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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 1, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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at first but i convinced them to do it and at the end they wanted to pose for a picture with someone else trying to get them out of the way and 41 grabbed to be and pulled me back into the picture. i love it. the life of president george herbert walker bush. here is jon scott. jon: d4. ♪ jon: good evening welcome to the fox report. america in morning tonight after the death of former president george h.w. bush. ninety-four years old. president bush's legacy etched in the fabric of america as of the youngest navy pilots in world war ii with decades of public service as a congressman to un ambassador director of vice president in 1989 the 41st president of the united states and the father of her president and the son of a senator he
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occupies a unique place at the helm of one of the deepest political dynasties. married to barbara bush 70 years. the post white house years were marked with a spirit of adventure. just doing something else at around watching the tv so get out there and realize that 80 years old you still have a life. jon: we begin with fox team coverage is in buenos aires with reaction from president trump life from the nation's capital also but we will look at houston, texas near the former presidents you will - - home. reporter: george h.w. bush moved to this neighborhood shortly after leaving the white house in the 19
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nineties. they consider houston their home and some members of the community, here today leaving flowers outside of the gates large american flags and smaller flags and funeral wreaths. we could tell you according to "the new york times", the president's final words were to his son george on the phone 41 said i love you too. jon: the statement said after 94 remarkable years our dad has died. the man of the highest character and the best data center daughter could ask for. the entire bush family is grateful 41's life in the compassion of those with cared and prayed for dad in the condolences of friends and fellow citizens. his brother jeb bush former governor of florida tweeted i
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already miss the greatest human being i will ever know. love you dad. granddaughter jenna posted waking up missing this giant of a man who gave me everything. we have learned james baker former secretary of state was among the close circle of people who were here late friday night according to "the new york times" along with the president son and the reverend from their church here in houston. so a small group of friends and family at the presidents bedside when he passed last night. jon: president trump expressing his condolences to friends and family of jordan should be bush in argentina where he is holding a high-stakes meeting of the leaders of the g 20 summit.
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>> good evening. to be sure for the president here in argentina but it is also fair to say that much of the day was reflecting on the memory of the 41st president of the united states. >> we will be spending three days of mourning and three days of celebrating a really great man and he certainly deserves it. he really does. i spoke with jeb and george today. and they spoke how much they loved him and he love them comments are coming in from all over the globe and the obama's on the passing of president h to be bush's america has lost a patriot and a humble servant.
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our hearts are heady today we also filled with gratitude and goes on to say george h.w. bush's life gives a testament to the public service is a noble, and joyous thing. the president of france says on behalf of the french people i convey all of my condolences on the loss of president george bush as a leader who strongly supported the alliance with europe. the leaders are recalling the incredible public service of a man is pointed out, not just a father to another us president but also of the governor, war hero in his own right. meanwhile here at the g 20 president trump schedule has dinner with the chinese president talking about increasing world security collaboratively.
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i want to pass on a couple of other notes the president mentioned that when he returns to washington he will arrive in houston where it will carry the casket where he will lay in repose beginning on monday of this week. also the g 20 communication all the nations agree with the exception of the paris climate accord which the us continues to reject that agreement. jon: thank you from when a terrorist. coming in from all parts of the nation condolences including where current and former lawmakers talking directly with the 41st president. >> when republicans often say this in their speeches but that we forget admits the legislation. it doesn't come from washington d.c. but what
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operates best so as that understated effort with the presidential spotlight in every part of the country helping other people to make it as great as it is. jon: now we have more reaction. >> lawmakers across the spectrum are remembering the 41t president as a kind and devoted public servant. >> use to write notes and cards to people he had a certain love for people that brought dignity to his office and his character. >> nancy pelosi duties sacrifice commitment and patriotism that is what
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president bush preached that it was a privilege to work with him to ensure america lives up to the founders promise about hope and freedom. he was described as being blessed with many gifts the first was his wife in the family that they built adding today the bush family is in morning but also god gave this country george and barbara bush. so to honor and remember a man that they would work with and know well so chuck schumer says he was a fine man doing even what you thought was best for america it is needed more now than when it was first called for.
