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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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audio diaries. good night. that's it for us. the "story" with tucker is next. >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one of the most bewildering parts of our current moment is watching the american left become the mirror image what it once was. do you remember when liberals supported free speech? when the aclu had principles and cited with wage earners when they pretended to care about you? liberals also used to care about the environments and not climate policy but the actual physical environment of america.
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our land, water and trees and each our sidewalk. liberals were worried about mass immigration and over-population. they didn't want to live in a crowded, dirty country. after a lot of searching, we located the last liberal in america who feels that way. we will talk to him in a minute. first tonight, liberals are thrilled by the mueller investigation these days. all upside to them. their political opponents are harassed day and night. some may be indicted. the administration can barely govern with all of the talk about russia. if you hate donald trump this is like christmas every day. or is it? a writer frank has his doubts about. that. he didn't like donald trump, but
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he wonders if liberals will look back it's this moment and consider the mueller investigation worth doing. in response to criticism the left frank notes trump's white house has the harshest set of policies toward russia, but this is making it tougher on russia. is it wise to risk war with a nuclear armed policy for short term political advantage? then this which ought to be printed and taped to the bridge in the kitchen of every political consultant on the democratic side in washington. here it is: do you want the special counsel investigation to become a staple
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of presidential life? searching for the crime rather than the other way around. that's a good point. democrats are telling us robert mueller is above the reach of government. in their view mueller is like a god prosecutor. accountable only to himself. but the question is will democrats be comfortable with that standard when the next independent counsel investigates the next democratic president? what happened to representative government? shouldn't they answer to voters? in the name of defending democracy, the left is weakening democracy. democrats don't understand that. they are having too much fun watching their enemies suffer. they will understand and likely
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regret it. robin is a former obama campaign regional director. first to the russia question. i would never argue that russia is our friend. i think they have undertaken mischief at our expense over the years. the idea that russia is our primary adversary is insane. that would be china. doesn't this whole investigation amount to a lie to the american people about the threats we face? >> you know, tucker, i look at this from the standpoint. i look at it as protecting our democracy. the intent was to look at foreign influence in our electoral process. that should not be a partisan issue. as patriotic americans like we
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are and most of the viewers are, we support federal law enforcement and want to make sure they are not affecting our electoral process. >> tucker: but, like a lot of things, i don't disagree with what you say in theory. are we undermining democracy in its defense? you have a special counsel who is not accountable to any branch of government. that's not a democratic system where you have someone with the power to destroy your life and put you in prison who can't be accountable to anybody elected by voters? that's the opposite of democracy, is it not? >> i looked at the appointment memo for robert mueller and it gives him authority to look into matters that arise. could this come back on democrats?
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yes, it could be the flynn memo that came out this week showed us there are two other criminal investigation. those could be against democrats. those could come back to haunt us for sure. >> tucker: since we are both for democracy, every employee of a government in democracy must answer to an elected official? >> yes. >> tucker: what elected official did robert mueller answer to? >> i don't know how the doj works. but i support federal law enforcement. >> tucker: hold on! >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: hold on. as long as we are defending democracy, let's defend democracy. democracy is predicated on the idea that people rule and rule to their elected officials. if he is working for us, which
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elected representative can fire him? which elected representative does he answer to? the answer from democrats is none. that's not democracy. that's like monarchy? >> well, he answers to president trump. he is head of all of law enforcement. he is our chief law enforcement officer. donald trump said he has the authority many times to fire him and chose not to for political reasons. i think it was a good move on his part. >> tucker: democrats are telling us and i watched the people on tv. it's on in my office all day long. they say again and again that trump can't fire in or rein in a federal employee. that's a clear argument against democracy?
