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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 10, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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remember the radio show each afternoon. laura is next. have a great night. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. the left ambushes another public figure social media sins from year's past. this time a "usa today" writer found tweets from murray written when he was 14 years old. where does this end? an alarming report about police recruits plummeting in two-thirds of the departments across the country. being the derision of law enforcement lead to a public safety crisis? and why do advocacy groups care
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more about illegal immigrants seeking shelter rather than focussing on american vets or our mentally ill living on the streets. first, comey's convenient memory loss and the search for answers. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." well, it may be time to send over something to the former fib director jim comey. he got amnesia before his testimony on friday. they explored the trump russia probe. jim comey could not recall. >> i don't know for sure. i don't know the answer to that. i don't know for sure. i don't know the answer to that. i don't recall. i am not familiar with that.
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i don't remember it. >> laura: we don't have the video. he is a smart guy. don't smart people have a good memory? during his 5.5 hours of testimony comey said i don't remember 73 times, and i don't know 161 times, and i don't recall 8 times. here's why this matters. republicans are still struggling to find the answers about the origins of the russian collusion probe and what is happening with the biassed investigates who advanced it should donald trump win the election in 2016. which asked if he could recall who wrote this document for the russian probe comey had no recollection and claimed to have no knowledge of the involvement
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of peter strzok. he's lead fbi investigator who led the clinton email probe. whose text to his girlfriend lisa page included this. ju he could not remember anything about the british spy christopher steele passing the dossier along to justice department official bruce ohr. it was ohr who forwarded it to the fbi sparking the surveillance of trump campaign figures. remember carter page? the few details that comey had clarity on raise important questions. he told congress that the details of the steele dossier were unverified when they were used by the fbi to secure surveillance warrants of trump
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campaign advisor carter page. that's what started this entire russia trump probe. comey maintained that it was know necessary for the fbi to validate the sources of the dossier. with questions outstanding, comey will be further grilled by congress next year. as the clock is running out on the republicans efforts to get answers. a democrat announced his first order of business: to shutdown all investigations of possible corruption at to stt with it. the entire purpose of this investigation [inaudible]. there is no evidence of bias in the fbi or any of this other nonsense they are talking about. >> laura: well, this other nonsense speaks to the credibility of the mueller probe and calls it into question.
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isn't he curious about the dossier? what role did memory challenged comey play in all of this. the department of justice general questioned comey's memory about the russian probe and investigating that comey leaked his own memo to the file after his conversation with the president. he sent it to his front at the "new york times." that investigation is on-going. they want to bury those concerns and rush right into the end game. only one investigation he will keep alive and that's mueller's. he believes that the president instructed his lawyer to pay settlements to two women during
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the campaign. bingo. that's ground for impeachment. >> if it's proven, are those impeachable offenses? >> they would be whether they are important enough to justify impeachment is a different question. they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office. >> laura: we may end up where this russia probe began. partisans misusing the tools of justice to drive a president from office. no matter how he tries to rush the public to impeachment questions linger about the political nature of this entire russian collusion probe.
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we will get answers whether james comey recalls them or not. joining me now is john solomon, and by ron york and andy mccarthy and former attorney general michael mukasey. general, you were chomping at the bit over there. comey amazing amnesia. we have heard he is smart as a chip and focussed and a detailed oriented individual. how do you forget so much? >> extraordinary transcript. at one point he was asked about the statement by the president told him about laying off flynn. that was disturbing and he started an investigation based on that statement. then he was asked about president obama saying on
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national television that hillary clinton should not be charged because she did not intend to do anything wrong. that was on national television. somehow it doesn't matter. that was the clear import of his response. it's mind blowing. what he should have been asked about is the fact that president obama's emails were found on hillary clinton's illegal server. if he charged her, he will be chargeding the president as well. well that played any role in his calculations i would be interested to know his answer. >> laura: john, it's important what the former fbi director did remember. >> the most important recollection after his book was that the steele dossier which is the genesis of the fisa warrants
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was not verified which it was submitted as evidence. his admission of that validates what several congressional committees have been looking at including nunes and grassley. i think the ig has an important statement to put in his report next year when he looks at the fisa abuses. >> laura: andy, comey has spoken out since his testimony. he gave a big q and a last night in new york. he was asked about the question of impeachment. let's watch. >> i can't see what the end of the mueller effort looks like. i don't know what form it will take. i don't know what they will conclude. i can't say in that respect. i can tell you that all of us should use every breath we have to make sure that the lying stops on january 20th, 2021.
