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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 28, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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she was 16 years old. this song went to number one in 18 countries. this monster into superstardom. and the whole theme of the school girl, that was a halloween costume everywhere. it makes me nostalgic. >> that's it for "the five," up next, bret baier. >> bret: [laughs] thanks. animals are great. welcome to washington, i am bret baier. president trump is leaving the door open for a pardon for his former campaign chairman. the president has openly decried the treatment of some witnesses by the special counsel, and most pointedly about the paul manafort case. it did not take long after the president pardon possibility comments were published for alarm bells to sound on capitol hill and for the pushback to begin. let's get the latest tonight from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> thank you, as before. tonight a reaction from the
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senate intelligence committee. mark warner tweening this would be a blatant and unacceptable abuse of power after the president lashed out at the special counsel over its tactics and targets. during an oval office interview, president trump told "the new york post" he has not ruled out a pardon for paul manafort. "it was never discussed but i wouldn't take it off the table. why would i take it off the table? also alleged that roger stone and his associate were pressure to live. "this stuff is terrible. you flip and eli and prosecutors will tell you, 99% of the time they can get people to flip. it's rare that they can't." on the senate floor, a bill to protect special counsel robert miller's investigation was blocked as one republican made their case. >> we have already seen the forced resignation of the attorney general after the election, it is clear, therefore that something has to be done to
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protect mr. mueller's investigation. >> this is about the legislative branch ensuring a common sense check and balance on presidential overreach. >> the senate floor action seemed symbolic after the majority leader made his objections known tuesday. >> this is a solution in search of a problem. the president is not going to fire robert mueller. >> new records obtained by fox news showed mueller's investigations focused on the campaign emails released in 2016 by wikileaks. its founder and any connection to the trump campaign. the agreement offered earlier this month accuses him of lying to investigators. >> i have never spoken with assange, i never emailed him, i had no contact with julian assange whatsoever. >> in august 2016, the special
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counsel cited a corsi email saying "the embassy planned two more domes. shortly after i am back, octobe. impact should be very damaging." corsi accurately predict it wikileaks would publish emails and 2016 was based on his analysis, not insider information. >> i told roger stone and many people in august. it just happened that i was right. >> the source of direct knowledge tells fox news the president's written answers to mueller are consistent with his public statements in the trump tower meeting which included paul manafort. the president tweeted last summer he had no advanced knowledge. a hearing is now scheduled for friday. >> bret: it seems like things are coming to a head but we don't know a timeline. >> we don't know a timeline for the conventional wisdom is that after the president submit a written answer is that it would probably wrap up fairly quickly, possibly before christmas, but
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certainly what the new documents tell us is the more investigation has been firmly focused on the term tower meeting, as well as any potential contact with wikileaks and the police of the clinton emails clinton emails. >> bret: all right, thank you. adult film actress stormy daniels said that her lawyer sued president trump for defamation on her behalf without her permission. she tells "the daily beast" that michael avenatti refuses to this day to tell her how that money is being spent. daniels said she has not decided whether to keep avenatti as her lawyer. meanwhile overseas, the tensions between russia and ukraine over the seizure of russian ships and sailors is threatening to derail a planned meeting between vladimir putin and president trump. the two leaders are supposed to talk saturday on the sideline of the g20 summit in argentina. president trump has hinted the
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russian action against ukraine might lead him to cancel. this takes place after the administration launches a new effort to shore up effort in saudi arabia. two big foreign policy stories tonight. the state department with firm passing mike backing from the u.s. for the saudis in yemen. but first up, our middle east beer tonight on russia and ukraine. good evening >> good evening, bret. speaking today at an investment form, russian president vladimir putin blamed the fire fight off coast of crimea on the ukrainian president saying that the clash had political motivations. >> translator: and now a minor incident in the black sea and they impose martial law in the country. it is clearly done because of the upcoming election. vladimir putin's comment came after the russian military announced it would launch a new air missile system in crimea
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next month. the system capable of tracking and shooting down targets 250 miles away could be moved into place as the war drums continue to sound in eastern europe following the capture of 24 ukrainian sailors by russian forces on sunday. in the past 48 hours, all 24 ukrainian sailors have been ordered by russian courts to jail for the next two months ending trial. in ukraine, the president wearing combat fatigue visited on wednesday troops, should they be needed in the country's eastern parts. >> translator: we have to improve our skills. we have to provide training to be ready in case it is needed and for that enemy to make an irresponsible decision to invade ukraine. >> according to secretary of state mike pompeo, offered ukraine military assistance this week in preparation for a larger
