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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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judges, big difference when it comes to confirmations. we will watch that very closely. we will have results tomorrow. tomorrow an exclusive interview with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. covering exactly what's happening at the border. lindsey graham will join us. that's all the time we have lapsed. see you tomorrow at 9:00. let not your heart be troubled. there she is. >> laura: you hit it right at 10:00. >> sean: i didn't take one second off. >> laura: i am delighted to talk to you. i want to find out, did you already make turkey soup with that deep-fried turkey? >> sean: you want to know the truth? there wasn't any left to make any turkey soup. >> laura: oh, please. >> sean: moist test, most
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delicious. go to home depot. make another turkey. >> laura: this is the worst product placement. >> sean: i am telling you it's the best. >> laura: send me one. >> sean: i am going to send you. i'm going to mail. text me your address. i will have it sent tomorrow. >> sean: you have to come and cook the turkey. >> sean: what do you mean? >> laura: i have an apron. slap it on. >> sean: i will send you instructions. you will be able to figure it out. 15-pound turkey. 45 minutes, done. >> laura: forget fox nation. we are doing cooking. great show tonight. take care. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. majority whip steve scalise, tom homan, sol wisenberg, matt schlapp, mollie hemingway, a lot more going to join us in moments but first let's get into the big
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news of the day. how to heal a lame duck. that's the focus of tonight's angle. if you have caught any news about the border crisis in the last 24 hours, you have been subjected to a disgusting and blatant attempt at emotional manipulation. now, at a time when we actually need something called real reporting, instead we get this. >> look at the photo. see for yourself. the group includes men, women, and several children, some of them trying to cross after being denied access to the port of entry where they could legally claim asylum. >> one photo shows a mother struggling to scoop up her children and flee the fumes. >> this photo shared around the world shows a family running from the fumes. >> laura: that's it, it's the one photo. sunday, in a brazen act of lawlessness, scores of migrants attempted to rush the border, and they placed our agents, our
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sovereignty, in peril. border patrol had two choices. let them over on the u.s. border like what they did to mexico, or use nonlethal teargas to repel the crown. now, these are the only images the media are strict lending. women and children who appear to be running for their lives. the hyperbole, the meter on the hyperbole was in full tilt mode. >> this is a shameful american moment. it's a shameful american moment. those children, those pictures of the pictures we saw at the end of the vietnam war. >> laura: now, no one wants to see children in distress. but that comment was an embarrassment. remember, donald trump didn't create this crisis. his foremost responsibility is safeguarding the nation, which is what he's doing. reporters who are either lazy or agenda-driven are using their own toxic agents to lure the
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eyes of the public on this crit. this is what really happened sunday. >> the way these people rushed the border was absolutely monstrous. they pushed women and children up front and then behind those women and children, they started throwing rocks, cement bricks. they started throwing bottles at our border patrol agents. >> laura: just a bunch of modern-day patriots. as for the mothers and children, do they make up the bulk of those arrested? no. here is our san diego border chief rodney scott. >> making about 42 arrests, only eight of those were females and there were only a few children involved. the vast majority we were dealing with four adult males. similar to what we saw the first wave of the caravan about a week or so ago. >> laura: in total, 69 arrests have been made in the crisis continues to escalate, which the angle repeatedly warned you would happen.
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a new migrant caravan from central america, the second in six months, is now headed up through mexico to the united states this week. crusading reporters are feeding the narrative that anyone opposed to welcoming these caravan earth into our country e cruel, horrible, awful, rotten people. these caravans, it's got to sto stop. it's untenable. it's unsustainable. the people in this country want orderly immigration. of course the atom splitters at the other network claimed it was no big deal. >> there is no invasion. there is no emergency. >> they are panicked about this fake invasion. >> for everybody out there that's telling me know, it's a real story. we are worried about the caravan to come in. i go back to what i said about martians coming to my backyard. they are not coming in the caravan is not coming. the leprosy is not coming.
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>> laura: it's not just the media know nothings who need to be exposed. we are making a list and we are checking it twice. others have been very naughty as well on this issue. one of the prime drivers of the never ending caravans are groups that have been organizing this caravan and other caravans for months, in fact years. they even put out a press release last march. it reads like some type of primer for a borderless world. this is my favorite line. "we demand of mexico and the united states that they open the borders to the u.s. because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel." what? okay, they are not american citizens but this is a classic citizens of the world claptrap that's been funded by billionaires who want trans migration to be universal right.
