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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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intelligence, that is something you really want to see . mark: i am mark levin. this is "life, liberty and levin," we have a great guest, steve scalise. >> i am doing great. mark: majority whip, soon to be moneminority, i want to cover to areas, one is what happened. american people are interested. really united around you, when you were almost mor mortally wod
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and also policy questions. what happened in congress, and house. what is going to happen. first, have you a new book. "back in the game." we know the basics. let me ask you, this guy fires off a round. bullets. >> 762 caliber. mark: a big bullet. you are hit. what goes through, the moment you are hit, what was going through your mind? >> initially, i was stunned. we're on a baseball field, you are not thinking about gunfire, i was hit, i went down my legs gave out, i heard more gunfire, i knew what was going on, but you are still trying to process, i never saw the shooter, but i could hear, it was third base, i was on second base, i started
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crawling to out field. mark: in pain? >> almost a numbness, i am not feeling true pain i should have knowing the bullet did massive internal damage, i did not quite feel, that i am in a numbness getting away. i crawled probably 20 feet. and then my arms gave out, in book we have a picture of a blood trail, that somebody took. that shows how far i crawled before my arms gave out, i just, started to pry. first thing -- pray, put it in god a hands, believe me god performed miracles that day, he gave me an unbelievable sense of calm, once i start praying, at most like everything went into a background noise, i was on a one-on-one conversation with god at that point. mark: you found peace. >> true peace. mark: how did you get from
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baseball field to transport to get you to hospital. were you conscious. >> after the shooter within down, to me it seemed like an hour, it may have been 7 minute u. brad wenstrup, colleague of mine from ohio, he say doctor, he was also a combat surgeon in iraq, he was watching me, he came over, and looked at where damage was, put a -- - -- tourniquet p the bleeding, in the hospital, they said i would not made it, if not for that. a transferred me on an ambulance, that is when i started to fade out, at some point, ambulance is leaving, sees a h helicopter coming, 7:30
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in morning, in virginia, i would never have made it, i would have bled out, they go to where the helicopter is landing on ball field, it come to transport me away, they put me on the helicopter, 4 minutes later, i am in emergency room. i kind was out and unconscious by the time i got on helicopter, i was starting to fade prior to that uwonderring am i going to make it. mark: how many operations? >> nine. nine were major, likely, they are over and successful, it was a lot. initially going in to figure out where the damage was, i had massive internal bleeding, i showed up at hospital with zero blood pressure, rarely does anyone make it out, they had to put 20 pints of blood, human
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body takes about 9, pints, i was -- there were so many arteries that were shredded the they sewe individually, and they put me backing in. mark: when did you come to? >> three days later, for all i knew it was a few hours, his no idea how bad off i was, i remember, when i came to, i was shot, i asked for my wife, and jennifer she had flown in that night. she was there. and she sees me, i have tubes in my throat, and other things hooked up, i could not talk. i am trying to make verbal signals. luckily she knew what i was motioning, what i fined on find out, what my capital police
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security detail officers with me, they were shot. i knew that, you talk about real heroes. i identify in book a lot of miracling but also heroes that played a roles in saving me, they were both shot at, and except going after the shooter, tool they took him down, i did not know if they made it i knew they were hit. when jennifer told me they were okay, that was just, a huge sense of relief. mark: were you a man of faith before, as well as after? >> i didn't express if a lot, every night, i go to sleep, i had a habit of praying to god. i just, talk to him about things that happened. thank him for things that happened that were good, might be something you want or trying to achieve, down the road, and so, you know, i pray for those. but i would try to remember to pray and thank him for things
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that he did that were good that day, always a reminder every day in life something good happens and something bad happens, don't just focus on negative. and i say a quiet private prayer, i said heavy prayers that day on the bail fields. -- ball field, he delivered. >> do you still go through a lot of physical therapy, i imagine? >> i do. i go a few days a week, primarily to build up the strength in my left ling leg. the bullet went in here, the nerves and muscles, took the most damage. so i'm still building those muscles back, i am down to one crutch. i was initially on a scooter, thin two crutches, and built enough to one crutch, my next goal to walk without crutches. mark: do you feel like you have a renewed purpose because you are a man who should not be
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here? a bullet that big, cutting through your body like that all those organs? in a place where it is difficult to get to a hospital? do you feel like have you a renewed purpose, renewed life? >> you know, i know how close i was, to not being here, mark. my trauma surgeon, a few -- about two months after, shooting, i was still in the hospital, well enough to where i was on road to recovery, but still a lot of damage, and i asked him how bad it was. he walked me through, he said, really that first night, there were two different times he was not sure, i was going to make it i know i am lucky to be alive. if anything it puts a real renewed focus on what is purpose iimportant in life, we all do things of day, we follow someone em's schedule, then things you really top do, i have tried to remove some of the clutter in my life, and focus on things that
