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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 16, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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gillian: >> it's an awful, awful ruling. we are going to fight this tooth and nail. >> obama to his will to be unconstitutional. leland: plus come with five days to go before a government shutdown, no compromise yet when it comes to funding. president trump's border wall. gillian: as the clock ticks
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down, the biggest time of year for cities around the country. investigators trying to track down the would-be terrorist last week. welcome on this sunday morning to "america's news hq" angeline turner. >> night to be with you. depends on which side you listen to. the democrats say they're not. i'm leland vittert. all right, and now on to a possible obamacare replacement. get it done. that is the president's words for the weekend for the new congress to quickly replace the existing affordable care act. i little trouble the last time around after federal judge talked about the key funding mechanism from the obamacare health care overhaul.
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garrett tenney this weekend has had a lot of changes and implications for folks. >> starting to get a better idea what the domino effect could be. on the legal side this ruling expected to reach the court. seriously appalled upon the care on two occasions. the swing vote in those cases was chief justice john roberts. what the makeup has changed, no guarantee the outcome will be any different this time around. a potential vote is pushing health care to the forefront of congress' to-do list good last night at the congressional, president trump described as a great opportunity. >> i believe we're going to give really good health care. exciting things happened over the last 24 hours. if the republicans and democrats get together, we are going to end up with incredible health care, which is the way it should've been from day one and it's going to happen. it now has a chance to happen. >> that is a big if.
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republicans were unable to come up with a health care bill that could pass both the house and senate. another question is if congress congress -- if it's called something else or will they are from scratch. lawmakers in both parties didn't have a clear answer to what that may look like. >> i wouldn't say we couldn't unite on any data, but this is a very difficult issue in the closely divided senate. one thing i think we'll get united on is medicare for all meaning medicare for non. if democrats want to take that to the american people and seniors from particular people covered by medicare understand ramifications of that. there is no way that will happen in no way voters will let it happen. leland: senator amy klobuchar was arguing today is so that you can take obamacare and take the individual mandate, remove it
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and keep all the other parts of obamacare which are working she says. one thing is clear here that health care is going to continue to be a major political issue especially us to get closer to 2020 election those candidates try to make their case to the american people. leland: elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, other rumored 2020 candidates on this issue. garrett tenney, thank you so much. transfer to the brink of another shutdown in the trenton area. this time the president indicated he is willing to let it happen. congressional leaders about are displacing themselves now for the fallout. that story for us today. >> the trend administration is standing firm saying that the nation needs a border wall for national security in the white house is willing to risk a government shutdown. >> of it comes to it, absolutely. because the question of whether or not demand determines a sovereign country and whether he can establish and enforce rules. the democrat party is a simple
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choice. they can either choose to fight for america's working class or remove illegal immigration. you can't do both. >> resident trump told a top democratic leaders last week he would be proud to shut down the government for border security. he's asking for three-point $7 million more than what democrats want to provide for the border wall and border enhanced. >> what we're trying to do is give the administration and the acts are that the department of homeland security the resources they need. they tell us they need technology and personnel. we put him on .3 million -- billion on the table for barriers if they are necessarily defined in a way so we are hoping some medieval wall, but using it a smart fashion. it's up to the president to accept this. i don't think he will, and for the good of the country hope he does. >> order security is critical to the country but hope it doesn't come to a shutdown. >> i would certainly hope not.
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keeping the government openness with the american people at active the people they elect. keep the the government open and if there's any shutdown would certainly be a partial shutdown. remember coming through the appropriations process already have approved 75% of the funding for the government for the next year. dreams are the top senate democrat chuck schumer said as plainly as possible today that president trump will not get a wall. >> thanks for that, molly. washington is out in all fours doing what it does best this weekend which is passing the buck. >> republican of indiana can have a share of the house budget committee, the president seems to think -- you agree? >> i've been part of a lot of shut downs unfortunately over the years. vice chairman of the budget committee. and i'll tell you this. this is unlike prior situations. first of all let the government
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has been funded. this is not going to affect veterans. this is not going to affect our military. it's not going to affect health and human services. the leverage points are different here and what this comes down to his democrats and even republicans want to put their own constituents, their own tax payers come in the u.s. about the interest of illegal aliens. leland: is that a yes or no? >> absolutely. there is no better time than to show the country and to show the world that we are a country of laws and that we want our laws respected. i don't think that's too much to ask. it's pretty reasonable. leland: this is nancy pelosi talking about the issue yesterday. >> we are not in the negotiation of $5 billion. >> so play this out democrat still link here in the senate
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and now all the sudden you have democrat controlling the house, are we going to shut until there's a wall? i don't think you want to take a shutdown into her speakership. risk losing control into things? >> a lot of agenda items donated big federal government to do. so why not get it done now than to give her -- leland: why not get it done? >> i think there could be. if we pave it this from a false narrative to one where, what are you for? are you for your own can picture him or are you for illegal immigrants? are you for the rule of law or not rushing mark that's what the issue is about. if we would be strong -- >> republicans be strong. >> republicans and democrats and
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those who don't want to have -- those who don't understand the purpose issuance right now who would rather say the interests of illegal immigrants is better, more important than the rule of law dinner and citizens. leland: you're making a valid argument. my question is why are democrats feeling as though they have an equally valiant argument on the other side. >> i don't know about that. in indiana or when i'm talking to it as just an event yesterday. up yesterday. up to you this, they are saying we are further along, especially now it's not going to affect 600,000 federal bureaucrat. it's not going to affect veterans commit troops redo the things other shutdown state. leland: that brings up an important point. nobody loves a good talk and a good site about shutting down the government more than the media does.