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now, number two on our naughty list, activist judges. acting like a super legislature, district court judges continue to frustrate the president at every initiative when it comes to immigration enforcement. last week, the president was hit with two devastating rulings. in the first case, i , on obama pointy bar at the president from limiting asylum claims to those who enter the country legally. in michigan, a judge ordered the release of nearly 100 iraqis who were incarcerated under the trump travel ban. now, all of this explains why the president is running very short on patients. >> it's a shame. it's a shame. it's a disgrace frankly. some judge sitting at some location very far away is telling our incredible military and law enforcement what to do, and it's not right and that's
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been going on like that for a long time. >> laura: the nationwide injunctions have got to be stopped. he's absolutely right. certain judges have completely abandoned their article three limits and are totally out of control. but congress, perhaps more than all of the other culprits on this naughty list, deserves the most of the blame. both parties could have solved this nightmare had they acted to shore up the asylum loopholes while obama was still president. democrats should have struck a deal also with trump while the iron was hot last january. republicans were willing to grant a path citizenship for nearly 2 million illegals, fixing the daca problem. chain migration, visa lottery and of course the funding for the border wall. trump was actually excited about the prospect of this deal. >> i will consider that a great achievement to solve the daca problem. it's been out there a long time.
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these are good people. they should be able to stay in the country. >> laura: it didn't matter. schumer rejected this out of hand. it was more important in the end for the democrats to deny trump a win on immigration that it was for the democrats to agree to protect our country. even avoid the type of crisis we see on the border now. at the same time, many weak kneed republicans, many of whom are captive to agribusiness or the hospitality or construction industries, were unwilling to go to the mat for the trump agenda. so nothing ended up getting done. with 12 legislative days left until they lose power in the house and only 15 in the senate, republicans must unite and make passing trump's immigration enforcement agenda a priority. working through christmas and shutting down the government, yes, if that's necessary. this is a crisis that must be addressed immediately.
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we know that once nancy has the gavel back, the democrats answer to things like this. it will be to allow the situation to worsen. encouraging thousands more to storm our borders and put women and children at risk. the republicans meanwhile have a chance to make this short session of congress a lot less lame by addressing the most immediate problem facing our country today. but i am telling you if the republicans duck it once again, they shouldn't expect to be back in power anytime soon. joining me as steve scalise, author of the great new book "back in the game." tom homan, former acting director of i.c.e. anna fox news contributor. congressman, the house g.o.p. only has 12 days left. was i too harsh on my angle? >> i think you laid out the landscape really well and clearly this goes back to
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barack obama's presidency when he created the daca problem without ever trying to solve it. he said literally come to america illegally, bring your kids here illegally. he never try to fix it. when pelosi had the house, super majority in the senate, they never tried to bring a bill to fix the problem. they wanted a political issue. as you pointed out, president trump comes into office, chuck schumer initially was willing to work with him on a solution to daca that included funding for the wall. then the radical left went nuts and schumer pulled the deal off the table. we have tried to pass bills through the house to solve the interior loophole problems that you cited so many times, as well as funding the wall. not one democrat. we've had two different approaches on this, so no matter where you are on this, there was a chance for you to vote to solve a problem. not one democrat voted. >> laura: could have shut down the government. >> the next two weeks, the department of homeland security's budget expires. this is one more battle were
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going to have and it's going to happen in the next few weeks. >> laura: joni ernst was on one of the other shows last night or yesterday. i watched it last night. republican senator from iowa was basically saying we can't shut down this government for the wall. these are the republicans that we are dealing with here. steve scalise has done yeoman's work with everything he's been through to try to stand for the american people. they are not many who will. you have seen this. you and i sat here at this table, tom, and you said to me watch what happens. it's going to get worse and worse and worse than right now we have 5,000 people a week crossing the border illegally separate from the caravan. >> i have been at this game for 34 years and unfortunately everything arthur is coming true and i tell you had some great republican congressmen take people by the horns. it was a great bell. some of the republican student supported. no democrats did. it fixed the problems and fixed
