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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 3, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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important that is for me. so i don't think transferring was everything. i am blessed to be here. >> laura: jalen hurts comes from behind for alabama, winning the sec championship. congratulations and all of the players in alabama. that's all the time we have tonight. "fox news @ night" and shannon bream take it from here tonight. can't wait to watch. >> shannon: thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert. president trump paying his respects to former president george h.w. bush, visiting his hands casket at the capitol hill rotunda. there are crowds tonight. as a national morning begins, a call settles over capitol hill. the fight over the border wall funding cools off for a few weeks but the special counsel ramping up with plenty of drama. plus, violent riots in france
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sparked by a carbon tax. are they a warning for the rest of the world? we'll explore it with the power panel. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin honoring a hero, president george w. bush will lie in state in the capitol rotunda, which will be open to the public around the clock until wednesday morning. that is where a lot of folks in our chief national correspondent ed henry are on capitol hill. good evening, ed. >> shannon, good to see you. it is freezing out here but you will not hear me complain one bed. there are 100 people be on my camera, i can see them in the district out toward the supreme court, waiting to get here to the east front of the capitol and go to the rotunda to pay their respects. this is a wonderful outpouring, showing of love and support. i can tell you president trump earlier tonight put aside his political differences with the bush family. he and first lady melania trump came in to pay their respects inside that rotunda just a couple of hours ago. the first couple one didn't,
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bowed their heads in prayer, also saluted the coffin. shortly after the president had sent an official letter to leaders in congress marking the death of his predecessor by saying in the note, the 41st president "lead a life that exemplified what is truly great about america and worked selflessly to bring about a world of justice and lasting peace." this marked the official start of several days of pomp and circumstance. the body of the former president arriving at joint base andrews aboard the plane usually known as air force one, today, no simply as a special air mission. then on to the y the large family that bush 41 focused on so much came to celebrate his life and legacy. we saw democrats like nancy pelosi embracing former president george w. bush, as leaders in both parties declared that the man who called for a kinder, gentler nation showed grace and character. >> we stand with you in a
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mourning, but also in gratitude, gratitude for life well lived and duties thoroughly fulfilled. gratitude that god gave this country george and barbara bush. >> inconsequential times , in a consequential times, george herbert walker bush demonstrated the finest qualitis of our nation and humankind. a great leader and a good man. a gentle soul of firm resolve. >> president bush will remain here in the rotunda until 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning. then on to the national cathedral for a memorial service. wednesday city that president trump has declared as a national day of remembrance remembrance. the markets are closed. president bush and his family,
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the coffin, will go on to texas for the burial thursday, another memorial service there. the bottom line, the crowds were still out here, shannon, they will be former bush staffers who will be standing guard beside the coffin through the night, we are told, in the rotunda. i ran into one man who came all the way from afghanistan. he made it clear, he did not come here directly for this but he was here with his family ahead of the holidays and could not possibly fail to stand in line with his family. he told me he does diplomatic security in kabul, afghanistan, protecting our men and women in uniform, he said, as a government public servant, he could not possibly miss this moment to honor former president bush. what a wonderful moment. >> shannon: he is a hero, too. all those folks working around-the-clock. obviously, the former president was head of the cia universe on many of many of us missions around the world. ed, thank you very much. much of washington as a great statesman, former president george w. bush license
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date and the capitol rotunda. not everyone is avoiding cheap shots. let's bring in former staff writer in the bush writer and president george w. bush's former chief speechwriter, great to have both of you with us to. i want to read something from chris stirewalt in his halftime report. he said the 20th centuries are two tribes of american exceptionalism and bush was part of both. our role in defeating fashion as a mental totalitarianism around the world was self interested, yes, but it was also the obligatory act of the greatest nation in the world. later he says, as president, but bush put that cap on the other project of american exceptionalism, defeating the soviet union and remaking the world after a 50 year superpower standoff is hardly a humble thing to do. your thoughts? >> chris is right about that. one of the things, where president bush, george h.w. bush, who is the personification of kindness and class, never really worried about the credit he deserved, especially from the mainstream
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media. again, one of those things where the ap recently had an unfortunate tweet and headline about him where they talked about the fact that he was a one term president. the main reason he was a one term president was ross perot ran against him and george h.w. bush was an exceptional leader and exceptional president and a really good person. >> shannon: you mentioned the ap tweet. we have those, they started out with this one right after his death was announced, shortly after. "george h.w. bush, a patrician new englander whose presidency sword with a coalition victory over iraq and kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term has died. he was 94." it was a huge backlash, i mean, across the political spectrum. ap then updated a tweet saying, "we deleted the tweet and provides the story on the death of president george h.w. bush because the to eat the opening of the story referenced is 92 electoral defeat omitted his world war ii service." from the atlantic, "the last
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wasp president." "george h.w. bush was in the last of the republican moderates. he was the archetype of the modern g.o.p., a man whose blue blood should not be confused with moral courage." this was a man who enlisted in the navy in the midst of world war ii on his 18th birthday and was shot down, a total of 58 combat missions. not everyone likes that "atlantic" headline. >> the people that like to mention his patrician background don't mention the hallmark of that background, which would service over self. his high school motto was not for self. and there was never a more selfless leader than george w. bush. not only did he enlist, six months before was pearl harbor and he wanted to join and his father, a senator, and the secretary of war, tried to say, stay in school, there will be plenty of talk time preyed on his 18th birthday, he signed up, he was at one point the younges.
