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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  December 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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rick: who here is forearm it today? ed: come back tomorrow, we'll see you, talk to you then, go army! nicole: bye, guys. >> the fixers in a fix, president donald trump, former attorney michael cohen facing substantial prison time but what if anything is the president facing? former u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy will tell us and what are stocks facing come monday morning, the market is suffering another nasty week with trade fears, taking hold, our market pros taking stock. and republicans looking forward to round two in their showdown with former fbi director james comey but this top democrat is vowing to shutdown their investigation into alleged fbi bias, is that justified, or just plain politic s and the battle over the border wall funding is about to get real, as president trump prepares to meet with nancy
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pelosi and chuck schumer can they avoid a shutdown? democrat karen bass, republican kevin brady are here. and we are live in paris, where protesters are putting that city on lockdown. why what's happening there matters for us, here. cavuto live starts right now. dagen: welcome, everybody i'm dagen mcdowell in for neil cavuto. much to digest as memos on former trump lawyer michael cohen and former campaign manager paul manafort drop what is the president's legal team saying, our jillian turner is in washington to lay it all out. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, dagen. the white house including the president himself believes yesterday's cohen sentencing memo is a major victory. the president tweeting two hours ago, after two years and million s of pages of documents and a cost of over $30 million,
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no collusion. even the president's press secretary who usually stays mum on matters chimed in yesterday writing, the government's filing in mr. cohen 's case tell us nothing of value that was in already known and mr. cohen is no hero. now the memo itself sets fourth recommendations that go all in on maximum penalties for cohen. it reads in part, "for the reasons set fourth above the office respectfully requests that this court imposes substantial term of imprisonment , one that reflects a modest variance from the applicable guidelines range. " the office also requests that the court impose for feature in the amount of $500,000 and a fine. cohen has twice plead guilty during the course of the investigation so far once in august for lying about his role in facilitating payments to porn stars on be half of president trump and then again last week for lying to congress about his work for the president in russia now, the president's legal team
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is making their new strategy clear. divide and conquer. in discussions with fox news last night, rudy guiliani emphasized the contrast between paul manafort and michael cohen saying while manafort has nothing to lie about, cohen doesn't even know what to lie about. dagen? gillian, thank you for that. joining me now, andrew mccarthy, andy always great to see you what do you make of this? >> good morning, dagen. well, i wouldn't be celebrating it if i was at the white house, i think that there's two different things going on here, which is natural since we have two different sets of prosecutor s looking at this. the case in the manhattan u.s. attorney's office the southern district of new york case as far as the president is concerned, that really involves campaign finance violations and what i'd be concerned about is if you read the sentencing memo,
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the southern district filed it number one looks like a celebration of the campaign finance laws and how important they are to our system. there's a lot of people that don't like the campaign finance laws but they are the law, and the southern district really champions them in a big way. i think that's important because it's clear that they have implicated the president in the two campaign finance violations that cohen plead guilty to and will be sentenced on. they have the president basically directing cohen to commit these offences, so these are two felonies that this guy plead guilty to and they have the president directing it. now, the standards are different for the candidates than they are to other contributors so there's some profound legal issues about whether the fact that cohen has plead guilty to these offences means the president is implicated in something that as to him is a crime, but he
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certainly within their crosshairs on that so that's something to be concerned about. i think on the mueller end, which is one separate case in connection with cohen, and also the filings that we got yesterday on manafort seems to me, dagen, that they've changed their theory. we've had a constant moving of the goal posts from the beginning when collusion supposedly meant a conspiracy between the trump people and the kremlin in order to hack the elections. in other words to do this cyber espionage plot that affected the democratic e-mail accounts that were ultimately put out by wikileaks. they don't have that. i don't think they've ever had that. seems to me they've now moved to a theory that the trump campaign was penetrated by russian intelligence and by the kremlin and that what they may be trying to do is show that on the trump end of that, officials of the campaign and maybe ultimately the administration were
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irresponsible in how they handl ed those contacts and we're talking about people like manafort here. that's all very interesting. it wouldn't be a crime. dagen: i was going to say that. >> it could be obviously very embarrassing. dagen: i think alan dershowitz said there's a sin and then there's a crime, so show me the crime. he said that last night on talker. >> right. yeah, well, there are mortal sin s and venal sins too i think they're traying for a mortal sin here. dagen: but what you're laying out to me i think that the focus on any campaign finance violations and correct me if i'm wrong, they're usually not criminal, correct? they're usually not treated as campaign finance violations as criminal charges? but look at what is in this filing here in the southern district of new york versus what is in the filing from the mueller team and you see how far afield this investigation is gone. it originally, the special
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counsel's mandate was what to look into collusion with russia, to essential as you said hack the election but now you have something altogether different, basically potentially being a problem for the president. >> yeah, i think you're quite right about that and it's also the history of special counsel investigations. they start here and then three or four years down the line, they end up some place that's often remote from where they started. the other interesting thing along those lines that you mentioned, dagen, the campaign finance stuff is usually not handled as a felony prosecution. i think that's characteristic of a lot of what's gone on in this investigation so you have these foreign agent registration act which is typically not handled as a felony prosecution in this investigation, they are. you have basically everybody who tells a lie to an fbi agent has been, it seems, prosecuted for lying to the fbi. that's not typically how these
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investigations go. dagen: but andy i just, no continue and then i'll follow-up on that. >> i was going to say they've ratcheted up the formal standard s of criminal it with a very technical standards of criminality in this investigation versus other investigations and i think what upsets people is the difference in the quality of justice that hillary clinton got versus what is happening to the trump campaign. dagen: right what you said that you were talking about the theory of russia's involvement in the election and how that morphed and then you see the screws being put to one individual after another, and finding a process crime to basically put pressure on these individuals, so that's another thing that really bothers people >> yeah, and, you know, the process crime here is different, i think, than other independent and investigations of administrations. for example, with respect to the
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clinton investigation, back when , in the lewinsky scandal, the thing that the independent counsel was assigned to investigate and got permission to investigate was the obstruction that clinton was involved in and that lewinsky was implicated in. here, what's happened, is the investigation itself by special counsel mueller has created these process crimes after he was assigned to it, so it's not like he was assigned to go find this process crime and people lied about that. he was assigned to basically see if there's a conspiracy between the trump campaign and the kremlin and the process of that investigation has created these other crimes. dagen: andy before we move on to something else, what are next steps here? what should we watch for? of course the mueller report, but what else? >> well, i think that we're
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looking at a likelihood of more charges down the line. both the southern district case, dagen, and mueller's investigation, if you read these two documents that we got they talked about active grand juries i think they said that manafort, for example, was in the grand jury as late as november and the southern district also talked about pending investigations that are going on in the office that cohen's information was relevant to, so i think we're going to see more charges. dagen: when do you think the mueller report comes out? any idea? >> no, i don't think he's in as big a hurry as a lot of people seem to think. i do think it's winding down because a lot of these people who would be cooperating witnesses like flynn, for example, he's allowing them to be sentenced and as a prosecutor you usually want the cooperation to testify in court before you sentence them and the fact that he's letting flynn, for example, get sentenced indicates to me he's not planning any big proceeding that he thinks flynn would be a witness at. dagen: i want to move on to this