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the loopholes and give some relief. perfect bill. i said it many times. i don't care if you're republican or democrat, there is no downside on securing the border, none. >> laura: paul ryan is on his way out. i like him personally but he's never wanted to fund this wall. i'm going to say. paul ryan is never wanted to fund this wall. he didn't want to deal with this problem for a whole bunch of reasons. he was never comfortable with the president's immigration agenda. i think that looking back, that ended up really hurting the republicans. if you don't have someone at the helm who is champing what the president is doing, and i don't think mcconnell really wants to do it either. he talks a good game but i don't think either of them really wanted to do it. >> we were able to get a billion and a half dollars for funding for border wall in the budget. we want more. the president has asked for $5 billion. i would like to see us get there. we have had a number of bills or try to solve that problem. let me make this point about the end of the year funding for the department of homeland security. when people talk about a government shutdown, they try to use it in. ordered term to try to scare
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people. over 70% of the united states government is fully funded until the end of next year. including the department of defense which is critically important. in the past, you saw obama used the troops as hostages to try to say hey, the troops won't get paid unless you give me x, y, z. we have fully funded the department of defense, including a pay raise to troops. that goes through september 30 of next year. all we are talking about is an important part of government but it's less than 30%, including the department of homeland security. that's where the wall funding comes in. there will be no widespread government shutdown. it's about funding the department of homeland security and building the wall. >> in addition to the wall funding, i.c.e. needs funding. if i see can't detain people arrested at the border ended his catch and release again, more caravans going to come. there's no consequence. why would they stop? >> laura: rodney scott, i know you know him. i have interviewed him so many times including at the border at san diego. he said what we are saying,
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contrary to what the bleeding heart media types, most of whom will not sponsor illegal immigrants if they had to personally guarantee their economic independence, they would never do it, but they talk a good emotional game and you see the pictures, the sad picture of the people playing. rodney scott knows this sector better than anyone, said this. >> what i saw on the border yesterday was not people walking up to border patrol agents masking to claim asylum. they were chanting, waving a honduran flag and throwing rocks at the agents. if they were truly asylum-seekers, they would have just walked up with their hands up and surrendered, and that did not take place. >> i know rodney scott. he's a great american patriot. the border patrol sent the tear gas out. they didn't send it on women and children. the wind drift and that happens. however, nbc did a great story. they interviewed that woman with two children in the picture and she came out and said she was coming to the country to join her husband was illegal in the country in louisiana. nothing about fear and
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persecution. i hope that as exhibit a in her future political asylum case. exactly what i said. people are coming for jobs are coming here to rejoin. >> laura: it's a big lie. trying to illustrate that we actually need real reporters who put aside, whether they don't like drum, like trump, they say this is how we got here. real persecution is happening all over the world. congressman, you know what's happening to people like osseo bd, a woman in pakistan. >> president trump was clear saying that there is a legal way to come to america to seek asylum and there is no legal way. we're not going to let you stormy border and climb a fence. go to a port of entry and state your case. make your claim. >> laura: mexico is going to help us, i think. >> even the tijuana mayor said they are getting a overridden with some of these people that are coming to attack law enforcement officers. not to seek asylum. most of them passed at least one of the country already.
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>> laura: how many lost or they violate before they get to san ysidro on average? >> several, several. they enter the country legally. first crime is a misdemeanor. a lot of these people based on our intelligence have been deported before so when they enter the country illegally, but one thing i want to say on the teargas. for those naysayers, put on a uniform, strap a gun to your head up and get rocks thrown at you and tell me there wasn't a better response. >> where were they when the obama administration was using teargas? >> laura: back in 2013, how do you disperse a crowd? but rihanna calls it terrorism. she's upset. she doesn't have security at her concerts, right? let's let everyone into her concert. let's ivory buddy go on stage. they can go on stage and get a hot meal at her house. >> what we saw yesterday that the media hand-wringing over the caravan is getting worse by the day. there is one exchange in particular that stood out.
