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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 3, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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heather: it is monday december december 3rd, honoring war hero and political icon. >> nation's leader takes interest in character. >> the mission was not george h.w. bush, the mission was how do we serve the united states. heather: first fairwell for george h.w. bush as his casket will lie in state retunda in capitol. and meeting with méxico, can the u.s. hammer out a deal to stop the growing caravan crisis?
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sit-down set for today as conditions worsen at the border. case closed on engagement day disaster, how a dream dropped through sewer made its way home, "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you are watching "fox & friends first" on monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you so much for starting your day and week with us. we begin with live look at capitol hill this morning, that is where america will begin to say their final good-byes to our 41st president today, the casket of george h.w. bush will make its way to washington, d.c. to lie in state retunda, beloved service dog, sully, did you see picture, accompanying bush 41
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for the last time. casey live for news houston with how the late president will be honored this week, boy, that picture this weekend, it was something else. >> heather, you know, so many moving and powerful images that have come in last several days remembering a man who is known for loving his family and deep love for country and everything starts right now here today at the lewis&son funeral home in houston, this is where the family will be gathering a little later this morning and escort the flag-draped casket carrying the former president over and will fly. you talk about the picture we've got, this is sully, the president's service dog, he got this after former first lady
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barbara bush passed away, and show it is dog keeping watch over his master, caption reading mission complete. >> the office is more important, one of the most important things to americans to understand, dad taught me this and therefore one of the jobs is to strengthen the institution of the presidency, bring honor to the office and that clearly george h.w. bush did. >> later today the former president will lie in state after u.s. capitol as you mentioned and all day tomorrow through wednesday morning, wednesday the national day of mourning, 11:00 a.m. eastern at the washington cathedral and from there back in texas where he will lie and repos at st. martin episcopal church, thursday funeral service held there before finally taking one last ride in texas, a train will carry the former president from
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houston to college station where she will be layed to rest at his presidential library and museum. heather. heather: and of course, we will have continuing coverage throughout the day right here at fox news channel with personal stories being shared, thank you very much, casey, great to see you. fox news alert for you, senior leader of isis involved in murdering army general, killed d in by drone over weekend and terror leader was link today beheading of peter in 2014, captured while working as an aide worker in syria. a new satellite image reveal new russian antimissile system in crimea, obtained by fox news shows 8 launchers on the f400 system and the missiles can travel up to 250 miles,
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intelligence reports say the system was established two weeks before recent tensions between russia and ukraine, russia seized three ukrainian ships claiming they crossed into waters illegally and iran not backing down after being accused of test firing a media-range ballistic missile over the weekend capable of hitting all of the middle east and parts of europe, this is according to secretary of state mike pompeo, the missile can carry multiple war heads which is a violation of un security council resolution, a spokesperson for terror regime says it did not violate resolutions and was defensive in nature after trump reimposed sanctions last month and pulled out of iran nuclear deal earlier this year. president trump signaling progress with china coming out of g20 summit, the president tweeting, quote, china agreed to
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reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into china from trust, currently the tariff is 40%, well, the weekend the u.s. and china agreed to truce in tit for tat trade war and president trump said that he would not impose new tariffs or raise current ones on january 1st as he had threatened to do so. news expect today boost the stock market today, dow futures already surging well over 450 points overnight. we will have more. mexican officials in washington this morning to work out solution to migrant crisis at the border but authorities are already opening a new shelter in tijuana with thousands facing unsanitary conditions and that's where we find griff jenkins whos have the latest for us, good morning, griff, how are you doing? griff: good morning, i'm outside of new shelter, 10 miles south of the border, remember the other shelter right on the border, this was about 10 miles
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south. let me show you inside with the video, much better arrangement, hard concrete floor as opposed to mud, a little bit of shelter, here is the thing, there's only 3,000, half of them appear to be in here, they were pulled out of old one, remember the old one conditions were unbelievably difficult and unsanitary after the rains had flooded, had become really one to have worse situations i've seen covering areas, after that one closed, many people took to streets and tried to camp out in local areas, that's going to account where some of the others went. the big news, of course, méxico got a new president amlo as he's known and marcelo travel to go meet with secretary of state pompeo, excuse me, to quote, talk about their shared commitment to address their common challenges ultimately they are working on a deal that
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would keep these migrants here in méxico and yesterday congressman bob goodlatte taking to airways with maria bartiromo saying they have to get a deal, listen. >> we need an agreement with méxico and we need our laws changed. this is not a situation that's any better for méxico than it is for the united states. so they ought to work together to work it out. griff: now, the big concern, of course, with officials here is there might be attempt to rush the border again. we asked one of the organizers luís cruz, this is what he said. >> these people already learned, they learned their lesson. they know -- now they know that they just can't get into the united states, forcing the gates open because it's not going to happen, they have to do it legally. griff: we will find out what comes of the meetings in washington, the foreign minister would like to see a marshal plan for central america, guys.
