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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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staff each received checks worth $1,000. 90-year-old bob wilson said his fond memories of high school inspired him to give to the school. we thank him for that. thank you for joining us today. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york where president trump's former personal lawyer and fixer has pleaded guilty again. michael cohen admits he lied to congress about plans saying he was trying to stick to the candidate's political message. the president calls him a liar and weak. the president calling off his meeting with vladimir putin. and stormy daniels said she never wanted to sue president trump but her lawyer did it anyway. reporting begins now. our reporting begins with
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president trump's normer attorney and fixer michael cohen admitting he lied to congress about contacts he had with the kremlin, about building a trump tower in moscow and he misled the lawmakers about how much president trump was involved. michael cohen pleaded guilty this morning federal court in manhattan. the plea was part of a deal with the special counsel robert mueller in exchange for cohen's cooperation in the russian investigation. according to new records, cohen now admits that he was in talks with the russia president vladimir putin's right-hand man and spokesman to get the trump tower project approved and got an invitation to st. petersburg. this was going on while candidate trump was running for president. the kremlin interfered with our democracy as russian hackers stole e-mails from the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign chairman. michael cohen previously told congress under oath that the
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moscow project was terminated in january of 2016. just before the iowa caucuses formally started the presidential race. michael cohen admits that was a lie and that discussions about the project were still going on as late as june of that year. and that he not only did agree to travel to moscow, he asked the president about going as well. those trips never happened and president trump claims michael cohen is making up a story to get a lighter prison sentence. >> he's a weak person. what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. he's lying about a project that everybody knew about. we were very open with it. when i run for president, that doesn't mean i'm not allowed to do business. i was doing a lot of different things when i was running. after i won, obviously i don't do business. went from january 20th. we had a position to possibly do a deal to build a building of
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some kind in moscow. i decided not to do it. the primary reason, there could have been other reasons but the primary reason is very simple. i was focused on running for president. there would be nothing wrong if i did do it. i was running my business while i was campaigning. >> shepard: so the president says michael cohen was lying to the special prosecutor in an attempt to get a reduced sentence. if you lie to a special prosecutor, your sentence is not reduced. it adds on to the lies you already told. just days before president trump took office, he denied any links to russia. he said i have nothing to do with russia, no deals, no loans, no nothing. the vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee, the democrat from virginia, mark warner says michael cohen's confession is one example of why the mueller investigation has to
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continue unimpeded. >> this is another example of the president's closest allies lying about their ties to russia and russians. again, first blush, looking just remarkable, that you had the president's personal lawyer still dealing on a trump tower project through the whole campaign. it appears even into 2017. >> shepard: michael cohen's guilty plea comes days after the president provided written answers to some of the special counsel questions. whether the answers match the sworn testimony from cohen, we don't yet know. catherine herridge reporting live from washington. >> shep, a draft statement by prepared by michael cohen's lawyers. based on the new timeline provided by cohen, negotiations
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with moscow continued into the presidential campaign and during the same month of the controversial june 2015 trump tower meeting. trump told congress the proposal was under consideration at the trump organization from december 2015 until the end of january 2016. he told the court this morning, as you noted, it lasted another five months. he told congress, i never considered asking to travel to russia in connection with this proposal. mr. trump was never in contact with anyone other than me on two occasions. cohen told the court today discussions were more extensive. what we don't know is the extend of cohen's cooperation and whether it extends beyond the moscow real estate project. reports suggest it may. >> shepard: fox news obtained an e-mail between michael cohen and the russian american business developer very close to vladimir putin. >> these e-mails are from felix
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sader, a developer with strong ties to putin that told the senate intelligence committee that he was like the enter merary, the go-to guy for the moscow real estate project. the very least, sader is a rush born real estate developer turned united states citizen and a guy that plays close to the edge. also an alleged fbi informant that has boasted about his ties to the russian president. in this 2015 e-mail to cohen, sader writes "buddy, our boy can become president of the u.s.a. and we can engineer it. i'll get all of putin's team to buy in on this. i will manage this process. there's no one on this trump that wants donald elected more than i do." the moscow real estate fell through and the president and cohen didn't go to moscow. the e-mails seem interesting to say the least, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge reporting live from washington. let's go to jeffery cramer, former federal prosecutor, assistant u.s. attorney, now the