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watch. >> i wanted to challenge you on one of the statements you made in the tail end of the campaign. in the midterms. that the caravan was an invasion. >> i considered to be an invasion. >> as you know, it was not an invasion. it's a group of migrants moving up from central america towards the border with the u.s. your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls. >> that's true. they weren't actors. they weren't actors. >> they are hundreds of miles away. hundreds and hundreds of miles away. it's not an invasion. >> laura: none of these reporters should still be working in this business. dereliction of duty. there should be a price to be paid. joining us now, how the media missed the story from the start, mollie hemingway. senior editor from "the federalist." what are the chances jim acosta apologizes not only getting this wrong telling the president he was wrong. [laughs] >> it was an amazing exchange to look at. it looked bad at the time, the way he was pontificating giving
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his opinion which was not based in fact, though he was belligerent with that reporter. that was an embarrassment at the time. after this weekend, it's a complete and utter angulation. this is the guy who was sort of a mascot of the white house press corps. they decided to make him the guy they all rally behind. he could not have been more wrong about the facts, but he's actually just doing what a lot of media have done. there been so many false statements set about this caravan, whether it's that it's largely comprised of women and children or that these are valid asylum-seekers or that there is no criminal element or that they will never make it to the border or that they will never scale the border or that they are no threat to sovereignty and they are northward to the united states. all that was completely exploded this began. it would be nice to see the media react more honestly about that. instead, they are doing what you pointed out the first segment which is taking a picture of one woman and her children. >> laura: i saw that coming a mile away. didn't you see that a mile away? once they got the photo of the woman wearing the tangled shirt,
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whatever that cartoon character was and you knew that was going to be it. that is a lazy man's way of reporting a story. lazy, lazy, lazy. do your job. put your trump buys in the backseat for five seconds and tried to be honest about this story. i find it appalling. after placing look for you, mollie. even you may not believe it. this is mike lupica who is really good at writing about sports. he's now a political guy. this is what he said. let's watch. i think we have the mike lupica. do we have it? it's coming. >> i keep asking this question. one is the first guy from the caravan going to shoot up a synagogue on saturday morning? when is the first person from a caravan going to shoot up a dance club in southern california or a country music festival in las vegas? every time there's another mass shooting in this country, one of my first reactions after i am struck again by the horror of the routine this in this country is please don't let it be an immigrant.
7:21 pm
>> laura: please don't let it be an immigrant. >> human nature is the same across immigrant or nonimmigrant populations. comments like that so you're not allowed to have a conversation about rule of law, national sovereignty, borders. it's inappropriate. >> laura: mollie hemingway, thanks so much. we have a lot more to get to. this story is breaking as we speak tonight. stay right there. the hard work you put into lowering your
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>> [shouting] >> laura: as we noted in tonight's angle, the left in the media often use this emotional imagery to tell you just one side of the story from the border. what really happened when agents dispersed gas canisters into crowds of migrants trying to break through the southern border? for more, here's a report from jeff paul in tijuana, mexico. >> the scene outside the main migrant shelter is overwhelming. you have people walking in all sorts of different directions. thousands still living inside, others moving to the outside where they were living in tents. despite the crowds you're seeing, things are relatively peaceful compared to what just happened the day before. u.s. customs and border protection reporting that rocks were thrown at least four
7:26 pm
agents. no injuries but as a result, teargas and pepper spray balls were used to get the crowd to disperse. there were also several arrests and others looking for cover. >> translator: we went to that side and they started throwing teargas at us. there were many children who fainted. many young children fainted. my daughter also got gas. pregnant women and there are many men. >> there were arrests on both sides of the border in tijuana and in the united states. 79 people arrested in the united states were trying to cross the border illegally. despite that showing of forests from authorities on both sides of the border, many of the migrants here remain hopeful that one day they will somehow still be able to gain access to the u.s. laura. >> laura: all right, jeff, thanks. what about the agents involved? is anyone telling their stories? imagine if a mass of humanity charge at you. wanting to enter your home. maybe come live with you for a while. throwing rocks and waving other countries flag.
7:27 pm
well, while the agents themselves aren't able to speak out of the moment, they are allowed to talk with their representatives, and one joins us now to share what he has learned. hector garcia is a national border patrol council president and is with us tonight from san antonio. hector, what are the people on your team telling you on the ground? you just saw a report about what happened, another very emotional woman who says they started throwing teargas canisters at us. that's not actually what happened but that's what she said. what did they encounter? >> agents were under attack. they were assaulted. these migrants were throwing rocks. they were throwing glass bottles. they were also throwing other debris in the area, and it's a matter fact, some agents were hit on their helmets with these rocks. minor injuries. there was also damage to vehicles and windows were broken. this was an assault. this was an invasion on our agents, on our country.