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really matter to me, my faith, family and things that i love doing, i love this job, i -- >> you were almost as is assas, a political target, on a list, this would-be killer was a radical. he came to washington with his los angelelist to shoot all of . yet when you are shot, the nation, i am sure you know now, everything was stunned. -- everyone was stunned. then a week ago goes by, two weeks, a year goes by, we're at it again, we're at each othery throat. things said about the president, things are said, you wonder with the toni tone, but you call some 4eu9lehitler and racist and nass
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that not paying about fire. >> i think that rhetoric hes too come town -- needs to come down, we should be able to disagree, where we have a political debate, fight for the things you believe in and respect that someone else has a different view point, dud no does not meay are evil or haval -- alterior motives, they just see the world differently. it has ratcheted to a point we need to try to calm it down. mark: seems to me, when someone calls someone hitler, we know what hitler was. a racist. it is not just i disagree with that guy. but you use characterization, that you intend to be provocative.
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after this assassination attempt on you, this is irresponsible to me. i am telling you congressman, i turn on tv, i see it all of the time, you see it took right? >> right, like you said, hitler literally killed millions of jews based on fact he wanted too annihilate them off of the face of the earth. we all should stand up against that, saying if we disagree, let's be honest about why we dis agree. manager rimargaret thatcher sai-
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make a better argument. these days, cop-out is saying something so i hav i have. >> it is same on college campuses, some you say, go educate yourself, let's hear all view points and have enough confidence in your argument will win the day, but you are so afraid of other argument, you want to call them names where you shut them down, i think that you have already lost. mark: did bernie sanders ever call you. >> he reached out to my office, i think we may have spoken in first few days, when i was in a fog, he did. mark: okay. you -- >> i don't hold him -- responsible. when this guy did was deranged, there is no justification.
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mark: you are going to be in moneytminority now, let's talk t now, a majority but it is a lame duck session. but things can still get done? >> yes. yes, they. >> we're in a battle right now over proper funding with the border wall, i was in a mighting with president trump a few days ago, this is a big priority of his and of mine. you look at this caravan coming across, have you in this caravan of people, who say we're going to ignore your laws, there are already over 600 known convict criminal convicts in the caravan, you see them using women as human shields, that is the kind of people that are responsible for the caravan, it is important we secure the border, i applaud for president trump for being willing to do
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it, every day, at least 10 known terrorists are captured trying to cross into america through the border. why do we to we want to second e border it is to keep america safe. president trump said, even if you want to seek asylum, seek it legal way, but if you want to break the laws come over, the president is fighting too keep the country safe, there are bad people that try to come here. mark: i want to ask you two follow-ups on that. if 10 -- terrorists captured of day, why wouldn't the democrat party want to do more to help secure the border. is the problem with the democrats or among republicans to get this done, when we come become. >> most week night you have watch me levin tv,
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of potential terrorist on southern border. why wouldn't that compel democratic party to be a little bit more supportive. >> it shows, there is a departmendepartmentmind set -- t on the left, they truly believe in open borders if people want to come in let them in. we're the generous people in the world, we let a million people in to country every year. we have nothing to be ashamed of. the other country have their own border protection. good luck trying to walk to their country illegally. there is a way to come here legally. we should reform some of the legal -- there are parts that
7:20 pm
are broken, but we know there are bad people who try to come, there is a legal way to come in, people have been waiting years, 10 or 15 years to come to america. what does it say, if you are okay with letting someone jump ahead of them in line, what do you tell those people who have done it the by way, play by the rules. mark: you talk about law and rules, they are not particularly invested in law and rules, they must think that it helps the democrat party, it appears to have, rid states -- red states going purple, purple going blue. is there a problem went your republican caucus? do you have a dozen or three dozen republicans who are not necessarily that supportive of
7:21 pm
secures the border, or at least in aiwin a -- in a way, that ma. >> we don't have a consensus how to properly secure, most of our members have voted one way or other to secure the bore border. we brought two different bills on house floor, over 220 republican voted yes, not one democrat vote the yes, the mentality on other side is not to support securing the border. a lot of people talk tough, but when it comes time to vote, they are not there event americans not where you and i are on immigration law, say at a minimum secure the border. what you do with different aspects of immigration policy is one thing. securing the border is important to our security.
