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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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new one every week. that's "the story" on this thursday night. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson joins us from d.c. have a great night, everybody. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." people debate all the time about mass immigration. what you never hear anybody do is make the economic case for mass immigration. here's why. our country's economy is becoming more automated and tech centered by the day. it's obvious we need more scientists and skilled engineers. that's not what we're getting. we're getting people with waves of high school educations or
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necessary. nice people. nobody doubts that. but for economics this is insane. nobody tries to defend it. instead, our leaders demand you shut up and accept this. we have moral obligation to admit the world's poor even if it makes our own country more poorer and divided. immigration is a form of atonement. previous leaders committed since. we have to pay for those since by welcoming an endless chain of migrant caravans. sounds like a dopey socialology thought up at long beach state half drunk in the 70s, you're right. that's what it is. somehow the immigration as atonement idea has become the official position of virtually every guilty liberal in the united states. our tech over-lords, the ones always lecturing you, corporate america, nancy pelosi and paul ryan. they all believe this. anyone that disagrees with them is denounced as a bigot and
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fired. nobody bothered to explain these rules to the people of tijuana. tijuana is in mexico, which means they're mexican citizens. by academic definitions popular in this country, they must be oppressed. nobody on the american left never imagined they would have the symptoms of white privilege. when a caravan of hondurans showed up uninvited, that's what they did. >> there's incidences here in tijuana and other people coming in are committing crimes. this is not about racism or because they're from one country or another. we're here because our government has not taken control of these what we call invasion. >> we have to be aware of these people. they have bad people. >> tucker: sounds like a trump
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rally. when did mexican citizens start talking like this? it's confusing. it's low pressure deeply hilarious and satisfying to watch. what is more predictable is how leaders of the caravan are starting to talk. suddenly they sound like professors from long beach. yesterday a group of leaders of the caravan marched into the u.s. consulate and demanded $50,000 to return to their own country. cynical shakedown articles that have been watching too much cnn. when rich liberals that america owes you a comfortable life, nobody should be shocked when you believe them. and an elected official from tijuana is not a bigot or serving from white masculinity. he's a citizen upset about what is happening to the city he loves. he joins us from just across the
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border in tijuana. mr. lopez, thanks for joining us. we in the united states were told that the migrant caravan would make our country better, would improve america. has the migrant caravan made tijuana better? what is the effect of having the caravan in your city? >> things are probably getting worse. we issued a new ultimatum to those camping out on the street, blocking the street and trashing the street and we have a school close here. this is the third week and they won't open until these guys leave. we issued a new ultimatum for three days, friday, saturday and sunday. they have to go. sunday they would be removed. a priest came here and he's very well known. he talked with them and said they shouldn't go.
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they should stay. he would talk to the authorities. so sunday the director of relief for mexico city issued an order to stop and don't remove them. so they're still here. problems are still going on. there's like 280 arrests. before it was totally for drug possession and being drunk in the streets. now it's for breaking and entering into the homes. people have made citizens arrests. things are not nice here. the neighborhood is tired of them, the merchants and the schools. >> so you've had home break-ins. are you certain it was migrant caravan members? >> yeah. there's video. a man said they're from honduras. >> tucker: how are the police handling them? >> also we had -- these are on 24 hour alert on this end. they're worried about this.
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we tonight want crime rates to go up in mexico. we're tourist town. we live on tourism and christmas season is one of our best times for tourism hear and for sales. things are not very good right now. also, we don't want the migrants to make the u.s. nervous. they have marches this sunday from the new shelter. they made a march to the u.s. consulate. they delivered two letters. one was directed to president donald trump. they were demanding that he didn't give them -- they didn't get political asylum, he should pay them to go back home, $50,000. they were also demanding that he should extradite president hernandez from honduras to the united states and remove 13 big military bases.
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from the united states an honduras. >> so they're demanding money or they won't leave. that sounds like an extortion attempt. >> yeah. sounds like a ransom, yeah. you want them to go back, give them $50,000 to each one of them. like 700 have been -- >> tucker: i was just going to say, political leaders in the united states encouraged this caravan and media figures, people on television in this country encouraged the caravan to come north. now they're in your city. what would you say to the politicians and the media figures to come to tijuana? >> tijuana is a great town. it opens its arms to anyone that wants to come here in peace. and to live here, no problem. if you come here in a violent mood, if you come here against our sovereignty, you're not welcome here.
