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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 13, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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have a drink for all of us. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. stay tuned because harris is coming up with an interview live at the white house. ♪ >> harris: welcome to "outnumbered overtime," lie from the white house north montreat i'm harris faulkner. moments ago i sat down with the nation's commander in chief for a wide-ranging interview on a host of topics, including the latest in the mueller investigation. the sentencing of his former personal attorney, and so much more. >> of "the new york times" a sink of a tabloid publishers' deal to hush money is not endangering trump even more. i'm paraphrasing a little bit. as you look at this, what you want the nation to know about -- >> president trump: let me just say, i don't think -- i have to go check -- i don't think that even paid any money to that tabloid. okay? i don't think we made a payment to that tablet. i was asking the question -- i don't think we made a payment.
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then you have the other situation, and every lawyer -- look, "trump didn't violate campaign finance laws, and neither did the president." >> harris: i interviewed him on my program the other day. yes. he said that. >> president trump: michael cohen pled guilty to something that's not even a crime. wait a minute. nobody except for me would be looked at like this. nobody. what about congress? the slush fund. millions and millions of dollars paid out each year. they have a slush fund. millions. they don't talk about campaign finance anything. have you ever heard about campaign finance laws? have they listed that on the campaign finance sheets? no. >> harris: i'm waiting for them to dig in. >> president trump: number one, they say it's not a campaign finance violation. it's not even under campaign finance. number two, if it was, it's not even a violation. number three, it's a civil matter. president obama had a really big
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one, ten times more money. much more money, and you know what? he paid a fine. i'm the only one that this happens two. >> harris: robert ray, former special counsel for whitewater, was telling you on the program yesterday what you are saying -- that if this happened, he said "he couldn't see grounds for impeachment over that. he couldn't see grounds for indictment over that." that's his opinion, but it's a fully have informed opinion. that there is not federal law on that. >> president trump: these are the people that ran the fec. the federal elections commissio commission. these people, writing stories that "trump did nothing wrong." i did nothing wrong. >> harris: mr. president, let's get into -- if we can -- michael cohen. he was her attorney. three years, he was sentenced yesterday. it may seem like he got a break because it could have been twice as much but it's still three years in federal prison. $500,000 in restitution. this is someone who surreptitiously recorded you -- >> president trump: terrible. >> harris: he is now known as a criminal liar.
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yet this is somebody who was in your inner circle. it's >> president trump: it happens. i hire usually good people. but it just happens. >> harris: why did you hire michael cohen? that was his title. a fixer. >> president trump: he was more public relations than he did law, but -- you see them on television, he was okay on television. years ago, many years -- like 12 or 13 years ago -- he did me a favor. he was on a committee and he was so responsive and so good, and i said "he's a nice guy." >> harris: wait a minute, that was the favor customer people were asking but the figure was. he was on a committee with you? >> president trump: it was a condominium committee many years ago. he was a very big supporter of mine on that committee. i did a great job. the trump world tower, it's a very tall building right opposite the united nations. when you build a building, people always get together at the end and they make a settlement with the owner. they say that the ceiling painted wasn't the right color or something. sometimes serious stuff, but in
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my case, it was a great building. he was on the committee and i thought it was great guy. a nice guy, really supportive. i liked him. he was a lawyer. because of that, i did it. you know what? in retrospect, i made a mistake. because what he did was all unrelated to me, except for the two campaign finance charges that are not criminal and shouldn't have been on there. they put that on to embarrass me. they put those two charges on to embarrass me. they aren't criminal charges, number one for it harris, that's according to the -- >> harris: i've interviewed people who have told me this. >> president trump: what happened is either cohen or the prosecutors, in order to embarrass me, said "listen -- i'm making this deal for reduced the time and every thing else. do me a favor, put these two charges on." >> harris: i want to move move. >> president trump: they weren't for president obama, either. >> harris: i have one last question. michael cohen said he lied in order to protect you. what is a response to that? >> president trump: let me tell you -- i never attracted him to do anything wrong.
