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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 30, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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generator and is still on the loose, don't know if it is with or without pants. that wraps of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: a fox news alert. any moment now donald trump sitting down for breakfast with the argentine president ahead of the g 20 summit. rob: a lot to be expected from the summit, the new trade agreement the government is expected to sign with canada and mexico today. >> we have a very hard time. we are a migrant town but we have never had this problem. rob: taking tijuana to the tipping point. jillian: they cannot sustain the caravan economically. the one on one interview you won't see anywhere else.
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rob: incredible fire rescue out of california showing officers feet away from a wall of flames. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. let's get to this fox news alert. a deputy marshal trying to serve a warrant, the suspect shooting the officer while barricaded in a home in arizona. >> get behind the car. rob: he eventually surrendered and is under arrest, he was wanted for stocking law
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enforcement, the name of the deputy killed has not been released. we will keep you posted on that story. breaking now 3 people dead eight injured after a truck crashes while trying to escape border control, agent trying to pull over the truck, california highway 10 miles from the southern border when the driver truck off at speeds at 100 miles an hour, smashing into an embankment after hitting a spike strip, not sure who was killed in the accident but the american truck driver of the truck has been arrested. jillian: tijuana's mayor taking aim at the migrant caravan organizes, never seen a situation like this, the mayor sitting down for an exclusive interview with fox news and griff jenkins is embedded with the caravan in mexico and joined us from tijuana. >> reporter: unbelievable for the last 24 hours, a 6000 migrant encampment is overrun. take a look at these images, it has been in the 50s for 24
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hours, they flooded out, look at the trash coming here. we have been looking at what is on the ground, even some pills, they have 60% infections, tuberculosis, hiv-aids and lice infection but they are protected, look at the damage now. the mayor is at the center of it putting the entire bill for all of this, $30,000 a day. he blames the organizers. >> dealing with people, a federal crime. if you ask me do you know who they are? i don't know but look at them and you will find who are they?
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>> remember what happened sunday? he is talking -- they got over the fence but he says that was a costly day for residents of tijuana. listen. >> people from tijuana cross the border to the united states and the border was closed and we lost 129 million pesos, that is not fair. how do you think people feel towards those who are making problems? >> reporter: the mayor hopes the federal government will step in, and they are trying to move these people today but the weather is not cooperating at the moment. >> in addition to stemming the flow of illegal immigration donald trump has to stop the flow of drugs across the border.
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rob: slamming partisan politics for putting differences with the president before the safety of the american people. >> 90% of opioids coming into this country is from mexico, from the southern border. a combination of chinese influence, the sinaloa cartel in mexico. to deal with this we have to talk seriously about border security and we can't do that because it would make donald trump look right. we have so many americans being sacrificed because politicians don't want to conversation about security at the border. jillian: mexico's new president takes office tomorrow, washington is pushing for the administering to track down harder on the violent cartels responsible for smuggling drugs into the us.
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any moment now donald trump will kick off the g 20 summit at a bilateral breakfast with the president of argentina. later today he will sign in after replacement with leaders from canada and mexico. rob: todd pyro has a preview of this. >> we will keep you posted. all eyes on the president as he meets with those leaders happening moments from now, the president is going to sit down with the argentine president but one leader not on his schedule is vladimir putin. the president announcing the cancellation of the meeting on twitter saying, quote, based on the fact the ships and sailors of not been returned to the ukraine from russia i have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in argentina with vladimir putin. i will look forward to a meaningful summit as soon as the situation is resolved. last weekend russian forces attacked the ukrainian ships,
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wounding 6 sailors, elizabeth warren firing back at the cancellation. >> vladimir putin is testing donald trump. that is what this is about and he is trying to figure out how far can we push him? what will the president do by way of response? >> lindsey graham giving words of advice. >> triple over international norms you will pay a price. >> and a much-anticipated meeting between donald trump, and they are expected to sign the replacement of the north american free-trade agreement and a meeting with china's president xi jinping could pave the way for a deal with the us, they are expected to talk trade. >> donald from demanding the
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mueller probe come to a end, the president tweeting the investigation is an illegal hoax and mother refuses to look at the real crimes on the other side. where is the ig report? this report after michael cohen please guilty to lying about knowledge on the proposed trump tower project in moscow, the current lawyer rudy giuliani tells the new york times the president response alliance with cohen apsley. a key witness in the russia investigation says a criminal complaint against robert mueller could come down as soon as today. attorneys a the document will outline how the special counsel and mueller's team prompted corsi to allegedly lie under oath and commit other violations like witness tampering. corsi rejected a plea deal offer from mueller this week. >> james comey wants the fence to squash a subpoena to testify behind closed doors.
