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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> we have to go. >> but there are other lyrics on the radio. >> martha: thank you, ladies. that is "the story" on this friday night, have a great weekend. it is cold outside. we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00, tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," a lot going on as always. if an investigation of google, an investigation of how a sinister tech monopoly will find a way to censor your political news and views your knowledge. yesterday we told you how "rudolph the red nosed reindeer" has made the banned list for bullying and other immortal crimes and now victorians have another target, the salacious christmas song "baby, it's cold outside." turns out some of the lyrics are
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naughty and you shouldn't hear them. it's been 752 days since the 2016 election, and for what seems like the 752nd day in a row, the lead story in every news outlet in this country is russia! yes, russia, a remote country in central asia with a median life expectancy lower than that of honduras. a place with an economy about the size of that of the state of texas, a vodka soaked ice cape who is shuffling workforce can't seem to build a reliable airplane. that's russia. nevertheless, it's a place that somehow against all odds manages to dictate election outcomes on the other side of the world. using a crack team of secret agent so stealthy, we still don't know their names after more than two years of investigating it. russia. according to cable news, russia is the most important country in the world. today's installment of the
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russia's saga has something to do with michael cohen. the deal never actually happen, not that it would have made any difference had it happened, foreign investment is still legal even in russia, but whatever. this is a huge deal, the hugest deal. it changes everything, forever. watch. speak of this president may not serve out his term, bob mueller may have enough that there is both intense legal and intense political jeopardy for the president of the united states. >> you know today is the first day i thought donald trump may not finish his sermon on office. speak out today is a good day for donald trump to resign, i really believe that. >> tucker: this thing is enormous, he is resigning. so the administration is doomed because of russia. we will see. but what's remarkable is the past couple of years the geniuses on cable television have been sounding the rail the relentless alarm about our
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mortal foe vladimir putin and an actual threat to america has been rising in the east. if you are looking for a country to fret about, forget about russia. russians made the post to montenegro in the ukraine but phoenix and buffalo remain safe. the real danger to this country is china and everybody in power knows that. christopher wray describes china as by far the biggest espionage threat we face. there are thousands of chinese nationals in america right now working to spy and steal technology. and meanwhile china is literally poisoning the american population. synthetic opioids are the main driver of the drug epidemic that has killed more than 70,000 americans in just the last year. china is the biggest source of these drugs and the chinese government has done virtually nothing to stop the flow of them. why would they? this is war and they are
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winning. you might think our media might have noticed all of this, but, recently published nauseating piece of a reporter who traveled to china it turns out on the government's dime. over at "the washington post" you will periodically see and insert called "china watch." in fact it's literally a product of chinese state media, they paid it to place it, just as they put paid to place numerous think tanks around washington as well as, colleges and universities around the country. it's a huge propaganda push that cost a lot but over time, it's worth it. the chinese get what they pay for, a compliant establishment that uses fake threats in manufactured threats from russia to obscure real and imminent threats from china. it turns out they really are traitors in washington but they are not working for the kremlin.
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julian epstein joins us tonight. you and i both live in washington and we know personally a lot of people who are in effect on the chinese payroll. madeleine albright has made a lot of money. so how many people do you know were openly working for russia in washington? >> i think your basic point, the chinese are a greater long-term threat to us then russia, i think that's true. i think in the 1970s china had about 1% of the flows of world trade and they now have about 25%. about 2% of the global economy within the decade, they will be equal to the size of the u.s. economy and by 2050 there will be twice the size. i think when we brought them into the wto in 2001 that it would help them play fair and what we have seen since then is
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that they've cheated. they were certainly manipulating the currency and i don't think they play by the rules. i think one of the things i agreed with the president on was to get tough with china. i think he's right to get tough on china and i think the media ought to focus more on it. it's not as sensational so it's not going to get good ratings on cable television but it's a real problem. the disappearing middle class and is a real problem. it's not sensational and it's not going to be a sugar high for cable television so i don't think you will have any of the networks, not this network, not cnn, not msn or nbc focusing on those issues because you don't get the sugar high from that. that's not to say russia isn't a threat. russia has done lots of things and even though they are 1% in the world economy, they'll still do lots of things that are directly oppositional to us and our trying to destabilize us whether it's in the middle east, in syria, or the u.k.
