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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 9, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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new questions after transcripts of jim comey's closed door meeting with lawmakers are released to the public. >> he could not provide information op a dossier that was used to secure surveillance warrants. >> don't remember, don't recall, don't know. >> he didn't know much about christopher steel. i find that hard to believe. john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. we're announcing who will be announcing john's place. i appreciate his service very much. >> the president responded to the special court's filing denying that he did anything wrong. >> on the mueller situation, we're happy with what we're
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reading. there's absolutely no collision which is very important. the third year in a row, the black nights of army have won the army matchup ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ just waiting to talk about this. >> there's only one thing that went well for navy yesterday and it was the coin flip. that's it. they won the coin flip and then it was all down hill. >> three years in a row. i mean we lost 14 years in a row. now a hat trick for army. and 22nd ranked team in the country. >> and you attribute it to
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plump. >> he was there when he was president-elect. >> you might say i was also there. >> he's like their mascot, according to pete. >> he might be. isn't our president america's mascot anyway? >> that's true. >> welcome back, nicole. >> thank you, guys. great to be here again. >> the president was at the army navy game when he's dealing with personnel shift as the the white house but also new stuff. >> maybe a new chief of staff, other things, any attorney general. but james comey back in the news front and center, something the mt. no doubt will be happy to hear about because the transcript of comey's closed door testimony came out yesterday and what i find most fascinating is the guy who remembered enough bad stuff
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about mr. trump to write a book and enrich himself, he can't remember anything when it comes to hillary clinton's e-mail and the dossier. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> 156 times quoted i don't know, 72 times i don't, 8 times controller. ic i don't know the difference between i don't prawl and i don't remember. you got to do that then it's only 200 pages and you have 200 lines of him saying. >> they made a deal. it won't be in public, it will be behind closed doors. we'll release the transcript. >> if you're in a place where you feel like you might contradict yourself is the only thing you can say is i don't remember. >> you don't want to say i don't know. they can disprove that. the i don't remember and i don't recall, no one can disprove that you don't remember something. >> but to ed's point, he wrote a book, wrote memos, part of a
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massive fisa application suddenly job i don', i don't re. i don't recall. >> look at this exchange on the republican judiciary committee. james comey admits the dossier. radcliffe asks, do you recall on numerous occasions subsequent to october 2016 you in your capacity as fbi director referred to the steele dossier as unsalacious? >> can i refer as comey. yes, i don't know what i was referring to. i had in mind some particular portions of it that were salacious and unverified. i just meant a few portions. the rest of it was fully vetted. >> i was really referring to some of it. was he allude it could have gone to all of it? >> trey gowdy pressed him on the fact that look, you think president trump did, firing you
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and other things it results in observe instruction of justice. and then barack obama did the interview with chris wallace saying let hillary clinton go, she didn't have criminal content. what did you think of that? i didn't see that through the lens of obstruction of justice. did you make a memo about barack obama? did you tell your staff not to be influenced by it? no? >> president trump does something he finds sticky, there's a memo and a federal case. barack obama does something and there's nothing. >> try to replicate the info so it becomes an fbi information with our conclusions rather than a reliable person's conclusions. may of 2017 james comey admits
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nothing verified about the vaishes dossiethesalacious doss. >> how does that happen. how did a salacious unverified document because the basis of how they got the warrant. and adopt forget about the three extensions of the warrant. that for me is the clincher. >> he also repeated in his testimony what he told brett barbaier on his book tour, he didn't hear about christopher steele who put the unverified dossier together. you were the fbi director. either you're not telling the truth or fit es incredible that you're in charge, quote unquote, and you didn't know this guy was writing the dossier. >> and you went to trump tower to brief the president-elect about it without knowing the source. >> you went to the fisa judge, he own other officials at the fbi and doj signed their names
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to get the warrant, go to the judge, use the dossier and jim jordan says this is all quite ridiculous. >> 245 times he say don't remember, don't recall, don't know. the biggest part for me was the don't know part. he didn't know much about christopher spheel, the guy who they used his work product to get the warrant to spy on the trump campaign. the guy who put together the dossier and the basis for getting the warrant and you don't know anything about him? i find that hard to believe. those were his answers yesterday. >> and he didn't know much about bruce ohr. >> is steele a reliable source or does he not know much about him. i think that's where i got confused in this. >> i think we're all confused. >> we get all of these memos and documents and we still don't
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know anything. >> i think a standard is being set with the bob mueller investigation. you lie, you're proo prosecuted. >> there's going to be some follow-up. >> is there other stuff going on? >> a white house shakeup. >> the president on the way to the army navy game set a deal with john kelly that kelly would be able to announce himself on monday that he's leaving. instead the president goes out and tells reporters on his way to the army/navy game kelly is out. >> john kelly will be leaving. i don't know if i can say retiring. but he's a great guy. john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place. it might be on an interim basis. i'll be announcing that over the next day or two. i appreciate his service very much. >> he's a great american, done great things for this country.
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but everyone knew this was coming. this was inevitable. and nick heirs seems t to be rumored to be the front runner. but if you had read the headlines yesterday, you would think this is a shocker and aberration. the new yorker said john kelly couldn't fix the trump presidency, john kelly was supposed to bring credibility to the white house. he failed. but nicole, is this out of the normal? >> the turnover in the current administration is unprecedented, however it is normal. multiple recent presidents have had multiple chief of staffs. barack obama had three or four with five overall. george bush had two, bill clinton had four.
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everyone like to hone in on president trump and what's going on there. he did mention a couple of possible turnovers recently. people like to grab on to the headlines. >> you're right. >> it's not so crazy for this to happen in his administration. >> let me quote one of the tweets. three chiefs of staffs in less than three years of being president. part of the reason if president can't manage to pass his agenda. about barack obama. 2012. >> i wonder why donald trump as a businessman thought a lot of chief of staffs was a bad thing. >> every phase requires different people. you have john kelly to steady the ship and you brought in a lot of people who were true believers. now you're entering a political season, going into 2020. i don't know nick personally but i know people that know him. he's a smart political mind. you're going to need that going
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into 2020 if you want a couple more years to make america great again. >> then it was chaos, now. >> the friends of the media called it chaos. >> the chief came in, ruled with an iron first, served his purpose and now president trump is ready to move on. >> worried about his election. >> moving only to carly. >> good morning. >> do you remember your headlines or do you know them in. >> i memorized them overnight. good morning. let's get you caught up on a maa major story overseas. over 1,000 people arrested in pairsry. look at that video. people now demanding taxes on the rich and french president e
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emmanuel macron's resignation. in the netherlands, dozens of peaceful protesters marched in the streets. an fbi agent is expected to survive after being shot in the shoulder in new york. reports say the agent was doing surveillance when two gunmen drove by and opened fire in the middle of the day. the agent fired back. one suspect was arrested after driving the bullet ridden vehicle to and auto repair shop. the authorities are investigating a motive defending itself after an american couple became stranded in cuba. the cup was left behind. they had to buy tickets home. the passengers were warned of the schedule change more than a month in advance. college football's pres
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prestigious award is staying in the sooner state. kyler murray wins the heisman trotrophy. murray scored 51 is touchdowns this year. a well-deserved win. >> tbheed to get him on the giants. that's all i know. chuck todd hitting trump supporters for electing him as president. >> shocked to the system is just how gullible a big chunk of the country was to this. gullible because they want to be gullible. >> our next guest explains what the media doesn't get about trump country. we just told you about the white house shakeup. john kelly out. thomas holman is here to react. rather have him than sleepy-eyed chuck todd.
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part of me in my heads assumed that people knew the bs from the nonbs. >> i think what my sort of shock to the system is just how gullible a big chunk of the country was to this. gullible because may they want to be gullible. >> . >> the media continues to lecture trump voters. >> our next guest explains what the media still doesn't know about trump voters. gary abernathy. you heard chuck todd, they're all gullible. you wrote in 2016 from ohio that the elite press didn't understand trump voters and their motivations. how do they still not get it in
3:18 am
2018? >> i'm the former editor of that paper. i want to clarify. i'm now a freelance writer for the last several months. >> got it. >> but to answer your question, it's because i think they still -- you know, to two years ago, pete, a lot of the big media pledged to do a better job. when president trump shocked them by winning the election, they realized they had missed something across america and they pledged to do a better job of covering all of america. and for a few months i think they made an effort at that. but on the reporting side i think they've just kind of retreated back to their bubbles and they don't really, on a daily basis, try to reflect or get the input from rural america or heartland america nearly as much as they should. >> gary, it's nicole. i have a question for you. we're two years later. they don't necessarily seem to be understanding why trump won. but we resorted to calling them gullible. we know hillary clinton said
3:19 am
it's a basket of deplorables. the name-calling tactics and insults. they're not understanding why president trump won and how do you see this playing out for 2020? >> and they can't understand without spending more time with the people who supported the president, no kale, as you know. there are a lot of labels thrown out to our part of the country. some called trump country. i'm not defending the president. what i try to to is stand up for people who supported president trump against the usual accusations of deplorables or racists or ignorance. these are typical things, the chuck todd comment you played, very unfortunate. until they make a greater effort to be here on a daily basis, whether that's opening more bureaus in places across the country or checking in more often with folks in parts of the country like this they'll never
3:20 am
start to get an understanding about why people really supported trump. they like to do their analysis from hundreds of miles away or thousands of miles away about why people supported trump. but until they really kind of live here and talk to people on a daily basis, they won't understand. makes you wonder do they want to understand. >> when chuck todd calls him gullible, he's calling them dumb. how do you get past that? >> i agree with that. people are talking about are art insulted about it because they have enough self esteem not to worry about it. it sends a terrible message across the country. >> gary, thank you. all right. well, oregon's governor wants to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to help illegal immigrants. former i.c.e. director thomas holman here to react live next pic pictures like this one.
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. good morning fen. we're back with headlines. china threatening can that overa tech executive. the cfo of huawei technologies is accused of trying to evade u.s. sanctions on. iran. canada will face severe consequences if she's not' leased. a warning from teresa may to members of parl pt. she tells the media outlet that her country will face unchartered waters and graif uncertainty if the parliament
3:25 am
rejects the brexit deal. dozens have said they will not support it. >> the uk has been in unchartered waters in their history. president trump making an official announcement about the future of his white house chief of staff john kelly who will be leaving at the end of the year. >> fox news contributor and former i.c.e. director thomas holman worked under john kelly when he worked with homeland security. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> let's talk about what's going on. first we have a shakeup with the president mentioning that john kelly, what do you think about that? >> well, first, john kelly, you know, he's an american hero, a true pay tre patriot. i retired in january of 2017. i was leaving this office that day forever. it was the day of my retirement ceremony and at the end of the ceremony he and the president
3:26 am
called me saying they wanted me to stay and run the organization. if i would have gotten that call from anybody else, i would have retired. how do you say no to a man who came back from retirement to step up to the secretary's job. he's given so much to his country, an american patriot. it's my greatest honor to serve under him. it's a huge loss for the administration, i think. >> looking at his legacy, i agree with you. patriot, american hero committed to this president and the agenda, what comes next? what's your sense of what should come next? >> well it's going to be tough getting somebody to fill those shoes. you're talking about john kelly. i hope whoever fills those shoes can keep the fight up that he's fought. the guy has stood by this president. he stood by department of security and law enforcement. he stood by the secretary under the attacks she's taken. it's going to be tough to fill those shoes.
3:27 am
we've got a good president. the president has a lot of talent he can choose from from. >> what duke about the potential of nike ayers coming? what can he bring to the table? >> i think whoever comes to the table, nick ayers or somebody es, waelse, they need to suppors petpresident. whoever it is needs to step up to the plate and be should tore shoulder with this president from day one. >> okay. in talking about the agenda, it goes on, whether it's dealing with congress on the wall funding or other issues. in new jersey this week, the attorney general announcing he's no longer going to cooperate with i.c.e. after the agency decided to go after child abusers and wanted criminals in new jersey. what do you think about this? we've heard about sanctuary cities and states. now we've got the state attorney general general saying cut it out, don't go after criminals? >> yeah, the chief law
3:28 am
enforcement officer for the state of new jersey. if i was a taxpayer in new jersey, i would be insulted. they keep saying the sanctuary city is protecting the immigrant community. the truth is if you can't address a bad guy, the i.c.e. officers have to no knock own a door, putting themselves at great risk. when you have to go into the community to arrest the bad guy, you're going to find others that weren't even on your radar. sanctuary cities results in the arrest of more illegal aliens and put them at a greater risk of crime because the criminals are going to go back to the communities in which they live in. sanctuary cities is a bid lie by the liberals >> i have to think this is falling in line with newly elected governor. he wanted this fb a sanctuary stay. let's move on to oregon. >> is that a real line item,
3:29 am
$4 million to sue? >> if i'm an other orr taxpayer and you're going to sue somebody, the deportation hearing is a civil hearing. they're taking dollars where they could buy fire trucks, could fire schoolteachers and police officers and they're going to defend somebody who is in the country illegally, committed a crime by entering the country illegally and they're going to pay for their attorney. it doesn't surprise me anymore. you know whether it's oregon, california, new york, philadelphia, it just continues and it's an anti-trump agenda and they're putting their own political bias ahead of american security. >> the president is facing not just with the new congress but state by state. there are states out there trying to frustrate his agenda. half of that fund would pay for the immigrants who are in
3:30 am
deportation procedures. she was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. now casey anthony's roommate has something big to reveal. we'll have it for you coming up. cory booker just said when he'll decide on making a 2020 presidential run. >> spartacus. i can't wait. pruch flipping the coin at the army-navy game. it was a powerful pregame prayer as well. the man who gave the prayer coming up next. >> some wonder why we pray for a football game. in this game every player on the field is willing to die for every person watching. applebee's bigger, bolder grill combos are back. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ it was a very powerful moment before yesterday's game. i watched it live. and just watching these young kids, 17, 18, 19 years old saluting the flag, signing up to
3:36 am
serve our country. >> coming together. >> a beautiful thing. we watch a lot of college football this time of the year. this is more than football. this was made clear by the pride you saw people standing forking the anthem. >> no one was kneeling. >> and the military chaplain, we're going to have him on the show later. he gave an awe-inspiring prayer that made all of us reflect. just watch. >> some may wonder why we pray for a football game. so i tell them in this game every player on the field is willing to die for every person watching. and there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for what's truly good. and so, god, i do pray for these players on this field and all of the food they represent.
