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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 17, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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in his life. watch. matthew proposed to his girlfriend at the ceremony immediately after she pinned his badge on him. she said yesterday. kristina, you love it? >> i'm nodding. >> dana: thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. rudy guliani says the crime the former fixer michael cohen pleaded to is not a crime. a top democrat threatens to investigate the president's personal finances when the party takes control of the house. michael flynn's former business partner charged with illegal lobbying a day before the security adviser learns about lying for his russian contacts. now we're getting an inside look at how russia used social media
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to help president trump win the white house. and researchers say the interference is still happening. also, just a few days left to avoid a partial government shut down. neither side is backing down with thousands of workers caught in the middle. right before christmas. and there will be a christmas rhyme because someone wrote it in the b block tease. our reporting begins now. and our reporting begins with president trump and his personal lawyer unleashing a sort of counter narrative against the investigators after a week of revelations in the russia case. in addition, the president's personal attorney, rudy guliani, told chris wallace on "fox news sunday" there is no way he will let president trump meet with the special counsel, robert mueller. >> they're a joke. over my dead body. you know, i could be dead.
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>> shepard: for months, mueller's team and the president's lawyers have gone back and forth about whether president trump would sit town for any interview. the special counsel is looking to moscow's meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the president's team and campaign. whether the president obstructed justice. and any evidence of crimes uncovered during the investigation. president trump says there was no collusion and no obstruction. the president is calling his former and long-time attorney and fixer, michael cohen, a rat now. did so on twitter over the weekend. a judge sentenced cohen to three years in prison after federal prosecutors in new york said that the president order cohen to buy the silence of two women in violation of campaign finance law. the president and guliani say the payments were not cam maybe contributions, so there was no crime. meantime, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says if robert mueller will not
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investigate president trump's finances, congress will have to do so. >> the president has wanted to draw a red line and say you can't look at my business. if the president's business is trying to curry favor with the kremlin, we can't ignore that. the president should not be in a position to say you can't investigate certain things, only other things that i don't care about. >> shepard: investigators are looking to six organizations linked to president trump. the trump administration, the trump foundation, the trump inaugural committee, the trump campaign, the trump transition team and the trump organization. john roberts reporting live from the north lawn. >> let's start with this idea of whether the president would sit down for a personal interview with robert mueller. in an agreement signed with the president's outside counsel and the office of special counsel, the president submitted written answers to a number of questions that robert mueller had.
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mueller wanted to reserve the opportunity for a follow up interview in person with the question. he hadn't given up on the idea about potentially a sit-down interview regarding obstruction of justice. according to the president's outside counsel after what has happened to flynn and the document release friday that shows investigators did not think he was misleading him and yesterday he pled guilty to giving false statements to investigators and this whole business about flynn being pressured not to have an attorney present while he was questioned, the president's outside legal team is saying no way will they let the president sit down with mueller. in a tweet this morning, the president saying that the mueller probe is an investigation in search of a crime. it looks as though general flynn's defenses are incidental to something larger, which is for the prosecution to figure out if they can find a path to donald trump without knowing what that crime might be. it stops looking like a prosecution and looking more
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like a persecution of the president. the president adding thank you, people are starting to see and understand what this witch hunt is all about. jeff sessions should be ashamed of himself for allowing this total hoax to get started in the first place. while the chance had been left open, shep, that the president might sit down with robert mueller from what i have heard from successive outside attorneys working for the president, going back to november of last year, seems highly doubtful to me that they would let him sit down with him. >> shepard: we'll talk about that with the judge in just a moment. another shakeup of the administration over the weekend. right, john? >> ryan zinke just finished a meeting with the president. he was here at the white house 1:45 to meet with the president in the oval office. he tweeted out over the weekend, the president tweeted out, that he's stepping down, ryan zinke can see the writing on the wall that he's been embattled since the beginning, travel on private
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plains and ended up in this land deal in montana that involved the ceo of halliburton. zinke said he was trying to build a sledding park and this land deal with the ceo of halliburton would have provided parking spaces and a parking lot. zinke said it would cost him a lot of money in court to go against this. saying after 30 years of public service, i cannot justify spending thousands defending myself and my family against false allegations. it's better for the president to focus on accomplishments instead of fictitious allegations. he probably would have been hauled before congress and put on a spit and roasted. here's what nancy pelosi said.
