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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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great defense, great offense, great team win. on to cincinnati. >> are you channeling bill belichick? >> we had a great win today. great team win. we had an incredible day, but it's on to cincinnati. >> laura: that's what they look like when they win. isn't that great? i love his glasses. if that's all the time we have tonight. ed henry is in for shannon bream and he takes it from here. on to cincinnati. >> ed: i love when belichick one time made fun of snap face. i don't understand social media snap face or whatever you call it. a great way for you to end your show. this is a fox news alert. president trump just threatened moments ago to close one of the busiest land border crossings between the u.s. and mexico. he's bowing it will hurt our neighbors in the south ten times
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more than it will impact americ america. he is also sharply defending the border patrol's use of tear gas. we will speak live to a border patrol insider to discuss the fact that it turns out the obama administration used tear gas and pepper spray on migrants dozens of times. we will bring you the facts you probably have not heard elsewhere. and another looming threat of a government shutdown. can congress pass the necessary spending bill with border wall funding that the president wants in time? by the numbers is back and better than before. tonight, breaking news on former trump campaign chair paul manafort. turns out the special counsel is torpedoing manafort's plea deal. robert mueller is alleging that manafort has lied repeatedly to federal investigators. find out why even liberals are calling this a bombshell that could be good news for the president. the details straight ahead. welcome to "fox news @ night," i met henry in for shannon bream.
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we begin tonight with the escalating chaos of the border, the president fighting back against allegations that he and the u.s. border patrol are responsible for mistreating women and children of the border after migrants attempted to rush the crossing in southern california. turns out border patrol agents are saying migrants have been throwing rocks and bottles at them at some of the migrants have been pushing women and children to the front, perhaps hoping the u.s. government will overreact and hurt them. trace gallagher is tracking the latest for us life. good evening, trace. >> no one disputes that a large group of migrants try to rush the border and get through the fencing that separates mexico from the u.s. mexico's interior minister said 500 tried to cross the border. the number at more than a thousand. many have been throwing rocks and bottles at both mexican authorities and u.s. border patrol agents. u.s. agents then responded by using tear gas to push the migrants back, a tax that many democrats condemned.
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hillary clinton said it was wrong, california governor-elect gavin newsom called it counter to american ideals and hawaii democratic senator accused the border patrol of using chemical weapons before walking his statement back. the chief of the border patrol defended the use of tear gas and the actions of her agents, watc watch. >> our agents were being assaulted. a large group brushed the area they were throwing rocks and bottles at my men and women, putting them in harm's way as well as other members of the caravan. we needed to disperse the group and with that assaultive nature it was imperative that we disperse them from the area. >> homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen also says the caravan is far larger and more organized than previous caravans. if she even accused the migrants of using women and children as "human shields saying women and kids were pushed to the front of the line and in a rare
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criticism of the migrants, mexico's national human rights commission saying it reiterates that members of the caravan that cross our country should respect mexican laws and not engage in actions that affect the communities they pass through. and amid the chaos both the vehicle and pedestrian crossings at the border crossing, the nation's busiest, were shut down for several hours. no doubt having a major economic impact on both the u.s. and mexico. tonight the president was asked what it would take for him to close the border again. watch. >> violence. if they do a charge because with the closed borders it's very easy to stop, with an open border it's not. if they do a charge. we have a big caravan coming up, another one. >> an estimated 5-7,000 migrants are still in tijuana waiting for their asylum applications. the tijuana mayor says his city cannot handle it. >> ed: thank you. i made all of that trouble at
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the border, the president calling on congress to fund his border wall during their lame duck session. while that confrontation lead to a partial government shutdown? the story by the numbers. >> the flash point is president trump's border wall in that apartment fomite security spending bill. republicans lose control of the house in january. at a december standoff over the wall is why republicans view this as a last chance to secure wall funding. conversations about potential attachments to a spending bill, provisions to protect special counsel robert mueller from firing. emergency aid to help california and the carolinas recover after devastating wildfires and hurricanes. the president is pushing for $5 billion for the wall that mr. trump long ago promised $26 billion in funding. such a plan would pay for the wall on a multiyear basis but the only thing for which congress budgets down the road
