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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 20, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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slam. two males skit terring off before a winner is declared. a lizard fight. you never know what you are going to get on this show. jillian: wow. i'm so glad i saw that have a good day. >> senate approving a stop gap spending bill to fund the government for a period of time. jillian: pushing back. >> mr. president, we're going to back you up if you veto this bill. let's build the wall and make sure we do our job in correct me if i acongress. >> compromise. trump gets nothing and the democrats gets everything. >> our boys, our young women, our men, they are all coming back. and they are coming back now. >> if we are withdrawing our forces in syria, i think isis is more likely to come back. >> house republicans left with more questions than answers after seven hours of questioning of loretta lynch. >> vogue going after the
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first lady white house christmas card. the tables just turned on the critics. >> congratulations, you are our big winner. we are coming to your house and you are going to make the cake ♪ you take me higher ♪ than i've ever been before ♪ my feet don't touch the floor brian: there you go, i knew ted was somewhere. ed is here for steve. jedediah is here for ainsley. ed: i walked in this morning beautiful chocolate with a nice message. pete hegseth regifted. jed is here waffle waste on the back. jedediah: a used waffle maker. ed: steve doocy never does that when he cooks with
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friends. ed: where in the world is steve doocy? brian: he is n pennsylvania because his dining with diewsy contest is raging on. steve, you packed everything except lights. steve: that's right. listen, brian and jed and ed, we are in front of the house of the grand prize winner, we had a nationwide contest. we got hundreds, thousands of people entering and so this morning, that is the house of the grand prize winner. he is going to make, on television, his grand maps humming bird cake and i am going to make him breakfast from the cookbook, the happy cookbook which is a great cookbook for christmas. by the way, we don't think the neighborhood quite understands why we are here. they are catching on pretty fast. right over there, we have a giant live truck and, do you know what? it's the 6:01 and 28 degrees here in mechanicsburg and we are about to wake them up.
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light up the neighborhood, brandon. 50,000 was of light. in about 20 minutes we will go in the house, knock on the door. we probably already woke them up. the guy across the street just poked his head out his door wondering what the heck is going on with spot news. you will meet him shortly. the reason we are coming today to his house is because he was deployed for the u.s. air force reserves. he halls amazing story. perfect for the week before christmas. brian: you will be his revelry, steve, you will be getting him up in the morning for breakfast and maybe stay for the holiday. see if it works out. ed: welcome home from steve doocy. >> i'm going to make him a breakfast bunt, and christmas french toast casserole. brian: i hope you have your apron. i don't want you coming back with spatter. steve, that's great. he travels with a dimmer. jedediah: amazing. lit himself right up there.
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steve: a little old budget with the phone there. brian: late night for lawmakers. the senate approving a stop gap spending bill to fund the government. that bill with no new money for the border wall now heads to the house. jedediah: griff jenkins is live in washington with the very latest. >> good morning, guys, yeah. they saw and sung christmas bills. stop gap spending bill by voice vote that kicks the can counsel the road until february 8th. mitch mcconnell says this keeps the debate going. >> in trenches was democrats' failure to take our borders seriously, republicans will continue to fulfill our duty to govern by a simple measurable that will continue government funding into february so we can continue this vital debate after the new congress. >> bill has 1.3 billion for the wall but no new money as you mentioned, brian, which was the sticking points for president trump now goes to the house for a vote where
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passage is uncertain. minority leader chuck schumer had this to say. the president and the house should follow that lead because shutting down the government over christmas is a terrible idea. >> also i unclear whether the president would sign. this encouraging the president to veto it bottom line the house must approve, the senate must agree and president must sign all before midnight tomorrow or else the lights go out for part of the government and the capitol behind me, guys? ed: all right, griff jenkins. brian: how down was mitch mcconnell in his statement. for mitch mcconnell to be surprised now that the president is not getting what he wants is disingenuous. he allowed this to happen. he never went to bat and made fire rye speeches about it. jedediah: a lot of people who voted for president trump counted on him on this particular issue. i think their feet were to the fire. you sigh a lot of people around the country say hold on a second.
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you aren't afraid to shut down the government. what happened? ed: he had a bad hand. democrats not giving an inch. the border is more secure now than it was under president obama, right? it seems like it based on what happened. brian: seems like chaos. the amount of apprehensions has gone up. november, i think, was a record. among the people now fired up telling the president not to sign this bill as it goes to the house or the freedom caucus. i wonder, after the president's oval office confrontation, were the republicans rallying around him mr. president, might not have a strong hand but we have got your back. rush limbaugh says man, this is a failure. >> that's been the objective to end this congress without a shutdown? that's how we are going to define success? it's not how we define success. it is apparently how, inside the beltway defines it meanwhile, the border remains wide open, and the democrats are going to be
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controlling the house in just a few weeks. now gloating and telling the president you can't get any money from anywhere else in the budget. this is textbook. it's a textbook example of what the drive by media calls compromise. trump gets nothing and the democrats get everything, including control of the house. jedediah: he is echoing what some people around the country are saying if not now then when? it all echos to many conservatives, republicans allowed democrats to win on this talking point of government shut down. some people have been out there saying it's not a government shut down. it's a partial shut down. so much of the government remains open in that shut down. if you allow democrats to play that talking point over and over again, you are never going to get funding with the wall. it's going to happen with the wall and national debt and every major issue. ed: as brian alluded to it's been a republican failure. you had republicans in charge of the house and the senate. if you kick the can to early next year, nancy pelosi has
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some power and has some responsibility for funding. funding for the wall nancy pelosi says nope, no more. is it front and center who wants to make the border more secure and who doesn't. brian: unlike bush 41 budget deal. president trump has never wavered. it's congress who let him down and leadership. a year long swan song for paul ryan who never went to bat for the president's agenda in this case. meanwhile in a stunning and irresponsible move yesterday, the president blindsided his secretary of defense, national security advisor, people on the outside who have been advising him like general jack keane, as well as his state department and decides he is going to immediately evacuate 2,000 troops and the state department is already packing their bags. we are leaving syria. ed: look, brian, should nibble in congress or anywhere else be surprised? brian: yes. totally irresponsible. ed: president said in the campaign over and over again i'm bringing them home. brian: when?
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nobody thinks that isis is defeated. nobody who understands who was born after 2,000 who sees what's happened after 9/11, understands and by the way, bret mcgirks his personal envoy just made a speech last week saying that isis is there. they are still a factor. they are far from defeated. there are 30,000 there. isis al qaeda and al-shabaa al-shabaab. this gives syria to iran who are high fiving, to turkey who talked to the president two days ago and russia. and hezbollah, also. we are giving syria over. and there is stunning news in the "the washington post" there has been 39 tribal leaders killed in mosul by isis leader over the last month. they are surgically taking out all those people that forced them out of iraq and forced them out of syria. the president might have moved them away from their land but they have just dispersed temporarily. the kurds are frightened. they did all our fighting and now we are abandoning
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them. what does that say for future ally us. jedediah: many people had concerns about this mission from the beginning though. the objective wasn't made clear. coming out and saying there was no congressional approval. also, would a post -- it was a gool to get rid o of assad if they did get rid of assad would a post assad regime be more favorable to the united states or not? brian: only focus on isis and al qaeda. killing off kurds, wiping out our success in iraq. we had success against isis because the president changed the rules of engagement and made it a focus. we had success. it wasn't a victory. lindsey graham, bob corker, senator klobuchar, anyone who goes there understands this and the president blindsided the state department, the defense department in doing this. ed: he should have had more preparation. he has had more gains against isis than any other. brian: it's temporary. ed: if it's temporary we are going to stay there forever? brian: is there a big push to get us out of south
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korea? is there a big push to get us out of europe. if we move out of europe russia moves forward. and what happened last time when president obama pulled our froops out of iraq. ed: iraq you are talking about way more than 2,000 troops. brian: in iraq there is 5,000. 2,000 in syria. combined they have managed to do a very good job pushing back on isis. ed: why are you surprised? the president said this in the campaign? he said we are bringing our boys home. he could be wrong but he prom missed he would do it. brian: exactly if not worse than president obama did. this is worse than blurring the red line. jedediah: the mike lees and rand paul. come out and said, listen, the point that ed is articulating you can't stay there foifer are accurate to some. and also the notion during the campaign i have to tell you i have a libertarian streak in my blood.
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when he talked about not wanting to be the policeman of the world that appealed. trump is looking forward to re-election. you know what? i don't only need the base but i need some of these people in the middle. brian: what good is re-election if you go ahead and give syria to iran lose iraq again. look at this stunning, they are reforming this is according to our friends, the kurds. everyone is upset, sad, and afraid. most who spoke to fox news, afraid to using their names u the kurds did the fighting. we did the backing and strategizing. now, when we try to go back in there and reestablish ourselves, the big difference is the russians. because president obama sat on his hands, the russians came in and filled the void. we reestablished that area. pushing back on isis. pull back they come back. they are not gone. ed: iran without noting that the president stood up to iran and pulled out of the
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nuclear deal. president obama was handing them cash. is that a better idea? hand iran cash. brian: we are doing the same thing. we are allowing them to reestablish themselves in a region that counter balances this president has provided has dissipated and the al qaeda threat is reforming. anyone who tells you different will be sitting on this couch in a year talking about the reformation of isis and the brutal decimation of that region and our allies in the area. jedediah: when he articulated those points about not staying there forever and bringing troops home. those were troops very popular with the american people. brian: who cares about popular? it's about keeping america safe. jedediah: people feel like these things have no end. if you are going to have troops stationed there, they want to know a long-term goal. they want to know what the objective is. brian: they've got the objective destroy the caliphate and make sure iran and hezbollah. jedediah: clean-up could go on forever. ed: let's talk about it all morning
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♪ ed: the clock is ticking down midnight friday. we are still facing a partial government shut down they seem to be making
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progress on the hill. most of the government already funded for 2019. would it really have much impact on the average american? here to break down the details, all the shut it myths is senior fellow at the national taxpayers union maddy. good morning. >> good morning. ed: you hear a lot of scare scenarios, the sky will fall. when, in fact, one of them is lookout, you are not going to get your social security check. >> social security is one of those programs that is on auto pilot. what we are dealing with when we look at the government shut down is government spending that needs to be renewed every single year. social security isn't one of those things. confusion go out the door regardless whether or not congress has gotten its act together. ed: you will get your check regardless whether it shuts down. second myth, all federal agencies have going to be affected by this when in fact congress has passed a whole bunch of spending bills. >> that's true. congress should be applauded for that they don't normally get their. 75% is funded. 25% of the agencies, spending for those agencies
3:19 am
that hasn't gotten through congress yet. ed: that's why we call it a special government shut down. all government employees will not be paid. >> again dealing with 25% of the government. only dealing with 25% of federal employees. 800,000 employees. of those 350,000 are the ones nonessential. of course with every modern government shut down they have had back pay once we reopen a government once there is a government shut down. ed: they need the money we don't want to discount that obviously they might miss a couple of checks they will get the money down the road. >> most likely. ed: myth number 4 the u.s. will default on government debt payment. >> government fund something different than the debt limit. the debt limit has been suspended until march. that allows the government to continue to borrow to fuel this spending. talking about default now. ed: that's not going to happen? >> exactly right. ed: myth number 5 national parks and monuments. you see all these tourists are not going to get in.
