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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 8, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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we're expecting to hear from him next week. and term is not up until 2022. he will stay, who will go. thanks for joining us, this is cavuto live. right now we'll see you on the fox business network monday at 6 a.m. >> in a new tweet this morning, president trump says new court filings movers there was, quote, no collusion with russia in the 2016 presidential election. leland: the filings from special counsel mueller slams president trump's former attorney michael cohen while another mueller document lays out paul manafort's quote, discernible lies to investigators. >> plus, paris faces another night of disruption. our greg palkot is live on the ground there. hi, greg. >> we were up close with all of the violence, all of the horror that this city has seen. we'll bring you the details as
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anti-government protesters did battle again. back to you. ♪ welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher nice to be with you. leland: good to be with you, good to be, but at home. the army-navy game is coming up and the president is headed there. kristin: that's right. leland: good to be with you, i'm leland vittert. we begin with the fallout over the new filings from special counsel robert mueller's office and federal court. ellison barber is at the white house with the president's reaction. jacqui heinrich on the new documents targeting michael cohen. and the mueller team says former campaign manager paul manafort, what he's told others, and we
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begin with garrett. >> they claim that paul manafort lied on multiple ways on multiple occasions, accusing him of lying about five issues, $125,000 payment that he made through a political action committee to cover a debt that he owed. his interaction with a russian ukrainian political consultant who allegedly has ties to russian intelligence. his alleged connection to conspiracy on justice, and contact with officials and information, quote, pertinent to another department of justice investigation. and prosecutors say that they are prepared to provide evidence of each of these instances and they indicate that in one section, stating in a text exchange from may 26th to 2018, manafort authorized a person to speak with an administration official on manafort's behalf, separately according to another
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manafort colleague manafort said in february of 2018 that manafort had been in connection with a senior administration official up through february, 2018. a review of documents recovered from a search of manafort's electronic documents demonstrates additional contacts with administration official. the court filing is heavily y i redacted and it doesn't name the officials he was allegedly in contact with. and they deny that he repeatedly died to investigators. prosecutors say they have strong evidence showing otherwise. manafort's future is very much in the air with his plea deal out the window. he could be facing additional charges and additional time in jail and he's already facing up to ten years in prison. his legal team now has two weeks to reply to this filing. leland: and another sentencing hearing coming up in february. garrett tenney starting us off
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in washington. thank you. kristin. kristin: well, in addition to paul manafort, the recent court filings are giving new insights into the special counsel's investigation of michael cohen. specifically new revelations that a russian national had reached out to the president's former attorney back in 2015 and claimed they could offer the campaign synergy on a government level. jacqui heinrich joins us with more details. >> hi, kristin. friday was a big day for cohen, a window into his movements before and during the election. the first document filed has to do with hush money cohen paid to stormy daniels and former playboy model karen macdougal who claims they had affairs with the president. the they say that the president directed his attorney to make payments violating campaign laws. maintaining that he didn't know where the money came from.
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cohen pleaded guilty to the charges and is due to be sentenced, and this reveals a harsh 42 months behind bars and impose a substantial term of imprisonment a modest variance from the applicable guidelines range. and the other court filing deals with robert mueller's russia investigation and the headline here is in november, 2015, cohen talked with a return shun national who offered political synergy with the trump campaign. this all went down just two months after president trump announced his bid for the white house. it also says cohen lied to congress about how involved he was in a deal to create trump tower moscow. it reads the defendant's false statements obscured the fact that the moscow project was a lucrative business opportunity that sought and likely required the assistance of the russian government. if the project was completed, the company could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from russian sources in licensing fees and other
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revenues. the special counsel says all this matters because the business talks were happening at the same time that russia was interfering in the election and thereby, we're learning how the trump tower project is connected to the special counsel's probe. certainly a lot to unpack here, kristin. kristin: thank you. despite everything that president trump-- or that she laid out, trump is saying that the court filings totally clears him. but the democrats say he's just been implicated in two felonies. breaking it down for us ellison barber at the white house. >> the white house released two statements yesterday down playing the significance of the memos. white house press secretary sara sanders says that it says nothing about the president and less about collusion and devoted almost entirely to lobbying related issues. on mr. cohen, sanders says the filing tells us nothing of value that wasn't already known.
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she says cohen has repeatedly lied. the president's personal attorney rudy guiliani tells the memos are a complete exoneration of the president and guiliani says he and the rest of the president's outside legal counsel are happy about the memos and guiliani's view proves the special counsel has nothing on the president. some legal experts disagree. >> i wouldn't be celebrating if, if i was at the white house. it's clear that they have implicated the president in the two-campaign finance violations that cohen pled guilty to and will be sentenced on. they have the president basically directing cohen to commit these offenses. so, you know, these are two felonies that this guy pled guilty to and they have the president directing it. >> others argue that the legal issues here are simply more nuanced. >> the legal issues, whether a president is entitled to pay women in order to avoid embarrassment to his family,
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damage to his brand, perhaps impact the presidential election. it's a very, very weak case that cohen has provided. i suspect that may be he's not getting much in terms of sentencing consideration. >> that opinion lines up more closely with what we've heard from the president's legal team now and in the past. that manafort has nothing to lie about when it comes to mr. trump and cohen doesn't know what to lie about. those quoting mr. guiliani there. mr. guiliani insists despite the reference to political synergy in the cohen filing that mr. cohen acted on his own. the president's legal team and manafort's legal team have joint defense agreement. mr. trump's team says that mr. manafort's attorney assures them when it comes to the redacted section, the beginning and end of the redacted section have nothing to do with the president. kristin. kristin: ellison barber live at the white house. thanks. >> you bet. leland: former fbi director james comey says that g.o.p.
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lawmakers came up yet empty yesterday after grilling him behind closed doors on hillary clinton's e-mails. we don't know exactly what questions were asked or how comey answered, and we won't know until the transcripts are released which is expected to happen later today. >> two things are clear to me, one, we could have done this in open setting and two, when you read transcript you will see that we are talking again about hillary clinton's e-mails, for heaven's sake so i'm not sure we needed to do this at all, but i'm trying to respect the institution and to answer questions in a respectful way. leland: all right. we've got crews standing by on that we'll bring you the latest on the transcripts, what was said, what was not said, when it happens. meantime, let's dig into the filings by team mueller and what they mean for the president. with that we bring in bob driscoll, friend of the show, former official at doj. pick up where ellison barber left off, bob, here, as we look
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at these, so many of the president's enemies are saying, hey, look, you weren't cleared. your individual number one. the campaign finance violations are somehow this immense deal. it doesn't feel that way though when you look at the law and the john edwards situation. >> yeah, i mean, i think it's a defensible case. and i'm never going to say it's a minor thing when the president is essentially accused of directing a felony. that's not good for white house or the president. if this were a case tried in court, which it's not because you can't indict the president, there would be all kinds of defenses to the campaign finance violation, this is my modus operandi when i'm not campaigning, and i have situations to pay or women and that's note totally defense-- >> and the team mueller indicates that michael cohen is a garbage human being.