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are federal heating assistance, the farm bill and highway programs. the house defeated legislation twice this year which provided wall money, but also offered a path to citizenship for some daca recipients. the message, blocking what some conservatives regard as amnesty is more important than a border wall. it's possible lawmakers could enact temporary legislation for a week or two to avoid an immediate shutdown or republicans could push for a stopgap measure that stretches into january. it's doubtful some democrats would agree to that plan. that would hamstring house democrats right away as soon as they assume the majority next year. there's a lot of pressure on the president to make good on his campaign promise of a border wall and attempts to shut down. president trump willing to take half a loaf and saying he secured down payments on the wall. at tees up with house democrats next year. this is the president's signature issue. fighting with democrats over the wall as he nears the 2020
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presidential campaign could be good politics for the president. >> ed: honduras is the source of many of the migrants in that caravan and now tonight one of the honduran president's brothers is being charged by u.s. federal prosecutors of being "a large-scale drug traffickers." antonio hernandez allegedly scheming to bring tons of cocaine into america. he has previously denied any involvement. breaking to make him counsel robert mueller claims that former trump campaign chair paul manafort has violated his plea deal by allegedly lying to the fbi on multiple subject matters. manafort claims he's been truthful but mueller's office argues in a filing that the government will also file -- in advance of sentencing that sets forth the nature of the defendant's crimes and lies including those after signing the plea deal herein. manafort was convicted on eight counts convicted to tax fraud in
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virginia earlier this year and 1x donation of tonight's development, abc news is reporting that special counsel prosecutors were "not getting what they want," that according to one source with knowledge of the discussions. so from manafort to the border wall, must know mike much to discuss with the knights power panel. zack's friend, former state department press officer morgan and fox news contributor opinion editor of "the washington times" ," charle hurt. a good evening, all. zach, i want to start with you and manafort. there is one sentence that does not appear in any of this filing, nowhere does it say paul manafort turned on president trump. >> i worked in a law-enforcement agency for almost a decade and the one thing that always seems to come back and bite people's when they are not truthful. the one thing that law enforcement and prosecutors hate more than anything is when people don't come clean on things and i think what you're seeing here is actually exactly that, the mueller group
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basically saying you are not being truthful with us, we will make sure that we can come after you with always got. >> ed: charlie hurt, you know was a trump supporter we've been hearing about collusion and obstruction of justice for months and months and months. nothing has really been produced on either and now paul manafort, the man many on the left was hoping would some how turned on the president, turns out according to mueller anyway has been lying left and right so even if he did have something he wanted to say about the president, does he have any credibility left? >> that's a great point. if you go back to the original charges and what manafort was convicted on, of course none of that had to do with the aforementioned purpose of his investigation in the first place, which is russia collusion, and that's an important point. i think the even more important point is what we have now, that is that obviously mueller is not going to drop manafort as a witness if he's producing and
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that raises two important questions, one is whether he's producing anything in the second thing is whether he even has anything to produce and either one of those seems to be probably good news for donald trump. >> ed: i mentioned that the manafort legal team is insisting he did not lie, so all of this will come out one way or another, we will find out, but if he did life and is going to face even more criminal charges on top of what he was artie found guilty in virginia, there are some people on all sides of this debate, left and right saying on social media tonight this may be more than anything about paul manafort trying to get a pardon from the president on the road because he's facing a mountain of crimes. >> i think that sounds a little fanciful. i don't think he's basing his entire testimonial for trying to get a pardon from the president, especially considering there are still state crimes to be tried for, which the president wouldn't have pardon authority for anyway. i think what we are going to see, what you said in your earlier report, if mueller are going to allege that manafort
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has been lying they will actually have to prove this and they will have to do that in that court filing that you referenced. i expected a mountain of evidence to be in there. there will have to be a mountain of evidence if they are going to show he was lying, what he was lying about. i spoke to some fbi sources, friends of mine who are retired who have been involved in these sorts of investigations earlier today and they made the point that they thought to really potentially about investigation, a bad case before they made the deal with manafort. they thought it was very weird to have a testimony like this, a witness like this who then you turn around and have to press charges against him. they think it's quite suspicious that maybe there wasn't the case of russia collusion that perhaps they thought they would get out of mueller once he started. >> ed: let's shift gears. mississippi, a big senate battle that we are going to talk about later in the show. in mississippi that's going to determine the balance of power, the last senate seat to be decided.