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we don't want this problem. we have our own problems and we're dealing with them. we don't want problems from other countries to invade us here and creating this havoc that is happening. >> tucker: closed schools, people in the streets. i can see why. thanks for that update. >> thank you. >> tucker: immigration used to be considered a matter of policy and people debated it on those terms. now increasingly the question is framed in theological terms. one of america's great moral leaders nancy pelosi does that. here's an example. >> most of us speaking for myself consider the wall immoral, ineffective. he promised mexico would pay for it. even if they did, it's immoral still. >> tucker: we have a bishop in the united methodist church. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: i don't know if you
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saw the interview we just did with mr. lopez as an elected municipal leader in tijuana. he described the scene and we have pictures where hundreds of thousands are living in the open air. the city of tijuana is being disrupted by this. schools have closed, arrests have been made. for some in cases serious crimes. he said the recently religious leaders came to the migrant encampment and encouraged them to stay in tents in the middle of tijuana. what do you make of that? >> i'm aware that religious leaders, among them, methodist from the methodist church of mexico have been compassionately feeding the migrants. i've seen them, i know their plight. they're migrants that have left their home. not because they wanted to leave their homes but because that they -- poverty and great violence. so they migrated. they have a right to migrate and
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a right for due process for asylum. these are people that need humanity to extend compassion to them. love and care. it may discomfort some, but this is a moment in which we can show the best of humanity. i'm not aware of what was just described. you showed pictures. i didn't see them. >> tucker: that's -- right. so are we. our heart goes out to anybody that walks a great distance to get a better life. i always assumed that most migrants are decent people. but there's a cost to the united states citizens to every person that comes here. the cost is hundreds of thousands per immigrant over a lifetime. the methodist church is not paying that bill. u.s. taxpayers are. so i wonder if that's a factor in your consideration.
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shouldn't you be paying for the people that you encourage to come here? why aren't you? >> migrants are not costing this country in the way that you describe. these migrants that come to this country are contributing to our society. actually they're contributing to the economic base. many of them are paying to our social security and don't benefit from that social security, money that they're contributing. many are working two and three jobs. i've lived and served in texas and all across the southwest and the west. these folks contribute more, much more than they receive from our -- >> tucker: just as a mathematical -- hold on. as a mathematical question, that's not true. i think there's a great moral contribution of poor immigrants. i'm not attacking them personally. i hold no animus towards them. a study has been done on it and people come with less than a high school education, take more services by a huge margin than
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they pay into the system. now, you don't pay any taxes in your church because you have a tax exemption. the rest of us work for companies that pay taxes. we're supporting the policies you're encouraging. why is it virtuous of you to do that? if you're encouraging people to come here, why don't you have an obligation to provide education, housing, food, medical but you offer it on to taxpayers? why is that a christian thing to do? >> the united methodist -- >> your church has a tax exemption. >> our people pay into our system and they contribute to the economic viability of our country. i live and serve in the state of california. the economic agricultural base of california would just
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diminish if not be totally undermined if it wasn't for these migrants -- >> tucker: hold on. since you're a person of god -- >> people in this country won't take on -- >> tucker: yeah but -- okay. you're on the side of employers that want to pay third world wages to their workers. that's where you are in this question. i want to ask you a theological question -- >> i'm not on the side of employers -- >> tucker: you're on the side -- >> who are willing to pay less -- >> tucker: of big acc cultural companies -- >> the economic studies i'm reading are different from the ones that you are quoting. >> tucker: let me ask you a theological question. that is your area of expertise. if i force you to put money in the collection plate in my name, which is what you're doing, with u.s. taxpayers, do i get the credit from god for donating to the church?
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in other words, why don't you as a church make certain that every person that you encourage to come here is fed and housed and educated and healed at your expense? how can you feel virtuous when you're not paying for the things that you're encouraging? i don't understand. >> first of all, we're not incur edge aring people to come. >> tucker: yes, you are. >> we're trying to help them stay. when they come because they have hit a desperate place in their lives, we're going to care for them, seek justice for them, going to ask for -- >> tucker: do you pay for their medical expenses? any of them? i don't think you do. >> we do. >> tucker: you to? how much do you spend a year? >> we care for housing, we care for their care. we spend millions of dollars as united methodist and we're not the only ones. the catholic church -- >> tucker: american taxpayers spend $135 billion on this. if you're going to encourage people, you should pitch in more than you are.