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he previously said he would like to answer questions about the 2016 election in russia and hillary clinton investigations publicly. comey's attorney said it would stop committees from using the private hearing to push a political agenda. one of donald trump's judicial nominees destined to fail, tim scott announced he would not support thomas far's nomination. he cited in 1991 memo connecting far too a voter intimidation campaign against black voters, scott's decision prevents far from being confirmed at least at this time because republican jeff flake and every democrat i knows. vice president and second lady, karen, decking the halls of the naval observatory. law enforcement officers and their kids invited to holidays the liberation inside the vice president's residence. >> the white house, ainslie are
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getting an exclusive tour of milania trump's decorations. >> every room has a different presentation. this year is the theme of american treasures. >> it took 230 volunteers six days to decorate the white house and we will have the full story on the next hour of "fox and friends". >> donald trump making it clear he's not going to be meeting with vladimir putin during the g 20 summit for a multitude of reasons. doctor rebecca grant says this doesn't mean vladimir putin is off the hook. she explains what she is talking about next. >> a present to jetblue. how the airline wants to wrap you up and send you home for the holidays.
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heather: donald trump canceling the meeting with vladimir putin to send a message to the kremlin about their aggression against ukraine. >> the right signal at the right time and appreciate that and it will be followed up by more decisive action. heather: does this in the right message to the rest of the world and what can we expect from other g 20 leaders? jillian: here is doctor rebecca grant, thank you for your time this morning. what do you think of the news when the president decided to cancel the meeting? >> he is doing the right thing, he canceled this because russia fired on ukrainian navy ships, he's trying to send a very strong message.
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nato backs this up, the first open and direct use of russian military force so an essential step. we have to contain russia's ambitions. >> a lot of people think it was partly because of what is happening in ukraine but also the russia investigation with bob mueller has exploded with activity in the last couple days and it is not good to be hanging out with vladimir putin. >> i don't see that. vladimir putin is not off the hook. angela merkel has taken on the task of meeting with him to raise the issue of tensions in ukraine. there is a possibility of more russia sanctions, plenty going on in the world and that is what donald trump is reacting to. we've seen an increase of nato military forces or nato air policing over the black sea and i don't think this domestic issue has much to do with donald trump's international response. jillian: based on the fact that
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ships and sailors have not been returned from russia i have decided it would be best for all parties to cancel my previously scheduled meeting and in another tweet in argentina with vladimir putin i look forward to a meaningful summit as soon as the situation is resolved. most agree this meeting will have to happen at some point but when? >> there is an invitation to visit the us at some point. he will need to talk again about nuclear arms control and syria but now ukraine has come to the top of the list and vladimir putin is pushing ukraine closer to nato so i expect to see discussions about ukraine as well but this is not the moment. trump may encounter vladimir putin at the summit but this is an important step he has taken to deny this meeting.