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go to capitol hill, close the doors. we can talk for hours about it. when you were in indiana, were people all that concerned? >> no. we are for the rule of law and her and citizens. >> they don't view it as some massive failure. >> unlike past shutdowns it doesn't affect our veterans are true or the capitol police. i was with them this morning and they are saying we are going -- is not going affect health and human services. >> i'm not worried about that either. leland: will have christmas together. good to see you. gillian: just five days fell in president trump says he'd be proud to shut down the government over funding for the border wall. his pick for acting chief of staff mick mulvaney is the guy who let it for a two-point type
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of shutdown for obama carried 2013. it away on this is my political panel from a democratic campaign consultant and fox news contributor david mccullough, in a gop strategist. gentlemen, let's talk about mick mulvaney first. i'll go to hugh. democrats seem to be saying it makes the government shutdown likely are, but i can't figure out why that's the case because he's not going to come into office until the end of the year term in january or later. >> i guess what i'm saying and the way i see it is there's no one to compromise. clearly not going to have -- a vote that or they are.
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it is sad and it hurts our country. -- beware if you shut it down in this condition, the situation will bring far more parties -- this new trade deal in the border and are stronger hand with many americans is far more impacted by these conditions said this week.
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gillian: something like democrats giving them a turn to shut down determines whether this goes back and gives them incentive. does that kind of -- [inaudible] the likelihood she needs that -- [inaudible] i think david is right. they continually shut down on condition -- [inaudible]
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with $6 million with the republicans. the argument -- that's exactly right. [inaudible]
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is a nonfactor at least publicly in watching his body language suggested to me that mike pence, a good and decent man wanted to be pretty much everywhere else than where he was. you see an awkward uncomfortable rigid man. and i wish we had a vice president who was fully engaged trying to promote with his former colleagues in the house. the best advice we can give is to give it to the president privately. gillian: gentlemen, thank you as always. have a great weekend. stick around after our show this afternoon to watch wallace. an interview with rudy giuliani on "fox news sunday." that is 2:00 p.m. eastern.
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leland: more on that in a second. a series of bomb threats across the country thursday and what might they have planned for the holidays? late $25,000 reward the enough to get new information. president trump's attorney says about him sitting down with team mueller. >> rudy giuliani is once again attacking his credibility, calling him a pathological liar. a potential sit down between special robert mueller and president trump. the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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gillian: this is a fox news look at explosion restaurant in northern japan has about 40 people injured. firefighters are backed with a wounded in the shelter was immediately set up a residence displaced by the blast. this all happened in sapporo on the northern island. the cause now under investigation. leland: the president this morning calling his former personal attorney a brat on twitter. i was ahead of his team launching an all-out assault not only on michael cohen, but
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robert mueller as well. it continues throughout the day. hi, alison. >> president trump calling michael cohen and he only became a rout after the fbi went into his office. the words that president trump use. former fbi director james comey is disputing that in the treat of his own saying the president is lying about a lawful execution of a search warrant issued by a federal judge. tron did not direct going claim they had affairs with mr. trump. they say he learned after the fact he is now lying because he wanted leniency. >> the president is telling the truth. is that a big surprise to you that michael cohen is line? i was fiercely loyal to donald trump.