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we won't lit get that, but people may read it and decide about the validity of his feelings. but how is it that you say this guy cohen is a garbage human being, but by the way implicates the president and then you've got this leak. cohen is an admitted liar and congenital liar, but yet, somehow because he said it it must be true that the president did this? >> i think there's a distinction to be made, the southern district dialed in on cohen, mueller's team was softer on cohen with his cooperation. they would say we didn't pick the witnesses, the president did. is the president surrounds himself with garbage hume human beings, that's who is around. if you look at something as untruthful, you have to look for corroborating evidence. because the government says
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they've repeatedly lied in others. this is headed towards a report. there is he know cross examination of a report, and you can put those statements in there, when the report is finished. leland: mueller is clearly thoughtful about his legacy and what this report is going to look like. conceivably if he's going to base all of his findings off the admissions of two people who are admitted liars, meaning cohen and manafort, and manafort is accused of lying about lying, that doesn't lead you to believe there's going to be some bombshell persuasive, life changing report? >> and depends on lying crimes. there's more or else he wouldn't be trusting them. you makes a statement, is it backed up by e-mails, documents, that trump directed it. and i agree with you if it's only the word of these two guys, the only evidence they had, the president's lawyers would be very happy with that. presumably it's not because these are experienced prosecutors and they know
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they've got a little bit of trouble because both these key witnesses have, you know, in their own view a fleeting relationship with the truth. leland: fair to say that from the documents we've gotten the past couple of days, pick whichever narrative you want to believe, the president colluded with russia, or the president never go anything wrong, you can fit the documents into that narrative? >> people need to be humble predic predicts-- predicting what is going to happen. and you could read the tea leaves, trump to your went on longer and people who are confident i fear for. confident one way or the other. we don't have-- an awful lot of redactions out there and we don't have the evidence yet. >> there's never a shortage of confidence when the documents come out. >> that's true you've been
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confident in your filings. the maria, the russian that you represent, there is a plea deal on charges with her? >> there's a gag order, but we're optimistic we'll resolve with the government and that remains true and all i can say about it. leland: you've certainly been a strong advocate for her in the past. we appreciate the insights as all the. >> thank you. kristin: some of the most well-known french tourist attractions, including the louvre and the eiffel tower are closed as paris faces a fourth weekend of violent protests. our greg palkot is live on the ground in paris with the latest. greg. >> yeah, kristin, it is the end after rather remarkable day, the most remarkable i've seen in paris in my years covering it. anti-government protesters, so-called yellow vest protesters, clark with police across the city. the city itself, in fact, closed
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down. landmarks, stores, and restaurants are all closed up and for good reason. these protesters took to the streets, they smashed cars, they smashed windows, they clashed with police, rocks, projectiles went one way, tear gas cannisters, explosive cannisters went the other way. all told over 700 people were arrested. something like 55 people were injured in the background you can hear the sirens of the police cars, the vehicles, as they return to their barracks. this was all about the gas and diesel fuel price hikes that were put in place by the government, planning to be put in place, but it went further than that. it was a real protest against a range of taxes that are being put on the french people and really, a complaint that perhaps more attention as reforms are put in place by the government of french president emmanuel macron, that the poor and middle
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class are left out and the rich are benefitting from that. in fact, though, kristin, remarkably through these days and this is one of the worst, we have not heard from french president macron. he has not spoken. he is set to address the nation the earlier part of next week. he will have a lot to stay, a lot to do to try to put this place back together again. kristin. kristin: that really is something and it really does say something when a correspondent as experienced as yourself says it's one of the most remarkable days they've ever seen in paris. quite something. stay safe out there. greg palkot live in paris for us. thanks. well, six people are dead and more than 50 others injured after a stampede at an italian nightclub. among those killed, five teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16, as well as a mother who was there with her daughter. the overcrowded club was hosting a rapper when some kind of unknown substance may have been sprayed into the air causing the
9:17 am
crowd to panic. as people tried to run from the venue, a low railing gave wayment and that's what caused the stampede. italian authorities couldn't have told what substance caused the initial panic. leland: a busy weekend here in washington. the president leaves the white house in a few minutes. we are going to take a closer look at the staff shake-up at the white house. what it means for the trump administration going forward. and months of headlines, bizarre behavior. kristin fisher enthusiast, elon musk tomorrow, we have a preview and the first time ever sound evidently beamed back from mars. we'll show you what nasa's insight lander has for us. ♪
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9:22 am
puzzle is the possible departure of chief of staff john kelly. we've been hearing about that and the rumors have been for so long, gillian, and now we have to wonder if it's going to happen. gillian: yeah, yesterday president trump announced via twitter new appointments for the team. first up william barr to fill the justice department left by jeff sessions and become the next attorney general of the united states. >> there's no one more capable or qualified for this role. he deserves overwhelming bipartisan support. i suspect he'll probably get it. >> bar's got a considerable support, thanks to his term in bush administration. and he was attorney general and before that headed up the office of legal counsel. democrats are lining up in opposition. the president also tapped heather nauert, current state department spokesperson to replace nikki haley as the
9:23 am
president's representative to the united nations. the former fox host is being roundly criticized. though she has the support of lindsey graham who immediately pledged to support her. and former secretary of state rex tillerson speaking out against president trump accusing his former boss of being undisciplineun, opposed to reading and worse. >> and we did not have a common value system. and said mr. president i understand what you want to do, but you can't do it that way. it violates the law, violates the treaty. >> president trump shot back at him, tweeting, he was dumb as a rock and lazy as hell. it's on display for the entire world to see, but the president, leland, announcing importantly
9:24 am
that army general mark millie will replace dunford as chief of staff. >> and then we wait on the parlor game. gillian, thank you. kristin. kristin: joining us with more is ted harvey, chair of the committee to defend the president. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for coming on. good morning. or good afternoon. let's start with heather nauert, picked to replace nikki haley. some democrats say she's not qualified for the job. she's proved fob a-- to be an effective department spokesperson. >> she has been an effective spokesperson and the president has confidence in here i think she will be a great spokesperson and ambassador for the united states at the u.n. and the democrats have to find something to come up against the president on every one of his appointments, and this is just political rhetoric, one more time by the democrats.