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whatever he did come he did on his own prehe's a lawyer. a lawyer who represented a client that is supposed to do the right thing. that's what you pay them a lot of money, et cetera, et cetera. he is a lawyer. he represents a client. i never directed him to do anything incorrect or wrong. and he understands that. look at -- did some bad things unrelated to me. i wasn't his only client, he had other clients. he did some bad things. income tax evasion, i heard about taxi cab -- i heard about a lot of things. i'm not reading about any of that stuff because what he did his he made a deal to embarrass me. in order to embarrass me, they cut his term down. pretty terrible stuff. let me tell you the other thing -- his father-in-law is a very rich guy. i hear. his father-in-law, i thought is the guy that was the primary focus. well, what did he do? did he make a deal to keep his father-in-law out? did he make a deal to keep his wife -- maybe i'm wrong, but supposedly -- you can check it -- did he make a deal to keep
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his wife out of trouble? how many people when they say "listen, if you embarrass the president of the united states, we will give you a deal. your father-in-law, your wife, will cut your jail." that's what it is. it's terrible system. it's going on right now with general flynn. the fbi says he didn't lie. >> harris: i saw your tweet on that. >> president trump: mueller said he did lie. so they took a man who is a general and a respected person, a nice man -- and i don't even know what he said about me, because maybe they scared him enough that he will make up a story -- but i have a feeling that may be he is a tougher kind of guy then cohen. but he they took a general that they say didn't lie, and they convinced them that he did line made some kind of a deal. now they are recommending no time. you know why? them they are embarrassed that y got caught. >> harris: let's move on. you mentioned ohio, so i'm going to bring up john kasich and arizona senator jeff flake. they say they may run against you.
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>> president trump: i hope so. >> harris: look up a new fox polling which has your approval rating at 46%, which is just a couple takes off of your highest point. >> president trump: it's higher than obama. >> harris: what is your reaction today to getting that number? it's still below 50, but 46% approval. >> president trump: i think it's amazing since i only get bad news, bad stories. you look at the paper, it's all nonsense. it's campaign contributions -- if it were even a campaign contribution, it's totally legal. if you look at stories, one after another, they are all legal. the great lawyers that do that stuff, saying there's nothing illegal. wait a minute -- i get such bad news. so when you tell me i'm at 48%, less time he said it was at 50%. at rasmussen. when i am a 50%, how can i possibly be at 50% quest and arc when i open up china like i'm doing it right now, nobody reports. >> harris: but we are talking about it. >> president trump: but that's because, you know -- i'm here and we are talking about it. >> harris: [laughs] >> president trump: it's on the front page of "the wall street journal." nobody has seen anything like
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that. it won't be on nbc, cbs, cnn won't even cover it. that's a total fake news. >> harris: what do you say to these men who think they have a shot in 2020, and you are sitting at 46% and it really hasn't moved all that much? let's be honest, there have been some of the trails along the way. weathering that with the type of approval rating. what you say to that? >> president trump: i think i have the greatest face in history politics but i people that love me, frankly. that includes a lot of women. i got a trim at his percentage of women last time. remember -- >> harris: i interviewed some of the women for term, yes. >> president trump: they are the greatest. i have commanded dumb actor made us women support. i was worried it wouldn't get one woman in the united states to run, and i got tremendous -- i mean, hilary wished she had my number numbers. she got trounced with women. i will tell you something -- the news and the polls are really fake.
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but i have the greatest base in history, because the 46 and 48% -- those people never wavered. in fact, it was your pullback. fox news has always given me a bad poem that, they treat me fairer than most. i don't know why that is. but the poll has already been lousy. >> harris: but there is positive news in that. >> president trump: the economy is very positive. i've done a good job on the economy. we are respected again as a nation. >> harris: my interview with president trump continues. keep watching. we talk about the search for the next white house chief of staff. i got to meet general kelly as we were walking into the meeting today, so i got to see some behind the scenes. along with a showdown over tariffs, and where our economy is headed. plus, the president not happy with the ceo of one american automaker. ♪ >> president trump: to tell me a couple weeks before christmas that she's going to close in ohio and michigan -- not acceptable to me. she's ever going to open fast, or somebody else will go in.