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but to be full of extraordinary content to the white house with goodness and decency and bravery to ever achieve the presidency. but those who aspire to service in the future. but the president will lie in state getting with the arrival sunday one --dash on monday starting 7:30 p.m. eastern time through wednesday decemberh 7:00 a.m. eastern. jon: thank you from washington. the presidents passing spreads around the world international leaders are praising the former commander-in-chief sending condolences and admiration for the former presidents statesmanship. we are in london with more international reaction. . >> one of president george h.w. bush's accomplishment is
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a peaceful end to the cold war with his background of diplomacy as a vice president of reagan there is no one more equal to the job with the upheaval of eastern europe of soviet union i heard that enthusiasm and for the support of the us and president bush. i heard some frustration but as an analyst point out to talk about the winds of change also talk about helping people help themselves and in the statement today former savient - - soviet president mikael gorbachev says we work to gather of years of great changes in with the nuclear arms race he was a genuine partner. he was ahead of other western leaders with a united germany
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but president bush helped to bring them into nato and the european union. . >> and one of the. >> we saw president with the fall of the wall on that day it can never erasure dreams allowing a lot of people to dream all around the world. jon: also remembered as a decorated navy pilot enlisted at 18 years old six months after the attack on pearl harbor and one year after being sworn in he got his pilot's license making one of the youngest pilots in the navy he also survived after being shot down in the pacific in 1844 the navy had a touching tribute saying
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fairwinds serve. we have the watch. those who knew president george h.w. bush the best thing he was patriotic and to weigh in on his legacy in the white house but leaders gather today at the annual reagan defense forum honoring the late president's national security strategy. . >> here in the valley where the spirit of the gipper lives on we cannot begin today to acknowledge in the past of that true patriot president t3 george h.w. bush a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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jon: leaders of the annual reagan national forum opening the gathering with a tribute to former president teetwelve and urging attendees to reflect on the end of the cold war during his term. that it should be used as a lesson for today's security challenges. on the reagan national defense
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forum. >> we open this morning with breakfast with a moment of silence for president bush we heard heartfelt tribute after tribute from the top leaders secretary defense jim mattis earlier today. . >> we cannot begin without acknowledging the passing of the true patriot president teetwelve one of the youngest aviators in our history , decorated as a statesman he taught us how to live a life without regret all of us should have role models as a human condition we always put others first spirit this is my six-time participating in the reagan national defense forum the first one conducted a survey on how american views the military among the most surprising findings that it
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enjoys more support among democrats than republicans. half and more than half view them as an enemy and they fear more on their personal computer being hacked in a terror attack but like russia brazenly firing on the ukrainian warships asking how he plans to deter this kind of behavior quick. >> mister putin is clearly a slow learner dealing with someone that we cannot trust. the relationship has worsened. >> this is the first time we have heard an official say that russia attempted to interfere in the last midterms one month ago.
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and then to be the most pressing urgent threat testing the third icbm reaching the shores of the east coast of the united states the discussion here has been on the defense budget and can the us deter this type of aggression from russia and north korea and iran as well. jon: thank you. as we continue to remember president teetwelve we are getting more insight into his administration at that turning point in history. serving as white house personnel director during the presidency he also worked in the reagan administration and our guest right now. ron, those are important jobs in any white house but
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obviously the guy at the top sets the tone so you are personnel director what was bush 41 looking for in the people that worked for him quick. >> people like him and believe deeply in the country what they were trying to accomplish so if you look at the team of foreign-policy side of brent scowcroft and colin powell and dick cheney and of foreign-policy folks the same is true on the domestic side with people coming together so we have that honest belief and we did not want to let him down at any point in time.
