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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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next. ♪ hello america this is life, liberty and levin we have a great guest steve scalise. majority whip, soon to be minority whip unfortunately. i want to cover two areas with you. one is, obviously, what happened to you. the american people are intensely interested in this, and really united around you when you were almost mortally wounded and also sol policy question. what happened in the republican congress?
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and house what's going to happen in the democrat house and how being in the minority how you think you're going to deal with it but first you have a new book back in the game, one gunman countless heros in the fight for my life we know basic story but let me ask you a question this guy fires off a round. bullets big. 762 caliber. a big bullet. >> big bullet. okay you're hit. what goes through that the moment you were hit but you thought you saw it what was going through your mind? were you conscience and so forth? >> well initially i was stunned because we're on a baseball field you're not thinking about gunfire. but as soon as i was hit if i went down. and my legs gave out, and i can hear my gunfire but tries to process everything, and so the first thing i'm thinking i never saw the shooter. but i can hear where fire was coming from third place and i'm playing second so i start crawling away to the outis field
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to get away from the gunfire. i'm in almost like a numbness. and i'm not feeling the true pain that i probably should have felt because knowing what that bullet did massive internal damage, i didn't quite feel all of that. i'm just kind of d in a numbness trying to get away. so i crawled probably about 20 feet and then my arms gave out, in fact, in the book we have a picture of a blood trail that somebody took that shows you how far i crawled before ultimately my arms gave out and i started to pray and put it in god's hands and believe me god performed miracles that day. but he gave me an unbelievable sense of calm once i started praying, it was almost like -- everything around me just kind of went into a -- into a background noise and i'm just in a one-on-one conversation with god at that point. >> you found peace. true peace. >> how did you get from the baseball field to the transport to get you to the hospital and
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were you conscience during motion of that? >> well right after the shooter went down, you know, and to me it seemed like an hour. it was maybe a matter of 7 minutes whole shootout happened, with and as soon as the shooter went down brad, colleague of mine from ohio he was a doctor but also he was a combat surgeon in iraq and he was watching me the whole time and he immediately came over, and looked at where the damage was, put a tourniquet on to stop bleeding and my trauma surgeon said i wouldn't have made it to the hospital if not for that for what brad did and then a few minutes of everybody colleagues of mine coming around tending to me and then an ambulance finally got there, and they transferred me initially to an ambulance. that's kind of when i started to go out. to fade out and at some point, the ambulance is leaving and the helicopter comes and 7:30 in the morning in northern virginia as you know i would have never made it to george washington hospital
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which is where they were going to take me i would have bled out so then they go to where the helicopter is landing on ball field and sure enough the helicopter come to transport me away, and they put me on that helicopter and four minutes later i'm in emergency room over at med star hospital. and again, i kind of was out and unconscience by time i got on the helicopter but i was starting to fade prior to that wondering am i even go doing make it. how many operations have you gone through? >> gone through nine. nine different major surgeries. luckily all of them are over and successful at putting everything back together. but it was a lot, you know, initially just the going into try to figure out open me up to figure out where all a of the damage was and i had massive internal bleed actually showed up at the hospital with a zero blood pressure and rarely does anybody make it out and 20 pints of blood in me and human body
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takes nine pints of blood so i lost a lot of blood an putting more in i was -- so many arteries that were, you know, shredded so they finally sewed up each one individual isly to a point to close me up again, and over the next few months had to put me back together. >> what is the first thing you remember when you did come to? do you remember that? >> yeah. you know what i came to it was three days later. i didn't know -- for all i knew maybe few hours later and i had no idea how bad off i was. i remember h when i came to, tht i was shotre first i had was ask edfor my wife and jennifer had,f course, flown in that night. but she was there, and so she sees mane i've got tubes in my throat andmy i've got other this hooked up to me so i konts talk so tryingg to make verbal signas to her and she knew what i was motioning and initially what i wanted to find out was dave and crystal my two capital detail