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nonsense he was fiercely loyal. >> the special counsel stated emphatically the information was credible and helpful. there is a substantial amount of information that they possess that corroborate the fact that i'm telling the truth. >> trumps outside legal counsel and former presidential candidate north carolina senator in 2011. edwards was indicted for allegedly violating campaign finance laws by using money from political supporters to keep it quiet while the president denies having knowledge of the payments made, he argues that either way it is not a crime to make these kinds of payments in that the edward case it proves that. that argument only works if you ignore facts. >> the payment of money in a situation like this is covered in the edwards case. not only the hung jury, but the fact the fec violations
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determined they were violations. >> the fec netherworld that what john edwards did was appropriate. we will see what the facts come as something alien mr. giuliani and mr. trump. >> president trump with responses from the special counsel. the jury has been out for quite a while as to whether the president will ultimately sit down with robert mueller and his team. mr. giuliani told "fox news sunday" the interview would happen over his dead body. leland: the entirety of that interview coming up top of the hour. ellison barber at the white house. thanks. gillian. gillian: here with analysis to break it all down. until last month he was the chief of staff of president trump's national old. great to have you. so you know the role of national security adviser which is what general fund held.
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you know general flynt himself is going to be sentenced on tuesday. what do you think he deserves here? >> you and i both served in the national security council and general flynt was questioned by f. guy agent and the nsc counsel was involved in flynt didn't have a personal attorney. i was famous and fox her per year. >> that he did not alert him. >> we now know that he was discouraged from having an attorney by the fbi and the director call me try to take advantage of disarray at the beginning of the trump administration to basically slip in a few fbi officers and interview flynn. this really looks like a case of entrapment. >> president trump and rudy giuliani tried to make the case this week that general flynt did not know he had the time -- that
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it was a crime to lie to the fbi. do you find that element a believable defense? >> look, he's been around a long time in a think he knew he had the right to an attorney. i tend to think he did not like but the fact is i think this was entrapment. fbi officers who have intelligence but was said to a russian official. this was what denies to entrap general flynt. we can argue whether it said was technically accurate or not you're the fact he was entrapped with information is foreign intelligence that he was discouraged from having an attorney was an appalling abuse of our justice system. gillian: take a listen. here's rudy giuliani. i want your reaction to this. >> the president knows -- he knows what you knew what a time. the men pled guilty.
10:26 am
>> he knows what flynn said to his vice president. >> tells a lie, but that's not a crime. gillian: okay, the slippery slope. the official explanation for booting general flynn last year was the lie to the vice president. he told them he never spoke to the russian ambassador about sanctions that has been proven for intelligence that he did. it's a slip or a slope in the sense that when someone lies in it's on the record, how do you know when you can trust them and when you can't? >> if we held the standard, hillary clinton and bill clinton would all be in jail serving decades and decades. there should be equal justice under law. this is why think was a very minor one in the fact he would get through the guilty line, why did he do that. the limited resources of the justice department were put against and bankrupted. he was worried about his son being indicted.
10:27 am
those are the reasons he decided to plead guilty to lying. gillian: pivoting to hugely important national security issue come in the series of bomb threats on thursday around the country. new reporting that they are tracing the e-mails the threats came in to a server in russia. is that terrify you? >> i'm looking at this and i'm not sure we know that yet. i think it's certain cybercriminals are behind this. my guess is these are anarchists who work on the dark web to basically commit crimes. maybe foreign powers, but i think we need more information to determine. gillian: if they were, like let's assume for the purposes of the discussion for a moment that they were. do you view these attempts then as a success that they sowed chaos across the country until it is media coverage for failure because that they never transpired. >> i think it was a success. they were trying to wreak havoc. this is another threat to the
10:28 am
country, a cyberthreat that is going to get worse and worse. the good news is the trump administration has a comprehensive cyberstrategy unveiled in september 2018. the first strategy is an attempt to address all kinds of threats including this type of threat. gillian: would you call a cyberterrorism? it's a cyberthreat that these folks are clearly terrorists are they not? >> cyberextortion. but certainly cybercriminal activity. gillian: thank you so much for helping us break it down this evening. will be back. leland: the latest for president obama signature legacy item and can republicans capitalize on them politically? plus, very few answers on why police still have hope to find a missing colorado mother. >> everyone is here to find caliphate. >> we have been working
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leland: the president says he thinks republicans and democrats can work together to come up with a replacement for obamacare. his remarks last night raised new questions about the future of that law but a judge declared unconstitutional in friday although obamacare remains in effect here with some analysis on the political stage, host of his own radio talk per program on pht philadelphia or around the world on the internet are good to see you. appreciate it. is this a case republican should be careful what you wish for? they talked about how bad obamacare was for so long and now they might actually have to come up with a fix. >> thanks for having me back. first of all republicans have to be wise to realize the preexisting condition attack was a big deal for them this last election. people who supported coverage of