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i've been working for the bushes 40 years everyday of my life i get the opportunity. jon: he came to the office with an impressive resume congressman, senator, un ambassador and also vice president. nobody knew the world better than h w bush. >> and nobody knew the players better. it always amazed me that he could call any country would know the president, former president but also the head of the security department he spent a lifetime of collecting people. a lot of us have acquaintances
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but george bush collected friends. all kinds of friends. and then some like me that were not quite that good but then to make a difference in this country. jon: may be a personal question but do you think did you ever disappoint him? [laughter] jon: he seems like such a gentle man and a kind soul how does he express displeasure quick. >> the joke in the white house if you had to make a mistake with the president or mrs. butch long - - mrs. bush, sorry mister president. [laughter] he would tell you and then forget it and he felt the same
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way those were tough task masters with what you were doing it is a great place to work and i love every single day. >> following in the footsteps of ronald reagan he had the words that he was as good or maybe nobody could be that trying to outline what he saw ahead for the country and what he was trying to accomplish quick. >> i'm sure you do remember as vice president they became great great friends and trusted each other they didn't talk about it wasn't something you read in the papers.
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but president reagan trusted george bush. he trusted him to take his campaign. so it is an exciting time to work. george bush ended the cold war without one shot being fired. people talk about the goal for me he would say that in the end with the parades and the flags after it was all over, th! to the end of the vietnam war. jon: it was an extraordinary moment of the cold war and he
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was there to oversee the fall of the berlin wall. >> and was smart enough to realize gorbachev could be put in a corner among the hardliners so he stayed out of it not taking credit for it. or to say that we won but kept quiet. people wanted him around him to take credit for it but he chose not to and it was much better for everyone. jon: you worked very closely with president t3 thank you for sharing those memories with us with president george h.w. bush. jon: more coverage and what he said about his own legacy and his own administration would be remembered. . >> shortly after he came into office with a golden resume of any president and it could
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jon: i am jon scott this is the fox report we are looking back on the life of former president t five died at the age of 94. 's legacy is largely defined by form policy including a coalition victory in kuwait his approval rating soared to nearly 90 percent during that operation arguing that history was the ultimate judge of his leadership in times of "war and peace". . >> i did not lack for support during those four years. to do things right or better the beautiful thing is those 40 million documents and
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history makes that determination. jon: from the presidential library in texas. >> the museum is filled with the hallmarks that are the presidency 55 george h.w. bush love his presidency and selflessness and bipartisanship, good humor. there is a story inside he told his grandmother i scored three goals she said how did the team do? that is the george bush we became to know and love. he was a one term president sandwiched between reagan and clinton notable for different reasons but not unlike president nixon whose accomplishments historians recognize beyond the shadow of watergate. the executive director says the bush years are finally
3:32 pm
getting there do. >> i have been here since 1993 since he left office is ranking has surely grown. it takes 25 or 30 years to look back on the presidents career and to put them into history to evaluate this is a success or not and history has been and will be kind to him. >> some of the things that you already talked about of the modern day presidency like the berlin wall without firing a shot, the breakup of the soviet union and communism without violence the american disabilities act strengthening the clean air act and also spending 100 days liberating kuwait. the mayor of kuwait issued a statement to say bush tried to
3:33 pm
create a new national border based on justice and equality of nations. he never forgot the kuwaiti people in their memory also former soviet premier gober gorbachev said it's a time of great change it with the nuclear arms race so the museum celebrates the presidents life it will be the final resting place and we do now know that air force one will pick up the president in houston on monday as they returned to houston and then by train on thursday he will be laid to rest in a private ceremony. jon: we have more on the life and legacy of former president george h.w. bush. >> a new breeze is blowing and
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it seems reborn for in the man's heart because the day of the dictator is over. >> george's hardest task was to have the green light or operation desert storm. but he is credited to keep the nation away from saddam hussein. before george h.w. bush took his first step into the white house he learned to walk in kennebunkport maine. in 1924 in the town of middleton massachusetts where the family was already deeply involved in public service. second to five and centered on - - son of senator prescott bush and he was accepted at yale the put his education on hold for the second world war to serve his country instead.