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he never talked about that. it's amazing that people would call him a wimp. but i think when you talk about the wasp virtues, they are easy to mock. but he embodied the best of them, which was about obligatio obligation, honor, and duty. >> shannon: we are keeping -- you are seeing some file footage there. he was rescued by a submarine after being out there, shot down. this is not something that would be people normally do. i don't know that i would ever be up to doing one-tenth of what is on this man's resume. i want to read something for president trump, "president george h.w. bush led a long, successful, and beautiful life. whenever i was with him, i saw his absolute all of her life and pride in his family. is her compliments were great from beginning to end brady was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all." i don't you think it's important as president heal the rift betwh family. he ran directly against jeb bush. there was name-calling. the bushes did not come out and endorse them. do you think this is a moment to
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put those things aside? >> shannon, i think it is a moment to do that and i think they are going to do that. my personal feeling is president trump is doing an exceptional job, but in many ways, as you talked about in the past, he is basically -- it's president trump against the world. what he really needs his allies and you cannot have better allies than the bush family. what president trump really respects his real-world experience and accomplishments and if you look at george w. bush as president, if you look at jeb bush as governor, they have great experience, great accomplishments, and it's one of those things, let's take baby steps, and for me, i would suggest why not have a working group at the white house to talk about the educational needs of poor and disadvantaged children in united states of america? if you're going to do that, there is no better person in the country to talk about that event jeb bush, who knows that subject so well, and he and president trump would agree completely. >> shannon: bill, final word to you. >> i have a column in
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"the wall street journal" tomorrow. i think george h.w. bush was the real-life george bailey, the hero of "it's a wonderful life." the managers put others before him. usually with leaders, we find out in private things about them, and our view is diminished. everything we find out about george h.w. bush, our opinion is elevated. his private acts and how generous and decent he was, just so a few years ago, he shaved his head when one of the children of the secret service agents was ill. he was just the best of america. i think we all recognize that, we've lost something. there was always something jimmy stewart about him, both ivy educated, both military pilots. we just lost a very good man. >> shannon: you'll hear that across the aisle, regardless of party. it's consistently what we hear ended up with mike brings with him as well. douglas and bill, thank you very much for being with us as we remember him. >> thank you. >> shannon: part of the
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reprieve from partisan acrimony on capitol hill involved a lady in a potentially better fight overspending on the presidents border wall. correspondent kristin fisher is here with a live report on where things are tonight. >> so of course, the government is said to partially shut down on friday. but capitol hill has just become consumed with ceremonies honoring former president president george h.w. bush, understandably so. so today congressional leaders introduced a bill that would delay that deadline for two weeks. and president trump indicated on saturday that he would be willing to sign it. that could give congress enough time to hash out a compromise. but it could also just delay the impasse over funding for the presidents border wall and push this deadline right up against the christmas holiday. president trump, he's keeping up the pressure by tweeting today, "we would save billions of dollars of the democrats would give us the votes to build the wall. either way people would not be allowed into our country illegally. we will close the entire southern border if necessary." tomorrow, the top two democrats in the house and senate,
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nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they were set to me to the president at the white house to try to hash out a compromise. but they asked to postpone the meeting because of bush 41's funeral. so here's where things stand. president trump has said he wants $5 billion in funding for his wall while senator schumer says he'll only agree to $1.6 billion for overall border security. the two sides or billions of dollars apart. by that 1.6 billion number is still too high for some democrats. last week, a group of border state house democrats sent senator schumer a letter saying that they would oppose any funding for the wall and they were upset that schumer offered up the $1.6 billion as a starting point for negotiations. they say schumer should be the last line of defense against trump's hard-line immigration policies, until they are able to take power back in january prayed for president trump, this is one of the last big ticket items that he is hoping to take through before democrats take the house, not to mention, it was his campaign signature promise.