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conflict. placing the blame on russia for starting the recent provocation. >> when you think that there is a treaty between the two countries that permit exactly what happened, it just shows that russia cannot be counted on right now to keep its word. >> the kremlin does tell fox news that president trump and president of putin are still scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the g20 summit this weekend, despite trump's threat to cancel as the situation on ukraine inches closer to a military confrontation. bret. >> bret: trey yingst in our middle east news. thanks. the murder of a saudi journalist has democrats and republicans on capitol hill questioning u.s. policy towards the kingdom's leadership. fox correspondent is left in it with the administration's answer to that. good evening. >> good evening. a strong defense of the u.s. alliance with saudi arabia and backing of the saudi coalition in yemen, secretary of state mike pompeo, defense secretary
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james mattis briefed senators this morning as democrats and republicans say they want punishment for saudi arabia for the death of jamal khashoggi. >> i do believe i have read every piece of intelligence that has come in in the last few hours -- i think i have read at all. there is no direct reporting connecting print to the murder of jamal khashoggi. and that is all i can say. >> bob corker it says it's apparent that the prince is responsible for khashoggi's death. others questioned why the cia director failed to attend. >> it was inadequate because the cia was not there. the question for me is whether or not the cia supports the conclusion with a high degree of confidence that the crown prince was complicit in the murder of mr. khashoggi. >> the cia says she already
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briefed the senate committee and she was never told to attend this morning's session. ahead of the session, it was written in "the wall street journal," "is it any coincidence democrats are using president trump are the same people who supported president obama's policy that killed hundreds of people." afterwards, secretary mattis says, "pulling back our limited u.s. military support, our weapons sales to our partners and our protection of the saudi populations would be misguided on the eve of the promising initial negotiations. negotiators are trying to schedule a meeting with a war infraction scheduled for next month in sweden." >> bret: thanks. the u.s. economy expanded at a solid 3.5% annual rate in the
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third quarter. the gdp figure keeps the economy on pace for its fastest expansion in 13 years. today, federal reserve chairman painted a positive picture of the u.s. economy during a major speech. he also appeared to suggest the fed might consider a pause in its interest rate hike next year to assess the impact of its credit tightening. those comments set off a real surge on wall street, pushing markets back into positive territory for the year. the dow soared 28618. again. the s&p 500 was up 62, the nasdaq vanished ahead 209 today. the democratic governor of new york is asking one of the state's most famous and wealthiest men for some help tonight. the governor needs president trump's support for a critical rebuilding process. kristin fisher takes a look from the white house. >> new york governor andrew cuomo calls it the most critical infrastructure issue in the entire northeast.
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replacing the sentry-old rail tunnel beneath the hudson river >> if you lose a service of one of these tunnels for one, two, or three days, you are talking about a devastating impact on transportation in the whole northeast corridor. >> the existing tunnel was already showing its age but then super storm sandy hit, flooding it with salt water and that salt is still sitting on the cement, decomposing one of the most critical arteries in the nation's largest city, and president trump's hometown. >> we want to make sure the president understands the severity of the damage. >> but this year, the trump a administration denied funding for its replacement, the proposed gateway tunnel. today, new york governor came to washington to try to convince president trump in person to help build it before it's too late. >> i think it is fair to say that the president wasn't receptive to what we were talking about. >> if they strike a deal, it would be a rare display of
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bipartisanship between two brash native new yorkers who have traded barbs repeatedly over the last two years. it would also be a credence to the hope that infrastructure may be one issue where republicans and democrats might actually be able to work together when the new congress comes in. >> it really could be a beautiful bipartisan type of situation. maybe we will make a deal, maybe we won't. that's possible. but we have a lot of things in common on infrastructure. >> we democrats believe in a real infrastructure bill with real, direct, robust federal investments that will rebuild crumbling roads and bridges. >> and when it comes to building these new tunnels, there have been a lot of talk that perhaps funding for them would be tied to the president's border wall. tonight, the new york governor told democrats on capitol hill, don't do it, it's a bad deal. he said "i would not trade anything for a while." >> bret: thanks. house democrats have formally nominated nancy pelosi to be speaker next year.