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>> harris: i had the pleasure of meeting her chief of staff this morning, general kelly. i know you are getting ready to make a position change there. you have said some glowing things about him this week. what are you looking for in the next chief of staff? >> president trump: i want somebody that's strong, but somebody that thinks like i do. it's my vision, it is my vision after all. at the same time i move into at the same time i'm to ideas but nobody has done what i have done it with us administered and is done in the. where do not close to two years. have a ways to go. i see this on the front page of "the wall street journal," which just came out. "china opened." it's going to open up its policy, a big policy shift. they're going to open the whole country, that they want to please president trump. that they want to do things that they have to do and that people should have been after china for years. frankly. i've established a fantastic relationship with president xi, who is the head of china. the absolute head of china.
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i think we are going to work a fantastic deal for both to a countries, and fantastic for us. we will get them to open up. >> harris: let's spend a moment talking about the economy right now. this goes along with the reporting that there has been a little bit of movement during this 90-day cease-fire. how are things going with what you have with china and the tariffs and all of that? >> president trump: we had a tremendous meeting, it lasted for four hours. it was during the g20 in argentina. i met with president xi at the end and we had a fantastic meeting. it was just a great meeting. >> harris: what makes a fantastic? what is not that conversation ? >> president trump: what makes it fantastic as we have placed tremendous tariffs on china. when china sends things into america now they are paying 25% interest on everything they send in. we have only gone -- $250 billion. 25 on the first $50 billion, and
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the rest on jimmy first. i release them from that temporarily until the end of the 90 days to see if we could make a deal. just one thing -- after that, there's an additional $267 billion worth of taxes essentially to put on china. they don't want that. that would be devastating for china. they have now agreed to go and buy soybeans, tremendous amount of soybeans. you see that already happening. >> harris: that takes the pressure off the american economy a little big? >> president trump: there's not a lot of pressure. everybody's doing so well. when you look at unemployment, the neighbors in the best in 50 years. if you look at african-american on the plummet, hispanic on up women, asian unappointed. best numbers ever. >> harris: the dow jones and the s&p, the markets -- it's been said, if you take credit for when they are soaring, you have to take credit for fixing them when they aren't. we are at a point when we have lost the gains on the dow for 2018. in your presidency, we are up nearly 25%. >> president trump: yes, 32%,
10:17 am
even. >> harris: what is your strategy, if you will, for bringing it back at this point? >> president trump: i have a very civil strategy. we were up almost 40% and we have lost a little of that because of trade. i'm doing good trade deals. a >> harris: you're willing to do that. that's different. >> president trump: i'm going to do them they are up 40%, now let's take a little bit off the table and fix it. because we cannot continue to lose $500 billion a year to china. i had a fantastic meeting with president xi. this is a 4-hour meeting where everything was agreed on. if we get it down on paper, that would be another thing. but i think we will. we have great strength. nobody has ever done what i've done. i went in, harris, and i said "look, we are going to tax all of your products." by the way, if use of the study that just came out, america is paying for 4% and china is paying for 21%. it's not even effecting us. you look at inflation, it's very
10:18 am
low. hopefully the fed won't be raising interest rates anymore, because if you compare us to -- as an example, president obama -- he had zero interest rates. anybody can make money with zero interest rates. i'm almost at a normalized interest rate. and yet, our economy is soaring. our jobs are soaring. our businesses are doing tremendously. apple just announced today will be investing billions of dollars in this country. >> harris: two quick follows -- is china's economy in trouble, and have you gotten -- the timing is addressing. it's been auspicious. you gotten in there with -- capitulate? >> president trump: i have great respect for president she. he's not up and capitulated. i will tell you this -- china's economy, it's only in trouble because of me. that's the only reason it's in trouble, because i've placed billions and billions -- we have taken an $11 billion worth of taxes that i tax to china. $11 billion. we never made any money with china, we lost money with china. in the last four months, we've
10:19 am