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>> and then in one other announcement, omb director mick mulvaney will continue his job at omb, but he won't be doing it and will take over as interim chief of staff. that becomes effective january 3. mercedes schlapp said this about mick mulvaney a short time ago. listen here. >> i'm looking forward to working with mick mulvaney. he has incredible experience when it comes to understanding congress, understanding the budget process and also pushing forward a strong free market principles that as we know is something that is -- has been in the center of what president trump has done in terms of his economic policies. >> remember before becoming the bucket director, he was a member of congress from south carolina a member of the freedom caucus and has the chaps to be a chief
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of staff. again, shep, this is an interim appointment but it wouldn't surprise me if it's permanent. >> shepard: thanks, john. new today, the feds charges two men that worked with president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn with conspiracy and illegal lobbying for turkey. that's according to court documents in a case related to the special counsel's investigation. one suspect, a former vice chairman at the flynn intel group as it was called, the other a turkish business man. neither registered as a foreign agent. prosecutors say they were covertly and unlawfully trying to influence american politicians. in essence, acting as spies. prosecutors say they were trying to get u.s. officials to send a turkish cleric back to turkey from the united states because the president there blames him for directing an attempted coup against the government. the court documents refer to
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michael flynn as person a. flynn has admitted that he did indeed lie to the fbi about his own lobbies worth and he pleaded guilty to lying about his contact with a russian ambassador and set to face sentencing for tomorrow. catherine herridge reporting live on capitol hill. hi, catherine. >> hi, shep. just to set the table, we're on capitol hill and in the fifth hour of director comey's closed door testimony. that could wrap up at any time. we're told the democrats are not using all of their time. if you dig in to this indictment that was unsealed in virginia against flynn's former business partner, you need to look at the timeline, the allegations are about the summer and the fall of 2016. so right at the height of the presidential election, the allegations of building a relationship with turkish officials, turkish government
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officials and allegations that there were kickbacks that were executed. what is important here is that there does seem to be a connection to the original sentencing memo from special counsel robert mueller. in the memo about a week ago, he recommended no jail time for flynn but he also alludes to the problems with his alleged problems with his business practices involving turkey and acting as an agent of a foreign government without registering. also on flynn, on capitol hill a lot of response over this question as to whether michael flynn's interview was properly handled by the fbi. house democrats and republicans from earlier today. >> i have no reason to believe they didn't. you know, michael flynn has been in intelligence all of his adult life. he's dealt with all kinds of interviews. he knows the fbi rules. he knows the whole bit. i would have to believe and i
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practiced law for quite a few years myself, i believe that it was appropriate and he was dealt with properly. >> you can go to last week where he said he got away with not following the rules when they interviewed mike flynn. got away with not allowing him to have his constitutional rights. there's a host of other things that were not consistent with how you're supposed to do things. >> what sets the comey interview apart, there's a transcript that will be made public and we're told the timeline for its release is about 24 hours from now. so you can look for that sometime in the afternoon tuesday after the sentencing that is scheduled for michael flynn. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. back to you for breaking news should it happen. and judge napolitano will sort through this, including whether some sort of testimony from the president, either in a room between two guys or in a courtroom between a guy and a
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12:16 pm