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238 members voted today, 203 voted yes for nancy pelosi, 32 voted no, against nancy pelosi. there were three blanks. nancy pelosi needs to whittle down those centers by half in order to hit the magic number of 218 in january. marilyn steny hoyer was elected again today. the final days of the current congress could get a lot messier. there is increasing concern of a partial government shutdown next week. mike emanuel tells us where things stand right now. >> as the human drama plays out at the southern border, president trump has signaled he is willing to shut down part of the government a week from friday demanding more money for his border wall. retired speaker paul ryan says the house has delivered five billions dollars. >> our bill contains the president's full request for the border but ultimately, the senate democrats are going to have to come to an agreement, as
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well. >> at richard blumenthal are pushing back here to speak demand for a $5 billion is based on delusion, not reality. >> president trump told "politico" he doesn't do anything just for political gain, still, this is a winner for him. "people look at the border, they look at the rush to the police, they look at the rock-throwers and really hurting three people. three very brave border patrol folks. i think it is a tremendous issue, but much more importantly, it really needed, so we have to have border security." plus, the president is well aware he is about to be dealing with a democrat-lead house in the new year. chuck schumer chuck schumer is trying to hold his ground. >> the $1.6 billion for border security negotiated by democrats and republicans is our position. we believe that is the right way to go. if there is any shutdown, it is on president trump's back. >> with time winding down, the majority leader is trying to
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deliver. >> we are trying to get the president the money he would like for the wall. that is part of the year end funding discussion, which is ongoing. >> at this point, all the sources i have spoken with are not pushing the panic button. they're feeling is there is still time to cut a deal but it is not entirely clear what it might be. bret? >> bret: we will track it. mike emanuel, thanks. the outlook is a bit cloudy tonight for google. it is facing huge fines over accusations of illegally tracking millions of people around the world. many lawmakers here and overseas are losing patience. correspondent gillian turner is here to tell us what is happening. good evening. >> google's privacy practices once again under fire since yesterday. seven european countries have filed complaints over a new e.u. data protection law. they alleged google uses manipulative tactics to trick users into allowing the platform to track them. one consumer group filing complaints on behalf of the e.u. said the places we go to reveal
3:16 pm
a lot about ourselves and our private lives. a smartphones used for spying on our every move. google faces a fine now of up to 4% of its annual global revenue, or about $4 billion under the new law. but google tells fox news, its location history function has to be turned on by users in order to take effect. they add, "location history is turned off by default. you can edit, delete, or pause it at any time. if you pause it, depending on your individual phone and app settings, we might still collect and use location data to improve your google experience." but even congressional regulators say the tracking function is not user-friendly. >> you are going to have to teach me how i can say no information is transferred for me because i have never seen that. and if it has, it has been imprinted in so fine of print i
3:17 pm
haven't had time to read it all. >> lawmakers are hot on google's trail, but they are get to pass any legislation, as their european counterparts did in may. >> it is clear that the u.s. needs a consumer federal data privacy law. congress is fed up. it's about big tech no longer being entitled to say to america, trust us. >> capitol hill leaders will have a chance to grill google executives in person on this matter in just a few days. the ceo of google testifies before the house judiciary committee on december 5th. bret? >> bret: we will continue to follow that. i think he appeared up next, you might be surprised at the number of immigrants living in this country illegally. it's coming out. first up, our fox affiliates around the country. fox 45 in baltimore as the city filed a federal lawsuit against the trump administration alleging unlawful efforts to deter immigrants from getting public assistance.