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managing director at berkeley research group, which is a good to see you again. >> good afternoon. >> shepard: the lying has been well-documented. it was not in question before today or last week or last month. the lying is something that has happened repeatedly between -- by members of the president's inner circle regarding contacts with russia. does this particular admission of a lie give us any insight as to why the lies might be happen something. >> you know, i think it does. we have to just step back for a moment. it does give some context as to why different people might be lying, specifically some court of business relationship contemplated, not gone through but contemplated during the election. the problem with answering that question is, we only know one more piece of the puzzle today. it's safe to say that today's plea by mr. cohen is clear the first time that we've gotten
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that connection between russian business interests and the trump organization. so i think it's a consequential day. >> shepard: so the lying is at least in part about money. >> correct. before we have been talking about wikileaks as you indicated before. mr. stone and mr. corsi is one thread. and now we're getting into the finances. it's going to get to the president's tax returns one would assume. once you start getting into the finances, as you deal with any sort of conspiracy or fraud or anything in the white collar area, it always comes down to money or nine out of ten times and this is probably no exception. >> shepard: the money laundering has been in the either here as the investigation goes on. there's a lot of examples. for example, back in 2004 when the president bought the house for what was $45 million and then sold it to a russian
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oligarch for $90 million and a lot of instances of possible crossover there. this avenue of money laundering, especially given the deutsche bank incident overseas, is that coming together as well? >> we certainly see a little more light into it. money laundering is always a thread that gets pulled. when you look at any area where money could play a factor, there's always money laundering. you have to get the money out. there's no sense doing any scam or fraud or whatever might be if you can't get the money out. we saw that materialize with mr. manafort. the machinations that he and mr. gates went through. you're right, donald trump had some of these interactions as a private developer, not really shocking, i think you'd see that in a lot of large real estate transactions. as we transition now to him being president of the united states, it certainly takes a heightened interest. when you throw in the russians,
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it throws it more into the spotlight and is going to connect to that trump tower meeting. all of these things is a thread that goes through all of this. i think today was an important part. >> shepard: you said and you have said repeatedly that what mueller is doing is sending out cards. warnings to people. if you lie to us, you'll be indicted for lying to us. are there others within the trump family even who might have reason for concern regarding this matter at hand? >> i think if an objective observer was to look at it, yes. we know from what mr. cohen said, there's others in the trump organization that knew about the time period when the conversations were going on and were aware that a trip to russia was discussed with candidate donald trump. so if you're one of those people in the trump organization who has talked to mr. mueller or congressional hear and and you toed the line, you're having a
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nervous night tonight. >> shepard: are you referring to donald trump jr. or others? >> donald trump jr. is one. that's a logical inference given what we know to date and mr. cohen's allocution. those questions would have been asked of donald jr. they may have been asked before on the written questions submitted to the president. they may have been asked and probably were of others in the trump organization. anybody that said january is when it stopped and no trip planned to russia, they're looking at an indictment square in the face right now. >> shepard: one more thing. the president said that michael cohen is weak and that he's lying. what would your experience be about a defendant in this position lying on this matter? >> you know, i saw that. it's hard to wrap your head around. that doesn't mean anything. in my experience as a prosecutor in near and here in chicago nor
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a dozen or so years, defendants lie. they lie regularly. that's not a big thing. nobody lies about lying. that's a hard one to wrap your head around. >> shepard: you have never seen that? >> i have never seen that. i doubt many prosecutors have. if you're lying about lying to cut a deal, that makes no sense. if you're telling the truth in the first instance, you have no jeopardy. it's an odd one to lie about lying. the result of which could send you to prison. that's illogical. >> shepard: so excuse number 1 for what happened today is illogical and something you have never seen. >> i think that's a fair statement. >> shepard: jeff cramer live from chicago. thank you. >> certainly. >> shepard: ahead much more on michael cohen's guilty plea including reaction from capitol hill. top democrats are calling for a deeper look into the trump organizations financial ties to russia and ramping up the push to make sure that the special counsel is protected. that's coming up as reporting continues on this thursday
