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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 27, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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heather: good morning. it is tuesday, november 27th and this is "fox & friends first." happening right now, a foss news alert for you, the party of caravans and crime, brand-new numbers revealing hundreds of criminals embedded in the migrant caravan as president trump rails against the democrats and sends a clear message to those trying to cross the border illegally. >> democrats have become the party of caravans and crime. we're sending a clear message to the caravans and to the trespassers, turn around, go back home.
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heather: the president making those remarks l rallying the crowd for republican cindy hyde smith. the pivotal special election as polls are set to open in just hours. and red, white and respect. the heroic actions caught on camera that will make you proud to be an american. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: good morning to you once again. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. i'm heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. let's get to the fox news alert for you. president trump now calling democrats the party of caravans and crime. this, as we learn the migrant caravan on our nation's door dop includes 600 known criminals. griff jenkins is live on the ground in tijuana with alarming new details for us this morning. good morning, griff.
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>> reporter: good morning, heather. just after 1:00 a.m. here in tijuana, let me let you have a look around. we're outside the stadium, the main shelter for the more than 7,000 m77,000 migrants. this is the main field where there are thousands of tents set up, people sleeping now, as you look down this sidewalk, you can see folks sleeping. if you look beyond me, i want to show you the wall, the structure you see across the highway is part of the u.s./mexico border wall. the big news yesterday coming from kirstjen nielsen, the dhs secretary, giving us some numbers. she said there's some 8500 caravan migrants cared migrantsy believe are not eligible for asylum. that's why they say they are
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coming here and they believe there are as many as 600 with a criminal history in there. another important part of this whole story is what we saw sunday, dhs secretary, officials saying that four agents, at least four agents were injured in all of this. that is why yesterday at a rally in mississippi president trump had a message for the caravan migrants. >> we're sending a clear message to the caravans and to the trespassers, turn around, go back home, and they want protection because their country is such a bad place but they're waving the flags of their countries as they're walking up. somehow that doesn't work, right? doesn't work. >> reporter: so heather, we're going to spend a few days here, trying to find out -- the first guys i've been talking to here, they say they've been here four or five days. one other note, the letter from mexican officials actually being
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sent through diplomatic channels to the u.s. asking for an investigation into the use of tear gas on sunday by the border patrol, saying they want to know why that was needed. heather. heather: griff jenkins live for us from tijuana, thank you very much. the crisis at the border reaching a tipping point. house majority whip steve scalise say democrats even during the obama administration never tried to work across the aisle to fix it. >> clearly, this goes back to barack obama's presidency when he created the daca problem without trying to solve it. he said come to america illegally, bring your kids here illegally, he never tried to fix it. they never in fact when pelosi had the house, a super majority in the senate, they never tried to bring a bill to fix the problem. they wanted a political issue. president trump comes into office, chuck schumer initially was willing to work with him on a solution to daca that included funding for the wall. then the radical left went nuts
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and schumer pulled that deal off the table. we've tried to pass bills through the house to solve the interior loophole problems that you cited so many times as well as funding the wall. not one democrat -- we've had two approaches on this. no matter where you are on this, there was a chance to vote to solve the problem, not one democrat voted for any of those. heather: scalise telling fox news that house lawmakers are in big negotiations, that's a quote, over increased border wall funding. we'll talk more about this coming up. an american hero killed in action is home. the remains of army ranger leondro josso returned to the u.s. overnight. the 25-year-old lost his life during a gunfight with al-qaida. he's the tenth american service member killed in afghanistan this year. and the second this month. friends describe him as a caresd working man who was determined
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to join the military since he was a child. an officer was shot in the neck by a gunman inside a hospital. >> sam wasn't the kind of cop who did this job to get recognition. he did his job with sincerity, professionalism and as we all learned, profound courage and selflessness. heather: illinois governor also spoke at the funeral. jiminez is remembered as hard working man who loved his wife and his three children and our hearts and prayers to all of them. well, voters are heading to the polls today in mississippi for the state's senate runoff election between cindy hyde smith and mike espe. we have the latest on the hotly contested tight race. >> reporter: cindy hyde smith is
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getting high profile help for tuesday's election. >> the senate seat is for a very, very special woman who is going to do a special job and she votes for us and she votes for make america great again. >> reporter: the president, vice president and south carolina senator lindsey graham are trying to make her the victor, painting her as a strong conservative. >> when kavanaugh needed your senator, she was there. we're going to start over in 2019. >> reporter: mississippi is a republican stronghold. president trump won the state by 18 points in 2016 but the race is tight after a 2014 photo surfaced of hyde smith wearing a confederate hat and she made controversial remarks some consider racially charged. the comments prompted walmart, major league baseball and other companies to ask hyde smith for their donations back. her challenger has also criticized her comments but he has his own problems.