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heather: we will see what happens in the developing story, thank you so much, griff, you've been doing a great job was, thank you. well, the president has been promising to secure the border, of course, since day one, matt schlapp say ifs republicans are going to deliver, they need to get busy. >> there's no question the wall would help things, number one sends message loud and clear about how serious we are. if you want to apply to be refugee you have to go to embassy, port of entry, there's a way to do this but i think for republicans it's one of the reasons they don't have a majority in the house anymore because they don't take these parts of the agenda seriously but there's another piece to this which is i think it's helping the republicans, when they see the caravan which i believe can't possibly just be a coincidence everybody got in the corner of guatemala and all came up 5,000 strong together, i think it's really shining a light on the fact that donald trump was right with much of
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what he talked about about our immigration, illegal immigration crisis, we better solve it. heather: democrats voiced support for securing border but refused any money to build the proposed border wall. heather: special start to hanukkah this year, hundreds gathered for light to go mark the holiday and honor 11 victims killed in that deadly october attack, president trump once again condemning antd semitism writing in party, jews today continue to face many different forms of violence, hatred and bigotry around the gleb as one nation we pledge continued love and support for the victims, their families and the community and we pray that the victims' families find some measure of peace and comfort during holiday season. heather: special tribute from houston texans honoring george
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h.w. bush, bush 41 hometown team remembering him before their game against the browns, watch. >> we stand and join in a moment of silent reflection in memory of president bush. heather: he loved his sports. after moment of silent the texas wednesday win 9 straight game, 29-13, that was fitting. well, let's talk about green bay, green bay packers head coach mike more car think after 13 seasons, stunning 20-17 loss, much more today later today. la chargers shot the steelers rallying from 16 points behind 33 to 30 in last-second field goal and the bucks intercept cam newton 4 times upsetting the panthers 24 to 17. i have nothing to say about that. well, the time now is about 11 minutes after the top of the hour and in the hot seat ousted fbi director james comey
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agreeing to testify privately on capitol hill but there's a catch, a real reached with republicans. >> can you reach it? please hold on. >> whatever he had to do he was going -- heather: christmas vacation chaos, the decoration right out of the movie that sparked real-life panic.
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heather: president trump considering shutting down, could sign two-week extension to give copying to hammer out spending bill. republicans wants $5 billion for
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border wall. kim paxton is asking for more than a million dollars in fines, san antonio violated state law that requires local agencies that hand over illegal immigrants. attorney general will weigh in on all this, new lawsuit at 7:30 on "fox & friends". president trump made major announcement overnight after the u.s. and china call a cease fire in escalating trade war, the president tweeting that china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on american made cars which is a major win for the white house. so what does this mean for american businesses? here now to weigh in writer, mark, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, heather, thank you for having me. hart's war bart, let's begin with what is in the trade deal itself, some of the elements,
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90-day truce to negotiate trade basically, president trump will delay raising tariffs on $200 billion in chinese goods, china agrees to buy substantial amounts of u.s. products immediately, some agricultural goods, if no deal is set after 90 days, though, tariffs do increase to 25%, china to reduce and remove tariffs on incoming u.s. cars, as we said current tariff is 40%, so what's the positive in all of this? >> oh, i think this is great news for everybody concerned, we were due as you say -- we were due to raise tariff to 25% and there would have been more retaliatory tariffs taken against it, and president trump and president xi have decided to step back, give themselves 90 days more to negotiate in this business with removing the tariff on the cars overnight, that's a huge, huge step forward
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and huge victory for president trump. heather: some analysts have said, though, that it is a signal that they have not been able to reach any sort of deal and they this pushes the can down the road? >> well, of course, you push the can down the road until you reach the deal. it takes a long time to do this, president trump is having to clean up after -- after decades of inattention to really malicious to chinese trade behavior. for example, malicious behavior, look at how chinese impose tariff that is retaliated against president trump for imposing 10%, they put them on all goods, goods that came from states that voted for president trump, they are sophisticated, very strategic and they were trying to make it hurt trump voters, trump states and trump