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>> shepard: back to the surprise confession from the president's former lawyer and fixer, michael cohen. cohen admits that he lied to congress about a trump organization real estate project in russia. the president says cohen lied when he admitted lying. now the incoming head of the house intelligence committee, the california democrat adam schiff says congressional investigators will try to bring
12:17 pm
cohen back for more testimony and to examine whether the russians laundered money through the trump organization. mike emanuel reporting. live from capitol hill. >> shep, good afternoon. no surprise from lawmakers are saying this afternoon there must be consequences if someone is found to have lied to a senate committee. >> there's evidence that we can point to that they didn't know the truth and certainly -- but i don't want to say specific to anything right now. yeah, this is not a good development. somebody conceding that they lied to congress. >> the next chairman of the senate judiciary committee warned against reading too much into this michael cohen news. >> seems like a process crime, i don't know if it has anything to do with colluding with the russians. just let mueller do his job and hopefully he will finish this sometime soon and we'll know more. >> other republicans are clearly anxious for special counsel robert mueller to finish his
12:18 pm
investigation in a timely fashion. >> my biggest concerns in terms of the mueller investigation, let's get it wrapped up. looks like there's some movement in terms of -- i don't want to tell mr. mueller how to do his job. he doesn't need my counsel on that. he seems quite able. but we do need to wrap it up. >> there's a lot of that on the republican side that mueller should be allowed to complete his work but they hope he wraps it up soon, shep. >> shepard: what else are you hearing from democrats, mike? >> a veteran democrat says make no mistake about it. michael cohen is someone that works very closely with mr. trump over the years. his guilty plea will turn out to be a big deal. >> we're going to see collusion with the russians, whether that goes directly to the president, i don't know. but it's clearly the people that were around him in the campaign. i think this is going to be a
12:19 pm
very sad chapter of american history. >> the expected next chairman of the house tell committee, adam schiff with california said, now more than ever, the special counsel has to be protected by trump or acting attorney general whitaker. the committee in the new house will use all of their powers to preserve the independence of the justice system and make sure that nobody is above the law and democrats are trying to read between the lines here. >> this cohen guilty plea is another piece inhe mosaic could provide another picture in the president's liability here and conspiracy involving michael cohen have always been front and center. >> adding to the tension here on capitol hill, the uncertainty of when we'll hear from robert mueller and his big picture findings. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill.
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the kremlin was caught off guard after the president cancelled his meeting with vladimir putin. coming up, the latest from moscow and a live report from argentina where president trump is expected to arrive tonight for the g-20 summit. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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>> shepard: as the president was speaking to reporters this morning before heading to the g-20 summit, he said it's a good time to meet with vladimir putin. the meeting was planned. putin and trump in argentina. an hour later, the president tweeted from air force one that the summit is off. the kremlin had made the announcement. the leaders were set to meet this weekend. president trump said he called it off because russia still has not released ukrainian ships and sailors it captured over the weekend. the news captured the kremlin unaware. the chief white house correspondent john roberts reporting from buenos ares. >> good afternoon, shep.
12:25 pm
dimitri peskov had called to confirm the meeting. the president said he was thinking about cancelling it and had not made a final decision. and then he was on air force one when he made it official with the tweet that read "based on the fact that ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia, i have decided it's best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting with president vladimir putin. i look forward to a meaningful summit as soon as this situation is resolved." sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary, said the decision was made after the president read a detailed report about what is going on in the ukraine there at the hands of the russians and the president was briefed by john kelly, mike pompeo and john bolton. on his way out the door as you
12:26 pm
mentioned, the president indicated the meeting appeared to be on but he indicated he could change his mind. >> i probably will be meeting with president putin. we haven't terminated that meeting. i was thinking about it. we haven't. they'd like to have it. i think it's a very good time to have the meeting. i'm getting a full report on the plane as to what happened with respect to that, and that will determine what i'm going to be doing. >> the president said there that he thought it was a very good time to have the meeting but politically he was under pressure to not have the meeting because of the situation in ukraine and the fact that russia was still holding ukrainian assets and personnel. just sitting down with putin at this g-20 summit could have been looked upon as not rewarding him, but turning a blind eye. all of this cohen stuff, shep, didn't help with the optics of the meeting with putin. the president decided to shelf it for now. the two leaders will have to meet again at some point.