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it doesn't mean they are not a real threat and it's not something to take seriously but i think your basic point is correct. that we are sleeping while rome burns with respect to china and we have not taken seriously the fact that they don't play by the rules. >> tucker: i'm waiting to jump in with a hostile question but you are making my case for me. i think you are absolutely right. and thank you for being honest about that. it's not a partisan thing, there are a ton of republicans working on behalf of china i'm embarrassed to say. >> democrats are finally waking up that there is a real threat that china doesn't play by the rules. i think he's right to say this is a real problem. >> there is all this moral outrage about russia and saudi arabia, neither of which i've ever been in favor of by the way. but the idea that a country we are allied with ss needs one of
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its political opponents, that's bad but it's a daily occurrence in china and no one says anything about it. i just wonder should we treat the people in washington, who have a lot of power, should we treat them as traders in the same way that anyone who deals with russia is a traitor? >> i think your point about evenhandedness is well taken. i think the chinese do horrible things to journalists and dissidents and i think in a lot of cases the social media giants enable the bad behavior that's going on in a lot of autocratic machine regimes. i think if your point is proportionality, the news, and particularly cable news, i agree with that point that you are making. that doesn't mean to say that when the saudis go and kill an american journalist that we shouldn't get tough on the saudis. that doesn't mean to say if the russians create a military
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intelligence attack on the united states that that's not something we should take seriously and we should get to the bottom of that. but your basic point is there is selective outrage, lots of chest stepping and morally superior indignation that occurs on the russia issue. and you and i may have slightly different views on that. >> i'm trying to argue with you but you are doing a better job than i could. i think there's a reason to be upset about what happened with russia and reason to be upset with saudi arabia but if you are going to be outraged on those issues, your point is correct that you should be equally outraged. and you are exactly right about that. >> tucker: thank you so much. gordon chang has been thinking about these questions for a very long time. he's the author of the coming collapse of china. put this in to perspective if you would. to what extent do you think the
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chinese government influences american policy? >> certainly across the board. we saw during the midterm elections at the chinese try to influence outcomes and they did that with not only that famous "des moines register" four-page insert but they also summoned the heads of wall street firms to beijing for that september 16th meeting. you go on and on about the types of things -- >> tucker: let me pause there for our viewers who don't know what you're referring to. they summoned them to do what? >> to talk about the midterm elections, talk about the tariffs and trade relationship. because beijing was very concerned about what the trump administration is doing to oppose those on china. so they said it, we are holding this meeting and we want you there and a lot of people from wall street actually took the flight to beijing. >> tucker: american citizens summoned by the communist chinese government actually wen
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went? >> they actually went and they held that meeting. now i don't think it had any real effect and the reason is, across the american political spectrum right now people are starting to understand the fundamental nature of the challenge that china poses to us and is certainly a much greater challenge than russia because russia couldn't challenge the u.s. if it weren't for being backstopped by the chinese. >> tucker: so you have to think of russia as sort of a drunk troublemaker, they can make some prank calls but in the end of china's economy is about to become as julie noted correctly larger than ours. so why aren't we completely freaked out about our future? >> we shouldn't be because the chinese are taking hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property each year by theft or force transfer and that is the lifeblood of our economy because we have an innovation-based economy. if we can't commercialize our
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economy then we don't have an economy. we end up selling agricultural products to the world and maybe scrap metal but the point is we need to have the technological giants that will dominate the future of the world's economy. they should be american. and china, by means which certainly aren't fair, is trying to do that. one other thing, you mentioned fentanyl and the opioid crisis. they know about these chinese gangs that are selling fentanyl into the u.s. so those gangs couldn't operate unless they had beijing's approval. officials on china are making money for it and in other cases the chinese officials are standing back but they purposely want to see americans die and we can't forget that. >> tucker: tens of thousands of americans do who die every year because of synthetic opioids manufactured in china. and yet i can't remember the last time i heard someone in our political class they why. >> i think there are a lot of reasons. a lot of people are getting money from china and a number of