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he was indicted on charges of accepting improper gifts as bill clinton's agriculture secretary. espe won that case. there is also a claim that he lied about being a foreign agent for the ivory coast. he is trying to keep the focus on health care and education. >> i want to lift everybody up. that's all i've talked about. >> reporter: ray bogen, fox news. heather: the head of the california democratic party taking a leave of absence over sexual misconduct allegations. a party chair, eric bowman, is stepping aside, after he was accused by another party leader of sexually harassing and assaulting several people at party events. his leave will last until an outside investigation ends. he says he looks forward to putting those allegations behind him. and an update, former drum campaign advisor george papadopoulos waking up behind
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bars this morning. he pled guilty to lying to the fbi in the russia probe. his wife slamming special counsel robert mueller on tucker carlson tonight. >> i feel this decision very unfair. ism not talking about the decision of the judge but all the process fabricated by mueller. he never betrayed anyone. he didn't deliver the information that mueller was probably trying to extort from him. heather: papadopoulos lied to the fbi about contact with russia while working for the trump campaign. after prison, he will spend a year on probation. meanwhile, special counsel robert mueller is accusing paul manafort of lying to investigators since his plea deal. this broke last night. if that in fact happened, that is a violation of that agreement. so much more on that throughout the day. the houston texans on nor the life of bob mcnair in the
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first game since his passing. they bowed their heads before making monday night one to remember. >> to the end zone and touchdown, texans. heather: the texans cruising to a team record eight straight win. star defensive end j.j. wait wat dedicated the win to mcnair. migrants trying to rush into the u.s. as frustrations grow with the asylum process. why jessica vaughn said most won't comply with due process and don't even qualify for asylum.
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>> it's not going to happen. you're going to come into our country illegally. build that wall!
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heather: president trump promising to keep our southern border secure as the department of homeland security reveals 600 criminals are traveling with the caravan and 90% of them are not eligible for asylum. so is this proof that we need the wall more than ever? here now is the director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies, jessica vaughn. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> good morning. heather: let's begin here. i would like to get your response to secretary nielsen's statement here. she said we can pull this up, the overwhelming majority of these individuals are not eligible for asylum in the united states under our laws, 90% are not eligible at this point. we have confirmed that there are over 600 convicted criminals traveling with the caravan flow. does any of that surprise you? >> no, not at all. it's very consistent with what we've seen for years now at the border with people coming from central america. sometimes using smug letters,
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other times coming in caravans. proponents of open borders and a lot of democrats will say that this is a humanitarian crisis but we know that most of these people themselves, while they ask for asylum to get into the country, it turns out that they are really just coming here as oopport usts. in the past several years, of the central american migrants that come in asking for asylum, half don't fill out the asylum application form, others cut off the monitoring bracelets, they skip out on court hearings. a small percentage of the ones who apply, something like 10% to 20%, end up actually being found qualified for asylum by an immigration judge. so we give them all this generous due process, but they
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do not comply with it and they join the larger illegal population and that is what is motivating more and more people to try and do this. heather: there were reporters on the scene, i was listening to over the wee weekend and yestery who said they were there on the p scene and that the majority of the people they were seeing, although there were some families mixed in or what were perceived to be families, i should say children with some adults, were single older men and if you look at the videos, those were the ones rushing the border and trying to get through the fence. >> that's right, yeah. these are not persecuted families. it's primarily in this particular caravan young men who are seeking to get into the united states, some of them admit they've been deported before, many of them as the secretary pointed out have criminal records.
