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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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then, the funeral will begin at 11:00 o'clock eastern time. >> sandra: that coverage will begin here on the fox news channel. figure joining us here this morning. >> bill: and must be quite a moment when george bush 43 gets ready to eulogize his father, also a former president. something to watch. >> sandra: to the world will be watching. that's it for us. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ speak one don't act on >> harris: u.s. secret service special agent paying faro specs now to president george h.w. bush. the former president lying in state at the capitol rotunda after lawmakers president trump on the first lady did the same yesterday. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, can herself. host of "benson & harf" on fox news radio, marie harf.
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national security analyst, morgan ortagus. in the center seat, former white house press secretary under president george w. bush and a fox news contributor is here. ari fleischer. especially can. can. >> ari: a sad week, and the american tradition. historically. >> harris: we will continue our coverage with you along this hour. president trump expected to meet with the bush family this afternoon. the president tweeted this morning, "looking forward to being with the wonderful bush family at the blair house today." the former first lady will be coming over to the white house this morning to be given a tour of the christmas decorations by melania. the elegance and precision of the last few days have been or mark will. yesterday the president and the first lady visited the late president's flag-draped casket. the president saluted president president bush as the first lady placed her hand on her heart. meanwhile, president george w. bush's son, president george w. bush and
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his wife laura, also at that ceremony. top lawmakers at the ceremony included, and he spoke, as well. vice president mike pence, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, house majority leader paul ryan. here are brian and pants on bush 41's legacy. >> throughout his life of service, president bush personified grace. he reached the heights of power with uncommon humility. he made monumental contributions to freedom, with a fundamental decency that resonates across generations. >> and all of his 94 years, president bush never lost his love of adventure. he never failed to answer the call. speed when you see the vice president there, the president and first lady came about an hour after that. peter doocy is live on capitol hill with more. peter? >> harris, the bush family is
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out saying thanks to everybody who waits in line in the cold to come pay their respects. with this card. on the back of the card, there is an instruction. here's what it says. "the family of george h.w. bush deeply appreciate your prayers and many kindnesses as together we celebrate and honor the life of a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, friend, and the 41st president of the united states. "the service dog, sully, just paid his respects inside the rotunda, circling the casket and laying down beside it on a leash held at times by the former dhs secretary and pencil been a governor, tom ridge. they were joined by several beneficiaries of the americans with disabilities act, which was signed into law by the late president in 1990. military leaders who served under the commander in chief bush came to salute him a final time today, including the chairman of the joint chiefs during operation desert storm. general colin powell. and, former leaders from langley it came to say goodbye to the former cia director bush,
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including john brennan and gina haspel who came to brief lawmakers on a separate issue. the bush family is saying at blair host, normally reserved for the heads of. president trump is going to spend time with them today. we were just inside, and there are lines of mourners. hundreds if not thousands of people long, snaking around all these basement hallways. you can see those lines now do stretch outside onto first street, which is closed until the president leaves. harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. as we continue our coverage, i know you worked for george w. bush. when you visit the library in dallas, there is so much dedicated to his dad. he was so much a part of his life. >> ari: i was they are so often, and he would speak for his father. sometimes he would's wing by our offices. and pop in and say high. what i think of is the love between a father and son.
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because that's what judge w bush would always talk about. it was so deep, it was so unconditional, and so touching. those were two guys, a son who adored his father, emulated his father in so many ways, and i just know that he misses his father already. >> harris: we have some special photographs that have shared with us this morning. if we could pop a couple of those up on the screen. tell us about this picture. >> ari: that was on air force one. i can't remember what year that would have been. >> harris: we were all younger. [laughter] >> ari: i had hair back then. the president loved spending time with his family. that was my office, the press secretary 's office in the west wing. every once in a while, when he was there visiting his son, he just popped in. he would pop in the offices of senior white house staffers, basically to give us "attaboys."