7:28 pm
our agents had to respond with a very low level of force, which is the teargas that was deployed. >> laura: now, we had heard from everyone from mexican government officials to guatemalan officials who set from the beginning that the use of women and children at the front of the lines, whether they are crossing the bridge into mexico from guatemala or breaking the border into guatema from honduras. that this was done very deliberately with careful planning. unfortunately the children had fs casualties, the ones who aren't traffic and up as casualties. or injured or traumatized. but they want to blame hector, president trump because i guess the border should just be open and people should be able to come in 100 of time and fill out a form and say i want asylum. >> these people think they're going to do the same things they did on the guatemala-mexico
7:29 pm
border, they are wrong. our agents are properly trained. they are going to be using reasonable force. something that they are reporting to us these migrants were using these children as human shields and they were launching roxette agents. they had no regard for human life. they didn't care about the other migrants are the kids. our agents to date great job by using the teargas by using it to disperse the crowd. they were justified to use a higher level of force but they did not. they use a low level of force and they were successful. they did a great job. >> laura: hector, what if the numbers increase? what if they swell? >> we are going to have to keep using the same strategy. the good thing is we have the military and that's what president trump did for us. we are going to have to deploy more resources to the area. but it is going to get out of control and that's why congress needs to act we need to make sure we do build that wall so that we can avoid these type of confrontations because people will end up getting hurt.
7:30 pm
again, our agents are properly trained and they're going to do the best job that they cannot there. but again, these caravans, they need to stop. we need to do our job and also mexico needs to do their job. >> laura: they should never have been trucked to the border. many were trucked up. they should never been allowed to cross new mexico. is a series of things it had to happen for this situation to resolve in the crisis that it is today. hector, thank you very much. please think the border patrol for us. they are doing incredible work under very difficult circumstances being maligned by everyone from hollywood actors and actresses who themselves -- how many immigrants with a sponsor in their homes if they had to? and politicians and business types. we really think you so much. by the way, those crashing our southern border of course are referred to in blanket terms like they are migrants seeking a better life. they are asylum-seekers. they are would be refugees. but they wouldn't be criminals, right? no.
7:31 pm
joining us now to explain his former immigration judge art arthur, currently at the center for immigration studies. you have dealt with this issue. we have been talking about this now for months. i'm sad to say we predicted this because it would have been great if this never happened because people's lives are put in jeopardy. our sovereignty is imperiled. now we have the vilification of president trump because the situation became, you know, the boiling pot that it is right now. >> you see a variety of crimes from these individuals that they have committed. entering the united states illegally is a violation. it's a misdemeanor, as mr. tom homan indicated. some of these individuals have entered the united states previously. that's a felony. assault on a federal officer is a crime. it's a felony in and of itself sewing see a number of these individuals committing crimes, in addition secretary of homeland security homeland security kirstjen nielsen indicated there are 500 criminals and gang members that are included in this group of
7:32 pm
individuals. quite frankly, i think that number is probably low because the numbers we have, it's only as good as the intelligence. >> laura: my other border patrol sources are telling me that 5,000 illegal immigrants a week, the whole caravan down there week, are crossing other sectors. as everyone is focused on this, 5,000 coming in through yuma, through laredo, the rio grande. being swamped. >> the rdg is completely overrun. >> laura: what is that? >> rio grande valley. >> laura: i am quick. thank you. >> it's completely overrun. these individuals have gone to tijuana probably because it's the ninth circuit and they have the best chance of getting released there. the fact is we see a huge of migrants at other locations. those sectors are also overrun by individuals. the first act they commit is criminal. >> laura: they have committed many crimes along the way.