3:37 am
their fellow cadets and shipmen, soldiers, sailors, marines, firefighters, first responders and countless others who lay down their lives daily in your defense. because in your eyes, oh, god, it is not the critic who counts but those who actually step into the arena. and so all might by god, we who are willing to die for others, we salute you. let this game begin. amen. >> you know, let me tell you, i think my favorite part of that, it's not the critic that counts by the person that steps into the arena. not necessarily talking about a football arena. right now when you have media and people attacking, we were talking earlier about being attacked. it as not the person attacking that counts but the people. that's what we want to focus on. i think he stated it beautifully. >> well said.
3:38 am
the prayer came before the national anthem. it's the prayer before the pledge before the anthem. and it's a reminder. you see all of the critics -- to your points about critics -- of college, high school prayer huddles on football fields. you can't do that. it was a beautiful recognition that you should be free to pray, acknowledge the importance of prayer and faith in the history of our nation. chaplains and the military have been such an essential part of it. it was beautiful on national television. it was wonderful. >> the president was there, participated in the coin toss. i think i heard that army won. >> the only thing he's gotten wrong in two years. he flipped it and navy won the coin toss. >> for a sitting president to be at that game it was a great moment, a great day. pete is happy so therefore we all have to be happy. >> what is this, a dictatorship. >> let's get to some headlines.
3:39 am
>> good morning. if that doesn't make you proud to be an american. yofnt know what would. remember casey anthony? her former rue mat roommate is g out. >> she was laughing and joking, having a good time while her daughter was missing. >> well clint house recounting casey partying after her daughter caylee disappeared. she was found not guilty and she seems like a loving mother but claims the is lying about everything. the documentary airs tonight on the reel network. cory bookerrer said he'll take time over the holiday to think about a 2020 run for president. he made the announcement during a high profile visit to new hampshire over the weekend. he expects to make a formal announcement in about a month. making school lunch great
3:40 am
again. chocolate milk and biscuits are back on the mean rue. the trump administration rolling through obama school lunch rules. the trump administration loosening some of the guidelines saying food is being wasted because kids don't eat it. >> more pizza! >> take a listen to this. a touching reunion. a family forced to evacuated the california wildfires returns home weeks later to find their dog madison waiting for them he i them. >> he is the best. imagine the loyalty through the worst of circumstances and being here waiting. so emotional. >> the family couldn't get to madison before the campfire spread. tin credible reunion happening earlier this week. don't you love that. those are your headlines, guys. >> that is great. dog was still waiting. >. now we're going to turn to
3:41 am
your extreme weather. more than 1400 flights are canceled. >> parts of north carolina expecting a foot of snow as the temperatures are set to plunge below freezing. >> meteorologist rick is life with how long this is supposed to last. >> i know it's in the script right there but then meteorologist rick. >> i don't want to fumble it that was good. you can do it. yeah. so we have a big storm going across especially north carolina but also into virginia, back across southern appalachians, the smoky mountains. everywhere here we've got winter storm warnings going on. we're going to watch heavy snow throughout the day today but we have a big problem between what is rain and what is snow. we know it's all rain to the south. we have flooding concerns here. windy with the rain. we'll see a number of trees go down and we're watching for
3:42 am
power outages. charlotte you're right on the edge looking at a little bit of freezing rain accumulating, some icing and then some big heavy snow. the snow by the way is moving farther to the north, south of d.c. >> meteorologist rick. well done. all right. coming up, those wanting to be police officers taking a hit. job applications plummeting at departments nationwide and an assistant police chief is here to tell us what's mind that trend. >> mike huckabee, cory lew win n zhocoreylewandowski here live. ♪ ♪ so a tree falls on your brand-new car and totals it.
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good morning. welcome back. quick heed lyons to get to. incredible video as students at taylor university stormed the basketball courts in an unusual college hoops tradition. look at all of those people. for 22 years the students in indiana dressed up in costumes for the silent night game. they remain quiet until taylor scores the tenth point and then the crowd goes wild. this is first time ever the team lost on this special night. drivers forced to dodge a massive industrial spool barreling down the radio. >> call 911 somebody. >> holy cow. what is that thing. >> gosh. a semi truck lost it along a houston freeway. a spool like that can weigh up to 18,000 pounds.
3:47 am
this is the third time since october industrial spools have fallen off vehicles in the houston area. wow. >> we were talking about schools. >> who wants to be a police officer in today's political environment. >> job applications are plummeting right now in 66% of police departments all across america. by why np and are american cities prepared to deal with this troubling trend? here is assistant chief russell hamill with the montgomery police department in maryland. good morning. >> good morning. how are y'all today. >> we're doing wonderful but it's tough to hear that there are not enough people that want to go in and whoaer the blue frankly. before we get to what we can do about it, what do you think the problem is? >> it's a multifaceted problem that we see. first off when the jobless rate is slow, we're competing with private industry who has an advantage over us with salary and benefits in recruiting the
3:48 am
high caliber candidates that they want. but we want people to serve the community. also, we wit see over the mast couple of years, a number of highly publicized events, public confidence was eroded in the police department across the country. and i think peen people see that, they become more reluck rt to come into that area of service. it can be difficult to overcome that but it's our responsibility to try to overcome that. >> so the new officers that are sworn in are down in 724,000 in 2013 to 701,000 in 2016. i mean, that is a big decrease. i have a question for you. you mentioned yourself you can't compete with the private sector and that's because when you join the police force, it's not the highest salary but maybe it's the generation of requiring
3:49 am
instant gratification. if you join a police force or government jobs, it's the long term benefits that really count. are they not recognizing that? >> they don't look at it as a career. more they look at it as a job. myself, i've been here 35 years. it's been a career. a great career. and that's what we want to 'em that sizemphasize with the youte the longer view, not the immediate view. that's difficult with this generation. but i tell you we have some great applicants at our police department. the applications have diminished as well but i see some great kids in my viewpoint that want to come in. >> you can stop the attacks on the police, that will probably have an impact. we thank you for your service. 35 years. by the way, i live in montgomery county. i want to talk to you about the red light com cameras. we'll have a conversation off line.
3:50 am
appreciate it. anthony mccarthy says it's a home run of a pic for attorney general. next hour. setting a spending liement is the key to having a merry christmas with your significant other. crarachel cruz is here with the latest next. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
. are spending limits the secret to happier holidays? >> according to a new suri those who set spending limits are more satisfied in their marriages than those who don't. >> joining us now rachel cruz. thank you forkin for being here. so set a limit. >> he needs a lot of help.
3:54 am
>> financial freedom is not my forte. if you set a limit you're happier in what you do for christmas? >> yes because you're in control and you know what you're doing and the january you will not hate the december you. sit really key when you're married. here are a few tips. number one, embrace your differences. if you're married, you know that opposites attract. one is going to be a saver and one is going to be spender and that's magnified during the christmas season. one of you is let's go big and the other one is like no, why are we spending so much money. understand that you both bring tools to the table. embrace the differences. number two, setting the budget, which is crucial. >> you said one in fave people have forgotten to buy their spouse a gift. is that true? >> according to the new york post it is. i mean i don't know if forget is probably the correct word.
3:55 am
it's misplaced in their minds. but being intentional with here is everyone i'm going to spend money on, the amount of money i want to spend and being intentional with what you're spending on each person, including your spouse. >> another stat, almost 25% of couples wish that their partner spent more on them. a lot of people will say don't spend too much money, i don't want anything too much but maybe secret they want something. >> they could. and when unspoken expectations come into play, that is very very dangerous. again, overcommunicate. say, here is the amount of money we're going to spend on each other. and what you can do is karch cat out so you don't know what you're spending. if you swipe your debit card, it's going to come up and show where they bought it from. but the limit is communicated. don't have unrealistic communications. >> i feel like i've excited a good limit. i had a good communication about
3:56 am
it with my significant other. but we sometimes don't have reason to trust that. 50% of people who set a limit don't honor it which is a trap. >> should they set the limit to begin with is the question. >> it can be hard when you have unspoken expectations but it has to be said. here is the limit and this is what we're doing to do. the crucial part is you're on the same page. it's hard to win financially in the long term when you're not on the same page. these little habits even at christmas is going to be key. >> sound advice. >> i need to take thatte advice. well chaos erupting in paris in yet another weekend of violent protests. i'm in touch with a friend there who says it's worse than the headlines. why are the demonstrators so angry with french president macron. we'll break it down for you live
3:57 am
next. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
james comey back in the news. the transcript of comey's closed door testimony came out yesterday. >> 156 times that he was quoted i don't know, 72 times i don't remember, 8 times i don't recall. >> he didn't know much about christopher steele. i find that hard to believe. president trump making an official announcement of his white house chief of staff john kelly will will be leaving at the end of the year. >> we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place. i appreciate his h service very much. >> the president responded to the special council's court filings. denied that he did anything wrong. >> on the mueller situation we're happy. there's absolutely no collusion which is very important. >> the third year in a row, the black knights of army have gone the army-navy matchup.
4:01 am
>> i pray for these players on this field and all of the good they represent. we who are willing to die for others, we salute you. ♪ ♪ it's actually one of my favorite songs. like if i had to listen ten, you'd have to play them back for me. but you played this one, it's in the top ten. >> okay. well? >> this dates you. >> "saved by the bell" is still awesome to me. >> '90s counselin country music. >> i'm too old for that.
4:02 am
i don't. >> i don't, i don't recall. >> that sounds like james comey. if you don't know. >> you may have once known it but you don't recall it. >> he doesn't know what he doesn't know. if you break it down, this is serious business. on friday james comey went behind closed doors. and he had republicans be demanding it be behind closed doors. he wanted to do it in pub publi. if he get him behind closed we'll ask the questions and we won't have the limited time. they ask him about the dossier, about the handling of the clinton investigation, the handling of the trump administration. 15156 times he said i don't kno. 72 times james comey said i don't. eight times i don't recall. one of many i many questions to that is how did he remember
4:03 am
enough to write a best selling book. >> yeah, he wrote a lot of memos, some of which were leaked. many of which led to the appointment of a special counsel. he was part of the fisa application process. yeat convenientlyet convenientls there, not so much. >> trey gowdy asked him about a question about the probe and he said he wasn't necessarily about trump. they were nfts dwaight four americans buinvestigating.>> y . >> sure. >> the fbi did open a counter intel investigation into trump himself? >> i'm going to play comey. it's not fair to say either of those things in my recollection. we open investigations on four american to see if there was any connection between those four american as and the russian
4:04 am
interference method and those four americans did not include. >> there's a lot of bureaucratic washington talk. it sounds like the president was not a repeated talk. will you say publicly if i'm the target of the investigation. am i being investigated. we don't know all four. but presumably the four that were being targeted would be at least quarter page, george papadopoulos. >> possibly michael flynn. we don't know and wouldn't reveal for purposes of the process. but it wasn't donald trump is something becould clarify. so much more from that. we're mere mor mortals. let's bring in an expert here. mr. mccarthy, enlighten us on your reaction of over 200 pages of the comey transcripts. >> well, pete to go back to the last thing you were talking about where jim comey says that
4:05 am
it wasn't necessarily trump or the trump campaign, it was just these four american individuals, i would encourage people to go book and read the part of the fisa applications that we've been allowed to look at. the fbi and department of justice come out saying it's carter page and other members of the trump campaign. this was very much a question of whether there was, as the term now goes, collusion. they said at the time i think coordination. but the idea was there a counter espionage or a siepe cyber espie between the campaign. and number two, as far as the i don't remember, i don't recall stuff, i think in ordinary cases it would be perfectly appropriate for an fbi director to say yoont know, i wasn't
4:06 am
informed, i can't recall because ordinarily the fbi doesn't want cases run out of headquarters. they have a very strong disposition, predisposition to make sure that cases are investigated in the place where the wrongdoing is supposed to have taken place. and by the district offices so it doesn't get tangled up in the politicians of washington. here, in connection with the clinton e-mail investigation and in the trump-russia investigation, they made a decision to investigate the case out of headquarters. and in that capacity then, the fbi director isn't just the fbi director. hey's the guhe's the guy runninn investigation and the guy who runs the investigation has to know stuff. >> i hope so. >> right, exactly. on another point with that. the president has tweeted many times that his campaign was spied upon essentially and you've heard people say this is nonsense that donald trump is making up.