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officers that were there with me that morning, i knew both of themh were shot, and shootout it shall and you talk about real heros and mark identify in the book a lot of miracles that happened. but also a the the heros that played a role in saving me and no bigger heros than dave and crystal who both risked their lives were shot at during the shootoutho and kept going after shooting until, they took him down and i didn't know if they made it becausehe i knew they we hit, and when jennifer told me they were both okay. it was just -- it was a huge sense of relief. >> were you a man of faith before? asan well as after -- >> yeah, i didn't express it a lot. you know, every night when i go to sleep, i always had a habit of praying to god. you know, i just talked to him about things that happened. thank him for things that happened that were good. you know there might be something you want or something you're w trying to achieve down the road and so, you know, you pray for those things but i would also try to remember to tpray and thank him for things
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that -- he did that were good that day. and kind of always constant reminder that every daylw in lie something good happens and bad happens. don't just focus onn the negative. and so i would always say a quiet private prayer. but you know, i said some real heavy prayers that day on the ball field and he delivered. >> you still go through a lot of physical therapy? i imagine -- >> i do. i still go few days a week. it is primarily to build up strength in my left leg bullet went in here, and did a lot of internal damage, but especially the nerves and muscles on the left side of my leg, you know took the most kind of most damage. and so i'm still building those muscles back down to one crutch. i initially was on a scooter to get around, and then was able to go on to two crutches and -- built enough strength up to go down now to one crutch and next goal to be able walk again without crutches. >> do you feel like you have a renewed purpose because -- you areau a man who shouldn't en
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be here? i mean, bullet that big cutting through yourr body like that in all of those gone in a place where it is difficult to get to a hospital? do you feel like you have a renewedd purpose renewed life? >> you know, i -- i know how close i was. mark to not be here -- you know my trauma surgeon a few -- about two months after shooting i was still in the hospital and you know well enough to where i was -- on the road to recovery. but still had a lot of damage and i asked him how bad it was and he walked me through and he said really that first night, he said at least two different times at first night where he wasn't sure. i was boing to make it. so all to be alive, if anything it -- it puts a real renewed focus on what's important in life. you know all of us have thing we do every day and you know you're following somebody else's schedule on certain things and then there's the things that you want to do, and i've tried to remove clutter in my life. and focus on the things that really matter, to me which is it shall you know my faith and my
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family and the things i love doing, and i love this job. i love being able to serve and fight for them. you were almost assassinated. you were a political target. you were on a list -- as killer would be killer -- it was -- it was a radical. hel. came to washington with his list and came with a -- [inaudible conversations] and yetf when you were shot the nation i'm sure you know now everybody was stunned. and then a week goes by two weeks go by year goes by and we're at it again. and at the each other throats things are said. things are are said about the president. things are said that -- that you really wonder what the tone i'm not saying -- aggressive political debate, but when you're calling somebody hitler and a racist, and knot nazi stuff like that, isn't that
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playing with fire? >> i do think that rhetoric needs to come down. and you know we're -- we all ought to be able to disagree with each other, and you know where we have a political debate you ought to fight for things you believe in. because they're critically important. you ought to respect that somebody else that is having a different view h point it doesnt mean they're evil or that they have ulterior motives but they see the world differently. but you shouldn't try to make those differences personal. and i do think we've got ton a point where -- it's definitely ratcheted up to point where i think we need to try to calm it down, and you know -- >> it seems to me when somebody calls somebody hitler, what we know what hitler was -- or a racist, in other words it's not i disagree with this you point out this guy is way to the right or something, but you're ouusing characterization that yu intend to be provocative. after this as assassination attt
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on you that this is irresponsible to me and i'm telling congressman i turn on tv i see it all of the time you see it too. >> youf know, like you said whn you're using something that radio active, i mean hitler is man who literally killed millions of jews based on the fact that he wanted to annihilate them all from the face of the earth that is hiss pure of evil as you can get, and nobody should be compared -- compared to him. but at the same time you know, you see that almost they seem to try to desensitize it as if you disagree it is okay to call somebody something that evil. these days, and we all ought ton standing up against that saying hold on a second look if we disagree let's, let's at least be honest about why we disagree and try to win the argument margaret that mucher said first win the debate then win the vote which means -- if you're losing the debate, you don't go and threaten the other person physically or try to call them a racist or a nazi. you try to maybe make a better argument.