9:25 am
kristin: the other appointment or announcement that president trump made yesterday was william barr fob his pick for attorney general to replace jeff sessions. william barr of course was the attorney general back during former president george h.w. bush, but a lot of folks in the administration cautioned the president about this pick saying he could potentially be worse than james comey. what do you think? is barr a good safe bet for president trump? >> well, he's a very safe bet. he's already been, like you say, an attorney general. he comes to the office with a great deal of experience as an attorney. the democrats who are coming out against him, again, have nothing really to come against him, but they're still going to have all of this hyperbolic rhetoric out there. he will get through the senate confirmation process with a huge bipartisan support. and that's what the president wants on this important appointment and i think that it's a wise appointment for the
9:26 am
president to be going forward it. kristin: safe to say you think that barr will have an easier time getting confirmed than nauert? >> i think they both will, but certainly barr will have broad bipartisan support, i guarantee it. kristin: all right, let's talk about one more white house potential shake-up here and this is what all of washington has been talking about, not just the last 24 hours, but the last few months and even months. the president's chief of staff, john kelly. it's rumored that he will be leaving the white house very shortly although we have been talking about this for quite some time. what do you think? is he really on the way out? and what about the possibility of the vice-president's top aide, as the replacement? >> well, i think that general kelly, initially when he took this position said it would be on a short-term basis. i don't think there's any surprise that he will be leaving at some point, and i think that the fact that we are at the end of this year going into a pretty important term with the
9:27 am
presidency and the administration, i think that having him leave and bringing in another person that the president has a great deal of confidence in, watching him work with the vice-president, i think that this is a perfect time for the administration to be making these kind of changes. kristin: all right, let's switch gears quickly to the special counsel's investigation. i want your take on how president trump is reacting to the manafort and cohen court filings yesterday. he says that this totally clears him and his personal attorney rudy guiliani says it completely exonerates president trump. do you agree with that? >> i think it shows the democrat experience of a russia collusion is totally falling apart. and that the only thing that the mueller investigation brought forward with cohen is that there was a payoff of a prostitute, if you will, by the president prior to him being the nominee. and with manafort, it's about
9:28 am
manafort's issues 12 years ago on tax evasion. i think that everything that the manafort team is bringing forward proves that this conspiracy of a russia collusion is totally falling apart and they have nothing. kristin: but how is he completely cleared, completely exonerated when he's named as individual one in some of these court documents? how does that not implicate him in at least some way? >> court documents dealing with russia collusion which manafort was original to investigate. i guarantee you, the issues brought forward with payoffs of prostitutes, if they bring that before the election commission, they will throw it out. they will rule against manafort and any claims that it's a campaign violation i have a pretty good background in campaign finance as the chair of the large est pac in the countr
9:29 am
and i guarantee they'll throw that out. that's not against the law what the president did. kristin: we've got it leave it there. thanks, ted. >> thank you. kristin: tune into fox news sunday when chris wallace talks to white house advisor larry kudlow about the state of the economy and on media buzz, signature down with anthony scare mariucciy to talk about the coverage of the white house shakeups and what they have on that matter. leland: always interesting, the mariucci. and robbery gone wrong when a seattle baskin robbins employee took defending the store, wait for it, here it comes, into his own hands.
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>> it was a rough week on wall street with the dow falling 4.5% since monday, the biggest weekly loss since march. what happened, jeff? >> yeah, there's a lot of uncertainty in the market right now and analysts say it's fueled by fears of a slowing economic growth and a u.s.-china trade war. on friday, the dow jones industrial average fell more than 500 points bringing the weekly drop more than 1,000 points. the single worst weekly decline in months. between the two biggest economies, china and the u.s. on top of that, the u.s. ordered arrest after senior chinese tech executive in canada. some fear tensions could get worse, but national economic council, larry kudlow says that was a law enforcement matter and doesn't think it should interfere with progress. >> they've violated the
9:35 am
sanctions, they have been warned and finally we had to prosecute that and we thank our canadian cousins for helping us out. they have been warned, you can't break american law if you're going to do business in the united states. >> despite trade war fears eased after the g20 summit, there was a cease-fire, and anxiety on tuesday after the president sent out the tweet, i'm a tariff man, when people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our nation we want them to pay for the privilege of doing so to max out our economic power. we are right now taking in billions in tariffs, make america rich again. the dow dropped 799 points the day the president sent out that tweet. we should mention the market was only open for four days last week and closed wednesday to honor the passing of former president george h.w. bush so we'll see what happens this upcoming week with five full days of trading. kristin: we'll see. jeff, thank you.
9:36 am
leland: futures about even to a little up right now, looking ahead to the monday opening. with that we bring in tony, the radio coast for wibc of indianapolis, the great city. tony, you and i had a conversation a couple of months ago and i said to you has the market started the wild ride, that things could get problematic? and you said no, no, no, people in indianapolis and the midwest, they don't care about the markets, everything is great. still true? >> i did not say they did not care about the markets and i can go back to the tape to wibc to prove it. i said they're not panicking and willing to give the president the benefit of the doubt. i say that's true, and less ramp to the benefit of the doubt. and turn into this level, the bear market is going to concern some people. but for indiana let's take a look at how much more soy beans china actually buys at the summit.
9:37 am
if you can see show me farmers showing we're selling more soy beans to china after this they're not going to worry as much about it. but does the president have less ramp to say to america, everything is great when the market is making these kinds of fluctuations? yes, he does. it's certainly not all his fault and certainly not all trade war, but less ramp. leland: how much ramp is the question? >> let's make the assumption that the market is going to be kind of rough for the first quarter. right, if it's first quarter and things better in the spring, he's fine. you give us three quarters, three quarters of a bear market and i think you're going to start feeling some-- he's going to start feeling serious pressure from even members of his base. leland: when you say members of his base. they define when your neighbor loses his job and depression when you lose your job. if people started to feel the
9:38 am
pain of the price increases as relates to tariffs? >> absolutely not. there has not been a conversation-- i mean, anecdotally a conversation i've been involved in, you know it, i'm spending less. there's confidence, a great belief that everything is moving well because for a lot of people it is going well. even with jobs numbers, people who want jobs have jobs and there are an unbelievable number of jobs available. no, i don't think there's been any real effect in terms of spending for the christmas season or what have you. even this whole tariff conversation, people wanted to make the gm plant closings about the tariffs and it wasn't about the tariffs, it was about the recognition that people don't drive cars, they drive suv's and trucks. they want to move more into electric vehicles. you can't blame the tariffs for that. the ramp is closer, or shorter, but it's really still a little bit more down the road where people start wondering, hey, what does my economic future hold. leland: what does the future hold?