7:33 pm
other countries sovereignty is, sometimes assault on other countries border patrols. this is what allison camerata who have always liked witches on another network, this is her argument about the current crisis now and why what we are seeing is a sign that everything's working and we don't need a wall. let's watch. >> shutting down the border worked and it also proves that we don't need i think a border wall because the migrants made -- went out of their way to go to tijuana because the rest of the border was considered too hazardous, too dangerous so they went and extra hundreds of miles to the port of entry of tijuana because they considered that the easiest. in other words, the system is actually working. >> laura: did some reporter -- was there a reporter and a control room whispering "sadist"? she can't actually believe that. >> the reason why the rest of the border is so dangerous is because it is so controlled by the drug cartels. they are getting their funding
7:34 pm
from exactly the same smugglers who are smuggling these individuals to the united states. we are supporting the drug cartels by allowing these individuals -- >> laura: we said that the other sectors were being overwhelmed as we speak right now every day of the week. i have to play one more thing. tearjerker moments. rick wilson another network tonight. >> this is not just the terrible threat of a shoeless girl wearing a hello kitty backpack at the border. oh, my god. without the teargas. it's done deliberately and methodically and cruelly. >> laura: so trump is doing this cruelly, focusing on the little girl with the hello kitty backpack. >> border control agents are getting rocked along the border. i was in a vehicle that was hit by cinder block i can tell you right now it's the sort of thing that you really want to have a strong response to. we need to have a strong response with can make sure agents are safe. a speech would you agree with me
7:35 pm
that congress has to act? >> i have been saying that for more than a year. >> laura: if they don't do that, were going to have more of this. all right, art. thank you so much. what is going on with the mueller investigation? we haven't been talking about that in a few weeks. significant development involving rejected plea deal earlier today may tell us a lot. all the answers you need are straight ahead. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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>> laura: big developments in the miller investigation tonight, including a plea deal gone awry and another that may have been violated. for details, we are joined by fox news' trace gallagher. what would we do without a trac trace? has anyone ever used that before? >> nobody has. i don't know what you do. breaking tonight we should note special counsel robert mueller's team estimated new court filings coming forward from campaign chair paul manafort violated his plea agreement by lying to prosecutors and the fbi. now, the special counsel didn't say what he lied about, only that he did so on a "variety of
7:39 pm
subject matters." that a fort denies he lied. he was convicted in august on eight counts of bank and tax fraud. in september he agreed to cooperate with mueller to avoid as second trial and for a possible reduced prison sentence. the government wants manafort sentenced immediately. ekstrom campaign advisor george papadopoulos reported to a meeting medium security prison in wisconsin to begin serving hr lying to the fbi about his interactions with russian contacts. papadopoulos claims in april of 2016, he was in the u.k. and was told by a professor with ties to russia that the russians had obtained thousands of hillary clinton emails. remember, this was months before hacked emails from clinton campaign chair john podesta were posted on wikileaks. that in august of 2016, papadopoulos told an australian diplomat the russians had derogatory information on hillary clinton. the diplomat reportedly pass that info onto western
7:40 pm
intelligence. papadopoulos now believes he was set up and is willing to testify before the senate intel committee. and now, jerome corsi, an associate of trump confidant roger stone, says he is rejecting a plea deal from robert mueller's team. the special cause reportedly has evidence showing two months before john podesta does hacked emails went public, jerome corsi knew wikileaks had them. the rulers team is examining whether jerome corsi pass that information roger stone but corsi says he did not have inside information from wikilea. instead he "connected the dots, dots,'s" saying that two months before the podesta emails went public, he deducted the julian assange had them. mueller's investigators are apparently not buying it. >> laura: thanks so much for joining us media sol wisenberg, former deputy independent counsel in the whitewater lewinsky investigation. we haven't seen you for a while,
7:41 pm
so excited to have you want. why are you not hear? you are there. what does this tell you that mueller is focusing so much of his effort now on someone like jerome corsi. he is in his 70s. he's done a lot of writing, colorful writing, interesting writing. a lot of people really like his stuff. is he grasping at straws here? what is this? >> while, from the very beginning of his tenure, mueller has taken the position that if you lie to us and obviously it's his view as to whether or not they lied, but if you lie to us, we are going to prosecute you. that's really something that a lot of aggressive special counsels have done. patrick fitzgerald did it in the scooter libby case. they are here for a limited time. they know they're going to get criticized publicly, like they all are, like star was, like archie cox and mike mueller has been.