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and these days - it almost seems like copout is say something vee that you shut down detect and you've seen this on college campuses too where they literally don't want conservative view if you're try going to berkeley as a conservative. is that really what you're supposed to be about shouldn't you try to -- about say look go educate yourself and hear all view point have have confidence in your argument to win the days and if you're so afraid of the other side argument that you want to call them names to point where you shut them down i think you've already lost. >> did bernie sanders ever call you or -- ever bump into you in the building give you a pat on shoulder anything like that? >> he reached out to my office. and i think we may have spoken in those kind of first few days when i was in a fog but he did reach out. >>. okay. so youka guys are -- >> i don't hold him or responsible because clearly, what this guy did was derange ared and you know there's no justification. for it -- >> let me ask you this you're in
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a minority, let me talk a little bit about when -- like now you're in the majority. but to lame duck session. it's's a lame duck session but things still get down right are they going. to get done boater wall right now over proper fund of the border wall i was just in meeting with president trump a few days ago. an been a big priority to his big priority of mine. i would like it t see us get ths done and we're in a fight with other side. but at the same time when you look at this caravan coming across, you have in this caravan of people who have said we're going ignore your law and storm across border, there are over 600 already known criminal convicts in the caravan. when you look at some of the things they do to use women as humans again it shows you what kind of people are are really responsible for the caravan. but it's incredibly important that were secure our border andi applaud president trump for being willing to do it because look, every single day this doesn't get mainstream media coverage and it should.
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every single day in this country, at least 10 known terrorists are captured trying to cross into america through our border. why we trying to secure border to keep america safe and it is not that everybody that comes here wants to seek the american dream. there's a legal way to do that. and president trump is said, go even if you want to seek asylum seek it legal way but trying to break laws comeay over here and president says to secure border there's a reason. he's fighting to keep this country safe. because there are bad people who try to come here. >> when i come back i'm going to ask you two flops on that number one ten terrorists capture haded every day and why wouldn't democrat party want to do more to help secure that? and number two, is the problems among democrats or republicans too to get this done when we come back. ladies and gentlemen don't forget watch me on levin tv go to cr to sign up or
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congressman steve scalise so you've mentioned that ten
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captures a day of potential terrorists on southern border. why wouldn't that compel democrat party to be a little bit more supportive of building physical barriers on that southern border where wemo think we can build them? >> i mean it is a good question. but it shows you there is a different mindset on the left. gym they truly believe in open border. you know, this whole idea that peoplement to come in let them come on in, and tben you can look at real numbers to know, there is a legal way to come here by the way mark we are the most generous nation in the world and anybody that thinks we don't let people into our country we let a million people into our country legally every single year. by far most generous in the world we have nothing to be ashamed of no country is close to us and by the way those other countries have their own border protection. so good luck trying to walk into their country illegally. so what we say is there's a way to come here legally. we ought to reform by the way there's parts of that legal system that are very broken. but at the same time, we do know
4:20 pm
that there are bad people who try to come here and well documented so if you want to come here legally there's a legal way to t come here and the are people by the way that have been wait years, ten, 15 years in some cases to come to america. so what does it say if you're okay with letting somebody jump ahead of them in line, what do you tell people that have done the right way played by rules? >> when you all talk about law and rules, like -- not particularly interested in the law and rules, and they must think that it helps the democrat party. in fact, it appears to help the democrat party you have red states going purple purple states going blue, because the democrats would not be supporting open borders if they thought republicans were pouring over border so that's a different members of the jurity but a problem within your republican caucus don't you have a dozen, two dozen with, three dozen republicans -- who really are not necessarily that supportive of securing the
4:21 pm
border at least securing in a way that matters? >> well you know we don't have a consensus completely about how to properly secure the border. most of our members have voted in one way or another to secure border that includes building the wall.s the difference is that you have no support not one democrat we brought two different bills on the house floor in the last few months to secure the border. we have over 220 republicans voted yes not one democrat voted yes so clearly mentality on other side is not to support securing the border a lot of people talked off when it comes tile to actually vote to secure border they're not there. and even americans who aren't maybe where you and i are on immigration law, which they'll say at a minimum secure the border, you know about and what you do with different aspects of the immigration policy is one thing. but securing american's border critical it our national security. not one in the was willing to vote yes. >> here's the problem. republicans out there.
