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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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americans are patriotic and they will show up. >> martha: those images are very stirring and really inspiring. mary, thank you very much for being with us. that is our story on this thursday nights. fully back here tomorrow night ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." once again for the fourth night in four nights in a row there is a lot going on in the news. up ahead we will have details about new dangers lurking in the central american migrant caravan. the caravan is not they told you it you advised. we will tell you what it actually is. the question of voter suppression. it is a phrase you are hearing a lot lately from democrats. suddenly it seems acute as 1956 again. his voter suppression actually happening in america? we have the numbers on that, inclusive numbers.
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plus, with christmas upon us the left is mounting an attack on naturally, rudolph the red nose reindeer. we will say what they're saying about him. first, the big news. president trump's former attorney michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress. he conceded that he was intentionally wrong. he lied about the date of an aborted moscow real estate deal when he testified for the senate intelligence committee last year. his plea was of course big news on cable television. he responded to it as well, he called him week and not a very smart person. that is objectively true of course, it is also worth asking why anyone would hire a weak, dumb lawyer. for now, let's consider what we have just learned about how washington works. apparently it is now an enforceable fella need to lie to the u.s. congress. on one level that is good news, we should take our own law seriously. functional countries do that.
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patience and decline set up sanctuary cities and ignore their own borders. michael cohen might have broken this law or really any other law. nobody who knows him a shocked by the allegation. if he was accused of running a cannibalism brain, you'd have to at least take the charge seriously. anything is possible with that guy. three cheers for lawn order, the problem is if you are going to enforce statues, you have to enforce them fairly and evenly. the last to apply to everyone. otherwise it does not relieve the law. it is a political weapon. michael cohen is facing five years in prison for telling congress something that he knew was false. how often does that happen in washington? if you watch c-span you know the answer, constantly. according to one study between the second world war and 2007, a total of only six people were convicted of lying to congress. six people and six years.
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in other words, the law is not enforced. that is what people think it so often. watch this sworn testimony from 2013. this is not something you have not heard of, this is the director of national intelligence. he assures the congress under oath that the nsa absolutely does not spy on american citizens. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on billions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. it does not. >> tucker: a clever live. he is a liar. there is no debate about that and yet he wasn't charged for lied under oath. in fact, he got richer after he retired. seed and hired him as an analyst. the same thing happens with jim comey. in 2017 he claimed under oath that he had never been an anonymous source for new stories while he worked at the fbi.
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watch him tell that lie to the congress. >> director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source and news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never appeared >> have you ever authorize someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source and news reports about the trump investigation for the clinton investigation? >> no. >> tucker: according to his longtime deputy who would know, that is andrew mccabe, what he set on the tape you just saw is totally untrue. so he lied to congress. nobody cares. jim comey went on to get rich as a punted selling his book, the same people rooting for michael cohen's destruction for lying consider jim comey a hero. and then there is former cia director john brennan. he lies constantly, that is well documented. and 2011 he claimed that drones
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strikes overseas had never to his knowledge killed a single noncombatant. that was a total crock. in 2014 he lied and said the cia had not broken into the computers of senate staffers. last year under oath before congress he said this. >> to know if the bureau ever relied on the dossier as part of any coat filings? applications, petitions? >> i have no awareness. spirit of the cia rely on it >> no , it was at the basis for the intelligence unity. >> tucker: that is a total lie. a fragrant lie, a significant one. that affects the life of this country. and yet, you know how the story ends? he was never charged with a felony for lying to the congress. just the opposite. washington rewarded him. he is now an analyst for nbc news. he could be on the air tonight telling you why it is so vitally
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important that michael cohen was charged with lying to congress. we can't have that. rule of law! loblaw. do notice a theme here that connects all of these stories? the well-connected can do whatever they want. they can lie to the congress with impunity and they do. they can lobby for foreign governments without bothering to register and they do. if they are rich enough they can even molest children without being seriously punished. he did that. none of this by the way is a defense of michael cohen, that guy is a great. he may very well wind up in jail. if he does wind up in jail, let's hope he is the first in a long series of prosecutions. at the law is up applied to michael cohen one, it has to be applied to people of lied about things that actually matter. he knows a lot about washington. he's been here long time. a former lobbyist and he joins us tonight. you've seen both sides of this company up in a position to the
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one michael cohen has been charged with a crime under the lights. you've also operated freely in washington. do you think that i am overstating a case? is he let evenly applied? >> no, it doesn't seem to be evenly applied or anything close to evenly applied. i think that this is one of the things that upset the american people everywhere i go when i speak. people now instead of renting against corruption, they have identified this as a big proble problem. the list is too low to a site on the air. people who have committed unbelievable crimes. the clinton foundation, et cetera. consider being punished or indicted, they running for congress. i think that it seems that the justice system in america, even under republican presidents is geared to go after people on the right and ignore people on the left. that is not to accuse michael cohen one, i don't know what his
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deeds are. we'll see what they are. it seems that people on the left are doing far worse than that nobody says a thing about that. >> tucker: it also seems like the slowest gazelle gets eaten and michael cohen is dumb and not personally popular. he is attached to a very unpopular candidate. he seems like a very natural target for someone like jim clapper who was seen as this one man, this grade can lie about something deeply significant about breaking the law. he gets a tv contract. have you seen in your many of years here, someone really powerful being punished for breaking the law? >> no. i can't. i can't -- certainly since watergate. they were very powerful. no. i think the problem for michael cohen is that he is the gazelle running in the wrong pack.
