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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 1, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> the country morning at minute loss in the death of former president george hw bush. he's being remembered not only is the 41 president of the united states but as a husband, father and war hero. loss hitting especially hard in houston where he made his home. >> he was a good person, such a fine man and it was everything a president should be. he cared about the country and fought for us in world war ii and served so many positions over the years and he and his son were both president and they were just as good as it gets. jon: we begin with box team coverage, jennifer griffin is at the reagan national defense forum where leaders are paying tribute to the late president, kevin cork has reaction from president trump in fun is our eighth but we begin with senior
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correspondent leventhal reporting near the former president's home in houston. rick. reporter: john, george hw bush and his wife barbara famously spent the summers in kennebunk, maine but houston was their home. shortly after leaving the white house in the early 19 '90s they lived in the gated committee by me. barbara bush died inside their home in here at the age of 92 and her husband died inside their home after 73 years of marriage. her husband died here late last night started by a group of family and close friends and at least one member of the clergy according to "the new york times". bush 41 body is out on a nearby funeral home and according to president trump air force one will be used to fly him to washington where he will lie in state in the capitol rotunda until wednesday. members of the public can pay their respects when they
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declared a national day of mourning for george hw bush. there will be a funeral service on wednesday at the national cathedral in washington. it'll be attended by president trump in the way his wife melania and former presidents and other heads of state perhaps scores of them. after that, we are told george hw bush will be flown back home here to houston, texas where there will be a family funeral service at saint martin's abysmal church nearby and the president will be moved to college station, texas where his presidential library is located in people have been leaving flowers out the day today. of course, bush 41 had plenty of very famous quotes but we like to read one from his 80th birthday. george h of the bush saying -- i want to give something back. i want to live life to its fullest. every night barb and i say our prayers and we count our many blessings and give thanks to god. houston and the rest of america
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in mourning for george hw bush tonight. john. jon: rick, thank you. and president trump paying tribute to president hw bush calling him a terrific guy who's inspiring example will be greatly missed. presidents remarks coming in midst high-stakes meetings in argentina at the g20 summit. kevin cork is and when is aires with margaret kevin. reporter: evening, john. on a day that's off the president spent a great deal of time with world leaders trying to attempt to advance the american agenda at the 20 with traits right between the nations were swept off the proverbial front pages by the outpouring of well wishes from around the globe and leaders here in particular following the death of the 41st president of the united states. president trump: i want to thank the president for his nice, best wishes to the bush family. on behalf of a man that we all respected and liked very much.
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president bush and we very much appreciate that, mr. president. we will be going back and i will go back to washington right after this and we will be spending three days of mourning and three days of celebrating a really great man. jon: . reporter: be obama's issuing a statement and it reads in part -- meanwhile, bill clinton on twitter saying this -- i
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wanted to add the statement tonight, john, i thought you might find it interesting. this is from the dalai lama. he said this of hw bush. truer words have never been spoken there. i want to pass a couple of notes along to g20 communicate was passed without many reservations in the us continues to reject the paris climate accord and want to tell you this. mentioned in the open the president trump is on his way back to washington but don't forget when air force one makes the back it will head trade to houston where it will take the casket of the former president and bring it to washington. jon. jon: kevin cork from buenos aires. thank you. defense leaders today saluting president george hw bush at the national farm praising his not a
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record in management world affairs. jennifer griffin is light at the annual gathering in simi valley, california. reporter: jon, there have been heartfelt i partisan tributes to president george hw bush here at the reagan library or this prestigious national defense forum. months ago i spoke to senators joni ernst and here is what they said. >> what we have with president bush is a legacy that teaches us that relationships do matter. he did reach out to so many global communities, members, and allies in that legacy of public service and being willing to work with anybody and work across the aisle is one of the most important legacies that the president has given us. >> it is notable that the first airstrike conducted against isis and iraq were launched from the deck of the uss george hw bush
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august 8, 2014. a pair of f-18 super hornet marked the return of us combat operations in iraq. some in pain tribute have noted that there are other us presidents who have aircraft carriers named after them but none other than george herbert walker bush knew what it was like to fight someone. he was nation's youngest fighter pilot during world war ii, shut down over the pacific, defense contagion at a speed tribute today as well. >> we cannot begin your today without acknowledging the passing of the true patriot, president george bush, one of the youngest aviators in our history, decorated for valor, a lawyer and a statesman, he taught us how to live a life without regret. for all of us who need role models and that is the human condition, he always put others first. reporter: these national security leaders started the day with a moment of silence pain tribute to our 41st president.
