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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 12, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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that, she said we need him in congress. meadows himself has responded to these developments saying that he is quite happy serving the people and his north carolina district and his life goes on. meanwhile the search for a chief of staff goes on. that's not settled. right now general kelly leaving the end of the month. here's "the five." >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with morgan ortagus, juan williams, jesse watters, and a pinky ring is for hoop. dana perino. "the five" ." a fiend shot and killed at least two people in northeastern france last night, yelling allahu akbar while opening fire at a christmas market. wonder what he was trying to tell us. the terrorist was known to authorities. 27 convictions and currently wanted for other violent acts.
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considered a threat to the state and still out and about. might have already fled the country. as an american, the striking thing about this recent attack is how rarely we hear about them now. that's good. but the venom of islamic terror still exist. and injected into a bitter loser culminates in mayhem. it's been so long since writing about this and talking about it, i am pretty rusty. the fact that such evil can move freely is another reason why security is the backbone of freedom. and while you will never be 100 present save, the only way to enjoy freedom is to understand the price it takes to maintain it. a border. it's important. but when someone born here is radicalized, that's not enough. solid walls keep bodies at bay about toxic ideas flowed happily over them. the terrorist was in prison, prisons have walls and borders but they only work if the dirt bag is still inside them. he was out and able to kill innocent people. why? how is it possible?
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it's infuriating. france, targeted numerous attacks, they still have trouble with priorities. while america enjoys relative safety compared with the past, this is a reminder for the modern world that is we move forward, there are still those who wish to take us back. you know, morgan, you've dealt with this. it's been kind of your expertise. relevant trick of the last big attack here was around halloween last year. terrorist in a truck called eight -- killed eight, mostly tourists. >> morgan: i think it's out of the news because the president, for good reason, has focused a lot on the threats of china or this great power warfare. he's also had great success against syria -- excuse me against isis in syria and iraq.
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the attack foreshadows the coming debate the administration is going to have about what we're doing in afghanistan. it will keep forces there. if we will pull them out. i think it serves to remind all of us this is a generational struggle. this attack may not have been isis-directed but it was clearly isis-inspired. it continues to be something europe struggles greatly with and we can't keep our eye off the ball. >> greg: the argument over borders is sound but i don't know if it correlates with this attack. i would say this is more of a failure of law and order to protect society from a known threat. >> dana: one of the things is that he was radicalized in prison. we know that's a big problem too. you go down the list and again, hindsight being 2020 coming you are like obviously he was going to be -- obviously he was going to do it again. what are the resources you're willing to spend? can there be rehabilitation or deportation? i say that the officials in
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germany apprehended his family. for questioning because they don't know if there was coordination, things like that. that area is quite porous. because of the you understandably from an economic standpoint, they thought it would be better if we have no borders. they added a border today but it's a little bit too late. >> greg: good point. jesse, i'm going to play with -- play you some sound on tape from fox & friends. it's a show that's on the morning before you wake up. secretary of state mike pompeo talking about terror as it relates to security and vice versa. >> europe has got a new norm's challenge. lots of folks that we are watching that we think are at risk, we try to monitor but the numbers are so big. it's why border security matters too and we need to know who's coming in and out of our country so there are fewer people of the fbi and sheriff's offices in
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kansas in places like that have to monitor and watch. >> greg: the issue, monitoring who was coming in and coming out but in this terror attack, it wasn't about coming in and coming out. he was already there. does it still matter because -- >> jesse: he is taking a comprehensive approach. you have error. you have land. umc. according to the department of homeland security, they stop about ten terrorist related people coming into the country every year. obviously more money has to be spent to protect u.s. national security. they have watch lists. they have them here and they have them there. right now there's 26,000 people on the french terror watch list. you could get on that list if you fight for isis or even if you go to a jihadi website or if you have any contact with a suspected jihadist. they put you on the list. that allows the french authorities to place gps monitor in your car.