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you are doing a great job. there was no conversation about the current issues of the day, he would just come in and put his arm around us and say "great job, on what you're doing." >> harris: morgan, your thoughts today? >> morgan: today is a little sad for me because george p bush, and jeb jr., the grand children of president george h.w. bush come are very good friends of mine. this weekend i'm really feeling for them because we all lost an amazing president. and they lost their grandfather. also, i have to say -- as it relates to the navy, the president's service of the navy, george p recruited me into the same as her program he was in. to me, i always admired the president. i always watched him with my grandfather. to wear the same uniform as our great president is just a real honor for me today, and i feel very proud to be part of that tradition. >> harris: what a special perspective. thank you. kennedy? >> kennedy: one of my greatest memories from high school, i was a senator from oregon in girls
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nation. as we landed on the white house lawn, my other 99 fellow senators from across the country got to sing the star-spangled banner with the president and first lady. it was so incredible. it's hard to describe that feeling, but when you are with the president and you hear "hail to the chief," and then the national anthem, you have such a sense of safety married with patriotism. it was such a beautiful moment, and he was so gracious to all of us. i also met him in 1996, on bob dole's to her. some said "this is kennedy, she's a republican from mtv." and he would lean in and say "it must be lonely at that outfit." [laughter] he must have thought that part of his undoing in 1992 was the interview. >> harris: interesting. >> marie: it's also interesting this morning to see the groups of people from throughout his life as come to visit. people who were involved of the passing of the americans with disabilities act. he benefited from it. today we are going to see people
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from the points of light charity. we will see people throughout the day that form this tapestry of his life. i think that's fascinating. i was looking forward to seeing the eulogies tomorrow. of course, former president george w. bush, meacham who wrote his biography, and i think we are going to see some really interesting stories that maybe we didn't know about him. it will be fascinating to watch that unfold tomorrow morning. >> harris: as you mention those people, there was a little bit of ascension on lyndon johnson's daughter when she arrived last night. she was in tears. you talk about the reaching across the political aisle, those people who have gone to pay their respects. i was very touched by that. i thought that was very special. albright, new reports that robert mueller may be close to wrapping up his russian investigation. yahoo! news' citing sources close to the matter that the special counsel's legal team is "tying up loose ends." this, as robert mueller said to
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file legal memos. one of public and sitting in on the house judiciary committee, sitting on that committee, responding to these reports saying this seems like a good time for mueller to wrap it up. >> at this point in time, if mueller wants to finish it up, that's what he needs to do. he's been going a long time. the president says there is no collusion, and mueller has got nothing except for commitments on perjury and other things that are outside of this. i think what we will find is the political report is going to come out, he's going to do that, we will see this -- >> harris: kennedy, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says there's no way mueller ends this investigation quickly. >> kennedy: it certainly feels like there's a lot less to do. let's watch. >> they have a lot of indictments that they have to try. they have suggested that they were going to indict paul manafort for lying to fbi agents as part of his plea deal, and those issues have to be tried. and the most important thing
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that bob mueller has spent a half dozen times in public -- and god knows how many times in public -- he hasn't done. an interview with the president. >> kennedy: will the interview the president in person? that will be the final moment for robert mueller, as everything is tied up? >> ari: no, i think when he asked for the written documents he would accept them. i think if he were to say he has have a personal interview, it would be brand-new territory in this probe. beyond that, none of us know anything. robert mueller knows what he wants to know, and we just have to wait. >> kennedy: you are nodding her head in agreement, marie harf. >> marie: i'm not sure if we know whether he will ask for that interview. i'm sure that's how it's heading. if there are things in the written responses that, for example, are contradicted by other testimony by other evidence robert mueller has, he may ask for follow-ups or more information. mueller has gotten 30 indictments of guilty pleas up
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into that point. those are not insignificant. the flynn memo will give us a lot of information about what he was to become a working with the russians. i don't know what that information will be, but i think we will get a lot from that. mueller is rolling out the manafort documents, the flynn documents, the cohen deal. i think we are going to see a buildup of more information. but in much of is over soon. >> kennedy: you bring up the sentencing memos. these can reveal a lot about the source of the enunciation where it's headed. and when it will wrap up. the big question now is whether or not those will be given under seal. >> morgan: that's true. if you can spokesman for mueller indicated some of it would be public. at least from manafort. i've been quizzing her public and members of the sun and the house to see what they are thinking about these -- when it comes out. generally, the consensus -- especially some of the members of the senate that i've spoken to -- there's a lot more process times. if there is no real evidence of
