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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 30, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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heather: it is friday, november 30th and this is "fox and friends first". happening on the east coast of fox news alert. high-speed chase. a pickup truck fleeing border patrol, pools over after hitting a spike strip. the deadly crash outside the us-mexico border. speaking of the board of the mayor of tijuana slamming the caravan organizers as the real criminals. >> because they are dealing with people. heather: the exclusive interview
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on the growing crisis at the border. donald trump bringing america first to argentina for the g 20 summit, the high-stakes sit down and the one meeting that is no longer on his agenda. "fox and friends first" starts right now. and good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. thank you for starting your day and ending your week with us. a deputy us marshal's shot and killed while trying to serve a warrant. the suspect, reinsch messenger shooting while barricading inside a home in arizona. >> oh my god. get behind the car. heather: solicitor surrendered and is under arrest, he was
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already wanted for stocking law enforcement. the name of the deputy killed has not been released. also breaking overnight three people are dead in eight injured after a truck crashes trying to escape border patrol. agents trying to pull over the track on a california highway 10 miles from the border when the driver sped off at speeds of up to 100 mph. the truck losing control crashing into an embankment and hitting a spike strip. the american truck driver is under arrest and we will follow the story. in the meantime tijuana's mayor is taking aim at the organizers of the migrant caravan saying he has never seen a situation like this before, the mayor sitting down for an exclusive interview with fox news, griff jenkins is embedded with the caravan in mexico, following it for us and joins us live with more. >> reporter: he is the man at
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the center of the storm, the guy that has to bear the brunt of this caravan. let me just show you some images, it has been pouring for 24 hours and you see the trash everywhere, and in the mid-50ss for the last 24 hours, people are sick, not feeling well, and when asked about the impact in town, here's what he had to say. >> never, no migrants trying to cause trouble. they came in violently, not as a good law-abiding citizen.
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>> reporter: we reported 60% of people here have respiratory infections. there is lice, hiv-aids and tuberculosis, health officials worry it may be worse. when i asked the mayor who is to blame for this, who the hold responsible? he said the organizers and said it strongly. >> they are dealing with lives. do you know who they are? i don't know but look at the illness and you will find who are they. >> reporter: he is alluding to what we saw when migrants rushed the border, worried that might happen again and possibly working with officials to see other spaces, the field is
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flooded. and there is a hunger strike, starting with 50 people and a handful of the caravan. they were not able to go to the border to carry that out. shannon: the list of illnesses is incredibly disturbing. thank you so much, appreciate it. this morning the other big story donald trump waking up in one a series for the g 20 summit attending a bilateral breakfast with the president of argentina before signing the nafta replacement, todd pyro joins us with what we can expect. >> reporter: in an hour all lies on the president as he meets with world leaders in south america but one leader not on the schedule vladimir putin, donald trump announcing cancellation of the meeting on twitter saying based on the fact ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia i decided it would be best for all parties to cancel my
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previously scheduled meeting with vladimir putin. i look forward to a meaningful summit as soon as the situation is resolved. russian forces attacked three ukrainian ships in the crimean see wounding 6 sailors. senator elizabeth before and firing back at the cancellation. >> vladimir putin testing donald trump. that is what this is about. he's trying to figure out how far can we push him? and what will the president do by way of response. >> senator lindsey graham giving his own words of advice. >> i want vladimir putin to understand if you travel all over international norms -- >> reporter: a much-anticipated meeting between donald trump, justin trudeau and mexican president, they are expected to
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sign the north american free-trade agreement after reaching a deal in september. a meeting with chinese president xi jinping could pave the way for a deal with the us. two of them are expected to talk trade. a new schedule for donald trump. heather: donald trump could strike a trade deal with china and our president has the upper hand. >> trump has the leverage going to this meeting. the us economy is booming where china is stagnating, the worst economic growth since 2009 and the chinese took their shot at donald trump this year. after he put his first sanctions on china they retaliated smartly going after trump voters targeting soybeans, targeting north dakota and indiana and missouri hoping to tell trump's opponent, have them lose the
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senate over these tariffs. what happened was the opposite so the chinese took their kill shot to go after him and it failed. trump doesn't mind the sanctions, trump voters in those rural states that were dependent on china trade back to the last election gave him a mandate to get tough with beijing. >> donald trump planning to raise tariffs to 25% on chinese goods that could go higher if talks do not go well, more on this coming up. donald trump demanding the mueller probe to come to a end immediately adding on twitter the investigation is an illegal hoax and mother refuses to look at the real crimes on the other side. where is the ig report, his tweet comes after his former attorney michael cohen pleads guilty to lying about knowledge on the proposed trump tower project in moscow. rudy giuliani telling the new york times the president's