they can sit down one-on-one and with a lawyer in the president's ear or a grand jury could subpoena him. you think that is a real idea? >> dana: yes, i do. the president knows that he needs to lock the president in to a version of events before he takes the next step. whether it's indictment or whether it's a referral for -- >> shepard: you really think mueller might indict the president? >> well, last week in a federal direct court here in new york city, a federal judge at the end of michael cohen's sentencing said the president orchestrated and paid for this crime. he was referring to one of the nine to which michael cohen pleaded guilty. >> shepard: so you're saying he's an unindicted co conspirator? >> yes. this doesn't require too much analysis to indict the president. the doj has three opinions. two say you can't indict a
12:17 pm
sitting president. all three agree about the statute of limitations. indict in secret. keep it and unseal it the day he gets out of office. you can't let a person got scot-free because he's in the white house. >> shepard: so he could be an alread already-indicted co conspirators. there's two rudy gulianis in this. there's one that is trying to establish a baseline against the public that the indictment would be unacceptable. when we see him in a histrionic way saying things over my dead body, that's usually what he's trying to say. but i think last week with chris wallace, he was trying to send a message to bob mueller. that is we will negotiate can
12:18 pm
you to have the president speak. the negotiations have fallen by the wayside. >> shepard: way? it's better than a subpoena? >> yes. rudy is in the room. they can stop the interrogation and walk out and confer with him. they can confer with president after each question and each answer before they want. a grand jury environment they can't. the president is in there and the prosecutors and fbi agents and grand jurors. nobody there to help him and he would leave the room at his own peril. >> shepard: what would that do to the country? >> bill clinton -- >> shepard: definite of is. >> bill clinton was interrogated before a grand jury and he chose to have it on a live national television so there's no dispute what he said. he had it done in the white house. the grand jury was not there. the tape was played to the grand jury immediately after. >> shepard: that was by agreement. >> correct. i don't know if it's going to be an agreement here. jewel and company had been
12:19 pm
negotiating for an agreement. at one point they said they were getting closer and then they fell apart. then he threw the over my dead body but i could be dead to chris wallace sunday which to me said to bob mueller, we're still willing to talk to you. >> shepard: what is your take on what is happening? we're learning about a number of crimes that was committed. we have no information of any kind from this probe about russian collusion or anything like that. is that by design? or what is that? >> well, bob mueller's people have meticulously followed the book by which i mean they speak only in a courtroom and speak only to a judge in writing and the documents they file. no leaks, no lies, no exaggerations come from their camp. so for those that say there's no evidence of collusion, i say two things. first, the crime is conspiracy. collusion is a media term.
12:20 pm
secondly, we don't know what bob mueller knows. we know there were 87 communications between the campaign and people in russia during the height of the campaign in 2016. we know that bob mueller has had a couple of people explaining those communications to him. paul manafort until he stopped and rick gates who may still be explaining them to him. general flynn who explained them to him in such a way that they reduced his recommended jail sentence and jail time down to zero. something the feds never do. >> shepard: you say collusion isn't a crime. conspiracy is a crime. a minute ago you said there's already a conspiracy and it involves the president. that's what you said. >> that's what the judge said last week when he sentenced michael cohen. >> shepard: he said what again? >> i don't know that he used conspiracy. >> shepard: so our viewers understand this is not speculation, this is from the writing of the court. >> the trial judge said verbally the president of the united states orchestrated and paid for
12:21 pm
this crime. referring for the crime -- >> shepard: and this is a conspiracy? >> yes. the conspiracy would be the three of them in the room. michael cohen, david pecker and donald trump. the president has denied this. pecker and cohen said it happened this week. the president said i was there or i didn't hear. rudy guliani said it didn't happen. >> shepard: so at some point a higher authority would make a determination on such a matter? >> yes. the president does not want that to be a jury of the senate or a jury of his peers. >> shepard: why not? >> i don't think he wants to get to that point. that would be doomsday. >> shepard: doomsday? >> yeah. that would mean there's enough evidence to indict and try or impeach. >> shepard: thank you, judge. it's monday. >> the week is just starting. >> shepard: another week it's christmas. >> thank god. >> shepard: i look forward to the birthday. very much. because family. thank you, judge. good to see you.