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rob: another interesting topic, another guest at the g 20 summit, the leader of saudi arabia, you have a conflict in yemen, civil war, americans and us backing the saudis in trying to fight a terrorist group trying to take over in yemen backed by iran and now we will not be funding that anymore. at least that is what the senate is voting for pretty handily to stop the support of the saudis. what do you think of that? >> a huge back story here according to secretary mattis. they are close to starting serious negotiations in sweden. a cease-fire is supposed to take place. we've seen fighting diminish a lot since the middle of november. all the senate said no more funding going forward but the special envoys working for a cease-fire and we hope for a negotiation. the pentagon is planning a massive humanitarian relief
2:18 am
effort and saudi arabia has pledged $5 million to fund relief supplies into yemen. >> the president has faced of criticism over his handling of saudi arabia. what do you think of how he handled it? >> he handled it fairly well. secretary mattis it listens to what was going on and there is no smoking gun is what we have been told. saudi arabia remains a key ally, they are a member of the g 20 the only our nation in the g 20, we are not giving the alliance up. the best thing for saudi arabia is to take a chance to show their humanity to the world with the cease-fire and then back it up with humanitarian relief they pledged to the yemen situation. rob: this has been a gift to iran by backing off of support for the saudis. interesting to see how that
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plays out, appreciate your time. jillian: live picture from argentina, donald trump expected to leave for a bilateral breakfast with the argentine president at any moment. rob: we will take you there live as soon as it happens. we will be right back. this isn't just any moving day.
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tree and overseas flash floods carving a path of destruction in the nation of turkey. on the asian see, it is something. in canada 90 my prayer winds are being a roof of a restaurant in newfoundland as the storm brings down power lines and a lot of whether around the world. >> two men recovering after a plane crash on the campus of crenshaw state university from omaha, nebraska when it went down on the georgia campus. early indications point to engine failure as the cause. police say the two people in the small plane were conscious and alert when officers arrived. rob: at&t unveiling the streaming service. jillian: tracy carrasco is here with how they are reassuring money investors. >> reporter: at&t trying to get
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into other businesses besides wireless and traditional pay tv service and coming out with a new streaming service, 3 tiers of it and original movies and television series from warner bros. turner and hbo so they are trying to take on this would cost, but one thing they are trying to do to reassure investors, they are going to pay down debt, cells and assets to pay for the acquisition of time warner. heather: jetblue wants to wrap you up like a gift and send you home. >> they will be picking five winners of this go get gifted contest and they will wrap you up with a bow on top, deliver you to your destination, surprise your loved ones for the
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holiday. enter now through december 12th, go to jetblue's website, tell them why you deserve to win this contest and they will pick 5 winners. jillian: how do you sit on the plane? >> they will wrap you before you get there. maybe you will be on the plane in regular clothing and get gift wrapped. jillian: donald trump expected to attend a bilateral breakfast with the argentine president any minute now. rob: some big meetings coming up, the g 20 summit, including when he already canceled and signing a new trade agreement. jillian: and he will meet with chinese president xi jinping saturday to talk trade. we will take you live to argentina coming up.
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jillian: welcome back, fox news alert, "happening now," life pictures, donald trump about to sit down for a bilateral breakfast with argentine president mccree. rob: it is 7:30 in the morning in argentina. jillian: we are getting that audio set up. a number of important meetings scheduled, one the we have been talking about with vladimir putin has already been canceled. >> the president trying to get the words in english in his ear, in when a series this morning, this is a big meeting. we will pool out of that. as soon as they start speaking in english.
2:28 am
>> what the president is expected to do today, getting the day started and he is expected to meet with chinese president xi jinping to talk about trade. rob: indications from his economic team, there is a deal in the works with china and relieve a lot of stress on american businesses and a lot of good for the economy. in the united states get the deal and the president signing a bad deal, we will see where that goes but it is interesting with the mueller investigation, canceling a meeting with vladimir putin. jillian: it was the right move to make and we heard from doctor rebecca grant saying now is not the time to sit down with vladimir putin with news that happened over the weekend,
2:29 am
talking between russia and ukraine. rob: the criticism in helsinki, let's go ahead and listen in. >> it will help us, and tourism from around the world and the country that is exporting to argentina shows the affection from the argentine people, thank you very much. we are having a meeting and a lot more ways to work together and cooperate for the benefit of the people of the united states, thank you for being here. >> i think i understood you better.