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because we've kind of touched on it but we have the incoming chair of the house judiciary committee, jerry nadler, vowing to shut down the gop probe. listen to what congressman nadle r had to say. >> when you become chairman are you officially going to end this investigation? >> yes. >> why? >> the entire purpose of this investigation is to cast the real investigation which is mueller. there's no evidence whatsoever of bias at the fbi or any of the others that we're talking about. dagen: well other than text messages and unanswered questions and again, clinton democrat funded unverified dossier put together by an individual who was out to get trump which we know from bruce ohr. is this justified by nadler shutting down these investigations? >> i don't think it's justified
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but it's to be expected. the democrats political position has always been that the investigation of the investigators is a distraction and something that's being concocted in order to undermine the credibility of mueller's investigation so since that's been their position i think it's to be expected that they shut it down, but it seems to me, dagen, that president trump has always had the where with all to release the documents that the committee has asked for, so even if the democrats shut down the investigation, the president can still put that information out and then what gets done with it at that point will have to see. the senate could continue to investigate it even if the democrats won't investigate it in the house, and then looming over all of this is an inspector general's investigation at the justice department of these matters which certainly seems to suggest that the inspector general doesn't think this is a bunch of nonsense even if jerry
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nadler does and then we also understood that when sessions was attorney general, he assigned a prosecutor, mr. yuber , in utah, to also have a look at all of this to see if there were criminal implications so i don't think this is over by any means. dagen: andy you were reading my mind that's why i was so excited you were on the show this morning. you were reading what i wanted to know before we have to go to break. andrew mccarthy, incredible as always thank you, sir. >> thanks, dagen. dagen: stocks falling off again with china acting up again. the dow and the s&p back in negative territory for the year. is there any relief in sight? and protesters out in force again in paris, four weekends in a row, even though french president emmanuel macron scrap ped the fuel tax that fuel their anger in the first place. we have a live report, straight ahead. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios
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dagen: you are looking at live
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pictures from paris on fire. some of the most iconic sites in paris closed today that city battling fiery protest over a proposed fuel tax hike that was already suspended now canceled. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcott is on the scene in paris. what do you see and what do you know, greg? reporter: dagen, we're walking along with the police right now along the champs-elysee after the most incredible day i have ever seen in paris . this place was turned into a war zone, with clashes between the yellow vest protesters and the police and now, with a heavy rain falling it is hope that at least in this area, of paris, things have been calmed down. let me show you a little bit of what happened here. we are looking at a truck for the special crs police to clear out this area that was full of barricades and full of tear gas being thrown from one side,
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percussion bombs being thrown from the other, all told and pierre, my cameraman, has been with us all day, look at the police vans clearing champs-elysee. remember this is the height of the christmas seasonal of the stores were shut, all of the restaurants were shut, all of the landmarks were shut. it was this clash between the yellow vest protesters and the police over first, a hike in gas and diesel but then it turned into a much broader range of protests against the government, french president emmanuel macron incredibly, dagen, i can't believe and i've spoken to some analysts here the last couple of days, we have not heard from emmanuel macron for the past several weeks. i would have thought he would have come out thursday night on tv and said hey, i hear what you're saying we're easing some of the changes, which in in fact his government did. please don't go to violence
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because this city, not just here in the champs-elysee, this city has been blasted today, cars have been burning, ex clause ever shops have been destroyed. again, i've lived here for nine years, covered france for 30. i've never seen anything like it others haven't seen anything like it, at least back into the protest days of 1968. these were the barricades if you're back on me now, dagen these are the barricades setup by protesters about two hours ago and they were hurling smoke bombs and other things and it's still a hot situation with police here, shouting to other people. this is the champs-elysee. there's not a single person here this is the number one tourist spot for maybe the number one tourist city in the world. this has been done by the city. the police, yes, they are doing their best but the government has allowed this, allowed this to get way, way out of control. four weeks to protest in this city right now and again, we
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have heard of problems in other parts of the city. we have heard of something like 600 or 700 arrests and another death today, at least 30 injuries, but they're hoping it's settled down, but there's going to be real reckoning with the government of emmanuel macron and how they've handled the reforms. reforms which everybody says are needed in this country, but how they've mishandled the implementation of the reforms. i'm going to wrap it up here, dagen, and let my cameraman tell the story and again it's a police, they're backing up they've got a few more troublemakers here but they think they've pretty much clear ed this, it's like it was fifth avenue exactly like it was fifth avenue and totally closed, like manhattan. dagen: yeah, except the champs-elysee is more pristine and beautiful than this avenue even. this is one of the most iconic streets in the entire world and greg, i don't, macron does not face re-election until 2022.
7:21 am
what happens when your leader isn't leading and your most beautiful city is on fire? week after week after week. reporter: it's astounding. i think what happens, practically, politically and it's not really that important because it's not existential is that he will get rid of his prime minister and get rid of many cabinet ministers and he will say he will change but a lot of people are saying and the top analysts that we always talk to are saying that perhaps macron himself would have to step down. i mean that would be a real let down and a real historic moment so no one is really talking about that seriously but a lot of people are saying and the folks here on the street are saying that they would love to see that happen. dagen? dagen: thank you so much greg pa lkot, we will check in with you next hour. windows smashed, cars on fire, paris on lockdown one of the most iconic streets, iconic cities in the world, because of
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protests and by the way let this be a lesson to anybody, gas taxes hurt those who cannot afford those higher gas taxes. they hurt people on the lower income spectrum. we'll be right back. it's a feeling that's hard to describe... ♪ ...and even harder to forget. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. dagen: fox on top of another volatile week that has investors on edge. fox business network tracy carrasco breaks it all down. tracy? reporter: good morning yes it was a week of setbacks and come backs on wall street. markets on monday saw such promise after last weekend's trade truce between the u.s. and china at the g20 summit in argentina, but wild swings throughout the volatile week sent stocks tumbling into the red the dow sinking 558 points on friday. all three of the major u.s. averages down 4% for the week. the sell-off erasing all of 2018
7:26 am
's gains on the dow, and s&p 500. adding to the trade tensions, the arrest of a chinese tech executive in canada at the request of the u.s.. the chief financial officer of huawei, one of china's largest telecom companies accused of fraud and possible violation of sanctions against iran. china now warning canada of consequences if she is not released and the arrest could not come at a more sensitive time between the relationship with china and the u.s. and further complicating that relationship, clues in the recent marriott hack pointing to the chinese government as the culprit. reuters reporting that tools and techniques seen in the data breach that exposed the personal information of some 500 million people are similar to ones used by chinese hackers in the past and also adding to that list of worries for investors november's jobs report out yesterday. the labor department says 1 55,000 jobs were created last
7:27 am
month, missing wall street's expectations of 200,000 and the unemployment rate held steady at 3.7% for a third month in a row and average hourly earnings the key number for investors worried about fed rate hikes came in as expected at 3.1%. one bright spot for investors this week the fed indicating they may take a wait and see approach when it comes to raising those interest rates next year. dagen? dagen: thank you so much, tracy. tracy carrasco, from the fox business network. you just saw investors are so worried about the standoff with china, and it's not getting any better. so should you be worried? let's ask fox news contributors gary b. smith and john layfield along with cpa and market analyst dan geltrude. gary b. to you first what's going on to drive the market down in the way that stocks fell this week? i was watching the dow transport a real clear indicator of maybe how healthy the economy is. they fell 8% this week, gary b., it was the biggest drop for a week in over seven years.