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reasons for other people are that they sort of believe that we should be engaging the chinese. this is the nixon policy of trying to work with beijing so it's not on the outside of the international system. it hasn't worked over four decades. we tried all sorts of things and it hasn't worked. we tried negotiation and engagement, we took all those things and unfortunately the chinese behavior in the economy and other things has just gotten worse. >> tucker: gordon chang, thank you very much for that, great to see you. employees at google just got caught once again plotting to crash political views that they don't like. we will have the details on that after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: more evidence that the sinister tech monopoly google is not on the level at all what he claims to be. google employees discuss suppressing conservative news websites. in one post from november 9th of 2016, a google engineer called scott bier called "the daily caller" and breitbart opinion blogs and said that google employees should reduce the visibility of both sites and other employees said it was the company's job to provide more context to rebut more news context that they dislike. robert epstein is a psychologist at the american institute for behavioral research and technology and one of the people that's paid closest attention to
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the power that google has. thank you for coming on tonight. google has said repeatedly it does not manipulate search results but this is not even close to the first piece of evidence we have from within the company showing google employees discussing ways to manipulate search results. can we be confident they are not doing it? >> not at all. google is extremely good at keeping its secrets for almost 20 years but in the last few months that has changed and there have been quite a number of leaks and we have seen a number of internal discussions there like the one that you just described. there is simply no question that they have strong political leanings and i myself am not a conservative, i actually kind of lean toward google's political views, but it's frightening to me because of what i studied day by day, it's frightening to me that this company with very
5:19 pm
strong political leanings has the power to shift millions of votes and shift opinions on a massive scale without people knowing that they are doing it and without being accountable to the public. >> tucker: how can you have a democracy under those circumstances where one ivatelyeld company has the power to manipulate people's behavior without people knowing it? >> if that's what i'm saying and that's exactly what is happening here. the situation gets even worse when these huge tech companies, the two largest being google and facebook, they both have the same political leanings. and that kind of scenario, we are talking about the ability to shift in the midterm elections and i calculated upwards of 12 million votes with no one having any idea that they are doing this. this is not fake ads which you can see, this is an visible manipulation. i literally have to invent new names for the techniques they are using because they have
5:20 pm
never existed before. >> tucker: so google assures us that they are not doing this because they are good people, much better people than we are for example. how can we know if they are telling the truth and, should we believe them? >> they are sure they are good people, that's part of the problem. they have some utopian thinking within the company, not just the employees but their top executives think like utopians so, believe me, they believe that they are doing good for humanity and good for the united states by imposing their values and their thinking on the rest of us. the problem is as they say, they can do it in ways that have never existed before in human history. >> tucker: so i know we said, you and i have different political views, how can the united states congress sit back with evidence that the core idea of democracy is being challenged by this company and not do anything about it?
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>> the democrats are going to do anything because these companies help them obviously. the republicans don't like regulations so we have a tough problem here in the u.s. now the europeans on the other hand, they see these companies as american, and they have been much tougher on them. i think we are going to see some pretty drastic actions taken against these companies by the e.u. in the next few years and that could change their ability to operate worldwide. >> tucker: i never thought i'd be waiting for france and germany to come to our rescue but that's where we are unfortunately. thank you very much, great as always. she has frequently stood up to big tech, and she's joining us tonight. so this again is yet another example of evidence from within this company and the other examples, like from facebook, that show that they are not on
5:22 pm
the level, they are lying to us and they could undermine the very basis of our democracy. so why is congress standing by in the face of the evidence and doing nothing? >> let me add to that, why is the department of justice not opening up? why is the federal trade commission not investigating them for their deceptive trade practices and failure to disclose the manipulation of data? so today itself, the european union opened up a new -- it's forth in the last two years, investigation into google for antitrust issues for manipulating the search. so far they've been fined at $7.1 billion in europe and the last several months but nothing in the united states for the same issues. one of the reasons tucker, these companies, both of them are very adept at spreading money around to capitol hill including through the use of a former republican congresswoman, susan molinari. and that's why you see legislators backed off for the most part.
5:23 pm
we are talking about fascistic control of our data in a way that is perceived and benevolent certainly by liberals and is not being criticized at all by the right. as a very difficult situation. >> tucker: so what's the point of having a government and sending half your income every year to washington if they won't protect you from the most basic and obvious threat to our system which is these companies? why do we have a government if they won't stand up to google or facebook? >> interestingly i think we will see some action in the new congress because liberals are concerned about the data theft, much more so than conservatives are. but we still want saying, i can see anything about this bias in terms of viewpoint, and in addition to what you've covered so far, obviously there is the suppression of youtube videos on an ideological basis and it google also discourages its advertisers from advertising on conservative platforms like breitbart and others.