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voters have no role. they have to sit back and let some guy elected by nobody do whatever he wants? is that the democracy we are defending now? >> no, and you are correct to point out the hypocrisy of the left on some of the other networks. i watched those networks too. i get counter points. i watch conservative media. i watch the other mainstream networks. they are not calling out things appropriately. you are correct that president trump has been tougher on russia than any other post-cold war president. i expected that with npr because that's a trusted source. >> tucker: we have been tougher on russia and closer to war with russia at any time. how are we safer? that doesn't make me feel safer. >> as far as protecting our democracy and protecting it
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against cyber warfare. that's a real problem. we saw all of the intelligence agencies come out clearly and say this was a problem. it happened. president trump is waffling on whether he believes u.s. intelligence. it's a problem. we are better for looking into this because it protects our democracy which is a non-partisan issue. >> tucker: robin, thank you very much. foley is a professor and joins us. thanks for coming on. i don't think it's an irrelevant question. who is robert mueller's boss? i hear that trump can't have anything to do with robert mueller and neither can the doj. that doesn't sound democratic. >> he is a strange, constitution
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primera. i don't know who his boss is. he is an officer within the department of justice and would be accountable to the attorney general who is accountable to the president. however, they disabled that account ability not only obtaining jeff sessions recusal but suggesting that the acting attorney general can't exercise exercise -- supervise. the ag can't fire mueller and the president can't either without facing political criticism. they managed to disable one of the president's key constitutional powers which is the power to fire his subordinants.
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>> tucker: the howling pack of cable news morons braed until he is not accountable to any elected official and this is the democracy we are supposed to be defending? >> yes, and they did it on purpose. i think one day they will come to regret it. if you can do this to president trump can you do it to any future president. >> tucker: leaving trump for future presidents or any politician out of it, there is nothing voters can do because they are powerless over robert mueller. isn't that like the opposite of the system we are supposed to be living under? >> yeah. he is kind of a 4th branch of government unto himself. he has entrenchment via regulation which means he can't be fired except for good cause. you would have to lay the
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foundation to even try to begin to fire him which is not easy to do. it's the functional equivalent of having tenure as a professor. if you try to fire him, if trump did it or a future attorney general tried to do it, you can be sure there would be investigation after investigation after investigation and cries of obstruction of justice. there would be a high political price to pay. >> tucker: he is a heavily armed pope. professor, thank you. i am not a lawyer and appreciate the clarity on that. former fbi director james comey will testify testimony. -- tomorrow. why he is going there? what questions should house members ask him. terry is a former deputy fbi
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assistant director for counter teri remember. what should they ask of mr. comey tomorrow? >> when you take the clinton email serve investigation and the russia collusion investigation, this was not done in the way the fbi normally does business. something was wrong with the decision making process inside the fbi. what i would do because these people on the committee had access to millions of records and done a lot of interviews, they have a lot of information. the key here is to find out from jim comey if he ever thought there was political interference in what he was doing in the fbi and the decisions he was making. if he did, who were the people behind that? after all of the questions had been asked, we still don't have simple answers to simple questions. let me take one, for example. who made the decision not to use
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the grand jury in the clinton email investigation? that would saved us a lot of trouble because we would have a neutral party and all of the personalities would be out of this. that did not happen. why? jim comey should know the answer to that. he should know who decided not to use the grand jury. another simple question is, the interview of hillary clinton. we know that he was working on the memo to exonerate her before she was interviewed. they should hone in on all of the questions related to the planning of that interview. when we are fbi agents and trained to do interviews, the normal fbi case, you plan a lot of these interviews in the back. your car. you are talking to each other. put somebody in the front seat. you plan it, though. you know going into it what to expect. what you are going to try to get out of and have an idea of what
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you will be told by the subject. you are in control of that. the atmosphere and everything. in the clinton case that's not what happened. all kinds of people were involved in making decisions that made that interview just useless. we need ton why was that and who was calling the shots? who the doj was doing that? why was cheryl mills allowed to be there representing hillary clinton as one of her attorneys? these are problematic. >> tucker: thank you very much. really interesting. multiple sources tell fox news that the president will nominate heather to replace nikki haley on the united nations.
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she works here at fox. i like her a lot. trying to admit as many people as they can into america. that could clash with the concern about the environment? not a small question really. that's next. when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life and create the future that's most meaningful to you. which means you can retire, without retiring from life. having the flexibility to retire on your terms. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today.