7:28 am
>> well, you know, i think dagen, we just look at the topic and segments that you've talked about so far today, tracy mentioned not only the fed but you have china, you have it looks like in one regard some of the economic statistics are showing maybe a slowing of the economy. you have so much worry and then you throw in this heavy volatility. i'm seeing volatile days in my 30-odd years in the market but not so many, 800, 600, 700 point swings it's enough to rattle the longest of long term investors and that's what i think is behind us. just there's so many potential bombshells out there that no one feels secure right now. dagen: well yesterday, john, it was blamed they blamed peter navarro being on the tv, yet morning saying that after 90 days we're going to hike tariffs if we can't get a trade deal together and when somebody whose
7:29 am
not even in a cabinet position is blamed for a market route like the one we saw yesterday, it's almost like investors are searching for a reason and trying to search for something behind the volatility. >> i think you're right and it's great to be onset with you again. you do such a wonderful job so many years of you and gary b. with bulls & bears. dagen: you big kiss up. >> exactly, but i'll continue sucking up i think you're right. the market is not trading on fundamentals any more the jobs report was down a little bit. you had 170,000 jobs per month the last three months, which is not bad. it's just the lowest its been in the past year, so the economy does seem to be slowing, but the biggest thing is these trade issues looked like we'll get some type of truce and now it looks like we're not only not getting a truce but ratchet up of these trade wars in 90 days and i think that's a real concern to the market. dagen: but what also, dan about the federal reserve and what the federal reserve is doing because that article that tracy referenced that the fed will take a wait and see approach moving into the new year, and is it on course to hike interest
7:30 am
rates maybe every quarter that's what turned the market around on thursday so i've pointed to that and how the fed is removing massive amounts of money from the financial system as they're trying to reduce their balance sheet. or is it a combination of fed and trade? >> i think it is a combination but when you look at what the fed is doing if they're going to take their foot off the accelerator when it comes to rates here is where the danger lies. we have some indications that we could be sliding into a recession. the fed has very little room to move with the rates being so low how far can we go down to try to stimulate the economy if we're really going to be on a slope? dagen: i'll pushback on that though, dan. people in washington for years and years and years have been saying it should be on the fiscal side. it shouldn't be, you shouldn't have so much pressure being put on the central bank to juice the economy. how about making tax cuts permanent for example? i'm just throwing that out but just the rate not being low
7:31 am
enough they could blow the balance sheet up again if they were really buying securities to push money into the system if the fed radicals was really worried about the economy. i don't disagree with what you're saying, however what i do think is happening here is the market is reacting emotionally, to your point john, they've moved away from fundamentals and they seem to have a very short attention span and they're chasing shiny objects, a dangerous place for the market to be. dagen: in terms of the fed removing money, gary b., from the system a lot of these securities, even well known stocks and bonds have become harder to trade and that's kind of an indication of money being pulled out of the financial system. i don't want to sound like the n erd that i am deep down but that's a concern but i want to ask you this i'm going to put you on the spot. how much of the market sell-off may be or the added worries is in relation to the mueller report? and the mueller report potentially coming out? i remember back before the ken starr report was released in
7:32 am
1998 now granted that was when long term capital management the hedge fund also collapsed but the s&p between mid july and when the starr report came out in september the s&p 500 fell more than 19% in that period. now it did recover even during impeachment proceedings by the end of november. how much are the worry and the market is in relation to what's happening in washington? >> i'm glad you brought that up yeah, that's what i was going to add amongst the other things that we're worried about exactly that this mueller investigation. we don't know what they will or he will uncover, who will be indicted, who will get off, does this lead directly back to the president? can he be put on the stand, indicted, impeached? no one knows and if we go down that road, oh, my gosh then i would say to people i'm not sure
7:33 am
he wouldn't be in the market right now. maybe when he's finally put on the stand and if he is, we have a clear sense of what direction the governments going to go then you start buying but you're absolutely right, dagen. i would say of the things we talked about the tariffs, the fed and the mueller investigation, i would say this is at least the latter is at least 40% of my concern. dagen: wow you've got the final word here, you all are back next hour. john gets the first question i promise him that, gary b., thank you so much john layfield, dan, from the shake up on wall street to the shake up in washington, what's ahead for trump's latest replacement picks? and the battle over the border wall front and center as president trump prepares to meet with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, stay with us.
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dagen: another white house shake up may be on the way reports surfacing this week that staff john kelly could be out very soon.
7:37 am
one of the front runners to replace him the chief of staff for vp, vice president mike pence, speculation swirling that president trump he confirmed that president trump will tap healther nowert, former fox news colleague of ours for u.n. ambassador and william bar for attorney general. here to break it all down, a guy who knows the vice president very well his former press secretary, mark lotter, what do you make of the news that john kelly is on the way out, and the fact that nick airs will replace him likely? >> well this is the kind of speculation that goes on in every white house, in fact i remember reading marlin fit z water wrote about it in his book and as soon as there's a chief of staff named everyone starts the countdown until there's a new one so this is nothing unusual but i can tell you from all of my colleagues that are working right now in the white house there's one chief of staff. it's general kelly, and until the time that the president or general kelly decides to move on , they will continue doing
7:38 am
their jobs just like they do every day. dagen: well the headline on the wall street journal about this very story says, "stop calling john" and that was, it was based on their own reporting on what the president said, so that stop calling him, start calling nick, so but what does this do to a white house and this i want also to get your reaction to what we found out in the reports that came out yesterday from the fuel mueller team and the southern district of new york, u.s. attorney about michael cohen. how does this add your chief of staff potentially leaving to handling what is a fully plate for the white house? >> well the white house right now is in a preparation mode for a new democratically controlled congress that's made resistance in investigation the center piece of their agenda and you're also gearing up for the presidents re-election in 2020
7:39 am
so this is a normal time when you have these kinds of transitions you have a now white house counsel coming in staffing up accordingly and so this is the time if you're going to make these kind of changes this is the window of opportunity to do it. dagen: and we also found out about bill bar as the pick to succeed jeff sessions as the attorney general. with unanimous confirmation when he was attorney general the first time under president george h. w. bush may he rest in peace, unanimous confirmation then but now pushed back from the democrats. the republicans added to their seats and added to their control of the senate will he get through easily as the next attorney general of the u.s.? >> absolutely. i think he will fly through with unanimous republican support. the question is going to be are the democrats going to do what they did just the last time he served and give this very qualified candidate his support? it was unanimous in a democrat controlled senate when he passed the last time and it kind of
7:40 am
strikes me that during in the last few days because of the funeral of president george h. w. bush people were talking about the need to return to civility and the need to return to bipartisanship and here we are, a few days later, and the first thing democrats do is start throwing up more roadblocks. dagen: mark real quick how many people has the white house are they hiring additional people for the counsel' office there additional attorneys to handle what will be a tsunami of document requests coming from the likes of congressman jerry nadler? i can't speak to specific hiring plans. i can tell you that the new white house counsel has just recently taken over and come into office there were some vacancies in that transition so i'm sure they are going to be staffing up in anticipation of an endless flurry of investigations and subpoenas because really, the democrats have not run on anything else. dagen: the new white house counsel will be a very very busy man. thank you very much mark lotter, great to see you. the battle over the border wall coming to a head.