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so he signaled that he is ready to fight incredibly hard on this one. he says that he would be totally willing to shut the government down and now, shannon, that could happen literally, just days before christmas. >> shannon: i remember working here over the holidays, and if you get to the end of the year cliff, they seem to like to dance around that area. we will have to work and they will have to work. >> maybe i will see you here for christmas and new year's. >> shannon: thank you. jerome corsi not backing down in his fight against the special counsel robert mueller. in fact, he is going on offense, filing a complaint against mueller and his team. plus, democrats accuse the president of witness tampering. the the presidents legal legal m said it is time for time for stormy daniels to pay up. details i had. ♪ we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout.
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8:18 pm
was a liaison between republican political operative roger stone at wikileaks founder julian assange on one side, and a trump campaign on the other. regarding the release of hacked emails from the democratic national committee. "the special counsel's offices knowingly and deceitfully threatened to charge dr. corsi with an alleged false statement during his first interview with the fbi on september 6, 2018, that he had told them he could not answer with certainty, in which he had amended." in a recent interview, corsi went further. >> the special counsel was happy with that until i couldn't give them what they wanted. which was a connection that i had with assange that they assumed i had, which i didn't have. >> while corsi turned on a plea offer last week, michael cohen, the president's former personal attorney, cut a deal for lying to congress about his drum-moscow real estate project. he now claims to discussions ended in june 2016, well into the presidential campaign. not five months earlier. when they take control of the
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house in january, democrats say they will focus on the money trail and former administration officials, including the national security advisor. >> there is no testimony, theres that in the same way michael flynn was compromised, that the president and his business are compromised. >> this morning on twitter, the president said his former attorney wants special treatment and misled the special counsel. he makes up stories to get a great and already reduce deal for himself, and get his wife and father-in-law, who has the money, off scot-free. he lied for this outcome and should come in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence." >> speak of the sentencing memor flynn could come as early tomorrow, expected to lay out all factors of the court should consider to determine type and length of sentence. he there should also be strong independence at his level of cooperation. >> shannon: a lack of good information from a catherine herridge. thank you. the special counsel's office had no comment on jerome corsi's criminal complaint.
8:20 pm
we'll bring it to you if they change their mind. president trump accusing witness tampering after tweeting his praise a republican strategist roger stone who promised to never testify against the president of muller's probe. "this is serious, it tweets mark warner," the president of united states should not be using his platform to influence potential witnesses in a federal investigation involving his campaign." we'll talk about a former deputy assistant attorney general harry litman and fox news contributor, former republican congressman from utah, jason chaffetz. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: not only is mark warner, democrat, worried about this, but republican attorney george crumley, who are paeans to be married to kellyanne conway, who works in the white house, he also tweeted out links to a couple of federal statutes involving obstruction of justice and witness tampering. >> oh, this is ridiculous. they've been trying to go after donald trump since the day after he was -- secured the nomination and when he became the president of united states. they have tried and tried and they are not going to be able to
8:21 pm
point to some tweet and say, oh, my goodness, the president has overstepped his bounds. it's just not going anywhere. it's a lot of noise and the distraction -- remember, this was supposed to be focused on collusion with russia, which we again, still have no evidence of. >> shannon: here's an interesting note, harry, we have dueling head lines when it comes to mueller. axios says, "be lemons breadcrumbs and suggest he has the goods." a quote there for matt by making so much public as he goes along, mueller is also insuring against his probe being shut down or otherwise curtailed by the white house. but real clear investigations writes, "for trump, the cohen. he is beginning to look a lot like exoneration." as far as collusion goes, the project is more exculpatory than incriminating for trump and his campaign. harry, which is at? >> incriminating. and i'm not exactly sure of what they are saying as to cohen. as to the congressman's point, there is a statute out there that says if you try to impede
8:22 pm