4:07 am
isn't what james comey is saying about four people being watched, looked at were surveilled, pick your words, sir, whether you want to say they for spied on or surveilled, there was something going on with the obama administration taking a close look another the trump campaign. let's put it that way. >> yes, they were looking at the trump campaign. i suspect that the other two -- you mentioned carter page and george papadopoulos. i suspect the other two were paul manafort and rick gates who were known at that time to have connection to the trump campaign and connection to this kremlin-backed ukraine political party. i imagine that that was what was going on. if you read what we've been allowed to look at. what they were talking about is this was the trump campaign. and i think part of the way that they've always tried to play this kind of slight of hand by saying that trump wasn't under
4:08 am
investigation is to say gee, we were just looking at people in the campaign. but the whole thing was about trump. the people in the campaign are utterly unimportant unless there's some kind of a deal between the guy who is potentially going to be running the united states. >> srnt that unprecedented for the fbi and the government to be essentially spying, surveilling on a candidate of the other party? >> well, look. just because something is unprecedented doesn't mean it was wrong, right? if there really was a conspiracy between the kremlin and an american presidential candidate, if they had strong evidence of that, it would be irresponsible to not invest it. >> did they break fbi protocol by using an unverified dossier to pursue this in. >> yeah, their own procedures, pete, say that that information has to be verified. i know that jim yesterday tried
4:09 am
to do a balancing act in the transcript that we see, he tried to do a balancing ct about whether it's verified or not. the problem he has is threefold. number one, the confidential i informant comparison, steele is not the one that heard the things they're asking the court to base the probable cause on. he's more like the agent who assembles the information. they couldn't corroborate steele's confidential informant. secondly when you use a co confidential informant you have to tell the court important biases that the court should way. i hate the person who i'm investigating and i would like to make sure he doesn't become president. that would be another thing. he lied to the fbi. that would be something. they didn't put any of that in. and i think the other problem that comey has is in june of 2017 he testifies to the senate, i believe it was the
4:10 am
intelligence committee, that the dossier was salacious and unverified. and is point is if it was unverified in june of 2017, then it was unverified in the previous october, january and april when they went to the fisa court. >> exactly. >> i believe comey himself said the way it was handle was unusual but they followed property toll. >> the "the new york times" is acknowledging today. >> unusual, yeah. >> but usual, of course for them. >> that was his recollection. >> if it's trump it's all usual, you know that. the "the new york times" is admitting what a lot of us know is that it with us collusion, it became obstruction, now it's campaign finance. headlines. prosecutor's narrative is clear. trump defrauded voters. what does it mean. have they moved away from collusion and obstruction and full on to a campaign finance
4:11 am
violation? >> no. pete, it's all still going on. mueller is still looking at collusion. but i think where the goal posts are moved on collusion is they've gotten away from the original rationale for the investigation which is was there a cyber espionage conspiracy to now was the trump campaign penetrated by agents of the kremlin and did the trump campaign act irresponsibly in that connection which is interesting but it wouldn't be a crime even if they could prove it. they're still looking at obstruction but that's a case with profound legal problems. and then the southern district of new york case, which is different from the mueller case on cohen, they are clearly going after the president on campaign finance violations and i think if you read the sentencing memo the southern district filed in cohep'cohen's case, it's clear t trump is the target and will be dieted. >> you think the president of
4:12 am
the united states is going to be indicted. that stops me in my tracks. we've heard all along, justice department guidance is that the president himself or herself down the road cannot be indicted. but you're saying the southern district of new york here, very powerful, that those prosecutors are likely to indict the president of the united states? >> yeah, well first, ed, southern district of new york is less powerful since i left. but in all seriousness, the guidance the justice department has is that a sitting united states president can't be indicted. so the president is not supposed to get an advantage from being a president. all we say is that he can't be put through the criminal process while he's president. so i think what can happen is they can indict him and he could be tried down the road when he's out of office. now, you know, there could be real problems about that, particularly if he gets reelected, the statute of limitations on this would have long run by the time he gets out
4:13 am
of office. but will he be charge snd are they setting the stage to file charges against him? if you read that sentencing memo i can't come to any other conclusion. >> do you think it's something that could be similar to what happened during the obama administration when they were accused of campaign finance problems, whereas he just ended up paying a find for it? and his were more. >> good point. >> yeah, it's very interesting. the southern district, you may remember, prosecuted da sousa on a campaign violation which was a tariftrifle. southern district treated it as a felony. the obama justice department when it was an obama violation of $2 million somehow found it within itself to let them pay a find to the federal election commission and move on. i don't think the southern district here has prosecuted cohen on an offense that they
4:14 am
say he was in cahoots with trump. and the crime is not -- the crime is causing a third party, one of them at least. >> people are wondering about two systems. >> got to leave it right there. >> thank you so much. >> more "fox & friends" on the other side. i try hard to keep a great shape. but it doesn't always come naturally. this i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. welcome back to a fox news alert. more than 1,000 protesters arrested across france as the eanleapt macron violations get e violent after the gas tax was suspended. >> why are the protesters still so angry? here to break it down, susan lee. good to see you again. >> good morning.
4:18 am
>> president macron seems to be in hiding right now. >> yeah. that's what people are saying, he's not a man of the people. we don't see him anywhere. where is he to address the 125,000 on the streets. 290,000 came out to protest on the first weekend. can you imagine, 290,000 people on the streets here in the u.s. and the president is nowhere to be seen or be heard? but the anger is about the 25% per gallon, that's what it equates to because they calculate in liters in europe. but 25-cents a gallon extra. you're taxing the poor. they're the ones that have to drive in and go across the country. they feel this is a tax that is basically turned into the rich versus the poor. >> and the grievances have morphed. it started with the gas tax but it's become a lot more than that. >> basically in the budget, the
4:19 am
first budget under macron last fall, he cut the wealth tax which has been in place many many years under different prime ministers as well. if you have 1.3 million euros in the bank you would get taxed 1.5% and then it counted as tax's total taxes that came in. if the rich don't have to pay taxes, you're getting rid of taxes on the rich, raises taxes on the poor. what does that say about macron's administration and how he wants to handle it. >> this is the common man versus the elite. it doesn't sound like there's a strong leadership to these protests. who would president macron discuss with now. it started out with the yellow vests. what has it evolved into? >> it's many different factions joining the protesters. i would say the more suburban areas where we had more of an african immigration makeup, they've joined the protests.
4:20 am
hay lot of people are unhappy. we have to say that france at this point, it is the most taxed nation in all of the world. so 46% of gdp, 38% of that comes from the middle class by the way. think about who is actually paying these taxes. higher than norway, germany. >> and as you mentioned, the refugee thing has hit france hard as well. >> yes. >> no wonder president trump was annoyed that mo crown was macros lecturing him. >> i love the protests that the government requires you to have something in your car and then you wear it for the protest. >> you can see it from affair. kyler murray hoisting the heisman trophy. the tweets resurfacing from years ago. >> oh my goodness.
4:21 am
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good morning. we're back with quick headlines pap man charged in the kidnapping and murder of a north carolina teenager. forensic tests led them to him. he faces felony charges including first degree murder. the announcement came yesterday, the same day as 13-year-old's hand ya agholor's funeral service. nearly 1,000 people went to say their good buys. hegood-byes. accused of tacko deputies and stealing their patrol car. the deputies pulled the man over in arkansas. authorities say he got out of the vehicle, attacked the deputies and jumped into their car. the suspect later crash into a another patrol car and was taken into custody. the deputies were taken to the
4:25 am
hospital. it's unclear how serious their injuries are. and the cia names their first ever woman to lead. elizabeth kim ber will run covert operations. she's the first woman in the ci a's 17-year history to get the job. no official start date has been released. >> that's cool. president trump making an official announcement about the future of his white house. chief of staff john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. here with his reaction, mike huckabee, author of the new book "rare, medium or well done, makinmaking the most of your li" >> what is that about? >> it's not a book about cooking steaks. it's actually not a political book. it's been endorsed by van jones. it's an inspirational faith book
4:26 am
about life. it's kind of a nice maybe break from the police call stuff of the day. >> we'll get to that in a minute. you mentioned nonpolitical. when john kelly was picked to be chief of staff, it was a nonpolitical pick. a lot of people respect him. the president announced he's leaving by the end of the year. your reaction to that and what comes next. >> it's not a big surprise that a chief of staff, you know, leaves after a couple of years. he's been there a year and a half. i love john kelly personally. a true patriot. he served his country with great honor and distinction. i think he served this president very effectively. but it's a tough job. it's thankful, no matter what you do, there's somebody always mad at you. and the problem with being a chief of staff is that everyone expects you to take their needs. but the chief of staff only a has one client and that's the mains. , the president of the united
4:27 am
states. the only person he's got to please is the president, not congress, not the press, the staff, the lobbyists, not the donors, just the president. sometimes that's hard to do. there are three universities from which a chief of staff can come, political, business or military. he came from the military. he's disciplined and focused. doesn't always work with the president who lives by his own time clock, that's for sure. i think john kelly has done a great job for the president and he will find someone who will serve him well. he's gelgt a lo getting a lot os done. not getting the credit for it. the president. but at some point people are going to have to look up and say this guy is cheeping his promises. >> what do you think this president needs in his next chief of staff? >> well, somebody who understands the politics of washington and the dynamics. but more than anything -- there are two qualities that the chief of staff has to bring. one is loyalty to the president
4:28 am
and the second one is confidentiality. the ability to do the job, to do it with distinction and not go around talking about it. and to stay out of the press. i think john kelly has done a good job of that. the chief of staff is not to ever be seen or heard from outside of that relationship with the president. >> all right. governor, i wonder if we can play a clip for you from the army navy game yesterday. there was an understand inspiral message and we want to get your take. watch. >> in this case every player on the field is willing to die for every person watching. their fellow cadets, mid shipmen, soldiers, sailors, firefighters, first responders, police and countless others who lay down their lives daily in our defense. all mighty god, we who are willing to die for others, we salute you. let this game begin. amen.
4:29 am
>> governor may not be politically correct to stand for the flag sometimes. we saw early in another clip how ever person in the stadium was standing and honoring the prayer. may not be politically correct to talk about god either but that was moving rchtion i. >> it was powerful. one of the most amazing that i've heard. the fact that there was a prayer was very refreshing. we're in a country where it's okay to acknowledge that this country would not exist without the intervention of god himself. it wouldn't. look at our history. we shouldn't be here. i was so delighted to see not just a prayer but then a prayer that was honest and forth right and challenging and reminding us of the obligation that we owe to those people in uniform every day. god bless him and god bless this great country. >> absolutely. it's unfortunate to elicit
4:30 am
surprise and gratitude that indeed on national television here's a prayer before the game starts. >> you know, if you go back -- there's a book called "the prayers of fdr." and if people think we are a country that is neutral toward faith, grow back and read that book. this is a liberal progressive democrat president and these are prayers that he prayed on the radio for the entire nation. i'm telling you, you will be shocked by how exlis it his prayer are for this country and how he boldly prays for america. >> what's the name of that book, googovernor? >> it's called "the prayers of fdr." it's really revealing. it's the actual text of the public prayers, not his private prayers, his public prayers that we prayed on the radio. >> good stuff. how do you think the press secretary is doing? >> i think she's brilliant.
4:31 am
courageous and bold. i say that with the same objectivity that the "the new york times" speaks about the president. >> that will have to be the last word. >> that wraps that up. >> well done, sir. thanks very much. another day, another gaffe for everyone's favorite democratic darling. this time she's misquoting the constitution. guess which darling we're talking about holiday classics like rudolph the red nosed reindeer now under fire. >> what? >> by some on the left. not the right, the left. ♪ ♪ aaaaaahhhhhhhh! ballooned your car. call meeeee! (burke) a fly-by ballooning. seen it, covered it.
4:32 am
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4:36 am
>> joining us now is michael knowles, host of the michael knowles show pi i want to hear pete sing a few more lines not s ♪ baby it's cold outside >> what is going on? >> in 2015 the left is short on ears and long on mouth. they're so eager to be offended and protest, they're not listening to what they're protesting. they here that rudolph talks about bigotry and bullying. the point is that bigotry is a bad thing. they don't understand that the banter in "baby it's cold outside" is about how the mon and the woman both want to stay and ka noodle a little longer. the woman in that song is constantly saying well maybe
4:37 am
i'll have half a drink more, maybe a cigarette more she wants to stick around too but there are social of the time, she's resisting, teasing the man and the man is trying to so deuce here. the left is trying to say that "baby it's cold outside" is misogynistic. it has nothing to do about that. snoop dogg has a song that women are prostitutes for men's pleasure. this is the extension of the war on christmas which is an extension of the left's disdain for traditional culture. >> you turn on any of the pop radio stations right now "baby it's cold outside" is offensive? what about what's on the radio right now getting the top ratings. i turn it off. >> going after a charming classic about men and women who love one another. this is frustrating to the left.