3:20 am
>> last government shut down under obama i went running on the national mall and i saw barricades that had been set up that said this park is closed. i saw a number of world war ii veterans hospitalled to see the world war ii memorial they simply walked around the barriers. so, if parks are closed that is the extent of it americans can generally go visit those monuments. ed: not going to be as disruptive as some have suggested which is why some on the right want the president to shut it down. >> we will see. moving into today congress is expected to pass it and president will probably sign it kick that fight in february and we will see how nancy pelosi deals with it. ed: fact from fiction. didn't know a marine was behind the counter. dramatic take down. christmas classic and where does it rank in kevin mccarthy's top five. is he sharing his favorite christmas movies with us. christmas movies coming up ♪ better not pout i'm telling you why ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to
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the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> good morning to you. back with headlines, a man charged in connection with the deaths of two chicago police officers is due in court today. police say the cops were hit by a train searching for edward brown after he fired a gun officers eduardo and comrade gary were distracted by another passing train and never saw it coming. the officers will be laid to rest friday and saturday. go fund me page, two of them have been set up raising money for their young families to donate. head to website a bombshell statement from north korea overnight. rogue nation sells it will not give up nuclear weapons
3:25 am
unless the u.s. does it first. latest sign of resistance from kim jong un despite an agreement with president trump to denuclearize. north korea accusing the u.s. of keeping the troops and nuclear defense systems in sout south korea. while you were sleeping astronauts safely returned to earth. rushing to the capsule to evacuate chancellor along with a russian cosmonaut and german astronautth astronaut. spent 197 days on board the space station. welcome home. that's a look at your headlines. brian: only five days left until christmas and nothing like getting in the christmas spirit by watching a classic holiday movie. ed: if you can't remember which one is worth your time we have the answers. fox news contributor kevin mccarthy is here with top five christmas movies ever and dressed for the part. good morning, kevin. jedediah: great outfit. >> good morning. thank you so much.
3:26 am
good morning ed, bribe and jedediah. this is amazing to be on. merry christmas to all of you. this is my favorite list. i'm 34 years old. people in different generations may have different movies they want to mention. before i get to my number 5 it's not on my list initially because it's not a traditional christmas movie. diehard is a movie i watch around christmas. i understand the argument of it not being christmas movie. love actually. i love this movie so much. he haded what he? jedediah: yes. >> i knew this one would strike a cord. he christmases all around. i love the part when andrew doing to me you are perfect with poster card. the cast is amazing. this movie just makes me happy. i love this film. definitely worth seeing it is r-rated not for kids but definitely a good one to watch around christmas. number four was not popular when it was released but popular ever since. it's a wonderful life number
3:27 am
four pick. >> let's take a clip from one of the best movies of all time jimmy stuart. watch this. look daddy, says every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. >> that's right. that's right. >> when the movie released not a box office success. over the years it's become a timeless classic. my wife and i found a theater and went and saw it on the big screen it resonates today. i love that man no man is a failure who has friends. a movie who makes you appreciate what have you. and jimmy stuart one of the all time greatest performances. definitely worth watching over christmas. jedediah: number three is one i haven't seen the polar express. >> yes. take a look at a clip of this. robert denekus's movie. watch. this well, you coming? >> where? >> why, to the north pole,
3:28 am
of course. this is the polar express. brian: tom hanks. growing up, this is a personal favorite because my mom used to read this book to me when i was a kid. when robert took on this project to make this movie in 2004. tom hanks is playing multiple characters i believe six. back then actors were wearing suits and actually performing these scenes. that movie i rewatched last night with my wife and it just hits me every single time that score. a beautiful movie. animation still holds up. that's my number three. ed: goat us to number two. >> number two this is a personal one as well. favorite list. the nightmare before christmas. this is equally a halloween and christmas movie at the same time. stop motion animation tim burton produced this movie. danny ellison plays the singing voice of jack. the movie i used to propose to my wife a couple years ago and we were in disney i had characters jack and sally there during the
3:29 am
proposal. the movie means a lot to me. i understand it's kind of a darker film but also a beautiful film at the same time. tim burton you know what you are getting there i love that movie henry sell electric directed it that's my number two of christmas movies. brian: number one? >> yes. let's go to a clip of the number one. my favorite movie for christmas. watch this. >> i'm going to give you to the count of 10 to get your ugly yellow, no good keister off my property before i pump your guts full of lead. >> i will tell you something something really cool about the film making of that movie. that movie that's within home alone was actually made for home alone. they shot that angel be still movie they made within the film. mccauley culkin a classic. as i get older. it's kind of violent what he does to joe pesci and daniel stern. when you look back at what he does to them it's hard to
3:30 am
watch at times. home alone and home alone two i have got to go. number one picks i watched them with my wife and so happy that john williams score is amazing. brian: kevin, i will give you one more opportunity to pick out the number one christmas movie ever made. one more opportunity. >> i know it. >> brian kilmeade because we are friends and i have known you for years. i know your number one is a little movie with vince vaughn called fred claus. am i correct? brian: you are 100 percent correct. like a wonderful life eventually it will be a classic: stay ahead of the curve, embrace this movie. >> i will embrace it. jedediah: there you go. thanks so much. brian: santa had a brother. merry christmas. jedediah: thank you so much. fashion magazine vogue is taking a jab at the first lady over the white house christmas portrait. one of the reasons is because the president and first lady are holding hands. you won't believe this. brian: steve is about to surprise one of his biggest
3:31 am
fans with breakfast. steve? steve: that's right. in the house behind us, we are about to knock on the door and introduce to you an american patriot and his happy food. i have got groceries. we have a gift. we know they are awake. the lights went on and the neighbors are walking by. walking dogs. they are trying to figure out. you will meet the grand prize winner in the dining with doocy sweepstakes live in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania where it is 25 degrees. ♪ the united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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go goes in this segment looking at melania and donald trump? could it be controversy with vogue? steve: vogue and all these other magazines won't put the first lady on the cover. although they must have put michelle obama on the cover 600 times. here is a beautiful woman representing the united states around the world domestically, doing wonderful things as first lady as previous democratic and republican first ladies have done yet they won't cut her a break. they went after the color of the christmas trees and now they have reached a new low. jedediah: they put up this headline about what's wrong with this surreal photo. and apparently it's that this did you go what's up with this surreal white house christmas portrait. they think it's odd and like cardboard cutouts and odd they are holding hands. goes to show you they are determine to paint this message like she doesn't love him. it's broken. why would they be holding hands? it's not a reromance. this is his wife. they are taking a christmas
3:36 am
portrait. she is the first lady. have some respect by the way. ed: the photo quote reportedly snapped before the will will will professional ball shows float tuesday and potus looking almost like cardboard cutouts of themselves. holding hands a move famously out of character for them. we asked vogue art experts what could be happening in this festive portrait and way to feels so strangely off. i also want to say who cares? brian: that is unbelievably great photo that is a great hallway. jedediah: beautiful. brian: even can i pick out it's decorated brilliantly. these two are going off to a christmas ball. ed: democrats and republicans. brian: they took the picture right before they left. there is nothing wrong with it why are you always judging their relationship? did hillary and bill, did i ever see them take a picture holding hands? jedediah: no. it's because they have to take a dig. in their minds they are
3:37 am
comparing it oh well president obama and michelle obama they had a real marriage and this isn't a real marriage. they have to dig couldn't imagine if president obama and michelle had been holding hands in a beautiful photo like this? would any magazine find that odd or criticize it? of course as it should be. this is a beautiful photo no matter which president and first lady is in it. come on, man, don't have you other things to talk about? ed: come on, bro. brian: what do you think? i didn't get my issue of vogue yet i had to leave early this morning. i love the pull-out perfume in the middle. jedediah: i smell it it's lovely. ed: let us know what you think. brian: i believe, it's my prediction. if there is one political figure that's going to emerge in 2019 it's going to be melania. you will see her in the news constantly. she is taking on critics. weighing in on issues. blowing you out some of her husband's staffers. i think she is going to be a
3:38 am
major, major figure. jedediah: she is booze. definitely a boss. steve: yo ed: you heard it here firgs. jillian: i wondered where that strong perfume smell was coming it's brian: a reign of terror in california was three days before killing spree despite having ice detainer. the state blaming the sanctuary law for gustavo's release. >> a violent criminal. if we could have reached out to law enforcement counterpart these acts of violence could have been prevented. jillian: according to ice, garcia was deported from the u.s. twice and spent more than two years in prison for illegal reentry. he died in a car crash after going on a shooting spree this week. facebook launching into damage control. the company trying to again explain how to more than 150 tech giants like netflix and spotify were able to access private messages. in a new statement the
3:39 am
company writes quote we work with them to build messaging integration into their app.s so people could send messages to their facebook friends. facebook says users gave permission for the app. to access data and claims there is no evidence of abuse. a retired marine takes down a gunman trying to rob his bar. you can see the veteran handing over cash. seconds later the tables turn when he gras grabs the crook's arm completely disarming him. police say no one was seriously hurt. this christmas display may have just scored a family a phone call with mariah care carey. ♪ jillian: the house in orangeville, california playing mariah carey's video on the garage door.
3:40 am
mariah said quote someone get me this family's phone number so i can call and say merry christmas. jillian: i want to know if they get the phone call. steve: put it on twitter get thousands of calls. brian: janice insists on going outside. janice: not bad, right for new york city. [cheers] janice: so glad you are here. who is here from texas. north carolina? and florida? we have covered it take a look at the maps real quick. thank you for coming at 6:30 in the morning. how dedicated. there are your temperatures right now. seasonal average for most, this is the storm that everyone is going to be talking about, unfortunately it's going to cause some travel delays today through friday and saturday for much of florida up towards the mid-atlantic and the northeast. so, you guys are traveling. just be aware i will keep you posted give me emails and give you forecast. so get home safe. it's brian and jedediah and ed today.