7:41 am
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dagen: president trump meeting with democrats nancy pelosi and chuck schumer this tuesday as a threat of a shutdown looms. a short-term fix keeping things running until december 21, just right before christmas. let's go to house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady. congressman great to see you as always. good morning dagen thanks for having me. dagen: can you make sure a shutdown doesn't happen? >> it shouldn't happen there's no reason for it at all and the congress has done so much of the work already for the year for the funding this really is that final work that has to be donald i think at the end of the day, the question isn't about the wall. it's not about border security. no one believes our border is truly secure. it's really about who controls nancy pelosi. is it the more moderate part of her party or the more extreme party and its been clear in the last few days, more extreme
7:45 am
members have said to the incoming speaker, if you compromise at all, even a bit, you are not getting our vote on the house floor, and so this is really about what direction democrat parties going to take up in washington. dagen: well do they think a shutdown would somehow benefit the american people? >> i think they do although we found out from january when leader schumer did this even though it was a three day shutdown the public reacted poorly so i really think here, you've got the president who has backed off the demand for $25 billion to 5, believes we do need stronger security, more detection, more deterrence all of that and the speakers in the incoming speaker has to make the argument that she won't compromise at all. dagen: this is what infuriates people. you've got $5 billion that the president wants for border wall and you have $1.6 billion that chuck schumer has said they're willing to agree to for "border security." it's literally an issue over a word, if you will, and nancy pelosi calls the wall immoral and i don't understand if it's
7:46 am
on the border and meant to keep people from running across-the-boarder illegally, what difference does it make if it's a wall or not? maybe i'm not missing something. >> it is a silly distinction but it is important to her most extreme members in the house especially those coming in and again they've made it clear they are really holding her hostage on this because while she had 32 no votes in her conference and that secret vote, when they get the house floor, you know, a dozen of her members can stop her speakership, so i think that's driving her approach but really it raises the question, won't they be driving her in all policy issues, you know, once she does become speaker and so for the american public who thought we're going to vote democrat so we can find more solutions, this clearly is telling you that's not going to happen. dagen: i want to move on to the economy. tough week in the stock market. there are a number of worries whether it's the federal reserve
7:47 am
removing money from the financial system, the direction of interest rates, the reduction of the balance sheet, the trade concerns, much to be made about that. even slowing growth around the world. what can you do as you're still chair of the ways and means committee, what could you do? we're talking about tax cuts 2.0 is there anything you can do between now and then to give this economy some balance? >> can i make a point? dagen: yes. >> and this happened from time to time. there's a bit of a disconnect between the stock market and the economy back home. back home and across the country , you know, what's holding our economy back is workers. we don't have enough of them with the right skills, every business i talked to large and small, is leaving economic growth in projects on the table because they cannot find enough workers and i think that's the case throughout the country. i know there are some of these uncertainty issues, but i think back home, and again, main street boy the conference is very high, they're looking for workers all signs of businesses.
7:48 am
i do think, you know, trade is an issue. i actually see these discussions , china is a very encouraging thing. they haven't been occurring in any way, now we've got a chance while it may be 90 days i think that's an important 90 days for us, and they're at the table in these discussions, and so look, at the end of the day, dagen we're not asking china to change their economic model, we're asking china to change the economic model that cheats and that's a fair request and there's some targeted areas we ought to be focusing on. dagen: and the rest of the finance chief at huawei but its been designated as a problem for years, so those funds are allowed to be sold on military bases. >> yeah and we are continuing to push for middle class cuts and stronger growth. dagen: great to see you. common kevin brady come back soon. >> thank you. dagen: we'll be right back. ♪
7:49 am
you think you've seen everything? ♪ let's talk about that when you get here. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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7:52 am
dagen: democrats promising multiple investigations into the trump adminitration when they take control of congress next year, but the soon to be chair of the house judiciary committee jerry nadler says he will drop the probe into possible bias at the fbi. he calls it a waste of time. is it? gop strategist is here, democratic strategist and trump campaign advisory board member madison jessiato. madison to you first this is to be expected is it not? >> it is but it doesn't mean that it's right. i'm very disappointed in the deputies right now specifically in nancy pelosi coming forward talking about her plan to improperly use the subpoena power. it's not okay that she's doing that and i want a republican to do that either.
7:53 am
dagen: well you're speechless. >> like what's good for the republicans can't all of a sudden not be good for the democrats the bottom line is all of these problems that you spoke of in your intro, i don't know who made those promises. what i do know is someone who worked with democrats in the congress they will do two things they will investigate and they will legislate. now, it is wrong for noelle or madison to sit here and say democrats should not hold this administration and this president accountable. >> don't put words into my mouth that's not what i said. >> it shouldn't be the main focus and here is the problem. the problem is if this is what representative nadler is focusing on when he gets into the head of the committee he was also overheard on a train saying he wants to look into the investigation of kavanaugh some more so look, they do a dis service for their constituent s because if you're elected on things like healthcare, immigration, and an array of problems that the democrats want to seem like --
7:54 am
>> that the republicans caused yes. >> no, i'm not admitting to that, boom! but what i am going to tell you is what the biggest fear of the republicans is coming true the democrats focus ontoing but trying to impeach trump and look at everything. >> again, to be clear -- >> going back to the subpoena power which you claim is not threatened to be properly used the constitutional use of the subpoena power is not like nancy pelosi said to use it to threaten to negotiate on other subjects that is the improper use of it and not something the republicans have done or threatened. >> maybe you have a different conversation than i did. oh, no this is directly from her mouth. this is not a conversation. >> i know the agenda will be to focus on the issues. >> so you're saying she's a liar? >> why are you putting words in my mouth? the legislative agenda is going to be and again for either one of you to sit here and try to criticize democrats for hearings and accountability for the
7:55 am
republican. dagen: you said, you used the phrase, i think, and correct me if i misheard you. >> hold them accountable. dagen: whyed shouldn't people who worked within the doj and the fbi who showed bias and went after the trump campaign potentially unfairly that a warrant was gotten to spy on an american citizen using an un verified dossier, funded by the clinton campaign. i'm talking about equal application of the law. why is that not important? why don't the democrats want to get to the bottom of that? in addition to anything on the other side. >> if any of those things were legally an issue with the republican president, the republican senate or congress, it would have gone down by now. >> why does it hurt the vest it gator? why does it hurt to investigate it? >> it's a clear message to your party and your party in the
7:56 am
mid-terms that we want to be about, we want congress to be about our business. >> they want it on health care. they want congress to do their job. >> all of the things elected officials are supposed to do. and the republican committee you saw the mid-terms go the way they went. but the mid-terms went great. >> for who? >> are you joking the average loss in the senate is 2.5 seats for the president in the first mid-term. what planet are you living on? dagen: i'm going to say it's a disservice. >> they are proposing impeachment. dagen: this is what a divided government looks like doesn't it we've got the democrats in the house and the republicans. you're coming back next hour i'll let you get away with that comment for now and madison and coming up we head back to paris where protesters are turning violent for a fourth weekend in a row. can you imagine this beautiful city on earth is shut down because of protests? stay with us.