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response to the special counsel aligned with cohen's plea deal. michael cohen pled guilty to a crime but despite lack of evidence against donald trump, he is the one being prosecuted in the court of public opinion, the president is. molly hemingway, senior editor for federalist says it is outrageous that accountability has become a partisan issue. >> here's the person, find me the crime, we look for crimes and determine what should be done. we have evidence of also to criminal things, criminal leaking of classified information against trump officials, lying to a court that are not worried about by people who think just keep digging we can finally get trump. so few people held accountable for lying to congress even in the russia story, christopher steele who built the entire russia dossier and almost a year ago, he lied to the fbi. and testimony, the guy hired by hillary clinton to set up the russia story, gave testimony at odds meaning one or both of them
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lied to congress, look at james clapper who line about spy on everyone, john brennan who lied to congress, hillary clinton who lied about how systems worked in her interview with the fbi, holding people accountable for lying is a good thing. heather: another key witness in the russia investigations is a common complaint against robert mueller could come down as soon as today. jerome corsi's attorneys say the document will outline how the special counsel and mueller epstein prompted him to allegedly lie under oath and commit violations like witness tampering. corsi rejected a plea deal from mueller this week. one of donald trump's judicial nominees destined for failure. south carolina senator tim scott announced he will not support thomas bar's nomination, the republican cited a 1991 memo
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connecting them to a voter intimidation campaign against black voters was the decision prevents them from being confirmed since republican jeff flake and every democrat will not vote in favor of him. run to mcdaniels keeping her job as are in c chairwoman, rhonda mcdaniel oversaw history define games in the senate and fundraising strength, i asked her to serve another term for my 2020 reelect, no one better for the job. daniels says she is honored to serve again. how about some football? the dallas cowboys pull off a huge upset against the nfl's best team. >> a pic by jordan lewis. >> the cowboy defense shutting down drew breeze and the new orleans saints all night long,
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that interception ceiling the 10 game winning streak. look at that. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and michael cohen pleading guilty to lying to congress but the president says cohen is lying to get a lighter sentence. there is a good chance donald trump is right and she will explain why next. they can run but can't hide. the marathon cheer caught on camera.
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>> former personal attorney to donald trump michael cohen pleading guilty to lying to congress in a deal he cut with robert mueller but donald trump hitting back at cohen's claims. >> he was convicted of various things and related to ice. he is a weak person and not a
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very smart person. he got himself a big prison sentence and is trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story. >> reporter: our next guest says this plea deal is the definition of legal fiction. constitutional law attorney jenna ellis talks more about it, nice to have you here in person. when the president mentions a lesser sentence he is right because what cohen actually faced with 5 years in prison, $250,000 fine for lying to congress but under the plea agreement the sentence could be 6 months and a fine of $9000. >> the plea agreement happens in a wide variety of cases and what that means is the plea of guilty and conviction doesn't actually match the reality of what happened. an example is you are pulled over for speeding and didn't think you were actually speeding but your insurance will go up if
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you plead guilty to the charge, you don't want to take the time to fight in court so you plead guilty to a broken headlight. they didn't actually happen but you're willing to sign the papers pleading guilty to that in order to have the benefit of the plea agreement. that happens in the context of felony cases all the time. >> plea agreements are not concessions. >> when you stand in front of the court and plead guilty to this you are saying i am accepting the contract and the plea bargain the prosecutor is offering, in the context of testifying it is not a confession. heather: it is not evidence of a crime or verdict of guilt. >> there is a marked difference between accepting a plea agreement as a contract between you and the state for the lower consequences rather than going through a jury or bench trial and having findings of witnesses
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and a verdict of guilt. >> why does this matter? >> because democrats and a lot of people who went to use this as political ammunition against the president say this plea agreement and what cohen guilty to is substantive rather than legally procedural so they are trying to say this matches up, but we will never know that for sure. this means cohen was willing to accept a lower penalty and plead guilty to something that could just be a political maneuver. heather: can i go back to what this is about? this real estate deal under discussion while donald trump was running for president. was it illegal to begin with for him to begin this business? he was not president at the time. >> not at all. what the charge was, he
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mistakenly told congress the date of january rather than june but this is a procedural sort of crime charged with rather than substantive saying what actually happened in the course of his representation of the trump organization. there was nothing that was illegal but we haven't had a full jury trial, we will never know that. heather: still no collusion. >> no evidence whatsoever and that is why mueller is trying to attack these plea agreements rather than anything substantive and as long as they can get the headline that has to do with russia and the left going donald trump must be in trouble, absolutely not true. heather: appreciate it, great to have you here, 19 after the top of the hour and they let a triple murder suspects walk free from prison. instead of being handed over to ice, new jersey trying to freeze
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out the agency and google's ceo about a big role in capitol hill as controversy, kurt the cyber guy says a lot of questions need to be answered and he is here to talk about it. this isn't just any moving day.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. heather: top veterans affairs officials slamming a report claiming underpaid veterans, every student veteran who may have been underpaying will receive that. and the august deadline come because of a software glitch.