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one issue that unites almost everybody it's immigration. the principle is anybody from anywhere on the globe should be allowed to come into the united states no questions asked. if you don't believe that, pay attention. look at the theater surrounding the migrant caravan. >> all of this for a group of people a lot of whom are mothers and children who pose no threat. >> the president of the united states decided that a couple of thousand of scared and sick people are a bigger threat to the united states than isis. >> in it's our laws that people are allowed to come to our borders and ask for asylum. >> this is a new thing. it seems like they always had this view. no, many of the left used to be skeptical of mass immigration because it undermined the wages of workers and others had environmental concerns about letting a lot more people into the country.
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this is the author of "how many is too many?" he joins us. thank you very much for coming on. having you have a long nationwide search to find someone with your views. i remember as a kid that the democrats were concerned about over-population and the effects on the environment. i agreed with that. tell me your concerns about mass immigration and its effect on the environment. >> i am not sure i am the last liberal in the country concerned about immigration driven population growth. we are a minority among environmentali environmentalists. >> tucker: the sierra club. a huge fire there started by an illegal immigrant and they say nothing because they are concerned for open borders overrides their concern for the
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environment. what is that about? >> well, i think you're absolutely right if you go back to the birth of the environmental movement 50 or 60 years ago. there was so much concern and focus on population issues because people saw the connections between over-use of resources and too much pollution and the sheer numbers of people. environmentalists used to talk about that. what happened between then and now. back then most of the population growth came from the number of children we were having, native-american. today, population growth in the u.s. is driven by high levels of immigration. people were not as comfortable saying we needed to limit immigration as they were saying we need to limit how many kids we have.
5:23 pm
i think that's a mistake. >> tucker: i wish we had more time for this because it's fasfaiths. what is the response you get from fellow liberals. when you say there are environmental effects of letting all of these people? what do they say to you? >> mostly what i get are people -- most people say i didn't realize that. i had not thought about that. as you say, environmentalists stopped talking about. the responses run the gamut of how long have you been a racist? to thank you very much for talking about that. i have been thinking that myself and i am not comfortable talking about it. it's interesting to write about because you get a wide range of responses. >> tucker: spend a week in a crowded and dirty country and you will realize you don't want to live in a place like.
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this is an accidental senator. at first she seemed moderate. she had a decent nra rating. but her ambitions have grown being senator. she now sound like a socialology protessor. she posted a message. there is no future for you. our future is female. intersectional and empowered by our belief in one another and we are just getting started. ." what does that mean. heather mcdonald night know the answer. what does that mean? >> well, it means that academia is taking over more and more of the real world. i wish it was just confined to
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gillibrand but it's not. feminism has ambitions to take over civilization. then you can say good-bye to civilivation. they are saying america is a rape culture and sexist and rapist. it's a way of describing the growing number of victims and their complicated ways of being oppressed by white heterosexual males. gillibrand is not some out liar. you have trump's own administration bragging that he is spending billion dollars to encourage more females, which means discouraging males. the opposition to the appropriate re-write of the campus rape rules by the
5:26 pm
education secretary that are trying to restore our concept of due process and fairness to these very absurd kangaroo courts, the feminists are having nothing of it. feminism is at odds with the civilization legacy that we have to preserve at all costs. >> tucker: a simple and quick question. why would any group want to poison the relationship between men and women which is the building block of everything that is depend in the world? >> because they would rather hate. they are self-interested. they have no understanding of the future. they have no understanding of the values and virtues that make civilization possible. they are seizing power and in a
5:27 pm
manic rage to replace males. you look around at institution after institution taken over by feminists and the absurd ditribes that are launched against males. >> tucker: 5 years ago, you would have thought heather mcat is kind of a hot head. now i think you are right and you are brave for saying it. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the war on christmas is not real but it's expanding fast. the latest victim. candy canes. that's next. if you want a car from a company that's been building them for 115 years, get a ford. if you want a car with driver-assist technology, get a ford. if you want waze and amazon alexa compatibility, get a ford. if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything...