5:24 pm
google search engine has labeled the california republican party as having ideology and republican women as enablers. it's the most despicable, defamatory work and it's all protected by the communications decency act which members of congress could certainly edit and change, but they don't. i'm very disappointed in our government and its failure to act on these issues. >> tucker: so as you pointed out very quickly, these companies operate the way they do because they have a special exemption from the congress which could revoke that exception because they are not platforms, their media companie companies. name if you wouldn't since we are alive now, three or four members of congress who might lead the charge against this. >> well, i don't think any members of congress currently have identified themselves as being hostile to this but, jim jordan certainly seems to be somebody who is familiar with
5:25 pm
these issues and matt gaetz matt gaetz is another. i think these guys are sensitive to these issues and i don't think they will be holding to big tech. but we have had senators, mike lee looked at the situation and backed off. i'd like them to take a hard look at this and have some hearings and really put them on the spot. i have suggested that some hard questions need to be asked and i know that there are certainly -- there's an intention to ask some hard questions. >> tucker: you've been brave on this question, we are grateful for it. a man who said he was trying to blow the whistle on the iranian one deal said the fbi repaid him by raiding his couch. more on that after the break.
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>> tucker: here's an interesting story may not have seen. fbi agents raided the home of our uranian one whistle-blower. a man called dennis nathan kane has turned over documents to the doj as well as to both house and senate intel committees. the documents allegedly's show that federal officials failed to investigate criminal activity in the iranian one deal. now the fbi repaid him by sending 16 agents to rate his
5:30 pm
house for six hours. dan bongino is a former secret service agent and author of "spygate: the attempted spygate with donald trump." this is one of those stories that i don't want to believe could be true. >> i don't want to believe that either. i would sum it up like this. it's either really bad for the clintons are really bad for the fbi meaning this. you don't typically raid a whistle-blowers house. the whole idea of being a whistle-blower is you are providing information voluntarily to assist a law enforcement or the government. why you would raid the house is puzzling to a lot of people. some people believe that this could be really bad for the clintons and be kind of a tying up of the clinton foundation case that appears to be being
5:31 pm
investigated by john huber right now, the united states attorney. on the other hand, tucker, listen. the people involved in this uranium one case are all people who are knee-deep in the spygate saga. that's just the fact, it's not a conspiracy theory, it's true. rod rosenstein was a prosecuting united states attorney on the precursor case. that disaster, bob mueller was the fbi director. so forgive me for not being willing to give everyone a pass on a suspicious raid on a whistle-blowers pass, it's just a matter of fact. i guess i should say it this way, i'm not taking anybody at their word anymore and neither should you, either. >> tucker: what is surprising is who is not asking questions about this. for generations the left elevated the idea of whistle-blowing to a sanctified place. whistle-blowers were protected. they are protected in law and protected because liberals
5:32 pm
wanted them protected. i haven't heard anybody at the left complain about the fbi raid on this guys house, why is that? >> the rage that donald trump -- you have brought this up so many times they can't be highlighted enough. the left which previously aligned with groups like the american civil liberties union was actually interested at one point or more in defending civil liberties has completely abandoned that now. they have now flipped the script entirely as who actually defending weaponized government. it's unbelievable the transformation that we see. it's not in dispute, there are serious abnormalities in the way that donald trump investigation has been conducted, and the clinton investigation and the iranian one investigations were sidelined. but nobody is even remotely curious on the left about this. as you know with government, some days it turns on youtube. government doesn't respect
5:33 pm
party. it's all about power. >> tucker: dan bongino, have a great weekend. as you all know, dozens of u.s. cities have decided they are not going to enforce federal immigration laws because they don't feel like it. now, one police chief is looking to apply the same standard to gun-control law. how much support will he get? he joins us, next. ♪ h the duvet i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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♪ >> tucker: merry christmas from general motors, the car company has announced plans to lay off 15,000 workers and shut down major factories in the state of michigan, maryland and ohio. the cuts are coming despite the fact that general motors has posted nearly $3 billion in profit last quarter. workers at at one soon to be cd plants that they were blindsided
