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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 19, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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at walter reed medical center in washington d.c. that's going to be a wrap for us. thank for joining us on "the daily briefing." i'm dana perino. up next, you have shep smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in the east. hey, we'd like you to come to work still, but we can't pay you anything for it for now. that's what hundreds of thousands of government workers could hear if the white house and congress can't prevent a shut down. your private messages exposed. there's word that facebook shared a whole lot more of your personal info than they admitted. the white house preparing to pull all american troops out of syria where the u.s. has been fighting isis and raging a proxy where against russia and iran. fox news says the military was caught off guard.
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a well-known republican says bad idea. and an enormous win for the trump white house. the details of how he got it done. who it affects and lives that will change because of it. the white house winner has our reporting beginning now. reporting starts with a jolting announcement from the white house. the u.s. will pull troops out of syria rapidly. all 2,000 of them out. president trump today declared victory in the war against isis there and said u.s. troops are no longer needed there. critics are standing firmly against that victory declaration. more on that in a moment. u.s. officials tell fox news a couple of thousand isis fighter dos remain in the eastern part of syria. the pentagon reports isis controls but 1% of the territory
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that it once held. so lots of progress. other u.s. officials say the withdrawal will start in the coming days. president trump has made similar promises in the past about removing u.s. troops from syria. officials caution now it's actually happening now. one possible indication of that, a u.s. official told the reuters that the state department is evacuating all people from within syria in the next 24 hours. all of them. the u.s. has been fighting isis, terrorists in syria since 2014 and military advisers have just warned the president do not remove u.s. troops until the job is done. they say pockets of isis will likely regroup. also lawmakers from the president's own party are warning him now, this withdrawal is not a good idea. marco rubio says it would be a grave error with broader implications that could affect more than just the fight against
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isis. remember, syria is in the midst of a seven-year-old civil war in which bashar al-assad has been allied with the murderous dictator on the right, vladimir putin. in that time, the united states has not only been fighting against assad, the u.s. has been fighting a proxy war against russia. both of these men have been our enemies in this war. from those wars, the united states is now withdrawing. john roberts reporting live from the white house. >> you know what? this took our members of congress and allies by surprise. benjamin netanyahu was told about this by the president a couple days ago. now senator bob corker from the senate foreign relations committee is going to the white house in a half an hour's time to talk to the president about what's going on. this was a campaign promise that the president made in 2016.
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he raised it as a real possibility in march when he said that u.s. troops will soon be coming home. he was quickly cautioned by his national security team. it's not a good idea to bring troops back home at this point. over the weeks and months since, the president has now decided that the time is right to start bringing the troops home. in a statement sarah sanders said this afternoon, isis was a powerful and dangerous force in the middle east. the united states has defeated the caliphate. these victories do not signal the end of the global coalition or its campaign. we have started returning united states troops home as we transition to the next phase of this campaign. in september, the national security adviser, john bolton said at the united nations general assembly, u.s. troops would main in syria as long as iran was there. so the president overruled bolton there. senator lindsey graham that just
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returned from afghanistan disagrees with the president and thinks pulling troops out is a mistake. here's what he told fox news. >> if we are withdrawing our forces from syria, there's 2,200, pretty small footprint. i think isis more likely to come back. i don't believe that they're defeated in syria and arack. president trump has changed policies. he went after isis with a vengeance. but now i fear that we're going to have the same narrative all over again. >> you mentioned the state department is pulling out all of its personnel and emergency evacuation the next 24 hours. all the state department will say officially is that for security reasons it does not talk about the movement of state department personnel. you can bet they're coming out quick, shep. >> shepard: the timing of this, john, do you have more on that? >> well, again, this has been going on since the president first mentioned it in march. back then, when he mentioned it,
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the pentagon came forward, the national security adviser said bad idea, we need more time. isis not completely defeated. they asked for more and more time. each one of those time periods grew shorter. the president started looking towards a date certain that u.s. troops could come home. this all really seemed to hit a tipping point when the president spoke with erdogan, the president of turkey over the weekend. erdogan has warned the turkish forces could attack. the u.s. doesn't have any hardcore plans or at least hard fast plan to protect the kurds once the troops leave. officials saying to fox news, the syrian kurds were the first to answer the united states' call for partners in the fight to defeat isis.