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then you can call it virtue. >> dana: >> we do pitch in to care for them in ways beyond your understanding. we do so out of a sense for justice. >> tucker: thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, cnn, watching the democratic primaries, long before they begin, as a new litmus test. white men need not apply in 2020 to run for the democratic nomination. is that a good test? we'll tell you after the break. will it feel like the wheend of a journey?p working, or the beginning of something even better? when you prepare for retirement with pacific life, you can create a lifelong income... so you have the freedom to keep doing whatever is most meaningful to you. a reliable income that lets you retire,
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national security adviser who sentenced michael flynn is now looking at his case. his lawyers said the fbi encouraged flynn not to bring an attorney to the interview that he did with agents at the white house after the inauguration. the judge in question ordered mueller to hand over documents. we is the question. molly hemingway has been joining us since day one. why is the judge suspicious? >> emmett sullivan has the reputation for wanting to know the government does everything by the book. he had problems with the ted stephens prosecution. nothing seems to have been done in the way that you would hoped the justice department would be doing things, that they wanted to hold everybody equally accountable to the law. one of the things that hasn't been brought up here, they
5:20 pm
leaked to "the washington post" the day before they interviewed him that he was out of trouble that sounds suspicious that they were doing this on the eve of calling him up and saying, hey, do you mind if we talk to you? it made him feel like this is not a perjury trap. this is not an investigation to him. in fact, they had been surveilling him for years. they were trying to ring him up on a perjury trap. so it's very important to make sure that they did -- you can have a problem already with how they did things. if they weren't dotting their is and crossing their ts and looks like they might not have been -- >> tucker: there's reports about a lot of things. some are hard to sort through. the agents that interviewed the flynn at the white house without his lawyer, believed he didn't commit perjury. >> fbi officials admitted that they didn't think he was lying. what is interesting about this judge's order, he wants to know about the paperwork they filed seven months later. usually when an fbi agent
5:21 pm
interviewed somebody, they file paperwork right away. one of the agents is peter strzok who was removed because of his extreme partisan bias. they had to redue their paperwo paperwork. he pleaded guilty to lying. >> do we know why the feds were surveilling him for years? >> we don't know. but they were about to close it out. but then they leaked that he might have committed a logan act violation but it was enough to keep the investigation going. after years of surveillance and being told that he was a centerpiece of treason with russia, he pleads that he lied about a statement to the fbi. that is a huge walkdown from what we were promised. >> tucker: that he committed a crime that arose from the investigation. >> the investigation creating its own crime, yes. >> tucker: thanks, molly. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, over at cnn,
5:22 pm
they're offering free advice to the democratic party. if you want to win, don't nominate a man and especially don't nominate a white man. watch. >> i will point out though, another white male, i'm very suspect of that this year with a democratic and women doing well. i'm not sure it's time to nominate a white man. >> tucker: obviously that's the dumbest channel on tv so we can dismiss it. julienne epstein is a democrat. he joins us tonight. when i first saw this, i thought more moronic blabber on cnn. but it's not a crazy point, this is openly a party that is hostile to white men from nancy pelosi on down. how can the democratic party nominate a white man in 2020? seriously. >> in fairness to cnn, that was one commentator. i think it's a silly thing to say. it's the idea of a litmus test,
5:23 pm
whether it's gender or race is un-american. it's dumb politics. >> tucker: it's unmerge to judge people. they're going to have a tough time. >> i think so. there's some -- that may be true for certain democrats. not for all. look, it will be wonderful to have a woman as president. and gandy was great for india. >> goldmeyer was great for israel. thatcher was great for the u.k. but voters will go into this with more intelligence. they'll look for someone -- one thing that trump taught us, the important of a strong big personality. >> tucker: sure. but hold on. this is -- by the way, i'm on your side. i agree with you completely. you should judge people on what they believe and what they do, not only things they can't control like sex or race. but alexandria ocasio-cortez won that seat because she side
5:24 pm
there's a white good night in a seat that is not a majority white guy. don't vote for him. this is a central belief in the democratic party 2018. honestly, how could you have joe biden, for example? >> see if we can agree on this point. both parties are guilty of playing the identity politics game. that happens on the right hand -- >> tucker: you never heard a republican running for office that says do not vote for my opponent because they're the wrong color. i have never heard that. >> i don't know that democrats -- >> tucker: ocasio-cortez said it. >> i don't think it reflects mainstream thing in the democratic party. barack obama and bill clinton won the white house because they were able to -- they had strong personalities, they were young, exciting candidates, they spoke to the middle class. it's been a recession for 30 years. that i were from completely different background, different races. i think the intelligent people
5:25 pm
in both parties don't think about playing the race card. they don't think about using necessarily immigration as dog whistles. there's all kinds of ways to play identity politics. >> do you think -- >> i don't think it's good for the country or -- >> tucker: it's terrible for the country. >> it does happen on both sides. it's bad politics. >> it's on the democratic side. do you think if mitch landrieu winds up the nominee -- >> whom i love. >> tucker: okay. hasn't made the city better but he's a nice guy. if he's the nominee, people will say, you know what? we don't care he's a white guy. i don't believe that. i hope you're right. >> i hope we're at the point where voters, democratic voters and candidates are looking at are they speaking to the major problems, the china problem -- >> tucker: you're going to need to switch parties. >> are they talking about -- >> tucker: i agree with you. i don't see the evidence that you're right.
