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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 29, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> laura: the last segment was daymac the show is so good we don't have time for the last bite which is very upsetting but have no fear because shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. i have to rhyme every night. i'm going to work on that. >> i have no doubt you will absolutely nail it. we begin with a fox news alert. both sides playing hardball. one target of the robert mueller investigation calling on his legal team to file a complaint against mueller and the justice department. donald trump has a message, a pardon for paul manafort is not off the table. jason chaffetz on what this means for the investigation and
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the president. will the president walk away from meeting with vladimir putin, in the wake of new aggression by russia and the potential pool out war. senator tim scott is here accused of being a fraud on civil rights. we get his reaction to that claim and support for the criminal justice reform bill, opposed by some conservatives. welcome to fox news at night, we have team coverage. ed henry has the latest on tensions with russia and saudi arabia but first katherine herridge on the latest twists in the mueller probe. >> reporter: the reaction to a possible pardon from the senior democrat on the intelligence committee, mark warner tweeting this would be a blatant and an acceptable abuse of fire after the president lashed out at the special counsel over tactics and targets. during oval office interview donald trump told the new york
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post he has not ruled out a pardon for paul manafort, quote, it was never discussed but i wouldn't take it off the table. why would i take it off the table? the president says. he also alleged manafort was political advisor roger stone, and his associate jerome corsi were pressured to lie, quote, you flip and you lie and the prosecutors will tell you 99% of the time they can get people to flip. it is rare that they can't. on the senate floor bill to protect robert mueller's investigation was blocked after democrats and one republican made their case. >> we've seen the forced resignation of the attorney general the day after the election. it is clear something has to be done to protect robert mueller's investigation. >> the president's legal team singled out andrew reisman for pressuring manafort and other witnesses. the former prosecutor said the mueller probe may have overreached but others disagree.
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>> the underlying thing they are investigating is politics, not crime and it is not a prosecutor's place to do that. >> manafort is putting all his eggs in the trump pardon basket. he is gambling and it is a big gamble that trump will pardon him. >> reporter: a source with direct knowledge of the investigation tells fox news the president's written answers to mueller are consistent with his public statements. the june 2016 trump tower meeting which included manafort the president tweeted he had no advanced knowledge. a status hearing for the manafort case is scheduled for friday. shannon: robert mueller playing hardball with key witnesses and one is threatening to fire back. roger stone associate jerome corsi instructed his attorneys to file a committal complaint against mueller's special counsel for prosecutorial misconduct in his case. he says he rejected an offer to plead guilty to lying to
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investigators about his alleged interaction with wikileaks. >> i will spend the rest of my life in jail but will not swear under god to a lie. >> let's discuss this with a republican congressman from utah, jason chaffetz. there are, minute by minute development in the mueller case, so many involved. let's talk about the fact the president said in an interview with the new york post he is not ruling out a pardon for manafort. what do you make of that? >> he likes to go into conversations about things he could do and to an extent he is allowed to do this but the concern the last couple days is
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whether he is dangling a pardon to paul manafort. we know there was a joint defense agreement continuing between the two legal teams after paul manafort struck the plea deal and was supposed to cooperate, the special counsel is angry with him for allegedly continuing to lie at least about his business dealings but what else we don't know. whether or not the president is doing this because of how he likes to talk or if this is part of a strategy and to dangle a pardon to get paul manafort to stay quiet we are waiting to see but that cannot be the way this works. >> people say it is an impeachable offense, it is unethical and all these things, the president said there's not been a discussion of it but it is not off the table. rudy giuliani says he will be up for a potential pardon. the same new york post interview, the president believes paul manafort and roger stone of all been encouraged to lie. here is rush limbaugh's take on that. >> if you are manafort, asking you to lie while prosecuting you
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for lying and they can come back and later accuse you of lying. this is an untenable situation and circumstance and it is all rooted in the fact that they have got nothing. >> what do you think they have? >> i don't think they have much. what they prosecuted when they went after manafort had nothing to do with russia, collusion or anything like that. i don't think they have much, the president has constitutional opportunities to use a pardon, he is not dangling out there. what senator warner said was absolutely totally wrong. and others were pardoning people, it is just an attack on donald trump. >> in the meantime we have a number of interviews by jerome corsi. he said he's willing to roll the dice saying he had been