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back to you, jon. jon: jennifer, thank you. joining me now, serve as deputy and acting attorney general under president george hw bush. george, your thoughts tonight as we remember the president 41. >> paul, my thoughts about president bush 41 are tinged with sadness today of course. it's great to have an opportunity to express condolences to the bush family. but when i think back on serving in the justice department when he was president, i think the thing that comes across to me is how much he cared on a very personal level about what crime at the time was doing to america. he put it into the 1992 state of the union address and i had the privilege of sitting in the oval office and breathing him on a program that we wanted to start, seeking his approval for, which we did.
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it started a seachange and how federal resources were used to fight violent crime and particularly in our inter- cities. that program continues to this day. it was continued in the clinton administration through the second bush and ministration, obama in ministration and in the trump administration today. the people who is designed to benefit where people that in the inner cities of the united states and president in that discussion in the oval office specifically asked about that. jon: it was such a time of turmoil. the breakup of the soviet union and ending of the cold war and the us emerged as the lone superpower and of course, invasion of iraq in response to saddam hussein's kuwait invasion and are you sometimes when you look back at what took place during those four years, are you surprised that the world changed so profoundly?
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>> it was a time of profound change and if we look back at what the president had to say about that at the time he recognized that and moved not just with it but ahead of it. there were so many things that he did that were looking around the corner and over the horizon into what american needed to do next to continue its leadership but more than anything i think what defines the bush presidency apart from policies and a brave decision to make sure that what had happened with iraq invading kuwait were not stand, as he put it. i think more than anything with this out is what an honorable man he was. i think history will recognize that he was one of the most honorable men to serve in the office of president of the united states. jon: i recall being in saudi arabia and covering the first gulf war when i read that the
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governor of arkansas had announced he was going to run against president bush as he was attending his second term and at the time the president was enjoying popularity rating near 90%. i thought this guy bill clinton is crazy. but the economy faltered and that, in large part, is what led to his being a single term. >> the people that are experts in politics, i think, will agree with you on that, jon. it was the economy and the state of the economy and turning direction that undercut all the compliments of his ministration and that was -- look, let's face it. that was a sad occasion for the president and those who served in. i will never forget standing on the south lawn of the white house with many other people
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serving in the in ministration when the president and mrs. bush came back from texas right after the election and there were tears streaming down mrs. bush's face. but the president pasted in the way he dealt with governor clinton in both the transition and "after words" i think again is an example of how it ought to be done. jon: we all knew once barbara bush passed away earlier this year that her husband would be joining her, not long after. talk a little bit about the relationship you saw between them. >> tremendous relationship between them. i think if you look at the way the entire bush family looked at his bush she was a leavening in those. no one got too big for their britches in the family, including the president of the united states. she was also a plane speaker and spoke her mind in an appropriate way. i think people, american people,
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and indeed, people across the world, but denies she was a source of strength to the bush 41 presidency. jon: as though world mourns the passing looks back on what he published not only in his four years as president but tremendous record of public service after that how do you think history will remember this man? >> they will remember him as an american statesman of the highest order. let's consider that by the time he became vice president he was already a towering presence among american statesman. his service as vice president and then president only added to that. that combined with his commitment to the people -- this was a person who was born to privilege but shunned it to go to west texas and start an oil company. as you mentioned earlier in the
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show, he went off to war at a very young age. my own dad also went to the south pacific the year he got out of school and served in the navy there. i've always had a particular admiration for a president who came from circumstances where he did not need to do that but volunteered it. not only is he a statement but an american hero. jon: more on his military service right now. george who served as equity secretary of state under president bush, thank you. >> thank you. jon: i'm sorry, i gave you a bit of a promotion. >> they did not quite get that far but jim baker was taking care of that. [laughter] jon: thank you for sharing your thoughts tonight. president bush also be remembered as a decorated the pilot during one or two. he listed at just 18 years old, six months after the attack on pearl harbor. a year after being sworn and he got his pilot's wings making him one of the youngest pilot in the
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navy. president bush survived after being shut down in a pacific in 1944 u.s. navy tweeting a touching tribute writing quote -- tributes to president george hw bush continue to pour in from those who knew and worked with him including supreme court justices who he appointed. also, in alaska an earthquake rattles more than just buildings but plenty of nerves, as well. >> we are in earthquake prone area and no stranger to earthquakes in alaska but each one brings its own separate challenges in this one was very strong. this is important for people with asthma.