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this is perfectly consistent with what we've seen before and they think that with this caravan they can slide in under the radar or provoke a response from the united states that will enable them to slip through and i dhiengt it's going to work this -- and i don't think it's going to work this time because president trump has said enough is enough and has imposed layers of defense, both with policy and with boots on the ground to try to stop this. that's what needs to happen. heather: republicans have two weeks to pass this simple bill that would take care of what, the border wall and changing some loopholes in the asylum process? >> well, they could. congress has about 14 days to work with here. there are bills that have already been drafted and passed out of committee that the democrats have refused to take up and especially in the senate, but with this crisis now, it's more clear now than ever that congress needs to step in and give the president additional
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tools and resources, especially to get that wall built and to fix the asylum laws, to overrule the loopholes that exist in the law that others have exploited up to this time and they've got a short time period. if they keep it a clean bilker i think they actually -- bill, i think they could actually get something done, because we know the house of representatives under the democrats is not interested in solving this problem. heather: jessica, thank you so much. we appreciate your insight. >> good to talk to you. heather: it's 18 minutes after the top of the hour. polls opening in hours as president trump raises the stakes in mississippi's runoff election. election. >> the voters of this state will cast their ballots in one of the most important senate elections of your lives, of all of our lives. heather: kevin phillips explains why it could be the young voters who decide the fate of today's race. this isn't just any moving day.
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." president trump's last push in mississippi to propel cindy hyde smith to victory. >> tomorrow the voters of this state will cast their ballots in one of the most important senate elections of your lives, of all of our lives, it's very of our lives, it's very important. it's going to be i think a very big day for cindy and for the republican party and for the country. got to get out there and vote. don't take any chances. heather: research shows the college vote could play a major factor in today's runoff election. here to discuss is the media director of campus reform, kabot phillips. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me on. heather: how big of an influence do you think the young
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vote will make? >> it has a chance to turn the election. it will take record turnout from young people. it will take voter complacency from the republican vote. that's why we saw president trump out there to rally the troops. if it's based on the midterm elections, we saw 31st of 18-29-year-olds to get to the polls. it would take closer to 50 to 60% of that number in mis mississippi to get out and make things interesting. if you look at the young people voting, it will be influenced by what they're seeing in class, what they're hearing from professors. if that's the case, it will be overwhelming odds they go for the left. many times, they're told you're young, you have to support democrat policies. we did a study at the leadership institute's campus reform, analyzing affiliations of professors and administrators. we found in almost every college across mississippi, there's 90 to 95, even some cases 98%-
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heather: while you're talking about that, not to interrupt you, but let's pull up the numbers, university of mississippi, 92% donated to democrats, university of southern mississippi, 99.2% to democrats from the faculty. and then mississippi state university, 98.1% donated to democrats. only 1.9% to republicans. >> reporter: republican.>> i tha misconception that the coastal elites or ivy league schools is where there's more bias on campuses. it's really a problem r around the country. there's nothing wrong with a professor having political opinion. you have to wonder when there's an every well min overwhelming e believing one side of the discussion how that will manifest itself in the classroom. it's interesting to look at how the democrats have failed the expectation game leading up to