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the city asserts that african immigrant patricia patient in the federal head start program has virtually ceased in baltimore schools due to policy change. fox 11 in los angeles with a preview of the l.a. auto show. the event comes just days after general motors announced layoffs and plant closures around the u.s. and canada. the show will feature more than a 60 vehicle debuts and underscores the public's demand for suvs and crossovers, as well as electric vehicles. and this is a life look at honolulu from fox 2. one of the big stories there, a man who suffered a heart attack shortly after hawaii mistakenly issued an alert about ballistic missiles is suing the state. the lawsuit says the sending of the false missile alert and failing to cancel it in a timely manner was a substantial factor in causing the man's heart attack on january 13th. that is at tonight's live look the beltway from
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♪ >> bret: the fbi says a man sitting in a texas jail may be one of the most prolific serial killers in american history. a texas ranger's 8-year-old
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samuel little has confessed to 90 murders so far. the fbi and the rangers are trying to match little's confessions with unsolved killings across the country. they have confirmed 34 so far. little is said to be in poor health and is expected to remain in that texas jail until his death. we have no information tonight about what is one of the most controversial issues in washington and may be you live: illegal immigration. it turns out, there is less of it right now, and those who try it are not necessarily who you think they are. national correspondent william looked at the numbers and explained this evening. >> we are not letting people into our country unless they come in legally. >> unrealistic may be, but not on worthy of pursuit. according to a new study, the number of illegal immigrants living in the u.s. fell to its lowest level in a decade. >> we have for the first time a majority of those coming to the u.s.-mexico border, are not mexican, they are not single
3:24 pm
men, they are not just looking for work. >> the pew research study found mexicans today make up about half the illegal population, down considerably. two-thirds of migrants in the u.s. have been here ten years or more and 43% have u.s.-born children. half those across the border illegally, the rest overstay their visa. the findings differ from a recent yale study that suggests up to 22 million illegal immigrants live in the u.s., not 11. the pew research study is also based on the 2016 census, two year old data that does not necessarily account for the recent surge from cells central america. >> what happened is the drift now makes up a large group. >> mexico will continue to play a large role in stemming the flow but they will not be able to stop it. >> that flow from south america is also driving legal immigration. for the first time in the decade, hispanics outnumber asians arriving to the u.s.
3:25 pm
the u.s. immigrant population, illegal and legal, around 14% of the nation. the president hopes to reshape immigration policy by replacing family unification with a merit system. but any study is a snapshot in time as the study from central america illustrates, immigration is a fluid. >> bret: william, thanks. up next, a sanctuary city idea that some conservatives just might like. first, beyond our borders. depend the pentagon has identifo soldiers killed in a roadside bomb attack in afghanistan. they are and are patrick ross, army captain of lexington virginia. army sergeant first class, eric michael of washington, and dylan elgin of hoechst and pennsylvania. at least 30 civilians were killed along with 16 taliban fighters as afghan government forces battled insurgents in the southern province last night.
3:26 pm
taliban terrorist staged a coordinated attack against security forces in afghanistan, and a u.s. military spokesman said an air strike that killed many of the civilians was conducted by american aircraft. a chinese researcher who claims to have helped make the world's first genetically edited baby says a second pregnancy may be underway. mainstream scientists have condemned that experiment, and universities and government groups are now investigating. to some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back. ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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♪ >> bret: new tonight, a sanctuary city proposal that can conservatives and republicans can get behind. it is all about guns. correspondent dan springer tells us what one small washington state town is doing about a gun law most residents there have no intention of obeying. >> i appreciate what you are doing. >> in washington, the police chief was a local celebrity after saying he would not enforce the law, or one state law. initiative 1639, a sweeping gun control measure. >> i thought it was such a blatant disregard for constitutional rights that i felt like i had no choice but to stand up for the people that i serve. >> the new gun law bars