or influence testimony, that that's a federal crime. >> shannon: does not count? >> i don't think so. that in and of itself, laura, this is the chief law enforcement officer of united states. if god's means not giving truthful testimony and cowardice means giving it, that's mind-bending in and of itself. >> shannon: has definition is guts not to be forced, he says, to lie about him. that is his definition. >> actually, what stone says as i will never give testimony. right? that is what is taking guts, he will never cooperate with a lawful probe. so that is -- >> he already has cooperated. he already has had with a special, prosecutor. he used on these types of things. when the president says he just wants people to tell the truth, and you send out a tweet that is actually praising somebody and saying, that mr. macron, his former attorney, should be held to the fullest extent of the law, there is just -- there
8:23 pm
is no jury is going to convict, get rid of a president for a tweet that is like that. >> president won't be indicted for it but it is a separate point, congressman. is he trying, in fact, to shape testimony? remember, he can't speak to them personally, that would be the first question of mueller. is he, in fact, do you think it's a ridiculous proposition that he's actually trying to shape what they say or not they? it seems a fairly plausible to me. >> shannon: i think what we have to look at, too, the whole court of public opinion, the idea of setting up an impeachment case against them, those are different and obviously, with legal convictions. i want to ask you both about the corsi complaint. this is part of what the complaint says. "dr. corsi's place and impossible, no-won situation enters and immediately call jeopardy. if you were to lie under also testify as a special prosecutor in his prosecutor euro staff demand, the prosecutor could accuse him of perjury and/or violating any plea deal." jason, this is an interesting,
8:24 pm
very lengthy complaint filed against mr. mueller. >> was a very serious charge. he gets to have his day in court as well, if he really thinks his prosecutors were trying to get him to say something that he did not believe to plead in a certain way that was contrary to his own personal experience, that is a very serious charge. he evidently has some evidence to lay it out. >> shannon: harry come it does ago many of our? >> it is a very serious charge. the 78 page complaint is a screed, by the way, not a complaint. i mean, there's not a criminal complaint, it's a referral to the office of inspector general and it does not read it all persuasively, it's just a bunch of sort of allegations. >> shannon: 70 pages worth. >> exactly. >> shannon: i want to ask you, former fbi director fired by this president, james comey, was challenging in court a subpoena to him by the house. it looks like they worked out a deal, usual voluntarily behind closed doors, but the transcript comes out within 24 hours. quick comment from you both. >> just interesting that the way he worked it out. he's going to -- i think it is
8:25 pm
what he basically wanted, it will also the light of day, and at the end, shannon, he gets to say what he wants. so we'll hear his version and the house, though, will have an ability both to have questioning and to keep classified information from coming out. it's a good result overall. >> shannon: jason? >> different format. this allows mr. trey gowdy and mr. ratcliff to have in our unimpeded. to get an hour with the republicans, our birth democrats. that continues to toggle back and forth and when you have ratcliff and trey gowdy not limited, you have a very different result, much more illuminating and get much more in-depth and i think mr. comey was trying to run out the clock but showing up on friday is an imperative and i'm glad he's going to do it. >> shannon: i think he will have some saturday reading when that transcript is alleged to be public. jason and harry, thank you so much. a few months ago, federal judge ordered stormy daniels to pay the president's legal fees after ruling against her defamation
8:26 pm
lawsuit. this become the president's lawyers are back in court is a stormy daniels owes them $340,000. arguing they racked up big bills because of her lawyer, michael avenatti's, public grandstanding. daniels previously sued the president seeking to break a nondisclosure deal about an alleged one night stand with then businessman trump back in 2006. confederate statue of the university north carolina getting a new home, sparking new protests denied. reporters describing a scene of massive demonstrations tonight at unc after the school chancellor recommended silence can be housed in a new on-campus facility. that statue has been on campus for more than 100 years until protesters tore down in august. at wisconsin, the states and the republicans are moving ahead with a series of bills they hope to pass before the new democratic governor-elect takes office. those bills are intended to cement republican priorities. today, several hecklers and protesters shouted "shame" as for senators and legislative proposals they were working on
8:27 pm
were deleted. president trump is touting a strong relationship with china tonight after a high-stakes meeting at the g20 summit with chinese president xi, white house officials are optimistic. >> in the spirit of goodwill, again, president xi is amazing presentation to president trump saturday night. in that positive experience, we have strong expectations. >> shannon: trace gallagher is on the case next. what to expect from a trade truth was trying to? y'all tell us. ♪ we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the head of the cia, gina haspel, will brief senate leaders on the hill tomorrow about what her agency knows about the killing of saudi activist jamaal khashoggi. saudi arabia's government is still denying the crown prince played a role in the killing, but "the wall street journal" says it has obtained a highly classified highly classified cia report with the conclusion that prince mohammed "probably ordered his death."