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the president rallying for the republican senate candidate and here's what he said about the wall. >> the rest of it -- that's pretty nasty looking. >> ed: apparently that sound bite is not there but the bottom line is the president was talking about the wall and was saying that the migrant crisis, zach, shows him that this finally had to be built. and my question to you is if a lot of these migrants are simply seeking asylum, why are they assaulting u.s. law enforcement? >> i think that's a fair question but i think from a broader standpoint, one of the things that i think about here is that what actually drove people, mothers to walk 2,000 miles with infants and toddlers to do this. obviously the situation in their home country is untenable. very telling about the situatio
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situation. >> ed: i'm going to let you say that but you are not answering my question, if they are having such a horrible situation in their country and they want to be in america and they love america, allegedly, why are they attacking u.s. law enforcement? why are they not coming peacefully? why are they assaulting u.s. law enforcement? please answer that. >> as i said, i think that's a fair point and i think as the border patrol was also noted, this is actually a very small group of people within the overall caravan that are seeking asylum that have become agitated over what i would assume would be a delay in the amount of time to actually be able to seek asylum within the united states. there's never an acceptable situation by which you would attack u.s. military, u.s. law enforcement or any kind of u.s. entity in general. so i'm in total agreement with you on that but i think the broader issue is it's telling on both sides. it's telling on what kind of country they are trying to come into port tear gas and people, it's telling her what kind of country they are leaving if they're willing to -- i mean, what parent, i'm a parent, what
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parent wouldn't want -- i would do the exact same thing, i wouldn't attack u.s. law enforcement but i would definitely walk for 2,000 miles just on a hope situation to make my kids life's better. >> ed: what parent would put their children in the middle of what is a violent situation? >> sure. if they want to seek asylum, they should seek asylum in the first country they come to and that should have happened long before they reached the border, should have happened in mexico or wherever. but the other thing is -- the bottom line is we have laws, we have a border and we have the right, we have the requirement to protect that border. and you've had both parties have had control of congress in the past ten, 15 years that if they wanted to change these laws they could have changed these laws. they didn't change these laws. we have people on the border enforcing the laws that are on the books and to sit back and armchair criticized the law enforcement agents for enforcing the laws duly put on the books i think is reckless
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and dangerous. >> ed: morgan, 20 seconds, what about the idea that he talked about with the funding? is there a chance for a partial shutdown because the president wants the funding? >> i think this is a big chance. at this point i sort of expected to happen if congress doesn't make a deal before the december 7th shutdown. it wouldn't be an entire government shutdown, it would be a partial government shutdown as it relates to homeland security funding. i think this is the president's last best chance to get the border wall funding. he will have a hard time getting it with nancy pelosi in charge. >> ed: no doubt. new power dynamic. appreciate all your insights. a fox news alert, just hours away from the polls opening in mississippi for a special senate election, we just mentioned the president pulling out all the stops tonight to rally support for republican senator cindy hyde-smith. she's been under fire. correspondent peter doocy live from mississippi, evening, pete
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peter. >> good evening, this was the last big trump campaign-style rally of 2018, the last one of the cycle, last one of the year and despite the controversy surrounding cindy hyde-smith, white house officials that i have spoken to say there was never any hesitation about sending the president down here for two rallies today to try to help her, too strong for her and help her hold the senate see that she was appointed to a few months ago. she has been under siege, that's because past comments that she made joking about public lynchings or about discouraging young liberals to vote have started circulating recently and she did not address either controversy tonight. >> it is about standing firm on the second amendment rights all day long! i think that have given you one reason why i can ask me about tonight. that's because i have worked very hard for you and you can count on me when it comes to your conservative values!