taken in almost $11 billion of taxes paid nobody has ever heard of that, nobody knows that. people don't report on that. they only report on nonsense. >> harris: i love this, because i hadn't planned to ask this because you are calling out companies and whatnot. the nation got to see you. as gm said, "we are going to wipe away 15% of the workforce or before christmas." and you said "i want to talk." >> president trump: i don't like what you did, it think it was nasty. it doesn't really matter because ohio is under my leadership from a national standpoint. ohio is going to replace those jobs in 2 minutes. but i don't like the general motors does that, they are going down to mexico to make cars? now, the new deal -- the umc that i made, it really makes it very uncomfortable for people to go out of the country, and it will be very uncomfortable for them. i think she's making a big mistake. they are changing the whole model of general motors. they going to all electric. that's not going to work. i don't run a car company, but all electric isn't going to work. it's wonderful to have it as a percentage of your cars, but going into this model that she
10:20 am
is doing, i think that's a mistake. but the tell me a couple weeks before christmas that she's going to close in ohio and michigan? not acceptable to me. and she's even going to open fast, or somebody else is goingo go in. but general motors is not going to be treated. a >> harris: this is your wheelhouse. everybody knows this. we see the electricity as you talk about these issues. the economy, though, is big. are there other areas -- and i want to move onto other things, but really quickly -- are there other areas you want to focus on as you go into 2019? >> president trump: i'm focusing on everything. i think my strength us for, even more than economy. it'll get incredible when i make the deals with china, mexico, when they'll kick in. >> harris: why are you so confident about that? >> president trump: i know what i'm doing. his business brain nobody ever went to china and said "listen, you're stealing our intellectual property. you are doing also also to this that are wrong. you are taking $500 billion a
10:21 am
year. not million. you can't do it. you can't take $500 billion out of our -- >> harris: you aren't worried about that? >> president trump: what happened is the disparity is so great, we did $25 billion with them, they do hundred billion with us. it's more than that. we charge them very low in tax. the me tell you what happened. they lowered the tariffs on the car from 40% to 15%. it's not acceptable. 15% is still too high. yesterday. by the way, you know who charge them? 2.5%. now you know who charge them. 25%. >> harris: i want to do a few rapid fires. can i do one? >> president trump: just one. >> harris: what you love about being president? >> i love getting things done for the people. it's a nasty job because i get hit so hard, so unfairly by so many. really, unfairly. when you look at what we have done with taxes, what we have
10:22 am
done's regulations, what we have done with china and national defense and so many other things. including the environment. did you see last year we were the only country who had fewer emissions despite the success of -- >> harris: your critics would say things differently. so, when you get up in the morning what do you love? >> president trump: let me tell you, the paris accord is not working out too well for paris. take a look at what's happening over there. >> harris: francis struggling on a whole other level. >> president trump: that whole country is burning down. i was the one you kept us out of the paris accord. if i was in the paris accord, we would be paying trillions of dollars. trillions of dollars for nothing, and i wouldn't do that. my people love the job i'm doin doing. >> harris: you have such energy for this. you do, actually. not every president would have worked six or seven days out on the campaign trail. some don't. >> president trump: i work hard, but hopefully i work smart.
10:23 am
i know a lot of people they work hard but you have to work smart, too. the country is doing great, we are doing great. we are respected again. >> harris: i'm being told we have to wrap but i'm hoping to come back. >> president trump: i would love that. >> harris: you and i traded a lot of papers, and it's been a good conversation. thank you, sir. >> president trump: thank you very much. >> harris: in the oval office a few moments ago. very fun. i got to see some things here. thank you, i appreciate it. god bless you and your family. >> president trump: thank you very much. >> harris: so, the president knows that he will face some political headwinds in 2020 with democrats. we are going to have one on our panel standing by with reactions to my interview with president trump. and what he had to say about democrats taking control of the house, and just a matter of weeks. there have been some rumblings about impeachment, but the president insists that he isn't worried. >> these are the people that ran the fec. the federal elections commission. these people writing stories that "trump did nothing wrong."