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it allows them to wiretap you. exchange information with the other e.u. nations. we had our eyes on the 9/11 hijackers, on the boston bombers, on the pulse nightclub shooters. it's very frustrating as an american went someone perpetrates an attack and then you have the idea that the fbi kind of was aware a little bit and it looks like the same thing happened over in france. the viciousness of the attacks kind of strikes me. i went back and looked at the type of attacks in france, and there has been a lot, especially in france, firebombs, hostagetaking, machete attacks, car rantings, machine guns. >> greg: their gun control is really high. >> jesse: terrorists continue to be creative with the methodology they use to perpetrate terror. but there's just a lot of weapons out there, and you look at europe, as an american, you say you have socialism. that's a warning to americans.
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you have terror. that's a warning. the economy, migration. you sit back and see what lessons can we learn from europe before they become a crisis in america? >> greg: i am setting you up for this, juan. i know you have a good point on this the donald trump used this as part of an argument about the border. how do you see that? do you see it as ludicrous or? >> juan: it's transparent to me that clearly he's trying to take advantage of this terrible situation. what strikes me first and foremost is that this guy had a long criminal record. he had been arrested for breaking into a pharmacy. breaking into a dentist office and put in jail in germany at one point. he's a bad guy. it doesn't appear, as morgan said, to be part of any kind of terror network, although the french believe there's five people. somehow associated with this guys they try to pursue him at this moment. in response to you being rusty in terms of doing this, i think
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that's good news for america. i would say so. i would point out to you, greg, that when we have things like the pittsburgh synagogue shooting or parkland or the attack on the southern black church, i think you have to understand there are people inside the country who do bad things. >> greg: absolutely. i would call that terrorism. >> juan: i would say yeah, for people who are subject to it, jews, blacks, it's real terrorism. we just have a guy who ran over the woman down in charlottesville put in jail for life this week. those are real things. but in terms of trying to advance the border argument, i would wish that the president would just be more direct. it's hard to say that terrorists come across the southern borders because the state department says that's not the case, but it is the case that he wants to make the argument that we are more secure. i think he has a case to make. go ahead and make the case but don't use this as some kind of convenient argument. to me, it cheapens it. >> greg: i think you can
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relate them together but probably finesse it in a better way. >> morgan: i was going to say this comes on the backdrop of paris literally being on fire because of the populace protest against the president. you are seeing the prime minister in london just barely escaping a vote of no confidence today. of course in germany, angela merkel, her party is consistently losing these elections. we are seeing geological turmoil in europe that i think is unprecedented. >> dana: i think we should give their intelligence services and their law enforcement some credit. they are stopping a lot of these before they are happening. you don't hear about a lot of them. it's like the copycat thing. the more you hear about them, the worse it gets. this is really a world war. the eight people that were killed here last october were all from argentina. yesterday in paris, you had a thai tourist killed. no nation is free from this kind of thing because these terrorists also attack muslims
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in their own countries as well. >> juan: one thing to add as i think we should give a tip of the hat to the good old usa because in terms of assimilation and the muslim population, france has not done a good job. you look at the usa, we've done a much better job. they cooperate with our law enforcement as a result. wow, america. we feel bad for what happened over there, but at the same time, i think we are an example for what's possible. >> greg: the other thing we can't forget is all it takes is one thing to change -- erase the entire board, and everything we talk about on "the five" becomes another 9/11. if it happens, it takes one. president trump with new words for impeachment-happy democrats. that's next on "the five" ." liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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>> jesse: fox news alert. michael cohen learns his fate. sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to numerous charges including lying to congress and violating campaign finance laws. let's go to rick leventhal who was inside the courtroom earlie earlier. >> jesse, it was packed with members of the media, attorneys and federal agents and three
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rows of michael cohen's family and friends who all listened intently as he spoke from most 10 minutes before he was sentenced. near the beginning, he told the judge this may be hard to believe but today is one of the most meaningful days in my life, the day i got my freedom back. he says his blind loyalty to donald trump led him to choose a path of darkness over light, ignoring his own moral compass and spending several years and what he called mental incarceration. the hearing lasted just over an hour, including cohen's attorney asking for leniency, suggesting that his client made a remarkable life decision to cooperate with the federal government, offering evidence against the most powerful person in the country, saying that cohen was a man of integrity and honest businessman. u.s. attorneys painted a different picture of a man fueled by greed and a lust for power who deliberately and willfully stole millions and he wrote his fate in the electoral process. they say trying to influence the outcome of the presidential election. judge william pauley said that somewhere along the way, michael cohen did lose his moral compass and the magnitude and breadth of
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misconduct require significant deterrence. that deterrence come as you mention, 36 month in federal prison, through three years sud parole. restitution to the irs. the forfeiture of a loan at about $1,000 in fines. he can spend the holidays with his family. he will turn himself in on marc. >> jesse: rick, thank you very much. president trump ready to fight back is democrats ramp up impeachment talk. trump telling reuters "it's hard to impeach somebody who hasn't done anything wrong and who has created the greatest economy in the history of our country." i'm not concerned, no. i think the people would revolt if that happens." a kind of agree, greg. especially if the impeachment is on party lines and if it's something really thin, major collusion. >> greg: hold on a second grade you are telling me, jesse, that you agree with donald trump? we need another breaking news.