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the midterm elections. they said they would take seats in florida and we might turn texas blue, we're going to take the senate. they overpromised and under delivered. i think that's going to be something we're looking at today, how the democrats are managing expectations in a race that they are expected to lose by most people. heather: what about the message itself, he though? across the board, leading up to the midterms, the message from democrats, you heard was one of resistance, this angry rhetoric. this runoff election in mississippi between these two, it's gotten pretty ugly as well. >> it has. the democrat message certainly been one of we're going to get in here and we're going to reverse everything that happened in the last two years. right now, the democrats have just been the party of resistance. at this point, what exactly are they resisting? is it the record unemployment, especially among minority communities? is it record gdp growth? is it record consumer confidence
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in the economy? what is the democratic party resisting? a lot of people realize it might be helpful to rile people up on social media but average americans look around and say we don't want to resist what's happening right now. i think many people in mississippi realize this, it's a trump stronghold. i think the state will go to the republican way but still, -- heather: you never know. president trump there doing some campaigning yesterday because as you mentioned, he won the state. we'll see if that helps. thank you so much for joining us. >> absolutely. heather: this fox news alert for you, the u.s. calling out russia after attacking ukraine again. >> it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept. >> i'm not happy about it at all. heather: gordon chang explains why ukraine will continue to be in jeopardy as long as putin is
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heather: we're back with a fox news alert. president trump weighing in on border chaos and taking aim at democrats. >> democrats have become the party of caravans and crime. because when you have open borders, you have crime. when you have sanctuary cities, you have crime. republicans are committed to holding this and defending the sovereign territory of the united states of america. heather: the department of homeland security says 600 known criminals are traveling with the migrant caravan and 90% of the 8500 members who are mostly male are not eligible for asylum. the white house is refusing to
1:31 am
cave to critics who are slamming the use of tear gas as inhumane. a retired border patrol agent, chris harris, say they should be more outraged that children were brought into the violent situation to begin with. >> they're entitled to do that at the port of entry. thethey entered through the frot door. the law says you come through the front door, you don't use force to break in the side door. they were going to an area which is not the port of entry, it's to the west of the port of entry and they were tearing the fence down. i saw the videos. i saw a lot of them in the mexican media which don't get much play in the u.s. you seatons of people throwing rocks at border patrol agents. if you bring your kids into that situation, shame on you. let's criticize them. that turned into a riot. they used the most minimum amount of force necessary to stop that. if you want to get asylum, go through the port of entry, through the front door. you might have to wait in line.
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i wait in line at disneyland. that's how it works. heather: homeland security says there are currently 8500 caravan members in tijuana with more expected to join them by the end of the week. to this fox news alert for you, the ukrainian government imposing marshall law after russia seized through of their ships and detained dozens of sailors. the u.s. is calling out russia for their brazen attack. >> it is an arrogant act that the international community must condemn and will never accept. >> i'm not happy about it at all, not at all. we don't like what's happening and hopefully they'll get stranged out. i know -- straightened out. i know europe is not thrilled. they're working on it too. we're working on it together. heather: what is the next step in dealing with russia's growing aggression? here to weigh in is gordon chang. thank you so much for joining us. very important topic, something huge that happened that somewhat
1:33 am
was swept under the rug yesterday. the area we're talking about, 24 crew members detained including six who were injured. this sea techniqu technically sy russia and ukraine. >> what the russians are trying to do is close off the sea so ukraine would be landlocked. the russians are trying to close off the black sea, which is international water and so, therefore, this is adjacent to the strait where the incident occurred. it's connected together. russia is trying close off the global commons and the u.s. for more than 250 years has been the defender of freedom of navigation. so this is important to us. heather: what do we do? what should our next move be? >> i think that what we're going to do is -- i think that what we should do are sanctions. the russian economy right now is in trouble. it grew only 1.3% last quarter. oil prices are plunging and oil
1:34 am
