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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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for $70,000. >> tucker: you can catch the full version of the interview on that's it for us tonight, will be be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., show that is the sworn enemy of lying, prosody, groupthink. and if i seem out of sorts it it's because there was an invasion on our own set. i've been here 23 years and this is an invasion. >> that's a very good point. great to see one person, great show as always. you actually have a calendar, and -- that is so not true. i'm going to buy you a calculator so we can get this straight. that's her christmas gift of this year. great job and good to see you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity."
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i had the ability to travel with first lady melania trump as she visited soldiers, heroes that will protect our freedom as we enjoy the christmas holidays. and just moments we will show you the highlights of the interview in an exclusive one-on-one interview with the first lady herself. please stay tuned. also tonight we will bring you the latest on the sentencing of michael cohen and we will reveal the disturbing details around what was really shameful treatment of a 33 year veteran of this country, lieutenant general michael flynn. also over at msnbc, liberal morning joe, part of that team is in hot water tonight and also a dangerous terrorist on the loose in france. we will bring you an update on that manhunt. and some migrants from honduras are demanding reparations from you, the u.s. taxpayers. buckle up.
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tonight from d.c., the opening monologue. today i was fortunate enough to witness the bravery and courage of our soldiers as i traveled with first lady melania trump, and to the awe-inspiring aircraft carrier where he had the opportunity to sit down with our first lady. >> stay true to myself, you use that term a lot. why don't you expand on that a little? >> i do what i think is right. i know i like at the criticism from the public or from the media but i will do what is right and what i feel is right for the country and for the people and that's what i say. i will stay true to myself and listen to myself and what to do, what is right and what is wrong. and deleting a meaningful life every day.
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>> sean: we will have that full interview in a few minutes along with some planes landing and taking off. first we have updates on the mueller partisan witch hunt. lying to congress about building a building project that never even got off the ground and a questionable campaign book finance violation. notice something missing? no trump-russia collision. none come again. it's also important to note that michael cohen does not have a prosecution agreement with prosecutors. another top target, michael flynn is asking a federal judge for leniency and no jail time. he pled guilty to lying to investigators but only after legal bills wrecked his family finances and force this, 33 years a veteran in five years of combat to have to sell his home and probably was most likely setting punitive action against
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his son and business partner. he fell on the sword like probably 99% of others would do. and tonight we are learning discussing the details surrounding how lieutenant general michael flynn was treated by top federal officials. according to the sentencing request, then deputy director andrew mccabe pressured advisor flynn not to have a lawyer present during a seemingly relaxed, casual meeting with the fbi. the one that he they said he lied out except nobody believes he lied. he sat down with no attorneys present and was charged with lying to her in that very meeting. keep in mind andrew mccabe was fired from the fbi for him lying to the bureau and he's currently facing no charges. according to, the filing seemingly demonstrates that the fbi took a significantly more aggressive tack in handling the flynn interview than it did during other similar matters. for example, "no one interviewed during the fbi's clinton email
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investigation was hit with a false statement charges. although investigators believed those witnesses were untruthful. big difference. as we now know that's called the two-tier justice system. and this might be the worst part of flynn's political persecution, the agents interviewing flynn, they never thought he lied. that is such a miscarriage of justice and an abuse of power corruption scandal, one of the biggest in american history, as we have been telling you. and of course you are not likely to hear about any of this on any other media, especially over at conspiracy tv msnbc for the host literally spend every single day, spent hours trying to outdo themselves trading insults about donald trump, the trump family and anybody associated with trump. it's a pretty sad and scary way to start your morning but today, the cohost of mika brezinski went too far and use this disgusting slur just before
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9:00 a.m. take a look. >> i understand that donald trump doesn't care. but why doesn't mike pompeo care right now? are the pathetic afflictions that we just heard when he appeared on fox & friends, is that a patriot speaking? or a want to be dictator's boy? i'm dead serious. i'm asking, are these the words of a patriot? as being one up questioning his patriotism, unbelievable and over the top. then she issued a apology on twitter about her language. some bad choices in language, i should have said water boy, like for a football team. yes, bad choice of words. but we are consistent on this program. we don't call for boycotts or firings of any kind. in fact when she was in hot water over a conspiracy filled