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the former director of veterans charity found guilty, funding and the girlfriend of nascar driver. let's talk about google finally heading to the hot seat, the tech giants ceo will testify before the house on potential bias and privacy policies, what to expect, the cyber guy. >> something to pay attention to. remember in september congress got together, looking at all the tech companies. mark zuckerberg was there, the empty chair. >> they are going to show.
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>> the netherlands with several watchdog groups, to change the privacy settings outside google products and specifically looking at location and somehow it is getting turned on when you the consumer didn't want to turned on. google has a different statement but it is bringing about a whole new way of looking at technology companies and having google never answered whether they are being transparent or not, front and center. >> in terms of this location history it is turned off by
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default, and the apps settings to improve the google experience. >> when i read something like that i am reminded when i see a statement like that from google or any of these giant tech companies big brother is watching, it makes me say i better check my privacy right now. where am i with that? so simple because they did create a great tool. whether you have gmail or android you can logon to your account and there's a thing called privacy checker, you can see if any web and apps have access to data. and anytime you have a google account you will have a google account and if you use maps 9 or 10 times, you can look at the location and what data is stored
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on various devices and how they keep that data so google home like amazon echo, you can see what is being reported and it is always good. like your smoke alarm, change the battery, that is what is happening. did we agree to something in the fine print? >> did a change when you update your phone? >> it might be something different. with regard to phone settings a whole other story with regard to personal private data inside google. that is what we want to be focused on and what we want to focus congress on is not how they signed their modem but instead what level of transparency is google going to offer the country to keep
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america safe and be more forthright in allowing competition. >> congress needs you to ask the appropriate question. coming up high-stakes sitdown, donald trump face-to-face with china's president at the g 20 as both sides work on a deal to ease trade tension but peter morici says the president will have to go all the way and he is here to explain next. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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shannon: heather: overnight mike pence meeting the remains of two followed special ops troops at their for -- dover air force base, andrew ross and therefore staff sergeant dylan elgin returning to the us. those american heroes with army
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sergeant first class eric evans killed by the taliban in a roadside bombing, 13 us service members killed in afghanistan this year, 5 this month alone. new jersey lawmakers grill hospital officials on a deadly virus that killed 11 children. the virus blamed, the respiratory virus has victims similar to a cold, the new jersey senate health committee wants to figure out how the virus determines what the state's responsibility may be. let's turn to senator jeff flake who will ask for a third time for a vote on a bill to protect robert mueller. the arizona republican told the hill, quote, there have been suggestions i should accept a sense of the senate that sends the wrong message to the president, this is the message that needs to be sent to the president, passage of this bill. nancy pelosi is threatening to demand the mueller protection language in the upcoming
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spending bill although the president said he is not going to shut it down. he beat big names in nascar to win the first title, driver gets his champion ring making his mark in nascar. >> all of us are very proud. >> a big night in vegas, 20-year-old was honored at the award ceremony, clinched the title in the season's final race at miami speedway earlier this month. congratulations to him. donald trump may hold off on chinese tariffs as a way to cool swimming tensions before the meeting with chinese president xi jinping but the president says it doesn't mean he is backing down on striking a better deal. >> we are close to doing something with china but i don't know that i want to do it, china wants to make a deal. i hope to make a deal but i like
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the deal we have right now. >> peter maurice he is the international trade commission and professor at the university of maryland. we love having you here. it will be very busy and now that the president canceled his meeting with vladimir putin this will take center stage. what do you expect to happen? >> china will make some kind of offer and it will be the same offer they made george bush, barack obama, let's have framework for discussions, agreement to negotiate away our problems. they would like to cycle the president through the end of his first term. it would be a mistake for the president to accept that. it would be a mistake for him to freeze tariffs where they are. heather: most of donald trump's tariffs are 10%. how is that impacting things and should they stay the same? >> the wall street journal every