3:41 am
ed: good morning. jedediah: good morning. brian: watch that janice dean crowd slowly build. it's hard to miss who is sitting on the stairs right now so i will read the formal introduction. [laughter] yelling already. you can hear his laugh. 19 minutes before the top of the hour last two weeks learning the happy recipes for dining with doocy sweep stake winners. one lucky grand prize winner got the call of a lifetime. a call from steve doocy we will share that experience. jedediah: this morning steve traveled all the way to the winner's home to whip up breakfast. ed: what's going on in mechanicburg'burg, pennsylvania. steve: i brought along breakfast and a special gift for our winner and that's him right there. ladies and gentlemen, the grand prize winner alan
3:42 am
wiman the air force reservist. you were deployed until two days ago? >> i was, yes. i just got home yesterday. steve: merry christmas. can we come in. >> sure, come in. steve: the neighbors were walking the dog. i think they figured out and wanted to know why there is a gigantic satellite truck in front of your house. this morning, we are going to actually have you prepare your humming bird cake. where does that recipe come from. >> it's a recipe i used to make with my grand mother. it's a southern favorite. steve: according to the submission, you said that if we selected you before december 20th, your son could make it because this has become a family tradition and, in fact, the family, come on over, family, is right over there. >> hello. steve: then have you jonathan and faith as well. when did you know we were coming? >> when i heard the car.
3:43 am
steve: saw the gigantic satellite truck in front. we brought a lovely gift. early christmas gift. five days away. and in addition to alan. >> oh my gosh. steve: i'm going to make them breakfast from the happy cookbook from. our friends at cuisinart. slow cooker. it browns and steams. >> thank you, i love it. steve: alan has a fantastic story about his patriotism and service to our nation and the entire family how they ended up in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania. you are watching "fox & friends" live from pennsylvania, and planet earth five days before christmas. brian: be there in a minute. this federal judge slammed michael flynn at sentencing
3:44 am
hearing now he blocked part of president trump's asylum crack down is that really a fair ruling? what's wrong with that clown? judge napolitano is on deck. jedediah: there he ♪ ♪ cold and flu symptoms fast. new theraflu powerpods. press. sip. relief.
3:45 am
3:46 am
3:47 am
brian: federal judge emit sullivan the same judge who had blistering words for michael flynn at tuesday's sentencing hearing now siding with, get this: deported asylum seekers suing the president trump's administration and ordering them to return to have their cases heard. return here. ed: here to react fox news senior judicial analyst the judge. judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, guys, how are you? we have asylum statute that says if the government is suppressing you because of some group to which you belong or if the government is failing to enforce its own laws and you are absolutely unsafe, you can leave the country and knock on the door here. we all know that. that's the basic rule.
3:48 am
early in the trump administration, then attorney general jeff sessions issued an opinion saying fine, but if you are coming here because of domestic violence in your household or gang violence in your streets, we are not even going to accept the asylum application. people came here and they said i'm leaving the country because of domestic violence and gang violence, basically meaning the government and it's usually honduras is not enforcing the law and the federal government refused to accept their applications and so after being deported or actually they weren't deported, they were turned away at the door, they filed this lawsuit so -- here's the question. county attorney general narrow the scope of asylum? was asylum intended just for political repression or was it intended to give relief to people? where the government doesn't enforce the law and let's gangs roam the streets or in a different culture it allows husbands to beat up their wives without
3:49 am
recourse. that's the issue that judge sullivan was confronting. i don't know how the supreme court is going to go on this. i know the trump administration is very unhappy with this because all those people they turned away now get to make an asylum application. what is an asylum application mean? it means a trial. not before judge sullivan. but before an immigration judge at the border. brian: maybe i shouldn't have called him a clown but this guy clearly has a problem with this administration. he clearly does. the way he acted with michael flynn. >> i clearly agree with you not on the clown comment but on the problem. if you hate a person in your courtroom if you have to get off the case. if you hate general flynn for whatever reason, you are not the right judge to be sentencing him most incendiary thing can you say in a public courtroom three star general that the general committed treason? what? i heard that. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. i didn't actually hear it.
3:50 am
the producers in the email. brian: you were on the set of outnumbered. judge: yes. it was so incendiary and out of place. ed: county president get a fair hearing on the asylum case. judge: the asylum opinion in my view is very sound and very well-reasoned and will be upheld. look, a lot of people want to come here for the economic opportunity i don't blame them. they want a better life for themselves and their houses and families. they will use any toe hold they can to get in the door. jedediah: people are saying this is judicial activism and obviously we talk about judicial activit act activism. >> i don't think it's that black and white either. can't predict which way the supreme court will go. i can't even predict if judge sullivan is going to be the sentencing judge in march. he may very well recuse himself saying this can't be about me. this is about the crime. brian: understands the facts of the cases.
3:51 am
ed: appreciate it. judge: pleasure, guys. welcome to new york, mr. henry. ed: come up, congress has failed over the battalion of the border wall. that's coming up next. (chime) - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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jedediah: the clock is ticking. christmas is only five days away. ed: if you are stressing and who is not about the last-minute gift ideas we have you covered. brian: gifts for christmas for the procrastinators and others founder of shop with style amy seewell. welcome back. >> great to be here. brian: help us out. >> most people have at least one or two quick things to get last minute. i work with several companies to put ideas together. the family looks adorable in matching pajamas. use membership or get 20%
3:55 am
off bed bath and beyond. >> very soft. >> i will be next door for christmas, it's a really cute family comedy about how even when your family drives you crazy, christmas is all about spending time with them. can you wait until the last minute because you can ghift directly off of. look at next door for x to see how to get it yourself on demand, dish. brian: pretty surety family doesn't have it. >> exactly. never got wrong with a restaurant gift card super easy to pick up. red lobster whenever you spend $50 on gift cards you get a $10 bonus card for you to use in january. 10% off party platters to go. show up at party or maybe with your host big tray of cheddar bay business cuts. ed: cookies? >> these are italian bakery cookies easy to find in the grocery store. five varieties. have individually packaged
3:56 am
ones as well that you tuck into a stocking. jedediah: i'm noticing this wrapping paper. tell us about it it's beautiful. >> it benefits saint jude's research hospital exclusive at k-mart. they are big supporter of saint jude's $2 of every roll of that goes to benefit children at saint jude's hospital. finally for th fort knight the e along with premium content and those extras that give you competitive edge in the game so important to people. jedediah: i that for myself. >> pick up the barbie dream house and hot wheels mega garage at k-mart as well. brian: hot new themes. jedediah: always that you one that the family can enjoy together. ed: these items on website as well. governor mike huckabee and mark meadows. their stories coming up as we try to avoid a government shut down or should we ♪ anyway you want it, that's the way you need it.
3:57 am
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and take it all in with the patience of a saint. queen sleep number 360 smart beds from $999. plus, it's the last chance for 48-month financing. ends monday. brian: the senate approving a stop gap spending bill to fund the government. that bill with no new money for the border wall now heads to the house. >> mr. president, we are going to back you up if you veto this bill. let's build a wall and make sure we do our job in congress. >> compromise. trump gets nothing and the democrats get everything. >> you are boys, our young women, our men, they are all coming back and they are coming back now. >> i think isis is more likely to come back. if we are withdrawing our forces from syria. >> house republicans are left with more questions than answers after a nearly seven hour testimony from former obama era attorney general loretta lynch. >> fashion magazine vogue is taking a jab at the first lady over the white house
4:01 am
christmas portrait. >> congratulations, alan, you are our big winner. we are coming to your house and i'm going to make you breakfast and you are going to make the cake ♪ hello world ♪ there's a song we are singing ♪ come on, get happy ♪ a whole lot of loving is what. ed: what's happier than the happy cookbook? brian: what's happier than the partridge family one happy group carried by shirley jones and david cassidy. ed: what's happier than us? are we getting along. jedediah: we are, mostly. brian: looking for steve doocy don't check the couch. check pennsylvania. steve, you traveled to pennsylvania for a very good reason. [laughter] steve: i did, indeed. this is grand prize winner of dinin dining with doocy sweep takes. his name is alan weman. he is in the air force reserves. you were deployed until two
4:02 am
days ago in louisiana. right? >> that's right. steve: you are in home for christmas. he has been in the air force since high school. you have to hear his story. you will in half an hour. part of the deal was not only did he submit his happy food which is your grandma's. >> humming bird cake. steve: do you want to know no actual humming birds in it however he tells me it's delicious. also, i'm going to make you breakfast. it's out of the happy cookbook. it's on page 45. if you have ever had a bunt breakfast bundt, this is delicious it includes ham and cheese, tater tots and some grams right there. alan, i'm ready for step number two. in a large bowl combine the eggs half in half and salt and pepper and mix until very smooth. steve: all right. very good. here's the thing. it is going to be we're going to cook this for about half an hour and ladies and
4:03 am
gentlemen, when you meet the family and hear alan's story, the brunch bunch will be prepared. get happy. ed: sounds like a great family. great american just came home for christmas. you are only on step two. ed: don't just stand there, grease the pan. jedediah: sounds delicious. brian: let's brings in mike huckabee, fox news contributor. author of a brand new book, it's excellent. it's called "rare, medium or done well." governor, a lot going on today. the president sunday pressure to ♪ sign this bill from the freedom caucus that would suspend spending, avoid a government shut down until february. where do you stand? >> well, first of all, i want to say if doocy shows up at my house at 6:00 in the morning he better bring some groceries and a gift i will guarantee you that. jedediah: might get as we a
4:04 am
cuisinart. >> i'm grateful you have the freedom caucus members who are reminding the president, their fellow republicans and america that they won because of the border wall and lost because it didn't get done. now, they need to be looking ahead and realize if you capitulate on, this because americans, not just republicans. americans overall accept the ace ought to secure the border. we sent $2.8 billion down to mexico and central america to help them in development. i'm not against that. but i'm against doing that and saying we don't have enough money for the $5 billion that the president has asked for. i think the president should dig in his heels. i'm a little disappointed that there has been sort of a mixed message going on. i think it's time to tell chuck schumer and nancy pelosi look, here's the deal. we will give you daca that. you have to give us the wall. if you don't, the government
4:05 am
shut down and tough rocks for everybody. ed: governor, as you know, not the whole government that shuts down, roughly 25%. we did a segment a moment ago. most of the federal government is funded into 2019. is your advice to the president veto this stop gap measure. stop the spending week to week. and finally fund the wall? >> that would be my suggestion. i think he should have made that very, very clear to mitch mcconnell and to paul ryan leading into this week because, for whatever reason, they tend to think that they are on the right side of this. by surrendering to the democrats. you know, these votes that we have the majority in the house and senate are about to disappear. we will have the senate but we will not have the house. i guarantee you nancy pelosi will never schedule that vote on the calendar of the house. it's just knot going to happen. so this was our chance. and we have blown it and unless the president were to veto it. and you are right about the shut down. you know, they are going to
4:06 am
make a lot of fears. medicare checks won't go out and social security checks. and that's not true. the military is fully funded through all of 201. so the big things, the things that really matter to most americans day by day will be funded. the president has to look in the mirror and remind himself when he came down that escalator that he ran on securing the border. jedediah: he talked about how he wasn't afraid of a shut down. this is his signature issue. this is what he arguably won on and that's what he has been talking about. if they don't get it now. i don't see how he survives this personally for his own legacy this was your key issue. this is what you promise you had most of all throughout the campaign trail. they know some republicans are going to cave. republicans have been caving on this issue for years. they elected this guy to do, in particular, this job. so, i don't understand what happened here. did you have any insight as
4:07 am
to what happened between last week and this week to make him change course so heavily? >> jedediah, i wish i could tell you i agreed with it i don't understand it and i don't drew agree with it the president showed such spine when it came to brett kavanaugh and he gave the republicans in the senate the courage to stand firm and as a result, we won. but, when it comes to, this for some reason and i don't get it it seems like when we really get down to the lick log when we say down south we always cave in and let the democrats have what they want and we get nothing. we get a lump of coal and they get a whole punch of packages under the tree it makes no sense to me. brian: a year ago the president said this is the last time i'm signing a bill like this. in order to fund the fence i had to give in on spending and take less for border security. this year there is no excuse. i'm wondering the freedom caucus got up and suddenly found their voice yesterday. where were they the minute after that oval office
4:08 am
confrontation? where were other people rallying to his side. the president couldn't have gotten kavanaugh across the finish line without staunch republican support. he didn't get it until the 11th hour last night. >> and i will say this. i think the freedom caucus has been consistent on this throughout. i don't think they have ever lost their voice. but, boy last night i saw some of the speeches on the house floor they were very clear in reminding all republicans this is what we ran on. this is what we promised. i think the deer here it was a promise. it wasn't just a suggestion that hey, you know, if we can. if we can get around to it. if we can find a way. we might do something about the border it was a promise. promise kept is a. promise not kept is not get ereelected with.