12:27 pm
we don't know when. shep? >> shepard: john roberts live from buenos ares. now on the president's reaction to cancelling his meeting with vladimir putin. rich edson live with more. >> the russian government according to russian state media and demy -- dimitri peskov said that vladimir putin now has more time to have useful meeting with others at the summit. they said they found out about it through the president's tweet. they had been planning about it for days and they were supposed to meet saturday afternoon. the state department spokesperson has said the u.s. just sent a strong message to russians and the consequence is continued isolation for russia. the secretary state had described this as an attack that
12:28 pm
is an aggressive action and called on russia to return ukraine's ships and their sailors. the russian government previewed this statement by talking about security, disarmorment, regional conflicts. that means first after the treaty, the intermediate range that the united states said they would withdraw from, the russian government wanted to discuss that. there's the fighting in syria, the problems in ukraine that was highlighted this weekend by the seizure of the ships and sailors. there's the host of sanctions that the west has against the russian government. you have western governments, european governments calling for more sanctions because of what happened this weekend near ukraine. back to you. >> shepard: rich edson live at the state department. ukraine's president calling on nato to send support between the city between ukraine and russia. that's where three ships were
12:29 pm
headed sunday when russian forces seized them and two dozen sailors. they're still being held. ukraine and russia have an agreement that both nations have to sign off on allowing foreign warships in that area. trey yengst reporting. >> while ukraine is not a member of the north atlantic treaty organization as nato, it's considered a partner country. right now ukraine's predent is calling on the group for military assistance. he asked for the deployment of nato warships in the sea and accused russia of wanting to take over ukraine. in an interview with a german newspaper, he said putin wants the old russia umpire back. this as tensions continue to flare between russia and the ukraine and russia is block being two of the country's major seaports. their infrastructure minister says 35 vessels headed to two
12:30 pm
different ports are preventing the russians from carrying out normal operations. the kirk strait is being blocked for ukrainian ships. it's true that the russians are blocking the area. sometimes weather conditions can affect navigation there now. all statements in ukraine do indicate the russians are indeed blocking movement of ukrainian ships in the region. i spoke with a resident in a nearby town. he lives in one of the port cities and they told fox news that we're keeping calm and hoping for the best and ukraine needs support from the world right now. >> thanks, trey. live in jerusalem. president trump calling his former fixer michael cohen weak, a liar and not very smart. so why did he keep cohen as his attorney and fixer for all those years? a reporter asked that today.
12:31 pm
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>> shepard: more on fox's top story. president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, confessing that he had a secret contact with russia while president trump was running for office. the president called cohen a liar. rick leventhal live outside the federal courthouse in manhattan where cohen pleaded guilty this morning. rick? >> shep, today's plea came after a reported 70 hours of interviews with mueller's team and could land cohen up to five years in federal prison. he seemed relaxed in court this morning according to our producer that was seated in the jury box because of the overflow crowd. she said that cohen was smiling and waving at people and talking to his attorneys and to prosecutors. at one point near the end of the 34-minute court appearance, he asked the judge to stand and speak. he said the acoustics were nod good so he should stay seated. even though he topped worked for
12:36 pm
trump in 2016, he still had ties to candidate trump and was looking out for him and his political messaging when he lied to congress about the contact with russians regarding that moscow project. when the president was asked about why he hired cohen in the day, here's what he told reporters. >> if cohen is a bum, why did you hire him, have him on your payroll for 12 years and do so much of your dirty work -- >> a long time ago he did me a favor. a long time ago. >> cohen did not answer questions as he fought his way through the scrum of cameras and reporters outside of the courthouse. i'm sure as he pulled off, someone asked what he thinks will happen now. he said what do you think will happen? shep? >> shepard: what are we hearing from michael cohen's legal team? >> well, his lawyer said that he's cooperating, that cohen is cooperating as he has and will
12:37 pm
continue to cooperate. his attorney, lanny davis, did tweet out, he wrote that cohen has re-affirm had with he said last july 2 and said many times since that he decided to put his wife, daughter and country first. he told the truth and nothing but the truth. donald trump called him a liar. who do you believe? cohen was back in court this past august when he pled guilty to eight other counts, including taxi fraud and tax evasion and campaign finance violations and could have affected the 2016 campaign. so cohen pleaded guilty to those counts. to the count today and sentenced on december 12 and spend several years behind bars. >> shepard: rick leventhal reporting live. the president saying again today that a pardon for his former campaign chairman, paul manafort
12:38 pm
is not off the table. this as "wall street journal" reports that manafort lied to robert mueller about business dealings with a former associate in ukraine who has ties to russian intelligence. the journal's parent company share common ownership. the president's former campaign chair is one of 32 people that has pleaded guilty or faced charges in the russian investigation. republican is looking to moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election and collusion in the presidential campaign. president trump says there was no collusion and no obstruction. back to catherine herridge reporting from washington. >> shep, in addition to the "wall street journal," "the washington post" is reporting that investigators are looking at contacts with candidate trump and roger stone and the substance of the conversations. the developments leave no doubt that special counsel is focused on the campaign e-mails, the
12:39 pm
role of wikileaks, its founder here, julian assange that lives in a london embassy and what officials knew about the release of the e-mails. stone denied dealing with the wikileaks founder. >> did you ever talk to the president about julian assange or wikileaks ever? >> absolutely not. >> so the president told the truth and what we learned today? >> yes. absolutely. at no time did donald trump discuss wikileaks. >> the questions that you raised earlier, shep, whether there's any kind of contradiction twheen -- between the two. and rudy guliani confirmed to us for the first time that mueller did ask at least one question about the moscow real estate deal.