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jon: reaction to the death of president george h to be bush coming from his two supreme court pics including justice clarence thomas we nominated in 1991. he writes -- retired justice
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david souter who president bush appointed in 1990 writes -- right now, many alaskans are breathing a sigh of relief after 7.0 magnitude earthquake battle the state's largest city yesterday. much work is needed to be done to repair the damage but the consensus among many things could have been much worse. jonathan hunt joins us live from anchorage with more. jonathan. reporter: the sun sets on another bitterly, cold and short winter stay here and anchorage and the surrounding region are recovering remarkably quickly
4:21 pm
given the intensity of the earthquake that struck yesterday. that is a testament to the resilience of the people in a testament to the resilience of the buildings in the city of anchorage you see behind us here. they are all built to strict new codes that were introduced after the devastating 1964 earthquake. no major damage to any of those buildings. the worst damage we have seen was to certain sections of highway around the anchorage area and some vehicles were caught as those highways collapsed and thankfully no one in the videos vehicles were injured with other damage we saw was mainly superficial and some ceiling falling in, tv studios and we saw shelves of supermarkets being destroyed as all the goods falling off them as well. cracks in buildings and windows blown out but that was about it and that is not to say it was not pretty intense and frightening for those who felt
4:22 pm
the earthquake. listen here. >> we felt the rumble come through and do exactly what was and ran outside. truck is taking back and forth. >> first time. everything was shaking. it felt like the ground was doing a dance. reporter: but officials tonight breathing a sigh of relief, jon, and admitting it could have been much worse. jon. jon: jonathan hunt in anchorage. thanks. america remembers former president george hw bush and we take your life to the bush presidential library and museum in college station, texas. that is i had. plus, president bush leaves behind a legacy of terrible wo work, how he will be remembered. >> i appreciate that very much about this president and how he handled his life. he was such a kind and gentle person and he really reflected,
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? jon: i am just got in this is the "fox report". bottom of the hour if you're just joining us. tribute are pouring involving the death of former president george hw bush. he's remembered is not only the 41st president of the united states it is a war hero and
4:27 pm
military and who never stopped fighting for the country he loved. we have fox team coverage ellison barber has reaction from the nations capital and we begin with william larson as reporting from the george hw bush present a library and museum in college station, texas. reporter: this is where george bush life is celebrated and also where he will be buried in death next to his wife of 73 years with barbara bush and their first daughter, robin, who died at three years old of leukemia in 1942. the museum itself is filled with artifacts and there is 2 million photograph here, 10000 videos, millions of documents, of course. too many became your today to relive those years and remember the legacy of president bush's public service. >> emotional. i wanted to pay my respects to the family dearly loved by the
4:28 pm
community in such high regard for the man in the way he loved his family and the way he loved his country. >> i planned this trip to moscow and it was startling this morning when i woke up in texas to find out that he passed away. he's one of the greatest presidents we've ever had, i think. reporter: a lot of people talk about president bush and his character as the man most resigning push the politician while he was successful at that many great politicians are not good people but even president bush's enemies admit his ethics they did not question, his motives or that he believed he was doing the right thing for the united states. of course, many of his years in the cia given the understanding of foreign affairs and maybe that is why he carries a date like that when it came to the unification of germany and the
4:29 pm
dissolution of the soviet union and also one of his great political achievements domestically is one of his greatest mistakes when he said i would not read my lips, i won't raise taxes but he did that on the issue of bipartisanship because of federal deficit. we do know on thursday present bush will return here from washington thursday morning and be taken by train to houston here to call the station for a private burial ceremony in the area meet there is a wooded area with a pond and it is very nice that will be thursday afternoon. back to you. jon: he will be there with his beloved wife, barbara. william, thank you. during his post- presidency george h be bush turned to philanthropy. bush joined forces with several former presidents including his son, george. he helped causes around the world as well as here at home. ellison barber is live in washington dc now with more on that. allison.