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blog that she had, we never called for her to be fired or per show to be boycotted. people make mistakes and what people are not perfect and i don't believe anyone's career, in my honest opinion, should be ruined over a stupid mistake. and by the way she's no fan of mine and neither is liberal joe. there were many warning signs as the anti-trump vitriol got worse and worse and worse. take a look. >> it's clear that the president is stunningly ignorant. >> no. >> he is ignorant and warped, obsessed with money and. he finds his power in those two things. he will forever be remembered as a president who traumatize little children. that's his brand of now. he's the president that
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purposely traumatized babies and children, almost caveman like. it's like fred flintstone running the country. don't think he has the moral compass to make a decision based on our own national security. anyone who works on the national security team or the state department, at some point you are working for a president who is not fit to lead, that's going to do something crazy in p tonight, tomorrow. what more do you need to hear from him to start thinking 25th amendment or something else? >> sean: we will have more on this later in the show but first we need to turn to breaking news in france. a widespread manhunt underway for the gunman in tuesday's terror attack at a french christmas market that left at least two dead. now the 2029-year-old suspect as he opened fire before escaping from the scene in a taxi. we are also links night he had a
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long criminal record and he was already on the authority's radar for connections to radical islam. so far, five other people with ties to the suspect have been detained and what's even more frightening is that french authorities admit he may have already slipped across the border into germany. we will keep you updated and pray for the victims, scary times. make no mistake, attacks like this, all these attacks underscore the need for safety and security like places at our southern border where we have caught people with terrorist ties trying to get into the country. where tonight migrant groups are literally, you know, the ones, women and children that they kept telling us about. remember they were trying to march to the u.s. consulate, over tijuana, demanding that president trump let them in the country? well now they want us to pay them 50,000 in reparations to go home. pay you to go home so you don't break our laws and disrespect
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our sovereignty? one group organizer said it may seem like a small amount of -- a large amount of money to you but it's a small sum compared to what everything the united states has stolen from under is. we all know the vast majority of people who come from poor countries are good people searching for a better life. but demanding entry, or pay you? or we will overwhelm your immigration system? that's no way to act to demonstrate merit. it's also a massive security risk. as the san diego tribune is writing, thousands of migrants are unaccounted for. about 3500 are presumed to heat have either crossed illegally into the u.s. or move to other mexican border cities or simply fallen through the cracks which is why the president is standing firm, and rightly so, on the border wall. forging ahead on keeping his promise to the forgotten men and women of this country to preserve our nation's safety and
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security first. remember, the wall will help people on both sides be safer and then of course, the wall will have a big door that you can come in legally. it is keeping out potential terrorists, human traffickers, drug traffickers in violent cartel members which is using to a huge priority. author of the best seller, "why we fight, sebastian gorka. and the author of another best seller, "the deep state, jason chaffetz. i read this about general flynn. michael cohen admitted to these things. i feel sorry for him and his family tonight but he admitted to these acts that he was responsible for. he changed his position on a lot of issues and now the media wants to only believe the version that helps their narrative and that's fine, that's politics.
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but general flynn was pushed into -- he was told, you don't need a lawyer. the fbi doesn't believe he lied, and then he's charged with lying anyway because he's bankrupt, can't fight it and they are threatening probably his kit. >> this is classic entrapment. if you listen to the testimony of the two fbi agents that don't think he was lying, and if we look at mccabe who said, you don't need an attorney, then what they do they trap him in a processed crime. everyone watching the show right now could be trapped in a processed crime. i don't care how much of a boy scout you've been, everyone has a faulty memory and you say one thing on monday when you think you are in a friendly discussion with fellow patriots, then one week later or two weeks later he remember it differently. that's it, you committed a felony because you have "lied to
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federal agents." that's entrapment of general flynn. then we compare this to a man who secretly taped his conversations with his client. think about that. michael cohen admitted he is a liar and he is the kind of guy, he has no qualms. the most sensitive thing a lawyer has is his relationship with his client. this man taped conversations with, who knows how many clients? i know which man i believe and it's a general flynn. i worked for him in transition, i worked with him in the white house and he is a patriot. >> sean: you are like me. we talked about this. my mom was a prison guard, my dad and family court probation. so two guys made it to the fbi. they were the highest of the high, a deity in my family. naturally we are inclined, we want to help the fbi but if you are in a situation now and you