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senator lindsey graham didn't take a lot of comfort from that statement comparing to what happened in iraq to ethnic minorities when president obama pulled u.s. troops out of that country. listen here. >> the military told president obama, if you leave now, the radicals still around will regenerate. all the people that helps us in iraq a lot of them died. same thing will happen in syria. >> graham told fox news he believes that iran as well will be cheering the removal of u.s. forces because they're still there and the iranian backed proxies are skill there as well. >> shepard: more on fox's top story and how the defense officials are responding. lucas tomlinson live from the pentagon. >> shep, the president tweeted this morning that isis has been defeated in syria. u.s. officials say more than 2,000 fighters remain. last week, the president's top
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envoy said american troops would not be leaving any time soon. >> it's fair to say americans will remain on the ground after the physical defeat of the caliphate to make sure that that defeat is enduring. >> in a statement, the coalition is liberated but the process is not over. we started to bring home troops as we transition to the next phase of the campaign. i'm told the troops have not started leaving syria but will in the coming days. one of the reasons defense secretary mattis and john bolton wanted to keep the troops on the ground, to make sure isis doesn't return and keep an eye on iranian backed forces. despite the fact that the u.s. troops will be coming out, more than 5,000 troops remain in iraq. >> shepard: thanks, lucas. reporting live. and john alterman from the center for strategic and international studies. thank you. >> dana:
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>> good to see you. >> shepard: your take on this? >> it's baffled honestly. i can't figure out a strategy in which this is a good piece. the president seems to be giving a lot away for free. a lot of people wanted the u.s. troops to leave, principally thd that maybe the president's agreement that he reached with president erdogan of turkey over the weekend to sell $3.5 billion worth of missile defense equipment to the turks may have played a role. $3.5 billion is cheap when you talk about a strategic blunder. the future of syria will be decided in negotiations that have just begun and we just undermined our negotiating position. >> shepard: we heard from few in washington that are happy. but in damascus, tehran and moscow they might be happy. >> yes and they haven't given up
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anything for it. that's what i find the most puzzling for it. the u.s. has had -- hasn't had a real strategy in syria for quite some time. i've been critical of the u.s. troop presence in the absence of a strategy stretching well into the obama administration. but this strategy has to be that there will be negotiations over which the future of syria will be decided. we'll hear about how much roll the iranians have, what permanent role the russians have, what happens to all of the jihadis. there may be 2,000 jihadis in the eastern part of the country. what will happen to all of them? they could flow back and forth. i think we're about to witness syria going in a direction that will cause problems for the u.s., for israel, for jordan, for years and years to come. >> shepard: you've said here during this program in months and years passed, that this is
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crucial for vladimir putin because vladimir putin needed a strong hold somewhere in that part of the world. he had about run out of places. syria was his last best hope. we were the last best option to stop him. >> look, the fact is, syria has signed agreements to give the russians a naval base and an air base. i get that. there's a whole series of issues about how much of a presence the russians will have. the iranian presence. a whole series of issues what happens to all the kurds that have been fighting on behalf of the united states against isis? what their future is, all of those things that the united states has an interest in that will affect u.s. interests not just in syria, but other parties interested in potentially cooperating with the united states in the future. undermined and i still don't understand what is the united states getting for this? from the president that prides himself as a negotiator, he seems to have walked away from the table before the table even started to bid. >> shepard: since there's no
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option that makes sense to you, might there have been a phone call from somebody somewhere that said hey, let's do this? >> the phone call seems to have been between president erdogan of turkey and president trump. there was an announcement last night that the united states had agreed to sell these patriot missiles to turkey for $3.5 billion. frankly, that is chump change when you're talking about something strategic about the iranian presence and other issues related to this. if that's what happened, the president just got snookered. >> shepard: thanks for coming. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shepard: earlier today, the dow was up 364. then we got word of a rise in interest rates. another quarter basis point. since then, the dow dropped more than 800 points at one moment. we're now off 389 on the session. way down from plus 364. it's a massive move on your
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money. can wall street turn it around before the bell dings? time is running out for congress and the white house to keep a plan to keep the government open. lawmakers on capitol hill says there's one in the works that both parties will support, but the president is not going to get his wall. what a victory he has just gotten. an enormous bipartisan victory on capitol hill. he stood next to celebrities and world leaders and president trump has gotten an enormous victory, a bipartisan one in the senate. we'll have the details on that coming up. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more for rent every month, newday usa could help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. that means you could own instead of rent. and by using your va benefit, you don't need a down payment to make it happen.