5:26 pm
>> the bases in both political parties. the base in the republican parties, 15% of voters. base in the democrats, 15%. there's 70% that are practical looking for solutions. >> tucker: if we go beyond the bean counting, it would be a great service to the country. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: rahm emanuel is betting the city's fortunes on getting more of his own people addicted to gambling and drugs. that's the answer to fiscal crisis. more on that after the break. [deep breath] i receive travel rewards. i visualize travel rewards. going new places! going out for a bite! going anytime. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time.
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>> tucker: the city of chicago is out of money. can't pay its bills. mayor rahm emanuel has a plan, one that entails destroys the lives of their own citizens. mark steyn has more. speaking of chicago, we have a exclusive investigation in some parts of the city that are war zones as you know. 3,000 people have been shot in chicago so far this year. almost 500 are dead. these levels of violence are matched by third world-style governance. police officers in chicago are worried that one judge there may be helping criminals get away with murder. fox news's matt finn to investigate. >> a brazen 2011 quadruple homicide caught on tape. four men walk into a convenience store on chicago's south side and open fire. a bloodbath killing four people
5:31 pm
including one of the suspects. a chicago law enforcement source tells fox news in addition to this shocking video, there was "more than enough physical, biological and firearms evidence to convict the suspects." yet all three were found not guilty. in her ruling, the judge wrote that the tape did not definitively i.d. any of the suspects and that there was no dna evidence linking the defendants to the crime scene. we spoke to rod trubinsky, a prosecutor. he had an opportunity to speak with law enforcement before the trial. >> there was gunshot residue, other aspects of dna evidence that were pulled off from the crime scene. when judge howard made her ruling, she did it in writing. most of the aspects were explained away or not mentioned at all. >> in a statement to fox news, michael clansy, one of the
5:32 pm
attorneys for the defendants, wrote that any judge would have agreed with howard, writing in part, "there was no physical evidence linking them to the scene. the video showed mass defenders that didn't even show eric. there was no way that a judge could find him guilty based on those facts." this decision from howard is not an outlier. multiple sources say that judge howard is known for being lenient and prosecutors came up with a prosecutor set them free 203 in honor of her courtroom room 203. judge howard did not respond to fox news' multiple requests for comment. sources point us to another case for howard's questionable decision making amount 2014 shooting about chicago police officers. according to police, james garland confessed to firing a shot when police officer thomas derwin knocked and forcibly entered a house to execute a search warrant. one shot was fired during that police raid. garland admitted "it is my fault
5:33 pm
and gunshot residue was found on him." however, judge hour ward found garland not guilty. the defense claimed garland did not receive his miranda rights. although the police report notes garland was raid them. the judge has been criticized before by the local da's office. in 2017 she acquitted a man she earlier found guilty of murder and arson charges. the cook county's office said they're disturbed by the court's decision. >> it's apparent that judge has a pro defense slant. we have a lot of violence. we have defendants being found not guilty where there's a volume of evidence against them is concerning. >> tucker, we know that judges don't speak publicly about their rulings. for more than six months, we submitted requests to the judge to talk about the cases. if she agrees, she could have shed some light on her rulings.