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personally and president trump was equally strategic in imposing imposing the tariffs on chinese import because he purposely avoided taxing consumer goods that would harm consumers at the lower end of the economic scale, he imposed them on imported industrial goods and chinese cars, chinese manufactured cars, he's trying to increase american jobs not harm the american consumer. heather: there are also other things that chinese apparently agreed to concede today label fentanyl, synthetic opioid, cited in thousands of drug deaths, they will do it as controlled substance, also that we still need to talk about intellectual property damage, also technological theft along with all tariff discussions. >> yes, i'm glad you mentioned fentanyl, i forgot to bring that
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up and i intended to. that's a huge step forward. we've had over 70,000 deaths this year that are a direct result of the abuse of fentanyl. being involved in being introduced into other drugs, not just opioid but cocaine as well and for china to label it a controlled substance means that anybody who is caught exporting fentanyl to the united states or anywhere else can be prosecuted under chinese law. heather: yeah. >> the theft of intellectual property is at the real nub of the trade dispute, the chinese have been stealing our technology for decades and they have been forcing american companies to share their blueprints, their coating everything with china and then they copy the product. heather: huge headlines coming out over the weekend, i would
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argue fentanyl headline is largest of all of them. bart, thank you very much for joining us, first time joining us. >> my pleasure. heather: and we will be right back. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. heather: welcome back, a woman leaving church shoots and kills intruder during home invasion and two women were with them. neighbors say this isn't anything new. >> i left right after that, they taped it up and i went to church. >> surprise, something else that happened again, pretty normal over here. like my house was broken into just than a month ago. heather: the shooting was self-defense and the woman who pulled the trigger will not be charged.
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well, do you remember the scene from the classic movie christmas vacation? [screams] >> a decoration, see that there, apparently caused scare in texas, spotted the dummy hanging off the roof and capturing frantically trying to shake dummy with a a a ladder. >> please hold on, help. heather: the homeowners called him and thanked him for concerns with gift card and put up a sign and saying that the decoration is not real. good for him. [laughter] heather: well, dozens of veterans packing holiday packages for soldiers, evan,
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affiliate in denver has touching gesture to our troops. >> we have all been there and done that and so we know what it's like. >> at the john's town dfw assembly line hard at work filling boxes with food, sox and more. >> there you go. >> care packages for those who want to make it home this holiday season, sean has been on the receiving end of the boxes before while stationed in afghanistan in 2007. >> i was in region in afghanistan where we didn't have a lot of access to items like this so it was nice to have. >> dozen of members of the bicycle association volunteering sunday for their cause. >> reminder every year not giving on receiving end, i'm glad i got the opportunity to give something. >> the fourth year they've done this funded by denations, fill and send as many boxes as they can afford with packages going
1:27 am
to middle east, africa and beyond. >> hard to be away from family and friends and everybody knows that but when troop boxes show up unexpectedly it is a morale booster. jeffrey peters says this year they will send 55 boxes to troops. >> a connection back home that they appreciate. heather: time now half past the top of the hour and ousted fbi director james comey will testify behind closed doors on capitol hill and house republicans are ready to put him in the hot seat. >> follow the truth where it leads, the fbi was misused in 2016 and this is an organization that is very, very important. heather: we are live in washington with the looming showdown and a live look at washington, d.c. where america will begin their good-byes to george h.w. bush today. our next guest worked for the 41st president and he's here to share stories about the man he
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the most compelling stories. text "listen16" to 500500 to start your free trial today. heather: welcome back, half past the top of the hour, you're watching "fox & friends first", key witness in russia investigation is said to file a criminal complaint against robert mueller, hours after former fbi director james comey agrees to testify behind closed doors about his involvement in the probe, rich edison joins us live from washington, d.c. with more as top democrats cry obstruction of justice. good morning, rich. >> yeah, good morning, heather, incoming house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff says president trump refusal to rule out pardon for former campaign chairman could mean just that after president told new york post he would not take pardon off the table for paul manafort. >> the president continues to