7:22 pm
mark: you have republicans, conservative base, we gave the republicans the house, we know what the democrats are. we know they don't support secures border, even though they did 10 years ago, now it not in their best interest. republicans cannot cobble together the numbers they need to send a bill to senate, true? >> not one particular bill, we have been working with president on the best way to do it he would support. because, you know president has looked at it a number of different ways, hements to see -- wants to see border properly secure, he wants 25 billion. at least give 5 billion to start building wall out, a long-term project. it costs more money over 5 years, at least let's start with this. then by the way who pelosi had super majority in house, and senate, they passed obamacare, they could have done anything
7:23 pm
they wanted, they did, they didn't try to go and fix immigration policy, they right now true to use lift and use immigration and -- left and use immigration and say republicans don't care, they didn't care when they have everything. we had tried to solve this problem, not one democrat stepped up to vote with us. when pelosi controlled everything last time, she did not bring a bill to the floor, not good not bad. mark: i think in diners and pubs, and all over, they are not thinking about what pelosi did or didn't do. they say, we have a republican house, senate, president, we spent billions of dollar massive debt, and we can't cobblining together 5 billion. >> we did put 1 1/2 billion in
7:24 pm
place, there is some wall being built, we work very closely with this president to finally start rebuilding this military after what president obama did to literally degrade it last year, we lost more men and women in training death than combat by more than 3 to 1 margin, we got regulations, control, obama era regulations were crushing not just middle class, they were killing manufacturing in america, we have reversed that with this president, and getting billing on his desk he sign a tax cut bill, not one democrat voted with us, we got a bill not since ronald reagan in 86, a text reform bill to president's desk, it was historic, cut taxes every level, made country competitive, and reaping rewards, and federal government this year fac took in more moneo treasury a with those tax cuts, we took in more money this year than we have before.
7:25 pm
we have got to get control over mandatory side of spending, but we have gotten our economy back on track, we're seeing an economy growth, and rebuild our military while getting regulation under control, they are important. they are things we have not done, and it is fair criticism, to say, does not do this on immigration, on obamacare. we in house passed a bail a bilh one vote to spare it fail by one vote, fair exrit simp to say it did not get done, there is more who lift, lookerring at what we have done in house with this president, historic things there is still more work to be done, but watch with pelosi, when she is speaker, people will then recognize the different. mark: i want to ask you about spending. when we return. seems to be out of control. debt is massive. getting bigger and bigger. in the contest, is the house a good rai rain -- relationship
7:26 pm
working relationship with mitch mcconnell, he announced over and over, they will not shut down the government. i was around during reagan administration, he shut it down 6 times, years ago, paul ryan said, on my radio show, he said, when you talk about government jusshut downthat is 17%. is this a pr problem? it would seem that every time government is quote, unquote shut down, republican dog repub. we just had a midterm election. is border wall a big enough issue to fight over this? we'll be right back. ...and i found out that i'm from the big toe
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>> i am lauren green, white house facing more issues vice president pence chief o staff calls this quits, he will step down of from his position at end of the year. after president announced that his chief of staff john kelly will be stepping down.
7:31 pm
>> rescue effort in west virginia for 4 people reported missing in ran underground coal mine, an abandoned atvfer atv wd outside. >> i am lauren grind, back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: government shut down, schumer said government shuts down, president said i have been asking for this wall money, every year, i have been president, i am stuck with this attack that i'm not holding up my promise. who's fault is it? >> president made it clear me wants 5 billion next year.