4:38 am
saying that love is the major impediment to women's liberation. they're very frustrated because they're never going to get their gender war intawz in the gender war everybody is sleeping with the enemy. >> switching over to rudolph. >> i'm moving on to rudolph after that one. you know, the classics, rudolph they're saying is offens offense because of bullyingisn't that what the story is about, he's bullied for being his red nose and then ♪ one foggy christmas eve "he overcomes that and because of this unique feature he leads the charge. thnt is applauding it and condemning bullying? why would we get rid of this? >> they don't listen long enough to hear that part. they haven't made it all the way to the end. and this is this trigger happy nature right now, especially on the left. they're unwilling to hear their
4:39 am
opponents out. they're unwilling to hear the other side. and they're so disdainful of traditional culture. so angry. i think they need to relax a little bit, have a mug of eggnog and listen to the whole song. they'll realize they have nothing to be offended about. >> santa doesn't get con sint to come down the chimney so he's probably out next year. >> pres appreciate your time. >> ed, you're the only one who didn't sing. >> maybe at the top of 8:00. >> or if carly sings. >> not singing this one. maybe next hour. that could be a very interesting segment. i want you to look at some of this footage. an american figure skater knocked out cold after a nasty spill on the ice. this video may be tough to watch. she's croppeshe dropped on her a competition. she brok woke up and managed to
4:40 am
finish the routine. she's going home to recover. a driver on a dangerous chase topping 120 miles an hour. watch as it comes to a dramatic end. >> i don't know what this person is wanted for, alex but he is definitely not wanting to be caught by no means. we're going to have to see what he does. >> it took he right there. the car -- there we go. >> a trooper using a pit maneuver to stop the chase. the female driver and two others taken to the hospital. the woman has felony warrants for her arrest. this time political reports the congresswoman elect misquoted the constitution talking about the 35-year-old age limit for presidents. she was overheard joking she might run for president saying that the constitution says he cannot run unless he's 35. the constitution says any person must be 35 to run, not just men.
4:41 am
and the random act of kindness leaves a mother in tears. a stranger giving his first class seat to her and her baby. they with were traveling so that the 11-month-old could be treated for a chronic lung disease. >> i'm standing there crying, saying thank you. and he quietly was just smiling so big. you're welcome. and then that was it. >> doesn't that give you chills? the mom hoping sharing her experience will encourage others to pay it forward. those are your headlines. back down to you. i'm going to do this toss over to rick reichmuth because i have to do that. you're looking cold outside. >> babe bib it's cold outside. really cold. a big storm across the south. probably a storm that will bring more than you would get in an entire year across parts of the
4:42 am
south. show you what's going on. the cold air solidly in place, 36 in atlanta, rain there, snow as you go a little to the northeast. 70 as you're waking up in tampa right now. here's where the winter storm warning are in effect, anywhere in pink. we're going to watch the snow today and much of the day tomorrow as well. rain across the southern side of this has been heavy. it's a wet storm. so we're watching flooding. it's really windy. when you get the wind going across that kind of ground that's already 'stach rated, we'll see a number of trees go down and power outages will be a problem. and the same goes for the snow side. charlotte has been going back and forth between the rain and the snow and a little sleet. same for raleigh. heavier snow in southern virginia and then eventually later on today we'll see more rain move in on top of the snow and that's going to make it into a bit of an icy mess. you see the pink, that's where we've got the ice in charlotte.
4:43 am
to the north of that is all snow. it's a big one and it's just december. >> rick, pronunciation of your name got me thinking, is your full name rich hard? >richard?>> yes, it is. >> so now we call you richard rick meut? >. white house shakeup john kelly will seen leave the white house. corey lewandowski joins us live next hour. >> plus, oklahoma quarterback kyler murray just won the heisman but his memorable night ruined by the social media mob. we'll explain. we're decking out the "fox & friends" hall for christmas. tips to make your hall look amazing coming up next. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ (danny) let me get this straight.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
come quick headlines to get you caught up. so no to raw dough. while you back all of the christmas cookies, the warning ahead of the holiday. the raw flour can lead to e. coli. 63 people came sick to a a linko flour in 2016. nine cases of e. coli have been found with romaine lettuce bringing the total to 52 in 15 different states since october. the agency warns that all romaine lettuce should be thrown out unless you know for sure that it did not come from northern and strail california. baccentral california. oklahr murray wins heisman tr trophy. this is very rare to have two quarterbacks, same school. you see him right there, back to back years they win the heisman.
4:48 am
and within seconds of the ceremony the pc police have some old tweets lined up when he was 15 years old, he used a derogatory term to describe homosexuals, never should have done that, not condoning that. he was 15 years old when he did it. these tweets have been out there. as soon as he wins the heisman, he said it, let's go after him. >> it's the exact same thing that happened with kevin hart just now being replayed again. biggest moment of his life at this point that potentially was ruined. >> what did you know when you were 15? how about a whole bhunch of nothing. he's 15, tweeting dumb stuff. the biggest moment of his life and the social media mob jumps on him. count he as someone who doesn't care what he said. i'm not saying it's okay what he said. he was 15. we live in a new sort of like moralizing corporate environment. i would never say that.
4:49 am
he said something when he was 15. he just won the heisman trophy. guess who didn't win the heisman trophy? nobody on twitter. and they're going to bring him down. lesson for the moral posture on twitter >> as parents sitting here we want to protect our children and friends. but you have to be careful what you put on social media. it can come back to haunt you to ruin the most important night of you life. he needed to apologize, which he did. he sent out another tweet that says i apologize for the tweets that have come tonight tonight from when i was 14 and 15. i used a poor choice of words that doesn't reflect who i am or what i believe. i did not intend to single out any individual or group. he immediately apologized. he's matured, groan up. >grown up.>> he apologized for 4 and 15, which every 14 and
4:50 am
15-year-old should eventually apologize to their parents for being 14 and 15. this is nonsense ncht this has ruined an important night for him. let's not let this ruin more for him. is this going to be held against him. >> kevin hart. just hold that trophy up, man. >> having a trophy is not going to get you far if people are going to continue to berate you for past activities. >> got to move on. testimony now released. corey lewandowski is disappointed in what he read. i'm wondering why? we've got the tips to make your holiday decor look amazing. next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
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4:54 am
. all right. well there are only 16 days left until christmas. but you've still got time to deck the halls. >> we've been sprucing up the set with our help from our friends at balsam hills. ♪ on the first day of christmas, christmas treats for you ♪ >> jason oliver nix s nixon, an, we appreciate you being here. the trees, they're fake and yet they look real. >> balsam hill does incredible realistic trees. they look amazing. we travel a lot. it's a perfect slews for us. >> i have one and it doesn't look this good. there's no pine needles.
4:55 am
tell us your favorite thing when it comes to decorating. >> one of the amazing things about balsam hill is you can get the trees prelit. start with light. maybe you're a clear light person, maybe multilight person or maybe the both. >> i'm both. >> perfect. >> the more the merrier. >> that's what really sets the tone for the tree. so having the multilights just kind of creates a great colorful experience. >> and that saves people so much time to have the lights already put into the tree. >> remember as kids how much work that was? >> yeah, right. >> and they're kind of rules of thumb. you want 100 lights per foot and then you want to build in the ornaments. 20 ornaments a foot as you go around. >> and you want to get the ornaments into the middle of the tree. and then build your way out. >> there should be some ribbon
4:56 am
in there as well. how do you mix that in with the ornaments. >> think of it as the jewelry on your true. >> like the new tin tinsel. >> absolutely. you can go around the tree or you can go from the top. but you just kind of cut the length you want and then you secure it into the tree. >> you tuck it in. >> it's wire ribbon. >> it grabs. >> it's forgiving. >> and it makes you tree look like a present. >> guys, it looks amazing. appreciate you coming in. >> thank you guys. >> a lot of politics, cory lew wicory lewcoreylewandowski here. >> what's the secret to a long life? this 101-year-old vet says daily coors light. >> just one. >> maybe more than one. >> he joins us with his son live next hour. ♪
4:57 am
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it supports 10 million u.s. jobs. ♪ ed: james comey back in the news news. the transcript of comey's closed door testimony come out yesterday. >> 156 times that he was quoted "i don't know," 72 times "i don't remember," eight times "i don't recall." >> he's the guy who's running an investigation, and the guy who runs an investigation has to know stuff. >> nearly 1,000 people arrested during more violent protests in paris. people now demanding taxes on the rich and french president emmanuel macron's resignation. pete: president trump making a an official announcement that his white house chief of staff john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. >> we'll be announcing who will be taking his place i appreciate his service very much. >> the black knights of the army
5:01 am
in the army-navy matchup. >> pray for all the players on this deal and all the good they represent. we who are willing to dies for others, we salute you. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ everywhere you.go nicole: who does not like michael bublé. ed: me. pete: i would not have known that is michael bublé unless he was in the top corner over ther. ed: what i actually love is we have in prompt "pete, nicole, call for song." i think they were trying to set me up. pete: you didn't really sing. hold on, ed. do better. what do we have here for ed to sing? nicole: jingle bells. everyone knows jingle bells. pete: can we call for it? ♪ ed: jingle all the way -- nicole: you're not even singing it right.
5:02 am
pete: doesn't even know the words. ed: making spirits bright, what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight. o jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. nicole: o what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, hey! pete: oh, boy. that might live on the internet forever. it will. we discussed this, there is a fox & friends christmas party, and i think -- ed: we have a surprise. pete: we have a surprise for that. ed: i'm sure somebody will get on their phone it will be on next weekend's show. pete and i have a good idea. nicole: i don't love surprises and i definitely join these guys for it. ed: no surprise perhaps that james comey has a faulty memory, it appears. he went behind closed doors on friday with house republicans and democrats, got most of the tough questions, of course, from republicans who wanted to know about his handling of the hillary clinton email probe.
5:03 am
they wanted to know about his handling, of course, of candidate donald trump and his campaign, the surveillance that went on, the fisa warrants that were gotten without really revealing the full nature of the dossier and the fact it was un unverified. pete: so he's the man in charge. like he's the f.b.i. director, that took control of the investigation. you wouldn't know it if you look at the transcript. 156 times mr. comey said, "i don't know. i don't know." 72 times, "i don't remember." and 8 times "i don't recall." now, you made a great point last hour, nicole, about if you say " "i don't know," that can actually be proved otherwise, if it's proven that you did know. nicole: i think i would never say "i don't know" and i would just go with "i don't remember" but no one can prove to me that i don't remember something. >> but it's astonishing. to me it's evident of anyone who goes to capitol hill that has something to hide at some level.