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the russians are using social media to interfere in our affairs right now and they're exploiting every social media platform there is to help trump win the white house. that's according to a new senate intelligence committee report which private researchers put together for the senate. it states the russians use the social platforms, and i'm quoting here "to confuse, distract and discourage members of trump's main opposition groups from voting." the report names multiple platforms including instagram and youtube. fox news is solely responsible for its content and production. peter doocy with the details live on can toll hill. >> the researchers found that instagram was a much bigger part of the kremlin's plan to stir strong feelings among american voters ahead of the 2016
12:27 pm
elections than executives than facebook let on when they came to testify. this outside company called new knowledge found this in part. instagram engagement outperformed facebook, which may talk about their warfare. the i.r. instagram engagement was the result of click farms. it appears to be a live engagement farm. they say our assessment is instagram is likely to be a key battleground on an ongoing basis. the parent company facebook tells fox news this. we provided thousands of ads and pieces of content to the senate committee of intelligence for review and shared information about what we found. since then we made progress and helping prevent interference on our platforms during election, strengthened our policies against voter suppression ahead of the mid-terms and funded research on the impact of social
12:28 pm
media on democracy. twitter says -- >> now the top democrat from virginia, mark warner, says he wants the government to install regulations on social media companies so this will stop happening. shep? >> shepard: can you give us details on the groups the russians targeted? >> they most aggressively tried to stir emotions in the african american community by posting incendiary things on either side of the black lives matter movement. part of this report says this. the most prolific ira efforts on facebook and instagram targeted black american communities and focusing on recruiting black americans as assets. look at this research. it shows that russian election
12:29 pm
interference had more to do in this case with manipulating somebody's news feed than necessarily with manipulating a voting machine, shep. >> shepard: peter doocy, live on capitol hill. thank you. a federal judge in texas ruling that obamacare is unconstitutional putting millions of americans health insurance at risk. the supreme court could have the final say on this. the fox business network's deidra bolton reporting live. >> right now, no change. whatever people has decided is the right decision for them, their family, just keep behaving the way that they are. so even on friday evening, a federal judge ruling that obamacare otherwise known as the affordable care act is unconstitutional and the judge ruling the entire law should be struck down. most saying within -- this could go on a few more months. the market is reacting. you have health insurance, hospital stocks are down with the rest of the markets.
12:30 pm
some traders suggesting caution about dumping the stocks based on the headline. the decision will be appealed. it does not take effect immediately. so most gop lawmakers say they want to preserve coverage for pre-existing conditions. most also say that they want to oppose all of the law at least the very least the requirement that most people obtain health insurance. that so-called individual mandate. so it's kind of unclear how to accomplish both goals at once. for democrats, some are mulling legal action to challenge the federal judge's decision. congressman michael burgess is a medical doctor. he told us about the feedback he's getting from his constituents. >> the issue that i hear from people continually is this system is too complex and it is too costly. so help us with the cost and the complexity and nothing that certainly happened to the affordable care act to help the complexity, it made it worse. >> dick durbin on abc this
12:31 pm
weekend saying like it or not, this issue is hot. here he is. >> now this issue is alive and well again. the republicans have no alternative to the affordable care act. they've been refusing up until this point even sit down with us. >> shep, most people agree whatever the next steps are will probably be illegal and not based on legislation. >> shepard: deidra bolton reporting live. stocks are at it again and falling in a big way. diving in the last 20, 30 minutes. the s&p 500 hit its lowest level. the dow is off 555 at this second with all, every single one of the dow 30 in negative territory today. the fox business network's gerri willis reporting live from the new york stock exchange. >> stocks gaining momentum on the down side. the s&p down 61. what is going on? traders worried about the fed
12:32 pm
meeting wednesday a possible government shut down friday. the headline today, home builder confidence at its lowest. and johnson & johnson which was down 10% friday, 3% today. why? because reuters knew about the talcum powder and did nothing like it. oil down below $50 a barrel. these are the fears traders have. that there's a global slow down and that's what is causing the prices to go lower. shep, back to you. >> shepard: gerri willis live at the new york stock exchange. it's a week before christmas. on capitol hill, politicians are fighting and spending bills. unless they can reach a solution, the government shuts down because constitution. every road in the world is now an information superhighway. (phone ringing) and the car has become an accessory to the smartphone.