4:09 am
ed: go to china. cracking down on christians again. you are someone who has spoken out on this. are we facing a whole new era now of religious persecution? >> i don't know if it's a whole new era. christians have never had freedom in china. some people, especially on the left, are all worried about russia and look i'm not saying they are good guys because they are not. let's be very clear. they don't pose near the threat to freedom and especially to religious freedom that china does. i'm happy the president has been tough with china on trade because we need to be tough with china on human rights. theidangerous for freedom all across the world. they have gotten away with it nobody wanted to mess with them because too many people were making a lot of money off china and we have sold our soul in order to make money off cheap things
4:10 am
coming from china and it's time we stand up to them and say you know, you can't just go brutalize people because they have faith in god and force them to have an abortion. brian: taken a backseat to trade. trade deal first and focus on domestic issues. we have backed off of that of late. it's hard to know what goes on there. governor huckabee, thanks so much. have a great christmas if i don't see you again. brian: y'all logs to lick logs. if gin knows if jillian mele has agreed to do the news will you let me know? jillian: i'm here and ready so i think i have agreed. a man charged in connection with the death of two chicago officers is due in court today. police say the cops were hit by a train searching for edward brown after he fired a gun officers were likely distracted by another
4:11 am
passing train and never saw it coming. the officers will be laid to rest friday and saturday. go fund me pages have now been raising money for their young families. you can donate. head to our website today a judge will decide whether or not to toss out harvey weinstein's sexual assault case. the hollywood producer faces five felony charges for allegedly attacking two women in 2006 and 2013. he has employed pleaded not guilty and lawyers claim the case has been mishandled by police. prosecutors say there is ample evidence to put weinstein on trial in new york. president trump is making people on food stamps go to work. administration forcing people who are able to work and get food stamps get jobs. the trump administration has defended the move by pointing to low unemployment levels. and now to probably the best story you will see all day. a united states airman
4:12 am
returns home to meet his newborn son after traveling for 28 hours. watch this. >> long time coming. >> the time apart isn't the most enjoyable but it makes returning home and spending this time with this little one and those two over there that more enjoyable. >> staff sergeant returning and reuniting with his family in melbourne, florida just in time for christmas. unclear where he was serving overseas, i'm pretty sure it's clear that he is a happy man. ed: that's right. we thank him for his service. welcome home. president meanwhile tweeting about this his decision. time for others to get into the fight. retired marine corps bomb technician john joey jones sacrificed greatly for america. he joins us live to react to the decision. brian: others getting in the fight iran, hezbollah:
4:13 am
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4:16 am
♪ brian: president trump stunningly declaring victory over isis in syria while
4:17 am
ordering u.s. troops to return home. the president just moments ago tweeting this: does the u.s.a. want to be the policeman of the middle east getting nothing spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who, in almost all cases do not appreciate what we are doing. do we want to be there forever. time for others to fight. too bad the enemy wants to fight us here. retired bomb technician joey jones. you know the region. you got hit in afghanistan. a lot of the the people that you call your great friends fought in that region. is the president making the right move? >> well, i think for all the information we have, yes. i believe he is. it's completely on brand with his messaging through his campaign. i think the fact that we find him fulfilling a promise on how he will handle foreign policy surprising, i find that a little bit reassuring compared to the unprizing way that bush and obama gave us these haphazard ambiguous reasons for staying in war. if i'm surprised by the fact that he is carrying out his foreign policy the way he
4:18 am
told us he would, i at least find assurance in that. at the end of the day, you know, i deploy to iraq five years after president bush declared victory there. i deployed to afghanistan months after president obama stated we would pull out. so i understand the necessity to establish a goal, achieve it and then want to come home. and i'm not saying that president trump has quite done that i think he is declaring victory at his first opportunity but i can appreciate a president who says we won't stay there forever and follows through with it. brian: surge it worked. president obama lost the peace. then comes in isis. we have to fight our way back. in our secretary of defense jim mattis who knows something about fighting says this getting rid of the caliphate doesn't mean you blindly say we got rid of it and wonder why the caliphate comes back. his special envoy to the region bret |1 mc 0 gurk says if we have learned anything over the years you can't just defeat their physical space and then
4:19 am
leave. not many experts in the region even thinks that these guys are done. they are now harassing and reforming. to the tune of 30,000. in the region. well, let me tell you, we tried to experiment in iraq. and we didn't quite work out the way we wanted it to. so, yes, by all means, president bush declared victory in 2003 and then, you know, five years later i'm there in a surge. well, the debate is was that surge necessary five years later had we not put the emphasis on iraq to support itself? and the same thing has happened here in syria. if the reason for having troops in syria is because we are worried about iran in russia. then quite frankly, strategically, by the general's, we should take that right to iran and russia instead of fighting another proxy war like we did in vietnam. although it's the responsibility and nature of generals to see an enemy, a threat and want to attack in its infancy or retreat, we understand that it's also
4:20 am
the responsibility of politicians to see past the x's and o's to see if there is diplomacy and other victories on the horizon. at the end of the day, we may or may not allow isis to come back alive if we pull out. but one thing is for sure, we are going to pacify syria and the region's ability to deal with isis if we stay there. the men and women dying for complacency. go ahead. brian: the chancellor and top security official in the kurdish region they are doing almost all the fighting. they are reorganizing and reactivating. they have killed 37 tribal leaders in the last 10 months. for the president to declare victory just is inaccurate. >> they also hold 1% of the land or area that they held in 2015 when we sent troops there. statistics and numbers are semantics. did the man we elected in the office when he tells us we have achieved victory is that true or not? that's the question and we don't really have the information to know that.
4:21 am
brian: johnny joey jones. lindsey graham just got back and says no. his national security advisor says no his secretary of defense says no. >> they can give us a better goal maybe we can understand why we stay in war. brian: more information in just a moment. around here, nobody ever does it really? i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did dad? i didn't do it it's got to be tide
4:22 am
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4:24 am
moment.. ed: time for news by the numbers. first, zero. that's how many flights are landing and taking off at london's second busiest airport. all flights suspended as drones fly around the airport. police are looking for the drone pilots. they do not take it's terror. 4%. that's how much obamacare enrollment dropped this year. about 8.5 million people signed up between november and mid december. the president wants to scale back the law so does a central judge. finally $3, that's how much
4:25 am
starbucks can s. charging for any grande holiday drink today the deal starts at 3:00 p.m. if you want your caffeine fix. jedediah: christmas is just around the corner. as we all rush to get those last-minute gifts. our next guest is saying put it all on pause and remember the reason for the season. brian: harvard christian the author of jesus revolution. welcome, great to see you again. >> brian, good to be with you. hello jedediah. jedediah: how are you. brian: try to factor in the reason for the season. what's your message for christmas. >> cardinal dolan was on the other day talked about holding a newspaper in one hand and bible in the other. the bible is a relevant book when we talk about the first christmas 2,000 years ago plus. the world was in chaos and turmoil. zeers was in control. people were crying out to help for god and meaning and peace. and the angelic message
4:26 am
still resonates today it's joy to the world as we see on signs and billboards and things like that. and peace on earth. it's interesting because that phrase literally translated means peace among men with whom god is well-pleased. so i think we wonder where is the peace? we hear of all of the turmoil and conflict and conflict going on. really the message of the angels is we can have peace on the inside. because no matter what's going on on the outside, christmas is about heaven opening up and god sending his son on a rescue operation to planet earth to be born in a manger and then ultimately to go to a cross and die for the sin of the world. we don't like to think of the baby going to a cross and dying. but really that was the reason that jesus came in the first place. so it's really a message of how to have a relationship with god and the turmoil and conflict of the time we're living. you know, brian, depression is really high in the christmas season. i just read an article about how suicide is an all-time
4:27 am
high right now in america. and i think that people are wondering what the meaning of life is, and they are supposed to be happy because it's christmas for pete's sake. they aren't happy and wondering why. i think commercial christmas cannot deliver on its promises. but christ can. so really when it's all said and done, we don't need presents under a tree, we need his presence in our life. jedediah: you talk about commercial christmas and really easy to get sucked into the commercial aspect. all of a sudden you have kind of forgotten the reach the whole purpose for the season. do you have any advice for people to hold onto the real message and what the real message of christmas is while in the midst of all this hustle and bustle of the commercial season? >> i think of people, so busy, you know, trimming their trees and getting the presents for everybody. just when you think you have your christmas list covered you remember one more person, of course, after you just gave up that wonderful space at the mall and there is five people waiting to
4:28 am
get it we need to remember that it's about the birth of the savior. so we need to take time. coming back to the depression and suicide many people have right now are turning toward, i read that one of the reasons is they are not having social connections. it's all social media. i say put the phone down. pick the bible up. open it up. and, you know what? do something different this year. go to church on sunday. you know, we call them ceo christians. christmas and easter only. but, ha, it's better than nothing. i would say go and hear that story again. revisit it again. and remember that story is true and you can have a relationship with christ. steve: pastor laurie thank you very much. a wonderful message to. brian: brian congratulations on your book. three messages on sundayy. i hope you are ready. jedediah: thank you. ed: democrats have slammed russia for meddling in our election. it turns out apparently stole a play out of the russian playbook.
