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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> and that wraps up "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> lifetime of service enshrined in the hearts of the american people forever. >> it is tuesday, december 4th, final salute to commander in chief, the president and first lady paying their respects to george hw bush. rob: we are likely touching tribute and final farewells. disturbing new video showing suspected smugglers dropping migrant children 18 feet over a high border fence. jillian: finding donald trump is refusing to back down. ♪ it don't take a word ♪ not a single word ♪ go on and kiss the girl ♪ rob: taking aim at a children's classic.
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jillian: the pc police sounding the alarm on the little mermaid. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ rob: what happened to these guys? remember this song? the new radicals. the music video was in a mall. there and gone. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning.
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carley: thanks for starting today with us. rob: the american public invited to say final goodbyes to president george hw bush. here's a live look inside the us capitol rotunda where his body lying in state. carley: the first lady paying respects the 41st president ahead of tomorrow's funeral. rob: doug mikell way is live as the nation on his bush xli, an incredible story. >> reporter: very touching to watch that thing evil. the body of president george hw bush will remain in the capital rotunda through tomorrow morning, the public is welcome to attend, they were welcome to attend all night long, it was open through the we hours of the morning. even that early hour. there was an unexpected pair of visitors, donald trump, saluted, milania placed hand over heart,
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no words spoken in the largely empty rotunda at that time. touching speeches from leaders of the executive branch and both houses of congress. >> he was known as the quiet man. not for lack of nerve or daring. and all his 94 years donald -- president bush never losses love of adventure and never failed to answer the call to serve his country. >> this your return to the capital. kept us flying high and challenged us to fly higher still, he did with modesty and kindness. >> as americans, we have no more solemn duty than laying a great patriot to rest. on behalf of the whole house republicans and democrats, we are profoundly sorry for your
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loss and honored to celebrate this wonderful life with you. >> his body will line state until 10:00 am tomorrow morning and transported to the washington national cathedral where state funeral will commence at 11:00 but no funeral processions through downtown washington as par for the course. another sign of his modesty and the body will be transported to houston lying in repose at saint martin's the piscopo church before burial at a private ceremony. and the presidential library. heather: fox news alert. ms 13 gang member nabbed at the border trying to enter the was illegally agents arresting manwell lopez gomez near the arizona mexico border.
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two other illegal immigrants, telling agents they are traveling to los angeles. last week agents arrested another ms 13 gang member of the california mexico border. heather: migrants give up on waiting for asylum. and jump the border fence in tijuana. most of them surrendered to border patrol. asylum-seekers got into the country illegally may have their cases heard quicker than those away. federal judge blocked the white house denying asylum claims to those who into the country illegally. >> the shutdown showdown pushed back, congress expected to vote on a 2-week extension to keep the government running until just before christmas. >> todd pyro joins us with the latest including donald trump's threat to shut down the entire us border if he doesn't get money for the wall. >> to come up with a spending
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bill, the initial deadline wasn't this friday. the house and senate agreed to push that back to december 21st. president donald trump and finger pressure to get $5 billion for the border wall tweeting, quote, billions of dollars of democrats would give us votes to build the wall, people will not be allowed into the country illegally. we will close the entire southern border if necessary and stop the drugs. some democrats are not happy about the extension. >> i wish we could have finished this week. if everybody does their work we could get it done. heather: homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen holding talks with the new foreign minister of mexico, officials in tijuana emphasizing frustration about the wave of migrant. >> if people came here legally, they went to the border and
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started with the student visa, these guys didn't cross legally to mexico. >> no official agreement was announced how both countries can combat the caravan crisis. is for the new funding deadline, it is voted on by the end of this week. >> mitch mcconnell slamming jeff flake for pushing a bill to protect bob mueller. >> one is blatantly unconstitutional, number 2, the house would never pass it and of the house to the president would never sign it so it strikes me as what i call a futile gesture. rob: he refuses to vote for the president's judicial nominees until the bill comes to the senate floor. republicans have blocked a vote.