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collusion, i don't think it is going to be a republican rallying cry. i think what they're looking for -- when i'm looking for -- is whether there are other characters. did they know about the emails, was there some sort of coordination with wikileaks on the release of when the best time would be? that would be coordination with wikileaks that i think would be untenable for a lot of republicans. but, is it more lying and more process time customer cattle think you will see a strong reaction. >> kennedy: does mueller have to show a direct chain between the russians, jerome corsi, robert stone, and julie and a staunch? it goes from russia to intermediaries to wikileaks? >> harris: for the case that he's posturing -- and we don't know what that looks like against them. absolutely. whether or not you had the president onto that line, if you want to prove collusion or conspiracy, or whichever -- >> kennedy: is that necessary to be problematic? does the president have to have for knowledge of any of that? >> harris: the way that legal experts have asked lend it to me, those are the rules of
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conspiracy the way that we define them in the united states. which, i'm not sure how we got stuck on that word "collusion," but it's really about whether these people conspired to get it. you made news the other day, though, when you said -- it went viral. why did you say that? p5 i said it because of an article i had read in "the new york post." people who expended the president, where it has felt like a witch hunt. they feel like a lot of this has been a miscarriage and so over headed. but the fact that mueller is operating in such secrecy, and the things that we are hearing -- there are dots coming into focus. it appears to be problematic. i think the idea that this is all about nothing, that its investigation in search of a crime, if there is -- maybe it's not a crime committed overtly by the president, but if there is something there -- >> ari: please reset the table here to what counts. did anybody in the trump campaign or president trump participate in the hacking of
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the emails or the dnc emails or the dissemination thereof? that's what this is about. hold on on a second pair that'e core of this matter. that's what's alarmist, that's what -- the mueller investigation. if anything happens, the american people deserve to know and has to be accountability. absent that, i don't see anything here that donald trump could be in trouble for. >> harris: that is so interesting, because we have gone around the barn to get to the front door of the house. >> ari: that's my point. we have all this noise, all this smoke. but we need to go back to what the 2016 campaign was about, what the vulnerability was here. and that's what i hope bob mueller will get to the bottom of. he can indict every russian he wants. i'm glad he is. but none of those people worked for the trump campaign. >> marie: that second part is key, the dissemination prethat's what morgan said. if roger stone was working with wikileaks -- if -- to time when they were releasing it in certain states, that is not a good thing. >> harris: it's a good thinker roger stone. [laughter] >> marie: he was in touch with donald trump about many things,
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was he in touch with him about this? >> harris: marie, the problem with that logic -- that line of thinking, and white has to be more linear than that -- >> marie: that's a question, harris. does anyone in the trump campaign note -- >> kennedy: but what does robert mueller have question marks and he goes to the heavy handed this. what sort of surveillance tactics were the using customer was there an abuse of power? those things are also inappropriate. if there is something, if there is documentation linking the campaign, with roger stone and with wikileaks, that's problematic. we don't know that we have to start -- we know that, but i would like to see, if these things are illegal, i want to know what the special counsel -- how the russian dusty was put together. what russian operatives were used in gathering that information, and how that was coordinated with the democratic national committee and a law firm that was being paid for by hillary clinton's campaign. i think just because you lose an election doesn't mean that you
9:16 am
escape the law. >> harris: that is parallel investigating. what i'm talking about is that linear connection. so, yes, if roger stone and corsi -- that is problematic for them. the question i have is, what did the president no? what was he aware of? are we, you've worked in the white house pray there's a lot of things the president may have known it may not known. we don't know. >> ari: that's what every i ret using any sentence beginning with the word "if." that's why you have a prosecutor. a prosecutor should be allowed to look into these matters. >> harris: by the way, he's not talking. >> ari: he shouldn't, he's not talking. to his credit. then make his report, then make a conclusion. until then, it's so unfair to everybody involved, including the president, for people to lead to these conclusions. >> marie: then he should stop playing about a parade he's part of the national conversation. you can't ask everyone else and not talk if you can't. >> ari: if you're on the receiving end of investigation and you know you did nothing wrong, it is human nature.