7:57 am
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>> you are looking at live pictures coming from paris for the fourth week in a row, protesters, the so-called yellow vests, have shut down one of the greatest cities on earth. one of the most beautiful. we're talking about the champs-elysees, where cars are on fire and windows are broken. there have been some 700 arrests. 31,000 people by count. in other parts of the france as well. greg palkot will be on the ground, is on the ground. we will be going to him later this hour. he lived at one time in paris and he said that he has never seen anything like this. these protesters out originally to -- in response to a fuel tax hike by emmanuel macron.
8:01 am
that fuel tax hike was suspended and canceled altogether, but that's not calmed the protesters. they are angry about the economic policies in france, among other things, and we want to bring this to you. the police chief in a town in northwestern italian coastal city, on the highway towards france, said that these protesters, these yellow vest french protesters have blocked the border with italy. it's not just in paris where they're out in force rioting. causing damages in marseille, nice, and along the border. and joining me is congressman adam kinsley. what can we learn from what's going on in paris?
8:02 am
>> don't overtax and push policies, and frankly most americans believe using the free market can solve a lot of problems. we've reduced our greenhouse gas significantly as a country by innovating not by overtaxing. in the united states depending where you live, the gas tax 25 cents a gallon. and in paris, 3.50. but we have to look at ip filtrating the protest, are the left wing, anarchists sparking a broader process in france. and governor could engineer policy instead of the free market. >> dagen: and to your point, the wall street journal has an editorial about this today, france this is not just about an increase that's now gone away in fuel taxes in the country, that even before the fuel tax, france had the highest tax burden in--
8:03 am
among all developed nations, to support these socialist programs that you have social insurance payroll taxes, property taxes, you have a value-added tax in europe as well. and the rich, to quote the journal, the rich aren't rich enough to fund the modern welfare state. and i don't -- do you think that the democrats in this country, and even people on the far left understand that? >> no, i don't think they do. i mean, even in the state of illinois, we just had a guy elected governor promising to raise taxes and this is a state where we have people fleeing from illinois to not india, places like indiana. these are businesses going across because illinois is a high tax state. you tax people, people in this 21st century have the ability to leave and move. and so in france-- >> apologies to the congressman, we lost the senate.
8:04 am
i want to go to garrett tenney joining us from washington d.c. from tensions in paris to tensions rising between the united states and two old adversaries, russia and north korea. garrett is in washington with the very latest. good morning. >> yeah, dagen, this is one of several missiles sites in north korea they appear to be expanding while publicly stating they are committed to denuclearization. this is in a have you report from middlebury international studies, a california-based graduate school that says new satellite images shows north korea continues working on a missile base deep in the mountains in this northern border near china, along with what appears to be a new facility nearby. the state department is not commenting on this report, as u.s. negotiations with the north appear to have stalled the last few months, but here is national security advisor john bolton this week. >> president trump is trying to give the north koreans a chance to live up to the commitments
8:05 am
they made at the singapore summit. he's held the door open for them and they need to walk through it. >> tensions are again rising between the west and russia as well. ukraine's president is calling on n.a.t.o. countries to take a tougher stand against moscow after russia shot out and seized three ukranian naval ships. and fox news last night, president poroshenko says it's an act that-- >> they protect russian interests, with that we need a unity and solidarity and improving the need for cooperation for protecting peace, security, freedom and democracy in the region. >> and specifically, president poroshenko is calling for international sanctions against russia and a heavier n.a.t.o. presence in the black sea to deter any further russian aggression, dagen. >> dagen: garrett, tenney, thank you so much for that.
8:06 am
i want to go back to congressman adam kensinger from illinois on this. what can we -- what do you make of the rising tensions between the united states and russia and north korea at this point? >> yeah, well, it's the russians want to keep us on our toes. they want us to be occupied with north korea. they obviously want to push back against us in eastern europe and trying to undermine democracy in maldova and places like this. with north korea this is a long negotiation. the iran deal, i didn't like the deal, by the way, but that was a two-year process we weren't getting iterations of how it's going, but dropped this deal after negotiating it behind closed doors. this is kind after open-door negotiation so there's going to be moments where we look at north korea and say that's going really bad or maybe here is something that's good. this will ultimately be judged by what happens at the end. there's no doubt the american economy, the american military
8:07 am
are diplomatic and information structures are going to have to compel and good at compelling multiple people to help fix this problem. >> before we move on, i want to get to the mueller investigation and what we found out in the sentencing memo on michael cohen yesterday, but i want to point something out, that our energy strength, the fact that the u.s. has become a net exporter of oil and fuel for the first time in decades, that we're now the largest producer of oil in the world. we produce more than russia or saudi arabia. that gives us, congressman, does it not, incredible leverage over these nations that use oil, quite frankly, to fund their nefarious activities and as a weapon against the united states, ultimately this is our security is being such a large producer of crude? >> yeah, absolutely. if so, look at venezuela, venezuela is in decline. people aren't rushing to help venezuela because would he don't
8:08 am
need venezuelan oil. russia uses oil and concessions to countries friendly to the united states. the more we can help eastern europe to build their own energy infrastructure, to make themselves independent of russia, russia is a one-trick pony. when they run out of that trick, they have nothing. they have a declining economy, declining wealth funds. they can't cover the social programs and vladimir putin is increasingly desperate and having power and energy here and being a powerhouse makes it much less because we're using soft power and not hard power. >> dagen: russia is making waves to drive up the cost of crude oil because it benefits them. his shenanigans benefit us. and i want to talk about what we found out about the president's personal lawyer michael cohen,
8:09 am
that they say he gave significant help on the russia probe and worked at arranging legal payments and prosecutors said in a sentencing document. where does this go from here, congressman? >> yeah, it's really hard for me to tell from here. i mean, from the coverup of, you know the affair of situation or whatever, that looks like a bill clinton issue with the exception of perjury because the president has not been accused of perjury. if there's more to it, maybe it's a campaign finance violation, penalties with that. what i'm not hearing at this point is russian collusion. what af i've said we'll go throughed maturations and investigations and see where it is when it's done. if somebody broke the law they need to be held accountable, we're a rule of law country, but some people are jumping that this means impeachment or perjury. i haven't seen that. we'll see what mueller comes up
8:10 am
again and then we have to go through it in congress. >> dagen: and say that again, you want to see what special counsel bob mueller comes up with. >> yes. >> dagen: because there's that republicans want to shut down the investigation. >> there are some that do want to shut it down. i want it to finish and wrap up pretty soon, by the way, it's been two years, let's see what he has and we can make a decision at that point, but right now there's people ready to impeach him and people that say shut it all down. let's get answers and make a decision, i've seen no evidence so far that the president is guilty of any russian collusion. >> dagen: congressman, good to see you. we cover a lot of ground. see you soon. congressman kinzingar. we look at the paris protests.