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>> shepard: the stock market taking a dive this afternoon after the federal reserve announced a quarter of a percentage point hike in interest rates. that means interest you pay on certain debt, including credit cards, home equity loans will likely increase. analysts say they expected this because last month the federal reserve chairman jerome powell said rates were just below neutral. meaning he thinks a rate hike would neither speed up nor slow down economic growth. that didn't stop the markets from dropping. the dow was up 364. now we're down 380. you do the math. it's a big drop. it bounced back briefly, but all three major indices are now in
12:18 pm
the red and on the dow, the dow 30, 29 of 30 are in negative territory. president trump has repeatedly tweeted that he's against this rate hike and says it will hurt the economy. blake burman reporting live at the white house. >> hi, shepard. so far no reaction from the president. traditionally we wouldn't have to say such a thing. that's a standard. presidents in white houses normally don't react to a move with the federal reserve. this president has very much expressed his frustration with the fed over the last days and weeks and months. earlier this year, the president said the fed at one point had gone crazy. he's taken issue with jay powell, the man he nominated to be the fed chair. the president saying he's not happy with powell, even just yesterday on twitter ahead of the latest rate increase. the president warned the fed that they shouldn't make another
12:19 pm
mistake. at his news conference a little while ago, powell was asked about the president's criticisms and he brushed them aside and saying that they don't matter. >> you know, political considerations have to play no role whatsoever in our discussions or decision ant monetary policy. we have the independence, which we think is essential to do our jobs in a nonpolitical way. you know, we at the fed are absolutely committed to do that mission and nothing will deter us from doing what we think is the right thing to do. >> president trump has said in the past, he's a low interest rate person. shard, this is now the seventh rate increase win for president trump. the criminal justice reform that he so wanted, he's getting.
12:20 pm
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>> shepard: a big win for the white house before christmas. high profile americans lobbied for it, the president number 1 and his son-in-law, jared kushner, not to mention kushner's father and kim kardshian west, to name a few. last night the senate overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill to overhaul the federal criminal justice system. when signed into law, the bill will reduce the sentences for thousands and thousands of federal prisoners and help inmates reenter society. more than 2,000 prisoners locked up for crack cocaine now have a chance for early release. bill clinton's 1994 crime law will be no more. those against the change have argued it would lead to the release of violent and repeat criminals. now it goes to the house for a final vote before making it to the president's deck.
12:25 pm
full disclosure, fox news issued a statement in support of this legislation. peter doocy reporting live from capitol hill. >> shep, the bill packed 87-12. that is an unusually high margin for the united states senate. but it had brought bipartisan support by lawmakers that seemed ready to concede that the u.s. government's strategy in the war on drugs needed tweaking. >> let me preface my remarks by telling you about the worst vote i ever cast as a member of congress. it was in the house of representatives, 1986 and because we were scared to death of crack cocaine, which was showing up all over america, we created 100 to 1 disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine sentencing. the net result would be to scare america straight in terms of the danger of this drug and it backfired. >> more than 2,500 people in prison right now for crack
12:26 pm
cocaine offenses would be able to go and ask a judge for a reduced sentence if the first step act becomes the law of the land and give judges a sentencing ability and let repeat drug offenders who keep getting caught and reach their three strikes ask a judge for 25 years instead of life. >> how do you eat 10,000 marshmallows? one at a time. how do you get support for a bill? one person at a time. that's pretty much what the republican supporters of this bill has been trying to do. >> the majority leader mitch mcconnell said there's no time for criminal justice reform this year but he made time, shep. >> shepard: what are lawmakers that voted no saying? >> all 12 nos were republicans. some of them like tom cotton had tried to get amendments pasted on this bill that would make it
12:27 pm
tougher. didn't work out for tom cotton. he says this. while the bill has marginally improved from earlier versions, i'm disappointed my amendments to exclude child molesters were not adopted. i'm concerned that reducing sentences for violent felons is a threat to public safety. so now the bill is on its way to the republican-controlled house where it's expected to pass so president trump can sign it into law, shep. >> shepard: peter doocy reporting live on capitol hill. first, the president said we'll build a wall and mexico will pay for it. then he said we will bill a wall and taxpayers will pay for it. the republican controlled congress couldn't get the votes to fund it. polls show most americans don't support it. now it seems the president is backing down from it. he will not back down. the senate majority leader
12:28 pm
announcing the deal on the floor today. it will provide cash for the government until february. the top two democrats in the congress, the house leader nancy pelosi and the senate leader chuck schumer say they will support it. support the bill. never the wall. as an aside regarding government spending, mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. >> good afternoon. the top democrats signalled their members are behind a six-week shut down to avoid a partial shut down. >> i'm glad the leader thinks the government should not shut down over the president's demand for a wall and democrats will support this c.r. the president and the house should follow that lead. because shutting down the government over christmas is a terrible idea. one of the worst to come down the pike in a very long time. >> the senate majority leader said he wanted a leaguer deal but becomes wouldn't cooperate.