9:17 am
it's natural to say "i didn't do it, why do you guys keep --" >> marie: it's bad legal and political strategy, though. >> ari: but it's also what innocent people would do. >> morgan: president trump was -- what he was impeached for went well beyond tweeting. >> twitter wasn't around. >> kennedy: lawmakers agreed to stop a measure to keep the government open for two weeks as the nation mourns the death of president george h.w. bush. whether it will make a difference, or if the americans would get a partial shutdown for christmas. cia dressed director gina haspt what they found about the murder of columnist jamaal khashoggi. she did not attend the full senate hearing last week, and some lawmakers say they are being left out of the loop. whether new actions against saudi arabia are needed. we will see, next. >> it's yet another briefing and i'm being excluded from that. really, this is the deep state at work that you are a
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9:22 am
spokesperson, is saying they can confirm that they were a victim of a cyber intrusion by an unknown entity. the cybersecurity of the committee data is paramount, and upon learning of the intrusion, the nrc see immediately launched an internal investigation and notified the fbi, which is now also invest getting the matter. to protect the integrity of the investigation, the nrcc will offer no further comment on the incident. this is a high-level hacking for the republican congressional committee. we will keep you apprised as new details come in on this, as they learn potentially who did it. meanwhile, cia director gina haspel is on capitol hill right now. started about 35 or so minutes ago. she is expected to pay respects first to president george h.w. bush. that has happened. you see her there, he served as a cia director before his presidency. gina haspel would then later be briefing some senate leaders on the murder of "the washington post" columnist, jamal khashoggi. we are told that's what's
9:23 am
happening now. the cia concluded, as you know, that the saudi crown prince was responsible for the death of khashoggi. the director's absence from a full-center briefing last week -- which we covered right here on "outnumbered" -- lead to a strong rebuke by some lawmakers. the senate voted the same day to advance a measure which would cut u.s. military support for the saudi-led war in yemen. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell agrees that the u.s. should respond to saudi arabia, but argues against action that could ruin our relationship with a very important ally. watch it. >> what is the appropriate response to what obviously happened? the administration is struggling with it. we are struggling with it. no response is certainly not appropriate. looking the other way is not appropriate. but, a complete fracture with saudi arabia -- in my view -- is not in our best interest long-term. >> harris: meanwhile, senator rand paul on fox news
9:24 am
earlier says he has yet to see the intelligence the cia used in its finding. >> this is the very definition of the deep state. the deep state is that the intelligence agencies do things, conclude things, make conclusions, but then the elected officials are prevented from knowing about this. if we aren't told about this, if i'm not allowed to know about these conclusions, then i can't have oversight. so then the state grows. >> harris: already, i have to say -- in interviews, i've heard different versions about why gina haspel was not there. one is that she wasn't invited by senators to be there, which would fly in the face of what senator rand paul was just intimating there. the other came from senator john kennedy of louisiana, who said that there was concern perhaps by at gina haspel's team that they would be leaks if that happened. i don't have the full facts, i just have two different versions of the story. >> ari: i don't know the answer, and of course they already have been the leaks they came from cia itself. i think it's appropriate for her to be there.