accounts for more 30% of russia's gross domestic product, more than 60% of its exports so it's vulnerable. during the cold war, reagan did this to the soviet union, in conjunction with saudi arabia, by the way. they tried to lower oil prices and that affected the soviet union's ability to carry on aggression around the world. heather: you were on social media talking about this yesterday and one of the points that you made was what china's reaction will be to all of this and why they is important. >> china also is trying to close off the global commons, south china sea, east china sea, other areas. i think the russians are doing this and then the chinese are sort of getting encouraged by it because they see sort of a feeble response on the part of the west. so clearly this affects us because it affects our allies, japan, the philippines, our friends, singapore, all of the rest of it. we have a stake in making sure that the land mass does not become an area of conflict where you have problems on both the
1:35 am
eastern and western sides with the russians and the chinese making trouble at the same time. heather: is that a very real possibility, that they would battle for economic influence over ukraine? >> oh, clearly, because the russians and the chinese have been coote coordinating their fn policies. we saw that in syria in 2013 at the height of the civil war. we have seen it in asia as well where both are working together. this is something where i think xi jinping of china will take some heart if they see our response to putin and ukraine is not what it should be. heather: thank you so much. president trump calling out his predecessors for the trade war with china. >> i don't blame china and i don't blame these other countries. i blame the leaders of the united states that allowed this to happen. heather: the president telling the wall street journal that he expects to boost tariff toss 25%
1:36 am
on $200 billion of chinese goods. the two leaders are expected to discuss the tariffs this week when they meet in argentina for the g-20 summit. and president trump is slamming general motors after they announced they're cutting more than 14,000 jobs. >> this country's done a lot for general motors. you better get back in that soon the.they say the chevy crut selling well. they better put something else in. heather: gm is wanting to halt operations at many plants by next year. the move would cut its force by 15%. and california's lawsuit against the trump administration over a census question could soon be tossed out. the justice department israeling against the state, saying they can't prove how a citizenship question on the 2020 census woulwould be hurtful.
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no background checks, no drug test, a tennessee dollar tree is under fire for this sign. hiring seasonal workers for christmas. shoppers are concerned for their safety. safety. >> i mean, it's a little alarming, considering we patronize these stores. you want to feel safe when we come to the stores. heather: the sign has since been removed. dollar tree has not commented. well, the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. cyber monday smashing records. the unbelievable a amount of money that people just spent online. plus, celebrities taking aim at president trump again, this time demanding he go to prison over the crisis at the border. carley simkus is up next with the reonline. ♪ take a look at what you've done because baby now we've got bad blood.
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heather: welcome back. president trump should be sent to prison, that's a quote. hollywood elites making that demand over the chaos at the border. carley shimkus with fox news headlines is here with how celebrities are chiming in. >> i've got a lot of tweets to get to. there's a may r juro major debag over how border patrol agents handled the clash with the migrant caravan, authorities using tear gas as some migrants threw rocks and bottles and some hollywood celebrities saying all of that is president trump's fault. kathy griffin saying these asylum seekers should be welcomed to our country and president trump should be sent to prison. rosie o'donnell said pure horror, how the hell did we get here with him, just sickening, hashtag remove trump. rob ryaner chimed in, saying i
1:42 am
don't know how you get lower than tear gassing babies. if anyone can, trump will find a way. we must never get used to the horror that is this president. while those tweets racked up thousands of likes, many others are pushing back on social media like this person who is sounding off on facebook, saying so the migrants have the nerve to throw rocks at border protection agents and expect us to welcome them with open arms. another person says i wonder how much the celebrities sent to guatemala to help those people. heather: i just wonder what was their reaction when president obama did the same thing, what, a couple hundred miles away from the same scene in 2013? it's a sticky situation to say the least. the secret service visited tom arnold. >> they sure did.