4:29 am
jedediah: steve is on the road making breakfast for one ever his biggest fans. steve, how is it going? steve: that's right. today we are with the winner of our dining with doocy contest. and part of the deal was i would come and make them breakfast and first up, oh, perfect. i'm making them a brunch bundt. got everything you could possibly want for breakfast. it's got tater tots, it's got ham, it's got cheese, it's got buns and i'm going to serve this up to alan weman and his family live in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania coming up live on "fox & friends." ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> oh, yeah. ♪ >> google, add after shave to my shopping. >> hey, google, remind me to clean these sheets later. >> okay. i will remind you. >> someone is at the front door. >> what do i owe you? >> it looks like you parade online. >> keep your change you filthy animal. brian: that is awesome. he looks healthy again. it's your shot of the morning. mac callmccauley culkin recreatg recreating the scene from the christmas classic that hit theaters back in 1990. jedediah: he gets help pulling off pranks from a google home help device. ed: we had kevin mccarthy saying it's favorite christmas movie of all time maybe people are paying attention. jedediah: i like the old school version. brian: you like when he was little. jedediah: made me feel younger. it's terrible you are like wait a minute, what happened to me?
4:34 am
ed: alternative. isn't president trump in the second one home alone the one they take over new york. brian: the one no one saw? ed: fun fact. jedediah: home alone 2 also good. jillian: i also did not see that movie. ed: you were six. >> i saw home alone one not two. calm down, people. original story starting with. this thieves caught on camera holding a pharmacy employee at gunpoint. manhunt underway for the criminal disguised by surgical masks. you can see the men jump over the counter and tackle the female worker in georgia. they then forcefully drag her into the back room before making her open a safe with a gun to her head. they got away with prescription pills and cash. san francisco's new mayor wants her brother out of prison 20 years early. london walter reed asking outgoing mayor to his
4:35 am
sentence. he was convicted after pushing a young mother out of a car into traffic following armed robbery. in a letter to the governor, she says her brother's freedom is quote what's best for napoleon and sewed overall. democrats accused of same playbook as the russians did in the 2016 presidential election. a bombshell "new york times" report claims the left used social media to help democratic candidate doug jones and hurt his republican opponent roy moore. but the secret project was too small to have a significant effect on the election. jones beat moore in alabama special election last year. one driver wasn't going to let old alittle traffic jam ruin his day. stop what you are doing and check this out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] jillian: the man hopping out of his car in baltimore and busting a few moves there as
4:36 am
you can see. i don't know which one is my favorite. i kind of like them all. jedediah: i want to be that guy. come on, making the most of the moment. jillian: whoa. i know someone else who can do moves like this. setting you up. >> oh. brian: janice dean the dancing machine. pretend you are in traffic and you take cake it anymore. janice: it's music that makes that clip like. brian: can you give janice some music, please? anything, toba? anything? ed: give her a little backup here. janice: i don't need music. how are you? 21st birthday who are you and where are from you. >> kailey. janice: take a look at the maps. 38 in new york. the temperatures are actually quite -- it's beautiful out here today, isn't it? here is the storm making the news today across the
4:37 am
southeast, mid-atlantic and northeast. if you are traveling today we will have big delays. call ahead and pack your honor patience as they say. wave inside and start dancing, everybody. jedediah: all right, janice, thank you so much. ed: now we have dancing with doocy. jedediah: last few weeks we received thousands of entries of dining with doocy sweepstakes. one lucky grand prize winner got the call of a lifetime. steve: congratulations, alan, you are our big winner and we're coming to your house and i'm going to make you breakfast. [cheers] >> and you are going to make the cake. ed: alan story's won us over. steve is live at alan's house in pennsylvania. steve: hello, everybody. family, say hello to the studio. >> hi. steve: five days away from
4:38 am
christmas. ed, i mentioned earlier alan weman has been on deployment for the air force reserves for how long? >> for just under a year. steve: you are home just in time for christmas. so part of the deal was i would make you breakfast and this is breakfast bundt. >> it looks delicious. steve: is on like page 84 of the happy cookbook and also because we are so close to christmas, this here is our french toast christmas casserole which we make. and, if you would chop that up for the kids. and have a little bit of that. this is in the cookbook too and put some whipped cream on it tell us your story. you, straight out of high school in kentucky. you decided you were going to do what with your life? >> i decided i was going to apply to go into the air force at the air force academy. and about a year later i was accepted.
4:39 am
steve: congratulations. it was relatives who were in the farm services who told you about the life as an american patriot and you thought that sounds like the life for me, right? >> yeah. i had a couple uncles in the air force, one in the army. one of them was encouraging me to the air force academy. i tried it and i was selected. steve: it worked. after the air force academy you went into the air force. you served how many years? >> i was on active duty for about 10 and a half years. then i went into the air force reserves when we moved here to pennsylvania. steve: where were you deployed in the air force? >> well, while i was on active duty i was deployed to oman in 2002. steve: all right. any place else? >> i have been deployed at home station here north of philadelphia a few years ago. a cup perform years ago to the pentagon for three months. steve: weren't you at some point in panama. >> i was stationed in panama for three years. steve: the reasonable i mention that is that's where you are met your wife audi. kind of a funny story.
4:40 am
tell us how you two met. >> she worked at the rental car counter in the building that i worked in. so i had to walk by her every day and one thing led to another eventually you went on a date and wound up getting married. how many years ago? >> 21 years ago. steve: congratulations? >> thank you. steve: because we are five days away from christmas. because you have had so many deployments. you know and it's great that you are here now because have you wrapped up your final deployment until who knows when they are going to call you again. it's hard to be the family, somebody who is deployed isn't it? >> it is very hard. steve: what do you do when somebody misses a birthday or misses a graduation or something like that? >> well, it's pretty sad. but, we just have to get up and do it. as a military family that's what do you. support your husband and i'm very proud of him. steve: absolutely.
4:41 am
faith, i know you are very proud of your father as well, aren't you? >> yeah. i'm so proud of him. steve: he is a good dad. he has been a good dad. when is he gone, how do you communicate? >> over face time or on the phone we talk every night. steve: coming up in the next hour. you are actually going to make your grandmother's recipe for what? >> for humming bird cake. steve: that was the recipe when you saw us talking about "fox & friends," about the content that's what came to your mind. one other thought. why is it you watch "fox & friends" every day? >> i just have always like you had that watched since you all first started i think in 1996. i just have a good feeling about the way that y'all presents the news. i feel like it's people that i can trust. steve: there you go. people can you trust. it's an honor to be in your house and make you breakfast. dig in. this has been a great visit
4:42 am
to mechanics,burg, pennsylvania. we will watch him make his humming bird cake. this special thursday. brian: steve, you look so comfortable there. you even dress like them. ed: they are adopting steve. brian: is he hungry, let's be honest. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. won a battle for not making a wedding cake for a gay couple. being taken back to court again. new fight next. ed: army major killed in an attack in afghanistan. the tunnels to towers stepping up. they are going to help this family this christmas. find out how the big is next. brian: how you can help. ♪ i will proudly take a stand ♪ when liberty is in jeopardy ♪ i'll always do what's right. (chime)
4:43 am
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4:46 am
recreational marijuana could soon be a reality in new york city. mayor bill de blasio set to announce his support for its legislation today. comes just 24 hours after the release of his new report which makes other marijuana recommendations such as setting the age minimum at 21. pot is already legal in all of canada. now budweiser wants to cash. in teaming up with medical marijuana company to pot-infused drinks to our neighbors to the north. 100-million-dollar deal set a nonalcoholic can business infused drinks. brian? ed: i notice a theme there. brian: won a six year legal battle after going to the supreme court for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. ed: now that same colorado business owner is back in court for a new bias complaint. jedediah: todd piro is live in the newsroom with details. >> you remember this characterization of course, it made national news. jack baker is the individual. colorado was the state. he was the colorado baker whose decision to deny that cake to a gay couple landed
4:47 am
him in the supreme court over the summer. well, it turns out he was back in court earlier this week on another lbgtq discrimination case but in this case, the lawyers themselves are suing in an effort to stop the state from taking action against the baker. supreme court, you'll recall back in june partially upheld philip's choice to withhold a wedding cake to that gay couple based on religious regions. there is an individual adam a transgender woman also a denver attorney who said philip's bakery refused to make a cake for her back in june of 2017 that was to celebrate her transition from male to female. this request by phillips' attorney came weeks after that supreme court case involving charlie craig and dave mull linsz. and it turns out the cake that this individual was looking to make was a birthday cake colored pink on the inside and blue on the outside. guys, back to you.