3:31 pm
18-20-year-old from buying semiautomatic rifles and to make it a felony if it ends up in the wrong hands. it also enhances background checks and mandatory firearm training. in this town, nearly 3 out of 4 voters opposed the bill. the mayor is considering an ordinance to make republic a sanctuary city for gun rights. >> everybody in republic has a gun. we don't have a giant crime rates because nobody in their right mind is going to come through a house where people have guns and know how to use them. >> wendy chief announced his sanctuary city proposal, he got a standing ovation. in seattle, the reaction is a very different. >> their job is to enforce the laws that are passed, not necessarily just the ones they approve of personally. >> the second amendment foundation along with the nra sued to strike down the new state law. its leaders use poetic justice
3:32 pm
in gun rights advocates getting into the sanctuary city business, up until now, reserved for illegal immigrants. >> in politics, there is always a pushback. if you try to take rights away, people stand up and rebel. >> the city council will discuss the gun rights sanctuary city ordinance on monday and could vote on it before the state law takes effect in january. the state attorney general, a democrat who supports gun control, says he will review the ordinance if it passes. bret? >> bret: dan springer in washington state. thank you. cindy hyde-smith gets to keep her job. republican incumbent defeated democrat mike espy by 54-46% margins. >> the reason we won is because citizens know me and they know my heart, and thank you for standing up. >> this movement is not going to end! for new mississippi, a more united mississippi come into mississippi where everybody,
3:33 pm
regardless of race or party, or religion feels they are worth. >> bret: hyde-smith was appointed to the job last spring after the retirement of the previous congressman. she becomes the first woman elected to congress from mississippi. and in january, republicans will now hold a 53-47 majority, a net gain of two seats from the current senate. former president obama did not campaign in person for espy. he did make a call monday. mr. obama has been pretty visible lately during that lead up to the midterms and afterwards, and he wants to make sure you don't forget about him, or the things he considers his achievements. that's the story tonight from correspondent doug mckelway. >> the truth was, i was also intent on following a wise american tradition of ex-
3:34 pm
ex-presidents gratefully exiting the political stage. >> former president obama may have found the political stage harder to leave then he thought. since those remarks in september against tradition, he campaigned vigorously in the midterms with mixed results. his favorite candidates lost close races in florida, georgia, indiana, and ohio. but one in virginia and illinois where they were fair. wedged between his party's elders, he remains the democratic party to factor a leader. >> they need someone after the movement. he is the natural person to do it. >> he is also determined to preserve his legacy under constant assault from the presidents administration. speak out nobody in my administration got indicted. >> that is true, but the starting of obamacare. critics scoff at what he say is the embellishment of other legacies like the growth of the economy and oil and gas expansion. >> you wouldn't always know it,
3:35 pm
but it went up every year i was president. that hole, suddenly americans are the biggest oil producers -- that was me, people. >> the only thing obama did was stand in the way in every conceivable way with a pen and a phone to prevent these entrepreneurs from being able to exploit these researchers resoe max. speak out but organizing for action, which evolved from the obama campaign's organizing for america has helped build the democrat's effective ground gam game, contribute into the party's retaking of the house where numerous investigations of the trump administration in a way to come january. >> bret: thank you. is president trump considering a pardon for his former campaign chairman? and where is this investigation going? we will talk about it all with the panel after the break. an save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance. including me, esurance spokesperson dennis quaid.