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>> shepard: james comey spoking live on capitol hill and blasting house republicans. listen. >> the rule of law matters and the truth matters. where are those republicans today? at some point someone has to stand up in the fear of fox news, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not sling away to retirement. stand up and speak the truth.
12:35 pm
i find it frustrating to be here answering questions about things that are far less important than the values of this country. i'll take your questions. >> what impact does it have on the president, calling michael cohen a rat, someone cooperating with an investigation and questions how his office was raided by the fbi? >> it undermines the rule of law. this is the president of the united states calling a witness who is cooperating with his own justice department a rat. say that again to yourself at home and remind yourself where we have ended up. this is not about republicans and democrats. this is about what does it mean to be an american. what are the things that we care about above our policy disputes which are important. this is a set of values that represent the glue of this country and they're under attack why things just like that. we have to stop being numb to it whether you're a republican or democrat, stand on your feet, overcome your shame and say something. >> you feel like there's any
12:36 pm
legitimate investigative value or just a political exercise? >> i can't answer that because i don't know what they're investigating. the questions about hillary clinton and the steele dossier strike me as more of the same. i didn't learn anything new. maybe they did. >> i have a question about fox news. your handling of the flynn interview, how is it consistent with the investigation, road map for agents? the domestic investigations operations guide? >> entirely consistent in my view. give me your question next level down. what do you mean? >> no, the domestic investigations operations guide is a road map for investigations for all agents. there's a special session for sensitive matters and individuals. i'm wondering if you feel comfortable that your handling of is the investigation is consistent with that? >> i do. >> people have criticized for you for remembering events, for maybe hurting the fbi's
12:37 pm
reputation as being nonpartisan. would you say to that? >> they got truthful testimony from me. when you're an organization director of 30,000, that's silliness. we had to make very hard decisions in 2016. i knew we were going to get hurt by it. the question is how do we reduce the damage. what i do now is not what i love to do. somebody has to stand up and speak for the fbi and the rule of law. i hope there's more somebodies than just me. >> court documents that you didn't tell sally yates about the interview with michael flynn the fbi was conducting until the day of. why did you wait till the day of to tell the fbi about -- >> because i knew it advanced our investigation, that the attack from the trump administration would be that the obama administration head it. the challenge would be to burn
12:38 pm
down the entire fbi to my shock and horror, they've tried to do just that from the face of silence in people in this building. >> what was your reaction to the indictment of these two former associates of michael flynn, the turkish lobbying? how much of that was on your radar? >> can you say your reaction -- >> no, no reaction. >> the fbi's reputation has taken a big hit the last year. do you share any of the responsibility for that? >> no. the fbi's reputation is taking a big hit because the president of the united states has lied about it constantly. a lot of good people that work your network believe that nonsense. that's a tragedy. that will be undone eventually. that damage has nothing to do with me. >> when did you first learn about the steele dossier? >> sometime in september, i think, could have been october. september of 2016.
12:39 pm
>> director comey, what about the way the public is so iing the fbi, what the president is saying? >> people that know better, including republican members of this body have had the courage to stand up and speak the truth. not be cowed by mean tweets or fear of their base. there is a truth and they're not telling it. they're silence is shameful. >> do you see any republicans taking that mantel coming up and defending the fbi, taking on the president? >> not yet. to my view, to their ever-lasting shape, i hope they overcome that. some day they have to explain to their grandchildren what they did today. >> in recent days, the flynn investigation, the way it's carried out had been criticized. how do you defend --
12:40 pm
>> look at what has happened to the republican party. they're up here attacking the fbi's investigation of a guy that plead guilty to lying to the fbi. he should have been warned you shouldn't have lied. think of the state of affairs we've ended up in. it's nonsense. i'm proud of the way the fbi conducted itself, thoughtful, pursued the leads where you wanted to. >> for you on your attorney, my understanding is that when you shared your memos with your legal team that there was a follow up for classified containment operation by the bureau. was there a spill of classified information when you shared those memos? >> i'm not going to talk about that. >> whether classified -- >> what you think it was or not, i'm not going to talk about it. >> we're seeing more tweets from president trump and more movement from mueller. is this a sign of the white house feeling the pressure? >> i don't know. nor do you.