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conservative writer jerome corsi filing a formal complaint against bob mueller telling fox news the special counsel tried to force them to lie as they looked at whether he and roger stone knew about wikileaks's plans to release the clinton campaign emails. >> the key link between me, roger stone to julian assange and they would have their collusion to go, roger stone to steve bannon to donald trump and coordination with assange. ever talked to assange or email him or any contact with anyone in touch with him and prosecutors refuse to believe this. rob: course he does not believe he lied to the special counsel. he wants the mueller team to be removed and investigated. jillian: more trouble brewing for stormy daniels, donald trump's lawyers want her to pay $800,000 for her failed defamation lawsuit against him.
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lawyers say the case ran up $390,000 in legal bills, they want to double that to prevent any future defamation cases. daniel s lawyer michael avenatti calls the amount absurd and outrageous. speaking of stormy, janice dean is here with today's forecast. rob: stormy dean. >> i haven't heard that before. rob: look at denver at 19. >> with windchill it feels colder than that, cold air sinking as far south as texas, cooler than average for a lot of folks. we had relatively warm temperatures on the east coast, that is going to end, 38 in new york city, past 24 hours, fairly quiet. a couple things we are watching for. lake effect snow, the frontal boundary across florida will bring scattered showers but nothing we can't handle. we have the next storm system moving to the west coast in the
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next couple days bringing coastal rain and mountain snow across the sierra nevada mountains and that energy will make for our next weather maker across the country. over the central us and possibly a coastal storm as we head into sunday and monday. a couple days to fine-tune the forecast. there is what it looks like across the country, potential for more rain and snow for california and lake effect snow across the northeast but not bad. rob: one of our reviewers outside yesterday after the show from colorado says the skiing is incredible. >> if you like the snowpack it is happening. rob: thank you. jillian: the 2018 world series headed to the white house, the boston red sox officially
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accepting an invitation to celebrate their victory with donald from. rob: the team's manager will attend despite being critical of the president in the past. a native of puerto rico, he says he will use his platform, quote, the right way, a date has not yet been scheduled. carley: they are in the country illegally and living off of your hard-earned money. a brand-new study showing millions of noncitizens cashing in on welfare. our next guest says it is time for every american to start talking about this. rob: the swerve of the century. this driver may have won the big race but took a wrong turn after the finish. ♪ picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free.
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and fearlessly devours piles. in the water, in the water, you ready for this? she doesn't like it... you've gotta get in there. okay. careful not to get it in her eyes. i know, i know what a bath is... smile honey. this thing is like... first kid. here we go. second kid. you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost. live, learn and get luvs. >> two migrant children being
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dropped over a portion of the southern border wall by a suspected smuggler. surveillance video showing the kids plummeting 18 feet in the united states near the st. louis port of entry in arizona. one of them was hurt. all six people from guatemala in custody. the suspect who helped the family did not cross into the us. a staggering statistic. census data showing 63% of noncitizens in this country are on some form of welfare, amounting to 4.6 million households according to 2014 data. compare that to 63% of noncitizens to 35% of american households on some form of welfare in this country. the center for immigration studies says the president wants to make it tougher for people to become citizens if they are likely to use welfare.