10:34 am
preexisting conditions were labeled and not attack definitely her people. democrats have to be careful, too. right now there's an opening for the extreme left of their base. to come out and say now that obamacare may be going away, lectures grafted into medicare for all. ridiculous expensive averages and that no one even knows how much it will cost. this opens up an invitation to outlast each other on this issue saying who's going to expand it most and the most expensive. leland: train to interesting new notepad. you heard the republican counterattack on that to roy blunt of missouri same medicare for all means medicare for nobody as if sort of channeling exactly what you were thinking. this is how the american people look at president trump dealing with health care. only 33% of americans approve his handling of health care. in fact, obamacare itself is far
10:35 am
more popular than the president himself. probably? >> could certainly be a problem in 2020. the president needs to come up with a plan to lower costs, free-market approach without question. as you know, 11% in obamacare. since 2008 deductibles have her as they times faster than wages. a lot of people are really hurting by obamacare and the government's quote, unquote solution to the problem. while there's an opportunity here there's a real opportunity to say democrats will raise taxes. leland: real opportunity means having real solutions. not just talking how bad obamacare is. this from one of the top young republican political operatives in the country. in 2016 it wasn't just a winning issue for us. it was the winning issue meaning repeal and replace obamacare. they meaning republicans in congress botched the repeal bill
10:36 am
so badly that by the end of 17 it was a total loser of an issue and yet you don't see republican congressman coming out in pain here's our plan. his 14 points of her new legislation. here's how are going to do it. >> is going to be a question in 2020 without a doubt what a replacement will look like. >> can republicans afford to let this go in 2020 or do they need to craft some legislation and started in the senate in the next couple months? >> there's a question of whether this will stand in a lot of people are sure it will. there may not even be a need for a replacement plan by then. the real question is -- leland: hold on. republicans say there needs to be replacement urgently for the past eight years. >> right. they need to work on things to lower prices without having a lot of government control.
10:37 am
the campaign issue going into 2020 is the president running against someone who says let's forget it medicare for all should cost billions of dollars. democrats are the ones coming out with the plan of the american people say as bad as this quote, unquote obamacare may be, that's even worse are sometimes doing nothing, sometimes not coming out the plan is the best political strategy. that doesn't seem to be politically correct. you can't have a federal plan. not always. sometimes the complaints result in people paying higher more deductibles and more premiums and losing coverage and that's why obamacare deductibles are down. maybe the best way forward is for republicans to sit back and threw a democrat do in terms of coming out their socialist medicare channeling scaring the american people. leland: channeling reagan he says i'm from the government and i'm here to help. appreciate it, buddy. good to see you. gillian: police in colorado looking for a woman missing
10:38 am
since thanksgiving. her fiancé was the last person to see her face to face. the 29-year-old mother's disappearance was in the colorado springs community where she lives, but despite their best efforts, few clues have emerged. continuing their search owned by his fiancée. his name is patch or crazy, but they've yet to name him as a suspect. >> at this point we are considering every possibility and i'm not willing to jump to conclusions in this highly complex investigation. local residents continuing to hand out missing person fliers in place i received an anonymous $25,000 donation to pay for any information leading to the location her safe return. >> evidently nasa needed help to launch a couple of satellites into orbit. we will show you the blast off. sponsoring terror around the
10:39 am
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leland: blasting off for new zealand or if you couldn't tell by the accent they are, or team many satellites for nasa, 10-centimeter reflecting on radiation belts and solar flares as they are in low orbit around the earth. 35 years ago terrorist or retract him into marine barracks in beirut killing 241 u.s. service members. 22 of them was the deadliest day since world war ii. now family of those killed during president trump at the white house and not sober. they want to landmark 2007 civil
10:44 am
suit including $2.65 billion payout. now back to for the u.s. supreme court. the former commandant of the marine corps now runs international and is taking a break justices sort of left these families behind. this is one of the more surreal stories out there i would say. how is it that these families have not yet recouped a payment that they had deemed theron from iran. >> this is a tenure battle these families have fought. tenure is a struggle through the process without too much help in the administration, previous administration. it is now come before the supreme court in unbelievable ironic twist that syron versus
10:45 am
the beirut families. i want to stress that 241 people lost their lives that day. 220 marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers to be precise. gillian: i can only imagine a tremendous psychological emotional delight on the history of the warfare for u.s. service members around the world. >> it was devastating. it was iran backed and iran continues to be the biggest purveyor of terrorists -- terrorism in the world. we are now at the inflection point where the supreme court has passed the solicitor general to check with the administration to see what the administration wants to do about this. we're extremely grateful to the president for having help with the 35th reunion. gillian: president trump held up photo at the white house.