12:41 pm
it's been done professionally. i don't know whether it's done. only the investigators know that. we'll see. >> there was a new report related to the senate. did that come as a surprise, the findings and how serious was the russian threat? >> i haven't had a chance to see it. >> you said you wanted these hearings to become. when the democrats take the hill, you want these answered? >> i'd love the idea coming back as much as you are. but i respect this institution. it's why i'm here cooperating. i wanted it in public. they wouldn't do it. i'm not going to thumb my nose at them or the democrats. >> are there substantive changes that you would want another public testimony? you feel like there's anything that you did that changed in the investigation or changed in your view of it that needs to be clarified? >> if you read the transcript, i'm boringly consistent. >> the acting attorney general, matt whitaker, do you have
12:42 pm
confidence? him? >> no comment. see you all. >> shepard: that's the former fbi director, james comey, testifying before the house judiciary and oversight committee in a closed session. that's his second appearance this month. republicans who will no longer lead that committee in a few weeks wanting to call him in and ask him more about hillary clinton's e-mails. the news continues next. when my mother first began to forget things, we didn't really know what that meant or where to turn for more information. looking back i wish we'd asked for help sooner. that's why i recommend a place for mom. it's a free service that pairs you with a local senior living advisor who understands memory care and can help you find the right place for your mom or dad. our advisors have helped thousands of families and can help answer key questions like:
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12:47 pm
fencing upgrades and other border security. the president says he wants $5 billion for a part of the wall and prepared to shut down the government if he doesn't get what he wants. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting life. >> most sources say, what the president is willing to accept. some leading republicans are blasting democrats for not willing to budge. >> you saw chuck schumer having his tantrum. there was a schumer shut down and he didn't father well from that. when he's saying he wants to die -- deny the ability of securing the ball. >> a prominent democrat from nearby maryland says real people would be hurt by a partial shut down. >> when i think about all the federal employees and the services that people have paid
12:48 pm
for through their tax dollars and deserve, when i think about the inconvenience, when i think about people being furloughed, when i think about people not being able to pay their rent, not being able to buy toys for their kids at christmas. >> there's a lot of uncertainty with not much time to sort out this dilemma, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel, reporting live. saudi arabia firing back at the united states after the senate issued a statement straight up blaming the saudi crown prince for the murder of jamal khaishoggi. u.s. intelligence officials have reportedly concluded that the crown prince ordered and directed the saudi critics murder. saudi officials deny that. now they're accusing united states senators of blatant interference in their internal affairs. the fox business network's blake burman reporting live. >> the kingdom of saudi arabia
12:49 pm
says they want to maintain a relationship with the united states, but also rejects the sentiments of the united states senate essentially telling that body on capitol hill to steer clear of its affairs. that statement saying at one point "the kingdom rejects any interference in their internal affairs, any and all accusations in any manner this disrespects their leadership." last week, the senate resolution that pointed the finger at the saudi crowd prince, mohammed bin salman for the death of jamal khaishoggi. earlier this month, senators that received a classified briefing on khaishoggi's death emerged from the briefing incensed at what they had heard. lindsey graham at one point saying there wasn't a smoking gun, rather there was a smoking saw. the crown prince, mohammed bin salman has denied any
12:50 pm
involvement with the death of jamal khaishoggi. >> shepard: any reaction from the white house? >> the president has said he's standing with saudi arabia. they're a major ally to the economy and the security as well. earlier today, we ran into the director of strategic communications, mercedes schlapp and i asked her about the white house's response to the latest statement from saudi arabia. >> clearly we sanctioned 17 individuals that have been involved in that terrible tragedy of khaishoggi. we've taken ago. again, we're going to keep following close tabs on it. >> some lawmakers want the u.s. to scrap arm sales to saudi arabia. over the weekend, canada's prime minister, justin trudeau endorsed that possibility for his nation. >> shepard: the dow is on another skid this afternoon. moments ago, it was down more than 630 points.