2:30 am
i want to say i have been friends with maurizio for a long time, he was a very young man, very handsome man, we knew each other very well, the westside railroad yards was a great job, successful job, big job, one of the largest jobs in manhattan in my civilian days. i always had fond memories. his son would become a president. little did you realize i would be president. we have known each other a long while, talking about good things for argentina and the united states including trade, military purchases and other things but we have a lot to talk about.
2:31 am
maybe 5% business. a great honor to be with you. you are my friend for a long time, great family and doing a fantastic job. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: the president of the united states and the president of argentina, thank you all very much for being here. rob: we will not get any answers from the bilateral meeting, they will go eat now. you learn something new. they had a business deal, donald trump and the family, known them for a long time. hudson yard in manhattan on the west side, and industrial railway yard and jillian used to live there on that side and there was something going on
2:32 am
back in the day when the president of argentina with a handsome man. jillian: donald trump has been a strong businessman. sometimes you hear them out of the blue like that. rob: the media is chomping at the bit to get some answers and some face time with the president. that might happen later today. jillian: let's talk about trade and military purchases so we will keep you updated but let's get you caught up on other news we are following including this. mike pence meeting the remains of two special ops troops at dover air force base, the bodies of andrew bronx and dylan allcheck returning to the us, those american heroes with army sergeant first class era came and killed by the taliban in a roadside bombing. 13 us service members have been killed in afghanistan this year, 5 this month alone. the man accused of murdering his brother's entire family and lighting his own home on fire is doing court today. he is charged with killing his brother keith and his sister in
2:33 am
law, niece and nephew. and city manager the mansion on fire. prosecutors say he set his home on fire to make it look like the whole family was being targeted. they think he was motivated by money. his lawyer says he is innocent. it defies logic to me. tough criticism from retiring house speaker paul ryan on the legitimacy of california's ballot counting process. ryan says republicans won many races on election night but lost almost every one three weeks later, he blames ballot harvesting when a third-party collects completed ballots from voters and hand them to election officials. it just became legal in the state this year. california have stop election official's firing back tweeting in california we make sure every ballot is properly counted and accounted for. that is not bizarre, that is democracy. the us will have a man on the moon within ten years.
2:34 am
nasa administer jim bryden stein telling the hill tv this will a the groundwork for commercial flights to space. >> we are within 10 years of having continuous manned presence on the moon. we are building a space station called gateway that will be in orbit around the moon. think of it as a reusable command model where we can have human presence around the moon. >> the announcement comes as mike pence hold a meeting at the white house about establishing a space force. rob: thank you for those headlines. moving on, the economy moving in the right direction and obamacare is lacking at this point. new numbers showing sign ups of dropped 13% during this enrollment period.
2:35 am
the president's critics say his economic policies are undermining those obamacare marketplaces. joining us is nan haworth of the independent board of directors and former congresswoman as well and great person to have on this topic of obamacare and the doctor too. you have too many accolades. let's talk about this. you say it is a good thing obamacare side upside down. democrats will fight you on that all day long. >> we want to see everybody having health insurance they can afford. what we can reduce from the drop in the obamacare exchange plan enrollment, this is the market's judgment on those plans. obamacare, these exchanges created plans that provide less then full value for the money and they are very costly. the rising economy has meant millions of americans have been able to get employer-provided health insurance.