7:32 pm
more technology. to make more affect of use of the border patrol agents to give them more tools they need to be safe, in caring out mission, we saw with caravan, they were trying to attack. attacking our border patrol. and so threat is real. need t border is real. you know at the end of the day we need to secure the border, american people regardless of where you stand on immigration border, most americans believe we ought to secure border. mark: does house republican leadership get along ago with senate republican leadership. >> we have different approaches to how we do things, different
7:33 pm
rules. i have been critical in past of 60 vote rules in senate, they say that senate business. we have so many bills we sent to the senate, we pass with a majority vote, a lot of those were tough to pass because not one democrat would slo vote witd not one could get through senate because of that rule it makes hard for us to follow through. we still can work together to get things done, a classic example is tax cut bill. mark: you said we had more tax income, but we're spending more and borrowing more, and people look at this, say, we're not making any progress, it is barely talked about, even republicans on capitol hill.
7:34 pm
last we're there was a massive spending bill, we wanted to protect defense department, which you said was evice rated under president obama, the president should not been given that choice. >> no congress should be in a position of saying do you properly fund defense or balance budget. that is a false choice, a constitutional responsibility as people of congress to fu fund or national defense, have you highlighted this so many times over what the constitution is about. we spend 90% of our time talking about discretionary side of budget that includes defense, if you eliminate department of defense you would still have a deficit, don't ask like that is the problem in washington.
7:35 pm
two-thirds of our spending in washington is called mandatory spending, we don't vote omedicare, medicaid, social security, obamacare in one bill we passed last year with 51 vote requirement, too repeal and replace obamacare, we repealed obamacare. actually put in place reforms to lower premium, put new charge of your health care, protecting people with preexisting condition, we did that, and we turned medicaid, a broken form of healthcare. over to states to run, we put med exaid omedicaid on a budgett slowed growth. we didn't cut it like democrats were saying. that would have saved over 800 billion and improved he'l healte for family, and and by the way, medicare, if we don't touch it
7:36 pm
it is set to go bankrupt in 8 years, that is irresponsible to let it go bust. we have a plan to sieve i safe m bankruptcy. mark: a been on medicare, are you voting on it before you leave town. >> i'm not sure if there will be a vote. i think we need a public discussion, we have not engaged american people on the problem. go i home, i talk with senior groups in new orleans. first thing, i say how many of you about medicare is going bankrupt in 8 years, they are ash frayed to talk about it. they are okay. young people don't believe it will be there for home. so if they have to make changes,
7:37 pm
to how a 30-year old will have to you know make plans so they still have some kind of healthcare plan for them, when they retirement they are open this that discuss, we can't just assume everyone that knows what the problem is. we have to have the discussion and talk about the solution, democrats don't want to make changes, that i want to let it go bust, scare and frighten seniors. mark: you say, correct me, the trustees put out this work every year, that medicare goes bust in 8 years. >> it is bipartisan. mark: bipartisan. >> not like just for republicans said, obama's and trump's actuaries acknowledge it goes bust. and democrat plan for medicare for all. mark: that would bankrupt health -- >> think about it bankrupts medicare faster, you take a plan right now insolvent it should be
7:38 pm
shored up, they put 200 million more people on a plan that is going bankrupt it goes bankrupt faster. most people who get private health insurance they like it. mark: we'll be right back. share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered. (mom vo) over eighteen hundred wishes granted. (vo) that's one hundred and forty million dollars donated to charity by subaru and its retailers over eleven years. (girl) thank you. (boy) thank you. (old man) thank you. (granddaughter) thank you.
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mark: steve scalise let's talk about democrats for a minute, you will be in minority. committee represented mostly one coast or the other, san francisco is well represented, new york city, baltimore and so forth. a big center of the country not
7:43 pm
represented. and they made is clear, they have as their purpose expand welfare state, drive up spending further, and drive this president from was on the. from office. is the republican caucus ready to duke it out. >> we're ready to battle, one of best thing about trump presidency, he is actually doing the things he promised during the campaign, that is refreshing. also, why they hate he is doing, he is after the leftist mentality that came into play during obama. bulk of republican that lost to democrat, that gave pelosi majority o are places that donad trump won on ballot, it will be
7:44 pm
a real delicate balance for them, their first vote as member of congress will be for nancy pelosi as speaker, many have promised they would not do it. eyes will be focused, did you break your bond with your constituents. and then, the radical bills she wilshewill bring, eliminate i.c. and this personal stuff to get rid of the president, that is not where middle america is, that is not where a lot of seats they flipped are. mark: are you ready to organize, the committee battle inch for inch, territory, territory. >> we absolutely need to, i was on energy and commerce
7:45 pm
department. when in a start moving through obamacare, look at popularity of obamacare in beginning, it was popular, we exposed so many different peaks of that bill that will destroy your relationship with your doctor, we'll jack up cost of health care, we laid it out, it was not a mystery, we did it in house floor. it hit is unpopular it is bad l. we have to battle them in marketplace of ideas, show them why their idea bad, we have better ideas. >> i feel in committees they strategizing in, and organize they can be obnoxious when they want, to they obstruct. i hope they are prepared to organize. because the democrat in minority
7:46 pm
seem to know what to to. someone republican don't seem to know what do in the minority that would be something that would concern me, there is thought or talks. >> remember, been 8 years since we've been in minority, over 70% of our conference republican house members never served in the minority, for a lot it will be first experience, i hope they don't like it. i will not like it. i have seen nancy pelosi as speaker and the kind of agenda she wants to put push through. we have to do a better job of explaining to american metropolitan what we stan for. >> most week night you can watch levin tv, go to crtv sign up right there. join our group, your
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mark: steve scalise, we got hit pretty good, house midterm.