8:32 pm
senators on both sides of the aisle were angered when the cia was not part of a grieving on him last week. president trump claims relations with china have taken a big leap forward following a high-stakes meeting with china's president at the g20 summit. trace gallagher is here to tell us more. good evening, trees. >> good evening, shannon. we know chinese and government . government -- in fact, the president believes he has a handshake deal with chinese president xi when it comes to vehicle tariffs. with mr. trump tweeting, "china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into china from the u.s. currently the tariff is 40%." top economic advisor larry kudlow stood behind the president saying he also believes china has agreed to lower automobile tariffs although he could not say when or how to write. watch. >> as he said to us many times in our private talks, they could
8:33 pm
start immediately. a very important word here. so yeah, i expected to be done immediately. in good faith, by the way. >> treasury secretary steven mnuchin then tried to pull back that immediate timeline, saying he thinks lower tariffs will be phased in over the next 90 days. in other words, it is not a done deal, but rather a deal in progress. and if negotiations don't pan out as planned, president trump hasn't reserved the right to escalate tariffs. as a point of reference, we should know that he was company sold more than $10 billion of passenger vehicles to china last year, which is why the markets responded so well to the idea of china lowering its 40% import tax. beyond vehicles, president trump also envisions a striking deals with china on everything from nuclear arms to agriculture, quoting again, "farmers will be a very big and vast beneficiary of our deal with china. the intent to start purchasing
8:34 pm
agricultural product immediately. we make the finest and cleanest product in the world and that is why china wants. farmers, i love you." neither the u.s. nor china provided details of an egg deal, so it is unclear if there was an actual breakthrough on that front. shannon? >> shannon: light on details of this point. thank you. central american migrants making another attempt to jump the u.s. border friends. that leads to nights where in the world. dozens of migrants arrested sunday after scaling the border fence between the u.s. and mexico. tijuana recently closed its complex that was housing thousands of members of the caravan. moving them further away from the border. mexican president andres manuel lopez of or to or has signed an agreement with the central american counterparts to help stem the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. in its first press conference today, the new president also vowed to tackle drug cartel violence. the ruling socialist party in
8:35 pm
spain was dropped dealt a blow. the party, which advocates hard-line views on immigration, picking up a dozen seeds in andalusia, which has been a socialist hands for the past 36 years. qatar says it will quit the opec oil cartel in january, becoming the first middle eastern nation to do so. the country is locked in a double medic dispute with the most powerful member, saudi arabia but qatar says the exit is not about politics, instead of saying it wants to focus on expert in gas. what happens in elected officials raise taxes in order to fund environmental policies? paris is offering up a clue as the yellow vests hit the street. tonight's power panel is here. what is a method for global elites from paris and flames? stick around. ♪ marriage material? he's already married. livin' large? livin' with his mama. entrepreneur? unemployed. oh! and here we see the artist making an attempt to bare his soul.