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>> at one point in the democratic candidate mike espy said that he's heard hyde-smith is referred to as the hanging senator in d.c. he has been focusing a lot on those controversial comments, especially the one about public hangings and as the under underdog this race, the only opponent anywhere to ever endure two trump rallies in the same day in the same state. if the president try tonight to lump him in with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi maxine waters and he got some of his loudest applause when talking about immigration and trade. >> tomorrow's election is about safety and tomorrow's election is about prosperity. for decades, washington politicians allowed foreign countries to plunder our jobs, shutter our factories and decimate our industries. i've been talking about it for 20 years. >> and tonight was the rare trump rally for the president
8:18 pm
might not have been the most famous person on the stage because at one point during the preprogram santa was there and she had a whole bunch of make america great again half that he was checking out into the crowd. >> ed: peter doocy, you've been nice to the show all year long. santa is going to be very kind to you, i'm confident of that, thank you. the ceo of general motors visiting the white house white house after announcing a round of plant closures and job sites in the heart of drum country and canada. we asked christina to find out what happened inside the white house. christina. >> as car sales continue to slump, general motors says it's going to and production at five factories in north america. that means cutting 15% of its workforce. two car factories on the chopping board, ohio, where the chevy cruze is made in detroit, where the chevy volt, la crosse and cadillac are built. the president told reporters he wasn't happy about their plans to trim costs very >> we have a lot of pressure on them.
8:19 pm
senators, a lot of other people, a lot of pressure. they say this chevy cruze is not selling well. i say get a car that is selling well and put it back in. >> senator from ohio expected they shift focus to save american jobs. >> congress and the administration can put pressure on them and should to produce new electric vehicles here in the united states of america and particularly at plants they already have. >> some of the factors behind the cuts, consumer demand shifting to suvs, focus on electrified and self-driving cars. gm took to twitter to say that means making hard decisions now to stay ahead of changing market conditions. some of the affected plants could resume production but that depends on contract negotiations with the united auto workers union next year. investors welcomed the news of lower costs sending the company's shares hires. the five gm plants will help production next year. back to you. >> ed: thanks for that report. new numbers from the department of homeland security on the use
8:20 pm
of tear gas at the border. they say that during the obama administration it turns out they used tear gas a lot of times that a lot of folks have not told you about it. we have the facts, we will tell you all about it. meanwhile, trump officials are slamming russia tonight. now it's the secretary of state issuing harsh words for moscow in the wake of a dangerous escalation with ukraine. the president himself weighing in earlier. >> would let our position be known, and we are not happy about it. >> ed: what, if anything can the u.s. do to ease these tensions? we will ask cia station chief after the break. ♪ ahhh!! treat your cough seriously with robitussin cf max. nothing lasts longer and treats more symptoms for your cough, cold and flu. robitussin. because it's never just a cough. cohigher!ad! higher!
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>> ed: tonight tensions between russia and ukraine escalating as much of the world and even more so, trump administration officials are criticizing russia for seizing ukrainian ships and sailors on the black sea. our correspondent trey yingst is here with where things stand tonight. >> martial law will be imposed in ukraine after russia captured 23 sailors in a fierce firefight off the coast of crimea. ukrainian president requests past parliament this afternoon and goes into effect on friday for 30 days. troops have been put on military
8:25 pm
alert and the two nations appear to be on the brink of war. yesterday, a russian coast guard vessel rammed into ukrainian tugboat sparking one of the largest clashes between russia and ukraine since the annexation of crimea in 2014. president trump says the united states is working with european partners to ease tensions. >> we don't like what's happening either way what's happening and hopefully it can straighten out. i know you're up are not thrilled, they're working on it, we are all working on it together. >> monday's vote for martial law will allow ukraine to have increased defense capabilities as ukrainian cabinet members have suggested that sunday's incident could be the first step towards fully blocking ukrainian access to the black sea. >> russia has been conducting it for the fifth year but by attacking ukrainian military boats it has moved on to a new stage of aggression. >> the u.n. security council met today in an emergency session
8:26 pm
where u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley released a formal warning towards russia and called for the release of captured ukrainian ships and crew while de-escalating the tension created. so far russia is blaming ukraine for starting this incident as the countries foreign minister says that russia is not concerned about the potential of international sanctions as punishment for firing on a ukrainian vessel. >> ed: thanks. tonight, america's top diplomat is weighing in as well. calling it a dangerous acclamation escalation, mike pompeo says the u.s. condemns this aggressive russian action. he then calls for russia to return ukrainian ships. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley also issuing a sharp rebuke. >> what we witnessed this weekend is yet another reckless russian escalation. it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept. >> ed: let's turn to former
8:27 pm
cia station chief in moscow. i feel like we're right back in the same place. crimea, which russia annexed several years ago, because a lot of these tensions and the bizarre situation with now russia is trying to blame ukraine. >> only the kgb operative in the kremlin, vladimir putin could fire upon and sees ukrainian vessels and then blame ukraine for starting this incident, which is escalating tension and risking war. >> ed: "the wall street journal," when you mention vladimir putin, their editorial page has some interesting line about all of this. among other things they say vladimir putin's message is to probe for weakness in adversaries and then see if there's any pushback to his aggression. i want to talk about that a little bit. first of all, what is the ukraine going to do in terms of pushing back? >> i think the question is what we are going to do to support ukraine in this administration has stepped out already with some strong statements and
8:28 pm
provided antitank missiles. i think we need to do more. it would probably need to enhance our military and our intelligence collaboration with ukraine and make it clear we stand for their integrity but ukraine is under siege right no now. they are fighting against separatists who russia is reporting. russia is a amounting a full four cyber attacks against their media, and electoral grid, running operations. >> ed: what you just said about those muscles, the ukrainians wanted those and were urging then president obama to send them and he repeatedly refused to do it. if john mccain, lindsey graham, others were urging the obama administration to do it. this president, president trump has stepped up before this crisis. months ago, providing that eight even though it something vladimir putin doesn't like. it doesn't fit the narrative out there that the president is just all about putin. >> absolutely. in defending ukraine's territorial integrity is so important for us.