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>> i hope donald trump is not removed by impeachment because it lets the country off the hook. >> he's become very partisan. i am sorry to see that. i don't mind partisanship. i mind it when people are presenting themselves as objective. there is a lot of talk about the necessity of the american people holding trump to account. the fbi had a golden opportunity to hold mrs. clinton to account and they decided not to do that. i think looking at this, i don't see how any objective person looking at this even allowing that mrs. clinton has the constitutional presumption of innocence like everybody else does, i don't know how anyone being look at the 2 sides of this equation and say the quality of justice was the same.
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we should talk about accou accountability. >> laura: the scales of justice tipping one way. hillary clinton's top aides were granted immunity. i don't think we have been toll why they were given immunity and this other guylet off the hook, who sipped the email server. we will get into the issues with the campaign contributions. i think that hurts them in their effort to expose trump because it looks so one sided. >> it does. so many of the things we learned. john was talking about the dossier earlier, including who paid for the dossier and the origins of the dossier and whether the dossier was ever
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verified. all of those things we learned were the result of the house of representatives with nunes and the judiciary committee with grassley pressures the justice department to tell them these things and they stone walled. that dossier used in a fisa warrant on. january 6 of 2017 when donald trump was still the president-elect. jim comey and the top intelligence chiefs traveled new york and comey briefed the president-elect on the allegation he was in a hotel room in moscow with prostitutes. they relied on the dossier to an extraordinary amount. >> laura: every time i go back and review what happened over the last couple of years from
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hillary today, it's stunning. that dossier unverified, being used as the chief component in this fisa application. you are a federal district court judge. if you found out the crux of an application to you for surveillance on an american citizen was not verified and funded by the direct political opponent of the subject of the investigation, that's amazing. >> i would be up the wall about it. i think their claim that they told the judge by slipping a clever little foot note in about the origin, i don't think that survives scrutiny. it seems unusual that although jim comey described that dossier as unverified, the submission he signed is mark a verified subcommission to the fisa court.
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a verified, unverified subcommission? >> laura: we were laughing. this is going back to the old legal days. this is taking us all back. you read it. what jumped out at you the most from comey on friday? >> a couple of things. first his constant inability to understand the questions when the republicans were asking them and his expansive orations when the democrats asked him questions or his succinct, yes, no to their rhetorical questions. when republicans asked questions, he was hemming and haing. i was struck by the exchange about him claiming that the president was telling him to layoff flynn and he had to start an investigation of that.
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when barack obama went on national television and said he didn't think hillary clinton did anything wrong or intended to hurt the country, he was moderately upset about that. >> laura: yes. andy, the big take away from the sentencing documents from the southern district was that language about directing the pavements? the payments to these 2 women. and paid stormy daniels directly. that led all of the other cables to conclude, we got the road runner, trump. he is guilty of a felony. he's on the fast track to
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impeachment. it's amazing without any reference to underlying facts sweeping conclusions are made by people who should know better on national television? >> i think they think or want you to think because cohen went into court and pled guilty to these 2 count of campaign finance fraud, that settles the matter and that means that's done. we don't have to it's questionable whether these two transactions are campaign finance violations. even if we assume they are, that's often been handled as an administrative matter. there is a significant question about whether these payments are in-kind campaign contributions.
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the other thing is there is a sense they get trump coming or going. they say these were campaign expenses and he should have disclosed them. if they were, he could have settled them with campaign funds. i am wondering what the democrats would have said if trump had taken campaign money and done these payments. i would assume they would say he was diverting campaign fund. >> laura: but that would have been legal. if it was disclosed. that's what he said today. this is a private matter. this was not done to influence the election. for you byron, this was from rand paul, i am so glad he said this.
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the underlying constitutionality of the campaign finance regulations. >> i think if someone makes an error in filing paper work, it should not be jail time. this ought to be a fine. like a lost other things in washington, we over-criminalized campaign finance. >> laura: why are conservatives accepting these as constitutional matters? >> a lost conservatives argued -- mitch mcconnell had a big lawsuit about it -- that these limits on political donations are limits on free speech and violate our first amendment rights. they lost on that. so these limits are there. we saw a big and sudden shift in the discussion about trump in the last few days, which is for 2 years it was russia, russia, russia.
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now it's now campaign finance violations. what is clear is democrats believe they already have enough to impeach the president because they can say now, truthfully, federal prosecutors in new york implicated the president in two fell niece. -- felonies. you will hear that millions of times in the future. that's what the prosecutors have done in new york including this part in the michael cohen sentencing. >> laura: yes. >> cohen's admissions are binding him on but they are not binding on the president. the statute says the purpose of the contribution has to be influence the election. not a purpose, the purpose. if he was interested in saving his reputation, saving his marriage, that's the end of it. john edwards beat the same charge back in 2012 based on the same kind of reasoning.