8:11 am
it started as a fuel tax increase protest. emmanuel macron has reduced that. where is emmanuel macron. he's been silent as four weeks went on and paris burns. more when we come back. and i'll... so she's telling romeo to ditch his parents and then she'll be his boo forever. oh. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is .a so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes by america's largest mortgage lender.
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>> breaking news right now, live pictures in paris as we are watching a fourth weekend in a row of protests. greg palkot live on the ground in paris. what do you see? what do you hear? >> dagen, we're in one of the most upscale areas of paris right now and frankly, i feel like i'm back in iraq or afghanistan. the police, pierre, show the viewers the police. the police are trying to clear this area of protesters. those are the yellow vest protesters that started up, upset about gasoline taxes and
8:15 am
it became an anti-government thing about all taxes and all the things that the government of french president emmanuel macron are doing. you see the police coming to us right now and it's kind of like a guerilla war action as we speak. they're trying to ferret out the last hatches, the last places where these protesters have sequestered themselves. in this area, it's the 16th area of paris, one person died. 30 people were killed, were injured, and overall, in paris, something like 700 arrested. this has been quite a day, dagen. this has been a day that has seen a city completely shut down. stores, restaurants, landmarks, all closed because of this protest. the fourth weekend of this protest of these groups, and you noted it and frankly, i find it absolutely unbelievable, not a
8:16 am
word from french president emmanuel macron. we were here earlier, awaiting for him to come on the air thursday night, address his people, say, hey, we're doing some of these things, maybe some were right, some were wrong, but we don't want violence. we can talk. not a word. his prime minister came out and it's believed the prime minister will be axed as well as other cabinet ministers in a sop to the protesters, but again, as we stand here right now, we are fighting for territory. france is trying to regain control of a neighborhood, an upscale neighborhood in the heart of paris. hard to believe, dagen. >> dagen: greg, quickly, who are these protesters? are they, indeed, the yellow vest people who live in the rural parts of france upset about a fuel tax increase that's no longer going to be put in place? who are these individuals? >> it is a combination of factions, dagen. yes, it is the yellow vest folks
8:17 am
which are middle class, lower middle, a populist out cry for help, and have gotten attention and people have allowed that and allowed the violence to happen because of that, because it's gotten the attention of the government. in fact, the latest poll says 75% of the french people are behind these people, but, yes, right now we're looking at some hardened militants. looking at some fringe elements and we're looking at police trying to corner -- i find this unbelievable. i lived in paris for nine years. it's one of the classic cities in the world. right now at this very moment, in neighborhood in the heart of the city is out of control. hard to believe, dagen. >> dagen: it really is. like you said earlier, greg, it's as if fifth avenue in new york city was on fire and the president had nothing to say about it, nothing to say at all.
8:18 am
greg palkot, terrific reporting. greg palkot in paris. again, gary b, can that happen here? >> i think what you're seeing, on the roots of it it's a protest to the gas tax, but i think it's more a protest of the people don't feel the government's doing a good job. you have a country that is 10% chronic 10% unemployment. what happens when you have a government that has so many input into the gdp, almost 50% of the france's gdp, you get people dependent on what the government does. if you want to preview what the u.s. could look like years from now as the government grows increasingly in size, look no further than what's happening in paris. >> dagen: again, i read that quote from the wall street journal editorial today, john, that the rich are not rich enough to fund a modern welfare state. france is the most heavily
8:19 am
taxed, it's not just gasoline taxes, it's social insurance payroll taxes, property taxes, value-added tax and here is the story out of what we're seeing there. that it is not just the rich who pay for this, it is everybody pay the for this. and every citizen of a country that is a welfare state, that is a socialist state pays for it and at some point, there is a breaking point. >> at some point there is. the sense of populists surged and there's angst against whatever is the current establishment, whoever that establishment is. you look at what's going on right now in this beautiful city of paris and burning and going on next tuesday in the u.k. and they'll vote on theresa may's idea of brexit and looks to fail and probably a no confidence vote for theresa may. and there are letters in envelopes somewhere. and italy refuses to deal with their dead because of the fact
8:20 am
what's going on in france right now. the eu could be on the verge of breaking up. if something happens on this brexit vote and england opts the hard brexit out and italy probably goes out as well and the eu breaks up. >> dagen: dan, this is also a leader, emmanuel macron trying to follow an environmental agenda without actually running the numbers on what would be the economic impact, willing to, to kneecap is a word the journal uses, kneecap the economy in order to reduce emissions that are already very low on a per capita basis. again, this is the kind of reaction that you get when people are fed up, whether they're on the right or the left. >> that's true. what you have in france's case, a president who is trying to save the world. i think the french people turn around and say, hey, we've got problems at home, let's take care of that first. i don't necessarily think this tax, this gas tax that started
8:21 am
this, shall we say revolution, is what it's all about. it's really about the people being frustrated and they just don't like how government is operating, and look, could it happen here? of course, history repeats itself. let's not forget our country was founded based upon a tax revolution. could it happen again? absolutely it can and we need to make sure we're really careful about how much we're taxing people because eventual you -- eventually you run out of people to tax. >> dagen: and the president tried to warn them no responsible leader could put the people of their country as this debilitating cost, and emmanuel macron tried to make fun of the president and throw shade at him and didn't work. now we see paris on fire. >> well, this is what happens when the people become more and more dependent on the
8:22 am
government, even when the government tries to make what they think are smart moves on behalf of everyone else, it gets in the way of private enterprise and now people are dependent way or another on what france does. >> dagen: we've got to go. gary b. see you soon. it's a feeling that's hard to describe... ♪ ...and even harder to forget. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> an appeals court ruling against the president's new asylum policy. the white house was seeking to reinstate its rule requiring asylum seekers to enter the united states at legal ports of entry. that could be good news for migrants gathered at the u.s.-mexico border. steve harrigan is in tijuana, mexico with more. >> once again the courts blocking a move on immigration by the trump administration. 9th circuit court of appeals that even those who cross the
8:26 am
border illegally into the u.s. will still have the right to apply for asylum. that's something the trump administration tried to remove at least temporarily, it is still in effect. in the meantime, a record number of arrests of those who have crossed the border illegally in the month of november as far as family units go, 25,000 individual members of family units detained by border patrol. they can still apply for asylum and also say if there are fears of retribution at home they cannot be deported immediately. and the shelter for the caravan, the numbers are down from 6,000 to 2500 some have returned home and some have also crossed the border illegally. back to you. >> dagen: steve harrigan. thank you. and back at home, the president wants funding for a border wall to keep illegal immigrants out. the democratic leaders, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are not buying into it.