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♪ >> shannon: "the boston globe" reporting that massachusetts republican governor charlie baker wants a judge benched for possibly helping an illegal immigrant escape from ice. the judge reportedly told an illegal immigrant and his attorney that "they are going to get him" and then she reportedly told the court clerk to switch off the audio recorder. the immigrant then reportedly left to the back door of the court, scaled the fence, and took off, leaving the court and i.c.e. behind. the judges now now reportedly under federal investigation. in france, deadly violence, worse than decades, our
8:40 pm
devastating paris, and as it turns out, attacks aimed at forcing environment a policy change was the trigger. foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall has more on what is feeling the protesters. benjamin? >> this was the third straight week weekend of protest, not just in paris but across france in general. what started off as a protest against president macron's tax against global warming has come into a much larger issue, one about president macron and his other green taxes which many people now say slowly but surely are starting to eat into the average man's dollar. four people have been killed since the protest started. more than 113 entered on 412 arrested. over the weekend, police fought back using tear gas and water cannons, closing down dozens of streets and subway stations to try and contain the riots. nearly 300,000 people have taken place in the rights nationwide, blockading roads in and out of towns. there have been reports now that france is considering a state of
8:41 pm
emergency. on sunday, president macron, just back from the g20 in argentina, visited the scene and was heckled by hundreds of people who blame him for the rising costs of living. his government is looking at increasing police power. the protesters were initially complaining at the sharp increase in diesel taxes. 23% alone this year. president macron has said the increase what is necessary to help curb global warming, but protesters say rural workers have been unfairly targeted. the riots, as poulin hosts the most important do you want meeting on global warming since the 2015 paris deal. delegates from nearly 200 countries are there to discuss a shift away from fossil fuels, among them, arnold schwarzenegger, who criticized the trump administration. >> the federal government is out of whack right now because of the leadership. and so i think that people should not be discouraged. >> the riots in paris have no leader, no group behind them. they have been mobilized via social media. the one common thread is that
8:42 pm
president macron has ignored the plight of the average working-class french men. as such, the president, who was billed as the great reformer, is now being accused of creating more problems. shannon? >> shannon: benjamin hall, thank you. is france a warning to the rest of the world about what happens when a country squeezes the middle-class over over environmental taxation policy? the global carbon tax revolt, the wall street editorial board rights, the french are the latest refused to sacrifice growth for greed piety. let's dig into it with tonight's power panel. democratic strategist izac wright, fox news contributors katie pavlich and charlie hurt. >> good to be here. >> shannon: charlie, your take on this? >> already taxes eat up half of the gross domestic product every year in france, and when you go do something like this, everybody loves the environment but the fact remains, there are real -- people have -- there are
8:43 pm
real effects of these things on people, whether it is the new taxes on diesel or whatever, it has huge impacts. and so everybody was shocked and surprised when donald trump decided to bail out of the paris accord, but you are seeing -- you don't come in the streets right now, you are seeing these people that are probably -- would like for them to bail out on its on it. >> shannon: the reporting on the ground is that these are people who are mainly suburban in nature. they have to drive, they cannot rely on public transport. they feel like macron is divorced from the reality of what they are dealing with everyday. here is what rush limbaugh said, though, on the way this has been reported. it's been going on for a while, not just this past weekend. to speak of the american media doing its best to downplay all f this because the current riders are protesting tax increases macron has put on gas and diesel to fight climate change. he has been specific as to why the carbon tax is in place, to
8:44 pm
fight climate change. >> shannon: i izac, the fact is they tried this the in the last two elections, and voters rejected it in washington. they will not give it happens here either. >> the problem is, it should be an opportunity. if this is something that taxes the economy, that is the reverse of what i should be. this should be an opportunity to move into the green economy, to create millions of jobs, to avoid the pending decreases in our gdp that are going -- that are tied to climate change according to scientists. they should be an opportunity to advance in the green economy. that is the route that china has followed and invested about $600 billion so far, creating new jobs. this should be an opportunity for us to take a role as a global leader in create jobs in this country by taking a lead on climate change. >> shannon: katie come a lot of people here that and --
8:45 pm
>> first of all, as someone who was in heine last year, i can assure you they have not gone green in any way, shape, or form. the problem here, shannon, is that these green tax policies, carbon tax ideas, are sold as a way to help the entire world, the globe, become a better environment for all of us, when the truth is, it hurts the poor and the middle class the most. people like arnold schwarzenegger, leonardo dicaprio, al gore, they can afford to pay for their hypocrisy when it comes to them riding around their private jets, selling tv networks to "al jazeera," which is funded by qatar, they can afford it. the people of who can't afford it are the working middle class and poor people who need energy not only to survive but also to run their businesses. when the taxes are put on, they are put on from the elites who say it is for the better, telling people that as individuals, the government knows better about how their economy can function, rather than allowing for innovation and
8:46 pm
new ideas to come up through the private sector and the free market system to clean up the environment. there is a big difference between pollution and climate change and we see all the time these bureaucrats across the world to doing more and more to try and take control, not just of the environment, but of people's lives under the guise of cleaning up the environment. >> shannon: let's talk about one of the newest bushes, and this will be on capitol hill, this is congresswoman-elect alexandria ocasio-cortez, who along with democratic members, has put together what she wants to call a green new deal. here's how they are rolling it out. >> this is about a new deal for the united states of america. because in every moment, when our country has reached to the depths of darkness, and every moment when we are at the brink, at the cusp of an abyss, and we did not know if we would be capable of saving ourselves, we have. we have done it. >> shannon: charlie, you seem skeptical. >> a little bit.