9:39 am
it's irrefutable and you and i have discussed this, that the tariffs are causing price increases at times. they are causing certain harm to the u.s. economy. farmers are feeling the pain as well. what does president trump have to come back with of real deliverables for people to say it was worth it? >> well, so, it's two things, you're not wrong about that and the people who want to say that nothing's happened, that's not true. i think president trump made a mistake, i'm sorry, mr. president, but follow me here. it's not easy to win a trade war and i think the conversation with america should have been listen, here is why we're engaged in this war, and here is why we're doing tariffs and why it matters on a national security front and for your kids. and thwart china in technology and whole issues and should have brought that case and brought america in for the much larger fight for america's future. that's where i think the president should have gone and should have done things, but the president's not at fault when
9:40 am
facebook is utilizing and manipulating data, when google is willing to change search results because they don't like the election-- >> we've veered pretty far off the economy. >> i'm talking how the market is doing and how some of these fang stocks are adjusting. leland: if both of us knew about stock picks we'd enjoy our chalet in aspen rather than working on the weekend. you're dedicated to the cause. you'd be here no matter. >> i am. leland: quickly our produce found, eric strain, trump olive branches and then in the afternoon with market volatility. no one follows the news closer than you do. we've seen larry kudlow out more now. do you get the sense that the white house is trying to tamp down the wild vastlations that the president seems to deliver on the news of the economy? >> listen, that's possible. i don't know because it's not like the president stops with some of hess conversations, his tweets, et cetera.
9:41 am
but let's take a look at what happened at g20 and ask ourselves the indiana farmer, are they selling more? the indiana farmer selling more in three months than we know, if not, then we know what the president says and what he does, how this happens is creating a bigger problem than the president's willing to admit to. leland: we will be back to check the price of soy beans with you in a couple of months, buddy. good to see you. >> i'll be here. leland: indiana farm report. kristin: up next, a delivery truly out of this world. we'll tell you how the international space station is getting in the holiday spirit. plus, new sights and sounds from mars brought to you straight from the red planet thanks to nasa's new la lander. i am excited. (honking) when your craving strikes,
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>> all right, santa and his reindeer came early for three astronauts on the international space station. the dragon capsule arrived full of christmas goodies. took two tries to get the capsule on the nation's arm
9:46 am
after trouble with the communications network, always something. the on-board delivery is everything that astronauts need for a delicious holiday dinner, freeze dried turkey. kristin: got to have christmas dinner on the space station. and further out in our solar system, stunning new images of mars. you're looking at photos captured by the insight lander which is supposed to give scientists more on the inner workings of mars and now we're able to see and hear its progress after landing on the red planet about two weeks ago. and joining us, john from smithsonian institute and you were at the jet propulsion laboratory and arrived on the red eye with little sleep. i want to start by playing some audio that's truly incredible, the first time that we can actually hear what the wind sounds like on mars. can we go ahead and play some of that right now.
9:47 am
[wind] >> this is audio they've had to adjust the frequency so we can hear it. the first time that the human ear can hear the wind. and sounds like something from the series "stranger things", it sounds other worldly, why is that? >> it's desolate, nothing else in the background. why they're doing this, it's not just a gimmick. we have a seize -- seismometer on board that will measure, a wind sensor that takes the wind out of the sensor and a mars quake. kristin: now that you heard it for the first time, does it sound like what you expected to. >> yeah, if you've walked around the desert and there are not a
9:48 am
lot of plants and animals around, the wind sounds desolate and that's what mars is. kristin: and earth's atmosphere is so much more dense than the martian atmosphere? >> it might, but i think really more than that, the wind sort of swirling around the instruments on the deck give it the sound you hear. kristin: interesting. this seismometer that allows us to hear this for the very first time, it's, of course, its biggest job is ahead of it. >> it is. kristin: to dig down deep into the martian soil and find out what's there. what are you all hoping to find? . we have two instruments relate today that. one will sit on the surface and hopefully measure mars quake and the other will dig down with the temperature. and we hope to discover the evolution of mars. why mars today is a cold and dead place compared to the earth. we know it's a smaller planet, but we don't know about the inner workings and something
9:49 am
that in the past had water, there were lakes on mars. and kind of a goldilocks syndrome where earth is climate inhabitable, mars is cold, venus is hot. it's one big piece of the puzzle how we evolved as a planet. kristin: i love space stories and i was excited about it and i tweeted about it and somebody responded to my tweet, essentially saying that this is just a waste of taxpayer dollars, and so i want to get you to make your case as to why this is important, why americans should be proud that this is one way that we're spending our taxpayer dollars. >> well, we should be proud because technologically we're the only country that can do this right now in terms of spacecraft that can land on the surface of another planet like mars. but i think from the standpoint of what we're going to learn and why this is so important gets back to that sort of goldilocks thing. with pillars as a smaller planet we're literally looking back in time. because the planet cooled off
9:50 am
and geologically became less active a long time ago, we can see back in a time that's not recorded on the earth because our planet is so active. so if we want to understand the history of the earth throughout the history of the solar system we really need to look at places like mars and need to think about whether places like mars when they were different in the place may have had life or not. kristin: thank you, we will be watching and wishing the lander a long life on the planet. thanks, john. leland: from one exciting moment to another. elon musk explaining his bizarre behavior over the past months on 60 minutes. we'll see if kristin believes him and see why the tesla ceo says he's not erratic. and one seattle robber at baskin robbins. you can see what happens.
9:51 am
9:52 am
for each job exxonmobil creates, many more are created in the community. because energy touches so many industries, it supports 10 million u.s. jobs.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> elon musk is a bit unconventional. from calling one of the thai rescuers a pedophile, he summer questioning his state of mind. now, the tesla ceo is clearing it up in an interview with 60
9:55 am
minutes where he admits he is impulsive and the occasional twitter grant is how he expresses himself. >> what about the pot? >> i do not smoke pot. as anyone could watch that they can tell i don't know how to smoke pot or anything. >> here are some of the words written about you. >> over this summer, erratic, unstable, reckless, operatic. >> i kinda like that one. i'm just being me. certainly i am under insane stress and crazy hours. the system would have failed if i was truly erratic. >> what elon does not know was his biggest fan went through some moments of self-doubt over the past couple months. did this when you back? >> he said he didn't inhale, click bill clinton. >> elon musk has also said this
9:56 am
is not your conventional ceo. it is someone who is very much an engineer. he is on the floor of the tesla factory actively working out the engineering issues in getting through the bugs and kinks. he is under a ton of stress. >> but, i will say something else. pretty soon if all goes according to plan he's going to have nasa astronauts live on the line on top of his spacecraft. once he is able to send them up into space. so it is certainly something to watch for his behavior. >> hopefully he will take that more seriously than he did the interview. >> with that, when we come back as the president has out to the army navy game great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! in america, the zip code you're born in can determine your future.