5:04 am
ed: right. pete: it is always advisable from your legal counsel to say " "i don't recall, i don't remember, i don't know" because then you can't be held culpable for the things who doesn't know. ed: what about this from the man that was sanctimonious who said that the trump team, whether it be the campaign, the white house team from the president on down needed to be more transparent, more honest in his eyes and now he can't recall all of these important things, for example, he told our own bret baier during his book tour, james comey did, that he didn't really know a whole lot about christopher steele, the former british spy who put together the dossier while he was the f.b.i. director, when that dossier was paid for by the clinton campaign was put before the fisa court? he doesn't remember all that this? it's incredi.le nicole: he also said the dossier came from a verifiable or competent source but then he said he didn't know steele. pete: pretty incredible. let's bring in corey lewandowski former trump campaign manager. i don't really know who you are
5:05 am
about you're on the show today, i don't recall, help me. >> i don't recall, either. look, this is what is so amazing and this is really what we talk about in the book is what the f.b.i. knew, what they used to get surveillance on american citizens on domestic soil, and now jim comey under the penalty of perjury all of a sudden you can't remember anything. this is the same f.b.i. director when he left trump tower after giving the president the false dossier on 2018, took notes on his computer which then got leaked that he gave out to his former law professor to make sure that information was put in the public sphere. so jim comey's at the middle of all of this fake russia probe investigation. he also went on to say during his testimony he doesn't know bob mueller, doesn't have bob mueller's phone number, has never been to his house, and has never kissed bob mueller is what he said, if you believe this. i don't know any of that to be true to be honest with you. i'm sure he has bob mueller's
5:06 am
phone number and i'm sure he's kissed him once or twice. ed: the context there is there was some sort of foia request from someone to the f.b.i. with photos allegedly shows mueller and comey hugging and kissing. i don't know the context of that that. that came from a lawmaker. let me ask you this way, corey. let me tie it to bob mueller's investigation as you did. if i got this right, if donald trump paid his one-time attorney michael cohen to help get him out of a personal indiscretion, allegedly, and they're facing potential criminal charges there how is it then you can't do that but you can hire a law firm, perkins coie and pay them to pay a former british spy to dig up dirt on your opponent and james comey says, "that's okay, it's not criminal." >> look. there's clearly a number of f. he might havec. violations they engaged in, christopher steele to go to russia for the false dossier, designed and paid for,
5:07 am
given to fusion gps nellie ohr whose husband bruce ohr was the number 4 person at the justice department who still works there and then bruce ohr hand walked that document over to the f.b.i. the only time that document made it into the public sphere is after jim comey personally provided donald trump with a copy of that false dossier and then leaked the fact that that dossier was provided to president-elect trump in a secured, classified briefing in january of 2017. jim comey knows all about this. he has significant legal exposure. his articulation that his not remembering these things is going to come back to haunt .im pete: in testimony, james comey said bruce ohr, number 4 lawyer for the department of justice who i don't know exactly what his job was, i remember him from the southern district of new york, a d.o.j. lawyer. he's claiming he doesn't really know bruce ohr. >> don't forget, jim comey prior to being the f.b.i. director served as a deputy attorney
5:08 am
general for the united states of america under john ashcroft, the same job rod rosenstein has. there's no way he doesn't know bruce ohr. he's one of the most senior people at the department of justice. he oversaw all criminal activity as it related to organized crime crime. he was supposed to have nothing to do with campaigns, but because his wife works for fusion gps, she gave him the false dossier and he presented that to either jim comey or andy mccabe, and that's how this whole investigation began under a false premise from a false dossier paid for by the clinton campaign. nicole: all right. well, good point, corey. so with the new your, it looks like we're going to have a new chief of staff. what's your thoughts on that? >> i look forward to the new year, to be honest with you. the notion that we were going to potentially have a chief of staff that wasn't understanding how important the 2020 election cycle is for donald trump was, was crazy to me. and now i'm very happy that it looks like the president is going to bring in a new team, not just a chief of staff, but other individuals with one focus and the only focus a first term
5:09 am
president ever has which is securing a second term, bringing in people who understand the political reality of what's about to transpire on capitol hill with the subpoena cannon that the democrats are going to use against this white house and understanding what that means from a political side is very important. ed: corey, you have a bit of an axe to grind, deponent you? you and john kelly never got along and you nearly came to blows in the west wing; correct? >> well, the reason john and i don't get along is the manager of "let trump be trump" the most successful candidate in modern history whether it's real estate books, and now politics, should be one we embrace, not fight back on. you can't change the way the president operates. i believe the president is best when he's out talking directly to the american people. and when people come into the administration and try and change his policies as a detriment or allow people to work in the government who don't support the president's agenda, i fundamentally disagree with
5:10 am
that. pete: corey, you mentioned 2020. according to the media we may not even get there. here's the couple of headlines based on the mueller probe that caught our eye. new york magazine said, "trump 2020 shaping up to be a campaign to stay out of prison." and usa today "mueller is close to answering russia collusion question that could end trump's presidency." are you concerned that what bob mueller is mulling will lead to something before 2020? >> look. the president has no exposure here. i'm very certain of it. i sat next to donald trump for thousands of hours. we never contacted any russians. they never contacted me, that i know of, no communication, no collusion, no cooperation. that's a fact. it's very simple. and whatever other people had done, whether it's michael cohen or part of, it had nothing to do with the campaign, which is what bob mueller was supposed to be looking into, which is the collusion which never existed between trump's campaign and the russians. but it's amazing there's been no looking into the collusion that we know took place between the
5:11 am
russians and hillary clinton's campaign. and moreover -- and this is a really important point, pete -- there was one president of the united states at the time. it was barack obama. and his intelligence community, comey, clapper, brennan, they were tasked with ballot integrity and making sure that no foreign entities interfered with our election cycle. how come no one's talking about that? donald trump was a private citizen. we were running a private campaign for president. so let's put the blame, if there was any, where it belongs, which is the intelligence community's failures to protect the american ballot system if the russians tried to impact that in any way, shape, manner, or form. ed: corey lewandowski, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. pete: from corey to carly. >> good morning. i'll take it. good morning to you, good morning to everybody at home. if you're just waking up, strong language from the president of iran accusing the u.s. of economic terrorism over sanctions. the leader adding, quote, "we
5:12 am
warn sanction imposers that if our capabilities to fight trafficking and terrorism are harmed you cannot escape from the influx of drugs, refugees, bombs, and terrorism." last month president trump reinstated sanctions on iran after withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal in may. a 22-year-old google employee is found dead at the company's new york headquarters. police say scott crusik was found unresponsive on the sixth floor. reports say the software engineer did not have any medical issues and his body did not show any signs of trauma. the medical engineer is investigating a cause of death. and turning now to extreme weather, more than 20 million people impacted by a major winter storm. 1400 flights have been canceled in the southeast. now, this is a live look at boone, north carolina, where parts of the state are expecting more than a foot of snow. the same system is dumping nearly a foot of snow in parts of texas, creating dangerous driving conditions. the houston area is dealing with
5:13 am
major flooding with more than six inches of rain over the past two days. and those, guys, are your headlines. good luck to everybody in that area. ed: where is meteorologist rick? pete: we'll find him. >> you elevated him to, like, cher and bono. pete: the one-name man. ed: extended forecast coming up with weatherman rick. pete: chaos and violent protests erupting in the streets of paris paris. ed: "paris"? "paris." over the country's climate agenda. ed: either paris or -- plus one school district is not messing around when it comes to student lunch debt. the extreme measures now making sure parents pay up. ♪ the wonderful thing about polident is the fact that it's very, very tough on bacteria,
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. nearly 1,000 people arrested during more violent protests in paris. nicole: people are now demanding taxes on the rich and the french president's resignation. ed: our man in paris, greg pal palcot as the unrest sweeps the country. greg, yesterday you were wearing a helmet you were in a different spot and we saw reports throughout the night. and at one point you said it looked almost like the gaza strip in paris. >> yeah, absolutely, ed, gang, how are you? yeah, there's got to be a morning and a day after. turning out to be a nice here here in paris on this sunday and they deserve it. right now you've got police, shopkeepers, residents picking up the pieces after yesterday's day of violence. it was the the most arrests ever for officials in one day here in
5:18 am
france. the last latest numbers, 1400 nabs, and the damage was the most widespread of this month- month-long demonstration on a variety of days. we were out in it as you know for most of the day, went into the night. it was ugly. police clashing with anti- anti-government protesters. the bulk of these so-called yellow vest protesters? middle class folks from the french heartland but with a little added punch from militants in the right and the left that melded in with the crowd. remember it started out as anger over government hikes in gas tax for environmental reasons. but this whole thing has morphed into a broad attack on taxation, on wages, and the government, which the people here feel is out of touch with the people. incredibly, guys, except for one treat praising the police, this country has not heard from its leader through this whole time, president emmanuel macron. the government has given ground on some of the protest demands like the gas tax. and as you noted, possibly the
5:19 am
wealth tax being reimposed against. still, according to our sources, guys, the earliest france will be able to hear from president macron is monday night, probably not until tuesday night. that's a long, dangerous silence silence. back to you. >> i've got a friend on the ground there -- are we looking at existential threat to the government? he's feeling like this is not just a contest with macron but the whole system feels like it's crumbling. >> yeah. there's one cover story from their version of "time" or newsweek, saying "is this the end of the, quote, unquote, french model"? heaviest taxation in all the world, huge government employee ranks. it's got to break some time. this might be it. pete: it does. greg, you're right. great point. ed: what did former f.b.i. chief james comey say behind closed doors? guess what? we have the transcript and
5:20 am
you're not going to believe the details. dan bongino gives us his take-aways live coming up. pete: plus what's the secret to a long life? ed: beer. pete: our next guest is a hundred-year-old world war ii vet. he says it's dailies coors light light. i'm feeling really good by my life right now. ed: "a daily coors light." pete: oh, one? multiple you live longer? coming up live next. yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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5:24 am
just disappointing. pete: the one-way ticket in the wrong direction. the thieves caught on camera outside a grocery in minnesota. the salvation army says the bell ringer had not yet arrived for his shift when it happened. >> so much for minnesota nice. pete: exactly. this person is wanted for a violent brawl inside a cracker barrel. the video shows a customer attacked the teenage employee sending him into nearby shelves. wisconsin detectives say it started when the clearly unhappy customer blurted homophobic slurs to another employee. ed: good to bring in dan bongino bongino. i wanted to talk to him about mueller, but also about beating up the guy that robbed the army salvation. >> how low a human being do you have to be? animals don't do that, steal salvation army -- what kind of a jerk do you have to be to do that? those poor guys are out there in the cold try to raise money? you want to talk about a loser,
5:25 am
that's a big l. seriously, you need to seek professional help. yes, big time; right? my pete: you're right. welcome here. >> it's good to be here in the studio. pete: you have been on top of inside, in front of so many of these issues related to the so-called russian investigation, and comey's been in the middle of it. he was behind closed adored yesterday asking a bunch of questions. excuse me. 250 pages came out yesterday from that. what do you make of what's revealed on that question of comey? >> there are really some astonishing revelations in that transcript. we've almost become overwhelmed by the bombshell word. let's go through the big one. first, he doesn't know the source of the dossier? listen, guys, it's not personal. i don't know jim comey. he obviously has served the public in some capacity, with all due respect. you were the f.b.i. director. you opened the most significant counterintelligence investigation in modern u.s. history into a presidential nominee, now president, and you
5:26 am
have no idea where the information came from? it came from the hot dog buy on the corner, joey bag of doughnuts? seriously, you didn't think to ask that question like, "hey, we've got this information that donald trump may have committed treason, nonsense information, hey, who told you that? cousin bobby in the walmart? it never occurred to you -- ed: meanwhile, had to go through a fisa judge, a serious federal judge you would think to actually have evidence. yet let's broaden this out. in this transcript it shows that 156 times -- we counted -- james comey said "i don't know," 72 times "i don't remember," 8 times "i don't recall." i thought he was for truth, justice, and the american way. >> ed, listen. you ever see that meme on twitter, i can't say this "you had one job"? what's your job here? to produce conservative content for fox & friends. jim comey's job, he had one job: to know where the information came from. how do you go there and answer that many times -- there's another thing he said too. so not only does he not know how the investigation started, where
5:27 am
the information came from, she asked him at one point i think it was trey gowdy or jim jordan said "how would you initiate a presidential investigation into a presidential candidate?" he said "i'm really not sure about that either." listen, brother jim, you had one job to know this stuff. it's like me showing up for fox & friends, dan, you want to comment on comey? no, i'm good. i just want to sit on the couch and eat coffee. it was jim comey's job to know. the incompetence here is stunning. ed: hillary clinton said "i don't recall" 21 times when she was interviewed. is the lesson here if you're a democrat or if you're james comey, i don't know where he is, just say "i don't recall" and some of the trump people made the mistake of lying to the f.b.i., by the way. they didn't tell the truth, it appears -- >> that's a great point. he just gestured. you're right. the fact that the benighted class, the government, seems to live in a different constitutional republic than we do. i'm obviously not a democrat at
5:28 am
all. i share almost nothing in common with a lot of democrats, but i think they're frustrated with comey too. we have to get to a point now where we all live under the same rule and it's clear right now -- you just nailed it -- if you're in the government and say, "hey, don't remember," you get a pass. but you and i, not only with us, you have to talk and if you miss step once you're going to jail for lying to the f.b.i. even when you say you didn't lie as in the case with mike fl.nn pete: you're exactly right. a former u.s. foreigner for the eastern district of michigan, i don't know her, but this sound bite caught our eye. she compared our president to illegal immigrants. listen. >> this isn't just a regulatory offense when you're talking about campaign finance violations. it could be that president trump procured the presidency by fraud fraud. when immigrants procure their citizenship by fraud, we strip them of their citizenship. when a president procures his presidency by fraud, should we consider doing the same?
5:29 am
pete: should we? nicole: i cannot wait for your reaction to this. do you think that -- i mean, they're saying that the president potentially got his position out of fraud. would you consider he got it out of fraud and would you ever compare him to an illegal immigrant? >> yeah, i'm embarrassed for her her. that was an absurd, outrageous, embarrassing piece of commentary on that other network there. but they're good at that. they're the gold medal award winners of embarrassing commentary. but to suggest that the president got the presidency by fraud is ironic, because, remember, it is hillary clinton who paid a british spy to deal with russian intel to gin up fake information on donald trump and lied about it the entire time. remember, we only found out they did the dossier after denial, denial, denial after the election. societies kind of ironic that they gin up a bunch of fake information that could have impacted the election in the postpresidency on donald trump but they're alleging somehow trump won by fraud. it's absurd, and it's typical democrat. you know, accuse your opponent of what you did yourself. ed: and devin nunes got the bank
5:30 am
records from fusion gps. that's the key, they never admitted it. >> never. nicole: comey came out and said, it came out in the transcripts yesterday, he didn't have much concern over who funded the dossier. that's motivation. how could you not have concern over who's funding it? >> he dropped another bomb yesterday too. about the obstruction of justice charge. he said when they were considering after comey got fired in their small group this obstruction of justice charge that they withheld it from sessions. this is comey who's been accused in his july 5th press conference about hillary clinton, did it again! he said, oh, we withheld that from jeff sessions. ed: dan, you had one job, you did it well. >> thank you. i love being here. pete: they say it's the best video you will see all day. probably is. the u.s. army rangers surprising his son at school. [applause] pete: they were right. the story behind the emotional
5:31 am
reunion coming up soon. ed: plus, what's the secret to a long life? we asked dan bongino and he said coors light. you know what? our next guest is a 101-year-old world war ii vet. he says dan is right. next, live. ♪ i'm a simple man ♪ all you got to do is put a drink in my hand natural enamel, natural healthy looking teeth are white. dentin, which is that second layer of the tooth is yellow. consumption of very acidic foods can wear away your enamel. once they start wearing down, your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull. i recommend pronamel toothpaste because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's going to make them more resistant to the acid erosion so that your teeth are not bothering you and you feel good about your smile. it's pro enamel. it's good for your enamel. it's a positive thing.
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♪ ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous night ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there
5:36 am
♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [shot of cannon] pete: that was a national anthem from yesterday. i tell you, the whole pageantry leading up to the game was powerful. i got chills, tears to my eyes. the prayer that was given before -- ed: you were standing in your living room, as i understand? pete: i actually was. nicole: i believe that. pete: i can firm that was a fac. ed: that's awesome. pete: there's a moment you know it, you connect to it. our nation comes together, you watch those kids -- and they're kids -- they won't be soon -- ed: some of the faces so young, you're right. pete: there's kids partying passed out in their dorm rooms,
5:37 am
and these kids are saying "i want to serve my nation and potentially die for it." it really reinforces your belief that our next generation can carry on the american experimen. ed: the commander-in-chief there for the coin toss. pete: it's the only thing that he got wrong and the only thing that navy got right, is he flipped it, navy called it, they won the toss, it turns out army did win 17-10. a running attack that navy couldn't stop, a couple of fumbles, an interception, a good game, and army is a real quality squad. they're 10-2, ranked in the top 20 in the nation. ed: army has a strong ground game. nicole: oh! carly said she was for navy. so crossing over to carly. >> congratulations. ed: correct the record. first she was on the fence. >> she neutral. nicole: but then she has family -- >> i always want every team to win, whoever the underdog is. pete: give everyone a trophy. can everyone just tie at the end
5:38 am
of the game? >> can't we all just win? nicole: wasn't that the trend? stick to the headlines. >> all right. get some very important headlines here. i.c.e. agents arrest 105 people in a five-day sweep, targeting illegal immigrants. of those arrested in the new jersey bust, 80% had prior or pending criminal charges. some are known gang members, including one with ties to ms-13 ms-13. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan joined us earlier to weigh in. >> actual results in arrests of more legal aliens and puts the illegal alien community at greater risk of crime because those criminals go back and victimize the very communities they live in. so it doesn't makes sense. cities is a big lie by the liberals. >> the massive thing comes despite the state's attorney generals new directive limiting local and state law enforcement cooperation with i.c.e. fishermen now heroes, rushing to save a man from his burning car.