8:47 pm
the problem here is of course, she is not going to see any real effect of these things. she is not going to lose wages because of this. her cost of going to go up the way it goes up for people who depend on being able to get around for living. the cost of everything will go up for those people. if everybody in washington and in new york want to agree to take the same pit that the poor in the middle class take on things like this, then maybe it might be fairer. >> shannon: i want to outline what they have talked about. the new greendale, a couple of points, no fossil fuels in the u.s. within ten years. 100% renewable energy, eliminate greenhouse gases, and also new infrastructure for coastal communities to deal with rising sea levels. izac, how realistic is that? seeing as they can't get a whole lot of stuff done on capitol hill, that is a tall order. >> the resolution was with 70 members of congress who have not
8:48 pm
taken contributions from the oil industry to put together the details of the plan in an exact way of how this will be accomplished. those are all noble goals. what we are leaving out here is the point that the plan also dictates those jobs will be paying a living wage with health care benefits to american workers. we are talking about millions of jobs being created. while i appreciate everybody's rhetoric on the panel, let's be honest with the folks watching right now for a minute. these are job creating initiatives. you are talking about squeezing the middle class? we are talking about giving high-paying jobs for american workers. that is what this is about. that is what the new green economy is about. countries around the globe have recognized that, or investing in it, we have sacrificed -- the trump administration has sacrificed our country's leadership on the global stage on this issue and this economy. >> shannon: let me bring katie in this because there are a lot of other places where this has tried, like france, where it has not gone so well. >> there is a path forward for green energy and renewable resources.
8:49 pm
we've seen it in america through innovation on the private sector. but the truth is, the green economy in america can't stand on its own two feet. it needs billions of dollars of subsidies just to make sure that these "drops" that are there are backed up by these talking points about how we need to green economy. the truth is, the united states of america is still, even though we pulled out of the paris accord, doing better on co2 emissions than all of the european countries who are still in the paris accord. so the united states, as usual, is leading the way, both in the economy, and innovation, to make sure we have a cleaner environment, and the way to do that is not to force people to take all of their income, turn it over to the government, so they can spend it on things like green energy that doesn't work in the private sector. >> shannon: something tells me we are going to have to leave it there. >> it's cheaper to invest on green energy -- >> shannon: thank you very
8:50 pm
much for being on our panel tonight. good to see you. the nation comes together to mourn an american hero who worked to change the world for the better. we will look back at a day to remember. ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? and our shirts from custom ink help bring us together. we just upload our logo,
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>> shannon: you are looking live on capitol hill, as
8:54 pm
president george h.w. bush lies in state. a around the clock, mourners are able to stop by and pay their respects, that continues around an identical night in washington. the funeral service will be held wednesday at the national cathedral for the nation's 43rd president. we leave you with the south sid sounds of the president's final journey to washington, d.c. washington, d.c. ♪ >> as americans, we have no more selling solemn duty then laying a great patriot to rest. here lies a great man. he was the first president to teach me and many of us that in a democracy sometimes you fall short. how you handle that, that is just as important as how you wi win. >> today, this hero has returned to the capital a final time.
8:55 pm
on the front not done on the front porch of his democracy, but here in his hallowed cathedral. >> he was known as a quiet man, he was not for lack of nerve or daring. for an olive is 94 years, president bush never lost his love of adventure. and he never failed to answer the call to serve his country. so we mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who griev grieve. but we do not grieve like those who have no hope. for president george herbert walker bush had that hope. >> gratitude for lives well lived and duties thoroughly fulfilled. gratitude that god gave this country george and barbara bush. and that they may now be reunited in the light of his grace. >> dear lord, thank you for inspiring such greatness in
8:56 pm
president george h.w. bush, who continues to bless the united states of america. amen. (whistle blows) parents aren't perfect. but then they make us kraft mac & cheese shapes and everything is good again. but then they make us yeah, i've had some prettyeer. prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire?
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next. good evening, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the migrant caravan, the one they told you didn't exist, israel, and tonight it's languishing in tijuana. amazingly, the local population, people who live in tijuana, are not at all happy about that. it turns out nobody except liberals liked illegal immigration. it's a disaster. here's what tijuana looks like tonight for example. in just a minute wes will talk o a member of tijuana's local government was very frustrated. he says it's past time for the caravan to go back to honduras. plus, paris is burning, there are riots in thes


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