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day has an article for somebody. the reality is china let its currency fall by 7% since tariffs went in so it negated most of it and its suppliers are cutting their prices so the reality is if you look at the trade data they are not having much effect at all. where they do have effect is where they have perverse effects, putting tariffs on bicycle parts but letting chinese bicycles in without a tariffs so that encourages to find a way to move offshore. it has a perverse effect. that's why we can't freeze this thing. we need to move the tariffs up to 25% and also to fix the problems i just described. it is understandable it happened the first time around but now's the time to fix it. a terrible mistake not to move forward. heather: intellectual property,
1:36 am
subsidies, state owned enterprises, non-trade issues like cyber espionage expected to be part of the discussion as well. >> microsoft have a fantastic computer personality. and has grown up to 18, has an emotional side to her, not just doing computations but artwork, she writes poetry, a fascinating personality developed in the chinese laboratory. and they have to get intellectual property protection not to get their software ripped off. that process is developing chinese engineers, sad situation, that happens repeatedly over and over again. i don't know what steve nguyen gets the idea of negotiating with these people, we have this massive trade deficit.
1:37 am
they are ripping off what we spent billions of dollars to develop. heather: something donald trump hit hard from the moment he started campaigning for president, first thing he talked about was china so we will see what happens in the g 20 summit. we appreciate it. >> have a great weekend. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour. you heard of sanctuary cities for illegals. how about a sanctuary city for law-abiding gun owners? >> i felt it was such blatant disregard for constitutional rights that i had no choice but to stand up for the people i serve. heather: the police chief putting his foot down refusing to enforce new gun restrictions. you can run but can't hide. look at this. runners who were caught on camera cutting corners during the half marathon.
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heather: border agents seized $3 million of drugs on the california mexico border. 39 under arrest accused of trying to smuggle narcotics across 6 ports of entry. 15 are charged with human trafficking or immigration violation. agents confiscating 625 pounds of drugs including myth and fentanyl. new jersey attorney general ordering state and local law enforcement agencies to limit cooperation with ice. it is intended to strengthen trust between police and immigrant communities, just weeks after learning a suspect in the trouble murder was illegal immigrants released from a new jersey prison instead of being handed to immigration authorities. a small city in washington is looking to not enforce the law e
1:42 am
state law. initiative 1639, sweeping gun control measure. >> i felt it was such blatant disregard for constitutional rights that i felt i had no choice but to stand up for the people i served. >> semi automatic rifles, a potential felony if your gun ends up in the wrong hands and pay enhanced background checks and mandatory firearms training, voters across washington state past the measure 59%-41%, 3 out of 4 voters oppose it. and an ordinance to make republic a sanctuary city for gun rights.
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>> everybody in republic has a gun. we don't have a giant primary because nobody in their right mind will come to a house where people have guns. todd: 1 he announced his sanctuary city proposal he got a standing ovation. the second amendment foundation along with the nra, its leaders see poetic justice and gun rights advocates getting into the sanctuary business. up until now reserved for illegal immigrants. attorney general democrat bob ferguson, gun-control advocates is he will review the measure if it passes. dan springer, fox news. heather: the media going crazy over conspiracy theory connecting paul manafort with julian assange. >> what would he be doing having that meeting if it happens?
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heather: will they take the bait for any russia conspiracy these days? we debate up next. i am a family man.
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audible. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. text "listen5" to 500500 to start your free trial today. heather: at&t taking on netflix with a new video streaming service. tracy carrasco is here with how they are reassuring big money investors. >> at&t trying to get into other businesses besides wireless and traditional pay tv, rolling out a new streaming service, three versions of it late next year. they will have original content, movies, tv and things from warner bros. turner and hbo. this will take on netflix and
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disney's streaming service. they didn't say how much it would cost were what would be featured each of the tears but this is something the big shareholders hope will make money to capitalize on the big acquisition they had so we will see if it works for them. >> another way to watch more tv. biometric terminal, what is that? using that in atlanta. >> international flights leaving from jackson, atlanta international airport the will take advantage of this of flying on delta so this is facial recognition technology, use this from the curb to the gate so check in with your passport when you get to the past when you arrive. every step of the way instead of pulling out your passport you will just look at the kiosk.