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want to help them and you are risking if you don't remember something properly, remember he was illegally surveilled, illegally unmasked. they didn't use minimization and they licked foreign intelligence on this man. nobody cared about the crimes that were committed where they literally had the transcript. so anything that's not perfectly matched up in an interview to the transcript means that's a lie and that's how they will view it. 33 years. this is how we are going to treat this man? what does that tell people that instinctively like us want to help our fbi? not these corrupt officials at the top, rank and file good field office fbi agents that are protecting this country mr. mark >> well look. my grandfather was a career fbi agent. we have a great affinity for the fbi but the upper echelon, it's not well documented the bias and the animus that they had. you are right, 33 years of
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service, but it's also very striking to me, the difference in which justice was played out. i was a key player in what's going on to try to get to the truth with hillary clinton and her email and the transfer of classified information to a nonclassified setting putting people's lives in danger. he at the five people around hillary clinton, they got immunity agreements with no requirement to cooperate with the government, no ability for us say in congress or the inspector general's office to make sure that we can go back and get the truth about them, then you can trust how the fbi was acting with flynn and cohen and others and it doesn't feel like justice is balanced. >> sean: where is horowitz on fisa abuse? will we ever have an investigation, dr. gorka has subpoenaed emails and then he
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deletes them, wipes his hard drive clean and bust up the devices, i don't think he's getting off. i think he's going to jail. >> so where is that justice? or do we not have justice or equal application of our laws in america anymore? >> it doesn't feel like we have that equal application of justice. i know the inspector general is looking into the fisa abuse, that has expanded and i don't think we will hear about it until the spring or so because there is likely a million documents or so to get there. we have not had -- >> sean: haven't we had in special counsel for two years? >> and we need an attorney general.
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>> we gave prudent 20% of our american, uranium and that we have two imported. >> not only that but i think the biggest story is still out there and that is the unmasking. we talked about -- for 6 minutes about general flynn, a patriot who is trapped by a political use of the intelligence committee and law enforcement? we know there are hundreds of americans who are unmasked by the obama administration. why? >> sean: at a 300% increase rate. >> then right before the inauguration the president says, let's share all this intelligence with seven times as many agencies as we did before because who knows, maybe we can bring on the presidency. that's what we are talking about, the politicize used, the weaponization of the intelligence committee and potentially hundreds of americans are affected. >> sean: and let's stay on that. if we really cared about russia
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influence in the election which is now, donald trump may have committed a campaign finance violation, which no lawyer is ever going to buy into, intelligent lawyer, except for these crazy dumb tv pundits that are way overpaid and incendiary in their two years of payment for donald trump. the question is, are we going to allow someone who paid for russian influence with funneled money, to a law firm, laws and legal expense, not true, russian lies fed to the american people and influence the election, many kicked back in the uranium deal which was signed off on. you can't tell me that this is about russia. if it was about russia we would be after these issues and they are not. it's like they only cared about kavanaugh if he did something wrong. but they didn't care about keith
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ellison or michael avenatti. they just cared about the politicizing of these issues. isn't that what they cared about? >> if you are serious about this you would look at the general counsel with the dnc. he advised the dccc. he was involved with hillary clinton, with the campaign, and he was also involved with the panetta group. all of those ties, millions of dollars going overseas to attract this money but you don't even get the sense that anybody is even sniffing into this and it's just -- that is where people i think have lost trust in the justice system because that was fundamentally wrong. it's millions of dollars spent to effect an election by engaging a foreign entity and foreigners to be involved in that campaign. then you hear mark meadows, and
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he literally was within putin's network, within america. blackmail, money laundering, corruption and kickbacks, bribery. all these things. >> the president could pardon general flynn and he would make a great chief of staff, don't you think? >> sean: [laughs] you just got the headline on media. well deserved. good to see you and congrats on the book, santillo, congressman. we have a lot coming up from d.c. more on the outrageous hypocrisy. nika brezinski under fire tonight. tammy bruce, monica crowley, and you don't want to miss the interview with first lady melania trump aboard an aircraft carrier in the atlantic ocean
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from earlier today. it is amazing, and that's straight ahead.