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if you're running in the left-wing pack, no matter where he is not back, there aren't exactly brilliant gazelles in that pack either. that is more for protective pack. >> tucker: exactly. i want to be totally clear for the fifth time. he admitted it. he should be punished. it does seem like that is corrupt. that is not just as when a law is only applied selectively. >> it is corrupt and it is corrosive of the view of our system among the american people. there are a lot of people on the left who say, it doesn't seem like things are really being fairly applied. particularly the situation which is absolutely apparent. somebody was molesting children at seems that facilitating the molestation of children by other powerful people and they cut him a deal for 13 months and a county jail forgot to leave for six days a week.
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wow. >> tucker: the confiscated his address book. it is fascinating. you and i personally people who were in that. i don't think anyone of them has been charged with anything. even though prosecutors know exactly who he was hanging out with. >> they do that he signed actually protected any potential coconspirators. that is astonishing. how do you sign a deal like that? i know plenty of people who would love to have had a deal like that. >> tucker: jack, thank you. an honest man. he is been around. corsi appeared on this program the other night. >> the special prosecutor blow you up, they do this. i call it a perjury trap. they ask you a question, they have material that they won't show you. you've forgotten about it. they say, you just lied because this email you forgot about in 2016 proves your current memory is wrong.
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it is a memory test. then they accuse you of lying. it is completely rigged and it is politically driven by clinton operatives who have an agenda. >> tucker: now he says he is drafting a criminal complaint to bring against mueller. elizabeth price as a professor at university of florida. thank you very much for coming on. it would take three steps back, i'm a little bit surprised at this late in the process we are still talking about michael cohen when completing too long about the date of a perfectly legal real estate transaction that didn't even come to fruition. this doesn't seem significant. it seems penny-ante and doesn't seem related to pressure collusion. what is this telling us? >> it is telling us how desperate mueller and his team have become. after almost two years of investigating and spending millions of taxpayer dollars
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with the team for about 15 really aggressive, experienced lawyers. there is no there there in terms of evidence of trump russia collusion. after going hard at a high level confidant in the campaign officials, mike flynn, george papadopoulos, carter page, paul manafort and now michael cullen. the best they can manage to do is get a single council perjury i do some of them. it shows you that these process crimes are all they have. >> tucker: they are playing at the term russia. by the way, maybe they have videotape of trump and putin and a son not dividing up the world. who knows. as of right now, it seems like there is a lot to russia! there there is lots of deals in russia! once you come down you think, is not a crime? are they telling me this?