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i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ >> tucker: the war on christmas is fake. they tell you that on tv. but it's also underway again. a hot start last week with the left launching a new offensive against the red nosed reindeer. now an elementary school principal in nebraska banned christmas related items. christmas trees, santa and red and green color combinations. no candy canes. they are in the shape of a j which represents jesus. mark stein joins us tonight. the war on christmas is not real. stop talking about it. >> yeah.
5:32 pm
fa fictitious. i will beat on that. -- bite on. separation of church and state they didn't want president washington to be the head of the church like the queen of england is. like a lot of sane concepts it changed into something insane. when you are banning colors and two of the colors on the color spectrum, red and green, so there is only orange, yellow and blue left. you are bonkers. you are nuts. you have flown the coop of reality. you are living in a more bizarre fantasy than santa and his elves being ever come up with.
5:33 pm
>> tucker: a professor tweeted that mary the virgin could not consent to the conception of christ. he decorated his tree is satanic ornaments. did you take any of his classes? >> no, the idea that god has gotten the virgin mary back to his path and she is saying i really must go and he is saying it's cold outside. put some records on when i pour. i miss the days when athiests were intelligence enough to take seriously what they were trying to knock down.
5:34 pm
this is a dismal comment on the state of atheists in america. >> tucker: they never criticized jeff bezos. they call themselves counter-cultural. >> and they don't make the same ramadan jokes as christmas jokes. >> tucker: this community college professor is not attacking mohammed? >> no,no. this is cardboard. from teachers. even if you are an atheist, western music art and painting were in the course of christianity. >> tucker: the university would
5:35 pm
not exist without it. >> no. no. rudolph and leonardo have to go. >> tucker: thanks. time for final exam. we have news professionals at fox who follow this stuff for a living. you can beat them in recalling what just happened. who is your short term memory? after the break. -these people, they speak a language we cannot understand.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: the best segment of the week. respite from real news. final exam. we pit the experts against one another who see who paid close attention to the last week. joining us now morgan ortega and
5:40 pm
peter doocy. here are the rules. you must wait until i ask the question to answer it. you answer of a say your name. if you get it wrong we detract a point. best of 5 wins. are you ready? >> ready. >> question 1. which caucasian 76-year-old sis-gender male announced he is the most qualified person in america to be president? >> i don't know about the first part of that. >> tucker: i just read the scripts. >> it's joe biden. is that worth 2 points? >> tucker: we will find out. >> joe biden said wait an amtrak minute here. i am the most qualified person
5:41 pm
to be president he said. >> tucker: i don't know what sis-gender means. that's the first and last time i will use the term. you are right. question number 2. politicians come up with excuses for their short comings. this week the best on record. which not so bright democratic senator said that her party has problems relating to americans because they are just too smart? >> oh! >> the democratic party is just unsmart from this unsmart senator. >> is it maisy who is too smart? >> tucker: asked what democrats must do. risked it all.
5:42 pm
>> democrats know so much. that is true. we have to tell everybody how smart we are. >> tucker: you know when you know too much. >> i have to tell everyone how smart i am. >> me too! >> tucker: the national game show commission required that the remaining 3 questions be food related in honor of the holiday season. question 3, millennials are blamed for killing off which canned food product because they don't ike using can openers? >> do we get multiple choice. >> my guess is tuna. >> tucker: tuna. that's an out there guess. 42% is how much canned tuna has dropped.
5:43 pm
>> how lazy is this generation? >> what other canned food are millennials eating or not eating? >> soup. >> yes. re-fried beans. >> tucker: the producers are saying these questions are worth 2 points a piece. this is a multile choice. animal rights activists are asking us to stop using the phrase bring home the bacon. they have a replacement phrase. bring home the tofu, or the bagels or the pudding? >> [laughing]. >> can i hit it now?