1:32 am
dangle a pardon for paul manafort which only ads to growing body of evidence that the president is engaged in obstruction justice. that i think is the ultimate significance here. >> last week claimed manafort violated plea agreement repeatedly lie to go investigators, also on capitol hill james comey says he will testify this week in closed session before the house judiciary and oversight committees, republicans subpoenaed comey to talk about handling into investigations in hillary clinton's private e-mail server and russian interference in 2016 election. >> we do need to wrap it up and get information to public and hard at work in doing that but mr. comey's testimony is critical part of that. >> allowed judge to testify in public, he tweeted, grateful for hearing from judge, hard to protect rights without being in contempt which i don't believe it, we will sit in the dark but republicans i'm free to talk
1:33 am
when done and transcript released in 24 hours, this is the closest i can get to public testimony. also today jarome corsey, associate trump campaign adviser says attorneys will file complaint against special counsel robert mueller alleging criminal conduct, claimed he rejected a plea deal from the special counsel's office, heather back to you. heather: all right, thank you so much, rich edison with the update, thanks. well, now to fox news alert for you, north dakota man admit that is he stole a forklift to flip president trump's limbo while the president was in it, gregory pleaded guilty to federal charges friday, arrested after the forklift got stuck along the motorcade rout last year, also charged and sentenced for setting two fires, the same morning he stole the forklift. massive man hasn't intensifies for convicted murderer who posed as his cell mate to get out of
1:34 am
jail, patrick walker threatened cell mate to get id and pretended to be him to get bailed out of oklahoma jail thursday, officials warned that he's armed and dangers, walker awaiting a hearing on charge that is he assaulted a guard, he was serving life sentence for killing a teenager back in 2001. and deadly crash at the u.s.-méxico border being blamed on smuggling attempt gone wrong, 3 people killed last week when a truck trying to outrun border agents at 100 miles per hour hit spike strip and lost control, 8 mexican immigrants seriously injured, the driver, an american is under arrest and three people are charged in an alleged plot to defraud the pentagon out of billions of dollars, one of the 3 virginia men has ties to clintons, abdul fareke, former defense contractor reportedly
1:35 am
celebrated knew year's eve with powerful democrats back in 199, he along with two others pleaded guilty after federal fraud charges after being accused of overbilling pentagon by 4 and a half billion dollars, the company had 8 billion-dollar deal to provide for troops in afghanistan. honor ceremony opening with roaring applause to celebrate the life of president george h.w. bush, host gloria estefan calling him fine man and remembered many times he attended the event during the administration. >> laughing, applauding, singing along and even shedding a tear, president george h.w. bush. [applause] heather: well, the event in washington also celebrated honor's including cher and reba mcintyre, hours from now the
1:36 am
casket of the former president will arrive in washington to lie in state at the capitol where americans will join leaders from all across the political spectrum to pay tribute. next guest served in the office of domestic policy for the 41st president and later as assistant secretary of state for george h.w. bush. robert charles joins us now to share personal reflections about his time in the bush white house, thank you so much for joining us on this day, we appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: so first overall, just share with us your thoughts on this day. >> yeah, i think the main point that it would be great for many americans who don't know him or didn't know him to know is that this was a wonderful person not just a wonderful president and the two phrases that come to my mind are quiet, nobility, as in the noble soul who is really motivated by things bigger than themselves and in this case was faith, a lot of people serve but to wake up every morning with the idea that you want to do
1:37 am
good for others as you're animating force is really remarkable example for all of us and really he did that from high school, he finished high school six months after pearl harbor and became the youngest naval aviator in american history, shot down over the pacific and delivered a payload from a burning plane and townsman from my town actually happened to serve in san jacinto with him and within 30 days he was back up in tbm flying again, that followed him all of his life. he was head of cia, head of republican party, eventually as well congressman and essentially the ambassador to china, but he became ronald reagan's selfless vice president and eventually a selfless example as the president. >> so many remarkable stories and we've heard many of them throughout the weekend, we will continue to hear them all week, you have a couple of them beginning with one involving some speech writing that you did with him, share with us that?