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get rick leventhal back you. i agree. trump bears responsibility for employing cohen. that's not against the law to employ a bad lawyer who might have done something wrong. cohen pleading guilty is not the same as trump pleading guilty, that cohen may have broken the law is not the same is trump breaking the law. the media is addicted completely to what ifs not what is or what ares. they can't see the truth. can i talk about avenatti? he held a press conference condemning cohen. let's show it. >> michael cohen is neither a hero nor a patriot. michael cohen will report to federal prison exactly one year after we filed a case on behalf of stormy daniels. michael cohen was sentenced today. donald trump is next. >> greg: [laughs]
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he's the best. the pot calling the kettle black. but that might be racist. >> jesse: and he just lost his ferrari. >> greg: he did! >> jesse: in a great piece in the daily signal, it says trumps ex lawyer didn't violate campaign finance laws and neither did the president. it's a methodical look at federal election commission, how they rule on cases like this. >> dana: he would know because he was an appointee to the federal election commission. it took a lot to get him confirmed, hvs, he's a great gu guy. you have a campaign finance violation, and that's going to be argued, and president trump saying people in the streets with pitchforks. do you think he's sending a message right there to his supporters? >> dana: know, i do not. i think anyone who -- what was
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it? what ran away with the spoon? >> greg: i know a few people who have. >> jesse: jumped over the moon. >> dana: something about the spoon. they took it too far. i think what he's saying it's his supporters, his base, the people who voted for him who didn't vote for him because of russia or any other reason, that they are going to say like how could you do this? we voted for him. he is the legitimate president of the united states. we love what he's doing. he doesn't mean they are going to revolt against the country and pick up weapons and go after people. that's not what he meant. he just meant that there would be frustration, right? big time. i also feel like on campaign finance laws, it's murky. i talked with three different lawyers today. everyone has a different term dictation -- interpretation of it. michael cohen doesn't just go to jail for three years because of campaign finance violation. he admitted guilt to all sorts things. his own decisions, that had dealings and that's really what
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he's going to jail. >> jesse: juan, donald trump, as we discussed, he can get along with democrats. he's not an ideological guy. do the democrats risk something if they go and write from january and say impeach, impeach, impeach, and hold the line. instead rack up some bipartisan compromises with the president in the new congress and the senate and maybe get some bills passed. then they can run and say listen, i got things done in congress. >> juan: that's what he said last night to reuters. he said we can go down to paths. one is constructive and one is more of this kind of investigation stuff. before we do that, let me quickly say that in fact, bill clinton had a better economy than donald trump and he was impeached. so we'll see. >> dana: his approval rating also went up. >> juan: that's right. it's not a case that because -- >> jesse: wait until the trump economy really kicks into high
2:21 pm
gear. >> juan: you are looking forward. >> greg: there could be two impeachments. >> juan: wait a second. the second thing is you tried to separate cohen from trump. but i believe the prosecutors say individual 1 who we believed to be president trump, directed michael cohen. the argument from the president was there was no payment to stormy daniels. we weren't paying anybody. then the second thing -- >> greg: there is still no crime. >> juan: you won't let me finish. then he blames cohen. and then he says -- >> greg: bad lawyer. >> dana: it is. >> juan: then this denial and lies by the president, you can't ignore. >> greg: not collusion. i am telling you this is why -- we should do a whole hour on this. let's do a whole hour.