7:42 pm
so they want to strike terror into the hearts of the people that they deal with and they question. mueller has been very consistent in this regard. if you lie to us, we will charge you. i don't know. >> laura: this is what prosecutors -- i am speaking as an old defense counsel, but prosecutors have a big weapon in their arsenal. the weapon is you talk to us. if you don't, we are turning the screws. we are going to turn them and turn them and turn them and it's going to be so painful that you're going to say something. i am not saying all prosecutors are bad. i am not saying that. i want to play when jerome corsi set about this because he's not willing to take a plea deal. he said i'm not going to lie basically to take some lousy plea deal if i have to die in jail, i will. let's watch. speak of the american people ofd understand we have a criminal department of justice. they are taking citizens. i've never committed a crime in my life. i am 72 years old.
7:43 pm
i will can die in prison but il not lie to say i didn't tell the truth to the special counsel. >> laura: i believe him. i don't know. you know you have a certain radar about people and things. >> let me tell you a little secret. let me tell you a little secret about jerome corsi and papadopoulos. neither of these guys had to talk to mueller at all. mueller couldn't have turned any screws on either one of these guys. they could have said guess what, we decline to talk to you and if mueller had called them to the grand jury, they could have said guess what, we are not -- we are going to plead the fifth amendment. these guys were not major players than drug administration who might be embarrassed if it came out that they took the fifth amendment. so these guys, i don't know what their problem is, why they felt like they had to talk to the government in the first place. >> laura: they were corroborating. they don't have anything to hide.
7:44 pm
maybe you're saying it is stupid. shouldn't talk to mueller. they have andrew weissmann and all the other people who hate trump. so i get it. i wouldn't have advised my client to talk to them but i think they feel like jerome corsi, didn't do anything. i am a journalist writing stuff i didn't do anything. you can indict a ham sandwich. >> you can. the bottom line, as you know, we don't know if they had anything to hide or not. one thing about corsi, he was trying to work on some kind of deal where he would not plead to intentionally lying. really the only way you can be successfully -- plead guilty to a crime of a false statement is if you did it intentionally. if you didn't do it intentionally, he shouldn't plead guilty. >> laura: dershowitz now, dershowitz has been reviled by the left or defending trump. all the invitations to the parties dried up at martha's vineyard. apparently nobody would come to his party.
7:45 pm
>> so sad. >> laura: the martha's vineyard crowd turned a cold shoulder. i was very distressed for him actually. >> they haven't invited me to any of their parties either paid >> laura: sol, when people don't know about you is that you are so much fun. it's very upsetting to me that you wouldn't be invited. but this is what he said yesterday that set the internet on fire. let's watch. >> and i think the report is going to be devastating to the president and i know that the president's team is already working on a response to the report. >> laura: did he get a leak from mueller? is it just rank speculation? >> i think it is rank speculation. on the other hand, it's pretty clear that there is no love lost between mueller's prosecutors and the president and his people. so it wouldn't be surprising to me if a report is hard-hitting. here is the key thing people haven't focused on yet. granted, it's only been a couple hours since mueller made his
7:46 pm
filing about manafort, saying that he lied and committed new crimes. mueller said let's proceed to sentencing and manafort's attorney agrees with him and then mueller said were going to be filing something, judge, we are going to be filing a sentencing memo with you the details and i'm quoting mueller here "details all of the various lies and crimes that manafort has committed." i think mueller will take this opportunity. he is very limited in what he can say, unless he is doing it in a court filing. i think you're going to see a document from mueller in the manafort case -- won't be a speaking indictment. >> laura: a lot of this has stuff to do with the old business dealings going back several years and predating the campaign. i don't know about that. >> you are right but i don't think that's what they're theyn
7:47 pm
asking him about nine don't think that's what they are going to say he's been fibbing about. another interesting thing, mueller does not have the power to say you lied in the deal is off. the court will make that decision, and that's an important distinction. >> laura: sol, it's good to see you back. we have missed you terribly. >> great to be back. >> laura: take care. among the potential list of 2020 trump challengers includes some hilarious sideshows. slap and han beat the never-ending parade of also-ran also-rans. even some from the right. the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa-
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>> laura: if you can believe the rates for 2020, i can't believe i am already saying this, as often running in the latest batch of contenders, well, may not have the president's wedding too much from the right corner, we have two contenders who don't have much of a constituency in their party but still think they can challenge the president for the nomination. first we have jeff always a flake. his approval among republican voters in his own state was a whopping 20%, forcing him into early retirement. still he recently told politico that he has not ruled out a run
7:52 pm
for the presidency. and then there is old john kasich, the man who seemingly lives in an msnbc greenroom. great food there. and he didn't even show up at his own party's presidential convention when it was held in his state where he was governor. but he thinks he can challenge trump and is very seriously considering it. from the left, robert francis over, darling of the democratic party, could wins senate race in texas but is now saying a presidential run could be in the cards. and then there is mr. impeachment himself, tom steyer. he thinks basically any billionaire can run for president. last week, he released his five rights for americans that looked enough like presidential platforms. here to debate whether any of these challengers should keep the president up at night, matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union.