5:39 am
a driver became trapped after crashing into a tree near a florida marina. security video shows the fishermen hurry to the scene to put out the fire and pull him out. the man has several broken bones and faces a very long road to recovery. it's unclear what caused the crash. a rhode island school district is using a collection agency to go after unpaid lunch money. a school official claiming the outstanding balance is near $46,000. last year the school wrote off more than $95,000 in lunch debt, parents owing $20 or more will get a letter from the collection agency starting next year. wow. taking a hard-line stand on those lunch money. ed: no free lunch. >> right, no free lunch. >> you do eat a lot. ed: army has a good ground pete: i bet navy is good at water polo. they are decent, 15-14. they didn't play army, though, in water polo.
5:40 am
i don't know that army has a water polo team. i love the navy. they drive us everywhere. ed: everyone should celebrate the army victory in a wonderful game played by all. we've got a coors light here not just for that, but for our next guest, who's really remarkable. it's a question everyone wants answered: what's the secret to a long life? nicole: and according to one world war ii air force veteran, it's not a fancy diet or strict workout regimen. the secret is one coors light each day. pete: he just celebrated his 101 101s birthday yesterday. he and his son both join us this morning. >> good morning, guys. pete: i crack a can to you, sir, this morning. ed: these are cold, by the way. pete: they are cold. we have a couple with us. so how in the world did you come about this idea that coors light might be the secret to a long life? >> how'd you come about liking coors light, dad? >> i tried out several other
5:41 am
beers but they just didn't feel like the right one so i came across coors light with its flavor and light, and i really enjoyed it, and i've been drinking it for the last 15, 20 years. ed: i think we've found a new celebrity spokesman and bob, i wonder if you could ask him, 'cause we've got the doctor in the house, how did he come about with one? was this a negotiation with his doctor? pete was hoping this meant you could have a six-pack a day. but he says one. why one? >> why won? just he didn't want to get too much; so he just decided and the older he got, it narrowed down to just the one, but when he started, it may have been two and three just to get through the day. ed: wait a minute. nicole: sometimes one is a enough. you don't have to overdo it. >> we would drink more than one a day, sometimes i have two, sometimes i have three. ed: wait, he's breaking some news here.
5:42 am
pete: this is what i like to hear. >> we got to have that one at four o'clock. that's the most important one. pete: the one at four o'clock? is that what it is? nicole: write that down. ed: five is too late. sometimes you got to start at four. ed: nicole has a special surprise for you. nicole: yes, i do. we wanted to tell you something. so we want to thank you for your years of service and being a lifelong fan. pete: this is from coors light. nicole: this is a message from coors light. they're saying "we want to thank you for your years of service and being a lifelong coors light fan. they're honored to visit your home yesterday to deliver beer but there's more gratitude that they want to give you. on behalf of the entire coors family they would like to fly you and your son, bob, out to their hometown of golden, colorado, to take a tour of our brewery. we'll sue you in the rockies. you know what that means? you're going to their brewery. they want to have you there. >> we're going to see the actual blue mountains, huh? nicole: that's right. >> that would be great. nicole: and not just a picture.
5:43 am
you're going to actually be there. >> fresh beer is always good. ed: bob, can you ask him whether he's ready to do like a big super bowl ad? i feel like this could be the next super bowl ad. >> i think he's ready. i know he is, actually. he's a big steeler fan, for how much he can watch on tv, but he loves it. >> watching tv is my tough one with my eyesight, i have a hard time, but i enjoy it. ed: we hope it's tuned to fox news with a coors light in one hand and the clicker in the other. thank you for your service. nicole: thank you. >> thank you very much. pete: andrew, bob, thank you. it's awesome. it's a fun story 'cause of the coors light thing, but your service to our country matters a great deal and we're glad you've got a great trip in front of yo. ed: this one will be for you after the show. pete: in the commercial break, actually. ed: a lot more news coming up. pete: still ahead, house judiciary committee chairman bob good lat was in the room when james comey gave his closed door testimony. he shares his big revelations
5:44 am
live next. ed: plus another win for the trump economy. wage growth is matching the highest rate in nearly a decade, despite job growth slowing a bit bit. the wall street journal dubs it the perfect jobs report. a former reagan economic adviser who talked all about this long ago is next. ♪ people can't even walk the street hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home.
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't easy. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. ed: labor department released its monthly jobs report on friday revealing employers -- positive but lower than expecte. nicole: but the wall street journal is dubbing it the perfect jobs report so why. ed: let's ask former reagan economic adviser author of trump trumponomics, art laffer. how are you? >> fine. nicole, how are you? ed: we are hearing a lot, some in the media don't like to talk to it but the economy has been strong under the president, particularly job growth. as i noted, it wasn't as high as some on wall street expected on friday, still in positive
5:48 am
territory. but talk about wage growth, which is something both parties have been saying is the key for a long time. >> yeah. wage growth is great, and it should be very strong. this is a good economy. i don't think the wall street term was correct that this is the perfect jobs report. it's not. but it's okay. what you really want to look at is you want to look at gdp, which is the sum total of all the production of goods and services in the u.s., and those numbers have been coming in very very strong, which is lovely. 4.2% growth in the second quarter three and a half percent growth, in the third quarter, that is the number you want to really focus on laser. that's where you really see the goons, and it's really very strong. nicole: everyone was kind of criticizing when we were talking about strong economies in the past they were saying, yes, but wages aren't up, and that was the biggest criticism, but now it's looking like average hourly earnings were up 3.1% from a year earlier, watching that as the best rate since 2009. so is it time for those critics to say mea culpa and maybe acknowledge that the wages are
5:49 am
up? >> well, they never should have started talking at all because when you have rapid growth in employment, mostly that growth comes in people at the lowest ranks, and therefore they're low wage people so when your average wages go up, it shows you that it's even stronger than those numbers would imply so we are having a very nice recovery here here. it's got to continue for a long time to really make a difference but it's on the right path. nicole: thank you very much, ar. >> you guys have altogether too much fun. let me just ask you one question question. if it had been raining, would navy have won? pete: that's a -- ed: that's a good. we'll put that question to pete. coors light, got art laffer. treat to have you. >> see you later. nicole: still ahead, house judiciary committee chairman bob good lat and maria bartiromo both here live. ed: they'll talk about the economy, and taking a successful picture with santa is not always as easy as pete's family makes it look like here. we've got tips on how to avoid a
5:50 am
christmas meltdown during your photo-op this season. not going to happen with pete's family. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do?
5:51 am
cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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ed: taking a successful photo with santa is not always as easy as it looks. there's pete's family. it's not always that easy putting people pete: easiest i got in trouble, that's our christmas card, i wasn't supposed to share it. it looks more like that, probably your kid, usually nicole: good news here with some tips, erica katz and santa. what do we do? we need to make this perfect santa picture. how do we prepare for it? >> if you can take your child to the mall ahead of time and even meet santa and even read books about santa, that really happens
5:54 am
happens. i actually looked online this morning, you can make an appointment so you're not in line forever and of course that that really helps. pete: you're saying shoving a young child into the lap of a man with a huge beard who they've never met before not a good idea? >> not always, but you can prepare them pete: gotcha. ed: how do you get them to actually smile and look at the camera? that's not always easy. candy is a trick of course. >> i have a candy cane. you want lots of treats and lots of incentives. now, if you have a little one, a great trick, like if you have a child that age, you want to take her in -- the baby to santa, make the baby look at santa but then turn around and back in so that santa is looking at mom and mom is looking at the baby. now, one of my tips that i really like is have somebody with you with a cell phone. because they might capture that picture that the photographer doesn't get. pete: you know what my tip is with the kids, stand in front of them, you go "boop!" weird them out and take the
5:55 am
picture. ed: he still has a shortcut. >> you can jingle the keys above the photographer's head or sometimes a little feather dust duster can tickle their hand and that makes them -- ed: you put the outfit on beforehand but then they drop an ice cream cone on it. how do you balance -- >> kids might not be comfortable in some of the outfits we may be putting them into for santa. so i suggest you put them in the outfit the day before, just get them comfortable, make sure they're not tugging on it and of course a bow like this sometimes little girls love the bows and sometimes they don't. so you want to make sure they're in a bow or headband that they're really comfortable in, and then i love mom here, because mom looks great for the picture; so if she ends up in the picture, you have a great holiday photo. ed: she has little andrew with her. nicole: she also seems relaxed. >> she nicole: what do you say about how the parents should be -- >> look at how relaxed she is and they're all sitting down and i love how they're all color coordinated because that's going
5:56 am
to make for a great shot. but also, you know, parents have to be relaxed. 'cause if you're not relaxed, the kids aren't relaxed. that's a beautiful photo. pete: half my kids were in pajamas if you look at that photo again. ed: we want to thank m.d.c. productions that put all this together to give you some great tips. pete: i want to thank santa for coming from the north pole. >> ho-ho-ho. pete: hear those bells. ed: coming up: how well do you know your classic christmas songs? pete's going to head to the streets to find out next hour. ♪ he's got a bag that's filled with toys ♪ for boys and girls again ♪ hear those sleigh bells ... aaaaaahhhhhhhh!
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
ballooned your car. call meeeee! (burke) a fly-by ballooning. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> james comey back in the news , the transcript of comey's closed door testimony came out yesterday. nicole: 156 times that he was quoted "i don't know", 72 times i don't remember, eight times i don't recall.
6:00 am
>> he doesn't know the source of the dossier? listen, brother jim, you had one job, to know this stuff. pete: president trump making an official announcement of his white house chief of staff john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. president trump: we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place. i appreciate his service very much. >> bringing in people who understand the political reality of what's about to transpire with the subpoena canon that the democrats are going to use is very important. >> i do pray for these players on this field and all the good they represent. pete: that chaplin's prayer was one of the most amazing i've heard very refreshing. >> we who are willing to die for others, we salute you. >> ♪ have a holly, jolly christmas, it's the best time of the year ♪ i don't know if
6:01 am
there will be snow ♪ pete: i'm actually going to hit the streets here so if you're at 48th and 6th avenue i'll see if you know the lyrics. ed: are you going to do like rudolph and now some of the un-p c? pete: i'm going to do that and religious songs because guess what christmas is ultimately about jesus and his birth. ed: did you really get in trouble for that photo? pete: i did. we took this photo with santa and my seven kids they are all wonderful and lovely and we violated every rule that we setup, do you know what the secret is to a good christmas photo? threatening bodily harm. i lined them all up and i said i swear, kids if you do bunny ears , i'm going to smack you. you will smile and you will like it for santa. do you see that photo? you put it up there they're all smiling. ed: i believe you said every word. nicole: i don't think he's
6:02 am
exaggerating. pete: no child was harmed in the creation of that photo. ed: i think you freaked nicole out a little bit. welcome back on the couch. pete: i'm like no, sit, i'll yell at you, look at the camera. nicole: totally fine well ed is going to fill us in comey transcripts released? ed: james comey was on capitol hill friday they've been negotiating this and he wanted to do it in public and republicans said wait a second he's going to hot dog it and let's press him on some of the key issues and so here, i don't know, he literally said i don't know 156 times, incredible. this is a person whose had president trump on the griddle. he didn't tell the truth. he wanted me to let general flynn go and all of these things let's get the truth from the trump white house and yet he keeps saying "i don't know." the second thing anti-trump dossier unverified. remarkable because comey repeated behind closed doors under oath what he told our own
6:03 am
bret baier during his book tour which is he didn't know christopher steele the former british spy behind the dossier, unverified and yet comey and other fbi justice department officials went to the fisa court and got those warrants to conduct surveillance. let's keep this rolling. four americans but not then candidate now president trump were being looked at by the fbi. well what does that mean? remember that as president-elect , donald trump kept saying, i want you to go public and say i'm not under investigation. the four americans who were being looked at, surveilled could include carter page and others. let's keep going to he defended the fbi agent peter strzok. remember this was the agent who went back and forth with lisa page, the fbi lawyer, with all these anti-trump text messages, and yet comey under oath is defending him and saying i don't really think basically he was anti-trump. he also insists he was not really friends with robert mueller. we'll have to check their facebook pages and see whether they've been unfriended or not,
6:04 am
because it's interesting the president has said time and time again that they are buddies and that there's a conflict for robert mueller upon special counsel who was named obviously as you'll remember by rod rosenstein after comey was fired and remember, what comey had said in previous testimony guys, which is that james comey had testified previously that he put together those memos about his meetings with donald trump and then got them leaked. put them out there, in order to trigger the naming of a special counsel. >> from his friend or not friend almost who was a friend. nicole: so president donald trump just tweeted moments ago about james comey. he said, on 245 occasions former fbi director james comey told house investigators he didn't know, didn't recall, or couldn't remember things when asked. open investigations on four americans, not two, didn't know who signed off and didn't know christopher steele.