4:30 pm
reporter: 28 years ago present bush signed into law the national committee service act of 1990 and authorized several programs intended to encourage americans to get involved in full or part-time projects that helped others that establish the points of light foundation to minister those types of programs that encourage americans in institutions to volunteer to help each other and work to solve the social challenges american face. as president, hw bush bear to leave the oval office and his successor said mr. bush had one single request. >> the only thing george herbert walker bush asked me to do is to preserve the points of life. [applause] and now, hundreds of millions of hours of volunteer work have been done. reporter: when mother nature devastated this country and others former president bill
4:31 pm
clinton and george h to be bush came together time and time again. they raised billions of dollars and help with relief efforts. >> this is a story that began with an improbable meeting in the white house between two people would just bought a tough campaign and all he asked me to do was to preserve the point of life. [applause] i love you. reporter: hurricane harvey nearly destroyed houston, a place the former president called home. he and the other for living former presidents raised $42 million to help those impacted by the early 17 hurricane season. in maine another place bush called home, mr. bush hosted an annual liberty government raising money to support gary's house which provides a home away from home for the families of children hospitalized in and around portland and the as a child, he had a unique nickname. his mom reported he called him half half because he had a
4:32 pm
tendency to turn to the person next to him with whatever he had and say here, have half. we grew up the former president seem to spend his days trying to continue making that offer can convince others to do the same. >> i've spoken at a thousand points of life and involve the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the nation doing good, i will ask every member of my government to become involved. the old ideas are new again because they are not old and they are timeless. duty, sacrifice, commitment and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part in pitching in. the former president is being described as many things today, selfish is not a word we have heard. jon. jon: ellison barber, thinking that during presidents each to be bush for years in office and
4:33 pm
world events took place in which the commander in chief was a significant player. perhaps no other president had a better resume to handle foreign affairs either. gillian turner explains. reporter: few, if any, american presidents arrived at 1600 pennsylvania avenue with the breadth and depth of foreign policy and national security experience that george h to be bush brought to his presidency. early on he made stuntman -- a priority. he ousted panama's noriega and saddam hussein from kuwait within his first two years. reporter: a new breeze is blowing. in a world refreshed by freedom themes reborn. for in man's heart, it is not coming in fact, the day of the dictator is over. reporter: when his term commenced in 1989 the soviet union rivaled the us for superpower status and the cold war was in full swing and the berlin wall divided east from west and eastern europe hominis block was poised to expand. when it ended for years later
4:34 pm
the world order had been rearranged and bush recommended before it manifested itself. he helped steer the free world forward through the transition. >> the biggest thing that happened in the world in my li life, in our lives, is this. by the grace of god america won the cold war. reporter: but foreign policy challenges spread wide across the globe. he worked with south africa national congress led by nelson mandela is the apartheid government was shuttered after half a century but he navigated foreign relations with china and anti-communist imitators took to tiananmen square and the fallout in the wake of the governments agreed us human rights violation. his most formidable overseas challenge game when he faced the decision point of whether to leave the country into war. >> five months ago i sat in the same darted this cruel war against kuwait and tonight the battle has been joined.