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what does it mean? >> it is not a crime for you are right. michael cohen supposedly lied about was the timing of trump organization's pursuit of this real estate deal in moscow. he said it ended in january 2016 and always has says that ended in june 2016. it doesn't matter whether it was january or june of may 16. it's perfectly legal to do so. it just perfectly legal to do so right now. >> tucker: you are saying he was off by five months. that seems like a five year sentence to me. getting there would be a fair sentence? >> [laughs] i don't know. ask george papadopoulos. i think he is serving four days in prison for being off by about a month on and with with that professor. it doesn't matter because his meeting with him was perfectly legal to do. the trump organization's pursuit of a deal was perfectly legal to
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do, even today if they wanted to. so what they got at the end of the day was this sort of misrepresenting the timing of certain things. not that they didn't tell the team about those conversations or those deals i told them about the substance. it is the timing of them. look, tells you that what happened here is the mueller team is hoping that americans have what i call, spaghetti brain. they are unable to dissociate two lines of thoughts. one of them is the russians interfered in a bumbling weight with the 2016 election. buying those facebook ads are not being very effective. we admit that they did some of that. that is been documented. that is one thing. that is one apple on the orange is whether or not the trump campaign colluded with russia to throw the american presidential election. on that issue there has been absolutely no evidence despite two years of very hard investigations.
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what the molar team and the democrats on the left are hopine americans will have that spaghetti brain, they will confuse the two and they will conflate them. if you just say russia, russia. oh look, they lied about something having to do with russia there must be collusion. >> tucker: they hacked her election, we are at war! russia! [laughs] steagall the new democrats would take over the house, they will e having hearings about all of this and they're going to start sounding a whole heck of a lot like joseph mccarthy. adam shipped and jerry nadler of the new mccarthy. >> tucker: i do this with my dogs and squirrels. thank you very much. great to see you tonight. stacy adams ran for office and she lost but she is still is not conceding and is filing a lawsuit because voter suppression. was there any? we have the numbers. ♪
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past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ♪ >> tucker: a fox news alert. you are looking at a live pictures of the president's plane, air force one landing in argentina. he has just touched down right now. so, when he comes out of the plane we will go there. we are fox news and we are on i it. they blow on the midterm election. one of the races that we are still talking about is the one that took place in georgia. the reason we still talking about it is because one of the
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candidates has refused to concede and that has given rise to a conversation about something called voter suppression. it turns out that they turn out and the georgia 2018 election was dramatically up over par midterm years. 57% of registered voters turned out. that compares to less than half of 2010. and yet despite that the democrat of the race, stacy abrams had the election was stolen from her because the boats were suppressed. here's part of what she is saying. >> it was not a free and fair election. it was not fair to the thousands who were forced to wait and long lines. >> is he the legitimate governor? >> he is the person who won an adequate number of votes. >> tucker: an adequate number of votes, in other words more votes. just a well conceived and set her pack has filed a lawsuit alleging that phrase, voter suppression. what exactly is voter suppression? a former advisor to the hillary clinton family and
5:21 pm
campaign joins us next. richard, thank you for joining us. i am totally opposed to voter suppression, and for democracy. i always have been. i think this is worth looking at carefully. i am hung up on this logic barrier. if voter turnout was higher than it has been in the previous two elections, how did that play a role? >> you are enough of a scientist to know that correlation does not prove causality. let me quote. >> tucker: what does that mean? >> there was a high turnout all over the country. here are five things that republican governors and legislators did to suppress the vote over the past three years. they closed polling places, they purged eligible voters. voter i.d. was required which cuts against inner-city often minority voters. early voting was eliminated in states for early voting
5:22 pm
typically favor democrats. the steps were taken. withstanding that, congratulations. that doesn't mean there wasn't any voter suppression. to. >> tucker: actually, does mean that. voter suppression is a separation of votes but stacy abrams got more votes than any democrat in ten years the state of georgia. she got more votes than hillary clinton god was running for president in 2016. where are the votes that were suppressed? she went to historic number of votes. i don't understand. maybe there were attempts made that they didn't work by definition. >> you could have better patching and still have more home runs. we know that he attends of thousands of people who were ineligible. spew and no one is claiming they were too knowledgeable. they didn't match the ids. there voter registration did not match. that is the law of a state of
5:23 pm
georgia. >> that wasn't the only region. there are polling places that were close. there are various steps that were taken. >> tucker: when will you concede that african americans voted in the same proportion they had in previous elections in the state of georgia. they did not detect any drop-off in black voting. her numbers for the highest of any democrat in ten years. will you at least concede that may be voter suppression if it existed wasn't very effective? >> no. >> tucker: [laughs] >> you can laugh. it tells you something was going on to actually suppress it. when i say correlation doesn't prove causality, the mere action that it was -- >> tucker: are black people required to pilfer black candidates? >> they tend to. spew and check with the law? what are you saying. >> african-americans don't trump
5:24 pm
and we know that statistically. >> tucker: african-american men like donald trump more than they like mitt romney. >> that was back in 2016. >> tucker: richard, great to see you. failed candidate al gore recently blasted the president as a super villain who is holy to blame for global warming. >> donald j. trump is now the face of climate denial. there are those who are still giving him their loyalty and trust. i get that, believe me. the vast majority of americans, not to mention all around the world i really -- they have had it. >> tucker: it's pretty never became president. he said that trump was going to cause the death of the entire planet by causing it to burn to death. >> we have a clean environment,
5:25 pm
we have don't want to be slowly burned to death on our own planet. >> tucker: they argued with her trump was trying to suffocate the planet rather than set it on fire. >> these people would rather have a billion dollars in the bank than brief. i really do. they would rather money than brief. >> do think that al gore rather have $100 million in the bank? he sold money to someone whose gross domestic price as oil and gas pair there so much hypocrisy on the left. >> here's the truth of the matter. i take private planes. i will not lie. >> tucker: it is a fun show. mark steyn joins us. mark, a scientific conversation always begins the same way which is i am a good person and you are not. this is a global phenomenon.