2:22 pm
who cares. >> juan: do you know what mueller's prosecutor said today in court? cohen was helpful to them by providing information about trump's contact with russia. >> greg: what if is not what is. >> morgan: what you saw with cohen and the american news media, they pled, they had a plea deal. it wasn't litigated in court. i think if this does go before congress, this isn't settled law. it hasn't been tested. as dana said, the president can make a clearer argument that i was doing something to protect my family. i similarly talked to several lawyers today and everyone had a different response on this. it comes down to the politics. what do the 30 republican senators think if the house and peaches and do they want to remove a president for what's a campaign violation or making a payment to protect his family. i don't see that happening. >> jesse: if you need to know anything about campaign finance
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♪ >> juan: welcome back. the road to 2020 coming into focus with some new developments. former advisor to president george w. bush says joe biden should run on the unity ticket. she has a surprising choice for a running mates. utah senator elect mitt romney. beto o'rourke edges out bernie sanders has the top presidential candidate among progressive democrats in a straw poll. former tallahassee mayor andrew gillum generating more 2020 bows by speaking at the dnc donors conference yesterday.
2:28 pm
morgan, what do you make of it? >> morgan: i think andrew gillum is a talented politician. i watched him in florida, state i grew up in. it's not surprising to me about beto getting this energy. as much as i respect biden even though i'm a republican, i just don't see. he seems hesitant. the same thing that happened in '16. he seems hesitant to get in. he's leading in the poll. i don't think he ultimately is going to go for it. this is not based on fact. this is just based on my cable news pontificating. >> jesse: don't put that down. >> morgan: i think president trump never held elected office before coming here, so it will be tough to beat him. i still like, a lot of everybody, not that the democrats care what i think. i still like kamala harris. she is tough to beat. she's a smart woman. she held herself well in the judiciary hearings. if the democrats want a woman, i
2:29 pm
would put my money on her. >> juan: beto o'rourke got 15%. bernie sanders 13, and your pal kamala harris. >> greg: your best friend. >> juan: elizabeth warren 6. jesse, what do you think? >> jesse: i think beto has got it if he plays his cards right. he is courting the obama team. you have it, and it only lasts for a certain amount of time and you have to seize the moment. elizabeth warren didn't seize the moment. bernie almost seized the moment and then hillary rigged the primary against him. chris christie had it in 2012. he stayed in new jersey and then bridgegate happened. you have to go for the gold immediately. i like kamala harris too and i think gillum is talented. they are both young and attractive candidates. the morning joe ticket, the unity ticket, it's like with people who used to work for john mccain pitched just to get on msnbc.
2:30 pm
it will never happen. this country is so divided along political extremes, you can't even get anything bipartisan done in congress. how are you going to get a whole political party to come together? the lieberman people, john kasich, flake. >> juan: what about you and me running? >> jesse: juan, sorry to say. going in another direction. >> juan: juliana glover came up with his idea for the unity ticket. >> dana: i think it provides people some fun things to talk about. imagine if that would happen. this isn't fantasy football. it's not going to happen. i agree with everything jesse said. >> jesse: what was that again? >> dana: i agree with everything jesse said and i appreciate everything jesse says always. that's why don't want to just repeat he was saying. i would add that i read biden is going to huddle with his family this weekend. it's not too long of it you will see a lot of democrats, 2020 hopefuls, they will be heading to iowa. i'm going to be on tucker carlson tonight talking
2:31 pm
about this very thing. someone like beto, you take this urban message that a lot of the coastal folks really loved it. money came in from new england and california to texas to help him raise $38 million. when you take that message to iowa law, it has to sound -- it's going to be different. i agree he cannot miss his moment. if he does, 2024 is not open to him. >> juan: a lot of people think after watching a showdown yesterday in the oval office that they need an outsider. >> greg: i am going to go against the grain on this unity ticket idea, okay? everyone says it's a crazy idea about how many people said that about trump? i did come about him running. i didn't think he would run. he did. i didn't think he would win. he did. crazy ideas can become reality. every election is essentially a pendulum. and the pendulum is based on two variables. sometimes it's left.