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>> sean: they have destroyed trump media and sent to a new low. as i mentioned in the opening monologue tonight on the msnbc morning joe show, make a brezinski was ranting about the u.s. relationship with the saudis and called secretary of state mike pompeo and anti-slur. for yourself. >> donald trump doesn't care, but why doesn't mike pompeo care right now? are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on fox & friends, is that a patriot speaking? or a want to be dictators but boy. i'm asking, are these the words
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of a patriot? >> sean: on the other side of that, it's a super bad choice of words, she said, i should have said water boy like for football teams or something like that. fox news contributor tammy bruc tammy bruce, and monica crowley. look. let's be honest. i don't hate them, i just think they are insane, it's like a train wreck tv every day, in terms of everyone on that show try to outdo each other. but i'm not the thought police and i'm not the speech police. and something they would never do for a fox opinion hostess day, you know what? stand up when people try to boycott or a stand up when people call for firings. i believe she's probably sincere in her apology. people do want to destroy her career over this. this is a problem we have in all
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of media. maybe if you make a lot of mistakes at some point, that crosses a line. what's your take? >> my column looks at the attacks on kevin hart and mr. murray who won the heisman trophy for remarks made years ago, and of course when mr. murray was a child. i make a brezinski is a middle-aged woman. she has been in television for a very long time. that's a very specific phrase to use them not even just saying whether it's about lifestyle, and she chose the phrase that was meant to dehumanize. and so that is going to speak about who she is as an individual. but at the same time, she apologized and ultimately she will be given a pass because she's a liberal. and mr. murray and mr. hart will probably continue to be hounded, that's the difference. they will move along and be left
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alone but others, there will still be an attempt to ruin their careers and make their lives difficult. and we've seen it all along. usually if you are on the left, we do get a pass. and this is why we can see this as being not just hypocritical but a determination to ruin people's lives by the left. the only conservatives are those who are not conforming clearly enough and that's the message that they want to send everyone. >> and we see this and other issues involving nbc, the recent firing of megyn kelly, for example. but we have people that actually have dressed that way that still have jobs there, when we talked about the issue she was involved in. and i'm saying, people have a choice. we have to do a good show, and if we can come into your home,
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we are honored if we get there but people don't have to watch anyone show, except this one. that's the only one. >> you are pointing to the staggering double standard that's been in place for a long time and the only way it's going to changes by tammy and you and me and those of us who are essentially targets or victims of it to continually try to expose it. i'm not a fan of the word police, because that easily morphs into the thought police which is a dangerous road to go down. we are very far down that road already and it's a form of tyranny and fascism. i don't believe anyone should lose a job for misspeaking, and those on the left have a long history of stating anti-lawyers and anti-gay jokes. then when they are called on it they usually try to minimize it, usually with a cutesy tweet as miss brezinski did today and pray that it goes away. and it usually does go away
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because as tammy points out, they have something not available to you, me and tammy which is the protection of the mainstream media. so they don't get the pylon that we do when we speak or we make a mistake. our lives are ruined and our reputations are tarnished but they get a pass and they are able to go forward. that double standard continues to be in place and it needs to be exposed. >> what you said about the slur part of it is right, too. the things they say about trump their every day. they speak for themselves. mike pompeo is a patriot serving his country and he's done an amazing job as secretary of state, creating amazing opportunities for peace in the world. again, are things to do. and amazing job as our cia
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director and i'm just saying, you are questioning this man's patriotism with abandon. >> she was talking to a man on twitter who suggested to her that it would have been better if she had called pompeo a traitor. so the left would prefer that you be called something that would require an execution, where you should be killed if you are a trader in the country, that would be the legal punishment, as opposed to a slur. we don't want any of that. if you are in media at any point in time, it said something that you regret in our point here is the hypocrisy on that end. it's the desire to destroy other people under the guise of being a racist, sexist or homophobic. my first book plays all of that out on the left and they apply it to the president specially and that's the name that is supposed to obliterate you. it's the hypocrisy with those
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individuals who don't even at least tries to live and excised those kinds of phrases from their lives. and i think that is what it is worth pointing out. >> and set aside the anti-slur. she was tarnishing president trump and his secretary of state for, what? trying to maintain the alliance with saudi arabia as they are trying to develop an anti-iran coalition which is a serious and meaningful, substantial foreign policy exercise. but in the eight long years of president obama, i didn't hear them talk about president obama, secretary clinton, secretary john kerry bending over backwards to align themselves with the iranian regime. that regime is at least as bad as saudi arabia on human rights, if not worse. that regime has killed americans in iraq and elsewhere around the
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world and they still target israel, and so i didn't hear a peep out of them on that. but here they are attacking secretary pompeo and the president for being traders, and all manner of things against the united states. >> about a year and a half ago john kerry admitted that when we release the $150 billion to iran, he admitted and said some of that was likely to be used for terrorism but there was nothing we could do about it. we didn't hear any complaints when those admissions were made of. >> sean: thank you both, i appreciate it. speaking of this double standard and the trump family, our exclusive interview with first lady melania trump conducted on board the george h.w. bush. an amazing day, that's next.