5:38 pm
by the decision and didn't know what was coming. one person who will not be struggling to buy christmas presents is the ceo, mary barat. she made nearly $22 million in the last year and that makes her the industry's highest paid ceo. toyota ceo by stark comparison makes less than 4 million per year even though he runs a far more successful company. what has mary barth done to earn all that money? she laid off thousands of workers, shut down plants and overseen the recall of tens of millions of defective vehicles. a few years ago she was forced to testify to congress about faulty ignition switch is that killed more than 100 drivers. in modern corporate america, that's considered a deeply successful record. give that woman a raise" mike! of course there is one obvious solution, fire mary barra. for years liberal cities and states have been claiming the right to ignore federal immigration law. now one small town police chief
5:39 pm
in washington state is saying the same principle can be applied to far-reaching gun law laws. a new gun-control ordinance in washington imposes stricter background checks, raises the age for buying a semiautomatic rifle and allows gun owners to be criminally prosecuted if the firearms are stolen or used illegally. he says he wants his town to be a sanctuary from these new gun laws. some of the local residents impose, oppose the new measure. >> opponents say it allows gun owners to secure them in a way that could be dangerous. >> you're not going to tell the criminal, could you hold on for a moment because i have a lot t locked and i have to safely store it somewhere. >> you call police and things go down, that's less than one minute and the seconds count. >> tucker: chief, thanks very much for coming on.
5:40 pm
it's good to see you. >> good evening, tucker, thanks for having me. >> so is this in fact the sanctuary for the gun laws of your state? >> i have suggested an ordinance and recommended it to the city council and if they are in the process of reviewing that and doing their due diligence to see if they want to pass that. as far as the police department goes, we will not be enforcing that. >> tucker: subsidies that have decided to ignore federal immigration law have received the applause and support of almost everyone on the american left. what do you think the response will be if you are town passes this ordinance? >> i don't think the same people would be very happy. the thing about it is, illegal immigrants are covered by the bill of rights and the constitution and gun owners are. >> tucker: a very good point. so what will happen next?
5:41 pm
will the governor of the state try to force you to enforce the law that you think is unconstitutional? >> well i don't know how it could, tucker. we live in a constitutional republic, contrary to what a lot of people tell us, that we live in a democracy. but we have the rule of law in this state and the united states, and the constitution is the law of the land. everybody knows what the second amendment says, a lot of your viewers may not know what the washington state constitution says about firearms but quickly it says the right of the individual citizen to bear arms against himself or the state shall not be impaired. so i don't know how they can get around that and try to force me to go against my oath of office to uphold that. >> tucker: it that's interesting. it sounds like it's already being ignored. so really quickly, the state law would require gun owners to keep their guns locked up at all
5:42 pm
times. >> it requires you to keep it locked up because if someone gains access to your gun, say you are away from home and someone breaks in and steals your gun, and then commits a crime with it, you could be charged with a felony for that person getting her gun and committing a crime. >> charging someone who has your car stolen, it's ridiculous. >> that is ridiculous. and good for you for fighting back against it. thank you very much for coming on and explaining it. >> ted and charmaine nugent told me to tell you high. >> tucker: always a good message especially on a friday night. there is no war on christmas. that some right wing lied thaty
5:43 pm
some believe. we will tell you what it is when we come back. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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♪ >> tucker: the forces of darkness and wrong in the holiday season with an attack on "rudolph the red nose reindeer" and that was at huff po. and now an attack on the classic "baby, it's cold outside." w dok has dropped the song from its listener lineup after someone claimed it was inappropriate in the wake of the me too movement. how about that shaming songs about santa claus, will they be the next to go.