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>> our two of america's newshea. to digest things from washington, the fallout continuing over the documents and filings from special counsel, robert mueller in new york group involving the former lawyer and campaign chairman. >> with them, our two begins. kristin fisher and leeland here. fox team coverage of the story. allison barber has more
10:01 am
information. jackie heinrich in new york examining new documents targeting president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen. garrett is beginning with what they call discernible lies by former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. >> were getting more information about what they think paul manafort lied about. and how they did so even after a plea deal. in a court filing mueller's team stated in his interviews with the special counsel's office and fbi, he told multiple discernible lies. they were not incidences of mere memory lapses. he contends the government has not acted in good faith the government will prove that at a hearing. key points were redacted. it's hard to get a key picture of how he lied. but mueller's team includes five issues. a $125,000 payment through political action committee to
10:02 am
cover a debt that man a four own. his contacts with the former employee. a political consultant with ties in their efforts to obstruct justice by trying to persuade witnesses to lie to the team. significantly prosecutors claim manner fort lies about his contacts with administrative officials. they say he had no director in a direct contact since the inauguration. text messages, e-mails, testimony from a paul manafort colleague so he was in touch with the officials as recently as this past spring. he authorized another official to speak on his behalf in may. the court filing does not name the officials he was in contact with her what the purpose was. but man for his legal team denied their client ever knowingly lie to investigators. they now have two weeks to rep
10:03 am
reply. >> leland: not knowing how much more was blacked out and was not redacted. garrett on that, thank you. a lot of angles to the story. the white house is now trying to tamp down information in court documents filed by the special counsel, including a claim that former trump attorney, michael cohen was in contact with the russian who offer political synergy with the trump campaign. jackie is following what we learn from the colon documents. >> there was actually two separate court filings that give us a window into his movement before and also during the election. the first filing deals with hush money that michael cohen paid to karen mcdougall and stormy daniels who both allege they had affairs with the president. the bombshell is that prosecutors now say the president directed his attorney to make the a payment violating
10:04 am
campaign finance laws. the president said he doesn't know where the money came from. michael cohen has pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced on monday. they are recommending a harsh prison sentence. the headline there is a novemben national who offer political synergy with the trump campaign. all this went down two months after president trump announced his bid for the white house. it says that michael cohen lied to congress about how involved he was in a deal to create trump tower moscow. it reads they obscure the fact that the moscow project was a lucrative business opportunity that sought likely required the assistance of the russian government. if the project was completed, the company could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from russian sources and licensing fees and other revenues.
10:05 am
the special councils says this matters because business talks were happening at the same time russia was interfering in the election. thereby we learn how the top tower project is connected to the probe. >> was interesting about that, we haven't seen it before. the quote from michael cohen's political synergy. the special counsel as were campaign. >> that is the first link that we have seen. >> this morning, the president's attorney downplayed both of those filings citing michael cohen's credibility. >> leland: the southern district of new york made a good case of how bad :'s credibility is. jackie in new york, thank you. kristin? >> kristin: president trump said these new court filings clear him of any wrongdoing. there is no proof of collusion between his campaign and russia. allison is fact checking those claims first live at the white house. >> reporter: the white house is trying to downplay all of the
10:06 am
court filings. they're saying it really is into story. the media is making it one. it is a big deal and something we have to report on. white house released two statements yesterday. sarah sander says the filing in regards to paul manafort's case says nothing about the president and that it says less about collusion and is devoted entirely to lobby and related issues. regarding michael cohen, those filings tell us nothing of value that wasn't already known. she said michael cohen has repeatedly lied. rudy giuliani says the memos are complete exoneration of the president. giuliani says he and the rest of the president counsel are happy about the memos. they prove that the special counsel has nothing on the president. a number of legal experts disagree. >> i would not be celebrating it if i was at the white house. it is clear they have implicated
10:07 am
the president in the two campaign finance violations that : pled guilty to and will be sentenced on. they have the president basically direct being cohen to commit these offenses. these are two felonies these this guy pled guilty to. they have the president directing it. >> manner fort has nothing to lie about when it comes to president trump. cohen doesn't know what to lie about. they said there is a joint defense agreement. mr. giuliani says they have been told by paul manafort's attorney at the beginning and the end of the redacted sections do not relate to the president or the president's team. mr. giuliani insists that despite that reference on political energy, that michael cohen acted on his own. >> thank you. for more on this staff shakeup and jim comey's testimony let's bring in congressman andy biggs. thank you for coming on this morning.
10:08 am
>> thank you. >> i would like to start by talking to you the former fbi director, james comey's closed-door interview with the house judiciary committee yesterday. you are a member of that committee. you decided to bring him back in. you don't want to come in. you had to subpoena him. i'm curious, you talk for seven hours. were you able to get anywhere or the answers that you needed? >> it was incomplete. there are several reasons why. there is an fbi lawyer there that would would not let him answer some questions. there are times where mr. comey cannot simply remember things that i think would have been significant. i thought he would remember. there were other things i was amazed at where he simply said, i don't know what happened there. those are some big issues. we got some stuff out that we
10:09 am
wanted to. he will be coming back and we will address more. >> when he comes back, part of the recent where he hasn't been able to answer the questions is there is an ongoing special councils investigation. do you think you will get more answers when he comes back in a few weeks? >> i think so. we have lines of questions that he needs to answer. you need to realize part of what he is saying is that he did not know for instance, that bruce orr was acting between the go-between between christopher steele and the fbi. that's hard to believe. he was getting briefed on these investigations every week. so, what is the real deal there? we do have room to maneuver and ask more questions. i hope he refreshes his recollection on things. he indicated he cannot remember a lot. >> the american people will get a chance to make up their own
10:10 am
minds when this transcript is released. that was one of the terms he insisted on before agreeing to do this. he described the transcript as boring. would you characterize it is that? >> it might be a yawn in some ways. one thing i came away with his, there will be interesting things there and we can draw certain conclusions. i am glad the transcript is getting out. it's important for the american people to see. i hope there is nothing redacted. we just talked about reactions, and tired of that. let's get the truth out there. >> kristin: i want to ask about the latest court filings in regards to paul manafort and michael cohen. they said the court filings clear the president. rudy giuliani says the president is exonerated. you agree with those? >> i will say this about the paul manafort case, nothing goes
10:11 am
to president trump at all. it is lobbying. when you get to michael cohen, the problem is even the prosecutors have said his veracity is bad. he's not telling the truth. that leads us to wonder what is the truth with michael cohen. even if it's not a full exoneration it cast doubts. >> kristin: the key line in those court filings was michael cohen saying that he paid off two women in coordination with and at the direction of individual one. we know individual one is president trump. how does not implicate him in some way? >> there claiming it's a campaign violation. there's no indication there's a tie to campaign violation. because you're dealing with whether michael cohen is a liar, prosecutors have said he's a liar which is why they want jail
10:12 am
time. they don't trust him. that indicates that maybe his statement is less credible than we would get a before a jury or judge. >> kristin: perhaps less credible and perhaps no crimes, but i have a tough time seeing how this completely exonerates the president at least at this point. we need to leave it there. thank you. >> leland: with that, we bring in democratic strategist and consultant, blake rutherford. welcome. too bad you come to d.c. and there's nothing to talk about. >> leland: will start with the congressman left off. democrats are making so much hay over the president being individual number one that kristin talked about. all based on the words of a congenital liar which is probably the best thing you can say about michael cohen. should democrats hold off a little bit on their glee?