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♪ >> we have already seen the forced resignation of the attorney general of the after the election. it is clear, therefore, that something has to be done to protect mr. mueller's investigation. >> this is about the legislative branch asserting a common sense checks and balances on presidential overreach. >> this is a solution in search of a problem. the president is not going to fire robert mueller. >> bret: three senate judiciary committee members taking to the floor to try to force a vote on the bill to protect special counsel robert mueller. this happened before news broke of a new york post article piece in which the president isg paul manafort, his former campaign chairman. "it was never discussed but i
3:41 pm
wouldn't take it off the table. why would i take it off the table?" that prompted a lot of response on capitol hill. >> that is par for the course, i guess, to hold that and dangle it out there. >> the real danger there is the pardon, which is trump's interest, and would be solid evidence of obstruction of justice. >> i am not aware of any conversations involving a pardon at all. >> bret: it is a four car alarm fire on capitol hill today. let's bring in our panel, charles hurt, amy walter, and hugo gurdon, editorial director for the "washington examiner." amy, thoughts? >> that is not the only four alarm fire going on, the saudi arabia question, what we are going to do in the war on yemen, we continue to get support for saudi arabia, and of course mueller, and then you have judges. all of those trying to get squeezed into the next week,
3:42 pm
week and a half. these things would like to get on. we also have a lame duck session where we need to pass the numbers are very important bills. this seems to be one of the many things that congress is juggling. i don't know that there was going to be an answer to whether or not we will get a mueller probe right now. it seems like flake is out there a little bit on his own in terms of being the one republican that could make this happen. to me, the question is -- >> bret: and corker is there. >> that is true, but flake is saying i'm not going to support any judicial nominees that come through unless i get this vote, and whether or not that has enough leverage to get that vote to the floor, on top of the other votes rebuking the president, one of which happened today on saudi arabia. how many of those can mitch mcconnell continue to hold up? >> bret: >> bret: hugo. >> the president does have a way of dangling things, or another way of looking at it is expressing things in a way which poked the hornets nest. by just suggesting he is not going to take it off the table,
3:43 pm
it suggests to the democrats who have been saying he wants to pardon man for paul manafort tt is what he is going to do. but it works in the democratic favor, because even if the president has no intention of doing this and has the majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell saying that this is a solution in search of a problem, it allows them to keep stoking the idea that the president is going to try and do this. i think they would have a tough time proving obstruction of justice if the president exercises his constitutional power and actually does the pardon. >> bret: there are people up there today that are saying just by saying what he said, it's already obstruction of justice. the snowball just goes downhill very quickly here. >> welcome to the next two years of washington, and in particular congress. the good news for the president is that because of the election, the g.o.p., the republican caucus is going to be a little bit more trumper.
3:44 pm
people like jeff flake and bob corker won't be there for the republican side. it will mostly be democrats that are playing these games. in terms of the issue of pardoning, once again, it's a situation where you have trump saying something -- it's that he dangles something. it's that he actually enunciates it. everybody knows that this is the sort of thing that pardons have been used for forever, and we can say whatever we want about paul manafort, and it's great that he has been found guilty of crimes that he committed, but of course he committed them a long time ago and the only difference between why federal prosecutors didn't go after it back then, that remains to be answered. but the only difference between that and what ended up happening is the fact that he got involved in politics and specifically -- that by definition is a political prosecution. >> bret: it's important to restate that we don't know what we don't know.
3:45 pm
i say that all the time. but it's important that a lot of stories have really fallen apart and gotten a lot of traction. there was a report yesterday that paul manafort met with assange. this is the washington times. paul manafort's passport don't show that he entered london when they said he met secretly with wikileaks julian assange. they say he met with him in 2013, 2016. a review of his two passport said he entered the airport since 2008 on two occasions. 2012 and another time with a customs stamp, the year is blurred. it appears to say 2010 or 2016. the point is, that attend court record from his trials in a kind of falls apart. it took up a lot of airwaves yesterday. >> yeah, it was notable that no other news organization was able -- they said we can't confirm this. >> and they walked it back. >> and "the guardian" intros
3:46 pm
said, "the guardian has been told." they were not even standing by their own story. they said, we have been told is. >> bret: my point is, in the vacuum of information -- >> exactly. why would -- if the prosecution is all political -- mueller be cutting a deal with paul manafort if he didn't have anything to be given him? this would be over. so there is clearly more that they wanted to get from him that, it's not over. >> bret: it's not over. they've got something. >> the idea that they could just prosecute him and let it be done -- >> bret: or they think they have something. corsi, who is also facing a charge of lying, he was on our channel last night. >> i never met julian assange, i never have spoken with him, i never emailed him, i have had no contact with julie massage whatsoever. i have been a loyal american. i have no contacts with russian intelligence, i have no business interest in russia, i have no interest in russia, i have never
3:47 pm
been to russia. >> bret: these denials are pretty straight. who is telling the truth, who is no? we know what mueller has, he has a lot of investigative months behind him, but it seems to be coming to a head here. >> it certainly does. these are as categorical denials as one could possibly get. the falling to pieces of the deal that paul manafort had with the prosecutor is another sign that this has come to -- i think that manafort doesn't look like he is looking for a pardon and t does raise questions of why the president would want to give him a pardon. all of that, the question of a pardon, the question of a prosecution, it's all coming to a head, like you say. >> bret: there is more to come on this and the democrats and as amy mentioned, saudi arabia and foreign policy. a lot going on. stay withbe us. re could only ime enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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♪ >> no direct reporting connecting the ground print to the order of the murder of jamal khashoggi. >> we have no smoking gun that the ground print was involved. not the intelligence committee, or anyone else. there is no smoking gun.