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>> sean: today the first lady melania trump traveled to to military bases, and an aircraft carrier to think the troops and give them well wishes this holiday season. i had a chance to sit down with the first lady. why is that important? because while we are enjoying christmas, many of them will not be with their families. take a listen. >> sean: so you said before you came here, i watched it with all the troops today and you said, this is about our troops, our families who sacrifice daily for our freedoms, our hearts, our prayers are with all of our deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that will not be home for christmas. she decided to do this trip. tell me more about that. >> i wanted to, and great the
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military families and also the servicemen and women. it's very important that we support them. holidays are coming and not many of them will be with their families, so for me, it's very important to show them that the president and i and the country, we are behind them. >> sean: it's amazing. we are on the uss george h.w. bush, who recently passed away. they put as many as 5,000 people on the ship. i was watching you as you were watching the jets come in and out. if we tipped it over, it would be the size of the empire state building. what do you think when you see this? >> it's incredible. even when i flew over here. you see the ship, it's very small, then you approach and it's very big. it was great to meet some of
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those who serve here. now today there are 3,000 servicemen and women on it, right now. and i saw the airplanes taking off and landing, and it's incredible what they do. >> sean: the cost of freedom is very high. we forget sometimes, don't wait. >> correct. >> sean: i watched you as you worked the rope line and spoke with the family is. it seemed to me that they cling to you and wanted to send you messages, what were they saying to you? >> they were thanking me for a service, what i do for them. and i think them for the service. i see that we haven't incredible support out there and they see what i am doing and that i'm here for them and to support them. >> sean: let me ask you, i would say, i told a lot of people i was going to be interviewing you and there was a curiosity about you. i don't know how you take that. but i think a lot of people know
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your husband was so outspoken, even behind the scenes. but you are making it out more. he went on your trip, you went to ghana and malawi. >> i went to malawi, kenya and egypt. i did a five day trips in africa and all four countries. it was an amazing trip and they were very happy that i came there. i worked with the u.s. aid, so we are helping them to become self-reliant. >> sean: yes. i noticed in the interviews, one thing you often say. first you to find yourself in the abc interview, and i thought it was an interesting question, as a mom, a wife, the first lady of the united states, and as a friend. then you talked about, you are confident and very focused and you used the term, stay true to
6:42 pm
myself. you use that term a lot. why don't you expand on that. i will ask you about your roots a little bit but that stuck out to me. >> i do what i think is right, but i will do what i think and feel is right for the country and for the people, and that's what i say. i want to stay true to myself and what is right and what is wrong and lead the meaningful life every day. >> this is temporary, you see it as temporary. what he want to stay for a second term? >> i think my husband is doing an incredible job. the country does best ever. so yes, i think i want the country to continue to do well. >> sean: you come from a small town in slovenia.