10:13 am
>> i take issue with one thing. the notion that the mueller investigation is limited only at this point for information provided by michael cohen. democrats have seen that we have seen the president has been implicated in the campaign finance violations. michael cohen -- remember it's a two prong investigation coming out of the southern district of new york in the mueller investigation. it emanates from the president's home justice department. i think that raises significant questions. this investigation is still ongoing. we don't know what's coming ne >> isn't that the point we don't know yet you listen to democrats lately and they seem to know exactly which is impeachment is near and this is proof the president has done all sorts of terrible things. >> certainly the democrats are making a mistake by going down
10:14 am
this road prematurely. i think it's incredibly important the mueller investigation be protected. the president announced his new nominee for attorney general. that's an easy question to answer during confirmation. the democrats have tried in a bipartisan fashion to move forward with legislation to protect the investigation. republicans are having it. >> leland: you talk about mr. barr being nominated for attorney general. people think he did a good job and was confirmed overwhelmingly with democratic support picture there with them president george w. bush. here's the tweet from kimberly from the wall street journal talking about william barr. how good of a nominee is he for ag based on the immediate demands by democrats that he recuse himself from anything important. >> i think certainly mr. barr
10:15 am
got on the president's radar when he wrote an op-ed justifying the firing of james comey. certainly, the president has favorites. >> leland: william barr is not a mega 3d chess hard-core trump supporter. it's an establishment republican as you get. >> and more qualified than matthew whitaker to be attorney general. the issue here, and for him to address what is your perspective on the mueller investigation. he will get asked those questions and i don't think those are unreasonable to ask. >> leland: if it's unreasonable if he answers them well, whatever that means, for him to enjoy significant democrats support? democrats led by chuck schumer have withheld overwhelming support for the president's
10:16 am
qualified nominees. >> i think both sides are well dug in. whether he's able to build bipartisan support, we will see. we will see both in his nomination in the president's nomination for un ambassador, democrats will have tough questions. how they present themselves will tell a lot. >> political risk if they go too far? >> i think we saw some of that during the kavanaugh hearings. if these nominees cannot address the questions will have a difficult time getting confirmed. >> must-see tv. >> kristin: coming up, will go back to paris were demonstrators are angry about the high cost of living and they are out in force. plus, will look at the volatile stock market and how it is affecting your 4o1k.
10:17 am
we will go live to tijuana where thousands of central american migrants are determined to cross the border into the united states. steve is still on the ground there. hello. >> reporter: the court that rejected another trump effort on border patrol. i'm in tijuana and i have the story ahead. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema
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>> leland: official confirmation from the president that john kelly, the chief of staff, former general will be leaving the white house in the words of the president, at the end of the year. announcement in the next day or two. >> this has been talked about for so long. it's finally official. we'll play the game of who will be his replacement. at the top of the list would have to be the best vice presidents chief of staff, nick ayres. according to the wall street journal, the president told them to stop calling john kelly for anything call nick, he's my guy. >> is looking like he could be front runner to take john kelly's job, who as of a few moments ago is officially out.
10:22 am
>> leland: nick ayres is 36 years old. he has quite a few enemies inside the trump white house and inside the rest of republican circles. the president heads to philadelphia for the army and navy football game. he will watch for the game and cheer on the troops. he did this once before. he went to the army-navy football game when he was then president-elect donald trump. now visiting as commander-in-chief. the president had a few other notes before he headed out for the white house. he said about the mueller investigation and news from yesterday that he's happy with what we are reading. he said there is not any conclusion and the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign. he then talked about john kelly and called him a great guy and said he would leave at the end of the year and they appreciate his service. because of the way technology works with the secret service we
10:23 am
are waiting to bring you the president's words what should be happening in the next couple of minutes. >> kristin: this is coming on the heels of several major white house staff shakeups. yet president trump appointing his new u.s. ambassador to the un. he just nominated william barr to be his next attorney general. today when he gets to the army-navy game he's going to talk about his replacement for the joint chiefs of staff. now also john kelly. a lot of moving parts but that is to be expected heading into the third year of the trump presidency. >> as the camera was panning off it's interesting to note about the parlor game as you talked about, while nick ayres is at this point of parents and -- was the front runner for un
10:24 am
ambassador, bill barr was a former attorney general everyone forgot about from the george w. bush administration. within 24 hours his name was rumored to be on the short list and then he was a nominated. be careful as we go through the next 48 hours of this game of the rumors you hear of who exactly is and is not in or out of the short list for chief of staff. at least the only name we have heard consistently mentioned is that of nick ayres. >> kristin: water tough job the chief of staff is. john kelly has received both a lot of praise and criticism for the job he has done after replacing the first chief of staff, reince priebus. not only do you have to manage
10:25 am
all the people who work in the west wing, you also have to at least attempt to manage your boss, president trump. john kelly had a great relationship with president trump off the top. thanks seem to sour. they were reports they were not even talking to one another in recent days. important to note that as president trump was leaving the white house he did call john kelly great guy. >> leland: marine one is in route to the air force base. anthony scaramucci will be on to talk about john kelly's departure. he was on yesterday and he was talking about john kelly in the past tense. you can just imagine now how anthony scaramucci is feeling knowing that the man who fired him after 11 days is now headed out. there is a little bit of history here. inc. about the way it was announced when you are covering the white house when reince priebus was leaving.