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♪ >> harris: my interview with president trump happening just one day after his former attorney michael cohen was sentenced to three years in prison on charges including tax fraud and campaign finance violations. cohen was once known as the president's fixer. ask him about his decision to hire him in the first place, i got something i didn't expect. watch. >> president trump: years ago, he did me a favor. like 12 or 15 years ago. he was on a committee and he was so responsive and so good, i thought he was a great guy. i thought he was a really nice guy, very supportive. i liked him. he was a lawyer, and because of that, i did it. you know what? in retrospect i made a mistake. because what he did was all unrelated to me, except for the two campaign finance charges that are not criminal and shouldn't have been on there. they put that on to embarrass m me. >> harris: with reaction now,
10:29 am
i want to bring in my power panel. ari fleischer, former white house press secretary for president george w. bush. he has seen a lot of interviews at this level. and a fox news contributor, as well. adrienne elrod, former director of strategic munication's for the hillary clinton campaign. judy miller, pulitzer prize winning journalist and author, and a fox news contributor. so, i have to say -- i heard some words that i didn't ask mcteer today. first of all, that favor. letting someone into your inner circle with that much access, ari fleischer. based on sitting on a committee and asking for paint. it's pretty extraordinary to hear that. >> ari: i think donald trump has a history of that. he had a ghost from the, hires people -- his former security men, he met and some other capacity. they impressed him, he hires them, and then the case of michael cohen it truly did backfire. to get to the core of the issue, on the cohen matter i think president trump is 110 percent right. these are not criminal charges. they should not be.
10:30 am
they were thrown in there against michael cohen to pressure donald trump. i have worked on many campaigns, and never, never was anybody -- if you have to pay hush money, which is not criminal but it's unseemly. you can't use contributed funds for it. so he is 100% right about those charges. one thing i think he has to worry about is the ami charge, the american media. he says he didn't pay american media. >> harris: he said he didn't know he paid that. that's what he said. he doesn't know that there was money therefore it. be six to get women to go in. that was the question. >> harris: adrienne, i want to get to you now. adrienne, we heard some words that we've never had the president say, at least i hadn't because this is the man who says he has no regrets. he says, with regard to cohen, "i made a mistake. >> adrienne: yeah, i don't think that's a big surprise. i think actually to hear him
10:31 am
declare that as a totally different story. i think he also said something else. he mentioned the interview -- i will just see her and read the transcript -- he said that michael cohen was doing very low-level work that was more p.r. and that he was okay on television pray that was another incentivizing factor, for the president to hire him. this morning on twitter he said he was a liar, and that he was supposed to know what the law was. >> harris: he said that in the interview, too. >> adrienne: i think that's an important point to point out, here. was he looking to michael cohen to be his peer p.r. guy or to s lead attorney question might think the mueller investigation and the various committees and prosecutors looking at the situation i look at michael cohen as his lead attorney. it will be adjusting to see what robert miller takes away from that part of the interview. >> harris: i used the word "fixer." never got to drill down on that, i said it several times. judy miller, before i get to you, let's go to "the new york times" saying what it said.
10:32 am
are you brought that up. ami owns the "national enquirer," by the way. let's watch. >> harris: "the new york times" is saying that a tabloid publisher's deal to hush money is now endangering trump even more. i'm paraphrasing a little bit. what you want the nation to know about -- >> president trump: let me just say, i don't think -- i have to go check -- i don't think i even paid any money to that tablet. i don't think we made a payment to that tabloid. >> harris: judy miller, what is awkward about that obviously is wouldn't you know she paid a tabloid? but what are you said is it might not matter if they paid on your behalf. b3 i think it does matter, if someone paid on his behalf. or if he directed that a payment be made. the president was both denying that a payment may have been made and also saying "if it wasn't made, i didn't know it was illegal." i think the danger of the ami
10:33 am
payment charge is that it reinforces what cohen, his low-level fixer/lawyer, has supposedly been telling anyone who will listen. that he was doing these dirty deeds for donald trump, because if it was just michael cohen, the president would be able to say "no, he's a liar." then i have the ami charge of payments meant to influence the outcome of an election, which supports that pattern of illegal behavior. i'm sorry, ari, i disagree with you. i'm not a lawyer but i think the charges together and do -- they do represent illegal activity, if they are proven to be true. >> harris: i want to go to -- >> ari: the cohen charge -- 's piece on the ami issue, if donald trump directed it, it's probably trouble magic. let me also say, the idea of media corporations not playing a
10:34 am