7:53 pm
chris hahn radio host and former aide to chuck schumer. should the president be worried? when i think of john kasich versus trump, i get palpitations. so exciting. a debate between them. >> john kasich could keep it close in ohio. usually for republican presidents, they face a primary challenge, it is toast in november. i think with president trump it's exactly the opposite. i think if he is a guy like flake, i assume running as a republic, not sure, if flake or kasich runs, it will embolden him. he likes a file. as far the democrats explosion, the fact that it's so big with so many interesting characters, actually think it placed in the vantage as well. >> laura: chris, first of all i hope you had a nice thanksgiving. nice to see you. >> i did. >> laura: did you cook? are you one of those progressive men and you cooked and wore the apron and all that?
7:54 pm
>> i don't wear an apron but i did cook. the butcher did most of the work brining the turkey. >> laura: very cool. i'm totally kidding. high level -- cooking is a family affair. beto o'rourke now, he's a contender. his wife said she's leaving open the possibility. "newsweek" actually had an article today that the title of which was beto o'rourke -- of beto o'rourke was president, here's how he would handle the migrant caravan. i mean, that's the title of a "newsweek" piece. thoughts, chris. >> i remember laughing very hard when a guy named donald trump got into the race, saying he will never win the nomination and if he wins the nomination, democrats will win 40 states. the careful what you wish for. beto o'rourke, if he closes the gap the way he did in texas and increases that margin in other
7:55 pm
states, he will get over 300 electoral votes. easily. may be closer 340. he is an inspiring guy we will see what happens. >> laura: why is he inspiring? wait a second. okay. obama did better than he did in rural texas, if my memory serves me correct. why is he inspiring? he's cute but why is he inspiring? what's inspiring about him? >> the guy reminded me a lot of donald trump. he was always trailing the poles but yet everywhere he went, thousands of people showed up to see him. there is something there and i think if the guy ran for president he's going to be a serious contender. i don't know if you will be the nominee but he will be a serious contender in the democratic primary. a big field didn't hurt the republicans in 2016 and it won't hurt democrats in 2020. frankly if i was a republican, i would throw my name out there just in case the president decides he doesn't want to run
7:56 pm
or doesn't -- >> laura: for the speaking fees alone, you throw your name into the hat, right? >> i agree with chris. i think the big field is not a bad thing. >> laura: it doesn't matter. >> it's a big smorgasbord. >> laura: john kasich, i mean, he just keeps showing up. it's like a bad toothache. one word. >> never kasich. >> laura: thanks so much. tonight's last bite takes you to the nfl. stay there. eduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens.
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>> laura: it's time for the last bite. if you've ever watched a bill belichick press conference, this from denver broncos linebacker will ring true. >> it was a great team win. on to cincinnati.
8:00 pm
great defense, great offense, great team win. on to cincinnati. >> are you channeling bill belichick? >> we had a great win today. great team win. we had an incredible day, but it's on to cincinnati. >> laura: that's what they look like when they win. isn't that great? i love his glasses. if that's all the time we have tonight. ed henry is in for shannon bream and he takes it from here. on to cincinnati. >> ed: i love when belichick one time made fun of snap face. i don't understand social media snap face or whatever you call it. a great way for you to end your show. this is a fox news alert. president trump just threatened moments ago to close one of the busiest land border crossings between the u.s. and mexico. he's bowing it will hurt our


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