1:38 am
>> yeah, so as a young -- as a young staffer on the office of domestic policy, we would get copies of speeches that the president was going to deliver and the general idea was that if you thought something was missing you should put it in and young staffer knowing his background, whenever he -- whenever of course in era of desert shield and desert storm and whenever he was speaking to military base or to academy i would try to put in a line or two about his -- attaching it to his life. naval aviator and combat service, and -- and when the speeches were given those lines were never in there and so finally one night went down late and talk today chief speech writer, what gives here, these are clearly important relevant elements of his life and he said, well, well, welcome to the club, he said the third or fourth time that you go over to oval and the president quietly takes out a red pen and draws a
1:39 am
line through those, you come to the view that you shouldn't put those in the speech and the way he said it to me is the president either knows, either believes that the american people know that he's a war hero or it isn't his right to tell them. and really it's an enormous degree of humility for a president of the united states. the other funny story that comes to my mind is when we lost the 1992 election, democracy being what it is, it's sort of funny because his staff secretary had to keep him from making phone calls for people, anybody that walked by the oval office he asked him, do you have a job yet, do i need to be a reference for you and he would lift the phone and call and, of course, it's a remarkable thing, really very much like his predecessor ronald reagan, he george herbert walker bush cared more about the people who served with him almost like the mission itself,
1:40 am
he deeply cared about people and those that worked for him knew that. heather: to make sure they were going to be okay. >> absolutely. heather: thank you so much for joining us robert, we appreciate your stories. >> yes, ma'am. heather: time now 20 minutes until the top of the hour, president trump say that is china has now agree today reduce tariffs on u.s. cars, how this tariff truce will impact the stock market coming up it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", december tornadoes tearing tow naval submarine in georgia, no serious injuries have been reported. the midwest also cleaning up after more than a dozen twisters touched down over the weekend there. one person killed in missouri, twisters touched down in oklahoma and arkansas, knocking out power to thousands, several people were injured.
1:44 am
and more than 1400 after shocks rocking alaska while clean-up is underway following massive earthquake. >> earthquake! earthquake! heather: unbelievable. state of emergency extended after a 7.0 magnitude quake jolted anchorage, shockingly nobody was injured but the images were amazing, look at that. fox business alert for you now, overnight president trump says that china is rolling back tariffs on u.s. cars, this comes after meeting with chinese president at the g20 summit this weekend. tracee carrasco from sister network fox business has the tariff truce, good morning. tracee: good morning, take a look at a tweet president trump sent out late last night making this announcement, he said, quote, china has agreed to reduce tariffs currently, the
1:45 am
tariff is 40%, he didn't specify when the change will happen or what the new tariff level would be but, of course, as you said this comes as major development following the meeting between chinese president xi jinping and president trump saturday night at g20 summit where they agreed to hold off on tariffs on each other, countries, we haven't though yet heard from chinese government on the cutback of auto tariffs so we will wait for that but we are looking at a strong market rally this morning following the meeting, dow futures up by more than 500 points, nasdaq futures up by 170, s&p 500 futures up more than 50 right now. heather: guest earlier said negotiation to reach a deal is what it takes, let's talk about amazon now testing cashierless technologies. what is it? >> amazon go stores, cashierless
1:46 am
store, you go and pick up an item and basically convenient store and leave without paying but they keep track of everything, now they are reportedly testing that out at bigger larger grocery stores, of course, the technology might be harder to implement in those bigger stores with more products bigger space, but this could definitely change the face once again for a traditional grocery stores, unclear if this is what amazon would move towards to, whole foods, previously they wouldn't use that type of technology there but we will have to wait and see. heather: wait and see, thank you so much. >> thanks, heather. heather: time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour and rudy giuliani now slamming special counsel mueller's tactics as unethical, so what was president trump right all along? is the russia investigation a trap? we debate coming up. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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the most compelling stories. text "listen5" to 500500 to start your free trial today. >> this is what's wrong with the special prosecutors and independent counsels, they think they are god, they seem to want to -- people at any cost. heather: president trump's attorney rudy giuliani slamming robert mueller accusing him of intimidating witnesses like paul manafort and michael cohen, is the president right by calling the investigation a trap designed to get him out of office? here to debate robert patillo and conservative political analyst kim chase, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. ken, i will start with you, what do you think, is it a trap, do you agree? >> i don't know that it's a trap. one thing that we can say is that it's a problem for the