12:29 pm
>> let's review why this step was necessary. even in the face of a great need to secure the border and following good faith efforts by the president, our democratic colleagues rejected an extremely reasonable offer yesterday. >> the senate is expected to go first and the house would vote perhaps as soon as tomorrow, shep. no and the debate over funding of the wall? >> well, the president is still tweeting about it saying the mexicans will pay for it indirectly through the new trade deal. the president is right to fight for it. >> what we need to do is refund government responsibly. i agree with the president and his goals for the border. border security is national security and i believe he will find the funds to do what he's promised to do. >> democrats say just because he campaigned on it doesn't mean
12:30 pm
it's a good policy. >> we ought to get it right and not just pretend because the president gave a speech during a campaign and said we're going to build a wall and mexico will pay for it. >> starting in january, a whole new dynamic here on capitol hill with democrats leading the house. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. one more thing on budgets and spending. hear, this relearned this from the treasury department. in the month of november, the government spent twice what it took in, spent double what it collected. a live look at the dow now. off 381 on the session. well off session lows. the fox business network's gerri willis is with us. what a turn around since this fed rate announcement. >> yeah. 700 points all in. we were up 360. now down 400. big move on the dow. why nobody likes what came out of the federal reserve today, raising a quarter of a point,
12:31 pm
makes it more expensive companies to do business, to borrow money and for you and your credit cards, right? traders down here, you can tell they didn't like it. they sold off stocks handily. we're looking at two rate hikes next year and one in 2020. the federal reserve says they see slower growth. it was confounder to traders here. so big questions down here, they don't like it. hopefully we can close a little better than these levels. shep, back to you. >> shepard: we'll know in 29 minutes. gerri willis, thank you. phone numbers, e-mail addresses and private messages, there's word that facebook gave companies more personal information than we ever knew about. coming up, facebook's response to a bomb shell investigation by
12:32 pm
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>> shepard: new today, facebook secretly allowed company to read your private messages, shared hundreds of millions of phone numbers and e-mail addresses without telling them, without getting their permission and gave companies more intrusive access to user data than it ever disclosed. it's all detailed in a new bomb shell investigation by "the new york times" which reports football cut deals to share user data with more than 150 companies including tech giants, automakers and media organizations and some of those companies could still see your private data even if you blocked access in your settings. of course, facebook is pushing back on "the new york times" report. here's part of the statement.
12:37 pm
>> this is just the latest scandal to rock facebook. not only did russia use to it meddle in our election in 2016, it was revealed cambridge analytica, a political consulting firm, was able to improperly use facebook user data to help the trump campaign. months ago, the facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, was on capitol hill apologizing for breaching user's truth and assuring lawmakers that people could have complete control over everything they share on facebook. but "the new york times" reports some of the questionable data sharing was still going on as late as this summer, even after mark zuckerberg testified in april. fox news and facebook have a partnership to deliver news on facebook watch, but fox news is solely responsible for its content and production.