4:48 am
ed: todd piro thanks for that report. jedediah: thank you. brian: 13 minutes now before the top of the hour. veto the bill to stop a government shut down that was signed yesterday by the senate. he will join us live next hour. jedediah: plus, this army major was killed in an insider attack in afghanistan. and the tunnel 2 towers foundation is stepping up to help him and his family this christmas. ed: that gold star family is here live with foundation ceo frank siler. you've seen him on the show before. they are coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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4:51 am
jedediah: this week we are taking a look at worthy causes that you can take a look at at home. ed: killed in an insider
4:52 am
attack in afghanistan last month. brian: major left behind wife jenny and their seven children. that's where the tunnel 2 towers foundation comes in. honoring the legacy of taylor and taking on their mortgage. jedediah: here is frank siler and gold star wife jenny taylor. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. thank you so much. jedediah: we are so sorry for your husband's loss and grateful for his service. can you tell us a little bit about your husband. >> brent is a man that's larger than life, especially now that we have lost him. a man who loves his country, loves his family and above all loves his god. and i'm a gold star wife which i never expected to be but i'm a very proud army wife. i really am. > brian: it was his fourth deployment. >> a couple them of fought his way into. you couldn't keep him off the battlefield. he knew there was a need in our country. a need he could help fill. brian: what have the last few months been like for you. >> you know, overwhelming,
4:53 am
the outpouring of support from our community, from friends, from perfect strangers. we have gotten letters from all over the country. other countries outside of america. gifts prayers. it's been very comforting to know we are not mourning alone and we are very aware that we are not the only gold star family. ed: while serving in the reserves he was mayor of north ogden in utah, right? >> yes. ed: he was serving his country in many ways. as difficult as it is it is a wonderful legacy he left forever your children? >> absolutely. that's what i hope we can instill for our children is love of god, family and country and basically just that you need to be where you need to be and there is a place god needs you to be of service can you provide. i don't know what that looks like for each of our seven children for you, for me. each of us has something that we can give and give back. ed: guess who needs to be here frank, frank silver tunnels to towers. you said we will expand to
4:54 am
help those gold star families. this someone of them. frank, what have you done? >> you know, jenny, you remember when i came out to utah and we spoke to you about the foundation and our intentions to make sure that you didn't have to worry about your mortgage anymore. for christmas, what we did together here, we just want to make sure that you never have to worry about it again. this is your paid mortgage from the tunnel 2 towers foundation. many of you over here that help us with every time we have a fundraiser. it's the least we can do as a country and tunnel 2 towers foundation. congratulations. >> thank you, frank. ed: how does it feel to have that burden lifted and your children have a home and you don't to worry about it. >> huge. one of my first worries you have the emotional loss. brent is our provider. i stay home with my seven children. that's where i want to be. i don't want them to lose him to war and all of a sudden i have to work a couple of jobs to make ends meet. this is unbelievable. brian: it's paid off. not a monthly payment. >> paid off in full.
4:55 am
it's done, it's finished. you will never have to worry about it again. you know, "fox & friends," your viewers have been phenomenal throughout the years. you know how many times i have been on the last few years. with the gold star families what we do for fallen first responders, we are asking everybody, all viewers, for $11 a month, for $11 a month we could pay off or deliver a mortgage-free home to every gold star family, to every police officer you see shot out there that's protecting their community, every firefighter that protects their community that have young children, we could take care of every one of them if most of your viewers donated $11 a month. brian: watching this now. doing 25 things. get the kids out to school i have to help that foundation. next thing a month goes by. two months go by. if you sign up once a month you don't have to worry about it. >> it's automatic. $11 can change these lice forever all these families that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of
4:56 am
duty. ed: frank, you lost your brother on 9/11. still fresh for you. talk about the emotional part as well. you lost your brother. your family had to deal with that. brian: his family. >> exactly my brother had five beautiful children i know a little bit about what jenny is going to have to go through. this have grown up. they marry strong women. they really do. they know. it's a possibility. it's a real possibility that when they leave -- they go and serve their communities or their countries they might not come home. i think it's our responsibility as americans to take care of these families afterwards. they are going to be okay because of you and the message that your husband and you set a long time ago. jedediah: inspur situation. ed: thinking but and your family this christmas. >> thank you so much. brian: tis the seasonal for giving continues tomorrow with the blythe authority blighy
4:57 am
helps struggling neighborhoods. ed: potential shut down will the house pass a short-term bill? brian: congressman mark meadows will be here, injim brown and dana loesch. ♪ ok, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free. . . ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
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bring home the f-150 with zero percent financing for 72 months. only at your ford dealer. ♪ brian: the senate approving a a stopgap spending bill to fund the government. that bill with you no new money for the border wall heads to the house. >> mr. president we'll back you up. if you veto this bill, let's build the wall and make sure we do our job in congress. >> freedom caucus members are reminding they won because of the border law. they lost because it didn't get done. ed: president tweeting about his decision to pull our troops about syria saying time for someone else to get into the fight. >> i can appreciate a president who won't stay there forever and follow through with it. jedediah: vogue is taking a stop at the first lady of the
5:01 am
white house christmas portrait. one of the reasons because the president and first lady are holding hands. brian: the dining with doocy contest is raging on. jedediah: steve traveled all the way to the winner's home to serve up breakfast. ♪ brian: getting loud here in new york city. ed: getting loud in pennsylvania where steve doocy is whipping up -- jedediah: it looks good. brian: he does our sound, i think he deejay's at night. one dance song after another. jedediah: good day for general any on the block. brian: he doesn't get dental. ed: our producers pick it. i defend the producers. brian: i defend steve doocy going to pennsylvania with the
5:02 am
dining with doocy program winner. ed: now he has a blender. steve: hello, colonel allen wement. i am making breakfast because they won the big contest. that is the loudest smoothie maker. they make the best smooth -- smoothies. i do it at 3:00 in the morning. reminds my wife i'm going to work to make money because that is what responsible husbands do. and we are here today -- responsible families do to provide for their family, particularly now. you won the contest, alan, because of your grandma's hummingbird cake? when did you start making it. >> when i was growing up spent a lot of time with me grandmother. my favorite dessert was making
5:03 am
her hummingbird cake. i helped her out in the kitchen. steve: that is why you're the winner. great to be in pennsylvania. ed: steve, we'll take it from here. brian: sounds good. two minutes after the hour. late night lawmakers, senate approving a stop-gap spending bill that would fund the government ultimately needs the president's approval. has to pass the house. ed: will he approve it. democrats know steel slats meaning a wall necessary for border security are putting politics over the country. what they are beginning to realize i will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect border security. usa wins. jedediah: griff jenkins live in washington with the very latest. what have you got? reporter: i don't know if the treat will foreshadow how this all ends. the senate passing a stop fan spending bill by voice vote
5:04 am
which funds the government by february 8th. majority leader connell says this keeps the debate going. >> faced with this transsy gent with the democrats failures to take our borders seriously, republicans will continue to fulfill our duty to govern. a simple measure that will continue government funding into february, so we can continue this vital debate after the new congress. reporter: the bill has 1.3 billion for the wall but no new money which is the sticking point for president trump. now it goes to the house. very uncertain whether it has the votes. minority leader schumer has this to say. >> the president and the house should follow that lead. shutting down the government over christmas is a terrible idea. reporter: unclear is whether the president would sign it with pressure from the house freedom caucus encouraging him to veto it. bottom line, guys. the house mouse approve, senate must agree. the senate must sign before
5:05 am
midnight. or we're headed for a partial government shutdown. ed: we went through this before. 75% of the government is already funded deep into 2019 especially the military. president decides to veto, screams and crying from the mainstream media that president is mean, but most of the government is already funded. brian: 800,000 federal employees could be furloughed. that is one thing. the big story, does the president have any leverage in february. if he does not fund the government, what changes? in february even has less leverage in the house obviously. couple more votes in the senate. i don't know at this late hour if there is anything to do except sign it. judging by the treat he will sign it and delay the fight. jedediah: he tweets talking about infrastructure, saying, you know if you want money for this, you will have to give money on this. he will assume democrats will behave differently. this is the pattern forever. this is the issue, talking about
5:06 am
wall or national debt, democrats come in and say you have to avoid a government shut down. they manipulate the language so people get scared. brian: senator schumer caved last time. jedediah: yeah, but republicans are notorious for caving. ed: mike huckabee says the president should veto this measure. >> i feel like the republicans are caving again. freedom caucus members are reminding the president, fellow republicans, america, they won because of the border wall. they lost because it didn't get done. i think the president should dig in his heels. time to tell chuck schumer nancy pelosi, here is the deal, we'll give you daca, you will give us the wall. if you don't the government shuts down. ed: part of the problem for the president last two years he hasn't had any air cover from house and senate, he had the house and senate but they didn't fund the wall.
5:07 am
jedediah: mike huckabee is right. you heard rush limbaugh saying you have to do it sometime if you wait for them to meet you in the middle. i don't think that would happen. trump was optimistic about meeting democrats in the middle. i have a lot of democrat friends. but you know what? you see the issue very, very different. if you want it you have to fight for it. brian: daca come up again, struck down, they will have leverage. they want the daca kids with pathway citizenship in turn for the wall. 20 billion for daca. the president did not go for that. seven minutes after the hour. other stunning announcement coming out. white house, the president defying national security advisor, secretary of defense, secretary of state, envoy to the region, decided to pull 2,000 troops, evacuation of the state department in the area already has begun out of syria. ed: as he said in the campaign underlines in a tweet, does the usa want to be the policeman of
5:08 am
the middle east getting nothing but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who almost in all cases do not appreciate what we're doing? do we want to be there forever. time for others to fight russia, iran, syria, many others are not happy about u.s. leaving president said despite what the fake news said. now they will have to fight isis and others who they hate without us. i'm building by far the most powerful military in the world. isis hits us, they are doomed. that from the president. jedediah: controversial move from the president. saying he defied a lot of people that had different people about this, causing massive chaos. a lot of voters at home feel, this is how i feel too. you can't stay there forever. the mission was always unclear. if you destablize assad what do you leave in the end? many people have his back on this as well. brian: the kurds were fighting force, they were being overrun. we advised, we armed and we trained rebels in that region
5:09 am
not only protect, not only protect iraq and all the men and women lost their lives in iraq and their lives are forever changed, to have a presence in the region, russia too flew in, iran goes to dominate, turkey goes in. iran in the region destagized yemen about to take it. they will continue their step to be on the doorstep for israel. they are extremely upset at this hour. this is quote from syrian kurdish leader. on this stunning move. we want to be part of america. we're surrounded by america. isis is not finished yet. isis, al qaeda, al-shabaab, they have one goal to destroy the west. we are their number one target. they start over here. end up over here ed president said -- he thinks he. brian: nobody over there thinks we won. ed: are you doubting that? brian: yes. ed: how are you doubting that.
