanted to do this. a huge honor to support you guys. we mixed our cyber monday, giving tuesday. for every umbrella sold today and tomorrow we're giving $5 to these guys. pete: any umbrella, five bucks to folds of honor. ainsley: thank you for doing that. pete: find the umbrella at shop and weatherman steve: we'll talk with them for
5:57 am
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>> five dollars from every umbrella he sells today at weatherman goes to folds of honor. today and tomorrow. >> if you want the weatherman fox umbrella go to news. >> bill: breaking news, unrest at the southern border. you've heard a lot over the weekend. hundreds of migrants rushing the border. i know you had an awesome turkey day, you did, right? >> sandra: i did. >> bill: i got the drumstick. >> sandra: good for you. i'm sandra smith. the port of entry in san ysidro reopened after yesterday's chaotic scene forced the nation's busiest border crossing to shut down for several hours. migrants overwhelming federal and local po


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