5:34 pm
we're not just singling out judge howard. there's other judges and district attorneys here in chicago and across the country that are soft on criminals and hard on the state. in fact, the district attorney that was just elected in boston, suffolk county, has a list of crimes that she plans not to prosecute, including shoplifting and drug possession with intent to distribute. >> tucker: thanks, matt. were you able to talk to prosecutors? >> i reached out with two of them on the phone. i got one but he ended up not commenting. >> tucker: everybody is afraid. matt finn, thanks for that. >> sure. >> tucker: city of chicago a great place. also famous for crime, corruption and mismanagement. all the usual things associated with decades of democratic rule. now the city is out of money. it cannot afford to pay the
5:35 pm
promises they made to the public sector. the crushing debt is not new. it's something that mayor rahm emanuel knew about when he took office. he knew not to deal with it in 2014. listen. >> you don't balance the budget by promoting recreational smoking of pot. >> tucker: yeah, you shouldn't get rich off the addictions of your own people. you wouldn't do that to your kids. don't do it to your city. now emanuel has reversed course and decided the best way to balance the budget is to make marijuana legal and open a casino. mark steyn is not an account and the or budget director but a best sell-author a frequent guest here. we're happy to have him tonight. mark, as a philosophical matter, are our leaders supposed to be profiting from our addiction? >> not in a healthy society. i've always thought, tucker,
5:36 pm
that george orwell's "1984" is the most popular dystopian novel. basically you get the masses hooked on sensual pleasures and thereby keep them quiet, keep them calm, keep them compliant with all the things you're trying to do these are public sector pensions here, which are in the illinois state constitution, that you can't do anything to reduce them. that's been in the constitution of illinois since 1970. shouldn't be in the constitution at all. it's not the proper province of constitutions to protect the public pensions of state workers. so we have a situation where they'll be somebody living at 27 elm street who retires as a public school teacher in her 50s and at 29 elm street, a hardware
5:37 pm
store proprietor working to his 80s until he dies to support the pension of the lady next door. there's not enough of those people. now we have a more aggressive tax where they're going to use pot and gambling and the weaknesses of the poor to fund the permanent bureaucracy. this in a city that as you pointed out already has corruption and crime and murder and death of an incredible scale. >> tucker: it's a disgusting mistreatment of his own people. it's wrong. thank you very much. great to see you. can you beat the news professionals at remembering what happened last week? really a test of your short term memory. see how you do after the break. - uh uh - i'm the one who delivers the news around here. ♪ liberty mutual has just announced that they can customize your car insurance so that you only pay for what you need.
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this is phoebe buckley, on location. uh... thanks, phoebe. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:42 pm
hardened news expert. tonight, a contest between icons. lauren blanchard and peter doocy. you've been here before. you know the rules. how do you feel? >> the last time i played peter, he won in sudden death. >> i didn't want to bring that up. >> tucker: it was a close win. we'll see. here's the rules. hands on buzzers. i asked the question. the first to buzz in answers the question. you must wait until i finish asking it. once i acknowledge your name, you can answer the question. each correct answer worth one point. each incorrect subtracts a point from your total score. best of five wins. are you prepared? >> let's do it. >> tucker: question one. which united states senator dunned the country he represented when he unveiled an impressive multicolored beard. lauren? >> ted cruz. >> tucker: you were fast on that. i don't know how i feel about
5:43 pm
that. >> tucker: ted cruz's beard. roll tape. >> we got the new beard thing going on. i didn't know you had that. ted cruz is with us. good to see you. getting used to the new look. if it gets wider and longer, you can be santa claus. >> ho, ho, ho. >> tucker: that was a show stopper. all right. first goes to lauren. multiple choice. there's officially nothing left to tax unless you live in the state of california. lawmakers are working on a new tax involving one of the following. is it a, pets, tattoos or c, texts. >> it's c, text messages. >> tucker: you don't think it's pets or tattoos? >> i know less about pets and ink than i do about -- >> tucker: let's see if you're right. is it text messages? >> state regulators in california are considering a text on text messaging.
5:44 pm
>> tucker: you said it. >> it's likely a flat charge per customer. >> tucker: the millennial tax they're calling it. >> a lot of young people don't texas. they're in apps. >> tucker: that's right. that's next. question 3. which two-time mvp basketball player managed to upset nasa in the global space community when he said you must finish the question before answering it? >> i want to hear the rest of the question. >> tucker: he said humans never made it to the moon. >> it's steph curry. >> tucker: what? did you know that? >> he did. >> tucker: did steph curry doubt the moon landing? >> steph curry making news off the court. >> we ever been to the moon? >> no. sorry. >> we would love for mr. curry to tour the lunar lab at johnson
5:45 pm
space center in houston. we are hundreds of pounds of moon rocks stored there. >> but he said that it was a misunderstanding. >> tucker: i think the moon landing was real. i also remember when they told us that eating carbs made you thin. so it's fair to doubt the official story once in a while. i don't know. i believe in the moon landing. just to be clear. i don't know. it's okay. okay. question 4. delta, the airline, says it's banning what from flights due to an 84% increase in incidents involving biting and urination. peter doocy. >> it's service animals on long-term flights. >> tucker: they're biting and urinating. >> they might not be the only ones. >> tucker: let's check the tape. probably not. >> delta banning all emotional support animals on flights eight hours or longer.