4:22 pm
you've got conservative base out there. you've got over people out there so we gave republicans the house we know what democrats are we know they don't support securing border though they did ten years ago now they've decidessed not in their best interest republicans can't get together the numbers that they need to send the bill -- to the senate? true? >> well, not one particular bill we haven't around that and frankly we've been working with the president on the best way to do that he would support because you know the president is looked at a number of different ways on this to t see that border propey secured and get the 25 billion that is not just 5 billion this year we're fighting for and president trump made it clear that at least give me five billion this yeare to start building wall out further it is a long-term project and it cost more money over the next four or five years. but atr least let's start with this. and by the way, when pelosi had supermajority in the mouse and senate when they passed obamacare, they could have done anything they wanted and they
4:23 pm
did. and they didn't try to go to fix immigration policy. so when they right now try to use, use the left and use immigration and they look well republican don't care about you. they didn't care when they have everything. and they try to solve this problem and not one democrat stepped up to vote when pelosi controlled that time she didn't have a bill to the floor not good or bad. >> i think in diners, in pubs, kitchen tables all over the country, they're not thinking about what pelosi did or didn't do they're say okay we sent republicans in they got a majority we got to -- republican house republican senate, republican president, we spend billions and billions of dollars massive debt, and we can't cobble together five billion dollars to try to secure that southern border. i think yeah, mark let me say this because first of all we did put at least one and a half billion in place surely not the five billion there is some wall
4:24 pm
that's being built but on top of that we work closely with the president to rebuild our military after what president obama did to literally degrade to point where last year we lost more men and women in training deathen than in combat. by more than a 3-1 margin we also by the way got regulations under control. but obama era regulations were crushing the no just the middle class they were killing manufacturing in america we have reversed that. working with this president and tgetting bills to his desk that he signs. the tax cut bill, not one democrat voted with us, but yet we got a bill on not since ronald reagan in 1986 that we have tax reform get bill get to the president's desk and this was incredibly historic cut taxes at every level made our country competitive again and we're withel reiing rewards andy the way, the federal government this year took in more money to the treasury with those tax cuts but those people that would say tax cuts equal deficits. we took in more money this year than we ever have before.
4:25 pm
obviously, we've got to get control overt managed story side of spending but we've gotten our economy become on track and finally seeing economic growth, and we've rebiment our military while getting regulations under the control. those are are important thing they're definitely things that we haven't done, and it is fair criticism to say okay you didn't doot this on immigration and obamacare you didn't replace it. and we have passed a bill and to do it and fail bid one vote in the senate fair criticism to say those thing didn't get done so more work left to do but clearly when you look at what we have done in working with this president incredibly historic things for our economy and military there's more work to be done, and watch what pelosi when she's speak earn they'll recognize what difference is. >> when we return i want to ask you about spending with seems to be out of control. but debt is massive, getting bigger ander in that context i want to you if house is a good relationship working relationship 237.
4:26 pm
but senate republicans mitch mcconnell, he's announced over and over again that they will nott shutdown the government. and i was around when the reagan administration he shut it down six times. several years ago in my radio show paul ryan said, they really when we with talk about a government shutdown we're talking about 17% of the government. vast majority of government doesn't shutdown, social security medicare, medicaid border patrol military, police, untouched, and on and on and on. is this a pr are problem? because it would seem every time and -- the republicans do okay. and we just had a midterm election so there's no election tomorrow. and it is the border wall big enough issue to fight. we'll be right back.