3:35 pm
in 1942 he celebrated his 18th birthday by enlisting in the us naval reserve within one year he was and send the youngest fighter pilot in the navy. taking part in 58 combat missions in the pacific theater flying on a special mission over china when he was shot down by the japanese and forced to bail at sea. he survived although his crew did not. >> i am floating on a raft paddling then all of a sudden i see this tower come up and the submarine would surface. >> with the end of the war insight he set his sights to wed in 1945 while still in the navy they had six children including the 43rd president george w. bush and popular florida governor jeb. graduating from yale before he and barbara moved to texas to find his dreams on the oil field by the age of 30 he was
3:36 pm
founder of zapata off share with experimental drilling equipment but just like his father he was attracted to public service in politics after losing his first political race for the senate seat in 1864 he was elected to the house months later serving two terms in a nixon urged him to run again for the senate. he moved on to government positions richard nixon appointed him ambassador to the united nations and in 73 to become chairman of the rnc at the height of the watergate scandal. bush urged nixon to resign for the good of the party. >> i shall resign tomorrow. >> president ford sent bush to china as chief of the liaison office and then ford called him home to be director of the cia ambush was credited to bring morale back to the agency.
3:37 pm
he left in 1977 when carter entered the white house. in 1879 he was ready to get back into the political life. >> ladies and gentlemen,, i am a candidate for president of the united states. seen as a moderate alternative to ronald reagan but dropped out after four primary performance is a short time later he accepted reagan's offer to be his running mate reagan won in a landslide. eight years as vice president bush is credited with softening reagan's view of the soviet union and pressed hard on issues like deregulation and the war on drugs with a natural progression he became the republican party's nominee in 1988 with senator dan quayle as the running mate. beating michael to caucus and benson. >> i do solemnly square on - -
3:38 pm
swear some of the soviet union dissolved during his presidency and manwell noriega was arrested securing that when everything came to a head with neighboring kuwait. >> we are not walking away until this invader is out of kuwait. >> he reacted quickly with over 400,000 us troops building a strong coalition. operation desert storm had begu begun. the majority of americans support the president's decision to thrust him back into iraq and the popularity was at an all-time high looking unbeatable a second term but he broke the campaign promise. >> read my lips. [applause] . >> that would come back to haunt the 41st president and in the fall of 1990 the war a
3:39 pm
distant memory he lost to clinton. he traveled to kuwait to commemorate the gulf war in 1993 with the assassination plot in his life was uncovered but he was not harmed. later discovered from the iraq intelligence service they called all that one of the defendants bush retired to texas with a four round one - - a few rounds of court shoes wanted horseshoe spending time with the family in maine and reliving memories of when he was a boy. >> i can honestly say that the three most rewarding titles bestowed upon me are the three i have left. husband, father, granddad. >> while retired he was active until the end joining forces with bill clinton to raise
3:40 pm
money for the victims of the 2004 indian ocean tsunami and hurricane katrina in 2005. the former president formed a close friendship continuing the charity work enjoying annual lunches at bush's home in kennebunkport using his experience and insight to serve as a quiet advisor to his eldest son the 43rd president. here attending the presidential library dedication in 2013 to share a few words. >> i'm glad to be here. god bless america. thank you very much. [applause] bush even kept up with public debate by joining twitter where he often shared photos of his colorful socks that became part of his signature look. age brought health challenges a form of parkinson's that left him wheelchair-bound and brief hospital stays for
3:41 pm
pneumonia, bronchitis in the fall. but not enough to keep them out of the white house throwing out the first pitch and pregame ceremonies at the super bowl in the houston hometown. reuniting with his former running mate and vice president dan quayle in july catching a glimpse of the rare in eclipse across the country alongside his family in august. one of bush's last public appearances was that his beloved wife's funeral where he met with former presidents, first ladies and the current first lady. bush recently returned to kennebunkport joining fellow veterans for a pancake breakfast before he was hospitalized for low bread pleasure and one - - low blood pressure in fatigue this is the first time they did not attend the annual memorial day