4:35 pm
reporter: he put together one of the most successful international military coalitions of the 20th century. thirty nations backed by un mandate including soviet union and several arab countries that expunged saddam's kuwait within 100 hours for jon. jon: gillian turner, thank you. the world painter be to present george h be bush, global leaders praising our former commander in chief of offending condolences and admiration from the former president mentioned. greg is in london with more international reaction. reporter: jon, one of president george hw bush's biggest, presiding over the peaceful end of the cold war. with his background in diploma diplomacy, politics, military intelligence and as vice president of there is no one better equipped for the job. as a reporter i was there in the fall of the berlin wall in the eastern europe and former soviet union. i heard the enthusiasm for change and for the support of the us and president bush.
4:36 pm
i heard some frustrations that he was not doing even more but an analyst now point out while he talked about the winds of change he also talked about helping people help themselves. in a statement today former soviet president mikael gerber to offset we happen to work together in years of great change and the result was the end of the cold war and the nuclear arms race. he was a human partner. president bush was, in fact, ahead of other westerners and a united germany. president bush helped the new germany be a part of nato and european union. german chancellor angela merkel had this to say today. >> i was in the white house visiting george bush on one of the fathers of [inaudible]. reporter: we stop as a bus in berlin on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall with his words on the day, the wall can
4:37 pm
never erase your dreams. he helped a lot of people to dream. jon. jon: greg, thank you. with that much more coming up tonight on the life and legacy of george hw bush at the top of the hour, special called destiny and power, delves into the feelings of president george hw bush through an audio diary he kept in the white house. at 10:00 p.m. eastern time a bush family album gives us a closer look at our 41st president as a family man and friend through interviews with those who invest that is all tonight you're on fox news channel. and you will still have plenty more this hour on president bush's legacy. coming up, we will hear from his vice president dan quayle who shared a touching tribute. plus, thousands of migrants in mexico could be waiting for months for their asylum cases to clear. will the city of tijuana be able to sustain the massive influx of migrants or that long?
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jon: tributes to the late president bush coming in from all parts of the country including washington dc. many current and former lawmakers recall the 41st president. mike emanuel has reaction to president bush's past. reporter: done, good evening. president george wh bush is being remembered for stability, love of family and his service to the nation. this morning the flag of the us capital was lowered as a sign of respect following his passing. final arrangements are being made for a state funeral this week. former president barack obama who visited mr. bush in recent days reacted on twitter while our hearts are heavy today there also filled with gratitude. our thoughts are with the entire
4:43 pm
bush family tonight and all who were inspired by george and barbara's example. former vice president who served as secretary of defense under mr. bush said -- in a current lawmaker for praise the former president. >> i think the key was is to respect each other and he did and if you do that you can moderate your tone and sometimes you have to walk away and say you will have to disagree but may not get to an agreement but you can do that any rational, supply fashion and that is where he was. reporter: lindsey graham offered with the passing --
4:44 pm
house speaker nancy pelosi offered her own phrase -- touching tribute tonight from across the political spectrum. jon. jon: mike emanuel, thank you. now to our southern border where another migrant shelter is opening up a mexican side in tijuana. to house the thousands of migrants who poured in to that city but they could be waiting there for months as their asylum cases are processed in the us. we are in tijuana with the latest. just. reporter: yeah, jon. we're starting today to be much
4:45 pm
more intense after we caught wind of a land march involving several migrants from the caravan on the tijuana side that ended up happening but what we did see several migrants moving from an older shelter now been flooded out by several days of rain to a newer shelter, much bigger, more concrete and in some cases, they have a roof over their heads for the first time. some of the migrants say they did not want to march today but feel it would not help the cause and spoke with one migrant who tells us he's trying to remain very positive by nothing has changed for him for the past few weeks. take a listen. >> i want to do things right. [inaudible] i would stay here and wait to see if i get my chance to enter through the gates and do things right. reporter: today is also the inauguration day or was for the new incoming president. he's considered a leftist and someone who campaigned for
4:46 pm
helping the force. many interested to see how that will play out in to see if anything could change for such america and does seem like he has a good working relationship with president trump you will see that what happens with the word. jon. jon: jon, thank you. former vice president with warm words of praise after president george hw bush passing that it had been a plus, one town in washington state aims to protect recommended rights after voters passed sweeping new gun measures and what one police chief is hoping to do. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling,
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jon: torch hw bush vice president, dan quayle, praising vice president calling him one of the most knowledgeable men ever to hold the office. he also had this to say that so many americans did, i had to affection for the man, george bush. he was a completely genuine, decent and honorable person. what is more, he went into and out of the office is absolutely the same man. i think that if someone buys his character. i've often to my children if you want a role model in your life look to president george herbert walker bush. the world mourns the loss of the great american but also celebrate a life well lived.