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carley: thousands of migrants demanding to be let into the country but securing the southern border may eventually be to a partial shutdown of the government. a recent study showing illegal immigration cost american taxpayers $116 billion every year. why isn't this a major concern to american household? peggy grant, former executive assistant to president reagan and author of the president will see you now. thank you for being with us this morning. you mention illegal immigration is often an emotional issue and you say it shouldn't be. it should be about dollars and cents. can you say that to us? >> we are a nation of compassion and generosity, the most generous nation in the world and we should be having a conversation from a fiscal standpoint like american
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households across the nation make their generosity based on their budget. we need to talk about the fiscal impact of this and the conversation americans, should have that conversation, economic impact on the country, not just the compassionate one. heather: so many people get upset with states like california, new york, new jersey, provide legal aid to illegal immigrants, using taxpayer money when it can be used on american citizens. what do you suggest gets done. >> it is something we the people have a conversation to tell the government what to do with border states where i live. the government allowed this illegal immigration to come through. we are talking about a process for that, and illegal
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immigration, the american people have a seat at the table. have a seat of the conversation and mindful of the dollars, and making the choice to help illegal immigrants, we are choosing not to help wounded governments, hungry children. it does come down to economics. heather: what would you say to people who say illegal immigrants help the american economy, taking jobs other people don't want? some of them pay taxes. >> the math doesn't add up, most recently showing the amount of taxes don't come near the amount of requirements in federal aid and resources. that is something, we are compassionate, just because we are questioning it from a fiscal standpoint does not mean we are not a nation of generosity. we will continue to have open borders for illegal immigrants.
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we can trace our families, someplace other than here. it affects choices and priorities moving forward for all-americans. heather: donald trump said we will save billions of dollars of democrats give us votes to build the border wall so the border wall a major topic of conversation and we will see what happens. thank you for being with us, appreciate it. rob: 19 after the hour and terrifying moments, a bus carrying a children's football team crashes, hurting dozens of others. >> how many people are hurt? >> a lot of fear going. heather: brand-new 911 call released from that.
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> 3, 2, one. lift off of the falcon. >> space x blasting into the history books with the latest thousand 9 rocket launch delivering a record-breaking 64 satellites at once. >> the vessel's reusable booster is the first to blastoff, all
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from space x launch pad. >> to reuse things in space. the postal service suspending mail delivery tomorrow is the nation more and the death of george hw bush. rob: tracy carrasco with what you need to know about that. >> reporter: mail service will be suspended tomorrow in order of george hw bush. in addition to that, post offices will be closed. there will be limited package delivery, what the postal service that was, quote, we will provide limited package delivery service to ensure the network remains fluid and we do not experience impact to package delivery operations that might negatively affect business partners during the remainder of the busy holiday season. the stock exchange and nasdaq suspending trading at the national day of mourning.
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carley: darius rucker going to his roots. >> reporter: member these guys? more than a decade since we have seen them on tour. ♪ nothing i can do ♪ i only want to be with you. >> reporter: brings me back. they only went to be with you, going on tour, called the group therapy tour, hooty on the blowfish visiting north american cities on may 30th, kicking off their tour in virginia beach, virginia. they will wrap up on september 13th in columbia, south carolina, stops all across the country in ellicott, madison square garden, new york city, several state fairs. tickets go on sale on december 2nd but presale underway right now. if you want to go back to your 90s days. rob: that was a great album.
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>> i don't want to go back to braces and awkwardly tall. rob: thanks so much. 25 after the hour. paris on fire, standoffs and clashes with police and protesters really get bad. there is a familiar theme here, a similar situation in the united states. nigel farage weighing in on that. carley: george hw bush known for his love of colorful socks come his home city paying tribute to that. oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast?
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i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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hello, i'm an idaho as you probably know, i've been looking all over for our big idaho potato truck. it's out there somewhere reminding folks about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making contributions to local charities. so this year, i've built myself a secret weapon. there it is let's get 'em boy! awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. rob: isis threatening adobe new year's attack in new york, the terror group says it will plant bomb filled packages along with fibers along new york city,
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authorities have not confirmed whether these threats are credible. >> a family mourning the death of an army sergeant killed in the deadliest attack in afghanistan this year. jason mcclary died in a military hospital in germany. his wife posting these photos on facebook writing, quote, you will always be in our heart and your sons will know daddy 0 and you love them so much, rest with god, my beautiful husband, i will see you soon. he received two purple hearts fighting for our nation and another army sergeant also killed by the taliban in the roadside bombing. rob: 911 calls released from a tragic bus crash that killed 9-year-old boy and injured dozens of others, the bus driver losing control and slipping on a highway in arkansas, tracking those kids inside. >> how many people are hurt? >> everywhere.