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i don't see that it's that much of a danger to the president. yes, he might be charged. i don't see it as a viable case. >> laura: fantastic panel. coming up the left is collecting another social media pelt. "usa today" smearing the heisman winner just hours after he won the big award. his sin? tweets he sent when he was an adolescent.
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>> ♪ >> this is crazy. man, this is an honor. something that i will never forget. something i will always treasure for the rest of my life. >> laura: that was oklahoma quarterback kyler murray accepting the heisman trophy. and then a writer rained on that moment. he had several homophobic tweets more than 6 years old. murray apologized and said those
7:25 pm
old tweets don't reflect who he is. and actor kevin hart was forced to step down as oscar host after past tweets came back to haunt him. michelle, i am glad there was though twitter or youtube when i was a kid or in college. we all do stupid things this college. he is not a political kid. he is a student and a football player. he can't even have his moment working as hard as he did? >> yes, that's right. this so-called reporter for usa today was not practicing journalism. he was lying in wait for the moment to resurface. these tweets he had been sitting on and waiting to relerb the
7:26 pm
moment. -- relish the moment and spring them on this young man at his height of achievement. a moment that should have been pride for himself and his family. it's not journal. it's social justice warrior use of social media run amuck. i think that every journalist there should hang their heads in shame that scott gleason can operate as a so-called reporter. it calls into question what is news? it's not news worthy that a young man did stupid thing. who among us hasn't done stupid
7:27 pm
things when we were a teenager? stay off social media. >> laura: i think more and more people will come to the understanding that social media is too dangerous. brian, here's what he said last night after this surfaced. i apologized for the tweets that came to life when i was 14 or 15. i used a poor choice of words and i didn't intend to sing out any individual group. i think people are saying does this apply to sarah silverman or chelsea handler. we will put hers up first. this is sarah silverman.
7:28 pm
i won't say that word. that was in 2010. a amy schumer. what are we doing to ourselves? they were adults when they said that stuff. they are comedians so they can get away with it? >> yes, they can get away with things the average person can't. what the reporter in "usa today" did was despicable. that's just tabloid smear. i don't know why you want to smear a young college kid in his moment of glory like that. on the other side of that is you have to stay off the internet and the social media. >> laura: liberals are becoming the anti-fun group or party. no one can make a mistake. no one can say something and comedians can get away with it.
7:29 pm
kevin hart could not get away with it. he was supposed to host the oscars. i met him once. a great guy. must bow down at the altar of political correctness. it's a kill-joy moment in the country. no one can breathe without fear of offending someone else. being kind and having manners, we all should have better manners. i agree with that. you can't be 14 or 15? michelle, i think the left is becoming close to the line of irrelevance in the culture when this is the kind of stuff they focus on. >> well, yes. >> it's not just the left. >> of course it is. >> no, it's not. it's society. >> no, no, no.
7:30 pm
>> when people -->> [overlapping talking]. >> it's society that cares about it. if society didn't care what you put on the internet it would not be an issue. >> they went after this young man because he was a successful athlete and that journalist wanted to bring him down. >> laura: this is a lesson going forward. it's a warning shot cross the bow. any of you people out there and any of you guys coming up through the ranks, you better watch out. we are watching you. it's like big brother but not coming from the government. thank you very much. glenn greenwald is here. co-founder of the intercept. i had a tweet of yours today. this is nuts. i am so glad i didn't grow up in
7:31 pm
the era of this stuff. if that makes me a fuddy-duddy i am fine with that. >> i am grateful there was no internet when i was an adolescent. i worked to protect the internet and defend privacy on the internet. that's a critical innovation. when i hear stay off of social media, as the father of two children that disturbance me. the internet is an important means of communication. but if we signal to people that your every word will be forever scrutinized, we will destroy the internet or breed a conformist society where everyone is petrified from sounding an off-key note. both are equally terrible. >> laura: i mentioned kevin hart who was going to host the oscars. this is what "saturday night
7:32 pm
live" said. >> that was short. kevin hart had to step down as host of the awards because of homophobic tweets from 2011. didn't the academy nominate mel gibson just last year. the only black comic i know that is cleaner than kevin hart is booked for the next 7 to 10 years. >> laura: people on the history are saying we better watch out. i think everyone has to take a breath and poke fun at everybody else. no group should be off-limits except kids. >> do we want to judge everybody by the worst possible moments we can find on them? >> laura: now that comey testified on capitol hill. you probably saw some of that.