8:27 am
could that showdown lead to a government shutdown right before christmas? joining me is california congress woman and the incoming black caucus chair. good morning, congresswoman. >> good morning. >> dagen: do you think that a battle over the border wall could lead to a government shutdown? >> i certainly hope it doesn't. it's completely unnecessary. there are several bills to pass, not just the one dealing with the border and those bills have been negotiated on a bipartisan basis. what needs to happen, we need to go ahead and pass the bills that would fund the overwhelming majority of the government and then one bill covering homeland security, we can do a continuing resolution, which means we keep the funding level the same and deal with this in the next congress. that's what we should do. and by the way, in that bill, there is funding for fencing related to the border to repair. the president wants an
8:28 am
additional $4 billion on top of that and i don't think that that should happen now at all and i don't think that the president should shut the government down over that. >> dagen: it looks so close though. it's $5 billion that president trump wants a wall. chuck schumer, the senator has said 1.6 billion for border security. it looks like it's-- you're so close on dollar amounts and quibbling over semantics. what does a compromise look like in that? i know it's the idea that you continue funding, the department of homeland security for a year. but what does a compromise look like on the wall versus a fence? almost 2 billion versus 5? >> well, you know, again, there is money in the bill, so it should go ahead and pass, but you know, $4 billion is nothing to quibble about. that's a great deal of money and by the way, we do have-- there is a new president in mexico so originally when the
8:29 am
president was talking about the wall, he did say that mexico was going to fund it. so, maybe one thing that could happen is maybe he could open up negotiations with the new president of mexico and say, how about kicking in that extra $4 billion that we need? originally, we were never supposed to pay for this border wall. i think we need to go back to that. >> dagen: well, i'll put it to you like this, president-- i used to joke that in every speech that president obama gave in his eight years in office he talked about infrastructure spending. as being stimulative to the economy. building a wall is infrastructure. >> the type of infrastructure that we need in this country, we need to prepare-- repair our roads, our bridges, our airports, our ports. that's the type of infrastructure that frankly would create job all around the country. i don't think a border wall is exactly the type of infrastructure that is going to help the u.s. economy. we have bridges that have fallen. that's where we need to focus
8:30 am
infrastructure funding on. >> dagen: i have so many things i want to ask you about because you have paris on fire because of a gas tax. you're going to have to come back and we'll talk about that, but i want to get your response to this tweet and then what happened with the filings from special counsel bob mueller's team and also the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york about president trump's former personnel lawyer, michael cohen. president trump's attorney rudy guiliani just tweeted this, quote, fake news coverage can't change the reality that mueller's late friday dump demonstrates yet again no evidence connected to president. it also indicates southern district of new york is asking that cohen receive a four-year prison sentence, longest so far, because as we have said he's still lying. and we can go into some of the details of these filings, but in essence, michael cohen gave significant help on the russia probe according to the mueller
8:31 am
team and he worked at the direction of president trump in arranging illegal payments according to manhattan prosecutors. what say you, congresswoman? >> well, first of all, i think all of these investigations need to continue and i wouldn't come to any conclusions, especially the one that guiliani came to, i have not read the documents, but in watching news conference yesterday it seems as though the president is implicated, but i don't think that we-- i think we just need to hold tight, let the mueller investigation come to its completion, and i think that at the end of this, that it will determine whether or not, or to what extent the president was involved. but from what cohen said yesterday, that the president directed these payments, remember, he said over and over again, that he didn't know anything about them at all. i say let's let the mueller investigation go to its completion. >> dagen: congresswoman i'm going to follow-up with this.
8:32 am
that's what troubles so many people is that you have a special counsel mueller and his people looking at russian interference in our election, looking at any potential collusion between russia and the campaign. and then you have oh, here is crime here relate today his personal attorney and does that trouble you that an investigation into russian collusion has turned into something altogether different? >> i think when these investigations happen they go in one direction, but if they find crimes along the way, they're going to pursue that as well. and i think that what we are finding and learning about the involvement of president trump way before became president with russians, certainly leads one to believe that those relationships continued. so if they were negotiating a deal for a trump hotel in russia during the presidential campaign, you have to look at that. >> dagen: thank you,
8:33 am
congresswoman. >> and i also think-- >> i'm sorry, we have to go. you're welcome back anytime, congresswoman. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dagen: i'll point out i read the filings and it's talk about a meeting with president-- with putin, nothing ever happens. up next, we go back to paris. protests. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> paris on lockdown amid a fourth weekend of violent protests. tourist attractions closing their doors. greg palkot has the latest from paris. greg. >> dagen, reporting back from paris, and this is how fast this story has moved. i'll let camera man pierre show you about, oh, about 15 police vans loaded up with police right now. the sense is that they've got this little area of paris under control and they're just waiting for the orders to move out. but this is just one of, oh, at least a dozen, maybe 15 areas of paris that today were hard hit,
8:37 am
we're getting new numbers on the toll here. there were reports of one dead. the reports also of some 55, 55 injured. and about 700 arrested, just in paris alone. the tail end of this thing, as you're hearing some small groups shouting, and what they've been shouting about all day is first upset about these gas and diesel fuel price hikes, but secondly, that's what the protest is morphed into in the past month, a real protest against the government here for raising taxes against the middle class for helping, perhaps, a little bit too much. that's the perception, the rich, and it's been french president emmanuel macron who has been in the cross-hairs and as his interior minister said let a monster grow out of control for the past four weeks. we haven't heard from macron. we hear he's going to speak the
8:38 am
beginning of next week. we've only been hearing from his prime minister and his prime minister, probably, will get the ax, as well as a few other officers to-- members of his cabinet, sort of for the people here. again, we're approaching 6:00 in paris. it is looking like this area is settling down, but it's maybe not over yet and we still don't have the answers. back to you. >> dagen: greg palkot, your quote of the morning, you're standing in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, on fire, windows being broken and you said i feel like i'm back in iraq. this looks like guerilla war. >> that's what it feels like and that's what it felt like as my cameraman pierre, my producer baz. we were dodging in and out of streets with rocks flying and with tear gas firing, and this is an area, well, it's about five blocks from where i use
8:39 am
today live for several years and not too far from where we're staying right now at a hotel, right in the middle of the classiest city in the world. this is what it's turned into and this is a big task on the hands of the government right now to deal with this as we're here. the remains of the day, the remnants of a nasty, bloody fight. not just here in paris, but across this country over how the government is handling this. that's for now, that's it, dagen. >> dagen: thank you so much. greg palkot live in paris. let's bring in the director of margaret thatcher center for freedom. this is more about a gas tax to fund some environmental agenda. it's about the inability to fund the welfare state in france, is it not? >> well, that's a very good point, dagen and i think that these protests, demonstrations, riots are going to continue across france for weeks, potentially months, months to
8:40 am
come. so this is a huge problem for the french government and out of touch ruling elite headed by emmanuel macron that's imposed deeply unpopular taxes. and france has a vast welfare state system, spending account over 56th% of gdp. that money has to come somewhere. and emmanuel macron has imposed carbon taxes and deep down taxes. in a country that has a fundamental lack of economic freedom. and have not resulted in benefits for french people. the people have protested against this, and has a total lack of empathy, i think for the french people. so, it's a disastrous scenario,
8:41 am
humiliation for macron in the polls. it's a rough ride for the french presidency. >> dagen: have they nicknamed him marie antoinette? it's a joke. i'm joking. it does smack of that a little bit. >> yeah, i think so, i think that macron has this sort of let them eat cake mentality compared by a lot of french people to napoleon and of course napoleon met his end at waterloo. macron doesn't face reelection until 2022, but there are growing calls for macron to go. and you're not going to see the protests dissipating. this is a president who likes to see himself as the leader of the european union who goes around on the world stage while his own capital city is burning and so i think that macron has vast
8:42 am
problems on his hands that are only going to grow bigger, actually, in the coming months. >> dagen: always a pleasure to see you. more next time nial gardner with us. >> thank you very much. >> dagen: meantime, we watch paris burn. more after this. ive their clis cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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8:46 am
this very heavy rain. we've seen over eight inches of snow in lubbock, texas, one of your snowiest days on record and the north side of here you've got the coldest air so it's becoming snow. starting off as rain here across the north georgia mountains and appalachians. we check the future radar and all day long, overnight tonight is when the snow begins to fall heavily across parts of especially north carolina, but you notice that 33 degrees in charlotte tomorrow. you're going right on the line between rain-snow. we could see some very significant accumulations, especially west of town. east of town probably looking at all rain. precipitation totals will be extreme, because of that we'll see a lot of flooding. take a look a big bullseye, asheville area, 18 to 24 inches of snow and a big swath here over a foot. one of the biggest of the season already happening here.