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with truecar, you can see its value in real sports package, nice. small dent...not so nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now. live from america news quarters i'm jon scott federal judge in texas reuniting battle over obamacare after striking down law as unconstitutional. on the eve of the signup deadline for 2019 coverage the federal judge siding to fill a lawsuit arguing that individual mandate is unconstitutional. and obamacare could not be separated from it. california leading the the group of states to plan a challenge rules in democrats say they will join the fight this means that
4:31 pm
legal battle is likely headed to the supreme court yet again. meanwhile or more staffing shakeups at the white house president trump announcing secretary of the interior ryan is stepping down. and budge director mick has been named acting chief of staff to replace john kelly. both will leave by the end of the year. i'm jon scott now back to life, liberty, and levin. ♪ shutdown schumer says look government shut down that's on the president of the united states. president of the united states say look i've been asking for this money 5 billion now. every year i've been president and then i'm stuck with this attack that i'm not holding up my promise and this year, really going to put it to you. government shutdown, though, government shutdown and who's fault? >> well president made it clear he wants 5 billion for next year, to secure the border. includes wall funding but a lot of other things that the
4:32 pm
president has been asking for more technology, to make more effective use of our border patrol agents, to give them more of the tools they need to be safe in carrying out that mission. look, we just saw with this caravan they were trying to attack and in some cases attacking our border patrol agents throwing rocks other thing, at our border patrol agents at law enforcement and a so the threat is real and need to secure our nation, our nations border is reel and chuck schumer wants to shut down government because he doesn't want to secure the border that's a fight he's going to lose and he's lost one of the shutdowns before at the end of the day we need to secure our border and american people again regardless ofde where you stand on immigration policy, most americans believe we ought to secure border.r. >> the house republican leadership getting along okay withth the senate republican leadership i expect to say well it is well. but is it really swell? >> you know we have different -- approaches to how we do thing we have different rules. you know i've been critical in
4:33 pm
the past of the 60 vote rule in the senate especially on appropriations bill they'll say well that senate policy that's senate business, you know the thing is we've got so many bills that we sent over to the senate that we passeden with the majory vote and by the way, with a lot of those were tough votes to pass because not democrat would vote with us and we got it done and we're not one of the bills could get it through senate because of that rule. it really makes it hard for us to follow through and things we want it see done. but at the end of the day those are rules that we have to work with so we can work together to get big things done in a classic example of that is the tax cuts bill. >> you said we've had more -- tax income than ever before in american history with the tax cuts. but we're spending more and borrowing more than ever in american history, and people look at this and they say, we're not even making really any progress. it is barely to that even republicans on capitol hill. we hear the senate say, we have a great bill. we're going to get it passed and
4:34 pm
president's desk last year when that happened it was a massive spending bill but we wanted to protect a defense department. which has been as you said was -- was eviscerated under obama. the president shouldn't really be given that choice, should he? even fund a fence or massive new debt where is this coming from? >> yeah mark no president or congress should be in a position of saying do you properly fund a fence or balance budget a false choice, in fact, one of the have you for constitutional responsibilities we have as members of congress is to fund our national defense. and you've highlighted this so many times so well over years on what constitution is really all about about. if you look at what's driving our debt we spent 90% of our time talking about the discretionary side of budget which includes defense. ifif you eliminate whole department of defense, you would still have a deficit so don't act like that's -- the problem in washington. 2/3 of our spending in
4:35 pm
washington is called mandatory spending things that we don't vote on medicare, medicaid social security and obama kir and think about this, in one bill, in one bill that we passed to theba senate last year, with only a 51 vote requirement to replace replace obamacare we repealed that put in place reforms,ms to lower premiums put you in charge of your health care protected people with preexisting conditions. we did all of that. and we turned medicaid which is one of the most broken form of health care we turn medicaid over to states to run and put medicaid on a budget and didn't cut medicaid spending like democrats woul say but slowed the growth so only in washington, with you know if you were going to get 8% increase and you get a 3% increase, you have an increase and they call it a cut. just that alone would have saved over 800 billion dollars and improved health care outcomes for families all across the country oh, by the way medicare if we do nothing if we don't touch it. it is set to go bankrupt in eight year. i think that would be
4:36 pm
irresponsible toit let it go. but we have a plan by the way to save medicare from bankruptcy. democrats don't even want to talk about that but if you look at the health care billve alone, two of thehe big four managed story spending programs and one swoop we could have reformed and helped us get to balance federal budget. >> you have a plan on medicare? you guys going to vote on it before you leave town? >> i'm not sure ifst there's a vote on that. i think what we need to do is have a public discussion. we have not really engaminged american people on what the problem is. i mean when i go home i talk to senior groups in new orleans first thing i say is how many of you know is goes bankrupt in eight years half are scared to talk about it because they think they know it is bad and gone. they think the solution would negatively impact them and when i say first of all our plan doesn't even make any changes to medicare for you. except that it won't go bust on your watch. well immediately they're okay to have this conversation. young people by the way don't believe it is going to be there for so if they're going to have to make some changes to how a