role in campaigns as a joke. does anybody remember when 60 minutes suppressed information about barack obama, contradicting what he said in one of the presidential debates about benghazi being caused by terrorism? 60 minutes sat on that, didn't make the information public, that he was contradicted in the interview. they suppressed the news until the day before the 2012 election. media companies do play roles in elections, and everybody knows it. >> judy: but barack obama did not pay "60 minutes" and cbs not to run that story. >> ari: that's why i said, if donald trump directed it, it's different. payments make it different. the idea that a media corporation doesn't do this -- donald trump is right, the people are targeting him and going after him for things they would not target others. like you pointed out with the congressional slush fund. what can congress do that and they get to pay out of taxpayer dollars, not have to declare it on their fec reports, but they are going to charge the president for this? that's a false double standard. >> harris: all right, i want
10:35 am
to ask my team -- do we have time to hear the president on michael flynn? if so, rule it. >> president trump: they took a man who is a general and a respected person, and a nice man, and i don't even know what he said about me because maybe they scared him enough that he will make up a story. but i have a feeling that may be he is a tougher kind of guy than the cohen. they took a general that they said didn't lie, and they convinced him that he did live. and he made some kind of a deal. >> harris: judy miller, i come back to you. >> judy: look at -- [laughs] i have a different memory of michael flynn. of general flynn. i remember him leaving "lock her up" charges. "lock her up" chance. that is that general flynn that i remember. also, once again, the president suggesting that flynn may have been lying. maybe he was pressured into making a statement that was incremented tory. this is undermining the judicial
10:36 am
system, it's actually undermining the people who used to work for him who are now going to be tried or convicted in the case of flynn. very serious charges. i find, harris, your questions really prompted donald trump to kind of emote and to explode with rage and anger. and offer a lot of competing explanations -- none of which is really very persuasive, in my view. >> harris: you know, judy, you've been in those moments when you are sitting across from someone who has tremendous energy about issues. sometimes when listening -- i have never heard him say the words "i made a mistake." and that's exactly why -- hiring somebody who could hurt you so badly, and record you? power panel stays. don't go away. we have heard what presidential president trump thinks about some of the challengers in 2020. i asked him about some people in his party taking them for the
10:37 am
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call 1-855-510-4063. ♪ >> harris: i'm going to bring up john kasich and arizona senator jeff flake. because they say they might run against you in 2020. >> president trump: i hope so. i think i have the greatest base in the history of politics. i have people that i love and who love me, frankly. that includes a lot of women. i've got a tremendous percentage of women last time. remember -- >> harris: i interviewed some of the women for term, yes. >> president trump: they are the greatest. i have tremendous women support. >> harris: that was more for my interview with president trump, where he dismisses the potential 2020 challenge from candidates within his own political party. he says he has tremendous support from his base and from women voters. the power panel slides back in now. ari fleischer, adrienne elrod, judy miller. adrienne, does he have support from women?
10:42 am
>> adrienne: he has declining support from women, hair spray that's what he has. we sell his results reflected in the 2018 midterms where suburban women were the ultimate swing vote. they actually supported democrats, who were running in the midterms. that's why we had historic gains in the house. that's why democrats picked up 40 seats. the other problem that trump has is he does have a solid grasp on his base. there is no question about that. but he isn't growing his base. that's going to be the problem for him going into 2020. i will say think it's going to be hard for somebody like jeff flake or john kasich to challenge him, because he has such a strong grip on the republican base. but he isn't growing his base, and with independents and women who can be swing voters, that's where he's going to have a real problem. >> melissa: >> harris: are you? >> ari: not to be the bearer of bad republican news, here, but the president is wrong on this one. he said he trounced hillary among women prey that was his quote to you. he lost women by 13 points in 2016 to hilary. he won a white women by nine
10:43 am
points. he lost black women by 90, and he lost hispanic women by 44. republicans have got to -- including the president -- do better with women, african-americans, and hispanics. if they don't in an america where the white population is becoming a smaller share of the electorate, republicans are going to have an inordinately different difficult time winning the presidency. even present time. he's wrong of those numbers, and her republicans have to face the facts on these issues and be more inclusive. if i were him, and i said black and plain it is the lowest on 50 years, i would expand on that. what does that mean question like how important is that two african-american families, to people who struggle? you need to go beyond it, emote, and drive it. >> harris: interesting. your perspective is so rich right now because he would have been so one of those people in the room -- like you, i had a team of press people in the room with me -- giving the president that encouragement. it was interesting to see the behind the scenes and how it all works.