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rob: that was carrying a youth football team from dallas to memphis, the boy killed was identified as cameron johnson. carley: supreme court anyway environmental challenges to the border wall, justices refusing to hear an appeal previously rejected by a federal judge in california, three environment groups claim the border wall projects in southern california posed a danger to plants, rare wildlife habitat and certain species. the trump administration says the 1996 law legally allows dhs to bypass environmental law. rob: george hw bush was known for his love of colorful stocks. in houston several remember bush
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41 by earning vibrant stocks. >> whether you were a wagering anyone's restaurant, george herbert walker bush treated you just the same. rob: this featured music and speeches from community leaders. carley: officials look after protesters demand after a month of fiery revolt over a manual macron's climate change agenda. rob: they created a political crisis for macron but is this violent revolt over just a gas tax? carley: joining us to analyze the source of their anger and what we can learn from it is independence party leader nigel farage. hundreds of people arrested, hundreds hurt, people dead.
2:33 am
millions of dollars worth of damage. what is going on really? some of these images look like a war zone. >> what happened here was the manual macron proposed taxes on fuel, very significantly, his smart rich friends in paris thought it was a wonderful idea because they would be saving the planet, but in france, their cars and trucks and vans to get our everyday lives, they say we don't want to pay 25% more for our fuel than we were this time last year. that is what sparked it but actually behind it is a metropolitan elite based in paris dominated by big banks and big businesses, very wealthy and completely different social attitudes and worldviews to people living out their ordinary french people and a disconnect between the elites and ordinary people and that is why these protests took the shape they did. the french are good at rioting
2:34 am
and protesting but it is a national sport over there but these have been the most violent and significant protests since 1968. >> $.18 per gallon for a gas tax, it is 60% of the costs of gasoline. 6 or 7 bucks a gallon in france, they want to raise it higher and it is almost reminiscent of the french revolution, the poor versus the elite in some ways, feels like that. >> it does, absolutely. the thing is in a sense, certain things happening in america, the power, the money, their
2:35 am
attitudes towards green taxes. all the issues socialists use are different to the flyover states. i didn't think right across the western world this huge divide between governing classes and ordinary people, over the last 10 or 20 years they worked hard and far from being better off they actually feel worse off, the rich get richer, the poor struggle, something is broken, that is why you have seen the big changes, the vote for brexit, the new italian government and these riots, people want to feel they have some power over their own future. >> macron has a 25% approval rating. teresa may will make a big speech to rally support. what do you think of this? what is the latest on this issue? you had major thoughts on that
2:36 am
front. >> this deal is, in my opinion, the worst deal in history. it doesn't just keep us trapped in european union roles or stop us for the foreseeable future with trade deals with america but the mechanism within it that says we can't leave this deal and move on to new ground. and voluntarily put ourselves in prison and hope the water let this out when we decided it is time to go. it is a complete capitulation verging on national humiliation, donald trump talked with regrets about the deal. most of the rest of europe laughing at us. one week today, the uk parliament, absolutely certain it will get voted down.