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truthful, he made mistakes and is not going to play ball with this plea deal. we know manafort is facing sentencing because the mueller team said he lied about all these things you mentioned. where does this lead the president? >> this is coming to a end in the sense of all the aspects of an investigation coming towards the close. we are getting the final parts of whatever may or may not be a collusion angle. the special counsel is going after roger stone. if there was any type of criminal conspiracy involving the trump campaign will involve the wikileaks angle. we know the president gave the right response to the special counsel, he has given those explanations whether or not the special counsel follows up means to be seen. and if the president will up the process play out, odds are he would survive legally if not
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also politically. >> you know better and understand better than any of us it is one thing when the gop is running the house, another when democrats are running the house and investigations that may come up and the president said if they harassed him he thinks it will be the best thing that ever happens to him, he can counterpunch but also declassify applications and other things that would be devastating to the democrats but he's holding off until he needs to use those documents. what do you make of that strategy? >> democrats have foreshadowed, they named 83 different investigations, presuppose the outcomes. you got to remember you have the likes of lindsey graham and others in the senate that can play ball with them like that, james lankford, cory gardner, and to try to extract documents, and i think the democrats will once again overplay their hand.
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>> a lot of republicans calling for him to declassify those things already. thank you both very much. the kremlin said donald trump and vladimir putin is scheduled to meet despite tough talk from the white house that donald trump in the wake of russia's aggression against ukraine, and henry is tracking the latest developments minute by minute. >> donald trump saying he may cancel the weekends meeting with vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g 20 summit but the kremlin insists all systems are go for a sitdown on saturday. vladimir putin is taking a hard line, blaming them for the firefight off the coast of crimea and downplayed it is a minor incident even though the russian military is saying it will be deploying a new surface-to-air missile system in crimea which may be why the ukrainian president is taking it seriously. he war combat fatigues as he
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spoke to his troops. in his warning there could be a full-scale war. russia seized crimea and they kept 24 ukrainian sailors by russian courts. mike pompeo and james mattis they were on hill, the us believes russia provoked the latest conflict. and he says the meeting with donald trump is still on at least for now. >> in yemen, a lot of lawmakers
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-- >> and >> it did not stand by the cia assessment of the murder. and to hold of all senate business, and the president gets can cover from secretary metis. >> they are absent today speaks volumes. about the white house's intention of congressional oversight in saudi arabia. >> we have no smoking gun that the crown prince was involved. not the intelligence community or anybody else, no smoking gun. >> a bipartisan group of senators rejected that voting 63-37 to bring up another measure to limit the president's war powers in yemen. they want to rein in us involvement in the saudi military campaign against the rebels in yemen and limit the us role for battling al qaeda.
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the procedural vote is a chance for the administration to block the next round as the president claims the saudis are us ally despite this scene. we've not heard the last of this, he is fired up and saying this. shannon: there is bipartisan anger. amid the initial furor on capitol hill aimed at saudi arabia in the wake of the killing of jamal khashoggi, some leaders travel to riyadh and met with the saudi crown prince. that group was led by our next guest, best-selling author of the persian gamble, joel rosenberg. >> good to be with you. >> we see the picture of you meeting. secretary of state mike pompeo took a lot of heat from people, being a picture with the crown prince, you were there as well. you know people have concerns about you having a conversation
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with him as many report us intelligence determined he does have a direct link. what can you tell us about your conversation with him? >> we have talked about it for the last several years. i have been invited as a novelist but as an evangelical leader to bring delegations of evangelical christians to four different arab sunni muslim countries, jordan, egypt, united arab emirates and now saudi arabia. we were invited by the saudi's months before the murder of jamal khashoggi. we accepted that and in the midst of the whole furor over the horrific, sickening, ghastly murder of jamal khashoggi we did consider not going but we also believe that this was the first time the saudis ever inviting evangelical christians to talk about issues that are important to us and to them.