6:43 pm
and i don't think you have talked a lot publicly about your journey. from that small town to paris, to all these major cities, from there to new york city. tell us about that journey. we are parents with you? were you a model and alone? >> after my studies i went into the modeling business, and i lived in milan and in paris and in 1996, i moved to new york. my career, i loved it, and i stayed in new york and here we are today. >> sean: it's interesting because you are now traveling, but you end up in the biggest city and you told a story about how you met the president. when did you know that he was the one? was there a moment? >> we had a great chemistry when
6:44 pm
we met in 1998 and we started dating and, we dated for a long time before we got married. we got married and had a son, but we had great chemistry from day one. >> sean: was there a moment that you realized, small town slovenia, now i'm the first lady of the united states and i'm living in the white house. is there a moment that you realized, this is real? >> it's incredible, especially when you think about your life and where you were born, and all the steps you took. it's not like you just end up here, you learn a lot on the way here. in my business, and fashion business, it's a tough business as well. here, the politics, it's a tough business. you need to have very thick ski skin. >> once been the hardest for you
6:45 pm
since you become first lady? what's the hardest thing that you have to deal with? >> i would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family's names to advance themselves, from comedians to journalists, to performers, book writers. >> sean: does it hurt? >> it doesn't hurt. the problem is they are writing the history and it's not correc correct. >> especially with the speculation about you and your family and your marriage. we've addressed that in past interviews. >> yes i did. they like to focus on the gossip and i would like that they focus on the substance and what we do, not just about nonsense. >> sean: what was it, is that if he ran, you know he would wi win? >> i told him because i knew him
6:46 pm
and how he connects with the people, he built an incredible business, and his mind is into the business, and it to america great and successful. so i saw how he connects with the people and that's why i said, i know if you run, you will win. >> sean: i know people want to know this. do you often weigh in on the issues of the day with the president? i know you do watch the news and you are very aware of what's going on, what do you think in terms of -- what insight could you give us, which may be a better way to ask it, how when you feel strongly about something do you relay that to him? >> i used to have time to watch more news, but i don't. it's not very easy with my office and traveling and doing my work. i watch you and i sometimes also tape the shows and if i have the
6:47 pm
time, i will watch it. but i know exactly what's going on, i follow what's going on, and i give my husband advice and my honest opinion. sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't. >> sean: if i look at the two of you, i've known the two of you for a long time, i don't think there could be two different styles. he fights, he's combative. we discuss the issues by tweeting and social media, and you've even said that you asked him to tone it down a little bit, how did that go over? >> well, you could see it. i don't agree with his tone sometimes and i tell him that. so as i said before, sometimes he listens and -- >> sean: he was going to say something and you said -- >> i said it, i don't think you need to tweak that out. but in the end it's his decision, he knows the consequences and he is an adult,
6:48 pm
but he is a fighter. >> sean: it's interesting because you saw the exchange i assume yesterday with him and chuck schumer in nancy pelosi, and i give my commentary on it. i said that's what america elected, somebody who fights hard for promises. what would you want america to know about him behind the scenes that maybe they don't see, or no. that may be the media would never portray about him? >> that he is fighting for the american people every day. he wants to guide them the right way and it's tough because sometimes the media wants to bash and focus on negativity. >> sean: i will have an amazing part two of the interview with our first lady that will air tomorrow night. but when we come back, you can watch all the behind-the-scenes footage of mrs. trump visiting with our troops. very inspiring, wait until you see it.
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one of the best tapes i think we've ever put together. that's next. from a college where character is as important as class work and patriotic education is part of the curriculum we are hard work u and we are working for our american dream
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>> sean: part two with my interview tomorrow. she traveled to to basis. she wanted to think the troops. they will be separated, many of them, this holiday season, separated from their loved ones. here is some incredible behind-the-scenes footage. >> many of you have recently returned home from deployment. i am honored to be able to say welcome home and thank you for answering the call of duty. we know that we are free because you are brave. i speak on behalf of my husband when i tell you we are forever
6:54 pm
grateful for your service. the president and i think you for all that you do. after we leave here, will be flying to the uss george h.w. bush aircraft carrier to meet with the crew on board. that stop all not only allow me to visit with more members of our military but it will be very meaningful after the recent passing of president bush. i want to let you all know that the president and i are so grateful and have unconditional appreciation for all that you d do.
6:55 pm
hello, everyone. i am very honored to be here with you today. thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice. thank you all for keeping us all safe and free. the president and i are very proud of you, and we wish you a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year. god bless you. god bless your families. and may god bless the united states of america. >> sean: one may come back, we are going to give you a preview of some incredible part two moments we will be showing you tomorrow night. that's next. look, if you're not the lead dog,
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but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. >> sean: programming announcement.
7:00 pm
tomorrow night make sure to tune in. will be airing our part two of our exclusive interview with first lady of melania trump as she gets very personal talking about her son, the unrelenting attacks against her and her family. very personal moment. part two of my interview tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we are always fair and balanced. we are not destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura is next door. >> laura: you are right through that door and i guess you can't walk over here. >> sean: everyone was surprised because you made me go over. >> laura: you can't walk over? >> sean: do you want me to walk over? >> laura: just for a second. >> sean: is that possible? >> laura: this is exciting tv. let's see how long it takes us. do we have the "jeopardy" theme music? he's going to have to connect them when he comes in. he has a


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