12:38 pm
alicia acuna reporting the rest of the story. hi, alicia. >> that blog you mentioned, facebook insisted that the partnerships were designed to help facebook users have a more personal experience with facebook. they say they're now winding all of that down. in a statement saying -- >> according to the times, the large tech companies had a level of access to facebook user information that smaller companies did not. so giants like apple, amazon, netflix, spotify, yahoo could peek in on what you may have thought was private information. the company has had a year filled with investigations and scandals regarding how they
12:39 pm
handle their 2.2 billion users privacy worldwide. >> the first time, it can be a mistake. second time it's a choice. you know, i don't want to have to regulate facebook. dog gone it, they have to stop doing this. >> so while facebook has been insisting that this is for the customer's own benefit, the times is reporting that it was meant to help with revenue and the number of people using facebook. shep? >> shepard: new today, the district attorney in in d.c. is suing him? is that right? >> that's right. the attorney general in d.c. we get back to this russian meddling through facebook in our 2016 presidential election. the district of columbia filed suit against the company and announcing the filing, the d.c. attorney general said facebook puts users at risk of manipulation by allowing companies like cambridge analytica and other third party applications to collect personal
12:40 pm
data without user's permission. today's law is about protecting user privacy. in addition, the a.g.'s office is seeking an injunction to force them to make it easier for users to control their own privacy. we reached out to facebook mull time times today and still have not heard back. shep? >> shepard: alicia acuna in denver. thanks. the number of journalists killed for doing their jobs doubled this year. that's from the committee to protect journalists, a nonprofit group that promotes freedom of the press. the organization says 34 journalists died in retaliation killings this year compared to last year. among them, jamal khaishoggi, slaughtered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. rick leventhal is here. there's more to this. >> and a disturbing trend here according to cpj. the most sobering is the targeting of the press.
12:41 pm
what i didn't know, what we found out today, the cpj says the politics beat is the most dangerous to cover. the murder of jamal khaishoggi is evidence of that. a native of the saudi arabia. he worked for "the washington post." he was critical of the saudi government. he had gone to the saudi consulate to finalize his deforce to remarry but he was strangled on orders from mohammed bin salman who has denied involvement. khaishoggi is 1 of 53 members of the press to die worldwide. three dozen murdered in retaliation for their work. >> this is a really disturbing signal that journalists have become bigger targets, that journalists are in the cross hairs and that, you know, given that the most dangerous beat is politics, it's also showing that there's a pretty low threshold by those in power for investigative end or critical reporting or commentary. >> the cpj says some 250
12:42 pm
journalists have been jailed in each of the last three years. 90% of the murders over the last ten years are unsolved or the murders have been unpunished. >> shepard: i'm reading here and this is really mind-blowing that one of the five deadliest countries for journalists is the united states. >> yeah. afghanistan is the deadly toast report from according to the cpj. 13 killed there this year. the u.s. made the list for the first time in 2018 with five -- i'm sorry. eight dead, i believe. top five because of that shooting at the capitol. the newspaper in annapolis. four journalists were killed by an assailant that stormed the building. two other americans died covering extreme weather. it's the 88% in targeting killings that the cpj says we have to pay attention to because it undermines journalism. >> shepard: cpj doing great
12:43 pm
york. >> and will be honored new year's eve times square. somebody has to push the button. they'll be there to honor journalists and press freedom. >> shepard: thank you. well-deserved. a new report reveals thousands of private conversations between european leaders are not private at all. hackers got ahold of them including some about president trump what we're learning next.
12:44 pm
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i but i can tell you i liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> shepard: hackers spend years stealing information from leader's conversations, including those about their concerns over president trump. that's according to a u.s. cyber security firm which discovered more than 1,000 of the leaked documents. it shared them with "the new york times," which was first to report on this. several of the hacked cables, the times published are critical of the president. in one, european diplomats
12:48 pm
described the meeting between president trump and vladimir putin as successful and then added parenthetically, at least for putin. no response from the white house. e.u. officials say it's impossible to comment on leaks, which it is not. trace gallagher reporting live in our west coast news hub. >> shep, fortunately for the european union, the documents are not top secret. the hacked documents are lower level cables but embarrassing nonetheless, especially when they deal with frank conversations including world leaders. chinese president xi was saying that president trump's bullying of beijing is like a no rules freestyle boxing match and xi would not submit to american bullying.