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so we continued forward but we did begin our meeting with very direct, very frank questions about jamal khashoggi. shannon: did you feel the answers you got word to your satisfaction? that he wasn't direct we involved? we want to play something dick durbin had to say about what he has heard so far. >> many of us believe this execution of jamal khashoggi in istanbul could never have taken place without the knowledge and direction of saudi arabia, a fact the administration has never been willing to acknowledge and we ask the you accept at face how you this murder took place without his knowledge, i don't accept it. >> he is not the only one not buying it. >> my friend lindsey graham feel similarly. let me tell you what he told us. the crown prince was very clear. he said this is a heinous crime. that is the freight he used, call the terrible tragedy and crime and he said we have
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arrested people, we are prosecuting people, people will face justice for this and he noted when iran or russia or turkey, when people are killed in those countries and the government has some involvement or is perceived to have do people get arrested? do people get prosecuted? do people get fired from senior positions? know. i am doing that. i can't tell you whether he was involved or not. he said he wasn't. what do we have right now? as we speak we don't have anyone in the cia on the record saying the crown prince was definitely the one who ordered the hit but we have two people on the record, the defense secretary in former cia director, secretary of state mike pompeo saying
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there is no smoking gun and no direct evidence. that is all we have to go on. what i'm concerned about is the senate is getting ready to overthrow in a since the un saudi relationship based on an analysis, not on hard data and that is risky. last time the us tried to push aside a leader they were not that friendly with was hosni mubarak and we got the muslim brotherhood in egypt. that was a huge mistake. shannon: a very delicate balance between human rights and the us being a moral compass for the world and maintaining relationships that benefit our national interests. the attorney metis saying we are seldom free to work with unblemished partners. come back if you have an update. the vice president breaks a senate tie and senate record all over judicial nominee. critic accused of having a record of white supremacy. senator tim scott is facing back lash over his vote. the white house wants to get the
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bipartisan, justice reform bill passed now but it is shaping up to be a tough sell in the senate. >> there are many senators who are concerned about public safety implications of this legislation. >> senator tim scott is here after the break and we will ask them about these hot issues and more next. more next.
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>> with a tie-breaking vote mike pence, one of donald trump's most controversial judicial nominees narrowly cleared a hurdle in the senate today. every democratic senators opposing the nomination of thomas part of district court in north carolina arguing he supported several measures that disenfranchise african-american voters. in minutes tim scott will be here, the lost lawmaker to cast his vote and facing back lash over it, some calling, civil rights fraud. how will he respond? with a lame-duck congressional session in full swing the white house is making a last-ditch attempt to get a sweeping, justice reform bill passed but there are serious hurdles. mike emanuel has more on the behind-the-scenes effort. >> senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley is selling his bipartisan bill is the first, justice reform in a generation. >> it deals with the front and
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back end. more importantly the things they brought up are already things that can be done to reduce incarceration, shorten sentences, we are very careful to make sure drug kingpins, people that are violent criminals can't make access to this legislation. >> donald trump and his allies are behind a plan to reduce federal mandatory minimum sentences and also support programs aimed at reducing recidivism and provide relief for those who receive harsh sentences for drug offenses. tom cotton is leading the charge against it saying this went from a prison reform measure to a sentencing reduction bill. >> this bill would let many sex offenders, child abusers and other violent felons out of prison early. once proponents of the bill
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release it after keeping it hidden we ask the department of justice would they be released early from prison and the government of justice answered yes they would be. >> key democrats are urging gop colleagues to seize the moment with some bipartisan support on this issue. >> congress to fail to deal with criminal justice reform would be absolutely inviteable, not criminally but in matters of public policy, congress owes it to the people to do something. >> chairman grassley insists he has the votes to pass this measure but it is not clear if mitch mcconnell will take it up. he does not like legislation that divides the republican congress. shannon: is senator, right? will this bill supported by the president allow sex offenders
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and violent felons to get out of jail early? let's ask republican senator from south carolina tim scott who is cosponsoring the bill. you know how your fellow gop senator feels about this was you think there are a lot of positives, what about the potential negatives? >> we have an expanding list of folks who cannot be eligible for this package. we added every classification tom brings up and will add more as necessary. we have a chance to reduce recidivism, increasing public safety. today after 5 years, 77% of inmates are back in jail. we have proven programs that reduce that number. the reason donald trump who is not soft on crime whatsoever supports this legislation is he understands by reducing recidivism we can see safer communities. south carolina is a classic