5:44 pm
>> tucker: the producers will let you answer anyway. >> b, the bagels. >> tucker: is it bring home the bagels. >> as a new yorker i like that. absolutely. >> tucker: i didn't think about it when i ate it. you didn't know the answer to that? >> the show is over. >> tucker: i am on to the next one. final question. >> i got 2 points? >> tucker: yes. peter leads 3-. two another multiple choice. listen carefully. scientists discovered the perfect portion size for french fries. to live a happy and healthy life, how many french fries should you eat, 20, or 6 or 13.5 french fries or i am adding this
5:45 pm
no french fries at all? >> it's b, 6. final answer. >> tucker: you don't think it's 20? >> no, that's like a normal serving of french fries. >> tucker: is it 6 french fries? >> only 6 fries. >> [laughing]. >> i would rather have no fries than 6 fries. 6 french fries is an insult to fries and to america and to france for that matter. >> tucker: i agree with him 100%. >> i do too. >> tucker: he is very true about french fries. >> the best french fries are at the eagles game and you dip them in cheese sauce. >> tucker: thank you very much. peter you win and you win a mug.
5:46 pm
>> do you get to keep that? >> tucker: get a tight shot. we are honored to give this to you. >> this is what i looked like when i won the quiz. >> tucker: it is. that's it for this week's final exam. pay close attention to the weird news and next thursday see if you can beat the news professionals. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: if you have paid attention you know official washington has been hyperventilating because the trump administration hasn't ended america's relationship with saudi arabia after the murder of khashoggi. the u.s. can't be allied with
5:51 pm
countries that assassinate people. there must be some sinister reason trump is sucking up to the saudis. watch the tsunami of false outrage. >> is that saudi money paying for 500 rooms in a trump hotel? >> i can't think of a parallel with the united states president or his family profited from his office the way this administration appears to be. >> to try to make money while being president and after being president. >> the president himself has told us why he is taking the saudi side. it's all about the money. >> tucker: don lemon. so trump is taking the saudi side for money. there is no evidence of that.
5:52 pm
there is strong precedent for it here in washington. half of the country's elite have made a good living taking the saudi side for money. it was not for arab petromoney, washington would have a lot fewer pools. the clinton administration received $25 million from the saudi government and took $5 million from the royal family's pr operation. where did the saudis give the clintons that money? because they care about aids in africa? cnn has a reported position open for you. it was not just the clintons that got rich from the saudis. their allies did to. the podesta group was cofounded by bill clinton's chief of staff and hillary clinton's compare chairman. after the last election the
5:53 pm
podesta group was hired by the saudis to lobby the u.s. government. the democratic law firm did almost as well. made $700,000 last year. but nobody maybe in the world tried to cash in like the democratic fundraiser emanuel. his travel agency received $400 million from the saudi government. he cohested a dinner in l.a. for the crown prince. and jeff bezo s from amazon was there. "vanity fair" said topics off-limits were the bombing campaign in yemen and the
5:54 pm
abduction of lebanon's prime minister and a journalist who was in prison for 5 years for insulting the royal court. they wanted to make sure nobody asked saudis these uncomfortable questions. the left cares about human rights but not when it gets in the way of business in the saudis. we should pause and note. it's not just democrats who have taken truck loads of saudis money. republicans in washington have done so too. second, the saudis are not the only ones making america's ruling class richer. many of our leaders on both side are be paid off by the chinese government. that is a dictatorship more blood thirsty than the saudis. they have kidnapped children and put a man behind bars until he
5:55 pm
died. the chinese are throwing ethnic minorities into concentration campus. this year trying to disappear at the head of interpol. how much of you have heard of that on msnbc? not much. twice in the last 2 years this show attacked the saudi government for pushing the administration into bondings with syria. the rest of the media applauded those bombings. now the same people are pretented to be shocked that they killed somebody. please, spare us the sanctimony. it's nausiating. up next the miss universe pageant is 10 days away. something note about the person expected to win. because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money
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>> tucker: the miss universe
6:00 pm
contest has the first transgender in the pageant's history. they said the future is female and that's it for us. we will be back tomorrow 8 p.m. we can't wait to see you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" tonight. a lot of brand new breaking news. all eyes on robert mueller. day 568 of the witch hunt. and zero trump-russian collusion discovered. we have new evidence that the two top democratic operatives are from trouble. and a huge breaking news from john


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