4:37 pm
30-year-old will have to, you know, make plans so that they can still have some kind of health care plan for them, when they retire, they're open to that discussion too. we need a first we can't assume everybody knows what the problem is. we have to have this discussion and then go talk about what our solution is because democrats don't want to make any changes. they want to let it go bust and scare and frighten seniors that's all they want and seniors are tired of being scared on this issue. >> so you're saying correct me because i know trust are tees put out this report eve year for medicare, social security and so forth. that medicare goes bust in eight years. i >> and it is bipartisan by the way not like this is what republicans said. both obamaid and trump acknowlee it goes bust and democrats plan of what they call medicare for all. >> i want going to say medicare for allh bankrupt -- for all. bankrupt and -- because they dump you take a plan now and it should shored ue
4:38 pm
need to save from bankrupt we have a plan to save from bankruptcy they put 200 million more on a plans that's going bankrupt so it goes bankrupt faster. seniors don't want that, and you know by the way that democrats plan also eliminates private health insurance that you get through your company. which by the way most people who get private health insurance get it through their employer and they like that health care. >> ready to block it. we'll be right back. maria ramirez?
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it's proven quality sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts... so you can get a running start on the holidays. and now get free delivery and setup on all sleep number 360 smart beds. ends monday. steve scalise lest talk about democrat, you're going to be in the minority. it is in the a massive majority the democrats will have but big enough. the committees are are represented mostly by one coast or other coast. and san francisco is well represented in new york city is well represented baltimore and so forth had a big center of the country that really isn't represented by a lot offo chairn of these various committees.
4:43 pm
and they've made it abundantly clear that they have as their purpose to expand the welfare state to drive up the debt further to drive up spending further and to drive this president from office. is the republican caucus ready to really duke it out? >> we're ready to go to blgt and look this is a battle for the direction of our country. and for this president to be able to continue following through on his proms one of the best things about trump presidency is they just actually doing things he promised to do during campaign that's refreshing also the reason they hate what he's doing because he's going after the -- you know the leftest mentality put under place under barack obama when you look at agenda they weren't clear on swing markets there were three they flipped that hillary clinton won. so the bulk of the republicans that lost the democrats they gaveat pelosi the majority, were places where donald trump actually won, when he was on the the ballot and so it is going to
4:44 pm
a delicate balance for them their first vote is member of congress is going to be for nancy pelosi of speaker. and many promise that they wouldn't do s it so eyes are focused on that very first vote did you break your bond to your constituents on day one but even on day two, three, and four and bringing radical bill after call bill to abolish i.c.e. they want to get rid of interior border patrol agent, this open border mentality medicare for all with eliminate private health insurance and help bankrupt medicare. and then let alone all of this personal stuff where they want to keep going after president and ultimately impeachment. they that go down that leftest agenda that'sid not where middle america and nip from republican to democrat are, are you guys ready to organize on these committees battle them inch for inch territory territory, territory. >> we absolutely need to. look i was there -- on the energy and commerce committee on new energy of congress in 2009 when they
4:45 pm
started to obamacare go look at the a popularity of obamacare at the beginning when it was introduced it wasf very popular. and ultimately we exposed so many different pieces of that bill to destroy -- your relationship with your doctor. that we're going jack up cost of health care and you laid it out it wasn't a mystery and we did that in committee where work is done on house floor where you've got to do battle when bill passed it was unpopular with the american people and remain unpopular because of the bad law but ut ultimately in marketplace of ideas show why their ideas are bachelor's degree and why we have better ideas. i just feel in the committees -- they strategize and they want to bury -- they obstruct i'm not saying republican ares should do the same thing. but i just hope they're prepared organize when they need and every one of the communities because the democrats in the
4:46 pm
minority -- seem to know what to do with the minority. sometimes the republicans in the minority don't seem to know what they're doing in minority. that would be something that would concern me so at least talk. >> remember this eight years since we've been in minority over 70% of our conference republican house members, never served in the minority. so for a lot of people this is their first experience and i hope they don't like this experience i'm not boing to like it because i've seen what it is like when nancy pelosi is speak earn kind of agenda she moves through. difference now we have a president working with us to help highlight just how radical their agenda is going to be and we have to do a better job mark of explaining to american people what we with stand for. the the contrast the difference -- >>ni that's right. don't forget folks most weeknights watch levin tv levin tv just be to cr and sign up right there join our wonderful group there and that is cr and mark
4:47 pm
conservative community join us our give us a call at 844-levin tv, 844-levin tv. we'll be right back.