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example of that. we close 7 state prisons, estimated population of 30,000 prisoners down to 21,000 because we reduced recidivism by adding programs to force or encourage inmates to participate in that helps reduce recidivism by increasing their readiness for the real world, giving them job skills and other programs we have been able to prove reduces the likelihood of reoffending. >> doj did tell politico an analyst said to them the measure doesn't contain any exclusions for people convicted of crimes senator conrad verse 2 and all offenders would be eligible to reveal more goodtime credit as a result of the bill. is that your presentation the bill is a work in progress, some exclusions will be added? >> what we have is a base bill that will exclude classes baton asked the doj to take a look at, already are eligible for goodtime credit. the question was does the bill
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provide enhanced credit? the answer is it does provide more certainty and more flexibility to decide who gets what but those 4 classes tom cotton had questions about on the excluded list. >> that is why people raise their concerns. i want to ask you as well about thomas barr, a judicial nominee, you voted procedurally to move them forward not on the merits of whether he should be a federal judge, there are plenty of addictions to him. the naacp says he needs to withdraw his nomination, the architect of the worst voter suppression law in the country. if you voted to move them forward in the next consideration level, the headline says senate only lack republican tim scott sells out in vote on trump's racist judge nominee, jennifer rubin, self described conservative blogger of the washington post said what a fraud he is on civil rights referring to you.
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>> hogwash. if i took the time to respond to every negative criticism i get from the african-american community or the naacp or some other group i would spend all my time only responding to the criticism. if this is a civil rights issue we just talked about it, having prison reform see the light of day and get past. the opportunity of this legislation brings more money back to the poor communities i grew up in as an immigrant household, talking about ways to improve education which is one of the greatest civil rights issues of our generation and make sure every single zip code has quality educational options for parents. we can agree to disagree on a specific nominee. i don't remember those folks coming out and saying good job when i shot down an administration appointment to the courts. i will take my hits and that comes with the territory. at the end of the day my goal is to do the right thing and i
12:28 am
called and spoke to the author of the doj memo from 28 years ago to understand and appreciate the role tom far played in the helms campaign. if he was the architect of that racist campaign i would have been a no without any question but i found so far from appointees of the obama administration to my conversation with the author of the memo is he was in fact not the architect of the campaign and the character witnesses from the obama administration coming forward have been pretty strong but i'm continuing my research because the thing i hold myself accountable for is doing the right thing, not the politically acceptable or politically experienced but the right thing based on the evidence of the
12:29 am
evidence is pointing me towards that. i will continue this journey through the night and into tomorrow and make the best decision i can. >> you have proven that before and difficult votes where the white house, you voted your conscience and we watch tomorrow, the vote is at noon, thanks for stopping in and we will follow the criminal justice reform. breaking tonight dhs is a member of the extremely violent ms 13 street gang admits he hid in the migrant caravan to reach the us border. that story coming up and brett kavanaugh back in the spotlight tonight and you will never guess what is fueling his critics this time.
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>> you us officials confirm an active member of the ms 13 street gang has been arrested with the migrant caravan east of the port of entry.
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he apparently planned to apply for asylum and cross into the us at the border. once detained on saturday he admitted to being part of ms 13 and traveling with the caravan as a way to get into the us. he will reportedly be returned to hunter us. stormy daniels says her attorney michael caneiro sued on her behalf without permission. he started a fund-raising website to raise money for her legal expenses without telling her. he also says he refuses to tell her how the money is being spent. she says she has not decided whether to keep him as her lawyer. brett kavanaugh back in the headlines for his return to his other favorite role in life, coach of his daughter's mask ability but that's not sitting well with his critics on the left. trace gallagher is looking at the details. >> an article in the washington post very run-of-the-mill
12:35 am
stating brett kavanaugh is coaching his daughter's basketball team. it does mention in the article the sexual assault allegations against him but mostly in the context of implementing the possibility the uncorroborated smears could prevent him from coaching. here's what he said at the time. >> i love coaching more than anything i have ever done in my whole life. thanks to what some of you on the side of the committee have unleashed i may never be able to coach again. >> so it is not the article itself but where the washington post placed the article which is under its public safety tag along with an incident at walter reed medical center about an active shooter and a child hit by a bus. a father coaching his daughter appears to be out of place and conservatives made their displeasure known with comments like, quote, the gutter of journalism surrounding reports about brett cavanagh make me want to tell my hair out and it
12:36 am
is official now, the onion and the inquirer have more credible headlines and articles then the washington post and the new york times, washington post is defending itself saying stories written by the author automatically default to the public safety category. the post goes on to say this is obviously one that should not have been there and in fairness other stories written by the author including one about adoption and what about robert mueller also ended up under public safety. this is also the paper that ran headlines during the confirmation hearings like these, quote, we were brett kavanaugh's drinking buddies and don't think he should be confirmed and brett kavanaugh's anger may be backfiring. even if the story was simply misplaced you can see why conservatives might be skeptical. we should mention brett kavanaugh's team lost in the final round. >> he will be coaching them on either way. thank you very much.