5:26 pm
it is happening all around the world and it is happening in france. the government has just said, who want to slow down climate change so we are tax and gasoline. there has been this kind of revolution and response from the left and the right for the entire french the class. they have risen up to no? this is a scam. you are punishing us under the guise of making the planet better. we wrapping up with it anymore. is that part of a global change of the way populations are responding to climate hectoring? >> yes, i think so. i think climate tech during his on the verge of a mass movements around the turn of the century. because of all the climate models turned out to be disastrous, people understand it for what it is. it says the ladies on the view, it's for those who take private jets. leonardo dicaprio and al gore can fly by private jets to climate conferences.
5:27 pm
al gore's house in tennessee has a carbon footprint 20 times bigger than the average american home. that is because he is being virtuous and using his carbon footprint to save the planet where is you need to give up your washing machine and your dryer and be beating your clothes dry with the rocks on the river. >> tucker: let me ask you a question. if you really believe that climate was the greatest challenge we face, why would you even allow private planes to exist? i am sincere and that question. >> because i think it is actually a form of class war. in macro terms it has a way the developed world denies the developing world and a chance to live the kind of life that the people in the developed world live. within developed countries it is a way for elites to tell people
5:28 pm
that but it is al gore and the prince of wales flying around and having climate conferences, everything is fine but the minute mr. and mrs. joe want to take a vacation in florida, the whole planet is going to boil. it is an elite thing. nobody takes it seriously. al gore says we have ten years to save the planet in 2006. we are almost three years past his dates. i mention the prince of wales. he was more specific. he said we have 96 months. that was june and 2017. we are still here. >> tucker: i can't believe it. i'm especially glad you were here, mark steyn. thank you. >> i am way past my date. [laughs] >> tucker: up ahead, there's new evidence of danger lurking inside my great caravans. after the break. ♪
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>> tucker: there is no evidence of some danger and they migrated to caravan. the diseases that some of them could be carrying. this is according to mexican officials. tijuana doctors say that one-third of the caravan members are being treated for some kind of health issue. there about 6,000 people in the caravan, more than 100 have lic lice. if these migrants are allowed into this country, treating
5:33 pm
their elements will become our responsibility. that is what we arty do for illegal immigrants currently here, about 22 million of them. meanwhile in ms-13 member recently captured city came with the caravan. do think he is the only one? if you do, congratulations. you can be the new cnn white house reporter. the importance of letting and anyone who wishes to move here, and to our country because immigrants are better than we are. play for actual americans continues to get worse and measure believe so. new data shows that in 2017, life expectancy for american middle class american middle class had a again. x and 270,000 drug offenses in the highest suicide rates. life ordinary people in this country is getting shorter but worse in the most workable thing of all is that nobody seems to care. tammy bruce is a radio host and obviously a fixture on this
5:34 pm
show. i guess we just so striking about this is not simply white is happening but the reaction we are seeing in washington or the lack of. if this were happening to any other group, syrian refugees, migrant caravan members. would there be a national outcry about that? >> we do have a national outcry when we see major events happen like the aids crisis. we move into make a difference. we want to do that. the 70,000 overdoses you mentioned are more than the combined uss in the vietnam, afghanistan and iraq war combined. of all of those wars that have hurt the soul of this country, one year and 2017. 70,000 overdoses and deaths. more than the deaths in those wars combined. and then you have 47,000 suicides. that is an astounding number. but we have here is the government and people say because helplessness.