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it will match with your passport and visa document in customs and border protection database. delta says he will save time, this for international delta flights, there rolling this out to detroit. heather: we will see how it works in atlanta first. and unverified report by the guardian linking julian assange and paul manafort has the media in a frenzy. despite lack of evidence to confirm it. >> applications are explosive. a smoking gun for robert mueller and the russian affair. >> what was he doing having that meeting if it happens?
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heather: does this prove the media will run with anything that has to do with trump and russia? here is antoine c wright with the republican pack. thank you for joining us. we can bring this up as we begin, julian assange saying he will sue, paul manafort is totally false, libelous. you heard the mainstream media's reaction. what do you think of this? will they go with anything at this point? >> the media has a role to play. it must be done where everyone is respected for this process, the media has a responsibility to report the news to be on point with the report but in this environment the right-wing media trying to undermine everything that comes up that is not pro-trump, they have to be careful to get the facts right
1:51 am
because it feeds the narrative. heather: they don't seem concerned about facts or people saying this is not true. >> there are no facts. the mainstream media has become a tabloid, the new alex jones where any republican or anything to do with the president in the last decade is a criminal now and there are no fact that this is all conspiracy theories. is the media going to report every conspiracy theory or will they stick to actual facts? that is the frustration. heather: is factually correct to say there is no evidence that he entered the ecuadorian embassy, no evidence of the passport, the media's responsibility to look at those facts before they report this bogus article coming off of the guardian.
1:52 am
>> the media has to be extra careful about getting facts right because there will be this effort, the anti-trump -- it is not true. what we know about all this is there have been some issues and convictions so they should stick with the facts, don't speculate, don't say a for perhaps, stick to what happens and that will put a real chill on the notion the media is anti-trump. >> nothing related to collusion. >> i agree with antoine, they need to stick to the facts. the fact is there is no russian collusion every single day, does not help the american people to grow the economy and get better healthcare in this. >> you say that in one breath
1:53 am
while you're president tweets another, consistently brings it up on twitter. the media runs with the things he tweets. that is his fault -- the political malpractice for you to say there is no collusion because we don't know. it is important for the investigation to continue. it works both ways. heather: we appreciate both of you this morning, have a great weekend. 8 minutes until the top of the hour. flag on fire, a veteran targeted for supporting the president. one of the first sons just stepped in to help with a great story you want to hear. wait until you hear what happens to this burglar after trying to squeeze through a hole. ♪
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♪ >> live shot from the streets of new york city where we have christmas decorations, two gigantic reindeer, the
1:58 am
rockefeller christmas tree. do you remember this veteran who said vandals burned his trump 2020 flag? he is getting a new one courtesy of eric trump, the president's and tweeting a replacement flag is in the mail, if anyone is classless enough to do it again, we will send you as many replacement flags as you need. someone ripped his trump 2020 flag from his yard and set it on fire. an army reservist is making music after his trumpet was stolen on veterans day. ♪ heather: matt miller says the trumpet was right by his side during a tour at a rat playing at funerals for soldiers but of wisconsin musical instrument manufacturers giving him a brand-new one just in time for the holidays.
1:59 am
i love stories like that. and of time left for the good, the bad and the ugly. golden state warrior superstar stefan curry responding to a letter by this my-year-old man, she wrote them about her disappointment the website was only selling his new shoes in boy sizes, currently publishing a handwritten letter that it is being corrected and he is presently sending her a pair of sneakers. more than 200 runners band for life after caught cheating. look inside the red circle, traffic cameras capturing letters taking a shortcut through the trees in china, some of them hired people to run for them. the ugly lesion accused burglar caught with his pants down, surveillance video showing him losing his shorts after crawling through a wall to a car
2:00 am
dealership, he got away with a generator and is still on the loose, don't know if it is with or without pants. that wraps of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: a fox news alert. any moment now donald trump sitting down for breakfast with the argentine president ahead of the g 20 summit. rob: a lot to be expected from the summit, the new trade agreement the government is expected to sign with canada and mexico today. >> we have a very hard time. we are a migrant town but we have never had this problem. rob: taking tijuana to the tipping point. jillian: they cannot sustain the caravan economically. the one on one interview you won't see anywhere else.


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