6:05 am
allies! ed: by the way i mentioned -- pete: let's get to the next part and he also tweeted james comey must have set a record for who lied the most to congress in one day. his friday testimony was so untruthful this whole deal is a rigged fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so that i could not become president, they are now exposed. ed: just to underscore because remember i think the difference between two or four trump people being looked at, surveilled, by the u.s. government in the obama days we would assume the first would be carter page because there were multiple fisa warrant s who surveil him, george papadopoulos was clearly being but who were the other two, andrew mccarthy now that comey testified under oath there were four people not including donald trump so you'd have george papadopoulos, as well as carter page and andrew mccarthy's theory is the other two might be paul manafort and gates, the associates of manafort so the idea the president is putting out there today that comey and his testimony also expanded,
6:06 am
expanded the number of people in the trump orbit and campaign who are either being some combination of surveilled, looked at, investigated for potential connections to the russians. nicole: and we confirmed it wasn't donald trump himself. pete: so he knew how many people r with being investigated but he didn't know the source or christopher steele of the dossier whether it was verified. it's not even remotely credible. nicole: he said it wasn't verified. he said it was not verified. pete: or some of it was selacious and some was un verified but at the same time didn't know where it came from that it was christopher steele paid for by folks from the dnc and the hillary clinton camp through fusion gps who he doesn't know bruce ohr but bruce ohr is the number four at the doj. he says now he doesn't even know what job he has let alone the fact that -- ed: his wife worked for the dirt digging operation. pete: and she speaks russian by the way she's a russian expert so she might know christopher steele and the whole deal. the foggy memory is the most convenient thing of a guilty person. it really is and that's where he
6:07 am
is right now. nicole: it's concerning for politically motivated and that's what we're trying to get to the heart of. pete: hillary and it's amazing. another part from comey he said from what i understand by verified when they say verified they try to replicate the source info so that it becomes an fbi investigation, and our conclusions rather than a reliable sources. they had not done that by the time he said that in may of 2017 never verified, never checked up on investigations continued he will never own up to it. by the way he's going to be back in front of that committee in a couple of weeks because they didn't get a chance to ask every question and he certainly didn't answer them. nicole: they want permission from the doj so he can answer the questions i believe and -- ed: comey has a foggy memory about a lot of that but on his book tour he remembered when he made millions of dollars a a lot of things that were anti-trump. nicole: we'll have a new chief of staff as well president trump announced john kelly is leaving the white house at the end of the year and the media is making the move, and seems abnormal or
6:08 am
crazy for this to happen. pete: couple of headlines that caught our eye, the new yorker said this, john kelly, the white house secret staff is finally leaving crazytown, some might say the new yorkers are crazy town. atlantic john kelly couldn't fix that and there was supposed to be credibility to the white house and he failed but ed, you know you followed the white house quite a bit. is this unusual there's turnover in this job? ed: not really. we crunched the numbers, bill clinton as president we'll go through the democrats and republicans, bill clinton had four chiefs of staff, george w. bush only had two, andy carter was there for practically the whole time and then barack obama had five. so the idea of being that if donald trump is on his third, at the end of two years, it's not really that far out of the mainstream and corey lewandowski is saying look, well he's class, corey, we should say the former campaign manager with john kelly and he says it's time to bring in some flesh blood. >> and now i'm very happy that it looks like the president is
6:09 am
going to bring in a new team not just a chief of staff but other individuals with one focus and the only focus a first term president ever has which is securing a second term. bringing in people who understand the political reality of what's about to transpire on capitol hill with a subpoena canon that the democrats are going to use against this white house and understanding what that means from a political side is very important. ed: true but i also noted earlier that donald trump when he was a civilian basically in 2012 was mocking on twitter barack obama as president for having three chiefs of staff in three years. this is now three chiefs of staff in two years. you can have as we show in context a lot of presidents and both parties have had multiple chiefs of staff but the key is he knocked obama saying this might be one reason why obama can't pass his agenda because of the turnover, so here is my point. this president now has the opportunity to get the right person in place, because he's going to have to get his agenda going. he didn't get the wealth funding now he's got democrats coming into the house. nicole: he has a lot of big moves though some of the things
6:10 am
he campaigned on in 2016, immigration, infrastructure, republicans. he has an agenda 2020 is coming he needs to put the right people in place to move forward. pete: he's worked through the speed of business he wasn't a political guy before, and ultimately there was questions about whether he was being forceful enough and bring in john kerry to bring order into the white house and now we're in a 2020 season and it all makes sense and if chaos is your narrative, ed, which most other networks it is then this only feeds what they want to believe. ed: and he got the tax cut and a lot of other big things and cut government regulation and the economy is do well. nicole: the economy is doing well but we are in the, you know the home stretch for 2020 and he needs to get serious and this is what he wants to do. ed: we're in the home stretch of the show and time to get back to carlie whose been here from the beginning. pete: you know, carlie i brought you a candy cane. >> oh, thank you so much. pete: from santa himself. >> i'm going to eat this in the green room. pete: you better.
6:11 am
ed: do the headlines first. >> oh, yeah that's right got distracted by the candy as most children do just like me. let's get on to the headlines a suspect is accused of attacking two deputies and stealing their patrol car and the deputies pulled the man over in arkansas, authorities say he got out of the vehicle, attacked the deput ies, and then jumped into their car. the suspect later crashed into another patrol car and was taken into custody. the deputies were taken to the hospital. it's unclear how serious their injuries are. china is now threatening canada over the arrest of a high profile tech executive. officials in canada took wong joe into custody last week on be half of the united states. the cfo of huawei technologies is facing extradition to america accused of trying to evade u.s. sanctions on iran. china's government says canada will face consequences if the country does not release her. nearly 1,000 people arrested during more violent protests in paris.
6:12 am
the riots continuing even after leaders suspended the fuel tax that prompted the violence. people now demanding taxes on the rich and french president emmanuel macron's resignation. the protests are now starting to spread in belgium. police used pepper spray to contain crowds as they called for their prime minister's resignation and the netherlands dozens of peaceful protesters marched in the streets and macron will address the country tomorrow. tis the season for a gift of a lifetime. 1,700 family members of fallen soldiers are receiving an all expenses paid trip to disney world this christmas. >> their normal is not normal any longer so now we're just recreating new memories for them and i think that this time of the year is a great time to do that because it's hard anyway and especially when you don't have your mom or your dad. >> all part of american airlines annual snowball express program the trip is for five nights and i think guys this
6:13 am
officially puts american airlines on the nice list this season. pete: it does. it's not clear that ed is on the nice list. ed: wait a second. pete: i don't know i just talked to santa. he said you're right here with a few more weeks to prove it. nicole: i'm definitely on the good list. ed: the house judiciary chair bob goodlatte was in the room when james comey gave his closed door interview and shares his big takeaways when he joins us live, coming up. pete: plus will he or won't he, corey spartacus booker just revealed whether he will decide if he was a 2020 white house run >> ♪ ♪
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
pete: more questions after transcripts of james comey's closed door meeting with lawmakers, they were officially released yesterday and the former fbi director admitting
6:17 am
nearly he couldn't recall or remember more than 200 times. ed: our next guest was in the room for comey's testimony he's a power fundamental chairman of the house judiciary committee bob goodlatte joins us with an inside look. good morning to you, mr. chairman. >> good morning, gentlemen. ed: what is your biggest take away? >> well the biggest takeaway is that former fbi director james comey with regard to the two most important investigations certainly during his tenure as fbi director into the clinton e-mail matter, and into the russia collusion matter said, as you've noted, "i don't recall"," i don't remember", or i don't know 245 times. that is truly stunning, since the fellow wrote a book about all of this, you'd think that he'd remember more in terms of the questions that we wanted to delve into. ed: pardon me, mr. chairman, but is he lying, miss remembering so that he doesn't get into more
6:18 am
hot water what's your assessment >> at this point i don't want to characterize that. obviously we have him coming back again a week from tomorrow, december 17, and we have a lot more questions for him at that time, so i think we should reserve judgment on that until after we have had the opportunity to finish our examination of him, but it certainly is disappointing and disturbing that he can't answer our questions. pete: mr. chairman you're bringing him back. what are you hoping to learn the second time? what didn't you get the first time around? >> well we had many many many pages of questions and since we want to save those for mr. comey i won't go into that, but we were not able to ask all of the questions that we need to ask regarding these two very important investigations and his leadership of the fbi and bear in mind in one of these investigations, when he was totally hands-on and we know that from a whole lot of evidence as well as his own
6:19 am
testimony, he did things in clear violation of the fbi protocols and the rules regarding what prosecutors do and what investigators do and he took away from the department of justice of the decision-making authority about this matter. totally improper. part of the reasons that were set forth by deputy attorney general rosenstein for his firing and yet in the other investigation he was right there when that was launched as well and claims he didn't even read the initial document that started that investigation. ed: what about he was asked about the fact that then president obama in a fox interview in 2016 said well hillary clinton didn't have criminal intent here, in terms of the e-mail server and he was asked by one of your colleagues well wait a second was that interfering did you think about obstruction of justice there and comey said no from what we understand in the transcript it seems like a double standard because when president trump intervenes in things, everybody
6:20 am
is screaming obstruction of justice. how do you square that especially since you've got loretta lynch coming in who was attorney general under barack obama, what do you want to know from her? >> well that's the whole point of our investigation. we set about doing this, i as chairman of the judiciary committee, trey gowdy as chairman of the oversight committee, october a year ago, for the purpose of determining why decisions were made and decisions were not made during the 2016 election and leading into 2017, and the fact of the matter is that that's a stunning comparison right there but there are literally a dozen or more similar comparisons and that's why we have both called for the appointment of a special counsel pete: we follow it very closely. ed: thank you mr. chairman. pete: thank you for joining us on this sunday we appreciate it. ed: its been nearly six months since the death and now his final book has just been released and it was finished by his son.
6:21 am
pete: that's right his son daniel to honor him and his legacy, daniel joins us live, coming up next. ♪ let's do the thing that you do. let's clear a path. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything... that pushes us forward and keeps us going. let's do the work. once i started looking for it was a no-brainer. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. the geico app makes it easy to manage my policy. i can pay my bill, add a new driver, or even file a claim.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. pete: welcome back. charles krauthammer was a legendary conservative voice known for his brilliant intellect and ability to cut through the noise and break down the complexities of washington in simple terms, even i can understand. >> it's my job to say what i think is true. it's my job to say what i think will work. it's my job to call a folly a fo lly. whether it straightens or not i don't know. i don't know whether it's going to have an effect on them but there's no other way for an honest critic to be. nicole: now daniel krauthammer is honoring his father by finishing and editing his last book a collection of the most
6:25 am
important work. ed: it's called "the point of it all a lifetime of great loves and endeavors" and daniel krauthammer joins us now. it's great to have you here, sir we had dinner a week or two ago with bret baier and we had a chance to share these stories . tell us some of the favorite stories of your dad. you'd listen to audio books with him, i told you he and i would swap baseball stories? >> oh, yeah baseball was his favorite passion since he was a little kid and we went to ballgames all the time too ever since i was little all the way up until the end, but yeah, audio books or books on tape when tapes existed was one of our favorite things too. we'd go on long car rides, up to new york to see my grandma or on vacation and we would always listen to really long books, usually history or political philosophy, but every once in a while a little mystery novel or sometimes he would just give me a history lesson straight from his own mind. so that was the other way to spend some time together. pete: i'm looking at the back of the book jacket and it says on
6:26 am
top, you're portraying your whole life if you don't say what you think, and you don't say it honestly and bluntly. your father had a way to do that few others have ever had, how did he come to that ability? >> i think he just had a sense that this was his duty in the line of work he was in. he chose to write about politics , to comment on the event of the day, and the beginning of that quote, which is actually in the interview that he played, he says look, i started my life as a doctor. actually as a psychiatrist for almost a decade but he felt that his heart wasn't there it was in politics but he felt like i'm giving up the life where i'm helping people i better be true to what i'm saying and be truthful about it otherwise what am i doing here and i think he really had that sense of obligation and duty to say what he thought no matter what anybody else said about it. nicole: do you know what i loved about your fathers? car el's favorite quote for me was i don't care what a public figure thinks i care about what he does and in the time of such
6:27 am
heated emotional rhetoric i think we could all really benefit from that so tell us about how you came to editing and finishing this major work? >> so this is a collection of my dad's columns, essays, speeches and other writings i actually had them published before and he had been working on it for quite a long time before his health crisis struck last year and while he was in the hospital, he continued to work on it and i helped him with all kinds of gadgets and computers in his hospital room so he could keep working on it and i helped him get to know where he was going with it and then when we got the final prognosis and he was at the end of his coming, he entrusted it to me to finish for him and so i have been completely focused on this. its been the most important thing in my life since he passed ed: well that's wonderful, and all of us learned from him but i imagine obviously you had a much closer look into private charles
6:28 am
, and i know it's hard to pick but what lesson really stands out that either he pulled you aside or on one of these car rides you come back to more than others? >> it is hard to pick. i'd say it comes out i would say most strongly in my eulogy for him which is the lost entry in the book which was a difficult decision to put into the book but i wanted people to know these incredible things about him but i think it was maybe above all that he saw that you live life and you do life by acting and it's not about what you say outloud or what you keep bottled up on the inside. it's what you do for the people you love and what you do in the world, in general that defines you and you're not defined by anything that happens to you from the outside. it's you making your life and you defining your own destiny and i think that's to me, the most powerful thing that comes through in having read
6:29 am
everything and putting it together in that book. pete: boy that's it but you say it's something he felt committed to, he's telling the truth and being blunt about it. how much of his early experiences, he had early on, have informed his ability to say hey, i'm going to be out on everything. >> i'm not sure if it's directly impactful but i think it informs his whole life outlook which was, i mean, both being injured and also being a doctor, he said in many interviews that look, being on a hospital ward, doing rounds, see ing patients in real agony and distress gave him a sense of what human suffering is and gives perspective that some of the more silly things we argue about every day are really not the most important thing and what we should be arguing about and i think he had that sense of perspective both personally and historically. ed: you came bearing gifts so we all got these books. please go to charles krauthammer .com you can learn all about the book and his life and legacy.