1:43 am
they visited tom arnold after he sent this tweet in october challenging president trump to a fight. the tweet said, you can see it right there, the secret service agents then during that visit reminded tom arnold why tweets like that could be so dangerous. take a listen. >> you're free to say whatever you want. >> i do. >> once a certain line is crossed, what we're concerned with is the audience it could reach. >> absolutely. >> all right, well tom arnold, he released that footage and he thanked secret service agents on twitter, saying i heard your message loud and clear, words matter, tone matters. i'm sorry donald trump hasn't listened to you all the times you've had this exact conversation with him. some folks on social media are reacting to this. one person said that it is a non-apology and then this person on facebook chiming in, thanking secret service agents for getting it done. heather: all right.
1:44 am
thank you so much, carley. appreciate it. have a great day. coming up, the time about 15 minutes before the top of the hour, despite evidence of vie lent behavior and crime -- violent behavior and criminal behavior, some in the media continue to downplay the dangers of the migrant caravan. >> i campaign on hard commitments of medicare for all, tuition free public college. heather: what is the real story here? we debate it, up next. ♪
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heather: cyber monday shattering records. it is on track to be the biggest shopping day ever. tracy kosko from fox business joins us now with how much americans spent goo.
1:48 am
good morning, tracy. >> reporter: it was a recording-breaking day. a $7.9 billion was spent yesterday in online purchases. that is up almost 20% from last year. now, some of the most popular things purchased yesterday, smartphones, red debt redemption two, a video game, roku, beats, headphones. a lot of people shopping yesterday. adobe a analytics saw an increae in the trend where you buy online, pick things up in the store. $2 billion of the purchases were made on smartphones. so more people are shopping while they're on the go. heather: if you're shopping for marijuana, maybe you should head to las vegas? >> reporter: las vegas has a new attraction i guess you could call it. they're boasting they've got the biggest -- the world's biggest weed store. it just opened earlier this month. it's called planet 13. it's a 40,000 square foot
1:49 am
business. inside there's a retail space, room for the weed cull at this vacation. it is near -- cultivation. they eventually want to include a coffee shop and tasting room. heather: did you spend any money online yesterday? >> i did. i am part of that $7.9 billion. i did some shopping. i bought a few gifts. so it was a good shopping day. how about you? heather: no, i managed to get through it. >> good for you. heather: thank you so much. let switclet's switch gears. some in the media continue to down play the crisis at the border with the migrant caravan. >> border patrol officers, most of whom are armed from a threat from migrants -- >> why did president trump send troops to the border before the election, it was a political stunt. >> any time he thinks his back is to the wall, he doubles down
1:50 am
on immigration. >> all that is fake news. heather: joining me to debate is jason nichols and pete homeburg. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: let's begin with the statement that came out from secretary nielsen yesterday, dhs, talking about using children as shields, said caravan members are predominantly male, it appears in some cases the limited number of women and children in the caravan are being used by the organizer as human shields when they confront law enforcement. so pete, what is your response to that. >> i would say first of all, anyone who has seen the photo of maria and her twin daughters, it's a heart dar-breaking photo. there are definitely children there. they're being used as p.r. pawns. we're no not getting comprehense information from the border. we're getting story telling.