8:29 pm
here's a country which is very interested in joining nato and the european union and there's nothing that scares vladimir putin more than a country on his border with a sizable russian population, russian-speaking population committed to democracy. latimer put us at the collapse of the soviet union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. this is why. because at his doorstep as a country committed to the rule of law and democracy and it threatens his regime security. the one vladimir putin is also testing president trump it seems and there was head scratching after the president seemed to suggest both sides had some blame here when he used that phrase either way that was played in that sound bite a moment ago. the president of the united states has a decision later this week, he's going to the g20 summit in south america and is expected to meet with vladimir putin and there are some urging him don't sit down with him, this may be a repeat of helsinki, what would your advice to the president be? >> i would advise the president
8:30 pm
absolutely to sit down with vladimir putin and make a public statement in front of vladimir putin that we want stand. go forward with the meeting to take a tough line. make it clear to putin that we want stand for his attacks on ukraine sovereignty and make it clear that we stand behind ukraine and will do all that we can to support them, i think that's important. >> ed: some tough decisions ahead for this administration, appreciate your insight. breaking tonight as well, the chair of the california democratic party -- this comes after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. a live report coming up. plus, paris is burning, literally. violent protests over the rising costs of fuel. back at home, increasing concerns over climate change that the president is simply not buying. that's coming up. >> i don't believe it. no. i don't believe it. right now we are at the cleanest we've ever been and it's very important but if we are clean but every other place on earth
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>> ed: the chair of the california democratic party is facing an internal probe tonight after multiple sexual misconduct allegations were lodged against him. garrett tenney has some breaking news on the matter, good evening, garrett. >> good evening. these allegations carry a lot of weight because they are coming from the third ranking democratic in the state party. tonight the chairman of the california democratic party is stepping aside during an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against party staffers. in a letter to party officials vice chairman called for eric bauman to be removed after learning about multiple incidents in which he sexually harassed and in some cases sexually assaulted individuals during party functions. the letter didn't detail the allegations or name the alleged victims but "their stories illustrate a clear and escalating pattern of horrific
8:36 pm
and dehumanizing behavior. he said he wrote the letter after first filing a complaint with the party's hr and telling him to resign, which he refused to do. bauman himself hasn't denied the allegations, including in a statement he released saturday which said in part "i take seriously any allegation brought forward by anyone who believes they have been cause pain. i look forward to putting these allegations behind us and moving forward as unified democrats. previously, the first openly person to leave the party in california has had plenty to say about sexual misconduct allegations. last year when it came out that a state assemblyman allegedly have previously groped a staffer said the lawmaker needs to think long and hard about resigning. and in february amidst a string of scandals in the state legislature, he told the ap there have been some of these problems at prior democratic party events, if not going to happen on my watch. >> he was narrowly elected chairman in may of last year and
8:37 pm
they're already a number of state lawmakers and local party leaders calling for him to resign and be replaced even before this investigation is complete. according to the state party's bylaws once he has received a copy of the allegations he has ten days to either resign or respond in writing so the clock is ticking. >> ed: the pressure is building today. appreciate that report. there are also increasing concerns tonight on capitol hill about the possible environmental and economic effects of climate change. this follows a 600 page government report released friday evening with some dire predictions. it essentially met with a shrug from the president today. our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the latest tonight. >> paris is burning, deadly protests continue after the french government imposed a new carbon tax. france is planning to spend about $15.2 billion by 2022 to develop its transportation infrastructure. back in the u.s., 13 federal agencies were in washington
8:38 pm