8:47 am
>> dagen: i hope people just stay at home. stock up and stay home. a late nice host making fun of the age of potential 2020 potential presidential candidates and someone here says it's no laughing matter for the democratic party. ♪ laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪ ...and welcome you... do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> next presidential election is 700 days away from today and everyone is trying to figure out who the democrats will run. according to a new harvard harris poll, the top choices are bernie sanders, joe biden and beto o'rourke, two old men and a baby. and the key demographics, old men who fall into movie theaters. jamie kimmel taking a shot at
8:51 am
the age of the 2020 candidates. is that fair? and joining us from the trump campaign advisory, and a democratic strategist, antoine, is that mean? >> brandy one of my favorite artists, age ain't nothing, but a number. and the president is not about age. trump is 72, and biden is older. the elements for the democratic nominee, money, method, motivation, if they don't do that effectively we'll have a tough time going against the president. >> dagen: even bruce springsteen said last weekend he doesn't see anybody who can run against trump and basically communicate the way that trump does and i think that biden can. >> i don't think that we need to run against trump and that's where we'll make a mistake. i think we need to run for what
8:52 am
the american people want and if we don't do that trump will unfortunately spend the next four years in a temporary housing unit called the white house. >> dagen: vice-president biden i said the other day, he is salty. >> in the way that he could offset trump's rhetoric. >> and another thing that you were saying before we went on air is very true, too, he appeals to a lot of the blue collar workers as well and that was one of trump's strengths. i still think what you said with, that we need money, and-- >> mobilization. >> right. >> and a message. but here is the thing, you've got a lot of that, but you've got it in-- spread out in 19, 20 different candidates, like you've got so many. >> that's okay because you know what? competition drives the marketplace. you all have 100 million candidates in the republican primary not too long ago. >> antoine makes a very valid point. >> oh, wow. >> and the democratic candidate in 2020 cannot solely be an anti-trump candidate, they need their own message, they need to
8:53 am
be able to connect to the voter and say, this is x, y, z, what i plan to do for the american people. democrats and republicans are stick of them coming forward, we hate trump and have no message. i disagree it's not just about money. >> i didn't say that. >> it's important when they run, because hillary clinton outraised trump two to one. >> it defines the message, whoever wins the nomination for the democratic presidential is going to define the direction of the narrative of their message. >> absolutely. >> is it going to be anti-trump, health care-- >> we are going to have someone who can unite all facets of the property. >> i don't know who that is. >> whoever it would be-- >> whoever wins the nomination for the primary will win. and number two, i think this is most important, we are going to have to get somebody that the
8:54 am
african-americans will come out in droves for. that's the largest and most effective voter block in our party. if we don't do that, we're not going to win bottom line. >> you're going to have to appease the moderate side and it's going to be very hard. you're very fractured. >> dagen: here is why i look at joe biden as being, you know, a comer, if you will, and it's because the one thing that really surprised thing with president trump when he was running even for the nomination, he turned out to be, despite being a devout germaphobe. when he was got off the plane. >> people love uncle joe. >> dagen: that's the problem because you mentioned anybody else running, michael bloomberg, you know, not the greatest, he goes down and eats ribs in texas with a knife and a fork. that's a joke i've told before. isn't that a critical component maybe that gets lost on some
8:55 am
people? >> absolutely we look back to 2016, part of the reason i believe that hillary clinton lost the election, she lost that. and people related to president trump in person and enjoyed talking to him and he connected to people from all different backgrounds and statuses and hillary clinton wasn't that candidate and i don't think a lot of the people looking to run in the democratic party in 2020. >> to quote the great philosopher jay-z, we may have 99 problems, but finding the candidate-- >> i think the problem will be the people on the stage during the debate, it's going to be 30 people and all pushing each other left, left, left, left. speaking of which, what happens when you raise gas taxes on people, they riot. more, paris next. hey! yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!?
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>> you're looking at live pictures from paris.
8:59 am
again, a fourth weekend of protests in the city of lights. really, bringing paris to a stand still, and these protesters, the so-called yellow vests originally came tout to protest a hike in fuel taxes by emmanuel macron. those have been rescinded permanently, but they're still rioting about a leader who seems out of touch. who has now is around the world while his capital city burns and basically riots are taking place. again, what does this say about the united states? about trying to push an environmental agenda at the expense of average, everyday citizens? what does it say about the attempts to fund a welfare state through higher taxes? we expect to hear from emmanuel macron, he has said nothing despite the violence in the capital city. we're expecting to hear from him
9:00 am
next week. and term is not up until 2022. he will stay, who will go. thanks for joining us, this is cavuto live. right now we'll see you on the fox business network monday at 6 a.m. >> in a new tweet this morning, president trump says new court filings movers there was, quote, no collusion with russia in the 2016 presidential election. leland: the filings from special counsel mueller slams president trump's former attorney michael cohen while another mueller document lays out paul manafort's quote, discernible lies to investigators. >> plus, paris faces another night of disruption. our greg palkot is live on the ground there. hi, greg. >> we were up close with all of the violence, all of the horror that this city has seen. we'll bring you


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