12:40 pm
rudy guliani said that the president's written responses do not present a contradiction with what cohen has said and that they "remain comfortable" with the president's written responses. that considered the next step in this whole process, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge reporting a again from d.c. stormy daniels says her lawyer, micha micha micha michael avenatti sued president trump without her okay. now avenatti speaks next. save up to move up. and since newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. let newday usa help you buy your own home. go to or call 1-855-678-9930
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12:45 pm
>> stormy daniels might need a new attorney to handle the conflict with her old attorney. michael avenatti says he has no idea why she's criticizing his representation. she said that avenatti raised money on her behalf without her knowledge. stormy daniels made the allegation in a statement to the daily beast. the statement says in part "he filed a defamation case against donald trump against my wishes and refused to tell me how my legal defense fund was being spent. now he's launched a new crowd-funding campaign using my face and name without my permission and distributing words to me that i never said or wrote." avenatti said that there were never any secret dealings and he responded with his own statement. a portion says "i have personally sacrificed an enormous amount of time and emergency towards assisting her
12:46 pm
because i believe in her". the statement says "the retention agreement that stormy said that she would pay me $100 and any and all other monies raised a legal fund would go to my costs. the vast majority of money have gone to her security expenses and similar other expenses." it's worth noting here the stormy daniels defamation suit against the president was filed in april. it was dismissed last month by a federal judge that ordered daniels to pay the president's legal fees. not clear is why stormy daniels is now going public claiming avenatti took the president to court against her wishes. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller reporting live from new york. investigators carried out an enormous raid on one of the world's largest banks in connection with a money laundering case. about 170 officers and prosecutors hit deutsche bank head quarters in frankfurt.
12:47 pm
the accusation, employees helped create offshore companies to launder hundreds of millions of dollars. president trump has a long relationship with deutsche bank but there's no indication that this raid is connected to the president in any way. prosecutors say they acted after analyzing documents including famous 2016 panama papers which exposed how many people were secretly hiding money offshore. gerri willis reporting live from the new york stock exchange. >> that's right, shep. you got a lot of details correct here. one thing that is interesting, one of the employees being investigated today in deutsche bank responsible for fighting financial crimes. think of the irony there. you're right. 170 police officers. as you can see here, they descended on deutsche bank headquarters in frankfurt, multiple offices. they looked in management board offices, trying to find materials that would help prosecute this case.
12:48 pm
at issue, whether the firm helps clients launder money to the british virgin ideas, panama. the panama papers, a trove of papers made public by a consortium of journalists that pointed to the problems that got the ball rolling, this is a fascinating investigation. deutsche bank share prices down 4.5% today, shep. >> shepard: gerri, it looks like the fed could soon raise interest rates or is there a back-pedal on that? >> there's a back-pedal on that. that's why we had the six-point move on the dow to the positive. all expectations that the marks would go lower and stay lower today. we're ending here closing in on up 26 points for the dow. the s&p 500, it is negative here, but just barely. so what is doing open here? we have the minutes from the
12:49 pm
last federal reserve meeting and said the same thing that the chairman said. a go-slow attitude. when i talked to trading, they're banking on a rate hike in december. after that, they'll make decisions on rate policies based on what the market is doing, what the economy is doing, joblessness and unemployment, inflation. those will be the things that determine policy going forward. there's no preset agenda of rate hikes. that is good news for people that, well, the cost of money is the cost of doing business for them, shep. >> shepard: gerri willis live at the new york stock exchange. a family in new jersey killed at their mansion just before thanksgiving. now prosecutors say a close family member murdered them all. the details coming up. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®.