9:25 am
congress has a right to know, especially the ranking members on the intelligence committees. to me, the fundamental issue is -- this is a basic clash between our nation's moral values and our ballistic needs. what do you do? assume that the crown prince as part of this, that he orchestrated and was behind the scenes. what do we do? do we say, because of a moral imperative, that we will cut off relations with saudi arabia? we will urge the king to jettison the crown prince and put a new ruler in his place? how far should america go, particularly when -- in this region of the world -- we have to be so sensitive to what iran is doing. a nation that also murders people, and is a great threat to the united states and everywhere. >> harris: humanitarian crisis in yemen, like none other we have seen in the open era. >> ari: iran made it a problem. the >> marie: it's also because saudi arabia is using the weapons we sell them to indiscriminately kill civilians
9:26 am
paid you are making it very either/or. we can have a relationship with saudi arabia while also punishing with them. i don't think we need to do anything to the crown prince, honestly, and i don't think we should try and orchestrate who is leaving the country from the united states. i think we need to seriously look at scaling back in yemen. i think what the senate did -- a bipartisan vote to look at that -- it doesn't have a lot of teeth from a policy perspective, but it should send a message that the unfettered american a support a saudi operation in yemen cannot continue as a blank check. >> ari: that's perfectly fine with me, if you can get around to do the same thing with the rebels they are sponsoring. >> marie: iran is not using our weapons. >> harris: i want to ask you about the bipartisan nature of what we're seeing. the senators, they say they have bipartisan support to get what maria del mike murray is talking about. it may not have teeth, but it sends a message. are we all on the same page to
9:27 am
do that? >> morgan: i lived in saudi arabia during the first term of obama, and i could see the relationship is incredibly important and crucial. but it's not mutually exclusive. we can also hold our allies it responsible. you have 63 in the senate, bipartisan vote to move this measure forward. all you need is 67 for a veto-proof majority. i think in a new senate you can definitely easily get to that, whether it relates to yemen -- but also, for approval of additional saudi arms sales. i think what you are seeing is the senate flexing their muscles, saying we do not want to just reflectively give the saudis a pass. that they need to be held accountable. i agree with marie that it's going to far to say that -- >> kennedy: that's also a strawman argument. it's a false dichotomy. >> morgan: what is? is >> kennedy: to say that people are saying we should cut off relations with saudi arabia entirely. i totally fracture the relationship. no one is saying that. >> morgan: i didn't imply that. >> kennedy: is a false
9:28 am
dichotomy to say we want to fracture relationship. we are so far up in the saudis business that we do it every relationship administers and is done, which is kowtow to them. it also happened on 9/11. >> ari: to stop the sanctions that can be already done? >> kennedy: we should not be investing in foreign wars like the one in yemen that is killing civilians. we should not be exporting weapons of death to regimes like this, who don't have our interests at heart. you know who our allies are in the middle east? jordan and israel. not saudi arabia. saudi arabia supports a form of islamism that is toxic to the west, and they want to see the death of freedom. that is not -- >> ari: i assure you that -- the last thing israel wants is for iran, through the proxies, to be able to get access to more of yemen than they already have. and therefore cut off shipping that comes out of there. there is this geopolitical strategic interest here, as well. iran is the real threat in the
9:29 am
middle east. not saudi arabia. >> kennedy: this is what i want to make plane -- saudi arabia makes billions and billions of dollars off of oil. they can defend themselves. there's no reason we should be giving them weapons. >> ari: they can defend themselves in yemen -- >> harris: who thinks we haven't touched on -- two thanks. it's happening in yemen, they are being starved to death. we agree almost half a century ago that we would see that type. we agreed that that's criminal. >> ari: but, you know what, harris? >> harris: how can we adjudicate that if we cut off relations with saudi arabia? when those were crimes are committed, we need some way to deal with it. >> ari: but they weren't starving to death with the previous president of yemen. that's what put yemen into the crisis it's in. >> marie: the saudis are preventing humanitarian aid from getting in the, and many of the ports in the areas they control in yemen -- the saudis are not angels in this war in yemen.