5:46 pm
accidents happened, biting, attacking other passengers. they're making the change. >> was that -- >> did you see the squirrel. >> tucker: we have a harsh judgment from the judges. i want you to know, i'm merely a marionette -- >> what is the harsh judgment? >> tucker: they're saying that is technically incorrect. they're -- >> which part is incorrect? >> tucker: it's emotional support animals. >> as opposed to -- >> they're different. >> tucker: as opposed to what peter said. >> i'll concede. >> tucker: they're harsh. you're still in the lead. 2-1. >> okay. >> tucker: final question of the national game show commission which oversees this program would like us to end with another multiple choice question. universe sal music has just announced the most streamed song of the 20th century with 1. 6 billion streams is a, bohemian
5:47 pm
rhapsody by queen, thriller by michael jackson or c, elton john's candle in the wind. >> bohemian rhapsody. i know that. my parents made me play it. >> you have to sing it if that's your answer. from the top. >> tucker: lauren says it's bohemian rhapsody. is it? >> bohemian rhapsody is the most streamed classic rock song from the 20th century. also a surge in neck injuries from metal rockers singing the song in their car. ♪ >> tucker: for the record, you said service animal and emotional support. service animals are like for blind. >> understood. >> tucker: okay. so it's 2-2. again we find ourselves where we were last time in sudden death. it's settled by a bonus
5:48 pm
question. this is multiple choice. what is the best selling album, musical album in american history. is it thriller by michael jackson, b, the eagle's greatest hits or c, yellow submarine by the beatles? lauren? >> this is a shout out to my parents. they made us listen to the eagles so much. so i'm going with eagles. >> tucker: desperado is on that album that is correct. the eagles greatest hits. 38 million copies. michael jackson second place with 33 million. >> your parents should get the mug. >> i know. >> tucker: congratulations. so we're going to award you -- some things are coveted. this is the mug. he works at jeff bezos website. i was walking through an airport and a relative asked for this mug. >> you didn't have one on you? >> tucker: no. i have to say since it's christmas -- this is our tree in our newsroom in new york.
5:49 pm
you'll notice it's capped off with eric himself. that's the quickest way to bring christmas cheer to any office. >> what the season is about. >> tucker: put coffee in that and think of eric. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tucker: peter doocy a great competitor. no question you'll be back. >> i failed! >> tucker: that's it for final exam this week. pay attention to the news each week. turn in thursday to see if you can beat the news professionals. we'll be right back. thank you. ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. and a complimentary first month's payment. hi susan!hs)
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>> tucker: for two years, permanent washington has been talking about russia. as you know, the legislation has
5:54 pm
been compromised by that country. they're under attack and vladimir putin is an evil mastermind who wants to dominate the world. there is a country out there, but it's not russia. it's china. just yesterday, the assistant director of the fbi counter intelligence division said china wants to own the future of the world. he told senators that we're being exploited by china. as congress bickered about new sanctions on russia and trans-gender operations in the military, the chinese government is more serious than we are. they are strategizing to replace the international order and they mean it. lawmakers were told that chinese intelligence agencies that the chinese have stole american secrets through espionage.
5:55 pm
they want a hyper competitive world where use their power to increase influence. the chinese government is looking to be an alternative model for the world an seeking to undermine the free world that we established since world war ii. rather than engage that threat, our leaders bow to it. biggest companies make concessions to the chinese endlessly. hollywood edits scripts to make leaders happy and washington ignores the rise of china. it's much easier to start in your on dr. strangelove fantasy than it is face reality and confront an emerging super power. we have breaking news on the border after the break. it's not good but relevant to a conversation we just had after this break. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it.
5:56 pm
talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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>> tucker: the top of the show we spoke to an elected official from tijuana that said migrants
6:00 pm
are breaking in the home in tijuana. as we spoke to him, migrants broke into a home of good friend of his as we were talking. he sent pictures. we have an update today also from tijuana. we want to confirm everything he said was true and more. back too many at 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy. sean hannity. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." what we're about to tell you almost beyond comprehension as it relates to living in this country. using deception. we know officials in your fbi targeted lieutenant general michael flynn, tried to destroy his life because he was connected to trump. now we have tape, james comey bragging about how he got away


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