5:48 pm
kathy, great to see you tonight. it does seem like a lot of the songs about santa make reference to his weight in a way that's not very sensitive. >> i mean i don't think he minds, he's a jolly guy. >> tucker: "baby it's cold outside." is that something we need to give up? >> i looked at a few years back and people commented if you read the lyrics, it's not a holiday song. it doesn't say happy holidays or christmas or anything, it's just cold outside. and older man is telling the young woman to stay there and have another drink. if you read it -- >> tucker: she's getting roofies. >> yeah. you get to a point where she sticks around -- >> tucker: is
5:49 pm
human warmth and romance illegal? >> this guy is slipping or something. >> she said i'm trying to say noel, noel. the song explains it. she saying no in the song and no means no, tucker. >> tucker: when mommy kisses santa claus, has consent been given? >> it sound like mommy was okay with that. >> tucker: so when this fat guy comes down your chimney and shows up in your living room, that's voluntary? >> i don't think so. would've frosty the snowman person be a more inclusive title do you think? >> i think so. and snow, and it depends. if they sing it with a sombrero,
5:50 pm
and they are mocking at the culture, they crossed the line. >> but if they sing it just humming along in the soundtrack at walmart, will in what sense what they appreciate it. >> they truly appreciate the language in the culture. and that's enough to not be a cultural appropriate her. >> it's a fine line. >> tucker: last question and this is dead serious. do you think that rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a victim of bullying? >> that's the whole tale, he's a victim of bullying. >> tucker: so is it so corrosive because rudolph accepts the bullying and he doesn't fight back, that you would keep it from your kids? >> you would have to talk it over and explain it what the kids. the kids today understand anti-bullying much more than what it was first created. >> tucker: so when you sit down the kids and say, rudolph
5:51 pm
is about to be bullied and he seems complicit in his own -- there is some stockholm syndrome going on now. and he is leading it anyway? >> you sit down with a child to explain any bullying story. now rudolph needs an explanation. >> do you think that detroit detracts from the joy of christmas? >> with this 2018 generation, you would have to explain why he's being bullied for having a red nose. >> isn't it interesting that -- on the one one and they seem hardened but on the other hand they seem incredibly sensitive? >> i can't imagine they would be doing those things. great to see you as always. allie is a host of a very popular podcast. this christmas seem as fun as it used to?
5:52 pm
>> no it doesn't and i was just thinking as you guys were talking, how did i survive my childhood years without my parents sitting me down and talking to me? and they are telling us how we should be offended. >> we are kind of complicit in the culture that we grew up in. so in huff po, which is obviously a ludicrous website, when they run a piece like this, if the rest of us pay any attention and i'm guilty of this as well, if we are not giving it legitimately legitimacy, then we can't pretend that these people that are deeply mad at their parents exist? >> i think we just have to remind of them that everything you are seeing is absolutely absurd. this has kind of become a
5:53 pm
sardonic sport on the left, almost a competition to see who could say the most absurd or progressive thing about things that have otherwise been innocuous. so at least they can say, let's talk about this. >> you don't think they are kind of trolling us in the end? i mean i sometimes feel like it's too easy to get a rise out of me and it's better to laugh at them and say, go back to your side dystopia in brooklyn and argue against the mic amongst yourself. but i'm not participating in this. >> i see what you are saying that i think we need to weigh in on these conversations because if we let them slide, they do slip into the mainstream. this is why it's so hard to parody the left, and the things they say sound like satire and i do think that we need to call that out for fear that this will become normal.
5:54 pm
>> tucker: do you think ten years from now people will be free to use the term snowman? >> it's already snow person. haven't you heard its gingerbread person? you are behind the times. >> tucker: my producer just said in my ear, snowfall. have you heard of this? >> i can't even say that, i will have to work on that. >> tucker: i'm not playing along. the mailman brings christmas cards with no men on them. that's a world that i live in and i'm not changing. thank you very much, great to see you tonight. we've always had a place in our heart and in the lineup for this show for the weird and unexplained act, and nothing is changing tonight. we are bringing you news of a newly found skeleton that washed up from the sea and that raises the question, what is under the
5:55 pm
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6:00 pm
it is a new zealand rough skate that lives about 700 feet below the surface and of course now it will reside forever in your nightmares. that's our gift to you going into this weekend, and we will be back monday night at eight. the show that's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. >> sean: trump versus the left-wing resistance. zero evidence of trump russia collusion and tonight we will show you the real story behind the mueller witch hunt and why it's a witch hunt, perjury traps, legally, legal bribery in america. tell us this and you get a get out of jail free card. persecution led by a team of big-time democratic donors and even hillary supporters and lawyers and trump hati


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