10:44 am
judy, you know -- when the president -- and he just heard ari say, and also adrienne -- he's got a grasp on his base but he's not growing it. >> judy: yes, i agree in this instance with both ari and adrienne. because that is the challenge for republicans and for donald trump. he doesn't have to worry about flake. he doesn't have to worry about governor kasich, who i admire. there is no challenge to him from within his party at the moment. if anything, republicans -- >> harris: wow, you just threw every republican under the bus! [laughter] holy cow! >> judy: i do think his base is solid, but it's not enough. >> harris: let me step in one second. a new fox poll looks at whether or not the president could be reelected in 2020. 39% -- only 39% -- say yes to that. why do you think that is, judy? >> judy: [laughs] well, because of all of the charges. because of everything that we are hearing. despite really impressive
10:45 am
performance on the economy, people are unnerved by these allegations of criminal behavior on the part of the president. they are unnerved by the tweets that come at 2:00 and 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning. they are unnerved by the constant reality show that is masquerading as the presidency. so i think people are nervous about his stewardship of the country. >> harris: i was surprised when i asked him, on the heels of everything else that has happened in the last 24 hours with michael cohen and the charges and everything, the sentencing -- when i said "what you want the american people to know about that tabloid?" with ami. he didn't bite on that and said "i want them to feel confident." >> ari: well -- [sigh] confident in what? confident that the economy? and his policies? absolutely. the president is giving them good reason to be confident. where i think he has not yet made his mark -- which will be
10:46 am
vital to his reelection -- is making people feel that he has the right personality for the job, the right temperament for the job, the right hand to guide the country and to do so in a morally proper way. an uplifting way. that's what being the outsider, the businessman, has gotten him here. but can you keep him there? he's got to make those deeper connections with the american people. all these extracurriculars are hurting him, because they are blending people to the other news about him. >> harris: and yet, adrienne, with all of this, i don't see anybody on the left side of the aisle standing up and being able to take president trump. what judy and ari are saying, he may take himself down with some of the things going on. what's happening for democrats? >> adrienne: i'm going to disagree, here. first of all, he is at a number that's never good to have on your own fox news poll. a good number to have when you're two years into your term as president of the united states. democrats are going to have a very robust primary, focusing on the issues and not focused on personal insults. the issues, by the way, are what
10:47 am
drove democrats to take back the house in the midterm elections. yes, they rejected some of trum trump's habits of tweeting and maybe some of the things that he has said and his mannerisms but they also rejected the fact that he is focused on -- and the republicans have been focused on -- taking down health care. not focused on raising wages. not everybody in america is feeling these strong economic numbers. democrats are going to do very well. we've got a lot of people who are running, and i think we will see emerge from this pack a number of strong contenders who can take on president trump. >> harris: i've got to step in. a big day on "outnumbered overtime." i appreciate her time ari, adrienne, and judy. thank you very much. more reaction to my interview with president trump from the former deputy assistant attorney general, about his comments on michael cohen. stay glued. ♪ sheets. simply toss two sheets in the dryer to iron less. we dried one shirt without bounce,
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit ♪ >> harris: during my interview with president trump today, the president talked about the favor attorney michael cohen did for him years ago that eventually led him to hire that fixer, while also doubling down in his own defense. insisting, again, that he never told his former attorney to do anything illegal, despite what michael cohen claims.