7:33 pm
what were your thoughts? >> if you go back to 2016 and look at why there was's special counsel, the argument was we suspect the trump campaign was involved in the hacking. we are so far removed. even jim comey said he was aware of no evidence. now we are celebrating stormy daniels payments and jared kushner met somebody from russia. >> laura: they keep saying all of these russian contacts. someone called trump tower who says they are a trusted source close to the kremlin and talk to michael cohen, we are not following up on this. that's part of the narrative. that didn't go anywhere. >> russia is like a big and important country.
7:34 pm
if you do business you will talk to russians. i don't think we want to create a climate where having communications with russians is a crime, but that's the crime that has been created. >> laura: maybe we should go to the russian tearoom. >> that would be incriminating. >> laura: thank you. new police departments are starving for recruits. your school. your job. your dreams. your problems. (indistinct shouting) but at the y, we create opportunities for everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from. for a better us, donate to your local y today.
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>> ♪ >> i am trace gallagher. thousands of people are still without power after a deadly storm hit parts of the south. officials in north carolina where 2 feet of snow fell blame 3 deaths on the storm. 100,000 customers lost pour in north carolina. power outages were reported in virginia, georgia, tennessee and parts of alabama.
7:38 pm
the storm caused major flight delays and closed down several schools. 32 people were arrested at a demonstration at the border. 31 for trespassing and another for assaulting an agent. 300 people participated in the rally which was organized in support of the caravan of central america asylum seekers. i am trace gallagher. back to the ingraham angle. >> [shouting]. >> [shouting]. >> laura: those chants have become refrains across the country in the wake of police involved shootings. a new study shows that may have
7:39 pm
a chilling effect on new police recruiting classes. a forum found that applications have fallen at two-thirds of the department's across the country. adding this alarming realization: although the u.s. population has risen to 323 million in 2016, the number of full-time officers per 1,000 residented dropped. joining now is heather mcdonle and author of the book "the war on cops" and co-host of "the five" juan williams. heather, you wrote about the issue of police and their relationship to local communities across the country. we can remind everybody about martin and michael brown and in
7:40 pm
baltimore to freddie gray. we had several police officers in baltimore who were accused of the most horrific things with the death of gray and wilson in saint louis. they were exonerated? >> they went on to face disciplinary charges from their department. those do not represent the norm of policing in this country. most officers are out there trying to do their job. what happened because of these protests and the narrative is that officers are backing of policing. a cop in chicago told me he never experienced so much hatred in his 19 years on the job. it has a result in recruiting. >> laura: they were called every name in the book.
7:41 pm
wilson did not have a single disciplinary action against him with the death of michael brown. it was supposed to be hands up, don't shoot. that was never said. even when police are exonerated their life is destroyed. who wants to sign up with that? >> that's a tough job. the big change is cellphone cameras and body cameras on police. i think that says no longer can are you rely on the thin blue line or the blue wall of silence to protect you. we just had a case in birmingham, alabama, where a black man was trying to help people get off of a troubled situation after a fight and he gets shot. the police story was he was involved. then the police said that wasn't
7:42 pm
true and then they go silent. why was this man shot? we had other cases like this. i think a lot of people remember the man in minnesota. he said i am legally allowed to carry a registered gun and still gets shot in front of his kids. >> laura: those are horrific examples. if this is racism in an individual that compels them to shoot other individual the person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law. >> not only race. i point to mental illness. a lot of people who get shot by cops have mental issues. if you have mental issues and a minority in a bad neighborhood, police are nervous and concerned about their own safety. >> laura: in 2014 and 2015, rutgers university looked at that year of police involved shootings. black cops were just as likely
7:43 pm
to shoot a black individual as white police officers. there was no difference in the study done by two rutgers professors. and 1.04 million called for police service. only .086% called for the use of a fire arm. >> black officers were more likely to shoot blacks who were not armed than white officers were. what we need to talk about is the reason officers are in minority neighborhood in greater numbers. that's where people are being victimized at much higher rates. the black crime problem will only be solved when the family comes back together again. until that happens, policing
7:44 pm
saves lives. >> laura: but if they feel like they are the targets. they have a target on their black. if they protect themselves acting in a split second, if they hesitate, they could be killed. in their weapon discharges, which almost never happens, they could be sued. even with immunity they can be sued and their lives are destroyed. is it a wonder we have these horrific recruitment statistics? >> no. i hope cops go back to pro-active policing. the narrative is destructive. if the media focussed on every time a police officer shoots a white person, the public would think we have an epidemic of shooting of white people.