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>> thank you for being with us. >> 36 after the hour, giving the green light to pot and magic mushrooms, you got to be kidding me. the state trying to make a psychedelic move. >> the trade truce with china. will last the rest of the year? live with that. ♪ when we were dating, we used to get excited about things
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like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. >> in reaction to the potential of the trade troops between the united states and china. >> closing of 300 points to give
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the s&p is the best start since 2010. our next guest says this is the best possible outcome for deal with xi jinping but it won't come without challenges. rob: a senior fellow at the national taxpayers union joins us with more. the potential of this thing could be very big, everyone is nervous about the trade war we have pending. >> expectations were high, set by the president himself, last week the president said it is unlikely we will have a pause on the tariff that will arrive on january 1st but not only that, $250 billion worth of goods with no tariffs on them at all. frankly i thought the president was giving himself a little space and what we saw, the best possible outcome of negotiations, the pause in tariffs which create increased pressure for consumers moving into the holiday season, important to have this breathing space. the question is whether those
2:42 am
tariffs in the next 90 days yield different results. so far we have seen them with domestic pressure for china and growth issues we are keeping an eye on but does that force china to make concessions on the most important components of increasing their ability to trade with us? only have 90 days. >> both countries realize a trade war is not a good idea but my question is the chinese president came out and said they want to replace the united states as the global leader of the world? can we trust him with any deal? >> china's vision of the future is at odds with the united states's vision as the world's superpower, the united states, donald trump has been clear we need china to change their behavior and that goes beyond tariffs on some components. this weekend president xi
2:43 am
jinping made those concessions to open up american ag and energy projects which is important but we don't know what that looks like and 90 days is a short time to write those wrong so the administration here and in china are off to the races, and saturday, we didn't start negotiating. rob: let's talk about nafta. the president wants to pull out, he has a new deal, the critics say it didn't change much, the president said we did a lot. >> it is a quarter-century old, this was before the internet. it needed to be updated. it is okay that it looks similar to nafta because the free-trade it opens with canada and mexico was crucial to the growth and innovation.
2:44 am
rob: there are better protections. >> digital goods was not the commodity they were concerned about -- we will update that. there are a lot of other protections and the question in the sidelines this weekend, congress starts negotiation and that is where this is. and -- >> appreciate it, time is 44 minutes after the hour. the supreme court will soon hear a double jeopardy case on charging people with federal and state crimes. how this could have an impact on special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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rob: hope you dressed. coming up on "fox and friends," judge andrew napolitano will be here live talking about the latest on bush 41, supreme court justices and what is going on with robert mueller. there is word he's in the last throes of the investigation, keep your fingers crossed, commitment steve scalise, democrats in the house saying hold the line, senator schumer, we do not want to give the president the wall. is that the right approach? larry kudlow on to adapt hours behind-the-scenes with chinese negotiators when it came to the so-called trade truce. we talk about that with larry kudlow and phil bandler is here, really good at singing. don't miss a minute of tuesday's addition of "fox and friends". my privilege to go to someone i met in person. carley: i will be there in a little bit. democrats in california trying
2:49 am
to stop colleges with abortion pills again. state lawmakers are reintroducing a bill to public universities to offer the pill on campus. the governor elect will consider the measure after governor jerry brown vetoed a similar proposal later this year. and abortion pill like this one on the screen up to 10 weeks. oregon is a step closer to legalizing psychedelic mushrooms, attorney general reducing penalties for making and possessing so-called magic mushrooms. they hope together enough signatures to put the initiative on the 2020 ballot. rob: college kids want to go to oregon now. the supreme court set to hear a case challenging an exemption for the double to pretty rule that prevents defendants from being charged in state and federal court. that ruling may impact whether or not a pardon from donald trump could keep his former
2:50 am
campaign chairman out of jail. >> very said what happened to paul, the way he is treated. i've not offered any pardons and i think they ask or whatever, would you. i'm not taking anything off the table. heather: joining me is kendall coffee, thanks for coming on this morning. i got to learn a lot about the legal system. the fifth amendment prevents you being charged with double jeopardy but the supreme court case changed that so if it is a federal crime and local crime you can be charged with both and now they are trying to i guess fight that. tell us how this happened. >> many years ago in fox versus ohio, not this fox but a case in 1847 it was decided there would be an ability, not having
2:51 am
success of prosecutions because of two different starters. you could take somebody through the federal criminal prosecution system and then win, lose or draw with the feds, go through the whole thing in the state system and that is something troubling to a lot of people for a long time. two justices the don't agree on anything, ruth bader ginsburg and clarence thomas joined an opinion a couple years ago saying we need to take another look at this doctrine. it is not fair and it allows the federal government to federalize all kinds of street crimes, something founders never envisioned. how does that apply in the present context? interesting to see. rob: bring that in the bob mueller investigation. a lot of the thinking is if the president was to pardon paul manafort for his crimes he could be charged for the same crimes in local court? >> in theory if the president's
2:52 am
pardon power and wish everything in the federal system he doesn't have the power to pardon state crimes but in the case of manafort if the supreme court were to change the current law and say prosecutors get together on this, you will get one chance to prosecute somebody for the same crimes, a decision like that could help manafort to some extent, he was convicted of eight crimes and pled guilty to others. if he is pardoned for those crimes he is off of the federal hook but to the extent those crimes constitute state crimes, he would also be out of the woods on the same kind of state crimes he was pardon for. rob: the supreme court will hear this thing, ruth bader ginsburg and thomas agreeing on something which is odd enough as it is. what do you think the chances are the challenge to this exemption gets through?