10:26 am
it was president trump on air force one who announced that reince priebus was gone. sort of the same way with john kelly. >> i wonder also what happens now. you have this intermediate he re- time where john kelly is a lame-duck chief of staff before he leaves. a little bit of a vacuum of power in this part of the west wing. it will be interesting to see if there are other staff shakeups as a result of john kelly leaving the white house and president trump on the way to his army-navy football game. you are at the army-navy football game a few years ago, how important is it to the troops and the folks on the ground to have the commander in chief actually there.
10:27 am
>> i'm going out to the army-navy game. were going to flip a coin. i know both teams are going to do great. general mark millie was just appointed the head of the joint chief of staff to be determined later in the year they usually get quite a bit of notice for many reasons. mark is a great gentleman, great soldier. i look forward to that. on the molar situation we are happy with what we are reading. there was no collusion whatsoever. there never has been. the last thing i wanted his help from russia on a campaign. you should ask hillary clinton about russia. she financed the fake dossier which i understand they tried to get some information and help from russia. you want to ask them about that. very one-sided situation. i think it is turning around nicely. as far as the reports that we see according to everybody i've spoken to, there is absolutely
10:28 am
no collusion which is very important. >> go ahead. >> no. >> [inaudible question] >> john kelly will be leaving, i don't know if i can say retiring, but he is a great guy. john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. we will be announcing who will be taking his place. it might be on an interim basis. i will announce that over the next day or two. john will be leaving at the end of the year. he has been with me almost two years between two positions. we are probably going to see him in a little while. john kelly will be leaving toward the end of the year at the end of the year.
10:29 am
i appreciate his service very much. thank you all. >> unusual in the sense that i cannot think of another major staff shakeup at the white house where the president gave somebody that much time. rex tillerson found out he was fired in africa and indisposed. this is the first time or seen this long transition time. reince priebus was out in john kelly was in. were watching the president can often marine one. >> kristin: it will be interesting to see if that actually holds. does he keep coming into work or does he not? keep in mind, president trump said chief of staff john kelly was going to stay on through 2020, obviously as the days and weeks progressed it became obvious that was not the case. he could be out tomorrow.
10:30 am
>> for those playing the parlor game, the president saying he's going to announce his new chief of staff in a couple of days it could be on an interim basis. you don't often have to wonder what the president is thinking because he tells us. he rarely uses extra words when he doesn't need to. if he's telegraphing something perhaps there's a reason and to think about that. alison will be asking about th that. one name that we have not heard in the past week or so as part of the staff shakeup is kiersten nielsen. she was as good as gone about two and half weeks ago. somehow she has come back. >> kristin: you are never gone in this white house until you are gone. she butted heads with president trump's on multiple issues, but she has survived.
10:31 am
john kelly really helped her get that role as the homeland security secretary. now, she is staying in their and john kelly is out. as we talk about the parlor game in washington, no replacement has been named but the name everybody keeps talking about is nick ayres who is vice president mike pence top a. he has a close relationship with president trump, with jared and ivanka trump. he is well liked by people who are close to the president. he also has some detractors within the white house. but if you believe this quote and the wall street journal, the president told one of his associates, stop calling john kelly for anything, call nick, he's my guy he certainly is the front runner for now.
10:32 am
>> we watch the staff load up on air force one as they head to philadelphia. the president said he was going to toss the coin at the army-navy game. the president went there as president-elect. he seemed to enjoy himself immensely there. now here's headed there as commander-in-chief. >> what a neat treat to have him there to play the game. we want to get back to breaking news which is the news that john kelly, the president's chief of staff is officially out. now it is final. here to weigh in as our political panel, eric is the cochair of great america pack. former ohio state senator and contributor for the washington examiner. capri, will start with you. what you make it the news that john kelly is out? >> it's not necessarily a surprise.
10:33 am
we've been hearing that there is tensions within the white house. i think there will be a different tone in the absence of former general kelly. when he came in and took over for reince priebus we heard a lot about how he was trying to make things more regimented and trying to control the flow of information to president trump. i think it looks as if the topic might be vice president pence's chief of staff which would be more political pick. >> what you make of it? >> john kelly is a patriot. he did bring organization to this white house. there's been a cloud over the white house and really a lot to get through. in the next two years there may have to be some changes. one thing they disagreed was
10:34 am
illegal immigration. too many is the number one crisis facing us today. with nick or whoever comes in needs to reshape that agenda and bring it back to what he ran on and deliver those campaign promises. >> kristin: you said the vice president chief of staff is a political guy but heading into 2020 maybe not such a bad thing to have a political guy running the west wing. >> i think that's part of president trump's calculus. unfortunately, governing has become so political that's not necessarily new. because president trump was a unique candidate and his governing style, i think having somebody who has a political background in the white house might be what he's looking for. don't forget, reince priebus was
10:35 am
the actual head of the rnc. we didn't necessarily see that kind of political machine coming out of the white house. it's too early to tell. i personally believe the more any governing body, democrats and republicans, the more you focus on doing your job, politics takes care of itself. >> eric are you hearing any other names being talked about? >> i think if nix comes aboard he shares the same vision. no matter who they chief of staff as they need to follow those instincts that the president runs on and really try to deliver to make into policy. we didn't see that even with reince priebus. their contribution on trench contradictions. the chief of staff needs to execute.
10:36 am
president trump has great political instincts. he understands were medical america is. whoever we see it's okay to be political but they need to understand the trump vision. >> let's talk about john kelly. how do you think he is going to be remembered as a chief of staff? what will his legacy be? >> it depends on who you ask. anybody who is involved in the trump administration is now going to be defined by the fact that they are affiliated with the trump administration. yes he gave decades of service in the military and head of the southern command, he was a very accomplished general, that will be part of his legacy. but the fact that he took on being part of the chief of staff will live with him. depending on who you talk to some will say he brought order to a white house full of newbies, others will say he
10:37 am
didn't do enough to keep the white house focused, on track and moderate their vision. i agree with my colic that president trump is looking for someone to execute his vision. were seeing that with these choices with the un ambassador for example, and mike pompeo, were seeing it throughout with choices in his cabinet as well. >> we're watching air force one about to take off on his way to the army-navy game were president trump is going to be watching and announcing another staff shakeup. his new chairman. eric, what you make of his time is chief of staff? what you think his legacy will be and was he a good chief of staff? >> he was a great chief of staff. he came into a situation in disarray. we have to call that what it is.