rolled out a serious warning about the environmental and economic threat of climate change to the united states. president trump isn't sold. >> i don't believe it. he will have to have china and japan and all of asia and all of these other countries -- right now we are at the cleanest we've ever been. >> the 1600 page report findings includes temperatures are at 1.0 years ago. seas are 9 inches higher. heat waves, hurricanes and wildfires are more severe, climate change could cut gdp by 10% by 2100 if there are no changes. >> reasonable people can differ about how much and how rapidly but i think it's clear that it's changing and it's clear that humans are a contributor and factor. >> you are going to see devastation to our crops, you are already seeing the hurricanes because of the ocean warming and you are certainly seeing in vivid color those horrible wildfires out west. >> as for those devastating wildfires, some california lawmakers say hot or drier
8:39 pm
weather has been a key factor. >> climate change is a very real part of this problem, no doubt about it but also it is the management, the forest have not been properly managed for the last 70 years. >> utah senator mike lee says he hasn't seen an effective solution. >> all the proposals i've seen so far that would address any of these issues would devastate the u.s. economy and have little or no benefit. >> critics are using this as an opportunity to go after president trump for withdrawing from the 2015 paris climate accord championed by his predecessor. the white house notes development of this began under president obama as is the next one will provide more transparent and data driven information. >> ed: thank you, mike. if a lot of criticism pouring into night from democrats in the media over the use of tear gas at the border. they say it's inhumane but it turns out there's more to the story, they weren't really saying that during the obama years even though it was being used. chris harris joins us next to
8:40 pm
weigh-in live from san diego with his own personal experienc experience. ♪ insurance that won't replace
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hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. >> ed: a lot of criticism tonight over the use of tear gas at our southern border for hundreds of migrants from the care of her and try to rush the border. democratic senator from california dianne feinstein says in it we'd it's horrifying tear gas used on mothers and young children as they seek refuge in the united states, that's not what america should be.
8:44 pm
let's discuss that with democratic strategist dave brown. and retired border patrol agent chris harris. good evening, both of you. i'm going to get to dianne feinstein in the moment but i want to start with jim acosta, that news conference after the election, i thought jim acosta assured us that the migrants weren't going to cause any violence, it wasn't any kind of incursion and that the president was exaggerating the caravan? >> am not going to speak for jim acosta. >> ed: it wasn't just jim acosta, saying this was an election ploy in the caravan basically wasn't real. >> here it is. we now have 5,000 people at the border who were in a stadium were attempting to petition for asylum at our borders. so these are the facts as we now know them. i know we are going to jump into the use of tear gas and you're going to raise the fact that president obama and his administration also use that. i would just say this and i think as a starting point for trying to have a serious and reasonable conversation about
8:45 pm
this i think we can have strong borders and i think we can have a humane immigration policy. i don't think those things need to be mutually exclusive. in fact i think they absolutely should not be mutually exclusive. >> ed: they shouldn't be, you're absolutely right, chris i want to bring you into the conversation, let's talk about those numbers and we looked at it and the department of homeland security says that from 2012 to 2018 the use of tear gas by the obama administration into the trump administration you can see there, 26 and 2012, 27 in 2013, 15 and 2014 and it goes on and then pepper spray as well going back to 2012. in 2012 the obama administration used pepper spray on migrants trying to cross the border 95 times. in 2013, 151 times. i won't bore you with all of the numbers but why is there so much outrage when the trump administration do something that it turns out the obama administration did as well? >> i can't speak to that may be
8:46 pm
kind of hypocritical outrage or faux outrage but i don't know if you want to get into what happened under a far more president trump, the fact is the teargas was deployed well within the use of force continuum, well within what the constitution says we can, with the supreme court has said we can do so when you are being assaulted, people are throwing rocks, bottles, chunks of concrete at you, you have the right to respond. those are considered believe it or not deadly physical force situations and you can respond with deadly physical force. i think what we should be saying thank god the u.s. border patrol, the men and women are so professional that they showed so much restraint, that the use intermediate force, which was the teargas. and all of us have been teargas ourselves, so we know what it's like. instead of actually having to shoot at people to stop the threat, we used tear gas, which well as it's supposed to. >> ed: that seems reasonable that it's being used to slow everything down and not really to hurt people and then in the