2:32 pm
sometimes it's right. it could be division. it could be unity. i've been saying this for the last month. the message for the democratic parties to make america together again. there's this perception there is a split. i don't think this the crazy idea, but i think it's a potentially winnable idea. the only thing is i wonder if it's trojan horse by the dems. they would have to have biden. he was the vp. let's say we offer unity, but once they are in, they just go back to being liberals. it's the right idea of unity. it's smart. >> jesse: if they do that unity ticket, we impeach biden. >> greg: you read right through me. >> morgan: finally gets the position he deserves. >> jesse: what a different country. >> juan: i think you have to wait until the next segment. bernie sanders joins bret baier live on "special report" tonight right after "the five." up next, nancy pelosi makes a
2:33 pm
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♪ >> we need border security. the wall is part of border security. you can't have very good order security without the wall. >> not true. that's a political promise. border security is a way to effectively honor our -- >> the experts say you can do border security without a wall, which is wasteful and doesn't solve the problem. >> totally solves the problem. >> morgan: if you thought the fireworks in the oval office was the end of the fight over the border wall, think again. nancy pelosi taking a personal shot at trump afterwards in a private meeting, saying "it's like a manhood thing. as if manhood could ever be associated with him, this wall thing."
2:38 pm
greg, a lot of people gave her accolades yesterday for handling himself while in the oval office. she said she was sort of being the mom, trying to keep the peace. then she went after the president. did she negate her performance by taking it to that level? >> greg: yeah, but it such a woman thing. such a woman thing to do it. i hope people come after me for that because it would show your hypocrisy. how predictable the media is that they keep saying that trump storms out. he throws a tantrum. it's like you never had the news reporters, these reporters never had a boss. people yell when they -- all the time. i yell constantly at dana but it's never in a bad way. but if you want to know if somebody's hiding something, say let's not do it in public. nancy is all upset about how they argued in front of the media. we should be making these debates public. we should be debating everything. that's the great thing about what's been happening. we got to see how the sausage is
2:39 pm
made. i'm sorry of donald trump doesn't send carefully worded emails. he likes to have it in front of everybody else. we learn a lot, and i think that's important. >> morgan: from a political perspective, their respondents yesterday thinking nancy pelosi won david people who supported the president saw him standing up, being tough, not having michael cohen at the head of the news and talking about the things that are important to debate. how do you see it? do you think it was a political winner for him or do you think the democrats won by getting him to dog about the shutdown? >> juan: what he said was played to the base because as dana pointed out yesterday, there was an npr poll that indicated something like 60-plus percent of republicans don't want him to compromise. it wasn't transparent so much as revealing to me how little he knows about the wall and even about the negotiation that's coming. he says he's going to take responsibility for the shutdown.