10:52 am
>> harris: michael cohen says that he lied in order to protect you. what's your response to that? >> president trump: let me tell you -- and never directed him to do anything wrong. whatever he did, he did on his own. he's a lawyer. a lawyer who represents a client, that is supposed to do the right thing. that's why you pay them a lot of money, et cetera, et cetera. he is a lawyer. he represents a client. i never directed him to do anything incorrect or wrong. >> harris: i want to bring and now john yoo, former deputy assistant attorney general in the george w. bush administration, and law professor at the university of california, berkeley. i often lean on you to kind of go through things that need slicing. one of the facts you see, and your reaction to the president there? >> it's very interesting. the interview was quite revealing. one thing i think that makes it very difficult for any prosecutor to bring charges against president trump for allegedly violating campaign finance laws. he made very clear that he did
10:53 am
not order michael cohen to violate the law. the law that cohen and allegedly mr. trump might be prosecuted for would require that the defense willingly and knowingly violate the law. in other words, not just saying "make a payment." but that they know they are doing something illegal. ethic it's very hard for any prosecutor to bring that case. second, i don't think that mr. cohen violated the law. he did violate the laws lying to congress. he committed perjury and should go to jail for that. >> harris: tax fraud and a whole bunch of things. >> but i don't think he violated the campaign finance laws. it's kind of tricky, but the easy way to think about it is that candidates have expenditures to get elected and that which has to be reported in public, and they have expenditures for the personal expense is. that's what this falls into. >> harris: ami may change the game on that, though. the owner of the "national enquirer." because they have now struck this cooperation-type of deal they have immunity and have said that they were making payments to women on behalf of the
10:54 am
president. let's go first here, from the president earlier today, when he talked about exactly what you're saying in terms of michael cohe michael cohen. all right. i'm being told that we know longer have that sound. but he said what you said. he does not take any responsibility -- well, he didn't say that. he said he did not direct michael cohen to do anything. but ami is a different ball of wax, because you now have a situation where a company is doing a deal to get itself out of fire with some facts that we didn't know before. >> it's a good point, harris, although i don't think it changes president trump's liability. because i don't think -- suppose president trump did work with them, take the facts and it democrats' greatest dreams. president trump worked with this "national enquirer" tabloid to pay off all these people, not to talk about alleged affairs. even so, i don't think that's a campaign finance violation. again, it goes to -- has
10:55 am
president trump been doing this for a while? was he doing it to save himself personal embarrassment was to mark that's what it sounds like to me. it doesn't sound like his soul purpose. 37 so he might not have picked up because of the campaign. you are saying that's a couple cute situation, too. but that's a moral one and not a legal one. in terms of what you are saying. should the president to be entertaining the idea of sitting down with robert mueller? i ask because have we gotten away with what some of those written answers have been reported to be, though the president gave to mueller? we have got a whole new quadrants of information now. with the sentencing. >> yes, in fact, i think you are right to draw attention away from michael cohen and the "national enquirer." these are all sorted distractions. if there any real issues, it's the one that started the year and half ago. did the trump campaign conspire with russians to try and violate federal law and then did
10:56 am
president trump, while president, obstruct justice trying to cover it up? that's what the real focus is on. none of this cohen stuff -- none of this "national enquirer" stuff that really bears on that, i think. in the end, that's where we want to see mueller and the president come to a close. i am so convinced i've said to you before, the best thing for the president to do is to sit down and have an interview on live television. it will get the highest readings in the history of mankind, the president will love that. to answer the questions, and for mueller to make his report. i don't see anything here that would be -- >> harris: that would be fascinating, trying to keep him gated in terms of that on live television prepeople would watch it. i don't know if it would get as much as you would want to get out of it. john you, thank you very much. i'll be right back. >> thanks, george woke up in pain.
10:57 am
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you've earned and deserve. go to, or call 1-877-423-5739. >> my interview with the president was what brought me here, live at the white house, that is a wrap. here is dana. >> dana: fox alert, president trump sitting down a short time ago for exclusive interview with fox news' harris faulkner. the president detailing his thoughts on the united states trade relationship with china. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing with dana perino." >> dana: president trump talking about his relationship with former personal attorney cohen. kononenko sentenced yesterday to three year necessary jail for campaign finance charges. >> president trump: whatever he did, he did on


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