5:10 am
brian: 30,000 troops there. lindsey graham came back. jack keane was just there. secretary of defense mattis says we have not won. ed: talk about the sacrifice in iraq and elsewhere. someone sacrificed joey jones. he is on last hour. he suggested president is on the right course. >> irrake five years after president bush declared victory there. i deployed to afghanistan months after president obama stated we would pull out. i understand necessity and goal to want to come home. i'm not saying president trump come that. he is declaring victory at first opportunity. but i can appreciate a president who says we won't stay there forever and follows through with it. brian: go halfway. basically 2,000 troops are a small price to pay for stability in the region, to priceless intelligence in the area. they have just assassinated over 700 of the isis, just assassinated over 700 their captives in the region as they left the area. now they're infiltrating into
5:11 am
mosul where they killed in the last 10 months 39 tribal leaders in surgical kill. so they are coming back into iran and iran and syria. when we were there, we stablized and made initial progress. why would you pull out job halfway done. jedediah: i'm curious what the viewers think as well. republican party even has been split. you had mike lee, rand paul saying the president made the right decision. self others as brian quoted surrounding the administration, within the administration questioning those moves. what do you guys think? was it a good move? not a good move? tell us why. ed: friends at fox news we'll get to the comments later in the hour. jillian: we follow a tragic story out of chicago a man charged in connection with the death of two sisters there. police say the cops were hit by a train searching for edward brown after he fired a gun. officers eduardo marmeloj and gary were distracted by oncoming
5:12 am
train and never saw the train coming. to donate head to our website isis terrorists accused in the brutal murder of two backpackers in morocco. one of the four reporterred killers is a extremist. the bodies of two women were found near a camping tent. the one was beheaded. other had a serious throat wound. fox news alert. stocks futures are mixed after increased interest rates caused it to plunge. dow futures cause a nearly flat open. hiking the benchmark range a quarter point between 2.25 to 2.50%. that is the highest raise in 10 years. two more hikes are expected in 2019. so president george h.w. bush's service dog honored by the organization that raised him. >> thank you for your service. [laughter]. and to our country. thank you.
5:13 am
[applause] jillian: american vet dogs in long island, new york will help sully brush up on training before he heads to his next assignment at walter reed medical center. sully captured heart of all americans as service to the late president. gosh that photo. ed: so many incredible images that weekend and beak. that was the most heartwarming. jedediah: thank you, jillian. brian: we're telling you about the house freedom caucus, wants president trump to veto the spending bill and fight for the border wall. the chairman joins us next. jedediah: a disney classic, thousands of people want to get rid of the name and you won't believe why. ♪ ♪ it is our problem-free philosophy, acunamata.
5:14 am
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it's why we focus only on headaches. nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. excedrin extra strength. ♪ ed: the senate striking a 11th hour deal to fund the government through february but without any new funding for the wall. conservative lawmakers including our next guest saying the president should veto it since it doesn't have new funding for the wall and fight for more
5:18 am
border security. house freedom caucus chair mark meadows is leading the fight. he joins us with more. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, ed, great to be with you. ed: i want to start go right to this. ann coulter and others on the right are blasting the president. her words not mine, the president is gutless. he will lose re-election in 2020 if he kicks the can down the road. do you agree? >> it is not even what ann is saying. it is what the vast majorities of your viewers and american people are saying. not that he is gutless. they believe he is getting bad advice, he promised not once, not twice, three different times he would get border wall funding. here we are about to punt. i would argue it is not a punt. a punt actually help improves the field advantage. this is a fumble. we need to make sure that the president stays firm and a lot of people are very nervous this morning about whether the president will cave or not. ed: stay with the football analogy. i want to get to that fumble. let's rewind the tape if we're going back to what happened on a
5:19 am
sunday is. for two years, you and your colleagues had control of the house. you had a majority in senate but slim. why didn't you and your colleagues get new funding for the wall, i don't mean little stuff? what did you do for the last two years? >> we failed, we fumbled. the president was exactly right on this he talked to the president a week ago. he said, mark, we need to pass something out of the house. i got on the phone that morning. i talked to leader mccarthy. i talked to speaker ryan. let's go ahead fund the wall whether it is five billion or 25 billion. let's go ahead and pass something out of the house. you know what we heard from that? nothing. we had more than 29 more republicans than democrats last week. we could have passed it. we didn't. ed: you're honest the fact that republican congressman fumbled as well. >> sure. ed: if you want the president to veto stopgap measure. stop funding week to week, month
5:20 am
to month. it is ridiculous for both parties. what happens next? many of the mainstream media will beat own the president, he is mean, nasty, shutting down the government. what happens next? >> tell you the vast majority of the government will remain open ed. you know. this is not the first rodeo. you're here. military checks still go out, the planes still fly. everything will still operate as normal. i can tell you if we're not going to fight now, when are we going to fight? are we suggesting when the democrats have control in february, that somehow our position is going to improve? there is no one in the west wing that believes that no one on main street believes that quite frankly now is the time to fight. ed: congressman mark meadows with a strong message for the president this morning. now is the time to fight. we'll see what he does in the hours ahead. sir, we appreciate you coming in. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, ed. ed: a bipartisan criminal reform plan is one step away from becoming law.
5:21 am
the house is expected to pass later tonight. football legend jim brown talks about it with us. he is here to talk about how big of a win. around here, nobody ever does it really? i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did dad? i didn't do it it's got to be tide hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance,
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5:24 am
♪ jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. quick headlines now. a gun violence prevention group is suing the trump administration. the brady center filing suit months after the state department reversed course to allow publication of 3d guns blueprints online. they want access to documents related to decision. president trump's request to dismiss a separate lawsuit adding a citizenship question in the 2020 census is denied. a federal judge is ordering a trial on the issue next month to determine whether or not it is constitutional. so, stay tuned for that.
5:25 am
back to you guys. ed: thanks, jillian. brian: i didn't get my issue of "vogue." now i know why i shouldn't get it. they went out of their way to do something i incident think was possible, mock president trump and first lady's picture, their christmas picture. ed: because they're holding hands. this is great photo. the white house is all decked out. the president is in black tie. this was shot at the time congressional ball, president brings in democrats and pub pugs. bipartisan night he. jedediah: they said what is up with this year's white house christmas party? there is excerpt as well, the photo reportedly snapped before the first couple headed to the congressional ball last saturday , shows flotus and potus looking like cardboard cutouts. we asked our experts to weigh what is happening on the festive
5:26 am
portrait and why is feels so strangely off. can you imagine, the president and his wife holding hands? brian: listen to the hannity interview. talks about the chemistry, they understand the same mission, same page personalitywise. they talk about combining efforts to raise their son. and that never made the news. everyone focused on two or two things that was color of her hair. again, taking shots. ed: color of the christmas trees before even this. jedediah: they have been going after melania so long. this woman can't catch a break. every outfit, they paint her in unhappy marriage. they take every opportunity to belittle the marriage. this was beautiful photo if this is what you're talking about. ed: asked for your responses they're coming in fast and furious. isn't she everything liberals are fighting for? immigrant came to the country, worked hard, created an amazing life, became the first lady the instead you make fun of her child and attack her.
5:27 am
unreal. brian: melissa writes this. i'm so proud of first lady melania trump standing tall through all the criticism. i believe her a true role model for girls. so much grace through the noise of the press. jedediah: email from ann. the photo of president trump and first lady melania stunning example of what christmas is b couldn't be more beautiful. just amazing. this is the first lady. nothing else have some respect. don't look for petty nonsense to pick on her because she is married to trump and you don't like him. brian: i agree. remember my prediction, ed, short time ago my prediction shocked the world. ed: what is that. brian: she will emerge out of washington. weighing in on major issues. she is out there. she is smart. she is strong. she understands the dynamics. has the president's back in a way most couples, successful couples do. has a sense of politics. i think she will be all over the news. ed: blown away earlier, how you take the free perfume out of
5:28 am
"vogue." wasn't sure that was a joke. brian: that was confession. i'm coming clean. ed: lot more confessions coming. jedediah: dana loesch joins us come up live as well. brian: steve is on the road making breakfast for one of his biggest fans. steve. steve: brian, i so far made three recipes out of the "happy cookbook." the reason we're here colonel alan weiman won the contest. see the food that makes him happy. >> grandma's hummingbird in cake. steve: live from mechanicsburg, pa. static. - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld.
5:29 am
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the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ ♪ jing bell rock brian: shot of the morning. 'tis the season for awkward christmas card photos. jedediah: families sharing most
5:32 am
cringe-worthy snapshots over the years. ed: were submitted in a book of awkward family photos. some are downright hysterical. jedediah: i love that. brian: that's real? ed: all natural. i love it. jedediah: not every day steve doocy visits your kitchen to cook for you. brian: nothing awkward about these photos. steve is hanging out with a family basically might make a move to adopt him. should be adoptable. with the grand prize winner. alan wyman, he is about to learn how to make alan's famous hummingbird cake. some would say we're learning already. steve: thank you very much, everybody. this is colonel alan weiman. you heard we were having a contest what your happy food was, where were you in? >> in louisiana, going to work. steve: you entered online. it's a picture of your grandma, she used to make this hummingbird cake for you? >> that's right. i would help her in the kitchen.
5:33 am
i left home i start making it. steve: rest key on, the key, something unusual. pineapple and banana, right? >> right. steve: not yet. >> dry ingredients. steve: dry ingredients. i have not gone online yet. how long have you been a family favorite? >> well, i've been making it for what, 35 plus years. steve: i know that, okay, the dry ingredients done. >> then you pour in the vegetable oil. steve: okay. >> and the eggs. steve: any idea why they call it hummingbird? i don't see any hummingbirds? >> the fruits, pineapples and bananas make it sweet. steve: that makes sense. that is about as good -- >> you get that stirred in, you add rest of ingredients.
5:34 am
steve: i put in the last ingredients first. what you said about the application, i deployed, do it before december 19th. obviously is recipe you handed down to your family? >> that's right. he makes it himself when i'm not around. steve: his mother actually puts all of her recipes into a cookbook, so that the whole family, she is making a cookbook. through the magic of television. you bake that for half an hour. you frost the top, right? >> right. so we already got it partially done. put frosting between each layer. profit the top. you like the sides as well. steve: all right. very good. then you put the lid on and add some more frosting? >> right. we'll do that. steve: okay. oh, that is beautiful.
5:35 am
>> okay. steve: then, through the magic of television, this is what it looks like at the end. when you see this, when you see this, what does this remind you of? >> reminds me of being in the kitchen with my grandmother, helping me make this. steve: that sis a happy thought. i have to try it. i have traveled 200 miles. i have weathered 2degree weather here in mcmechanicsburg. the recipe is on colonel, you've been making this how long? over 35 years. steve: it is nutty. has a banana bread feel to it, but a little fruity with the pineapple. very nicely done. >> thank you. steve: you are going to be, now that you, your final deployment ended two days ago.