2:36 am
which is great. rob: people who say the president and republicans have been trying to poison obamacare taking away the individual mandate so it is not funded, it was looking dicey to begin with and started to make a come back democrats and got taken down. >> there have definitely been moved that have weakened the appeal or power of obamacare in the marketplace and one of them is tax cuts and jobs, the individual mandate was taken down to 0 basically. that prevented people from having the incentive to go out and buy an overpriced insurance policy. the other thing, i would call that a positive for people, they are not being forced, young people especially, to pay -- rates for coverage that isn't good. and they don't need, with narrow networks, provider networks are
2:37 am
not where they should be but the other end, the trump administration has allowed people to have the option of buying more limited plans at a lower cost and that too is taking them away from the exchanges and the exchange plans are loaded with items like children's dental care for a single man or single woman, things they don't pay for. the fact that they are not appealing in the marketplace, that is the public's judgment on obamacare and it should tell folks who like obamacare that there is something wrong with the law. >> i am wondering if you see any progress, they have not had a good answer to this question, what to do about healthcare. >> and they should. they have some great things happening from donald trump's side on the administration's side to make insurance plans
2:38 am
affordable to provide, to tailor them to people it needs, association health plans are great thing, they let small businesses get together so they have more power to negotiate against big insurers. states are doing wonderful things with medicaid plans for their citizens, folks who can't afford the insurance market. >> you see a plan formulating but it has taken more time. >> it is for a lot of reasons and with the democratic majority in the house it will be more challenging but donald trump will work on it from the administration side. >> thanks for your time, we will be right back. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates.
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secure the southern border but former republican congressman jason chaffetz placing the blame directly on democrats writing, quote, democrats, even many with a long history of voting for border security and wall funding have stood uniformly opposed to even the most modest efforts to secure the border. question is is he right? here to debate it is democratic strategists and resident policy fellow at the center for immigration studies andrew are there. thank you for your time. is he right? >> he's not right. one reason is democrats have been working hard inside and outside the country. when it comes to pushing the issue of border security even donald trump's rhetoric across the board comes to our relationship with countries across the world it is important to note everything he has done made america less safe across the country. shannon: do you agree democrats have been working at this? >> they have been doing the opposite quite frankly.
2:43 am
the republicans in congress put forward a number of bills to provide protection for young people in the united states and protected the united states, would have brought back merit-based immigration and the visa lottery that would have secured it by providing a wall but the fact is they have been nothing but obstructionists, it takes a craftsman to build one but anyone can kick them down. 115th congress democrats where looking but mules, kicking down good proposals to protect the country. we need to see if they can be craftsman and help the country and make immigration better. shannon: he has a number of questions for democrats. what specific pieces of immigration legislation have you introduced that could pass congress again? these are questions he is posing to democrats. what do you say? >> democrats supported chuck schumer and nancy pelosi's
2:44 am
legislation, a path to citizenship for those and documented at this time and the bipartisan legislation included infrastructure support, the fact that it didn't get there was not the democrats but the republican-controlled house. >> that is a completely ridiculous bill that was thicker than two new york city phone directories full of bad ideas. >> people crossing -- >> let andrew go first. >> what they expected to do was going to get better in the house of representatives but never was. it was full of bad ideas and the 2013 legislation, you know in 111th congress would serve majorities in both houses,
2:45 am
barack obama was the president. >> i want to get to another one. people are heated on both sides of this. do you believe america should stop policing our borders? a lot of democrats, not all of them, abolishing ice and things like that. what do you make of that question? >> back to the serious point, that is something you can't be fair with. you have custom protections and immigration, every country in the world does but let's think about the country we would be aligning ourselves with if we don't include ourselves with his pakistan, saudi arabia, countries with terrible human rights records. and a long history of protecting
2:46 am
civil rights on the list. is leader of the free world we would advocate responsibly for a border wall into the wrong message. >> we got a couple seconds for your response. >> israel has a wall and i consider them a democracy but i don't believe that the president -- >> let andrew -- >> establishing barriers on the border for the key improvement of people. >> call it a wall. >> the largest producer of heroin in the united states, stopping the flow of that heroin. we need to have impediments when coming into the united states and i don't want that to happen. jillian: i know you could talk about this all day but we can't understand when you talk over each other. thank you for being here, appreciate it.