12:49 pm
another showing difficulty of the e.u. and president trump. they said they were going to deal with difficulties with the negative attitude that dealt with a lot of insecurity. memos reveal insight with leaders in saudi arabia and israel and separate memos that talk about north korean missiles and the iran nuclear deal, shep. >> shepard: what else are we hearing from the e.u., trace? >> dead silence. from the e.u. they say stuff happens. >> we're dealing with the challenge of responding to the threats. >> what the e.u. failed to mention, experts say their aging
12:50 pm
communication system was an easy target. the hacker as peer to have spent years eavesdropping on e.u. diplomatic communications. they also say there's little doubt this is the work of china's people's liberation army. the chinese government. investigators say they'll release more information about the hack later today. shep? >> shepard: trace, thanks. can you sell an american college to an authoritarian government? ahead whether china can own a piece of america's academics. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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>> shepard: an elite music college in princeston, new jersey is a flash point in the fight over academic freedom on college campuses. the school is up for sale. the likely buyer is a chinese company. one of that company's owners is the authoritarian chinese government. eric shawn reporting live from new york. >> shep, it's a top american college that critics say is targeted by china. for almost 100 years, westminster choir college has been one of our country's premier academic colleges for advanced studies.
12:55 pm
but all of that could be doom. they say china's education company has been a government-owned defense contractor for the chinese navy trying to buy the school and could shut it down or change its mission. >> i can't imagine why they might want it, but i don't -- i'm not convinced it's to run acquire college. >> constance is a westminster graduate. she's suing to stop the sale. claiming if the university that owns westminster, beijing would have a direct foot hold in academic academia. >> i don't think it's a coincidence that china is focusing their attention on this tiny music school in one of the most sensitive centers of intelligence and research in the world. >> the school would not offer an interview or respond to questions. but the company is expanding and
12:56 pm
this would be an outstanding partner and capable of what is best about wcc and would be committed to its mission. >> turns out, this case come as the university of rhode island is the latest school cutting ties with the chinese government funded institute. the fbi has warned that china could be expanding on u.s. campuses for their own national interests. >> shepard: eric shawn reporting from new york. the next change of one of the most powerful committees of congress is giving us a preview of what president trump and federal agencies can expect when democrats take control of the house next year. chad pergram is live now. hi, chad. >> well, game on here. elijah cummings is the incoming chair of the house oversight committee and he has sent 51 letters to different agencies, cabinet departments, asking
12:57 pm
about a slew of issues, the hurricane in puerto rico and the lead water crisis in flint. these documents are something that the republicans believe we needed to conduct effective oversight. when the trump administration refused to comply, the republicans would not issue a single subpoena. this is part and parcel of what the democrats are trying to do next year. the same token, shep, they have to temper this a little bit. in a strange way, the whole fight over a government shut down funding the government through february, that helps the democrats because there's this narrative that all they're going to do is subpoena and investigate the trump administration, but by muting that ordinary ty a little bit, by fighting with the administration over a border well, it dilutes that narrative.
12:58 pm
there's only so many cubic centimeters of oxygen here on capitol hill. >> thanks, chad. and elon musk is taking guests for a ride in his tunnel. he said the finish product will run at about 150 miles an hour. jeff paul reporting live from los angeles. >> shep, that loop tunnel a little more than a mile long and ends here at this construction site. that's where elon musk emerged. a car is lowers using a platform like an elevator and using special wheels, it keeps the vehicle in line and goes through the tunnel. yesterday they used a tesla model x. some are wondering if this is
12:59 pm
meant for the cars his company produces. >> this is not intended to be restricted to a tesla. for convenience sake, i used a tesla. but this is not intended to be just for teslas or anything like that. any autonomous ev can be outfitted with these guide wheels. >> news musk admitted that the project is rough around the edges. some of the people that went for a ride said it was bumpy, like an old wooden roller coaster. musk said if it gets going, he will have it as smooth as glass, shep. >> shepard: jeff paul reporting live. and after our report here, we'll have a news cast online on facebook watch with unique content that stream live on the facebook watch home page a few minutes from now. once it's concluded, it's available any time on demand.
1:00 pm
the dow took a big fall today. we were up 364. it looks like we're going to finish down more than 300. for the best in business, always turn to "your world" with neil cavuto and it begins now. >> neil: all right. thanks, shepard. at least it's over. the fed hikes, the dow dies as the federal reserve signals more rate hikes to come. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." the dow nearly 300 points surge evaporating as the news first hit the tape. as expected, the fed hiking interest rates. not expected, the details after that announcement that triggered more to come. not as few as people thought. if plans were billing with the fed chief talking and talking and that got investors worrying and worrying and got us thinking of this as a bear approaches a florida home.


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