2:53 am
>> the best time in many years for this kind of challenge to have hope of succeeding. there is a lot of thought that federal criminalization has gone too far and in fact very well regarded senator orrin hatch wrote an impressive brief saying this has gotten out of whack, the kind of system we are supposed to have in this country and ginsburg wrote it is one united states of america, why should it be taking different deals, put somebody through it twice? to put resources, coordinate them the first time, get the states to talk to each other and decide what is best for the trial because one file is not enough. telling somebody to go through the second time, what are most people going to do? cop a plea. rob: this is an interesting case and we learned a lot, thank you for your time this morning, thanks a lot. 53 minutes after the hour and taking aim at a children's classic.
2:54 am
♪ it don't take a word ♪ not a single word ♪ go on and kiss the girl ♪ rob: why the pc police are sounding the alarm on the little mermaid. carley: this driver may have just won the race and took a wrong turn after the finish, we have that next. d be on a journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's three times more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. so shark invented duo clean. while deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. . .
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the pc police putting meat on the chopping block. looking to remove common phrases to avoid offending vegans. pete wants to change bring home the bacon to bring home the bagels. killing two birds with one stone. they want to change that to feeding two birds with one stone. instead of all your eggs in one basket. it's all your berries in one bowl. my head just exploded. carley: consent concerns. >> you at this point in time kiss the girl. carley: all male group forced to stop singing kiss the girl saying it encourages the men to make physical advances on women without consent. the princeton tiger tones calling up a woman and crowd to dance while they sing the
2:59 am
song, we asked what you thought about this. no words, this is beyond ridiculous. kevin on instagram says please make it stop. this is getting way out of hand. and patty on facebook says the undoing of their own future. these young beam no life experience have no idea what they are doing to their own freedoms. so sad. rob: interesting. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. netflix renews the reruns of the sitcom sensation friends over the internet freaked out over their plans to stop showing it ♪ no one told you it was going to be that way. rob: fans went into full meltdown after notice went up saying the reruns would no longer be available after the new year. it will be streamed through 2019. >> next the bad the victoria secrets fashion show average of 3.3 million viewers. more than 30% drop from last year's record low of 5 million viewers.
3:00 am
yikes. rob: finally the ugly. race car driver tries to get a kiss from the model gets rejected. whole thing happening after snow ball derby in florida it looked like she was going in for the kiss and then she turns. the models eventually did give him a kiss and number so noah wins in the end. that's a winner right there. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the bible tells us to mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve. and today we thank you for sharing this special man with our nation and the world. >> the dow surging 287 points after president trump announced a trade truce with china. >> president trump he is keeping up the pressure by tweeting we will close the entire southern border if necessary. >> the people of tijuana are frustrated. these guys didn't controls legally into mexico. they tore down our border and jumped and they started this caravan. >> theresa may is going to make this big speech to try to rally support f


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