7:51 pm
what is message, was there a united message. >> i think going in, it was the economy, that is main focus, economy is still doing well. thing that it was not enough, democrats, did a good job of going out, and lying, would argue. they were lying about fact that we were trying to take away preexisting condition coverage, they had a lot of money with that, they out raised us their base of motivated when. president got engaged, he did really well in terms of bringing your base to a higher level of turn ou typically in off year election does not do so well. we saw a percentage this time, but i think our message was not sharp enough, it was not just enough to be for the economy.
7:52 pm
we should have got to a more direct back and forth on health care, they said was not true, but if you are not pushing back, then, the mile miles become -- h becomes the fact. mark: interesting, you had candidates running away from president, many of them got blown out. >> you know if you look at, i'll use senate, some of the house races, you know can do bac go bd forth. you look at where president went to flip, you know missouri is a good example. at what happened in indiana, north dakota. you had a lot o opportunities or south dakota, where president got engaged and flip the seat from democrat to republican, help increase turn out even in texas. he and ted cruz did not necessarily get along during the
7:53 pm
primaries but they sure came together, and senator cruz voted for kavanaugh, and so president came down helped support cruz. you look at florida, ron desan stidesantis.mark: what does tha? >> i think what president gets involved, he incredibly popular, you would see, i of in houston doing some, vent the day after trump came to houston for a rally for our members there. they filmed toyota center, 15,000 people in the arena and 15,000 outside, knowing they could not get in but they just wanted to the be there, that tells you, the enthusiasm for this president has never been higher, i think with 2020, and president trump on ballot, against whatever far left radical they nom out of their
7:54 pm
30-person primary, president trump will do incredibly well, we have a great economy, i think it going to keep getting better, you will have contrast that could not be clearer just like president trump against hillary clinton, it will be similar in two years. >> when we come back, big the bg question. and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free. and fearlessly devours piles. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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mark: by the way, really good book. back in the game. i strongly encourage people to get the book. investment, your prediction, will the democrats overreach or brother about begins be prepared to take advantage of that? >> on both fronts yes. i don't think there's a doubt that nancy pelosi -- her conference will be further to the left in generate that when she was speaker. you can see how far left they had moved in that short of the period of time. i think there is no way she will avoid overreaching and again, we
7:59 pm
have to make that sharp contrast with president trump on the ballot in 2020. he gets reelected we take pals back. mark: is in your group more conservative now? we lost a number of the so-called rhinos. wouldn't she be laying out there perhaps three dozen democrats who want have relatively republican districts? >> a lot of opportunities to show differences and we need to do that. i think we will be ready to fed we need to recruit good candidates. you can't just run against someone who is bad but put up a strong candidate and we have a lot of people willing to step up retake the house and working with the president again to keep putting real conservative reforms in place that will be long-lasting to turn this country around. mark: you're telling the viewers republicans are ready and they are ready even in the minority. >> yeah, and if you are republican incumbent was beat by a democrat you want to be part of getting the country back on
8:00 pm
track, reach out to me or reach out to our team we need good people to run for congress and fight to get this country back on track. mark: great pleasure. god bless. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". previously on chappaquiddick. the entire family dynasty falls on the shoulders of ted kennedy. they had rendered entrance-rented a small cabin.


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