7:45 pm
it's the perception that we have an epidemic of black shootings is caused by the media. >> if you are shooting white, black or asians, you don't like it. when you see the kind of reaction from poor black communities that feel the police don't show up in terms of serving them. they show up and treat everyone as a suspect and people, especially young men feel bullied, i think you understand we have a problem. >> that's not what i have heard. >> laura: if we don't start recruiting police -- in new orleans, they had 800 spots opened in new orleans just in the city of new orleans. that's a real problem. people won't feel safe and protected in your community. when you dial 9-11 you want to get a police officer to show up.
7:46 pm
>> but you don't want to be shot. 937 people shot and killed this year by police. what is going on? >> there are 10 deadly weapon assaults on officers in the country for every 1 officer involved shooting. >> laura: i have to go. we will keep on this issue in the new year. we have to see progress in the way police are recruited and the rules of engagement. coming up, why are some groups doing more to help illegal immigrants or american vets or our mentally ill? that's next. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that
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>> laura: a story out of california that might prompt americans to ask: shouldn't we take care of our own citizens first. the "l.a. times" notes that shelter is scars for migrants releaseed in san diego county. they are pleading for help for a crisis watch. >> we have more people coming in in friday. probably about 100 people coming in. we will wait for ice to let us know if there will be another bus or maybe two buses next week. >> the church stock piles
7:51 pm
clothes and shoes but there is not enough to go around. >> laura: my question is: why aren't these advocates pushing for more shelters for homeless americans like our vets and the mentally ill? joining us is tammy bruce and ja mani williams. san diego regional task force, reported in june of this year that the number of local homeless veterans increased by 24%. just last year! shouldn't we focus on little things that are closer to home? >> it's interesting that you say that particularly in housing. i have dealt with housing my whole life. the homeless crisis in new york city, nothing to do with undocumented immigrants.
7:52 pm
i asked the city council to stop the administration from getting rid of a program that helps house homeless veterans. i am fighting for the administration to keep a program for the same people you are talking about it. >> laura: my point is a simple point. we have a limited pool of resources. does money grow on trees? no. we have a limited of number of volunteers that don't get paid to resettle refugees. when you go on the streets two weeks from here and people are on the streets and can't get into homeless shelters? >> yes, whether it's in the train stations. across the country. tent cities in san francisco, los angeles and san diego. these are local communities funded with local dollars. in san diego it's a particular
7:53 pm
problem because veterans when they come home, a lot land in san diego. we have over 1300 home else veterans in san diego who are not swamped with people who worry about if a new bus will come or if there are enough clothes? they are sleeping out in the open. it comes down to resources because there is no money tree. it's taxpayer money. it's about priority. these stories are heart breaking. why now with the rhetoric that illegal immigrants are taking a priority over americans who put their lives on the line? signed up and served this country and went into the military. >> that's not true. >> managed to get home to defend this country and freedom. yet they are the ones who we have abandoned. >> laura: if you asked a question.
7:54 pm
. if we had a pool of 200 million dollars to spend on homelessness. should that be directed toward americans or to illegal immigrants? >> that's a binary choice that is false. >> laura: you either go this way. >> i call them undocumented immigrants. we have no undocumented immigrants, we would have a homeless crisis like you speak about. >> laura: so you think we should bring in more homeless people? >> no, overhaul the immigration system. we have enough resources to deal with all of this. >> laura: where do you get the money? where is the money coming from? liberals never want to answer. are you opening up your home to illegal immigrants tonight?
7:55 pm
we have a limited pool of resources. do you understand that. >> [overlapping talking]. >> housing the homeless. let's start that. >> laura: all right. guys. >> there is nothing shameful to have americans be our priority. >> it's shameful to pretend the reason that is not happening is undocumented immigrants>> laura: we will be right back.
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time passes. hold onto christmas. >> laura: time for the last bite.
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by now you have the seen the miracle play yesterday by the miami dolphins winning against the patriots in the last 7 seconds. the pats fans did not take it too well. especially this nice gentleman. >> how did that happen? >> a freak play. a crazy play! how could it happen? how could it happen? where the [bleep]? they have to get the other end of the goal line safe. are you [bleep] me? look at this. >> laura: we laughed so hard. you have to see the extended view of that. that's all of the time. shannon bream and fox news @ night team take it had here. go mime. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the i word back on the table.
8:00 pm
democrats are not embracing impeachment just yet but are moving closer. prosecutors are casting a wider net. and a chorus demands to know what does this have to do with russia. a legal fight with planned parenthood. conservatives are disappointed in the newest justice. what does justice


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