12:51 pm
2.5% on the dow 30. that's all 30 stocks that comprise the dow jones industrial average. and to see that board in all red is a rare thing. it happens but it's rare. it's been happening a bit lately. the mark hitting its lowest level in more than a year. retailers and technology stocks are way off. health insurers and hospitals taking a hit after a federal judge ruled that obamacare was unconstitutional. that didn't change things significantly. we'll watch the dow and the rest of the markets for the session as the news rolls on on a monday afternoon. i've got some good nes that will change that. newday's operation home. it lets veterans buy a home with no down payment and without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment and not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs.
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>> shepard: the u.s. military reports its carried out six air strikes in somalia and killed dozens of rebels. happened this week in an area about 30 miles south and west of the capitol of mogadishu. jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. >> shep, the target was a military base used by al shabaab, an affiliate of al-quaida. four air strikes took place saturday.
12:56 pm
somali intelligence said they were preventative air strikes to stop an eminent attack. this is the same al-quaida linked group that set off a bomb over a year ago in the capitol of mogadishu killing 500 people. there's 500 military personnel stated in somalia to target al-quaida and isis cells. it's the first time u.s. troops have been on the ground since blackhawk down in the early 90s. it all changed when president trump took offer and gave the military the green light to go on offense. there's been 45 air strikes this year and three times during more than the obama administration and ten more than the record number of strikes a year ago, shep. >> shepard: jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. the tech executive that helped create the apps hq trivia and vine has died. police say they found collin crowell's body in his apartment
12:57 pm
over the weekend after somebody called 911 asking to check on him. there's reports that officers found drugs nearby. laura ingel is here. what more do we know? >> 34 years old. while we wait for the word from the medical examiner's office, there's report that he was found with heroin, marijuana and cocaine near his body. the nypd confirmed that he was found unconscious and unresponsive on his bed in his residence in the soho district. this is not only a huge loss for his family and friends but also for the tech world that praised crowell for his successes of the now defund video platform and app vine and when he co-founded hq trivia app. last night's hq trivia game was cancelled out of his. his father, alan kroll saying
12:58 pm
his son was thinking of moving out of the city. he worked for several tech agencies and fired by twitter for poor management and allegations of inappropriate workplace manner towards win in 2014. something that his dad said troubled him. in a statement earlier this year, kroll said there were things that he said and done that made some people feel uncomfortable and apologized. >> shepard: thank you, a construction company firing three workers assigned to help clean up the destruction from the deadliest wild fire in california history. after one of them posted pictures of the men goofing off in the rubble. have you seen this? this is one of those pictures. a man sitting in a destroyed home with a pot on his head. claudia cowan in paradise 80 miles north of sacramento. >> shepard, that man was identified as rob freestone. he was here helping remove some trees. he posted half a dozen pictures
12:59 pm
that do mock the fire victims. in one he's straddling a mailbox that looks like a fire trump. in another one, he appeared to be jumping in a burned out trampoline. firestone was a crane operator with a bay area company that called the posts insensitive and reprehensible. whether any laws were broken will be up to the d.a. the d.a. said stupid is not criminal. freestone and two others associated with the facebook posts are looking for other jobs. the evacuation orders have been lifted. gas and electricity is starting to be restored. the mayor of paradise said that come the first of the year, the city leaders will start sit down and talking about how to rebuild the city of paradise following the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. back to you. >> shepard: claudia cowan on
1:00 pm
scene. we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minute's long news cast with unique content that streams live on the facebook watch home page in just a few minutes. once it's concluded, it's available online at any time on demand. the dow off 2%. the best in business starts now. >> neil: all right. looking at this 500-plus fall of the dow, you think how much worse could it get? what if i told you it was better than it was ten minutes ago. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." what in the world is going on at the corner of wall and broad amid heightened fears, not of donald trump and what he might be doing on trade but more to the point of the federal reserve and what it could be overdoing on interest rates. here's the fear. some of the smartest money managers on the planet are concerned that the federal


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