10:38 am
it wasn't left to him in a good place. he brought order into the white house. he never undercut the president at least publicly. you try to go against that agenda there's a lot of parts that he disagreed with philosophically. klassen character defines general kelly and he should be remembered as such. >> kristin: how does he this staff operate in his absence? >> in the absence of a chief of staff you are going to have one less person in that chain of command. what we may see is a more on bridled president trump. with a situation where he doesn't have a barrier, a filter, and so he is going to be dealing more directly with individuals in the west wing maybe even leadership in the house and senate. so i think in the short term we
10:39 am
may see more of trump being trump. and we need to wait and see who comes in bills that position and how they decide to organize the west wing. if they empower president trump which i think is more likely or if they try to hamstring him and tried to take away his phone the sort of thing which i sincerely doubt. >> kristin: and chief of staff john kelly was able to provide more order than perhaps his predecessor was able to. but nobody is going to be able to control president trump to eating and the use of his cell phone to do it. it's the way he communicates with his supporters. for him it has proven to be effective. eric, what you make of how this might change some other potential staff shakeups within the west wing? if kelly is out to see take anybody with him? >> possibly.
10:40 am
trump ran again 17 candidates in the primary. he had a certain vision on trade and foreign policy. i want him to be trump because he was smarter than the rest of the field. he understood what americans want. i think it's not incumbent upon the president to change his views and ways. 's to the staff that if you want to work at the white house remember, he was the one elect elected. >> kristin: he was elected. now or heading into 2020. it's just around the corner. you look at someone like nick who is being talked about as a potential replacement for john kelly. you look at someone like him could bring political instincts, things president trump would like to this west wing. could be valuable to have him in the white house.
10:41 am
he also has a lot of support from folks like jared and he ivanka. it also detractors. final question. when you think we will know who john kelly's replacement will be. >> it looks like he will leave at the end of the year. i think we will hear the potential replacement in the next few weeks. between christmas and new year's maybe. >> and president trump himself said we could expect some type of an appointment within the next two or three days. thank you both for coming on and breaking this down. >> live pictures of the white house on a chilly december day. president trump off to the army-navy game. what this means for the president's domestic agenda going into a democratic congress. will they shut down the government before christmas to
10:42 am
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and then, more jobs robegan to appear.. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town.
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>> welcome back. the facts new salut alert as jon kelly is now out. president trump making the announcement that was expected. not a surprise. always a shock when you get the news. he made the announcement a couple of minutes ago. with that we bring in michael burgess joining us from dallas. congressman, what are the issues that president trump and john kelly have butted heads on his immigration. one that is near and dear to your heart. a lot of thought among his supporters that john kelly brought him back to the center on immigration. in a way for immigration hardliners is this so win to have john kelly out? >> it was john kelly when he was secretary kelly who traveled to
10:47 am
the border at a point where there is a relative wall in the border crossings and said this is great but if congress does not address these laws were going to be back to the same difficulty. those words were spoken in may of 2017. the problem did immediately re- inflamed during the summer throughout the last year. make no mistake, the types of laws that general kelly was speaking, some of those laws have been there for some time. some are relatively recent. some are the result of a court determination. it's a very difficult job on the border and made more difficult because in some cases people are not sure what the law is. >> leland: one of the issues that either john kelly will face as he is leaving office or the
10:48 am
incoming perhaps incoming chief of staff is whether or not to shut down the government come december 21 to get funding for president trump's wall. an issue near and dear to your heart. is it worth shutting the government down? does the white house need to exert more pressure on mitch mcconnell or is it worth letting this one go. >> this is the fundamental job were sent to do. and that defense is on the southern border. look, the president is asking for a sum of money that the house and senate should provide. if that dollar figure is not achieved in the appropriations bill is passed, i think the president should veto the bill and send it back to us. there is plenty of time over the
10:49 am
next two weeks and the two weeks after that, there's plenty of time to come together and do what is required to provide the money and fund it and the wall as well. >> leland: there is always plenty of time and then it always comes down to about 1158 on friday night people want to get out of town for christmas. specifically for the white house, have they caved too many times on allowing funding bills to go through without providing border funding? do they need to be stronger. >> i want them to be strong and i want us to be strong in the funding bills. we should send him a bill that provides the funding for the defense on the southern border. there is no higher job that we have than the defense of our
10:50 am
southern border. >> we appreciate you being here. thank you so much. we'll talk to you soon. all the best congressman burgess there. we are awaiting the president's arrival in philadelphia. we will see what he says. more in a minute applebee's bigger, bolder grill combos are back. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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>> leland: welcome back.breakine house chief of staff is out. joining us now and how it could affect the markets jonathan is with us. jonathan, to say the markets have been on certain would be an understatement. volatile as well. they don't like uncertainty and now the white house chief of staff's job is up in the air. >> it's another factor that has been a tremendously volatile time for stocks. they saw three plus days of stock prices. let's not forget october was down, november was down. and so far december is down. >> to your point, john kelly leaving the white house is just
10:55 am
one more bit of an uncertainty. ironically it could be positive for stocks? some of the confusion was over trade in the new chief of staff could bring more discipline to twitter messages about trade. this is another element of confusion to it and on certain stock market. >> john kelly was brought in to impose discipline. clearly he was not able to do that. it's tough to see how somebody else can do that if a general as impressive as general kelly could not do that. some other names being tossed around his neck heirs, he is vice president mike pence is chief of staff. other names is u.s. trade representative, robert light heiser. mike mulvaney, steve mnuchin, that's a little bit more out there. if somebody like that were to take the job how do you think
10:56 am
the markets would respond? >> it has very big implications. all of those have a big say at the table when it comes to trade. the major impact of what's causing so much consternation is a confusion about trade specifically about tariffs. for months americans were told the tariffs were a bargaining chip. what we have heard is that company after company have reported billions of dollars in costs. ford and gm most recently. however the new chief of staff is could have a big impact on trade in the market. >> you would think someone like nick heirs would move the president more towards those tendencies. breaking news continues at the top of the hour as the president heads to philadelphia sure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking. it dictates your day.
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>> 2:00 o'clock eastern nowspecs channel as we are learning that john kelly is out. the president announcing he is going to leave the white house by the what and of the year. this had been one of the longest rumor departures of a member of the executive senior staff. >> not a huge surprise. >> kristin: is a big deal when someone as big as the chief of staff is out. allison is live right now at the white house. i know president trump just made


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