1:51 am
we have the ability in our churr with our technology to see what is happening. i personally as an american citizen want to see what the border agents are doing, i want to see what the migrants are doing. i want to see how much this compares to the situation in 2015 that barack obama basically ignored because only the san diego union tribune covered it. this has happened before. we need to look at what's we need to look at what's happening now so it doesn't happen again. we don't need to do what president obama did. heather: in 2013 in the same area, about 100 miles away, president obama under his administration, they fired tear gas at a caravan that was coming forward at the time. we know there were four border patrol agents injured in this incident. we do know there were 69 people who were arrested. they were arrested for illegally entering the country on the u.s. side. so what is your take on it? >> well, in some ways i agree with pete that we need a holistic view of what's going on
1:52 am
on the border. there's no evidence -- there are journalists there, many other people who are observing the situation, there is no evidence that people were being used as human shields. some of the rhetoric coming from the president has done nothing but make this a worse situation. firing tear gas into mexico is a violation of their sovereignity. as a matter of fact, they're going through an investigation and it's ruining our relationship with ou neighbors. we need to clean up the situation. this is a -- we shot ourselves in the foot. the president created this situation. these people have a legal right to claim -- heather: not to interrupt but i guess i am, how did this become president trump, how did he create the situation? we know that it happened during president obama and previous administrations, it's just that nothing has been resolved up until this point and president trump is actually following the law where other administrations did not. >> well, heather, that's where
1:53 am
we disagree is that i don't think president trump is following the law. they have every right to claim asylum or to ask for asylum and we should vet them. heather: but they weren't. they were trying to jump over the border and climb over the fence and throwing rocks at border patrol agents. >> the reason is because we shut down the border and didn't give them their lee l ga legal rightm to ask for asylum and for them to be vetted. >> there's a procedure for asking for asylum. you raise your hands. you surrender. i don't see video of that going on. i see people throwing rocks. all of this is subjective. >> where do you see people throwing rocks? >> there's a lot of video showing that. we havthe person that took the o of maria and her daughters, he went in there and got compelling
1:54 am
imagery and moved forward. who is talking to these people? wheather: we know according toa washington post article, they discovered that human smug smug, they slashed their price for comcoming in, i would encourage people to read that in the washington post. we're out of time. thank you very much for joining us. it is a difficult topic. >> thanks, heather. heather: thank you. we'll be right back. (inspiring music)
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- [narrator] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who's 85, 90 years old,
1:56 am
can't get around, has no food, has no water, and just wants to give up and die. and that's where we come in. we are called to comfort these people, to be a blessing to their lives. - [narrator] for just $45, we'll rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly jewish person for a month. call the number on your screen right now. - in ukraine, there's no support network. they don't have food cards or neighbors that come in to help. they're turning to us because they have nowhere else to turn. - [narrator] you can send a lifeline to them during this high holy season of hanukkah. please call right now.
1:57 am
- what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes but you will look at their suffering, and your heart will be changed. - [narrator] for just $45, we'll rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate jewish elderly person for a month. call right now. - [yael] god promises to bless those who bless israel. may you be blessed as you bless his children.
1:58 am
heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first, the good, caught on camera, the camera edition, a stranger returns an american flag after the wind blew it off its pole. the gesture reporte recorded one video at a home in tennessee. the good samaritan properly folded the flag before setting it on a chair. now the bad, a little girl helping her sister escape from nap time, take a look at this, what's going on here. the 4-year-old positioned a chair next to the crib to help the toddler climb out in their california home, even helping lift her leg over the side of the crib. dad watched the great escape on a baby monitor. and finally, the ugly. a trio of bandits caught rolling on the floor of a houston restaurant. you can see them moving like inch worms to try to avoid
1:59 am
security cameras. it didn't work. not too smart. they are still on the run. if you recognize them, let us know. what in the world. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first." thank you for joining us. have a great day. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye-bye. we had some violent people, we don't want those people in our society. we're sending a clear message to the caravan, turn around, go back home. rob: it is tuesday, november 27th. a fox news alert. the president refusing to back down on his border policy. jillian: the brand-new numbers just in, showing how dangerous the migrants in the caravan really are. ibeto o'rourke challenging president trump in 2020? rob: it's beginning to look like christmas at the white house. jillian: and everywhere. we got a first look at this
2:00 am
year's white house christmas card. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ a sweet escape. ♪ take me away. ♪ take me away. ♪ take me away to better days. ♪ take me away. ♪ a higher place. ♪ there's a place that i go that nobody knows. jillian: i say don't take me away. i like where i am right now. what do you say? rob: you can take me. jillian: where would you go? rob: somewhere warm and sunny. jillian: okay. fair enough. good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt. thanks for getting up early with us. president trump now calling democrats the party of caravans and crime. that explosive claim as we learn that the migrant


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