2:40 pm
it will be on him. it's his mantle. wow, if that's the case, history would indicate that's a sure loser for him. i think he said it clearly yesterday. >> greg: he has had it before. >> juan: okay. >> greg: he says i will always take the heat. >> juan: okay. then you have to recall that he then goes on and he's going after nancy pelosi. your point, morgan. >> morgan: going after her in what way? >> juan: he said nancy can't speak honestly because she has her leadership issues. she still has a vote to come as to whether she will be the house leader. she says to him and i thought it was effective, mr. president, i don't want you speaking to my strength. i can handle it. i thought man-splaining. but you know politically it helped nancy pelosi with the houseboat because now a lot of people on the left said hey,
2:41 pm
wait a second. not only was she strong in dealing with trump and effective revealing the argument but she clearly is someone who proved there should be a woman in the room and that a woman has some value there. >> greg: there are women in that room! have you not see nikki haley? have you not seen the other women. you are so patronizing, juan. >> juan: pence is the one should be worried about but i think he's a man. i am talking about in that room yesterday. >> morgan: jesse, you know everything about the wall. where do you stand? cohen stands on the wall. >> jesse: she is saying that walls aren't affected. look at israel. very effective. everywhere they put it. everywhere they put a wall, it's driven illegal immigration to a place around the wall. if juan doesn't think that the wall is effective, let's see you
2:42 pm
hop over it. we should send you down there. i would like to see you dig and jump. you're not getting anywhere near that thing. >> greg: a wall obstacle course >> jesse: juan, you are always saying that trump is playing to his base. trump is the base. he's pretty hard right when it comes to illegal immigration. he's not pandering. he's not catering. it's what he believes in and what he ran on. nancy pelosi, i thought she did better than crying truck. he is a little emotional. >> morgan: when i was watching it, i felt like this is a meeting i've been in when i'm the only woman in the room, watching all the guys fight. i give her props for which he did in the room but i don't like how she took her to the lowest common denominator when she got out of the room. >> dana: i would say the compromise, if it's to come, it
2:43 pm
will likely not happen in public. nancy pelosi got what she needed yesterday in terms of support from the democrats. president trump got old he needed yesterday, support from republicans. when they say i put this on the table, you put that on the table, it will probably happen in private. they will leave and everyone will characterize it differentl differently. i think this could actually go to a shutdown, but i also think that because seven appropriations bills have already been past the pain of the shutdown is probably not going to be that acute unless it goes on for a long period of time. >> juan: you are talking about 25% of the government. thousands of federal employees out of work and the christmas season. >> greg: holiday season, juan! remember where you work. >> juan: sorry, sorry. >> morgan: don't go anywhere. wild card wednesday is next.
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♪ home >> dana: it's wild card wednesday. each of us chose a topic and put them in this hat. no one knows what the others
2:48 pm
picked. this one is rock 'n' roll hall of fame to announce new inductees tomorrow. this is yours. >> greg: yes! >> dana: def leppard, janet jackson, rage against the machine. >> greg: since i picked it, def leppard is the fan favorite. they have a 1-armed drummer who is amazing. lost his arm and continue. rage against the machine, give me a break. come on. i am just waiting for faith no more and here we go. craftwork. amazing german band. ll cool j is great. the zombies. one of the most overlooked pop bands of the 60s. they are still touring. they were kind of over shadowed by the beatles. >> juan: what do you think about devo. >> greg: i love them.
2:49 pm
>> jesse: is this what you talk about on your podcast? >> greg: no but i should. >> dana: the new study identified some of the most addicting foods out there. sugar, fats, and how they been processed. >> jesse: oh, yeah! >> dana: pizza, chocolate, and potato chips. who chose this? >> morgan: i did. >> jesse: thank you. oh, my gosh. that looks so good. >> morgan: i eat like a truck driver. i love pizza. >> greg: do you mean you eat in the front seat of a car while driving? >> morgan: inside of the potato chips, i love french fries. >> dana: would you put potato chips on your pizza? >> greg: that's a great idea. >> jesse: i will do it. >> greg: i am trying to lose weight, guys. >> dana: you have the chocolate bar over there. >> greg: tv is not kind to overweight people and yet they
2:50 pm
try to get us to gain weight. >> dana: by doing this segment segment? juan is going to eat. >> juan: i am a big fan of pizza. >> dana: morgan, anytime you bring a fluid thing, it's going to be a hit. google's top ten how-to questions. google released the list of the year in searches which reveals the people, places and events and more. how to delete facebook and instagram. that was one of the top searche searches. how to solve a rubik's cube. how to put lights on our christmas tree. that might've been clark was wild. and the dance. >> jesse: i can't do it. i have tried. >> juan: all you have to do is follow that young man. >> jesse: i can't do it. >> juan: it's not hard! you need to have a little rhythm
2:51 pm
in your bones. >> greg: where is the flaws? >> jesse: the 1 percent doesn't know how to do that dance. >> juan: you have to just bring your arms to the left will you keep your hips moving. >> jesse: let's see it. >> juan: i am hooked up. >> jesse: may be in the break. >> dana: i googled how to do and updo. sleep texting israel, says villanova university researchers. sleep texting is a thing. student said that they sent a response to a text while they were asleep. they didn't remember using their phone because sleep texting happen subconsciously. >> jesse: i chose this because i think it's fake news. there's no way you can text while sleeping. >> greg: it's an excuse. >> jesse: it's like sleepwalking. >> greg: someone finds a text and you say may be they did it while they were asleep. >> juan: trump will text at 3:00 in the morning.