3:42 pm
parade to say he is forever grateful not only to those patriots who made that ultimate sacrifice but also the goldstar families is imbued with their honor. known for their maturity and straightforward approach george h.w. bush called this country to be better in hopes of inspiring the people to be great. >> i think historians will say we did pretty well. that's all right for me. i'm not in a rush. they can make that determinatio determination. jon: we will be back in just a moment. a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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jon: not only an athlete but an avid sports fan of his hometown teams they posted tributes and remembrances and sharing a photo with the former president on histogram. the houston astros tweeted a full gallery president bush was a great american devoted to serving his country epitomizing his country with dignity and a true patriot. >> breathing a sigh of relate - - relief after seven.oh magnitude earthquake yesterday. overall many are thankful the damage was no worse. we are live from anchorage and what is the latest quick. >> that people of anchorage
3:48 pm
are getting back to normal remarkably quickly given the severity of the earthquake that rocked the area yesterday reconnaissance crews were flying over the region today looking for any areas of concern and damage thankfully they did not find very much what we saw was certain sections of highway that collapsed when the earthquakes hit. a couple of vehicles were caught precariously in the middle of those but thankfully nobody inside those vehicles were injured. other than that, the damage was limited to a couple of collapsed ceilings that? in the floor and shelves crashing to the floor with these kind of earthquakes that officials here in anchorage say that they realize they dodged a bullet with this
3:49 pm
one. >> in terms of a disaster it's more about who we are than what we suffered. >> it is prepared for these kinds of emergencies at this demonstration and then we follow the plans in place. >> and that really good news with only a handful of injuries. jon: thank you. president george h.w. bush to tighten public service with that profound impact and the migrant crisis is escalating along the southern border to
3:50 pm
mark a major shift in the country's politics. what does that mean for the us? next. . >> negotiations are ongoing
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jon: another migrant problem in tijuana mexico with thousands of migrants pouring in but they could be there for months until their cases are processed in the united states. we are live with more. >> it was a tense but quiet day along the us-mexico border with most acts happening in tijuana were several police officers got ready involving several migrants but what did happen several moved from a very old and cramped shelter that was bigger with concrete with an actual roof over their heads the old one they were packed together in tight quarters but he's hoping conditions improve. >> people are crying.
3:55 pm
a little kid and old people are crying for their friends there is nothing to eat. no bathrooms so we call to the government so they could help the people. jon: is also the inauguration day for the new incoming president lopez he is considered a leftist somebody who campaigned on helping many so they are interested to see how he will respond to this caravan so far he has a pretty good working relationship with president trump but also with the possibility maybe a march tomorrow but to say they didn't want the margin as big part of the reason why they did not see inaction on the other side of the border. jon: we have more continuing coverage of the former president george h.w. bush and
3:56 pm
how he is remembered in houston, texas the city where he made his home. plus a high-stakes dinner at the g 20 as president trump in chinese president t17 has escalating trade tensions. >> we'll talk about trade and other things also it is a very important meeting. if you're turning 65, you're probably learning important meeting. important m. doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medicare costs,
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>> the country morning at minute loss in the death of former president george hw bush. he's being remembered not only is the 41 president of the united states but as a husband, father and war hero. loss hitting especially hard in houston where he made his home. >> he was a good person, such a fine man and it was everything a president should be. he cared about the country and fought for us in world war ii and served so many positions over the years and he and his son were both president and they were just as good as it gets. jon: we begin with box team coverage, jennifer griffin is at the reagan national defense forum where leaders are paying tribute to the late president, kevin cork has reaction from president trump in fun is our eighth but we begin with senior


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