5:35 pm
we know that of course people turn to something like that the american people are resilience. what is new and the statistician guy said they've never seen numbers like this, the opioid crisis, or action against that and americans turning to illegal street narcotics like heroin. i contend that they're not say much about this because you have the start of it through obamacare on the health care dynamic of taking a pill instead of having a surgery because it was cheaper. also, in order to deal with this 90% of the opioids that are coming into the country is from mexico. it is from the southern border. it is a combination of chinese influence as well. it does the cartel in mexico. in order to deal with this, we have to actually talk seriously about border security and we can't do that because then that would make donald trump look
5:36 pm
right. we have so many americans being sacrificed because politicians don't have a conversation about security at the border. >> tucker: every time i bring this up, it's a demand problem. >> that's right. it is not. it's a big government problem. established by the governments. her refusal to address a court but we could do and then deal with addiction which we have to do. deal with that core at the border. >> tucker: tammy bruce, thank you. time now for final exam. can you beat the experts at remembering what happened in the news this week? this would be of a special showdown between former trump campaign and a new author of a new book, final exam is after the break. ♪ minimums and fees.
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♪ >> tucker: the best moment of the week, the sad reality of
5:41 pm
modern life. final exam will request top figures in the news to see if they can remember what actually happened over the past seven days. we get a special version tonight. cory lukowski and david bossi are the coauthors of a new book called trumps enemy. without be interesting to set coauthor against coauthor. they join us tonight. i can't believe you agreed to do this. >> we are ready. we nada against stan kasten these segments. [laughter] i'm not going to tell he who is favored here. i will read you the rules. no cheating. >> he is out to. [laughter] it is not going to work. hands on buzzers. i ask a question on the first one to buzz and get some answer the question. this is key, you have to wait until i finished asking before you answer. you can answer once technology by saying your name. each correct answer is worth one
5:42 pm
point. each incorrect answer detractioa points. are you ready? >> he can't cut that time. we will see. >> question one. by order of the national game show, we have to begin with an animal? that does the law. the internet has gone crazy for a very unusual four-legged farm animal in australia. this animal weighs over 3,000 pounds. it is as tall as michael jordan. he is so different from all the other farm animals that they follow him around as if you were a deity. what kind of animal is this? >> cow. >> tucker: [laughs] there is no way a cow can be 3,000 pounds which mark is a >> it is a cow.
5:43 pm
he weighs 3,000 pounds. >> you will not find him on your plate. he is too big to process says the owner. he will live happily ever after. >> tucker: can we just pause and appreciate this. [laughter] question two, forbes is out with its annual list of the highest-paid television stars. topping the list is not me, a woman from brookland who has made nearly $150 million in the last year. her show is been on television since 1996. who is she? >> judge judy. >> tucker: a hundred and $50 million a year from judge judy. >> the highest paid tv host of all, here's the answer. the lady on the left, judge judy. $147 million in the past year. number two, 87 million, dr. phi
5:44 pm
dr. phil. ryan seacrest. 74 million, steve hardy. $44 million. >> tucker: what are we doing wrong here? are judges just so that they have checked the buzzing devices and both of you buzzed in. you're just slightly faster. the story of my life. [laughter] >> tucker: rubbing it in? at a rally in mississippi, the present united states told a crowd as a young man people told him he looked like which famous american icon? >> robert redford. >> tucker: i'm not in charge of making these rules. they giving you a pass because it sounded like i finish the question. you get to answer. >> elvis. is it elvis? >> they said i looked like elvi elvis. i always considered that a great
5:45 pm
complement. >> tucker: have you ever heard him saying? >> not even for a second. >> he liked elton john a lot. [laughter] >> tucker: question four, multiple-choice. the weirdest video of the week. an american tourist had a near-death experience above the swiss alps after somebody forgot to buckle his safety harness and left them holding on for dear life. which activity was a man doing? hey, hang gliding. become a bungee jumping. you see, skydiving. >> hang gliding. >> tucker: seriously? he was there? we will i told you to that. was it hang gliding? >> a first-time hang glider holding on for dear life. the safety harness was not connected. he had trouble controlling.