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steve is scalise, i mean we've got hit pretty good. the house and midterm election, and what was the message was
4:51 pm
there united message at the house republicans were running on because honestly i'm not sure. >> you know i think going in it was clearly the economy that was the main focus because economy is doing really well. thing is that wasn't enough, with anden frankly the democrats didde a good job of going out ad lying i would argue and -- you know we, in fact, we were lying that we were trying to take away preexisting coverage but that's where they wept and tried to put people on defense and they have a lot of money behind that too. they w heavily outraised us ther base was very motivated i'll say this when president got engaged, we actually did really well in terms of bringing our base to a higher level of turnout too, and typically off year election doesn't do so well on turnout we saw very high, high percentage turnout this time around. but ultimately i do think that our message wasn't sharp enough or just enough to be for the economy. i think we should have gotten into a -- a more direct back and pot on
4:52 pm
health care because what they said wasn'td true. but if you're not out there pushing back myth becomes fact. >> interestingly, in some of these districts, relatively republican districts maybe marginal wheret. you have kaings running away from the president, many of them got blown out, didn't they? >> well you know if you look at i'll just use the senate since some of the house races you know can go back and forth. if you look where president went toto flip democrats each to republicans you know missouri is a real good example if you look at what happened in -- in indiana, north dakota you have a lot of opportunities for south where the president got engaminged ultimately flipped seat from democrats to republican, and helped increase turn orout at the same time even in texas. you know he and ted cruz didn't get along with each other during republican primary but they sure
4:53 pm
came together and senator cruz voted for kavanaugh and helped president, get his judge nomines through and so the president came down, and helped support ted cruz you are looking in florida. ron desantis colleague of mine wouldn't be governor if not for the direct involvement over and over of president trump going down to florida and also helping rick scott along the way so -- >> what does this tell you? >> i still think when the president gets directly involved, he is incredibly popular, you would see i was in houston doing some event day after president trump came to houston to do a rally for some of our members down there they were having -- they still the toyota center they were 15,000 people in the arena in another 15,000 but want to be there which tell you the enthusiasm for this president has never been higher. i do think when it comes to 2020, and it is president trump on the ballot against whatever far left radical they nominate out of there 20, 30 person
4:54 pm
primary, president trump is going to do incredibly well because we've got a great economy i think it is going to keep getting better. and ultimately you have a contrast that couldn't be clear just like -- president trump t against hillay clinton. i think it is going to be a very similar situation in two years. >> when we come back, the big question -- (music throughout) ( ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness.
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mark: a really good book. "back in the game." congressman, do you think the democrats will overreach and will the republicans be prepared to take advantage of that? >> without a doubt. her conference will be further left than 2006 and 2010. vethink there is no way she avoids overreaching. we have to make that sharp
4:59 pm
contrast on the ballot in 2020 whenak he gets re-elected and takes the house back. mark: isn't your caucus more conservative now? >> there are a lot of opportunities we'll have to show the differences, and we need to do that. we have to recruit good candidates. you can't just run against somebody who's bad. i think we'll have a lot of people willing to step up and ngd part of retaking the house and working with his president to put conservative reforms in place that will be long lasting to turn this country around. mark: you are telling the viewers the republicans are ready, even though they are in the minority. >> if you are a republican and you want to be part of getting this country back on track,
5:00 pm
reach out to me and our tame to get this country back on track. mark: see you next time on ""life, liberty & p levin"." jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." the president hosting a high stakes meeting with the democrat leaders live for all to see, demanding $5 billion in wall funding saying i will own the shut -- he'll own the shutdown if it came to it. jesse: trump adding he would go around democrats if they don't deliver the votes to get there. joining me is


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