9:30 am
iran is not 3 million feet tall. if we pull out some of our armaments from yemen, iran is not going to take over the region. >> harris: interesting. >> marie: iran spends a fraction of what saudi arabia spends a defense every year, and they are still better in -- >> harris: one other point, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula is one of the thing we have to deal with on the ground. boy, we need to have more of this discussion. we will add another time. for now, a push for bipartisanship and a divided washington. president trump reaching out to democrats. is that a sign we could see a friendly or congress in 2019? plus, a fight over a controversial proposal now delayed as congress is mourning the loss, as we all are, as a nation, of president george h.w. bush. so, where do negotiations on the border wall go next? stay close. ♪
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♪ >> marie: congress planning to pass a 2-week stopgap spending bill avoiding a potential virtual government shut down this friday. the debate remains contentious, president trump tweeting just an hour ago -- "could somebody please ask lynn to democrats that we need their votes, that our country loses millions of dollars a year on illegal immigration? not including the terrible drug flow, border security including a ball pays for itself in two months. get it done." [laughter] sorry, there's some laughter here on the couch. some democrats like senator elizabeth warren are opposed to any compromise on the wall. watch. >> i don't support a wall. i believe in border security, i think a wall is not a smart way to make us safer. let's be clear -- right now, the republicans are in control of the house, in control of the senate, in control of the white house. they need to put together a budget to keep the government
9:36 am
open. >> marie: over in the house, some republicans say that internal politics are keeping democratic leaders from cutting a deal. >> in this situation, we've got a find a mental problem on the democratic side, because i think leader pelosi is everything that she does right now is based on what's going to be necessary in order to get the votes to be speaker. obviously, she got the votes in the caucus and on the floor. i think she's got to make sure that she placates including a far left. >> marie: we had matt schlapp yesterday, talking about this issue of immigration. he made the point that both parties have internal politics that make it hard right now to get anyone to agree on anything. republicans have their own internal dynamics about the wall, versus how much they want, versus daca, versus the immigrants who are already here. democrats on beasley have their own divisions. is there a deal to be made? >> ari: i sure hope so. as a bush republican who still wants copperheads of immigration a form to be done, it's the right thing to do.
9:37 am
the problem is, they will not support a wall in any case because donald trump is for a wall. when i think of i come i think to myself "what we really ought to do is tear down the wall between california and tijuana. if walls are so inherently bad, walls are wrong, as elizabeth warren was saying. take down that wall. just let the whole caravan in through to california, because he shouldn't have walls, right? "of course, we should have walls. we don't need a 2200-mile wall, but we need one where border patrol says it makes sense. the democrats should give him a wall, he should give daca -- as well as many others have been in this country a long period of time. >> marie: they say they will support some funding for the wall in exchange for daca. we'll need this be done before the end of the year? we have to pass some sort of something to give government open. or is copperheads of reform definitely next term? >> kennedy: i don't think you will see copperheads of reform. i think you guys got very close. here you have such division from
9:38 am
both sides. not necessarily both parties because they're of some people need to go different ways on this. there are chasms in both partie parties. i do agree that a 2200-mile wall doesn't make sense. he will run into a lot of eminent domain issues, and that will get tied up in the courts. i think the world is not a safe now as it wasn't too thousand six when democrats voted for border funding and protection. ask them in 2006, because many of them are still in congress. ask dianne feinstein, what would she agree to? what would she agree to then, that she wouldn't agree to now? some of the legislators and governors in border states, i think, should have more of a say. >> marie: harris? >> harris: we've got some breaking news. the houses expected to approve the stopgap we were talking about, it's happening on the hill now. it will be a two-week spending spending bill to avoid a partia partial bill with unanimous consent. as expected to happen on
9:39 am
thursday. we will see the senate follow suit shortly thereafter. that is significant because democrats have been pushing for one week. that would put us so much more shy of the holiday season. i was reading this morning how busy this fridays expect it to be. by the way, we have proven as a country via our government that they don't do big things well. so, why can't we piecemeal this? why can't we do the wall system, which is what you are talking about? even the president has called it that. you can put a structure in every place. you fill in with ice and the border patrol where you need to. we can trade that for daca. i thought, as you said, we were close to doing that. they had quite a few votes to get that done, even among the democrats. so, let's do this piecemeal. let's do what we can get done. the american people just want to see some box checking on an issue that we will be able to figure out. can a hand that to the present? >> kennedy: i don't think you can get complete reform and immigration into weeks when you
9:40 am
haven't done in decades. >> marie: amen. we will get to next him and immigration. up next, president trump reisinger across the aisle to meet with a senator. he's ready to work with more democrats. will they want to work with him? we will have debate, next. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361. ato be there...