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first lady milania trump speaking out after days of criticism about her white house christmas decor. the power panel will weigh in. stick around.
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>> donald trump, accountant the lighting of the national christmas tree tonight, milania
12:41 am
trump eliminating the deck touts bruce just south of the white house, the country star came to perform with the u.s. army band. it is freezing in dc tonight. milania trump speaking out after days of criticism about her christmas decorations. allison barber has more from the first lady. >> reporter: for the second time since moving into the white house milania trump unveiled christmas decorations and for the second time the decorations were mocked and turned into internet means, everything from the handmaid's tale to the classic horror films the shining to a car wash. there are some writeups pointing out the twitter backlash, usa today, time in the huffington post, the first lady responded during an event at liberty university. >> a different story focusing on different stuff and i'm here to
12:42 am
sign the important stuff and the things i can help. >> she was asked about those criticisms. >> everybody has different taste. i think they look fantastic. >> he traveled to virginia to speak about something else. >> we can begin with something innocent of injury. it could be a sports injury or an accident. >> opioid abuse is one of the 3 pillars in the be best initiative. the others are well-being and social media. the first lady has come under fire for the initiative with some say it is hypocritical after her husband is well-known for his tweets and using them to aggressively punch back at critics. >> they said her comments about the decorations because themselves but also told me they are not particularly concerned about the criticism.
12:43 am
one of the topics told me the left-wing media, the decorations are beautiful and for the public to take part in a special transition. shannon: milania is not the only trump woman in the spotlight. defending the use of a private email account saying it cannot be compared to what happened with then secretary of state hillary clinton with the private server. here to debate the big story, leslie marshall and political analyst caldwell and white house correspondents. i want to read what vanity fair said about the christmas decorations. milania trump's white house christmas has a touch of menace saying the sense of menace blowing through the ornamental branches last year came from what we didn't know about her, this year that feeling comes
12:44 am
from what we do know. >> so horrific. these declarations were used honor military families. a lot of these military families participated in the decorations. another case of anybody close to trump whether they are involved in politics or not our targets and this is another problem, people attacking milania trump since she entered the white house and this is something we should back back from and make mention of the hypocrisy. >> dan gaynor says this. according to the juvenile style mavens that dominate the left media, the christmas island somehow spookier deeply hunted. compare that to how michelle obama was described as a pro in dressing up the places decorations delivered her own study recognition of military service. double standard? >> i don't think there's a double standard because there is
12:45 am
enough criticism of her former first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton. unfortunately, it seems to come with the territory of being first lady, people don't like on the left or your husband on the right they attack the first lady. i want to say i actually like the red christmas trees. i feel they are a little modern and funky and we really shouldn't be attacking any first lady for decorating the white house because it is petty and there are more important issues. >> there are so many women's magazines, i can't read most of them because i don't want to read politics if i'm looking for evening gowns but these magazines on over the left and the ride the right all the time, with your left, right or center, a fashionable woman and the list of the most 100 most fashionable in the world and she did not make the top hundred.