2:47 am
it got very heated. rob: let's check in with janice dean in stamford, connecticut. jillian: she is there. rob: she is very nervous and we will find out why coming up. when a nasty cold won't let you sleep, try new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool and vaporize it. ahhhhh! shhhhh! new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the vaporizing, nightime coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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>> hello, "fox and friends first". i'm in stamford, connecticut, i am shaking not because it is cold outside but because i will be rappelling with santa for their festival later this morning on "fox and friends". i can't look down! i don't know why i am here! i pooled the short end of the stick or short end of the atlantis but it will be
2:51 am
happening at some point during "fox and friends," part of the tree lighting ceremony that happens on sunday. i will test out the building with santa. brian cashman is coming. my first time rappelling ever, your challenges, this will be the one for today. jillian: i don't envy you but we are supporting you from afar. rob: she has been nervous about this all week. >> say a little prayer for me. >> we will be watching with baited breath. you will be just fine. don't look over the edge. don't look down. janice, we will be watching. jillian: the department of veterans affairs at the center of controversy after thousands of veterans did not receive their entire g.i. bill payment. the vi secretary hoping to make
2:52 am
it happen. rob: joining us is a retired infantryman. for folks at home the g.i. bill takes care of college and housing for veterans that once to go to school. >> in 2009 we upgraded the g.i. bill to reflect the post-9/11 generation of warriors covering tuition, based on cost of living. >> we have certainly been talking about the g.i. bill and there is a backlog. talk about where we are with that. >> let your congress got something right, passing the forever g.i. bill that improves it further, unanimously backing the senate and the house, the president signs it, bureaucracy get the job, implementing changes with the recalculation of how it goes to work and that melted down the computers.
2:53 am
it reminds me of y2k, it impacted the va computers. the housing allowance, they got reduced housing allowance and the va says we are going to get to it by 2020. everything should be fixed by 2020. >> a lot of people might not get by now. >> no doubt about it. if you have a mortgage payment or bills to pay you are in a bad spot. yesterday the head of benefits with testify before congress and member of commerce tried to taken down and these guys, it will take a long time to audit. you know the military is about? a sense of urgency and can-do attitude. the va has no sense of urgency and the can't do attitude. rob: the secretary throughout -- >> the person testify was deputy secretary. there are consequences here. rob: let's look at the statement from the va secretary, robert wilkie, i want to make clear
2:54 am
each g.i. bill beneficiary will be made 100% whole retroactively for their housing benefits based on g.i. bill rates, sounds like he's clearing it out and is willing to say this will be made right. >> let me give you a timeline. a story came out two days ago that they released the statement yesterday morning, later in the day the undersecretary for benefits testifying before congress, he would not commit to making veterans whole, they are in cover-up mode, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. jillian: we hope they are made whole, thank you very much. appreciate it, we are coming right back. as 30 minutes it will be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and on your table. the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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lots of good things for argentina and the united states including trade, including military purchases and other things. but, we have a lot to talk about. a little bit old times. about 95% business this is a great honor to be with you. you are my friend long time. great family and you are too long a fantastic job. i want to congratulate you. thank you.
2:59 am
rob: really one of the president's lighter hearted meetings he will have. after breakfast he will meet with justin trudeau and mexican president nieto. jillian: president calling off meeting with vladimir putin over mounting tensions tes in ukraine. jillian: take a look at deadly fire in california. rob: sheriff deputy turning on body camera when he thought he had just moments left to live. jillian: deputy able to find the nurses and bulldozer gave them a ride out to safety. rob: good news to start your friday off. an officer springing into action to save the life of a baby girl.
3:00 am
[baby crying] >> baby is breathing. jillian: florida officer saving the 6 day old and she is doing well. rob: we have got to go. see you later. >> president trump about to sit down with bilateral brexit with morrisio. >> be talking about lots of good things for argentina and the united states including trade. >> border patrol flips over after sitting a spike trip right outside the u.s.-mexico border. >> when i asked the mayor who do you blame for this who do you hold response cybil he? said the organizers. he sai>> dealing with lives


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