1:51 am
trump presidency, but the prosecutor is not doing anything unethical, as of now there isn't anything on trump as to what the fundamental charge of the investigation supposed to be which is coordination and links with the russian government. the most we've seen as to that is most recently with the trump tower in moscow and the putin penthouse and that got about far off the ground as lead balloon. >> when the president says this is a trap, trap insinuates there's truth underlie to go it, you're protesting and sending lawyers and tweeting about it makes you seem guilty and doesn't -- heather: well, it's rudy giuliani said it. >> well, the president's lawyer who said it, we have to understand that what it makes it
1:52 am
look like the administration trying to shut down probe, hide what's going on, let the probe play out. let the american people see what is going on and if you've done nothing wrong the truth will come out. heather: ken, the president has repeatedly said that he will allow to play out but the american people are ready for it to be over with and then we have robert mueller who continues to seem to come back with all of the people like manafort coming back and then now charging him with lying and there seems to be pattern with manafort and mueller. >> oh, of course, and the american people are ready for this russia probe to be over because there hasn't been the showing that there were links in coordination with the president or with the president's campaign. there hasn't been anything there. there have been guilty pleas about peripheral issues, manafort's business dealings, we are talking about flynn, we are talking about gates, we are
1:53 am
talking about things that happened that had nothing to do with the campaign so, yes, the american people are ready to move on. heather: what do you think about that, robert, the american people are ready to move on but yet the mueller investigation seems to be not the one willing to move on and wrap up? >> the good thing about criminal investigations, special counsel investigations in this case is it's not public opinion issue, they are getting to the root of a crime which may have taken place, coordination which may have taken place and we have to understand that it will be -- the probe will wrap up when it's ready to wrap up, when it's done. the fact that we say that they are taking plea deals on peripheral issues, lied to investigators and congress, it's a good thing probe is rooting out of system, it's good trying
1:54 am
to -- heather: filing today. >> i'm a criminal defense attorney. you cannot force somebody to lie, there's either be truth or not be truth. you testify truthfully then you don't have to take a plea deal, won't be convicted of lying, that's the deep state that the american people voted against in 2016. that's what the mueller probe is doing, roling out of government and putting them where they belong, behind bars. heather: james comey has agreed to testify behind closed doors, that's happening this week, we will see what happens. we will be right back, stay with us. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor,
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heather: welcome back, environmentalists are slamming a global climate conference for having too much meat on the menu, they say there are twice many meat options than vegetables at summit, head wear with green, act now, their goal to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases and has this ever happened to you at dinner table? >> nice to be sitting down together. who can tell me something you did today. heather: trying to avoid scenario, offering free meals for kids if parents don't use phone during dinner,
1:59 am
no-phone-zone promotion, store in special box before eating. i think that's a good idea. time for the good, the bad and the ugly, up first the good, case closed for this couple who lost their engagement ring in times square after big proposal, the couple thanking new york city police for finding ring and going above and beyond viral search to find them. the couple from the uk posting this photo and breathing a sigh of relief. the bad, rough way to wake up. >> there's a car. heather: at least she's laughing, san diego woman waking up from nap to find car smashed through her wall. the driver allegedly lost control trying to pull out from sparking space and even driver nor the napper were seriously
2:00 am
injured. having to catch this real-life grinch stealing decorations in broad daylight, using surveillance video to try to find suspect. take a look and see if you can help. this wraps up first hour of "fox & friends" first, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. rob: all right, monday december 3rd and remembering a hero, just hours from now the casket of former george h.w. bush will arrive in washington, d.c., service dog sully refusing to leave his side. >> look at that, final farewell wishes to 41st president set for today and meeting with méxico, can the u.s. hammer out a deal to stop a growing caravan crisis? rob: the sit-down that's set for today is a big one as conditions worsen at the border. >> here is the thing, so much extra space in the room to do activities. >> you don't need permission from us to build bun


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