12:46 am
>> a little bit out of my league here but in my discussion with fellow culture correspondence, it is baffling to have a former supermodel as first lady who hasn't graced the color of best-dressed list when michelle obama was turned into a fashion icon under the obama administration. milania has said she thinks she is one of the most bleed people in the world. shannon: people mocked her for saying that. >> i know they did but this is the perfect example, trying to shine a light on infants who were born addicted to opioids because of the choices of their parents and we are talking about red christmas trees. it is a sad time when christmas decorations are becoming part of political discourse but that is where we are in this country. >> and the news that ivanka trump used a lot of personal
12:47 am
email discussing things regarding travel and being contacted by white house officials and others, here's what she said on good morning america. >> everything has been preserved and archived, they just is no equivalency between the two things. my emails of not been deleted nor was there anything of substance, nothing confidential. >> i will start with you. people say is this something the president hammered hillary clinton on for years. >> a lot of us love ivanka trump, she is poised and graceful. a couple things we have to keep in mind, this is not the same as hillary clinton, there was no classified material we are aware of and she use this email for the job. it kind of makes sense but what i realize is generally speaking when a transition takes place you get a transition government email which you should utilize
12:48 am
to do the government business. knowing what donald trump and candidate trump did in terms of hillary clinton made mention of her email on a consistent basis this is something she should have never done and something she won't do again. >> reporter: cheryl atkinson said i'm not equating this to hillary, establishing a private server for all government business, destroy emails after subpoena etc. but talking about a possible charge, wouldn't that matter? since the hillary decision not to prosecute even if this were to go that far to set up a server and destroy subpoenaed emails we determined that is not a crime or is it only a crime if it is not hillary? >> i would say we could ask the same question if it is only a crime if it is hillary. i don't here chance of lock her up although some people may do that on twitter regarding ivanka. she works in the white house, her father is the president, she works for the president.
12:49 am
approximately 80% of what comes by her desk is classified so with all the hollow blue her father come his campaign administration made she should have known better. it was reckless as it was with hillary clinton. >> we may not be hearing lock her up but we are hearing subpoena out of house democrats and this is an unforced error. democrats will have a field day. they will subpoena these records and use it for all it is worth and it will be headache for the white house for a long time to come. >> thank you very much. i will be checking your decorations. a small-town police chief says he is all for making his county a sanctuary city not for illegal immigrants but for the second amendment. we will dig into the story next. you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here.
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♪ the united states virgin islands.
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>> small-town police chief in the state of washington says he has no plans to enforce new state measures he says infringe on second amendment rights. dan springer has more from the city of republican. >> reporter: lauren cold, is a local celebrity after saying he would not enforce the law or one state law. >> it was such blatant disregard
12:54 am
for constitutional rights i felt i had no choice. >> it bars 18-20-year-olds from buying some automatic rifles and makes it a felony if your gun ends up in the wrong hands and create enhanced background checks and mandatory firearms training. voters across washington state past the measure 59-41% but 3 out of 4 voters opposed it. mayor koons is considering an ordinance proposed to make republic a sanctuary city for gun rights. >> everyone in republic has a gun. we don't have a giant crime rate because nobody in their right mind will come to a house where people have guns and know how to use them. >> reporter: when the chief announced his century city proposal he got a standing ovation. in seattle the reaction is very different. >> their job is to one for the
12:55 am
laws that are passed, not just the ones they approve of personally. >> the second amendment foundation sued to break down the state law. its leaders use poetic justice in gun rights advocates. >> politics is always a push back, that is what you are seeing in republican washington. >> they discussed the gun right thing to worry city ordinance at a meeting on monday and could vote on it before the state law takes effect in january. the state attorney general says he will review the ordinance. >> by the way, along with the tree lighting in dc the rockefeller center christmas tree was lit tonight. do you ever wonder what happens to the tree after the season? the rockefeller center tree is donated to habitat for humanity, it is used to build homes for the needy. the last 10 rockefeller center
12:56 am
christmas trees were used in the construction in new york, new jersey, connecticut and pennsylvania. no word word this year's 75 foot tree will end up but it will be doing good. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, stick around, tucker carlson is up next.
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>> good morning. it is thursday, november 29th and this is "fox and friends first". happening on the east coast of fox news alert. a violent ms 13 gang member found embedded in the caravan and that is not all. we just learned about serious health risks being carried by the thousands of migrants waiting to cross the border. the tables could be turning on robert mueller after one of his


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