6:30 am
nicole: it is available now. out now. ed: what an awesome really love letter to your father and we hope your mom is doing well as well. >> thank you so much. pete: don't miss it. daniel thank you for being here. ed: more fox & friends coming up represents a gift of life for people here in israel who are in desperate need. these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect because the numbers keep growing. the bible teaches, "blessed is he whose help is the god of jacob." "he upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. this $25 food box will provide one desperately need family here in israel
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6:34 am
president's resignation. ed: they want him to go and greg palkot is live in paris as the unrest has been sweeping the country good to see you greg what's happening on the streets today? reporter: amazing stuff ed and folks. it really was a very tough saturday for paris. today is sunday and they are kind of taking stock and just relaxing a little bit or maybe breathing a sigh of relief for some and problems for others, police, shopkeepers residents are literally picking up the pieces remember there's broken glass, overturned cars and it was the most arrests in the history of france, for one day. the latest number, 1,400 and the damage was the most widespread of all of these days of protest, losses, lost businesses, et cetera, in the millions of euros and dollars. we were out and as you know for much of the day and it really did get ugly. police clashing with the anti- government protesters and the bulk of the so-called yellow vest protesters, well they came
6:35 am
from the heartland of the french the middle class, lower middle class that are really feeling the pinch but there was an added punch from militants on the left fringe and the right fringe that caused a lot of the damage. remember this all started because people were upset about the planned hikes in gasoline and diesel fuel that morphed into an anti-government and anti -tax income of protest from again, from the heartland of this country. incredibly, except for one tweet , we have not heard anything from president emmanuel macron. the biggest beef of the protesters is that the government has lost touch with the people. what we are seeing is that he is giving some of the demands including the gas tax hike, but when will he speak to the people the latest word we're getting is not before monday night, maybe even tuesday night, and guys, one more alarming warning that
6:36 am
we just heard in the past hour or so, these protesters are planning to go out there again next saturday. ed: greg palkot it was an absolutely beautiful shot of paris behind him although it's down right ugly in the streets the last couple of days. nicole: sounds like president macron needs to get in front of the people and respond to this so there's no more further damage done to this beautiful historic city. ed: we shall see meanwhile carlie is back with new headlines. >> let's get to more headlines right now. remember casey anthony? well her former roommate is now speaking out in a brand new documentary. she was laughing and joking and having a good time while her daughter was missing. >> recounting casey partying after her daughter, kayleigh, disappeared. the two year olds bold it was found five months after she was reported missing and casey was found not guilty in her murder and casey seems like a loving mother but now claims she is lying about everything. the documentary airs tonight on
6:37 am
the real network. democrat corey booker says he will take time over the holidays to think about a 2020 run for president. he made the announcement during a high profile visit to new hampshire over the weekend. the new jersey senator expects to make a formal announcement in about a month and here is something you don't see every day. a woman, falling through the ceiling of a colorado jail. she had just been released but got stuck in the bathroom when she stopped to use it on her way out. she took the paper towel dispenser off the wall and climbed through the hole ending up in the ceiling. she had to stay in jail for two more nights on criminal mischief you can't make this up and want to know the secret to a long life? well this 101 year old world war ii air force veteran says it's a daily coors light but what is it about the beer that he likes so much? well andrew joined us earlier and told us about it. >> i came across coors light
6:38 am
with its flavor and i really enjoyed it. and i've been drinking it and drinking it for the last 15-20 years. we've got to have at that 4:00 though that's the most important one. nicole: well coors light is thanking him for his service inviting andrew and his son to tour their brewery in golden, colorado. i just love that story. he was so cute during the interview. nicole: he was great. ed: what a ritual. we've got to do that. nicole: it's 4:00 somewhere that should be his motto. ed: rick you going to follow this advice? rick: that's a good trick to take too to the coors factory. nicole: how is it going out there rick? rick: very good. happy crowd out here. >> [applause] rick: told you so take a look at the weather map, the big storm is coming up across parts of the south and it's cold, cold air in place that's why we're seeing big snow, but pretty much cool
6:39 am
has entered everywhere across the lower 48 except for that one lower state, florida. very cold. here we go we've got the storm that continues to fall winter storm warnings infect throughout the day today storm tapers off by tomorrow. nicole: thanks. rick. ed: you've been trying to get me to sing all morning long. i finally sang a little jingle bells. nicole: but do people know all of the lyrics of the popular christmas songs or are they just really humming along? nicole: we sent pete to the streets to find out. pete: we've got a great group out here how we doing? merry christmas. [applause] pete: we've taken over the corner of 48th and 6th avenue for sure so the rules are i'm going to say a lyric, i'll sing the lyric of a christmas song. if you get it right you're done. if you get it wrong i'm going to keep quizzing you. there's punishment for failure. lewis, you're from new jersey? yes. pete: merry christmas. merry christmas to you. pete: you just walked up you're not a part of the crowd so i'm ambushing you here.
6:40 am
>> i saw you. pete: let's see what you got. ♪ dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh ♪ >> jingle bells. pete: no what's the next lyric? ♪ in a one horse open sleigh >> ♪ laughing all the way pete: there it is! how about this one. oh, holy night, the stars are brightly shining ♪ >> it is the night of the dear saviour's birth ♪ pete: pretty good pretty good! all right ma'am you're right here. we're going to try you. come on up what's your name? where are you from? >> bristol, pa. pete: ♪ you better watch out, you better not cry ♪. >> ♪ you better not put i'm telling you why, santa claus is coming to town ♪. pete: we picked a pretty festive group here. >> [laughter]
6:41 am
pete: let's try another young person what's your name? >> adam. pete: how you doing? ♪ there may have been some magic in that old silk hat they found, for when they placed it on his head ♪ >> he began to dance around ♪. pete: pretty good! susan? i have another one. ♪ rocking around, i don't know that song. rocking around the christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪. i don't even know that one. how about ♪ silent night, holy night ♪ >> all is calm, all is bright ♪ pete: this is what happens when the whole group gets to do it! >> ♪ holy infant, so tender and
6:42 am
mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace ♪ >> [applause] pete: this is not a quiz. it's caroling, guys. ed back to you guys. back to you very festive. ed: you got a great crowd out there we can see you over our shoulders. nicole: great shot. pete: nice job, guys. nicole: i was really impressed with his vocal range. ed: he maybe finally found his calling. >> he's tough but he's sweet on the inside. ed: we've got a lot more news president trump nominating bill bar as his next attorney general so what does it mean for special counsel robert mueller's probe? maria bartiromo is here to weigh in live, next. nicole: and don't forget about man's best friend this christmas we've got all of the best gifts for your pet, coming up. >> ♪ baby it's cold outside brad's about to find out
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>> ♪ you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not put i'm telling pout, i'm tell ing you why. ♪ ed: all right you've been hearing music all morning, and doing the news as well let's bring in fox sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo. maria: oh, my gosh. i'm so happy that you made it. pete: the folks were out there singing christmas songs. maria: i saw you. pete: do you know silent night? maria: ♪ silent night, holy night ♪ nicole: now that's good. speaking of that, we can actually transition into what we want to talk about. ed: what do you think he will do with the mueller investigation but you've been ahead of the curve on the comey story. we've now seen this transcript dozens and dozens of time. maria: i mean, the fact that he
6:47 am
does not recall and does not remember all of these things from the most important investigations of his career is very rich, actually. that's why they're bringing him back on the 17th but i've got to say how inept, so subpoena these people now when they're about to step down, this should have been done back in march. we all know what took place. the fisa abuse, the leaking, the felonies, so we'll see. now william bar, the president chose him for his nomination for the attorney general. i think one of the first things he's going to do is come out and say okay robert mueller where are we, what have you got because all of this speculating on and on again about russia collusion is out there and it won't go away. we need to hear from robert mueller and so far, i believe william barr, once he gets confirmed if he gets confirmed that will be, put parameters on it and let us nowhere we stand with this already, so that's one of the key things but you've got
6:48 am
to believe this is going to continue in the new congress even no jerry nadler, has been very clear incoming chair of the judiciary committee that he's shutting this down and senator lindsay graham is taking it up in the senate and he is my guest this morning so i'm going to ask lindsay graham specifically what he's going to do in terms of see ing accountability for people like james comey, you know, andrew mccabe whose already been referred criminally. bruce ohr, who of course james comey said he doesn't know what he was working on and then we've got doug collins coming in the judiciary ranking member in the committee and he's going to join me as well to talk about this and william barr, and then kevin mccarthy is going to be up as well and pete you're talking about the market falling out of bed in november and december so far people are wondering what this means in terms of trade and tariffs and peter navarro from the white house is going to talk to us about this mysterous story
6:49 am
around china where the cfo of huawei the chinese telecom company was arrested and the chinese are trying to tell canada let her go, send her back , the u.s. wants her extradited to the u.s. , this is not just about her own sanctions but about espionage because the chinese government used huawei and zte as tools to spy on american citizens so a lot to cover. ed: the potential impact on the proposed u.s. china trade deal will be a big deal don't miss maria. maria: by the way there's also u.s. mca, because a lot of dems have been saying i'm not voting for nafta 2.0 until there are changes made so that's on the agenda. ed: maria has the best analysis on the markets. pete: up next don't forget about mans best friend, this christmas we've got the best gift for your dog, that's up next. >> ♪ ♪
6:50 am
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ed: so as you're filling out your christmas list checking it twice don't forget about mans best friend. rick: here with christmas ideas for your pet is a pet life tile expert. >> hi, good morning. rick: where do we start? >> this is an award winning toy and you hide your dog's favorite toys in it, treats, toys, and they go crazy and it's great exercise for them, indoors, so it's a great winter indoor activity, and also if you have a dog that digs in places you don't want them to dig, this is the way to, it's a great tool to kind of redirect that negative behavior, so that's from our friends at i-fetch and next up
6:54 am
-- this is tiger lilly. she is a four year old, oh, by the way she's looking for a home for the holidays. ed: how can we find that website >> second chance rescue nyc, and she's actually wearing this is called a whistle 3 gps pet tracker and activity monitor and let me show you what this does. if your pet goes missing, whistle will locate and track your pet within minutes whether they're down the streator 3,000 miles away and as you can see it comes in different colors and it's small and lightweight so even a cat or small dog could wear it and you simply pairity with a smartphone app which helps you setup the safe places for your pet and then you get a text notification or app notification. rick: if you have seven kids you could probably put it on your children. pete: we had a dog twice at the neighbors house in the last month. >> and whistle would tell you where. this is called the whistle bark
6:55 am
and it is a portable dog bathing system and put the warm water in here and the shampoo is here and this nozzle mixes this so i'll pretend to wash this guy and it suctions the water away into the dirty water tank. ed: do they have this for humans >> you can use this for humans so pete you're wearing the pet hair grooming gloves so you can groom your pet and pet your pet at the same time so i like to call this the lazy person's grooming tool. pete: i am the lazy person. ed: if the glove doesn't fit. >> right, right, right do you want to show how it goes? so pets get stressed during the holidays just like we do and thunder shirt is a proven natural form of calming for dogs and this is a loverly red polo version, but our friends at thunder shirt also have other natural calming solutions which is thunder ease which is a spray that mimics what mother dogs produce and also for cats you can get it in the diffuser or in
6:56 am
the spray and then lastly, calm ing chews, this is on every cat's wish list this christmas, it's the indoor hunting feeder. cats need small meals multiple times a day. pete: i like cats. i love cats. >> you just put it in here your cats get to hunt, catch and play which is good for mental and physical well being. ed: thank you so much more fox & friends coming up in just a couple of minutes. nicole: available for adoption! >> ♪ baby all i want for christmas is you ♪
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sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. >> ♪ ♪ nicole: look at how nice this display is. pete: visit ncy second chance >> tiger lilly is a hurricane florence rescue dog and i was hanging out with her in the green room and she's so darn
7:00 am
sweet. we need her a home for the holidays. pete: thanks for being with us. ed: great job. rick: visit fox & maria: welcome good sunday morning everybody thanks so much for joining us james comey reveals new details about the start of the russia investigation. during bombshell testimony before congress, president trump casts a former attorney general to once again head up the justice department and the arrest of a high profile technology executive threatens to derail the central trade deal with china good morning everyone thanks for being with us i'm maria bartiromo and this is sunday morning futures. former fbi director james comey is questioned for hours on friday but on numerous occasions he just could not recall any key details about unverified information that sparked a probe of the trump campaign. we will show you the transcripts coming up. get reaction as well, in an


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