4:51 pm
be sure and catch our extensive interview with former vice president dan quayle tomorrow morning on sunday morning teachers, 10:00 a.m. eastern here on fox news channel. after voters across washington passed sweeping new gun reform measures with small-town considers a move to block the law. dan springer has more from washington state. reporter: >> i predate what you are doing. reporter: and tiny republican washington, police chief is a local celebrity after saying he would not enforce the law or one state law. initiative 1639, sweeping gun control measure. >> i felt it was such a blatant disregard for constitutional rights that i felt like i had no choice but to stand up for the people i serve. reporter: the new gun law bars 18-20 euros from buying semi automatic weapons makes it a potential felony if you're gonna end up in the wrong hands but also creates enhanced back objects in mandatory firearms training.
4:52 pm
voters across washington state passed measure 59-41% but nearly three out of four voters opposed it. mayor is considering an ordinance proposed by the chief to remake republic 86 ray city for gun rights. >> everybody in the republic had a gun. we don't have a giant crime rate because nobody in their right mind will come to her house where people have guns that know how to use them. reporter: when the chief announced the sanctuary city proposal he got a standing ovation. in seattle, direction is very different. >> their job is to enforce the laws that are passed, not necessarily, the ones they approve of personally. reporter: the second amendment foundation along with the nra sued to strike down the new law. up until now reserved for illegal immigrants. >> politics is a push back when you try to take right way they stand up and rebel and that's
4:53 pm
what you're seeing in republican washington. reporter: this councilman will discuss the ordinance at the next meeting on monday and could vote on it before the state the law takes effect in january. attorney general, democrat bob ferguson, gun-control advocates says he will review the measure if it passes. in republic, washington, dan springer, fox news. jon: still to come, the moment that made history, former bush on the campaign trail and in the white house. it's time to sell or trade in your car. with truecar, you can see its value in real time. sports package, nice. .. d get paid, today, right now. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way?
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jon: as we come to the end of this special two-hour fox report. we want to cover some of the iconic moments that shaped the legacy of president george h.w. bush. >> i pledge again my every effort to support president reagan as he leads this nation
4:58 pm
into four more years of prosperity, opportunity and peace. i accept your nomination for president. read my lips. no new taxes. i, george herbert walker bush, do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. america is never wholly herself unless she is engaged in high moral principles. we as a people have such a purpose today. it is to make kinder the face of the nation and gentler the face of the world. >> this conflict started august 2 when the dictator of iraq invaded a small and helpless
4:59 pm
neighbor. kuwait, a member of the arab league, a member of the united nations was crushed. its people brutalized. five months ago saddam hussein started this cruel war against kuwait. tonight the battle has been joined. >> has commander-in-chief i can report to you our armed forces fought with honor and valor. and as president i can report to the nation, aggression is defeated, the war is over. there could be nothing i would have more pride than as a dad, and barbara was the same way watching the 43rd presidents. i think historians will say we did pretty well, and that's all right for me. i'm not returned. in heaven let them look down and make that determination. jon: that's the "fox report" on
5:00 pm
this 1st day of december. destiny and power hosted by brit hume begins right now. reporter: they called him poppy. george hurt bert walker bush. a new england aristrocrat who became a politician in the texas oil patch. he owned the most of impress idea resume of any man to win the white house he showed dignified restraint even in defeat.


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