3:52 pm
>> we have a crown prince who is out of control. the killing of a journalist. whether there is a smoking gun -- i don't think there is anybody in the room who doesn't believe he is responsible for i it. >> there are many who believe this execution of khashoggi in his temple could never have taken place without the knowledge and direction of the crown prince into saudi arabia. >> bret: a lot going on on the capitol hill today. briefing senators, the cia director was not there. a lot of talk about that. at the caa put out a statement saying, the notion that anyone o not attend the meeting is false. they have been briefed and provided all the intelligence they have. we are back with the panel. charlie, it doesn't seem like anything is going to stop the administration's policy decision of backing saudi arabia but the senate voted, 61 votes, to stop the support of the yemen war. >> this is one of the situations where, and we see in a mentor
3:53 pm
who is in the white house, no matter who controls congress. it is not really a partisan issue, it's a matter of being in the white house versus being in congress. it so easy to be in congress and to take a totally legitimate potshots at some really terrible people, including the crown prince and others around the world who do egregious, nasty things that run counter to everything that we believe in in america. the problem is on the other side, yeah you have the white house desperately trying to not let it get out of control because of the real world interests at play here. and you go back to the previous administration, vladimir putin hasn't done horrible, disgusting, murderous things to his own people and two ex-pats living in his country, political enemies. and you don't go to war over it. that's probably a good thing. i don't want to go to war over theirs. >> bret: amy. >> it seems to me that many
3:54 pm
senators, including senator lindsey graham, are not going to be happy unless gina haskell comes up to capitol hill, and basically, we have to hear from her or nothing is moving. to me, that could take all this debate over whether this issue of yemen actually makes it to a bill, which makes it to the president's desk. i think a lot of that could be diffused by having gina haskell come up to the hill. >> bret: here is what secretary mattis said about the saudi-yemen situation. pulling back our weapons sales to our partners and our protection of the saudi populations would be misguided on the eve of promising initial negotiations. it took us too long to get here. talking about negotiations to end the civil war in yemen. >> he is absolutely right. the extraordinary thing about this is people talking about the opposite sides of this are nevertheless all correct. it may well be that presumably, there is no absolute smoking gun, but at the same time, i don't think anyone has any doubt
3:55 pm
that the crown prince is responsible. i think the white house placed this very badly, and president trump has played this badly. it is quite possible to say we are not going to overthrow our entire mideast strategy which is about isolating i run, ending the war in yemen, and also helping israel and having saudi arabia on your side doing that. you can still say, we are going to impose sanctions, we are going to make sure that saudi arabia recognizes that the united states doesn't stand up to this. i think saudi arabia miscalculated. they thought they could literally get away with murder because of the alliance with the united states. the united states has to make it perfectly plain that they cannot do that. >> bret: we will see where it goes. i have to run because the traffic here in d.c. is unbelievable. do you know why? there is a tree lighting. 'tis the season.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
of the holiday switch. >> president trump: four. three. two. one. >> bret: the president speaking at the national christmas tree lighting where he thanked first responders and military families around the country. you have to see this if you are in town. thank you for watching "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story with martha" hosted by harris faulkner starts now. >> harris: we're in the holiday spirit together. good to see you. thank you. breaking tonight, serious pushback inside mexico. against the thousands of migrants camped out along the u.s. border. in primetime, i'm harris faulkner in for martha maccallum. tonight, the city of tijuana is overwhelmed. people in charge there say there are only enough resource to assist the crowds for a few more days. and our president has issued a new warning to congress. he is totally willing to shut down the government if congress does not approve $5 billion for his border wall system. and in an interview with politico, the president pointed to


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