5:36 am
you're here with your family in pennsylvania. where are you going to be for christmas? >> going to kentucky to spend christmas with my extended family. hi, mom, dad. steve: here is the great thing about it. not only are you our grand prize winner, you will cook for them as well, won't you? >> that's right. steve: colonel. thank you very much. we love them. brian, ed, jed, this is an american patriot and this cake is delicious. brian: steve i have to comment. they're very well based family. before you walked in you were worried about family jumping in, hurting the shot. they're very well-mannered. steve: perfect. right out of central casting. right out of the air force actually. ed: never seen someone bake a cake that quickly. it all came together. brian: when you have a three-hour show you can do that. you couldn't do that, say, bret
5:37 am
baier couldn't do that. ed: need three hours. jedediah: looks delicious, steve. steve: all right. thank you very much. brian: he was dying for us to get off that shot. can i please -- he wanted to eat. can we end the two shot. get out of the box. ed: i'm so done with you guys. brian: jillian would never say good-bye. would stay in the two shot the whole time. jillian: whole two hours. dna evidence help catch a killer 39 years later. jerry burns charged with first-degree murder in iowa. he is accused stabbing an 18-year-old to death in a maul parking lot, stuffing her body in the trunk of her parents car. they used technology to match burns with dna found at the crime scene. he is expected in court today. long-time associate of late arizona senator john mccain gave buzzfeed a copy of the anti-trump dossier. david kramer, former director at
5:38 am
mccain institute med with a buzzfeed reporter in 2016. the website published the dossier a month later. mccain said he was not source. he pleaded the fifth testifying before house republicans. facebook, the company trying to explain again how more than 150 tech giants like netflix and spotify were able to access private messages n a new statements the company says we work with them to build messaging integration with their apps so people could send messages to facebook friends. they said users came permission to access data. claims there is no evidence of abuse. police at it again, demanding disney give up the rights to a popular phrase from the "lion king.." ♪ ♪ it means no worries for the rest of your days, hakuna
5:39 am
matata. jillian: 74,000 people attacking disney for trading mark of the wall healey phrase hakuna matata. they call it an assault on africa and disney didn't invent the phrase. brian: leave jillian in the shot as we talk to janice? no. janice dean is there with her huge crowd. janice: hi. are you guys excited to be on television? [cheering] we have anniversaries here. how long have you guys been married. >> 25 years. janice: congratulations. what is the secret to a long-lasting marriage? >> ask her. i don't know. janice: what is it? >> just being i guess -- >> being in love helps. janice: watching "fox & friends." over here real quick, how many years my friend? >> 56. janice: where are you from? >> north carolina. janice: what is your secret?
5:40 am
>> say yes dear. janice: yes dear. that's easy. beautiful day in new york city. beyond 4th and sixth fox square. this storm system will cause a lot of travel delays, mainly a rain event good news. if this was a snow event it would really disrupt a lot of travel. but it is going to creep across florida up toward the mid-atlantic, northeast, we'll have gusty wind. be prepared, starts this afternoon, into tomorrow and saturday as well. wave to everybody ad moment. ed: janice dean bringing the crowds to christmas. brian: new york is normally empty this time of year. janice dean does weather and -- ed: people on the sidewalk this time of year. brian: would you play along. of i have to go to rehearsal. straight ahead president trump slamming democrats over the border wall on twitter saying they're putting politics over their country. dana loesch is here next.
5:41 am
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♪ jillian: good morning to you. some new headlines. recreational pot could be legal in new york city. bill de blasio says it will make the streets safer and provide economic opportunities. democrats are accused using same playbook in the alabama race as russians did in the 2016
5:45 am
election. "new york times" claim that the left used social media, help democratic candidate doug jones and hurt his opponent roy moore. the project was too small to have an effect on election. jedediah: a bill to avoid a government shut down is now in the house. lawmakers urged the president to strike it down. >> if we are going to fight now, when are we going to fight? if we suggest the democrats have control in february somehow our position is going to improve? no one in the west wing believes that. no one on main street believes that quite frankly now is the time to fight. brian: nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch is here to react. dana, i know how the president feels but i don't know what type of political maneuvering he has left? >> well, good morning to everyone. merry christmas to you all. i would love to see the
5:46 am
president, i think the president could do this, he could just go ahead, shut down the border, shut down the government and challenge democrats to do something about it. for those republicans in congress who refuse to stand on their own, perhaps they would need a little urging from the president of the united states. this was the top issue. why people voted, not just for this president before this administration, and it continues to a top concern for voters across the country. they're concerned about border security. they're concerned about the influx of drugs and advantageous, exploitation of openings in border for smuggling, for child sex trafficking. you name it, there are numerous problems with border security, interior security as well. we could get into visas. just with border security. i live in a border state. i live in texas. i've been to the border numerous times. i have spoken with border patrol agents who serve every single day, working there all day,
5:47 am
working insane hours. i have spoken to numerous border patrol chiefs, everything i heard from the individuals, initially to be quite honest i was a little skeptical idea of building something like a literal wall at the border. they say, you know what? it's a force multiplier. it will assist us what we do. by itself it is not going to help. with everything else is a force multiplier. listen to those people and those in washington, d.c., should as well. jedediah: dana, i'm confused what the president said. he was talking a big talk about a shutdown. someone able to take on the left, you put all the scare tactics with the government shut down. it is not a full government shutdown. if i have to shut down the government partially in order to get this done i'm willing to do it. this turn-around look like he just caved. how does this help him if he is seeking to get reelected. this is bad for him? this is his signature issue? >> right. you're right, jedediah. this also seems to be really indicative of not so much his direction on this, but i get the
5:48 am
sense, i know congressman meadows made mention of this as well, i don't know if he is getting bad advice. only thing i can conclude because this is so out of character for what the president has said, leading up to this moment. this is so out of character for what he has done. i would think that the people who are giving him the advice are the republicans who have always caved on this issue. previously when they caved, it doesn't help them at all. when they did hold their ground and government did shut down temporarily, only certain portions of it, actually ended up helping republicans if i can remember during the election before which that happened. so they have, if they think this will get easier i don't know who they're feeling. i hope they're seriously not telling the president of the united states this is going to get easier once democrats assume control of washington or of the house because it's not. ed: mark meadows was honest admitting house republicans who fumbled this issue for the last to years. dana loesch, appreciate you coming in. jedediah: thanks, dana. brian: 2018 is almost over.
5:49 am
how about starting the year with a new car? we have the top rides of the year on fox square. i met those two women. jedediah: first let's check in with bill hemmer what is comingg up at top of the hour. >> what is going on with that? merry christmas to you. shutdown showdown. watch the clock. the fate of american forces in syria. reaction decidedly mixed. what does it all mean? loretta lynch answered questions for seven hours. what did we learn then? senator rand paul, general jack keane, cast of thousands. we'll see you in ten minutes. come join us 9:00 to noon, 9:00 a.m. eastern b time. make that thousands of configurations. it would keep an eye on my fleet. [ beeping ] and an eye out for danger. with active brake assist. if i built a van, i'd make it available in diesel and gas. and i'd build it right here, in south carolina. introducing the all new sprinter
5:50 am
starting at $33,790. built in the usa. mercedes-benz. vans. born to run.
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♪ brian: year is coming to an end. i have a question for you, why not drive into a 2019 with a
5:53 am
brand new car? auto expert mike modell is back with some. best cars on fox square. you want to start here. >> i want to start here. ford, everyone in the industry is going to suvs, away from passenger cars. this is the ford edge st. first high performance suv from the folks at ford motor company. brian: what do you mean by high performance? >> 335-horsepower under the hood. this is not the normal mid-sized suv. it has power, meant to go fast. it has four usb ports on inside. you're connected. a sync system. on base level, 159 a month on a lease. brian: over here a -- >> i wanted to bring this into the fold. we're always talking about suvs this is passenger car. lexus es sport. kelley blue book named this one of their best buys last year, right. 299 a month on lease, on base level of this vehicle.
5:54 am
all about performance. competing with audi and mercedes. it is packed with luxury. safety as well. safety sense in this. jedediah: i could live in here, guys. its that good. >> cost her about $78,000. just kidding. just kidding. just about 40. brian: ford pickup. >> this is the biggest news in the auto industry last week. i was in san diego driving this. the all new ford ranger. hasn't been on the road since 2011. this thing is going to take the industry by storm. four usb ports for family. four-wheel drive. two wheel drive. ed: why besides usb why will it stand out on the world stage? >> it will stand out on the world stage, fitting in under the f-150 category. everybody has big trucks. this is small utility truck. best in class payload and towing capacity. four-wheel drive. take it on the road. ed: janice the dancing machine.
5:55 am
>> janice the dancing machine. janice: i'm sienna owner. we're thinking this is small car. >> toyota highlander. this is platinum and limited edition. fully loaded version. base model of this $259 a month on a lease for this vehicle. it has three rows in it. three rows this is a big vehicle. meant for the family. look at beautiful brown leather on the inside. toyota known for technology called safety sense. lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, front crash avoidance, all the things you want to keep your family safe. janice: i look like cool mom. >> look like incredibly cool mom with chrome vehicles. janice: i love toyota. >> we were in l.a. at the auto show. ainsley is not here. this thing is one of my favorite cars launched at l.a. auto show two weeks ago. >> first impression? where is the shifter? there are buttons.
5:56 am
>> that's right. >> this is the first time i'm seeing buttons. >> they're moving away from traditional technologies to clean up the dashboard. this is the lincoln aviator. they don't have price on this. this will look forward to next year. just announced. lincoln is moving away from grandpa's lincoln. moving to performance vehicles. 600-foot pounds of torque with this vehicle. 600-foot pounds of dark. this is one of my favorite looking cars in l.a. they will sell a ton of these in the auto industry. look for it next year. you can control this vehicle, with, your cell phone. forget the key. if i leave it in new york, fly to san diego. i open it up -- that's right. buttons for everything. >> whoo-hoo. ed: don't go anywhere. ♪
5:57 am
♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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>> get ready. janice dean has had a huge crowd. we found someone here. go to fox nation "after the show show". >> bill: merry christmas. good morning, everybody. breaking news on a bold move from the president. he strongly defending his decision to start pulling u.s. troops out of syria. big story today. i'm bill hemmer welcome to thursday. good morning, julie. >> >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. the president is asking a rapid withdrawal of the troops and declaring victory over isis. >> bill: a lot of republican senators aren't happy about it sounding off on the hill. >> i think isis is more likely to come back because i don't agree with the president that they're defeated in syria and iraq. they've been really hurt. i'm sad for the lives that are going to


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