10:46 am
>> and has made some very helpful statements as have key senators. secretary mattis has been very supportive as well. this is something that is the one who gets the input from the solicitor general to return $1.67 billion to the central bank of iran. all that money by the way is being held in the swiss bank right now. the swiss bank has said yes we have that money and were not going to do it until the supreme court does. gillian: the families murdered u.s. marines versus the government of iran as i said one of the more surreal stories that's going on right now. >> i couldn't believe it when i heard it. a lot of due diligence, the assistant back as strange as it may seem, the supreme court of the united states.
10:47 am
gillian: general, when i was working for the national security council, one of the things you like to impress upon everybody was just how involved the government of iran was in sort of supplying, supporting terrorist proxy organizations around the world. do you think that this is still going on today? is the situation as bad now as it was eight years ago when you were in office? >> it might be a little bit worse. in addition to tehran, damascus in yemen and certainly influences iraq. so it got multiple controls over those four countries are those four cities. they are the principal backer of what's going on in yemen today. and so it hasn't changed. we have the nuclear deal, but
10:48 am
those do not change the behavior of the government. gillian: as you say, unique opportunity here for the trump administration to sort of way up and come up with assault on the to the right thing. >> this is an opportunity for the administration with policy with regard to iran and to get some visibility on this. this is really possibly a great story, but it has to and the right way. >> general comment thank you so much for your time. will definitely have you back. >> of a government shutdown can.marines from rebuilding their clinical basis. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens.
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>> in september, hurricane florence rather secure line is causing widespread damage on coastal communities including one of the marine corps is biggest bases its camp lejeune. they learned about amphibious assault training and also houses thousands of military families. leland: the commandant of the marine corps testified on capitol hill that the cost to repair everything would be $3.6 billion that is money the
10:53 am
marines want now in this latest showdown on capitol hill. join now by the commander of the marine corps installations command. good to see you, sir. you spend a lot of time at legitimate state weird how bad is it? >> i haven't gone pretty much every week. 800 facilities damaged. both 124,000 marines and family members between camp lejeune. our biggest amphibious base seriously been impacted by the storm. leland: what does that mean for marine readiness for those families, marines overseas. >> reappoint. i know you're down there covering what was going on. their families -- a non-basin off base. our largest amphibious base has damage to the beach itself.
10:54 am
a railhead are damaged and we can't deploy from the rail until we get this. serious damage in her need to get it fixed. gillian: i know they spent a lot of time talking the senate and house services committee about these kinds of requests. we also know sadly that congress doesn't really love the military for the most part. what is the state of play right now? what is this feeling? >> there asking questions. there'll be doing some engagement this coming week and were telling our story. we are just telling the facts, what they are in these buildings are 70 years old. 35 inches in three days. two miles an hour. gillian: do you think this has some sort of blogger medium to long-term back in terms of
10:55 am
readiness? >> absolutely. it'll take five, six years to replace these buildings. 3000 marines to space at different headquarters. marines are working hangers with temporary trailers in place. we are going to fix it. think about the map of our marines are stationed right now around the world. obviously in embassies around the world to mets in iraq and afghanistan come in syria deployed elsewhere in southeast asia as well. we've done so many stories about military readiness to whether it be others that this just an inability for a lot of the military to fight tonight if i have to. does this push the timeline of bringing the military back to readiness further away? >> it immediately impacts trade getting over that. if we have to have some way instead of buying acquisition to
10:56 am
fix buildings so we can afford it internally. we're going to need some additional money and we are doing this wisely. we are not trained to get rich from this. we need to fix the things that are broken. leland: marines have always been known to do more with less as the motto goes. we know you're big part of that. we appreciate you coming and talking about this on capitol hill. if you guys get your money or not. >> yeah, thank you for having me. leland: chris wallace with rudy giuliani coming up here in a couple minutes made a lot of news they are including the comment that ellison barber talked about whether president trump posted down with robert mueller. gillian: do when a missile coming up have a happy as the day from us here at his headquarters. leland: see you next weekend.
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(honking) when your craving strikes, you need your wing nut. ( ♪ ) no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut. >> i am chris wallace. a federal judge strikes down obamacare and president trump's former fixture is sentenced to prison. who in the president's inner circle is next fall? >> l m


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