2:52 pm
is he awake or is he asleep? >> dana: text messages may be next to face a california tax. they're going to add a tax and money should be going to making accessibility. >> greg: they would tax the lightning. >> dana: everybody will find a way around it. >> jesse: like michael cohen. >> dana: all right, "one more thing" is up next. oh!
2:53 pm
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♪ >> one more thing. >> the special edition. ♪ [laughter] these have really been piling up fast. number one, paul manafort is a criminal. short and sweet. [laughter] number two, the mohler investigation is now a three-pronged attack. you are coming across as utterly an ethical valueless. why do that? number three, you do not have the expertise nor knowledge to question the special counsel investigation until you know what they know. hosch, jessie. >> that is not right. number four, we are a nation of laws. please tone down the attack on
2:57 pm
our court system. you end up presenting and lacking a moral compass. we all know you are a trumpet, you need not scream it. >> like that she called you honey. >> please bring just a tad more measured caution to your here to overexcited support of this president, you are presenting is really out there. above all, please stay in your wheelhouse. you can have an opinion but let's acknowledge that you have no legal expertise. [laughter] the last one, do not accept an offer to be chief of staff. don't worry mom, i have not been asked. >> jesse: i don't think anyone can be more critical than that. >> juan: i tried. [laughter] hats off to your mom, you are on target. he remembered the 109-year-old woman, that is virginia of washington, d.c. now she has gone from dancing
2:58 pm
with the obama's, to singing for the harlem globetrotters. she wrote and sang for the favorite team. ♪ after she sung the globetrotters game, she sold 109 tickets in honor of her age to the students where she is the teacher aide. by the way, here i am with two of the globetrotters with a recently visited fox news. >> jesse: for the record, he can to the faucet dance. he trusted it in the break. i am shocked. his granddaughters must have taught him that. fox nation, one smart person. this is for sex writer and political commentator, you're not going to want to mess that is. it is pretty shocking stuff. animals are great! animals are great. it is great when animals surprise people.
2:59 pm
check out this ups worker. they were startled when he was waiting for the door to answer, he was just hanging out. then all of the sudden. startled by a squirrel! it looks a lot like me. i think he is actually enjoying a little squirrel missiles. scrolls are great, they can show up at any time and bring a smile and that is why animals are great. animals are great. ♪ >> dana: judy johnson in her 60s, she is swimming in new zealand off the coast. three killer whales come up beside her and start swimming with her. she said that she was terrified at first, but then she realized that she made eye contact with them. apparently she really liked it and she stayed in the water with the killer whale. >> jesse: is that what you were supposed to do? make eye contact. >> dana: this is a scene that is out of a children's book.
3:00 pm
chocolate flowed out of a factory and cake the streets up a west german town. the tank overflowed, 25 firefighters were on the scene trying to shovel and cracked the chocolates. this seems like my christmas dream come true. >> jesse: of voting a couple of jokes there. set your dvrs, "special report" is up next. >> bret: thank you for avoiding those. president rouhani's former fixer and lawyer michael: it is sentenced to three years in jail. the u.k. prime minister survives a vote of no confidence but the agreement on a brexit plan remains elusive. we have brand-new fox news polls, plus an interview with democratic socialist vermont senator and potential 2020 contender, bernie sanders. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening and welcome to washin


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