5:46 pm
>> tucker: as her producers said, the creepy lawyer can even hold on. most large a hague letter. the final question, this one is multiple-choice. the first lady melania trump hasn't felt the christmas decorations of the white house. they feature tens of thousands of red ornaments. what is this year's theme? is it a common winter wonderland. b, blessings from the heartland. see, american treasures. >> american treasures. spew and let me just say, you are a savage animal. is it c come american treasures? >> american trousers. each room inside the white house highlights different american cities. >> tucker: it is unbelievable. >> i never get tired of winning.
5:47 pm
>> tucker: we have a mug. i don't know where it is. they are back ordered. we will give you the golden retriever mug instead. i hope -- >> can i come back and defend my title? >> tucker: yes, you can defend your title. i hope you both come back. [laughs] >> he needs to feel a little better about himself. >> tucker: you are still splitting royalties. pay close attention to the news all week and tune in next week to see if you can beat the pros. we'll be right back. these include ♪
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♪ >> tucker: we are on the cusp of december and you know what is
5:52 pm
coming. not just cold-weather but also new progressive attacks on christmas. they mocked the idea that there is a war on christmas even as they wage it. of course. this year's first target is the classic film, rudolph the red nose reindeer. he explains the film is full of bullying, expectation only part of his father. >> all right son, try it on. >> i don't want to. daddy, i don't like it. >> you will like it and wear it it. >> daddy. >> there are more important things than comfort. >> tucker: dave ruben, he host the rubin report on youtube. he joins us. as i am watching mad, i had this panic feeling. maybe i fell for an elaborate ironic prank and then i realized know where they don't have a sense of humor. reassure me. this is real.
5:53 pm
>> tucker, very quickly on the last segments. i thought you were the highest-paid man and television. i am shocked. i don't get paid for these appearances but i am going to mail you a check for somewhere between 15 and $20. that aside. these puff pieces, these pieces that these authors whatever they are, journalist. these are not pieces of turn allows of journalism. if you watch rudolph the red nose reindeer and think it is about misogyny and racism. you can find that stuff everywhere. if you look back at anything. that is what people think you understand. you start looking at something that you used to love her that used to have a wonderful message about the holiday and giving and being accepted in all those things. they are trying to take that away from you. it is not with a stop with one thing.
5:54 pm
they find something they destroyed that they will move on to everything else that we love. eventually they will move on to sitcoms succumbs that we love. whether to seinfeld or friends, they will go to cartoons. they plan for bugs bunny. they will literally go for a sunset. think of something you love that brings you a sense of peace and decency and they will somehow link it to the patriarchy and the rest of their politically correct nonsense. we just need to realize as i said earlier, it is easier to destroy than create. we have to create. spew and that is such a smart point. what are we creating? what is being created in this mark of destruction. make me feel better. >> that is what i am worried about. there is an legitimacy that some of the things happening in the country in the world should be destroyed at some level. we have major problems and
5:55 pm
academia. we want some change. anyone can burn anything down. the question is, we put up with so much goodness in the world. united states and western world has put up so much goodness. we live in the freest country ever. good whatever we want and if your job is to write pieces that actually destroy the stories that we are built on and they don't offer an alternative. that is the same. they never offer an alternative. if they do it it's about power to the state which is actually dystopia and not utopian. that is what we have to watch out for. it is unfortunate. they write these things and guys like us, we feel we have to respond. >> tucker: i am glad that we did. you just issued a challenge to the rest of us. it is to create. we do creates more. >> let's great man, let's create. >> tucker: dave ruben, good to see you. we will be back after this.
5:56 pm
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>> tucker: the lesson is, everything goes faster than you think it well. that is certainly true of the last hour. we are out of time. we will be back tomorrow, tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. but does not over for good because sean hannity is live from new york right now. >> sean: two things are never going to do in life, two shows. jeopardy, am great at home and i'll blow it at person. and i'm not doing your quiz show, ever! >> tucker: why? never say never. >> sean: whom i going to lose too? it wouldn't be fun. great show. >> tucker: [laughs] >> sean: welcome to "hannity." this is the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in modern u.s. history. throughout the hour we will break it all down. information i promise you will not get anywhere else. it is not as complicated as they are making it


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