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>> shepard: breaking news in here. german news agencies are reporting now that the jet carrying the german chancellor angela merkel made an unscheduled landing because of technical problems. the german news agency dpa says the government airbus turned around over the netherlands about an hour in the flighflight, was
12:54 pm
headed to argentina and instead headed to colon in germany. 15-hour flight from colon so the leader from germany will be delayed. more ahead on president trump's former fixer michael cohen. first, other headlines. including a fox extreme weather alert. california can't seem to catch a break. heavy rains, strong winds threatening to cause mudslides as people continue to recover from deadly wild fires. rick reichmuth live in the weather center. >> maybe this is the break, getting finally moisture out there and getting cooler temperatures along with that. 61 degrees right now in l.a. with the cloud cover and the rain. it's been really heavy. some of the higher elevations just north of downtown l.a. has seen over four inches of rain from this storm. that has caused some debris flow, potential for mudslides. we keep going from the fire conditions to too much rain
12:55 pm
overall. we want to get the rain out there. a drought has been so significant, agricultural impacts as well. big snow coming in across parts of the higher elevations and expect to see the threat for avalanches. here's how this storm plays out. go towards tomorrow evening. we have severe weather down across parts of texas and nebraska with snow and eventually the same storm system gets to the northeast for a storm sunday. shep? >> shepard: rick, thank you. a new jersey family murdered, their mansion torched and now brand new the brother charged with all of it. the county prosecutor announcing the charges today in what he described as a troubling and confusing case with unusual circumstances. the man on the right here is
12:56 pm
keith canaro. police say his own brother murdered him, murdered his wife and their 11-year-old son and their 8-year-old daughter. it happened a couple days before thanksgiving. you may recall that. we reported on it here as it was going down. the town is about 30 miles south of the big city. a lawyer for the brother has said his client is innocent. jacqui heinrich reporting from new york. >> shepard, prosecutors say the motive was money. after that suspect killed his brother and his family, he tried to make himself look like a victim as well. this is paul canaro charged with four murders and arson and weapons charges. the fire broke out at his brother's mansion thursday. investigators say the fire was set in the basement. inside that house were the bodies of keith's we have jennifer and their two kids. jennifer was shot and stabbed. both children were stabbed repeatedly. it was the second fire that tied
12:57 pm
things together for investigators in what they're calling a strong case. they say paul canaro returned to ocean township after the killings and set his own house on fire trying to conceal evidence from his brother's house and make it look like the whole family was targeted. >> based on our investigation to date, we believe the defendant's motive was financial in nature, stemming from his and the victim's joint business ventures that they owned and operated out of asbury important. each murder count comes with a maximum sentence of 30 years to life. paul canaro is facing four counts. prosecutors would have pushed for the death penalty if lawyers allowed it. >> shepard: jacqui heinrich reporting in new york, a mom in california who is pregnant with twins and fighting leukemia says she's gotten her christmas miracle. she's due in about a week.
12:58 pm
already has three kids. sue needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life. last week she called on folks to help. when doctors couldn't find her a match. >> what i need people to do is be the match. they send you a kit, a swab for your mouth, send it back. if you're my match, it's as simple as a blood draw. that can possibly save my life. >> shepard: people were listening. tens of thousands of people joint the donor registry. susie found her match. trace gallagher has this story live from l.a. >> shep, you talk about beating the odds. there's 30 million people worldwide on none of them was a make for suzy. she's unique because she has kaw caution and hispanic dna. so her friends and family went on social media asking people to register. that got picked up by traditional media and people like carrie underwood retweeted the storying saying just saw
12:59 pm
this story. who wants to save a life for christmas? within a few weeks, 40,000 people joined up on bethematch and lo and behold, one was not only a useable match but a perfect ten out of ten match for susie. >> it's so amazing and i'm so blessed. everybody who has registered, prayed for me, all the followers, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody. that is more than i can even ask for. my christmas miracle. >> yeah, a big deal. just getting the bone marrow transplant doesn't mean that rabaka is in the clear. that allows doctors to use higher doses of chemotherapy than usual. after the treatment, she would get a bone marrow transplant and then the last transplant would
1:00 pm
be after her twins born. >> shepard: a mighty good first step. trace gallagher live in los angeles. thanks. should news break out, we'll break in. our coverage continues now with the best in business, "your world" with neil cavuto on fox news. >> neil: one more example of one of the president's closest allies lying about their ties to russia and russians. >> this is a reason people shouldn't lie when they're in front of a congressional investigation. >> very serious charge. he far that goes and how it implicates anybody else will be seen. >> feels like there's an accelerating pace now. >> mr. president, how are you feel something. >> michael cohen is lying and trying to get a reduced sentence for things that have nothing to do with me. >> neil: fox on top of a russian probe turning upside-down. i'm neil cavuto. the man t


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