8:47 pm
obama administration this was used. i ask you again then, because you raise these numbers, how is it that they're so much outrage from dianne feinstein and everyone else, it's inhumane and it turns out dozens of times barack obama did the same thing. >> i don't agree that there is an equivalency because i think each of these instances are by definition fact specific. i can't get into the specifics of the use of force -- >> ed: hang on. >> let me answer. let me answer your question. >> ed: how can you make blanket statements about president trump -- >> first of all i didn't make a blanket statement. i can tell you how i felt when i saw pictures of young children and women being tear gassed over the weekend. i didn't feel very good about i it. so again, i come back to this -- my starting point in this conversation, which is i think policymakers need to dial the rhetoric back to create a space for compromise so that we can
8:48 pm
arrive at a policy solution that favors strong borders and also allows for a humane immigration policy, and by the way, part of that under current law, under the immigration and naturalization act, part of that is ensuring that these people were petitioning to asylum have the ability to do that because under current law they are entitled to do that. >> they are entitled to do that at the port of entry. they enter through the front door. i agree with you for what you just said as humanely enforcing the laws of the law says you come through the front door, you don't use force to break in the side door. never going to an area we call whiskey for, not the port of entry, to the west of the port of entry and they were tearing the fence down. i saw those videos, i saw a lot of them in the mexican media, they don't seem to be getting a lot of play in the u.s. my wife is from mexico, we watch the mexican media. you see tons of people throwing rocks. if you bring your kids into that situation, shame on you, let's criticize them. but the fact is that turned into a riot, that turned into a
8:49 pm
melee, a assault. they use the minimum amount of force necessary to stop that. if you want to get asylum go through the port of entry through the front door. you might have to wait in line, i waited in line at disneyland, that's how it works. >> ed: i want to give you a fair chance to respond to that. >> i agree that going in the front door is the preferable option but under this administration -- jeff sessions when he was still attorney general did everything in his power to make it harder to apply for asylum, including, by the way, fear determinations, a pretty gross miss repetition. the ina allows the migrant weather at a point of entry or not to petition for asylum. >> ed: you have to wonder why if they are seeking asylum legitimately they are attacking u.s. law enforcement, that's a question for another day. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> ed: good. nasa is getting ready to dig deeper into mars than they ever have before. the future of american space exploration.
8:50 pm
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♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ >> ed: a new martian lander touching down on the red planet. it's a next step, explore the parts of mars we know least about. chief correspondent jonathan hahn. >> it was, in the words of nasa
8:54 pm
scientists six and a half minutes of terror. >> atmospheric entry on my mark. three, two, one, mark. >> the landing sequence the most difficult and dangerous part of the mission. but tara quickly turned to joy. >> touchdown confirmed! >> it was completely amazing. the whole room went crazy. my inner 4-year-old came out but it was not bad. some of the people on the team had made a timeout area just in case. >> it's been a long journey, years of development and in february its first flight, hitching a ride with the u.s. air force from its development site in colorado to the launch site in california. from there, it flew some hundred million miles over more than six months to bring it to the surface of mars and soon it will begin its exploratory work digging into the surface of the red planet to a depth of 16 feet
8:55 pm
to try to determine how and why mars has changed over hundreds of millions of years. lessons that could give us indications on the origins of earth. it will also study seismic activity, mars quakes, as nasa scientists called in. >> we can basically use mars as a time machine to look at what the earth must have looked like a few tens of millions of years after it all formed and by doing that we can look at our physical models, are theories of how the earth evolved and understand why the earth became the way it is. >> with the exploratory work will not begin quite yet. over the next few weeks, insight will be performing several self checks to make sure all its parts are functioning correctly. and nasa scientists might pause to give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back. >> ed: thanks. sandy valley baptist church in georgia giveaway envelopes filled with money to 80 families. one condition, they had to use it to bless someone in their community. we are told that turned into
8:56 pm
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