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♪ >> kennedy: welcome back. president president trump hoste manchin of the west is today, in aid saying that he stressed the need for bipartisanship and push support for an immigration package. meanwhile, many have stomach has begun outlining their planned investigations of the president. however, some of them don't believe that prosocial probes should be their top priority.
9:45 am
in a letter to their leadership team, they write "while we have a duty to exercise oversight over the executive branch, particularly when the administration crosses legal lines or contravenes american values, we must prioritize action on topics such as health care and prescription drugs. our tumbling info structure, immigration, gun safety, the environment, and criminal justice reform." it's a very interesting list, because these 46 people appeared to be forward-looking. they want to stay in leadership for a while. they want to maintain the majority for a while, and they know that these investigations are really a losing battle. the interesting thing -- several of the items, the majority of the items on their list, they can reach a consistence with this president. what do they think they should tackle? >> ari: what i find fascinating is the same time the story broke about the letter saying "legislate, dirt and peach," i heard how many of them are dying to be on the judiciary committee's they can be part of impeachment. i think they're going going through the obvious splits.
9:46 am
they know their job is to legislate, but they would love to get rid of donald trump. if they want to impeach them, they will impeach him. also, they want to impeach brett kavanaugh enacting a attorney general whitaker. as they get pronounced to the candidates, it's really when you put a rift into the democrats. >> kennedy: to these members have a shot at really crafting the party and the agenda going forward? >> morgan: i hope so, because i think if we have members of congress that are actually pushing to get things done, that's a positive thing. it's interesting -- president trump and nancy pelosi, how this kind of weird relationship. the two of them, they don't go after each other personally. though he does other members of congress. they have known each other for a long time. i believe he donated to her. i think that she is really the linchpin. if congress can get anything done. we will see, we were talking about the budget process prayed he we are, right before
9:47 am
christmas, and we aren't getting that done. we will see if they turn the corner in the new year. >> marie: i think the democrats could do both. legislate and investigate. please tell mike >> harris: please don't say walk and chew gum at the same time! [laughter] >> marie: i didn't! spew when every democrat says that! >> marie: i think we can do both things at the same time... >> harris: there it is! >> kennedy: what if you can't do both, what's the most important thing to do question might be of limited resources and patients. from the lecture. >> marie: prescript and drugs, absolutely. if sativa's kitchen comes back and has clearly impeachable offenses in it, i don't think it's a fringe left idea to invest get more. i think it has moved into the mainstream. that's a big question. >> harris: politicians didn't put donald trump in the white house. politicians didn't put certain agenda items in the forefront,
9:48 am
like immigration. people did. when they do that, they have to keep in mind that the make and people have decided that, until you show evidence, they want things to get done. you lose votes as democrats because he goat after that. >> kennedy: i hope progressives are listening, but perhaps they have a different take on arithmetic. alexandria ocasio-cortez's mass misfire on how to pay for medicare for all. even some on the left say her numbers are way off base. ♪ from the very beginning, it was always our
9:49 am
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comprehensive cancer care network. and these are the specialists we're proud to call our own. treating cancer is more than our mission. it's our passion. expert medicine works here. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. ♪ >> morgan: congresswoman-elect alexandria ocasio-cortez is being criticized by media fact-checkers across the board, after claiming there is an easy solution to funding universal health care insurance. she is citing an article in the nation, tweeting in part -- " "21 trillion in pentagon spending accounting errors. medicare for all costs about $32 trillion. that means that 66% of medicare for all could have been already funded by the pentagon." that's not what the article says. "the washington post" is giving
9:53 am
her tweet, "four pinocchio's despite her attempt to walk it back. she said 66% of medicare for all could have been funded already by the pentagon. that's giving a direct comparison but it's badly flawed. the same article she referenced on twitter would have set her straight. the tweet is still up, probably causing some confusion. so, harris, he made a great point earlier about the congresswoman-elect. that may be perhaps we are all on the republican side giving her a little bit too much attention, or do you think she just walks away the into it with these tweets? >> harris: you got to have your facts straight. we talk about the low-hanging fruit, knowing the three branches of government and that sort of thing. i guess it's funny, but it's not. it shouldn't just be republicans, people who are politically different than she is, who are giving her grief over these items. palestine is not a country -- it's not a state. it should be within our own party. because she's being held up as
9:54 am
somebody who could be a big voice in the future. if that's going to be your voice, if that's where you are going, the facts need to be white. right. what do you think of memory? >> marie: i don't see them holding her up as the future of the party? >> harris: bernie sanders loves her. >> kennedy: who heads the dnc? tom perez. who says that alexandria ocasio-cortez is the future of the democratic party. >> marie: i don't think he has support among many democrats are on the ground. in congress. >> kennedy: you're throwing everyone under the bus. >> marie: i just think -- >> kennedy: who do you like, if you don't like them? bernie sanders? >> marie: he's not a democrat. it's not breaking news that a freshman member of congress -- >> kennedy: he might be nominee for president. >> marie: i don't think it's news if somebody who doesn't have asked. since a big factually inaccurate. >> harris: you don't need experience in it with three branches of government it are.
9:55 am
you don't need expense to read an article and have the numbers. >> marie: i don't think it's the downfall of the democratic party because she had a stupid tweet. >> kennedy: it's the downfall of the progressive wing of the democratic party, because it's built on a foundation of yogurt. it's incredible problematic because she doesn't have a working knowledge of basic economics. socialism is an economic system. you have to have an economic argument in order to sell it and make it work. she can't do either, because she doesn't understand how the world works. how people make money, how money is created, and the creation of money is actually a positive- positive-sum effort were more people thrive as more people make money. >> harris: we should stop a segment right there. >> ari: she has been covered because she's getting covered accurately. they are covering accurately what she says. she is a notable newsmaker, she defeated a democrat and a primary. she's part of a huge energy in the democratic left and she's getting accurate coverage.
9:56 am
she wouldn't get the coverage if she didn't make the mistakes. >> marie: but she's not that important. we are giving here and importance beyond a freshman member who hasn't done anything. >> harris: who? >> marie: the news media. >> ari: 's as you get away with it scot-free? >> marie: not scot-free, but if we fact-check every one of the freshman members of congres congress -- be tomorrow numbered in just a moment. stay right here you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here. ♪ the united states virgin islands. okay, i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak underwear
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>> thanks to our good friend ari fleischer, and thank you for providing such beautiful perspective. >> ari: always fun to be here. thank you to you. >> kennedy: we are back on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow, so much more to discuss and keep it here. for continuing coverage of the memorial of former president george h.w. bush. right now, here's "outnumbered overtime" with harris. ♪ >> harris: the final farewell for the nation'st president. on outnumbered overtime today, our coverage continues. i'm harris faulkner paid thousands of americans are paying their respects right now to president george herbert walker bush. he is lying in-state in in the capitol rotunda. his flag-draped coffin resting on the same wooden frame used for president lincoln. tomorrow the casket will be removed to the national cathedral for president bush's state funeral. peter doocy has the latest from capitol hill. peter?


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